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Will This Affect You?
For those among you who have more money than you will ever need, save your time and don't read this. For the rest of us who are still working with mortgages, children and grandchildren or retired living on a pension and or Social Security perhaps you will take a couple of minutes to read the proposed changes in the American tax system. Sharing this with others can make a difference on November 4, 2008; for our citizens and our country. INTERESTING DATA JUST RECEIVED ON TAXES This is something you should be aware of so you don't get blind-sided. This is really going to catch a lot of families off guard. It should make you worry. Proposed changes in taxes after 2008 General election: CAPITAL GAINS TAX MCCAIN 0% on home sales up to $500,000 per home (couples) McCain does not propose any change in existing home sales income tax. OBAMA 28% on profit from ALL home sales How does this affect you? If you sell your home and make a profit, you will pay 28% of yo
Noob, thats all that needs to be said WILLDABUILDER1@ fubar
William Allen Henning Jr.
My Sweetheart and I now have a son Born 10-19-2008. Soon to merried with added family of two children of my parters. Our son is wonderfull 8 pounds 8 oz. This is a start of a wonderfull life.
Will Pay 15k For Each 100 Comments
I will pay 15k fubucks for every 100 comments after i verify that you commented Just send me a PM to let me know
Will You Stand ?
Last night was probably emotionally draining for many people as they saw one of the most rabidly pro-abortion candidates ever get elected as the next president of the United States. Some are even saying that the pro-life movement was set back at least 30 years last night. Last night I watched the acceptance speech of Barrack Obama. I watched as Jesse Jackson and Oprah Winfrey were trying to hold back the tears of joy and hope. I listened to interviews with pastors and civil rights leaders and my heart broke as they talked about Obama like he was the Messiah. I understand that this is a monumental event in the history of our nation. I also understand that our hope lies in no man. While some people were ecstatic last night, others were in deep mourning, feeling utterly defeated. It almost seemed as if they thought John McCain and Sarah Palin were our only hope. I can't tell you how many times I heard people trying to convince me that Barrack Obama is the “Anti-Christ”, as they pray
Will Obama Have To Adjust The Time Table On Bringing Our Troops Home???
Senior U.S. military officials will likely advise Barack Obama to adjust his campaign pledge to withdraw all U.S. combat troops from Iraq by mid-2010. While promising a 16-month timetable for getting all U.S. fighting forces out, Obama repeatedly insisted on what he calls a "responsible" withdrawal. Pulling nearly all U.S. troops and equipment out of Iraq in 16 months is "physically impossible," says a top officer involved in briefing the President-elect on U.S. operations in Iraq. That schedule would create a bottleneck of equipment and troops in the south of Iraq and Kuwait where brigades repair, clean and load vehicles and weapons for the trip home, said the official. Others say U.S. could conceivably pull out on that time scale, although that would require leaving more equipment behind. A more important concern that, officers believe the security gains in Iraq would be put at risk if troops were withdrawn before the Iraqi security forces are in a position to protect their own commu
Will You Be My New Owner?
Ok, I am auctioning myself off.This is cash only!! Acceptable bids are, VIP renewal, bling packs, blasts, HH. I am offering: your name in mine for one month, #1 fam and friend, pimp out on my page, daily drinks and gifts, rate all your pics 11s @ 100 a day, during HH. 1 SFW salute, 1 NSFW salute. More will be offered depending on the bid.
Will You Be My Friend ?
Will you be my friend ? Fight with me until the end ? That´s what i like to do With a sort of friens as you .. Will you be my friend ? Hold my hand, get me up When i´m down .. Just the way i should do.. Will you be my friend Share even you´re Joy and anger .. I´ll be ther for you Because I think you´re A special person Someone who´s Hard to find
Willy Makit? We Will Find Out...
Click the pic to rate and leave a comment. Thx.
Willie's Vip Contest (closed)
VIP Contest Do you want to be pink or blue? Want to win it instead of buying it? Enter Willie's VIP Contest ********************************** The Rules: 1. Send Willie a Private Message saying you want to be in the contest. He will be accepting 10 participants. Be sure to send him a link to the picture you want to use for the contest. 2. Contact your friends and get them ready to comment bomb your picture. All comments must be SFW. 3. The person with the most comments on September 30th at 8pm CST will win a one month's VIP. ********************************** Private Message NOW to enter. There is NO entry fee, either. Willie - Squad Leader @ 76th Nighthawk Leveler ( Owner of Party Pad )
Will Pay Fubicks For Bling :)
mainly im looking into getting an Auto-11s I will pay 900k for one... if you are interested in making the trade... shoutbox me or message me, thanks. *living dead girl*
Will You Give This To My Daddy?
Will you give this to my Daddy?Last week I was in Atlanta, Georgia attending a conference. While I was in the airport, returning home, I heard several people behind me beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around and witnessed One of the greatest acts of patriotism I have ever seen. Moving thru the terminal was a group of soldiers in their camos. As they began heading to their gate, everyone (well almost everyone) was abruptly to their feet with their hands waving and cheering. When I saw the soldiers, probably 30-40 of them, being applauded and Cheered for, it hit me. I'm not alone. I'm not the only red-blooded American who still loves this country and supports our troops and their families. Of course I immediately stopped and began clapping for these young unsung heroes who are putting their lives on the line everyday for us so we can go to school, work and home without fear or reprisal. Just when I thought I could not be more proud of my country or of our Ser
William James
"The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook.
Will You Give This To My Dad?
Subject: Will you give this to my dad? > > I thought you might like to read this. It's a tear > jerker > > Will you give this to my Daddy? > > > As a Company, Southwest Airlines is going to support > 'Red Fridays.' > > Last week I was in Atlanta, Georgia attending a conference. > While I was > in the airport, returning home, I heard several people > behind me > beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around > and witnessed > One of the greatest acts of patriotism I have ever seen. > > Moving thru the terminal was a group of soldiers in their > camos. As they > began heading to their gate, everyone (well almost > everyone) was > abruptly to their feet with their hands waving and > cheering. > > When I saw the soldiers, probably 30-40 of them, being > applauded and > Cheered for, it hit me. I'm not alone. I'm not the > only red-blooded > American who still loves this country and supports our > troops and their > families. > > Of course I imme
Willing To Lie About How We Met
I am wondering how to make this at all interesting and tell you about myself at the same time. Hi. You might be please to know that I am not every guy ever. I don't read gossip magazines or websites (I have a hard time caring about Beckham's wife's new haircut or how many babies Angelina Jolie is accessorizing herself with nowdays). I avoid and/or ignore any source of drama that could potentially enter my life and am therefore labeled easygoing. I hate living in a routine, so I generally welcome spontaneity. Hmmm... I sing in the shower. And while walking down the street. I read French poetry and I enjoy photography, even though my camera sucks. I always chew on the end of my pen. I give money to the SDFs and buskers who play in the metros, even though all my French friends lecture me on why I shouldn't. I highly enjoy drinking coffee out of bowls and nothing beats warm baguettes, mushroom soup, or Asian cuisine. My philosophy on life is that too much time is wasted worryi
Willing To Help As Many As I Can
Study: Fellatio may significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer in women Thursday, October 2, 2003 Posted: 9:19 AM EDT (1319 GMT) (AP) -- Women who perform the act of fellatio and swallow semen on a regular basis, one to two times a week, may reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 40 percent, a North Carolina State University study found. Doctors had never suspected a link between the act of fellatio and breast cancer, but new research being performed at North Carolina State University is starting to suggest that there could be an important link between the two. In a study of over 15,000 women suspected of having performed regular fellatio and swallowed the ejaculatory fluid, over the past ten years, the researchers found that those actually having performed the act regularly, one to two times a week, had a lower occurance of breast cancer than those who had not. There was no increased risk, however, for those who did not regularly perform. "I think
Will He Cheat?
Dating 101: Will Your Guy Cheat on You? You don't need lipstick on a collar to know your man is the two-timing type. Here, a simple test that'll reveal his philandering potential. By Cosmopolitan Photo: Swatton Updated: Nov 21, 2008 RATING THIS ARTICLE Average (3971 votes) Rate it: Sign in to rate! TOOLS Email Article Printable View Add to Add to Digg When you're dating a guy, you can forgive him for some indiscretions, but it's nearly impossible to turn the other cheek if he strays. Well, Cosmo did some investigating to ascertain the traits that may make men more likely to cheat, and some of our findings were surprising eye-openers. But before you freak, realize that just because he possesses characteristics of a mangy scoundrel doesn't mean he's actually cheating on you. "You have to listen to your gut as well as read the clues," says Gary Aumiller, Ph.D., a psychologist and coauthor of "Red Flags! How t
Will Never Forget
i come home late and night with my boots in my hand, Stumble in the back door being quiet as i can And i know she's their in bed, cold and all alone And she's crying because i'm breaking up our happy home And she knows all the hell I'm going through in this world inside my head there's a devil in the bottle,lord, and he wants to see me dead I fall into her arms and she helps me helps me with my cloths Guess, shes stays on with me 'cause she really knows That I'm tryin Lord, to find my freedom By escaping the only freedom i've ever known And she knows the hell I'm going through inside the world inside my head There's a devil in the bottle ,Lord, and he wont rest until I'm dead There's a devil in the bottle ,Lord, and he won't rest until im dead And it's killing her too, watching me die this way. There's a Devil in a Bottle By Hank Williams Jr On the day after i loose one of the only 2 people that mean anything and everything in my life. I
Will Some1 Make Me A Skin!
I would like to have a skin made with this pic below I will pay who ever makes it. Just send me a pm and let me know how much you will charge me. I dont want nothing to big like the fonts, and I would like the color's to match the tag. :) Thank You! Love SinfulBrat
Wills -love A Soldier-
Have You Loved a Soldier Today? A very special soldier needs your help to level! He is only 9,172 from Henchman! I know we can all do this TODAY! So... Rate him hard! Bling him hard! And lets get him there today! And remember to love a soldier today!
William Howard Taft (american Statesman, 1857-1930):
"I do not believe in the divinity of Christ and there are many other of the postulates of the orthodox creed to which I cannot subscribe."
William E. H. Lecky (1838-1903), Irish Historian:
There is no wild beast so ferocious as Christians who differ concerning their faith.
William Blake (1757-1827), English Romantic Poet:
If Jesus Christ is the greatest man, you ought to love him in the greatest degree; now hear how he has given his sanction to the law of the ten commandments: did he not mock at the Sabbath, and so mock the sabbath's God? Murder those who were murdered because of him? Turn away the law from the woman taken in adultery? Steal the labor of others to support him? Bear false witness when he omitted making a defence before Pilate? Covet when he prayed for his disciples, and when he bid them shake off the dust of their feet against such as refused to lodge them? I tell you, no virtue can exist without breaking these ten commandments.
Will Be Married On December 16th
On Tuesday, December 16-2008 me and Shawn will be getting married..We have been together a year and he has been wonderful to me..he has been emotionally and financially supporting me and my children...he's a wonderful father to my boys and I love him so very much!! We are getting married at the city hall because we are saving all the money we have for a Christmas my boys will never forget..I would much rather put my money into my children than on a fancy wedding that most people only come to for free food and booze lol....this is the beginning of a long and happy life together..
Will You Take Me In
Will Be Away
Sorry I haven't been on much lately, i'm in the process of getting ready to go to recruiting school in San diego,California. I will be there for 7 weeks, and pretty much after that I will be going off to wherever the Marine Corps needs me to be a recruiter. I will try to log on everyounce in a while to say hello to everyone in the future.
Will You Remember Me?
Will U Miss Me?
Its time again for my schedule to change.. I'm going back to the dreaded night shift for a month, so i wont be around here at my usual time.... I have to work from 7pm -5am Mon. - Thur. (for the month of Jan.) I will try to check in every day in between sleep & life, so leave some love if ya feel like it! I will always answer those who do... I will miss my Fu family and friends and hope you will all still be here when I get back. The only good thing about this is I find out who my true friends are cause they always stick around & keep me goin with their daily hello's, Thanks Doc & the Angel army for being so special!and thanks to the rest of my Family who have become great friends... Love you! "Sunshine"
Will Soon Have A Computer That Works Well.
Hi All,My brother(Kapalua) and I found a bedroom and bath in a townhouse.$400+electric per month.We move in Jan 6-7/09.Lr/Ba/Kit downstairs and 2Br/1Ba upstairs.Jan 21st new computer connection and Tv go on line.Til then just hold tight,I'll get back to ya.Mr X
Will You Remember
WILL YOU REMEMBER We haven't known each other very long but we've helped each other sing our song If there comes a time when you're gone is there a place in your mind that I belong Will you remember my kiss on your lips and the touch of my fingertips Will you remember the places that we went and all the great times that we spent When you think back, will you be sorry we met when you think of me, will your heart be full of regret From time to time will you smile and think of me Or will you pretend I never was and erase me from your memory Will your remember our first kiss or will it be the last one that you miss Will you remember how things began or will you only remember how things end We've had some good times and for that I'm glad there's been times you've brought me up when I was sad Sometimes before you've really begun, things will disappear like the setting sun when this happens, all you have left is what you have done Will you remember how I tou
Willie's Birthday
Hey everyone, Willie's birthday is 15 January--let's level him before his birthday!!! Love yall!! Dy
Will U Marry Me?
Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl 'Will you marry > me?' > > The girl said, 'NO!' > > And the guy lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles > and went fishing and hunting and played golf a lot and > drank beer and scotch and left the toilet seat up and > farted whenever he wanted to. > > > THE END
Will You Be There?
Will You Be There? The biggest question remains All that hangs now in the air A heart remains in solitude Slowly blinded by heartbreaks glare As my outer shell thins And becomes invisible to the eye My insides turn to ash My lifeless body plummets from ten miles high I sink now into my bottomless pit The black water crushes my chest My lungs fill with the poisoned water As my love has failed the test My wheels barely touch the ground As I can gain no real traction Every inch takes a day to complete The toll on my spirit is taxing When the road ends My Love To believe and hope should I dare? When I cross the finish line Will You Be There?
Willie's Birthday Train
Willie's Birthday Train The Rules: 1. Stop by Willie's page, rate the EZ Rate #7 folder of pics... He has an Auto 11s running as well... And lots of EZ rate folders... Start with this one... 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Party List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "Happy Birthday Willie," or something like that... 3. Private message Carrie when you have completed rating each party guest. She will make you a thank you tag if one is not already made for you... And add you to the guest list... 4. When new people join the party... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... DO NOT just ACCEPT the friend request. 5. Repost the bulletin so it can be seen by as many people as possible. 6. NO DRAMA... You agreed to the rules... So, be sure you follow through... No cheating... Please... ****************************** Below is the gift tag yo
Willing, Yet So Scared
Willing, Yet So Scared I want to give Give my heart to him But the fear of pain May be too great I try so hard But I'm still soo scared Scared of the past And what could Happen again I want to trust I want to love I want To give it all again The pain of the past Has yet to heal My heart Is still in pieces Is he willing? Are you willing? To put me together again? So that I may Give my all Once again Without the fear Of the pain I want to feel The love again The happiness The joy I want to share With him What I hide within I want to be The one he loves I want to be The one who loves him I want to share my life And be with him But I'm Willing, yet so scared.
Will Submit My Stories To Adam And Eve And Vivid Videos
I will submit my stories to Vivid and Adam and Eve videos for consideration so that maybe there will a movie made using them for an upcoming video. I will keep you posted which stories may be considered for such a video in the future. Here is a story up for consideration.
Will We Ever Meet Our Loved Ones When We Go
"will I Ever?"
Will I Ever Will I ever make my peace with you? One I should know so well Often trapped by chains you just can’t break, in the deepest pits of Hell Struggling hard, you sometimes seem, to crawl out of that place But still I do not recognize a once familiar face Will I ever get to share a laugh, or a pleasant hour with you? A moment when the clouds are gone and the skies are deepest blue? When the forecast never says aloud that there’s any threat of rain A normal day when just for once you’re not fighting back the pain Will I ever get to hear your hopes, your visions, or your dreams? Because lately all the sounds you make are hollow empty screams The sad refrain of a driven man, one often torn apart How many times I wonder, can one survive a broken heart? Will I ever get to see you love the simple things in life? Instead of things that fill your soul with pain and hurt and strife Those sad and cruel reminders that always make you ill That keep you pushing your ma
Will U Agree?
A bell is no bell 'til you ring it, A song is no song 'til you sing it, And love in your heart Wasn't put there to stay Love isn't love 'Til you give it away. if u agree/ disagree just feed back me as early as possible? cause valentine is coming
The Will
To gain victory, you have to clentch your fists & fight for it. At first YOU WILL FAIL. Many times you will fail. But until you fully quit, you will never completely loose. Failure is the fuel which ignites sucess. Inspiration to TRY HARDER. Failure is life's way of sayin' "NOT tough enough yet", "NOT smart enough yet",... ONLY the strong willed will turn failure into inspiration. The weak...will use it to signal their resignation. ALL life settles proportionately according to a mans will. It's what drives the strong ahead. It's what makes people like me....a tank. I say...BRING THE PAIN. Let adversity rain down like a shower of daggers. Let the weak be squered. Let the warriors knock them aside like annoying gnats. The strong DO NOT put their fate in the hands of others; they get off their asses and MAKE SHIT HAPPEN. To the victors in this battle ...go the spoils. Cowards and conformist "sheep" recieve pain. They deserve the sand kicked in their face, 'cause they crawl like w
Will There Be
I have seen my share of bad relationships only to leave me to wondered if I will ever see a good one, For years my soul has gone with out acceptance for who I am, My heart has been played , My soul un noticed , My love crushed , Does my heart want the impossible ? Will my soul ever know how true love feels? Will I ever no the one that can love me and all my faults? Why is this so hard to find? I have my heart open with the arms of my soul waiting for the man of my dreams to take me in his arms to whisper in my ear I'm here and my arms will never let you fear that my love will never disappear.
Will You Ever
I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star. I don't think you will ever fully comprehend how you've made my dreams come true or how you've opened my heart to love and the wonders it can do. You've allowed me to experience something very hard to find unconditional love that exists in my body, soul, and mind. I don't think you could ever feel all the love I have to give and I'm sure you'll never realize you've been my will to live. You are an amazing person and without you I don't know where I'd be. Having you in my life completes and fulfills every part of me.
Will Be Gone For A Week
have to go do some work at a british base up north...will be back next tues. everyone take care and se you when i get back
Williams Reportedly In Intensive Care
AOL posted: 5 HOURS 10 MINUTES AGOcomments: 314PrintShareText SizeAAA NEW YORK (March 4) - Having suddenly canceled several comedy performances on his 'Weapons of Self-Destruction' tour on Wednesday, a new report claims that Robin Williams is in the intensive care unit of a Florida hospital for treatment of heart problems. The Los Angeles Times' Insider blog is reporting that Williams is in the ICU, while the Miami Herald was the first to report that Williams was seeking treatment for heart issues at a Miami hospital. Skip over this content Celebrity Medical News Clayton Chase, WireImage23 photos Robin Williams was reportedly in the intensive care unit of a Miami hospital March 5 being treated for heart problems. The comedian-actor canceled a handful of performances after suffering from shortness of breath. (Note: Please disable your pop-up blocker) Williams initially complained of shortness of breath, which led to his hospitalization. The comedian said in a press releas
Will Be Gone For Awhile
I just wanted to let my friends know that after today or tomorrow I will not be online. I don't know for how long yet but I will be back. I will miss you guys and just wanted the people I am closest to know. A friend of mine will be doing my rates for me so if I am showing online it's not me. I just have to do what I have to right now. I hope after today I am back soon. Take care and lots of love to you from me. Susan
Will These Words Save Me?
Will these words save me? Current mood: sleepy Category: Life Sometimes I wonder if these words I write will save me. I wonder if there is something I write that can make the pain stop. I want a similar heaven to what I've read about. i want these words to be a God-send of sorts. A cancer has risen inside of me and has pushed upon me the numbness that follows. Will these words save me? I keep asking myself. When will my answer come around. What follows me around is a sense of despair. What more can I say? What will I say when time has run out? Adorkably Yours, In Sickness & In Health, Nichole AKA ~☆~Deviant Obscenity~★~©
Will You Do It?
1.Where you and I met: 2. Take a stab at my middle name: 3. How long you've known me: 4. The last time that we saw each other: 5. Would I ever go sky diving? 6. Your first impression of me upon meeting me/seeing me: 7. Am I funny? 8. My favorite type of music: 9. Can I sing? 10. The best feature about me: 11. What do I want to do more than anything? 12. What is one thing that you think I should do? 13. Do I have any special talents? If so, what are they? 14. Would you call me preppy, average, sporty, punk, hippie, glam, snobby, or something else? 15. Have you ever hugged me? 16. My favorite food: 17. Have you ever had a crush on me? 18. If there was one good nickname for me, it would be: 19. Your favorite memory of me: 20. If you and I were stranded on a desert island, I would bring:- 21. Do I believe in God? 22. Who is my best friend? 23. Will you repost this so I can fill this out for you?
Will Trade Custom Graphics For Autos Or Bombs Or Bling Packs
Due to the increasing difficulty in leveling having finally made godfather i will happily trade my graphics services for Autos, Bombs, or bling packs. Everything is negotiable hit me up we can work out a deal.
Will Rate 4 Fu-bucks!!!!
Will Ya Trade Redsoxfan??
REDSOXFAN IS LOOKIN TO MAKE A TRADE 15 credits of Bling & 1.5 Mil Fubux for an Auto 11 or Cherrybomb ANY TAKERS? OBO? Just Click pic to go to redsoxfan's profile to private message or sb him... ty for your help redsoxfan@ fubar Bully brought to you by BooBooKitty AKA ♥Shauny66♥~FU-GF of Hamiltoe~I'm SixtyNineMunch's Lucky Charm@ fubar
Will Pay 10/k
need a track from a band off my space will pay 10/k for URL
Will You? (note: Dirtier Than My Norm)
Note: Contains MUCH stronger language than usual. If you don't like swearing... um... tough shit. Will you be my dirty little fucking whore? My little cumslut? Will you get down on your hands and knees for me, will you look up at me with wide eyes and beg for what you know I'll give you sooner or later anyway? Will you open your mouth when I insist on it, will you let me fuck that pretty face when I need it, will you beg for more? When we fuck, will you roll on top of me, compete with me, make me earn the dominance? Will you bite my chin, lick my throat, pant in my ear, be my hungry little bitch? Will you pant and whine and beg and squirm and whimper when I tie you down and tease you? Will you open up and show me everything? Will you let me peruse every dirty little fantasy, every filthy little thought? Will you let me take them off your shelf, dust them off, and play with them? Will you let me toy with you? Will you be my pretty little fucktoy? Will you?
Will Work For Fubucks And Auto's
I have photo shop 7.0 and love to play with it. If you have a pic you want touched up mail me and we can talk details. I can add a personal message, touch up imperfections such as scars, whiten teeth, change the color of your clothes.... and some other fun stuff. If you want a photo shopped pic let me know which pic and what you want done... make an offer and we can go from there. If you are not sure what is fair add that and I will try to suggest something. Happy snapping shutter bugs.
Will You Give This To My Daddy?
Last  week I was in Atlanta , Georgia attending  a conference. While I was in the airport,  returning home, I heard several people behind me  beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately  turned around and witnessed one of the greatest  acts of patriotism I have ever  seen. Moving through the terminal  was a group of soldiers in their camos. As they began  heading to their gate, everyone (well almost  everyone) was abruptly to their feet with their  hands waving and cheering. When  I saw the soldiers, probably 30-40 of them,  being applauded and cheered for, it hit me. I'm  not alone. I'm not the only red-blooded American  who still loves this country and supports our  troops and their families. Of  course I immediately stopped and began clapping  for these young unsung heroes who are putting  their lives on the line everyday for us so we  can go to school, work and home without fear or  reprisal. Just  when I thought I could not be more proud of my  country or of our servic
Will He Make A Good Husband
    Will He Make a Good Husband?   Something serious to think about before you marry     * Does he go out of his way for you? Or are you always doing things for him? Does he try to make you happy? Does he want to prove he is good enough for you--or are you always jumping through hoops to win his love? Will he go places that you enjoy? Or are you always doing things he likes? If he doesn't aim to please you now, it will only get worse once you are married.   * Is he hard working? Did he work hard in school? Does he work hard on his job? Or is he always complaining about his boss, his teachers, and never really working hard at anything? If he doesn't work hard now, it is unlikely he'll work hard to earn the money needed to live a secure, debt-free life.   * Does he take responsibility for the quality and condition of his life--or does he see himself as a victim--always blaming others for his problems? If he blames others now, eventually he'll blame you for all his problems t
Will She Do It
She is never happy, Her tears stream down Her cheek like rain Her voice is hoarse From screaming   She sits alone in the dark Her skin, pale as snow Her eyes wide and blood-shot Why is she here? What is this feeling?   All by herself she thinks Rocking back and forth. Her mind racing, Her heart pounding Hard in her chest   Voices in her head Confusing her Fighting each other
Willie Will Be Live On The Air Sat. Night!!!
