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Going To Fl Tonight
August 18th, 2007 to everyone i am close to i just found out my grandmother in FL passed away lastnight and i want to be with my parents down there so im trying to find a flight (i have never been on a plan) so if i do go... pray pls thanks xoxox August 21st, 7007 well im leaving to go to FL tonight at 8:25pm u all know that my grandmother passed away and my parents are down there get thing all set for the wake and everything and i want to be with them. im going to be scared as hell caues im going to be in Philadelphia over night and in Charlotte for a couple of hours then be in Pensacola, FL by 10:50am so PLS wish me luck.. thanks
Going Offline
For anyone interested. I will be offline for most of the day. Hopefully the install will go smoothly and I'll be back online tonight. Hope you all have a Fantastic Day! Sir Dave
Going To Jail For Doing What?
Jennifer will go to jail for ... Resisting arrest while having sex 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
Going Back To Him Love!!!
well today is my last day home i leave for iraq again thru morn to finish up my tour. if ne 1 wants to stay in touch with me my email is or u can write me pfc bell john j III # 5972 HHT 3-7 Cav Apo Ae 09378 i will reply back to either method well ttyl and hope to see u all in 15 months (repost of original by 'Bubb' on '2007-08-22 10:53:47') Bubb@ fubar
rate rate fan me ok this starting to sound like they beging. when pplz became so vein with there key boards&webcam ur freinds=points ur fans=countless of prevs do all kinds of things to ur photos(boy or girl) family= pplz u would do but cool as hell with point whores..level freaks...mumm junkies i dont even like to be fan cause it all a fansty that why god made porn sorry if i sound bitter mybe the emo in me want a razor blade across my forearm nawh. i just rate who ever i can i even dont care if u have nsfw photos.. i might look. but that is that. porn is the only thing that would give me the most feel. no offensive to 1's i looked at but nsfw is soft porn or hardcore depends on the user? u give lonely guys the chance to fansty about u face the fact..sum should just start there on website. and u dont have to right this
Goingf To See
Linkin Park today. :D im still a little sick but better then i was yesterday. i will have pics up some time tomorrow. someone rate my pics & stash PLEASE i have fallen behind. if you rate all my pics & stash tell me & ill buy u something BIG. thanks
Going Home
We have about 4 days or so untill we go home. Thats right my Izzy is done with treatment and will get her line out Tuesday. (If you don't know what a line it, its the tubs but into the chest to act as an I.V. so that the person does not have to get stuck every few days.) And so I will be back in Louisiana with both of my beautiful girls. I can't wait. I am so happy I have been doing the happy dance since yesterday!
Going 2 Western Wisconsin Technical College!
I AM GOING 2 WESTERN WISCONSIN TECHNICAL COLLEGE! I start classes On Monday, Auguest 27th, 2007. I am sooo excited and a little nervous. Wish me the best of luck everyone! SMOOCHES AND HUGS! XOXOXOXOXOXs! Dark_lylith_666
Going To The Beach
I am online right now at my sister Heathers looking for an apartment online...then I am heading to the beach for the day...then back to work tomorrow...3pm to 11pm shift...I hope everyone is having a great weekend.
Going Thru Some Shit
Hello to all my friends and fans here at Fubar. I hardly ever write anything in my blogs, im usually sharing sites and graphics and videos. I currently live with my boyfriend, Weve been together over three years. For the past two weeks now he is constantly over his ex's house helping her.."who knows if thats true" His ex just moved into her own place and he is over night after night coming home later and later, First it was after midnight, then 2 or 3 in the morning. Now he's comimg home 5 or 6am. I suffer from bipolar disorder and i take meds for it. I can't help but believe he is cheating..He says it's all in my head. Bipolar or not i know what he is doing aint right. Am I over reacting? Ive considered leaving because it's getting to a point, where i just don't trust him any more.
Going Away...
I'm leaving fubar for a while. I feel that I need to take a break from it for a while. There is just too much drama and lies on this site for my liking. I sit and do a lot of people watching on here, reading comments left by people and reading blogs. It has come to my attention that there are a lot of people on here full of shit, the worst of them are those people that go around leaving comments telling umpteen girls/guys that they are in love with them, if you need attention or feel the need to boost your ego surely there are better ways of going about it other than playing with someone else's emotions or breaking a girls heart that lives 100's or 1000's of miles away from you. Personally it makes me sick and it is making me quite angry that there is such a lack of concern for others feelings on here. So I am taking a break, I may or may not come back...but probably not as I can't see things changing on here. For those of you that I do talk to you already know how to contact me, a
Goin Away....
I'm goin away for about a week or 2. I may be able to pop on for a little bit every now and then but it won't be alot. I have some family issues that need tending to. I'll be back on Fubar as soon as I can. Take Care, everyone and talk soon!!! Midnight Lover aka Jessica
Going With What I Feel Today
I truly believe the heart can feel what the eyes can't see or the hands can't touch.
Going Home Buff
GOING HOMEAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Going Outta Town
hey all imma be outta town for a week show me some love
Going After What You Want In Life
That is exactly what it is when it comes to getting what you want and need in your persuing it..or waiting for it to come to is a fine line. One person might see it as being overly aggressive..when you persue something you want with all your heart and soul..that sometimes it is better to wait a bit and have it come to you slowly. On the other hand, someone that sits back a bit and lets things progress at its own speed..might see that as being too passive..and the risk of losing it even before you have it could be the painful final result. So, where does one draw the line? I think a balance of both actually..would be a good. Having the drive, the determination and the devotion to enhancing your life with something (or someone) that you want is a good thing..but also, keeping in mind that you must be aware of being too aggressive. Drive and ambition is a wonderful thing..and a great trait to possess..but also, being patient, and allowing for feelings, thoughts an
Going To Have A Warm Shower
Ok my friends, I am going to have a warm shower, my back is a bit tense so perhaps that will help, who knows, I may not get back today, well not for a few hours, all depends on how I feel when I get out, in the event I dont get back, you all take care of yourselves and remember this silly corruptid chica loves you all , so all be good or good at it, love, peace,and asshole grease haha YOur short bus friend that licks windows for fun Tequila Sunrise
Going On Vacation
So.....we're going to Cape Cod tomorrow. Gotta spread mom's ashes. The rest of the time I'm going to be hanging out. Probably spend at least two days playing in P-town. I LOVE Provincetown. I love going to the shows and hanging out with the drag queens afterwards. I hope they have the show we went to the last time we were there. It wasn't your typical Liza, Barbra, etc. It was a bunch of gay, lesbian, tranny's having fun on stage. I still remember the group of lesbians doing short skits in between the "acts". They were pretending to do the different kinds of orgasms - it was freakin hysterical. I hope Nick is still bartending at Bayside Betsy's. We had so much fun with him. He kept feeding me the extra mixed drinks that he had to make for the restaurant that's attached. When we first go there, Bob asked him where the bumpin places were and Nick told him....."my house, after I get off work". I thought Bob was going to die - he didn't expect that answer, and I just damn near pissed myse
Going Up! 7 Pointers To Lift A Bad Mood
No one can live a long and healthy life without the will to go on; sometimes mood swings can make us feel that life is too much for us. A bad mood not only gives you a gloomy outlook, it also lowers your immune function, leading the way to illness. Here are some suggestions to lift your mood, your spirit, and your health. 1. A Laughing Matter "Laugh Therapy," pioneered by Norman Cousins, has turned out to have real substance. Research has discovered that laughter and joy boost immune functions, especially the production of the natural killer cells that help defend the body from illness and cancer. Laughter also increases the release of endorphins - compounds that give you a sense of well-being - in your brain. Without a doubt, joyful people liver longer and healthier lives. So read your favorite comics, watch your favorite comedies, and laugh it up! 2. Amino Acid for Restored Mindset When an imbalance or deficiency is creating a bad mood, the Europeans use supple
Going To California
Well the time has finally come for me to go home...its only for a visit, but home is home...two wonderful weeks in my home town and I cant wait!! I'll be seeing my mom, my best friend and a bunch of other people. ITs going to be two fun but long weeks! Anyway if you send me a message or gift or you leave me a comment I promise to get back to you as soon as I can-I dont know how often I wll get online while I am in California but I'll be back on the 20th, so I will definetly get back to everyone then. Have fun, I'll miss you all!! Anjel
Going Through Life
As we go through life sometimes we hit a block in the road. We stop look in all directions trying to figure out which way to go. I know I haev been there. Always remember there is always promises in the sunshine for tomorrow. We must carry on. Know that i will always be there. Although the miles are long and the distance far, just look in your heart, cause i am there and you are in mine. As we go through life we often wonder are we worth it, can we really move on, can we follow our dreams and make them come true. Keep moving forward keep your chin up and never give up I didnt give up I moved forward because of you my friends. I made it. So when you get to that spot in your life, just follow your heart and know that i will always be there for you, cause you were always there for me, and i can never thank you enough. So i send you my love my friend. I am here today I'll be here tomorrow I will be here forever. Thank you my friend I love you!!!!
Going To Connecticut
Work is sending me to Waterbury, Ct for a few days at the end of Sept. Does anyone know if there is anything to do there in the evenings or am I going to be stuck sitting around the hotel?
Goin Home
ok so i live with my man right no but my mom wants me to come home n live with her ...but thing is they live 6 hours away from each other n i will only be able to see him every other weekend
Going Through Stash
I just cleaned out a shit load of items which wasn't working from 337 on to a few others, now ya know that really sucked I'll have to see if theres any more that need to be deleted but will take some time.. Anyways why not come on by an check what I've got so far, if ya likes.. Smiles!
Going Home
Just to let all my friends know on here I am leaving Texas and going back home to Missouri,my sister is coming to Texas to take care of my mom,so it is time for me to return to my true roots Missouri,I will miss Texas but it is time for me to move on.
Going Back Home For The Weekend
Well i know i posted this in a bulletin but i think i meant to put it here but no biggie. anyways jenni is sitting her shit faced thanx to rock$tar lol thank you so much cuz I needed it. You are awesome. But jenni not only is shit faced on the computer im getting there at home too. Oh so back to my point I'm leaving to go back to Maryland this weekend so I wanted to let ya all know I may not be on here but if you have my cell phone or yahoo you can most likely reach me on there. If I get on fubar it will be late at night every night cuz I have things to take care of when I get there. I fly early on friday morning and I come back late monday night. So on yahoo you may see me signing in and out that will be cuz I have to drive from BWI airport to my mom and dad's. Well I think thats all my point was so you all have awonderful week an weekend and see ya all soon oh and Matt if ya read this maybe I'll make a pit stop to say hi LMAO. Jen
Going Up The Ladder
thanks everyone, I am there again thanks to everyones help, and today's was quick! thanks again
Going Back Into My Past!
This isn't hard to understand, but even harder for those who were there! September 11th has come and gone, and it has now been 6 years since that horrific event, not only here in New York City, but in Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.! I was a volunteer with the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center and helped out the FDNY all those years ago, back in the days when I was a Long Island Paramedic. I was out in NYC for a week, and broke down and shut down upon returning home on September 18th. Truly one of the worst things I have ever borne witness to...the death and destruction are images that will NEVER leave my mind. On occasion, I still see shadows of that horrific and tragic day. I had not set foot near Ground Zero since that day, UNTIL TONIGHT!!! For whatever reason, I just felt an urge to go to those hallowed grounds and pay my respects in my own way. I could swear I could still smell the sulfur in the air (those who know about Post-traumatic Stress know what that's
Going Going Gone ... Sorry Fellas
Well we all knew it would happen. The smartass has been caught. Tamed, even. Yes it's so sad boys, move on, move on, nothing to see here. I'm in a relationship. Big word meaning, sucks to be you. Soon as this school year is over I'm going to be all his full time and then he gets to have his way with me every single day (and night) whenever and however he likes. Lord of all he surveys and master of his domain, including me. Why a blog entry? Cause I can.
Going To!
Going to! date: 2007-09-16 13:52:42 Open my just me folder till the middle of the week, so feel free to go ahead and comment/rank!Please comment and rank my other pix as well i have a new one in default! I will return the favor!
Going Home
Going Home
Going back to Nola and I can't wait. This time its the dog and the car and moi for that long ride. I can't wait. See you then.
Going To The High School Football Game
I will be going to the high school football game tonight with my husband and son. It will be the first home game for our high school so it should be a very large crowd. I think I will tease my husband while in the bleachers tonight. I am feeling a bit horny right now and I will give him a clue in a public setting and see what he does from my hints. LOL ... this could be fun.
Going Crazy
im getting ready to go work out any one wanna work out
Going Out
sorry have to leave to go out sorry for the rush please forgive me contest is open ... later
Going Out!
AS much fun as this is blogging away since im unable to comment I think we are going out with the kids to see a movie-not sure which- either Balls of Fury or Mr woodcock. hmmmmm think Ill make a mumm- that is if Im still able to do that that is!8-p Ordered pizza and it was soooo good! So alert the drama whores! Im stepping away from the pc tonight!Gasp! You should try it some time! Its not so bad! Might be surprised! WOOT! Smooches and licks to all my friends! TTFN, Temptress
Going In The Hospital
i am going to gone for a few days they are admitting me in the hospital Friday am, i am very scared and just wanted u to know that i am thinking and praying about this they are starting inpatient dialysis finally, so please keep in touch and if you need udates u may go to scooter blacks page and he can give u updates, i will put his link here so that u may get to his page from here and please keep me in formed of whats going on in your lifes that can cheer me up at this time I miss all of my friends, family, and fans and i wish you all the best , but i will be back to raise hell as usual monday i hope then i will be outpatient ofter they adjust meds and get me stable till then i love you all for you have been a good friend even though we only chat here i will still mis you all and sending my computer away to get fixed wile i am gone thank you and take care and please say a pray and keep me in your thoughts. much love to all of you that ave been concerned, take it easy and if you would
Going Back To Old Profile
This is for those of you that REALLY want to stay in contact with me.... I'm going back to my old profile. A lot of you already have both of my profiles in your friends, but there are even more who don't. I really would like to stay friends with all of you, but it would take me forever to come to each profile and send a friend request. I will be deleting this profile. I'll give it a week or so and hopefully most of you will see this. I promise this is the last time my profile will be changed. Hope you guys will add me back. Here's the link... ArmyWifey@ fubar
Going< Going< Gone!
On hiatus...take a break for a while...if anyone needs to contact me urgently drop me a private msg and will get back to u in a week's time or more. Have a gd one. xox
Goin Back...way Back...
I was Born In the 80's but this basicly was my this is almost me now.. TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's !! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat. We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE actually died from this.
Going To Play Offs
I usually dont post my own. well here goes. Today I found out that next week her regular season ends. The Football Team has not Lost a game this season they are undefeted this year again. The Varisty team is the best.
Goin To See Jerry Springer
i have found fubar alot of fun in the beginning but its just a game on how many ppl you can get as friends. I've gotten a few good ones and i'm sorry to say that i'm leaving. this time i'm not coming back. so to all my ppl on my friends' list its been nice but time to move on. take care and all the best. will be gone by Friday.
Going To The Er
so a couple of days ago i noticed that my lower back was starting to hurt? figured it was nothing as we drove home from Ob lobster fishing. i come home and go to bed. well the next morning my back is fucking killing me i can barely move!!! i am freaking out as Mark my daughters father drops Alexis off (my kid) i put strait in the crib. well for the rest of the day i just chilled in bed trying not to move to much but thats hard when you have an 8 month old daughter whos teething.....sounds like fun huh??? anyways around 8 my back completely gave out i couldnt move, walk nothing or id get this sharp pain like someone was pulling my spine right out of my back finally i called mark and he came and got alexis and i called 911 and went to Alvarado ER....was there an hour and said fuck it and went home! there was a man there who had a migraine from hell and had been waiting 3 hours. fuck that was my hell last night but i am feeling a little better today and guess what thursday is
Goin To Start Blocking Immature 18 And 27 Yr Old Males
Going To The Mountains
Going Thru My Myspace.... Posting Things I Like....
ruiner you had all of them on your side, didn't you? you believe in all your lies, didn't you? the ruiner's got a lot to prove he's got nothing to lose and now he made you believe the ruiner's your only friend well he's the living end to the cattle he deceives the raping of the innocent you know the ruiner ruins everything he sees now the only pure thing left in my fucking world is wearing your disease how did you get so big? how did you get so strong? how did you get so hard? how did you get so long? you had to give them all a sign, didn't you? you had to covet what was mine, didn't you? the ruiner's a collector he's an infector serving his shit to his flies maybe there will come a day when those that you keep blind will suddenly realize maybe it's a part of me you took to a place i hoped it would never go and maybe that fucked me up so much more than you'll ever know how did you get so big? how did you get so strong? how did you get so hard? how did you
Going To Move
I am moveing the 17th of this month. When I get to my new place I will not be on here for awhile. I will miss all of my close friends on fubar. I am hoping to get everything going very soon that way i can see all of you people soon. I will not have a computer for a few but hopefully very soon.. I am sorry about all this but i would love for peeps to still fan,add, an rate me! i will return the love as soon as i get back on here. To my closest friends that i have numbers an things for i will call u as soon as i get a phone. You all know who i am talking about.. They are peeps i talk to all the time on here or in yahoo. I will miss all of you until i get back remember to show love an sign my guest book also. LOVE MY FUBAR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!
Going To Play
Going Pee
Polite Way to Pee > > During one of her daily classes, a teacher trying to teach good > > manners, asked her students the following question: > > "Michael, if you were on a date having dinner with a nice young > > lady, how would you tell her that you have to go to the bathroom?" > > Michael said, "Just a minute, I have to go pee." > > The teacher responded by saying, "That would be rude and impolite." > > "What about you Sherman, how would you say it?" > > Sherman said, "I am sorry, but I really need to go to the bathroom. > > I'll be right back." > > "That's better, but it's still not very nice to say the word bathroom > > at the dinner table." > > "And you, little Eddie, can you tell us how you would handle this?" > > "I would say: Darling, may I please be excused for a moment? I have to > > shake hands with a very dear friend of mine, whom I hope to introduce > > you to after dinner." > > The teacher fainted....
Going To Have A Baby Soon
Hey guys and gals. AS you all know I am preggos. Well its hard being that I am in a town where I know no one. So if anyone cares I am registered at if you like to get something for the baby it will bedelivered to my address. PLease dont think you have to do this just letting everyone know. If you are interested message me so I can give you the name of the registry. Thanks love the muse
Going Out
Hey this is for all my Fu Friends. I won't be around over the weekend, so I will see all of you on Monday. Hopefully by then my camera cord will be here from Italy and I can add some real pics and hopefully a salute. Hope everyones weekend is filled with lots of drinking and lots of sex. Party On!!! Love and big sloppy Kisses, Michelle.
Going To Far!!!
I think it's going way to far when someone starts to leave nasty comments about ones kids...all b/c of an ex..I'm sorry but leave the kids out of it, they're not to blame for hatred you may have for the adult.. It's very childish & going way overboard when someone stoops so low as to leave nasty comments about an innocent child!! I couldn't believe that this had actually happened until a good friend of mine deleted their profile because of this..When is enough enough?? Personally I think they should have said something about it & the other accounts should have been deleted but I think they did what they felt best for their kids. I just can't believe that someone would stoop so low, yeah I'm a bit naive you could say, this is 2007 & we have some f#$cking crazy ass people in this world but damn if you don't like someone fine leave comments about them not the kids that's BS!!
Going Out Tonite...
Well I am gonna be going out to Cupids for their BDSM nite! WOOHOO! I cant wait neither! At first today I kinda didnt want to go...But I am talking myself into it. I have my outfit planned. I am gonna wear my collar. It is to remind me that no one can spank me. LOL. That is going to be so damn tough. I can watch but cant participate. Oh well...I shall let you kno how that goes. Meeting with the shemale went...interesting to say the least. They are interested in getting together. They look just like a shit. Very convincing. We are talking about possibly Wednesday...maybe. Depends on them... Well I am gonna eat and get ready for my nite! BOLO! ^..^
Going Home
I just got back from Texas. I missed my friends and all but going home made me realize why thery sayu you cant go home again. I'm glad i got to see old friends but we're all so different now its just not the same. But we made it back home safely and i missed everyone.
Going Nukin Futs!!
i need some attention really bad...not sexual i guess just some good attention from man aint home to give me the flirting that i so desire yearning for some fucking attention...please give me begging now....hmmmmmm.....muahz!!
Going To Il And Al
Well i am going to il and Al for a faw weeks so if i'm not here just leave me a massage or shout and i well check it as soon as i can If you have me on ur yahoo i well have it on my cell so i can still talk but i jusy cant get on fubar from my phone but i well try to when i get to my family house. I want to lat everone know so no one thing i just got up and left.
