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Go Noles!!!!
First game of the season with a new starting QB, and they stomped Western Carolina 69-0. Hope this turns into a great season. Also, am happy for the IRISH. Won their opener against San Diego State 21-13. Florida whooped up on Miami with a 26-3 victory to add to their second of the year defeating Hawaii 56-10 last week.
Go Now Go Now Please??? I Said Please
Go Ny Giants!
Gonzo Statement Of Intent To Educate
And Now For Some Substance... My dear readers, I'm under the firm belief that the majority of my fellow Americans would do far better to think more, love more and dance more. It's not a great secret that I loath the masses of my country to the point where I believe they should have their voting rights revoked and awarded to the people of a nice Scandinavian country. We'd all probably benefit from that. The philosopher Friedman made an argument that no one can have a true friendship with a closed-minded person, especially among these are the Christian evangelicals whose absolute nutjobery has brought my dear and beloved America to the level of its current unfriendablity internationally. My solution for this, beyond the vurtually impossible to impliment sedition of all northern states to the Dominion of Canada, is the slow and methodical changing of social mores throughout the republic. I will be the first to admit that I am probably not the best candidate to lead this social
Gonzo The Great!
You Are Gonzo the Great "Is something burning in here? Oh, it's just me." You're a total nutball who will do anything for attention. The first to take a dare, you'll pull almost any stunt. You're one weird looking creature, but your chickens don't mind! The Muppet Personality Test
Gonzo Papers, Vol. 1
Myths and legends die hard in America. We love them for the extra dimension they provide, the illusion of near-infinite possibility to erase the narrow confines of most men's reality. Weird heroes and mould-breaking champions exist as living proof to those who need it that the tyranny of 'the rat race' is not yet final. Hunter S. Thompson
Gonzo Journalism
I received a call from my cohort in crime, a large man with a shaved head and a kilt, wewanted to go out and see what Oklahoma City had to offer, and what we found was farfrom what we were expecting, in places where decadence should be had, all we foundwas empty souls everywhere we went. The seedy underbelly of Oklahoma City, in thestrip clubs, seeing the drugs and desperation, trying to figure out who’s more desperate,you for going to such a establishment, or them for recognizing you because at one point inyour existence you were nice to this person, and sweet Jesus I get that a lot. Thedesperation of a nation can be seen here, from the dancers themselves who have to havetwo or more jobs to provide for their children to the guys who come in with their buttonup shirts and fancy neck ties just outwardly showing that they have a little more moneythen the weirdo wearing a Scully cap and beach shoes, but at what cost, people have beentrained to see a tie as a point of distinction, we
Go Obama Go..
Ti's better to abort the fetus and feed us..I'm saying this to all of you out there voting for McCain and the hooker just because of the abortion issue..even if abortion is banned girls are going to be out in allies with coat hangers and a bottle of vodka taking care of business..and if they didn't and McCain is president they won't have money to fed all those little babies you want born so it can be put out of it's misery with one shot or a pill..or it can starve to death and be homeless..and if you are so stupid you can't understand that well then FUCK YOU..Your mother should have aborted you.. Thank you and have a nice day, Katrina Aline
Well count down to this day. Just wonder who all is going to show up that said they would. Just hope have enough food.
Gooble Gooble Day
Things you can only say at Thanksgiving! 1. Talk about a huge breast! 2. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist. 3. It's Cool Whip time! 4. If I don't undo my pants, I'll burst! 5. Whew, that's one terrific spread! 6. I'm in the mood for dark meat. 7. Are you ready for seconds yet? 8. It's a little dry, do you still want to eat it? 9. Just wait your turn, you'll get some. 10. Don't play with your meat. 11. Just spread the legs open and stuff it in. 12. Do you think you'll be able to handle all these people at once? 13. I didn't expect everyone to come at once! 14. You still have a little bit on your chin. 15. How long will it take after you stick it in? 16. You'll know it's ready when it pops up. 17. Wow, I didn't think I could handle all of that! 18. That's the biggest one I've ever seen! 19. How long do I beat it before it's ready? Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Good Bye
morning is a requiem to tranquillity, in his bedroom cathedral of cruel light pain stalks awareness like a cat leaps, claws nerves cant move, nailed to the cross of another day get out of bed gets half way I must I cant, falls back and cries, lays back and sighs fumbles under his pillow for an antidote of memories, stories and photographs, theres one when he could walk hear, see a world more than intersecting walls tries to get up from, trapped, in the paralysis between vertical and horizontal more than photographs cant nailed to the cross of a another day today, like any day gets out of bed has to ... gets half way gets .... half ... way cant remembers ... when he was a soldier an officer, the Polish cavalry re-wrote Cervantes a thousand don quixotes their horses crushed by German tanks a thousand unknown soldiers seeds in furrows of blood their memory flowers in his eye shot he fell somehow survived, a p
Good Friends And Good Times
dedicated to nissan sentras, BP gas stations, and the old woman who never carded us till they made the under 25 law. and becky keep it up dont start again Tobacco is great a wonderful product, and a big unhealthy part of my life. i have quit smoking aproxximatly 30 times or so in the last year. remember when it was cool to smoke and chew tobacco. going to the gas staion with 4 friends and 3 dollars between you. to get a pack of ciggarettes and $1.53 worth of gas? those were the days no tax on smokes no lawsuits had jacked the prices to an astronomical rate. Dont get me wrong there are smokes at the PX that are 1.75 a pack they are great but this was for the name brands that are $4 to alomost $6 back home at some places. one particular day sticks out in my mind i have no idea why i remember this 25 minute snippet of an uneventful day from so many years ago, is it just one of those lame memories i keep in my head like a usless trivia question? Or was it a life changing e
I want you to know this one last thing You've been crossing my mind Less and Less frequently For this I'm happy Now I feel I can move on Without any problem Without any questions So I can be happy for myself finally I promise to myself I won't wait any longer Not for you anyway I hope one day you feel what I did Waiting for something that just won't happen That you'll hurt just as I did That you'll be used for something Kinda like you used me I'm walking away from a past A past that hurt me so But as always you'll be in my heart You some how engraved a part of you there But now I'm saying good-bye And I won't miss you as I once did.
Goodbye At Last
I fought an army to be free of you. I climbed great mountains, and claimed them too. I survived the mighty sea, and the vastness within. I even forgave myself, the great sin. I crossed the burning desert, to be rid of you. Rode a mighty river, yes, I did that too. I fought them all, and won u see? Because now.... YOU'RE NOT A PART OF ME!
Good Night!!!!
Wanted to try this blog thing out, so what better way then to say good night to all my friends and family on here...A friend of mine left a blog that said " be sure to cherish the ones you love because when their gone it will be to late." and that is so true.Never let the ones you love go cause you might not get them back!!!! Well with that thought good night firends and family!! ~~BabyGirl~~
Good Moarning
Good morning to all my cherry friends. I havent been getting as much sleep lately. I had always tried to leave comments for everyone on my fan list first thing in the morning. I havent had the time to do so this week. I will try harder next week. Anyways...I am going to be late for work. Have a great day
Good Morning To All
i have been just so busy trying to get back to every one since i got my internet back on with comments and getting there new pictures so if i haven't recently stopped by your page give me a hollar back and i will gladly stop by your page and return the love back. always your good friend pussycat with many thanxs.
Good Morning Cherries!!
Just wanted to tell you all good morning and I hope you have a wonderful day!! I am at work so feel free to drop me a line or 2 and keep me entertained today!!! ***MwAh***
This is goodbye, we are no more I love you, get going, there is the door No longer together, alone once again "I don't need you, Good Bye, I have no room for men" Good luck out there, I shall miss you so Goodbye now, I love you, time for me to go I'll see you around, better say hi to me Don't worry I will, you'll surely see Do I believe you, no not at all Been here before, it's made me fall Will it this time, no way, that's for sure Older and wiser, this time I know the score The truth would be nice, yes it would Feelings are hurt, either way, as they could But this is goodbye, I bid you adieu Vaya con dios, Ciao, I love you
Hello all and goodmorning, goodmorning from Australia that is, just thought i'd drop a few lines before i have to take my boy to school. Tention is running high in my house, our twins broke our playstation, this is a second one in less than 2 months, Matmoo is not happy actually he is real mad. Lucky it's my day for going out to have coffee with the moms htis morning, i hate it when he is angry and so hopefully by the time i get back the playstation 2 will either be fixed or forgotten. They are an expesive thing to buy and because we only just replaced one i don't think we really have the money to purchase another one just yet, we have too many other things to pay right now. Anyway i really must be off i'm leaving in about 10 mins, hope to speak to you guys later when i get home.byeeeee xxx
Good Time For A Bad Attitude!
I am still living with your ghost I don't want to be your downtime I don't want to be your stupid game I do believe I'll find myself a new place I don't want to be the bad guy I don't want to do your sleepwalk dance anymore I just want to see some palm trees go and try to shake away this disease I don't want to be your fall-back crutch anymore I'll walk right out into a brand new day insane and rising in my own weird way I don't want to be the bad guy I don't want to do your sleepwalk dance anymore I just want to feel some sunshine I just want to find some place to be alone I'M DONE THE END~
Good Morning Lc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
good morning all my sweet sexy friends....i will be off till 3pm or so today just letting ya all know so you don't worry bout me.....i hope you all have a wonderful day be back to play when i get home big hugs n long sloopy kisses muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Goodbye To Love
Our time together is growing shorter With each passing breath I take. Though, the pain that you feel May be overwhelming and great, I know that one day, You will find a love Who will treat you like a queen. As for myself, I may never know The feeling of true love again. What we had will stay in my heart forever Even though we must go our separate ways. Our future together is no more, Although the plans we made were all most real. Those plans are now put to rest. Like the many great plans of the past. I know that you’re hurting and suffering dearly, But my life is no longer in my hands. Your face will be on my mind As I walk through out my eternity. And, I know, that one sweet, and glorious day, You will once again be by my side, And my heart will be whole again. Until that day, remember me fondly And know that, in your heart, A piece of me shall live on with you For the rest of your life. Goodbye, my love. Until we meet again, I shall wait for you No matte
The Goodbye Letter
Dearest Michael: I was driving down the road today, and one of our old songs started to play. And suddenly it hit me: you’re really gone. I had to pull over to the side of the road, the tears coming so fast I couldn’t see. Suddenly I was with you again, sitting on the roof of your apartment. Glasses of chianti and that old beat up stereo playing Janis Joplin all night long. Listening to the ball game from across the street, with the orange line rumbling under us. Walking down those narrow stairs to your door, warm and giddy from the wine. Sinking onto the hardwood floor in front of you as you picked out old show tunes on that beautiful guitar. Finally crawling into bed as the sun came up, pulling the down comforter up tight. Do you remember the day we went out on John’s boat? Sailing around Lake Michigan, trying to catch something? Then you finally got a bite, and we were laughing so hard we dropped the net before we landed the fish? Standing at the bow of the boat, wrapped in
Goodbye To All Lost Cherry Friends...
For those who are on my friend list... See... some of you do pay attention! For those who are on my friend list...I totally have to agree with all of you who say people are getting fake In here. So I gave in and let's see who really reposts this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. It serves to eliminate people who are desperately trying to add "friends" like its a popularity contest in High School. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention to me. Copy and repost in your own bulletin. Lets see who the true friends are and I think I know who you are.. Repost this if you are a friend.. if you don't, you get deleted.. Don't reply... just copy and paste this in a new bulletin as (numerous things such as "Goodbye LostCherry, Too all my friends, etc.)
Good Day....i Guess
So, we had our finals today. I know I passed the test, but I don't know what grade I got on it yet. I'm glad cause now we have 2 weeks off before next quarter starts. But I just don't know what I'm going to all day. Lee got home early today :) and we get to go out to eat tonight, so I'm happy! Were probably gonna go to Ruby Tuesday or The French Quarter Cafe..our favorites! ;)
This is a wonderful, beautiful morning, my dog went outside and didnt bark at all, i had a great night sleep- my children are still sleeping i am brewing an incredible smelling pot of coffee...thus everything is great this morning- i havent been hungover in almost three weeks (long time for me) my house is clean (not counting laundry, which i am certain is satans way of toying with humanity, or atleast me) We are fairly broke but have everything we need for the week- outside of ham, we need some deli ham...anyhow, hopefully our day will be great we plan on going fishing and having a picinic in the woods- so to all of you i bid farwell for this lovely afternoon and hope your day is also fantastic.
Good Morning :)
Good morning my friends, I'm off the amusement park :) That means new pictures for my profile lol...Have a good day everybody :) D@nny
lookin through some of my friends blogs and apparently people can leave big fucking goofy space wasting bullshit glitter and stupid picture comments because they're obviously too lazy or too stupid to type anything that resembles communication...
Goodbyes Are Never Easy
Goodbyes are never easy, goodbyes are always sad, goodbye to the one you love, and the once that hurt so bad goodbyes are not forever, just distance in between, goodbye will make the heart grow fond, that's what they say it seems goodbye is a word, one never wants to use, or heard goodbye is always followed by, once sadness then by tears goodbye will make you stronger, to whom we are inside, goodbye will make one realize feelings we just can't hide goodbye, I say to you but this only means one thing goodbye is not forever, for in my heart you'll always remain
Good Times
Good Lord
So basically...I give up on the bulletins thing.. If I or anyone on here has something important to doesn't get read anyway cause of everyone's incessant posting of stupid shit. Get over's not a life and death thing about being leveled up. No one cares who wants you. We know you added new pics because there's a thing called THE ALERT BOX. dumbshits. And're not heartless or whatever if you don't repost shit. That and nothing is going to come true for you if you repost it..your crush from 8th grade won't come back and marry you..some little girl is not gonna come murder you in your sleep. At least the religious ones haven't hit LC yet, cause if they did..I'd be gone..with no forwarding address. Fine and dandy if y'all believe what you believe don't need to post it..that's allll MySpace..the most boring site on the net..cept for the game. hey..we should get games on this site..that would be cool. Anywho. Call me a heartless bitch if you want.
I have nothing left- Nothing to give... Since I don't have you- Why Should I live... The words you say-Conflict with the beat.... I look at your brown eyes- so warm so sweet I'm Sorry my feelings for you have changed Is what you said.... I feel so alone so lost- I feel like I'm dead... When you told me you liked me- All the glory rose to my heart... Yes, you were right- you tore me apart... I told you I hated you- But deep down In my heart I don't I can't feel your heart- If It just Won't I told you Josh I didn't like you... But what I told you was a lie... I can't tell you how I feel- you made me cry Why does it hurt so much? You Hurt me I want you so bad... But you took my love for granted... Shattered my heart and made me sad... I wish you would know how I feel I wish Josh, you would come back I would make it right- I would make it real I just want to grab you and make you see... Just how much I need you here with me... I still remember that October day-
Good Day
today was fuking awesome i got into a huge fight with this chick i wanted to fight for awhile now and i kicked her ass!!!! i might be a lil person but i sure can fight lol
A Good Thing
you said good-bye and stood there as i walked away you didn't even try to stop me but there were tears in your eyes i just wanted you to call me back but you didn't and with every step i took my heart began to break but i kept on walking holding back my tears and all my fears your love for me may have tarnished may have disappeared but know that my love for you will forever stay but remember that it was your decision to let me go..... but you also decide how far i shall go before you realize what a good thing you had
Good Night To All
Good News
well we got good news husband passed his G.E.D. test so he's off to the army next month...i'm very proud of him...anyway..every that reads this needs tell him congrads...well if you wanna...thats all for now.. Lata...*kisses*
Goodnight Everybody!
hey guyz itz 2:07am and i am loggin off and gonna watch sum tv then go to bed so i will talk to ya all lata 2night sumtime
Goodbye Love
Good Newz Ya All
ok so i talked to my sister katrina 2day and she sed the next visit she has with the kidz even the baby iz like next week or the following week and me and my mom get to go see da kidz cuz she iz takin us hehehe so when we see da kidz she iz takin pix so i will b sure to show ya all da pix lolz...but from 2dayz visit she took pix of her nd a baby my niecez togetehr and w da boyz etc when she getz da film developed she iz comin over to show uz da pix hopefully get a copy of them all plus see if sumone can scan them for us :) so plz reply back and lemme know if ya all wunna see pix when i get pix ? SabbyCat
Good Shot, Mildred
Good Shot, Mildred Mildred, 93, was despondent over the recent death of her husband Earl, so she decided to just kill herself and join him in death. Thinking it would be best to get it over with quickly, she took out Earl's old army pistol and made the decision to shoot herself in the heart since it was so badly broken in the first place. Not wanting to miss the vital organ and become a vegetable and a burden to someone, she called her doctor's office to learn her heart's exact location. Since you're a woman," the doctor said, "your heart is just below your left breast Why do you ask?" Mildred hung-up without answering. Later that night Mildred was admitted to the hospital with a gunshot wound to her knee.
Good Morning
Good Morning Ya'll just wanted too wish everyone a great day :)
Good Morning :)
Hope you all have a good day :)) and please answer the smiley's question lol
One last night was all I wanted. Before my mind becomes haunted With unforgettable memories of our nights spent Realizing that you were heaven sent My heart is breaking because I have to let you go A break so deep, one you will never know. My memories I will take with me all the rest of my time Just wishing that you would have always been mine I will always remember your ability to make me smile The way your touch set my skin on fire Your kiss so soft and yearning Left a need in me brightly burning Good bye my sweet lover…. by Melissa
You said you wanted to make love to me again You said you missed the touch of my skin I still loved you,so I did We made love from day out to day in I didn't know it would be the last time I didn't know it was because you didn't love me But it was to say goodbye
Well maybe now i should just say goodbye. You used to be my friend but i never felt i really was yours.So maybe this is the end.I'm different from you all of you.Each other we've never understood.I hope that if i do tell you goodbye that it won't be for good.Whenever i'm mad it hurts me so bad and you don't care.I don't know why,but sometimes i wanted to cry.And someday i won't be there.The streaks on my arm they've done me no harm they're only made of pen,but once they are blood that turns brown like mud.They'll be there again and again.If i'm mad at you i'll hurt myself too,But that doesn't really matter.Althought when i hurt,i feel like dirt and my spirits brusied and brattered.I do not know why it has to be so i really wish it did not but the way this has been going it's basically shot.You don't need me and we don't need we.And that is how i think i know why these words are the ones i have to speak-i love you but goodbye ok yea i kno most of my poems r sad and depressing b
Good News
I have been working in my current position for over 2 years now. That is a pretty good thing I guess. I just was ready for a change because my position is entry level. Today my manager called and said that she is wanting me to be considered for a promotion. I have sent in my resume and so forth for the promotion. They have already placed some reference phone calls. So hopefully if all goes well, I will be moving up in the world. Please keep your fingers crossed. :) Corey
Goodnight My Friends!
Just wanted to say goodnight! I'm off to bed! have a goodnight and will talk to y'all tomorrow!! Sleep good, sweet dreams! nighty, night! *HuGzz n` SmoOcHeS!! ♥
Good Song I Think Idj Bleh
Good Night And Have A Nice Weekend
wishing all my awesome friends a wonderful weekend i am really glad i got into this site it totally rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big hugs n kisses to all
Good Morning!!!!!
