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You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? table 2. Your significant other? here 3. Your hair? brown 4. Your mother? arizona 5. Your father? arizona 6. Your favorite thing? friendships 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? water 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? front 11. Music? all 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? alive 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? painless 16. Muffins? yes 17. One of your wish list items? health 18. Where you grew up? California 19. The last thing you did? slept 20. What are you wearing? pj's 21. TV? SUPERBOWL 22. Your pets? lots 23. Your computer? laptop 24. Your life? amazing 25. Your mood? p
February Shows!!!!
Here are their upcoming shows: Feb 14 2009 10:00P Spanish Moon Baton Rouge, Louisiana Feb 27 2009 8:00P Insomneacks BATON ROUGE Also on the 28th they MAY be playing @ Red Star Bar. More to come on that...
You Can Only Type One Word.
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? no 2. Your significant other? grrrr 3. Your hair? blonde 4. Your mother? dead 5. Your father? distant 6. Your favorite thing? unknown 7. Your dream last night? idk 8. Your favorite drink? mtdew 9. Your dream/goal? mother 10. The room you're in? den 11. Music? none 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy 14. Where were you last night? work 15. What you're not?content 16. Muffins? sometimes 17. One of your wish list items? family 18. Where you grew up? Kentucky 19. The last thing you did? fubar 20. What are you wearing? pj's 21. TV? superbowl 22. Your pets?dogs 23. Your computer?HP 24. Your life? stressfull 25. Your mood? tired 26. Mis
OOOOOOOOOH! another good one. leaving babylon by bad brains. which is ironic cause if youre a bad ass like myself, youve heard sublime cover this tune. *hint-its on the memories double disc, REAL good shit* however, this is about bad brains. awesome.
victuals \VIT-uhlz\, noun: food or provisions, esp. for humans
Being Here In Iraq
Well to start things off let me say what is being done here is for the best for the people of Iraq and also for the US. Since the surge and new tatics used by the US you hardly hear of Random roadside bombs and ambushes on our vehicles and troops. The main reason for this is because we kill those plots as they start. We dont give them a chance to finish plotting said attacks cause we are there before they get to follow through with said actions. This plots are not just plots for actions in Iraq but for around the world to include things right there in the US itself. We break them up. The people we fight here are not Iraqis but insurgents from other countries like Iran/Syria/Pakistan etc....They are muslim extremist that want to kill us just cause we arent of their faith and they want the Iraqi oil fields for money to support their worldwide terror on countries all over the world. The Main stream medis tells you half truths and none of the good that happens. The MSM is the ones
Love is simply the name for the desire and the pursuit of the whole. - Aristophanes
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? none 2. Your significant other? here 3. Your hair? gone 4. Your mother? dead 5. Your father? dead 6. Your favorite thing? love 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? soda 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? den 11. Music? none 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? alive 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? young 16. Muffins? no 17. One of your wish list items? health 18. Where you grew up? Canada 19. The last thing you did? fubar 20. What are you wearing? pj's 21. TV? off 22. Your pets? yes 23. Your computer?HP 24. Your life? good 25. Your mood? happy 26. Missing someone? yes 27. Favo
Member Of The Week 2/1 - 2/7
We have a new Member of the Week - Arctic Mermaid!. Please show her lots of love and Club United Spirit! She is a great supporter of Club United and an awesome person. Arctic Mermaid⢾Proudly Owned by Ms. Sassy~Rating Revolution~Bad Bitches@ fubar Treat her like you would want to be treated! And who knows, maybe next week YOU will be the member of the week! Club United Rocks! IslandGirl
clouds into the sky his lover flew the heart it felt so pure into his life his love for her grew never could it die. the night sky alive....with stars all a-glow the bluest of galaxies there... to feel this so deep to breathe in her scent to know love so precious and dear... the daylight held promise the sun in its warmth as the clouds they did circle and swirl... the tempest was cruel, the butterflies lost... and love stood to die in its swath but if pure it may be then it is destined to be as i love her forever indeed.