Willie will be hosting his first radio show Saturday,  April 12, from 8 pm to 10 pm cst at the Party Pad.  His show is going to be A Little Bit Country, so give DJ Bama a listen!!!
Will Not Be On That Often For A While
Hey everyone! So, I finally made it to ANGEL!  I'm so happy and want to thank everyone that helped me out along the way!  I want to give a big shot out to all my top fam and friends because you are the ones that have been there for me threw EVERYTHING on here.  Steve @.K.@ Hunter Friod, there are not words to describe how greatful I am to have met you. Thanks for always being there for me and always making me feel special.  I love you a lot. Anyways, I writing this blog to let everyone know who cares that I will not be on fubar as much as I usually am for a while.  The reason for this is that I am just so fuckin sick and tired of the drama and I'm not going to put up with it any longer.  I have a real life and a fubar life and there is no reason for me to keep dealing with all this fubar drama cause it has NOTHING to do with my real life which I am very happy with.  YO MOMMA LOVE IT AND HASTA BABY are still bothering me and for what reason I don't know. They still got all their friend
Will It Ever Get Any Easier?????
Well, I haven't done this for a long time.....if I've EVER done it!  I'm told sometimes when you "write" things down, maybe it helps!!  I take care of Mom & I work fulltime!  Lately....I've just been sooooo freakin' tired & down!!  Like nothing seems to want to be "up" for me lately!!  My sister takes Mom usually every other weekend.....unless, of course, she's busy or is going away with friends.....I'm pretty much at her mercy!  Guess the most I can hope for is brighter days ahead!!  Suggestions anyone before I lose my mind???
Will You Stay, Or Will You Go?
Ok, it's getting to be the time when i am tired of all the one-way friendships in here. I do my best with the time that i have, to try to stop by the pages of all my friends and at least rate their pages. And when i can, i go in and rate as many pics as i can.      I guess my point is this: everyone wants to be Fanned/Added/Rated which is great. BUT, people should at least have the courtesy to return the love to those of us who take the time to show it.     Soooooo, I am going to start cleaning out my friends list. If you truely are a friend and want to stay, let me know. If I don't have a reply by the end of the week, i will start by deleting those of you who I have not heard from.
William Elliott Whitmore - Old Devils
Saw him perform this song on tv tonight, thought it was awesome.   The old devils are at it again. who knows what they'll do. it's true right now like it was back then. The old devils are at it again. from behind these bars the view don't change. desperation death and despair. from what little i hear of the outside world. well its not to different out there.  and they tell me there's a war without no end. The old devils are at it again.  they die by the millions children women and men. The old devils are at it again. when i say devil you know who i mean these animals in the dark malicious politicians with nefarious schemes charlatans and crooked cops the moonshine still gives you five to ten The old devils are at it again. stripes on your back and a ball and chain The old devils are at it again. two men stare out of prison bars wonderin what got'em here. one saw mud but the other saw stars. prayin that the end is near. well the billboard outside says "confess your
Will He Answer
he said he loved mei was unsure if it was truemaybe he said it to every girli hoped i wasn't like all the restdoomed to fail before it beganplayed all too ofteni knew how sweet lies can bewanting not to feel bluei hesitated thinking i have heard this drivelall before and needn't fall againdesiring to be held in armsof a man only seen through a screenwondering if calling himis worth the risksknowing better yet desiring so much morefeeling as thoughi am missing somethingyet i have more than someand far less than otherswhere may i goas i ponderi find the more i lookthe more i get lostis this where i startedthe petals lying at my feetstill don't answer memaybe he will say iti love youi always willmaybe i should keep lookingeither way thinking i was lovedbrought a smile to my faceso i wonder will he answer
Will I Ever Be The Same
Why does love hurt I hate this painAgain the heart breaksWill I ever be the sameI don't understandWhy things go this wayWondering why that isDoes love ever stay Fate keeping us apart Can't they all seeIt's written in the stars I know it's  meant to beTime it means nothing My love will always staySecond by secondDay after dayI will wait foreverIn shadow or lightKeeping  you in my dreamsNight after night
William Control- Deathclub (underworld: Rise Of The Lycans Soundtrack)
The sinners crying We're dressed like fame The shame of knowing the guilty The killer instinct to play this game I know we're nothing but filthy You're in the Deathclub, melt so strange You're in the Deathclub, melt so strange We're in the Deathclub All free to sin away Take your own life Membership is pain Were in the Deathclub All free to sin away Take your own life Silent, damned and strange Mindless follow the velvet tears The silent picture is perfect The architects of our flaws and fears I know, were nothing but servants You're in the Deathclub, melt so strange You're in the Deathclub, melt so strange We're in the Deathclub All free to sin away Take your own life Membership is pain Were in the Deathclub All free to sin away Take your own life Silent, damned and strange Take away the fear and I'll follow Take me half alive I'm not running scared tomorrow Oh I'll survive You're in the Deathclub, melt so strange You're in the Deathclub, melt so strange We're in the Deathclub
Will You Help Make My B-day Happy
Will Be Here...
u may meet people.......  beter than me,more beautiful than me,but one thing i can say to u.....I will always be here for u when they all leave .           I will miss u!      
Will Always Challenge You
Who challenged the impossible is  meSo how I will not challenge youAnd you are just a human like meThe solution is with youBut just a usual man is meNothing but small pen with weak ink in my handApproaching toward every one with a beasty words from youAnd scattering the desire in the air like bombsBut it is extinguisherWhen every things still alive of my pen Still alive even after my deathSo I will challenge you in this present and the futureWho is the victorious me or you- - - - - - - - - -W.B: FM
Will The Real Deadbeat Please Stand Up?
Will the REAL DEADBEAT please stand up? You know, I have set back and listened to the news about all the "deadbeat dads" or "moms". What is a deadbeat dad or mom? One who won't go see their child/children or one who doesn't want to help pay for anything and the REAL Parent is the one who does? Is he/she the "Deadbeat" when they are paying and the REAL Parent won't let the other one see their child/children, or have anything to do with their child/children because they are afraid that the child/children will love the Deadbeat and not love them although THEY are "taking care of them"? Is he/she the Deadbeat when he/she pays so much child support that he/she can't pay for anything else, even rent or housepayment, utilities, insurance for health and car, let alone food and clothing for himself/herself and extravagaces for the child that he/she is or isn't allowed to see? Or is he/she the deadbeat that IS/ISN'T paying for support but is allowed to see the child anytime he/she want
Will Whom Ever You Were Cheers Karma Will Come Around
Will You Look At Me
 What do you see when you look at me being happy and carefree? While hiding the truth behind all the lies that in reality I'm hurting inside Would anyone ever see the real me? Ashamed to admit so many faults that burden my heart and yet every morning I wake up with a smile to face the world one more day. You see I'm not all that pretty and not bright at all so I secretly pretend I can show them all some way that I too can achieve the wonderful things that everyone has with beauty and brains and believe I too am special for the rest of my days. So don't criticize try to understand nobody chooses to be left behind not holding someone's hand.  Christopher Kortz 07/23/01
Will I Be Ok?
ok so heres the thing, i really have no one to talk to in r/l about this kinda shit, no one seems to really care or think its important enough.. so i'll just write this here and pretend im talking to .tomorrow i go for major oral what has me scared is i have sleep apnea, my doc has told me i stop breathing 28 times an hour(sleep study)& no my insurance wont get me a machine....the scary part is when im sleeping on my back and i stop breathing, i wake myself up to start tomorrow since thier putting me under(on my back, of course)  what happens if i stop breathing? i wont be able to wake myself up because i'll be drugged.. am i looking into this to much or should i just hope for the best? idk im freakin.  i know it sounds wierd but just in case.....i love you all
Will This Love Last???
I feel your heartbeat Beating so fast How do I know our love will last?I hear your heart beating from your chest into my ears.How do i know you will love me for years?Your breathing feels normal Slight difference with each breath How do I know our love will last till death?I love you with all of my heartuntil death does us partmy head on your chest my hand on your heart I hope were together never to be torn apart I hear your heartbeat Breathing chest rises and falls i want to help you build those four walls i want to help you make our own life someday i want you to call me your wife i love you so deeply with all of my heart please promise me we will never be apart I give you my heart i give you my soul please dont walk away and let it all go i love you so much how much do i have to show i gave you my life i gave you my love what else do i have to do before i give up i love you so much i wont let it all go
Will Game Bring Harm To One’s Life?
In recent years, online game has developed rapidly in China. Many people believe that online game produce positive effects on economic growth and we should try our best to promote online game. But what these people fail to see is that online game may bring about a disastrous impact on our life. As for me, I'm firmly convinced that too much tourists bring harm to the life.      The bad impact of online game, take wow power leveling for example on the life has mainly expressed itself in various ways. One way is the process of exploiting a new scenic spot. In order to attract players, a lot of artificial facilities have been built, which have certain unfavorable effects on the life. This process usually breaks the ecological balance of the area. In some mountainous places, trees are being cut down to build hotels for others to see and explore the beauty of the mountains. Then land slides and mud-rock flows come up. Another way the development of online game has damaged the life occurs whe
Will You Give This To My Daddy?
Will you give this to my Daddy? As a Company, Southwest Airlines is going to support 'Red Fridays.'Last week I was in Atlanta , Georgia attending a conference. While I was in the airport, returning home, I heard several people behind me beginning to clap and cheer.. I immediately turned around and witnessed One of the greatest acts of patriotism I have ever seen.Moving thru the terminal was a group of soldiers in their camos. As they began heading to their gate, everyone (well almost everyone) was abruptly to their feet with their hands waving and cheering.When I saw the soldiers, probably 30-40 of them, being applauded and Cheered for, it hit me. I'm not alone. I'm not the only red-blooded American who still loves this country and supports our troops and their families.Of course I immediately stopped and began clapping for these young unsung heroes who are putting their lives on the line everyday for us so we can go to school, work and home without fear or reprisal.Just when I thought
Will This Work?
You opened it good luck. Tonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you. Something good will happen to you at 1:00pm-4:00pm tomorrow, it could be anywhere. Get ready for the shock of your life, a good one. If you break the chain you will miss an opportunity you have been dreaming about. Karma. If there is someone you once loved (or still do) and can't get them out of your mind, repost this within the next hour.Tonight at midnight they will remember how much they loved you as well.You will get the shock of your life tomorrow, a good one. Let's keep our fingers X'd
William Shakespeare
“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.”
Willis Loves The Camera
Will Be So Happy When Gforce Comes To Theaters And Plays Out..
getting really sick of hearing "Poop in his hand! Poop in his hand!" Just saying. Vs Daft Punk.
bitch_get_over_it: i'd say so too if he didn't totally rip off "around the world" without asking permission. shattersoul13: .... shattersoul13: He never had permission? bitch_get_over_it: hell no. shattersoul13: I figured they were aware and cool with it! bitch_get_over_it: "Apparently though, moved faster than the lawyers, who were forced to deliver the message that Daft Punk doesn’t think their music sounds better with him." shattersoul13: I mean, a jacking of THAT extent made me figure it was a collab, or at least okay with em. shattersoul13: Haha, of course! shattersoul13: He made em typical club wannabe ghetto white girl fare. bitch_get_over_it: it was NOT okay with them... at all.  shattersoul13: And Daft Punk as always been ANTI the mainstream bullshit music. shattersoul13: I hope they sue his silly hats off. bitch_get_over_it: as do i/ shattersoul13: It goes against everything they are. bitch_get_over_it: well it was like kanye sampling them. shat
Will You Come Vote For Will?? Hehe thats a link to my fu-fiances contest if you have a moment can you go vote plz? thank you in advance. i know men dont like to vote on men-- but if ya could just go drop and 10 or an 11 you dont have to comment or you can say i sent ya in the comment spot-- you would be doing it for ME!! hehe-- HUGZ and thank you again!! MC
William Orville Douglas (october 16, 1898 – January 19, 1980) Was A United States Supreme Court Associate Justice.
"The right to revolt has sources deep in our history." -- Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas
William G. Hartwell
"If your most basic right is the right to life, then it seems obvious to me that you have the right to defend your life. Guns are, in this century, the most effective means of doing so - so effective that every genocide has only been carried out against victims who were disarmed by their governments." -- William G. Hartwell
Will The New Era Of Warhammer Come
After 15 years of leading Mythic Entertainment, my time with the studio (and EA of course) I co-founded with Rob Denton has come to an end. Early in May, Electronic Arts let me know that they wanted to make some changes within the Games Label and as a result of those changes I have been out of the office (and out of touch with the team, game, etc.) since that day. So, please accept my apologies if you have tried to reach me over the last couple of months but please know I wasn’t ignoring you. Well, unless you were a gold seller making me an offer I couldn’t refuse in which case my email automatically deletes your message (would be nice if it could do that wouldn’t it?). To describe these past two months as difficult would be a great understatement as change is almost never easy. I have helped shepherd Mythic through good times and bad, through near bankruptcy and through our many successes. During my tenure there my duties have run the gamut from being CEO/GM to doing
Will Start The 2010 Brainstorm... Time To Update.
After many years of 7 day a week 365 days a year tattooing(22years) I still enjoy it. I will be redoing my site which is currently what it is will be returning to the early days 1990-1992 of My first page The Xenovisual Electric Skin ARt will be finally updated and will be my little virtual cubbyhole. It has been for a few years now been neglected, however I often wait a few years before unveiling photos so as to keep the many novice and newbie artists and lookie lous from biting of my styles and technical applications of my clients visions. Skin Art! Thanks to all those who greeted me at fubar and myself of course for being me. I really enjpying coming up with new ways in which I and others view and experience our partnership in art.
Will I Ever
Will i ever be enough?Will i ever make you proud?Will i ever not be one of your daily disappointments?Will i ever fit into your minds perfect image you have of me?Will i ever be good enough to fit into your dream world?Will i ever get to be myself?Will i ever get to feel?Will i ever be able to live my life?Will i ever not let you down? Will i ever get to be happy?Will i ever get to feel i wont always fail?Will i ever be able to do stuff in my own way?Will i ever be free from your ridicule?Will i ever be let go from the nitpicks?Will i ever get to see your stubborness end?Will i ever be able to do anything right?just getting fed up with it all honestly.. im just so sick and tired of never being enough and people always wanting more. i cant be a perfect image of what everyone thinks i should be. i have to be myself and do things in my own time. I'm not a child that can be pushed around and made to do whatever you want to please yourself for that point and time. I need to live for myself
Willard Grant Conspiracy
Rats. Oh wells, try again.  Anyhoo, I spent my evening last night watching Willard Grant Conspiracy at the Arts Centre in Norwich.  Woefully under attended, seeing how good they are, but nevertheless it was an excellent night.  It's always nice when you walk into a gig and the musician's sitting at his merch table, and just says "hi" and is willing to chat to you before he goes on.  The support act was a bit average, but WGC were on top form - had my girl in tears during more than one song, and genuinely impressed us again with just  how good they are live.  It's the third time we've seen them, and I'd show out for them anytime.      
How can one truly tell when their will has died, their soul moved on and the feeling of hope truly fading. Can one even want to accept it,or will they try to rise above it or even want to.  Can one even hope to have the will to find the one person out there meant for them to fall in love with or is life all about despair and death... or is it overcoming the hardships in life so they can reach for their dreams and become their own hero and find their one true love and fade, guess thats up to your will and if you can overcome yourself
Willd 4 Anaheim 3 In Ot 10/6/09
Will I Ever Lyrics
[Verse 1:]Does it feel like yaYou're never gonna find itDoes it feel like yaAlways one step behind itDoes it feel like yaOut in this world alone 'cause you been lookin and prayin for love so longDoes it feel like yaWishing on a falling starDoes it feel like yaLonely and it breaks your heart'Cause it feels like yaReady to let down your guardFinding somebdy's just so hard[Pre-Chorus:]How do you find the one you dream about (how do u find it yeah)If I knew I'd tell you how (swear to God swear to God)It's kinda hard for me to figure out (and I know you're ready to settle down)I know you're ready to settle downIf there's a God above please tell me[Chorus:]Tell me will I ever fall in loveWill I be alone foreverWill I ever fall in loveOr will I be alone forever[Verse 2:]Does it feel like yaMoving too fastDoes it feel like yaWant something you can't haveDoes it feel like yaLiving in the pastAnd the thought of going home alone again makes you sadDoes it feel like yaFeeling so badDoes it feel li
Will You Buy A Droid?
  Verizon is now selling the Motorola Droid phone. It’s Motorola’s answer to Apple’s iPhone. The Droid runs on Google’s android operating system which New York Times’ reviewer David Pogue says “…the Droid just incredibly fast, so it’s a delight to use. Audio quality (that) is superb, both on phone calls and music.” Sounds like Pogue is sold on it. Has he bought one? I don’t know. But, if he got a free one then I want a free on two. If you want to read his review click it here: I have a better idea. Whether you like Apple, Motorola or any other music phone just bookmark my favorite stations, BlastFM. Sounds like a winner to me.    
Will You Ever (by Me)
Will you ever? I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star. I don't think you will ever fully comprehend how you've made my dreams come true or how you've opened my heart to love and the wonders it can do. You've allowed me to experience something very hard to find unconditional love that exists in my body, soul, and mind. I don't think you could ever feel all the love I have to give and I'm sure you'll never realize you've been my will to live. You are an amazing person and without you I don't know where I'd be. Having you in my life completes and fulfills every part of me.
Will I Love Agen
why is it i love with all i have and she ask me to trust her and she fucked me up she riped my heart out like it was nothing and stomped on it how iam i suppose to love agen
Will Be Gond For A While
Will You
Will you be there with me until the very endWill you be my soulmate, my lover my friendWill you stand beside me In good times and badWill you hold me & comfort me in happy and sad.Will you promise to love me, not break my heartWill you promise not lies, a fresh clean start.Will you promise to hold me, kiss me each dayWill you say "I love you" and mean it alwaysWhen its time to leave me, your time to move onWill you tell me goodbye, my friend, my love I'm gone.
William Osler
"We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life."
Will You?
can you plz comment on the pic you think i should use to enter hottest fu chick contest?
Will You
Will you catch me if i fall.. Will my heart ache even heal? Tell me what i need to feel?     Theres nothing to miss if i keep it locked inside. i will pretend that its alright tonight I will keep my pride and let you go
Will You Be True?
It You told me onceYou told me notYou told me twiceBut i forgotSo tell me nowAnd tell me trueWill you lieOr can i really trust in youAll my friends believeYou're just another guyWho treats me like trashAnd tells nothing but liesNow i need to knowI need you to sayWill you be thereBeside me all the wayCan i trust youWith my fragile heartOr will you take itAnd tear it apartI can't affordTo have my heart brokenIt's happened too muchToo many harsh words have been spokenMy heart has been leftScarred and hurtToo many guysHave treated me like dirtAll i needIs another guy to be untrueTo leave me lonelyCrying and blueThat would complete the planOf the male raceTo steal my heartAnd throw it back in my faceI have to believeThis will not endBy you sayingLet's just be friendsI have to knowWill you be thereOr will you leave meLost in the pain and despairI have to believeI can trust in youYou will only be with meAnd always be true
Will You Miss Me
If you were to wake reaching your arm out to me. Only to feel the space next to you empty. Would you sit up realizing only thing left to remind you of me, was the color on the walls? Would your hearing increase? As you listen for movement in hope it was me walking back to your side.  Would you search for my scent amongst the sheets?  As you lay in your bed will you miss my soft fingers as they gently roam down your back?  Hypnotizing you into a slumber. Will my silly words ring in your ears as you remember me? As you sit on the couch alone will you hunger for my body next to yours? When you are hurting and seeking comfort will you plead to hear me say “It will be alright”. Will my now distant eyes burn in you as you so search for a picture to remind you of what you once saw looking back at you. A lone in your room the day light fading leaving your body full of desire. Will you crave the softness of my body beneath yours? When you close your eyes as drowsiness invades you, w
Will You???
WHEN A SOLDIER COMES HOME This email is being circulated around the world - please keep it going. When a soldier comes home, he finds it hard.... listen to his son whine about being bored. keep a straight face when people complain about potholes. be tolerant of people who complain about the hassle of getting ready for work. be understanding when a co-worker complains about a bad night's sleep. be silent when people pray to God for a new car. control his panic when his wife tells him he needs to drive slower. be compassionate when a businessman expresses a fear of flying. keep from laughing when anxious parents say they're afraid to send their kids off to summer camp. keep from ridiculing someone who complains about hot weather. control his frustration when a colleague gripes about his coffee being cold. remain
Will You?
So, the addiction is getting stronger but I can't let it win.The addiction I replaced it with has removed itself.I want to grab you by the collar and shake you!Don't you know what you do to me?!Stop feeding me your beautiful lies!I can't stomach them anymore.I want to pound my fists into your face.Only then can I kiss your wonderful lips.Maybe then you'll notice!No, probably not.So I hide behind my make-up.So I cover my head.So I stab her in the chest and watch her bleed.Then I rejoice as that part of me dies.Will you notice that I am gone?Will you notice that I no longer give a fuck?My walls have been carefully constructed.Let's see you penetrate them now.My blue eyes flash a challenge.I can no longer obey one who does not take notice.You're no better than the rest.In the end I'm not worthy of remembering.I'll never find another because love is not worth my time.So here is my heart. You can have it.I no longer want it.The pieces no longer fit together. Do what you will.Here is the gun
Will You
Will you be there when I am sad And help me find what I never had? Will you be there, when I smile And make me laugh for just a while? Will you be there when I am ill And make the world and time stand still? Will you be there when I cry And hold my hand till I die? Will you be there when I am gone, And say I’ve loved you all along?
Will I Live To See 80?
   Will I Live to see 80?> > Here's something to think about.> > I recently picked a new primary care doctor. After two visits and exhaustive Lab tests, he said I was doing 'fairly well' for my age. (I just turned 67.) A little concerned about that comment, I couldn't resist asking him, 'Do you think I'll live to be 80?'> > He asked, 'Do you smoke tobacco, or drink beer or wine?'> 'Oh no,' I replied.. 'I'm not doing drugs, either!'> Then he asked, 'Do you eat rib-eye steaks and barbecued ribs?> 'I said, 'Not much... My former doctor said that all red meat is very unhealthy!'> 'Do you spend a lot of time in the sun, like playing golf, sailing, hiking, or bicycling?'> 'No, I don't,' I said.> He asked, 'Do you gamble, drive fast cars, or have a lot of sex?'> 'No,' I said.> He looked at me and said,... 'Then, why do you even give a shit?
Will My Heart Ever Heal?
"Snuff" - by slipknot.......*****I dunno I just am feeling every word in this song. Why isn't any1 real anymore? Fukin' blows. Tired of dating or talking to guys that just lead me on or just want 1 thing. where are all the "real" guys man. ****     Bury all your secrets in my skin Come away with innocence, and leave me with my sins The air around me still feels like a cage And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again... So if you love me, let me go. And run away before I know. My heart is just too dark to care. I can't destroy what isn't there. Deliver me into my Fate - If I'm alone I cannot hate I don't deserve to have you... My smile was taken long ago / If I can change I hope I never know I still press your letters to my lips And cherish them in parts of me that savor every kiss I couldn't face a life without your light But all of that was ripped apart... when you refused to fight So save your breath, I will not hear. I think I made it very clear. You couldn't h
Will Christians Riot Now?