Going Away
So tomorrow morning I leave Texas and go back up to Missouri for a whole day. Sunday afternoon I fly out of there to go to Hawaii. Now this is a pretty big move for me and I am looking forward to it. I am going to be there for 3 years at Schofield Barracks. This is a fresh new start for me as I don't know many people over there. Sounds funny that a 29 year old would be worried about making new friends, fitting in and enjoying life right? Well it is not so uncommon. This is my first duty station with the Army and I am a little nervous about it. Who cares right I am being stationed in heaven. Well we shall see how this goes and I will probably post more about it and new pictures once I get there. Until then live life to the fullest and enjoy every second like it was your last on earth.
Going Out Of Town
im leaving tommorw for 3 haunted houses and comeing back wee hours of the night since they are 3 hours away from my house..
Going To Boston
ok im on my way to boston call cell 860-970-7205 ill give parade details neil
Going On A Road Trip.
How is everyone? Good I hope. I thought it was about time I wrote a second blog and thought it might aswell be about the trip I am takeing. I will be traveling down the east coast of australia doing a 36 hour drive to see some of what my own country offers.... then a 36 hour drive back. Be away for about 2 weeks and im sure ill love it. But saying that im sure ill miss some of you in particular. This site has shocked me at the quality of some people I have found on here so ill be sure to be back with some new photos and stories after my holiday. Take care everyone and enjoy the madness.
Going Home To Ohio
on oct29 at 6:45pm washington time my aunt who is partly paralised fell and ended up breaking her right arm..the break was a good break but she is in a lot of pain.. as of this friday i am on my way home back to my job and my loving husband.. i feel like i am abandoning her because she needs me more now then when i came to washington to help her after her carpal tunnel surgery on the 15th of october.. but if i stay i will loose my job and my i took most of today and got her hooked up with home health where some one will come into her home everyday and help her dress bathe cook and clean... so i feel i have done a good thing for her and this gives me time to get my life together to get things in order so that i can move to washington with my husband and be able to get a job so support us plus take care of my aunt why do i feel like i am leaving her helpless for now even though she qualifies for in home help until i get back to washington???
Goin On A Trip
I won't be on-line after today until monday. I'm going to a wedding in North Carolina. I'll be some around Vale, NC. Where ever the hell that is. I'm not going for the wedding but to see one of my brothers that I haven't seen in 16 years. My boss finally gave in and gave me a couple days off from work. (I was going to go anyway) I'm a little nervous but in a good way. Wish me luck.
Going On Vacation
I am going on vacation tommorow (Nov. 1st) untill Nov. 9th, so if I don't comment you, etc. thats why. I'm not too sure if I'll have or have time to get on a PC this week. Those of you that have my cell#... feel free to call. Love to you all... cya when I get back!
Going To Tunica
hello everyone. I have a favor to ask. this saturday the 3rd of november i am taking a road trip to tunica to pick up my daughters for the weekend. this trip will be ruff for me as i will be geting off of a twelve hour night shift and will be extremely tired. I am asking that one of my friends here who lives in the area ride with me to keep me company and awake. you need not bring any money as I will provide meals and any other expenses that you might need. If you are interested please let me know. thanks Tim
Going To Dallas
Hi friends , I'm going to Dallas tomorrow , saturday morning and I'll be back sunday evening. So I'm wishing all my friends a great weekend . Yall leave me some love here ya girls about to make it to Godfather :)
Goin' For It
Big steps in a direction you are going either way is goin' for it. Whether it's a first step or maybe your in the middle of a step remember, that things may change depending on how you look at the situation. It kinda works for anything really..even dating. Believe me I should know.
Going To West Virginia
Hey everyone will be visiting West Virginia to see my family on November 16th through the 22nd.Will not be on fubar at all during that time as I will be with family and friends...Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving..will be back on here November 23rd...will miss everyone..Hugs and Kisses..Tammy
Going Into Exhile...
Going Shopping
ok the old horoscope is telling me to go shopping with a friend....who wants to go?? I need your money haha....maybe we should look into stocks hmmmm It's a good day to make purchases, especially if you're going in on them with someone else. The combined judgment should yield a great investment, or at least a solid addition to your collection of stuff. whos in??
Going Crazy
You Drive me crazy you drive me mad Altho sanity is something I never had One can not miss What one's never Known My sanitys been done!! So now that your here You've filled me with Joy From a shell of a boy
Going To Bed
GOING TO BED I’m going to bed And I’m taking you with me When I close my eyes You will begin to kiss me I will feel your body so close Letting my hands feel your skin I will take you in Lips traveling down my body Your lips All over me Your hands All over me So hot with desire My need for you Tasting your flesh Your neck Chest Tummy Thighs Mmmmmmm …….I can feel you On the tip of my tongue Running up and down I will take you in Take you Love you So sweetly My lips Adore you Need more of you Can’t get enough Getting tough To wait To take you in Coming up Sliding up Leaving loves wake To find That place I take you For a glide Over me Up and down Moving you Over me So juicy need I need You in I take you in Coming down On you Slow grind Lost emotion Feel my devotion My every single move Is for you And only You Can you feel that You like it Yes I can tell you do I won=t stop Till your through A beautiful Sweet ride Us two We do Make dreams Come true Come So true Ooooooh I think I t
Going To Burst!!
I am so tired of all the shit going on...cant people just get over themselves and let things go. Or just figure out that people are different and let it be. Damn, I do things differently than others and I dont shove my thoughts and beliefs down their throat. Get over yourself!!!
Going Back To Va
Ill be going back to va like the first week on dec im so happy i finally get to leave here i do feel kinda bad fro everyone else left here but it is my time to come home ill let ya know once im back and all set up i will post a new blog
Goin To Nc Then Miss.....
well to family and friends ill b comin to nc. soon and will b comin to drew, miss by thanksgiving and staying till close to xmas...for friends or family leave a comment if u cant reach me ill get back to u....
Going No Where
When I get news I always end up gettine bad news back 3 times worse. I was happy to hear that Stephanie was able to get Jazy on day care assistance. Well when I got home today I got a notice saying that my electricy(sp) is going to be shit off because I haven't paid any of my bills since June. I got that figured out and then they will send me a statement showing what the months have been and then I can work it out with Kim to get money from her to help pay her half. I just keep getting more bills that I can't keep up on, I just want to give up. I can't pay my car this month now, so I asked mom to help me out, I hate that because I just blogged about how I didn't want to be like my brother and run to mom. My mom has agreed to help me out again, I think because I am not doing a good job on my own I am not ready to be out on my own yet. I am not stable enough for what I have going on and I am going to talk to my parents about moving back home when my lease is up in May. I know they will l
Going To Mississippi Saturday...
well we will b headn to mississippi delta (drew,ms) saturday..eric will b with me for a week then he will leave me there for a month....we will return to nc in dec. by xmas...hope to c all my friends while im there or to make new ones...of course i am home...
Going Back Into The Shadows
Just want to let everyone know, I may be gone a few days. I need to heal. I need to be loved on and it's not coming the way I had hoped. Rather than blow up, I choose to shut up. I need to be loved on BADLY and have been very quiet in asking but i have still asked and it hasn't happend. So I need to conserve what energy I have til I can recharge myself. If you know how to get a hold of me outside of fubar, you are welcome to do so. I am still out of balance in a major way. I tried to just let people know what I needed and still be there for people but the energy pull is too much for as unbalanced as i am right now. I am not upset with anyone, I just feel very much alone and i need to be loved on, i need some balance to be restored, I need some energy to be recharged. Anything........please.
Going To Cut
Anybody who knows me knows I've been bulking up ( trying to gain some weight. So I've put on 6 to 8 lbs of muscle, but as well about 15 lbs of fat. So anyway now I get to spend the next 16 weeks eating chicken breast, rice, potatos, eggs, tuna, and protien shakes. If you check out the ab photo in my pictures I was at about 7.5% bodyfat and 173 lbs. This time I want to cut to about 179 lbs at 3.5% to 4.5% without losing any muscle. So if we got any bodybuilders, or models with safe cutting advice it's more than welcome. Wish me luck!
Going To Be Gone Awhile
Hey Everyone. Don't know how often I'm going to be able to get on for awhile. My dad was in an accident last night. He wrecked practicing for the Snow Ball Derby race that's held next month. He broke his left leg and we found out tonight that he will not have to have surgery. So, that's the good part. He has to go back in for more test on his chest and his head. I also had a friend who was in a wreck last night as well. He isn't doing so well. As of right now, he's still in the ICU and heavily sedated. He has surgery to repair his aorta last night and he's having surgery on his arm tomorrow. If things don't get any better, he'll be having surgery on Thursday as well on his kidney. They are still not sure if he's going to make it or not and if he does there is no telling what shape he'll be in. So, I'll be in and out for awhile! Talk to you guys soon!
Going Out Of Town
Going "nowhere" Or "now Here" ?
We decided that it was no good asking what is the meaning of life, because life isn't an answer, life is the question, and you, yourself, are the answer. --Ursula K. LeGuin How many times have we felt like we were drifting aimlessly, constantly searching for meaning in a world that seems so mixed up, seeking direction but getting nowhere? But looked at differently, "nowhere" becomes "now here." When we take things apart, stand back, and examine them from a different angle, we often find we held the answer from the beginning. Sometimes, when we're convinced we are the problem, we discover we were the solution all along. When we look for true understanding, we can be sure it exists in this moment, and that we can find it within ourselves. What question do I seek an answer to today?
"going Bananas"
A professor at CCNY for a physiological psych class told his class about bananas.He said the expression "going bananas" is from the effects of bananas on the brain. Read on:After reading this, you'll never look at a banana in the same way again.Bananas contain three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber. A banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy.Research has proven that just two bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. No wonder the banana is the number one fruit with the world's leading athletes.But energy isn't the only way a banana can help us keep fit.It can also help overcome or prevent a sub-stantia l number of illnesses and conditions, making it a must to add to our daily diet. Depression: According to a recent survey undertaken by MIND amongst people suffering from depression, many felt much better after eating a banana. This is because bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that
Going Away
To my Fubar freinds, well will u miss me while I'm gone ????? leaving saturday to go on holidays for 3 weeks. don't know if I'll get on line in that time so don't think I don't love you I am just absent from the computer. You all look after yourselves and I'' speak to you just before xmas.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Goin Home For Christmas
Well I am gonna be back in Virginia on the 14th and i won't be back in NOLA till the right before new years on the 29th. So I will see you then and hope you all have a Merry Christmas. We Will be kickin it on New Year's In New Orleans. Love Peace & Happiness
Going Away A Couple Days
Going to go hang out with my sis and niece for couple days. My sister's bday was monday and going to go chill with them. I do get online at my Mom and Dad's place, but I do not come to this site while there. So if anyone wants to email me they can is the one to reach me at. If anyone misses me enough....or has an idea for a new name to put up in my Title spot.
Going Through A Check Point For Alcohol Is Quite Scary When You Have Had Something To Drink!!
Last night my Dad and Step Mother came over to our house to pick us up and go out to dinner and then over to Paul's house (my brother in law) so my parents could see their house for the first time. They were excited about getting to see it. It was just supposed to be the 4 of us going out but then Ashton and Christopher tagged along. My stepmom just got a brand new car. A BMW 7 series and let me tell you, I have never seen a more cool car then that one! It has everything you can imagine putting in a car. It even has remote control shades that come up on the side windows and back window with a push of a button. Oh and the doors, you just barely shut it and it closes by itself. Too cool. So we go out to dinner and the damn restaurant took forever! We didn't end up at Paul's house until like 9:30. My Dad was very impressed with Paul's house. My Dad just found out that they have a termite problem and a sewer pipe burst under their house so the whole front of the house n
Going Shopping
I am going to be gone most of the day doing some shopping for Christmas gifts and also to take my son to a birthday party. Does anyone know anything about creatine monohydrate?
Going To The Sydney Opera House
Well, Last night we went to the Syndey Opera House to see the show called Tales from Vienna Woods. We started with dinner at a resturaunt calls Selah, located right behind our hotel. The menu is modern Australian, which is similar to California Cuisine. Basically these modern resturaunts take advantage of local fresh product to make these layered dishes that our both visually look great and taste good. Think Iron Chef. I had the lamb, my friend had the chicken. Both were excellent. Then it was off to the theater. The complex itself is gorgeous, sitting off at the end of the pier (see my Australia pics folder). We had four show options. ONe was a South African solo performer, one was the nutcracker, the third was Tales from Vienna Woods. The symphony was doing the music of John Williams. We chose the third. I used to work at a theater in upstate NY and have seen quite a few shows. Nothing was a tough as this one. The acting was fine, but the material was downright depressing
Going Down......
mentally pictures you in his room, wearing a sarong and your hair wild and loose, with the sun peeking thru the window, flickering sensual on your warm moist skin taking an icecube between my teeth and slowly runnign it along your neckline, making sure the molten cold water slides down your cleavage slolwy unstrapping the wraps from the silk cloth neatly draped around your soft skin, letting my fingers move along your newly discovered skin in a massaging kinda way, following my hands with my ice cold lips as the ice-cube is almost molten away completely on your hot skin pushing the last tiny bit of ice across your skin upwards along your belly with my damp tongue, glaring upwards to catch a glimpse of your gorgeous eyes, slolwy pushing your backwards on the sofa as my lips brush softly across yours runs one hand gently across your skin, along the insides of your legs, slolwy moving his way upwards, just barely not touching your forbidden juicy fruit sliding down on his knees, spreading
Goings On
well we got our first snow of the season yesterday. About 3" at the most. Unfortunately, not enough to close work. So it's off to work this morning then I have my pre-op appointment at the hospital. Then one week from today I go in for surgery. Once thats done I'll be home for 2-3 weeks recovering (oh joy). So keep me in your thoughts next Thursday. oh... btw.. Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m"
Going Into....
week number two and good news they're right where they are supposed to be as in they haven't fallen!!! Still feeling like doo-doo but will be back to normal soon and kissin and lickin and gropin soon.... Nip Tweeks MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Goin' To The Big Show!
I have taken a position in a dusty, far away land. Tomorrow morning I'm on a plane to Virginia for a couple weeks of orientation and training then off to Georgia for more of the same. Everyone I tell gives me the same "Are you Crazy" look...I'm not. I'm well aware that I'll be in a war zone and I'm going to be extra cautious with regard to that but honestly, I'm excited. I will be surrounded by the most kick-ass military on the planet and be working exclusively on one of the best protected bases in the area. I'm asking you all to be excited for me the way you would be if the job would be here in Florida. This opportunity will serve me for the rest of my career and the experience will serve me for the rest of my life. I will still have internet access so I will still be checking in and posting as usual.
Goin On A Date...
This guy and girl are getting ready to go out on a date. The plan is to go out for a nice dinner, then dancing and then it is up in the air from there. The guy picks her up at her home, he knocks on the door, she opens it up and he stands there stunned by how beautiful she looks. She is wearing a low cut shirt that fits her body perfectly, with a skirt that is cut just above her knee's and a pair of inch and a half heel's that fit the outfit just perfectly. So after noticing all of this he coments on how beautiful she looks, she replies with a shy thank you and says you look pretty good yourself. So she just finishes up what little she has to do and they head to dinner. They get to the restaurant and he hope's that he did a good job of picking a good one. The girl complaments him on a good pick and says it is perfect not to dressy, but dressy enough for what she is wearing. The hostess seats them at thier table set off in a quiet corner so they would beable to talk. The w
Going To Georgia
Hello Everyone. So, I am sitting in the San Antonio Airport waiting for my flight to Atlanta. I have a class in Alpherretta(sp)and I've never been to Georgia before. Does anyone have any suggestions or insight for a weary traveler?
Going Once...going Twice..sold!!!!
Come check out Abbys auction. Now is your chance too own me or someone else for one month. Too bid you must start the bid at $3,000 fubucks. Be creative when bidding not limited too Fubucks, Rates,pimpouts, tags, skins, morphs,Vips,Blasts,Happy Hours and what ever else you might think too throw in for the win. Too the one that wins me for a month this is what you get from me. So click on the picture and place bid. Auction ends Dec17 th Going one...Going twice...Sold too the highest bidder
Going On Now
there is an auction going on now. it started today and ends friday. follow the link below to vote. but you must have a salute to vote. there are more things i will do but it is writen in the comments. Thanks
Going To Hell??
i havent been here at fubar for long, but... i have seen alot people bitch about assholes here. i havent ran into any yet, but i kno i will. there are assholes EVERYWHERE!!! i havent left the yahoo, myspace,fubar or the internet in general becuz of assholes. hell, i just ignore them, just like i would in "real life". there are settings n such tht can be done to get rid of them. no one has to leave cuz of it. are u going to move from every neighborhood when u run into one??
i must say im sorry guys and gals ill be off for about 6 or 7 week as i have to cancel net thanks for the rates peeeps pleasekeep voting ill be back soon thanks adam27uk xxxx
Going Once! Going Twice! Ahh!!! Almost Sold... Better Get Her Fast Before She's Gone
Days are going by fast and if you want a chance at this hottie better get here fast things are heating up quick bids just keep going up .. so Hurry place your bets and get in while the getting is still good Don't miss your Chance at all the Goodies ..Remember all is fair in Love and war and right now this is turning more into War than love lmao.. Happy Bidding :D Click the link and bid on the pic
Going Back To Seattle
Well, I can't stomach any more hardship out here in Chicago, so I've decided to make the move back to Seattle. I gave it a try and just couldn't make things work. There comes a point in every battle in life where you have to realize that you're being beat and if you don't step back and regroup you may step over a line to a point of no return. It's time to relocate and try a new attack. I have made a number of decisions in my life that have turned out pretty poorly and I hope that this isn't another one. I guess we'll see. Wish me luck.
Going For Biopsy Today
In a few minutes I'm on my way to the hospital for a biopsy on my thyroid.The recent ultrasound revealed multinodules. Due to this condition I have gained weight which some people on here seem to think is a good reason to make fun of people.WISH ME LUCK!
Going To Michigan For Christmas
Well today is the day I am leaving for michigan to see nanners again :D! I moved up the date cause there is a big snow storm coming on saturday and I didnt want it to get delayed! So I bought a ticket for today :D. I am so excited to be going to see nanners today I hope the flight goes smooth with out any delays! I will be spending christmas with nanners and that makes me soooo happy I cant wait see you in Michigan!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
Going Through The Motions
hey guys just wanted to let everyone know i was alive but very sad and hurt right now. i will update everyone later
Going Home!
Soooo I am going on leave here Saturday to go back to IL and it be nice to see that I leveled to 15 (it's 25,000 pointz) sooo it be nice to see that you guys did whatever it took to help me level since I wont be on much till I come back to GA from leave! Wish you all the best holiday! Rob
Going Dancing Tonight....
Paul and I will be at Angels & Wings in Corbin tonight about 8 pm...If anyone wishes to stop by and have a drink with us, we would love to have you, err, I mean your company, lol.... Stop in and say hello and have a few drinks & dances, its karaoake night but theres some good singers around this area, Patrol off my list here is excellant, if she's there tonight, we will be cheering her on... Oh and Merry Christmas to all of you!! Have a safe but fun filled weekend!
The Goin Gets Tough From The Getgo
smack dab in the middle of a situation overlooked by fools tables turned, lessons learned u get burned for playin' by the rules time is lost, that's the cost oh brother you got shit on in the end scrape 4 a dollar, you'll die smilin' learnin' the same lessons once again the goin' gets tough from the get go go man go oh brother not another motherfucker gotta go now
Going Away For Awhile...
As some of you know, I am going through a lot of chaos right now. My girlfriend left me, I lost my job, and haven't been able to find another job because of the Holidays. Hopefully now that it's January that will change. Anyways, tomorrow my internet will be shut off and hopefully with help from friends, I'll have enough to get it turned back on by the end of the week. I am almost out of money, out of food, and my animals are almost out too...but another friend has offered to help me with that. If anybody (here in Arizona preferably) can help me with a job, a loan, or anything, please let me know, I feel terrible posting this but I am desperate now. I am willing to pay back in anyway I can,but I just need help. Thanks!
