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Wonderful !
Wonderful Video - Everclear lyricsEverclear Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
Wonderful Transition
This is a timeline of the last year..revolves around my past relationship..and evolvement into what I have now.. I just felt like sharing.. I am turning quite sappy these days. Enjoy... January. This shit is getting real old. No way its going to last. How much longer do I wait..give it 100% one last know it will be fruitless but you have to try. February, friend request..juggalo... I said yes. Back and forth..simple shit..everyday life and that was it. March I have an eye for you.. flirt a did it too. Back and forth..deeper complaints. relationship, unhappy, wow your cute. April life takes an expected turn.. you don't like the story and sound concerned *wow I can rhyme a lil bit* You think that I am wasting my time..this thing I have is not forever mine.. you were so right. May you invite me on a trip..he left me hanging and you caught me quick. The only one who showed concern.. I was sick and again things turn. You invite me to come with you..
Wonderful Words
I sit and wonder what that some one is doing and think about who their talking to and wondering in my own heart if I can find that love that used to be there for my husband instead of being filled with all this hatred towards him. I blame myself and him for where I went wrong and hold back on what my heart tells me cause I keep telling myself it will get better and that one day I will wake up and that love will just be there as it was once before but then I have given a part of my self to two other people one is my best friend and knows me better then I know myself and the other is just haunting at me to break up what my kids know of as a home. He's not stalking me or anything but he is a constant memory that ways heavy on my mind. Then there is then again the one that is my friend and no matter what shape or size or skin color or ethnicity he is he is my best friend almost like he's been the one I married and knows when I just need to be listened to. I hate wondering where they ar
Wonder Woman? The Truth. Yup. Here Is Goes
Wondering Where All The Nice Guys Have Gone? Meet My Friend Mark, A Really Sweet Guy.
Wondering Where All the Nice Guys Have Gone? Meet My Friend Mark, a Really Sweet Guy. This is my friend Mark. He is one of the sweetest and nicest guys that you can meet. He plays awesome ripping guitar In a Heavy Metal band called "King Furious". He is very smart and funny and a very good person to have as your friend. I am proud to count him among mine. He is new here so please give him a warm welcome. mmmark@ CherryTAP
You walk outside one spring nite. The air is cool, the sky is filled with a million of stars, and all is quiet around you. You look up into the sky and see the stars. Little ones, big ones, dull ones, and bright ones all unique in there own way. The wind kicks up and sends a chill up your spin. At that very moment you know that that someone special who you have in your heart is thinking about you. Maybe he is looking up at the same stars as you right now. You close your eyes and start to dream that he is standing beside you. Keeping you close and not letting go of you. You understand each other without any words being said. You know that when you are together nothing is impossile. As you stand there and you can feel nothing but the two of you. A smile comes across your face because at that moment you realize you have found your Best Friend. You open your eyes and you realize that you are all alone. No one standing beside you, no one going through the thick and thin with you, no
Wondering... The day begins with lingering thoughts of you, My mind still tastes the memories of last night. You run through the paths of my heart And it leads you to a place that is special for you. Each day brings you a little closer to me And it makes me feel renewed. I wonder how long these emotions have been hidden And why they chose to surface now…with you… PRB
Wonderful Mood
I can't believe what a great mood I am in today. I know part of it is because I got my id back the guy who took it must have tossed it. I didn't get the money back though. I couldn't sleep a wink last night just kept tossing and turning. So what has brought on this mood is unknown to me. Maybe something wonderful will happen today.
Wondering As You're Wandering
Laying down Wondering As you came Wandering into my mind How can I miss you so much After a few months it's supposed to get better Going on a year And the secondhand still has not caught me Did you know I miss you Do you know I miss you I miss you I miss you I am so cold Come warm me up and I am so cold To you I dont mean to be the one to let you down I dont mean to be the one to make you sad Are you sad I'm sad And I miss you I miss you I miss you Im sorry I wasnt there when he died Im sorry I wasnt there when you cried Im sorry I was the one to hurt you first Im sorry I couldnt be there to help you up Im sorry I Wasnt there to comfort you Through all the hell you have been through Im sorry Im not the one to be The one to be the one for you I want to be the one for you Let me be the one for you I'm the one for you The one for you Im sorry I cant hold you tight Carress your hair through allthe night Im sorry I cant be the one The
"wonderful" 7_28_05
All day I was haunted by the memories of the night before. My pussy would frequently grow wet with the thought of my Master’s gentle commands, sure hands, and loving embraces. So turned on by the thoughts I eventually had to seek sweet release on my own. But instead of quenching my thirst it just made me want more. Master arrived home rather early for him and called me into he bedroom to attend him. I undressed him and dutifully sucked and kissed his cock. The faint smell of his sweat filled my nose as I slid the full length of his cock into my hot mouth. Master, apparently had also been haunted by the memories of our passion the night before. He pulled me to my feet and bent me over the foot of our bed. He thrust his hard cock into my wet pussy. I moaned as I listened to the faint sounds coming from the living room knowing the luxury of spontaneous sex was usually short lived. Before either of us could find release we were interrupted. We would have to continue this later but the dela
Wonder Why Bras Have Letters
Wondering Why
I know I am not very talkative ... and I know I don't speak to alot of people ... but geez ... My bulletines don't get read .. I hardly get comments ... ~shrug.z~ ... make.z ya wonder why I wasted so much time working on the page. It isn't like anyone cared if I was here or not!!! Maybe I should just go.
Wonderful People
So far everyone on this site is very friendly. I don't have anything inspiring to say or any new poetry to write. I'm just going to continue cruising this site and get to know all you nice people!!
First off, I got up a couple minutes late. BUT the car started fine and didn't die on me (thank bob) I got it all warmed up and was trying, unsuccessfully, to use the windshield wipers to take off the ice.... Wasn't working. Out of desperation I turned on the defrost... praying the god the beast didn't blow up... It didn't work, just made a REALLY ugly sound.... THen, I got out of the car, came inside, got a thingy filled with water (because the hose wouldn't reach) and dumped it out the window while I had the wipers on. Didn't co-opperate..... I then preceeded to get out of the Beast, again, and scratch the ice off with my hand... that worked... for about a minute... until my hand turned into a lobster in the arctic.... The clock turned to 6:22am and I knew there was NO way for me to get to the hall by 6:30am.... since it's acrossed the damned town! Just fucking great! Why does this shit happen to me!?!? Here I am trying to make a name for myself, and he
Wonderin Where I've Been..
Figured I'd post a quick blog. To all of u who i'm friends with... became aquainted with.. and those of u wonderin where i've been.. For some.. u already knew I was back n forth w/ my gram at the hospital and nursing home, Well it's all over with now and my gram is no longer suffering. She passed away last fri morning.. the morning after I went to visit her for the day. I've been extremely crushed and been going insane and havent had much time to even think about signing in or signing online for that matter. Tomorrow is her service so it'll be a few more days till i'll be back to normal- poppin cherries and messages and such. Just didn't need anyone thinkin im avoiding them =) I'll be back soon enuff...
Wonderful Tonight
Its late in the evening Shes wondering what clothes to wear She puts on her make up And brushes her long blonde hair And then she asks me Do I look alright And I say yes, you look wonderful tonight We go a party And everyone turns to see This beautiful lady Thats walking around with me And then she asks me Do you feel alright And I say yes, I feel wonderful tonight I feel wonderful Because I see the love light in your eyes And the wonder of it all Is that you just dont realize How much I love you Its time to go home now And Ive got an aching head So I give her the car keys She helps me to bed And then I tell her As I turn out the light I say my darling, you were wonderful tonight Oh my darling, you were wonderful tonight ~Eric Clapton
Wondering I wonder if you think of me When night is drawing near. And in the shadows of your room The walls around you disappear. I wonder if in your quiet thoughts Your dreams of me are anymore. When in the silent, velvet blue The moon is tapping at your door. I wonder if the shining stars That dangle from the clouds above Reminds you of my whispered words In promise of eternal love. I wonder of the lonely light That breaks upon the early dawn Still holds a tender memory for now So long I have been gone. I wonder if you dream of me When the cloudless skies are blue Because across each day and night My thoughts are constantly of you.
The Wonderfull F Word
While rateing profiles I ran across this on someones profile.I agree with all that it says so here i post a copy so that it gets noticed. Perhaps one of the most interesting words in the english language today, is the word fuck. Out of all the english words that begin with the letter 'f' ...fuck is the only word refered to as 'the f word... It's the one magical word. Just by its sound can describe pain, pleasure, hate and love. Fuck, as most words in the english language is derived from german ...the word fuieken, which means to strike. In english, fuck falls into many grammatical categories: As a transitive verb for intance ...John fucked Shirley. As an intransitive verb...Shirley fucks. Its meaning is not always sexual, it can be used as... An adjective such as ...John's doing all the fucking work. As part of an adverb ...Shirley talks too fucking much. As an adverb enhancing an adjective ...Shirley is fucking beautiful. As a noun ...I don't give a fuck. As
Wonder What Yours Is
Wonder Woman..who Knew?
I had no idea about the link between the Lifestyle and Wonder Woman..gosh i'm feeling unobservant lol Here's a link about the topic and about her creator William Moulton Marston. He was a psychologist who invented the precurser to the lie detector. He was also a polyamorist and loved bondage. It's fairly long reading but really interesting! a quote"In modern terms, Wonder Woman might be best described as a "bi poly switch."
Never wrote a blog, or know what I am supposed to say. New to this whole thing. HELP
we've got the afternoon you've got this room for two one thing I've left to do discover me discovering you one mile to every inch of your skin like porcelain one pair of candy lips and your bubblegum tongue cause if you want love we'll make it swim in a deep sea of blankets take all your big plans and break 'em this is bound to be awhile your body is a wonderland your body is a wonder I'll use my hands your body is a wonderland something about the way the hair falls in your face I love the shape you take when crawling towards the pillow case you tell me where to go though I might leave to find it I'll never let your head hit the bed without my hand behind it if you want love we'll make it swim in a deep sea of blankets take all your big plans and break 'em this is bound to be awhile Your body is a wonderland Your body is a wonder I'll use my hands damn, baby you frustrate me I know you're mine all mine all mine but you look so good
Does anyone here use a webcam, I haven't gotten any use out of mine yet.
The Wonder Of You
The Wonder of You In the early evening hours Just before the rising of the stars My mind begins to wander Contemplating who you are. My thoughts gather quickly On my face a smile begins My body fills with warmth I feel your Love within. Never truly looking For I never thought I'd find A man so true and loving One who is so kind. Gentle words you spoke I could feel from the start Melted away walls of steel Softened my hardened heart. You are the Sun and the Moon You are the Stars above The Only Wonder of this world You are the Man I Love.
13 Wonderful Ways To Use Epsom Salts
I always knew that soaking in a tub full of hot water with a few cups of Epsom Salts was good for relaxing muscles and drawing toxins from the body, but I could never find out why. And it wasn't until I spent some time at the Epsom Salt Industry Council website that I learned that Epsom Salts -- made of the mineral magnesium sulfate--are also a sedative for the nervous system. When magnesium sulfate is absorbed through the skin, such as in a bath, it draws toxins from the body, sedates the nervous system, reduces swelling, relaxes muscles, is a natural emollient, exfoliator, and much more. EPSOM SALT TIPS Adapted from the Epsom Salt Industry Council Epsom Salt Council Note: Check with a doctor before using if you have any health concerns. * Relaxing and Sedative Bath: Soak in warm water and 2 cups of Epsom Salt. * Face Cleaner: To clean your face at night, mix a half-teaspoon of Epsom Salt with your regular cleansing cream. Just massage into skin and rinse with cold wate
I sit and wonder why it is that we can't be together. But part of me knows that answer to that question. The answer is because I have alot that I need to work thru. I know that he loves me and that he will always be there for me, but until I can get thru the things that have screwed me up we can never be together. I sometimes wish that things could have been different, but I can't change the way things are. Maybe one day things will be different, but for now I have to live with the way things are. Part of me thinks that we will never be a family, but I know that in some ways that is a good thing. When we are not together we don't fight and that to is a good thing, but on the other hand if we spend to much time together we will fight and I know that there is no way around that. So in the end we are better off as friends and I am ok with that.
A Wonderful Conversation...
Tap chat, so read bottom to top: ->arclaith: And that is a universal language. ->arclaith: No, I just have taste. arclaith: excuse my english,, r u lesbian? ->arclaith: I see I have been unclear with my big "NO". arclaith: so? u r not interested? ->arclaith: On a curious note, how often do these lines work? Because I may need to be more disturbed about my fellow females than I already am... arclaith: u have camera? here is so late, and i want u more tha nevery other thing ->arclaith: Well, honey, Yahoo isn't going to do all that much for me, so you may need to do some more trolling around tonight. arclaith: and if i want with u? and for u? arclaith: and i f i d want with u? and for u? ->arclaith: I am certain you know how to have a lot of fun with yourself. arclaith: no, i want u in yahoo to have fun with me.. ->arclaith: And the second part of that comment is " send me some delicious cookies." correct? arclaith: i want u
Wonderful World Of Makeovers
So I decided to highlight my hair, well I am licensed to do so, but being sunday and being very annoyed i bought a good over the counter highlighting kit..... we shall call it verbal assences lol shush. now for those who know me know i have blood red hair not like blood when it hits air like dark bloody color it took many attempts to make this color my own. so i do as the box says now it says the contents are bright blue so u can see where it is on your hair but u wont see results till u wipe off the blue okay fine. i waited the 25 min u should (30 but whos counting) rinsed to only find I know have this wretched color in my hair not only is it not the color on the box but its just not what i was going for now should i contact the company and bugg out on them for having a crap product (because obviously the coloring was not packaged right) or the store i got it from?? who knows but now instead of cool blonde (light blonde) highlights i have red stripes that resemble my friend eds natu
Wonder Why???
honestly, do you ever wonder why? some ladies on here have a gazillion points? 1. too much time on their hands. 2. probably a hubby who doesnt know they are on . 3. The all have BIG BOOB! LMAO!
what does it take to make friends on this site? i have been on here so long but no action, and i was just wondering how long does it take and what should i do to make my profile better, i am a young woman and i am looking for older men that like is into younger women.... well let me know what to do to improve my me
The skies are dark Rain is pouring down I look out my window And see a vast emptiness Nothing is around Nothing can be seen I am all alone Thinking thoughts of desire Of where I want to be And where I am now Wondering what may happen Where my journey lies Maybe I already know But I can't see it Is it good or bad I wonder There is only one person who knows Only one who can show me the light And what I want to know And eventually I too will be able to see
The days I sit here wondering. The days I sit here thinking. The days I sit here waiting. Wondering about if you still want me. Thinking about how we used to be. Waiting to see if you will ever come back. Do you still want me in your life? Do you still think about me? Do you still wait for me? I wonder about you all the time. I think about you all the time. I wait for you all the time. Too this day I'm still wondering. Too this day I'm still thinking. Too this day I'm still waiting. 5:37 PM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos
Wonderful Weekend
A GOOD friend of mine came to visit me this weekend. and... I had a nice, laid back, absofuckinlutely fabulous weekend! nana nana boo boo, lol
A Wonderful Read ..
If you love to read .. I've the book for you . well .. I guess you should love dogs .. and have a big box of tissue near by .. The book .. "Marley and Me" .. by John Grogan.. I laughed and laughed .. I cried .. and cried .and cried some more ...He writes lovingly about his neurtic dog Marley who just grows on you .. A must read in my eyes .. Mr Grogan tells a wonderful story .. not only of Marley but of his family .. their growing .. loving .. and experiences .He also has a Web site if you'd rather check things out prior to deciding weather to read or not .. there you can see Pictures of Mr Grogans Family and of course Marley, He's got snippits from the book .. and his blog .. hoping you all enjoy .. as much as I did .. Wishing you all a wonderful day .. Wen :)
Wondered Why It Was So Quiet Lately. .
Woman allegedly lived with dead roommate Thu Mar 8, 5:29 PM ET A 28-year-old woman may have kept the body of her roommate in their apartment for up to three weeks, police said. An anonymous caller told police in Wayne County's Canton Township on Tuesday night that the woman was living in the apartment with her dead roommate. "Our detectives knocked at the door and the woman opened it and there is that odor, and you know right away what it is," Detective Rick Pomorski told The Detroit News. The body of the woman, believed to be in her 20s, was found covered by items of clothing on the living room floor. The 28-year-old tenant was cooperative with police and accompanied them to headquarters for questioning. She is not under arrest, Pomorski said. "She knew her roommate was there lying on the living room floor," the detective said. "She did give us a story as to her reasonings. We are hesitant to detail that now. We will be piecing everything together and expect to have b
i have alwasy wondered why i the saying is "harder you work more you make" when it is not true. Seems the hard er you work the less you make while the ass that sits down and does nothign makes more than you do? Everyoen who works knows that hard work goes unnoticed so why strive to be thebest? EWhen all you get is the stress of work and lack of money. We all should just go back to the days where everyone pulledther own weight, would make everyone less stressed which would cut down o nthe drug drink and crime. One day all the ppl who actully do the work will sit down at the same time and nothing will get done and we will see how far thigns go!!!!
Wonders Sometimes!!!
Sexy Naughty Graphics by
A Wonderful Day
yea well today I had to do a presentation and frick I thought Id be nervous but noopppeee lol thank god 4 only showed up and the rest came in late as usual he he my luck I guess anyways you know when they say pregnant woman seem to be forgetful well frick today had to be the day. It just had to come during my english test and man I was so upset at myself coz dayum I studied most of the nite yesterday and read over it quickly on my spare. So here I am ready and I get the test and I looked at it and BOOm it hit me. I was like duhhh lmao frick but I tried so am hoping its not bad. Today is actually alright finally dropped my computer class found out today I do not need it for the field I am going in. When I heard that I was like frick here I was sitting on my ass bord out of my mind for the past month and a half in a class that I do not need...bol..and here I wonder where the hell these people get their degrees from...ohh well I cant complain we all have our SPECIAL yea though
Wonderland Wishes And Candyland Kisses
wondering where my life may lead & where to turn to next, but all I seem to find is it turns to you. From being lost in a sea of emptiness when your not around unconditional love to come. Losingmyself in the gaze of your eyes to the undearing smile that you give to make me want to see where it leads, into your soul with your gasping flows to know whats on your thoughts for to be one with you as you are with me. A love so deep that I yearn for your touch when you are near all visions clear as your love is so deep. Bound by forgiveness & thoughtfullness from rights to wrongs, ups & Downs. All taking me back to wonderland wishes and candyland kisses when I was a kid. Succulent kiss from yyour lips pressed upon the chest, feelings of being like that kid in the candy store or that unopened gift at Xmas time full of suprise inside. Past mistakes left oblivious with the search of MS. Perfect instead of the rrealization of MS. Real Taking time for granted wasting what coul
The Wonderful Musician
There was once a wonderful musician, who went quite forlorn through a forest and thought of all manner of things, and when nothing was left for him to think about, he said to himself, time is beginning to pass heavily with me here in the forest, I will fetch hither a good companion for myself. Then he took his fiddle from his back, and played so that it echoed through the trees. It was not long before a wolf came trotting through the thicket towards him. Ah, here is a wolf coming. I have no desire for him, said the musician but the wolf came nearer and said to him, ah, dear musician, how beautifully you play. I should like to learn that, too. It is soon learnt, the musician replied, you have only to do all that I bid you. Oh, musician, said the wolf, I will obey you as a scholar obeys his master. The musician bade him follow, and when they had gone part of the way together, they came to an old oak-tree which was hollow inside, and cleft in the middle. Look, said the musician, if you wi
Wondertwins Powers Activate!
We are some hot Betches...ya think?
Wonder If I Can Take U Home
i wonder what really happens to ppl who kill themselves????
The Wonders Of My Child
I never could have imagined how different my life would become after I had my son. Before he came, all I ever thought about was myself. Not as in " I am self absorbed woman, hear me roar" more like whatever happens, happens. I never thought about things the same way as I do now. I cant cross the cross walk anymore unless the signs tell me I can cross. I can't rush to eat, or take my food into the living room to watch tv. It's now sit at the table like good boys and girls. Play time is no longer me and the clubs, it's leggos, coloring books and cartoons. When i go to the store to buy something on a whim, it's quickly forgotten and replaced with " Ooh ooh Mommy!". I am supposed to be the teacher but in return I am the one that is being taught. I'm being taught how to laugh and play as if I was 2 again. I'm relearning how to color within the lines, and I am finding Waldo all over again. I am learning that it doesn't matter what people think of you as you do a silly dance in public, just t
Wonderful Truth.....
Wonder Why
She holds it inside Puts on a smile And walks on by You never looked at her You never cared If you ever stopped and stared You might get scared From the scars on my body The tears in my eyes The pain you can see When I open my eyes It will send tills down your back like you had a heart attack When you stop and wonder why she's like that
Wonder If The Olefactometer Measures Farts. . .
City may set up panel to stop bad odors Tue Apr 10, 12:15 PM ET The city may be looking for a few good noses. When it meets Tuesday, the City Council is expected to set a public hearing for a law that would create a committee to sniff out objectionable odors. Ogden's chief administrator, John Patterson, said the city is not singling out a specific company for enforcement. But there have been complaints about a pet-food factory, American Nutrition Inc. Despite promises, American Nutrition has failed to install an exhaust scrubber on three ovens that bake treats for dogs and cats, Patterson said. "Stench is not the lasting memory that we want people to have in Ogden," he said. Councilwoman Dorrene Jeske said an ordinance is overdue. "The odor from the American Nutrition plant may have hindered us from getting some businesses along Wall Avenue," she said. Company executive Bill Behnken was away from his office Monday and unavailable for comment. American Nutrition last year sai
I have been here for almost a week and have to say that this is one of the best sites I have ever seen! Everyone here is so incredibly nice and friendly...and the goreous women; damn! I look forward to meeting more people and making some really good friends!
Wondering Thru The Day
as I sit here viewing pics sending comments I wonder? what are the poeple thinking? the people that I'm looking at. are they enjoying the comments? do they get to joke? O.M.G. did I offen someone? maybe that person thinks I'm a freak.... he he I hope soo ....well I am !!!!! lol see that's what I mean... did you get it? AHHHH i get it now duhhhhh!!! I'm thinking too much .... NEVERMIND!!!!
The Wonderfull World Of Mr.e
Regression........what a fucked up thing.....unwanted memory's.....the haze of cognitive thought was casting a beautifull new light on the dark bliss of life with out life like a zombie from sleep this morning, dragged from my bed and thrown in the shower no explination just commands. I follow through a heaping slump of confusion and let the morning shower give me time to collect myself a little. Once im done and dressed they march me down a hall to see the head shrinker. hmmmmm i dont see how the fucking institution gets away ith this shit they take all these sexually reperesed nuts (each a little more gone than the last) and stick them in a little room with a scantly clad fresh outta college bimbo with a degree. not to sound sexist but Dr.Overman was not hired for her avanced knowledge of the human mind. more like her advanced growth on her chest and behind. my god and when she sits down.ughhhhhh *shivers* i just cant help but smile. b
A Wonderful On Line Friend Has Passed
Avery good online friend passed away on tuesday afternoon. i never got the chance to meet this wonderful man, but did talk to him a few times on the phone. I know he is at peace now and in good hands so here ii to a friend:DALE YOU WILL BE MISSED GREATLY THANKS FOR THE FRIENDSHIP
Everyday i wonder what i should do with my life. I have so many thoughts on my mind and it only seems to build. Sometimes i think of going back to my old home and living out the rest of my days over there, Then i think of running away and never coming back again. Of course these are only thoughts i have within my darkened soul, The love of my life has told me he will find me but is this something i have to look forward to. My life has come down to waiting for someone to find me within my darkened soul, He seems to want to express his undying love by searching until he finds me and holding on till he can no longer hold me. Should i let him do such a thing to spend his time searching out someone like me, Every day i wonder why he loves me so much....