This is an excuse for Christians to rise up and threaten violence like muslims do when their almighty muhammad is somehow impugned. A Dutch sex shop is selling condoms with the likeness of the Pope. Something tells me the Catholic population will hold their disgust in check even thought their leader is mocked. If it were muhammad you can bet the lunatic fringe of muslims would be sending their goons to kill the perceived offender. For more,2933,593213,00.html BlastFM is a purveyor of good vibes. Listen to some of the best music ever recorded 24/7
Will Obama Seize 401(k)s?
Agenda nationalizes, confiscates plans, IRAs Hold onto your wallets. Strapped with yet another $1 trillion-plus federal budget deficit, President Obama is taking the first steps to confiscate retirement dollars – an approach to monetizing government debt made infamous by second-tier nations like Argentina. The end result is that instead of ending up with trillions of dollars in private investments that make retirement affordable, prospective retirees end up holding the bag on trillions of dollars of worthless or near-worthless government debt that will be paid off in a devaluated currency worth, at best, pennies on the dollar. Democrats in Congress and Obama administration bureaucrats in Treasury are taking the first steps to set up the investment infrastructure and the legal structure that will end up requiring that some considerable portion of the trillions of dollars aimed for private pension plans including IRAs and 401(k) plans will end up being funneled into financing U.
Will You Knock?
She laid there in her bed, with her nipples rock hardThe man rubbed his cock as he stood in her back yard.Looking through her windows trying to catch a peeklknowing his cum was ready to leak.She lifted up her gown & he watched as she rubbed herself up and downHer legs starting to spread, him wishing he was there with her in her bed.She moved her thongs to the side then her fingers started to glide.She put her finger inside her hole then was ready to lose control.Pushing her fingers deeply in, made him fuly grin.She pulled out her toy now she will feel the joy.Feeling the vibration, and using her imagination.His cock starting to grow as her juices now starting to flow.He rubbed his hand over his cock he couldn't take it no more he had to knock
The Will And Why A Poem By Yours Truely
Whisper in the night carried by the breeze That intoxicatin desire brings you to your knees The passion burns bright in your eyes A blazing inferno that never dies.... Do you give in unleash the fire feed the fuel flames touch higher lighting the dark as you seal your fate the will is lost, timing too late. If you hear me wont you open your eyes dont get lost in false aliabies your faith is broken and troubles are high in the end all you ask is why... Why do i try itll never be why do i let it get the best of me why do i stay i'll never know why hold on when youre letting go.
Will You Love Me Forever?
So it's been a long time since I've done one of these blog things. It's always been a weird way to chronical of our relationship, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Where to start? Hmmm... I guess I will start with where we're at. It's a pretty exciting time to say the least. We've both made the choice that we're going to finally do this. I'm mostly excited but a little scared. I'm excited cause I'll get to be with you and I know you were made for me and I was made for you. I'm scared cause... Well I don't know why lol. Maybe it's cause we're down to the nitty gritty. Probably cause I've had my doubts that we would finally make this happen. I've never had doubts about my love for you just so that's clear. We've been through a lot of obstacles to get to this point. It's about damn time we've finally gotten there. Hell I finally feel comfortable refering to you as my girlfriend. There's always been that grey area there and didn't know what to call what we have  lol. Ok, I'm going to
Will Harry Reid Also Hide In Illinois?
Over the past week the nation witnessed the spectacle of Wisconsin and Indiana Democrat lawmakers fleeing across state-lines into Illinois, Bonnie and Clyde-style, though in this case in hopes that their absence would stave off having to make tough decisions. Back home, their votes were needed to rescue their states from dire fiscal problems, and that is the case in states across the rest of the Midwest and the rest of the nation. Budget deficits are bulging and competition for scarce financial resources is growing more alarming.This Prohibition-era retro replay may indeed spread to the federal government and Washington, as a new Congress grapples with its first tough budget debate. Will liberals duck responsibility again?The federal government has been operating under a Continuing Resolution that will expire on March 4th.  The House, led by Republican Speaker John Boehner (R-IL) has already passed a new Continuing Resolution (CR) that cuts approximately $61 billion (too little in my o
Will You Ever?
I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star. I don't think you will ever fully comprehend how you've made my dreams come true or how you've opened my heart to love and the wonders it can do. You've allowed me to experience something very hard to find unconditional love that exists in my body, soul, and mind. I don't think you could ever feel all the love I have to give and I'm sure you'll never realize you've been my will to live. You are an amazing person and without you I don't know where I'd be. Having you in my life completes and fulfills every part of me.
Will The Cavs Ever Retire Lebron's Number?
I was looking at ESPN 1st and 10 today and they had the debate on if The Cavaliers would retire LeBron's #23, and I agree with them on this one: It will never happen, so they would have to let somebody else wear that number, because of the way it ended. That bridge was burnt down to the ground, and the whole city of Cleveland (or the whole state of Ohio) hates him so bad. So them retiring that number: ZERO CHANCE
Will Love You Forever
 Will Love You ForeverI love you so deeply,I love you so much,I love the sound of your voiceAnd the way that we touch.I love your warm smileAnd your kind, thoughtful way,The joy that you bringTo my life every day.I love you todayAs I have from the start,And I'll love you foreverWith all of my heart.
Will She Find Her Prince
One more written over ten years ago...but thought women might like   Will She Find Her Prince   She dreams of a fairytale As she sits in her room With a knight in armor To come to her rescue He rides up on his horse And calls her from below She runs to see him And climbs from her window   Will she find her prince Outside of her dreams Will he ever kiss her And wake sleeping beauty Cinderella had her slipper Snow White had her kiss And she keeps wondering Will she ever find her prince   Her feet hit the ground She runs to his side As he pulls her up They turn to the sunrise And as they ride off Comes a knock at the door So she wakes from dreaming To later dream some more
Will You Ever?
I don't think you willever fully understandhow you've touched my lifeand made me who I am.I don't think you could ever knowjust how truly special you arethat even on the darkest nightsyou are my brightest star.I don't think you will ever fully comprehendhow you've made my dreams come trueor how you've opened my heartto love and the wonders it can do.You've allowed me to experiencesomething very hard to findunconditional love that existsin my body, soul, and mind.I don't think you could ever feelall the love I have to giveand I'm sure you'll never realizeyou've been my will to live.You are an amazing personand without you I don't know where I'd be.Having you in my lifecompletes and fulfills every part of me.
Will It Ever End
Do You Thing The Earth Will Ever End
Will You
Will you? Will you smile when our eyes meet? Will you embrace me oh so soft and sweet; will you tremble at the first touch and smile knowing it has been a while? Will you hold me tight even if it is late at night and let me know that you are alright, when you look into the eyes of blue will it be enough to get you through? Will you melt at the first kiss thinking it should always be just like this? Will you want to stay in the moment forever never wanting it to end, thinking this is how time should be spent? So let me ask you this will you?
Will Be Hermes Bags 11 To Tell You
 Story hermes birkin grunted, and said  "Well you do not act dumb with me, I could not see out, you gave me something that the drawings shown above, simply can not mass produced, but as long as the production of a that shock Kamijina. I am going to build with chilling precision iron, do you think? chilling about hermes handbags two kilograms of fine iron almost enough. "      Listening to the story in words, Don could not help but secretly admire, worthy of God, Carpenter, just two days in the rain pear pin drawings, or incomplete.  He had seen Beauties importance of needle required materials.      Gently shook his head. Tang said  "chilling iron fine not, the hardness is sufficient, but lack of toughness in the production of machines, including the time may be because of too much power, collapsed. Rest assured, I have you ready for the metal. But this metal hermes birkin requires specific people to use with it. and so we hermes outlet returned to Tang Men, I will be hermes bags 11 to
Will You
Will You Give The Words To A Poet ðWill You Give Him Love Will You Give Him A Heartbeat When He Need It  Will You Give Him A Touch With Your Fingertips To Change His World Will You Give Him Life When He Will Lose It Will You Put Yourself In His Place Will You Take it All Out For Him Will You Give Him A New Heart Will You Understand What He Feel Will You Breath For Him When He Cant Will You Remember Him In Bad Times Will You Comfort His Soul With Your Kiss Will You Be There Well He Will Do All That For You ,Coz You Are His Heart ,His Soul And Sweet Dream
Willing Wolf: Year 2
  "I will snowboard as many days as life will allow. Last year that number was 51. Each year, on my last day out, I die." ~Me. Almost a year ago.   Tomorrow, 11/16/07, I will be reborn. ∞  Deja voodoo. I rise from the dead. Again. My rebirth is a matter of pain and suffering as the flames on my fur die out, extinguished by the falling snow. Yet the burn has gone deep into my muscles, and all my former injuries ingnite. Deja Vu? No. Yes. Not really. We have been here before. But each year it gets harder, adding some new twist to tales once told; the plot refolds. Again. I have already been out on two mountains this year, and hope to be on a third tomorrow. It is going to rain; picture the steam rising from my singed skin and the droplets falling from my lower lip.     ∞ ....ssssssseven times out. Time number seven on my birthday, mirthday. Eat, drink and be merry. [Why on Earth would I want to be Mary?] So, I drank copious amounts of water a
willowwacks \WIL-oh-waks\noun;    1.  A wooded, uninhabited area
Will North Face Jackets Be In Style And Design Again With 2012
The popularity of a pattern relating to the medieval circumstances which often acquired its best in the renaissance intervals has not though waned until recently. Consequently as soon as possible persons search for to be able to decide to wear most of these Halloween outfits every time they setup Renaissance Fairs. If you seek to Buy North Face Denali Fleece Jackets acquire outfits through that dead age there are various not internet and online the North Face outlet sellers that will promote authentic-looking renaissance costumes. However it's better to refrain from affordable supplies or maybe gowns which might be terribly built since these can indulge the glance provided by the costume garments. The obvious option to find out concerning American own manner is actually enjoying a superstars for the on the inside upper adventure American ancient fashion apparel. They may be Buy North Face Denali Fleece Jackets one of those set of individuals who are generally onto trends
Will Abu Mazen Stand By The Statehood Proposal?
Many people are wondering about the motives behind the Palestinian statehood proposal that is scheduled to be examined at the United Nations Security Council in the near future. Some believe that acting Palestinian Authority chief Mahmud Abbas is making the move to gain some concessions from Israel. However, because of the mounting pressure the West and Israel are imposing on the PA, it is doubtful that Abbas, who is also known as Abu Mazen, will follow through with the controversial plan. It seems that Abbas is resorting to the issue of Palestinian statehood as a political ploy to divert attention from the latest internal scandals and controversies, sacs louis vuitton which have put more pressure on him to resign. In fact, Abbas is facing a tough situation in Palestine over his secret negotiations with the Israelis, which sources in Egypt informed the world about after the fall of Hosni Mubarak. In other words, the attempt to establish an independent Palestinian state at this critical
Will You?
If I reach for your hand will you hold it? If I hold out my arms will you hug me? If I go for your lips will you kiss me? If I capture your heart will you love me?
Willing Wolf: Year 3
    Halloween.Day one.Reborn. Aches and pains. Blah blah blah. Oh yeah: boo.My first day this year was spectacular and set my mood for early season bliss.  One week later this turns sour, dour, as unseasonably warm and rainy weather blows in from the south.  Several mountains offer solace with murmurs of reopening next week, so I four-foot my way back to my den and proceed to clean my fur.  In a moment of boredom, I lift my leg and lick my....?Day two, three weeks later.  I ran hard for a few hours and then called it quits.  There are many days still to go.  Such as tomorrow.  And the next day.  And...Day three.   Three weeks and one day later.Day four.  Cloudy.  Cloudy to the point that most of the living cloak themselves with their caves, silently shivering in fear of the evil which breathes beneath the gray roof of gloom.  Cloudy to the point where a 40 degree day feels like 30.   Cloudy dark and crystal cold.I rode in only a t-shirt for the last hour of the day.  My nipples becam
Willing Wolf: Year 4
  Eleven slash twenty nine.  Day one.  (More to come.) ∞ Day two and much ado about nothing. I snowboard, but something/everything is wrong. Has the wolf died for good?I ride (and write) like a ghost of once was.  †Day three.An artist's paintbrush daubs layers of icy blue and snowy silver across the December canvas, and then a smidgeon of charcoal is sliced into the winter whites with the slash of a pallette knife.  From the Cimmerian shade a wolf emerges with one long "Raaawwwr!".Beastly and unreasonably A. A. D. Dee. Dee. Dee. Dee. I howl again.  Again. And again. Look! Squirrel!!!  Seriously.  A squirrel races before me, left to right, not only in sight but in distance to bite.  A rodent repast, a feast for the famished fanged one.But there is no cold crimson in the frozen fresco, and as the squirrel disappears into the woods I remind myself that I would much rather be eating...You.*Four, five, 6, seven... times two: fourteen times out when my past years' average was
Will Not Break!
Under a dark sky, The star's are shining bright, I let her finger's slip, To many time's, No longer holding her, So very cold inside, I made my mistake's, Tried to forget my regret's, Screamed & shouted till blue, Walls reverberating upon his breath, Said word's he should not have said, No bandage will fix this, No plaster's will stem his blood, No staple's will hold him together, Ripped them out long ago, Beared his true soul & stripes, Alone is never forever, Just keep on drifting, Searching for that beacon, There's alway's a light at the end of the tunnel. Broken bone's fail me not,
Will You Still Love Me
I love this..Will you still love me even if I’m not perfect? Will you still love me even if I’m not the kind of person you wished I were? Will you still look into my eyes with warmth even if you saw my shadows? Will you still hold my hand even if you knew there will be times I’d let you down?For though I yearn to take care of you as I should, though I desire to love you with a love that never falters and fades, my knees tremble this very moment that you hold me in your arms.Shall I kiss you? Shall I hold your hand and bask in the light of your spirit knowing that I have my darkness, knowing there will be times that the light of my love will sometimes be overshadowed by the darkness that is in me?Sometimes I’d be silent and I might bore you. I may not laugh at your jokes, and you may not understand the spell that’s enshrouding me. Sometimes I’d get troubled and I’d fail to put into words what the hell it is that troubles me. I wouldn’t be
Willing To Buy
Willie Lych
  What's your opinion on this article?This speech was delivered by Willie Lynch on the bank of the James River in the colony of Virginia in 1712.  Lynch was a British slave owner in the West Indies. He was invited to the colony of Virginia in 1712 to teach his methods to slave owners there. The term “lynching” is derived from his last name. [beginning of the Willie Lynch Letter]  Greetings, Gentlemen. I greet you here on the bank of the James River in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twelve. First, I shall thank you, the gentlemen of the Colony of Virginia, for bringing me here. I am here to help you solve some of your problems with slaves. Your invitation reached me on my modest plantation in the West Indies, where I have experimented with some of the newest, and still the oldest, methods for control of slaves. Ancient Rome would envy us if my program is implemented. As our boat sailed south on the James River, named for our illustrious King, whos
Willing To Buy Bling Pack
I am looking for someone who can make me a specially made profile layout. I want something that will catch peoples eye and really pop out with my favortie colors and also with a picture of me on the top (or two) and my nickname (Kinky) on it wit the font all decked out. Can only afford the $20=25 credit bling pack. If anyone is interested please send me a message and let me know. Thank you!   PS I would also like to see some of your work as well before you start to make the layout so I know if its something I'm looking for.
Willing To Buy A Pimp Out!
This kitty needs 1 more pimp out to help her level..... Willing to pay 1 mil fubucks rate your profile an 11 every day for a week rate 100 of your pics a 10 every day for a week Like your page every day for a week And make you a custom image... Hit my shoutbox or my pm.  Usually on after 3pm EST mon-fri
Will You Ever Know
I don't think you willever fully understandhow you've touched my lifeand made me who I am.I don't think you could ever knowjust how truly special you arethat even on the darkest nightsyou are my brightest star.I don't think you will ever fully comprehendhow you've made my dreams come trueor how you've opened my heartto love and the wonders it can do.You've allowed me to experiencesomething very hard to findunconditional love that existsin my body, soul, and mind.I don't think you could ever feelall the love I have to giveand I'm sure you'll never realizeyou've been my will to live.You are an amazing personand without you I don't know where I'd be.Having you in my lifecompletes and fulfills every part of me.
Will She Ever Learn?
A Woman cried half her life "I want a good man!"A good man walks by and says"I am a good man.I can't give you diamonds,but promise to treat you like one,I can't give you the moonbut will kiss you tenderly under it each night,I can't build you a castlebut I pledge to protect you like a fortress.I do not have a white horse or shining armorBut I am your knight for as long as you want me to be.I am not the answer to your every questionI am not a solution to your every problemI am not here to obey your every whimBut no matter what - I will be here for youYours as I am, Anytime you need meI will hold your hand and wipe your tearsI will talk to you and be honest with youI will do my best to do all that I can for youAnd I will love you for all that you are.A Woman looks at the Good Man.Thinks and frowns for a minute."Keep walking, loser."And on he walked to find his good woman.And on she cries for a good man.
Will U Still Love Me???
Will you still love me even if I’m not perfect? Will you still love me even if I’m not the kind of person you wish I were? Will you still look into my eyes with warmth even if you saw my shadows? Will you still hold my hand even if you knew there will be times I’d let you down? For though I yearn to take care of you as I should, though I desire to love you with a love that never falters and fades, my knees tremble this very moment that you hold me in your arms. Shall I kiss you? Shall I hold your hand and bask in the light of your spirit knowing that I have my darkness, knowing there will be times that the light of my love will sometimes be overshadowed by the darkness that is in me? Sometimes I’d be silent and I might bore you. I may not laugh at your jokes, and you may not understand the spell that’s enshrouding me. Sometimes I’d get troubled and I’d fail to put into words what the hell it is that troubles me. I wouldn’t be good company then, and I couldn’t make you smile.
Williford City Limit Blues
NO COAT-#4 disc#1 The Dragons breath is strait fire Over the ledge- comin fast on a tightrope wire/ off the edge/  stereotype no hype/ lost highway- dark rooms- silver spoons my way-/  you fell they say -  one bell/ blacksheep- two faced-  half dead- mastermind/ walkin fine line/  /Deep within- fear fades away/ let it go- we must learn to trust- we know/  a hero- army of one- starglow/ few chosen - big surprise - no lies - my show/  tears fall you cry- one try/ I'm quick study- Top ranked-First pick top notch-teachers pet- two nines- full clips- like Goerge Jetson get set/ no stress when less/ under attack- good guess- no flack - get back - frontlines clean up the mess/ I'm the ground zero superhero- locked cocked n loaded- gettin loud hold n position- comprehending the risk/ double vision- look twice- second disk- burnt wire- high voltage overloaded- takin heavy fire/  I dont break just bend/ to what end- pop the breaker- risk taker- blown fuse what's the use/ d
Will Work For Bling Packs! No Matter How Small!
I dont have set prices. However, anyone who has helped me before knows I always hold true to my word. I want to save up for a GM, i currently have 20 credits left after my leveling requirement thanks to BBQBandit(You rock dude)! I'm willing to both pay with fubucks and work for them. What will you get? Lots of rates, Shitfaced everyday, Pictures made(Not just cards, but collages, etc) and a perminant spot on my family. I thought about auctioning myself off, but I never really get too far with that. All help is appreciated and I will show you my appreciation. Before you buy me anything or send me anything, please send me a PM or a shout, Theyre open to EVERYONE!
Will Still Always Wonder...
...why people pay attention, respect and notice me more that I've lost weight? Sometimes it can be flattering but at the same time, it's a bit insulting. I guess I will never know. It's like I was the ugly duckling that's somewhat become a swan to where I'm more noticable than the past, why is that?
Will Sick Babies Be Starved To Death Under Obamacare?
Doctor describes “horror” of Britain’s socialist healthcare system Paul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comNovember 30, 2012 A physician has told the British Medical Journal about the “unique horror” of watching a newborn baby shrivel up and die under a cost-cutting system of socialized healthcare that withdraws feeding tubes from sick and disabled babies, a method that could be replicated in the United States under Obamacare. After speaking with doctors who have blown the whistle on how babies are being starved and dehydrated to death in British hospitals, an investigation by the Daily Mail has revealed that the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway end of life regime is being used to kill disabled newborns and young children. It was previously thought that the method was only being used on elderly and terminally ill adult patients. The method has been criticized as a form of euthanasia because its primary purpose is to kill off patients quicker so as to free
Williams Back In The Building. "hes A Great
PEORIA, Ill. Terrell Davis Womens Jersey . -- Jerry Girardi was memorialized Monday as a dedicated labourer who built the ranch-style Illinois home where he raised five highly successful children -- two doctors, a math professor, an accountant and New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi. The Yankees manager, who attended the funeral service during an off day in the American League Championship Series, sat quietly alongside his family. None of the Girardis spoke, and they left the church quickly to attend the burial in Tampico, the tiny north-central Illinois town known as the birthplace of Ronald Reagan. Father Larry Zurek told the roughly 100 mourners at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in downtown Peoria that Jerry Girardis contribution went far beyond his occupations as a bricklayer, restaurant owner and salesman. Foremost, he cherished family, Zurek said. "Jerry built walls, but he built so much more," the priest said. Jerry Girardi died Oct. 6 at a residential treatment centre in nearby
Will I Have The Choice So You Can Get Burberry?
 Will I Have The Choice So You Can Get burberry? The sad fact concerning nowadays's high speed Internet architectural is the fact that not all of all of us has straightforward find out to affordable high speed.Jordan Handbags People today within rural areas ought to generally resort to pricey tv broadband internet when they are really relocating to acquire broadband accessibility. Burberry Outlet Online The us government seems in which broadband internet must be available to almost all Us citizens, and lots of companies are using actions to ensure this occurs inside of near long term yukczvgb. Whenever it calls for broadband World wide web, you'll find actually numerous different alternatives you must choose from, together with: Digital subscriber line, cable tv, and also satellite tv for pc, because becoming by far the most motivated.Jordans Digital subscriber line, Burberry Outlet Shop electronic digital subscriber collection, employs a telephone collection to keep digital indicators
Will You
If i will only letthis moment  pass awaythe chances to have youwill fly and will not stayWhere will i be now?If you won't be hereWill you let this tearswash the happinessof the past ?Will you still love meif i tell youthat i love youmore then you do ?Will you hate meif i won't ever let you goit's so hardPlease tell me will you?
To the weak, trials and tribulations are roadblocks. To the strong, they are gateways. The coward who is too afraid to step up and face adversity will never know the taste of victory. To gain victory, you have to first clinch your fist and fight for it. At first you will fail.Many times you will fail. But until you fully quit, you will never completely lose.Failure is often the fuel needed to succeed, the inspiration to try harder. Failure is life's way of saying,"Not tough enough, yet,""Not smart enough, yet"" Not fast enough, yet."   The strong will turn failure into angry inspiration. The will use it to signal their resignation. Everything in life settles proportionately to the persons will. Will is what drives the strong ahead. Will is what seperates the men from the boys; the doers from the takers. Will is what makes people like me think. Will is what makes me an unstoppable force.Will is what drives me to accomplish anything and everything that i set out to do.   You have to
Willst Du Ein Automatic Mechanic Aushöhlen Armbanduhr
Automatic Mechanic aushöhlen Armbanduhr ist ein extrem künstlerischen armbanduhren herren automatik von einem australischen Uhrenfirma gemacht. Die Armbanduhr hat erstaunliche Eigenschaften und das Aussehen, die den Geist der potenziellen Käufer sofort fesseln können. Diese Armbanduhr ist sehr elegant und rätselhaft wie gut. Die gesamten Elemente, die bei der Herstellung dieser Armbanduhr enthalten sind, sind von höchster Material wodurch die Langlebigkeit und Haltbarkeit erheblich. Die in allgemeine Qualität dieser Uhr ist sehr lobenswert mit erhöhten Leistung ohne Mängel. Die Armbanduhr ist aus einer extrem hohen Qualität aus Edelstahl, die jede Art von rauen Bedingungen widerstehen kann. Gleichzeitig ist die Klasse von Edelstahl recht gut und daher gibt es eine sehr elegantes Aussehen sowie. Sie können problemlos tragen die Armbanduhr für eine Dinner-Party, im Freien Reise, Hochzeit, und mehrere andere wichtige Feierlichkeiten. Die verbesserte Qualität dieser Uhr wird dem Benutzer
I am Barbie and I am an alcoholic.  Well first I am really pissed cause i wrote this once and FU ate it . So here I go again. Forced my ass to meeting tonight and as always heard just what I needed to hear.Willingness was the topic and I got to thinking of my willingness to change and be happy and sober or am I willing to remain unhappy and sober. I have really been thinking a lot of emotional acceptance and intellectual acceptance and why they don't come hand in hand still baffles me. But that is very much me . I accept things to a certain extent. I accept I am an alcoholic and I cant drink but I don't always accept what I NEED to do to stay happily sober . I again am in this for the emotional growth at this point as I had stated before. Hell right now I can't accept the fact that I have to rewrite this whole blog. I was very happy with how the last one turned out and took me over an hour to write. But I will deal with accepting FU glitches later.  I have been , as of late,  failing
Will Del Tablet Avanti Hai Ubuntu?