Going To Be In A Contest Tomorrow Help Please
ok i'm going to be in a contest hosted by ^sin^ it's starts tomorrow (jan.4 at 9 am central til jan. 9 at 9am central) this is some info about it 1st place,most comments-1 month vip OR 7 day blast (must exceed 5,000 comments,this doesnt mean stop at 5k comments,you MUST keep going) 2nd place,2 most comments-1 day blast(must exceed 1500 comments AND keep going) 3rd place-ticker 4th place-25,000 fubucks most rates win $10,000 fubucks If you reach over 20,000 comments i will give you 100,000 fubucks Rules are simple: 1. no cheating 2. no drama 3.must add/fan me in order to be able to leave commentz so be sure to tell your friends it's most comments wins thing...if ya'll could help out it would be nice this the link to the one that hosting the contest ^sin^@ fubar anyone that helps i'll try and give ya a gift for helping me out...(just send a private message to me for me to send ya something)
Going To Alabama
So, I'm about a month and a half away from my move down to Alabama and I'd really like to meet some kick ass people to make it fun, like break me in to the area, so im posting this just to inform anyone who may read it and is down that way!
Going To Vegas!!!!
Yup Yup!!! I am going to Vegas Feburary 3-6th to see my family and all. Taken my cousin to club for her birthday too if she is able to fly down too. Vegas is my second home away from home my sis has lived there for ever. Going to whatch the siperbowl and then go have some fun and get drunk hell yeaaa!!!!!
Going Offline
Im gunna be offline for the next few days or so.This weekend didn't go well for me, my computer is stressing me out, and people on here are stressing me out. Im having trouble controlling my anxiety/panic, feeling agorophobic, and Im finding myself rather self destructive. Im sorry if im being neglectful or a bad friend.
Going Down???
Just another day just like the rest Only somehow Today is different Changed Something inside of me has shut down No more Ms. Nice I have to now engage bitch mode I have been way too kind Way too gullible Way too generous I can't give anymore Not that I'm going to start taking Just going with my gut Not my heart My heart can't take another blow There have been too many in too short a time All I can do now is sit back and watch it happen Scary prospect Not to get involved It is my heart, after all Will this pass? Maybe For now Fuck you
Goin Mia For A While.
Hey all my beloved friends and the tribal Family. I am goin to be leavin Fubar for a while. Those who have my yahoo you can still get me on there. Those who dont and what to talk you hit me a priv mess and i will hit u up . I will only be jumpin on long enough to check things out and see what is goin on as for that. The tribe yes i no u all r in a contest with me i will still be holdin my part up with that. the contest goes out feb. 3 and i wish you all the best. And i dont no if i will be comin back. Hope all is good with every one. Hug to every one.
Going Backwards To Go Forwards Again. That Is What Happens When You Run Before You Can Walk 20th December 2007.
Going backwards to go forwards again. That is what happens when you run before you an walk. 20th December 2007. Well, it is agreed and a relief really to know what a seizure will be like. This was something that had worried my Husband because he had no idea what would happen if and when I had a seizure again. It was a seizure and my husband had, unbeknown to me, recorded the part from my last black out, which I was unaware of. Following an appointment with my Neurologist it has been confirmed that it was an epileptic seizure due to how my eyes were. They seemed strange on the video when I looked at it and there was the abnormal breathing, if you could call it breathing. It was more like gasping and spluttering. Yet I remember doing that breathing but was unable to actually stop doing it. It seems that following surgery the course of a seizure can indeed change. My Neurologist was straight to the point and said that these seizures needed halting now before the brain got i
Going Away For A Week
To all my wonderful Fubar friends--- I will be missing in action for a week starting today as I head to Michigan...I may have a chance to check for a few minutes emails but not sure so I say goobye til I return home safely...I hope I don't get lost in the snow..ahhh snow! It's so beautiful here today w/ the sun shining...I wish you all peace and happiness til I all are the greatest friends anyone could ask for. Text Image Generator
Going To Stay With My Mom
Well folks, its thursday and what does that mean, i gotta go take my dad to a friends house just north of the cities, hes going ice fishing with like 10 other guys up in northern minnesota, so what does that mean, i get to go stay with my mom until monday when my dad comes back home and it sucks staying there, cause she has no where comfortable to sleep and no internet, but at least they have cable. i feel bad if i dont go and stay with her, cause she is disabled and doesnt do much with my stepdad there, so i figured she would love my company, so see u all on monday
Go Insane
Going Crazy
i know that it's been a few days since my last entry, but things have gotten crazy aorund here once again. i honestly don't think i would make it if it wasn't for my Master. i have been feeling down in the dumps becuase of things going on here and if it wasn't for Him, i honestly don't think i would still be here at all. i fear for my family, we might find ourselves in a bind with the bills once again and i don't know what to do. my cousin just got his job back and might lose it again because he hasn't gotten his CDL yet for the job he has and i think it's stupid that they might not give him a week extention to go and take his air brake test again. i just feel that i have given up most of my belongings to help out on bills and get out of a bind on a vehicle just this week and for what, nothing. i just don't know what to do any more, i feel like curling up and not caring any more but i always put my family first for most and now i feel that i just can't do that any more because i d
Going Away For A While
I am going away for a while. My profile will still be here and I will be checking in every now and then. I have to get away from here and take a break. Things are just way too crazy for me right now and I need to regain my focus and work on getting up on my own two feet. I will keep you all updated but for now good bye
Goin To See Necro 2nite
YAY DOES ANY 1 KNO WHO THYS NY UNDER GROUND RAPPER IZ? FUK NECRO ROCKS.. HES IN THE 204 TONITE   Click here to get your own custom Glitter Text
Going Back To School
well this old lady is going back to school trying to get myself a better paying job than mom. lol don't get paid for that except watching them grow up and make mistakes we did lol. but I need to get back out in the world since my divorce i have been figuring out how to do it going back to college is the answer so i can get a desk job with benifits to pay for everything i need.
Going Away
Go Into The Water
We call out to the beasts of the sea to come forth and join us, this night is yours Because, one day we will all be with you in the black and deep One day we will all go into the water Go into the water live there die there live there die We reject our earthly fires Gone are days of land empires Lungs transform to take in water Cloaked in scales we swim and swim on We are alive, and we'll metamorphasize And we'll sink as we devolve back to beasts Our home is down here, and we've known this for years We must conquer from the sea, we build an army with water steeds We'll rise, from our depths down below Release yourselves, drown with me We will conquer land with water Gone are days of land empires Lungs transform to take in water Cloaked in scales we swim and swim on We swim on We swim on
Going Natural 2.0
Going Natural 2.0 How is Stompernet Going? StomperNet Going Natural 2.0 have released a new video that provides a fantastic discussion of what Social Marketing is, why it’s so critical to the future of Internet marketing and ends with three (well four really) practical ways you can use social media sites to drive traffic to your site. Social marketing is about community participation, but you can have a business agenda. You are there first and foremost to be an active and valuable member of a community and if you are smart, use your profile and connections to drive traffic and links back to your site. Everything has to be organic and friendly - it’s actually a wonderful way to market a business because it’s like talking to friends. There’s no hard sell because hard sell simply doesn’t work - it’s not even permitted. SMARTS Stompernet, stompernet, smarts, stompernet smarts, smarts review, don crowther, Stompernet SMARTS Coaching Program, How is Stompernet Going, What is S
Going Once, Going Twice....
and SOLD! To Domking123! Domking123 . ***Member of the Confedrate Family***@ fubar So, this was the first auction I participated in and it was definitely fun for me! I had a few great guys bidding back and forth! From bucks to blasts and VIPS! BUT, Domking123 sealed the deal when he bid a happy hour. So, cruise by and love up his page and say hey! Be watching for my 1st ever HAPPY HOUR! Next Friday at 7pm Futime. So, 10pm for Easterners and somewhere in between for everyone in the middle! Remember the contest starts next Friday as well so get your pic ready cause the Happy Hour will be a great way to get it kicked off! I am going to host my own auction so if you are interested in getting in on it, get your offer together and let me know. It can be SFW or NSFW as I will have a folder for both. I am going to put a giveaway folder together as well so let me know what you would like and I'll let you know what it will take to get there. Offering fubucks, b
Going Round My Aunt’s House
Although this might seem like no fun but for me this really is becoming one of my best days out. My aunt is quite young is quite bitchy. Whenever I go round my aunt’s, it is so exciting as I always borrow her knickers to wear. I think of it more like serving her. I always look for her wash basket and dig out her dirty knickers. I then take the dirty knickers home. This is where the service begins, as I being to sniff them and suck out any urine soaked into the knickers. I then wear them for a day or two, and yes this includes wearing them round my aunt’s house. Whist chatting with her and her children; underneath little do they know who’s dirty knickers I am wearing. After wearing them for a day or two, I then pride in hand-washing them myself until their fully fresh, and that is when I return them in her closet nicely folded. I have been doing this service for about 6 months now, and it is becoming second nature to me. It is ironic though, as when I was a lot younger and
Going To Be Away......
Hi all I just want to full you in on a few things.Ive had to go be at my moms side. She has had a accident and has broke her hip in 2 places. She is due to go into surgery soon. So I will be gone for a while. Those of you who are staff in Wicked Sex Dreams I know you will do your best to keep the lounge running and get the numbers up. I have dropped the Player we had in there for now and have had the other one readded. I will get the other one back in due course. So im the Mean time Jen has full charge over the Lounge. I will try to check in when I can and keep you all upto date. So in off for now and will be back soon. Peace Love Respect Pappa
Goin' To Hell In A Handbasket
I love that expression. Not real sure why, it's just fun hehe. But it sorta describes the last couple weeks. Let's see, for one, my paycheck next week is going to be awful. Last Monday was MLK day, and Elmcrest SPICE was closed (the special ed program). Last Wednesday I was sick and missed both Elmcrest and Casey's. I'm having to cancel Casey's on Wednesdays now, because when I got my class schedule I inverted the W to an M, and found out the hard way Monday night that class is Wednesdays. Yesterday I got sent home three hours early from Casey's cuz half the kids canceled. And now, today is a snowday!! Gah! Also, we have a huge situation with my boy at Elmcrest right now. When he got back from Florida, we discovered his left hearing aid isn't working. So that's been home, but we'd been using his right aid along with the FM system. Apparently one of my co-workers doesn't really know how things work when he leaves--we take out his aid, leaving it connected to the loopy-attacher thing
Going Back To Work!!
Well its going on my 4th day at work. Going back to work after being off for almost 5 months is tough. I forgot how hard it is on my body feet, legs and backache by the end of the night...I know I will get used to it in about a week or so and wont notice it at all lol. Its hard to get used to not being able to be on the computer as much as I was and I know its hard on some of my friends that got used to me being here day after day. I still love you guys and if you will just bare with me and give me time to get used to working again Ill be back on soon it is right now I get home at night long enough to log on and see whats going on then Im out like a light lol. My kids are having to adjust to it too....they arent used to mommy going to work everyday lol. Anyway just remember I love my friends and Im still here for you when you need me...going back to work doesnt change my love for any of you.
Going Out
hey there fubar fans and friends here in west texas,,on the weekends i hate to hang around and do nothing,so i'm trying this out, lets all get together for drinks and what not go goofing around and get to know each other,,idea? we can meet up at differant places each weekend? and then come summer time have pool parties and bbq's and good stuff like that
Going Above And Beyond The Call Of Friendship!
Sometimes we wander through life wondering what someone would do for someone they care about - how far out of their way would they truly go to help comfort and be there for a friend? This weekend, I got that answer! I had started talking to someone on here on her birthday, which just happens to be days after mine, yet we have now been on each others friends lists for over a year (it happens). We became good friends really quickly (and I would say after this weekend, I would call her truly one of my BEST friends)! We talked on here and then on the phone for the past few weeks, always talking about being there for each other and one day getting together. Then this past week happened, and it was anything but a good time. I may have had one or two good things come about, but it was overshadowed by 9 or 10 bad things. By Thursday night, I was depressed out of my mind and was not in much of a talking mood, yet there were a few for whom I made the exception (as I always would), and
Going Away
I need to get away from online before this kills me. I just need a break. None of my friends have wronged me. I just need to go away......
Going To Be Away
Thanks for those that missed me over the weekend. I will be on and off over the next week few weeks or months. Some of you know how to get a hold of me through email and yahoo im. I will try to respond back. But if I don't this is why. Over the weekend I lost a friend do to cancer. My best friend's mom is not doing very well. Plus found out that my Uncle has on curable cancer. They can only make him comfortable. Just got to let it take its course. Then My cousin went in to ER because he was having back pain and found out he had cancer. Not sure what kind his is. I will get back to everyone. Just be patient with me. Love ya all here. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.
Going Away For Surgery
Okay guys my 8 month old baby is going in for surgery tommorrow morning. This wil be surgery number 6 for him. Those of you close to me know the deal with everything. Those of you who arnt he has a detached retina and glaucoma in the left eye which has made him blind. And he has a heart murmer and seizure disorder. He has a hard time with surgerys and being put to sleep. This is the last of the surgerys and the most intense and important. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I dont know how long i will be gone but i wanted to let you all know what was going on. Thank you all for your support. It means alot to me and to him.
Going To Be Gone For A Little While
I just wanted all my friends to know that on the 12th I will be having surgery so I won't be here for a little while. I will be back though you can count on Some of you know how to contact me so I expect to hear from you.......lmao....j/k Always, Babydoll
Going To See Kid Rock Tonight!
Its feb. 9th and I am going to see Kid Rock live at joe louis arena in Detroit!!! I should be a good show! He is preforming with revrand run of run dmc; and other surprise guests! Ana can't drink but I'm sure I will drink plenty for the both of us LMAO!
Going Home
Today was my last day at work, I'm officially on leave til Feb 25th, yay, flying home this friday, I'm really not staying that long cause I didn't want it to interfer with my Wirefly Marathon training, the weather is probably so shitty in Illinois that I won't be in the mood to pull off a 15 or 20 mile run, but I'll definetly be at the YMCA or the Health club doing my spin class, I'll be home for only 5 days and when i comeback to DC I'm bringin the pain, I always wanted to plan a long run to the George Washington Mount Vernon estate..
Goin Home :d
Goin Goin Gone
for all those who have my cell ... call me if u wanna ... im off to chattanooga for a meeting all week and then ill be back to clayton on thursday nite ... if i can ill talk to yall on the cell.. no puter access im assuming in chattanooga unless i get lucky .... wonders if shell get lucky loll woo hoo - doubtful at best ... take care and have a great one yall
Going Away
Well, it looks like I'll be traveling to Brazil this coming weekend on a business trip. I really don't want to go as I hate Brazil. So much crime, especially in Rio and the surrounding area where we'll be going. Another team is going to Japan where I really want to go, but I drew the shorter straw. Maybe next year. Anyway I will be gone for a week. So all you fubarian friends be good and don't miss me too much k ?
Going Under The
Just to let anyone know, I will be having a person surgery tomorrow 2/21 and I'll be in the hospital overnight so you might not see me for a few days but don't worry i'll be fine and I'll be back! :D Lisa~
Going Back East...still Searching For A Home!!!
Well I'm going back to North Carolina , Vegas is and has been a blast...However I'm still not feeling at "Home"... Perhaps I never will...see you from N.C. soon!!!
Going Lunar
2-20-08 The first Eclipse After an evening Of bridges across forever We step outside ourselves For a moment In awe at its luster Climbing the frost encrusted bank To claim the prize The one shot The moon ecliptic and glorious Draw it down I am home Frozen paradox Another time another us We had dinner I hung my hat There I stood looking at us I wondered were we looking back I took his hand and swung from the frozen branches Into his arms Back into this place we have made our home I glanced at the hearth The warmth of the fire we had made My hat rest here The cat purrs softly across my page She closes her eyes Time to rest Were home
Going To See Wicked!!
Today I am going to go see Wicked the play! I am really excited about it! I haven't seen it and only know the basic story line, but I hear that it is absolutely amazing! I am totally gonna dress up for it too and why not! There isn't enough excuses (unless you are famous and go to red carpet events) to get dressed up now a days! It is so lame cuase I don't know that many people that get Anyways. The tickets cost like $500 so a HUGE thank you to the person that bought them for me! I really appreciate it! I don't get to do things like this very often... ok the last time I went to the theatuer was when I was 16 and I saw Micheal Flatley's Lord of the Dance, which was awesome by the way! So this is like a Valentines/ Birthday present and I love it! Thank you so much!! I couldn't ask for more!
Going Away Party
well last night we went over to Big poppa's moms, Celtic Ice. I made taco's, for dinner and tried not to cry when saying good-bye to my baby for almost a week. But hopefuly things look up, right now i'm waiting to leave and my feet are freezing b/c i had to walk threw so mush sluch to get into the house. To cap it all off it's snowing out side and it's going to so the whole 5 hour drive. Gag!!!
Going Back On The Road
well im going back on the road and i would like to visit my new found friends but, im not sure if they want me to visit them... so yeah i need input.
Going Out Of My Mind.
I can not eat, sleep or think of anyone else but you. You are on my mind day and night,I can not stand it. I am so lost without you. I am not sure how much I can actually take without you in my arms. Thoughts of your lips upon my skin cause me to blush and get so hot with desire. The moments we shared were but a taste of the passions that we can show one another. I can not even shower without thinking of you touching me, kissing me or entering me. I am going totally insane waiting for your seductive return to me. I can not wait till your passionate seed explodes inside of me once more.Please come back to me soon my love so that I do not fade away without you. I need to feel your breath upon my skin and your passion inside of me. You know that I am totally addicted to you and I can never do without you. Come soon my love before I burst into flames that can never be cooled.
Going Back To Vermont
as most of you know i will be leaving today to go back to vermont..fireman185 (chuck) and i decided it would be best for us to take a break for a while if not forever as a couple we will remain as close friends we do love each other very much but we both have deep hurtful pasts. i want to thank my close friends john,cow girl in pink,hotpapa,g dog,queen b and so many more please know i loves ya all i wish things were differant but they cant be fixed with me here in pa. to chuck if you read this i love you so much as we talked most of the late night and this morning i will never stop loving you you have a good heart and are a great man take care be safe all my ff's chuck and john you are my 2 men i will miss you all so much most of all the man i planned to be with til the end of my life
Going Home Today!!
i cant wait!!! i'm sooooo excited!! i get to see my friends and come back and see my doggies and i'm off the wall excited! i cant wait!! i have to wait until after rush hour tho cuz anything around fredrick will be packed :( but going home means i wont be online as much, so leave me messages and i will most likely get them when i come back here in 10 days. i dont like the internet at home so i dont mess with it. mwahs my lovies!!! see ya otherwise in 10 or less days! ~ace~
Going To Gig Tonight
Hey, I put together this classic Rock band from a bunch of old friends of mine and we are playin' for a private birthday bash tonight in the Northern Ca. Area. We are going to record the gig so be watching for the upload. Most of the time I am touring with my Bootleg band but this is something different for me, We have been rehearsing for about 2 weeks on the good Skinnard and CCR and other grerat tunes from the 70's and 80's. I am looking forward to this gig. I hope everyone takes a listen to it when i get it uploaded. I may be able to put up some video as well. We'll see what happens. Hey, those were the great Rock N Roll days!! Blog on! And wish me luck. I am going to play some screaming guitar solos tonight!! for sure.....