I chased down the rabbit hole a whole rabbit down quite far for to see what I beheld but my eye beheld only dark So I wandered through the veil through the darkened vale to here but did I hear someone's tale as cat's tail now appeared With cheshire smile now he drew drawing seperately with each part parting sanity as cheshire's do done finally gave me a start "Cheshire Puss," did I say, and said unto this cat "Cat, should I go this way?" and waiting as he smiled at that "Depends on where you go," replied he with a smile, smiling that I didn't know "No matter where, just somewhere awhile." "Then direction matters not." he said, not the least concerned "Concerning that I find a spot." said I, spotting his smile unturned. "Oh a spot, you're sure to find." confided he, "If you walk so far, for a spot you don't mind, mind you, direction takes no part."
It's a point in life you can't always have what you want,BUT that does not stop you from the desire to have it.Especially when you know someone else is with him and you aren't.And they have him,but they don't appreciate him.It's just a "thing" to them.You should just drop your eyes and look away from a reality that's not yours.The pain is just too real at the emptiness you suddenly feel,but you keep watching,wondering...why that person,so underserving,should be the "lucky" one? Could it be you were the cause of your own sadness,something you did in the past that is so unforgivable? Or could it be that you happened along one promise too late? Should you just give up? Call him a lost cause and call it good? Or does your heart tell you,"maybe,just maybe"? Can you forget the way he looks at you,touches you,holds you when he tells you that he loves you? Do you BELIEVE him or is it only said because you are there and the other isn't? When does it suddenly become clear in your head that YOU a
Wonder Why This Isn't Getting Front Page Coverage. . .
USAID Ambassador Tobias resigns after name shows up on prositution client list April 27, 2007 05:41 PM UPDATE: The state department put out this release buried on its website about Tobias' resignation, and according to the spokesman Karl Dusckworth he is not aware of any other resignations and only knows what's posted in the release. He wouldn't comment on the list and he sounded like he really hadn't heard of the other resignations, so looks like Friday is a good day to leave your job when you appear on a prostitution list. The White House still hasn't called me back. Let's see if the NYT can get further than I have... ------- The director of US Foreign Assistance and USAID administrator, Ambassador Randall L. Tobias resigned today after his name showed up on prostitution client list. How can other countries take US pressures for reform, anti-corruption, and anti-trafficking take us seriously after this latest example of corruption in the Bush administration, which follo
The Wondering Continues
So since my last blog post, I have still no real results to what I am praying for and so with that I have decided (against hubby's better judgement of course, but then again he knows me too well as it seems) to call the doctor in the morning to see if he'll get me in sometime in the afternoon. All I want to know is IF I am in fact pregnant and if I am not what the real deal is here. I would love to be able to call my parents up this week and say happy early birthday (dad) and happy early mother's day mom your going to be grandparents for the fourth (my first child though) time. They became grandparents when my brother got married in 2000, then again when my brother and his wife had their first child together (she had two from a previous marriage) and so this will be the icing on the cake to be able to give my parents yet another grandchild. So that is what has been going on. To all of my CT friends and Family (also fans) I love you all and appreciate your love and support.
Wonder Woman ~ Posed For Playboy
some years later..and still wonderFULL body..
Wonder What This Would B Like To Have :)
Take my hand and lead the way; tell me all you want to say. Whisper softly in my ear, all those things I want to hear. Kiss my lips and touch my skin; bring out passions deep within. Pull me close and hold me near; take away my pain and fear. In the darkness of the night, be my beacon, shine your light. In the brightness of the sun, show me that you are the one. Give me wings so I can fly; for I can soar when you're nearby. Enter my heart, break down the wall, it's time for me to watch it fall. I've been a prisoner, can't you see? Break my chains and set me free. Strip me of my armor tight; you'll find I won't put up a fight. Release my soul held deep within . . . I'm ready now, let love begin.
Wonderful Tonight Music Video Code By Eric Clapton :
Music Video:WONDERFUL TONIGHT (by Eric Clapton)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Wonders Why..
Ya know, something has been on my mind for awhile now, not only about CT, but just about every other social networking site there is out there and by god im gonna spill it right here and right now. for starters, i browse peoples page, and i see the same things on each and every page. any idea what it is? i'll tell ya. 1st i'll start with the men on the internet: you see these girl's pages, and all you see is all these comments from men, and such on these pages that go somehting like "Oh your so beautiful please marry me" or "oh i love you so much i'd be so happy to be with you" or " i wish i was your man" or something along these lines. it is so funny too, because i mean this is the internet folks "GET A GRIP!" on reality. Why i say this is because most people say things on the internet they would not say in real life. i myself am the exception to that rule, I don't care who i make mad, i don't care who has a problem with me, and i really could care less what people have to
The Wonder That Is Love
I will walk a thousand miles, Over the highest peaks I will swim an entire ocean To reach out to you. I will capture all the stars for you baby, Just so you can see the beauty reflected And cast by yourself. Cause' all I know sweet baby, When the stars darken and the sun is no more, My love will be written and memorized Time immortalized, For our souls will be joined forever My love is pure and true. Cause' all I can do Is love you like you love me. For in the end of time, my love for you will still stay strong.
Wondering As I'm sitting here, Deep into a trance, I'm having some fear, Of what's coming up in the next glance. Life has its turns, Some not so good, Others leaving burns, For reasons not understood. As I look into my mind, I see my life as it was, What pain I left behind, Wondering what one does. My ride is almost over, When I notice a sharp glare, Looking over my shoulder, I can't help but to stare. Wondering what I see, I step off the ride, Seeing it's a key, I take it with pride. Opening the door it goes to, I carefully step inside, Wondering what to do, I see a note laying aside. Then I wake up, Wondering what was inside, Life may never tell me, So I'll wonder until the day I die.
Wonder If Anybody Still Reads This
I'm so frustrated I can't sleep. Every night is a collision, I'm caught right in the destruction zone. It all collapsis around me and then procedes to fall, take me with it and crush me. Everyday seems like a joke because I'm living, I have hope but it all fades with the sun light. I feel like a depressed maniac.
For about a year and a half now my life has been ripped upside down. I was with my ex for almost 10 yrs and about 3 yrs ago I would have never thought we would have seperated. I thought we would live our lives out in dispare, becasue granted I wasn't happy but I made the best of it. Little did I know that us seperating would be the best thing for me. But it doesn't feel like I am at the happiest moment of my life. I love eveything that I have accomplished and the goals that I am currently reaching for...but there's one thing missing in my life and thats someone who can share certain things with me that my mom or kids can't. Right now I am sad and lonely and I just want to curl up and cry. I am a strong person on the outside but on the inside I am screaming, screaming so loud that I just need someone to hear me, to put their hand on my shoulder and tell me that they will be there for me and help me through the tough times that I will have. Then I find someone I like, someone I cou
The Wonder Of A Woman...
A Wonderful Time..
Wow I haven't been in here ina while..I finally updated muh page a little bit lmao...and I just wanted to blog to say, we're tryin to get pregnant and we can't wait!!!! Most of u kne it was comin wish us luck! ♥
Somdays the worndering just gets to ya. Today a friend wrote a blog about meeting someone new at an untimely point in her life. Well as far as I knew I was the newest person that she new, and it resembled remarks that she made to me in an email.. so I asked, blaming it on my friend Sandy who was bugging me to know if it was me or not she was talking about. I kind of knew that she wasn't talking about me, but I wanted to make sure and in my best passive aggresive form, I acheived that... sometimes you have to know! Anyway, I'm still very interested in going tou with Brandi, these other women are taking up my time for no reason..LOL! I think that is about all I have today... Ciao,
Sometimes I wonder why I come here.... Clicking on the delete link would be so simple. This place tears me apart sometimes. I have a few good friends and some not so good ones. Sometimes I just want to remember the "not so good" ones for what they once were.. not what they have become. I guess its time for a CT break for a few days
Wonder Why?
Some wonder why I don't talk for days even after they've sent numerous messages. Here is part of a recent conversation I had with someone I thought cared about me: me: Please do me a favor and refrain from leaving comments like you did on my CT page him: fuck you i replied to YOUR comment asswipe.. walking away from PC now better shit to do then argue with you So there you have it. Now I really don't feel like talking. I fucking hate men! (sorry, I know they aren't ALL the same)
Wondering About Life!!
Does anyone besides me ever wonder just how life works or how it's suppose to work? In a few months I'm going to be a first time grandma! I am both excited about it and scared about it all at the same time. I have wanted to be a grandma for a long time, but I sit and wonder if I will make the same mistakes with her as I did my own kids! I have good kids for the most part. I put them through a lot by staying with their dad when I should have got some guts and left him a long time ago. I didn't realize until later that I made so many mistakes. I guess I always wore those rose colored glasses. I put him first a lot of times to keep peace in my home and didn't realize how much I was hurting my kids. I guess it will be easier with my granddaughter because he is no longer around, but it still scares me to think maybe I will make some bad mistakes. God knows that I am far from perfect. I also wonder if I'm ever going to find that perfect guy for me. I think I scare the guys. I have trust issu
Wonders What People Are Hiding From.
Wonders what people are hiding from. Always funny to see people up, and with some pictures that are not them. Wonders what they have to hide.
I always wonder,do woman have to have a certain connection with people they have sex with?Or is it just men can have sex with just about anyone? I just wonder!!! Do women think of sex as often as men?Or is it just that us men have a penis? I have been told that a woman wanted to,meet me for friends with benefits,it never happens and the quit talking to you alltogether! I know being a married guy alot of woman,wont even bother chatting,but dam I need friends too.Even without benefits.And why when a guy and a woman are friends,why do others always think its with benefits?? All im after is just sumone i can talk too,like sumone outside looking in.Everyone needs a therapist type of friend!Right??? So this is just me waking up in the middle of the night,cant sleep and just wondering sum things.
Wondering Now
well i have always believed in put it right up front and yes i did in the bulliten, but when you hear, as many empty promises that i have herd, then it makes you feel that way, take the bulliten as wish, but the true ones will come forward ask what needs to be asked and what is truely wanted and needed !!!!!!! some will have fun with this and of course there will be haters, but atleast you know one thing, im not the one, who is sitting there saying DAMNNNNNN
Wondering About Some Men's Actions
I hope this does not offend some of you guys, but I have heard numerous women complain about this and wondered about it and pose some questions to the gentlemen. Some men are sensitive enough to a woman needs and gives them great pleasure and fun. This is to the rest of the men... During your lengthy on line conversations you tell the woman you love oral, can eat for hours, love to give breasts a good work out, give good massages, make them cum till they pass out! Not necessary for the woman to give a bj(some men DO say this) because the main goal is her pleasure, go as fast or as slow as they want! Then when you actually meet and after seeing you click with each all changes. Sure, it starts out slow, with the hot heavy petting, the women that say she loves sucking cock keeps her word will do a bj, and do so with pleasure. Some of you want a bj first and foremost, but then a suckle, a momentary nibble on each nipple then down to the pussy long enough to get it wet
A Wonderful Night And A Wonderful Horoscope!
Tonight was a great night. I had alot of fun, I laughed harder than I have in a long time. I ate really good food, and drank some okay wine, and just had fun. Afterwards, I went and hung out with some friends. Somewhere in the midst of all this, I somehow for some reason ended up calling the "ex". I don't know why I did it, but Im glad I did. You see, I needed an extra little push to help me get onto the other side...And what happened tonight, and what didn't happen, helped me do just that. Things are hard right now, I am not going to sit here and lie that they aren't.... but its nights like tonight and horoscopes like this one, that help me feel better about everything and help me put things into better perspective. Heres the horoscope!!! Ride out this storm and you'll be sitting pretty. Yes, the waves can get to be a bit much, but just breathe deeply and remind yourself that soon you'll see land. Never fear: Your faith in yourself will take you where you need to go.
Wonderful Words Of Wisdom
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition or spirit to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find out what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you DESERVE, then HELL NO you can't be FRIENDS. A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "It will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, why would he try anything different with you? Make boundaries in how a guy t
Ever wish you could buy happiness in a bottle???
Wonders Never Cease.
The work place opens doors to new experiences, friendships and very often relationships. Work is going to have to be the place where I find myself having insane conversations. I am surrounded by people who I really have to question if they are thinking with a entire six pack, or if they are a few cans short. All in all, I go to work for shits and giggles, sure the money helps out some. But if I was a millionaire I would still work there, for free even hell they wouldnt have to pay me to show up. It's easier to enjoy your job if you are working with people that you get along with. Sure, its a 10 hour day.. it goes alot faster when you have people to shoot the shit with.
mmmmmm, babe, lying here beside you, looking into your eyes, after making love with you.....propped up on my arm....tracing your face with my fingers, pulling you closer to me as i longingly kiss you i can feel your body responding to mine, & i am already wet again, as i feel your dick starting to get hard, again....i lean down & take your dick in my mouth, i can still taste myself on it from where we had just made love, & it is so sexy....i turn around & place my pussy in your face & your tounge starts working on my clit, i am so wet, & my sweet pussy juices are just there for your toungue to catch...i am moaning in ectasy, & taking you in my mouth, i go down as far as i can take you in my mouth.....mmmmmmmmmmm, you pick me up off your face & turn me around, kissing me deeply as we taste each other.....slowly, you lower me over your hard throbbing dick, just slowly , my pussy covers the head of your dick, just teasing the inside of my pussy .... then, just when i cant take your t
Wonder Who Knows Me Best...
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The Wonder Of Silence
The Wonder of Silence In silence lies the ability to listen; to listen to ourselves, to others and to God. Listening is a lost art. Without it we cannot communicate, we cannot relate to each other and so we cannot live life meaningfully. We need to learn to listen. Sitting in silence allows us to listen to ourselves and to understand. This silence can heal. The worries, the pain can be healed when we listen. Spiritual medicine is ever-present in the soul. Whenever we need it, to whatever extent we need it, we can find it within. Brahma Kumaris, World Spiritual University
“I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful.”Marilyn Monroe
Wonder If They Will Garnish His Wages Or Just Leaf Him Alone. . . .
Man Says Salad Stolen From Refrigerator Jun 19, 4:46 PM (ET) SOMERSET, Pa. (AP) - Someone kicked in the door of a man's apartment, stuck a knife in the door and took a chilled salad from his refrigerator. Somerset police said the man reported the bizarre burglary on Monday. He told investigators someone broke into his apartment while he went to a nearby tavern. Nothing but the salad was missing, police said. Police said they have a suspect and expect to file charges once they finish their investigation.
All in the golden afternoon Full leisurely we glide; For both our oars, with little skill, By little arms are plied, While little hands make vain pretence Our wanderings to guide. Ah, cruel Three! In such an hour, Beneath such dreamy weather, To beg a tale of breath too weak To stir the tiniest feather! Yet what can one poor voice avail Against three tongues together? Imperious Prima flashes forth Her edict “to begin it”: In gentler tones Secunda hopes “There will be nonsense in it!” While Tertia interrupts the tale Not more than once a minute. Anon, to sudden silence won, In fancy they pursue The dream~child moving through a land Of wonders wild and new, In friendly chat with bird or beast- And half believe it true. And ever, as the story drained The wells of fancy dry, And faintly strove that weary one To put the subject by, “The rest of next time-” “It is next time” The happy voices cry. Thus grew the tale of Wonderland: Thus slowly, one
Wonderful, [ja Rule ,r. Kelly]
Wondering If There's A Chance
Well... here I sit. Another day has gone by. I'm waiting for someone (she's my only friend on this site so it should be obvious) to decide if she will forgive me for 2 transgressions & allow me a chance to make her happy. I've tried to explain just how wonderful & beautiful I think she is, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears. I know I f-ed up... not intentionally, but I did. I'm more sorry t han she can imagine & it's killing me to think we might be over before getting started. Anyone on here who knows her, PLEASE tell her to read this... KIM, I care about you more than you realize & I can't bear the thought of losing you already. PLEASE give me another shot. Thanks everyone for listening.
Wonder What Happened?????
To my baby whom I love and and adore So many nights we spent with each other So many nights I cant ignore These memories I cannot smother Looking for your gentle loving touch I get lost in my fears Sometimes thinking far to much Been waiting for this for to many years Dont know where you stand in all this Wondering what your doing when your gone Our relatoinship so many things I wish I've been waiting far to long Wishing your next to me I turn to see But your not always there If so I feel this wretched misery Wondering if you even care These feelings I feel could last a lifetime Tangling my soul with happiness Thinking of you till you make me shine Cannot contain this internal bliss So many nights I go to sleep with sorrow Haunting every timeless minute Wondering if you'll still be here tomarrow My heart so weak I wonder if your in it But in my heart I know where we stand Reshaping my torn soul Please extend
Wonderful World Lyrics
I see trees of green........ red roses too I see em bloom..... for me and for you And I think to myself.... what a wonderful world. I see skies of blue..... clouds of white Bright blessed days....dark sacred nights And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world. The colors of a pretty the sky Are also on the faces.....of people ..going by I see friends shaking hands.....sayin.. how do you do Theyre really sayin......i love you. I hear babies cry...... I watch them grow Theyll learn much more.....than Ill never know And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world (instrumental break) The colors of a pretty the sky Are there on the faces.....of people ..going by I see friends shaking hands.....sayin.. how do you do Theyre really sayin...*spoken*(I I hear babies cry...... I watch them grow *spoken*(you know their gonna learn A whole lot more than Ill never know) And I think to myself .....what
Wonderful World Lyrics
I see trees of green........ red roses too I see em bloom..... for me and for you And I think to myself.... what a wonderful world. I see skies of blue..... clouds of white Bright blessed days....dark sacred nights And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world. The colors of a pretty the sky Are also on the faces.....of people ..going by I see friends shaking hands.....sayin.. how do you do Theyre really sayin......i love you. I hear babies cry...... I watch them grow Theyll learn much more.....than Ill never know And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world (instrumental break) The colors of a pretty the sky Are there on the faces.....of people ..going by I see friends shaking hands.....sayin.. how do you do Theyre really sayin...*spoken*(I I hear babies cry...... I watch them grow *spoken*(you know their gonna learn A whole lot more than Ill never know) And I think to myself .....what
Wonderful He Can Say He Loves Me
every get that thought about how can someone say 'i love you'? well im wondering that right now. i was recently bitten by a brown recluse. i told the man that claims he loves me thru a instant msg a few days ago when it happened (thats the only means bc he's in iraq) and i can understand him not saying anything about it or getting back with me bc he's been busy. well tonight while talking to him and agrueing about somethin else i mention it again. saying you know i expected to you show some concern about me telling you that i got bitten by a brown recluse but no nothing. and he's like sorry ive been treating gsw. ok i understand that, and i let it go. just waiting to see if it crosses his mind to ask about it, i wait and wait and wait, nope still nothing. so as im getting off to go take a shower im like oh btw i mentioned it again and you still show no concern so nvm forget about it. still he says nothing which this time is fine means he's listening, good for him. but i cant help but w
7 Wonders
LISBON, Portugal - The Great Wall of China, Rome's Colosseum, India's Taj Mahal and three architectural marvels from Latin America were among the new seven wonders of the world chosen in a global poll released on Saturday. Jordan's Petra was the seventh winner. Peru's Machu Picchu, Brazil's Statue of Christ Redeemer and Mexico's Chichen Itza pyramid also made the cut. About 100 million votes were cast by the Internet and cellphone text messages, said New7Wonders, the nonprofit organization that conducted the poll. The seven beat out 14 other nominated landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, Easter Island in the Pacific, the Statue of Liberty, the Acropolis, Russia's Kremlin and Australia's Sydney Opera House. The pyramids of Giza, the only surviving structures from the original seven wonders of the ancient world, were assured of retaining their status in addition to the new seven after indignant Egyptian officials said it was a disgrace they had to compete. The campaign
7 Wonders Of The World.... 7 new wonders of the world chosen By BARRY HATTON, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 27 minutes ago The Great Wall of China, Rome's Colosseum, India's Taj Mahal and three architectural marvels from Latin America were among the new seven wonders of the world chosen in a global poll released on Saturday. Jordan's Petra was the seventh winner. Peru's Machu Picchu, Brazil's Statue of Christ Redeemer and Mexico's Chichen Itza pyramid also made the cut. About 100 million votes were cast by the Internet and cellphone text messages, said New7Wonders, the nonprofit organization that conducted the poll. The seven beat out 14 other nominated landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, Easter Island in the Pacific, the Statue of Liberty, the Acropolis, Russia's Kremlin and Australia's Sydney Opera House. The pyramids of Giza, the only surviving structures from the original seven wonders of the ancient world, were as
7 Wonders Of The World.... 7 new wonders of the world chosen By BARRY HATTON, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 27 minutes ago The Great Wall of China, Rome's Colosseum, India's Taj Mahal and three architectural marvels from Latin America were among the new seven wonders of the world chosen in a global poll released on Saturday. Jordan's Petra was the seventh winner. Peru's Machu Picchu, Brazil's Statue of Christ Redeemer and Mexico's Chichen Itza pyramid also made the cut. About 100 million votes were cast by the Internet and cellphone text messages, said New7Wonders, the nonprofit organization that conducted the poll. The seven beat out 14 other nominated landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, Easter Island in the Pacific, the Statue of Liberty, the Acropolis, Russia's Kremlin and Australia's Sydney Opera House. The pyramids of Giza, the only surviving structures from the original seven wonders of the ancient world, were as
Wonderful News!!!
So I found out on Friday.. Well..Technically I found out Thursday.. That I'm preggers!! I took a home preg test Thursday and it came out positive.. Then I went to my OB Friday and found out the same thing!! We did an ultrasound and come to find out.. I'm about 4 weeks pregnant!! Ahhhh I'm SO happy!!!! Bad news... I turn 22 in 3 days.. And this means I can't drink on my birthday!! That's gonna SUCK cuz I was planning on getting completely trashed. Eh.. Guess this means I can wear my heels since I won't be drunk and will be able to walk in them.. Haha. Yep yep. Haven't told my fiance yet.. Plan to tell him tomorrow.. He should be ecstatic cuz we have been trying for a while to get pregnant.. :) :) Once I have more room I'll post the ultrasound pics!
Wonder Why This Isn't Making The Major News!!
Sprint ditches customers who complain too much Mon Jul 9, 2007 6:48 PM BST NEW YORK, July 9 (Reuters) - Sprint Nextel Corp , which recently launched an advertising campaign to attract new customers, is disconnecting more than 1,000 subscribers for calling its customer service lines too often and making what the company called unreasonable requests. The No. 3 U.S. wireless provider with 53 million customers said on Monday it started sending service termination letters on June 25. Sprint said the cancellations involved 1,000 to 1,200 customers who had called the company about 40,000 times a month in total. "These customers were calling to a degree that we felt was excessive," said Sprint spokeswoman Roni Singleton, adding the company needed to cull its customer base to improve services. "In some cases they were calling customer care hundreds of times a month for a period of six to 12 months on the same issues even after we felt those issues had been resolved," she said. Singleton,
Wonderful Clocks
A Wondering Mind
A Wondering Mind... As I sit and watch the rolling clouds I wonder if true love between us can ever be In my heart are feelings that I can not explain But the words that come to mind are so simple and plain... They are words like I love you, I need you, or It's just the thought of you But when these words come to my mind I don't know what to do I don't know if I should forget it or just give it time I wish I could keep my heart from controlling my mind I know someday my true feelings I will find But only when It is right and in God's due time.