Se non sai cosa è Ubuntu, che è attualmente la forma più popolare del sistema operativo Linux per i desktop. Il sistema operativo è stato guadagnando una quota rapida sia spazio sulla scrivania della comunità Linux e guadagnando incursioni nei mercati desktop aziendali e consumer - di solito da fuori bordo Windows su sistemi che invecchiano o terminali aziendali basate su server. (telefoni dual sim) Ubuntu è stato anche apparire su smartphone e anche alcuni set top box di essere accarezzato per il rilascio dei televisori a casa per accedere a Internet sul televisore. L'azienda dietro Ubuntu, Canonical, punta a "quattro-screen strategia", in cui il sistema operativo viene visualizzato senza problemi su desktop, smartphone, televisori e .. compresse. Hanno appena rivelato la loro nuova Ubuntu tablet OS sul nuovo Nexus liste che appena rilasciato. Il Nexus 7 e 10, entrambe offerte con un'opzione Ubuntu e aperto agli sviluppatori immediatamente. Il sistema operativo è estremamente robust
William Chan Was The Embodiment Of The Ice Hockey Handsome As Spokespersons
         July 14, 2010, Emperor actor William Chan (William) was invited to become the first of a brand spokesman for the Hong Kong and Macau in the ad, his incarnation the Ice hockey handsome as spokespersons photo shoot. Employed by advertisers, director of Hong Kong Ice Hockey League WILLIAM special training, to create his ice hockey. A new series of advertising photography, advertising for WILLIAM tailor-made nail full amphibole with the shape of the the leggings ice players, very tide! WILLIAM this ad also attaches great importance to him that impression to play shoot the ads are "man to burst" macho, and more foreigners, their body type can not lose erosion, so the gym every day, three hours before shooting in order to maintain a streamlined muscles! WILLIAM each time before the shooting must be engrossed in the mirror to do a series of swing, not shooting the sweating, the presence of the staff are all full of praise for the professional work attitude WILLIAM! The
Willy Wonka
pickle: ill stick my willy in your wonka   lmfao gotta love a good one liner
Will Return Next Season
Monaco officially announced that it has signed a 1 +1 Carvalho contract to leave Real Madrid in summer the first person to officially born ...... ???? Will return next season, the French team in Monaco on the official website officially announced that 35-year-old Real Madrid defender Ricardo Carvalho old ways will be joined on a free transfer. Carvalho, one-year contract with Monaco, as well as year renewal priority. Carvalho is the second Moutinho and Rodriguez after the official announcement in the summer of Monaco bought the third player, and the same was also the first one he bid farewell to Real Madrid in the summer of players.???? 35-year-old Carvalho at Porto coach Jose Mourinho, fame, and then in the summer of 2004 following the mentor Tong Fu Chelsea, was worth up to £ 19,850,000, the next six seasons at Stamford Bridge, Carvalho has been effective summer of 2010, Carvalho followed Mourinho to join Real Madrid, and in 10/11 season to become the halfback posi
Willow Tree
Where has the time went , It can not  be , What ever happens to the Willow Tree ? It  sways an' waves ,For all to see , That I'm missing you  and the Love you gave to me , We laughed and played as  Lovers do , didn't stop to think if we'd even be true ,Time doesn't care if you're rich or poor , it only cares ,For the heart that dares ......So come on back and wave the breezes in , I just can't call you A long lost friend , You're the reason my heart is beating still ....And doesn't want to end , I've loved you forever ,Through the centuries of time ,without any reason ,without any rhyme ,I just want to grow as the Willow of Old , With you by my side and the love that we hold..........My heart is weeping for a loss thats to raw ,They came to me with a bleeding saw , And they cut down the tree but it was really just me,Waiting for you to return to loving me .Time gives no reason for all the treason ,As the Willow Tree , is but for a season ,Swaying an' waving for all to see , That you re
Will Cesc Fabregas Join Manchester United? Find Out That And More In The Rumor Mill
Lyon coach Remi Garde has dismissed reports that he wants to bring Arsenal attacker Gervinho back to French football.Wholesale jerseysGIANT LEAPWill Cesc Fabregas join Manchester United? Find out that and more in the Rumor Mill. Gervinho has been linked with a move away from Arsenal this summer and there has been speculation of a switch to Roma, who are now coached by his former Lille boss Rudi Garcia. However, there have been claims in France that Gervinho could be on his way to Lyon as part of a swap deal which would see Yoann Gourcuff go in the opposite direction.Wholesale soccer jerseys Former Arsenal midfielder Garde has ruled out a bid for the Ivory Coast international and will instead turn to within the Lyon ranks for attacking reinforcements. "This has only come from the press," Garde told Le Progres in response to the speculation."I've heard that Lyon is interested in Gervinho, but Gervinho is a striker, and we have young and very good strikers already at the club."Gervinho
Will Usa Go Higher In The Fifa Rankings
I think usa will jump higher up in the rankings. What do all you USA fans think. Go USA 
Will U Miss Me
would u care if i was gone  never to be seen? i'm the last thing this world needs in it. i'm not the girl any one wants any more i'm the girl that is last on the list for love. no one wants me as a friend they friend me because they fell bad for me love hates me . but it plays like it loves me and wants me to be happy. my tears are my friends my broken heart is the dager in my chest. my words fall on empty dry grownd . but u  they get picked up and put on top of the land of lies u say that u say that u care about them. this is the last time my worlds will be said to any one.  my heart is closed to all  of this  words love friends and more its gone cold to all .  and good luck to get in .......
Will The Sunlight Set At Dawn?...
the beginning of this day welcomed newer darker skiesonly silhouettes, only lonely shadowsthe vague is whispered like a lieit wasn't clouds that blocked the sunlightonly empty milesonly empty nothingno stores of hope in sightit was as though the night gave birth and her child was stillbornonly lifeless limbsonly silent heartswhat do these signs forewarn?it goes without me sayingno colours could be foundnot even blackest bluesnot even bluest blacksand made worse by absent soundthere was no thundering of herdsno fowl upon the aironly breezeless treesand only waveless seasand no other witnesses to bearit was as though the night gave birthand her child was stillbornonly lifeless limbsonly silent heartswhat do these signs forewarn?
“will God Forgive My Repeated Sin?”
“Will God Forgive My Repeated Sin?” To some, my view about sin and God's forgiveness sounds contrary to what SOME EXTREME evangelists these days-Such as those evangelsists I mentioned who preach what is called "The Hell fire and Brimstone" approach.  Many Christians find they make the same mistake repeatedly(MYSELF included) This is especially so if you have years of bad habits to overcome. So if you find yourself constantly failing with the same sin, rest assured, you are not alone in this struggle. The apostle Paul writes about the struggle between a mind which wants to serve God and a sinful nature which just keeps on sinning.  And he writes that Jesus Christ delivers him from this body of death (Romans 7, espescially verses 24-25). So Jesus’ blood is definitely powerful enough to wash away all your sin, even repeated sins. You are never beyond forgiveness. But you must repent sincerely. The idea that God cannot be mocked (Galatians 6:7) basically means that Go
Wilma And Betty
Wil'o Whisp
Dare to dream that most dangerous dream To reach out again for that wil'o whisp light Fae will mislead into mists unseen Whilst hoping a warm haven's plight c2007, Anhkah aka Lara; Consort of Angels of Lestats Dark Covenent Family
A Wilson High Friday Night
omfg...i saw basically EVERYONE i never see anymore and a few new people. i met dizie, josh (a 16 yr old from cali), ali, a girl in an ice cream store, and zack (23 yr old stoner). i saw brittany, kira, david, jack, julia, my sister, jane, jake, robby, nyle, marshall, and i think that's it... but yea, i was 3rd wheel on reese's and marshall's date. we hung out wit a bunch of kids and i would run up and hug ppl i knew. me and brittany havent seen each other since 6th grade so we had a lot of catchin up to do. me and her stood by this chain that closes off this empty lot and we talked there until zack had to leave and he came over and introduced himself to me and said bye to brit. reese ran off wit dizie to get some cigs and marshall ranted about how stupid her smoking was. then, we sat down wit brit and bunch of her friends and chilled. this kid josh came over, sat down next to me, bummed a cig off reese and chatted wit me. 16 yrs old from cali. he blew smoke in my face a c
Wilson Mizner
Those who welcome death have only tried it from the ears up.
Wilson Has Meeting Of The Minds 0
MILTON, ONT. - Dinner with new relatives can be a stilted affair,burberry outlet cheap but the new Maple Leafs’ staff has no choice but to break bread, then break down the team in their areas of expertise. At the invitation of head coach Ron Wilson, newcomers Scott Gordon and Greg Cronin gathered at his off-season home in Myrtle Beach, S.C., along with surviving bench assistant Rob Zettler, as well as skating coach Graeme Townsend for four days last month. The changing of the guard wasn’t Wilson’s idea. General manager Brian Burke ordered Wilson to make two changes to alleviate what the boss thought was a “stale” atmosphere in the dressing room. The departed Tim Hunter and long-serving Keith Acton were also deemed part of the problem with what had been poor special teams play up until the second half of last season. But by all accounts, the new Leafs group hit it off. “Ron manned the barbecue one night, kicked his wife out of the kitchen and took
Wilted Flowers
WILTED FLOWERS By: Daniel J. Maag A flower has but a short existence, its born unto this world from a small seed of life. It grows slowly through the nurturing of sun, water and air. It reaches towards the heavens and before long its pedals open and bloom. For this is the best of times but its also the beginning of the end, from this day on, its days are numbered. The lucky flower is the one that gets picked and is given in love and friendship, as appose to the one left to die alone behind. But this flower of love and kindness that has brightened someone's world, feels it is the fortunate one, but alas, it to is destined to die alone and forgotten. As its beauty fades and pedals begin to wilt, its not long before its tossed away with out any guilt. Alone and empty it dies on a dump, it served a purpose, but that moment was fleeting. It once was the smile to someone's face, now all it is, is a place for flies to eat.
Wilted Away
Shadows have begun to fall, distant memories remain. A selfish character in fragmented time suspends disbelief. This rain resembles me, a fashion of those who hate to believe. Every morning just another day to wilt away, falling further from grace. Why cant I replace the pain? Then my heart begins to beat one thousand times per second. I can barely breathe. Face to face with defeat I wont retreat. My heart begins to beat again, one thousand times I wont give in. The sun no longer shines down on me, the rain begins to fall. These distant memories are killing me piece by piece, Im diseased. Like the unclasping love once lost, now Im to blame no longer ashamed. Everyday remains the same. Just wilt away and fall away from grace. I replace the pain with hate. Then my heart begins to beat one thousand times per second. I can barely breathe. Face to face with defeat I wont retreat. My heart begins to beat again, one thousand times I wont give in. Everyday remaining the same, I
Wil Wheaton
I started using this app called Zite. It's like Pandora but for Internet articles. You pick some topics you are interested in and the app selects article you may like based on those interests and you can like or not like those articles and the app will, in turn try and find you more articles based on those likes. It's also like pandora in that if you do "like" something you are either going to get 30 things that are exactly like the thing that you like and one totally random thing that's not like what you liked at all but just happens to be mentioned kinda -sorta in something that was in the thing that you did actually like. I don't know maybe I'm using it wrong because right now the are 25 stories related to tweaking Miley Cyrus and the vma's and I don't much care for either one of those things. If there ever was a time in my life that twitching asses and award shows were an interest of mine, I don't remember it. Probably I was stoned at the time. Anyway back to Zite. ... When did Wil
Wi Marriage License Info
Getting marriage? Heres the need-to-know; Wisconsin Officiants Instant Download! Wedding Planners Martha's Weddings In Style Weddings Marriage License Laws Wisconsin Marriage license Laws in the state of Wisconsin, here is what you need to bring with you, and what you need to know about the Wisconsin marriage laws before filling out the Wisconsin marriage license form. In order to get married, you need to apply and receive a marriage license. This is the document in your state that allows you to officially tie the knot under the law. The rules for acquiring your marriage license varies from state to state, so you should check with your city's marriage bureau at your clerk of court's office to find out what your local rules are. You'll typically need to apply for your marriage license at least one month before your wedding ceremony. You'll traditionally need to send in your birth certificates, tax information, and other official
Wim De Bie~~i Want To Fuck You
A "wimpy" Quote
Okay, so this is not gonna be a song lyric or a poem, but it's a quote from the one and only Wimpy from Popeye. "I will gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today."
Wimpiest Dad
Two kids are arguing over whose father is the wimpiest. The first one says," My dad is so scared that when lightning strikes, he slides underneath our bed." The second kid says, "That's nothing. My dad is so scared that when my mother works nightshift, he sleeps with the woman next door."
Wimpiest Dad
Two kids are arguing over whose father is the wimpiest. The first one says," My dad is so scared that when lightning Strikes, he slides underneath our bed." The second kid says, "That's nothing. My dad is so scared That when my mother works night shift, he sleeps with the woman Next door
Wimpiest Dad . . . . . .
Two kids are arguing over whose father is the wimpiest. The first one says, "My dad is so scared of storms, that when lightning strikes, he slides underneath our bed." The second kid says, "That's nothing. My dad is so scared of the dark, that when my mother works nightshift, he sleeps with the woman next door."
Wimpiest Dad??
Two kids are arguing over whose father is the wimpiest. The first one says," My dad is so scared that when lightning strikes, he slides underneath our bed." The second kid says, "That's nothing. My dad is so scared that When my mother works nightshift, he sleeps with the woman next door."
You Are Occasionally a Wimp You're pretty tough in every day life. You don't back down easily. However, you can be a wimp at times, especially in stressful situations. You can be overwhelmed or intimidated or just plain scared when life gets rough. While these are natural reactions, you may want to face your fears a little more. Are You a Wimp?
ok 1st Member of Tearzers Lounge That gets 30 ppl in the lounge and they join i will give them $20,000 fubucks!!! If u r playing PLZ send me a message...They must say who invited them!!! get ready, set, GO!!!!!!!!
Haden Exports: offers surplus excess inventory DECAPITATE THE CAT STRESS RELIEF KITTY: VELCRO HEAD NEW EXCESS INVENTORY 18,000 UNITS SEE PICTURE BELOW PRICE: RSVP (Not allowed to list price here) FOB: THE WINDY CITY (CHICAGO)      504-888-7968
A Win
Authorities yesterday announced plans to join a United Nations (UN) supplementary protocol to fight an increasing number of cross-border human trafficking cases. Authentic Jimmy Graham Jersey . Police of Shanye county in Shandong province feed an infant who was rescued from kidnappers earlier this month. Efforts are being made to reduce cross-border human trafficking. [China Daily]  Weve been faced with more organized and more professional cross-border human trafficking crimes in recent years. So it is necessary to strengthen international cooperation to fight the crime, Vice-Foreign Minister Li Jinzhang said. Related readings: Human trafficking reaches to high alert around world Buying cheap goods may support human trafficking Lessons to avoid human trafficking China starts crackdown on human trafficking Li made the remarks while telling the countrys top legislature about the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children.
Win A Prize
You have won a prize A blonde goes to the local restaurant, buys a small drink for herself, and sits down to drink it. She notices a peel-off prize sticker on the side of her cup while she is drinking. After pulling off the tab, she begins screaming, "I won a motor home! I won a motor home!" The waitress runs over and argues, "That's impossible. The biggest prize given away was a stero system!" The blonde replies, "No. I won a motor home!" By this time, the manager makes his way over to the table, and he too argues, "You couldn't possibly have won a motor home because we didn't have that as one of our prizes." Again the blonde says, "There is no mistake! I won a motor home!" The blonde hands the prize ticket to the manager and he reads, "WIN A BAGEL."
Win A 'twisted Christmas' along with SonyBMG are giving away five copies of TWISTED SISTER's A Twisted Christmas CD. To enter the Twisted Sister CD giveaway - simply send an email to (subject Twisted X-mas) with your name and mailing address by noon (EST) Dec. 20th. Winners will be chosen at random. The prize has no cash value and no substitutions are allowed. To view Twisted Sister's latest video, 'Oh Come All Ye Faithful' (both animated and non-animated versions), head to this location. is currently streaming the song on our BraveTunes player.
Win A Ring
be the first to tell me what celeb is in the pic and win a womens/mens ring :)
Win A Blast! 3 Prizes
OK, I'm at the point that I want to start giving back to the community! I'm going to host a contest that offers a blast to the first 3 people to reach 7,500 comments and 100 ratings. The first prize winner will get a 7 day blast. The second prize winner will get a 3 day blast. The third prize winner will get a 1 day blast. Comment bombing will be allowed. You'll be able to comment bomb your own pics. The contest will start on March 1st. Just send me a link to the picture you want me to use and I will rip it into the gallery. Pimp yourselves out! Get the love flowing. Griz
Win A 3 Day Blast! Announcing The Living Legend Sexy Salute Contest!! (repost)
What? The Living Legend Sexy Salute Contest... Salute me, The Living Legend, in a sexy way. I will leave the creativity to you ladies. However, these pictures CANNOT be NSFW (send the NSFW salutes to me privately, hehe). The winner will be determined by multiplying number of comments by the average rate by the number of people that have rated you (comments X rating X number of rates). Prizes? Winner receives a 3 day blast. 2nd Place will receive a piece of BLING. All entrants will receive gifts. When? I will be taking entrants names until Wednesday, March 6th. At midnight that evening, I will open up the contest folder and the games will begin. The contest will run 14 days until midnight, the evening of Wednesday, March 20th. Must-Read Rules - 1) I am keenly aware of people marking others' photos as NSFW to eliminate the competition. Rest assured, I am able to find the culprits who mark things NSFW and anyone (or their agent, which I can also trace) caught marki
Win Again With Clinton
Win A Free Cherry Blast Before 10pm Est
THE FIRST PERSON TO DO SO~~~ if you can name my birthdate (month, day, year) you win a prize if you can also name the exact time you win a cherry blast do it before 10PM EST and woo hoo ~Timmy~
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* * Win Again With Clinton * *
* * WIN AGAIN WITH CLINTON * * PLEASE JOIN THIS NEW GROUP Win Again With Clinton And Gore Rebulid America With Clinton And Gore Another Four For Clinton And Gore
Win A Trip To San Francisco The 27th Of April
and see Kaiser Chiefs, The Walkmen, and my buds The Little Ones at the Warfield in SFO. But you have to be creative! Good Luck! A couple of tracks for your listening pleasure:
Win A Month Blast!
Alright this is day 2. Come on ladies get on it. I don't want to think all my friends are slackers LOL .Time is running out. Submit a picture(s) and ask your friends to sign up for a free account to vote for you when you go up for voting. It's that simple. Tell them to tell you the user ID they picked so you can tell me (make sure you tell me! at least once a day so I can keep track). Not only you can win a free MONTH BLAST but if you have the most friends sign up under you THEY ALL GET FREE GOLD ACCOUNTS FOR THE YEAR! So they aren't just helping you. They are helping themselves. ONCE EVERYONE STARTS TELLING ME WHO IS UNDER THEM. I WILL POST WHO IS IN THE LEAD EVERYDAY IN A STICKY BULLETIN AT NIGHT. BELOW IS THE ORIGINAL BULLETIN IF YOU HAVE READ IT YESTERDAY YOU CAN STOP HERE. IF YOU JUST ARE SEEING IT CONTINUE ON. I see where my experiment is headed. The guys are to cheap on here to pay a dollar for you even though they are getting something worth $10. Cheap bastard
Win A Vic For A Month
I am extending the date of the contest till Tuesday. So get your pics submitted so we can get the contest going!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks Christy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Win A Personalized Sigtag
Win a personalized sigtag Would you like to win an original personalized sigtag made by me personally, all you have to do is going to the link below and rate my friends pictures then let me know you have down them, in return i will make you your own special graphic di ( BRITISH BOMBER 1)) (BRITS ON TOUR)@ fubar
Win A Date With Me
so my friend and I decided that I need some fun in my life. With that being said who would like to go on a date with me? Well it's more like a friendly gathering on tuesday evening. So if you are interested please message me by monday night.
Win A Tropical Vacation From :porcelain!!
I (Porcelain) am willing to give someone a Tropical Vacation if the Fan, rate and comment on all my pics and stash. When finished you can contact My fubar Hubby Gimptastic he will tally up your rates and comments and let me know that you have done it... REMEMBER..THIS IS FOR PORCELAIN(IN MY FAMILY SECTION), NOT ME. GO TO HER PROFILE AND DO ALL THAT IS LISTED AND SHE WILL GIVE YOU A TROPICAL VACATION AS SOON AS YOU COMMENT ME AND I VERIFY THAT YOU HAVE DONE EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST. GOOD LUCK!