Up For Auction
Come by and bid on me! Or at least give me a rate :) While you are there, please show some love to GERMANY'S MOST WANTED AKA YOUR NEXT EX and ~*~cutemommy82~*~
Blueroses Has Auto 11s On Monday!
Blueroses Will Be Running Auto 11s Starting 8:00 AM Fu Time Monday, January 2nd! ~Blueroses~Sarge's Bad Girls Blueroses LOVES Spankings! Spank this Bad Girl Hard! ~Blueroses~Sarge's Bad Girls Show This Hottie All That Fu Love!!! ~Blueroses~Sarge's Bad Girls This Public Service Announcement Brought To You By: ღTulsa's Angelღ
February 19, 2009
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? TABLE 2. Your significant other? KENT 3. Your hair? LONG 4. Your mother? HEAVEN 5. Your father? HEAVEN 6. Your favorite thing? FRIENDS 7. Your dream last night? LOVE 8. Your favorite drink? COFFEE 9. Your dream/goal? HAPPINESS 10. The room you're in? COMPUTER 11. Music? COUNTRY 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? SECURE 14. Where were you last night? HOME 15. What you're not? SKINNY 16. Muffins? BLUEBERRY 17. One of your wish list items? TRAVEL 18. Where you grew up? NORTH CAROLINA 19. The last thing you did? RATE 20. What are you wearing? NIGHTIE 21. TV? CSI 22. Your pets? FIVE
One Word Game
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? bed 2. Your significant other? somewhere 3. Your hair? short 4. Your mother? livingroom 5. Your father? bedroom 6. Your favorite thing? pizza 7. Your dream last night? secret 8. Your favorite drink? anything 9. Your dream/goal? personal 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? many 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? married 14. Where were you last night? bed 15. What you're not? working 16. Muffins? ehh 17. One of your wish list items? personal 18. Where you grew up? house 19. The last thing you did? homework 20. What are you wearing? clothes 21. TV? suerbowl 22. Your pets? lvingroom 23. Your computer? something 24. Your life? boring
Well past year or so I have packed on weight..that I didn't want to do. 10yrs ago after my oldest boy..I did weight watchers..and lost 50lbs. You might actually see few of my skinny pics on my page evven. lol. Anyways..I have slowly gained almost all of it back..over time. I have tried few times on and off to go back into dieting but just not been motivated enough like back then. Anyways..thursday I went back to a weight watchers meeting and joined again. I got all the new info. So far I have been doing well with it..but then again its only been 4 days. I think I will be going to the first 5 mtgs though to really get me motivated. Nothing motivates me like knowing I am blowing 12 dollars on these mtgs. I better be accomplishing something. LOL. Today I started with exercise..which when I lost weight in past..I mainly lost just by cutting back on food. I did 1hour and 2 minutes worth on my wii fit. I actually enjoyed it to. I like the step aerobics the best. I got on doing the adva
Sunday, February 1, 2009
*Blows the cobwebs off the desk*.... well.... it has been a long time coming but I'm back... fer now NEWSFLASH 8:38 PM: I be dyin muh hairz! NEWSFLASH 8:59 PM: I be buyin da wrong dyez!