Came across this pic and thought it was funny. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. I know I am. I have already detailed my car this morning. So I am making a good start this morning. So todays question: What is the first thing you do when you get up? I know most people will say they go to the bathroom. What do you do after that? RB
A Good Time Was Had By All
So as most of you know, I was released from prison (ha ha ha...just kidding) lonf enough to attend a local bar of mine called Cheers-N-Beers to perform a few songs on stage. I have been doing the besrest thing but I needed to get out and be someplace casual and fun. I love to sing and to be honest and not too conceited, I am usually damn good at it too. I command attention on the stage and more often than not, I can get a crowd of people into the music I am singing. Last night was really no different, minus starting off a little shakey. This tends to happen when one is out of their element for 9 long months. The last time I was personally in that bar was the night of our wedding reception for an after party with my husband, baby cousin and a few other friends back in December. It was amazing to get back on that stage and look out among all the people and see them bobbing their heads to my music and some singing right along with me. It is where I feel most comfortable which
And sweet dreams to you all, love ya and see ya tomorrow! Mwah
Good Mornin!
Good Morning
HAPPY sunday Ya'll hope everyone is well .. im doing alright.. im wiped 6flags wore my ass out yeterday... got sum sun for sure... got there around 9:30 and left close too 5... if anyone tried too send me a shout out yeterday sorry i 4got too logg off so i wasnt iggy anyone I swear :) and GO DAWGS ( college football ) they won 14-13 yeah baby woof woof... today is nacsar day.. I know some dont have a clue about the sport lol AND I KNOW there is tons of Gordon ( Jeff ) haters out there but HES MY MAN SO GO GORDON lol... anyways Im watchig it rain as I type and ive got the coffee flowing so its all good .. Just wanted too wish everyone a super sunday and agreat week... :) Becca
"goodbye My Lover"
JAMES BLUNT LYRICS "Goodbye My Lover" Did I disappoint you or let you down? Should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown? 'Cause I saw the end before we'd begun, Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won. So I took what's mine by eternal right. Took your soul out into the night. It may be over but it won't stop there, I am here for you if you'd only care. You touched my heart you touched my soul. You changed my life and all my goals. And love is blind and that I knew when, My heart was blinded by you. I've kissed your lips and held your hand. Shared your dreams and shared your bed. I know you well, I know your smell. I've been addicted to you. Goodbye my lover. Goodbye my friend. You have been the one. You have been the one for me. I am a dreamer and when i wake, You can't break my spirit - it's my dreams you take. And as you move on, remember me, Remember us and all we used to be I've seen you cry, I've seen you smile. I've watched you
Good Ole Days
THE YEAR 1905 This will boggle your mind, I know it did mine! The year is 1905. One hundred years ago. What a difference a century makes! Here are some of the U.S. statistics for the Year 1905: The average life expectancy in the U.S. was 47 years. Only 14 percent of the homes in the U.S. had a bathtub. Only 8 percent of the homes had a telephone. A three-minute call from Denver to New York City cost eleven dollars. There were only 8,000 cars in the U.S. , and only 144 miles of paved roads. The maximum speed limit in most cities was 10 mph. Alabama, Mississippi, Iowa, and Tennessee were each more heavily populated than California . With a mere 1.4 million people, California was only the 21st most populous state in the Union . The tallest structure in the world was the Eiffel Tower ! The average wage in the U.S. was 22 cents per hour. The average U.S. worker made between $200 and $400 per year.A competent accountant could expect to earn $2000 pe
Goodbye, Michigan; Hello, Texas
Well, I think it's pretty much official. Im moving to Texas, lucky me, huh? I guess it will be an adventure... I just don't know how well I will adjust to being down there. I'm really not good at meeting new people. I have an awesome personality, but I'm really shy. So, wish me luck.
A Goodbye Kiss To Remember
A goodbye kiss to remember. by anemictoast © As I take him in, my heart skips a beat and my stomach aches. My vision blurs slightly as he steps closer to me. His beautiful blue eyes and well matched frame-less glasses, warm my heart as I stare at them and pull him close. My arms round his neck, his hands on my hips, I lick my soft young lips as he presses his lips to mine, parting and opening my mouth so he can explore me more deeply. His grip tightening round my soft flesh as his hands rise up my body to cup my breasts and tease my nipples into hardness. My hands travelling down his back caressing his buttocks and moving forward to the warmth of his groin. The harder he teases the warmer his groin becomes, an inferno at my fingertips, drawing his out of his now ill fitting shorts, I slide my cool fingers down to his inflamed balls and slowly encircle them. His groans vibrate against my tongue bar, making his beg to enter my mouth and let me satisfy him in the one way he kn
Good Joke!!
A mother was working in the kitchen listening to her 5-year-old son playing with his new electric train in the living room. She heard the train stop and her son saying, "All of you sons of bitches who want off, get the hell off now... cause this is the last stop! And all of you sons of bitches, who are getting on, get your asses on the train...because we're going down the tracks. The horrified mother went in and told her son, "We don't use that kind of language in this house. Now I want you to go to your room and you are to stay there for TWO HOURS. When you come out, you may play with your train...but I want you to use nice language." Two hours later, the boy came out of the bedroom and resumed playing with his train. Soon the train stopped and the mother heard her son say... "All passengers please remember your things, thank you and hope your trip was a pleasant one. We hope you will ride with us again soon." She heard her little darling continue..."For those of you just boar
Good Morning To All!!
just a quick good morning to all my friends out here in LC land hehe!!! time for me to hear out and work BOOO!! but to think its helping me get the money so i can go to my baby... love you lots Teeny!! well i shall be back when i get home from work....anywho all ya all have a wonderful day
Good Night
There you go again telling me you hate me for all the stupid little things that i always do your eyes get bloodshot and your cheeks flare red if i didn't know for sure i'd swear you'd want me dead i know i never pay attention i know i'm always somewhere else i know that i'm not perfect and i know thats what you don't like but who can blame me for only staring who can say its not right? if you'd stop yelling maybe i could sleep at night for all the stupid little things that i've ever done i want deep down for this to be the one the one to stop the breaking of my heart the one to set things right so here it is finally I'm telling you goodnight!
Good Evenin..
Well my day hasnt been to bad..Went to the find out what is wrong with my right hand ..He says it is tendinitis..Wow I thought ..that shit is painful..He give me something to help with it..SO until this heals up a little there wont be no crochetin on my b/f's blanket ..I wanted to have it done by Halloween ..But not so sure it is goin to happen now.maybe in a couple days I will try workin on it ..Since I took the Meds it dont hurt to bad..It is also really hard when u r right handed.I can do something's left hand but not all.. Well,Saturday my b/f ,Oldest son and I are goin to watch the demolition derby .. Im sure u all know what that is ..It is really fun to watch ..A lot of my friends and family like to run in it ..My middle son Matt Loves tearin down a car to get it ready for a demo ..I didnt see him most of the summer bc he was helpin my brother work on his.. I went to the Steuben County Bath Fair with my kids and B/F ..We had a good time.The next afternoon my and I went .
Goodnight My Lover
The things that I feel when I tell you to go makes me want to die The look on your face, the tone in your voice the way you let out a sigh I want you with me till dawn comes upon us listless in our dream Together in heaven this night that will pass us quiet and serene But my heart belongs to another so ture and to that I can't deny And when she returns and climbs into bed to her I cannot lie So off I will send you with downtrodden heart another day will rise And you'll live out your life as I will do mine with sadness in disguise Till next time you see me I will think of you those stolen moments shared Until you're here with me your body with mine passionate kisses dared Goodnight my sweet lover I'm sorry you go with feelings bittersweet Know that my heart breaks too as you're leaving until the next we meet.
Good Times/bad Times
GOOD TIMES/BAD TIMES © Claire Many broken pieces Shattered, now apart What can I do to mend it? To mend by broken heart? I walk along the beach Leaving footprints cold and bare How can I enjoy the sunset, When there’s no one here to share? There used to be a pair, Of footprints next to mine. But they washed away with waves And the shifting sands of time. All I can do now, Is remember how things were. The good times, not the bad times, Which caused my heart to stir. To live to die, What does it matter? While I am in this state. I didn’t know how much I loved, Until it was too late.
"GOODBYE" © Anon As I sat here through my tears I look back on all the years Games we lost and won The prom where we had so mch fun Having fun with great laughter We all lived happliy ever after As I walked down the hall for the last time realizing I never again here that tardy bell chime Ditching school because we were way too cool I can never take back those days and now is it to late to Make an amends with old best friends For now I say ,from today til forever Goodbye to all that came my way.
Good Cyber Sex!
Tips for Good Cyber Sex! Before becoming involved in any kind of cybersex please make sure your spouse, boyfriend, etc. are out of the room at the time, (preferably out of the house and not during a major holiday when your in-laws are also present or at a time when all your relatives are in attendance.) It really gets difficult explaining what you are doing undressing in front of the computer, drooling out of one corner of your mouth, while the buzz of various "toys" can be heard. For men, before you begin, please check that your modem protector is on, along with the splash guard for your keyboard. It will stop the future embarrassment of telling the computer technician that your keys are "stuck" and you have no idea why. For women, no matter what you are truly wearing, such as, sweat shirt, torn bathrobe, slippers, t-shirt with stains on the front, bloomer underwear that could cover a car or be used for a parachute; always tell your potential cyber partner you are wearing
Goodbye Top Photos
yes im turning them off im tired off seeing porn bots and anorexic chicks sad but true some one should start a charity and get those girls some bacon
Good Song Fleet Wood Mac
Listen to the wind blow Watch the sun rise Run in the shadows Damn your love Damn your lies And if You don't love me now You will never love me again I can still hear you saying You would never break the chain. List to the wind blow Down comes the night Run in the shadows Damn your love Damn your lies Break the silence Damn the dark Damn the light And if You don't love me now You will never love me again I can still hear you saying You would never break the chain.
A Good Thing
Good Country Music
Gretchen Wilson I Dont Feel Like Loving You Today
Good Friend
I would like to give a GREAT BIG 10+ for CrazyDave.....His art work is awesome.........He is a good friend that asks no favors in return, just a thank you makes him happy.....always make sure that a thank you is given when a friend does something sweet for you.....Most of the time thats all they want! Once again, Thank You Soooooo Much CrazyDave for your awesome art work.......Me and Forrest are both very pleased with what you did for us...... Hugs and Kisses M'Lady Tina
Goodbye For A While
Well ladies and gents its Thursday night and times ticking I am moving from New York to Fl on Monday Iv know this for a few months now and I have been cool with it. As I sit here typing this the butterflies are going a mile a min and its still 4 days away. Its just me and my son driving down there my family is here in NY but I need a better life for me and my son I have friends there to help me out. I dont have a job yet yeahhhhh I know but God is with me 100%. I am going to miss my friends here in NY and online soooooooooooooooo much I dont know when I will be online again. My body shakes knowing that I am leaving everyone behind but this is something I need to do for myself. I will be thinking of you guys all the time you all have ways to contact me it might just be a bit before I get back to everyone. I am just a bout all packed just for a few odds and ends I got to get together. I know it hurts some of you guys but you have no idea how I feel and how I hurt to leave or how I hurt
Good Night All And Many Sweetdreams
As the evening and night have gone on I have calmed greatly from my earlier ranting and bitching session. Though I must say releasing those thoughts did make me feel much better. I get tired of holding them in for the fear of pissing off others. So, if my blogs piss you off than maybe you shouldn't read I spent my evening doing my favorite thing in the world, talking on the phone and playing on the computer with my honeybaby. I hated having to let him go earlier, but I knew I had to. Tomorrow is another one of his inevitable double shifts. I miss him soooo much on Sundays. He is my entire heart and soul. He makes me feel so many things that I don't remember ever feeling before. Just waking to the sound of his voice helps me to push thru the day ahead of me. He is able to calm and sooth me with just the sweet sound of his voice or one of his ornery little remarks. I hope I never have to know what it is to live without him. He is my world and I will love him forev
Good Grief People Stay In!!!
tonight was another rough night...we found out that some guy may have intentions of robbing the store (WONDERFUL!) we had a high speed chase go by right in front of the store...I had to deal with teenage assholes...ran out of taco meat which pissed people off because of course they wanted taco salads...had people literally clean out the deli case! I suggest and this is only a suggestion but,stay at home!!!! Just throw something in the microwave and veg in front of the damn tv...its just altogether easier on the people that have to deal with your ass in a store that is 24/7 and easier on you because you can be home doing absolutely nothing!!!! Also, to all the potheads out there dont go to a store high with the munchies with about 3 or 4 cops outside your going to get busted ok...I know yall dont mean any harm but,for your own personal intrest STAY AT HOME!!!! this public service annoucement has been brought to you by a convience store employee....on a good note I get to go see the red
Good Song
Good Grief
why does it seem like when everything is going well someone has to throw a screw driver in the works? I had an apt set up in wichita and now they are saying that I am going to need a co-signer just because my income isnt up to the min standards for what they are asking...well darnit they wont take anyone from out of state so my mom cant do it...shoot the rent and electric is a hell of alot less than what I am paying now with this house and ALL the ulitilies put together... sometimes I just want to sit and cry...I would go out and get a job but people are saying I am a workman's comp liability due to having surgery on my back...I've been a photographer for 15 years and cant even find a job around here doing that...I wish I could get moved and start back to least with medical billing and insurance they cant say I will be on my feet all day...and maybe I might feel like a real person again lol maybe I will play the lottery and win
Goodbye To A Friend
Goodbye to you, I know you have to leave goodbye, it's not forever as long as it may seem. The mountain winds push strong against my back Sending you my love and care to the deserts of Iraq. I'll miss your laughter I'll miss your smile I'll miss all you gave in that short while. I'll send you letters I'll send you those cards but in each one I will send you my heart. As long as you are there in that dry and bidden place remember, my touch, My love, and my kiss upon your face.
Good By
with streams of eyeligner racing down my face i face the world and wallow in its waist i see the mess and analize how it was made all this pain over words i hate this is what happens when you react and dont waite i would apoligise but its not my place i could try but its a bit too late she is gone for good i think i gues im just writing this for me working things out to work on me so adu once more the last time ill miss my friend forever more
A Good Joke
Good : Your wife is pregnant. Bad : It's triplets. Ugly : You had a vasectomy five years ago. Good : Your wife's not talking to you Bad : She wants a divorce. Ugly : She's a lawyer. Good : Your son is finally maturing Bad : He's involved with the women next door. Ugly : So are you. Good : Your son studies a lot in his room. Bad : You find several pornmovies hidden there. Ugly : You're in them. Good : Your hubby and you agree, no more kids. Bad : You can't find your birth control pills. Ugly : Your daughter borrowed them. Good : Your husband understands fashion. Bad : He's a cross-dresser. Ugly : He looks better than you. Good
Good Morning Everyone
Hi!! To all my cherry friends: THANX FOR ALL THE LOVE!!! MUAHZ!!! To everyone I have not met yet: What are you waiting for? =) Im a good friend so you wont be sorry! Hugs N Kisses Doris
Good Ol Boys
Two good ole boys down in Alabama were sitting around talking one afternoon over a cold beer . . . After a while the first guy says to the second, "If'n I was to sneak over to your trailer Saturday and make love to your wife while you was off huntin', and she got pregnant and had a baby, would that make us kin?" The second guy crooked his head sideways for a minute, scratched his head, and squinted his eyes thinking real hard about the question. Finally, he says, "Well, I don't know about kin, but it sure would make us even."
The Good News
hey! it's tuesday! and for some reason i'm excited/disappointed. first, the bad news. my tutor became a bitch last time i saw him. his gf called and he answered and talked to get for like 2 min and out of being nice, i asked if it was his gf. his response was "that's none of your business" and we kept doing my math hw. later, he said "yea that was my gf" and i asked how long they'd been going out and just trying to be nice. then i said to tell her i say hi and he was like "nvm, i dont have a gf" and he kept saying that just to get me to shut up. when i asked him why he wouldnt tell her i said hi and his repsonse? "cuz ur my student! and i dont wanna tell her that one of my students says hi!!" from then on, everything was tense and i really didnt wanna b around him. PLUS we had been working for about an hr and a half by then. he apologized for the session not ending on a good note but to be honest, i was tryin to be nice since last year, everything revolved around MY bf
The Goodbye Letter
A father passing by his son's bedroom, was astonished to see the bed was nicely made, and everything was picked up. Then, he saw an envelope, propped up prominently on the pillow. It was addressed, "Dad." With the worst premonition, he opened the envelope and read the letter, with trembling hands. "Dear Dad, It is with great regret and sorrow that I'm writing you. I had to elope with my new girlfriend, because I wanted to avoid a scene with Mom and you. I've been finding real passion with Stacy, and she is so nice, but I knew you would not approve of her, because of all her piercings, tattoos, her tight Motorcycle clothes, and because she is so much older than I am. But it's not only the passion... Dad she's pregnant. Stacy said that we will be very happy. She owns a trailer in the woods, and has a stack of firewood for the whole winter. We share a dream of having many more children. Stacy has opened my eyes to the fact that marijuana doesn't, really hur
Good Song
STAIND LYRICS Right Here I know I've been mistaken But just give me a break and see the changes that I've made I've got some imperfections But how can you collect them all and throw them in my face But you always find a way to keep me right here waiting You always find the words to say to keep me right here waiting And if you chose to walk away I'd still be right here waiting Searching for the things to say to keep you right here waiting I hope you're not intending To be so condescending it's as much as i can take and you're so independent you just refuse to bend so I keep bending till I break But you always find a way to keep me right here waiting You always find the words to say to keep me right here waiting And if you chose to walk away I'd still be right here waiting Searching for the things to say to keep you right here waiting I've made a commitment I'm willing to bleed for you I needed fulfillment I found what I need in you Why can't you j
Good Medical Coverage (adult)
A wealthy hospital benefactor was being shown around the hospital. During her tour she passed a room where a male patient was masturbating furiously. "Oh my GOD!" screamed the woman. "That's disgraceful! Why is he doing that?" The doctor who was leading the tour calmly explained, "I'm very sorry that you were exposed to that, but this man has a serious condition where his testicles rapidly fill with semen, and if he doesn't do that at least five times a day, he'll be in extreme pain and his testicles could easily rupture." Oh, well in that case, I guess it's okay," said the woman. As they passed by the very next room, they saw a male patient laying in bed while a nurse performed oral sex on him. Again, the woman screamed, "Oh my GOD! How can THAT be justified?" Again the doctor spoke very calmly: "Same illness, better health plan
Good Night!! Lc!!
Well I am off to get them much needed Z's.. I have yet another long day a head of me tomorrow!! Looking forward to my cousins wedding this weekend!! I may just stop in and tomorrow.. With all that I have to do tomorrow.. No PROMISES!! I will say I will try!! They are soo cute I cant wait!!... I have met lots of great people and have helped some of them level!! So my day here on LC.. Is done!! Thanks to all you LC!! Please be safe!! Out here In Lost Cherry Land!! Jeannie *hugs all keep'em near and dear*
Good Or Bad?
You Are a Bad Girl You are 30% Good and 70% Bad You're a total bad girl, from your wild hair to tattooed toes. But you're too badass to even care if you're labeled "bad"! Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?
Good Enough
Under your spell again I can't say no to you crave my heart and its bleeding in your hand I can't say no to you Shouldn't have let you torture me so sweetly now I can't let go of this dream I can't breathe but I feel Good enough I feel good enough for you Drink up sweet decadence I can't say no to you and I've completely lost myself and I don't mind I can't say no to you Shouldn't have let you conquer me completely now I can't let go of this dream can't believe that I feel Good enough I feel good enough its been such a long time coming, but I feel good and I'm still waiting for the rain to fall pour real life down on me cause I can't hold on to anything this good enough am I good enough for you to love me too? so take care what you ask of me cause I can't say no
Good Nite!!