Wonder Why????
wonder why sex is so much better when your *dressed*? lol what i mean by that is last night i dressed up in a sexy alice costume complete with ruffled stocking and blue maryjanes. i got the best f*cking of my life!!!! for some reason it was hotter than the blazes of haites. now can someone tell me why sex is better when youre in costume so to speak
Wondering Why
Why when I have 180+ friends on my list and only 33 members of tap have sign my guest book am I missing something here? I don't know how many friends will read this or any of my Bulletins! Please if you read this think of me and sign my guest book please.
Wondering Thoughts Of My Mind
mind and eyes are the key soul to the person with them you can see whats lays ahead but when hided can lend you into a dark corner never letting you see whats hided deep inside
The Wonderful World Of Words
Within this realm I can converse Palaver, prattle or parley So many words from which to choose A choice to winnow, will and weigh With words I can tell a story Anecdote, fable or novel Or just convey some useless facts Unmistakable, data, gospel They can tell you what I’m feeling Sensations, semblance, perception Even describe the way I look Visualize, perceive, envision Words can induce feelings of love Affection, fervor, ardency And all to often inflict pain Suffering, anguish, misery Sometimes words are thought provoking Impelling, cogent, alluring While others can keep you guessing Uncertain, assume, surmising With words there are no boundaries Barriers, brims, extremities So free your imagination Invention, idea, artistry
Wondering What The Hell Fubar Is????
FUBAR is an acronym that commonly means "Fucked Up Beyond All Repair" or "Fucked Up Beyond Any Recognition"
Wondering How Many Of My Friends Will Actually Read This
Okay wondering how many of you all out there on my friends list actually will read this and come check us out. Even made it simple for you to where all you have to do is click. Hope to see you JUST CLICK THE PIC TO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!! in the Lounge
Wonderful Collection Of Friendship Quotes
"Among Life's precious jewels, Genuine and rare, The one that we call friendship Has worth beyond compare." ~ author unknown "A friend loves at all times..." Proverbs 17:17 Real friendship is a rare and precious gift, strong, stable, yet fragile, and never to be taken for granted. ~Char "Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together" -Woodrow Wilson "Treat your friends as you do your pictures, and place them in their best light." ~ Jennie Jerome Churchill "Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival." ~C.S. Lewis "In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." ~ Martin Luther King Jr. "Friendship doubles your joys, and divides your sorrows." ~ author unknown "Friendship without self - interest is one of the rare and beautiful things of life." ~ James F. Byrnes "Give me one frien
Wondering About This Guy
Wocka Wocka™@ fubar any one heard of this guy, plez drop me a comment let me know thx mike
Ok I can't seem to get my background working right..anyone have any suggestions?
Now at times wonders why when a teen i thought i knew it all and now alot older wishes then i knew what i know now.
I Wonder I wonder if he remembers me Or if I'm just a memory I wonder if he thinks of us Or if he finds it useless I wonder how things would be If he had never left me I wonder how he is And if I'm still a love of his I think about him everyday And wonder if he's okay I think about how happy we were And the memories make the tears stir I think about the plans we made While we were laying in the shade I think about all we said And the lives we lead To not know Where to go To not know where to find A place where he may hide To not be able to see his face Puts my heart so out of place To not know when he's near Is my greatest fear There's so much in my head That I wish I'd said There's so many missed kisses For my unanswered wishes There's only so many ways For me to make it through the days There's so little light In my heart tonight What would I say If given a day What would happen
You know...I have been down a hard road in life, and I have been hurt badly more than once. I tell you makes it really hard to give your heart away again. As I start to meet people on this sight, I slowly start to open myself up to the possibilities of happiness after pain. There is one thing that I have noticed after being here. There are some really nice people and then there are some others who just act like nice people but deep down inside they play games, and manipulate, and feed the same lines to everybody they meet on here. What is even more amazing is that those people whole-heartedly believe that all the rest of us are too stupid and uneducated to figure their games out. the rest of you know what i mean..."I know it said I was on but I wasn't",even though there are comments on other peoples pages at the time that they weren't on or "You are the only one who knows that about me", even though there are other peoples comments saying the same things. Not only that....we
The Wonder Of You
The Wonder of You Seeing through the eyes of the misfit and lonely Hearts explode from the fear of it all Propelled by failure, I shake with fright Wondering where will my head lie tonight Under the clay or on top of your thighs In a cold shallow grave, our Spirits arise Insides rot with the test of ones heart Craving and hunger, what keeps us apart Broken inside by the cancer seclusion Casting out love, born free of exclusion Pounding out beats until the fat lady sings Leaving this place, forgoing his wings Fighting for rights to wear his flag Crying and dying, breathe into this bag Gasping out words and sucking down ale His worth never weakens, his self will he fail Who will cry for the suicide kings? Judge if you dare, some comfort it brings Forget him we will, written off a lost cause Too close for comfort, he’s broken our laws Who cries out for the suffering souls? Exhausted, defeated, never reaching their goals Torn apart from the mere pre
Wonders Why
Daughter and i was talking about this. Why is it a man thinks you like and want them just because you are nice to them?
Daily Horoscope: Aries For August 8,2007 You and your buddy list are on better terms today, so send a bunch of emails or make a slew of calls. You're most at ease chatting with the people you know and love, and there's nothing stopping you from doing just that. Wonders if these ever work
Wondering Survey
Do you get distracted easily? what was that When is your next vacation and where? this weekend and not telling i dont want any lurkers Do you ride roller coasters? yes!! weeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEE Who was the last person you yelled at? kids oh ya kids Are you wearing a necklace?omg no where is it i lost my C :'( What family member do you look like?my sister Do you take any daily vitamins or pills? yes Where does your grandma live? Duncan BC Are you friends with your neighbors? ya i got lots of eyecandy Where have you lived throughout your life? all over Do you have a routine before going to bed?ya i do kisssssssss Have you ever tee-peed someone's house? a car count? Have you ever had a crush on your sister's/brother's friend? no way there too old When was the last time you drove more than 30 minutes? when dont i Do you have any enemies? i'm sure i do What is your usual breakfast? nothing or sunny D What are you doing tonight? nothing its my bday
i dont no rather 2 b happy or so confuzin.theres couple guyz i have my eye on but how do i choose?i like both & they both very not tryin 2 git wit hard 2 trust ppl am i suppose 2 do that here?sumtimes it helps 2 git an outside perspective.i just dont wanna git not into games & i hate liars & cheaters.what 2 do?
Wondering Why They Dont Post Their Pic!
Im a little annoyed at this new friend I met here on FUBAR. For one thing theres no pictures of what she look like. Only in the salute image where she is required. I think its important to post pictures of yourself and friends and pictures taken by you. I understand if youre new and stil learning your way around. But for the people that can post up to a thousand images should and upload everything but no image of what they look like! And there this other girl on another site that flirts with me but she only has one picture of herself and doesnt own a cam. How do I know if shes who she says she is. A camera is cheap like $100. But now Im affraid to see what she really looks like since one 2 dementional image of a person is not enough. But for people who are not affraid to show a little skin and their friends and family Kudos to you! And for the ladies that show me their boobies .... Wooooooo Hooooooo you rock thanks for the peep!
My heart is pounding. Her burning yearning has sparked a flame within my veins that makes my blood boil. She has awakened in me a desire I have never known. My heart pumps molten fluid through me, ignited by the intensity of our love. Beneath the steady drumming in my chest I can hear her panting as she tries to catch her breath. What sexy sounds she makes, giggling and cooing like a lovebird, her playful passion drives me wild. Fused together by love and heat our bodies glisten with sweat, naked flesh is everywhere. I can’t tell, or care where I end and where she begins. My thoughts are shattered by soft kisses on my neck. All else but her has faded from my memory. My only awareness is of her, of her slick and silky calf sliding along my thigh and her wet sensual mouth as she presses her tongue and lips against my neck. The sensations of her warm wet body gyrating against me is all the motivation I need to keep this marathon of love going. For just a moment longer I co
Wondering If U R There?
For years now as I know many have been not just myself..Searching for that kind of feeling that no other can compair beyond the butterflies in the stomach and the everlasting dreams...I want more there has to be that someone that can complete those feelings of longing.
Wonders Which One
Wonders if interesting in joining a group which one might be the best
Wonderful Day
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Wonders When The Time Will Come
I been wondering when will the time comes when it comes to find a lover/lovers... , These days i do know there would be some into me but however i do not feel them ya know what i am saying... am seekin a female with any green eyes and someone that is big ilike them small and fitting... otherwise am not feeling it... am singl.. if u have them blue eyes then it cool with me... I like tobe happy and feel at ease... someone that could make me feel move lovable... could that person be you...? Let me know... drop me some line if u think i would be interested in you..
A Wonderful Lady & Friend Ayasha, Her Bulletin, I Had To Blog It, It Was So Sweet Of Her ((hugs)) 2 U Hun, Love Ya!!
....i took a month off work to hang out in the bar and party...i had a great time...hooked up with some old friends and met some crazy new people. i showed love all over FUBAR and i gotta tell ya...there is some crazy a$$ shit stashed around here....some crazy a$$ people that kept me laughing and on the edge of my seat most days. i lurked in lounges...hidden in the shadows...enjoying great music...and found fascinating and beautiful graphix and artwork all around. but i find it is time to get back to the partner in design caught up with me last night...talked to me about designing and creating some graphics for him...and the submissive side of me was i gotta leave the i figured i would sit back today...and fire up a fat dutchee while i put together this pimp out to those who brightened my days and nights here at the bar. i know i don't talk much, if any at all to some...and to those of you that i did not converse with...i still enjoyed the insight in
i wonder y it seams that my hubsband cant talk to me.. he find ppl on here and on line in general that he things he knows and cares about and then wants out... maybe if he would talk to me or someone close to use that can help it would make things better... he find reason for this in mean that he has nver said... he think that someone from on here or on line. I think its more of the fact he cant be happy... he has never been happy in his life.. I know i havent been the best.. but what can id if i dont know. he says he has said it too many time.. then something will come up that has never been said. He seems to think i am the only one with issues.. well that is nto the cae.. how can i feel like im loved when i am made to feel guilty all the time for lil things.. like goin to the mail baox. I dont know.. maybe im just not seeing the big picuter.. or maybe he just dont want me to.. or maybe he doesnt want to..
A Wonderful Feeling
I feel so awasome right now, I saw you for the first time, It was great, I had a really great time with you, Your kisses I love, Your hugs I adore, Everything was so wonderful, I never felt so good before, But, being with you, That totally changed, Just one day/night, It was so perfect, It felt good to get everything in return, I can't wait to feel everything again, Gosh, it was so prefect, I couldn't ask for anything more, Happy, Is what I felt, Wow, I love this feeling, It's a great feeling, I don't want to let go of this feeling, Because, It makes me so happy and everything. Copyright ©2007 Aleia Torres
I wonder if you think of me When night is drawing near. And in the shadows of your room The walls around you disappear. I wonder if in your quiet thoughts Your dreams of me are anymore. When in the silent, velvet blue The moon is tapping at your door. I wonder if the shining stars That dangle from the clouds above Reminds you of my whispered words In promise of eternal love. I wonder of the lonely light That breaks upon the early dawn Still holds a tender memory for now So long I have been gone. I wonder if you dream of me When the cloudless skies are blue Because across each day and night My thoughts are constantly of you.
Wonders Who Did
Grandkids with homeschooling is doing a Bible course and asked me and i didnt know how to answer this. If God created men who created God ?
The Wonder Of You
Seeing through the eyes of the misfit and lonely Hearts explode from the fear of it all Propelled by failure, I shake with fright Wondering where will my head lie tonight? Under the clay or on top of your thighs? In a cold shallow grave, our spirits arise Insides rot with the test of ones heart Craving and hunger, what kept us apart? Broken down by the cancer seclusion Casting out love, born free of exclusion Pounding out beats until the fat lady sings Leaving this place, forgoing his wings Who will cry for the suicide kings? Judge if you dare, some comfort it brings Forget him we will, written off a lost cause Too close for comfort, he’s broken our laws Who cries out for the suffering souls? Exhausted, defeated, never reaching their goals Torn apart by the presence of pride Their honor forsaken and ripped from their hide Pray for those that dream from above Their lives cut short by distressing love Pray for me, as I hold on to my last... Words for th
just wondering if i will ever make it out of this shit whole ( el paso Tx) and well also wondering who my crush could be lol???????
I find this site very interesting. If you get a chance to read this leave me a line and tell me how to use this site. I love to hear from you!
Wonderful Day.
Work went well, saw "3:10 to Yuma" which I enjoyed, received some presents in the mail. Got my staff card back (I accidentally left it at the university music library last month. I might spend some time there Friday once some chores are done and before I exercise. Listening to what, borrowing what, I don't know just now; the selection is large enough. There are items that have crossed the mind though...) Eric
Wonderful Christmastime-paul Mcartney N Wings
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth... I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the path less traveled by and that has made all the differance.
The Wonder Of Life Huh...
DO we as civilised creatures allow our true potential to achieve be negated by having the wrong train of thought? Or do we accept that only a few are lucky enough to have been given something to get started?.. Its true that if you were given the best in life your off to a very good start.. But what about those of us who werent gifted with an ubundance of financial stability and security?.. Are we doomed to fail or live the rest of our existence in a constant revolution of what is deemed acceptable?.. Work and sleep?? These TWO NESSECITIES take at least 14hrs of our already short day.. Leaving around 10hrs to fit LIFE into.. Eating,playing sport,shopping,time with friends and loved ones,sex, and time to relax just to name a few.. I for one can spend my whole day on any one of the forementioned.. I will not accept that!! I accept that if u want something.. And that is all you focus on and think about.. You will have it!! Just stay focused.. Is there such thing as true l
wondering ..> i set and wonder of what might be i set and wonder of what it might feel i set and wonder of your body next to mine i set and wonder of how you taste i set and wonder of how your body on mine feels i set and wonder of if you would of enjoyed it i set and wonder of how many times you orgasms i set and wonder of how you think of me inside you do you ever wonder what it might of feel like to make love with me thinking of you always Ira Lee Moore
The Wonder Of Themyscira
The Wonder Of Themyscira by Pandoras Desire © We have been dreaming of her for a long, long time. I guess you could say eons. Well, it seems that way anyway. Let's paint a picture. You and me, the reader. Imagine a woman. A gorgeous woman, 5'10, 140 lbs. and size 38d breasts. Sounds too good to be true, huh? Well let me assure you, it's not. This woman, we'll call her Diana. In fact she's more like a princess. No, not as in the Royal Princess. But as in the Princess of Themyscira. Other wise knows as Paradise Island. Many Amazon women lived on Paradise Island. But only one woman stood out among the rest. She was born the first child ever, on Paradise Island. Her mother, Queen Hippolyta, a reincarnated queen, was told to mold a child out of clay. The queen did as she was told. Then she waited for a miracle. The goddess of Olympus granted life to the child. A baby girl, which the Queen named Diana Prince. With a thousand sisters and aunts, Diana quickly mastered the ways of the
Wonderful System Or Not?
A FIREMAN came home from work one day and told his wife, "You know, we have a wonderful system at the fire station: BELL 1 rings and we all put on our jackets, BELL 2 rings and we all slide down the pole, BELL 3 rings and we're on the fire truck ready to go. "From now on when I say BELL 1 I want you to strip naked. When I say BELL 2 I want you to jump in bed. And when I say BELL 3 we are going to make love all night. The next night he came home from work and yelled "BELL 1!" The wife promptly took all her clothes off. When he yelled "BELL 2!", the wife jumped into bed. When he yelled "BELL 3!", they began making love. After a few minutes the wife yelled "BELL 4!" "What the hell is BELL 4?" asked the husband? ROLL OUT MORE HOSE," she replied " YOU'RE NOWHERE NEAR THE FIRE."
Wonderful Experiences
So for the last 3 weeks I have done some pretty amazing things. You've probably been wondering why I've been gone and well I've been all around Ohio doing photography for bands like Drowning Pool, The Exies, Five Finger Death Punch, Droid and many many others. It's crazy! I'm supposed to be traveling along to other states as well and I've got Cradle of Filth and Gwar coming up on October 27th. I was accepted into a firm called Domain Cleveland and they are helping me get my start and teaching me everything I need to know. My experiences in the last three weeks have been amazing. Especially with Drowning Pool and The Exies. Both really respectable guys and shared some wonderful stories with me. For those of you that are in a band and reading this Kevin from the Exies says this; "Whether you play in front of 5 people or in front of 10,000 people a gig is a gig and know that you didn't reach that because your big it's because you reached out to your fans through the music that you play.
i sit here and wonder wonder what i should have done to make u want me i sit here and wonder wonder what i did wrong for u to be interested in the tv i sit here and wonder how things will be until we see each other again i sit and wonder if things could have been different i sit and wonder wonder if ur feeelings are real i sit here and wonder and wonder and wonder
A Wonderful Ride!
I had a great chance Saturday 10/6/07 to ride on a motorcycle with a wonderful man who like myself supports all that our troops do for this country and helps out out homeless veterans....if it were up to me there would be NO homeless vets! These guys put their life on the line for people they don't even know and we treat them as if they were second class citizens when they come back from war. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so here is mine....the fact that so many treat our soldiers like that is a disgrace! Everyone who knows me knows that I would go to the ends of the earth for a veteran! When there was a threat that the Vietnam Memorial in DC was in danger of being harmed by protestors...I was there! I went to DC in March to support my troops and my veterans already home! One protestor found out what happens when you put down the men I love dearly! The motorcycle run was awesome! We went to the Vietnam Memorial in Frankfort,KY for a ceremony and then to Wilmore, KY wher
The Wonder
The Wonder By Eric Ethan Let me cook for you this morning and give you flowers to make your day, give the greatest massage on the feet to make the worries go away. Days I want to tell how much you mean to me as friend. I give a big chocolate cookie with a grind on it and a card next to it saying how awesome you are a friend to me . I my stumble with words to explain myself on things but whatever I say it is from the heart. I may be slow on things but the caring and love is still there. I’m still learning on life and still understanding you as friend, because I want to say the right words to you with out you getting mad at me. I still think you are still the tops as a classy friend. Take my hand and lets fly to the ends of the earth, to see many wonders what God has created and taste the fruits of many wonder. At night I want to
The Wondering Fox
The Wondering Fox A fox wonders at the stroke of midnight, Searching in the light of the full moon, Praying to the goddess all the time, While searching for ages, For someone that will call him theirs, To teach , love, and care for him, One for whom he can protect, He has wondered for centuries, Looking and searching in everyplace, Hoping to find one who would care, After he was abandoned by his last owner, He always prayed and always hoped, Waiting for a reply or a sign, Till the day he came upon someone, One who looked to be an angle, He looked up at the angle curious, Wondering where such beauty came from, He watches his angle closely, She kneels before him to look into his eyes, She could see the hurt in the eyes of the fox, She motions with her hand for me to go to her, I slowly pad over unsure if it's safe, I sniff her hand and instantly feel her calming aura, I slowly lay my head in her hands, I believe i have found the one I've been looking for, I coul
Wondering How You Are.
Sean... It's been awhile since I've seen you last. It's amazing how quickly the times have passed. So much changes as time progresses, So much shit has happened, so damn fast. I hope life is good for you, and that is all is going fine. I must have prayed for you at least thousand times. Since we split, I haven't changed too much, just working... trying to get by... (you know the such and such) It would be a lie to say that you haven't crossed my mind. No one will ever compare to you. I can't imagine someone even come close. I'm still confused about how I feel, I don't even know. It's not easy to wake up and see your'e empty side of the bed... Or to go on and smile, when I want to cry instead. You mean the world to me, ****, No matter how much different we've become. I'll always love you. You were the one.
I thought love had finally found me. I thought that this was for good. I gave you my heart and soul.. but love evades. Now Im left wondering if I will ever find someone who will love me. I dont ask for much in a person..honesty, love of life, a smile to light my soul, and a pair of warm arms to wrap me up in when the dialysis gets too tough. But I guess that is too much to ask for. I live in a life of uncertainity therefore I never take each day for granted. I want to fall in love with someone who captivates me and adores me. I want to hide away with someone who loves me and forget that the world even exists for even just a few stolen moments. Sorry if this is boring, I just had to get a few thoughts outta my head. Im hoping they will get out of my heart cause that would make life alot easier to live.
I wonder if you think of me When night is drawing near. And in the shadows of your room The walls around you disappear. I wonder if in your quiet thoughts Your dreams of me are anymore. When in the silent, velvet blue The moon is tapping at your door. I wonder if the shining stars That dangle from the clouds above Reminds you of my whispered words In promise of eternal love. I wonder of the lonely light That breaks upon the early dawn Still holds a tender memory for now So long I have been gone. I wonder if you dream of me When the cloudless skies are blue Because across each day and night My thoughts are constantly of you.
i know i'm sorta new 2 this and love making friends becuae we all need some.just wanted 2 see how many of u would respond 2 this far i've been having fun making freinds but now its time 2 get 2 know my friends
A Wonderful Awful Idea
I'm looking for salutes! Give me a personal salute & I'll return the love by making you a pictured salute with yours truly. You can check the one out I did yesterday in the "Minions" folder. The Grinch
A Wonderful Sight
The shadows extend, The beautiful lights, The magnificence of the sun, A wonderful sight! The birds are singing, Praising God, Each one knows their Maker, A wonderful sight! Harvest time has ended, Each grain retrieved, The land now rests, A wonderful sight! Who is the Maker? He who keeps the sparrow, He who watches over the land, A wonderful God! 03-25-05 ~*Lauren*~
Wondering Why
u know i am so disgusted and wondering why people have to sit there get ur hopes up,,, tell u that they will help u out,,,make plans for the future just to have them all crashed down. it is just i trust people and i get burned,,,not to mention it takes me a long time to even be able to trust. i hate life today because all it does is ruin people....sorry everyone but i am not my happy self today!!!!!!!!
A Wonderful Story
What a scared little seven-year-old boy I was when the orphanage finally let me out of that dark closet, after two days. I took my bath, brushed my teeth with soap and dressed myself for school in the clothes that the matron had laid on my bed. Clothes that were always too big, or too small for me. When I reached Spring Park Elementary, I just kept walking past the school building, because I was so afraid the other kids in my classroom would make fun of me because of all the black and blue marks on my legs where I had been whipped with the polo paddle. I walked and walked for what seemed to be hours. Finally, I came to this great big wide street which was at the end of Spring Park Road. I had never seen a street that big before and I had never seen so many cars in all my life. Across the street was a big brick store and the sign on top said Preston's Drugs. There was also a sign in the window that read "Everything you'll ever want is here." It took me almost an hour to g
Wonderful Christmas Time - Paul Mccartney & Wings (1979
Wonderful Pussy
Hey there, you thinkin what i'm thinkin? Thats right how nice it would be to have a nice, wet, hot pussy in your face. As I am sitting here you look at me from afar. I look at you and smile. You are telling with your eyes you want me. And of course I want you. I walk over to you grabbing your hand. You follow me readily. I take you in my bed and start kissing around your neck, down to your chest. You have very nice soft tits. I love them in my face. I kiss down your tummy as you are pulling me closer to you. Softly kissing the inside of your thights, pulling me closer and starting fucking my face. I kiss your throbbing clit as you are pushing harder and harder against me. I lick your wonderful cunt and give you a nice long kiss. Dont you taste so good!? You are moaning and pulling me closer. I stick my tongue in your hot cunt, its so hot. You are now pulling my hair and grinding into my face. sticking one finger in your pussy licking your clit you are liking it. I
Wonderful News
Nov 17, 2007, 10:46 am I'm wondering what I did wrong Looking around the room, but I'm all alone I'm so tired I want to go home But he's not there I guess he didn't care We has so much we were going to share I'm not sure if I could bear to do it again Feels like this pain will never end How am I to begin to trust again maybe this is going to be the end Praying to God to send me a friend to help me mend up all these loose ends.