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone?Pocket 2. Your significant other? away 3. Your hair? AUBURN 4. Your mother?ALIVE 5. Your father? DEAD 6. Your favorite thing? POEMS 7. Your dream last night? NONE 8. Your favorite drink? PEPSI 9. Your dream/goal? HAPPINESS 10. The room you're in? LIVINGROOM 11. Music? DIRTY 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? INDIANA 14. Where were you last night?HOME 15. What you're not? FAKE 16. Muffins? BLUEBERRY 17. One of your wish list items? PEAGUS 18. Where you grew up? KENTUCKY 19. The last thing you did? STORE 20. What are you wearing? CLOTHES 21. TV? ON 22. Your pets? DOGS 23. Your computer? HP 24. Your life? OK 25. Your mood? DEPSSED 26. Miss
But I Am Gemini
Your Sex Sign is... If you've done it, you've aced it. You're a total sex master... up for almost anything, anytime. You're great at talking dirty and getting down! The catch: you never share. One look at your body, and you're lover will know that you're worth it! Scorpio, you are an erotic dynamo! You are a sexual expert, devestatingly attractive - with a pervert's vocabulary. Pair that with your hot, lusty body that just doesn't quit... Above all you need a lover with a high sex drive. You have such a fantastic sexual energy - you can consume a lover with your intensity. You love kinky sex. You love to be the dominant partner in the bedroom, and you adore sex toys of all kinds. Your favorite turn-on is watching porno movies. You are very physical and sexual in public. You will instantly stake out your claim on anyone you consider yours. You are very jealous and possessive - and can usually annihilate any competition. Your personality is st
One Word Game
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? BED 2. Your significant other? MISSISSIPPI 3. Your hair? MESS 4. Your mother? LIVINGROOM 5. Your father? VEGAS 6. Your favorite thing? LOVE 7. Your dream last night? UNKNOWN 8. Your favorite drink? COKE 9. Your dream/goal? STABILITY 10. The room you're in? BED 11. Music? NONE 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? MARRIED 14. Where were you last night? HOME 15. What you're not? EMPLOYED 16. Muffins? NAH 17. One of your wish list items? WEDDING 18. Where you grew up? OREGON 19. The last thing you did? ATE 20. What are you wearing? JAMMIES 21. TV? LIFETIME 22. Your pets? NONE 23. Your computer? DELL 24. Your life? UNFINISHED 25. Your mood? HO
Tagged 2
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? Desk 2. Your significant other? Eating 3. Your hair? Blond 4. Your mother? Beautiful 5. Your father? Sickly 6. Your favorite thing? Love 7. Your dream last night? Don't 8. Your favorite drink? Coke 9. Your dream/goal? Happy 10. The room you're in? Palor 11. Music? All 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Happy 14. Where were you last night? Home 15. What you're not? Happy 16. Muffins? Yea 17. One of your wish list items? Health 18. Where you grew up? Connecticut 19. The last thing you did? fubar 20. What are you wearing? pj's 21. TV? On 22. Your pets? Puppy 23. Your computer? Compaq 24. Your life? alright 25. Your mood? Miserable 26. Mi
Lamb Of God
Pre-order Wrath, the latest album from Lamb of God before the release date February 24th and get an exclusive Wrath t-shirt from the Official Lamb of God Webstore. Go to for all the details. Additionally, everyone who pre-orders any version of Wrath will automatically be entered into a sweepstakes to win a BAND AUTOGRAPHED GUITAR. One lucky runner-up will receive TWO TICKETS and a BACKSTAGE PASS to an upcoming show!
Tainted Bullys
Non-raters Be Fore-warned
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? here 2. Your significant other? here 3. Your hair? greying 4. Your mother? alive 5. Your father? dead 6. Your favorite thing? love 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? soda 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? den 11. Music? none 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? alive 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? young 16. Muffins? no 17. One of your wish list items? health 18. Where you grew up? Alabama 19. The last thing you did? fubar 20. What are you wearing? pj's 21. TV? off 22. Your pets? none 23. Your computer? dell 24. Your life? good 25. Your mood? happy 26. Missing someone? yes
Just A Lil Fyi :)
Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. Give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. Give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit!
ive been listening to the super 21345 song shuffle on the ipod lately. stuff comes up and im like 'oooooooooooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.' first up. steppin' razor by sublime. off of robbin' the hood. that is some good shit.
The Spoiled Under-40 Crowd!!!