Win A Great Gift
the most people that go to my page under famley and rate on my Daughters photo in the nexts 3 days the one who has been there the most will recieve a nice gift from me so boom away
Win A Vip Starting Tonight 12:01am Est
I have entered this contest. Please comment the heck out of me. I'd love to win. Thanks fans, friends & family. at midnight est you can start commenting the heck out of my photo at Here are a few quick rule reminders: 1 - Contest begins at 12:01 am on Friday, Sept. 21st, and will close at midnight on Friday the 28th. The person with the most comments on their photo at the end will win a VIP status for October. 2 - Self Commenting is not only allowed, but encouraged. You may bomb your own photo as much as you like, and each comment counts. 3 - Please ask your supporters to fan/rate/add the host - RogerLee. 4 - ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA OR DOWNRATING. ANYONE CAUGHT DOING SO WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE CONTEST. DO NOT POST NEGATIVE/OFFENSIVE/NSFW COMMENTS AS THIS WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION AS WELL. Let's keep it clean! 5 - Promote, promote, promote! This is how you WIN! Get your friends in on the votes, and pul
Win A Ticker - Voice Promo Contest
This is a contest for a FREE ticker. Entries MUST BE IN BY OCT 10 at Midnight Duration 14 days Make a 15 - 20 second promo in wav format using the text below for Angelic Pleasures Radio Station and Jokers Wild Bus Stop. 1. Your listening to Angelic Pleasure radio Station where the DJ's Rock. 2. Your listening to Angelic Pleasure Radio, Real radio for Real people. 3. Your listening to Angelic Pleasure radio the Official Radio station of Jokers Wild Bus Stop Lounge. 4. Your listening to The Official Radio Station Of Jokers Wild Bus Stop, Angelic Pleasure Internet Radio. 5. The Bus Stop Lounge, Real Dj's Playing Real music everyday on Angelic Pleasures Radio. Any other Text must be approved by Jokers Wild, If approved will be posted as an option for others to use. How we will do this one is place your photo in a contest folder, I will then place one comment with the audio link in the comments section. You will only be able to rate each entry. Higest amount
Win A Blast...come On Peeps
ENTER TO WIN A BLAST FROM FUSION RADIO!!! Click pic to join the New Fusion Radio Lounge!! Once you are in the lounge Click the Subscribe button and be entered to win a BLAST!! …Blast will be awarded Oct. 31st!! AND TELL THEM DJ JOY SENT YOU
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ULTIMATE TATTOO CONTEST OPEN TO ALL!!! Apparently there aren't enough females that have a sexy tattoo, or care to try and win a Happy Hour, so this contest will be open to anyone with a tat! WIN A HAPPY HOUR!! A 7 DAY BLAST OR VIP! A 3 DAY BLAST!! JUST CONTACT MYALERO WITH AN EMAIL WITH YOUR FAVORITE TAT PIC LINK! 1ST PRICE IS A HAPPY HOUR!(minumum 80,000 comments to win) HE WOULD LIKE TO START THIS AT 7 PM EASTERN TONIGHT!! SO HURRY AND SEND HIM YOUR PIC! Myalero Is Hosting His First Contest and He Is Ready To Give Stuff Away! Need Just a Few More Contestants! Contest Will Start at 7PM eastern tonight and will only last two weeks!! CONTEST RULES AND PRIZES!! MOST COMMENTS WINS!! First Place Wins Happy Hour!! (minimum of 80,000 comments to win) Second Place wins VIP or 7 Day Blast! Winners Choice! 3rd Place Wins 3 Day Blast!! 1. Comment bombing is a must to win this and self bombing is recommended! 2. No Drama! Play Nice and Have Fun! 3. Mus
Win A Free 7 Day Blast Or Vip Today!! Easy As Pie
Click banner to enter lounge PHRASE THAT PAYS! DJ EVIL is in the partying mood!! From 10:00pm EST until 2:00am EST bring in as many guests as you can.. when they say (your name) brought me to the NICE FUCKIN' SHOW you and your guest both received 1000 fubux!!! But wait!! there's more!! The person that brings in the most guests will win their choice of a 7 DAY BLAST or VIP! What station ROCKS you 24/7? Gives you a place to hang with the best friends around? Entertains you with the BEST LIVE DJs in the industry? Challenges you in a great poker league? What station has the most going on for their fans? ONLY WORLD ROCK RADIO BABY! Click banner to enter lounge
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Win A 30 Day Vip
I'm Having A New Contest! Wanna join? You could win a 30 Day V.I.P. All you have to do is be the first person to get 25,000 comments in 2 weeks. Also I will be giving away a 3 Day Blast to the person that can get the most rates on their contest picture and the person who gets the second most rates will get 250,000 Fu Bucks. Now for the Rules. 1. No NSFW Pics 2. No Fighting or bashing other contestants. 3. Keep It Clean & Fun 4. Bombing Is Allowed and Encouraged. 5. If there is a problem with Fubar. The contest will end and no winner will be awarded. 6. For grand prize winnings you must achieve 25,000 comments in the time limit of the contest. 7. Contest will start on Feb.19 @ 9:00 A.M.Central Time and will end on Mar. 04 @ 9:00 A.M. Central Time. I will be accepting Entrants till Feb.19 at 11:00 P.M. Central Time Mark Murderous ♥ ((Fu Owned By Jeniwren, Mafia Princess, & I Am A Fukin Princess))@ fubar (repost of original by 'Mark Murderous ♥ ((Fu
Win A Vip Or A Blast Check It Out
If you want to enter this contest your pic must be a head shot and not show any nsfw in it that could get it marked. This contest will run for 7 full days and there are some rules that MUST be followed!!! I will be taking entries starting now and will take them until i have enough entry's! The start date depends on when i get 10 serious contestants! 1ST. PLACE THE WINNER PICKS OR 2ND. PLACE 3RD. PLACE RULES!!!! RULES!!!! RULES!!!! You must rate me, fan me a
Win A 7 Day Blast! The 2nd Annual Living Legend Sexy Salute Contest!!!!
What? The SECOND ANNUAL Living Legend Sexy Salute Contest... Salute ME, The Living Legend, in a sexy way. I will leave the creativity to you ladies - and yes, you must be a lady. However, these pictures CANNOT be NSFW (send the NSFW salutes to me privately, hehe.... no really). The winner will be determined by multiplying number of comments by the average rate by the number of people that have rated you (comments X rating X number of rates). Each of the 3 components of "lovin up" a picture are being accounted equally. Prizes? Winner receives a 7 day blast. 2nd Place will receive a 3 day blast. 3rd Place will receive a piece of bling. All entrants will receive gifts. When? I will be taking entrants names until midnight EST Friday, March 21st. At 5pm EST on Saturday, March 22nd, I will open up the contest folder and the games will begin. The contest will run 30 days until Tuesday, April 21st, at 5pm EST. Must-Read Rules - 1) I am keenly aware of people marking others
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Win An Autographed Copy Of The Last Goodnight's Poison Kiss
WIN AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF The Last Goodnight's Poison Kiss Want to win an autographed copy? It can be yours if you can answer this question: "What's the title of the second single off The Last Goodnight's 'Poison Kiss'?"A. "Stay Here"B. "Stay Beautiful"C. "Stay Away" EMAIL US with your answer. A winner will be selected out of all correct entries. You will be notified by email if you won. If you didn't, you won't be, Pretty simple right? Here's a little info on the band: Writing and recording Poison Kiss, their major-label debut, TheLast Goodnight set the bar almost scarily high: “We wanted to write great songs that no one ever heard before,” states singer KurtisJohn. Indeed, while influences and references range from EllaFitzgerald to Richard Ashcroft to Supertramp to Sly Stone to ELO toU2 to Massive Attack, Poison Kiss is impossible to pigeonhole.“It’s about vibe. We keep the spontaneity and adventure in everyaspect,” John explains. “In the studio, we built whole songs usingt
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Hi all you FU*Bombers..... I am coordinating all the new contests and am looking for somebody who wants to be in a contest!! Could that somebody be YOU??? If you are ACTIVELY bombing on a regular basis, keep up with the Homepage blogs, have been in the Family more than 10 days, and haven't been in a contest recently, then...... CONTACT ME!!! ASK TO BE IN A CONTEST!! FU*BOMBERS ARE THE BEST FAMILY ON THE FU !!!
Win At The Games
Justin got home today and he was wearing 1 gold and 2 silver. The Gold for 1st at the running long jump. The silver where for 2nd at 200 meter dash and 400 meter relay. He did good and i am very proud of him. Condiserding that all the other kids where high school and he was the only sixth graded there i am very proud of him. Way to go Boy!
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7 day BLAST Auction! Got your Fu-Bucks? Offer open today only 5-22-08. Bidding open till 10pm EST Details below. Got a lot of Fu-Bucks? Want a 7 day BLAST?? Who wil be the lucky High Bidder? NO Comment Bombing, just straight up 7 Day BLAST for highest bidder. Buy it for yourself or for someone else. (Will need user I.D. if for someone other than yourself.) Fu-Bucks bids only. Minimum bid of $250,000. One day only offer. The Pic to click!!. 1- DO NOT! Transfer funds to me until I private message you back letting you know you were highest bidder. 2- BLAST will NOT be awarded untill AFTER I have received transfer.
Win A Bar Fight Via Murder Tutorial!
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NEW CONTEST WIN A ONE MONTH VIP OR A BLING PACK Here is how the contest works. Send me a pm with the pic you want to enter and I will add you to the contest. The Contest will run from noon central time Wednesday June 11 to noon Saturday June 21. Prizes will be awarded on Sunday June 22. First Place One month VIP plus pimpout and custom graphic 30,000 comments and rates to qualify Second Place Bling Pack plus pimpout and custom graphic 25,000 comments and rates to qualify Third Place 100,000 fu-bucks plus pimpout and custom graphic 20,000 comments and rates to qualify Good Luck!!!!!!! Lady Spirit Wolf/Ravyn Wolff/Owner- Way of The Wolf ~Co-Founder Spirit of Gaia Levelers@ fubar
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Todays the last day I'm taking entrants for my contest so if you want in here please comment on my blog today.I am not taking anymore entrants after today so enter today. July 12th I am hosting a contest for some awesome prizes.The winner of the contest gets to choose one prize out of the prizes listed below. 1.A 1 year vip. 2.A happy hour and a one month vip. 3.A $120 prepaid credit card to use as u like. 4.Two 30 day blast to give to a friend and urself with a $20 bling pack. 5.150 bling credits and a 20 dollar ticker or a 7 day blast. The rules are simple and are listed below: 1.You are allowed to have a bombing family help you comment bomb your picture. 2.The first person to reach 60,000 comments wins the contest.So basically there is no time limit. 3.You are allowed to comment on your own picture as much as you like. 4.Anyone trying to start commenting on there picture before July 12th will be removed from the contest. 5.When you reach 60,000 pi
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Would you like to win a 30 day blast? Here is all you have to do... Send me a picture of you and I will put it in my blast album...then, the first person to get 50,000 comments gets the 30 day blast. It's simple ! If you are caught cheating you will be disqualified immediately. JUST DON'T DO IT. Contest begins : Monday, August 11, 2008 , or when I have the minimum number of entrants, and ends when we have a winner ! I need a minimum of 10 people to start this contest... So go ahead and let's get this party started!! Good luck!!!
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Pre-order Lee Roy Mercer's Greatest Threats CD, and you will be automatically entered to win:Grand Prize: One (1) grand prize winner will receive Their very own Prank Call from Lee Roy Mercer. Winner can also choose to have the Prank Call made to one of their Friends or Enemies.official rules No purchase is necessary. Void where prohibited by law.
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Who wants to win a 3 day blast??? Tonight Only! Join us this Halloween ~ Oct.31st 9:00 P.M est for... HALLOWEEN PARTY like a rockstar party! Just click here and come costumed as your favorite rockstar in your fubar primary picture!! everyones invited! Trick or Treat ? you choose!!
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$100,000 Challenge to Prove Us Wrong! If all fossil fuels and their derivatives, as well as trees for paper and construction, were banned in order to save the planet, reverse the Greenhouse Effect and stop deforestation; then there is only one known annually renewable natural resource that is capable of providing the overall majority of the world's paper and textiles; meet all of the world's transportation, industrial and home energy needs, while simultaneously reducing pollution, rebuilding the soil and cleaning the atmosphere all at the same time... and that substance is the same one that has done it before . . . CANNABIS HEMP!
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The "w" In Christmas
The "W" in Christmas > >Each December, I vowed to make Christmas a calm and peaceful experience. I >had cut back on nonessential obligations -- extensive card writing, endless >baking, decorating, and even overspending. Yet still, I found myself >exhausted, unable to appreciate the precious family moments, and of course, >the true meaning of Christmas. > >My son, Nicholas, was in kindergarten that year. It was an exciting season >for a six-year-old. For weeks, he'd been memorizing songs for his school's >"Winter Pageant." > >I didn't have the heart to tell him I'd be working the night of the >production. Unwilling to miss his shining moment, I spoke with his teacher. >She assured me there'd be a dress rehearsal the morning of the >presentation. All parents unable to attend that evening were welcome to >come then. Fortunately, Nicholas seemed happy with >the compromise. > >So, the morning of the dress rehearsal, I filed in ten minutes early, found >a spot
Winchester House
Winchester House United States, California, San Jose Many mysteries surround this surreal mansion. There are a hundred and sixty rooms in this house, many having unique features such as windows looking into other rooms, doors opening outside from the third floor, and various sizes of doors. “Why,” one might ask; the reason is quite simple. After Sarah Winchester’s husband and child died in 1884, she went to try to contact their spirits; she wanted to know what to do concerning the ghosts of all the people that had been killed by the Winchester rifle. She was unable to contact her family, but was instructed to incessantly add rooms to the house to constantly confuse the unfriendly spirits. When the earthquake of 1906 struck, she was pinned a room. Building continued and she was never seen again. Today, residents hear ghostly music emanating from the house. Many other strange activities have been reported as well. Ghost Hunters investigated this place..
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The "w" In Christmas
Each December, I vowed to make Christmas a calm and peaceful experience. I had cut back on nonessential obligations - extensive card writing, endless baking, decorating, and even overspending. Yet still, I found myself exhausted, unable to appreciate the precious family moments, and of course, the true meaning of Christmas. My son, Nicholas, was in kindergarten that year. It was an exciting season for a six-year-old. For weeks, he'd been memorizing songs for his school's 'Winter Pageant.' I didn't have the heart to tell him I' d be working the night of the production. Unwilling to miss his shining moment, I spoke with his teacher. She assured me there'd be a dress rehearsal the morning of the presentation. All parents unable to attend that evening were welcome to come then. Fortunately, Nicholas seemed happy with the compromise. So, the morning of the dress rehearsal, I filed in ten minutes early, found a spot on the cafeteria floor and sat down.
Winchester House - San Jose Ca
Click Here Winchester House San Jose, California, United States Many mysteries surround this surreal mansion. There are a hundred and sixty rooms in this house, many having unique features such as windows looking into other rooms, doors opening outside from the third floor, and various sizes of doors. “Why,” one might ask; the reason is quite simple. After Sarah Winchester’s husband and child died in 1884, she went to try to contact their spirits; she wanted to know what to do concerning the ghosts of all the people that had been killed by the Winchester rifle. She was unable to contact her family, but was instructed to incessantly add rooms to the house to constantly confuse the unfriendly spirits. When the earthquake of 1906 struck, she was pinned a room. Building continued and she was never seen again. Today, residents hear ghostly music emanating from the house. Many other strange activities have been reported as well.
Winco Cashier
omfg i am soooo pissed off... i just went to the store for some milk... we were waiting in line to pay as i notice the cashier continually rolling her eyes... i ignored it at first giving her the benefit of the doubt... but no she kept looking at my son and rolling her eyes... my son was not running around like a crazy annoying brat... he was standing next to me like a good kid... a good kid with a 4in mohawk... i couldnt ignore her anymore so i said... "wow thats a pretty judgmental face" to which she replied "i dont understand why people do that to their kids" i was so pissed off... "because he wants his hair like his dads" "well at least its not blue" omg what a judgmental bitch... "well he likes his blue hair gel" another roll of the eyes... there was two people behind me in line that were tattooed and peirced... they were pissed to and commented how rude the lady was... i wanted to punch her in her ugly judgmental face... hunter immediately wan
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800 W 5.7-inch Dual-core Giant Screen Thl W7
If you feel positive as Samsung GALAXY Note II, from the back will be able to compare intuitive resolution ThL W7 real body, because the obvious the "ThL" brand logo and the bottom "Technology Happy Life" concept of identity. The rounded shape of the whole body and the back of the arc about degrees provide a comfortable grip. The top of the back cover is a 800-megapixel camera, and is equipped with an LED flash, and improve the ability to take pictures in low-light conditions.    Since the mentioned pictures, let's come to understand the function and effect of the camera. cellulari android Camera parameter settings for ThL W7 with our Android models are not very different, the basic functions are available to support the panoramic camera, sensitivity, contrast, saturation and so on can be adjusted according to the situation.  Photographic effect, individuals feel ThL W7 performance is also good, better contrast control, even in a more serious haze weather still showed good contrast con
Winds Come Whistle
Winds come whistle howl across the vista of the imagination sprinkled dreams of starlike qualities tender mercies lost inside a vision that was laying on an empty seat in some coach or another travelling to another town that no ones ever been to or ever will again changing as it does with every shifting grain of sand scattered by the breeze and if a tear should wake the dead and grant them dreams anew then maybe we'll dance again maybe me and you...
Windows Vista / Sony / Etc...
Well, I have been one of the lucky, or rather unlucky ones to beta test Microsoft Windows Vista. and, damn, I see what they are trying to do, but..its has a LOT of bugs still to be worked out of it. It wreaked havoc on my PC and in the end I had to put XP back on. Please Mr. Gates and the minds at Microsoft, lets not have another Windows ME. Also, the Sony PS3 will be out Nov 17, for the low, affordable price of $499 and $599. Hey Sony, I say this from the bottom of my heart...Kiss My Big ASS!! The Nintendo Wii will be out on Nov 19, and its $250, and comes with a game or demo or something, so..I will be getting that instead and a few games and still be $200 dollars short of getting a PS3 with no game. That is all. --M
The Window By Robert Johns
I sit by my window and stare into the night with dreams of thee that fill my sight... The abyss I stare into looks so lonely and cold these feelings I know well now that I grow old... True love has eluded me for so many years but for this pain I have shed no tears I return to my window and stare back into the night waiting for your vision to fill my lonely sight...
The Window
This isn't meant to explain love, as I got in a comment, but to tell a story of love... -------------------------------------------- I gaze out the window, Looking across the lands, Wishing you were here with me, To take my hand. Folding my empty hands in my lap, I see my reflection in the window, Breathing for you alone, I know my heart can grow. Sighing a depth of sorrow, Knowing it is the sea, That separates us, but I still want, You to share a life with me. When my gentle thoughts, Dance through my head, I know a thousand miles, Is not far to tread. Walking by love holding me high, Knowing you are not to far away, I reach out for your hand, Daring you to stray. For a love so great, Easily, is never found, And I know we are lucky, For this love will always be around.
Wind Song
Wind Song A soft Whisper in my ear A sweet Kiss on my lips A rippling Breeze through my hair A Tender touch, on my face You speak your words on the wind Coming when I least expect you Answering you back Hearing your call Always in my Wind Song
Windows To The Soul
Please Take a Moment to RaTe My Pic Below For The LC Sexiest Eyes Contest Thank You
Winds Of Change
Winds of change are blowing by, I feel as though I'm a leaf being lifted up and I am at the mercy of the wind. What direction will life take me to day. When I land I don't want to be lost in the crowd. I don't want to land all alone I am my own color to compliment the many colors of friendships. The color or joy and laughter. The color of tears of heart break and sorrow. Only the winds of change knows where I will land today, and where I will go tomorrow.
Winding Down...
Well the endless list of boats to winterize is finally getting down to a few boats. We started with about 137 boats on the list and we are down to about 30 now after this last weekend. It is a big relief knowing that most of them are done. It will be nice when we can close down the buildings for good but that will be aways away. I enjoyed last wednesday and thursday morning over in Bemijdi hunting with TJ, Trish, and Mark. We had alot of fun. Thursday was a little different but it sure beat working. Dad and I are going to go out in the morning to see if this west wind blew any new ducks in. All we had around here is the local corn fed mallards. They aren't very smart this year though. We had a 2 acre brush fire saturday evening that almost got away from us but I got the head pinched off before it could go any further. Fires have been burning all around. This high fire danger won't last for long with the weather we have coming in this week. The lows are supposed to be below
The Wind
The boy walked into the silent place, and there he saw her beautiful face. He spoke to her with a tear in his eye I love you babe and good bye. As he slipped upon her finger a pearl, he whisperd to her, remember babe you will always be my girl. Then as the door opened and the wind started to blow....They carried her casket out into the snow.
They say the eyes are the window to the soul Look into my eyes Can you see the pain The dull lonely ache The lonely emptiness begging to be filled Look deeper Look beyond the pain Can you see the shattered remnants of my heart Waiting Waiting to be made whole again Can you see the anger The black mass slowly eating away at my inner being An anger that needs to be released Let go Left to slowly fade away If you look into my eyes and This is what you see Then and only then can you truly love me
The Window Of Shame
i can only hide inside the hatred for so long back to the things ive felt were so wrong never feeling love or pain a feeling of numbness replaced with shame I can see in the night you crawling to me I reach for you but you never see the things im trying to say or do I cant believe its really you a hole in the story of life a feeling of emptiness cuts like a knife the season of forgiving has long since gone a forgotten soul has been done wrong he sits in the electric window and stares his feelings are thought of but never declared he will always be cut to the bone forever in this world he'll be alone
Windaz Too Thoosand
To all my Americans Friends, people from the area where I come from are affectionately known as Geordies, we dont speak english as such but a mixture of english and scottish, and at times hard to understand. Just to clarify the point here is our versions of Windows "Geordie" Windows 2000 It has come to the attention of Microsoft that several copies of a Geordie version of Windows 2000, otherwise known as Windaz Too Thoosand, may have accidentally been shipped out of Newcastle. If you have one of the Newcastle editions, you may need some help understanding the commands. You will be able to tell immediately if you have a copy of Windaz 2000 by the egg-timer being replaced by a bottle of Brown Ale. Also note: * The recycle bin is labelled " Shite " * Dialup network is called "Me mates" * Control Panel is known as "How we fook aboot wi the settins" * The hard drive is referred to as "Big disk wi aall me stuff on it" Other features to note: * Cancel - Fook that
Window To My Soul
What Your Soul Really Looks Like You are quite expressive and thoughtful. You see the world in a way that others are blind to. You are a grounded person, but you also leave room for imagination and dreams. You feet may be on the ground, but you're head is in the clouds. You see yourself with pretty objective eyes. How you view yourself is almost exactly how other people view you. Your near future is a lot like the present, and as far as you're concerned, that's a very good thing. For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust. Inside the Room of Your Soul
The Wind
You scored as Wind. you are wind! talented and beautiful, you are always graceful and poised. you love birds, and love the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair. Freedom is very important to you. you dont have many friends, but you are inseperable from the ones you have. you would much rather fight verbally instead of phisically, though you are skilled at both. intelligent and sarcastic, you are very likeable to some people. Wind67%Fire50%Light50%Earth50%Darkness33%What Element Lies within you?(PICS)created with
Wind Blowned
wind blowing fiercely blowing you hair out of control what a mess it made i see you standing there fuming away i smile at you with a little laugh only makes you mad at me but i see such beauty this world has never seen i see in you the person i wish i could be for in you i see wonder of things yet to be my love my life my world as the wind blows my kisses to you
Windows Of Soul
Windows Of Soul I look into the windows of your soul. Looking inside to the very depths of you trying to find the deepest part. Trying to reach you in a way no one ever has. As I look I start to pull more and more of you into me. Getting so deep that I’m not sure I can grasp it. I hear you feel you say go, go farther deeper. Don’t be afraid it wont hurt you. But how can you know. Then finally I reach it. I feel it see it feel it and grasp it. Feeling and seeing and loving the depths of you. Each time looking and seeking more depths of your soul.
The Wind Of Friendship ÊÒÂÅÁáËè§ÁÔµÃÀÒ¾
ÁԵà à¸Íà»ÃÕº´Ñ§ÊÒÂÅÁãµé»Õ¡Êͧ¢Í§©Ñ¹ ·Õè¤ÍªèǾÂاãËé©Ñ¹à´Ô¹·Ò§ÍÂèÒ§ÁÑè§ã¨ áÁé¾ÒÂؽ¹¨Ð¾Ñ´¡ÃÐ˹èÓ ËÃ×à»ÅÇá´´Ãé͹áç¨Ðá¼´à¼Ò áµèÀÒÂãµé·éͧ¿é¡ÇéÒ§ãË­è ©Ñ¹Âѧ¤§à¢çÁá¢ç§ã¹¡ÒÃà´Ô¹·Ò§ ´éÇ¡ÓÅѧ㨷Õèà»ÕèÂÁÅéÁ áÅÐÊÒÂÅÁÁÔµÃÀÒ¾áËè§à¸Í Dear friend You're like the wind beneath my wings that helps me fly into the sky with great confident No matter how bad the storm is coming or the burning heat from themidday sun But under the big blue sky I'll be strong in my journey With the support you'[ve given and the wind of friendshop from you
Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta Build 8.0.1172
A program that lets you get e-mail from multiple accounts in one place. What it gives you: • Speedy access to multiple e-mail accounts in one place (even AOL and Gmail) • The power of desktop software with the flexibility of Web-based e-mail • A way to get your newsgroups and RSS feeds as easily as you get e-mail • The ability to compose, delete, and organize e-mail even when you're offline • A massive 2 GB* of online inbox storage • Address AutoComplete and other handy features to let you speed through your e-mail like never before • The power to instantly add an MSN® Spaces blog entry about any message • Keep in touch with your MSN® Messenger contacts right from inside the program Easy creation and editing of photo e-mails * 2 GB = 2,000,000,000 bytes Changelog: - Account/Mail Migration We’ve made a number of bug fixes in this area, but we’ve also added support for some scenarios which weren’t covered in previous builds. Now when you install WLMd for the f
They say the eyes are the window to the soul What do you see when you look into mine Can you see the pain Can you see the love Can you see the woman What do you see when you look into mine They say the eyes are the window to the soul
The Windowsill
Windowsill ©Brendalee As Morning breaks on her windowsill she hears the song of the whippoorwill. A new day she is lazy to leave her slumber desires not to leave the cover she is under, For the days of late have been trying and the life lived before was dying. She knows not what lies ahead and so much so wants to stay in bed. Not face another ache within her bone, aware of a presence she is not alone. Because she knows there is a higher plan she rises to the occasions set before her in this land. She sat and watched from her windowsill a love that danced and played, a love of strength and passion, one of God not manmade. This love was in her minds eye, could only see not touch, for she believed she was not worthy of such. Time was taken and all attempts not completed for a liar and a thief on her windowsill was seated. It stole from her, her, dignity it lied about her life. It led her to believe that she was meant to live wit
Wind It Up
"Wind It Up" by Gwen Stefani.. if this don't get your ass up and dancing.. I don't know what will...hehehe High on the hills with the lonely goatherd, lay-od-lay-od-lay-he-hoo Yodell back with the girl and goatherd, lay-od-lay-od-low Wind it up Wind it up, uh, uh, uh, uh Yodellay, yodallay, yodal-low (Yeah) This is the key that makes us wind up When the beat comes on, the girls all line up And the boys all look, but no, they can't touch But the girls want to know why the boys like us so much They like the we dance, they like the way we work They like that way that L.A.M.B. is going across my shirt They like the way my pants, it compliments my shape (She's crazy, right?) They like the way we react everytime we dance Everytime the bass bangs, realize it calls your name Let the beat wind you up, and don't stop till your time is up Get in line now Wind it up, uh, uh, uh, uh Wind it up, uh, uh, uh, uh Yodellay, yodallay, yodal-low You've got to let the bea
The Winds Of Swayze.