This a goood nite blog!!! I hope you all have a great night and in some places a great morning!!! Talk to you really soon!! Jeannie
Good News
tomorrow i leave for leachville, AR to see my mother. i haven't seen her in a year. and tomorrow is my 18th birthday!!! my brother is taking me. we will leave on monday. and i hope to add some new photos up soon so please keep a look out for them i love you all and hope you stop by leave some lost cherry love S.T.A.R.S
Good Old Facts Of My Home Prov...
MANITOBA - Man. -Manitoba is one of the three prairie provinces in Canada. -It is located in the center of Canada. -Ontario is to the east and Saskatchewan to the west. -Nunavut is north and the United States is south. -"Manitoba" is a Cree name meaning "the place where the spirit (manitou) speaks." -capital city - Winnipeg. -second-largest city - Brandon. -flower-Prairie Crocus , tree-White Spruce, bird-Great Gray Owl -motto-"Glorious and Free" THE PEOPLE -Manitoba is the home of over a million people.(1,177.600 in 2005) -Winnipeg is the largest city. About 706,900 people live there. -Manitoba is home to many Metis and native peoples. -People came to Manitoba from Britain, Europe, Europe, East and Southeast Asia. -Some large ethic groups : Ukranian, Mennonite and Icelandic. HISTORY -The first people to live in Manitoba: Assiniboine, Cree, Saulteaux, Chepewyan, Ojibwa. -They followed herds of bison and caribou. -Early explorers arrived through Hudson Bay in
Good Night...
Day is done, it's time for bed. Goddess bless my sleepy head. Earth and Water, Air and Fire. Bring gentle dreams as I retire. When the morning sun does rise, the God will bless my open eyes. Blessed Be...
so i'm deleting my profile on here in a couple of days, maybe even as early as tomorrow. i spend my time on myspace now and barely ever go on here anymore. i've gotten bored with this site and there are just way too many perverts on here for me. i have met some fantastic people on here, you guys know who you are. =] thank you for making this site enjoyable as long as possible for me! if any of you would like to keep in contact with me, then message me and i might give you my msn screenname or something. lator gators ♥ -C
Good Afternoon, Lc!!
Good afernoon, LC!! Well its yet another day!!.. It was werid one of my friends Called me out of the blue lastnight.. It was weird. Wanted me to hang out with her and her friend which is a great friend to me. But he is sick and she dont know it. So that is kind of sad.. So tell me what you think!!! Jeannie
A Good Bottle Of Wine
A Good Bottle Of Wine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She was humming as she changed the sheets from the smooth percale she liked to the fuzzy flannel he preferred. She imagined what she would do to him tonight, and her humming grew quieter until finally it ceased. First she would undress him, slowly, slowly, kissing him softly as each bit of flesh became visible. "To keep it from getting cold," she would say teasingly. They'd done this before -- he would say, "No fear of that!" and they would laugh together as she began to stroke his skin with her warm hands. Then she would push him slowly back until he fell onto the bed and she would take his penis into her hand. By now he would be fully erect, and it would jump as she touched it. They would laugh again at this familiar occurrence. Next she would begin to lick him with little, teasing cat-laps at his skin, all over him, from his collarbones to his toes, but avoi
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
Good: Your wife is pregnant. Bad: It's triplets. Ugly: You had a vasectomy five years ago. Good: Your wife's not talking to you. Bad: She wants a divorce. Ugly: She's a lawyer. Good: Your son is finally maturing. Bad: He's involved with the women next door. Ugly: So are you. Good: Your son studies a lot in his room. Bad: You find several porn movies hidden there. Ugly: You're in them. Good: Your hubby and you agree, no more kids. Bad: You can't find your birth control pills. Ugly: Your daughter borrowed them. Good: Your husband understands fashion. Bad: He's a cross-dresser. Ugly: He looks better than you. Good: You just gave "the birds and the bees" talk to your daughter. Bad: She keeps interru
Goodbye My Lover
Goodbye My LoverBy James love this song
Good Enough....
I love this new song by Evanescence called "good enough". It's just an amazingly romantic emo song. I love it with everything I'm worth. My ex boyfriend kissed me the other day... that totally messed with me. *sigh*... the world of being single is really weird to me. I haven't been single in a very long time. I am pissed that I haven't been able to live it up. I haven't slept with ANYONE since I've been single, lol. No I'm not a ho.... or a slut. lol, I just like some action every now and again. I'd also like to play with my band. Damn it.
Goodnight Winter Witches
Goodnight winters witches.... the frost is on the broom.. Do not tarry to long, the moon will be out soon. So quickly she will be.. sailing across the midnight sky... .. all festooned in palest gossamer, with a star caught in her veil… way up high. Goodnight dear witches.... and know that we all watch that moon.. from a mountain top... or alone in your room.... from window or porch.. from tree or from swing... We all see her.... and that is the most beautiful thing. For I share her with you... and you share her with me.... and in a way.... we all touch.. wands to fingertips.... brooms to hands.... joined together.. by spirit and by divine plan... Goodnight to you all... Goddess keep…
Good Night, Sleep Tight ~ A Childs Prayer
Now I lay me down this night The Goddess protect me from all fright. She hovers near to guide with love and encircles my bed with light from above. Her peace and beauty are serene, She stands close by me while I dream. She wears the stars upon her head, And keeps me safe in my little bed. I know in my heart that she loves me, So goodnight, sleep tight and Blessed Be. And Blessed Be to All Children and Adults alike.
Good Times In New Hampshire
I can honestly say i am really content with life right now. I am relativly happy with my job, and i think everything else is going well. I am doing some side work for my cousin at his shop assembling car engines and absolutely love it. I stopped drinking Captain Morgan, which i think might be a positive aspect of my current out look. The dark juice isnt good for the mind. haha. I went to Jenn's 21st birthday, had a good time, got to hang out with Heather who i havent seen in, way too long, at least 6 years. and i got to hang out with Katrina and Autumn, which i absolutely love. it is fun being around Autumn. and of course the Birthday girl, sorry Jenn, but i really dont remember talking to you much. haha. i guess i was a little bit drunk. Good time though Boston this weekend to Matt's apartment, it is going to be a good time.
Good Sex Life
Pisces"> /> You have an awesome imagination, and often put it to use for sexual purposes. You are very romantic and don't hook-up with random people very often. Because sex to you is about showing your love, you are incredibly romantic in bed, and very giving. You tend be in a serious relationship more often then not. Sex matches: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio
Good Nite Lc!!
Good nite lc!! I am beat!! That is ok!! It was fun!!! But the sleep is soooooo needed!! Take care and be safe in Cherry Land!! Jeannie
Good Time
hey ladies im single and looking for a good time if u wanna hang out and or hook up send me a message
Well it's getting late so I am going to tell everyone goodnight, kisses, hugs and love to everyone,I'll be back tomorrow,going to rate and comment, I'll have time, my girl will be in school and i'll have the house to myself. So catch all ya'll tomorrow. Goodnight!!! Had to leave it, most people don't read the bulletins:)
~*good Enough... By: Evanescence*~
(for S.K.) Under your spell again I can't say no to you Crave my heart and its bleeding in your hand I can't say no to you Shouldn't have let you torture me so sweetly Now I can't let go of this dream I can't breathe but I feel Good enough I feel good enough for you Drink up sweet decadence I can't say no to you And I've completely lost myself and I don't mind I can't say no to you Shouldn't have let you conquer me completely Now I can't let go of this dream Can't believe that I feel Good enough I feel good enough Its been such a long time coming, but I feel good And I'm still waiting for the rain to fall Pour real life down on me Cause I can't hold on to anything this good Enough Am I good enough For you to love me too? So take care what you ask of me Cause I can't say no
Goodnight to all my peeps! Must go and get delaney motivated here to shower and get her to bed! Much love!
Good Link
oops sorry, here is the link: Tribute Kisses
Good Morning
I am off to bed. Sorry I wasnt the greatest cherry today but I had an off day. Am rather tired of the contests and the drama. Talk to you all soon! Much love!
A Good Point
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Please listen to this message intently, for it bears great meaning. I am not sure why I entered the Queen contest. I had a very good chance to win... I have been thinking about it all day and came to this conclusion... You don't have to be in a contest to be noted a "King" or a "Queen"...We are all Kings and Queens in our own right... We are all God's children, with many wonderful gifts...It is things like these contests that have a way of pulling one down or lowering thier self esteem.. I don't need the Title as Queen of Lost Cherry. I am already a Queen in my own world.. I have so many wonderful friends on here, that make me so very happy that I found this site. You each have added to my life immensly. More then you will ever know.. I love all of you.... I don't need a title or a crown, I already have that....My joy is to come on line, and talk to my friends, add pictures. So many enjoy that, I read their comments and feel their feelings. Th
Good News And Bad News....
Good News: Its all most my birthday(a day of subtraction)... I know its almost that time cuz school let out and i start to go im not there now. Bad News: Means i cant spend much time on here as i have.. I didnt reach my goal of 200 new friends by school being out... So for those who have my email address i will be checking it everyday so if i dont get to chat with you on here please email me.... And those who doesnt PLEASE DON'T FORGET ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good Day Today
It was cold a rainy today and I woke up early, I turned on the wax kettles and made some good candles today. I made two orange 4" X 6" round that I will carve into pumpkins they look cool I will put some pictures up when I am done. I made a 4" X 9" round and 10 dozen melting tarts. You know the kind you put in a glass mug and set it on a warming plate, Man they smell good. I am paying for it now though my knees, back and neck are shot now. well thanks to all that take the time to read this and all my LC friends Peace Out!
A Good Day
I went to a haunted house tonight, my first one this month, and it was awesome. It was a ton of fun. It also made me really miss my friends. I went with 3 other girls, and 2 of them are people that I used to always hang with in highschool. I am still real close to the one but we don't get to see eachother all that much because we literally work opposite schedules. So of course I have other friends that I usually hang out with, but chillin with them really brought me back to the way things used to be. It was a great time. I LOVE Halloween so I am hoping to squeeze in at least 2 more haunted houses before October is over. I'd like to do a lot more but it's just hard due to work and everyone's schedule and blah blah blah. Things were much easier when I was 16! LoL oh well, just thought I'd share ;) I have 2 finals tomorrow that I SHOULD be studying for, but obviously that isn't happening yet!! I better get to it though. I'm such a procastinator. It is one of my many bad habits/qualit
A Good Feeling For Someone Wrong
I'm attached. There's no doubting it. And i'm stuck. We aren't talking. He's leaving. I miss him - TERRIBLY. I've lived without talking to him before. I know i can, but i don't want to. Did i react badly? yeah, i guess i did. I'm trying to make life go on - but i compare every guy to him - physically and to his personality. it was predominantly sex, yes i will admit. did we have good times? yeah! i dropped by to see him one day out of the blue over the summer. he didn't seem to mind then.... why does he mind so much now? i want to cry, only i know it won't make anything better or worse. there aren't any tears to cry for him. It's not really worth it, but he won't get out of my head!!!! god i want him, so bad. maybe just physically.... but damn. he's amazing.
Goodnite Moon
Goodnite to all of My Friends .. I hope you all have a Wonderful nite .. Thank you all for being such wonderful friends .. Sweet dreams... *HUGS*
Goodnight To All My Friends!
Goodnight to all my friends. I hope you have a wonderful evening and weekend. Feel free to leave me messages and love, I will return the favor. Hugs and Kisses!!!
Good Question
why is it that when ure arrested, ure told you have the right to remain silent... .... yet they get extremely pissed if you dont tell them anything an yell at ya to start talking?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! is it just me or is this a bit double dutch
Good One Here
Good News
I just want to let everyone know that I found out today that I was accepted in buying a house. My closing date is November 14th. I'm excited. This is my house purchase.
Good Night
Its alot easier to do it this way...Hope you all have a wonderful night, Hopefully i can get some sleep
Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills
I fucked your girlfriend last night. While you snored and drooled, I fucked your love. She called me Daddy. And I called her baby when I Smacked her ass. I called her sugar when I ate Her alive till daylight. And I slept with her all Over me, from forehead to ribcage I dripped her ass. Sometimes I thought you might be spying, living out some Brash fantasy, but no. You were knocked out. But we were All knocked out you know. In a way I serve too many masters. We didn't know you'd break the bottle that the magic Came in to use those jagged shards to slit our wrists And neck. And you'd do it too, you're that kind of dude. But you wouldn't know what you were doing because I didn't, your girlfriend could have been a burn Victim, an amputee, a dead body. But god damn I wanted To fuck. I'm losing what's left of my fucking mind, I serve too many fucking masters. (I told you. I told you motherfucker)
Good, Better And Best (funny)
GOOD Madison, WI policeman had a perfect spot to watch for speeders, but wasn't getting many. Then he discovered the problem - a 12-year-old boy was standing up the road with a hand painted sign, which read "RADAR TRAP AHEAD". The officer also found the boy had an accomplice who was a bit further down the road with a sign reading "TIPS" and a bucket full of money. (And we used to just sell lemonade!) BETTER A motorist was mailed a picture of his car speeding through an automated radar post in La Crosse, WI. A $40 speeding ticket was included. Being a wise guy, he sent the police department a picture of $40. The police responded with another mailed photo of handcuffs. BEST A Young woman was pulled over for speeding. A Wisconsin State Trooper walked to her car window, flipping open his ticket book, she said, "I bet you are going to sell me a ticket to the State Trooper's Ball. "He replied, "Wisconsin State Troopers don't have balls." There was a moment of s
A Good Observation, Taken From A Bullitin
You can always tell who is guilty of the aforementioned crime, by what comments they leave on the bullitin, anyone else notice that? It's funny. Anyway, I totally agree with this, it is totally annoying, and if people I know continously do misleading topics, I stop reading their bullitins altogether.. -------------------------------------------------- orginal message: Goddamnit I'm getting sick of these fucking bulletins that say shit like "I'm having a baby" and "See my titties now" or some such other shit when that's not the bulletin message! Check this out, your REAL friends will read & respond to a bulletin if you just put a title on it that matches the damn message. If it's you wanting to help your friend lvl up, say so. Or if you want someone to check one page or another put it in the title. Quit being so fucking misleading! That's the ONLY reason I check EVERY fucking bulletin is because I never know what's ACTUALLY posted by reading the title. Fuckin' knock that shit off
Good Day
today is a good day for me :D i am with the most amzing man in the world he loves me and wants to be with me he asked me to marry him so i said yes :D some time next year i will be married to dark_vamp_05 :D aka Travis yummy love him and miss him so
Good Lc Friends
Here are a some of my good friends that love to give LC love so please feel free to do the same to them. If you need good LC love go to there site and Do the following..... RATE THEM ADD THEM BECOME FANS BOMB THERE PAGES THE BIG BAD WOLF@ LostCherry Tazzy@ LostCherry FéLoN¥ ™@ LostCherry ♥ Cherokee Redhead ♥@ LostCherry ¢ÓLÏ(v)Ϩ¢¢Ó¢â@ LostCherry When you--♠~~Ðrink~of~£ifes~ßlooÐ~~♠You will be mine eternity@ LostCherry ~~§8ens Lil Helper~~@ LostCherry
Good Night !!
Good night to all my sweet cherries!
The Good Stuff
She fixes her lips, they always look perfect. Never a smudge line, never too much. He tries on his blue shirt, she told him she liked it once. She wonders what he'll wear. She knows just what she'll wear. She always wears blue. Sneakers or flipflops. He's starting to panic. Remember she asked you...remember to breathe. I just love it.
Good Home Remedies
1. If you are choking on an ice cube, don't panic. Simply pour a cup of boiling water down your throat and presto. The blockage will be almost instantly removed. 2. Clumsy? Avoid cutting yourself while slicing vegetables by getting someone else to hold them while you chop away. 3. Avoid arguments with the Mrs. about lifting the toilet seat by simply using the sink. 4. For high blood pressure sufferers: simply cut yourself and bleed for a few minutes, thus reducing the pressure in your veins. Remember to use a timer. 5. A mouse trap, placed on top of your alarm clock, will prevent you from rolling over and going back to sleep after you hit the snooze button. 6. If you have a bad cough, take a large dose of laxatives, then you will be afraid to cough. 7. Have a bad toothache? Smash your thumb with a hammer and you will forget about the toothache. Sometimes, we just need to remember what the rules of life really are: You on
A Good Blow Job
I have had so many guys ask me how I suck cock. So rather than write this so many times, here we go: Ready? ooh sexy let me get on my knees and let you grab the back of my head and ram your cock down my throat till I gag or better yet throw up and than let you drip cum all over my face while U smear it around....... No is that at all sexy...or this: I position on the bed and have you lay back. I take yor semi hard cock in my mouth and work my lips around the head of your cock and slowly beging to suck up and down taking your massive hard on in my warm mouth and swirl my toungue all around. I get the will and nerve to completly swallow you to your balls and relase it out jerking your cock as I lick and nibble on your balls. I begin to lick and suck my way back up to your cock head and lick all the precum that is now dripping from your cock and look up into your eyes as I lick it up and while still looking at you, you watch as your cock slips into my mouth again and i feel your ba
Good God
i swear today must be "I HATE LANITA DAY" i swear this is freakin crazy i swear mother nature must be gettin ready to strike cause seems like everyone anymore hates me.....maybe i should just leave lost cherry and not come back on here....maybe that way everyone will stop hatin on me
I don't really want to say goodbye I don't really want to leave you But now I have to go away Stay away from you forever What we had was something special Deep down from our hearts But now I have to go away And leave you from my heart
These pics are so me! Goodnight all, I lvoe ya! Hee Hee there is that mis spelled love again!
Good Old Advise!!
OK..cherries.. I am adding this Blog and Calling it. Good Old Advise if you need some advise or in many cases a female Point-Of-View.. Please Just ask a question in my message or use the Shoutbox!! Whichever is better for you!! To keep it personal.. I will not say your name.. Just your problem.. Check back and you will see you get the answer!!(you never know there is a good chance that you can get more then one answer!! So will it hurt to just ask!!) So Please let me help you too.. Jeannie
Good Bye
So confused Not knowing what to do I love you so much But I love him too Most of the time all we ever do is fight I really don't have a clue on how to make it right I want to be with you But he is never off my mind I'm sorry that I am hurting you I'm sorry I'm that kind Why do I still love my ex I ask myself everyday I have you now But I just want to hold him and say I miss you so much You are the love of my life I want to be with you forever I want to be your wife He would never hurt me Curse at me or lie So that is why I have to say I'm sorry and good-bye.
night everyone. only be on a little tomorrow thurs and friday, and prolly not at all on the weekend. hope you all enjoy your weekends!