Going To Audition
I decided that I am going to audition during the summer for the dance concert that Grossmont College does every semester. I'm nervous as hell as it has been the better part of 10 years since I've auditioned for theater or dance. I'm also excited as hell because in preparing to get there and be ready I am going to have the work out of the century to get all toned and in shape. So, for my fellow and dedicated readers, keep your fingers crossed for me! I need all the support I can get on this project. And in case you are wondering what I am preparing for the audition, it's going to be a modern dance/ballet piece to the song "Uninvited" by Alanis Morisette. It's going to be wicked as hell!! Here are the lyrics. Those of you that know me well know that I never choose a piece without careful consideration of the music and it has to carry some meaning to me. Should be great fun!! Like anyone would be I am flattered by your fascination with me Like any hot-blooded woman I have simply wan
Goin' To California
We met a couple here at the FU that we really hit it off with, after some time getting to know them we decided that we HAD to meet. We made reservations at a hotel in San Diego that was near the beach, and decided to just drive there since it’s only a bout a 6 hour drive for us to get there. We left early on Friday so we could enjoy the WHOLE weekend. To start out the trip we smoked a big fat blunt, which had us feeling really good. We were listening to the radio, and it seemed like every song that they played was making her horny., next thing you know “shorty got low low low low …low low low low”… Heather reached over the console of our truck and started rubbing my cock through my shorts. Needless to say I wasn’t going to stop her. Pretty soon she pulled my cock out through my loose shorts and started to suck me off. I tell ya what…its HARD (pun intended) to drive straight when you are getting a blow job. Several truckers drove by us, and honked their horns after they had a
Going Dancing
Paul and I will be going dancing tomorrow night, Friday March 6, at Angels & Wings in Corbin. If you are out that way, stop in and say hello and have a drink with us, and a few dances. Hope to see you all there!...Babs
Going On Vacation
G'day folks. As some of you are aware I've been giving some long hard thought the past couple of weeks in regards to deleting my profile and leaving FUBAR. I want to thank those of you who talked to me about this and kept me around and from making any rash decisions. I've continued to consider things and the truth is, I really am tired of the drama and other stuff that I've witnessed going on around the place, lately. There's a lot going on in my life right now - some good, some bad - and I just can't see myself spending so much time on here if I'm not really getting much out of it. I've met a lot of great people on here, but since I stopped DJ'ing cause of my comp issues in October and the 'upgrades' to the rooms here, I just don't enjoy the FU-experience as much as I used to. So, rather than just delete my profile - cause I may want to come back when things settle down - I'm going to take a vacation for a while. I won't be hanging out in the rooms or spending hours on her
Going Down..good Idea! Woo Hoo
Goin Home
Holy Hell!!!!!!!!!! Its about fucking time that i get out of this place... Now dont get me wrong.. ive met a few (very few) but a few good ppl that i really liked up here... But for the most part ppl up here are rude, nosey, stuck up ppl.... And i hate that! When Matt and I moved up here it was with the understanding that we would move back to KY within a year... and now that it's been almost 2 years... Im goin crazy... I finally finally am in the position that i can move back to KY... and it seems its came at the perfect time! Between all of matts family drama and my stress level I truely believe that i need to get the hell out of here before I fucking loose it and hurt someone! In my entire life i dont think i have ever been as unhappy as i have been the past 6 months... And trust me... I've been REALLY unhappy before! I just need to go back home... to be with MY family... To see Kali raised with my mom being there... Dont get me wrong. Matts family has been wonderful with
If you are interested in being auctioned PRIVATELY fu-mail SuperStarrPrincess with the link to the picture you would like to use and what you are offering to your "fu-owner". Entrance fee is 25K. No NSFW pics will be accepted! Auction is Open To ALL!!!
Going Home
Blank space Oh black place Why am I here? Home is where id like to be Wraith will you please take me Take me home I hate this place This empty space I hate it all I just want to leave Go on home Let no one greave If I go No one cry If I sprout my wings And learn to fly Cause on that day Im going home No longer in a world That makes me feel so alone Oh wraith come to take me home The sun is setting The day was to long Its night time now Time for eternal sleep Ill take the rest Thats mine to keep Good day to you all Have a plesent night When your with the one you love Hold them extra tight For in the morning You may not wake Every soul Is the wraiths to take He takes us home One by one When he comes for you You will see an all new sun The brightest day that you have ever seen Beauty beyond emagining All these things are yours to keep When you enter that eternal sleep
Going Active Duty
Well folks, I have thought about it and after talking to my Fiance, I am going back to Active Duty and finnish out my military career. Its a huge step for me and for Lana, but with the grace of God and some Irish Luck, we will prosper and be very happy.
Going To Try Speaking In Fu Language This Time! Lol
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Goin Out Of Town...
Hey all....first blog here...will mostly be ramblings. Headed out of town to the East coast for a week.....I'll be lacking my fubar fix! Luv to all my friends, fans, and peeps!
Going On Vacation!
Just wanted to let anyone know if they don't see me on That I'm leaving tomorrow on a trip and won't be back until April 1st. I may be on occasionally, or I may not, not sure yet. Leave alot of love for me, and don't forget about me!lol TTY all later! :D Lisa P.S. I will check all comments and messages if any, in the morning, night all!
Going At Work
HOW TO POO AT WORK: We've all been there but don't like to admit it. We've all kicked back in our cubicles and suddenly felt something brewing down below. As much as we try to convince ourselves otherwise, the WORK POO is inevitable. For those who hate pooing at work, following is the Survival Guide for taking a dump at work. CROP DUSTING: When farting, you walk briskly around the office so the smell is not in your area and everyone else gets a whiff but doesn't know where it came from. Be careful when you do this. Do not stop until the full fart has been expelled. Walk an extra 30 feet to make sure the smell has left your pants. FLY BY: The act of scouting out a bathroom before pooing. Walk in and check for other pooers. If there are others in the bathroom, leave and come back again. Be careful not to become a FREQUENT FLYER. People may become suspicious if they catch you constantly going into the bathroom. ESCAPEE: A fart that slips out while taking a leak at the urinal or f
Going To Lisa's House
Going to Lisa's House At The Beach Be Back In A Week keep sending me comments and rates and pic comments talk to you all when i get back!!!!!
Going Out With Friends
Going out with Friends We were to be going out with friends. Well needless to say we were a little late. Ok a lot late. I started out in a tan shirt. But got wax on it and had to change. While changing clothes we got side tracked. LOL I ended up in a teal shirt and I curled my hair. It took 2 hours to do. It was well worth it. In this set you will see wax play, close ups, huge boobs, and nice smooth pussy. Enjoy Exotic Flame -- Hugs and Kisses Exotic Flame
Going To Be A Grandmother
well... it is official... my oldest daughter is going to produce me a grandbaby sometime in November later this year... I really do not know how to feel part of me is saying, wow... you are kinda young to be having grandbabies... and the other half feels happy for her... now I can give her the curse in hopes that her child is ten times worse then she was when she was growing up...haha. I would just like to have the child be healthy and have no complications... then on another note... I am going to my home state for the joy... yes, that was sarcastic but the only good part of it is is that I will be going with my Honey...I would go anywhere with him...even on an airplane (did I say that?) haha. It is a meet and greet that he goes to from time to time for his hobby... his Dodge Magnum... kick azz car and all I like it...:D not as much as him...d'oh... I can take him to see my wonderful parents...(cough cough)... and he can see the hobbies my father is into with hi
Going To Be A Busy Weekend.
Friday is a great way to end this rather easy week I have had. No taking kids to school, no dealing with homework or wondering if my son has done his homework. Sleeping in......ahhhhhh. Chris has been gone since Sunday. He has been staying at my Dad's all week doing some work for their friends. He called me last night ans sounded really homesick. He just wanted to talk to me. He told me he has made $96.00! Damn, doing yard work for rich people is the ticket! He is supposed to mow my Dad's golf course today and he will make anther $40! He got his bike stole yet again last Saturday and this time we haven't gotten it back! :( Poor kid takes his eyes off it for 2 minutes and some scumbag kid steals it. I hate thieves! Maybe he can take his money and buy himself a bike? He should get a cheap one so no one wants to steal it! This weekend is going to be busy. Maybe dinner with friends tonight, working in backyard tomorrow after the rain, friends tomorrow night and Sunday fa
Going Home
Going Home
well to those who are my friends and to those who want to become one ill be off for a few days to a week because the time has finally come for me to leave the shitty country of kuwait my tour is over iraq sucks and the war is stupid but oh well im going home to my 3 beautiful children and my family and friends hope to talk to you when i get there but for now thanks to everyone for the support it is very much appreciated so show some love for soldiers coming home and to those who are leaving again thanks to all show me love while i am away and il return it when i get back much love as my son would say holla dolla dueces
Going Into The Hospital
This Wed April 2nd at 10:30 I'll be in the hospital getting a hernia repaired that is above my naval. The Doctor said I could be in the hospital 3 to 4 days. And off for 4 to 6 weeks....which means once I am feeling up to it I'll be on here alot!! LOL.....but just wanted to let you know if you don't see me on here for a little while thats why. I'll be back and giving out 11's and comments in no time...,might even look into making more mumms and blogs. :) Say a little prayer for me if you belive that way. Thanks ! I'll probly be on Tues nite for a little while , if not see you all soon! Kathy CuTiePie4u2u
Going Fetal
Everyone is going fetal It's the dance the kids all feel Just get down under your desk Feels like your mama's nest Alright Everyone is going fetal It's the one thats really real You're gonna love it if you give it a try You just lay down like you're gonna die Alright Everyone is going fetal If you feel like your fate is sealed Then just get down and curl on up Just like a little helpless pup Alright Everyone is going fetal - Eels
Going Home
This friday Ana and I will be making the long trek back to massachusetts from Michigan. We will be going to Ohio friday night where we will spend the night. Then we will be heading east threw penn. then new york. We may end up stopping the night in penn. or ny. Then it will be on to massachusetts :D
Going Off Line
Well i am getting ready to go off line for a while. i need to get rid of this computer to help pay off a fine and will not be able to get back online till my Man builds me my new computer. i will miss all of my friends dearly and if you have my number you know where to reach me. If you for some reason don't have it and would like to then please message me before Saturday as that is when i am taking this back. The only people who won't get my number are those that i really don't talk to or i just don't really want to talk to. Again i shall miss you all and this place. Oh and i really will miss Club Raven and all the great people there. Those that know whom you are have become like family to me. i hope that all continue to do well in their lives and that those that have been having troubles or issues will get better. Blessed Be, raven p.s. i posted this here and for the main stream just in case someone missed it the first time.
Going To Move Soon
As some of you know for months i have busy of moveing from here to another small village about 2,5 hours drive from here..Had tought to be able to move before winter last year and almost everything allready been packed and moved over there around 8 months ago Place here fortunatelly sold now and the new owners will coming here in may..when everything goes 'well'now (i really don't want to leave this place and the sooner it gets of leaving the more i don't want 2:-)will miss this beautiful place so much and my dogs will mis it even more:-(.Anyway soon i will have to ask the phonecompany to disconnect the phoneline and because of my dial up i will also be without internet..for about 2 --5 weeks I will miss chatting with some of you here a lot..1 person in particulary,think you all know who i mean ;-)
Going To Be Gone For Awhile!
First off sorry been so quiet here, been busy trying to pack up a house I have lived in for 8 1/2 me alot of work! But going to out of here as of tomorrow and the internet will be turned off. Not sure of my friends house will have internet or not. Staying there til I can get into the house I will be settling into. So if you don't hear from me that is why, not that I am trying to avoid anyone...shoot I love this site and meeting some awesome peeps! So don't forget me and will be on here asap and be bugging the hell out of ya'll again... Blessed Be... HB
Goin Foward
Ive got a plan on digging myself out of my grave. One step at a time. Im not going to diclose these plans right now but as it happens you will have play by play. All I know is when Im done any woman who wants to be with me will be damn luck to have me.
Going On Vacation
Well I just wanted to let everyone know that I am going out of town for 3 weeks. I am going to visit my grandparents in Missouri. I need a vacation from everything and need a break from life.... Well I hope all is well all day. Leave me lots of comments and messages!!! -Lindsey
Going Home
After a long emotional week I'm going back to Durham today. My heart is still broken and will be for a very long time. My Uncle meant the world to me. I promised him I would make sure the baby I have in September will know of him and love him just as much as Joshua and Sara do. I still can't really eat. I sleep maybe an hour at the time. It's gonna be rough. It still doesn't seem real. Like a horrible nightmare that I'll wake up from at any moment. Thought I'd be out of tears to cry, but they seem to have a continuous streak down my cheeks. I don't know when I'll be back online but to all my old friends and new on fubar, love you all and please be safe. Please remember that life is too short to taken anything for granted.
Going In For The Kill!
I got this bitch reeling now. I went to see navy legal which other then getting a few phone numbers didnt do a goddamn thing. SHE BROKE A RESTRAINING ORDER! I bet you anything the attorney is a hardcore womans right and anyone with a penis is the devil. All she told me to do was continue ignoring her. I'VE IGNORE THE BITCH FOR 3 YEARS IT DIDNT DO SHIT! So I am taking the gloves off. I go on deployment in about 5 days. Im saving every dime I have and Im pressing charges. I replied to the ex telling ehr to contact DHS and start paperwork and Ill do a DNA test, she is still saying there is no baby so someone is fucking with me. Someone brought up the possibility of a snitch. Let me make myself clear right now. If there is a snitch in my circle and I find out who it is. Their soul better go to god because there ass will belong to me. They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorn, fuck that! Hell hath no fury like a pissed off redneck with Irish in their blood called the boogeyman. S
Goin Through Hell
well ur gurl has been goin through hell lately my a** of a step father through me out. wich im glad cuz all they did is used me for my lil bit of money and treat me like crap!!! then i decided that i should kick a coffee table ofcourse the table won and now i have a broke foot! lol i feel like such a tard! i really do need sum fam love rite now mcl
Going Offline For A While.
Seeing how I am having almost every weekend off with nothing to do than sit at my pc all day and night. I am going to log off for a while. Not sure how long yet. I know that I am pretty bored today and will be rearranging my livingroom which involves moving my pc around. That should take all night, but do I really want to allocate as much time as I have in the past chasing points? Guess I should be out in public (YUCK!) looking to meet some more friends that I can spend time with out in the real world. Kinda sux to make this decision after my VIP was just renewed, but I must find a better way to spend my time that doesnt leave me sitting here alone watching these sunny days slip past. My days of traveling are about over with. Need to concentrate on my new job so going places are out for now unless I want to move out of state to a new store, which wont happen for at least another 2 years. My main jist of this blog is to let you all know that I may not be replying immediately to m
Going To A Concert W. Adam....
SO, Adam and I are going to see Rush tonight... Down at the ford center. WE're gonna hang out at the canal for a while beforehand though. So, that'll be cool. But, I'm 23... I'm going to see a band that was cool, when I was still shitting in my pants... and apparently, when my mom was still in highschool. And, I'm 23. So, I'll probably be the youngest person there. But, hey, they sell beer :) lucky me. Anyways, seriously though, it'll be awesome. This will be my and Adam's first concert together, so that rocks :) I'll have to keep the stub and make a "firsts" album lol Nah probably not... Anywys... thats my evening, and I'll be gone... so text me if you need me, although I may not respond... And give Chastine kudos, she's gonna be gettin her some tail prob :) lol luv ya
Goin On And On And On Lol
so anyways as you all read my internet is off for a few days. I am still going crazy living where I am living but I will live eventually lol. mom and I are thinking about getting a place of our own as soon as she gets a new job so I am hoping that within the next six months we will be out of hell. anyways I miss ya all and I cant wait to be on again. HUGS kitten
Going Mental
I was walking past the mental hospital the other day,and all the patients were shouting ,"13....13....13" The fence was too high to see over, but I saw a little gap in the planks and looked through to see what was going on. Some bastard poked me in the eye with a stick. Then they all started shouting "14....14....14"... Joel M. 940.300.4454
Going To Sea
Well, I can't tell you when I'm going or how long I'm going to be gone, though if you search google news on the USS John C. Stennis you will know more than I can tell you! Anyway, we will be off the West Coast when we are not in port picking up and dropping off the airwing. So, I won't be far, and I'll be really close my favorite pub with an open patio where I can drink my Rum'n'cokes. So if you see the Stennis in port there is a good chance I will be at McP's after dinner. And except for normal operations of a Warship at sea, I won't be in any danger. Take care, fair winds and following seas. David
Going Broke
A friend go to different places to gamble and just can't stop. So there fore he sometime loses all his money then he goes to his friend and says that he lost it walking home when she knows he was gambling it all away plus drinking to.
Goin' Hollywood
I'm in a movie. I don't know which one, I don't know when it comes out. All I know is they were filming over by Bryant Park and when they said Action, I was walking by the camera. So if you see a movie and think "That looks like Pete" it just may be.
Going To Miss You All
Going The Way I Want It Too
well so far i finaly got my new apartment its been a month now since i have it for the most part everything is going great iam trying to get into school and finaly found someone willing to teach me how to drive the reason why i never drive before its becuse i dont no how to all becuse i have a very bad temper and it got me in all kinds of problem but i dont have to worry abount that so thats one thing down on my what to do list the next is looking for work not really sure on what i want to do probly go into beta testing i can make anywhere from 50 to 80 a hour doing it in my own home so iam thinking of doing that it be another good thing so i can watch out for my cat stretch he likes to nock over the trach can you think i never feed him the way he eats lol anyways my roomate is somewhat helpful more now since we moved and as for my grandmother she lives with my dad and his gf so its just me mostly here and iam fucking bored out of my head you no i thought liveing by my self
Goin Out
I just went out with my friend for the first time in a long while. We went to a bar and it reminded me why I spend time online instead of a real life. Ugh
Going To Be One Of Those Days
It's just going to be one of those days everything goes wrong, i can just sense it since my morning completly just went to hell. I wake up lay in bed for a few minutes and thats when it all starts, I roll to my other side to to see blood all over my pillow. So apparently i had a bloody nose in the middle of the night. I get out of bed and put some pjs on and then take care of the bloody pillow case to realize the blood is all over my pillow itself. ERRR my favorite pillow now gone due to a bloody nose, then my mom informs me the blood wont come out of my pillow case so i should throw that away as well, so there went my favorite pillow case that was nice and soft. So i come downstairs to my bedroom to get dressed for my busy day of working both jobs, i look at the time and realize im going to be running a few minutes late, so i call and inform my lady i work for and well guess what she wasnt home. So that means i would have droven to her house and her not be there. Hmm. Okay
Going Back To Work
I am going back to work! Starting saturday! I will work all day sat and sunday delivering! then I will work mon thru wed.. not sure of the hours yet! wow! when he puts me back on schedule he throws me in!!!
Going On Vacation
Hey everyone I'll be gone May 29th-June 11th, just wanted you to know I havnt fallen off the face of the earth just away for awhile. I will have new pics!
Going To Ca To Visit Parents!
I'm heading out to the bay area to visit my parents. I will not be online out there as they don't use a computer. I'll be out of the net from this evening until the 18th of Jun. If you have a birthday, please drop me a message, so I can send you birthday wishes when I get back! Thanks, your Nutty69! :-)
Going Into Hospital For Liver Biopsy
Going To Be Offline For A Few Days.
Well y'all I'm going to be offline for a few days because my real life girl friend countrygirl@heat is arriving here in Albuquerque today. When I sign off I'll be going to go pick her up at the airport and we'll be spending a few days to get to know each other better. We made each other a promise that we'll spend as much time togther as posise that we'll spend all of off time from work with each other and our kids. And it's a promise that I plan to keep to her and our children(Both hers and mine). We found each other here on fubar and fell in love with each other as time went on. So with all that is said in my first blog here on fubar I'll see y'all in a few days. And please feel free to rate my albums and enjoy. I hope that you all Have A Great Week and wish us luck in our new lives together.
Going Deep In The Woods
Going Deep in the Woods (Bi-Guys) I was out walking through the woods one late fall afternoon, when I came up on a campsite. It was a group of guys, from out of state, doing some hunting. Not having any luck that day, they all came back to camp early. They invited me to sit and have some for coffee. As we are sitting around the fire chatting, they tell me the eight of them, are high school buddies, who meet up once a year. They take turns picking the place, a different place every year. It gives them time away from the wives and families. So, even on slow days, they still can sit back and relax. Sometimes they find a place near a lake, for some fishing too. It was a warm afternoon, so some of them were just wearing shorts and t-shirts. After an hour or so, I notice that one of the guys has the head of his cock peaking out the leg of his shorts. It looks huge, I can't seem to look away. He catches me staring and grins. He gets up and walks over to where I am sitting and just pulls out
Going To Spokane, Washington
I'm heading to Spokane on the 29th of June for the Bug Fair up there. will come up the 28th if the offers good enough ;)
Going To Jail!
You will go to jail for... Celebrating nude day 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
Going To See My Niece :)
Is it Sunday yet?? I can't wait to go see my Angel Girl! This is going to be the hard part of being an Aunt. We live about 45 minutes from them, working two jobs, and with gas prices, we have to limit our trips out to see her. I miss her, and she has only been here for a week! I can't wait for the days when I can have her come spend the night or several. I am amazed that she has stolen my heart like she has.
Going Off Fubar For A Very Long Time
summer is here and we are going to get our kids ...... family is more importaint than fubar so I will be off fubar for a very long time !!! I hope you all enjoy your summer and remeber family comes first !
Going On A Date...damnnn
GOING ON A DATE Emily, I don't know what to do," Gloria said to her friend at work. "That good-looking Alan in accounting asked me out for Saturday night. Should I go?" "Oh, my gosh," her friend exclaimed. "He'll wine you, dine you, and then use any ruse to get you up to his apartment. Then he'll rip off your dress and you'll have fantastic sex!" "What should I do?" "Wear an old dress."
Going To Hell In A Handbag
Was watching the news. What I heard really pissed me off. Thing is we have no one to blame but the voters that put them into office for voting for them without checking thier voting record. Now the democrats blame President Bush and his oil company buddies for the high cost of gas. Well think about it people. Yes the oil companies are getting rich, that is what business do, they aren't a charity. but think about it. Where do they get thier oil? They get it from overseas, and those other countries control the price of oil. So how do we fix that? Well get get the oil from the United States. Then if gas is high priced then we blame the oil companies. Now Bush wanted to open the off shore oil drilling to American companies. Forgein countries like China are allowed to drill off our shores, but American companies can't. So we are paying overseas prices for American oil. Why, because the democrats in congress, voted down the bill that Bush put up to allow the American companie
Going To New Mexico
Alright all you fu-boys and girls...i am so outta here! Yay going on vaca to see my mama....the whole damn family WOOT WOOT! You all have a happy and safe week! Love ya! Leave lots of love kk HeHeHe xoxoxoxo
Going Out Of Town.