Wondering, Just For A Moment
I've been sleeping for years it seems, And suddenly I know that i'm not sleeping. I'm still here, All that's left of yesterday, A sweet simple kiss. Only at night I miss you the most. Every night I have to go home and be alone. I know I have to wait, But it seems like an eternity. Now I only wonder if that day will come. I'm afraid to lose you and if you feel the same way. Wondering if I have to let you go. Wondering if our hearts will break because of it. Wondering, just for a moment in time. Funny thing, Time. It waits nor stops for no one. All of the roses that i sent to you... Yea, all that I intended to you..... All of this I now wonder.
Wonder Where I've Been???
The US Marshalls finally caught up with me. I'm locked up...they won't let me out. (lol) This is Loe's sister. He asked me to post this to let y'all know that he was picked up. He wants people to write him and if you're feeling it to send some loot too! Here's the info if you want to write: Lawrence Awoniyi-6C Allen County Jail 417 S. Calhoun Fort Wayne, IN 46802 If you're going to send some $$$ write him first and he can tell you what you need to do so that he gets it. All right then...peace. Loe's sis.
Wondering Why
As i sit here and write this, there's a lot of emotions going on in my head and heart. I have the most wonderful boyfriend. I'm making the effort of giving him my heart. I have deleted numerous people from yahoo, my phone and fubar to prove to him i want him and only him. Now there have been a few guys that want to try and destroy my relationship because i don't want to be with them..... Why are some guys such jerks. They say they csre but refuse to see me happy.... just wondering why.... Tony, i love you very much
Wondering Mind
When I sit here all alone. My mind starts to wonder where it should begin. Is there something for me here? This life we live, What does it give? I use to be so together, Until my world came tumbling down. It started about a year ago, When I knew you would never come around. It didn't stop there, No that wasn't enough. Everyone I loved, Just added to it. I had some calm before this storm. Before the waves rushed in , Then came crashing down. My mind goes to every area of my life. I look and see what is there and waiting for me. I have given up so much for others. I wonder if someday my time will ever really come. There has been so much use and abuse. So much hurt, So much pain. I usually can rise above it. Now my mind just sits and wonders. I wonder if unconditional love is truly the key. Tuff love really doesn't work for me. When I give it I get hurt more. When I stand up for me, They always just call me whore. Whore I laugh, what do you mean. You don't
Wonder If .........
wondering if i.... matter to the one i should.... should love the one i do..... should care about other feelings.... what if..... what if i dont.... what if i do..... what if i cant help but to.... is that why i walk around with my heart breaking.... is that why i cant say what i want too.... is that why i feel less then i person should... is this why i cry alot... is this why i hurt alot... is this the way ill be forever..... wonder if it matters that i feel like this.. wonder if it matter that i care like this... wonder if it will make me or break me in time.... maybe i do care to much... maybe i do love to much... maybe i do love to hard.... maybe just maybe i am more then what people see.. and enough of what they want to see... i may not be a size 5.. i may not be a 20-something... i may not be perfect.... but i love who i do.. even if its not returned i care about those who i care about... even if they hate me and want to hurt
A Wonderful Story
What a scared little seven-year-old boy I was when the orphanage finally let me out of that dark closet, after two days. I took my bath, brushed my teeth with soap and dressed myself for school in the clothes that the matron had laid on my bed. Clothes that were always too big, or too small for me. When I reached Spring Park Elementary, I just kept walking past the school building, because I was so afraid the other kids in my classroom would make fun of me because of all the black and blue marks on my legs where I had been whipped with the polo paddle. I walked and walked for what seemed to be hours. Finally, I came to this great big wide street which was at the end of Spring Park Road. I had never seen a street that big before and I had never seen so many cars in all my life. Across the street was a big brick store and the sign on top said Preston's Drugs. There was also a sign in the window that read "Everything you'll ever want is here." It took me almost an hour to g
I'm sitting here and wondering,if the following is really close to prostitution??? I totaly understand if somebody lets just family members see their NSFW pics. But today i run across a profile with this info for NSFW pictures. This is selling them selfs: 1 day blast = 1 week in my NSFW pictures 3 day blast = 1 month in my NSFW pictures 7 day blast = 2 months in my NSFW pictures + a free booty salute *If you cant afford a blast or you dont have a CC you can send 75,000 fu-bucks (using the fu-pal link on my page) to get a 1 day peek into my private folders* Now why would i pay for some pics if you can get them all day long for free on the web?? What is ya'lls opinion to this?
ok i just need 2 rant and vent so here goes. what's up w/ppl thinking they gotta have their way all the time? i mean i try 2 make compromises and those rn't good enough. all my way or no way ppl suck. i mean come on ppl give a little.
I wonder what it be like for you to lay next to me ? Will it feel right? Wonder what your arms will feel like around me? When you lay next to me what would that be like? Wonder if you think of me when you sleeping to next? When we lay next to each other would you hold me or would you turn the other way ? What would it be like for you to hold me ?
Why is it that usually the person who can make you extremely happy can also make you feel miserable?
Is a word more, or less, because we attach meaning; or does it become something else, other than what we want it to say? It’s just a simple question I think we've all asked, one time or another. Just being lost and then found, without understanding the reasons, at times, is sufficient; sometimes. Life is full of moments, some so greatly stupendous defying all relevant descriptions, some so dark that they do the same; the good mingling with bad. A simple dandelion shows courage, fights, pushing through black asphalt simply to dare to exist, defying all odds. The Horrible and Meaningless often parallel Splendor and Luminescence, as a locus for seeds which lie buried then erupt into Life. We lose the awe in awesome, as much as the wonder, when we ask a miracle what it is. Life is full enough just to let it be, Wonderful, and not it ask why.
Wonderful Friend
She held my hand today when I needed it most She's a wonderful friend I am proud to boast. She told me not what I wanted to hear instead She told me the truth, and got inside my head. I want to be as good of a friend as she has been Holding onto her hand like she has never seen. She really does know how much I care about her Though sometimes my life becomes such a blur. She's there when I need her and even when I don't I ask her never to leave me, she tells me she won't So I hope you have a wonderful friend like mine Someone who will be there for you till the end of time.
Wonderful Message From George Carlin
A wonderful Message by George Carlin: The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often. We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered
Wondering What It,s Like To Have Q Real Friend
hi it's me a again i was sitting here wondering what it would be like to have a real friend someone to share your most intamte feelings with and not be judged wondering what it would be like to walk along a beach with or go on pic nixs with or just to talk and sit listen to each other wondering what a real friend is
Wonderment His essence so close to me, I feel it all through the day I can’t stop picturing us together, In a photo booth, The humor, the intensity, the wonderment. I can’t stop picturing our first kiss, The sensuality, the beauty, the grace. Together we’re walking, talking, Eating, laughing, and being. Together. Our personalities meld as one, And we understand one another. The sparks that fly when our eyes lock, The jolt that passes between our fingertips, I wouldn’t trade it for anything that mankind could provide. The love that flows between our hearts, It has no boundaries. The feelings that have no words. Unexplainable, The feeling of wholeness Of being complete. And as we walk together, Hand in hand, There would be no doubt in anyone’s mind that We are in love. I can see him standing there, Tall and proud, His face gleaming in the rain, So happy to see me. I can see myself walking up to him, Holding him, Kissing him, It’s the only, the onl
Wondering Where I Am?
The hard-drive on my laptop crashed...which sent me into a state of sheer panic. Not sure what to do with myself when I'm not online. If all goes well, I should be back online Tuesday the meantime, I will try to sneak in a few minutes here and there (when I can get the desktop from my daughter- she's just as much an addict as I am). Probably good timing since I got diagnosed with bronchitis today (thanks Ken for urging me to go see the doctor) that I get some sleep tonight rather than chat on here most of the night. So, for now, I'm taking some codeine and going to crash for the night. With any luck, I'll chat with my friends tomorrow.
A Wonderful Sunday To All! - No. 1 Pimp Site   Well, it's all quite here at the house.  I'm by myself, so thought I'd drop in to say "HI", to all!   We discussed last night about going to church this morning.  Needless to say, I didn't get up as early as would have been needed to make it to church, and even though I didn't have time to get ready, Lee and Kirk were able to get ready in time to leave, so it is "boys day out at church" today.  It doesn't take them quite as long as it does "us women".  lol  Church should be over with in about 30 Mins., and then I may be meeting them someplace to grab a bite of lunch.   Other than that, I don't there's a lot planned for the rest of the afternoon.  After Lee and Kirk left, I did get a load of laundry thrown in the wash....I don't know why I always let it pile up like I do.  It seems to always get put off until I have umpteen loads to do.    Lee has today, Monday, and Tuesday off.  Kirk is off today, but works all day tomorrow, and is reall
Jet Set cowboy..not a rock and roll star. Tuesdays gone and sunday is crumbling. Eons and eras have passed and some I can not identify. Slap. Stomp. Grunt. Appreciate what grows between the cracks.
A Wonderful Experience
We are laying on the couch watching a movie. You are laying behind me with ur arms around me. I can feel your hard manhood against my bottom as I move closer into you. Your fingers trace lines across my stomach sending chills through out my body.My hand is caressing your manhood through your pants.You continue your search of my body going up to find my bare breast tracing circles around my nipples teasing as my core grows moist. You continue to caress and tease my nipples twith light flicks and pulls from your fingers. A slight moan escapes my lips. I turn to face you placing a kiss on ur lips. You return my kiss as our hands roam each others bodies exploring. Our kiss deepens but still remains passionate. You pick me up and carry me to your bedroom,where you set me on my feet at the foot of the bed removing my clothes and treading kisses down my body as my clothes fall away to the floor. I stop you as your fingers slide under my panties at my hips for removal.I brush a kiss ligh
Wonderwoman Opens Lounge All Invited To See
Wonderwoman Openned her lounge please stop by and show love SWEET SINSATIONS
what do you do when no one is happy around you???????????????? What do you do when you cant get someone outta your head..... god this sucks
OK Now I would really like to know what your thoughts are on naked pics of men. Good Bad or indifferent. and what kind of ADULT pics do you find sexy.
Lately I have been wondering about my sanity. I have contemplated the possibility of a mental problem. My family history is full of nut jobs and my poor head was banged around a lot when I was younger. Sometimes I feel like a freak because of all the racing thoughts I have. I have a lot of highs and lows too. I'm trying to find an equilibrium, but I am not able to reach it yet. I hope that my inner strength holds out until I get there. Stress seems to be so common right now and there is a part of me that wants to hide out until the storm blows over. I think I created the storm and the other part wants to brave the storm. So my world is spinning frantically as my mind has an a arguement on how to proceed. I hope this storm blows over soon so I can relax just enough to focus on what's important in my life.
i'm sitting here and thinking. yes, i think a lot. but the thing that i am thinking about right now is how can you tell if someone that you really like likes you back. there is someone that i really like, but i am unable to gage how he feels. but i guess that could just ask him straight out how he feels but i'm scared to do that and then find out that he may not feel the same toward me. and the part that really scares me is that i think that i may be falling for him
Wonder If
still no dates its been 6 years since I have been on a real date is there not any one who would willingly go out with me at least on a date even if it is only one I am so lonely going to movies alone these days
Today is gonna be the day That they're gonna throw it back to you By now you should've somehow Realized what you gotta do I don't believe that anybody Feels the way I do about you now Backbeat the word was on the street That the fire in your heart is out I'm sure you've heard it all before But you never really had a doubt I don't believe that anybody feels The way I do about you now And all the roads we have to walk are winding And all the lights that lead us there are blinding There are many things that I would Like to say to you But I don't know how Because maybe You're gonna be the one that saves me? And after all You're my wonderwall Today was gonna be the day? But they'll never throw it back to you By now you should've somehow Realized what you're not to do I don't believe that anybody Feels the way I do About you now And all the roads that lead you there are winding And all the lights that light the way are blinding There are many things th
Wonder Why
Recently , me and a friend were chatting. As sometimes happen when you are talking or chatting with someone the conversation decides to take a life of it own. In these instances, I find myself amazed at where these conversations lead. So im sitting contemplating this in the morning, and i realize what is nagging me. Not the fact that this happened, but why. Oh it's easy to think well you said you all were friends. Of course that's true too. Or that eventually, when you know someone these things happens, hmmmmmmm, well that one ill ponder over. What i realized was this theres talking and theres communicating. Like every other thing in life you get what you put into it. See what happened is that two people who liked each other and who felt good vibes from each other did something amazing. What you ask? They took a chance! Simple as that, they risked bieng vunerable. Amazing isnt it. Such a little thing to do but one we rarely do with each other, open up. I know by now you a
Why is it I change my name and someone gets pissed? People already knew we were together but yet I got bitched at for it....then when I tried to tell the person why I changed it she said whatever and then said TTYL.....I got pissed.... Backstory, I'm back from Iraq, got back in Oct, I'm single with 3 kids, I have a stressful job in the Army and I now suffer from PTSD, walk on eggshells around me if you wanna talk shit because I can snap in 2 seconds and become the biggest asshole you have ever met. So anyway, I had a stressful day and I didn't need the shit so I went off on her....I've been through this shit before with someone else on here, "Fu-date me, Fu-Marry me", these ppl know who they are.....I do what I want and when I want and I will change my name if I want....don't like it, so be it. Now I have people hitting me up in my shoutbox saying I'm a piece of shit for what I'm's what I got in my YIM last night.... Her friend- for someone that was so in l
Wonderful Fema
I swear this current Administration and the lackeys they put in position of authority is just insane on the real. I'll set the story for those who don't remember. The Bush Aministration put someone in charge of an important organization like FEMA who had experience in managing horses or some shit like that as well as other bogus credentials. FEMA's brilliant idea first was to put hurricane survivors on cruise ships. Ok you've lost family members n friends as well as your homes and property to flooding. Why in their right mind would FEMA rent cruise ships for millions. The luxury cruise lines made millions and didn't have to do anything for it. Free money. Its idiotic. Then I just see on the news that the trailers that FEMA set up for hurricane survivors have been making people sick. Formaldehyde in the trailers is causing people to get sick researchers just found out. They also said that FEMA knew this would happen and was happening, but covered up the results. FEMA of cour
Well as i sit here wondering what the status of me and the love of my life is... i guess i have to reflect and wonder what decision i should make? Yes i love her with all my heart but when her life gets rough i feel like i get pushed back... is that how a relationship is suppose to be? Isnt it suppose to be you are there for eachother and you learn and grow from mistakes and hard times? Maybe i am living a fairy tail!!?? Guess at times it just makes me really wonder where i stand in her life???? WHat does she really feel for me? Is there a chance at the future? anyway guess i will have to wait and see!!!
Wonderful By Everclear
Hey, ain't life wonderful? wonderful, wonderful, wonderful... isn't it wonderful Now? I close my eyes when I get too sad I think thoughts that I know are bad Close my eyes and I count to ten Hope its over when I open them I want the things that I had before Like a star wars poster on my bedroom door I wish I could count to ten Make everything be wonderful again Hope my mom and I hope my dad Will figure out why they get so mad Hear them scream, I hear them fight They say bad words that make me wanna cry Close my eyes when I go to bed And I dream of angels who make me smile I feel better when I hear them say Everything will be wonderful someday Promises mean everything when you're little And the world's so big I just don't understand how You can smile with all those tears in your eyes Tell me everything is wonderful now Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now I go to school and I run and play I tell the kids that its all okay I laugh aloud
A Wonderful Weekend...
Just when I thought things couldn't get better, my boyfriend goes and tops himself again. This weekend, he got me my favorite food, not once, but twice. He not only massaged my back, he massaged my feet as well(full massage with lotion). We ate our meal by candlelight in my kitchen and then we snuggled and watched movies together. I won't mention what went on behind closed doors;)And all this was after I got to meet his beautiful daughter, who got along with my children extremely well and was a gracious hostess at her birthday party. He really is more than I ever expected and hoped for. Muah.
Wondering Lost To Find The End
Tip toe, tip toe, through the woods I go. Woods of Dark skies, shiny dots Foggy misty crap in the air dalusional Creepy freaky ugly around trees rocks swamps moss dirt Feelings of dysfunctional loneliness lost and cant figure out how to get out this misconscrewed maze. When will Someone Something Save me I hope it’s a female. I have been here a while. Give me a potion Something But no it never shows. Try Try Try that’s what life is about. Well I do that and no exit. So I figure I need to b saved or make my own way out. Tunes Dragons Rum Animals That’s all I have .I’m a vampire/knite. don't need armor. why I am my own. my dad a nite, me once bitten. i grew up with my dad he tought me what i know now plus mixed vamp Knite stayed Strong Loyal Sensitive Funny Trustworthy Thoughtful Caring mmmmm blood sounds tasty. teeth grows and i jump through trees damn wheres thexit i jump on these trees and through nothing how does a vampire get food aroun
The Wonder Of The Sand!
In a place where I thought is a lonely spot, Where silent makes me deaf and brings sad pasts I tried to escape but still there I always end up. When I feel tired and decided to give up, Because my heart long to be like a hard stone, There I found a wonderful secret. In my dream I am with the sand in the shore. As tiny as the ants that hides in the sea sand, Enjoying to bath myself under the moon up in the sky, And then the water came and washed us away. We swim through the open area of the sea And then lower we drift away. Suddenly something was pulling us like a magnet And we can't resist from it's strength. While I was trying hard to got away from it, I can't understand, the sand was willing to be taken. With my dismay I ask a big, "WHY?" He look at me and said, "Trust, dear," and went away. With curiousity I followed the lead, And in a distance I saw a big oyster shell; It is opened wide and welcoming. "What are you doing? The shell will eat you!" "Follow
A Wonderful Woman
Wonderful Women A married couple is driving along a highway doing a steady 60 miles per hour. The wife is behind the wheel. Her husband suddenly looks across at her and speaks in a clear voice. "I know we've been married for twenty years, but I want a divorce." The wife says nothing, Keeps looking at the road ahead but slowly increases her speed to 65 mph. The husband speaks again. "I don't want you to try to talk me out of it," He says, "because I've been having an affair with your best friend, And she's a far better lover than you are." Again the wife stays quiet, But grips the steering wheel more tightly and slowly increases the speed to 75 He pushes his luck. "I want the house," hesays insistently.Up t o 80 . "I want the car, too," he continues. 85 mph. "And," he says, "I'll have the bank accounts, all the credit cards and the boat!" The car slowly starts veering towards a massive concrete bridge. This makes him nervous, so he
The Wonder
" The Wonder" You love being around her. Does she know it? You try to force a smile on your face whenever you see her because it makes her face light up and smile with you. It's the one simple joy in your life that makes everything else that seems to go downhill so quickly go away. Anytime you see her frown it tears through your soul and if ever there was a tear you want to attack the thing that could hurt her this bad. You've felt this way for a while now and never let it show. You hold it in because of what might happen. She is an awesome person and the best of friends. You enjoy all the time you spend with her, but this you've all seen before. You see the old cliche is that you have to be great friends with someone before you want to be with them...... OK let's go with this idea... last time you watched as they went through hell with their BF/GF's and watched them be torn apart. You helped them through the rough times and eventually got the friend that you knew back. You were the
Living. What does it mean to truly live? Is it simply exsisting? Or is it doing something with your life? I believe that Living is where you do something with your life such as work but also have fun. Cause life isnt worth much if you are simply exsisting. To live you have to make decisions that seem hard to make but in the end bring good or bad things your way. It all depends on your decisions and if you can make the most of what you decide on.
Wonder Why
Wonder Why Melissa Kenyon 1996 Why don't you look into my eyes Are you afraid that it might make me cry And you wonder why I haven't loved you yet Like you love me Life is cruel Life isn’t fair The way you want me to feel will never be there In till you look into my eyes But yet you say I am the one So much truth yet so many lies How can I tell what is real How can I tell what is a lie I guess I will never know I am only looking for someone to love But I know your not the one How do I tell you that with out hurting you I will never feel love I will never be in love My heart is to broken to be loved
Wondering Today I sit all alone, just staring at the phone. wondering if your gonna call or doesn't it matter at all Just thinking about our future if we have one at all. somethings just might not be meant to be, I guess in time we will see. Do you think of me in the night, when your laying in your bed. or just sitting around thinking of other things instead, Sometimes the nights go by so fast, other times they last and last. Maybe it's time to stop thinking of the past, and just let things fall even if it's too fast. Time doesn't stand still for a broken heart so all we must do is look to the future, and wonder what's in store, who know's it might be better than before. Fate has away of destroying you in two and there is nothing you can do Just one step at a time they say But i will do it my own way I've decided to let you go no point in holding on to what is gone. and wondering was it ever there at all i will never know since you never call.
Wonder If Did Something Wrong
I thought if show up lounge people want talk to me, feel so left out right now. Feel like done something wrong no body wants to talk to me or even be round me. May be should just get off not come back tell get back from my trip maybe they don't have the time for me right now. Guess go different lounge, maybe feel wanted there. If not just leave see everyone whe get back..~sighs~
If I cried would you hear me? If I touched you would you feel me? If I told you I love you would you belive me? If I left would you miss me? I offten wonder these things, knowing what things are, am I real to you or just here? Do you really hear me, see me, feel me, listen to me or better yet remember me, and not just my actions from the past? These questions may seem irrelevent but by far they are extremly relevent.If I never saw you again i would never foreget you, i would never foreget your touch, i would never foreget your kiss, i would never foreget you and us and what we had. You were and are my ambience for life, we could fight and never talk again and yet forever you will be the one i love, i'm sure you being you will push harder away due to this but really this isnt here for you or here for anyone in peticular, its here for me to relize that no matter what i see you, i feel you, i love you, i hurt when you hurt, i cry wen you cry(even if its over someone else) your
The Wonders Of God
The Wonders of God a Sonnet * Let us work at the wonders of God in our endless quest for eternal life, free from the inspired madness of youth. Let us admire the wonders of Man as they have inspired the open mind; as they lead us in our quest for the truth. Can you believe the impossible wonders we have stripped from the webs of this dream? Have you any need for further proof? If we can see unimaginable things and realize them as if a fluid dream had restored to us the wonder of youth; if we can see what it is we shall be, then, as the Gods had before us, we shall.
The Wonder Stuff Pittsburgh
I know your wondering just where things went wrong but I have no answers I don't even belong I myself been questioning and finding the same there is no solution just miles and miles of rain No light to guide me no whisper in the dark just the restless beating of my jaded heart so just keep on wondering maybe someday you'll find your not alone out there and time is just time JSDEUEL Copyright 2008
Wondering About You~
~~~~~~~~~~~~Wondering About You~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Laying in bed last night, I wondered how often you think of me. I wondered how often would we have sex - or maybe I should rephrase that and say I wondered how often we might sleep. There are a million things that go through my head at night, alone in the dark. ~One thing is for sure the next time I am able to have you in my bed I am going to make sure you clearly remember me and keep wanting me. I suppose that I would start out by kissing you. You know those kinds of kisses that make you melt against the other person. The kind of kisses that make you think the world just stopped and it is the two of us. The kiss that leaves you wanting and needing more. The kiss would be the start of things. ~I would relearn your body from head to toe and everything in between. I would kiss your body slowly and softly. Making sure that I would pay attention to your chest and nipples, since I have found out that turns you on. I
Wondering About Wandering People...tee Hee
Ever wonder about all the different kinds of people that have strolled through your past? Some whiz by in a flash barely leaving a trace behind, while others seem to last and last. Some bring you guidance, wisdom and joy While others seem to bring turmoil, confusion and pain, seeming to strive just to annoy. I believe all come unto us for a reason And leave us also at the end of their season I know I have been blessed by many a good friend Some I will hang onto and cherish till the end I think we should appreciate each and every one.... even the ones we are eager to be rid of For from each one we can grow emotionally, intellectually and in love.