Note: The following song contains a few "choice" words and is performed by the Fluff Radio Review House Band. Stock Trading | Video Hosting | Funny Videos | Secrets Lyrics So close to me-eeee! Her body close to mine. You can't look in her eyes. She's out of my league. Just a fool to believe I have anything she needs. UH! She's like the wind. Woooo! [Spoken] I don't know where to go now. A friend of mine asked me if this was a song about farting... And it's not. [Spoken] No. But I like to pretend, that's it's a song about farting... Though it's not. [spoken] Well, She's like the wind through my trees is like his trees could be his *ss cheeks and that goes back to Red Dawn and Patrick Fayze's fine *ss. Sweet *ss. This whole night is about Patrick Swayze's fine *ss. She's like the wind, through my trees. My trees are like the wind, through Patrick Swayze, And you can only hear me! She's leads me through moonlight, only to burn me with the sun.
Windows Of My Heart
Windows Of My Heart Your eyes, they seem to burn right through me to my very soul. Touching my heart, my every being, so deep, so tenderly. You can see all my secrets, my dreams, my hopes and fears. The pain, the joy, the ecstasy which I feel. The windows of my heart, are seen through your eyes. Gloria S. Copyright ©2005 Gloria S.
The Wind Blows
I hear the wind blowing, and I wish you were here. Holding me in your arms, protecting me from fear. As the wind blows, my thoughts go to you. Wondering where you are. Across the sea perhaps? The wind blows, and I hide. From the world, from you. The wind blows, and I don't shiver. I realize it is you I am afraid of. Afraid I will fall, fall, fall, fall, in love. The wind of love blows, all around us. Surrounding us. And I am afraid.... Copyright ©2006 Crazee Motherfucker
Wind Beneath Her Wings
Broken Butterfly sitting alone The world is huge, don't lose hope. Stand your ground, Stand firm and never be afraid. Don't ever look down. Let them say what they will. You are beautiful still. Live for today never fold your wings. You're gonna be ok. So they hurt you So they don't care. You don't have to stay. You can fly away from there. Listen Voice of the wind I am just nothin. Why have these wonderful wings, No one cares, I am nothing. I sang songs of love, and hope. I danced with the breeze, But you my wind, got out of control. You let them break me. You let them hate me. Little butterfly you must learn to fly. You will fall, but
Window Of My Heart
Window to My Heart by G L M The softness of a gentle rain now trickles down this window sill And touched emotions once again to memories of a love, surreal. Yet, rain can never wash away these feelings stored inside That seem to grow immense each day this window cannot hide. This window to my heart, you see is only meant for you To look inside or open wide whichever one you choose. I love you Harry.
Winders For Rednecks
If windows were put out by rednecks... Their #1 product would be "Mikersoft Winders." Instead of an hourglass icon, you'd get an empty beer bottle. Occasionally, you would bring up a winder (window) that was covered with a Hefty bag and some duct tape. Dialog boxes would give you the choice of "Ahh-right!," "Naw", or "Git." Instead of "Ta-da!" the opening sound would be dueling banjos. The "Recycle Bin" in Winders 95 would be an outhouse. Instead of "Start Me Up," the Winders 95 theme song would be "Achy-Breaky Heart." Power Point would be called "ParPawnt." The Winders 95 logo would incorporate the confederate flag. Instead of "VP," Mikersoft big shots would be called "Cuz." Hardware could be repaired using parts from an old Trans Am. Four words: Daisy Duke Screen Saver. "Well, the first thing you know, old Bill's a billionaire." Flight Simulator would be replaced by Tractor Pull Simulator. Mikersoft CEO: Billy-Bob (a.k.a. "Bubba") Gates. Interne
Wind Of Change
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Window Washing
Winds Pt.1 (tool)
You... You believed ... You believed in moments [none could see / God conceived] You believed in me A passionate spirit Uncompromised Boundless and open A light in your eyes that / Could end all lies] [Vacant / Broken], broken Fell at the hands of this moment so that I wouldn't see It was you who prayed for me so What have I done To be a son to an angel? What have I done To be worthy? Daylight dims leaving cold fluorescence Difficult to see you in this light Please forgive this selfish question, but What am I to say to all these ghouls tonight She never told a lie, ... well might have told a lie, But never lived one. Didn't have a life Didn't have a life But surely saved one So I'm alright Now it's time for us to let you go.
The Wind
The wind brushes by my ear, teasing me, taunting me, bringing memories of not long ago, memories filled with desire and passion, the intense feelings for each other, the world closed out, just tow people sharing, touching and tasting, reliving all those things experienced and felt wanting it all to begin again with one touch of the wind
The Windy City
see I'm from Chi-Town aka Chicago, where the name speaks for itself. I'm from the CHI where everybody on the move. From the windy city where we talk fast *** chopped and screwed. Where it's cutlass, caprice, chevy or regal. with them nines, tecs mossburg shotties and eagles. speaking of eagles, we the true home of McNabb. Jordan, Ludacris, Dee Brown, Da Brat, Kanye West, John Legand and even R Kelly getting people ass. And we hit up the circle, Jackson and washingtion park for fun. and we so hood, kids can't walk to school without guns. Plus we da only niggas that even *** with mild sauce on chicken eat Jew Town polishes, Remas, maxwells and Harolds chicken. even riding in funeral lines you gotta worry about slugs. The gang origiantors, NO CRYPTS OR BLOODS. Ride wit GD'S, BD'S, FOES, MOES, AND SOULS VICE LORDS, LATIN KINGS, SPANISH COBRAS AND MO' El RUKINS, MAFIAS, UNKNOWNS AND BREEDS Trust me we got the number of yo' gangs times 3. Larry Hoover, Cheif Malee, Jeff Forte, Willie Lord Al
Wind Chimes
Never sure of life and the things that will be Psychic impressions that do come to me let me know that something will change A feeling I get that is always so strange And always to pass in the coming storm Why do I suffer these visions that swarm I saw you there in dreams and thought I knew you’re the one my soul had sought I felt the coming of change all before I see the visions and wish I knew more But what is to come and how it will unfold Is to me a mystery , a story yet untold And now free of bonds one more time again As I felt it coming blowing in on the wind And the pull to the west is very real For it is in my soul and I know how I feel And that this time the change is forever to last I don’t know when but it will come on fast For I can never fight what is meant to be I have tried and lived only to see Fate have it’s way and the course is true Fear not the change for it keeps life new And now the wind blows me on to another life Free of the pain and hards
The Windy
A FANTASY... She walks through the forest timber Her breath quickening, shallowing with anticipation Spurred by her restless mind She comes here often to lose her troubles in the shadows of the trees Ancient giants that grow in a complex tangle of exuberant beauty The gentle sound of the waterfall cleanses her spirit And lush greenness washes away the weariness from her heart Golden light breaks through the green canopy and danced about her cheek Warming her face She hopes to catch wisps of a faraway wind song Her needs are an unceasing storm A burning, insatiable tempest that devours the echoes and disjointed vignettes Of lyrics that hide in the forest winds All around her hangs a profound silence where the whispers of the wind are like a shout And she can hear her Passion's grief as it weeps gently to her heart The whispers of the wind calms her Calls to her Becomes a sweet, enticing song filling her tearful eyes and Disturbing the chaotic whi
"windows To The Soul..."
"Windows To the Soul" A simple look can express how a person feels inside and out... The eyes alone can tell the story of the person they inhabit... Like a window, the eyes allow us to look inside you to know what is truly going on in and around your life... And unlike windows, these cannot be shut to keep onlookers at bay... You watch everyone just as everyone watches you... Noticing the same thing that everyone notices about you, the eyes... They never lie... With the eyes always on display being the most watched and most seen, they can quickly become the most beautiful characteristic of the human body... The eyes allow us to look inside your soul to show where you are coming from, where your mmind has been, and where you are now... With your sight being one of your most important senses, you depend upon it to show you what this world has to offer... Whether you know it or not, your eyes are the controllers of your thoughts and your feelings... Sh
Wind Beneath My Wings
This is dedicated to my father and my very best friend.
Winds Of Melody
In a solitary walk The whispers clung to the leaves While the winds melody danced With diamond rays of sunshine In the solace of deep meditation Nature awoke caressing your needs In soothing contemplations Releasing all your imprisoned spirits In the doldrums of every day life You’re pent up emotions Have clogged you’re arteries Freedom to refresh your psyche In a flood gate of revitalization You let lose endless frustrations In the moisture of a mental cleansing That washes schedules away A medicinal healing That lays you down to fairy tales Of wild imaginations Within the treasures of natures blessing With that special touch, you are joined By a love that crept up so silently Touching the deepest part of your heart With needs now totally fulfilled As two bond mystically together In such a unique manner Cuddling into a womb That intertwines within special touches In exhilarated highs You both let off steam Withi
Wind Beneath My Wings~ To Mom
You really are the Wind Bebeath My Wings mom...I love you!!!! Thank you for always being there for me, even when I haven't always been there for you.....
The Windshield Wipers
One rainy afternoon I was driving along one of the main streets of town, taking those extra precautions necessary when the roads are wet and slick. Suddenly, my daughter spoke up from her relaxed position in her seat. "Dad, I'm thinking of something." This announcement usually meant she had been pondering some fact for a while, and was now ready to expound all that her six-year-old mind had discovered. I was eager to hear. "What are you thinking?" I ! asked. "The rain," she began, "is like sin, and the windshield wipers are like God wiping our sins away." After the chill bumps raced up my arms I was able to respond. "That's really good, Aspen." Then my curiosity broke in. How far would this little girl take this revelation? So I asked.. "Do you notice how the rain keeps on coming? What does that tell you?" Aspen didn't hesitate one moment with her answer: "We keep on sinning, and God just keeps on forgiving us." I will always remember this whenever I turn my wipers
Windows Vista
I am here filling in for Chris and Mr Kangaroo while they are touring the country. So I recently bought a new Notebook and love it. My PC finally died, duct tape couldnt hold it together anymore. I have found that Windows Vista is the a new program and it seems [retty decent so far. AOL, however is having issues with it. Though they have AOL9.0VR that is used for the new Windows, it is having issues loading. If any of you have AOL and know what I am talking about, let me know if you had the same issues. OK, now I am going to get back to this artical, later.
Wind Tunnel
Wind Of Change - Aeldar's Realm
I'm working on a Flash video that takes the Scorpions song "Wind of Change" and animates scenes from my stories to coincide with it. I tried the Korn song "Twisted Transistor", but the pace of the song made the animation a pain.
this proves im in the wrong line f work windows is quite possibly the most pain in the ass program on the planet and yet 85-90 percent of users run the os because it has the highest software compatability yet the shit crash a lot and is easy to screw up using software that is supposed to fix things this is a gold mine build shit that doesen't work right get paid a small fourtune I want in weres the contract
Wind-up Toy - Lyrics
Am I sweet like candy to your diabetic low? Am I your sanctuary when you have nowhere to go? Am I your magic little chill pill when you start to explode? Am I the one ton Chevy that can carry your vast load? Am I your one and only saviour? Am I your sacred pride and joy? Am I the sanity that's certain? Am I your favorite wind-up toy? Wind-up toy. Am I arms like heaven when your mother's just won't do? Am I your indicator ewhen you haven't got a clue? Am I your heavy metal vixen when your tired of Britney Spears? Am I your Alka-Seltzer after ten too many beers? Am I your one and only saviour? Am I your sacred pride and joy? Am I the sanity that's certain? Am I your favorite wind-up toy? Your wind-up toy. ©2006-2007 ~wynterzend
Wind Down
Try and rewrite yourself, find some other definition. Something new. That's the point right? Life is recreation, redefinition and a bright new day. Unless you are kind of exhasted by it all. Like you've worked that tired old trick a million times. Can you run out of masks? Do you reach a point where you don't even care if you have? The machinery that ticks and buzzes and whirls behind my world is getting a tad tired and played out. My inventions are winding down, quiet devices dancing to a stop. Massive atomic furnaces, slowly losing thier fire. Some sort of new element maybe, some sort of spark. Out of nebulous sky. Refire, reawaken.
Windows Vista "ultimate"
This has been a rather hellish week for me. I work a lot, I get a lot of personal chores done and I like to have a fair amount of fun. Updating my PC or building a PC is a chore to me. I spent this week working on building a new Computer with Windows Vista Ultimate on it. This is not fun anymore. Microsoft polished up a few things in the installation process for Windows Vista Ultimate. The installation was a lot smoother than I thought it could be. Everything from there goes downhill. Cons 1. A lot of programs are not working in Vista. 2. Annoying new security features (which Apple is already making fun of in their TV ads) 3. Driver Hell. This is inexcusable. 4. Its seems Microsoft hid the blue screen of death. Sweeping dirt under the rug isn't fixing the issue. 5. Seems to run as if its still a Beta Software. 6. Have to switch to classic mode yet again. The menu with a scroll sucks. Everything else looks new and shinny and they put a freaking scroll bar
Looking through the window pane of my soul My heart yearns for a love once sound My thoughts are surrounded by images of terror And my essence of my being is in question Looking through the window pane of my life I see tragedy haunting me with vengeance A shadowy figure in the corner taunts me And my dreams lye shattered on the floor Looking through the window pane of my dreams I see sharp shards ripping my wishes into pieces A single ray of sunshine filtered by the darkness of doubt An unwillingness to let go of the past Looking through the window pane of my hopes I see a series of unfortunate road blocks One twist after another But a sign near the end of the road that reads In your self may you find redemption In yourself May you find peace In yourself may you find Life In Yourself May you find yourself March 12, 2007 ©-Ted E. Brown II
The Window
Windows Vista...
Well, I finally got my new computer hooked up to the internet tonight - hooray! The problem stemmed from two things. The first one being the fact that the new hard drive had a slight problem so with the help of 4 different foreigners in what I would guess was India, I performed a system recovery and all was well again. The second problem stemmed from using the USB on my cable modem opposed to the Ethernet. My phone call with Comcast I have to admit, was a very pleasant experience for both of us (lol). I was able to hook up the internet successfully - woohooo! Moments later, I faced another problem but I was able to walk myself through it by exploring. Yay for me! lol So, now, if I can transfer my email over using the transfer cable I bought, life will be great! And then of course, learn all of the ins and outs of Windows Vista. Anyone else using Vista now? How do you like it?
The Wind It Moves Me
The wind it moves me Through the caves The wind it moves me In every way Through the stars and moon Through the sun and rain The wind it moves me Through my breath the same The wind it moves me Through darkness and light Through wind we talk As we are Death and Life The Wind can cut you like a knife The Wind it moves me Silent yet moaning through twilight In Mundane and Otherworlds The Wind it moves me Cast around me she swirls And twirls and twirls In an circular way The Wind it moves me every day The Wind Strong and Calm Through downpours And the last drop of rain The Wind it moves me And always shall remain Through my Body, Mind and Spirit The Wind the Wind it came O She returns with me again! The Wind The Wind it moves me And always shall remain! Lori Foster 5:41 pm waxing
The Wind To My Heart
My heart flutters, with every breath of you. My thoughts are all of you. The treasure of your soul, that i stive to have. The pleasentness of your touch. The look in your eyes, when i tell you how i feel. The moment the wind rushes thru your heart, it goes thru my soul. I often, wonder if i am good enough. I think the doubt in my mind, has not affected my heart, So please just been paitient with the process. Cause you know, that i bleed just for you. So i am going to kick back, and let the wind blow into my soul.
Wind N' Stuff
Woke up this morning to crash, boom, bang. Wind gusts up to 60mph. Health bitch spent the night, so she and I have worked this morning running up and down the beach picking up debris - some of ours, and some, well lets just say - salvage. She's also helping me get some clothes washed, as I leave again back to the district on Wednesday. She wants to come along, and since super bitch has me on the persona non grata list, I may just take health bitch with me. She's livin' off daddy's money, but working part time at a library in the village - sits around all day reading health food books. Getting time off is no problem. Anyway, we'll drive up the scenic route, along the coast, there's a couple really interesting out-of-the way places, one of which has some off season rates on cabins. I told her it would be like "rough'n" it - she thought that was cool, she likes it a little rough now and then. She's getting a little close...again...may have to run her off after this trip. Commen
Wind Therapy
i've found that if i ride far my mind clears and i stop thinking. makes my life easier. last weekend i rode to philly to party with and meet some friends. while in the cold wind and rain it seemed like a long run back the 300 miles really didn;t cut it. as it's still cold i have a couple of weeks before work picks up. figure a long blast will get me ready. as long as i still have the time next week i;m going to run to texas for a while then swing into fl and see my friends i spent the winter with before i run back up the coast back home. should run about 4-5k miles in 7-10 days.
Window Seat
There's a tapping on my window seat, a tapping from the outside. the chilling wind blows in, wiping dry my shady tears, which should have left so long ago. i sit here at my window seat, another family in my house, which we built so long ago. Many years have come and gone, and yet i still sit here staring out my window seat. i close my eyes, the old grandfather clock sings, one... two... three... His car pulls into the driveway, four... five... six... the entrance door slams shut, seven... eight... nine... he walks across the room, the same piercing stare on his face. He picks me up from my window seat; across the room i fly. the other family in my house can't see what he will do. it's been sixty years since i could feel the pain, yet it feels like only yesterday. he throws me into the walls over and over, slapping and hitting me again and again. i can feel the warmth of the blood run down my face. across the foom i fly, my head a thump upon my window seat. he walks pass and li
The Wind
it whistles around my body like a new lover waiting to discover all of my secrets Lifting my hair to whisper an enchantment tickleing my mind caressing my skin peaking my interest in more Cool yet inviting it grows still stronger whipping around the torture growing longer feelings arise things get warmer bringing new touches new hopes new dreams just as i get ready it dyes back down smouldiering like coals not whisteling around Hot as an oven its back for a moment teasing my body with release only to die back down leaveing without completion Please come back i wish but with no avail it comes and it goes knowing i will be waiting It rises back up rushing at me pushing me down, picking me up scattering my feelings tossing me up letting me fall leaving me fast No matter who calls Leaving me breathless wanting so much more Just as it comes so shall it go whispers on my neck oh yes! its back waiting for
The Wind
it whistles around my body like a new lover waiting to discover all of my secrets Lifting my hair to whisper an enchantment tickleing my mind caressing my skin peaking my interest in more Cool yet inviting it grows still stronger whipping around the torture growing longer feelings arise things get warmer bringing new touches new hopes new dreams just as i get ready it dyes back down smouldiering like coals not whisteling around Hot as an oven its back for a moment teasing my body with release only to die back down leaveing without completion Please come back i wish but with no avail it comes and it goes knowing i will be waiting It rises back up rushing at me pushing me down, picking me up scattering my feelings tossing me up letting me fall leaving me fast No matter who calls Leaving me breathless wanting so much more Just as it comes so shall it go whispers on my neck oh yes! its back waiting for
The Windup...
I was on messenger the other day when this conversation happened between me and a guy my wife hangs out with:(04:02:09 PM) The_Other_Guy: HOWDY(04:04:34 PM) BealzesBud: Hey.(04:04:46 PM) The_Other_Guy: HOW ARE YOU DOING?(04:04:54 PM) BealzesBud: Not too bad. You?(04:05:06 PM) The_Other_Guy: PRETTY GOOD (04:05:35 PM) The_Other_Guy: JUST CHATTING AND RELAXING ON AN OFF DAY(04:05:39 PM) BealzesBud: Okay.(04:07:10 PM) The_Other_Guy: JUST WANTED TO SAY HOWDY TO YOU SINCE Soon_To_Be_Ex_Wife HAS TOLD ME HOW CLOSE YALL ARE. SHE IS REALY UPSETT TODAY(04:07:37 PM) BealzesBud: What's wrong with her?(04:08:22 PM) The_Other_Guy: SHE UPSET OVER IT BEING DAUGHTERS BIRTHDAY(04:08:28 PM) BealzesBud: Yeah.(04:09:11 PM) BealzesBud:
Winds Come Whistle
Winds come whistle howl across the vista of the imagination sprinkled dreams of starlike qualities tender mercies lost inside a vision that was laying on an empty seat in some coach or another travelling to another town that no ones ever been to or ever will again changing as it does with every shifting grain of sand scattered by the breeze and if a tear should wake the dead and grant them dreams anew then maybe we'll dance again maybe me and you...
Window To The Heart
A Window To The Heart If we had a window that Was an opening to our heart, When others stop to take a look, Where would our window start? What would people see there, As they looked upon your soul? When they gazed down on the window, What would their eyes behold? Pretend it was a camera That shot photos of your day. It recorded everything you did, At work or even play. Would you care for other people To see what lies inside? Or, would you want it hidden? What do you have to hide? Would you be a loving person That cared for others so? What would your window have to say? What would your window show? If we knew we had a window And everyone could see, There was no secret place to hide, What lives inside of you and me... Would it make a difference In what you set out to do? Would it change the way you live, If others could see in you? Copyright© 2003 Gary Hall
The eyes; a window to the soul, I look deep in his two blue liquid pools, I see a creature so hideous, my whole body tenses. Feeling suffocated by this monster; fighting to escape his fixated gaze. Never before has anyone implanted a fear, so deep inside me. Where was the love that once glistened; in those vibrant sapphire eyes?
If you sometimes get the sudden urge to run around naked. Drink some Windex. It will keep you from streaking.
There are winds that remind us, that we are small an weak. When they blow harder and faster ,we feel there is going to be some what of a disaster. That is when we pray to ask God for it to be meek. When all and all is calm, we look towards the sky to thank the Lord our Master. So now we know we have to show the ultimate respect. Then God will let us all know what to really expect!
You know, sometimes I get the sudden urge to run around naked. But then I just drink some Windex ... * * * * * * * * * * and it keeps me from streaking
A Wind Through The Roses
Beneath your skin. Everything is hollow. Only after me for one thing. You will never see how ugly you are inside. So fake and impure. Just leave me to die here. All you want to do is Screw me. Taste me. Make me feel alone. Hurt me. Stab me. I don't want to be alone Behind your eyes. Is a lie so obvious. Why do you want to scar me. When i have never heard your name? You are just like poison. Just leave me here to bleed. All you want to do is Take me. Own me. Make me feel so cold. Wound me. Bruise me. I don't want to be this cold
The Wind And The Sun
The wind and the sun got into an argument about who was powerful, the wind said to the sun i am more power than you no you are not said the sun i am more powerful..this argument went back and forth for a period of time, with each element sighting reasons why it is more powerful than the other. still they could not reach a conclusion as to who was more powerful. one day a man was passing, the wind said to the sun-today i shall show you that i am more powerful than you. the sun said show me. the wind said to the sun, do you see that man going? yes said the sun. the wind said i bet you i can make his clothes fall off the sun said prove it so the wind went into action. the wind started blowing, blowing, and blowing the more the wind blew...the tighter the man held on to his shirt. after a while the wind gave up. the sun said to the watch me..the sun rose up to the sky majestically and showered it's ray of light on the got sunny and the man took of his shirt...
wind... blow wind blow where ya gonna go what ya gonna bring are ya gonna teach the birds to sing are ya gonna teach me anything are ya gonna bring a cool sweet breeze or bring a storm to tear the trees are ya gonna blow my fears away bring them back another day or keep them here with me to stay will ya blow across a distant land fill yourself with dust and sand or make the waves roll on the sea a soothing sight for all to see will ya lift them to wash over me will ya stay with me a little while try to teach me how to smile or will ya just go blow away leave me all alone today never tell why you can't stay blow wind blow where ya gonna go... Jeffro
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The Wind.