Hey everyone, just wanted to let people know that I am going out of town for the weekend, as of tonight, and I won't be home til monday night. I will be up in the mountains, and so unless I can get online up there I won't be online at all this weekend. Also, I am officially a night greeter for The M.O.D. Lounge, so people please check it out!!! I don't know how to link to the lounge, so just go to my profile and click on the link there under my lounges!!! Have a great weekend everyone.
Going Home
Been thinking about going back to my sanctuary while I'm visiting my kids...perhaps for a few days. I need to get back to Paradise and the Rogue River. I only have 12 days Cali, so I have to squeeze that in somehow. I guess all this down time has got me thinking about things.
Going Home!
wooohoooo I'm heading on home. It's been a long time coming. I'm so tired. all I want to do is sleep when I get home. so much to do so little time to do it. England is a very wonderful place. Oh my, if only you knew and see the things I've seen here. it's so amazing. well I guess I better get going.
Going Under The Knife
Just a note to let all my friends and fubar family know that I may not be online for alittle while, I'm goiong under the knife july 22nd be down for 2 weeks.So if ya don't see me, I will still think y'all
Going To Co
im going to CO to see my cousion rachle im soo excited wont be back for 5 days or so i hope yall miss me
Going Away For The 4th Of July
hey kids, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm not going to be around from the 4th of July until the 7th.. my trailer is already at the lake and set up.. going to be in a bass tournament, so wish me luck! so to all my friends that live in the US, happy 4th of July.. for all my friends that live here in Canada, have a great weekend, I know I will! (picking up my case of Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale on my way back.. lol) Mike
Going To The Dr Soon Again ...
starting out this year alone i was 385pounds when to the dr last month at 331pounds and on july 21 2008 i go back to the dr worried hell yes i am i want to be around or under 300 pounds befor i go back so i can get off my diabests pills and some other stuff trying my best to look good and feel good not saying i dont know ;) o i hate going to the drs...
Going Back Home
OK...I know I said this to some people..."I will never move back to TN because I love TX." But, due to some unforseen "things" I am....And actually looking forward to it! I am gonna miss all my friends that I have made here in TX!!!! Gonna miss one more than the others, and he knows who he is, but this is something I have to do. I need to get my life back in order...I thought I could do it on my own here, but I've learned that I need to be closer to my family right now at this time in my life....So, on that note, good bye TX...I love y'all!!!! ; Hello TN....I'm baaaack......
Going Back To Work
After being off of work since May 15th. I have to go back to work tomorrow. its been so long I hope i can stay the day with out being so tired that I cant deal with it.
Going Forward
So this going to be vauge and you will have to just read between the lines..If you dont get it I am sorry but I just wanna put it in writing to remind myself... Historically I have never fully acted on things I wanted to do. Why because deep down there was still that feeling of honesty. Even though I had the honest to goodness no holds barred ok to do so. But still I never fully committed to doing it. Now recent events have totally changed that feeling From now on I will do what I want when I want..For me These recent events havent changed the way I feel they have just allowed me to loose the guilt of following thru.. It still maybe wrong..or right but its my decision to do it and I will live with the consequences of my actions or non actions.. Ok thats it..
Going Home
I just wanted to let you all know that I am leaving on wensday morninng to back to NY for a week on my mini vacation i will be attending a party and also the baseball all star game i will be on here some and on messnger if you dont have my messnger it is talk to you all soon Frank
Going To Hell ... Awesome.. I Love Hellboy!!
Heaven or Hell Quiz by Fun Quizzes! MySpace quizes | Love Quiz | Fun quizzes
Going Under
Now I will tell you what I've done for you 50 thousand tears I've cried Screaming deceiving and bleeding for you and you still won't hear me Don't want your hand this time I'll save myself Maybe I'll wake up for once Not tormented daily defeated by you Just when I thought I'd reached the bottom I'm dying again I'm going under Drowning in you I'm falling forever I've got to break through I'm going under Blurring and stirring the truth and the lies so I don't know what's real and what's not always confusing the thoughts in my head so I can't trust myself anymore I'm dying again I'm going under Drowning in you I'm falling forever I've got to break through So go on and scream Scream at me I"m so far away I won't be broken again I've got to breathe I can't keep going under.
Going Home
I go back home tomorrow,wow what a ride this had been.Got drunker than hell on the fourth surrounding by bikers in a biker town.Now that one was for the books.Will not give detail. The sad part about leaving is being so far away from my dad even with our disagreement we have going on at the moment.I have been so use to being off of work I even dread going back to that,but it is a fun job,or I think so. I have huge decisions to make for the weekend I can only hope I make them right.I know what I want to do,but will it be wise.Fuck I just don't know.It is one of those that the heart strings just keep pulling at you,but in my case it is being pulled from both directions.I guess I just need to hope that mom and pop raised me right & whatever I do they will be proud of me. Anyway I have had a hoot on here and have made some really cool ass friends & I hope we all keep in touch.I may need a few days to re-coop when I get home,but it will be nice to get back into my own bed and see mom.
Goin For It
So, I am goin for it.. For those of you who actually kno me.. will kno what i am talkin bout.. or who i am talkin bout. but i am puttin my fears away, && takin the chance... wish me luck
Going Back To Ky Today
Going To Hell
Heaven or Hell Quiz by Fun Quizzes! MySpace quizes | Love Quiz | Fun quizzes
Going For The Spotlight
I'm considering taking a chance and going for the spotlight before I level again. Problem is I am a long ways from having enough fubucks to make it. This is where I need my friends. If you by any chance have any extra bucks laying around collecting dust, maybe you would like to share them. I would certainly appreciate any and all help!!!! Thanks and Spanks.....Hugs and Love, Mary Happy Country Girl~~Shadow Leveler~~{{Fu-Owned by Gary & SarcastK1}}@ fubar
Going For Spotlight Please Help!!
my sweet friend goddess is going for spotlight and needs a little help. she is a great friend to have on your list always showing love to everyone!! i thought it would be awesome to help her out by asking a few of my friends to donate to this wonderful woman!! you can always rate fan and add her too she loves her friends!!! just click on her link below even the littlest helps and thank you all in advance..muahzzzzz!!! Ecuadorian Goddess*Promoter of Goddess' BadBoys*-Sarge's Bad Girls-Keno's Knockouts*@ fubar Bulletin Brought To You By: ♦Mz.Naughty♦Member : Fubar's Ultimate Bad Girls Club♦@ fubar
Going On Vacation
going on vacation will be home around monday hope everyone has a great weekend I hope to have alot of fun in Nashville first time there Hope to catch everyone back next tuesday take care stay safe ALL
Going Duhhh
trying to learn on the stuff on here no wounder i go duhhh all the time buying rounds the private talk boxes it keeps me confused and now my biggest thing is can the myspace showin luv pages work or thoes type of messages no wounder i dont do much here LOL i'm soo lost aint that bout a kicker
Going To See Hinder
Ok, I'm about to jump out of my skin so I have to share my great news!! I won tickets yesterday to go see one of my favorite bands in September! I'm going to see HINDER again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We saw them in 06 at BayFest and they kicked ass!! They will be playing at the Warf in Orange Beach w/3 Doors Down and Finger 11. OMG I can't wait!!!!! I'm so excited. September will not get here fast enough. This is one hell of a birthday gift to myself!!!
Going Thru Alot
Ive been going thru alot lately from financial to emotional and basically its taken away from my time online and from my friends.....but life stops for no one and mine has been no exception to the rule. The babies are growing and going thru their own fight for life and mommas not helping by fighting and fussing with their dad and new job is wonderful but stressful so Im just hanging in there send up some prayers for me ok....much love Angel
Going Once...going Twice....who Will Win Me?
Want to Own My Smexi Azz!!Check Me Out In Phoenix's Auction!Thats Right ya'll I can be yours for an entire fu month!!!Lets get those bids started!!!Make Sure You show the Host Lots of mad love!! Click right here on this pic below to bid on me! THIS PIMPOUT WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY YOUR POSSIBLE FU SLAVE............... ~*~Confidence Is What Makes Me Sexy~*~@ fubar
Going Out Of Town
Hello Want to say thank you so much for all of the birthday wishes and gifts you all sent! You guys are wonderful. I am on vacation this week. For my vacation I am going to spend a few days with my Fu hubby! WOOOO HOOO!!!! So I will be off line from Wed thru Sun. See ya all next week! Have a wonderful week!!!!!
Going Camping
I will be gone for a week... I am going camping, so if u show me some love, i promise, when i get back, i will return the love back too you... see u soon and love you all, love, chris
Going On In My Life
nothing much going on i am back in georgia i am doing little better copping with my wife death and i got a great job working for a towing company i love it still looking for a good women hope she find me lol all and all i am decent then the last time i wrote on here
Going Home
wooo i will be home thursday yayaya and my exclamation key isnt working i would break this computer but its not mine. fuck this bullshit
Going Postal
Which phrase is annoying enough to make you go postal? A. Hot/cold enough for ya? B. You workin' hard or hardly workin'? C. You da MAN! D. It's all a part of this complete breakfast! E. I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman. F. Show me da oobies! G. Created by women gynecologists. H. Are we having fun yet?? I. Can I see Your NSFW's? J. Did It Hurt? K. Like or Whatever L. Are You In Yet? M. We're Not In Kansas Anymore... N. Fo Shizzle, My Nizzle! O. "It's like ______________ on drugs!" (Or "crack" or "acid" etc.) P. It's All Good. Q. Back In the Day... R. What is that an extra belly button S. LOL T. Having Said That... U. Umm... V. Get This W. With all due Respect... X. Show Me The Money Y. Where's The BEEF? Z. Yeah Totally Well thats just some of them... Have Fun With it!
Going To Be Deleting My Fubur
just to let all my friends know that i'm deleting this if you have me on yahoo you can talk to me on their but i'm tired of all the drama and friends that i thought were cool and i did things for back stabed me and ,,, but my real friends know were to find me and hit me on yahoo ,,, love yall huges and kisses ,,, trish
Going Fishing
Sometimes it seems as though a friend is fishing here on Fubar. I use the term fishing to mean, hunting, or trying to capture, attract, or something of that charachter, others attention. There are certain manifest ideas, that imply that this is the case. Racey pictures, cute status messages, and encouraging others by leaving them messages that would, or should give them an impression of interest. Oh wait I'm on Fubar...
Going Crazy
Ok so my guy friend who was in the military got out of the army 3 weeks ago. which i'm excited about don't get me wrong. I talked to him some the first and second week he was out. This week i haven't heard from him but i also found out he might be visting a friend in new york who is in new york from out of town. Now his fucked up cell phone doesn't work out there and he doesn't have any of his stuff cause it won't get to him till the 13. The reason i'm worried is casue the person he is seeing is a women. Now don't get me wrong i trust Matt. Plus he know a good friend of are has strong feeling for this women, But i also know that if matt is drunk it would be very easy to take advange of him due to the fact that he hasn't had sex in 5 years (well sex in person that is we have phone sex a lot LOL). The reason i'm freaking out is that i'm still not sure what his feeling for me are. When he was getting all his stuff together to get out he was all lovely dovey with me again. we talked on the
Going Away
Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be leaving this week to go to GA. as many of you know my oldest son has been There at Fort binning Army base well he is graduating bootcamp yayyyyyyyyy I have not see him in so long but anyhoot ill be gone till the end of the month so please leave the love you know ill return all love Robin.
Going On Vaction
I am going on vaction monday and wont be back til next saturday. When come back hope have some love> I guse fin out who carea about me when get back home. I am not talking my lap top with me. SO this my good bye. I realy think put acution on hold to get hoime
Going Crazy
I have been going crazy tearing myself apart over something lately. Its been so bad i'm not even sure what to do with myself. Even worse I know what I should do and I just can't bring myself to do it because it would mean giving up something that means more to me than anything. I've realized that it is just making me crazy because I want something so badly it hurts and I know that I'll probably never have that again but I'm to stupid to just let go of that last tiny glimmer of almost nonexistant hope. I just can't do it. It will kill me because it would hurt so bad to let him go. I know I've been doing the things I have for the wrong reasons. They aren't bad reasons just the wrong ones. Its my head against my heart again and I can't win either way I'll be hurt. If anyone has better advice than I can give myself please tell me because I can't handle this much longer. I'm falling apart at the seams and about ready to just let it happen...........
Going Somewhere???
Well it's a beautiful day today, Sunday August 17th. I've opened up all the windows in the house to get some fresh air in. I've lit a few candles, cleaned the house and started the laundry. I've been fighting with my own feelings about what I should do with my home life....leave or don't leave cuz nothing ever changes here and I so want alot more than this! I want to go play outdoors, enjoy life, ride bareback on a horse, go for a ride on a motorcycle, enjoy a picnic(then maybe have lots of sex....outdoors!) Go for a boat ride, or go to a football game....just do something to get dirty and just have fun doing it!! Is that too much to ask for? Life is too short to not live it fully! I wanna go somewhere, where I can do all these things with someone who enjoys doing them too!! I'm not looking for that someone anymore....but if he's out there, I know he'll find me!!! Wanna go somewhere with me???????????????
Going Back To School....finally!
Hey for all of you who have been great friends to me, I greatly appreciate you. One thing I can say is because of some of you, I finally got the boost I needed to get back into school. I will be going for my Bachelors in Criminal Justice, Majoring in Computer Crime. It's been almost 10 years since I've been thinking about going back to school and I finally got it. I will be attending online courses at Kaplan University. It's a great school and they help you out in every way, every step. So if you are thinking you want to go back, don't hesitate! Ciao!
Going To
I'm watching the flame on my candle growing as it breathes oxygen.Like a living being it feeds on the air and needs the darkness to survive.As I watch the wax creep down the sides..Hardening as it flows,I'm mezmerized by the flames as it begins to grow.Watching as the flames dance off the wall I can see evil faces lurking within.And as I watch in deep thought of how I made this flame come to life and the beauty it possesess I keep it lacking oxygen for another day.Watching it slowly fade and suddenly burn out all thats left is a puff of smoke trying to get one last breath in.Choking for life,Gasping for air,I will be back tomorrow again to control this life and how it comes back to me when the darkness falls.
Going Away For A While..
hey all my beautiful friends!!! i knwo i really havent been around much AT ALL... sorrryyy!!! but its a busy time... heading off to school on saturday so ive been packing and getting ready to move.. of course classes dont start until the 4th.. but i have no idea when i am getting internet and all that fun stuff... plus i will be enjoying parties and fun stuff like that soo i dont know how often i will be around anyways... i hope everyone has a good time until the next tiem i talk to them!!! MUAHZ!!! ps.. too lazy to check for spelling and typos... i hope you can read it lol
Goin On Vacation!
Well folks I'm going to be gone from 8/30 to 9/7! Whoo hoo, everyone have a good time and if you rate me, please private message me so I can return the luv when I get back. Shadow Levelers Rawk! See ya! Becky/Farscapecat
Goin Home
Short, sweet and to the point. I'm going home today. :D Sadly of course its right in the middle of Jenni's Happy hour. She has worked hard at being a godmother. Even if you don't know her, do me a favor and drop her some rates. **~~*Jenni*~~**@ fubar PS Happy Birthday Devilgirl. See you all from home. FINALLY
Going To Be M.i.a For Awhile
Hey ya'll just lettin everyone know that I ain't going to be available for awhile due to the fact that my computer decided to quit on me and I am trying to get a new one.
Going For Spotlight
Well, after a bit of consideration, I've decided to go for a spotlight. What that means, partly, is that I won't be able to afford any fu-gifts for a bit. Gotta save all my bux. So please... don't buy me anything... unless you don't mind that I just send you a note thanking you. I don't want to hurt anyones feelings by not returning the fu-love. If you'd like.. I'll gladly accept fu-bux in lue of a gift. hehe..... Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated.
Going Out
Has anyone who visited Belgium, ever went out clubbing till morning? If you did, post it on my blog. Have fun and keep the party going ! ! !
Going On Vacation
Im going on vacation soon My first cruise going to Mexico for the first time from Sep 21-Oct 2 to Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa, Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta Of course Im doing shore excursions also including a shrimp luncheon and tequila tasting (not on the same day! LOL) I'd love any suggestions you have Make them serious or funny Just dont be rude about it I cant wait for the trip!
Goin Blind-kiss
Goin Down To The Country--canned Heat
Going Away For A While
I just attended my best friends funeral today. And seeing him in thatcasket made me realize how short and precious life is. So, I'm packing up and moving myself and my 3 year old to live with my Uncle on the Cherokee Reservation. I need to get away from technology and get back in touch with nature. I will return once my body and spirit are again one. So, to my fubar friends; take care of one another. Vigilante
Going Offline For The Night
BYe guys.. u're all awsume... just leave me messages..... commets you name it.. going to bed.. got college.. tommrow.. so yah just leave me stuff =D... love you all bye guys. PS:: i'll finsh editing my page tommrow BYE. love crazyash
Going Once ... Going Twice.... Gone... Auction Time Come Get Them:)
HEY HEY HEY!!! It's that time... COME ONE COME ALL... COME AND OWN THESE FABULOUS PEOPLE!!! They have lots to offer and are totally HOT.. Auction is open from NOW - Thursday at noon EST. DON'T MISS OUT!! DaKidGotSwagga WHATTHEHELL ELEKTRA ARMY ANGEL SHADOW KNIGHT KELLS
Going Home
Going Home
Ok.. my new job I went to Louisiana for has fell through at this time. I may still work for these people. But for now I have gotten too far in the hole financially. So I am moving home to Orlando Florida. Just to give you a idea about this job... My ship had come in. I mean, come on.. 600$ a day 3 to 4 days a week on a contract that was a on going one. YOU DAMN RIGHT IT WENT TO MY HEAD!!!!! Got real worked up over it. Anyhow, I am going to maintain my sister's home in Florida. She lives out of the country. I will have free reign there. No rent, so It shouldn't be to hard to get caught up. So I will be offline till the first of next week, after Friday night. Love you all!! Don
Going Going Gone!!!
yepppppers I'm in another auction guess what come check it out .. Pweeaseeeeeeeeee hehehe !! muahhhhhhzzz!! Click your heels together and oppss sorry just click the pic below!!
Going The Distance-cake
Reluctantly crouched at the starting line, Engines pumping and thumping in time. The green light flashes, the flags goes up, Churning and burning, they yern for the cup. They deftly manouver and muscle for rank, Fuel burning fast on an empty tank, Wreckless and wild they pour thru the turns, Their prowless is podent and secretly stern. As they speed thru the finish the flags go down. The fans get up, and get out of town. The arena is empty except for one man, Still driving and striving as fast as he can The sun has gone down and the moon has come up, And long ago somebody left with the cup, But he's driving and striving and hugging the turns, And thinking of someone for whom he still burns. He's going the distance. He's going for speed. She's all alone, all alone in her time of need. Because he's racing and pacing and plotting the course, He's fighting and biting and riding on his horse. He's going the distance. Yeah! No trophy, no flowers, no flash
Going Home.....
Will be heading home late tonight as soon as Mandi and new baby get settled in good...I will be soooooo glad to be on a real comp and be able to start returning all the sweet love...Thank u friends for the comments, gifts and drinks....all was appreciated and i am sorry i couldn't do much on this laptop....but will be back on track by tomorrow morning, muahhh!!!!
Going To A Party!
It's Friday afternoon and the workday is coming to an end. You are anxious to get home to me and give me the surprise of my life. The entire car ride home seems to take forever, but it gives you have plenty of time to think about what the events of this evening brings. You can feel your cock beginning to swell in your pants just thinking of all the nasty things you will do with me. When you pull up in front of the house, you see me standing at the door awaiting your arrival. I am wearing a pair of daisy dukes and a hot pink bikini top. You come inside and kiss me hello, we share small talk about our day. Once you feel settled in, you say to me. "Come here love". I walk over to you and stand before you waiting for your approval. You say to me, "My oh my, you are looking quite sexy today. I have a surprise for you, how would you like to go to a party tonight?" I immediately have a zillion questions, where are we going? What time do we have to leave? You can hear the excitement! in my vo
Going Out On A Weekend...
ok so yea I'm going out for a drink wtih my friend. since i don't know how he really really feels i've decided not to give a shit. I'm going to wear my club dress, it's in my album. and something to cover it. what do you think?