If you are 40 (or older) you will think this is hilarious!!!! When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were. When they were growing up; what with walking Twenty-five miles to school every morning Uphill... barefoot... BOTH ways Yadda, yadda, yadda And I remember promising myself that when I grew up, there was no way in hell I was going to lay a bunch of crap like that on kids about how hard I had it and how easy they've got it! But now that... I'm over the ripe old age of forty, I can't help but look around and notice the youth of today. You've got it so easy! I mean, compared to my childhood, you live in a damn Utopia! And I hate to say it but you kids today you don't know how good you've got it! I mean, when I was a kid we didn't have "The Internet". If we wanted to know something, We had to go to the damn library and look it up ourselves, in the card catalogue!! There
Hey All
That's what I did today. I got Connor his birthday presents and I got me a new digital camera. I haven't really looked at it much, but I did take a few pictures with it and it seems like the pictures are pretty good. I should have looked to see if it does video, lol. Oh well. I guess I can live without other one had video on it, but I hardly ever used it. I can't watch the Super Bowl, which sucks. I'm getting the boys to sleep, and neither one of them are really cooperating with me, lol. If they go to sleep fairly fast, I can maybe watch the end of it. It just sucks that I'm missing the game and the commercials. I haven't missed a Super Bowl in years. I've always been able to watch them. But having a kid in school that has an early bedtime, cuts out on some things. Guess it's good that I have a laptop and I can adjust the brightness and I can get on here, lol. You all are going to have to keep me posted on what's going on in the game. I have Nate texting me some too. I go
Not Again
mid 80's She couldn't believe it she'd done it again she'd pushed him away. She had to after all things just weren't going right they never did for her.She'd been on this god forsaken world for what seemed like an enternity. She wasn't human she would never be human what she was she never could explain she never grew old she never changed she looked the same as she did the day she turned 30 and that was over 100 years ago. She sat in complete silence along with the others like her they were always moving they never stayed in one spot how could they sooner or later people would notice they were different.Nymph went to sit next to her wanting to cheer her friend up but knew she couldn't Nina always took it very hard when she had to let go. As they reached a rest area they all got off. Nina went of to the side to be alone and then she thought long and hard what she was about to do she went back in the RV grabbed her bag and walked to what look like some college kids who seemed to be he
Mumm Blog
Regarding a possible fu-party--- OK, so James and I really wanna do this, but there's lot of decisions to be made, and we want the best turnout. Anyway, so to start the preliminary planning, there's a few questions we want answers to. I'm sure there'll be more eventually, but... 1. When would be the best time for travel? We're thinking May, but that's up for negotiation. 2. Would people want to stay here (our house), or to get hotel rooms or camping spots. I have a fairly large home, so there's always floor space, etc. 3. Should it be kid friendly? The thought of having my children around people I only know over the net is kind of scary, but I also know that it could cause some people who would be able to come otherwise not to be able to. 4. Would you rather have a flat charge for help with booze/food/extra water used, etc, or just have open donations, or have everybody bring a little something? 5. Should it be planned for a whole weekend, or just one ni
Wanna Win A 5 Credit Bling?!?!
I'm a bit bored... Whoever sends/posts me the coolest froggy with wings picture...will receive a five credit bling of your choice... post them in this blog or send them pm you have until 6pm mountain time 2-2-09 ♥ Postal
Part 1
1-28-2009 Wednesday morning began as any other excpet the undercurrent of excitement rippling under my skin. I was, in fact, almost sure it was visible there just beneath the surface as the hour of my departure drew near. Going to Texas is always an adventure for me. I worked until 1 and travled south to Tallahassee to pick up my rental before heading west. The drive is long but easy; it's freedom from work, from the responsibility of parenthood, from is almost another life completely. The panhandle was cloudy....warm still and wet. Alabama began to cool me off. Mississippi brought the night. Louisiana held her mystery, and Texas, as odd and death filled as it is, has become a part of me. Recognizing the roads, the towns, the landmarks creates a stirring in my soul much like the one that comes from making my way back to my childhood home. I arrived in the wee hours to the guesthouse on Mangum Rd....lights from the prison (Polunsky) visible from my car's spot in
A Little Something I Wrote Back In Nov
Whole Again: Here I was lying in bed trying to recover from another hapless night alone. I sit and wonder is it possible, could a man like me be alone forever. A diamond in the rough is what I have been called. I crave the nurture of a friendly face. Someone to hold at night, to show the affection and love a man like me can give. Does she exist perhaps she does if she does not what would be the point of anything. I wake up to each day with a thought that this could possibly be the day that I finally meet the woman of my dreams. As I walk down the streets of uptown and pass by countless women, I think to myself could she be it or her or even her with that gorgeous smile and those eyes with the fire burning beneath them. I can only hope. Does she notice me? Do we make eye contact? As I have those thoughts suddenly she looks directly up into my eyes and instantly as fast as a lightning bolt appears and disappears I knew that she was the one. I could see the same thing in her ey
Why Didn't You Stay?