Good Manners
During class, a teacher trying to teach good manners, asks her students: "Michael, if you were on a date, having supper with a nice young lady, how would you tell her that you have to go to the bathroom?" Michael says: "Just a minute, I have to go pee." The teacher says: "That would be rude and impolite! What about you Peter, how would you say it?" "I am sorry , but I really need to go to the ! bathroom , I'll be right back." "That's better, but it's still not very nice to say the word 'bathroom' at the dinner table. And you, Little Johnny, are you able to use your intelligence for once and show us your good manners?" Little Johnny says: "I would say: 'Darling, may I please be excused for a moment. I have to shake hands with a very dear friend of mine, whom I hope you'll get to meet after supper." The teacher fainted
Goodbye To You
Michelle Branch-Goodbye To You Of all the things I believe in I just want to get it over with tears from behind my eyes but I do not cry Counting the days that past me by I've been searching deep down in my soul Words that I'm hearing are starting to get old Looks like I'm starting all over again The last three years were just pretend and I say Goodbye to you Goodbye to everything that I knew You were the one I love The one thing that I tried to hold on to I still get lost in your eyes And it seems like I can't live a day without you Closing my eyes till you chase my thoughts away To a place where I am blinded by the light but it's not right Goodbye to you Goodbye to everything that I knew You were the one I loved The one thing that I tried to hold on to Ohhh yeah It hurts to want everything & nothing at the same time I want whats yours and I want whats mine I want you but I'm not giving in this time Goodbye to you Goodbye to everything that I knew you w
Good News
Doug has been talking to ma almost constantly and today he brought me a book that I wanted to read and fixed my cd player!! He also asked me officially to be his date to the winter ball!!! I am soooooo happy!!! It has been a great day!
Good Video
A Good Idea
Carbon Monoxide and Nicole's Law What is carbon monoxide (CO)? Carbon monoxide is a poisonous, odorless, colorless, tasteless gas which is produced whenever any fuel, such as gas, oil, kerosene, wood, pellets, or charcoal is burned. What is Nicole's Law? On November 4, 2005, Governor Romney signed gNicolefs Lawh, named after 7-year old Nicole Garofalo who died on January 28, 2005 when her Plymouth home was filled with deadly amounts of carbon monoxide on January 24. The furnace vents had been blocked by snow during a power outage. This new law requires carbon monoxide detectors in all residential buildings by March 31, 2006. I own a single family home in Plympton, what does this mean to me? You are required by this law to install by March 31, 2006 carbon monoxide detectors in your home if you have fossil fuel burning equipment such as an oil burner, propane, natural gas, a wood, pellet, or coal stove. These fuels maybe used for a variety of purposes suc
Goodbye By Rita Doty Goodbye to you, my once loyal friend Tell me, why did it have to come to this end? Goodbye to our love, it's finally through I said I love you, and you said I fuckin hate you. Goodbye to the pain and the sorrow, You'll be over me by this time tomorrow. Goodbye to the lies You could barely hide, Goodbye to what used to be us, I gave you my heart and you just tore it up. Goodbye my love goodbye
Good News
Well, the stutter in my uncle's speech is still there but the swelling from the surgery has gone down completely and the doctors say that the stuttering will go away with a little time and therapy. They did a scan and said that there is no major permanent damage to his brain. I had to share that news with all of you. Thank you all again so very much!
Goodbye To Wal-marts Lay-away Program!
Good Men!!
Every Time You Think You Have Found a Good Man Something Goes Wrong!!! Another Woman The Last Woman Has Really Messed Up His Head You Find Out He Is Abusive You Find Out He Has Other Problems JUST TO MANY THINGS TO LIST!!! I Would Just Like to Know Where All The Good Men Are Hidding????
Good News
Today at noon I official have full custody of my Son Jacob so I am so happy now I can put more pics of him up when I take some.
Good Morning!
Good morning everyone!!!! I hope everyone is having a good day! Mine is going good so, far knock on know I am one of these people whos tries to let people be who they are and I try to accept them for that...well let me tell you I got pretty ticked off yesterday...there were some goths in the store where I work and I just love them to death they are just very cool people ya know? anyways there was some other people in the store make faces and whispering about them which I know I live in a small narrow minded town but, come on can we not learn acceptance people? Also, why is it that when two guys see two girls talking they almost always assume lesbians? Or maybe its just guys in my town but, good grief it is sooooo annoying!!!! I mean I dont go around assuming that just because two guys are together that they are gay! Anyways!!! I just hope everyone is having a good one! smoochies
Good Ol Lip Sync
So This Is What Happens When I Get Bored lol
Good Or Bad???
You Are a Very Good Girl You are 100% Good and 0% Bad You're a perfect angel - almost impossibly so Don't you ever feel like being a little bad?!? Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?
Good Advisor??
You Give Good Advice ... Sometimes When it comes to advice, you usually have something helpful to contribute. However, there's been times when your advice was a bit wacky! No matter what, though, your heart is always in the right place. Do You Give Good Advice?
Good Girlfriend???
You are a Great Girlfriend When it comes to your guy, you're very thoughtful But you also haven't stopped thinking of yourself You're the perfect blend of independent and caring You're a total catch - make sure your guy knows it too! Are You a Good Girlfriend?
Good Ol Country Music
If your a country music lover then you really should check out this wonderful person I know. He is AWESOME!!! Add him if you have a myspace account. He loves talking with friends/fans Feel free to add me also. Have a great upcoming week everbody and thank you for your time. Julie
Goodbye Illusions
have you, in that place called heart loved at all in truth? in a hard day's life where you are given all silver platters beneath expectation did you think that love wasn't work that there would never be doubt regret, fear, or dissappointment? did you think that life would continue i she wasn't allowed to be a mortal when you had fallen so far from grace so goodbye to the illusions of hope and the false peace of dreams goodbye to the whole and the idea of you
Good Morning Lc !
Well it is another fine day this Monday morning. At 6:53 am im sure most people are still in bed having wet dreams of some sort. LOL But im digressing, Halloween is coming around the corner and i dont know about y' all but im ready for it. So how bout it folks you ready to get your freak on! Courtesy of
Good Morning
Please Stop by this girls page and give her a 10 along with a nice good morning comment... :) MLady Tina, Sir Forrest Love@ LostCherry and if you feel really generous.. you could become her fan and rate her pics.. :D
Good Tune No Music Just The Lyrics Sorry
alabama free song Lyrics
A Good Man Looking For Miss Right
bigdaddy@ LostCherry
Good With My Hands
Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
Good Day
This song is helping get thru some tuff times right now Good Day ~~Jewel~~ I say to myself Self, why are you awake again? It's one a.m. Standing with the fridge door wide open, staring Such a sight, florescent light The stars are bright Might make a wish, if I believed in that shit As it is, I might watch TV Cause it's nice to see people more messed up than me I say to myself, as I smile at the wall, let myself fall It's gonna be all right, no matter what they say It's gonna be a good day, just wait and see It's gonna be okay, cause I'm okay with me It's gonna be, it's gonna be, it's gotta be I shiver, shut the door Can't think standing here no more I'm alone, my mine's racing, heart breaking Can you be everything I need you to be? Can you protect me like a daughter? Can you love me like a father? Can you drink me like water? Say I'm like the desert, just hotter. The point of it all Is that if I should fall Still you're name I'll call It's gonna b
A Good Friend
1. When you are sad -- I will help you get drunk and plot revenge against the sorry bastard who made you that way. 2. When you are blue -- I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you. 3. When you smile -- I will know you finally got laid. 4. When you are scared -- I will rag on you about it every chance I get. 5. When you are worried -- I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be until you quit whining. 6. When you are confused -- I will use little words. 7. When you are sick -- Stay the hell away from me until you are well again. I don't want to catch whatever you have. 8. When you fall -- I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass. 9. This is my oath ....I pledge it to the end. "Why?" you may ask "because you are my friend"
Good News...
I'm in love... I'm so happy! go look at her pic in my folder she is my juggalette lover :) I can't wait to meet her
Much love to you all! Talk to you tomorrow! MUAHZ and Sweet Dreams!
Goodbye My Lover By James Blunt
Did I disappoint you or let you down? Should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown? 'Cause I saw the end before we'd begun, Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won. So I took what's mine by eternal right. Took your soul out into the night. It may be over but it won't stop there, I am here for you if you'd only care. You touched my heart you touched my soul. You changed my life and all my goals. And love is blind and that I knew when, My heart was blinded by you. I've kissed your lips and held your head. Shared your dreams and shared your bed. I know you well, I know your smell. I've been addicted to you. Goodbye my lover. Goodbye my friend. You have been the one. You have been the one for me.(x2) I am a dreamer but when I wake, You can't break my spirit - it's my dreams you take. And as you move on, remember me, Remember us and all we used to be I've seen you cry, I've seen you smile. I've watched you sleeping for a while. I'd be the father o
Good Days And Bad Days
Goodbye To My Friends On Lc
Just a little note to tell you all that in 3 weeks i am moving and i will not be on line for awhile until i get my bills caught up and my money is tight cause of moving and Christmas plus bills so take care all and i have no idea when i will be back on LC again ... Love ya all and I will miss chating with you !! xoxo
Good Ol’ Pork Barbecue
Ingredients: 2 Tbsp canola oil 1 small onion, minced 2 cup catsup 2 Tbsp red wine vinegar 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1 cup water 2 tsp paprika 2 tsp chili powder ½ tsp cayenne 1 ½ lb cooked pork tenderloin, shredded or cubed into small pieces 6 slices toasted French, Italian or multi-grain bread Instructions: 1. Mix together all the ingredients to make the sauce. EXCEPT THE PORK AND BREAD. 2. Over a medium heat let the mix cook uncovered for 15 minutes, Make sure the onion is softened 3. Prepare the pork and combine it with the sauce. Let cook for 5 minutes 4. Take the pork filling and pour it over each of the slices of bread and serve. Nutritional Information: Exchanges 3 Lean Meat 2 Starch Calories 320 Calories from Fat 94 Total Fat 10 g Saturated Fat 2 g Cholesterol 66 mg Sodium 730 mg Carbohydrate 31 g Dietary Fiber 3 g Sugars 10 g Protein 27 g
Goodnight Beautiful
She said goodnight has I hung up the phone all I said was bye she text me and said she was sad cause I did not say goodnight back I told her I was sorry she forgave me and said she wasn't mad but I cannot forgive myself for making a beautiful woman sad So from now on I will make sure to say goodnight cause I never want to see her sad
Good Morning Smiles
In the first morning light Sun peeking through I cradled in the warmth Snuggled up beside you As the new dawn arises In the glow of sunrise I glance across to you Desire was in your eyes Awakening to pleasures Smiling face to face Met by a morning kiss Nestled in your embrace As we linger over kisses Explore in every way Feeling you feeling me Sensually greets the day
Good Night
good night, wet dreams dream of me, and make me scream. i really like it, though its not real. i can just imagen, how it might feel. if you like it, call it hot... if you hate it, cum, you shall not. i will cut you up, and fry your dick... all the left overs, my dog will lick!
Good Friends
Thank you to those that have helped me in my most time of needs. I know I do not take the time to thank you and I should. There is one really good friend that has done so much for me when he did not have to. You know who you are. I am very greatful that you have helped me in the most wonderful ways. If it were not for you, I would not have some of the things that I have today. You have shown me that you are what they call a TRUE FRIEND. I do not have many of those so I cherish the few that I do have. Anyways, this friend gave me the best advice. Just be yourself and others will like you for you and if not then they are not worth the time. I have learned that about a lot of people. Jealousy is not a good thing when it comes to friends. I have learned the hard way with some friends. So....everyone I think you should take the time to thank those that have helped you. A friend of mine just told me that. Cherish what you have and do not take advantage of what you have or are given. Take
Good, Better And Best
GOOD In Richardson, Texas State Trooper was running radar. He had a perfect spot to watch for speeders, but wasn't getting any. Then he discovered the problem. A 12 year old boy was standing up the road with a hand painted sign which read "RADAR TRAP AHEAD!" The officer later found a young accomplice down the road with a sign reading, "TIPS" and a bucket full of money. (And we used to just sell lemonade!) BETTER A motorist was mailed a picture of his car speeding through an automated radar post in Plano, Texas. A $40 speeding ticket was included. Being cute, he sent the police department a picture of $40. The police responded with another mailed photo of handcuffs. BEST A young woman was pulled over in Austin, Texas for speeding. As the TX State Trooper walked to her car window, flipping open his ticket book, she said, "I bet you are going to sell me a ticket to the Texas State Police Ball." He replied, "Texas State Troopers don't have balls." There was a moment of silence
Good Directions-billy Currington
Artist/Band: Billy Currington Lyrics for Song: Good Directions Lyrics for Album: Doin' Somethin' Right Good Directions I was sittin’ there sellin’ turnips on a flatbed truck Crunchin’ or a pork rind when she pulled up She had to be thinkin’ “This is where the rednecks come from” She had Hollywood written on her license plate She was lost and lookin’ for the interstate Needin’ directions and I was the man for the job [Chorus] I told her way up yonder past the caution light There’s a little country store with an old Coke sign You gotta stop in and ask Miss Bell for some of her sweet tea Then a left will take you to the interstate But a right will bring you right back here to me I was sittin’ there thinkin’ ‘bout her pretty face Kickin’ myself for not catchin’ her name I threw my hat and thought, “You fool, that coulda been love” I knew my old Ford couldn’t run her down She probably didn’t like me anyhow So I watched her disappear in a cloud of dust. [Chorus]
Good Night All...
Off to bed for the night. See ya'll tomorrow night! *kisses*
A Good One To Have
The Sex Fairy This is hilarious! Be sure to read the warning at the bottom. I didn't change a word! I'm not messing with the Sex Fairy! 1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific tests find that when women make love they produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth. ============ 2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow. ============= 3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner. ============= 4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscle in the body. It's more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps, and you don't need special sneakers! ============= 5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-bei
Good Pix Video But Wtf Is With The Music Omfg
Good Pix Video But Wtf Is With The Music Omfg
Good Dog
A man had just settled into his seat next to the window on the plane when another man sat down in the aisle seat, and put his black Labrador Retriever in the middle seat between them. The first man looked very quizzically at the dog and asked why it was allowed on the plane. The second man explained that he was a DEA agent, and that the dog was a "drug-sniffing dog". He went on, "His name is Sniffer and he's the best there is. I'll show you once we get airborne, when I put him to work." The plane took off, and once it leveled out, the agent said "Watch this." He told Sniffer to "search". Sniffer jumped down, walked along the aisle, and finally sat very purposefully next to a woman for several seconds. Sniffer then returned to his seat and put one paw on the agent's arm. The agent said, "Good boy!", turned to the man and said, "That woman is in possession of marijuana, so I'm making a note of her seat number and the authorities will apprehend her when we land
Good News
I MAY HAVE A JOB GO GO GO ME!!! and I AM OUT OF REHAB( Friday night meetings for 3 hrs once a week) GO ME GO ME but still on probation for 3 yrs and 100 more community service hours. GO ME GO ME!!!
Good Morning Betty
May you all have the sweetest of Dreams ..Sleep well.. and have a wonderful tomorrow :)
Good Morning Everyone~
New to this site, would like it if everyone would help me out getting this going....Gina
A Good Woman
~*~*~*A good woman is proud of herself. She respects herself and others. She is aware of who she is. She neither seeks definition from the person she is with, nor does she expect them to read her mind. She is quite capable of articulating her needs. ~*~*~*A good woman is hopeful. She is strong enough to make all her dreams come true. S he knows love; therefore, she gives love. She recognizes that her love has great value and must be reciprocated. If her love is taken for granted, it soon disappears. ~*~*~*A good woman has a dash of inspiration, a dabble of endurance. She knows that she will, at times, have to inspire others to reach the potential God gave them. A good woman knows her past, understands her present, and moves toward the future. ~*~*~*A good woman knows God. She knows that with God, the world is her playground, but without God, she will just be played. A good woman does not live in fear of the future because of her past. Instead, she understands that her life
Good Times
90's Kids, you will remember everything! You've ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE!" You just cant resist finishing this... "Iiiiiiin west philladelphia born and raised..." You remember TGIF on ABC and wouldnt miss it "Miss Susie had a steam boat, the steam boat had a bell..miss suzie went to heaven the steamboat went to hell_o operator please give me number 9 and if you disnconnect me i'll kick you from behind the fridgerator, there was a piece of glass, miss suzie sat upon it and broke her little ass_k me no more questions, and tell me no more lies the boys are in the bathroom zipping up their flies are in the city, miss suzies in the park kissing her boyfriend in the D-A-R-K- D-A-R-K D-A-R-K dark dark dar dar da dark" You remember when Kurt Cobain, 2Pac, River Phoenix, and Selena died. You know that "WOAH" comes from Joey from "Blossom" and that "How Rude!" comes from Stephanie from "Full House" You remember when it was actually worth getting up earl
Good Bye
im sorry yall, it has been real great. but it is time for me to go. i wont be on here for awhile, but please keep rating my stuff. thing are a little complicated right now in my life and i dont have the time to explain. just know thatall of you who were my friends, i appreciate you and our friendship, and to the rest of the public... thank you for all the comments and ratings. god bless all yall and maybe ill comeback again someday. but rightnow i just need to say good bye. just please always remember me as the sweet girl. love yall and good bye. xoxoxo's lavirgo
Good Bye
bye guys im not going to be on for a while so feel free to leave commets and what not...julie is going to what u say drop off the face of the earth for a day! but like n e one cares about that...
Goodnight Prayer
Now I lay me down to rest. I pray that all the world be blessed. Lady Moon and Sister Star Watch over me from afar. Mother Earth is always there And keeps me safe within her care. The Lord of Dreams will dance and sing And happy dreams will to me bring. And when I wake to greet the day Brother Sun will light my way. By:Kitty Degler
Good News
i dont know why but for some reason i like to post these things today.... i have good news about my knee.. i can drive now and i can go back to work but i still have one more sugery to go through
Good Men Of All Colors
Good Men are indeed all around us. We pass them on the streets, in the malls, and at work. Most we can't see because we don't know what a good man really looks like. He usually isn't flashy enough or rich enough to turn our heads. He might not wear a suit or push a Lexus. He might not have a body like Tyson with a Denzel face. But, as you mature, you realize it's better to find someone who's got your back rather than someone who turns your head. A good man doesn't agree wholeheartedly with everything you say. He doesn't just tell you what you want to hear and do the opposite. He doesn't declare how sensitive, sweet, caring, sincere, etc. he is (he won't have to because it shows). He has his own opinions and yours may clash, but he doesn't have to degrade you to prove he's right. He even admits at times to being wrong, especially if you are willing to do the same. A good man is not going to meet every item on your checklist. He is human with frailties and faults mixed in with all
Good Cook?
You Are an Excellent Cook You're a top cook, but you weren't born that way. It's taken a lot of practice, a lot of experimenting, and a lot of learning. It's likely that you have what it takes to be a top chef, should you have the desire... Are You A Good Cook?
On November 1, 2006 I lost something that was very close to me. In the 2 short years that we were together we went through good times and bad. I did everything I could to save it, but in the end it wasn't enough. It happened on the way to the shop, when my car committed suicide. Its time had come, and there was nothing anybody could do. It went down in a blaze of glory, and its 17 year life quickly came to an end. All I have left are the memories.
Good Morning
ok so who ever had the nerve to rate me a 9 needs to get the fuck off my profile..i didnt do n e thing to u to deserve that..... and i can drive now... and i can go back to work.. and for the first time in nine weeks i didnt have to wear my brace to bed.. and i applied to go overseas.... and good morning justin... i know shit is hard right now but please keep ur head up for me cause if u look down ull see my boobs and that could be a distraction... have a good day to everyone...