Going Away
I am going to be away from the net and from Fu for about ten days on a trip and will not have any net access. Once I'm back hopefully I will have some fun pics to post. Have fun and be good to each other!
Going There Tomorrow
Powhatan Renape Nation American Indian Arts Festival Saturday, Sunday, & Monday, October 11, 12 & 13, 2008 Festival hours are 11:00am till 6:00pm. Driving directions October festival The Arts Festival showcases artists from throughout the Americas who will exhibit and sell their outstanding pieces. Visitors will be treated to traditional and contemporary arts in a myriad of mediums. You won't want to miss a variety of award-winning silversmiths, potters, sand painters, beaders, sculptors, carvers, drum makers, weavers, basket makers, and more. All artists are enrolled tribal members. No traders or retail vendors permitted. Young ones and those young at heart can participate in archery and corn pounding, and all visitors may learn about the instincts of the live wolves and eastern buffalo, which will be present at the Festival. Your visit wouldn't be complete without sampling delectable Indian foods. Prepare your taste buds for venison, caribou, wild rice, Navajo tacos
Going For Today Talk To U Tomorrow Or Tonight
please rate me and comment my pictures and i will return the vare. rate my pictures too
Going To Madison Wi
yes im headed to madison wi to go see a very close friend of mine well my soon to be wife my best friend the love of my life i will bb asap plz feel free to leave me rates and help me level
Going Down Pic's
Going Crazy!!!!!
So as of last Friday.... my husband got laid of from work due to lack of work............. yea ok lack of work my ass. First off his boss accuses him of stealing gas, when the gas card for his work van, stays in the van.... plus he made good enough money not to have to worry about that, plus that is what we use my paycheck for, gas and any extra stuff we need... So then for the next two days after, his boss starts yelling at him for not doing his job correctly.... hmm the guy hasnt even gone to plumbing school which takes 4 years and a test that gives you a Journeymans license. my husband has worked in Plumbing for almost 14 years... so then of course his boss starts an arguement with him and instead of my husband getting mad and arguing back, he walked away.... smart i think... so on friday my husband did not go into work, for fear of starting an argument and possibly hitting the guy and ending up in jail... His boss calls him and says you are laid off permanantly as of now...
Going For The Spotlight- Need Your Help!!
I need YOUR help!! I have recently found out that after level 25 you are not able to bid on the spotlight so I have decided that I want to try to win it before I level. I only have about 1.5 million points to go before leveling so I am asking for the help of my friends because it won't be possible without you. The winning bid has been running between 14 and 24 million fubucks. Anyone that has a few fubucks to spare and wouldn't mind helping out it would be greatly appreciated. I have one friend that has given me a few million fu-bucks already...without expecting anything in return! Hard to believe, I know! Obviously everyone does not have a few million fubucks to give but it all adds up the same and is appreciated no matter how big or small of a donation. My friends are the greatest and I know you can help make this happen for me! Much love to you all, ~That Girl I wanted to leave a little note thanking the people that have donated so far. I will continue adding as I get
Going For Spotlight
Going Out
So tonight me, hubbs, and our friend went out to see his guitar teacher's band at a bar, and it happened to be a Halloween party there. I am NOT a very social person (hah, shocka), and large groups of ppl downright freak me out. But alcohol has always made me loosen up a lil. And now ever since I stopped drinking altogether, it just sucks going to bars. There are different levels of communication on a scale of sobriety, and it can only work if all parties are equally drunk/sober. I felt totally like a fish out of water among all those strangers, and I'm not a kinda person to strike up a conversation, especially if I am really not interested in a person. There was a whole buncha slutty middle aged "witches", acne faced "hotties", and local bar tramps. A couple of them started talking to me; I just shrugged it away and left for a smoke. Grrr, wtf
Going Crazy
I don't get online as much as I used to... and when I do there are a couple of sites I like to check most often. One is a pay site ($10 for 6 months) and my subscription has run out. I have a spare $1 until payday. I am going nuts. This is pathetic.
Going To Hell
after tonight we are all going to hell, everyone thinks Buch was bad you have not seen anything yet. just wait and see if Obama win's he is going to take us there ,
Goin Down The Only Road I've Ever Known
It is said that the road to hell is paved on good intentions..if that's the case tack one more reason up on the list of why people can say I'm going to hell.. See my entire life I've had the problem with good intentions.. In every facet of my life with every relationship I've ever been in. Be it family, friends, signifcant other..whatever. I always have these good ideas for stuff but I have this huge problem taking the step from idea to conception of said idea. I will get this thought in my head of "this will be good" or "I should do this" yet somehow something happens and I don't do it. Hell when I went to wrigley in april i bought a mini bat for a friend..still haven't sent it out to him..another perfect example is the envelopes I"m supposed to send terra.. its a great idea and when the time came to send em out I forgot to put them in the box with the rest of the stuff I sent her.. The worst thing about it all is that its a problem I've recognized over and over in the pa
Going My Way?
87 and soon there will be 90 A lot of things can change in a period of time when you allow your soul to be serene. I sometimes can’t do that until I figure out where to hide. One place I can’t hide is in my house, unless everyone is gone seeking someone else to exercise they attention seeking with. Although, they are seeking mine, it gets in the way of quality time. I am one of them people that could get along with dead. They don’t fuck with you, even if you fuck with them. They always hear you. You don’t have to worry about are they there. It isn’t like you know you they not alive. Hell when you want to just be listened to they the best listeners. You don’t have to worry about someone trying to make you feel awkward or stupid for having feelings and emotions. Everyone wants to feel what they is saying is heard and valid at some point and time, since all the time is impossible. You might not see who is there, but you know their soul is there and more importantly God is there, where
Goin Out
So, out of the blue I was contacted by an acquaintance I had more than 5 yrs ago. We are goin to the karaoke, and I just hate meeting new people, let alone ones from the past. I am kinda nervous, grr. Wish me luck! (provided ANYONE reads this)
Going To The Gym
Okies...I'm going to the gym here in a bit... need to work off my buddah body fatness.... I'm gonna keep slapping myself in the face everytime I fail. When I see that stupid scale go up or not move...slap slap slap...PUNISH!!! Stupid scale.... stupid fatness....stupid men that only like skinnier woman.....ugh...stupid world.... k, I'm out to get skinner and prettier...
Going Offline
going offline as of the 1st week in dec. not sure how long it will be before i can afford to have internet again.. anyone that wants to keep in touch with me can call me, will always have cell phone, 207-659-0062... will miss talking with everyone, love my fu friends...have met some great people, love you all...beth
Going For The One That Wants Me
The Going Is Weird, And At Weird I Am Pro
Bogey has fled the site. Of all the gin joints in all the world I had to walk into the one with the obviously highest number of faked profiles by "studs" and "sluts". The irony is a true young woman hit me up and I am willing to break my rules of adult fun with online site members as a birthday gift...and as confusing as this site is, she will probably never get my message and just like in the movie I'll spend the night with a coctail, black jazz piano player and as I don't do men the dark night will have another friend so let down by sites like this I will just let the bottle drink me for the night. As time goes by....................... Giving away love has become usual for me.  I can come to your city and love you more than other men in your past...I hope to see you in my inbox wanting to know honest and sincere since when asked exactly all the insane details I promise to have 8+ hours designed just for you...the woman first to rock me like a hurricane will get a special
Going Home
Hey all, I'm finally going home from this place, but with that being said, I'm not sure when I'll be able to get on here again, so if you want to keep in touch, private message me with a way to get ahold of you, either email or cell phone. Hope to hear from everyone soon.
Going Above The Call To Duty
Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. Ralph and Edna were both patients in a mental hospital. One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool. Ralph suddenly jumped into the deep end. He sank to the bottom of the pool and stayed there. Edna promptly jumped in to save him. She swam to the bottom and pulled him out. When the Head Nurse Director became aware of Edna's heroic act she immediately ordered her to be discharged from the hospital, as she now considered her to be mentally stable. When she went to tell Edna the news she said, 'Edna, I have good news and bad news. The good news is you're being discharged, since you were able to rationally respond to a crisis by jumping in and saving the life of the person you love. I have concluded that your act displays sound mindedness. The bad news is, Ralph hung himself in the bathroom with his bathrobe belt right after
Goin To California--zep
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Going Out
I just came home from a night at the bar/club with hubby and our friend, who always tries to grab my ass. I was the only one not drinking, but it was still fun. Lots of people watching. An annoying shot girl talked my friend into gettin a shot by parading around with her boobs all over the place. I told him that he is a sucka and that unless there's a written 100% guarantee that he'd get laid afterwards, I wouldnt cave in to her offer. THe place reminded me why I dislike American women (and Russian ones too). In my opinion, if you dress like a slut and talk like a slut, you better put up. Otherwise you are a cocktease and should get shot/raped. They showed some boobs on TV, and all guys were like "ZOMG! LOOK AT THAAAAT!!" American men are so different from Russian ones...Naked boobs were really not an object of that much attention in the homeland, mostly due to much lax regulations on TV, and a general dress code. Then as I was dancing, an uber drunk aging skank came u
Goind Under
Now I will tell you what I've done for you 50 thousand tears I've cried Screaming deceiving and bleeding for you And you still won't hear me (Going under) Don't want your hand this time I'll save myself Maybe I'll wake up for once Not tormented daily defeated by you Just when I thought I'd reached the bottom I'm dying again I'm going under Drowning in you I'm falling forever I've got to break through I'm going under Blurring and stirring the truth and the lies So I don't know what's real and what's not Always confusing the thoughts in my head So I can't trust myself anymore I'm dying again I'm going under Drowning in you I'm falling forever I've got to break through So go on and scream Scream at me I'm so far away I won't be broken again I've got to breathe I can't keep going under I'm dying again I'm going under (going under) Drowning you (drowning in you) I'm falling forever (falling forever) I've got to break through I'm going under (go
Goin Big(2009)
Going Green And Giving Up All Those Chemicals
GOING GREEN and GIVING UP ALL THOSE CHEMICALS the great living site - is for natural product for the home - for the kids - for the family - for gifts .. for anything and everything in your life .. Five advantages of going Certified Organic: 1. Beneficial to the Soil - Organic systems use a modern yet scientific knowledge of ecology and soil science, while using traditional techniques of crop rotations to provide fertility, weed as well as pest control. 2. Beneficial to the Environment - Organic systems try to lessen usage of non-renewable resources. Organic production tries all the while to provide sustenance and supports the optimum handling of the environment and wildlife as a precedence. 3. Beneficial to People - Organic products have been proven to possess more vitamins, nutrients and cancer-combating antioxidants as compared to non-organic products. 4. Absence of artificial Chemicals - Organic products ban using the synthetic chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. 5
Going Deep
Self-Examination at Depth There are times when life urges us to seek more. Small changes to our comfort zone may fail to alleviate any sense of stagnancy or frustration, and we may need to examine our lives and ourselves more deeply to find the right place to start. Everything we need for success and joy lies within. But so often, life’s debris accumulates, building layers around our core that makes it difficult to access the truth that resides within. To reach the depth we wish to access, we must dive below these layers to the deepest parts of ourselves. The first layer can be found in our minds. Our to-do lists and busy work are usually less important than we think, so we must look past them to examine the thoughts that matter most to us. The next layer can be found in our hearts, where past hurts and disappointments can sometimes cover up our vulnerabilities, as well as the truth of who and what really stirs the love within us. We can choose to go even deeper – to our center.
Goin Out Of Town
ok everyone who cares im going to be going out of town for a while pretty soon, so i will probably be awol for atleast a while while i handle some things. wish me luck
Going Home
I will be gone for an extended period of time. My 82 yr.old Mother fell and broke her leg this time. Dad is also 82 and in bad health and isn't able to take care of her and can't be alone himself. So I am going back home to spend some time with my parents. Time is running short for Dad he is not doing well at all. Mom will be laid up for about 6-8 weeks. I am looking forward to spending time with my family.My oldest brother is Flying in from Vegas at the end of the month which will be great to see him. He has also been ill. He has AML (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia)He's been in remission for 2 yrs. now and doing fairly good. We all live so far apart it's been ruff on us all with Mom & dad being up there in age and we all can't be together when we need to be.All four of us kids will be together for a while which will be nice unfortunately due to rotten circumstances. More later....... 1/12/09 Update I am leaving on Thursday. Don't know when I'll be back for sure. Hopefull about 4 weeks. Wi
Going One Going Twice.....
i am still for sell click on the pic to come buy me
Going On Two Weeks And More
So it has been awhile since the last time me and the wifey had some mad monkey love. And who is to blame on this one? None other than the evil Auntie Flo...I swear she always shows up at the most inconvenient time. And I believe she will remain till tomorrow but I wished she had left like yesterday! Anyways, I look forward to her departing so I can "get my grove on". But then again yours truly here will probably screw it up by doing something stupid like get into an arguement on how to raise kids versus just keeping my mouth shut and allow her to make all the decisions...only time will tell this time.
Going To Tescos
I have 3 dogs & I was buying a large bag of Winalot in Tesco and was standing in the queue at the till. A woman behind me asked if I had a dog.On impulse, I told her that no, I was starting The Winalot Diet again, although I probably shouldn't because I'd ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and the way that it works is to load your trouser pockets with Winalot nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry & that the food is nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again. I have to mention here that practically everyone in the queue was by now enthralled with my story, particularly a guy who was behind her. Horrified, she asked if I'd ended up in the hospital in that condition because I had been poisoned. I told her no, it was because I'd been sitting in
Going Crazy
i am going crazy trying to fig out how i am going to get my car paid off by june of 09. i am trying to fig out how i can make extra money on my days off of work, but not sure what to do cuz i am always tired now since i started working. i want to move back to florida by june but won;t be able to do that if i can't get my car paid off by then, and yea i WAS counting on my tax return but as it seems i am not getting much back..300 if i am lucky. if anyone has any ideas please share them with me. ty
Going Crazy
i just writing to get stuff off my mind , i have alot of stress in my life right now, i some times dont know if i can keep on going, but i know i have to. i dont talk to anyone, i hold everything that happens inside and i know one day its going to be bad thing for everyone, cause i will just blow up and well thats a bad thing. but i dont know if i can go on after all thats going on is over if it turns out for the worst, it will kill me to much and so i and hoping that it will turn out great, i guess i will have to wait and see. all i know life can suck so much. and thank god for having family, that is helping me......
Goin To Visit My Girls...(in Ice Storm)
I will levin tomorrow to visit my girls ...having our Christmas & 3 b-day parties while I am there. Real bad Ice Storm in OKla & Ark. so Plz pray for everyone. My oldest is out of electricity as I type till city/state workers get to them. I am excited to be goin to see them and will feel better when I can shelter them under my Momma Wings, LOL Thx for all the luv , & know each one of U bring smiles to my face daily!!!!
Going On Cam If You All Give Me Love I Have Autos
Ill go on cam if you guys hook me up too plz. I need to make this auto count and time is almost up.. plz rate the hell out of me and I'll go on cam.. If anyone wants to get me another auto that would be great to.. I have fubucks I can trade for it.. When I'm on can you just shout me like normal..
Going Thru The Paces
bid on me and give me stuff for no good reason I wanna cost more than Witchie it is my biggest desire in life
Going Through The Mottions
Im just going through the motions. Lost the first person who ever made me submit totally to their will. (bh) I am here but Im not, please forgive my hurting heart. I am just not into much today.
Going Muslim. Birth Of Cadillac X
Well i've been evaluating some things in my life and it seems that no matter how I look at it the biggest toxins in my life have always been pork and white women. I've dated white girls for as long as i can remember. Dont know why either, I like most women I just always seem to end up with the white ones....but today I say NO MORE> Franko is going muslim. I"M giving up the swine in all sense of the word, no more white women or pork. New diet for me ladies and gentlemen.HMMMM I need a new name to go with the change of attitude, my muslim name as given to me by the prophet mohamed in a dream, will be CADILLAC X. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I like it. Its all Latinas from here on out, for me. We'll start there and see where life takes me.
Goin To State Baby!!
tate bound! Israel Potoczny Feb 16, 2009 Missouri Class 4? No sweat. Wrestling in the state’s largest class for the first time, Lebanon placed fifth in the 13-team meet and will send its largest class of state qualifiers in 12 seasons to Columbia. Six Yellowjackets qualified for the state tournament at the District 3 meet on Saturday in Jefferson City. Justin Britt (285 pounds), Trevor Byrd (215), Zach Drinkall (189), Austin Brawner (145), Tyler Zimemrman (140) and Kyle Hansen (125) placed in the top four and will compete at the state meet on Thursday in Columbia. “We went to seed meetings thinking we would get three or four (state qualified),” Roark said. “We pulled off six, and we could have had a couple more.” Lebanon last sent as many as six wrestlers to state in 1996. The Yellowjackets had a total of 31 state qualifiers in a four-year span from 1992-1993 to 1995-1996, including nine in 1994, and eight in both 1995 and 1996. Justin
Going Back To Cali
[Verse One: Notorious B.I.G.] When the lala hits ya lyrics just splits ya Head so hard, that ya hat can't fit ya Either I'm witcha or against ya Format venture, back through that maze I sent ya Talkin to the rap inventor Nigga wit the game tight, Bic that flame right Spell my name right, B-I, Double-G, I-E Iced out lights out, me and Ceasar Leo Gettin head from some chick he know See it's all about the cheddar, nobody do it better Going back to Cali, strictly for the weather Women, and the weed -- sticky green No seeds bitch please, Poppa ain't soft Dead up in the Hood, ain't no love lost Got me mixed up, you drunk them licks up Mad cause I got my dick sucked and my balls licked, forfeit, the game is mine I'ma spell my name one more time, check it Its the, N-O, T-O, R-I, O U-S, you just, lay down, slow Recognize a real Don when you see Juan/one Sippin on booze in the House of Blues [Chorus: repeat 4X] I'm going going, back back, to Cali Cali [Verse Two: Not
Going Away
Hey guys; I am just letting everyone know I will most likely not be on till sometime Sunday. My grandpa's brother died and he has to go to Virginia for the funeral and my grandma isn't well enough to take the trip so I am staying with her until my grandpa returns. They don't have internet, and I doubt I will have much time to access it at school. Leave me lots of love to return to and see you crazy fukers next week !
Going In For Surgery
going in for surgery on the 24th of this mouth.i am nevres about it but i now i will be ok. i have a good friend that will be here for me that day and he will take care of me that mom and my sister will be going with me that.
Going Away
Going For Godfather
gonna work on a new godmother/father bully soon ill just add those i see or let me know there going for level 25 Now for our resident BJ queen lol bl0wj0bBeTTy ((zodiaK leveLer))@ fubar This hottie brings a whole new meaning to duct tape (shh dont ask ill never tell) ♦ηιккι♦Greeter@Club Flava!Ownedbyßîg♦ÐâÐdÝ♦W!C@ fubar
Going Crazy!
Alright Devin The Dude [VERSE 1] Lord thank you for the food that I'm about to receive May it nourrish my body and keep my mind at ease But as far as my soul I been meanin to holler atcha And I know you been busy with playas steady tryina catch ya Gotta get somethin off my mind for a while Cause when problems start to pile it gets kinda hard to smile But I - keep my head up And try to hold on until my kids all grown I know one day that could be me lyin there in a hearse So I hope for the best, prepare for the worst Swearin I curse, but really there's no harm done Just havin fun, but there's some who wanna take it and run I left a life of lootin and thievin, and shit Because my friends and my family was leavin me quick It seems everything is happenin without me knowin Tryina stay sane, but mayn, this shit has got me goin [CHORUS] Goin crazy Feelin like I'm feelin But it's gonna be alright Alright Alright I'm goin crazy Feelin like I'm feelin But it's gon
Going On A Break
To all my fu-friends and fu-family, I am taking a break from fubar so I can spend more time on real life stuff instead of all the time I have spent on the fu.I will miss you all.
Going To Europe
Hey all. I am leaving town next week on the 10th of March. I will be gone for about 2 weeks. I will not have my phone and minimal internet. I will try to check here and email as much as I can. Love you all. Leave some love
Going On My Adventure...
I'm taking out of this state for what I hope to be greener pastures soon. My travels will carry me south to the mountains of Carolina. My quest? Riches possibly, not really sure, I just know this is what I must do. I don't wish to reflect when I'm 70 and say "I wish I sould have done that". Instead I'd rather smile and say "Damn, that was a f*kin blast"!!! I wonder....will you think of me? I've come to know some wonderful people here. Some true hearts, that I will miss talking to. You know who you are...I probably nibbled on you sometime in the last couple days!I won't be on fubar for....oh, could be awhile. Not gonna have access to internet at the campground. So, think of me my beautiful friends. I'll try to update when I can at a library or VA facility when I venture out of the mntns on occasion. Ya got till April 10th to luv on me so why wait? Stop by and nibble on me before I disappear! MWAH!!!!