You were Loved By Russ Gowin, Bereavement Magazine Jan/Feb 2004 You lived your life and now its done. No more moonlight, no more sun We didnt always share our feelings or our thoughts. We sometimes laughed together and sometimes fought. Each life has a beginning and an end. We never know whats coming around the bend. You look down upon me from up above. You know in this life, you were loved. I miss your voice, your laugh, your smile. How you made me feel special with your own unique style. Your absence is felt each and every day. Your name is always mentioned when I pray. As you fly among the peaceful dove, Always know that you were loved. These are the random thoughts of a griever, a lover, a helper, a teacher, a student and a friend.
The Feline Who Owns Me
moar funny pictures
Is The Possible Pick Of Judd Gregg (r) Nh, A Tactical Power Play??
I was shocked when I saw on Fox News Today, our new president which I affectionately refer to as "The Great Depression" has apparently looking into New Hampshire, Republican Senator Judd Gregg as Commerce Secretary. Now these two individuals "The Great Depression" and the Rhino Gregg are on the same side on many economic issues, Gregg negotiated the recent bailouts and is a key (as I call) repubican in the Senate budget committee. So they both like to spend like a a 16 year old girl at the mall with thier daddy's credit card, as we have seen. But I honestly believe this pick was not made for ideological reasons, after Bill Richardson was shacked by scandal. But rather this was a tactical move by the Obama administration. Let me explain. New Hampshire has a democrat governor, and we know who the democrats want that filibuster-proof Senate. Well if the detestable troll Al Frankin wins out after all the court cases over Norm Coleman, that will put the democrats at 59. Obama wants 60, H
Rhema Marx
Hey Everyone, I finally finished the website for Rhema Marx. Check it out and let me know what you think. They are recycled leather clutches and awesome cuffs. Awesome benefit coming up March 12 in Lake Villa, IL ... to support Home of the Sparrow and Zacharia's Sexual Abuse Center. Thank you everyone for the support so far. ciao Swe T
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Oh Man. So Funny.
i have here a photocopied article (actually its a check list) from 'Housekeeping Monthly 13 May 1955' "The good wife's guide" -Have dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready, on time for his return. This is a way of letting him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about his needs. Most men are hungry when they come home and the prospect of a good meal (especially his favorite dish) is part of the warm welcome needed. -Prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you'll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your make-up, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh-looking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people. -Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him. His boring day may need a lift and one of your duties is to provide it. -Clear away the clutter. Make one last trip through the main part of the house just before your husband arrives. -Gather up schoolbooks, toys, paper etc and then run a
Misfits Lyrics Again
"Descending Angel" "Torn from the Heavens they fall from the sky And walk the streets among mortal Men They hide in shadows, keepers of the night Mortal life is weak, can't hold back the demons The Blood pours like rain and soon you'll be alone Whaaoo Descending Angel, stand by my side Whaaoo we'll face the Night Descending Angel Whaaoo, Guard the Gates of Hell just one more night For in the morning . . . will bring the light Born or created in the image of a God, The Heavens fall, no savior has been sent No one to guide us, alone we face the night Mortal life is brief, For the Rebel Angels they make their final stand And soon you'll be alone . . . Whaaoo, Descending Angel, stand by my side Whaaoo, and face the the Night Descending Angel Whaaoo, Guard the Gates of Hell just one more night Whaaoo, Forever . . . Ends . . .Tonight!"