Good Friends
Good Day Sunshine
Good day sunshine Good day sunshine Good day sunshine I need to laugh, and when the sun is out I've got something I can laugh about I feel good, in a special way I'm in love and it's a sunny day Good day sunshine Good day sunshine Good day sunshine We take a walk, the sun is shining down Burns my feet as they touch the ground Good day sunshine Good day sunshine Good day sunshine Then we lie beneath a shady tree I love her and she's loving me She feels good, she know she's looking fine I'm so proud to know that she is mine Good day sunshine Good day sunshine Good day sunshine Good day sunshine Good day sunshine
Good & Evil
Two Wolves One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between two wolves." "One is Evil. It is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, hate, superiority and ego." The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith." The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?" The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."
Good Night!!!
It's about that time...for me to log off. I probably won't be on this weekend due to the fact that it is a minor holiday in the DFW area (for my bday week). So please feel free to leave plenty of lovin and messages for me to respond to when I get back on. I also promise to have plenty of new pics to upload from the birthday bashes!!! XOXOXOXO Sam~Thanks for making my bday great!!!~@ CherryTAP
Good Morning?
GOOD MORNING? impish voices whisper softly "time to get up" five minutes prior to set alarm..."fuck!" shuffling through nightlight glow to static shock doorknob slumping serial killer wearing my boxers stalks me in my bathroom mirror descending, disappearing as I sit. wrinkled manhood taking umbrage from the cold white ceramic morn self esteem likewise shrivels striking yet another chink in my already fissured and tarnished armor
Good Thoughts
As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't suppose to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder everytime. You'll break hearts too.Don't forget how it felt when yours was broken. You will fight with our best freind. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing to fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.
Goodbye Apathy
i just cant talk to you anymore, cause for some reason, all you do, is hurt me in indirect ways and im sorta kinda sick of it. so when you come home to find yourself blocked, deleted, and ignored.. don't be shocked.
Good Samaritan
Good Samaritan Bob walks into a public bathroom and notices a guy with no arms standing next to a urinal. As Bob takes care of his business, he wonders how the poor soul is going to take a leak. Bob finishes and heads for the door, but figures he should ask the man if he needs help. ''Oh yes please!?" the man cries. "You have a kind heart, sir,'' says the man with no arms. But as Bob goes ahead, unzips the man, and pulls his willy out, he encounters all kinds of mold, red bumps, moles, scabs, scars, and other unpleasant-looking things. The armless man asks Bob to kindly point it... then shake it, put it back and zip it. So Bob, gathers his courage, shuts his eyes and does so. ''Thank you very much, sir!'' says the armless man. ''No problem,'' says Bob ''but what the hell is wrong with your penis?'' The guy pulls pulls his arms out of his shirt and says ''I don't know, but I ain't touching it!"
Good News
Well, the housemate and I had a chat, and it works out that I don't have to move after all. I guess there some some things irritating him outside of the money, and some misunderstandings as well. Yay. That's a load off. Now maybe I can get some writing done. Still, I do plan to move into a different place eventually. On my own terms, in my own time, and under my own power. I'm really not big on the whole housemate thing. Rather have my own space. At least the panic is off.
I'm off to bed. Not that anyone cares, lmao. Thanks to all those who helped me level up today. I appreciate it. And I will be around to return all that love.
Good Or Bad Thing?
Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at
when you have burned all the bridges for the sake of her time will it be enough can your days and nights be filled with her fear when you fade from our memories into the night as that joke you became that man with no spine alone in the dark when she finds the next so she can lie to you as she lies with you will you remember the ones you called friend and have any heart left to regret? w.g.s.
Goodbye Cruel World
I'm leaving you today good bye good bye good bye! goodbye all you people there's nothing you can say to make me change my mind goodbye
Good News
hey all just got back from court and i found out that finley my sweet baby gilrs are going to be returned home to me by next month.They will be home just in time for x-mas.It has beed a rough year 1/2 with out them but now i am blessed to be getting them back....thanks for all the support u all have givin me..... love u all....
Goodnight All
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Good: Your wife is pregnant. Bad: It's triplets Ugly: You had a vasectomy five years ago Good: Your son is finally maturing Bad: He's involved with the woman next door Ugly: So are you Good: Your son studies a lot in his room Bad: You find several porn movies hidden there. Ugly: You're in them Good: Your hubby and you agree, no more kids Bad: You can't find your birth control pills Ugly: Your daughter borrowed them Good: The postman's early Bad: He's wearing fatigues and carrying a shotgun Ugly: You gave him nothing for Christmas Good: Your son is dating someone new Bad: It's another man Ugly: He's your best friend Good: Your daughter got a new job Bad: She's a hooker Ugly: Your coworkers are her best clients Way Ugly: She makes more money than you do Good: Your husband is not talking to you. Bad: He wants a divorce. Ugly: He's a lawyer. Good: Your husband understands fashion. Bad: He's a cross-dresser. Ugl
Good News? And Bad News
first the bad ones: CT is blocked in my office :'( yeah i'm still crying about that fact but i can't do anything no proxy servers no complains ... you know why? we are the ones blocking lol and i can't say something and do other different, that's not polite! the good ones are those: JT didn't leave CT lol and i'm trainee to be a CT Bouncer! well i hope everyone is ok, and i miss you all a lot!!!!
Good Song
Oh, the last ten years, it's been quite trip Over thirty-six-hundred spins around without a cosmic slip But within the realm of our atmosphere We're 'bout as out of whack as we've been in a million years We watched the Y2K scare in a panic An' we watched as time proved Nostrodamus wrong An' we watched as Mother Nature shook the planet An' cellular replaced the telephone We lost Charlie Brown, Ray Charles an' Johnny Cash We even lost Superman, mhm. Well, the last ten years, look at the hills we've climbed The best golfer's black, the best rapper's white an' it's about damn time But we best beware, there's a brand new fight, you see An' I hate to say we might be our own worst enemy We watched Oklahoma sifting through the damage An' we watched a US President get caught We watched shareholders watched their savings vanish We all cried when we watched those towers fall We lost Minnie Pearl, Ron Reagan and Sam Ahan We even lost Superman, mhm. Expen
Good One!
Life is what you make it~ so make it good!"
Good Girl!
Girls, have you been good? Well it doesn't matter if you haven't. I think you'll really like this shirt. Featured here on a baby doll tee, the design features a winged heart. Combining (what I think are great colors) purple and yellow and with a chromed finish this shirt screams attention. I like to wear this shirt with my black leather jacket whenever my husband and I hit the road on his bike. I unzipped my jacket just enough to let the good girl show and I feel like a naughty little angel when I do. Available on an array of tees and sweaters for ladies you just got to check this one out. As always this design and many other are all available online at our store; DeXine Graphic Concepts. So ride over and get yours now.
Good By My Dear Loved One
Good Bye My Dear Loved One If I could only see you one more time. What I would do to be able to hold you in my arms and tell you it will all be alright.The sad reality to that is it will never happen. You were ripped out of my arms so cold and abruptly I dont know if I could deal with this pain. The pain of knowing I will never get to see your face again. Be able to smell your sent that i loved to smell so many times before. Or just look at your face when you smiled at something or laughed at a stupid joke that was told. The terror and irrony of the fact that you will be gone forever. Hurts and cuts deeper than a blade ever could.It feels as if my heart has stoped and never able to regain the control of it. The nights lyin awake waitin for you to come lay next to me hold me close and caress my hair.The fact that we will never be able to do it again. For this my love I will have to let you go and never for one second let a day go by that I dont think of you
Good At Your Job ?
These are actual quotes taken from job performance reviews: 1. I would not allow this employee to breed. 2. This associate is really not so much of a has-been, but more definitely a won't be. 3. Works well when under constant supervision and cornered like a rat in a trap. 4. When she opens her mouth, it seems it is only to change whichever foot was previously there. 5. He would be out of his depth in a parking lot puddle. 6. This young lady has delusions of adequacy. 7. He sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to achieve them. 8. This employee is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot. 9. This employee should go far and the sooner he starts, the better. 10. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. 11. Got into the gene pool when the lifeguard wasn't watching. 12. A room temperature IQ. 13. Got a full 6-pack, but lacks the plastic thingy to hold it together. 14. A gross ignoramus - 144 times worse than an ordinary ignoramus.
Good Night
MySpace Comments Graphics Hope u al lhave great night hug for u all to have a warm night
Ok you guys and gals..I'm off to bed..I've had a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng day...Take care, and play nice. MySpace Comments Graphics
Good Night Tonight :)
eheheh i found the song i was looking for!!! it's an old one :) a classic! well play it while you read i had a long day but i feel good :) HARD work as trainee in the evenings lol but i like it! work in the office was tiring today, i hadn't time to check any emails either... that's how i call WORK too lol next weekend is creamfields! oh my... i can't believe it... but i'll tell more about it tomorrow :) you all have a great night and think of me lol much love Maria
Buried at Off to bed for the night...take care of yourself.
Good Morning And Happy Thursday!
Well, I have been meaning to do a blog, way before now. Man, my life has been so hectic these last few weeks. Let's back up some. Well, Halloween went very well. I took my homemade apple pie and shared it with the students, and faculty. I dressed up as a cross between me and Amy Lee. I think, I posted the pix. Didn't I? LOL That night, Collin went trick or treating with friends. He is growing up too fast! Brandon got home late from Raleigh, so he didn't do much on Halloween either. I finally finished the AFA (Assoc. in Fine Arts) brochure, and the college loved it. Only a few kinks to work out, but they already have it up and are handing out copies to students. We still have to get approved to send it to a professional printer. Then, I did a map of the heavens for my Illustrator class. It turned out beautifully, but took three hours to figure out why it wouldn't print. Never, ever use textures in Adobe's Illustrator. Grrrrrrrrrr! Now, present day, sounds like a novel to me.
Good Times
Good Ol' Rebel
Oh, I'm a good old Rebel, now that's just what I am, For this "Fair Land of Freedom" I do not give a damn! I'm glad I fit against it, I only wish we'd won, And I don't want no pardon for anything I done. I hates the Constitution, this Great Republic, too, I hates the Freedman's Buro in uniforms of blue, I hates the nasty eagle with all his brag and fuss, The lying, thieving Yankees, I hates 'em wuss and wuss! I hates the Yankee nation and everything they do, I hates the Declaration of Independence, too, I hates the "Glorious Union" , 'tis dripping with our blood, I hates their striped banner, I fit it all I could. I followed old Marse Robert for four years, near about, Got wounded in three places, and starved at P'int Lookout; I cotched the "roomatism" a'campin' in the snow, But I killed a chance o' Yankees, and I'd like to kill some mo'. Three hundred thousand Yankees is stiff in Southern dust! We got three hundred thousand before they conquered us. They died
Good Love Maker
Your Love Making Ability is 77%!!! you are getting up there you need a little more practice but you should no longer have trouble finding someone to get you laid they should all be coming to you by now. Have Fun rem that is the most important thingAre you a good "LOVE MAKER"Make a Quiz
Good Answers - By Kids..
HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO MARRY? (written by kids) (1) You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep the chips and dip coming. -- Alan, age 10 (2) No person really decides before they grow up who they're going to marry. God decides it all way before, and you get to find out later who you're stuck with. -- Kristen, age 10 WHAT IS THE RIGHT AGE TO GET MARRIED? (1) Twenty-three is the best age because you know the person FOREVER by then. -- Camille, age 10 (2) No age is good to get married at. You got to be a fool to get married. -- Freddie, age 6 (very wise for his age) HOW CAN A STRANGER TELL IF TWO PEOPLE ARE MARRIED? (1) You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids. -- Derrick, age 8 WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR MOM AND DAD HAVE IN COMMON? (1) Both don't want any more kids. -- Lori, age 8 WHAT DO MOST PEOPLE DO ON A DATE?
Good Day
I've actually been having a very good day today. I got a Green light were on normal days there is back to back traffic to get on the road were I can turn into the College enterance. Then class was not to bad and I'm actually happy that we are doing a website project since I'm obsessed with creating sites. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good.
Good Morning Little School Girl
Good mornin' little schoolgirl Can I go home with you Tell your mama and your daddy That I'm a little school boy too Baby I love ya', I just can't help myself Your so good lookin' pretty baby I don't need nobody else Good mornin' little school girl Can I go home with you ooo, ooo, ooowee I'm gonna leave you baby About the break of the day On account of the way you treat me I've got to stay away Good mornin' little schoolgirl Can I go home with you Tell you mama and your daddy I'm a little school boy too Come on home pretty baby Oh ya know I can't help myself ooo, ooo, ooowee I' gonna buy me an airplane And fly all over your town And tell everybody, baby Lord knows you've been puttin' me down I can't stand it baby Just can't stand it baby Just can't help myself Your so young and pretty But your in love with somebody else Good morin' little school girl Can I go home with you ooo, ooo, ooowee Oh, baby what you do to me Oh, I can't help myself
Goodbye To The Love Of My Life
you will always be but I just cant do it anymore I cant keep waiting I cant keep dying day by day without you I cant keep giving my son hope That daddy will be a daddy again My life s my son I'm sorry Elijah Mommy tried God knows Mommy tried But I just couldnt give you what you need I couldnt give you Daddy So Goodbye today is not another SSDD
Good Food, Good Friends And Good Laughs.
Our date night went well. We get very few anymore, but we try to do them once a month. We had a great time and came home to a babysitter that had put the kids to be by 8 p.m. We watched a bit of T.V. And, as usual, my wife fell asleep. I did not expect sex on a Tuesday night, so I was fine with it. It has been two and a half weeks. I really thought her mental “it's been too long” alarm would have gone off on date night. And It did. So, if you want to read about it (the good the bad and the just plain wrong) you can find it in my sexy private blog.....
Hi everyone had a nice day off met some cool people, good times! Everone have a goodnight and a great day tomorrow talk to you soon.
Goodnite All
Wishing you all Sweet dreams.. Have a Great sunday ..and Dont be strangers . Come by Say Hi (on a side note) Now that Ive figured out my issues with Cherry .. and all that fun stuff .. If I havnt gotten your pics rated yet . lemmie know Ill come bomb ya ASAP *HUGS*
How is it that I speak more to your essence then your undivided attentions. I struggle to gain access to the heart that has my soul soaring with angels. Beyond that of a wish and as committed as unshakable faith. Yet I fall, unable to spread love's wings and climb. Restrained by the shackles of conditions. The key of unconditional, just out of hopes reach. Pleas for help only denied the stay of execution. Pardons granted to the guilty, while the innocent sentenced to die. The last words I speak will be the truest known to me and I hope with everything I have ever been, that 1 day your heart overcomes the damage done and you allow yourself to love. Don't love scared . Don't let fear diminish what makes you the woman that my heart soared for. Love yourself without question and demand nothing less then the same. I've never been hurt by loving you, only now as I let you go. I love you
Good Morning ♥
♥ So its time for my daily blog(s). I know ive been lacking in the posting department. Sorry Lol. Been busy. Lets start the day off right with the icon of the day! ♥ ♥ ♥ Thats todays icon of the day for a few reasons. 1. Its raining outside♥ 2. I would say something like that ♥ 3. Its just to damn cute. And itll make you laugh ♥ Okay so yesterday i went christmas shopping. Gabby was with us, and we were shopping for her it was funny cause she kept wanting to play with all the toys so i bought her one toy to play with and took all the others and put em away, cause she wont remember about them from now till christmas, shes only 3. But we had to take her cause her mommy and daddy we're busy -rolls eyes- Haha. But then we went to Mc Donalds, and Colored for an hour. And she threw chicken nuggets at me. And took about a zillion pictures on my phone, i gotta clear it out now the memory is full. ♥ Haha that was my day yesterd
Good Morning
hope everyones having a great weekend. i'll be on and off this thing today. kids need the computer for school reports, so when they're ready, they'll get access to the computer. DD
Goodbye Again...
What can I say? It's been definately interesting this weekend. But I'm off in a lil bit. Gonna finish the rest of my laundry, take a nap, and hit the road. I'll probably be gone for 2 weeks. I would like to thank all that showed me so much love these past few days. Hope to see chat with y'all soon, and I hope you all have a great Turkey Day!! Don't have too much fun while I'm gone :P
Good To Know :)
as found on: Grim's Flogging FAQ Distribution Policy Comments, ideas and constructive criticism always welcomed. As with all of my postings, any archivist is welcome to copy and distribute this story appropriately without let or hindrance, provided that the distribution is free of charge and the entire posting remains intact and unedited. Disclaimer of a legal sort Striking the human body must be considered dangerous. As I am neither a medical nor a legal professional, the following is offered as my opinion only, not a recommendation for any activity. Nothing can possibly replace personal experience and learning directly from those who have been there before. There are now workshops and demonstrations available in larger cities, avail yourself of one. I have no control over the use of this information, use it at your own risk. And as ever, proceed with caring. WITH WHAT? A 'flogger' shall remain for the moment 'any
The Goodbye Letter
A father passing by his son's bedroom was astonished to see that the bed was nicely made, and everything picked up. Then, he saw an envelope, propped up prominently on the pillow. It was addressed, "Dad". With the worst possible premonition, he opened the envelope with trembling hands, the letter read: Dear Dad, It is with great regret and sorrow that I'm writing you. I had to elope with my new girlfriend, because I wanted to avoid a scene with Mom and you. I've been finding real passion with Stacy, and she is so nice, but I knew you would not approve of her, because of all her piercings, tattoos, her tight motorcycle clothes, and because she is so much older than I am. But it's not only the passion, Dad, she's pregnant. Stacy said that we will be very happy. She owns a trailer in the woods, and has a stack of firewood for the whole winter. We share a dream of having many more children. Stacy has opened my eyes to the fact that marijuana doesn't, reall
Good Night!
Courtesy of
Good Girls
Where have all the good girls gone? I want a WOMAN with some substance! who can hold her man down and vice versa. All i seem to attract is loud women who take, take, take! I wanna girl who can give damnit(spazzing out). I wish all the girls no WOMEN let themselves be known.
Good Night!
MySpace Comments Graphics Play nice kiddies. I'll be back on tomorrow sometime after work. ~GOAL~New Level by the weekend!
Good Morning
This morning when the Lord opened a window to Heaven, He saw me, and He asked: "My child, what is your greatest wish for today?" I responded: "Lord please; take care of the person who is reading this message, their family and their special friends. They deserve it and I love them very much" The love of God is like the ocean, you can see its beginning, but not its end. ANGELS EXIST but some times, since they don't all have wings, we call them FRIENDS. Pass this on to your friends. Something good will happen to you You Be Blessed
Good Morning!
It's 10:04 am and I'm on the site already LOL. When I joined, I had moved the third day actually, and ended up with dial up but no more lol. I really like this site, alot better then other ones. So Friday is my little girl's first birthday =S I cannot believe how the time has flew. Ah well I'm sure I'll post a better blog then this later on. Still am tired LOL.
Good Night!
Well I didnt realize how late it is..I'm off to bed.
Good Tips!
This was written by a guy who has had years of experience. and he's pretty damn good. with girls.. 1. Whatever you do, don't just show up at their house [without notice]...they run around in their underwear just like we do. 2. DON'T CHEAT ON THEM. It may seem foolproof, but girls tell each other everything about everything. Trust me, they WILL find out and you will be mud. If you do cheat on them do not ever talk to the girl or see the girl you cheated on them with. They will be hurt , no matter what they say. 3. Beware of every single male relative and all guy friends. Any of them would kick your ass at the drop of a hat, and a lot of them wouldn't even wait for the hat. 4. NEVER miss an opportunity to tell them they're beautiful. 5. DON'T refuse to kiss in front of your friends. If they laugh at you, it's because they're jealous. 6. If they slap you hard, you deserved it. 7. Don't be afraid to touch them if you want to. If they'r
A Good Thing
you know the one good thing bout all this is now I have something to hate cause kira was a bitch bout all this and I'm not gonna miss her as much.I'm goin to miss her somewhat but not as much as ashley cause she was at least nice bout breakin up w/ me. there are mos def goin to be some times where I'll miss kira so damn much but I'm NEVER goin to take her back,especially after all the pain she's caused but atleast I've already suffered so it doesn't hurt as bad now.I'm more pissed off at her then sad now.I'm just gonna move on and get a new gf,somebody I can love and spend time w/ that's not as fucked up as kira relationship wise and won't fuck me over.