Going Solo
When you are away from your other half it is ok to go solo. (masterbation)
Goin Outta Town...
hey guys..i'm goin outta town tomorrow..wont be back until next monday...a whole week w/o me..hopefully yall will manage. i'm gonna miss yall!!
Going To Japan
Okay, so I've been dating this guy for over a year. and we're in a committed and serious relationship. It's my spring break. And he just bought me a ticket to JAPAN!! to go see him. he's stationed there. I need to find a way to make it worth while. I want to do something that will totally blow him away! Anyone got any ideas?
Goin Back
Hubby and I have determined that in a year we will move to Moscow for a coupla years, where I will get a job at a hotel (surprise!).
Going To The Chapel
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Going Down
so im a newbie whats the do in the fubar it seems like a pretty cool site quite busy to! well how is the world idk chris brown and rihanna i think the media needs to chill apparently she was tagging his a*** also, they can work it out ummm lets see, well im sad we did't get a stimulus check this year i really could have used that. how about the old lady in the shoe that had so many kids the world didnt know what to do, AMERICA GET OVER IT! WELL UNTIL TOMMOROW.
Going Back Into The Closet!!
I moved my bed into my closet. hehe it's kewl! kinda like a cave.......but not hehe
Going Walkabout.....
I won't be online at all of next week (or as my other personas)...heading out camping in the bush to get away from the yuppies, tourists and rude people at this coastal resort holiday town i call home. No tv, computer, Mp3...just my mobile. Just letting you all know just incase you gave a fuck and noticed.
Going Out ! !
 Headed to Padonia Station 2nite. . . ANY FU's that are in the B-more area . . come by the bar and party! Bring acamera and a great attitude! I'm gonna burn the dance floor up and enjoy my nite off! Spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Going To Greyling Mi
Hey all I will be leaving fri 4/3/09 and heading to Greyling MI to visit my mom. I should be retuning on 4/11/09. I will try to be on a bit while out there
Going To See My Family!
I will be going out of town to West Virginia to see my family after spending a day in Columbus,Ohio seeing friends will be gone from April 9th until April 18th and no access to a computer.Will catch up with everyone when I return.Show me the Chief and the 2nd Alarm Hotties love while I'm gone!Hugzzzzzzz to all!!!Tammy
Going Back On The Road Again
well ive been on fu for almost a year!!an dhonestly its like my second life now ive met some amazing people on here some of which has helped me though some pretty rough days at times!!!!!!but m ylife has come to a crossroads due to alot of stress and no work i haft to go back on the road again!!see ive done carnival work sinc ei was 16 yrs old i havent actaully travelde since 05 but i cant seem to get nothing locally so it was a last resort for me!!my # 1 family is my sister if i havent been on for awhile shell know whats going on with me shes great show her love if u can !!theres a few of u who ive got real close with shared things i havent shared with alot of people ill miss you very much ill try to check in a smuch as possible ill be out there till oct almost nov but its good money and a chance for me to get on my feet well im gonna close this i just wrote it to mainly tell those of u whove been there much love ill see you soon #1 badboy aka billy
Going Vegan...
disclaimer- spell check is broken.  stfu if there's a misspelled word or twenty :p  I couldn't eat a burger @ a fast food place for almost a year after watching "fast food nation"- but out of sight, out of mind, right? I bought a book a couple weeks ago called "Skinny Bitch" since I'm a fat ass, I am trying to become a skinny bitch.  Anyway,  this book sat on my desk for these two weeks, and this morning I decided to drink my coffee on the deck and start reading.   I got to chapter 6 before my stomach (which was empty, thank God) started to turn.  The chapter is called "you are what you eat"   This book is promoting vegitarianism.  HAHA- if I had read that little tid bit of info on the back cover, I would not have bothered to buy the book.  These sneaky bitches left that out- and so here I get slapped hard across the face with detailed information about slaughter houses and cruetly to animals that I have been frying up, bar-b-queing- boiling-baking for years.  I seriously wanted to
Going Insane
it pisses me off, i work 10-12 hours a day, bought a house, my 'ol lady and kids live with me and everytime the little bastards are home alone they need to destroy my shit, i came home for lunch tonight as soon as i walk out of the house to head back to work, my ol' lady follows me out and no more than 10 seconds later theres a loud crash, from the little idiots breaking my dining room window, and to make matters worse, my ol lady defends them, shit is really starting to piss me off now.
Going To Dubia
I will be going to Dubia for 8 days in july cant wait. Need the vaction and get away there is so much to do and see there plus the ocean is great there there is alot of night life.
Going Home People.
Well friends, family, and comlete strangers, I am suppossed to be home on the 20th or so of May.  Excited!!!  I'm ready for a break, go home, take care of the personal matters that won't seemingly resolve themselves, and take my son spend time with him, and go on a road trip probably.  Might take my son with me don't know.  But hey I also plan on being:   FuckedUpBeyondAllRecognition   So if your interested in joining me let me know.  Always funner to drink with a friend!!!  
Goin Home!
OK the video is not showing when i embed it, heres the link   I posted this video/song because this was the song that really made me realize my next step in life. I know it seems kinda corny, or ya'll are gonna kick my ass cause its "Miley Cyrus" lol. But listen to the words, theres a few lines in the song that made me realize what I had to do and why. Then read the blog. Thanks!       To those of you that know whats been going on with me for the last 7 months, I want to update you. This is also for all the friends that have been wondering where in GODS name I have been for the last few weeks.   First off, I want to thank my best friend lilredvixen. I have been lucky enough to have her in my life for a few years now, and now, for the last 4 months, she and her family have opened their home to me and allowed me the help I've needed. Though, this stay has been great, better knowing her and her family and spending so much time with my
Going To The Dentist Anxiety
ok so at 9 am I have a dentist appt.. my first in 5 days. its a new dentist so that also makes me anxious. I dont like going to the dentist just makes me nervous I guess. last time they tried to pull a tooth out and it never came out b/c it hurt too much. in fact thats anothing worry.. they will still have to pull that same tooth out. but I guess if I just go and get it over with I will have no more anxiety or worries right? any advice?
Going For A More Healthy Weight For Me Again..
Well, I have been noticing some weight gain over the last seven months or so after my extreme weight loss goals that I accomplished last year in the first six months of 2008. I managed to go from 230 pounds last year in February to just under 200 pounds by my 30th birthday last year, and than by mid June, beginning of July I made it to between 175 and 180 pounds.. I felt much better after the weight loss especially since my acid reflux dissappeared after dropping below 200 pounds. In the last couple weeks I noticed some acid reflux again, and realized that I am at 210 pounds. My goal is to get myself to drop at least 10 pounds by my birthday again this year which is just over two weeks away. I have started as of Tuesday night this week with similar to what I did last year with control of intake on how much food I am eating. I had 350 calories approx. in 24 hours, and will probably have similar for the next 24 hours, and so on and so forth. Still eating some of the same foods I have b
Going Outta Business Sale!!!
i put together a few zine grab bags & i have one more riot grrrl zine grab bag left over! i am officially retiring from zines so get 'em while you can!!! :) Etsy Buy Handmade mrsnoggle
Going Away To The Navy.....
So my best friend is going away to the Navy next month. On the 30th we are throwing a righteous, slammin party. We are providing burgers, ribs, jello shots and a drink called the "Dirty Girl". We need some more chicks that are cool to come and hang out with all of our guy friends.... yeah its gonna be a sausage fest lol. Hit me up for info and we'll give details. Peace
Going Down
Sifting through the ashes of dreams gone bad Memories of the past always seem so sad Screaming out loud, knowing that no one is there If I were gone tomorrow… would anybody care? Something’s really got a hold on me It’s making me blind. I cannot see. Something tells me I
Goin Outta My Head
Been laid off, got no car , sacked out on my brother's couch in a no horse town, got divorced, can't see my kid's cause they're two thousand mile's away and I can't find work to save my life. All since November. Top it all of with the fact that I'm struggling to keep from going back to my self destructive way's. For my girl's though, I refuse to give up. Been clean and mostly sober (only drink a few time's a year as opposed to every day as well as shit people shouldn't do. I don't judge though.) for five year's. Just gotta hold out,get on my feet again, and fight to be the father I never had. Sorry if this come's off as a personal pity part. Not what I was going for. Just needed to get that out. If anyone has advice though I'm open to suggestion's and all form's of comment. Thank's for taking the time. Peace out girlscout's
Going Offline
Starting no later than the 12th I will be online only on Friday night. Sat, Sun and briefly Mondays. This will last for at least a couple months. My bills are piling up and I have to focus on getting on my feet and getting my divorce done. Rent to own pc's just dont fit into this budget. I will check my email as often as work permits. message me for my cell
Going Back To Mobile Settings
just wanna say thanks for all the luv you guys are great! hope i can get on a computer again soon so i can return ya luv! have a good wk and much luv to you all!...   BabyHarkend
Going For Another
So Im finally dating again and actually having a good time...Some dates not so good others great....Actually have had several dates with differet friend over the past 2 weeks and I have to say...Some men in this world are gentlemen....Hmmm....stay tuned...for the dating blogs...Lets see if this will get crazy like the last time I was dating regularly.....blah...
Going After The Owners
llinois Comptroller Dan Hynes moved Monday to freeze nearly $6 million in trust funds controlled by the Arizona company that owns Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip and to strip that firm from doing business at its other graveyard in Calumet Park. The actions, coming on the eve of a major legislative assault Hynes will announce against the cemetery industry, represent a tightening of the legal screws against Perpetua Holdings of Illinois, which owns Burr Oak at 4400 W. 127th St. and Cedar Park Cemetery at 12540 S. Halsted. Outside Burr Oak, onlookers and relatives of the dead continued flocking to the shuttered cemetery. They peered through a fence for glimpses inside the graveyard, despite pleas to stay away from law enforcement officials, who have turned the burial ground into a sprawling crime scene. Authorities believe at least 300 bodies at Burr Oak were illegally dug up and discarded in a pile so their gravesites could be resold. Thousands of other dead buried at the cemetery, i
Going Directly To Jail
World’s Most Extreme Escape Artist to Tackle “Death Row” Condemned Cell at Historic Quebec Prison.   For immediate release.   Ontario escape artist Steve Santini, officially named, “The World’s Most Extreme Escape Artist” by the legendary Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, will put his skills to the ultimate test on July 24th when he tries to free himself from the death row condemned cell at the Old Prison of Trois Rivieres, Quebec.   At 9:00 AM on the morning of July 24th Santini will be searched by members of the media and prison staff to ensure he has no tools, keys, or lock picks to aid him in his escape and he will then be manacled and chained with over 20 lbs of shackles, handcuffs, and fetters and locked into the “Death Cell” at the historic prison.   “En Prison”, built in 1822, is the second oldest historic prison in Canada and was the site of 8 hangings. The first took place in 1854 and the last in 1934. Toda
Going To Bed
Going to take myself back to bed, got a long day ahead of me today, Good night FU world ~~~ mwuahhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~
Goin To Hollyweird.....
Yup   I'm headed to LA in the mornin.   Even IF no one wants me to stay with them.   I can't stay here.   Might go to Disneyland, might go to Six Flags, wanna go to the Whiskey, maybe see some stars. Then I thought I would head to Tempe, Arizona to see my bestest friend in the whole world. Then maybe Vegas!   Dunno right now, I don't really have a plan. But I would still like to at LEAST meet some of you on my way. I will be traveling south on I-5 to L.A. I'm willing to stop along the way to meet people, have lunch, dinner or just coffee. If ya think ya might want to meet me, just PM me with your city and maybe I'll stop by!   No, I'm not gonna "put out." Well, maybe....hehe........j/k   ANYhoot, what ya think? Wanna meet me? If not, well then, fuck you very much! :P
Going Back To Roberta
Auntie Berta, Im writting this to let you know that i am thinking about you. Lately you have been on my mind. I just miss you so much. And i wish so badly that things were diffrent. I wish that you didnt leave us. I love you so much. You were the only person that was ever there for me. You helped me through so much. I could talk to you about anything and you never juged me. i feel lost with out you and gramms here with us. Our family is falling apart. Im just waiting for GOD to give me a sign that you are watching down on me. And that you are still there for me. You may not be here phsically, but i know that you are here in spirit.
Going To Sea
Well, I managed to serve 24 years in the US Navy without going to sea AT ALL!   Now that I have retired from active Naval Service, I'm going to sea on the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman for 11 days!   It will be a working trip too! No sitting back with wide eyes being a tourist, nope, I'll be on the flight deck helping the jets take off and land!   I've done this once before for my current employer, but that was for only 4 days. This trip will be for 11 days!   I'm looking forward to it.
Going My Way
this is one of my favoritest movies and this is a great part..i just got done watching it
Going Out West
"GOING OUT WEST" I road out West with a friend of mine one time. I was "Semi-Retired" at the time and had not drove in a few years but I was driving and needed to get some fuel so I pulled in the Piolt there in Barstow at Lynnwood Rd.. He was asleep and I didn't want to wake him up so I got out of the truck and grabbed that phone and that O' Gal Said; "WOULD YOU PLEASE SWIPE YOUR CARD"! I said now wait a minute. "What the hell would I want to steal my own damm card for"? ''SHE SAID, DO YOU HAVE A HUB"? I said well hell yes I got a Hub. If I did'nt my damm axles would fall out. "SHE SAID, DO YOU NEED MILEAGE"? I said well I've only ran about 1200 miles this week but if you could put a couple thousand on my paycheck it would sure be "Highly Appricated". "SHE SAID, WHATS YOUR BASE PLATE"? I said thats that tag on the front of my tractor that tells you what state I am out of. "SHE SAID, DO YOU NEED A FREE SHOWER"? I said well I'm completely loaded right now but if you'll sit it out beh
Going Down
The doors slid silently closed behind him. He turned, pushing the button for the main floor. The gears screeched as the elevator jerked into motion. He listened to the music that was piped in over the speakers above him, the sound lulling him into a semi hypnotic state. His cell phone vibrated in his pocket, interrupting his thoughts. He reached in and grabbed it, hitting “answer”. “Hello?” he said cheerily. “Are you ready to die?” the muffled voice crooned. “What?” he asked confused. The elevator staggered to a stop. All of the buttons lit at once, and then went dark. The sudden motion made him fall into the wall. He grabbed the bar to steady himself. “I asked if you were ready to die,” the voice repeated. The elevator began moving up, then the gears shuddered to life, and he began to fall. “Who are you? Why are you doing this?” he screamed. “You should have known better than to mess with me, Kyle,” the raspy voice exclaimed. “Kyle? I’m not Kyle. He called in sick. I was ass
Going Pro!!!
Just to let you all know that I am making my MMA Cagefighting Professional debut sometime in mid October. I will be fighting in a televised venue out of Muncie, IN. If you are interested and would like up to date information on the venue please contact me
Going Going Gone
Well, I have done it. I am going to a new home (temporarily maybe?).My train leaves Friday. Seattle, I have long desired to see the back of you and your snobby people. How is the new city on that score? I know not. I know nothing but that there is no way the people there could possibly be anywhere near so malignant as they are here. On to what brought me to this point: I got arrested. No charges filed as there were no charges to file, but they still kept me in the suicide ward for five days. It nearly ruined everything, to be sure. But now all is well, I have my ticket. I havent had the opportunity to paint recently though I do have real paints now I wont have to invent my own any more which should help a bit, but Im thinking as happy as I am to be leaving this vipers den of hate and self absorbtion it should have a positive impact on what flows from my perception onto the media. There is one other thing (oh, aside from my being actually homeless for the time being) but I dont want
Going Away 4 Awhile
to my pplz im disappear for awhile from facebook nd all the other sties that i b in i have to take care of a lil problem on tuesday i might be gone 4 a couple of months 2 tha ppl that know of this thanks 4 givin me the right advice
Going For A Bike Ride
Going with my husband this morning for a bike ride for about 5 miles before the Seahawks game today ... he is trying to lose some pounds and wants to build his strength back up in his legs after his stroke last year. It is just amazing that he had his stroke 10 months ago and he is doing so well that he can ride a bike for 5 miles.  
Going Back
yes i am going to go back to florida going to be staying with a  friend just wanna be closer to my driving my truck so wish me luck....leaving in 3 days
Going Out
So tonight hubby and I went to a bar. The dance floor got swamped with trashy Ukrainian whores, and I was irate. a) I hate people from Ukraine and Belorussia b) they were relaly dumb. Ofcourse subconsciously I hated them cause they were hotter, but overall the endless twittering and 80's Chernobyl style moves were putting me in a sour mood.  I called them skanks, and hubby said that I was bein a nasty hyppocrite, and shouldnt be talkin about skanky behavior, ever since I posted a vid of me playing with myself online, AND well...blah   But, skankiness to me is a lack of brains, not clothes. So...tje Ukrainian skanks still stayed the same, imho. Just cause they annoyed me.  
Going Back To What We Know
 I am guilty of this just like we all r, we go back to what we know. Ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, or lover. For reason we forget why the relationship ended in the first place and months or years later we decide that maybe things will be better this time, but it isnt. You get past the newest of it all, the thrill, the love lost moment and its the same old stuff it was before. Is it that we only remember the good times in our heads? Are we still holding on to that love we wish we knew or that we thought we knew? I guess its better to just let it go, because it never works out in the end. Unless you can solve the situation within a 3 three weeks of less, I would say that love has gone. Who is to say, I know I thing I'm done going back,,,,,don't think theres anyone left, ha ha
Going Back To Hali.
So this mornin, I was FREE!!! thats right too do as I wished. This doesn't tend too happen that often,so when/if it does..I tend to make a big scene about it. *begins parade* So I took my happy go lucky bottom to our water front,I always love goin there...specially when its not -32 degrees yet. Lots of joggers,lots of people rushing to go nowheres.! I took a couple pictures and what not..that I might post later,or even better on my facebook account since I dont have too level to post em. :| Oh for the ones that dont know where I call home.. it would be Halifax,Nova Scotia. Prob most dont know where it is,I mean I still get asked if we have running water,carpet..and if we keep penguins as pets. Never..gets...old... Interesting facts: *Largest amount of Titanic victims are buried here In Halifax,actually about 5 mins away from my house. *First man made explosion in history happend here before the Atomic bomb. *NOT everyone that lives here likes...lobst
Going Back To Melbourne And Ballarat
Hey everybody  i am going back to MELBOURNE AND BALLARAT from Christmas  Night my time meaning SYDNEY Time  so from 25-12-09 or 12-25-09 to 11-1-2010 or 1-11-2010 or even until 25-1-2010 or 1-25-2010  i will be visiting my brother and my new neices and my new sister in law and my sister and her boyfriend and see my aunt and uncle and my cousins and my 2nd cousins  for 3-4 weeks for christmas vacation or christmas holidays so i will be away from fubar for this time  i  haven't gone yet i am still at home but i am taking my computer stuff i need away with me so i will do my best to b on the internet while away s oto all my fubar friends i say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Bruce
Going Back To What We Know
going back to what we know Current mood:  happy Category: Blogging  I am guilty of this just like we all r, we go back to what we know. Ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, or lover. For reason we forget why the relationship ended in the first place and months or years later we decide that maybe things will be better this time, but it isnt. You get past the newest of it all, the thrill, the love lost moment and its the same old stuff it was before. Is it that we only remember the good times in our heads? Are we still holding on to that love we wish we knew or that we thought we knew? I guess its better to just let it go, because it never works out in the end. Unless you can solve the situation within a 3 three weeks of less, I would say that love has gone. Who is to say, I know I thing I'm done going back,,,,,don't think theres anyone left, ha ha
[going Big: Caution, Naked Woman]
I'm dead serious, there's a naked girl in this blog. Alright, so a few days ago, I discovered this lovely little starlit and for one of the first times in my life I said "so fucking what if they're fake" She goes by several aliases, everything from a well known duplicate Sarah Beeharee (one of the UFC ring girls) to Sasha Kiss. and after countless hours of research I have determined that         This woman:                     was this woman                 I knowI KNOWunfuckingbelievable right?But I checked for identifying marks, skin tone bone structure, skull structuretheworks.It is her.But:Putting cannons on a gatling gun? Putting whipped cream on vanilla icecream? Putting a car in yo' car? And yet its soooo good on her.I'm usually such a bust snob. *whistles*Must be a tan-girl thing. Speaking of which. The object of my affection has posted new pictures of herself and her boyfriend in her cubicle. I had the misfortune of needing to drop somethi
Going To Indiana
So I am going out to Indiana for Easter Weekend. Driving out with the BF tomorrow afternoon. This all should be very interesting being a Jersey Girl.  I'm looking forward to doing a little cow tipping..Making sure I pack my little Powerbook with me.   It's a 12 hour ride, I am damn sure through farms and other miscellaneous Homeland USA huge expansions of land with nothing on it. Wonder if they have any malls other than Walmarts within a 10 mile drive. Corn Dogs & Pig Roasts here I come! (Give me a Taylor ham, egg & Cheese sandwich on Hardroll anytime)
Going Back To Djing
Ill be going back to DJing, Im starting off on a friends site, he just started this is where you can hear it if you want [b] TUESDAYS 7-10 PM EST. & THURSDAYS 7-10 PM EST [/b] . The sound quality isnt the best right now but its constant music and when i get my mic back ill be live talking. You can make requests you can hit up my yahoo. if you have it. My yahoo is also linked on that page for requests. If i do not have your song...Ill get it or bust my butt trying to.    If you could and you like hanging out with the tunes...Register for the website as well and let them know Ash sent ya lol ;)  
Going Be Gone Thursday-saturday
i be back late sat  i got track stuff
Going On
By-Pass now going on six weeks. Cardiac Rehab I could not do, I am doing at home. Both aerobic and anerobic. Basement steps and walking at the store is aerobic while the anerobic is replacing my bath room faucet and other things I do. Slowly I am coming along to intergrate myself with all of me. Glory to God N  
Going Be Gone From July 16- 24 Maybe 25?
heading down nebraska  this weekend   for basket ball   hope bring home gold  that all i want for my birthday     that can be greatest gift i ever gotten     hope play harder then i ever played before   i be back by like july 25 or 24 will see   we going down there by bus
Going Tribal
In african tribes When the black male reaches a certain age, a string is tied around his penis and on the other end is a weight. Over a period of time, the weight stretches the penis to 24 inches. Later that evening as the husband was getting out of the shower, his wife looked at him and said, 'How about if we try the African string-and-weight procedure? The husband agreed and they tied a string and a weight to his penis. A few days later, the wife asked the husband, 'How is our little "tribal experiment" coming along?' 'Well, it looks like we're about halfway there,' he replied. 'Wow, you mean it's grown to 12 inches?' 'No, it's turning black though.'