I Found Myself In A Restless Sleep, Dreaming The Dreamless Sleep. As I Lie There In My Safe Warm Bed, I Heard The Wind Outside. I Lie There As It Spoke To Me. About Love And Happiness, As If All Were Good In The World, As If Nothing In The World Mattered. It All Seemed Like A Dream, So Unrealistic, So… Perfect. Like A Child’s Fairy Tale. And As I Lie There Listening To The Wonderful Things The Wind Spoke Of, I Found Myself Drift Away From All The Bad In The World. Then Suddenly,As If Awaken From A Nightmare Of Sadness And Truth, Even Though I Was Not Dreaming, I Shot Up In My Bed,Now,Filled With Worry, Thinking To Myself It Was Just A Dream. That’s What The Wind Spoke Of. I Lay Back Down As The Wind Spoke Again. It Spoke Once More Of Love And Happiness. It Spoke As Soft And Gentle As A Whisper. All Was Still. The wind was silent. It Was Then, And Only Then,That I Realized, How I Awoke From A Nightmare Without Sleeping. I Realized What Had Happened. I Ha
Wind Beneath My Wings
Artist: Bette Midler Album: Beaches Title: Wind Beneath My Wings Oh, oh, oh, oh - It must have been cold there in my shadow, To never have sunlight on your face. You were content to let me shine, that's your way. You always walked a step behind. So i was the one with all the glory, While you were the one with all the strain. A beautiful face without a name for so long. A beautiful smile to hide the pain. Did you ever know that you're my hero, And everything i would like to be? I can fly higher than an eagle, For you are the wind beneath my wings. It might have appeared to go unnoticed, But i've got it all here in my heart. I want you to know i know the truth, of course i know it. I would be nothing without you. Did you ever know that you're my hero? You're everything i wish i could be. I could fly higher than an eagle, For you are the wind beneath my wings. Did i ever tell you you're my hero? You're everything, everything i wish i could be. Oh,
Winders '98
It has come to our attention that a few copies of the Alabama edition of Windows 98 may have accidentally been shipped outside Alabama. If you have one of the Alabama editions you may need some help understanding the commands. The Alabama edition may be recognized by looking at the opening screen. It reads WINDERS 98 with a background picture of the General Lee superimposed on a Confederate flag. It is shipped with a Daisy Duke screen saver. Also note: the Recycle Bin is labeled Outhouse My Computer is called This Infernal Contraption Dialup Networking is called Good Ol' Boys Control Panel is known as the Dern Dashboard Hard Drive is referred to as 4 Wheel Drive floppies are them little ol' plactic disc thangs. Other features: Instead of a error message you get a winder covered with a garbage bag and duct tape. * OK ---- ats aww-right * cancel ---- hail no * reset---- awa shoot * yes --- shore * no--- Naaaa * find--- hunt-fer it * go to ---- over yonder * b
Windows Family
United Kingdom * Quick Links | Home | Worldwide Microsoft * Search for: Powered by Windows Live Language placeholder Home Products Shop Downloads Using Windows Help and How-to Windows Vista See Windows Vista Learn about features Choose an Edition Buy or Upgrade Windows XP Earlier Windows Versions Windows Family DirectX Games for Windows Mobile PCs: Ultra-Mobile and Tablet Virtual PC Windows Defender Windows Desktop Search Windows Embedded Windows Internet Explorer Windows Live Windows Media Center Windows Media Player Windows Mobile Windows Server System Windows Vista Windows XP Buy Now Windows Vista Partners Windows Internet Explorer Windows Media Player Windows Defender Windows Vista Gadget Gallery Windows Vista Windows XP Exploring Windows Newsletter See how Windows Vista saves you time Small Business Windows Vista Business Edition
Windows Family 2007
United Kingdom * Quick Links | Home | Worldwide Microsoft * Search for: Powered by Windows Live Language placeholder Home Products Shop Downloads Using Windows Help and How-to Windows Vista See Windows Vista Learn about features Choose an Edition Buy or Upgrade Windows XP Earlier Windows Versions Windows Family DirectX Games for Windows Mobile PCs: Ultra-Mobile and Tablet Virtual PC Windows Defender Windows Desktop Search Windows Embedded Windows Internet Explorer Windows Live Windows Media Center Windows Media Player Windows Mobile Windows Server System Windows Vista Windows XP Buy Now Windows Vista Partners Windows Internet Explorer Windows Media Player Windows Defender Windows Vista Gadget Gallery Windows Vista Windows XP Exploring Windows Newsletter See how Windows Vista saves you time Small Business Windows Vista Business Edition
Windows To Ones Soul
Have you ever really looked into someones eyes and saw their soul? Saw the passion they carry for every aspect of their life,their wishes and dreams? I will openly admit I am a people watcher. I love to observe people. Their eyes tell it all though. Not many people take the time to look someone in the eyes when they talk to them. If they would look into the other persons eyes, they would see that persons deepest secrets and desires. A person is an open book if you know how to open and read that book through the window to their soul. But beware some people are VERY good at making you read more into what you see. I have learned alot about people by observing them the "looks" they give to someone,their body language.... it all leads to their soul. By Renee
Oh baby do it again and again I can hear nothing Windswept is the sand Oh baby show me more I can see nothing Windswept is the shore Heatwave to nightshade Oh I'm feeling swept away Oh baby don't leave me there With a low whisper Windswept on the air You say it's nothing But a game to play Oh I'm feeling swept away Slow baby you can take your time I can hear nothing Windswept is on the tide A feeling only or state of mind You can take me high mama Mama take me high
Winding Down...
Exhausting day at work. No energy left to get up and go home... heh. Just had to reallocate yearly merit increases yet again... zeroing out stock options so my team "complies" with some stupid corporate standard. I hate this.
Wind Up Toy
The Windows Of Heaven
"GOD *.*.*.OPENED * ...*.*. THE WINDOWS * * .* *.*.*.* OF HEAVEN .*) .*) *.*.*LOOKED AT ME . (... *.*.*.**.*.*.*AND ASKED, ..*(...) .*.*.*.*.* **.*. *WHAT IS YOUR * ....(...) * . * . * .* *DREAM * .*.. *....* (...) * .*FOR .. *..(...). *....* .*TODAY? .* ... *.... * *. * . * .**I . * . * . . * . *.*. * . **ANSWERED: __00000___00000 *.*. * .* .*GOD, _0000000_0000000. * . * .*TAKE _0000 OOOO 00000. * . * .*CARE __0000000000000 * . ** .*OF THE ___00000000000 * . *. * . * .*PERSON _____0000000 * . *. * . ** *.*THAT _______000 * . *. * * * .*.*IS ________0* . * .. ** .. * .*.*READING . * .. ** .. * . * . * .* . *.*THIS . * . (.. *** /) * .*.*.*MESSAGE, * . * ( ..(_)/ ) * * .BECAUSE * . * (_ /|.. _) . *.* THIS PERSON IS * . * . /___.. * . .* .*SO . * . * . * . . * *SPECIAL! T0DAY IS BEST FRIEND DAY SEND THIS T0 ALL Y0UR FRIENDS & BACK TO ME, IF I AM 1.
Window Is Open
Here I lay, my nakedness, is exposed to you, but not just my skin, but my soul as well, For I cannot share, in these carnal pleasures, without opening up a part, of my innermost thoughts, and letting you in. Now the window is open, as I kiss you long and hard, I can't turn back now, the hunger is so strong, I can almost taste it now. Sharing our selves, skin sliding sensations, as I pull you closer, and let my tongue, explore you all over. Sliding down upon you, my wetness surrounds you, your hardness deep inside, moving finally together, in our own private dance. Sounds of pleasure, escape in loud moans, as we share one last thrust, exploding together at last, not letting each other go
The Wind
I climb from the darkness a darkness created by a cold wind a wind reminiscent of all the winds before a wind no longer in control yet howling as though it cannot bear to be alone slowly oscillating between the shores of complacency and the deserts of discontent ~angela bennett 2007
A Wind's Passing
If you've read the intro to Maglarp, you probably know that I wrote that for her when she was feeling down. This one I had written for her as well during the year 2006. I loved her, but fate didn't want us to be together. I wrote this for her sad and lonely, but believing that I had to do what was right. She cried because she didn't want to see me go, but knew that no matter how much I would've wanted to be with her and stay I wouldn't have been allowed. I called it A Wind's Passing because the wind comes and goes and you will feel it as it touches others until it passes by you and continues on. This is my story in the sound of wind. A Wind's Passing Tears of friend, tears of sorrow, like the wind gone tomorrow. There are times in many a day that look like limes in the Autumn sun ray. Praying one night when all seems bad that everything is all right not gloomy or sad. Love is one no lesson in school it hurts a ton but is worth a jewel. For a friend,
Windows Crashed
If I don't get back to you right away............I', windpws crashjed and I'm on mom's pc. I love you
The Window
As I look outside the window,The sky is three shades of blue with cotton ball clouds. A warm wind gently bends the top of the trees. The sparrow fly and dot the sky in small crowds. The plain glass window is glaring in the sun, Across the yard of dying grass on scattered mounds. A large plane is gaining height beyond the trees, A hawk is diving at a rabbit on the ground. Outside the window makes me look inside my mind. And reminisce about the loving life I had. It give me pleasure when I know my family is happy. It's their happiness without me that makes me sad. The different moods I catch when looking out the window. It's a cliche' that I'll keep near until I die- "The things in life that have the power to make us happy. Are the things that have the power to make us cry". Warren. If you read please ask to rip if you want it ..
Wind It Up-gwen Steffani
The human eye is like a direct window into someone. I think there is nothing more intriguing then looking into they eyes of someone, sensing what they are thinking and feeling. It's exhilarating. Very sensual. So is reading body language. It's amazing how much the opposite sex communicates feelings, without saying a single word.
Windber High School Class Of 1997
This here isn't really a going to be much of a blog. I've already planned on my next blog. I'm going to explain why I'm an Atheist. I just want it to be well thought out. I'm also going to address people that are fanatical about religion. On top of that the question of why some people I know in person that go to church an clam to not believe in god or a god. My views on this are very cynical and will offend some people. Needless to say I really could care less if it pisses a few people off. I can only hope that some of the jack asses I went to school with stumble across the next blog. I remember everyone thinking that I was a satanist. That still amuses me to this day. These people were mostly the type that thought I was stoned out of my mind and worshiped Satan which wasn't and still is not the case. The irony about it all is that these people were or ended up drug addicts. Funny how that worked out cause The in crowd would always make their comments about me. I could name these pe
The Window
Whenever things wind down here at work I often turn and gaze thoughtfully out the window. The other day someone stopped and asked my why I was staring out the window what was there to look at. I turned to him and asked what he saw. His answer was the factory and the parking lot. So I told him what I see when I look out the window. I told him that I see the whole world, everywhere I've ever wanted to go and everything I've ever wanted to do. I see everyone I've ever known and everyone I hope to meet. I see the places that I've been and ponder where I'm going. I see my past and guess at my future. Its all out there. Finally I turned back to the window and I said that sadly most people never see beyond the parking lot.... -CM
The Wind
Siting alone only one there is the sky so as I sit and sing the, lonely wind carries my song, take my dreams my sorrows and happiness, The city lights flash as i wander in the darkness, searching for what I have lost, hear my cry oh wind of desire, take my dreams my sorrows and happiness The country side is vast and so is the boundries of my bound spirit, it longs for a place to go, somewhere to call home, as it rains I cry out to the sky, take my dreams my sorrows and happiness Scatter to the wind, my joyous thoughts, my courage to live a better life, I give up take me lord, take me to a better place, far from this place I once called home.
Window To My Soul...
as dark as the deepest abyss... as black as an obsidian ... as cold as the siberian winter... as motionless as the dead sea... if the eyes are windows to my soul... tell me...what do you see???
Winding Roads...
Seasons and times come and go. sheding light on the truths of life, not many know why things are the way they are only that life places a song in ones heart, songs differ from peron to person, some sing songs of love where others only sing the blues, no one can fully understand the path that is set before them, they only hope to make sense of what they see, for many visions cloud there thoughts and memories traping them in a world which once was, seeing no way out they stumble and fall, for others the light shines bright, leading them to a path of peace and love, how does life determine who is destined for which path, maybe its the choises we make as we attempt to figure out or place on this planet, maybe its destin, maybe some are meant to be happy where others are not, Me I believe our choises lead us to our destiny, If we can look past the now, look past the pain, each step we take brings us closer to our destiny. but we cant reach it if we stop to look at the now, all happiness is
The Wind
The wind blows and touches anything,everything, and whoever it comes in contact with, It reminds me of your heart and passion which had no control The beauty of freedom with no restraints and sometimes letting its presence known with such commitment Just like the wind your felt deep in my soul and changes my life completely You are apart of that nature now and free from the worldly restraints. You are free to touch whomever you please and see things to your souls appease Enjoy your flight above the trees and beyond the restraints of your disease.
Winduptoy And Tenneka
2 So Called Friends I Did Have On Here Came To My Page To Block Me I Have Done Nothing Wrong To These 2 People. Names Winduptoy and His Lady Teneeka. I Think They Need A Life!!
I feel the wind on my face It takes me to a better place Everything is so clear I no longer fear I am ready to live and I'm ready to give.
Wind Gust Up To 62 Mph Here!!
It was storming here, with wind gust up to 62 mph. Rain, wind, thunder, and lightening. So I am working at the bar tonight 10/17/07 and the fire departments head guy comes in. I didn't think nothing of it, til I look at his face. He told me that my huge tree in my front yard fell on my house. i said you have to be kidding me, he said no I need you to go home and check it out. So I had to go up home and sure enough my tree is laying on my house. It was still storming so we really could not see much but my husband went inside and made sure the roof was not leaking and no broken windows. So now tomorrow I will not be at work at my first job so I can stay home and clean up the damn tree. The worst thing is right now we don't know how much damage there is until we get the tree off the house!! i will post pictures when i can. UPDATE::: Got the tree all cleaned up now. Insurance adjuster just came out today 10/19/07 and told me some very good news! So now we can get our house fixe
Wind Beneath My Wings
The Wind ...whats Up??
So ye All Ready for Blustery Cold Weather?? I'm not ..I want Indian summer now..last few days its been a little To nippy-Idus in the Day.. Frost alerts R out ..maybe in the lowr thrtys to mid 20's tonite ..get Me A Electric Blanket or a Nice Wram Woman with heat to chill with lol.. its so cold ..the pumpkins comeing in the House they do cold!!..To early .. Yeah the Wind...whats up?? I Ask..and All I get is A whistle or Howl 4 Answer ..not good So get your coats out its A nipple-idus out Got A warm partner ,just cuddle up by Fire and let the love grow higher ...enjoy all
Windows To His Soul
The day our paths crossed I looked in his eyes I saw something there I could not deny It was tugging and pulling to captivate me I was so intrigued, by what I could see I saw anger and pain Mixed with the hope of a child A longing for love He'd been lonely awhile I saw the stregth of a million men And the pride of a Lion Distrust with the earning For someone to confide in A boy made a man By the way of the streets A man hard as stone With a head full of dreams I saw happiness, saddness Mixed with passion and shame A determination to make it To stay ahead of the game That day our paths crossed The contact was so brief But I'll never forget What his eyes said to me.......
Windy Road Ginger Lemonade
1 (12 oz can) frozen lemon juice concentrate 4 Cups Water 2 (12 oz bottles) Jamaican-Style Ginger Beer Ice Cubes Candied Ginger Chunks for Garnish Into a large pitcher, add lemonade concentrate and water. Top with Ginger Beer. Pour over ice and garnish with Candied Ginger.
The Wind
Another long night In a far away city And another conversation that Don't really matter to me I left my heart in your hands And i only think and talk about Is how many days until I'll be with you Because i'm feeling so alone I got my head up to the phone All i hear is voice Sayin' babe come home And i feel like i'm alone Even though people tell me i'm not I know that it's me and myself Alone against the wind Seven more days And seven more nights And a little bit o flyin' Babe stop cryin' i'm coming home soon I'm gonna leave it behind This travellin' life Can't pay enough money To make it worth while loosing you Cause i'm feeling so alone I got my head up to the phone All i hear is voice Sayin' babe come home And i feel like i'm alone Even though people tell me i'm not I know that it's me and myself Alone against the wind
The Wind On The Mountain
My life is a rocky mountain. It starts off beautiful, Then gets rocky until you reach the top. The top is a beautiful, peaceful place you want to be. Time is like the wind, Slowly drifting by me, Without even realizing. Never stopping. Always continuing. The wind drifts up around the mountain. It moves the beautiful flowers To make a wonderful scene. In the end, everything is peaceful and serene
Early every morning, I get up to see, If someone has written or commented to me. Looking in this window, sometimes sun shines in, and I get a message, or I get it's kin. Shout box or a comment, message waiting here, from a precious lady, so far and yet so near. She says her good morning, I send something back, and we start our talking, neither of us pack. Kisses hugs caresses, flirtings by the score, In these little windows, who can ask for more. Minutes go by fleeting, then it's time for work, so we say our laters, our real lives we can't shirk. It may come lunch or dinner, we'll open up and see, theres another message, she sent just for me. Gifts and words and phrases, we'll send here and there, and into this small window, we will sadly stare. Maybe in the future, out in space and time, something will undo us, and we'll change this rhyme. No more little window, except the one we share, holding close together, in real time if we dare. Let the sunrise bathe us, or moon glow u
Window On My World (here's Bits And Pieces Of The Poem Ya Ain't Ready For This)
if i listen carefully i can hear the beautifull sounds of the world. if i want to, when i close my eyes i can see ne thing i want to. i understand everyone makes mistakes and it only makes you strong when you learn from them. i like people who take time out there day to help the less fortunate.
Windows To The Soul
They say a kiss tells all The eyes are windows to ones soul With these no lies can be told Much may not be spoken with words But there is a lot told With truth and sincerity deep within Through your windows I can see Your feelings, even some fears I feel some of your pain When I know you are with hurt or bother Nothing that I can say because I feel it, this I cannot explain But know it is a connection When you kissed me last night I felt it deep within the pits of my soul Your love for me is real, it is true Frightened and unsure of my feelings for you Not because they are untrue but that it’s new When we are together it feels like one soul One that was just so large and great It was split into two destined, to find My world, body, and soul feel Complete and at peace When I am with you
Windtalkers Platoon Update
OUR LITTLE FAMILY IS GROWING SO INTRODUCING NEW PLATOON PLATOON LEADER cathy lostangel **MWT** mattie 'Queen B owner of the Tiger's Den &**MWT** Windtalkers Platoon**' snyder 'Mystic Angel **MWT** Real Wife of Mystic Warrior **MWT**' Amanda 'Amanda The Seductress 69 ~ & ~ RLW To ~The Real Flirt~**MWT** Wind talker's Platoon~ Vice' Vice 'Kittie Corpse~Suzie~Violent Sex Addict~**MWT**WindTalkers Tribe' ' 'trollsny**MWT**windtalker tribe' snyder
Windtalkers Platoon Update
OUR LITTLE FAMILY IS GROWING SO INTRODUCING NEW PLATOON PLATOON LEADER cathy lostangel **MWT** 'Mystic Angel **MWT** Real Wife of Mystic Warrior **MWT**' Amanda 'Amanda The Seductress 69 ~ & ~ RLW To ~The Real Flirt~**MWT** Wind talker's Platoon~ Vice' Vice 'Kittie Corpse~Suzie~Violent Sex Addict~**MWT**WindTalkers Tribe' ' 'trollsny**MWT**windtalker tribe' snyder
Windows & Souls
Eyes... Hallow... Cold... Shadows speak... Events untold... Things seen... No one knows... Eyes... Think... Listen... Feel... Lose control... Soul unbound... Free to roam... I am me... Only I behold... (To Becontinued)...
Windows To The Soul
Your eyes speak volumes Though your words be few Your heart wide opend Awaiting love new Hope reborn with each passing day With dreams and wishes too Echos of paoin just fade away Sorrows and sadness go The achings of a broken heart Replaced with love divine The future now a work of art The work of an artist sublime Life's pallet of colors and hues Now lively happy and bright No longer black and shades of grey the shadows have fled replaced with light The sky up above now bright blue The ground down below now green the world now true The future a dream to be seen. Bella 7/19/07
The Wind Messengers-cherokee
The Four Winds are spirit beings, the Creator's messengers, that were placed at the four corners of the world in the beginning of time by the Creator. The task of the Messengers is to attend to the cycle of the four seasons of the year. The Messengers mind the movement of the sun, earth and stars and are charged with the responsibility of keeping a strict watch over the winds. Vigilance keeps all four winds from coming together and destroying living things on earth. In a continual state of action night and day, season through season, the Messengers are given direction by the Creator regarding what they shall do and what actions for a particular season they are to perform. It is a matter of traditional instruction as told by the ancient priests of the original people that the individual who kills new meat shall take a part of the meat first to the priest. The priest cuts the meat into five sections, first giving a piece to the sacred fire located in the priest's house, then, in tu
The Windswept Evening
I watched you walk through that open door. You seemed so great, I could want no more. I smiled at you and you smiled back. I guess it was you that I lacked. You grabbed me by the hand and we began to talk. That evening we took a long walk. It seems as though our lives could've changed. If only the time we had managed. It seems as though the night had just begun. But to my knowledge you had to run. Our windswept evening is over now. But again I will see you somehow. Stacie Arnold
Winds Of Change
Winds of Change “Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.” This is probably one of the most apt quotes for all of us to live by. Yet for all the good things that come out of change, and for the amount of people who understand that sometimes change is important, why are so many people reluctant to embrace the concept of change? I thought about this today- as there have been many things that have been changing in my own life. I thought back over the last few years, and realize that there have been many changes that I have been through. I have adapted, and shown a strong amount of resilience even when the changes have not been good. It got me on this particular topic. I have said numerous times about how important it is that we learn to be dynamic and more accepting of the various things that come in our lives. But I rarely talk about personal change. I know its a simple concept- I understand that change is necessary. But ev
The Window Tiger And Lazy Promise Of Relaxation (darwinian Concepts Of Behavior)
The day I let my head rest To not let my pen smoke me To not let it light me up and drag me down to an ash To not let the words haunt me To not fall into that place that feels like madness…that bleeds red and is mine to heal with every letter written To not lament the lover I no longer have or the Home I can no longer find To not smell the way the earth is reborn in every breeze and pray I had its power to be a child again To not take note of a clear perfect blue afternoon sky and know it is always perfect…it just often get's clouded by the season To not allow my personal season's to cloud me again To not stare into the full moon with its bright ring in the thick crystallized atmosphere of the December sky and think of the magic To not notice the faint pink glow of that planet so far away that night trailing far behind the sight of our lunar child and realize our place in this universe To not dream of the beaches of Mexico or the rustle of the small Ita
Windows Of My Soul
Windows Of My Soul The wind howls outside, the cold air threatens penetrating like needles. The sill and threshold breathe for me. Each breath stifled from the pain. My fingers numb and cold, as I touch you, as I slowly die inside. Thoughts of you race through my mind, Only my hate and the wine to warm me. Numbing pain, the bitterness of our last embrace. Threatening to consume my very heart, the only thing left now, to remind me of the life left within. You know all my secrets, covet my dreams, and desires. Beseeching each one as if they were your own, locked tightly within the web we weave, even the nightmares that make me scream. You would never use them against me as others would, and have. Next to me, by my side, you have seen me through; Every heartache, every strife, every trouble, and every whim, silently even in your memory of me, you do not judge me, but trust and love me; For everything I am, and everything I will never be. You never argue, yo
Window To My Soul
Poetry is, The window to my soul The things I write about Most other people don't know. Thoughts and feelings My unshed tears Living my life And dealing with fears. When I am sad, Lonely or depressed, I write a poem And my life is assessed. If you don't know poetry, Then you'll never know That poetry can be The window to your soul. copyright 1/1/08 by RSP
The Windmeal Lmao Rotff...