Goodnight All
/"> I am feeling sad tonight and someone show me some love?
Good Nights
well i'm off to bed my eyes i need to go too bed.. night all
Good Morning
Hello EVERYONE...I just thought I would try to brighten everyones Friday Morning...
Good Morning All!! Please Vote For Me And My Chest (lol)
If ya could please stop by and for for me in the BEST CHEST contest!!! HUGS~N~KISSES!!! [ photo: 465698156 ]
Good Start On Weekend
then give ur friends a 10 vote with a gift
A Good Parody...
http://www.chron. com/content/ news/photos/ 06/10/15/ na/
Good Girl Jessie....bark!
By Sir CritterSir Critter@ CherryTAP Recently, you have bean more disobedient and you know you will be punished. Nervously you enter the room, unsure what will happen. "You are a bad girl Jessie," I say. "Like a dog you must be punished." You look at Me defiantly and stick out your tongue. SMACK! The palm of My hand slaps your face HARD. You begin to cry and your makeup begins to smear on your face. I direct you to a large dog kennel in the middle of the room. You crawl into the kennel and I lock the door. I walk away. Within a few minutes I return with a rolled up garden hose. I begin unrolling the hose and then I turn it on. I start spraying you with cold water, ignoring your screams as the water pelts your skin. After a while, I stop. I ask you, "Are you ready to behave Jessie?" You whimper slightly and then angrily you shout. "You're an asshole!" I slap your face HARD !!! Tears stream down your face as I reach forward and grab a clump of your
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
1. Good: Your wife is pregnant. Bad: It's triplets. Ugly: You had a vasectomy five years ago. 2. Good: Your wife's not talking to you. Bad: She wants a divorce. Ugly: She's a lawyer. 3. Good: Your son is finally maturing. Bad: He's involved with the Woman next door. Ugly: So are you. 4. Good: Your son studies a lot in his room. Bad: You find several porn movies hidden there. Ugly: He's in them. 5. Good: Your hubby and you agree, no more kids. Bad: You can't find your birth control pills. Ugly: Your 13 year old daughter borrowed them. 6. Good: Your husband understands fashion. Bad: He's a cross-dresser. Ugly: He looks better than you. 7. Good: You give the "birds and bees" talk to your daughter Bad: She keeps interrupting. Ugly: With corrections. 8. Good: The postman's early. Bad: He's wearing fatigues and carrying a shotgun. Ugly: You gave him nothing for C
A Good Morning
A Good Morning As I pick the rose petals up from floor My mind returns to the night before The candles in the windowsill burned down to little or nothing The trip we took last night ooooooh baby that was something The mini blinds are open the sun races in to see The smile that caressed my lips that only you gave me The sweet smell of the roses still lingers in the air I look down at the comforter to find you still asleep there I walk over to you slowly oh baby what a sight My nature starts to rise just thinking about last night A nibble a suck a caress and a moan Should I slip in her slowly or drive it straight on home A flick of my tongue my breath on your skin Baby I wont stop until you tell me when Excited by your beauty and baby to my delight You open your eyes slowly to behold my manhood’s might My senses they all tell me that I'm ready to please you The little devil on my shoulder tells me just to tease you A nibble a suck a caress and a moa
Good Morning
If you are up still at this hour and still looking for fun, give me a shout.
Good One
A woman visited a psychic of some local repute. In a dark and gloomy room, gazing at the Tarot cards laid out before her, the Tarot reader delivered the bad news: "There is no easy way to say this so I'll just be blunt: Prepare yourself to be a widow. Your husband will die a violent death this year." Visibly shaken, the woman stared at the psychic's lined face, then at the single flickering candle, then down at her hands. She took a few deep breaths to compose herself. She simply had to know. She met the Tarot reader's gaze, steadied her voice and asked, "Will I get away with it?"
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly...
The good: exams are finally over, yay! I really hope that these were my last ever coz I am not wanting to go back to uni next year. Fingers crossed for a job! The bad: my boyfriend has gone to Europe and America for 3 whole months over the Christmas holidays. I am completely devastated. The ugly: Well I'm going out drinking tonight, partly to celebrate the good, and partly to forget the bad :P Things could get interesting... lol Love LMV
Good Morning Friends
A Good Quote
Do not judge a person based on how he treats those that can benefit him, but rather based on how he treats those that can do him no good.
Good Morning!
Hello to all I hope everyone has a good day....I have to go to work...BORING!!! I never want to go to work after a day off...but, usually when I get there depending on who I'm working with its pretty good day....the shitter is that I have tomorrow off how fucked up is that...I mean the assistant manager could have gave me two days off in a row I wouldnt have complained...anyways what are you going to do right......
Good Night!
Dont forget to tell your friends about sexy chest contest. It will begin as soon as I have at least 10 entries (15 max!)..Hopefully before the Thursday I'll have enough people.
Good Writeup Of .40 S&w Performance.
Can be found here: 11. .40 S&W Ammo Tests by Roy Stedman ( - Accuracy - Velocity - Muzzle Flash - Barrel Length vs Velocity Recently I picked up a Glock 27 as a new CCW gun. So, I had to pick a good carry load for it. The conventional wisdom is 'pick a premium factory load', I like to cross-check with the chronograph, so I found what loads I could, grabbed the chrono and headed down to the indoor range. The loads I tested were: Federal 180gr JHP Remington 180gr Golden Saber Speer Lawman 180gr TMJ Federal 155gr Hydra-shok Speer Gold Dot 155gr JHP Winchester 155gr Silvertip Cor-Bon 135gr JHP .40 ammo is commonly available in 180gr, 165gr, 155gr and a 135gr loading from Cor-Bon. The 165gr loadi
Good Ridance!!
This is a short story of how a father has lost 1 more son due to his evil,manipulative,caniving ways.A fathers son(me) who has been thru countless uphill batteles in life and is struggling to survive informs his father of a recent dilema of a car (lack there of)situation that is ongoing and causing problems.After finding out that his son(me)is in desperate need of a car he offers up one of his cars saying it needs alittle work done,well after all is said and done the son(me)goes down to cali to get the said car and drive it back to vegas.Son(me) picks up the car and parks it at his brothers house where he is residing at the present time until he can get proper paperwork from the dmv to drive it home.After contacting the dmv we(me&brother)discover why he was so willing to pay $250 to get it fixed,you assume out of love or kindness....nope....cuz the asshole hasent registered it in 2 yrs and theres $560 of registration fines to pay but he was hoping id hurry up and drive it back to vegas
The Good And The Ugly
well today is a good day but then again its an ugly day as well.... well iam gonna have to make up a new account on here cause iam blocked from posting bullitens here on this name grrrrrrrrrrr but ill keep this name as well the good for today is that i went for an interview a little while ago and i start my new job tomorrow YAY its ONLY been a year in a 1/2
Goodnight All
I am off to babe...not feeling to good. Talk to you all tomorrow
Goodnight to all my my family and friends! Long day tomorrow! Luv Muffin and I might need alot of love after tomorrows busy day, lol! Sleep tight and sweet dreams! HUGS~Heather
A Good Man, Father, Lover
MY GIFT TO ALL FOR THANKSGIVING If we would just share this with everyone we know then maybe we could get back to the real important stuff in life -- Ever heard the saying - beside every good man is a good woman - well the following is one of the reasons good women also need good men. ALL MY LIFE I HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT IT IS TOO BAD THAT PARENTING DOES NOT COME WITH A HANDBOOK Of all the books, magazines, etc. I have read the following is the best advice I have read in my whole life - they should give this to every man in the delivery room and every man at the welfare office - I don\'t care how wealthy you are or how adjusted you think you might be - read the following and tell me you did not learn something profound!!!!! TEN WAYS TO BE A BETTER FATHER by Crawford W. Loritts, Jr. In recent years, much of the debate over today\'s family crisis has focused on men--or more specifically, the lack of positive male role models. It is true too many fathers are absent and
Good With My Hands
Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
Well maybe now I should just say goodbye You used to be my friend But I never felt I really was yours So maybe this is the end. I'm different from you, all of you Each other we've never understood I hope that if I do tell you goodbye That it won't be for good. Whenever I'm mad it hurts me so bad And you don't even care I don't know why, I just want to cry And someday I won't be there. The streaks on my arm they've done me no harm They're only made of pen But once they are blood that turns brown like mud They'll be there again and again. If I'm mad at you I'll hurt myself too But that doesn't really matter Although when I hurt I feel like dirt And my spirit's bruised and battered. I do not know why it has to be so I really wish it did not But the way this has been going it is basically shot. You don't need me and we don't need we And that's how I think I know why These words are the ones I have to speak- I love you, but goodbye.
Good Day
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Good Site For Those In Recovery.
Ok, here goes. I am a recovering alchoholic. Yes little old me !!!!! I have been clean and sober for 32+ years.
Good Night.
Well I'm off to bed. I'm not even half way through going through all of my friends. If you've been removed - and you feel you've been wrongly removed - leave me a private message. I may have made a mistake - prove me wrong. I started earlier at 789..I'm now at 697. I told you guys I was serious about it. And for once I meant it. I'll continue removing people after everyone leaves tomorrow, or sometime on Friday.
A Good Old Grandma & Grandpa Story
A GOOD OLD GRANDMA & GRANDPA STORY Grandma and Grandpa were visiting their kids overnight. When Grandpa found a bottle of Viagra in His son's medicine cabinet, he asked about using one of the pills. The son said, "I don't think you should take one Dad; they're very strong and very expensive". "How much?" asked Grandpa. "$ 10.00 a pill," answered the son. "I don't care," said Grandpa, "I'd still like to try one, and before we leave in the morning, I'll put the Money under the pillow." Later the next morning, the son found $110.00 under the pillow he called Grandpa and said, "I told you each pill was $10.00, not $110.00 " "I know," said Grandpa. "The hundred is from Grandma."
Good Girls Go To Heaven (bad Girls Go Everywhere)
When the wind is howling through your window pane It's not the only pain of the night Your burning up in your bed, you gotta fever of love And there's not an antibody insight Hey Jenny, Jenny why are you crying There's a beauty of a moon in the sky But I guess when you've been leading such a sheltered life You never lift your head and look so high You don't have a lot But it's all that you've got And you can turn it into more than it seems Just give it a shot Fantisize every movement And imagine every inch of your dreams And no one said it had to be real But it's gotta be something you can reach out and feel now It ain't right It ain't fair Castles fall in the sand And we fade in the air And the good girls go to Heaven, but the bad girls go everywhere Ooh now good girls go to Heaven, but the bad girls go everywhere Sombody told me so Somebody told me now I know Every night in my prayers I'll be praying That the good girls go to Heaven, but the bad girls go
im beat and goodnight to all......try to catch up more tommorrow but for now goodnight
Good Day To Al!!!!
Goodbye My Lover
Did I disappoint you or let you down? Should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown? 'Cause I saw the end before we'd begun, Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won. So I took what's mine by eternal right. Took your soul out into the night. It may be over but it won't stop there, I am here for you if you'd only care. You touched my heart you touched my soul. You changed my life and all my goals. And love is blind and that I knew when, My heart was blinded by you. I've kissed your lips and held your head. Shared your dreams and shared your bed. I know you well, I know your smell. I've been addicted to you. Goodbye my lover. Goodbye my friend. You have been the one. You have been the one for me. I am a dreamer but when I wake, You can't break my spirit - it's my dreams you take. And as you move on, remember me, Remember us and all we used to be I've seen you cry, I've seen you smile. I've watched you sleeping for a while. I'd be the father of yo
Goodbye All
Ok all my friends and fans.Im deleting my account as of tonight.I will no longer be on this site.I met a man who is my best friend and my lover.He is everything to me.So i dont need thissite for anything.I mean he dont mind im on here but it takes away from family time.Thanks all of you for the comments and everything else.You have all been a good friend.Take care and best of luck in your ratings.
Good News!
The Good Apples
This is for the women who are good apples, even those who have already been picked! Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they sometimes take the apples from the ground that aren't as good, but easy. The apples at the top think something is wrong with them,when in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who is brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree. Now Men....Men are like a fine wine. They begin as grapes and it's up to women to stomp the sh1t out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with.
Good Way To Make Love
A Way To Love To Make Love I want to make love to you in a special way like glass, strong but crystal clear. I want to make love to your spirit by first squeezing and sucking your lips to quench my thirst. Then gently blowing love through your lips and making love to your lungs, As my heart squeezes yours and mines together until your mind blows, And you can't think. I want to bite your fingertips sending a sexual sensation through your hands and into your heart, Pumping love in and out through your veins until it reaches your feet, And your toes curl. I want to stroke you gently and softly to caress not only your spirit, But to feel the warmth of your flesh. Your body next to mine, holding and embracing with the connection of a lock and key of life and love so you can't let go. Let me love you hard so I can drill through your hurts and your pains, Paving bricks to guard your heart from your trials and tribulations. Building a dam so that when your flesh feels
Good Energy For All My Friends....
Go watch this video right NOW all you fabulous people! It's an awesome reminder of all the power we have when we believe in abundance and the beauty of today: The Secret
Good Night
well good night ill be on tomorrow
Good, Bad, Worse
Just When You Think You Have It Bad, It Gets Worse... Bad: You can't find your vibrator. Worse: Your daughter "borrowed" it. Bad: You find a porn movie in your son's room. Worse: You're in it. Bad: Your husband's a cross-dresser. Worse: He looks better than you. Bad: Your son's involved in Satanism. Worse: As a sacrifice. Bad: Your wife wants a divorce. Worse: She's a lawyer. Bad: Your wife's leaving you. Worse: For another woman. Bad: Your wife's leaving you. Worse: To enter a convent. Bad: Your wife's arrested for soliciting. Worse: She implicates you. Good: Hot outdoor sex. Bad: You're arrested. Worse: By your husband. Good: The postman's early. Bad: He's wearing camas and has an AK-47. Good: The secretary said "yes." Bad: Your wife says "no." Good: The teacher likes your son. Bad: Sexually. Worse: He's gay. Good: You came home for a quickie. Bad: So did the postman. Bad: Your children are sexually active. Worse: With each
Good Trade (what Will You Trade For A Bottle Of Wine?)
THE BOTTLE OF WINE For all of us who are married, were married, wish You were married, or wish you weren't married, this Is something to smile about the next time you see a Bottle of wine: Sally was driving home from one of her business Trips in Northern Arizona when she saw an elderly Navajo woman walking on the side of the road. As the trip was a long and quiet one, she stopped The car and asked the Navajo woman if she would like A ride. With a silent nod of thanks, the woman got into The car. Resuming the journey, Sally tried in vain to make A bit of small talk with the Navajo woman. The old Woman just sat silently, looking intently at Everything she saw, studying every little detail, Until she noticed a brown bag on the seat next to Sally. "What in bag?" asked the old woman. Sally looked down at the brown bag and said, "It's A bottle of wine. I got it for my husband." The Navajo woman was silent for another moment or Two. Then spea
Good Night To All
Good Woman Hard To Find
Id like to find a good woman i can share my life with and trust. i have a harley and i like to go to the mountains and camping,swimming,fleamarkets boating ,fishing....Im self employed auto repair and wrecker service.foods i like is pizza, seafood, steak ,tacos, buritoes,mexican foods such as fajitas,i would love to find the perfect woman for me on very fun to be with ,i love attention and i love giving attention the way is should be .I like movies i even cook dont like to all the time but sometimes i do and im pretty good at it. I live alone and i dont like it. I want someone that i like to live with me and BE MY BEST FRIEND AND LOVER.Ive never been really inlove AND I WOULD LOVE TOo.. I guess im too picky i want someone that i really enjoy being with and treats me good and someone that turnes me on. i guess the ones ive dated or lived with i was allways misstreated and talked to like a dog and i know deep down god will send me the perfect one soo lets talk please no games no
Good Morning Friends
just wanted to say good morning to friends family and every one that checks this out. i know that alot of u are like busy as hell and u dont always have time or something comes up and u cant say the things u want to people u love like or want to love.i understand so i thought i say hello to every one here,hope u all have a great day MySpace Comments Graphics
A Good Chain To Repost
If only I could then I would do this with her: Drive out in that special place called middle of nowhere with her and we'd do the craziest things in there because no one is there to stop us. Just be outside holding hands thinking of what we could do and let it all out. Let it all out in the craziest of all things that the world would even stop us from doing because we live the fullest of all the fools and cry out that there’s no time for tomorrow but today. Drive ourselves into deep madness called real world and try to pose ourselves like “the society” then throw it all away by the end of the day because we were what we were and we chose it to be that way forever. Cuddle and make out for we love each other like butter that is spread thoroughly into bread making sure that we get every inch of each slice in this state of mind forever.
A Good Lawyer!
Good Lawyer - Priceless Only in Louisiana - you have to love this lawyer - It's too good not to share! Everyone who has ever bought a house will enjoy this. A New Orleans lawyer sought an FHA loan for a client who lost his house in Hurricane Katrina and wanted to rebuild. He was told the loan would be granted if he could prove satisfactory title to the parcel of property being offered as collateral. The title to the property dated back to 1803, which took the Lawyer three months to track down. After sending the information to the FHA, he received the following reply: (Actual letter): "Upon review of your letter adjoining your client's loan application, we note that the request is supported by an Abstract of Title. While we compliment the able manner in which you have prepared and presented the application, we must point out that you have only cleared title to the proposed collateral property back to 1803. Before final approval can be accorded, i
Good Morning
Wake up with the pogues!
Good Mornin!
Well I only had a few minutes before I had to leave for work...and guess what...Its time for me to leave. I should be back around 5ish or have a good day and play nice. Just say NO to Drama! lol
Good Riddance, All.
er... I mean... Good morning. Oh, crap. Is it Tuesday again?
Good Quotes
Good, Bad And The Ugly
Good: You flirt with a gorgeous woman at a party Bad: Your wife notices Ugly: You're married to Lorena Bobbitt Good: Your 22 year old daughter got a new job. Bad: Its at the White House. Ugly: She will be working for the president. Good: You talk your wife into taking a Viagra pill. Bad: She gets it stuck in her throat. Ugly: She misses three days of work because of a stiff neck. Good: A beautiful redhead at a party drags you into a closet. Bad: You discover just a moment too late, she has the same equipment as you. Ugly: Hers is larger than yours.
Good Night
Good night all I'm tired and got work tomorrow along with school and a test that I aint studied for yet LOL so I might not be online till late tomorrow so you all take care.. Hugs and kisses Steve
Good Night!
Well I sat down to watch a clip on some show my mom was watching, and ended up dozing off...But I managed to get my shower, and now I'm going to bed. Its a lot later than I thought it was. Enjoy your Wednesday tomorrow. I'll be here sometime after I get out of work..*hugs* BrattyBytch.
Good Morning 11/29
Todays wake up flash back!