Wonders If Anyone Could Help Me Do A Morph
its a litte beyone my cappabilities
Wondering who, wondering why someone would play me for a fool He was the only one who knew what was in my heart Not wanting to believe, he couldn't be trusted How can someone be so cruel to play with someone's emotions? Was it too hard to be truthful? Was it too easy to just play along? Or was it all a ploy in some harsh game? Not caring that they shattered someone's dreams, broke their hopes, but also crushed the one who held on the them so tightly.
A Wonderfull Person To Know
Plain and simple..If shes not on your list she should be. Shes one of the sweetest people I know..she helps everyone. Shes also my owner for a month..Go check her out! CANDYRAIN*Owned By Rubias-Owner Of Zgurl*&'TãTT³Ð&þ쳮dzÐ-ƒ®K¥Þhkk®-~ DYLON'S DIVA'S~@ fubar Brought to you by meeh!! ZGurl~*~Owned By Candyrain~*~Member of Dylon's Divas~*~@ fubar
Wonders Of The World
They say that there are seven natural wonders In this world, But then they have not been blessed with you in their life. They say that angels only exist in Heaven, And can only reside above, But they have not been gifted with your presence. To travel to the ends of the earth, Will not be too far, To have a moment in your arms. To travel to where the four winds would blow, Will not be too far To look into your eyes. To travel to the depths of hell, Will not be too perilous to venture To be with you and show you the love That has come to me since you. They say there are only seven wonders, But they would know that's not true Because on this earth, there is an angel, You are that angel, and your are a wonder That would be a blessing to any man, And I have seen the eighth wonder, And I am blessed by knowing you And I am a man that will hold this discovery to himself, And share the wonder with the world By shouting from the mountain tops At the end of the earth whe
Wondering About Things...
Tuesday, November 06, 2007 People in general....... Current mood: pissed off Category: Friends OK, I have a serious question for everyone, but mostly the women. Are there any of you who haven't been abused, fondled, forced, molested or raped at any time in your life? It seems to me that there aren't any women left that haven't had a traumatic sexual experience (not including just bad sex) at some point. My most recent steady fuck partner refused to go down on me, even after I went down on her, because some guy had forced her to when she was younger. Or that's what she said, anyway. You know what? Get over it, It happened years ago. If you can't move beyond your past you need serious therapy and possibly excellent pharmacy provided drugs. If I lived in my past I couldn't do a damn thing. Something happens, you deal with it, you move on....end of story. Because in the long run, that's all life is. It's a series of traumatic episodes with a few moments, fleeting
I sit here most of the night enjoying my time listening to music and talking to peeps. My ex comes on and wants to know about the bling pack that I got from a friend ... He cheated on me with another woman ... and went to her when I threw him out. I would think that he has all he wants so why does he care about what I do or who I do it with? He went so far as to tell me basically that he would target anyone that showed me "affection". I don't know what to do .. I am tempted to just delete this account and move on but I have met some great people on here and not sure I want to loose some of them. I don't know I guess I will have to think about it.
I read something on here today that asked if there was any truthful people out there. What I don't understand why not the truth? I even know that it hurts some times, not alway. I have made more people made at me for a saying right after my devorce. If you don't want the truth don't ask me a question. That there upsets more people. Oh well it is life an I will live another.
Wondering Where I Have Been
To all my friends, For those fo you who have been wondering where i have been i will tell ya. I havent been on lately because i recently started a new job and i have been really busy. I have missed all of you bunches but my new job has taken to me days so im goin in at 7 and not gettin home till 4 or 5 and its been crazy. I took a job on days because that was the best move for me and my kids i need to be home with them at night so this was all for them. I took a major cut n pay for this but did what i had to do its not all about money for me my kids are the most important yes the money was good but i have to do whats best for my family. So to those of you who missed me now you know whats going on if you care. If you dont then oh well i guess i wasnt talking to you all. You can always leave me some love anytime its all needed and wanted. Also i will be deleting ppl off my friends list if you want to stay send me a private messege letting me know that you want to stay and if i d
Wondering .....
Don't mind me, just being a little existential for a moment. :p I was just wondering ... is there something you really wish/hope for? It could be a person, place, thing or event. What is it that you really, really want?
Wonderful Morning
So, I was on my way to school this morning, when I flipped my car. All I remember is driving down my drive way then being upside down. It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. Nothing seriously wrong. My one arm is banged up, but nothing broken and nothing too deep. I definitely have bruises already. I don't think I hit my head. My car is completely totaled. I don't know what I am gonna do. MY insurance is gonna sky rocket and I definitely cannot afford another vehicle. P.S. I am not asking for any sympathy I just thought you would all like to know what happened. [Edit] So, My one wheel is completely broken and so is my axle. I took off my side view mirror on the drivers side. The roof of my car caved in some. My windshield shattered and so did the window to my driver's side. The head rest of my seat snapped off. My trunk popped open from it. I have a pic as well. I will add more if I think of anything
Wonder If I Could Just Forget.....
Ok.So Fubar I guess would be the outcast side of me.So why not admit to the feelings I hide from my betty crocker well wishers.I am married.I have 4 beautiful children.And in a boring, risk free world, I love my husband.But like anyone else, I crave chaos.Totally unsure if I could actually handle it or not.I use to have that.I remember those days and I recall that back then I yearned for these days.Kind of like wishing for winter in summer and summer in winter.But if I could live in a perfect world, I would walk through life with no social security number and no birth certificate.No verification of who I am.Then I could be whoever I wanted to be.I know I am not the only one to feel this way.But every single day I wake up wanting the same thing.Amnesia, blue eyes, and Marlboro Menthol lights.
why do people aways say thet know what your going trough or know how how you feel. But then on the same note say well are you single. lol funny huh. well you dont know me if you did you would say im just here for you not bs answers that you think i want to hear. And why then do people try to hook u up woth people after they find out your now out of a relationship ok sorry venting done ty
Wondering Who Is Real
I sit and wonder why people seem to have a second side to eevrything. It seems if you do things for them, it's ok. But when you do things for others, they tell you you are "buying" people. I don't "buy" anyone. I give what I have to anyone who needs it. I am the kind of person who loves to make people smile. Is there something wrong with that? I would never try to buy someone's friendship, or love. I was also told sometimes I act like an IDIOT! I guess thats because when I go out to have fun, thats what I do. I don't try to impress anyone, I am me, and either you like me or you don't! If I have to hold back, then nobody is worth knowing the REAL ME. So, to those who think I'm an be it! At least I'm not phony!!!!!!!!!
The Wonders Of God
The Wonders of God Let us work at the wonders of God in our endless quest for eternal life, free from the inspired madness of youth. Let us admire the wonders of Man as they have inspired the open mind, as they lead us in our quest for the truth. Can you believe the impossible wonders we have stripped from the webs of this dream? Have you any need for further proof? If we can see unimaginable things and realize them as if a fluid dream had restored to us the wonder of youth; If we can see what it is we shall be, then, as the Gods had before us, we shall!
i wonder do we dream or back of our mind tell us sometime we have to. do we dream of so many thing that our mind just lets us dream lil bit a night. so we willnot go in sane or are we sane. do we have say what go in our dream or what. and i donot make secne of this maybe my mind have to many thing go on in it .(sorry for the spelling) half the time i donot dream at all is it that u are so trier your mind cannot think strange. do we try to get away from real world. some people say that what the internet is for.(lol) maybe i'm just nuts or full of sh*t. maybe i dnot care or do i. day dream i know we all do that i think. some no i do not but we do. is your day dream better then night dream. i'm not go at this i be do this all wrong. some will care and some willnot. maybe i wonder to much. if u read this tell me what u wonder or not its up to u.
what a fantastic song! I just really like it. and work is just a riot. and life is just a heated craziness!
Wonderful Friends
Imagination! Wow, do I have an imagination. I often wonder what It would be like to Make TOTAL love with you; What would it be like... kiss you tenderly all night all over your beautiful body... to hold you in my arms and feel the heat and moisture of your skin... to slide my manhood deep into Your flooding sacred chamber... to have you ride my bucking stallion and moan loudly from the pleasure you were receiving...I wonder what it would be like to run, dart and send my tongue all over, around and into your sweet, oh how I wonder as I look at you my fantasy and beautiful dream.
The Wonder Of You:lettermen
—__________________________________________________ When noone else can understand me When everything I do is wrong You give me love and consolation You give me hope to carry on And you try to show your love for me in everything you do, Thats the wonder, the wonder of you And when you smile the world is brighter You touch my hand and I'm a king Your kisses to me is worth a fortune Your love for me is everything And you're always there to lend a hand In everything I do That's the wonder The wonder of you I guess I'll never know the reason why You love me as you do That's the wonder The wonder of you dedcation to all my ladies
A Wonderfull Story
A woman came out of her house and saw 3 old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. She did not recognize them. She said "I don't think I know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat." "Is the man of the house home?", they asked. "No", she replied. "He's out." "Then we cannot come in", they replied. In the evening when her husband came home, she told him what had happened. "Go tell them I am home and invite them in!" The woman went out and invited the men in" " We do not go into a House together," they replied. "Why is that?" she asked. One of the old men explained: "His name is Wealth," he said pointing to one of his friends, and said pointing to another one, "He is Success, and I am Love." Then he added, "Now go in and discuss with your husband which one of us you want in your home." The woman went in and told her husband what was said. Her husband was overjoyed. "How n ice!!", he said. "Since that is the case
Wonder Woman Does Back To Back Hh
It's A DOUBLE Shot Of Wonder Woman! May 18 @ 3pm-5pm (fu-time) Wonder Woman Will Be Watching Over All Of Fubar And Hosting NOT One, But TWO BACK TO BACK HAPPY HOURS!! Join me by showing her all the love she deserves during her: SUPER BACK to BACK DOUBLE SHOT of HAPPY HOURS!! So please, Please, PLEASE!! SAVE those 11s until 3pm-5pm (fu-time) WONDER_WOMAN¢â Founder_Of_Justice_League OWNED BY CHUCKIIBOO Fu-Owner Of Joe & BASSTRACKER
Wondering Why
why is it that people can't just be who they are why is it a big deal to try to be something else who cares if you are who you are just e that nothing special no lies no fake personas just be you it will gain a lot more respect that way
The Wonderous World Of The Reflective Picture Commentator
You know, on this site, many of us simply rate each other for points, and not for quality. Even if someone is not a so called 10 we rate them that anyway. We do this in hopes that we too will get that consideration in return. Ah, but what's the prize after all? One thing that I do know that I find to be odd is when I want to comment on a picture, usually it has been a young lady, and I find many other men have beaten me to it. What they haven't beaten me to though was leaving some well thought out, and deserved comment. Most of them are pretty base, and obvious comments. Most of them say the same thing as the previous one.
I sit here with my heart on the line yet again .not knowing where things may lead. i sware to my self that i would never let a nother get this close to me and for the life of me i have let 2 people so close that they could destory me with good bye .. One is mine the other i ache to have wishing that the fates would not be so crule .. will they graint me what my heart seeks or will it be a game for the rest of my life .. For the tale of this girl is still open she waits to get the answer ..
Wonder Woman Closed This Auction :(
Wondering About Flirting
sometimes we all flirt with others. most of the time, it's just for fun and no one gets hurt. but there is the odd time or two when the flirting hurts another person. usually the hurt person is a significant other. what the flirters don't realize is that even an innocent flirt can have repercussions. when you tell someone else that you love them, be careful how you word it. because, sometimes the most innocent of words can mean something more to someone else. if you love them as a friend, make sure that is what is meant. i can't say that it happens all the time. and maybe the one that is hurt is a bit unsure and not used to the casual scene. i have seen friends devastated and relationships ruined because someone thought it was alright to "flirt". i reckon i come from the old school. when two people commit, it's total, heart, body, and mind. which doesn't leave room to casually flirt and say things to another that a person should be saying to their significant oth
Do any of you know what its like to love someone for so long that after awhile you give up altogether and then out of no where the person you thought u were just getting over comes back into your life. You realize at the point that you never gave up on him.her. They impacted your life in so many ways that you are glad to have them back again and you hope they stay this time and do run away cause they are afraid. Well I do. I have been in love with person for so long but never told them till just recently because I was afraid and I was told by a family memeber not to let him know that he had that kind of effect on me. I am just so glad he is back in my life again. I hope he doesn't runaway.
A Wonderful Woman
"A wonderful woman is proud. She respects herself and others. She is aware of who she is. She neither seeks definition from the person she is within Nor does she expect the people she knows to read her mind. She is quite capable of articulating her needs. A wonderful woman is hopeful. She is strong enough to make all her dreams come true. She knows love; therefore she gives all her love. She recognizes that her love has great value and must be shared If her love is taken for granted, it will soon disappear. A wonderful woman has a dash of inspiration and a lot of endurance. She knows that she will at times have to inspire others. A wonderful woman knows her past Understands her present and faces toward the future. A wonderful woman does not live in fear of the future because of her past. Instead, she understands that her life experiences are Just lessons meant to bring her closer to self-knowledge And unconditional
Wondering What It Means To You
ok guys and gals , i hear this comment from both women and men.. "he or she is sexy" what does that word mean to you,,, i am just curious,,and i am not talking about me, but what do you consider to be sexy?
You ever wonder who your true friends are? The ones that no matter what happens will always be there for you. I thought thats what you were. But in the end the joke was on me. You walked on me you used me for when you needed things and then you hurt me. And every time i let you back into my life. Im tired of being walked on tired of being hurt JUST so damn tired of feeling used. You always talk about how we are the best of friends, how i was there for you when no one else was, how these other people were nothing to you because when you needed someone most they couldnt stop what they were doing to help you. Well the sad thing is, you had that true friend in me, and now you've lost it. I cant stand around and do nothing. I hate watching you talk about how everyone is your friend and then you talk about them behind their back. I wonder if you did the same to me. But they werent fool enough to bring you so far into their lives like i did. One day you will realize life isn't just s
Wonder If It'd Work For Us? --> Tasmanian Devils Fight Cancer With Sex
Tasmanian Devils Fight Cancer with Sex Jeanna Bryner Senior Writer Mon Jul 14, 5:15 PM ET Tasmanian devils have for some years been plagued with a mysterious and lethal cancer. Now, the dog-sized mammals are fighting back: They are breeding at younger ages. Devils are furry marsupials, mammals that have no true placentas - females usually have pouches to carry and suckle newborns. They reside only on the island of Tasmania, though fossil evidence suggests that long ago Tasmanian devils (Sarcophilus harrisii) were spread across the Australian mainland. Devils are known for their offensive odor, disturbing screeches and viciousness when they eat, mostly carrion. Hunters considered the devils pests to livestock and took a toll on the population in the mid-1800s. Now the devil facial tumor disease is killing the animals within a year of reaching maturity. The infectious cancer is spread directly through biting. The tumors mainly affect adults at least 2
Wonder Why Some Grownups Act Like Children
i was sitting here wondering who's worse children or grown ups or is it that children really do learn how to treat others by the actions of the grown ups. I always thought that once you become adults you stop acting like a child in certain areas, but maybe what is happening is children are actually acting like adults. Hurting teasing or just plain saying rude things are the things we teach our children not to do so shouldn't we practice what we preach. We are all human beings with feelings just wonder how the bully's would feel if they were talked to the way they talk to others.
Wonderful Possibilities
Wonderful possibilities You are blessed, right here and right now, with the miracle that is your life. With magnificent abundance swirling all around you, the possibilities are more numerous than can be imagined. Yes, the setbacks and disappointments can be acutely painful. And yet the only reason you're able to feel the pain is because you know that joy and fulfillment are always possible. There is no limit to the potential that is in this moment. For in this moment you can put your highest, most treasured values into action. In this moment, you have a choice. And you have all that is necessary to follow that choice. In this moment you can choose to benefit from a lifetime of learning, experience, dreams and longings. All that has brought you to this day is yours to make use of in fulfilling your best possibilities. Every bit of energy you sense around you can be focused in the service of the most wonderful possibilities you can imagine. Go ahead, imagine, and bring those
.........when the happy is gonna start up again, because this girl is about ready to give up on it.
Wonderful Life
Here I go out to see again the sunshine fills my hair and dreams hang in the air Gulls in the sky and in my blue eyes you know it feels unfair there's magic everywhere Look at me standing here on my own again up straight in the sunshine No need to run and hide it's a wonderful, wonderful life No need to laugh and cry it's a wonderful, wonderful life Sun in your eyes the heat is in your hair they seem to hate you because you're there and I need a friend Oh, I need a friend to make me happy not stand here on my own Look at me standing here on my own again up straight in the sunshine No need to run and hide it's a wonderful, wonderful life No need to laugh and cry it's a wonderful, wonderful life I need a friend oh, I need friend to make me happy not so alone....... Look at me here here on my own again up straight in the sunshine No need to run and hide it's a wonderful, wonderful life No need to laugh
Sometimes u have to wonder about ur friends, wonder who's really ur friend and who isnt, who lies to u and who doesnt, who cares for u and who dont, who turns their back on u and who wont. Who's selfish and who cares, who's never around and who's always there, who listens to ur problems and who shrudges, who can forgive and who holds grudges, who lies to be that decieving and who's honest enough to believing. I never turn my back on my friends and I am always there to listen, sometimes I dont get the same back, sometimes I get lied to and sometimes I get told things for spite, sometimes answers are said not to be honest but to cover tracks and sometimes forever doesnt always mean that. So tell me, do u really want that as a friend? I dont...
Wonderous Moment
Wondrous Moment The wondrous moment of our meeting . . . I well remember you appear Before me like a vision fleeting, A beauty's angel pure and clear. In hopeless ennui surrounding The worldly bustle, to my ear For long your tender voice kept sounding, For long in dreams came features dear. Time passed. Unruly storms confounded Old dreams, and I from year to year Forgot how tender you had sounded, Your heavenly features once so dear. My backwoods days dragged slow and quiet— Dull fence around, dark vault above— Devoid of God and uninspired, Devoid of tears, of fire, of love. Sleep from my soul began retreating, And here you once again appear Before me like a vision fleeting, A beauty's angel pure and clear. In ecstasy the heart is beating, Old joys for it anew revive; Inspired and God-filled, it is greeting The fire, and tears, and love alive.
I just got back home today and no love nothing on my page beside the auction. So once vip run ouy i might be deleting my acount. Yaw show me i mean nothing to yaw thank for being great friends. Thank for 2 who left few coments. but i am hurt
A Wonderful Reminder
While praying one day a little girl asked, "Who are you, Lord?" He answered, "I Am" But, Who is I Am?" she said. And He replied..."I Am Love, I Am Peace, I Am Grace, I Am Joy, I Am the Way, Truth, and the Light I Am the Comforter, I Am Strength, I Am Safety I Am Shelter, I Am Power I Am the Creator; I Am the Beginning and the End I Am the Most High." The girl with tears in her eyes looked Toward heaven and said, Now I understand, but Lord, Who Am I ?" Then God tenderly wiped the tears From her eyes and whispered, "YOU ARE MINE" -- Author Unknown
A Wonderful Night
Wonderful Democrat Representatives
The Democrat party, the party of caring for fellow man, the party of quiet powerful tranquil leadership has shown their true colors once again. The liberal nut case protesters at the RNC, where John McCain has called for the evil, heartless Republican delegates to turn any gatherings into fund raisers to help those impacted by the hurricane. The Republicans will be building 80,000 relief packages to be sent down to those in need. Just thought I'd bring attention to the likes of Michael Moore who said that "this hurricane hitting New Orleans at the start of the RNC is proof there is a God in heaven!". the second in command of the Democrat party was recorded saying "This hurricane timing is wonderful. It just proves that God is on our side." This from a party where many of them refuse to even admit the existence of God! Please look at the link below.
Wondering Why?
I often wonder why women like guys that treat them like shit. As I listen to all my women friends talk about how the guy treats them like shit, beats on them. I am left wonderin why is it that I treat women with respect and yet I can never get a girlfriend. Its Bullshit with the whole wait and she will come. I just wanted to vent on my blog. But to me, i was thinking I should start being more of a asshole now!!! That might work.
Well This should be an interesting write for me as I have no earthly idea what I am going to write. Usually when I do a blog entry I have something on my mind that needs to be put down on paper, no so in this case. Well lemme think for a second. I have had a pretty busy week that started last weekend. I have a huge atom bomb dropped in my lap that I knew would happen but had hoped it wouldn't. Then later a conversation transpired with decisions made based on commitments of another. This are still up in the air to see is those actions are carried out as requested. Time will tell then other decisions will have to made as well. Confused? Good, welcome to my world. A constant state of confusion. I am happy in one way as a result of this and extremely bothered while and the same time worried and expecting. I have a feeling what will happen and fully expect it to go a certain way. Good or bad things always work out in ways we sometimes never expect and at times it is always for the b
I wonder about allot of things, things like if you love someone so much, why do you treat them the way you treated me? After I got this job, the only thing that made me make it through the day was knowing I got to talk to you that night. Us making plans about me coming out east forever... But I guess that was for nothing... Still to this day I replay your voice, look and even the setting of us in your bed talking, and you saying "baby your the best thing to ever happen to me, and your the best Ive ever had"... What happened, why did you "loose your mind"? like you told me? If you wanted our relationship to end then it should of ended then... I still picture your face at the airport the day I was leaving... You crying and telling me I had 1 year to be back to you in your arms forever... Well that has all changed hasn't it? I noticed in your email to me today that you must of taken his last name. I remember the notes (that you threw out) of you writing my last name wi
I awake from a dream I had of you Laying there … wondering if you’d dreamt of me too Praying and giving my thoughts and these feelings to God ‘cause no matter how hard I try to stuff them away Those thoughts of you come crashing through Day goes by like a slow passing train Trying to keep my mind pre occupied When out of the blue those Thoughts of you come crashing through Not always putting a smile on my face Sometimes tears fall from my eyes Trying to hide the shame from this pain … Wondering if you’d thought of me Night falls as I get on line Weakness shows as I send you an offline (“hi”) Waiting like some lonely fool Knowing you don’t care for me …. And thoughts of me don’t bother you Like the thoughts of you that won’t go away Laying in my empty bed Prayers are quietly said while tears of forgiveness and my dread While I stuff those feelings I have for you And wondering why I can’t let this go As I drift off to dream Praying they’re not of you.
By now you know, Hard2Handle has a Happy Hour tonight @ 6pm FU Time! But what you don't know, is that she'd like you to love this girl up..Wonder_Woman { is managed by T & Suggardaddy}@ fubar She is one awesome Super Hero!!! She is so close to Oracle, surely with every one dropping by her page during Hard2Handles Happy hour, it will be done in no time.. She has a wonderful sense of humor and a great person to know. So stop by her page and love her up now.. You don't have to wait till tonight, love her up ALL day long. Spank her, Bling her, Bomb her, share her with your friends.. She always does for others and will surely bring a smile to your face Bully By:MsCharlotte2U!~No Rate No Add~@ fubarPlease Re-Post!Please Re-Post!Please Re-Post!