VINDICTUS rocken out to ZOMBIE..Me doing the windmeal rocken out with Deb lmao rotff... debAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Wind To Fire
absence is to love, what wind is to fire. it extinguishes the small, and enkindles the great
Window Lickers
SO U RIDE THE SHORT BUS Hi! the owners of a new group called W.L.A which stands for Window Lickers Anonymous are looking for new members to join our fun group of short bus window lickers. We will have a Lounge and are excited to get the word out to those out there that would love to be a member, all u have to do is make a salute with ur tounge sticking out and a sign saying W.L.A member and u will be a member. We will be posting a Blog shortly on our page to show the rules of the group and we look forward to making new friends with fellow window lickers. Come join the fun and good times.
Window Lickers Rule
Wind From The North Brings Change
The wind blows in from the North. At first I was scared at what I heard and could feel in my heart. The things that have been happening to me. The power that comes from the messages I hear from back home. Many do not believe in my ways or what I hear. Many would think I am crazy. For I am not crazy. The wind from the North brings endurance and strength. For in that place where I came from has made me strong enough to deal with the great evil I am facing here in Ohio. Back in the days of old when we still remembered who and what we are the whole village would dance with me to act out my visions. From my visions I would gain great power and understanding. Times are changed. I must find another and better way to do this. I become sad when I know the truth of what is and what will be. When I warn others that they do not need to live in darkness. I too am in this darkness but I prevail. For I am filled with light and hope once again. I see the eagle in m
Wind Flower
if u plant an illusion and water it with love and water from constanly a beautiful flower will grow in u and its scent and warmth woll keep u warm when everything goes wrong if u plant an idealin yhe maybe land and u feed it envy it would be difficult to take out the evil in your heart if it grew roots and may my light go with u cus life is a garden where good and bad gets confused and its human not always know what to choose and if u feel lost u wont get to see with ur eyes do it with ur souls eyes and ud find calm your windy flower ill be if u plant a friendship plant it in me and feed it with patience cut it with truth and replant it with faith cus it needs time to grow if u get drunk with passion and u dont cool ur heart a lil bit ur senses will stutter and maybe just heat will talk and not reason its wise to count til 10 and may my light go with u cus life is a garden where good and bad gets confused and its human not always know what to choos
Windmil Out Of Control
Windows 2005 Southern Edition
Howdy Dear Consumers: It has come to our attention that a few copies of the WINDOWS 2005 Southern EDITION may have accidentally been shipped outside of the south. If you have one of these, you may need help understanding the commands. The Southern EDITION may be recognized by the unique opening screen. It reads: WINDERS 2005, with a background picture of Waylon and Willie superimposed on a bottle of Jack Daniels. Please also note: The Recycle Bin is labeled " Outhouse" My Computer is called "This Dern Contraption" Dial Up Networking is called "Good Ol' Boys" Control Panel is known as " The Dashboard" Hard Drive is referred to as "4-Wheel Drive" Floppies are "Them little ol' plastic thangs" Instead of an error message, " Duct Tape" pops up. CHANGES IN TERMINOLOGY IN Southern EDITION: Cancel............stopdat Reset..............try'er agin Yes...............yep No................nope Find...............hunt fer it Go to............over yonde
The Wind
I sit here listening to the wind outside. It’s been blowing pretty good today. Got me to thinking about how much time I have been sitting here. Inside and hurt. Soon it will be almost 6 months that I have endured.. Endured alot of pain with this ijury and still waiting to hopefully have surgery soon and can start to move on past it. Half a year basically stuck indoors. At times it gets me really depressed. I think what else can go wrong. It can get rather looney when you have so much time to sit and think. I wait for my girl to get home so I can ask her about her day and enjoy company with her. With anyone at this point. She has kept my spirits up beyond belief. Some of my friends call and help also to keep me going. One friend even came up from Ga to boost my moral.(thanks Mikey). At times when I feel most down I reflect back on what my friends and family have been trying to do for me. They try their best to help me realize I can get up everyday and still keep going. I hate the pain m
Winds Blow
I have had many lives touch my own like a wind blowing in off the sea. Some were horrible thrashing winds that tore at my very soul. Some were so quiet I barely felt their breeze left upon my lips. Others were ordinary little gusts of wind that only caught my attention for a moment, their presence was felt and known but seemingly no impact from them was made. Some are like whirlwinds that seem to keep repeating. Other winds come rolling in feeling so good upon my face, my skin... deep touching winds felt on my very heart...warm winds. These are the best of winds. This type of wind lifts me up like a kite and allows me to dance upon the clouds. If only we could bottle the winds, bring them out when we want to feel certain feelings, when we need the comfort of the rustling wind....perhaps we could even use the storming winds, the dark winds to protect us? The stronger winds we could use for our worries,... just open the cap of the bottle and let the worri
A Window
The words I write on these pages They are but a window to my feelings A window to my hopes A window to my dreams A window to the thoughts of me and you You and I together as one One heart beating with one love One love for one another Until the day that dream comes true I will do the one thing that means just as much to me and to you The one thing that will keep us close No matter what the future holds I will always and forever be your friend
The Wind
The wind billows through the canyon Pushing trees left & right As it rushes past I wish I was part of it Running through mountains, over plains, across waters, and though branches The smell of distant lands fills the air But we can't be the wind...why? Because the wind needs no one It's the loneliest of creations Unlike people who need other people The wind doesn't need anyone or anything to continue going on People need love & companionship Without the wind we probably wouldn't dream As the wind billows through the trees take time to smell the air Dream of being the wind, if only for a moment As the wind billows though the canyon
Winds Of Change
All the positive influx I have allowed to happen and not distorted with negativity and doubt is yielding results. Very soon changes for the better will be happening. Positive attracts the like and it is proven to me over and over. The last couple of weeks I have been able to help other people through conversation see that it is possible to be positive. That if it is possible for me that it is possible for them to do. I never claim to be perfect, a better person or even a role model. Just someone to talk to, to listen to them when they need it. To offer a posititive feedback to their doubts, worries and fears. I wish I could have done this years ago for myself but you know the journey was one I had to go through. If I did not endure this trial this would not have been as positive as it could be. I cannot dwell or wish on the past only moment to moment and the future will be ok. Moments are what life is made of. IF all your moments are filled with as much joy as you can giv
Windows often show a world that is possible, but not being directly experienced. The windows can be tricky, because they can reveal something we cannot experience directly. This can infer frustration, protection, or illusion in the dream. If dreaming of confinement, the window may expose a very desirable person or setting that we cannot experience directly. This is a common event in life. If the environment outside the window looks hostile, and you can get to the other side of the window to experience it, you may find you have been tricked. Windows in dreams sometimes show one thing, but the actual experience is something quite different. It may be time for you to overcome your anxiety and experience life directly rather than watching it go by. If the converse is true, and a pastoral window scene yields a troubled reality, you may feel as though life is deceptive in some area. The window may be a passage from this world to others. Dreams of this nature are common among those who pu
Windows Xp
Windows XP Service Pack 3 is released. Do not install it if you think you are infected. Download, install, allow it to update and run a FULL scan . Uninstall it if you are clean. If you need help let me know.
I have a house- my windows are barred, nailed shut Occasional light seeps through, and makes you wonder What hides inside, but I won't open up Don't try and pry, the iron nails are strong To hold the curious afar But wonderment is even stronger You lean in to try and bend that bar You put your ear and listen to the sounds And left to ponder what those moving shadows are And where the light you see is coming from And whats hidden behind it all But after all those tries, you looked around And found a lock: it was unlocked all along You opened windows wide and found the place completely dark and vacant My eyes, the windows to my soul
The Window Of Love
.. The Window of LoveThere’s a window to see through – a view from above,That allows you to witness it all with great loveIt’s the joy of divine, uncensored truth,It’s the picnic of angels as they feast their eyes upon youIt’s the magic of Spirit in It’s greatest dance,The unfolding of essence as we take every chanceThere’s so much to look forward to when we see from this viewIt’s the window of opportunity in everything we doIt’s the majesty and magic that transforms the mundaneIt’s the Grace that empowers the meek on this planeWe can lift our perspective to see from this place,There are no cheap seats, we are all offered GraceCheck out this dimension, a bird’s eye view,Look for yourself and see if it’s true -That you can unravel the mysteries of life, You can let go of the pain and the strifeYou can embrace what is rightfully yours,You can make life a heavenly tourAll you need do is let go of your anchor,Release all your fears, look to Heaven and thank Her!Feel yourse
The Window
The Window The eyes Registers of light genius of sight so much more Windows to the soul I'll watch your lips. Because if I Lay my sight Into your eyes I'll be drawn in Not by my wish Just how it is those wonderful eyes connect directly to your spirit Without invitation I'll make no invasion So wont you invite me in But be advised you can not hide behind your smile with the window wide open
What would it be like to taste such exquiste wonders to touch.. to explore the purest of moments where innocence lays deep like snow upon a grassy hill Wrap myself in the silky caress of the winds as they swirl about me Igniting the fire that burns within my soul a yearning to break free from earthly chains soar above all that is heavy and clouded Rapture ripples through me.. along my skin Emotions bursting, becoming transparent...flowing simmering heat to warm from the cold Dare to come with me? To put aside all rational judgement finally allowing your heart to lead Dance with me in the shining moonlight stars gazing down with their soft feathery glow Hold me close to you your scent musky yet inviting Lips waiting wanting so very much The winds wrap around us creating a cacoon Break free from all heavy burdens passsions simmer and stir Dare with me this is not another fantasy
Windows Errors
The Wind
It whistles around my body Like a new lover waiting to discover all of my secrets Lifting my hair to whisper an enchantment tickleing my mind caressing my skin peaking my interest in more. Cool yet inviting it grows still stronger whipping arount the torture growing longer Feelings arise things get warmer bringing new touches new hopes new dreams. Just as I get ready it dies back down smoldering like coals stagnant and unmoving Hot as an oven its back for a moment teasing me with release only to die back down leaving without completion Please come back, I wish but, to no avail it comes and it goes knowing I will be waiting It rises back up rushing at me pushing me down picking me up scattering my feelings Tossing me up letting me fall leaving me fast no matter how I call Leaving me breathless wanting so much more Just as it comes so it goes Whispers on my neck Oh yes! Its back waiting for me this time its an attack
The Cloie Street
THE WINDOW I lived in this house obsessed with its beauty. Never out but inside it with no lights to see. The characteristics chose it own name. It looked like a home but there was more to say. Every morning I crept up the stairs. Passing the door that led to the attic. I never went inside after all these years. I’m sure its empty with nothing but dust. I ignore the door and walked every where. But one day the old house began to smell musty. It squeaked even more and made weird noises. Doors would start to slam and my things would rearrange. I don’t know what happen but it became really strange. But I ignored the happenings around the house. It was just the house becoming alive. Even though I loved the house there was one problem. The windows were painted like stained. So I never see through them. I live in the house but I never leave. For I am a prisoner of its beauty. I one day woke up to a voice in the air. I looked all around but nobody was there. I fallo
The Wind
"The Wind" To recall a past life, A life when I was normal A life that was somewhat charming, A life when pain was informal. Blowing gently against my skin, Is the force of the wind. Awakening my youthful soul, As I chase the falling leaves again. Forgetting if for only a moment, What life is like for me now, A heart made up of sorrow, And the shattering pain somehow. To kiss each day the way I want to, With a peaceful, easy glow. And go to bed each night, Not feeling the pain I know. Yet the nightmares persist, In the most agonizing way, The hopelessness, and depression, Again, My life has been delayed. I desperately try to be patient, Time after time, year after year, I am running out of wind, For the cure is nowhere near.
The Windows
"The Windows" I look straight into the windows, There, lurks deep the darkest shades of blue. For a matter of minutes I'm lost, I begin feeling sorry for you. The outer circles of emerald green Remind me of many wondrous things. Like the day we first met... And just what greed brings. The varieties of brown Well you know where this is headed, Yes, It reminds me of... You and the bull I've since treaded. I look straight into the windows, I suddenly see my reflection, A beating heart once whole, Now bleeds regrets in all directions. Those pupils had me dazed, Stir-crazy within a pitch black role. The madness in the windows... The windows of your soul.
Window Of Pain
I have a house- my windows are barred, nailed shut Occasional light seeps through, and makes you wonder What hides inside, but I won't open up Don't try and pry, the iron nails are strong To hold the curious afar But wonderment is even stronger You lean in to try and bend that bar You put your ear and listen to the sounds And left to ponder what those moving shadows are And where the light you see is coming from And whats hidden behind it all But after all those tries, you looked around And found a lock: it was unlocked all along You opened windows wide and found the place completely dark and vacant My eyes, the windows to my soul
Windys Contest
The Winds Of Change
THE WINDS OF CHANGE The winds of change are blowing today.Will I release myself and grow with it? Or will I hold on to my old beliefs and stay in the quagmire and quicksand of my past? Life is not a oneway or dead end street.No it travels in all directions continually crossing and intersecting the many other roads it meets...roads that if I choose correctly and wisely will lead me to a new and fulfilling life. With the help of my friends and those around me and my Heavenly Father, the roads I choose today will be the right ones. There are bound to be bumps,potholes,and pitfalls along the way...but then again..hey...nobody said it was going to be a smooth ride. With my friends and God at my side..I know I can make the trip WITH DIGNITY AND PRIDE
Windows Cement
when the wind blows it creates a force that in being witch it dose can make the trees move with the wind and sometimes a leaf could fall of the tree and that leaf could make a distance or grow old with age and crumble
The Wind Began To Owl
Det Hendrix makter å få frem i sin del av diskusjonen er Howl. "The howls are not as they seem" som David Lynch sier det. Men hva betyr det? Vi har den vanlige oppsetningen med en konge og en kjeltring. Og vi har noen haremsdamer som skurken er interessert i. Hendrix også forresten. Men Hendrix er ikke BARE interessert i alt gullet og dronningene han kan fakke med seg og det er poenget her. Vi har beveget oss fra en amerikansk Jesus-Judas oppstilling til Egypt. Også i Egypt har vi historien om Osiris og grisen Seth som dreper ham for å fakke Isis. Den som kommer for å opprette orden i Egypt er Osiris sønn. Horus. Han blir skildret som en Falk. Hadde vi skulle fortsatt den mytologien kan vi si at Hendrix er en falk. Men det er han ikke og den mytologien er også fortalt for mange ganger. Vi skal fortelle historien om kvinners forhold til Isis og i det ligger den kvinnelige Grisens svik og mord. Det trengs derfor en Ugle som et bilde på roens gjenoppretning. En Hedw
Wind In The Wire
This is one of my favorite poems / songs as performed by Old West ( Wind in the Wire I've been riding fence all day, Way up on the summer range. Found a place to make my bed As the evening shadows spread Beyond the campfire light, through the stillness of the night, Came the call of the coyote choir, And the song Of the wind in the wire. As it strummed the rusted strings, It sang of long forgotten things. Many moons and many suns Of the real Americans. When the arrow and the bow Stalked the range Of the buffalo, And the call of the coyote choir Knew no song Of the wind in the wire. As the ghostly balladeer Hypnotized me, I could hear Bugle calls, and battle cries. Broken promises and lies. The spirits of the plain Still sing their sad refrain And the call of the coyote choir And the song Of the wind in the wire.
Wind And Window Flower
Lovers;forget your Love And list to the Love of these She a window flower And He a winter breeze When the frosty window veil Was melted down at noon And the caged yellow bird Hung over her in tune He marked her through the pain He could not help but mark And only pass her by To come again at night He was a winter wind Concerned w/ice and snow Dead weeds and unmated birds And little of love could know Perchance he half prevailed To win her for the flight From the firelit looking glass And warm stove window light But the flower leaned aside And thought of naught to say And morning found the breeze A hundred miles away.... written by:Robert Frost
Windows 7 Put To The Test
Windows 7 put to the test Custom PC editor Alex Watson loads and tests a trial version of Microsoft's next Operating System. A closer look at Windows 7 Software developers have been given a preview of Microsoft's next version of Windows. Windows 7 was demonstrated at the company's Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. Technology analyst Rob Enderle and the BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones have taken a look. Page last updated at 14:06 GMT, Wednesday, 28 May 2008 15:06 UK A look at touch screen Windows Microsoft demonstrates Windows 7, the follow-up operating system to Vista. Windows 7 will feature touch screen interfaces and is due for release in 2010. Most of this video is silent. Windows 7 'to kill off mouse' Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system will come with a multi-touch feature,
I have a house- my windows are barred, nailed shut Occasional light seeps through, and makes you wonder What hides inside, but I won't open up Don't try and pry, the iron nails are strong To hold the curious afar But wonderment is even stronger You lean in to try and bend that bar You put your ear and listen to the sounds And left to ponder what those moving shadows are And where the light you see is coming from And whats hidden behind it all But after all those tries, you looked around And found a lock: it was unlocked all along You opened windows wide and found the place completely dark and vacant My eyes, the windows to my soul
The Wind--cat Stevens
The Wind - Cat Stevens
“Windigo” The Iroquois around their campfires Would speak of demons and they’d tell The story of the Windigo That bloodsucking witch from Hell A flying apparition, Without a body, just a head She would feast upon the living And drain them until dead With cruel fangs and glowing eyes She drifted through the air And trailing out behind her Was her filthy flowing hair But it was not her appearance, not just her look That filled a soul with fright There also was the sound of her awful shrieks That echoed through the night At first they’d sound like a blowing wind A rustling of the breeze But then in turn they grew in savage force Bouncing off the trees Until the hapless begging victim Would cover from the shrieks Clutching his ears to stem the flow Of the blood that ran down his cheeks And when he was both deaf and helpless The Windigo would pounce Ripping open his throat to feast on his fluids And drinking down the very last ounce You may thin
The Wind
When I awoke this morning The day looked promising Everything was right and beautiful So I walked out the door with hopes high My spirit soaring fast and high As the reality of the world came Crashing in on my bright warm day It brought with it storm clouds Cold win and chilling rain I lost my bearings I foundered not knowing which way to go Much like a ship being tossed about By the huge waves in the deep ocean I foundered like a sailing ship Slowly sinking beneath the waves The wind came during the storm It seemed to rip at me Trying to destroy me, Chilled me to the very core of my being I never knew that wind would be my salvation The wind blew the storm away Helped right my vessel Dry the water that was causing me to sink To founder The wind then filled my sails I moved much swifter More steady I found my bearings I went farther than I ever hoped Stronger
The Wind And Why
The Wind and Why Author: cswandering Word count: 442 I am always on a one way street going the wrong way I am on the road less traveled I know every pebble along the way Nothing can make me fall I know the places in the shade The places no one else can see I see the shadow of the leaves Leave me be if you please Don't tell me how to walk When your at a dead end I see the sun through the trees I 'll always be your friend Fear has taken hold Youth replaced by old Too scared to take the trip Left alone out in the cold. Remember im still around Even when the dust is heavy You can't see your own hand in front of you I 'll be there to slap you in the face I am reality The one you have avoided I am the future Only a bit contorted Follow me You could try I break the rules I don't pry I am only a rebel to those who don't strive I am not a threat to them they are threats to themselves They walk heavy footed killing everything in their path I watch the fickle b
A Window Of Wisdom
A 92-year-old, petite, well-poised and proud man, who is fully dressed each morning by eight o'clock, with his hair fashionably combed and shaved perfectly, even though he is legally blind, moved to a nursing home today. His wife of 70 years recently passed away, making the move necessary. After many hours of waiting patiently in the lobby of the nursing home, he smiled sweetly when told his room was ready. As he maneuvered his walker to the elevator, I provided a visual description of his tiny room, including the eyelet sheets that had been hung on his window. 'I love it,' he stated with the enthusiasm of an eight-year-old having just been presented with a new puppy. 'Mr. Jones, you haven't seen the room; just wait.' 'That doesn't' t have anything to do with it,' he replied. 'Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time. Whether I like my room or not doesn't depend on how the furniture is arranged .. it's how I arrange my mind. I already decided to love it. 'It's
Winds Of Change
I once had friends to talk to every day but then the winds of change blew and took them all away I once had a lover to see me through times of gray but then the winds of change blew and we went our separate ways I once had a joyful heart full of merry and gay then the winds of change blew and took my heart away I once had innocence as pure as the month of may but then the winds of change blew and corruption's here to stay For when the wind blows it blows hard its true but when the wind blows what can we do? I once had a friends I once had a lover I once had a joyous heart I once had innocence I have these things no more For the winds of change blew Flowing through and through I am not who I was, unto the nevermore
Wind Of Confusion
Windir - Saknet (translated)
The darkness mirrors my feelings, but there’s a hole in the mirror. A hole that never ends, just like the longing in my soul The hole is like the longing in my soul. The longing is like the hole, endless. The longing after something enormous that I had, what I had was as big as the longing enormous. I like pain, but I don’t really like it. I scream, but I don’t really scream I’m dying, but I’m not really dying I miss. Before me is darkness, like the day is before you and the others Before me is the day, like the darkness before you and the others Before me is the scream, like the laughter before you and the others Before me is death, like life is before you and the others Gloomy is it, to think like this, gloomy is it to be like this, gloomy is it, to live like this, gloomy it is, I like it that way Gloomy is it and gloomy shall it be. Dark is it and dark shall it be. Painful is it and painful shall it be. The Longing is the, but that shall not be. What you shall not do
The Winds Of The Ever Consant Time;
with time,as you get older you realize how important it is to get through one ordeal so as to deal with another that has odds that stick out like sharpened spikes.i am now not only what you desire,not only what you will love,but mostly what you deserve.sexiness is an added bonus,like a divine being with shinning light coming from my golden pumped out chest,I AM NOW A KING,breathe into me..................
Wind Shear Eyed In Deadly Crash Of Fedex Cargo Jet
View of the burnt out FedEx cargo plane after it crash-landed at Tokyo's Narita International Airport. Both pilots were killed when the cargo plane -- en route from China -- crashed in high winds and exploded in a ball of flames Japanese firefighters inspect the wreckage of the burnt-out FedEx cargo plane after it crash landed at Tokyo's Narita International Airport. Both pilots were killed when the cargo plane -- en route from China -- crashed in high winds and exploded in a ball of flames.Japanese police and firefighters inspect the FedEx cargo plane after it crash landed at Tokyo's Narita International Airport. Both pilots were killed when the cargo plane -- en route from China -- crashed in high winds and exploded in a ball of flames.White smoke rises from a FedEx cargo plane that crash landed on the tarmac of the Narita International Airport in Narita, suburban Tokyo Firefighters inspect a bunt-out FedEx cargo plane after it crash landed on the runway of Narita International Airpo
The Window
The Window Looking through the window, I see the life I want to live, I can smell the sweet existence, I can feel the sun on my skin, Cannot look long, I must avert my gaze. I see the mirror, I see my true self. I do not like what I see. I do not like what I hear. I see... I know I am a failure, Now that I stop and look I see it clear. Someday, somehow, someway, I will look in the mirror, And see what I saw through the window. Someday, somehow, someway, I will look in the mirror, And see what I saw through the window. That day won't be today, That day won't be tomorrow, But, that day will be soon, And when that day comes, I know who will be by my side, Those I call friends... Those I call family. Someday, somehow, someway, I will look in the mirror, And see what I saw through the window.
"What the hell was that?" I rub my face, shake my head. Did I blank out again, or did I really see it. Those faces... those smiles. That voice... The same as every time I'm lost in the darkest corridors of my self. That voice. He says I know him. He says he's always been there. But he is no god, no demon. Because there's no such thing as the toothfairy.   It's all coming back to me now. Like a bad penny or a boomerang. I know how to catch those y'know learned when I was seven. It's not that hard, but man you can crack your ribs pretty good if you fuck it up. My brother caught his with his face one time we didn't get to play with boomerangs much more after that. And the window. I was sitting in my office chair, in front of my glowing information and sex box. Like I do 80% of my waking hours. Counting the minutes til I lose my god damn mind and paint a chunky rorschach on the wall with my .38 when it occured to me I am not a well man. The filthy dishes, the stinking, clogg

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