Good Morning!
i changed the name of this blog and deleted my other i just got ready for u think i should take new pix and upload them b4 i gotta go??
Good Nite 4 Now
alrite...this super sleep deprived girl has decided that she needs a rest....good nite everyone...i will be back in a few hours...its 6 pm now...i gotta dj at 1 ill see you all the mean time...why dont you go vote for me in this contest... Vote For Me As CT's Poster Girl! Just Click The Pic Below. Then Rate & Comment My Pic. But Remember Only One Comment Please. Cassandra Lynn
Good Nite
had enuf for the night.......sweet dreams to all.......sleep well.......good night
Good News
Hello Fellow Cherries! Long time no talk. Sorry I've been hella busy. School, holidays, and general daliy grind shit. School is going well, doing good in my classes, learning lots. Good news is I have been nominated to be in "Who's Who" I nearly flipped my perverbeal shit!! Got a good chunk of christmas done or in my chase chanaka. I am entering a Poetry Slam this Friday, top prize is 300 bucks. I also got a job. I am a nanny!! That is SO cute. Well much holiday love to all and some warm fuzzies.
Good Imagination
Good Ol' Rebel
Oh, I'm a good old Rebel, now that's just what I am, For this "Fair Land of Freedom" I do not give a damn! I'm glad I fit against it, I only wish we'd won, And I don't want no pardon for anything I done. I hates the Constitution, this Great Republic, too, I hates the Freedman's Buro in uniforms of blue, I hates the nasty eagle with all his brag and fuss, The lying, thieving Yankees, I hates 'em wuss and wuss! I hates the Yankee nation and everything they do, I hates the Declaration of Independence, too, I hates the "Glorious Union" , 'tis dripping with our blood, I hates their striped banner, I fit it all I could. I followed old Marse Robert for four years, near about, Got wounded in three places, and starved at P'int Lookout; I cotched the "roomatism" a'campin' in the snow, But I killed a chance o' Yankees, and I'd like to kill some mo'. Three hundred thousand Yankees is stiff in Southern dust! We got three hundred thousand before they conquered us. They died
i just wanted everyone to have a great night and many pleasent dreams....i will dream many for you as well....
Good Night!
Night night everyone. I'm off to bed...I'll be back sometime tomorrow after work. Buried at
Good Morning Fans!!
Well, Been off for like 2 weeks – ‘cept I did work Turkey Day… Was a great time off. Got to ride the Harley several days while off… With all the snow coming in today I will not be riding for at least the next 2 days… I work a pretty cool schedule -- 6 days straight and then 2 days off till the weekend arrives… Then 2 3-day weekends… So ignoring vacation days I just had Wed-Thur off… So now I work thru next Wed and I will have Thur – Fri off butt I took Saturday off to go somewhere… Anyway – just a personal update for my fans, friend and haters… Yep – haters.. There are guys on here who CANT STAND IT – that the Kitty is such a babe magnet.. Is it my fault God made me this cute and smart??? Come on!! Anyway ladies – I am sure I will post something on here today to get ya to smile – because I think laughter is an elemental need for each of us… I could use the “nekkidy photo” to get ya to smile – butt that is NOT my style… You wanna see me naked? You will have to ho
Good Morning
Good Morning
Good Charlotte
Good News Folks
Mel the guy who I went to see on Tuesday is going to help me with the posters and stuff. Hes put the feelers out to a couple of printers and is going to get me a good deal and also arrange a way of getting me the money to print the posters out and get them out. I spoke to him today and he has other ideas up his sleeve which fit in with what I want to do as well. I am really chuffed.
Goodbye Friends!
I have really had a fun time on CT. I've met some very sweet people. I want to thank everyone that has been very nice to me. I've made some very nice friends and I hate to leave you. I just don't have the time to be on here like I have. I have been neglecting my family and my home. My family is EVERYTHING to me and I can't believe how much time I have spent on here when I should've been taking care of them. I've let CT get the worst of me! I've done some things that I'm not at all proud of! It has affected my family in a horrible way! I can't take back the things I've done! All I can do is to try to make the best of what has happened and work on getting things straightened out with my family! Take Care, Sandy
Good Night!
Good Black Men
Good Black Men are indeed all around us. We pass them on the streets, in the malls, and at work. Most we can't see because we don't know what a good man really looks like. He usually isn't flashy enough or rich enough to turn our heads. He might not wear a suit or push a Lexus. He might not have a body like Tyson with a Denzel face. But, as you mature, you realize it's better to find someone who's got your back rather than someone who turns your head. A good man doesn't agree wholeheartedly with everything you say. He doesn't just tell you what you want to hear and do the opposite. He doesn't declare how sensitive, sweet, caring, sincere, etc. he is (he won't have to because it shows). He has his own opinions and yours may clash, but he doesn't have to degrade you to prove he's right. He even admits at times to being wrong, especially if you are willing to do the same. A good man is not going to meet every item on your checklist.
I look into your eyes, your heart, your soul - Were you really loving me or lying? My love goes deeper than I ever imagined it could or even would. Love is a part of life, I know. So is the pain and the sorrow, along with the smiles, and the joys. My life will be forever changed because I loved you. It seemed as though my world was falling apart, along with my heart. No longer will I let your memory hurt me. I will move on with my life, no longer letting you be a part of me.
I am getting off of this site and all others. To my friends, you know who you are, you have my number if you ever wanna talk... Goodbye
Goodbye To Romance
Cookin Dinnah...Pork Chops/Au Gratin Taters/Steamed Broccoli and string beans This song popped in my head. I feel so lost!!! Goodbye To Romance OZZY Yesterday has been and gone Tommorow will I find the sun Or will it rain Everybody's having fun Except me, I'm the lonely one I live in shame I say goodbye to romance, yeah Goodbye to friends, I tell you Goodbye to all the past I guess that we'll meet We'll meet in the end I've been the king, I've been the clown Now broken wings can't hold me down I'm free again The jester with the broken crown It won't be me this time around To love in vain I say goodbye to romance, yeah Goodbye to friends, I tell you Goodbye to all the past I guess that we'll meet We'll meet in the end And I feel the time is right Although I know that you just might say to me What'cha gonna do What'cha gonna do But I have to take this chance goodbye To friends and to romance And to all of you And to all of you Come on now
The Good Die Young
i hear from people on here and on yahoo about people they know getting killed in iraq.people that are really younger then me. i wish i knew what to tell them. i wish at times i could take their places so they will be home with friends and family. sad thing is, there is only one of me, so i cant take their places. i get asked why i keep voluntering to go over. the answer is i like being useful. im not afraid of dying. if i wasnt ready for death or afraid of it, i wouldnt volunteer, i wouldnt be in the army. i get to help train people to go over there, train them on the job i did there. i doubt they will let me train them like i wanna do it, makin it as real as possible at the same time being safe. god i need to stop thinking so much. not only am i boring the shit out of you, i will probably depress a few of u that have lost people over there.
Good Night
Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills
Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills I fucked your girlfriend last night. While you snored and drooled, I fucked your love. She called me Daddy. And I called her baby when I Smacked her ass. I called her sugar when I ate Her alive till daylight. And I slept with her all Over me, from forehead to ribcage I dripped her ass. Sometimes I thought you might be spying, living out some Brash fantasy, but no. You were knocked out. But we were All knocked out you know. In a way I serve too many masters. We didn't know you'd break the bottle that the magic Came in to use those jagged shards to slit our wrists And neck. And you'd do it too, you're that kind of dude. But you wouldn't know what you were doing because I didn't, your girlfriend could have been a burn Victim, an amputee, a dead body. But god damn I wanted To fuck. I'm losing what's left of my fucking mind, I serve too many fucking masters. (I told you. I told you motherfucker)
Good Cop/ Bad Cop
Officer Johnson drove along the highway looking up license plates of random cars to check if they were stolen. Finally he had spotted one a stolen 2005 Dodge Charger he hit his lights and siren signaling the car to pull over. Without question the car pulled to the side of the road of the highway. Officer Williams jumped out of his car and walked over to the driver side of the car. Only being able to see one occupant he kept his hand firmly on his gun. The occupant looked to be a female in her early 20's. He leaned intot he window and looked about. "Ma'am can I see your license and registration please?", he sad qith a stern voice. She looked a bit nerous and tilted her head, "Officer this is not even my car honestly. I borrowed it from a friend and I have no idea where he stashes his vehicle information." Backing away from the vehicle Officer Johnson opened the door, "Ma'am please step away from the vehicle...", his hand still on the gun that he had unstrapped. She did as what was
Good Friends
there were two bears, one smiled and one frowned. but one hunnypot. and beeping gadgets dont lull me nor does loss so ill stay awake with the beeping of alarmclock purgation. its only fare. (for the next ride) sigh one stone night i remember you both. grinning in talk, 2 young folk songs blaring into the sunset. and i passed thru this room with the energy of speedfreak but to avail at nothing great. to reveal my faces but in letters on the fridge. to show you how i see your eyes in a rainy street. i just want you to be fantastic. with or without a solitare cell.
Good Night
wishing all my fans freinds a goodnight when down 2000 pooints inroute to next rank see u all tommrow
Good Morning Sunshine!
My Fave show when i was Little was a show on WPIX in Jersey Called the Magic Garden. And now I bring you all "The Hello Song"
The Good Ol' Days...
It's the summer of 1961 and Harold goes to pick up his date, Peggy Sue. Harold's a pretty hip guy with his own car and a duck tail hairdo. When he goes to the front door, Peggy Sue's mother answers And invites him in. "Peggy Sue's not ready yet, so why don't You have a seat?" she says. That's cool.Peggy Sue's mother Asks Harold what they're planningto do. Harold replies politely that they will probably just go to The malt shop or to a drive-in movie. Peggy Sue's mother responds, "Why don't you kids go out andscrew? I hear all the kids are doing it."Naturally this comes as quite a surprise to Harold and he says "Wha...aaat?" "Yeah," says Peggy Sue's mother, "We know Peggy Sue really likes to screw; why, she'd screw all night if we let her!" Harold's eyes light up and he smiles from ear to ear. Immediately, he has revised the plans for the evening. A few minutes later, Peggy Sue comes downstairs in her little poodle skirt with her saddle shoes, and
Goodness, Gracious, Blue Balls Of Fire
*Editor's note* - This blog is intended for mature audiences only!!! As I sit, and watch the BET Awards Mary J. Blidge is performing "No More Crying" I think that's what the name of the song is. Anyway, She's wearing this form fitting denim onsombable, and tan knee boots. Now, at the time I just woke up, and we all now how "WE" wake up. I wouldn't call it morning wood...More like frustrated evening wood. Frustrated because it was just about to visit Bush Gardens, but before it could...The park closed on a count of a thunderstorm. In this case I was awakened from my "close but no cigar" wet dream. Damn telemarketers!!! They always call at the wrong times. So anyways, I'm watching Mary J, and I get a glance at her backside. Suddenly I began jumping, and I don't mean Kris Kross style. Now, I could do three things. 1. Walk it off. 2. Beat it off. 3. Sleep it off. I chose the first option, when I should've chose number 2. My dog starts barking, and I take him out to t
Good In Bed
How Good In Bed Are You?Congratulations, according to our experts, you scored : 92% which makes you ExcellentYou are an expert in the bedroom. You know how to please your partner and keep them coming back and begging for moreHow Good In Bed Are You, find out at
Good Night All
Goodnight To All My Friends
Goodnight to all my friends, I am off to bed. Sweet Dreams everyone!!! Hugs!!!
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Wish u all a great day! Happyness and love! Smile and kisses friendship and togetherness! Have a perfict day!
Good Morning
So folks...I have the day off. Have some business to take care of in a bit but for the most part I have nothing to do! woo hoo! Yesterday was a pretty awful day. Not going into detail too much but, girls you know what im talking about, it was one of those days when you just want to sit in your room and cry. But its a new day, and I'm picking myself up and moving on. Going to take care of stuff and not worry. I hope everyone else has a mahvelous, yes i mean mahvelous day :P. I added a couple new pics in my "Stuff I like" folder if ya wouldn't mind rating them too. Oh I'm such a points whore!! But ya'all love me anyways right? Right?!?
Good -vs- Evil
Good Mornign
Good Morning loca_chula2000 I see you are up to par on your stalking. Are you enjoying all that you see and read. Good, I am so glad for you. LEAVE ME can you read that clear enough. Quit checking my profile out. Quit checking MY HUSBAND's profile out. LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE. The police said that is considered stalking. Go away..get the pic...go away now.
Good Morning!
Morning all you happy ppl!
Good Vs Evil.
hey all come show some love please....i'm on the evil side, u can rate once and comment as many times as ya like, both will b added up in the end......PLEASE show some love wld be appreciated unless u'r just to chicken. heres the direct link click on the pic and show the love *wink*
Good Song
NELLY FURTADO "All Good Things (Come To An End)" Honestly what will become of me don't like reality It's way too clear to me But really life is dandy We are what we don't see Missed everything daydreaming [Chorus:] Flames to dust Lovers to friends Why do all good things come to an end Flames to dust Lovers to friends Why do all good things come to an end come to an end come to an Why do all good things come to end? come to an end come to an Why do all good things come to an end? Traveling I only stop at exits Wondering if I'll stay Young and restless Living this way I stress less I want to pull away when the dream dies The pain sets in and I don't cry I only feel gravity and I wonder why Flames to dust Lovers to friends Why do all good things come to an end Flames to dust Lovers to friends Why do all good things come to an end come to an end come to an Why do all good things come to end? come to an end come to an Why do all good things come
Goodness And Email ...
One day God was looking down at earth and saw all of the bad behaviour that was going on. So he called one of his angels and sent the angel to earth for a time. When he returned, he told God, "Yes, it is bad on Earth; 95% are misbehaving and only 5% are not." God thought for a moment and said, "Maybe I had better send down a second angel to get another opinion." So God called another angel and sent him to earth for a time too. When the angel returned he went to God and said,"Yes, it's true. The earth is in decline; 95% are misbehaving, but 5% are being good." God was not pleased. So he decided to email the 5% who were good, because He wanted to encourage them, give them a little something to help them keep going. Do you know what the email said? No? Okay, just wondering.....I didn't get one either...
The Good Vs. The Evil
Good Night
good to everyone i'm taking my cold self to bed to my warm covers.. nights ps leave me some lovings so i can wake up and be happy you all know what to do :) night night
Good Morning
Good Morning all my Cherry friends Courtesy of Enjoy Courtesy of Just one more week of classes for finals and then time so spread the Christmas Joy!
Good Morning All....
i'm going for a run in a minute to clear my head. i just wanted to say good morning and i hope you all slept well. hopefully, you had dreams that made you want to stay in bed. have a great day and i'll be by later to check out what is up with you:) god bless!
Good Poem
Somewhere In The Night by Marilyn Somewhere in the night a child cries, A woman weeps and someone dies. Somewhere in the night, humanity hides. Somewhere in the night , a soul screams, As people fade and die, lost in dreams. Somewhere in the night, reality lives. Somewhere in the night loneliness dwells, As people die, no sounding bells. Somewhere in the night, she dies alone. Somewhere in the night ... Where is the light?
Good Friends
i have such great friends...thank all of you for helping my step daughter win the cutest kid contest...i think all of you are special and i just love all yall...sue
Daddy Yankee ft Snoop Dogg Gangsta Zone Music Video Code
Good Afternoon
A woman in her 30's was taking her mother, who was in her 50's to the gynecologist. After dropping her mother off, she and her daughter ran a few errands, then returned to the doctor. While the older woman had her feet in the stirrups, the doctor remarked, "Don't we look pretty today", as he performed his examination. The lady was quite shocked, but said nothing. When her daughter picked her up, she was quite upset. The Following conversation ensued: Mother: Do you know what that doctor said to me? He said, "Don't we look pretty today", while he was looking between my legs! Do you think that was appropriate? Daughter: No! Are you sure he wasn't referring to your hairstyle or something? Mother: Well, it still wasn't appropriate or professional. I wonder if it could be considered sexual harassment. What do you think? Daughter: I don't know. We're you embarrassed? Mother: I was very embarrassed. I used some of your FDS this morning, and he may have smelled that, but I st
Goodbye To All My Friends
Well everyone, I am leaving cherrytap. It has been fun, but I have a lot going on, so I am going to say goodbye. If your interested, my regular e-mail is, I hope to hear from you. Goodbye, God Bless and Have a GREAT HOLIDAY! Ray
Good One
My Girl ~JellyBean~ made this. Why do men feel that it's ok to call us lady's Attention Whore's ?? men are the biggest ATTENTION WHORE'S on the face of this earth. RUSH DID THIS ONE
Good-bye It's been days, almost weeks Since the day you said "Good-bye" Now I'm staring at your picture Trying my best not to cry I think of all the things you said Lies, that's all they were I still don't believe it And now I'm left with a heart that won't soar I should thank you You taught me how to love, but What about the pain that comes When all you do is say "Good-bye?"
Goodbye On that night, You said you'd treat me right, On that night that gave rain, I was in deep pain On that night, you made me shine, I was yours and you were mine, But then I didn't know, … This was an all time low That day when hatred appears, And you brought me fears, There was a new feat, I realized you were not easy to defeat That night I knew not where, The hatred replaced the care, And out of all of the above, There was no love But without pain, There is no gain, So I won’t cower and run, Not just from you, but anyone I’ll stay with the ones I love, And the ones I care of, And to you this is one of my goodbyes, I will not take any more of you precious lies
A Good Pic Of Me
A Good Read
The day I wasn’t looking forward to had come. The divorce was final. The house I forced her to sell and split with sixty percent to me! was now sold and she had to be out too. The day I go back to the house to get the rest of my stuff to put into my apartment. My now exwife and I had come to an uncivil agreement as to what I could take, and what she wanted to keep. I told her I would come while she was at work so there would be no discomfort for either of us. I got there on time and the next door neighbor helped me with some large stuff and the rest I did on my own because it was mostly clothes, boxes and books. As I was finishing up and closing the U-haul door she pulled up to the curb. She was still in her tight yoga sweats. Sylvie is her name and I keep forgetting just how hot she is. She runs a yoga studio in the high end section of town as well as teaching a class or two a day so I never worried about her needing alimony. She is tall and leggy, emerald green eyes
Good Night All
Europe's going to bed! Please remember to give me lots of love whilst I sleep. Help yourself to my photos and rip away if you wish. See you all tomorrow! ACEMANUK
Good -vs- Evil
GOOD VS EVIL CONGRATULATIONS TO TEAM EVIL! TEAM GOOD = 4,744 points TEAM EVIL = 10,631 points Winner of the Girl with the highest personal score for Team Good is LUCY (1268 points) Winner of the Girl with the highest personal score for Team Evil is SHELLY BELLY (2498 points) Congratulations to all of the ladies on Team Evil for their win! Unlike last time, this was not a very close contest. Team Evil started out strong and maintained the lead every day! Great job ladies! Thank you to everyone who voted and participated! WINNERS - Please contact stixxx AND blue demon to get your prizes. We may not have all of you on our friends list (so add us) and if you don't contact us we may not be able to find you. If you want your prizes please find us! HOST OF TEAM GOOD Stixxx@ CherryTAP HOST OF TEAM EVIL blue demon(TEAM EVIL )brb@ CherryTAP Stixxx and Blue Demon would like to thank everyone on both teams for participating, and thank you all for
Good Morning
Just wanted to say hello to all!