Wonderful Trip On Cyprus
By September 14 to 20 I had a wonderful bisiness trip on Cyprus. Have been a lot times in Larnaka (Lordos Beach Hotel) and Nicosia. There are wonderful people, great sea, nice swimming pools of my hotel and great old stylish streets of beach Larnaka. I LOVE Cyprus and cypriots. All cypriots ARE WELCOME to my life and my heart. More details and photos at:
A Wonderful Story
BEING A MOTHER After 21 years of marriage, My wife wanted me to take another woman out to dinner and a movie. She said, 'I love you, but I know this other woman loves you and would love to spend some time with you.' The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my MOTHER, who has been a widow for 19 years, but the demands of my work and my three children had made it possible to visit her only occasionally. That night I called to invite her to go out for dinner and a movie. 'What's wrong, are you well,' she asked? My mother is the type of woman who suspects that a late night call or a surprise invitation is a sign of bad news. 'I thought that it would be pleasant to spend some time with you, 'I responded. 'Just the two of us.' She thought about it for a moment, and then said, 'I would like that very much.' That Friday after work, as I drove over to pick her up I was a bit nervous. When I arrived at her house, I noticed that she, too, seemed to be nervous about
Wonders Of Walmart
After my long appointments this day, Mom, who was driving, had wanted to stop at wally world to pick up some crap... We were in the isle with super glues and stuff like that... There was this lady staring at the glues... I wouldn't say she was fat... ok... maybe I would.. She looked to be 275-300 pounds, literally.... She kept looking at the glues for maybe 5 minutes while I scoped out other products... I looked at her again, she spotted me and smiled shyly.. then asked me if I knew which super glue would work the best. So, I asked what she was going to use it for... She had broken the legs on her wicker rocking chair and was going to glue it back together... With a straight of a face as possible, I told her that I have no idea, I don't work a lot with light weight materials like wicker often and then quickly turned to walk away...
The Wonder Of It All
I gaze up at the heavens & wonder what is all this for. I look upon many of Gods beutiful creations he has created from the sea to land & wonder of his master plan. I see all kinds of people In the world & wonder if some wonder also like me. I look within my self & wonder if I'll make it through life's wonder's. Then I look in your eyes deep within your soul, there was no need to wonder I knew your love had kept me whole
The 7 Wonders Of The World
A group of students were asked to list what they thought were the present Seven Wonders of the World. Though there was some disagreement, the following got the most votes: 1. Egypt's Great Pyramids 2. Taj Mahal 3. Grand Canyon 4. Panama Canal 5. Empire State Building 6. St. Peter's Basilica 7. China's Great Wall While gathering the votes, the teacher noted that one quiet student hadn't turned in her paper yet. So she asked the girl if she was having trouble with her list. The girl replied, "Yes, a little. I couldn't quite make up my mind because there were so many." The teacher said, "Well, tell us what you have, and maybe we can help." The girl hesitated, then read, "I think the Seven Wonders of the World are: 1. to touch 2. to taste 3. to see 4. to hear She hesitated a little, and then added 5. to feel 6. to laugh 7. and to love The room was so full of silence you could have heard a pin drop. Those things we overlook as simple and "ordinary" a
i'm thinking about hosting an auction. Before i do, i want to see how many people would be interested. Please leave me a comment and let me know. Thank you ~daisy~
Wonder What Each Is Thinking???? McNuttyFucker: by the looks of things can be a mirad of things 1) damn you got a better ass than my wife 2) did you wash your hands? I dont know where its been 3) You think you gonna get into that house! Ha that house is mine, George told me, and my friend Karl is gonna help me get there.. Obama: 1) Okay gramps your on. Lets see how your tested. I hope your depends is tested because you will be springing a leak when Im done with you. 2)I got old man germs..yuck! 3) That house is mine! Mine I tell you! 4) Im gonna send you back to an old age home gramps!
Wonderwall - Ryan Adams
Wonder Lust
Wonder lust and solitude, Trickle down and endless road. Where time knows no end and fear has no soul, Caught in the passion, Stolen by desire, I felt the flame of an ever lasting fire. The sands in the hour glass did not seem to fall, Time stood still during that winters call, I lost my self in wonder, Had a chance for love. I know now love is not forever, I know now the widowed mind weeps, But for solitude I keep my tears, And Never do I believe another mans words. I thought he loved me, And still I believe, Deep down inside there are still feelings for me, But to himself he does keep. He will never speak those words of sweetness, He will never show he cares, For he is lost in that lonely hour glass, Where he cant se that I care.
As I sit thinking of and waiting for you Goes thru my mind, the last few months, Ive been thru. Your love for me I do not doubt Tho thru hell i went, you without My mind it wonders everyday How you could leave me to wait this way I have nothing but love and hope But on my own everyday I cope How much longer are you gonna leave me there With hope of you lingering in the air. My mind is strong my heart is pure My hope is dieing with you the cure YOu said you never wanted to make me cry Then I hear "Im still not coming I love you, Goodbye" I love you and my patience is not yet gone Tho I wonder how long you will have this go on
Sometimes I wonder why people talk to me. Then stop talking. Then start again. hmmmm...
Wonderful Day
Today was a great day I got to talk to friends and I get to go hang out with a friend TWICE tomorrow I am excited. I am nervous cuz I am a lil self conscious cuz I have a lot of insecurity about the way that I look but all in all I am excited.
Another year almost gone. We have reached a new all time high in how bad our economy is getting. And we reached something I never thought I would ever see in my 27years of my youth that I would live to see a black president. A woman maybe but never thought a black man would actually stand a chance. Don't get me wrong we are all equal. BUT people of america do not think so sometimes. Perhaps its the small minded fools who have lower than most standards. Or perhaps its the uneducated that lack self respect enough to give it to others. Who knows. But I do know one thing. What does this mean for us as america? Will we remain the victorious land of the free? or Will we fall just as Sadom and Gamora did back when Moses was around? Who knows. But I know the thing that disturbs me the most is; What is going to happen to our next generation?? They say HISTORY repeats itself. WILL IT? Will we see racism and hate take front burner after all these years? Will we watch our nation of equality go dow
Wonderment Sometimes I stop and ask myself Sometimes I stop and ponder What are these images in my head? Thoughts full of awe and wonder I ask myself `why do I fancy?’ I ask myself ` why do I dream?’ Castles encrusted with crystals Lost in a paradise that gleams Dreams of an age long since past Childhood thoughts pure and free Transferred to a time that is now For the wonder of youth still fills me
Wonder Woman Needs One Rate!!!
Wonder Woman Needs One Rate! Plz Help?
Hey brah, Damn, I cannot believe it snowed today. Last winter we had the winter from hell. If it happens again this year I gotta get out of this place. Maybe I'll move to Canada or Alaska where the weather is actually better. I hate Monday's anyway. Don't get me wrong my job is kewl and not too hard. The problem is getting up early...I hate it. I would so rather stay up most of the night and sleep most of the morning. I could be a vampire and not even know it. Plus, and this is true..nothing important ever happens before noon anyway. Unless your in bed with a hot guy like my bf...then it could. Otherwise forget it. Stay in bed sleep well and dream hot. Plus, did you ever notice your best, most sexy dreams are early in the morning hours? Who wants to miss that? So, the economy sucks and is going to for a long time, I think. We have all, me included, lived a lot on credit. Now that that is all dried up we will have smaller houses, less cars, and less kewl stuff to have. So, if that
Do you ever have a time where life just gets you down and you cant seem to pick yourself back up that's where i'm at right now. Hopefully things will start looking up soon before i end up even more depressed than i am now.
A Wonderfull Story
A woman came out of her house and saw 3 old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. She did not recognize them. She said "I don't think I know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat." "Is the man of the house home?", they asked. "No", she replied. "He's out." "Then we cannot come in", they replied. In the evening when her husband came home, she told him what had happened. "Go tell them I am home and invite them in!" The woman went out and invited the men in" " We do not go into a House together," they replied. "Why is that?" she asked. One of the old men explained: "His name is Wealth," he said pointing to one of his friends, and said pointing to another one, "He is Success, and I am Love." Then he added, "Now go in and discuss with your husband which one of us you want in your home." The woman went in and told her husband what was said. Her husband was overjoyed. "How n ice!!", he said. "Since that is the case
Wondering About The New Year
The Wonderful Ice Storm.. And Its After Effects
Ok so last night we got a nice long night of freezing rain.. my Jeep gets blanketed in the beautiful crystal frozen wonder that we know as Ice. I go out and start my car so its nice and warm for my 15 minute drive into town... I leave the keys in the ignition, Spare keys in my cup holder, and all doors unlocked, shut door. I grab my heavy duty Scraper and get to work, I start chipping away from the front right fender all the way around my beloved Jeep. As I work my way around to the passenger front door I notice it's froze shut, so I chip around the seal and begin tugging on the door. I tug and tug and tug to no avail, finally I notice that the door is locked, I think "hm ok, I must have just unlocked my driver door.." I go around to the driver door and it doesn't open.. "WTF..!" and I see both sets of keys are in there! "That's Okay I can get in with a coat hangar!" So I get myself a coat hangar and make a little hook, But it doesn't wanna wedge itself in there.. so
i wonder sometimes how you can be with someone but not truely want to be...i spent 5 1/2 hours with someone on the phone and i would do it again in a heart beat...for someone reason i feel like the guy i am on a break with is not a guy a should continue to date...he is always askin who i am talkin to who i am texting who i am iming on the computer everything like that but yet some how i continue to think maybe everyone is right i should stop being with him and just find someone else instead...the guy i spent 5 1/2 hours with is a guy i would love to finish getting to know and taking time on it and just savor every min of it...can someone tell me why my heart is tellin me to stop bein with one guy and just savor every min talking to a guy i would love to talk all day every day?
A Wonderful Message From A Friend...happy New Years!!
Remember, Happiness is the art of living, the purpose of our existence. Happiness is the true index of quality of life. Without happiness, life is dry and meaningless. With happiness, life immediately becomes fulfilling and wonderful. Happiness is an infectious feeling that immediately lifts the sagging spirits of people. Happy people keep themselves happy because they know the little ways to appreciate themselves and to see the humour and magic in each moment. Live, Laugh Love! One love
I wonder if you think of me When night is drawing near. And in the shadows of your room The walls around you disappear. I wonder if in your quiet thoughts Your dreams of me are anymore. When in the silent, velvet blue The moon is tapping at your door. I wonder if the shining stars That dangle from the clouds above Reminds you of my whispered words In promise of eternal love. I wonder of the lonely light That breaks upon the early dawn Still holds a tender memory for now So long I have been gone. I wonder if you dream of me When the cloudless skies are blue Because across each day and night My thoughts are constantly of you.
Wondering On The Rights Of Forgiveness
recently i have done some things that aren't good, and i have said some things about people before i took the time to get to know them. and this i feel very much ashamed of, but as i am a very stubborn person i can't relent and apologize. but this blog is supposed to be an apology of sorts. i can only hope that those people see it.
Wonder Why
Wonder Why I look up at the deep blue sky And I couldn't help but wonder why Why this life? Why me? Why here? Why now? And the only reply Was the blowing wind And the singing birds And yet I still wonder why. Why this place? Why this so-willing heart? A heart that gets broken so easily, Yet so hard to put back together. Why this time? Why this era? Why these people? And again the only reply Was the wind Whistling through the grass And the crickets Playing their songs And I wonder why.
The sky is not empty tonight. The clouds gather against steelblue like milky wardens of my imagination. Like giant fingers of the sky-ghost closing around my eyes, shielding me from the oncoming night. I feel six again. Infinite, and invincible. The sky is my limit, until I blow past the sky. My sword drawing daring lines in the soft dirt, as I march cheerily along the clovers and chickweed dancing in my nostrils promising me a better spring a better time a greater adventure than ever before. If only there was more time to be six. So much to do, so much to experience so many firsts. And none of the wherewithall to question its intentions. Not much has changed, really My steed is a one-eared taurus instead of a mighty paladin's clydesdale. My pen is now my Excallus. I'm still the lonely king overlooking this same livestock dotted hill. without a kingdom without a princess. Not much has changed... except the few parts of me that have died, Also, the f
Lost deep inside a world I was "born" into Wondering where to go To whom should I turn? I'm wearing out whats left of my "sanity" Burning my candle at both ends The race is pushing me faster than I can run I don't know what to do anymore I'm losing the will to find the way Feels like I'm gonna be left behind Desire is slipping away Part of me wants to give it all up Half of me refuses to fail Loves leaves never to return What can I do?
So I'm spending my first full day at the hotel. I was up super last last night because my cousin was here snoring so loud. It was driving me crazy, lol. Anyway, I woke up to 18 new messages...all were sent from the "fubar shop". At first I thought it was cute, but it's annoying. Can you turn that shit off???
Wonders Sometimes!
I know I've been talking alot about my problems lately however my mother is do here in 3 days although everytime I call to talk with her shes either sleeping or to busy now in some way I feel as if shes ignoring my calls & don't want to talk with me, it's hurting me to know that she'd do something like that but what would you think if you had asked your mother to be there for you while you go through a procedure? And not want to talk about it or pretty much ignore you, it'll make you feel worthless... I did call a few times & she said I'll call ya back but never did so what would you all think??? Anyways I do hope that I'm not bothering her with my problems, seeing she has some of her own an all. My sister just got out of surgery a few days ago an she was there for her another sister of mine is in some deep shit with the law & of course she's there for her now that I'm in need it seems as if I'm left alone to deal with it myself which is hard because I know my husband won't be able to
Wonder Why They Call You A Bitch_ Lol
You wonda why they call U bitch. [Verse One: 2Pac] Look here Miss Thang hate to salt your game but yous a money hungry woman and you need to change. In tha locker room all the homies do is laugh. High five's cuz anotha nigga played your ass. It was said you were sleeezy even easy sleepin around for what you need See it's your thang and you can shake it how you wanna. Give it up free or make your money on the corner. But don't be bad and play the game get mad and change. Then you wonda why these muthafuckas call you names. Still lookin' for a way out and that's OK I can see you wanna stray there's a way out. Keep your mind on your money, enroll in school. And as the years pass by you can show them fools. But you ain't tryin' to hear me cuz your stuck, you're headin' for the bathroom 'bout to get tossed up. Still lookin' for a rich man you dug a ditch, got your legs up tryin' to get rich. I love you like a sista but you
Wonderful Tonight
It's late in the evening She's wonderin' what clothes to wear She puts on her make-up And brushes her long blond hair And then she asks me, "Do I look all right?" And I say yes, you look wonderful tonight We go to a party And everyone turns to see This beautiful lady walkin around with me And then she asks me, "Do you feel all right?" And I say yes, I feel wonderful tonight I feel wonderful because I see the love light in your eyes And the wonder of it all is that you just don't realize how much I love you It's time to go home now And I've got an achin' head So I give her the car keys And she helps me to bed And then I tell her As I turn out the light I say my darlin', you are wonderful tonight Oh, my darlin, you are wonderful tonight
That moment you realize he loves you as much as you love him .... but you both are still too afraid to say it out loud is wonderful! You feel soo excited you think you might physically be sick, then you see him looking at you, and you both smile. THATS when you know , this is the begining of WONDERFUL! (I Love you Baby!)
you came along and lit my world on fire...and like a thief in the night you were gone. so for days i wonder what im missing and then you come back with small words of hope...and i realize thoes words arent for me..and one drunken night i prove what a lost soul i have always been just because i made you a little more than my friend...i wish i had never thought about you for a moment in that way i wish you could have been honest with me...but i find thats impossible and obviously even the best intentioned can hurt others without trying or meaning to do it
Sitting here thinking about things.... This can happen when you are alone. Have you ever wondered where you are going in life. Some people know what lies ahead in their life and maybe they are the luck ones.... or are they? Some people figure out what they want to do in high school and set their sites on it and there are others that have not a clue until their life hits them in the face. I think I am one of those people. My life got handed to me by the (fly by the seat of my pants) decisions I made. In high school I became pregnant with my son JC and in the same time my parents made the decision we were moving to Charleston. Life changed. I really didn't got to college so I still didnt know what I was supposed to do other then raise my son. Then I met the amazing man who was in the military and we fell in love and he wanted to make me his wife and JC his son. Life changed. Nothing was ever planned. Then I found myself a military wife. I was in a world of NEVER knowing where you are g
3 Wonderful Ladies With Auto 11's
All these beautiful fantastic women are running Auto 11's...Stop by and show them some love! Autos on Wicked Wanda@ fubar ~MRS INDEPENDENT~@ fubar Auto's On Diamond Deb "kiss me I'm Irish"@ fubar
Wonder Woman's Downraters Contest
Hi All! I'm part of a contest that the awesome Wonder Woman is running. Not your ordinary contest, mind you. A very special one. The winner is the one with the lowest pic rating by 7:00 PM Fu-time next week. If y'all want to help me, please use the link below to down rate my pic every chance you get. And rate everyone else a 10. They'll love you for it! LOL! Thanks for your help!
i was wondering 2 things ... 1 how many people actually read these and 2 have i done something to upset the people i once called friends
what the secret is to getting ppl to read blogs
why is it that i cant keep you out of my head. why is it that i cant keep you out of my heart. why do i feel like i cant live with out you why do i feel like i cant breath with out you i seem to be lost with out with me i seem to feel like life is worthless with out you here i hate feeling so lost. i hate feeling so lonely i hate feeling like i mean nothing with out i hate feeling like if i dont have you with me im invisible to the world came take me away take me sumwhere i want to be take me with you in all you so take my heart and my mind and make it yours im lost in a sea in which i dont see and edge i dont want to be lost i dont want to be found unless it by you i need to be with you i need to be in your arms i need to know that i matter i need to know that you care in time i hope you see what all you mean to me wat all you do to me just by looking at me
Wonder How Many Can Acutally Do This
Can you wait for a solider ! Whatever happened to ' If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say nothing at all' Shouldn't this apply even more so for military wives. Can civilian people even begin to understand how it is . You can't just walk in to the other room to vent at your husband. You can't pick up the phone and call them. You have miles between you and it will be months before you can have the comfort of their touch. Why would you pick on someone like that? Why would you kick someone when the are already down? What happened to being nice. Not setting out just to hurt someones feelings. It makes me so sick to see people causing trouble for these families. They are going through enough! Let them be! Leave them alone! Find another hobby. Don't hurt people just because you can. That does not make them less of a person but it does make you. You should feel ashamed of your self to kick these people while there down. It is not right and they have have people wh
Wondering Do you think of me sometimes do I ever cross your mind do you even know my name do you feel the same oe is it just another game would you play me and through me away you should make up your mind or your wasting your time who said fallining in love was a crime maybe you notice me in good time but by than i'll have lost my mind
I'm back home and my Mom is getting all of her medicine together for the week. I should probably let you all know that she's disabled and she gets a medical card to help cover the cost of her medication and doctor visits. So right off the bat, we knew she wasn't exactly going to get excellent health care..we just expected it to make sense, lol.   Her doctor put her on a new medication, a vitamin shot. She's suppose to take this shot once a month. She goes to the pharmacy to get the prescription filled and they give her needles for it. I start looking at the bottle and figure out that one bottle will last her 5 months. It wouldn't really be that much of a big deal, since she takes shots for being a diabetic....but the needles for her vitamin require a different needle. I got looking at the packaging of the needle and see that it says once you use it, you have to throw it away. So no re-using one. But they only gave her 3. I told my Step-dad about it and told him he'd need to go back t
A Wonderful Surprise
A guy is sitting at the bar just staring at his drink for half an >> hour when this big >> trouble-making biker steps next to him, grabs his drink, gulps it >> down in one swig and >> then turns to the guy with a menacing stare as if to say, >> 'What'cha gonna do about it?' >> >> The poor little guy starts crying. >> >> 'Come on man I was just giving you a hard time,' the biker says. >> 'I didn't think you'd >> CRY.' 'I can't stand to see a man crying'. >> >> 'This is the worst day of my life,' says the little guy between >> sobs. 'I can't do >> anything right. I overslept and was late to an important meeting, >> so my boss fired me. >> When I went to the parking lot,I found my car was stolen and I >> don't have any insurance. >> I left my wallet in the cab I took home. I found my wife in bed >> with the gardener and my >> dog bit me. So, I came to this bar trying to work up the courage >> to put an end to my >
The Wonder
Wondering If I Could Make It
Wondering if at 38 years old i still have what it takes to make it in the U.S. Army. I was asked to rejoin this weekend at the gun show and cant stop thinking about it now.
                                   As i sit here on my bed                 Thoughts run through my head                 What did i say that upset you and made you dismayed?                 Tell me what i must say                  I rack my brain to figure this out                  Wondering what this is all about                   I try to say I Love You and you go away                  We haven't spoken in days                   As i sit upon my bed and wonder if you are ok                   Just tell me what i must do or say                  Life is miserable without you                   Oh if only i had a clue                   As I sit upon my bed and dream of our future life                  I could just end it with just one slice                  But, yet i see a small glamour in the far off distance                   But, without you it is just a penance &
Wondering Around
wondering around as i walk the streets trying to find what im looking gfor i hear your voice in my head that is lovely voice teling me that ill find what im looking for and that you still have your love for me. then something brings me back around and i relize that it is just a voice in my head and wishful thinking. then my phone rings and it is you on the other end wiht that soothing lovely voice of you. i just long for the the day to hear those three speical words " I LOVE YOU" to come over the phone from your end again. i just hope one day to hear those words from you again. but when we get off the phone they never come out from you. and i start to think that i will never get the one think that meakes me the happiest in the world and that one thing is you
As I wonder were life take's us.The journey is an adventure.Life now as we know it is bumpy,yet exciting.The journey up until now has been a long one.
Wondering Soul
i spoent lots of time on here for the last year, LOts OF MONEY and made manyfriends, first and foremost i thank you for that.....but trials and turbulance does happen. my wife(queenie) is not on here and im not sure when she will or will be back. my friends from fetish lounge have all gone there seperate ways, and i cant afford to keep up with the auto 11s and the bombs. i am a mom 1st and foremost. back when i started i got rated how i still rate people, by friends and by scrolling, i never expect a payout altho i have paid out to people who rate all my pics. I appreciate the bling, mostly i got from toxic, gypsy, sweetest kiss, bug, and alot from tabs whom has been on lockdown for some tos shit, and has tried repeatly to show proof. the fun is gone for me i met people on here then i met them in real life and i love you all. to my sister she knows where to find me but it is time to close this chapter for a good while as life has called me to make other things more important. if you ne
why would a guy say he loves you when he avoid,lies,dont come over to your house or invite you to anywhere,or ask about your family and friends,ignore the text or phone calls.
i always wondered where rainbow endsalways wondered where rain come fromand always wanted to know where air come fromalways wanted to know where all hidden treasures arealways wanted to know where sun,moon,and the stars gets their lightalways wanted to know what is happinessalways wondered whats lovenow i realize it allbecause,rainbow start and ends in your eyesrain comes of your tearsair comes of your breathshidden treasures are hidden with your lipsstars,moon,and sun takes its light from your brightnessthe spring of happiness splash of your heartand finally found lovewhen i found you==========================W.B: FM
as i sit here and think about my life all i can  do is wonder what i might have been able to do different.  I know that there is nothing that i can do about my past but i would sure like to go back and change hurting someone i loved sooooooooooooooooo much over a year ago.  I still love him and hope he loves me too.