Going In For The Kill
The Basics Full Name B.A.L. You like it? Depends on the day Birthdate 01.30.88 Height/Weight 5'4'' 190 Eye Color grey Hair Color blond Can you... Drive? yes Drive a manual? learning Touch your nose with your tongue? negitive scotty Cook? yep Dance? I try Sing? something Sew? yes. Speak another language? yeah partially Have you ever... Eaten sushi? eck no! O.o Been in love? yes Skipped school? lol yep Made prank calls? no. that's lame. Done illegal drugs? who hasn't? Stolen something ? nope, that's lame too. Flashed someone? my boyfriend, does that count. Been drunk? negitive. Eaten squid? no. Been to New York City? yes. Been to London? I wish. Favorite Drink Fie
Goin Home With A Fat Girl
Going Insane
  Been a tense time in the flat, Ashley and I have stopped smoking. I am so proud of her, I have done this before and she hasn’t, so I can see how tense she is. She is answering every question with a screechy voice and her stomping feet about the flat must be making the downstairs neighbours insane. The upside is, every morning she gets up her nose isn’t blocked anymore, and that’s been a problem for years. Every morning she used to stand in the loo and snort, breath and make dragon noises with her nose that drove her mad, trying to breathe through it. So good positive signs eh?   I am also on a diet and a keep fit regime, which is on hold as I have antibiotics for an ear infection and a suspicious angry weeping boil on the crease of my leg near my ass. It has to be the most inconvenient place for a boil ‘right on the crease’ it hurts when I walk but it will go soon, I cant even see it and need a selection of mirrors and strategically placed spotlights
Going Back
  Todays question.....   If after breaking up with someone that you've had commited relationship with... Have you ever gone back to them and tried again? Why? How long were not with them before going back? And was it a good thing or not?       As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog
Going Too ?
Going Too ?   Is Microsoft Going Too Far to Protect Us?‏ 2:26 PM     Vol. 2, # 45 - Nov 11, 2010 - Issue # 61   Is Microsoft Going Too Far to Protect Us?     Is Microsoft Going Too Far to Protect
Going Numb
sad in my head cold in my heart becoming numb from the pain tearing my reality apart i know i have to face the truth your just like the rest dreaming of you thinking that you were the best but now i know i cant trust anyone in this world im going to die by the sharp end of the sword that was shoved in my back when you said "i love you" last keep these words close to your heart i hope you find love but with me is not where you'll start i hate to be used i hate to believe i hate to try to love i hate that i now see love isnt my thing and neither are you i say goodbye i hope to never see you soon
Going Home
to being where i left off this place was okay cause the people made it bearable and the place sucked overall IDF attack kids stealing c-wire and TCN being stupid just every other day shit that I do back home I do here. didn't do anything really important so that why i rate this place a 4.
Going Home.
  Going Home Today we say goodbye to someone we all love, as we grieve our loss , she begins her journey to Heaven above.   She came here for a visit, and stayed for 65 yrs.  her life was filled with laughter, love, happiness and a few tears.   She'd have four children, she loved with all her heart, there's a piece of her in each of us, and there, she'll always be a part.   She would travel the country, and make many friends, she loved everyone of them, and for them her love would never end.   She now stands in Heaven, with her Father, Mother,  two brothers and a son, God sent her here for a purpose, now that purpose is done.   As we say Goodbye,  there's one more journey she must roam,  our mother's not going away, God has called her back home.                                                               
Go In And Get On - 98
Get ready for dark nights get set to lose the lights Every wish is always met first dry then soaking wet Not kinky just raw and yes I'm true the truth and kindness are just for you Before the ninth inning ends it exits as much as it enters in Just as alot of busy men and women so it usually is same shit different day again How can some bitches actually say that men aren't ice cuz they are okay. True they could screw you over dreams never come true, no leafy clover Come inside and hurry, but can't you wait wreck the bed my body is the bait in the morning when you leave never look back and ever believe why won't you greet the dawn after you do go in and get on
Going Home
I will be going home to NYC for a week starting Monday the 11th and will be gone for 5 days to attent my great aunts funeral.....text me if you have it...i will be off and on frequently after the funeral on Wednesday, so if you want to hit me up that would be nice...i know alll you non-talkers might text but if you dont thats cool too.....
Going Back To Ventura But My Cursed Mom...
I'm just going to copy and past my fubar and Facebook status here. "Back to Ventura in a few days but my mom washed her car and the water broke her car's windshield! I'm out of money, another stupid Holiday Weekend, haven't heard if my disability be renewed for another year in September, keep tryn get myself killed." My mom is cursed (extreme bad luck) and while watching some homeless teen special on ABC T.V. channel a few nights ago I found out there's a girl that is just like me. The girl said her and her mom have a "twisted love" relationship and after her dad died her mother would drive her on long road trips and they would end up sleeping in the car or in a homeless shelter. When my mom watched that part she turned her head to look at me and she said "That's sounds exactly like me!" and when she said that to me she looked just like my "bat shit crazy" 1st love and I have no problem leaving this life, my mom, my evil relatives, and everything else that I have issues wit
Going Crazy
I don't even know where to start. First off I have never really had a normal life, it isn't the worst life anyone could have but definitely not the best either. I absolutely do not get along with my mom and I don't agree with her on anything really, everything I do around her is an act. Growing up I had a quiet father whom I was scared to talk to. Everytime I did he would snap at me, it's like I irritated the shit out of him and I don't even know why. I constantly got blamed for everything and punished for it...I guess it's easy to blame me for everything. I wasn't perfect, but it definitely wasn't my fault 100% of the time. Even though my dad wasn't the nicest person he was always my favorite out of both parents. He had a rough life and my mom definitely made it worse. She's so bitter about things that happened to her when she was young and she takes it out on me. I know I'm bitter about things but at least I can admit it. Anyway, she always tells me I'm bitter and I need to go see a
Going Back To School After 30 Plus Years
   Okay, I went back to school on my birthday, August 29,2011 to get my Associate of Science degree in Accounting. I haven't been in school since 1983. I thought I was going to be all pumped up to go and be the best student in my class and so on and so forth. bleh! Same story after all these years, there are people way smarter, more motivated, and just plain better students than me. I do carry a 4.0 still after 2 terms, so not too bad for someone who'd rather relax .     I'm real happy to be going though especially since i'm going on the ins. company dime. I paid into it and was hurt on the job bad enough to have 2 surgeries to fix me maybe 50% better. So I have to retrain in order to be productive again. So here I go, to be a little better tomorrow than i was today.
Going Fufree On Facebook
HowTo Fu: Blocking Fu From Posting Everything You Do To Facebook What? This is a quick HowTo Fu for those not adept at managing their Facebook permissions but who nevertheless wish that Fubar wouldn't constantly takeover their feeds with news items. This quick fix will stop fubar from posting to your facebook feed with all of those FuMafia Ranks and Fubar Level Updates and all of the other crap that it seems to think your friends want to hear (they don't). Why? I know that I, like I'm sure many of you, discovered Fubar when we started seeing a constant stream of messages from Fu appear on one of our friend's Facebook Feeds. It was a good to find Fu, but now its getting a little annoying, right? I mean to say that after a certain point the constant stream of messages Fubar posts to each of our Facebook Feeds is not really good advertising for us. If we want to invite our friends to Fubar - we will. Constantly posting to our feeds just makes it LESS LIKELY THAT THEY WILL - because
Going To The Bar
so last night my pretty new pool stick came in and i went to the bar to try it out... at the bar of course my friends try in a failing effort to get me to drink(cause i'm somewhat less of a cunt while drunk) the bartenders look at me funny... coke? really? my only response to these things is... i go out to socialize even before i quit drinking that was the only reason i was there... the alcohol wasn't even that important just gave us something to do example... beerpong shots card drinking games chugging contests(i nearly always won) and of course karaoke because well a hot girl asking me to sing with her just works so much better when i'm drunk okay so anyway back to the point they think there is something wrong with going out and not drinking.... really 8-P and they think there is something wrong with me? also i didn't go out to socialize last night i just wanted to play pool dammit
Going Out Of My Mind
They discharged grandma after it was decided that she was going to stay in until they found a place for her in a facility. The doctor trumped everyone who was at the meeting ( he was not there) and said she was good to go home. She lasted 2 days of feeling good.... now she is back to not getting dressed, not bathing herself (sponge bath). She is not trying to do things on her won. Home care was supposed to be in place when she came home, but is just getting set up now, and not starting till maybe next week. She gets tired out from walking to the kitchen and back. She gets worried about when I go out for more then 20 minutes. There is a wait list for any facility and could take months to get her there. she will get snarky if things are not done quickly for her. She will plan my day for me and then not come with me, or complain that its all taking too long. No one is willing to help or have the knowledge to help get the stress down.... I am out of ideas
Going For 10k Likes
First thing you need to do is read my other blog  Problem with multiple Rockstars and ways to try to overcome it (these problems may have been fixed as of 3-8-2012) If your 2nd, 3rd, 4th Rockstars don't reactivate your likes, it will make your goals nearly impossible!! Another important resource is my blog about maximizing your rockstar 2500 Likes and a Rockstar  Now, I know this is a lot of information, but its all important for you to succeed!! The blog above gives you lots of ideas to keep your name in the public eye and get yourself noticed!! If you are going for your 10K acheivement you will basically be doing this for every waking moment! When I did mine I only slept about 2.5 hours total.  It took a lot of work!  You will have to work hard to get there!!  1st step - Happy Hour I'd recommend at least 1 Happy Hour.  I'm not sure if anyone has gotten the acheivement that didn't have at least one HH.   This takes preplanning because usually you need to schedule your HH a we
Going Well....
My therapy is going well but has been leaving me drained, tired and in a bit of pain. However, it is no where as bad as when I first started so I should be able to be here a little more often. Just wanted to touch base with all my great friends here on the fu who truly care. Ty for all the wonderful comments and well wishes in messages. Much love, Sue aka Dreamy :):):)
Going For Red
Going To Stop Trying So Hard And Be Myself For Once.
I finally getting to the point of my life that I need to stop trying so hard to get attention and just focus on improving myself.  I've chased alot of people away (mostly women) because of the way I've acted (like being negative, trying to hard to make people like me, etc.).  I just have to learn that if I don't have it, I just don't have it (The IT factor to attract people), plain and simple.  I can't be like other guys because they have the personality, attraction, confidence & the social skills to attract anybody and everyone (which I need to work on alot of that).  So I'm just going to just face facts that I have alot of work and growing up to do, so I'm just going to throw in the towel for now, face reality, work on being myself and stop trying so hard to impress people.  I just need to be more confident in who I am and stop being so aggressive, socially.  I'm not the most attractive, charismatic or the most popular guy on here, but I'm a real dude.  I know that I have alot of iss
Going For A Grant....please Help!
I had my first one on one meeting concerning the grant I am going for yesterday. It went very well :) I NEED YOUR HELP!! I need to show this organization that I am worthy of this grant. The more traffic I get to my studio and to my FB art page the better. This is an amazing opportunity for me, please help by commenting my works in the studio (you don't have to become a member of artfire to do so) and liking/sharing my FB page. I'm running a studio sale today 30% off! If you leave an artfire comment you get an extra 5% off at checkout. OK, I'm done begging now :) ♥ you guys! xxoo ~Summer
Going Away
When I get home from Vegas, I may disappear for a while.  I haven't been taking very good care of myself physically or emotionally.  I'm a horrible mess, no good to anyone right now. 
Going To Add 5 Family Members
At the end of this week i wanna chose 5 family Members. Tell me why your worthy in a private message and why you should be my top member who will have greater access to me. Im not materialistic but, bling blasts cherry bombs,etc will figure into my decision. I wanna know who wants it more.     jess
Going To Be Fun. Im Going Back
CONCORD, N. Roddy White Red Jersey .C. -- Its not often a race car driver intentionally cruises slowly at the back of the field. Jimmie Johnson did it for roughly 60 laps Saturday night, and it earned him a cool $1 million payday. Johnson used a calculated strategy -- he drove hard for the first and last segments, and coasted for the three in between -- to join Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon as the only three-time winners of NASCARs All-Star race. The five-time champion won the first 20-lap segment of the Sprint All-Star race, then deliberately faded to the back for the next three 20-lap segments at Charlotte Motor Speedway. His plan was to keep the No. 48 Chevrolet out of trouble, then make his play for the win in the fifth and final segment. "We did a strategy that we thought was best for our team," he said. It certainly was, even if it was the antithesis of what race car drivers do for a living. But it worked for this years new format, which guaranteed the winners of the first four
Going For Affordable Brautkleid
Low cost Brautkleider und Prinzessin fantaghiro wiki deuten nicht auf einen Kompromiss über High-Qualität! Die Trauung Kleid und Kleider ist sehr bedeutsam, da es jede und jeder, AOS Traum wie eine Prinzessin aussehen soll. Die Trauung Kleid hat Gefühlen daran angeschlossenen, so wird es einzigartig. Auf der Hochzeitszeremonie, jeder will wirklich Einblick von der Braut und des Bräutigams haben, so Bräute-to-be wirklich das Gefühl, es ist entscheidend, um ihre besten aussehen. Häufig löst das nicht geringen Kosten Verkaufspreises der Trauung Kleider und Kleider Bräute andere kritische Braut Dinge ins Abseits, wie Frisur, Schuhe, Handtaschen etc., die Sie sollten auf die Auswahl der billige Hochzeit Kleid und Kleider zu suchen. Welchen vogue Sie verbraucht das Brautkleid einen großen Teil der Hochzeitszeremonie Ausgaben Budget. Normalerweise sind die vielen Designern applaudieren die Einzigartigkeit und Exklusivität ihrer Seide und Satin Kleider. Having said that, Sie, Aore Gefühl jed
Going Crazy .. Perhaps
I sit here in captivity .. alone .. It's safer this way I suppose .. For me and for you .. The problem with that is my solitary confinement opens my eyes to what is really going on, and let me tell you I do not like what I see .. Every time I leave the house I leave with bad intentions .. and it appears that they are taking the white jacket off of me today .. Good day folks .. Good day
Going To Need A Cloak...
i am the poison you could not swallowi travel too many roads you just can't followand i can't see them leading me anywhere but deadit's not that they are wrong, it doesn't matter what i doin the end i'll face the truth, just the same as youso how can you doubt the wandering in my head?i've always walked aloneyou say i should have settled long agobut that could not stop the burning in my mindi've always chose to see a different angleand turn a square into a rectanglethat doesn't mean i won't find all i want to findso if i am searchingdoes that truly make me bad?to the point you would discard melike a passing fadso i am left with none except a sillouetteas you fade into the sunthat just makes me more secure in my beliefthat no matter what i doi'll never find reliefso i'll keep on travellinguntil this road is done
Going Out Of Town Next Week
Hey lil info i'm going out of town next week I got family who want to see me so yeh.
Going Be A Rough 2 Weeks - :(
So, the next 2 weeks will be hard for me. (july 7-20) Many years ago ('86) I had a miscarriage which changed my life forever - started my depression and way of thinking. I decided that I had to get away and became a Carney......Don't get me wrong I loved going, traveling, meeting new people and getting to see different states and being 19 I felt like I was in charge of my life and could do anything. However, July of '03 I lost my best friend and family pet Simba. He was one of the best animals I have ever had the privileged of having in my life. He was always there and well behaved just that he was the worlds biggest lap dog. He passed from pancreatic cancer. RIP my angel and Simba I will always love you.
Going Home
I didn't stay all night with Tony i left home. I remember as i drove up the driveway to my own home thinking how am i going to react to Abel .... Will he know i was with Tony? As i arrived closer to my house i see all the guys including Abel were outside sitting in my garage. I get down out of my truck and walk up to Abel give him a kiss and tell him i am going in to shower he tells me he will be right in to join me. Oh no will he know i feel my clitt its really sore. I get my clothes and go into bathroom and undress turn shower on and get in i notice a mark on my breast omg Tony left me a hicky! How did i not notice this? My breast are so white and how am i going to explain this to Abel? I start shampooing between my legs and i can feel my clit is sore. Abel knocks on door i tell him hold on i rinse quickly and spray the restroom just in case i have an after sex smell. Abel walks in and slaps my ass. I ask him if hes already showered he replies he hasn't as he starts undressing to get
Going Down
An elevator and a dark parking garage mixed with a stranger....andhot steamy me shivers just thinking aboutit! My clit is just a humming...mmmmmm "GOING DOWN?" It's late and you are getting ready to leave the office.....Iwalk by - you didn't know you weren't the only oneworking late. I glance up , as I pass your window( I alwayslook in to catch a glimpse of you) and give you a shy smile- I blush....I look way...are eyes have connected and Ifeel myself getting aroused... You continue to gather papers into your briefcase; snapit shut and grab your head for the elevators.I'm there waiting...... We give shy "hellos" and are caught off guardby the arrival of the elevator...we step on... The doors close - I press B3 - you just stare at me and givea smile....that's your garage level too! We are onthe 23rd floor..... I look down at the floor and then quickley at you...I seethe beginning of a bulge in your pants...I remove my jacketI reach down behind my briefcase and rai
Going Systems For Going Possessing Dogs And Cats As Well As Little Ones -- Things Know About Realize
Are you intending to select the dogs? It is probably the almost all troublesome factors to get packers and movers bangalore which in turn is ready to transportation the merchandise plus your dogs with the same health care as well as focus that you purchase the dogs. Your personal solutions may be fragile which in turn enables the item to be able to maybe always be transported in conjunction with extensive health care but dogs have to have distinct health care and not generally focus. Almost all of the Going organizations are not prepared proceed the dogs. If you opt to mean to select the dogs, you need to get their particular requirement yourself. In any other case you may speak to so that you can every dog transporter to relocate the dogs in the event that is certainly the thing you need. If you do not find the providers regarding every dog transporter thinking about moving jointly, you need a number of advice every strategies to help to make the splitting up less of a challenge, each
Go Jags!!
Go Jenni
Although alot of people have auto 11's today. I like to pimp out the people who don't have them everyday. Jenni is a sweetheart, and has her very first auto 11's. Show her how much fun they can be. Give her a few minutes of your time. :D **~~*Jenni*~~** .√iolets.'s ToY@ fubar Good luck Jenni

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