Good News
Well the regional manager I interviewed with yesterday called this morning to reschedule my second interview that I was going to have today because something came up with the local manager that I was supposed to spend the day with. While rescheduling he said this to me... "If all goes well on Friday and you think this is something you want to continue with I'll probably go ahead and put in training" Or something to effect. So I basically have the job as long as I don't make a fool of myself. Which wouldnt be hard for me because I'm clumsy BUT with my guard up and my thinking cap on, I should do great! I'M SO EXCITED!!!
A Good Read.
a friend sent me this. a friend of hers sent it to her. she ask me to pass it on to as many people as i could. i figure what better way to this then posting it here. A wealthy man and his son loved to collect rare works of art. They had everything in their collection, from Picasso to Raphael. They would often sit together and admire the great works of art. When the Viet Nam conflict broke out, the son went to war. He was very courageous and died in battle while rescuing another soldier. The father was notified and grieved deeply for his only son. About a month later, just before Christmas, there was a knock at the door. A young man stood at the door with a large package in his hands. He said, "Sir, you don't know me, but I am the soldier for whom your son gave his life. He saved many lives that day, and he was carrying me to safety when a bullet struck him in the heart and he died instantly. He often talked about you, and your love for art. The young man held out
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.....
I guess if am gonna tell this story...I have to bring it all out. As I have already written, my last draw showed my hormone numbers dropping very slowly. The dr that has been keeping an eye on me told me that I could still keep coming in and having the draws done to keep an eye on the numbers. Well yesterday I get a call from a nurse telling me that I cant go in anymore because it wont do any good and the tests are "costly". After hanging up, I started crying because those tests are the only link I have to see that I am getting better and now they want to take them away from me when it looks like my numbers might be stopping??!! Mike and I have talked about going to see someone else in Madison if this is the case because we dont even know if everything has left my body and yet they are telling me to wait another 2 weeks to see if I have a monthly. ITS ALREADY BEEN 2.5 MONTHS SINCE I LOST THIS BABY....IT SHOULD HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED!! So last night I couldnt sleep....stayed up ti
Good Men
Good Bye To A Great Actor
For you Peter Boyle love you in young frankenstein an you will be missed
Good Wishes
I want to wish all my Cherry Tap Friends a Very Merry Christmas and a Great New Year! I look forward to Meeting New Friends and New Readings.
Good Morning
Yay its PAYDAY...Need to go do some xmas shoppin. Taking the kids to christmas village tonite to see santa and I will post pics when i get back. Its neat they have real reindeer etc and they kids each get a toy and to see Santa and Mrs. Claus. I was wondering...How do yall choose who you put in your family. Mines people I have known forever on here...or i really like. I cut the number down to 8. I won't just add anyone. I have seen a few asking me to and I just won't! You have to earn it by being a "friend" and knowing stuff about me...Family KNOWS stuff!!! Have a good Day Everyone xoxoxoxox
Good Morning, I Think!!
Good morning, I think! To those worried about my state of mind, a fair amount of sleep heals most wounds! Well, that sounded good. I'm feeling more centered this morning and that helps. Is that the Boy Scout motto, or something - Be Prepared! I'm taking that one to heart now. I need to start planning for emergency stress and energetic mayhem! It seems to like me!! I am so behind in my daily greetings to everyone. Please forgive me. I will slowly get around to everyone - operative word is SLOWLY! I hope everyone is having a reasonable week! I do think of you all daily. Blessings and much love to all!! Hugs!
Good Morning All Got This In My Email Wanted To Share
ONLY THING I WANT TO SAY IS AT LEAST SOME ONE CARED ENOUGH TO EMAIL HER SMILES I'm quite sure that I received ALL of these emails in the past year or two. How about you?? SUMMARY OF MY LAST YEAR ON THE COMPUTER I must send my thanks to whoever sent me the one about rat poop in the glue on envelopes because I now have to use a wet towel with every envelope that needs sealing. Also, now I have to scrub the top of every can I open for the same reason. I no longer have any savings because I gave it to a sick girl (Penny Brown) who is about to die in the hospital for the 1,387,258th time. I no longer have any money at all, but that will change once I receive the $15,000 that Bill Gates/Microsoft and AOL are sending me for participating in their special e-mail program. I no longer worry about my soul because I have 363,214 angels looking out for me, and St. Theresa's novena has granted my every wish. I no longer eat at KFC because their chick
Good Morning And Fuck Dumb Bitches
hey good moring it is i just got my script for xanax last night and had the best sex and the best night sleep ever i am so happy to be home instead of being up north with my other family i love being home with my man i love to suck his dick mmmm its so tasty. well today should be fun get all xanied out and smoke some dank and fuck the hell outta my man mmmm i love my life so much but yet it is so fuckin boring. whats funny as all hell is that i pissed some dumb bitch off on here cause i told her she has a butther face ( in other words she is sexy but her face is ugly as hell at least i think so. she says i look like i am from the 70 the bitch is only 24 what the fuck does she know about the 70 not shit so all i can say is she needs so shut the fuck up and mind her own shit and why cant her friend that is pissed stand up for herself i havent heard from her fuckin pussies she must know that her face aint that pretty or she would have said something to me herself and the chick that is bi
Good Read
Just finished latest Stephen King, Lisey's Story.....another solid book. Change of pace from Story of O (don't read Return to the Chateau, just ruins it) and Carries Story. If your looking to be entertained and a lil' hot and bothered, the last 2 are very good SM books.
Good Morning, Everyone!
Going shopping with my Mom and sister Carol in a bit! Not all day, thank the Goddess and God! Haven't visited with them in awhile so this will be nice! I'll be back online later, though. Have a great day, everyone!! Much love and blessings to All! Hugs to Everyone, too, lol!!!!
Good News!!
The Good Things?
Do not let the good things in life rob you of the best things. - Buster Rothman
A Good Question
>you make the choice. Don't look for a punch line, there isn't one. Read it >anyway. My question is: Would you have made the same choice? >At a fundraising dinner for a school that serves learning-disabled >children, the father of one of the students delivered a speech that would >never be forgotten by all who attended. After extolling the school and its >dedicated staff, he offered a question: "When not interfered with by >outside influences, everything nature does is done with perfection. Yet my >son, Shay, cannot learn things as other children do. He cannot understand >things as other children do. Where is the natural order of things in my >son?" The audience was stilled by the query. The father continued. "I >believe that when a child like Shay, physically and mentally handicapped >comes into the world, an opportunity to realize true human nature presents >itself, and it comes in the way other people treat that child." > >Then he told the following story: S
Goodbye Love
this is my favorite song from rent which conveniently left out of the movie so i made the video for myself, lol
Goodnight All
time for bed tc all
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from I HOPE ALL MY GOOD FRIENDS ON HERE HAS A WONDERFUL DAY... Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
A Good Xmas Story
This Will Get Ya > Three years ago, a little boy and his grandmother came to see Santa at > Mayfair Mall in Wisconsin. The child climbed up on his lap, holding a > picture of a little girl. "Who is this?" asked Santa, smiling. "Your > friend? Your sister?" > "Yes, Santa," he replied. "My sister, Sarah, who is very sick," he > said sadly. > Santa glanced over at the grandmother who was waiting nearby, and saw > her dabbing her eyes with a tissue. > "She wanted to come with me to see you, oh, so very much, Santa!" the > child exclaimed. "She misses you," he added softly. > Santa tried to be cheerful and encouraged a smile to the boy's face, > asking him what he wanted Santa to bring him for Christmas. When they > finished their visit, the Grandmother came over to help the child off > his lap, and started to say something to Santa, but halted. > "What is it?" Santa asked warmly. > "Well, I know it's really too much to ask you, Santa, but ." the old > woman began, shoo
Good Things!!!!
Good Day
So i had the best day ever with my boyfriend. He got to meet my lil one for the first time,and they had a blast. She was sad when we went back home,and all i kept hearing was mommy i miss him. I thought it was the sweetest moment ever
Good One
The Good - The Bad & The Ugly
The Good the Bad and the Ugly The fine distinction between THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY Good: Your hubby and you agree, no more kids Bad: You can't find your birth control pills Ugly: Your daughter borrowed them Good: Your son studies a lot in his room Bad: You find several porn movies hidden there. Ugly: You're in them Good: Your husband understands fashion Bad: He's a cross-dresser Ugly: He looks better than you Good: Your son's finally maturing Bad: He's involved with the woman next door Ugly: So are you Good: You give the birds and bees talk to your daughter Bad: She keeps interrupting Ugly: With corrections Good: Your wife's not talking to you Bad: She wants a divorce Ugly: She's a lawyer Good: Your daughter got a new job Bad: As a hooker Way ugly: She makes more money than you do Good: Your son is dating someone new Bad: It's another man Ugly: He's you're best friend Good: Your wife is pregnant. Bad: It's triplets Ugly: You had
Good Night All!!
Saying Goodnight to all my friends, it has been a blast as usual to have you all and having some fun!! FL616!!
A Good Song
Crossfade (Crossfade) I built my life like my bike on a rigid frame So nothing bends it only breaks into pieces and pieces I waited for hope to arrive but it never came Leaving me with only pain inside I'm going off the deep end Holding on is harder than it seems When you're reaching for so much more Seems so much easier to just give in When you're reaching for so much more Another wasted Saturday so here I stay Where nothing seems to ever change anyway hey All this hype about life bein' great Where's the love for me these days I'm goin off the deep end This is my song on my page it has meaning to me. Everyone says how good I have it and they have no idea just like I always say u think you know but you have no idea. Iam done being MR Nice Guy and getting shit on all the time I will be the nice guy i ahve always been but iam not taking anyone elses shit Well aim pissed off as usual so iam going to cool off or at least try to hahhahahahaha thats funny
Good Day!
Yah So Today Sucked. Tomorrow Is Going To Be Better :) Cuz I Say So.
Good Morning Everyone!
Well, the stomach flu is running through the house! I have been up all night with sick kiddo's and a sick hubby! I hope that it is gone and cleared out before Christmas, but with 7 children, that is probably wishing WAY too much! I hope you all have a great Day! Dee
Cheat This is about someone who did me wrong and deserves a heartache… You said that you loved me, That I was perfect in your eye, That I was your only, But that was a lie. You spill the same lines to her The ones you told me You’re playing the both of us It’s easy to see I see your crooked plan Just as plain as day I hate the way you’re treating me So I’m not going to stay I'll pack my bags and leave you Leave the abuse and all your lies Look at me for one last time And we'll say our goodbye's
Good News
well today has been a pritty good is 5:45pm jeni is sitting on the couch watching csi, which i am peaking over my sholder and watching as well...Sean has gotten into candy and has his toys taken away..the only problem with this solution is that he keeps coming out into the living room when he is not supposed to. Well anyways enough about me...For the last six months i have been without my baby david..I miss him soo Much (my boyfriend) he is in iowa with his family and he doesn't wanna be down there anymore and all i wanna do is go down there and bring him back home...but i can't afforde the gas right now...I have been a nanny for three months now and i am honestly surrpised i have not gone insane yet...but oh well i don't wanna go to the nut i had an interview today with buckle(clothing store) in the rochester mall i honestly think i didn't get the job but that is ok i really want to work at Rochester Medical center. Make more money and be able to get
Goodbye The darkness of my heart, The sadness of my life, Always pushing and striving, But nothing ever goes right. Who are you? You are no one to me. You may be in control now, But someday I might be. You fuck me, I'll fuck you, And the darkness deepens As the hardness does too. Keep pushing, And maybe I'll break. Keep driving me deeper Behind these walls of no escape. Locked in here, I'm safe and sound, You cannot hurt me more, So just go away and don't come back around. In here I live, In here I die, Safe from the pain, Safe from the lies. Goodbye!
Good Day!
Im in a good mood :)..Yay Me!! I just got home about 15 minutes ago..Went xmas shopping..Bought soo much stuff..Even bought myself a new necklace and a book!! :D WooT WooT Hi Everyone!!!
Good Dick
what makes a dick good?
A Good Friend Of Mine Was Accused Of Cheating The Way The Old Blogs Were Rated On Here.... Well Heres How She Found Out How....
Now I am NOT doing this to stir up drama - I am doing this to hopefully clear up old drama..... Jelly was torn apart here on cherry for supposedly "cheating" by viewing her friends blogs alot to increase their ratings and having her friends view hers .... however is that really cheating? The friends are taking the time to read them lol But anyways.... I have felt for a long time that Jellybean stood and took that blame all by herself ....... Jelly didnt just figure out how to do it all by herself - she was taught how to "cheat to increase the blogs" in the old rating style....... by none other than the Sweet Miss S..... who from what I hear was taught by a friendly little birdie (Orly) and those are the Sweet Miss S's own words .... but just in case you dont believe that she taught Jelly how to do it .... heres your screen shot....... oh btw, luv&hugs, Micshell
Good Stuff
You Are 68% Sociopath The good news is that you're devastatingly charming. The bad news? You mostly use those charms for evil! Are You A Sociopath? Uncle Filthy@ CherryTAP
Good Morning Comments
I send out comments every morning to everyone on my friends list i do this not because of the cherrytap points but because i hope to make someones day a little better by saying good morning. I have quite a few people on my friends list some have never spoken a word to me but i still send them a comment some have and i really like the ones i have spoken to they all seem like nice people. Im not an advertizer a perve or anything like that. I am just a person who actually cares about others and wish them well. But seems to me that some people are making it hard for myself and others like me who like to say hello. If we cant find the comment box or we cant leave the comment because either they dont want html and something new is coming up an error about spam. Which to me says that this person doesnt want me to say good morning to them. If this is the case then post a comment on here to me or send me a message telling me and i will make a list of those people not to send comments to. i don
Good Ol' Rebel
Oh, I'm a good old Rebel, now that's just what I am, For this "Fair Land of Freedom" I do not give a damn! I'm glad I fit against it, I only wish we'd won, And I don't want no pardon for anything I done. I hates the Constitution, this Great Republic, too, I hates the Freedman's Buro in uniforms of blue, I hates the nasty eagle with all his brag and fuss, The lying, thieving Yankees, I hates 'em wuss and wuss! I hates the Yankee nation and everything they do, I hates the Declaration of Independence, too, I hates the "Glorious Union" , 'tis dripping with our blood, I hates their striped banner, I fit it all I could. I followed old Marse Robert for four years, near about, Got wounded in three places, and starved at P'int Lookout; I cotched the "roomatism" a'campin' in the snow, But I killed a chance o' Yankees, and I'd like to kill some mo'. Three hundred thousand Yankees is stiff in Southern dust! We got three hundred thousand before they conquered us. They died
Good And Evil
-Kahlil Gibran On Good And Evil- And one of the elders of the city said, "Speak to us of Good and Evil." And he answered: Of the good in you I can speak, but not of the evil. For what is evil but good tortured by its own hunger and thirst? Verily when good is hungry it seeks food even in dark caves, and when it thirsts, it drinks even of dead waters. You are good when you are one with yourself. Yet when you are not one with yourself you are not evil. For a divided house is not a den of thieves; it is only a divided house. And a ship without rudder may wander aimlessly among perilous isles yet sink not to the bottom. You are good when you strive to give of yourself. Yet you are not evil when you seek gain for yourself. For when you strive for gain you are but a root that clings to the earth and sucks at her breast. Surely the fruit cannot say to the root, "Be like me, ripe and full and ever giving of your abundance." For to the fru
Good Luck!! (funny)
When Astronaut Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon, he not only gave his famous one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind statement but followed it by several remarks, usual between him, the other astronauts and Mission Control. Just before he re-entered the lander, however, he made the enigmatic remark, "Good luck Mr. Gorsky". Many people at NASA thought it was a casual remark concerning some rival Soviet Cosmonaut. However, upon checking, there was no Gorsky in either the Russian or American space programs. Over the years many people questioned Armstrong as to what the Good luck Mr. Gorsky statement meant, but Armstrong always just smiled. Four years ago, while answering questions following a speech, a reporter brought up the 26 year old question to Armstrong. This time he finally responded. Mr. Gorsky had finally died and so Neil Armstrong felt he could answer the question. When he was a kid, he was playing baseball with a friend in the backyard. His friend
Good Morning
Hello All: I had a wonderful Christmas this year... Got some new dishes for the house, and giving the old ones to my daughter for her place when she gets one. Got some clothes, but mostly just spent the da with my twin nieces... My estranged daughter showed up at my sisters for dinner.. We talked, had dinner, then went to my house to watch a movie (Cars) then WWE. All in all it wasn't a bad Christmas. Hope everyone elses was as nice as mine was, take care all. Bobby
Goodbye Goodnight
A dagger through her heart, Blood pours upon the floor, Tears swell in her eyes, It's a never ending chore. Pain lives in her home, In the walls are heart ache, And every room has memories, Of the day her heart did break. The tears won't drown her misery, Her eyes will never dry, As she keeps living that moment, She regrets having said goodbye. The nights become so long, The days don't seem to end, She knows not even time will help, Is there a heart someone can lend? There's no end to torment, So when she sits alone, She'll push the dagger further in, And pray the devil will take her home!
i decided i'm leaving cherrytap after all...i don't get on line as much as i use to, and the time i do get on, i brows sites and look things up. i havn't even been on yahoo, or aim in a while. i'm going to miss all of you, so take care. i hope everyone had a great x-mas like i did, and hope every has a wonderful new years. take care. and for the juggalo family....MMFCL!!!!
Good Song
FussyCodes - MySpace Generators, Images, Icons, Templates, Glitter Images and - You Got Crush On Someone?Danity Kane Lyrics Evanescence Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes By VideoRoll
Good Things That Happened In 2006
1. My fiancee left me. 2. I discovered cherrytap. 3. I found the love of my life Michael. 4. Me and my best friends got back in touch. 5. I finally got my two loans paid off.
Good Words And Food For Thought
Good words and food for thought.............. Once again, The Washington Post has published the winning submissions to its yearly neologism contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternate meanings for common words. The winners are: 1. Coffee (n.), the person upon whom one coughs. 2. Flabbergasted (adj.), appalled over how much weight you have gained. 3. Abdicate (v.), to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach. 4. Esplanade (v.), to attempt an explanation while drunk. 5. Willy-nilly (adj.), impotent. 6. Negligent (adj.), describes a condition in which you absentmindedly answer the door in your nightgown. 7. Lymph (v.), to walk with a lisp. 8. Gargoyle (n.), olive-flavored mouthwash. 9. Flatulence (n.) emergency vehicle that picks you up after you are run over by a steamroller. 10. Balderdash (n.), a rapidly receding hairline. 11. Testicle (n.), a humorous question on an exam. 12. Rectitude (n.), the formal, dignified bearing adopted by proctologists
I'm really getting sick of these fucken little games. First off I didnt do shit to HOLLY TESCH. So now she gotta start shit. All I did was tell her the truth about her man cheating on her with my best friend. 2nd of all, my ex Jake he still dont beleive me that I'm happy for him. He is with someone that he loves an wanna spend the rest of his life with an thats great. He still dont understand the point I just wanna be friends but yet he gotta talk shit about me an my friends. Yea I do find out Its a small little world. For real PEOPLE I am 20 years old and have been raised as an adult since I was 8. I want to find the right guy that I will get along with an we like eachother for who we are. Right Now im really thinking about saying goodbye to MYSPACE AND CHERRYTAP. No one beleives me. Expecally when I put this on my Fathers an Grandpas ashes an my unborn child.

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