Wonderful Surprise
I woke up in the morning, glanced at the clock, and quickly hopped out of bed and ran into the shower. I overslept because I had stayed up too late talking to you again last night, but I can never get enough of you. And honestly, I would probably still be talking to you if you hadn't ordered me to go to bed! As I was lathering my body quickly, I began to think about our conversation the night before. I loved your voice, so deep, so firm, so irresistible. As I was washing my pussy, I lingered a bit, thinking of how you made me play with myself last night, but never let me cum. How you loved to torture me! And how I loved it when you did! I forced my hand away and finished washing up, as much as I needed to cum, I wouldn't without your permission. Wrapping myself in a towel, I walked to my bedroom, where I had laid clothes out the night before for work. You chose the underclothes for me, and I shivered in anticipation as I looked at the panties you had picked. A present from you. Red lac
Wonderful Love
What more can I say. I've found the man of my dreams. And I feel like I am falling in love with him. I will do anything for him and I mean ANYTHING. He's stolen my heart. And I want to be with him the rest of my life. He means the world to me. I love him sooooo much and I hope to never lose him. I will be there for him through thick and thin. Through the good and the bad. He is my life. Babe, if you are reading this I love you with all my heart and soul. MUAH!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Wonders And Blessings
Well I finally got moved, Loving my new place, it took a lil longer than I thought it would, do to some unexspected events.. I went into preterm labor and ended up spending two days in ICU at Methodist Hosptial ( they almost killed me) but the baby and me are doing good, they got my labor stopped and I was put on bed rest which was a pain in the ass since I was moving so I had to rely on people to help me move, Im not use to relying on anyone ( no one ever stays that long anyways lmao) .... On the bright side the baby is growing like a weed she is a beauty.. And in a couple short weeks I will deliver her and life will be perfect. The pine trees and country air is wonderful, its keeping the stress down. My son absolutely loves it.. Life throws blessings with every curve ball.. This is one of them:) Anyways Im now 34 weeks pregnant going on 35 and having a beautiful baby girl that I can not wait to hold... Life sometimes does the strangest thing and something good comes out of some
In  the  dark  Of   the   Night   I  want to  die With   what Im  dealing  with  All I do is Cry I hide My  thoughts  and  Feelings  WellI choose  to  Suffer   My  peronal  Hell Torn  By  feelings  I dont  Dare  Speak They  are  My  secrets  to  KeepHurting  and  Suffering  I do it On my  own Wondering if I will ever Find A true Place to call  homeWondering Why I  live  this  way Wondering  why  They  never  Stay Loveing and  Leaving Im  just a  stop on the roadLeaving me alone to  bare  this  LoadI give all that  I am, till theres nothing Left to give With all of thses wounds my Soul has become a  Sive  The Anger the  hurt and the  Fear  I cant  escape that  much is  clear   How  Can  I love  you,  When  I  Know  your not  for me Again   I  Hide it  well   You  will never  See It  Kills me  to  Love  you  and not  Be with you But  i  know its not  Possable  with all  we have  been   throughI will  Be in your  corrner The  bitch that has  your backWaitig in the Shadows  for the Next  t
Wondering About Death...
So I was sitting here watching the news ,the reporter was talking about Micheal Jackson and all that "we the people think" he did wrong in his life. That just pisses me off ... Micheal had said once b4 that he wasnt prefect but he will try to be the best preson and father he can be. I agree with that statment 100% , noone is prefect and EVERY1 will make mistakes ,big one and small one.I know I have made a few and I'm sure u have to.I think that Micheal just act b4 thinking and alot of normal everyday people does the the same thing ,they dont get judged by the world so way does micheal jackson? b/c he has money or worth some money? !lol ur not gonna get it!! His kids will or someone n his family.So my ? is this when I die will there be a huge fuss over me like it is aout micheal jackson ?? R.I.P MICHEAL JACKSON u will be missed btw I really dont think it would  any fuss.I do think that my husband  will do the happy dance (no tears for him!) but I. hope u can see my point Something el
I have to wonder if there is incentive to have all these people wanting me to have this surgery? You know they get sometihng in return. Mr. Finance incrimanates himself right from the start by wishing me "good luck on your surgery." On 2/19 late when he should of wished me good luck on your Cath. on 2/20 very early. Series of reply to my email covicts him. Joe was apprehensive and I have to wonder why? Why is he standing there so lame when this stranger has all this information about me? The pop could of been anything like a incomplete combustion of air fuel mixture hitting the Catalytic Converter but the car is new and has less than 10k and it makes me wonder was there a fire cracker on the Cat? All this going around and running around get me no where and the same with others. Perhaps people just like me and wants me to keep on going? I have to wonder? Norio  
i sit alone wondering what will be what could be i see people in my head and wonder wonder what might be what if and maybe seeing a wonderful person on the screen looking back at me talking and flirting  all in fun but i wonder what fi maybe whats real whats fake whats fun whats serious i se the eyes and they say alot they some say helpme some say want me hold me need me then i wonder i have searched myself to find who i really am and i find that theres more to me than most  people see sometimes i know what i want but it cant be had a day late and a doller short seemsto be the story of my life with wat really matters what will really make me happy so alls i can do is wonder wonder what will be what might be one day one day soon i will stop wondering and i will  really know what the hell im doing in this world and ill wonder no more    
Wondering Where To Turn To...
with everything going on, I feel beyond lost; confused; even dead on the inside... because numbness doesn't begin to cover how I feel. I'm just battling with my own emotions... I can't even describe anything else so musik & videos will have to do...Lost in the darkness, hoping for a signInstead there is only silence,Can't you hear my screams...?Never stop hoping,Need to know where you areBut one thing is for sure,You're always in my heart.I'll find you somewhereI'll keep on trying until my dying dayI just need to know whatever has happened,The Truth will free my soul.Lost in the darkness, try to find your way homeI want to embrace you and never let you goAlmost hope you're in heaven so no one can hurt your soul...Living in agony 'cause I just do not knowWhere you areI'll find you somewhereI'll keep on trying until my dying dayI just need to know whatever has happened,The Truth will free my soul.Wherever you are, I won't stop searching.Whatever it takes, I need to know.I'll find you
Wondres Why
Have you ever wondered, why people do what they do on the net? They have to know some where in the back of their minds that the lieing, cheating...etc etc, will caught up to them, and then what? Why would anyone ever self-destruct for a moment of lieing or cheating with someone they have never met and will likely never met, giving up what they know is a good thing.Why?
I find myself confused about things in my life. why am i not happy? why are things in such disaray? Sometimes its like a big ass cloud hanging over head saying how can i fuck up his life today?  I mean honestly do nice guys actually finish last? I bet this sounds like im complaining and im a wimp or a pussy right but oh well its not ur life its mine. All i want is three things in life a woman thats down for me always as i would be for her through everything. Good job would be nice not that i dont have one already and somewhere to live i can figure the rest out later. Aww fuck it im going to get a beer
Wondering Why I Dont Have An Easy Button
Some times I truly wonder can I influence time and space or the future? Can I place a seed of thought in others to ultimately influence them? Do I see future events and to even see what is going on in others mind? I hope all of us seek and strive for Harmony and Inner Peace within our selves, Earth, and to seek out this lost connection with God. In Latin Peace is given as PAX. Norio  
I often wondered what they were saying, free the oppressed, liberate the people. I was nine or ten years old when these things were mentioned and at that age only thing I could do was to ask myself free us from who or what, liberate us from who or what, and who or what is oppressing us? At 52 years old my position is little different and I can see these things better that puzzeled me. Highest of all price is to sacrifice ones life for another. Often this takes place on the battle field and some times right here. Sad when our heroes are of the playnig fields, cinema, and the stage. In religion one finds some meaning to life because the promise is heaven but I do not see it mentioned in the Four Gospels but only in the Acts of The Apsotles and the Epistles of Paul that follow The Gospels. If we can free ourselves of the leash of money and the religions based upon it perhaps such things as pain, fear, doubt, anger, guilt, sorrow, and more will disappear. The Master does leave us many cryp
Wonderous One.
I run my hands through her hair and pull her gently to a kiss, She does not falter she does not sway her lips to mine it does not miss, I stare in awe at those beautiful eyes entranced by her blissful gaze, Submissive me with a care in love in so many ways, Shaking now I take her hand and press it to my cheek, Disregarding my pride and shameful thoughts that this action shows me weak, Shes broken through my many walls and pierced into my heart, I put trust in her alone to keep it whole and not break it apart, Perfection in a word explains her to a T, It cant be chance it cant be luck that somehow she found me, I rest beside her excited in a gitty boyish delight, that in the morning I'll still have her past this very night, Im happy now as I fall asleep to dream about her touch, My wonderous one my perfect girl the one I care for so much. Written by: David Gobeo
[wonderful Things]
First and foremostapplewood smoked goudause it in everythingyou'll thank me later.It's a medium soft cheese, melts easy, grates easier, I've put it in white sauces, tomato cream sauces, and yes, even in my carbonaraUsually the heat of your cooked grains will melt it, pasta, grits, rice but a little skillet heat isn't a bad thing.It goes great with bacon, because we already know smokedapple wood smokedand cheesegoes great with bacon.Don't overthink this shit people.Next up my very simple putanesca- I think I've mentioned it in passing, but hey anything that bears trying, bears mentioning more than once.First you will need some stuffed olives, I like feta cheesebecause at this time I'm determining if I'm lactose intollerant or not *gasp* ... you are NOT going to stop me from having icecream and cream saucesits just not happening.But despite this ongoing investigation- I like the big manzanella ? spellcheck spanish olives.They're big, they're yummy, and they can hold a lot of stuffed stuf
have you ever wondered whats really real in lifeif youre really living it allif its worth the sacrificehave you ever wonderedif things are exactly how they seemif theyre nothing more than a mirageif theyre nothing more than a dreamhave you ever wonderedif who you love is realif theyre not just pretendingand you feel things you shouldnt feelhave you ever wonderedhow youre going to diehave you made out a listwho needs to be told goodbye?have you ever wonderedwhere youre going to gowill it be heaven or will it be helldont you think you need to know?
Wonder How Many Of These I Can Stand To Watch... While Ignoring That Pretty Little Perv...
Wondering Who
Its late! And I am putting vids together for my new site coming up! I hope guys and girls love it?  
i was just wondering why. I don't really see why not, but it never is. I wonder if it ever will.
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Wonder Why I Let People In
yet again i did it i starting liking a guy i got hurt i should just give up on people i done it all for guys it will be nice to have a guy do some thing for me for once with my hubby i got him a car pay off all his shit and what i get is abuse same with my x's rape abuse i did it for a bf in nh as well i did it for alot of people i am DONE WITH EVER ONE IF ANY one things they are man then contact me other wise dont bother
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                                   ?Wonder?          Starting at its tip          I want and need to rub,          massaging with a force          after a visit to the tub.          Working every inch          each dimension part by part,          with a deep need and more          the feeling starts in the heart.               This is not what may be thought          I was putting lotion on my feet Ha! Ha! Gotcha! ! !
Wondering if things in the near future will be worth it all. I wonder a lot....I worry a lot... what if everything goes wrong and my dreams are shattered...
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Wonderland - 7/16/09
  WONDERLAND   Buried alive in your own mind. Dig it up and shove it down. Swallow whole the sediment, after riding the river rapids of colorless thought.   Into the rabbit hole you go. But not just sliding on the curves; Ricocheting off the right angles of conflict.   You attempt a quick move to the left And a desperate search for any and all crevices Has your digits doing their best talon imitation   But you are then viciously jerked back to the right where Touching bottom leaves you instantly bereft As you discover your imagined plight was motionless   Do you cover your eyes with your hands? To the subtle hues whispering in the back of your mind Or do you slap yourself to see where truth stands?
Wonder Why
i sit here day after day wondering why i did the things i did. i wonder day after day why i just didnt tell you that i love you with all my heart and soul and need you more then anything in my life and that you was the only one for me. i sit here staring at your picture wondering what my life would be like if i would have said what realy needed to be said instead of letting the hurtful words come out. i wonder what is instore for me now that i have destroied the most important thing in my life cause i was to bullheaded to say. " I love you my love with all my heart and soul... I also need you in my life cause i am nothing without you in my life...
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I'm wondering when my new life will actually begin or has it begun already? I feel so proud of myself when I get one thing accomplished that i've been wanting to be done but I am wondering why I am still down. I'm happy that I've lost the pounds that I've lost, amd still wanting to lose more cause I still feel that I'm a whale. I'm happy that I"m finally away from that asshole and living on my own, but yet..I'm lonely. Real lonely. I talk to my cats a lot...I feel like I'm gonna be some insane person...heh...I'll talk to people online...every now and then I'll hang out with some friends, but...I still feel so lonely and hurt inside. I am wondering how long this feeling will last. I'm trying to erase things from my life that wouldn't bring painful memories. Whether it be the times with my ex or other things. Sometimes I'll think of things or things would come into my mind and I have to yell at myself to get that thought out of me. Afraid of being hurt, bad memories or whatever. After
Wonder Why
i say shit like this?   cause i have a job interview today..what day is today..i actually have been doing a lot of really good a treat for being so anyone on fubar not on crank..and if so can you please put your camera not your can use that to pee in a cup for me.....and if you have a pussy...then just put it in my mouth..for a taste test   i am dying of thirst
Wonder Why They Call You By Tupac
You wonda why they call U bitch You wonda why they call U bitch. You wonda why they call U bitch You wonda why they call U bitch. You wonda why they call U bitch You wonda why they call U bitch. [Verse One: 2Pac] Look here Miss Thang hate to salt your game but yous a money hungry woman and you need to change. In tha locker room all the homies do is laugh. High five's cuz anotha nigga played your ass. It was said you were sleeezy even easy sleepin around for what you need See it's your thang and you can shake it how you wanna. Give it up free or make your money on the corner. But don't be bad and play the game get mad and change. Then you wonda why these muthafuckas call you names. Still lookin' for a way out and that's OK I can see you wanna stray there's a way out. Keep your mind on your money, enroll in school. And as the years pass by you can show them fools. But you ain't tryin' to hear me cuz your stuck, you're headin' for the bathroom 'bout to get tossed up. Still
crawling that lonely road once again, down that path of pain, and ever lasting memories that last a life time, but cant be pieced together, only time can tell where I go, out there in that fog, so far away is a light that I head for, knees bleeding, hands marked from scrapes, feet worn from the long, painful wonders, the rain doesn’t seem to give, the way it looks, I cant give up, but stand, and travel that lonely road again, eyes look up in to the dark night sky, the rain trails down my face making it look like tears of pain and agony, my sorrow knows no end, my heart beats to the pounding rain, where a trail may end, my love will never....
Wondering Wat If
i sit wondering all the time wondering if ur doing the same. and if u ever think bout our life and if we would of worked ? but i just look back and ask myself what was going through that mind? i will always have a special place in my heart .but i second guess myself. i wonder how could i love u if u can't even love urself.i have cried and even straved myself and craved u for hrs on into the day.i can't get my mind around what u say is love..i don't understand how u c ould say u love me but consently hurt me over and over.u no how to say all the right things...
been sitting here wondering why i have choosen some of the things i have in my life lately.  i love my boo with all my heart yet we cant be together.  i wish there was a away for that yet everything seems against it.  maybe if things were different i wouldnt be so worried about him all the time.  boo i love you... love babygirl
Upon some subjects I have been known to wonder,but there is one that I so often find that I do ponder.I wonder when and why disposable we all became,to many now just a number without your name?We are now Human Resources instead of Personneland there are other things that the story does tell.People now call all the others they know a friend,but know that they will not be there until the end.Wierd terms like "Starter Marriage" now do existadmitting before that their love will never persist.Whatever happen to having a love for all your lifeand understanding forever as husband and wife?It makes sense there are so many broken-heartedknowing nobody will miss you when you're departed,for if disposable is the way that others you do seesurely the condemning term must also apply to thee!
Wonders Never Cease
The Gods drop their hammers with might upon the celestial anvil causing horrifying storms.  Storms that rage through the hearts minds and body's of men.  Causing the mightiest of men to cower at their mere mention.  Only to exact their vengeance upon those that are helpless, trapped in their own prisons. Starved, beaten tortured souls cry out silently as they in turn strike at their neighbor.  Feeling a small measure of satisfaction they are then rewarded with yet more violence.  The elderly man assaults his son, as his son beats his children.  The children grow and return the beatings inflicted upon them upon those they received it from, ending the beginning yet become a new beginning upon themselves. In time many learn to build others through false praise and become more powerful than those that inflict the physical pains which heal in time.  False smiles, gifts and praise.  The tools of the weaker bodied man. Yet a new breed is born, those that have the mental power and physical
Wonder Lust And Solitude
Wonder lust and solitude,Trickle down and endless road.Where time knows no end and fear has no soul,Caught in the passion,Stolen by desire, I felt the flame of an ever lasting fire.The sands in the hour glass did not seem to fall,Time stood still during that winters call,I lost my self in wonder,Had a chance for love.I know now love is not forever,I know now the widowed mind weeps,But for solitude I keep my tears,And Never do I believe another mans words.I thought he loved me,And still I believe,Deep down inside there are still feelings for me,But to himself he does keep.He will never speak those words of sweetness,He will never show he cares,For he is lost in that lonely hour glass,Where he cant se that I care.
Wonderful Poem By Billy Collins
The Death of the Hat--Billy CollinsOnce every man wore a hat.In the ashen newsreels,the avenues of citiesare broad rivers flowing with hats.The ballparks swelledwith thousands of straw hats,brims and bands,rows of men smoking and cheering in shirtsleeves.Hats were the law.They went without saying.You noticed a man without a hat in a crowd.You bought them from Adams or Dobbswho branded your initials in goldon the inside band.Trolleys crisscrossed the city.Steamships sailed in and out of the harbor.Men with hats gathered on the docks.There was a person to block your hatand a hatcheck girl to mind itwhile you had a drinkor ate a steak with peas and a baked potato.In your office stood a hat rack.The day war was declaredeveryone in the street was wearing a hat.And they were wearing hatswhen a ship loaded with men sank in the icy sea.My father wore one to work every dayand returned homecarrying the evening paper,the winter chill radiating from his overcoat.But today we go bareheadedinto the
The Wonderful World Of Lounges !!!!!!
This will probably get me banned but ooooooooooh well. to the s/n 's you see in here sorry stating nothing but the truth. Kerry your a great lady and I have much respect for ya but as for your underling staff I giggle........TW in zeros words your a nice girl but yer just gonna tell him what he wants to hear to zero my god your emo shit is annoying and your smart enough to make you look like an idiot save the world and just stfu or go talk to gilette about sponsoring your little outbreaks or better yet go have another beer or 40 and please do what the doc says and takes some fucking medication cause really you need it.........spec uber kewl until you decided to let being in the lounge take over your life you bitched about me and now youve become me lmfa0..... mind your own dept until you decide to leave is the motto as I see it and its sad sad sad tz is awesome as hell and always will be then there is the upper management who act like little bitches when the boss
Wonderful.....laugh Away At My Annie Lennox, But I Have Had This Fabulous Song Stuck In My Head For Days
      wanna have you 'Cause you're all I've got Don't wanna lose you 'Cause it means a lot All the joy this world can bring Doesn't give me anything When you're not here ... Idiot me Stupid fool How could you be So uncool? To fall in love with someone who Doesn't really care for you It's so obscure... But I feel... Wonderful Yes I feel... Don't you know I feel... Wonderful God it makes me feel so blue Everytime I think about you All of the heat of my desire Smokin' like some crazy fire Come on here Look at me Where I stand Can't you see my heart burnin' In my hands? Do you want me? Do you not? Does it feel cold baby? Does it feel hot? I wanna hold you And be so held back Don't wanna need you But it's where I'm at Thinkin' 'bout you every day How come I was made that way? It's so surreal... But I feel... wonderful Yes I feel ... Don't you know I feel...wonderful God it makes me feel so blue Everytime I think about you All of the heat of my desire Smokin' like some crazy fire Come on
Wondering Eyes
as i sit here on the dark side of town and yet im too far from home on this spring like morning from the waking of the rain that slowly has stop and moved away from this area that i have settled in overnight and the day before to wonder my mind and brainstorm what my thoughts that run threw my mind on a wet spring like night/morning.many thoughts come to my mind as the rest sleep onto the night and wake up in the bright sunny morning as i would sit here and wait for dawn to arrive. sometimes it kills me inside for the choices i have made it life and i almost feel like there not much i can change or do to myself to get myself being a better person but changing some of my ways and stepping up and becoming more of an active postive person then an negative emo,sad lonely person as i sit here and write about from day in and day out whenever i feel the need to sit here and go on about things or feeling i feel each night of the week. sadly i have been called everything in the bo
The Wonder Of A Woman...
The Wonderfull Life Of Us
In this day and age of Facebook, Fubar, Myspace, how did people find each other 30 years ago? Don't get me wrong this is cool stuff, but how much farther can this go? I think more about what is going on in my computer world more then my reality itself. With texting, and email, and Photoshop I still have a family, a job and a list of other things that I have to do. i think i put that in my black berry in the "Things to do folder". I feel that the world is driving us to sit in front of a computer for the rest of our lives. My kids who are 3 and 5 already know how to go on Toy Wiz and look up Star Wars action figures. WOW What is next. You back in the day people who lived off the grid were like the people who lived in the hills. Now is like if you don't have a T1 line or cable modem you are out of the loop. Remember Pagers?  Everyone had to have a pager. I don't think doctors have them now, or intergated into their 600 dollar phones. Has there ever been a time that you didn't want to both
Wonderful Points Regarding How To Select Your Best Vacation Dress
Whether your web hosting or just attending, each and every lady in the celebration wishes to glance their best, wedding dresses specially in the vacation party. vacation events would be the best time to obtain all dressed up and truly provide the wow-factor to any space you enter. But, you might be wondering, in which do I begin? how can I choose the best gown for my vacation celebration devoid of getting overwhelmed with all of the most recent fashions? DressokWell, fortunate for you, right here are some wonderful points regarding how to select your best vacation dress. Consider the occasion. Is it additional casual or elegant? Is it a quiet evening at house with buddies or even a black-tie affair? Cheap Quinceanera DressesThese would be the inquiries you ought to be asking your self prior to you even begin searching for the dress. cheap wedding dresses The final point you desire to do is show up in the formal gown at your friend's home for cocktails. If you are attending an workpla
Wonderful Points Regarding How To Select Your Best Vacation Dress
Whether your web hosting or just attending, each and every lady in the celebration wishes to glance their best, wedding dresses specially in the vacation party. vacation events would be the best time to obtain all dressed up and truly provide the wow-factor to any space you enter. But, you might be wondering, in which do I begin? how can I choose the best gown for my vacation celebration devoid of getting overwhelmed with all of the most recent fashions? DressokWell, fortunate for you, right here are some wonderful points regarding how to select your best vacation dress. Consider the occasion. Is it additional casual or elegant? Is it a quiet evening at house with buddies or even a black-tie affair? Cheap Quinceanera DressesThese would be the inquiries you ought to be asking your self prior to you even begin searching for the dress. cheap wedding dresses The final point you desire to do is show up in the formal gown at your friend's home for cocktails. If you are attending an workpla
Wonderful Cartier Imitation Watches Is Design With The Good Results Man Or Woman
There may be substantially debate approximately Replica cartier leve watches on this time period. Yet, for a lot of most people, this valuable debate is usually a absolutely no brainer. For all those of us which have no excess dollars to enjoy around the authentic view, Cartier Replica Watches will conduct just great. Plenty of people can far from inform the variation in between files and fakes. Cartier Imitation Watches are only thought as low-cost variations, or much much less expensive, unique design monitors. Many luxurious designs are copied from pretty affordable prices. People need a clock. cartier pasha 38mm watches would be the ideal choice if you occur to enjoy to view you would not have the disposable source of income to devote on high class watches and main design. With these high-quality replicates, you are able to establish a sizeable assortment of clocks without having spending the equal of a brand new auto or possibly a household. In lots of methods, the use
Wonderwall - Oasis
"Wonderwall"Today is gonna be the dayThat they're gonna throw it back to youBy now you should've somehowRealized what you gotta doI don't believe that anybodyFeels the way I do about you now Backbeat the word was on the streetThat the fire in your heart is outI'm sure you've heard it all beforeBut you never really had a doubtI don't believe that anybody feelsThe way I do about you now And all the roads we have to walk along are windingAnd all the lights that lead us there are blindingThere are many things that I wouldLike to say to youI don't know how Because maybeYou're gonna be the one saves saves me?And after allYou're my wonderwall Today was gonna be the dayBut they'll never throw it back to youBy now you should've somehowRealized what you're not to doI don't believe that anybodyFeels the way I doAbout you now And all the roads that lead to you were windingAnd all the lights that light the way are blindingThere are many things that I would like to say to youI don't know how I said
Wonder Woman
  Please show some love!!!
As I sit at home thinking about all the things that have went on, I wonder quietly to myself of all the things that could go wrong. All the what if's the maybes all the things that could be said, I sit and think to myself and get trapped inside my head. Some people call me crazy, And you know what they could be right, But crazy's not a bad thing when these things are trapped inside. Maybe im just forgetfull of all the thing i want to say, And try to turn the other cheek when things dont go my way. But for you to understand me then I guess your crazy too, So someone tell me something, does this make sense to you? Just to leave you wondering and trapped inside your head, Just ponder on this question could this be you instead?
Wonderful Omega Low Cost Timepieces With The Unique People
Patek Philippe Accuracy Black Rose Gold Frame Men Watch That is a moderately valued look at from omega prestige watches, going for just around $1,More than two hundred, but like I said, it's a great high quality Switzerland observe, with the omega status, firmly behind this. There is nothing lacking, within this men s timepiece?-make great observe, an omega Choosing the optimal look at for the latest dainty and feminine hand will be challenging. These days still girls s creations arrive which has a further substantial presence in addition to a large switch or major pendant can overwhelm a nice frame, but there's expect. Raymond Weil can be a premier quality view maker and their creations usually are produced with a elegant grace and a modest sizing. Patek Philippe Accuracy Grey Rose Gold Frame Men Watch These designs for girls are built to fit the hand snug. They may be in no way as well large or large, rather the Raymond Weil sit again and watch is chic plus tra
Wondering What I Will Be Like 50yrs From Now I Wonder What I Will Be Like 50yrs From Now.
       I wonder what I will be like 50yrs from now. I mean I look at my mom and grandma and I see how and know how long they been alive. And it dose make me wonder what I will be like when I reach their age.  Will I be like them or will be I different. Honestly I hope I will be different. Reason being I don't want to be like anyone but me. But another reason is well I don't what my future holds for me nobody does really. All I do know is that it will either make me or break me but it will make me stronger. But it does make me wonder about it sometimes. Will I do great things? Will I still be married to the same man? Or will I be with another? I honestly don't want to be married two or more times. I want to be married only once and grow old with the love of my life. Yes I know I think about this stuff to much. But if I didn't I wouldn't be human now would I? I mean will all think and wonder what we will be like from so many years from now.                                               
Come with me, we'll go and see a world through eyes of despair. Where children cry their tears of blood that rains from out the air.   Where bodies lie in every stye that wraps 'round every bend, and broken dreams lay in the streets, never to flourish again.   Harpies flare through razor air, and harlots ire the land. Stay your breath, lest, shall you fall unto their starving hands.   Screams of fear ring loud and clear; cacophonies tremble the wind. Banshee wails doth trail the gales; listen to the gospels of sin.   Gaze unto horizon's hue; so beautifully bleak, and black. Miasmic decay corrupts the dawn, and chokes the daylight back.   The countryside's nowhere to hide, for there's where cannibals dwell. Marrow, bone and bloodied flesh fill the outskirts of our Hell.   Drops of flame akin to rain fall from out the sky from toxic clouds of blackened smoke; We're all gonna fuckin' die.   What say you, O, filthy shrew, shall we sign you in? Come insi
The Wonderlic Test
  Look at the row of numbers below. What number should come next?   Assume the first 2 statements are true. Is the final one: The boy plays for the Tigers. All the players on the Tigers wear white sneakers. The boy wears white sneakers. Paper sells for 21 cents per pad. What will 5 pads cost? How many of the six pairs of items listed below are exact duplicates?   PRESENT, RESENT - Do these words A train travels 20 feet in 1/5 seconds At this exact speed, how many feet will it travel in three seconds? When rope is selling at $.10 a foot, how many feet can you buy for sixty cents? The eighth month of the year is:   Which number in the following group of numbers represents the smallest amount?   In printing an article of 48,000 words, a printer decides to use two sizes of type. Using the larger type, a printed page contains 1,800 words. Using smaller type, a page contains 2,400 words. The article is allotted 21 full pages in a magazine. How many pages must be in smaller
‘wonderful World’ – A Tribute To F**ked Up Gop Priorities (video)
The Wonders Of Wonderment
I think I have finally settled on the notion that the more I try to understand how a website like this works (and the kind of people who use it) - the less I will truly get it.  Women on here ask for, beg for, command and demand respect - yet sell their naked pictures for flashy pictures on a computer screen that have 0 value in every day life. Women using fake pictures to be more appealing, and not caring that they lie to every single person that talks to them and may consider them a friend by not being real. Women say they want a nice guy that treats them well, yet the more effort you put into being nice to some of these girls, the less they pay attention to you or just ignore you altogether. They fall for the "bad boy" that tells 15 different women the same fuckin thing, and they're all dumb enough to believe he means it "just for them." Then you get those ones who had a baby with some complete fuckin turd - and makes every other man in history jump through 15,000 hoops just to pro
Wondering Thoughts @ A Late Hour
        You know with everything plays out in people’s lives whether it is good or bad you are left to sit and wonder do they have their own theme song playing in their head while it's happening like you see in the movies? Like when you see a woman in the store shopping for this season's swim suit. Would you hear "Pretty woman" by Roy Orbison because cause of the nice little struggle every woman thinks of when they are looking for that suit for the season,  can I rock it? Or how about when you see a guy checking out a woman at the beach do you think the song ”wild thing" by The Troggs or "Sexy Bitch" by David Guetta. How about when the negative things in life happen in life. You loose your job or get a cut in pay does the song "Hate My Life" by Theory of A Dead Man? Or how about when you find that one person that has you all strung out and twisted over them does Keith Sweat's song "Twisted" start playing in your head.  There are many songs out there that could be your them
Wonders Of The Mind
I sit and wonder sometimes if other do like hurting others? Like with me I don't like promises they are always broken but when you give me your word or vise versa I hold that like gold. Like when you say you will be by someone's side forever and you swear to that you don't just turn your back on them no matter what, but seems once again it was done to me. I swore I would be by his side and here I still am, dealing with the pain that he has stopped talking to me stopped texting stopped calling what am I to do? Tell you what I did, I went back into the shadows and there I will stay once again til yet another lonely person needs someone to listen to them and talk to them and show that one person in the messed up world though I deal with my own pain I can still find it in my heart to still love, care and show them that I do in fact understand where they are coming from. So to those who read my blogs now you will know a little more about me and maybe too you will understand me as I do you.
Did you know that those who appear to be really strong, really are the most sensitive? Did you know that those who spend all their time protecting others, sometimes need someone to protect them? ....Did you know that three of the hardest things to say are; I love you, I'm sorry and help me ? Put this as your status if you agree ♥ This is so, so true!!
wonders if its true that one can see my feelings in my eyes. My ex bf always said he knew when i was upset with him, and sad because of his behavior , but others i have dated never seemed to notice. so i wonder is it guilt that made him see how much his lying and cheating was ripping me apart inside. Or was it true that one can see what i am feeling, frankly i hope not , i hope it was his guilt. because there is a few things i would like to keep to my self thoughts wise or even feelings wise. i dont want people knowing everything going on inside me , my heart or my mind.  
Wonder Of Love
Wonder Love, making love to someone loves you always and means it, Wonder love, Holds you in the wind at cold nights he is crying for you, Wounder Love, is hearts falling from the Sykes that he made for you all night , Wounder love is , Kisses on your face he loves with out asking in the dusk's of the night after making love, Wound Love is , Setting up all night laughing about nothings holding hands  laying in hot sheets of hot sex you just had, Wounder love is , Taking ride in a car stopping and having hot sex for the fun of it , Wounder love is  Just looking at each other knowing he be there for ever not saying a word ... Wonder love is .... Wonder of love
Wondering How To Make It Last Longer?
Wondering how to make it last longer so you can finally hold your own in bed? What your woman says to her girlfriends behind your back is the real truth about how you are in bed. Did you know that two out of three women are not sexually satisfied with their partners? Did you know that a woman who is not satisfied is ten times more likely to have an affair? Did you know there are natural supplements that make you last longer in bed that really work? Let’s explore your options and inform you of what to demand from any pills that promise you how to make it last longer. Three Tricks on How 2 Last Longer in BedYou can try the age old mental tricks. Here are a few ones you may have heard about: thinking about sports or numbers, like math problems, to distract your mind. There are creams that desensitize your penis to make you last longer in bed. You can always try gimmicks like a penis pump, which rarely work but cost a lot of money. Or you can decide to spend your money on something
  There are times that I wonder if I really make a difference in this world? Times that I wonder if everyone would be better off without me? Times that I wonder how I could have done something different? When my friends & family are down at times I feel the pain & emotions as well. I wonder if I said & or did the right thing? Feelings of hopelessness & helplessness seeping through. At times like this I wonder which of these feelings are mine & which are someone elses & I am picking it up?  
Wonder Land
Wonder Land what a place of love and hate a need to set and think of  the things that are going to use me and hurt me and words that will hit me  in one time in your mind . Wonder Land is of flowers of pink of yellow falling out of the sky so you can eat them and give you love in side , You can dance for love and no one  knows your name . You can walk and walk and go no where see Wonder Lander the trees the Grass the lakes as they call out your name , Wake me up so I can feel But I love to stay in Wonder Land it's true to me , With love all around hearts falling from the sky to my mind filling my box up not telling me lies . Wonder Land will be there for me when I die .....
Wonderful Tonight (eric Clapton)
Wonderful Tonight  It's late in the eveningShe's wondering what clothes to wearShe puts on her make upAnd brushes her long blonde hairAnd then she asks meDo I look alrightAnd I say yes, you look wonderful tonightWe go to a partyAnd everyone turns to seeThis beautiful ladyThat's walking around with meAnd then she asks meDo you feel alrightAnd I say yes, I feel wonderful tonightI feel wonderfulBecause I see the love light in your eyesAnd the wonder of it allIs that you just don't realizeHow much I love youIt's time to go home nowAnd I've got an aching headSo I give her the car keysShe helps me to bedAnd then I tell her
Wonderful Downward Clothing To Your Open-air Pursuits
If you need to check out back yard using a rainy climates, an actual straight down apparel would be what you would like. This text looks at down-filled Outdoor jackets. It requires the initial attributes of the particular downward feather. Leather coats packed with over duck down make use of a wide selection of concepts available in the market. If you live from the cool weather factors, a person necessary categories of heat appliances for the kitchen. Maybe the on the outside happens to be excluding 33, within a home is continually warm. Chances are you may shell out much time at your house once the weather conditions are harsh. Regardless how unable you will feel, one Belstaff Jackets still need to head outdoors now and again. It's essential to go to work; you will want to get some rare food; you should call at your good friends... So how if you stay warming in the backyard? Clearly, the most basic technique is to make use of an element that supply you with a considerable amount of wa
 I sit here wondering at times just what the purpose of me being here actually is. At times I feel it's only to torture me more and more with each new day that comes and goes. Seems like nothing ever seems to want to even go half way right for me and makes me wonder if folks wouldn't be better off with me gone. Guess it is not meant for everyone upon this planet to truly find happiness within life, or with someone who means the world to them.......
Wonderments Of A Mind
I am sitting at my ex-girlfriends house thinking while she went and got us a bite to eat. Things should be good right now, but I find myself here. Thinking outloud. She was the love of my life . I wished I could get back there, but I don't think I can. Not sure how to handle this at all. I want her sexually, but I also know what will be expected if I do. I just am not sure if I can take that road again with her. Love wtf. I am not even sure why I am writing this here to be perfectly honest, I have over 10 thousand so- called friends or people that ask me to be there friend to only find out it is a game to them. If I could delete all at once instead of one by one and start over I think I would. It is sad in a way. That people think more of the game than feelings. If you are running something that can rack up some fucking points they are all over you, even people you have never seem before all gather in and as soon as it is over they are gone. I came here with a true heart and have
Wonderful Nepal And Its Scintillating Tourist Places To Explore
Nepal the land of Himalayas is one of the most sought after and admirable countries in the world. It is the absolute abode for holidays as the country is adorned with alluring tourism and attractions and magnets tourists from the absolute globe. This culturally rich Nepal offers you accept admirable befalling to see and analyze the affluent ability and attitude of Nepal, alluring historical attractions, aristocratic kingdoms and durbars, breathtakingly admirable snow capped mountains, charming beauty of the nature, astonishing art and crafts, UNESCO World Heritage Site and abounding added bustling places of day-tripper interest. Due to the unparallel beauty of Nepal Tourism, visitors visits from the entire globe to this country to adore holidays and contentment in the chance tours. Nepal is home to the eight out of the ten accomplished peaks in the apple including Mount Everest the accomplished acme in the absolute globe. Due to the amazing admirable of these Himalayas and the attr
Was sitting around on Sunday morning drinking hot tea( they say its better for you then coffee, yeah ok give it some taste then!) and watching 3 stooges on TV and yes I did say the 3 stooges!when I noticed that women from that era wore padded bras… oh! Wait, here let me introduce myself “ my name is RIC” and “I DO LOOK” bowing my head in shame…when no lie, the next commercial, that came on was a Playtex bra, that just topped the cake, and sent me thinking about the name “ Wonder Bra” hmmm, I know typical man here!Well I think I know why they called it the wonder bra, yep it’s when you take it off in front of us… its leaves us standing there wondering? “where the hell did they go” “I know they were there a minute ago” “call 911“, we got a theft to report !!!”( now that was suppose to be in my best “duh” voice, ok)See ladies you think it’s a treasure that helps you o
Wondering Have your ever really wondered who are your true friends or who you can  depend on from now until the end Have  you ever really wondered what is real and what is fake of how much more nonsense your can truely take Have you ever really wondered if all the hurt will go away if the loneliness and sorrow will forever stay Have you ever really wondered if it will all be alright if you will always have to cry to get to sleep at night If any of these things you've wondered then it will be ok because you are still here to wonder another day.
as a tear rolls my cheek,i wonder if an angel falls when your out of hope as a tear rolls my cheek,i wonder if an angel falls when your out of dreams as a tear rolls my cheek,i wonder if an angel falls when your out of faith as a tear rolls my cheek,i wonder how many angels have fallen because of meas a tear rolls down my cheek,i wonder if their are angels....
Wonderful Worcestershire And Welcoming Worcester
Worcester is a vibrant town with some fantastic purchasing and a lot of culture, popular for both its pottery and for the very popular Worcestershire Marinade. The unique agreement at this site was established during the Metal Age. Worcester now has something to offer everybody, from traditional to game, or shop until you fall. Check out the Guildhall, a Quality 1 detailed developing in High Road and amazing at its beautiful home light fixtures and skilfully coloured set up bedrooms, or go to Church with its Gary crypt that abuts the eye-catching riverside stroll and appreciate one of the activities organised in its huge audience. Another two places for live activities is the Swan Cinema and the Huntingdon Area, where you can appreciate a extensive range of dancing and dilemma. No trip to Worcester is complete for the history fan without a trip to the heritage of the Commandery developing. Shopping is simple, with many streets now people precincts. There are a lot of fantastic shops
Wonderful Smile
Hey there wonderful smile You were on my mind again today I still don’t quite know how to say What I want to But I’ll try to   As I lay me down to sleep I pray you find it all I wish you only best but I must tell you   There’s an aching deep inside my weary chest tonight From my melt down heart it flows A stream into a river the river to a sea Further down the deeper it grows   I never meant to break your heart I never wanted you to cry Though a piece of me may always love you If I live this lie I die   Hey there wonderful smile Hey now what should I do Hey there wonderful smile Hey now wonderful you  
Wonderful Afternoon
it was amazing today i went to visit my old bfhe dint say a word to me he just start stripping mein the bright light he lay  me downon the bed  he open me wide openand he slide his hand down inside my legi want him so badly to touch therei gasp when his fingers  open my lipsi loved when he started eating down my legthen flipped my leg on his back  and his tongue split my lips and i feel his tongue inside me then i feel for his pants and open themto pull his cock out which i put in my mouth and lick that salty taste awayhe pulled his cock away and thew me back on the bedhe position himself as he hold me wide openfeeling his cock rubbin my lips i gasp at the pressurehe applied as it popped in feeling it go in deephe held a moment before a couple short shokesthen he started to hammer me goodas i was yelling fuck me harder
Wondering If Maybe Cheat Sheets From Experienced Levelers Would Be A Benefit???
With all the recent changes on this site. The higher levels, the requirement of not just accomplishing achievements to level but achievement requirements for other reasons. There are also now many problems that can no longer be handled in the support lounge due to the complexity of the problems. Compatibility of browser configuration is the number 1 problem on this site. this is no longer something that i can do by myself. However, I have been a leveler for years on this site. I know how to get the achievements. Most can be made w/o usage of bling if you know how to take advantage of fu in old fu ways. Noob drinks and comments very simple, just have to know the secret. Can be done w/i an hr. Cherry Inferno easy just have to know proper way to bomb, browser & shut down of what should not be running for max use. Ranking easy if you know how to use fu to your advantage. So many more very easy if just have the know how. If you think cheat sheets would be useful...plz comment I WILL MAKE T
The Wonder Of Your Beauty
THE WONDER OF YOUR BEAUTY   When I gaze upon the wonder of your beauty to me its brighter then the morning sunrise When I look upon your bright beautiful smile it warms my heart and captivates my eyes Your beauty is absolutely beyond any words to describe it all I can say is breathtaking More beautiful to me you are then anything I have ever seen with my eyes you are stunning.   Your eyes are so big, and bright, and beautiful, and they change colors from green to blue There is nothing that can compare to you in my eyes no one is as beautiful to me as you I love your silliness it makes me laugh, and you love snuggle hugs too, so much affection I really enjoy being with you so much and I feel so comfortable you have all my attention.   Even your hair has a beauty of its own, the style, the length, the color I am drawn to it all The way you dress the way you look the way you smile is why in love with you I did fall You are such sweetheart you always have a kind, and loving,
Wonderful Art SHes an amazing artist!! check her out peeps!!
A Wonderful Story/blog .... I Found On The Internet.... I Have No Idea Who Wrote It
Awakening This is very very long but well worth the read! A time comes in your life when you finally get it . . When in the midst of all your fears and insanity you stop dead in yourtracks and somewhere, the voice inside your head cries out - ENOUGH!Enough fighting and crying, or struggling to hold on. And, like a childquieting down after a blind tantrum, your sobs begin to subside, youshudder once or twice, you blink back your tears and through a mantleof wet lashes, you begin to look at the world through new eyes. This is your awakening... You realize that it's time to stop hoping and waiting for something tochange, or for happiness, safety and security to come galloping over thenext horizon. You come to terms with the fact that he is not PrinceCharming and you are not Cinderella and that in the real world, therearen't always fairy tale endings (or beginnings for that matter) and thatany guarantee of "happily ever after" must begin with you and in theprocess, a sense of
Wondering About This
racism has been rampid off sort Im guessing but does anyone believe in the theroy "we bleed the same color and shed the same tears"
I Wish people would keep there personal lifes off sites leave it to face book honestly that should be the only place. I Do wonder though what if light speed is true?
Wonderful Of All Things
The most wonderful of all things in life, I believe, is the discovery of another human being with whom one's relationship has a glowing depth, beauty, and joy as the years increase. This inner progressiveness of love between two human beings is a most marvelous thing, it cannot be found by looking for it or by passionately wishing for it. It is a sort of Divine accident."
Wonderful Spanish Teenager
Wonderful Spanish teenager in the white lingerie Wonderful Spanish teenager in the white lingerie
A Wonderful History Troy And Gallipoli
A large number of books and documentaries about Troy brad pitt played very successful in this regard, and in 2006 built a magnificent film. Regarding troy istanbul tours are organized for day private or regular. After a long bus ride from Istanbul to 4 hours to reach the province of Canakkale this classic used at a Turkish city and seaside statue exhibited in the film Troy. Canakkale city center and 30 minutes away from the ancient city of Troy is very Since 1986, a large excavation and restoration work done there, and this is a place which is under protection. In the first layer consists of nine separate each layer is a separate symbol of civilization and the state. If they are one of the oldest is 90 meters wide, this is a castle and crossing points straits serves as a bridge to control.Said at a statue of the epic saga of ileyda Hemoros history and for the first time the two sides fought for 10 years, and a very big winner in this war Because of  their drunken night of celebration a
Wondering What Eactly Were Looking For In Our Dj's At Hypnotiq Energy
Were looking for dj's that play the following Genere's R&B Hip Hop   Pop  Alternative  Country  Rap  Metal  80's Rock  90's Rock Todays Rock  Club  Techno Miscellainious                             r
How in world do I find the biggest piece of shit in world. My exes think I am stupid or something hmmm wrong ! I got you slipped up and now I got you were I want you . And cops not far behind . You think I was not going find out dumb ass . You left this state with my kids and not going to return. Are you fucked in the head . I am getting my kids back and your going to jail . After killing are baby . There no were to hide . You better start running they will find you and going away for long time. next time you see the girls you will nope your never going to see them your going be in jail all your life . I will show no mercy  on you. your dead to them and me .and maybe you will see your grand kids  ( that's big maybe) well the amber already went out tonight. Happy running.  My
Woner Why?
Do you ever wonder why things happen that you nothing to do about, like who you have feelings for, or just why things in general happen if you do write back
Wonering If I Should
wonderinng if i should delete my account,seems you do all ya can to rate, fan add people on here so you can level up.............but if your not a skinny georgus woman or in some cases (slutty) not to be mean, you dont get anywhere or anything, i feel like ive been working my ass off as ,much as i can and no one except a select few seems to notice. got any ideas let me know, ill let ya know if i decide to delete
Won First Place In The 2008 Poleapalooza
Poleapalooza 2008 Winning Routine
Won Four Stanley Cups, Two Each With Montreal
PHOENIX -- The Arizona Diamondbacks hired Steve Sax as their first base coach on Wednesday, putting the former All-Star in a big league uniform for the first time in nearly two decades, and moved up Turner Ward to be their assistant hitting coach. Casey Hayward Womens Jersey . The 52-year-old Sax played 14 seasons in the majors, finishing in 1994 with 444 career stolen bases and a .281 batting average. A five-time All-Star second baseman, he played in the World Series when the Los Angeles Dodgers won in 1981 and was the NL Rookie of the Year the nest season. Sax was on deck when current Arizona manager Kirk Gibson homered in the bottom of the ninth inning to win Game 1 of the 1988 World Series. Sax effusively greeted Gibson at home plate after the homer that sent the Dodgers toward another championship. Saxe has been a professional speaker on motivation and leadership since his playing days and wrote a book about inspiration. He also focused on raising his two children, while hoping th
The Wongs..funny Ass Shit!!!
Su Wong marries Lee Wong. The next year, the Wongs have a new baby. The nurse brings over a lovely, healthy, bouncy, but definitely a Caucasian, WHITE baby boy. 'Congratulations,' says the nurse to the new parents. 'Well Mr. Wong, what will you and Mrs. Wong name the baby?' The puzzled father looks at his new baby boy and says, 'Well, two Wong's don't make a white, so I think we will name him Sum Ting Wong
Wonna Bang?
let me hit that from the back an ya know ya love that shit
Wonna Win $1000
a href="">Check out this video: JACK BOIZ ..Add to My Profile | More Videos ~THIS IS NOT SPAM AT ALL~ What’s up this boi P.C. THA GREAT! Look i don't know what type of music you listen to or what you might be listening to at the moment but i just wanted to tell you that on JULY 15th i'll be releasing my first WORLD WIDE album courtesy SHO NO MERCY RECORDS/TAKE OVA MANAGEMENT.During spring break i sold over 3,000 promo copies of the cd just to see what people think and say about the little time i spent in the studio.Of course i got some bad comments but more good!The bad comments mostly come from people who wanted to hear the same ol stuff and nothin new but all the good comments came from people who wanted to hear something new and not the same ol same ol stuff!The good mostly out weighted the bad,which kinda mad me feel good and gave me confidence besides the confidence i already built u

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