Matt Hardy Like And Dislikes
Matt has beaten The Undertaker two straight times. Matt Hardy was the Fear Factor Champion. Matt has wrestled in 44 states. Matt was the MVP of the '99 No Mercy Ladder Match. Matt was the longest-lasting Smackdown! superstar in the 2003 Royal Rumble. Matt is the star of the Hardy Boyz book, Exist 2 Inspire. Matt has a valuable Spider-Man comic book collection. Matt is appearing in his fourth Wrestlemania. (during Wrestlemania XIX) Matt loves Mongolian Barbecue. Matt has never locked his keys in his car. Matt thinks sweet potatoes are delicious. Matt usually exceeds the speed limit. Matt is annoyed by snow and ice. Matt defeated Kidman and Rey Mysterio on consecutive pay-per-views. Matt's favorite sushi is freshwater eel Matt loves corduroy clothing. Matt digs tortilla soup. Matt thinks he is a sexy beast. Matt thinks that text messaging is very efficient. Matt is a huge fan of Arizona. Matt always pays cash
Steelers: Here We Go - 2008-09 Version
Here we go steelers.This is for all the steelers fan.Let's go steelers.
Free Secret Marketing Tool Revealed
How Would You like to get paid $50 - $500 over and over again with NO monthly fees? You will be paid to infinity in depth and width. Our program has paid daily for over 10 years online No monthly fees for auto-responder nor lead capture page No monthly fees... Period!!! Automated Advertising Co-Op which helps build your downline for you. If you join me as a Gold memberI will help you Sponsor your first three members. You can Advertise with Your Name and My Phone Number... I will Take all Your Prospects Calls for You... I will Give You the Same Ads that I run... I will Teach You How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Due to the fact that many people are losing their jobs and Looking for an income..... We are in a great position to help These people If you have not yet joinedI strongly suggest you join today JanuaryFebruaryMarch and April are the best months for Sponsoring online!!! For details and f.ree report please go to: http:/
Border Jumpers.
jesus christ. so not too long ago in illinios at a BP refinery or some shit, a bunch of undocumented (illegal) immigrants got busted. well this talk show my station produces is on right now discussing this shit. they got a preacher dude and some other cat bitching that it was unjust and wrong that these people got busted and arrested and shit. the preacher dude says it was done arbitrarily. and that most of these people are pillars in the commnuity and that they may even have spouses that are legal citizens and children that were born here. well. tough titties. YOU ARE AN ILLEGAL. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE HERE. SORRY. YOU BROKE THE RULES. LIED. TOOK JOBS FROM LEGAL CITIZENS. SO SORRY CHARLIE...or gonzalas.....or pedro or whoever. i cant believe their arguements though. 'these people have been here for years. they should be exempt.' what the fuck. seriously. illegal is illegal. ive done all kinds of illegal shit under the radar for years. so that means im exempt?
Tag! You're It!!!!!
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? hip 2. Your significant other? ex 3. Your hair? black 4. Your mother? gone 5. Your father? 88 6. Your favorite thing? porn 7. Your dream last night? blank 8. Your favorite drink? ice-tea 9. Your dream/goal? retirement 10. The room you're in? bed 11. Music? TSO 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? retired 14. Where were you last night? working 15. What you're not? married 16. Muffins? chocolate 17. One of your wish list items? health 18. Where you grew up? Landisville 19. The last thing you did? Fubar 20. What are you wearing? sweats 21. TV? downstairs 22. Your pets? none 23. Your computer? on 24. Your life? ok 25. Your mood? good 26. Mis
Perfection Found
Perfection found In a moment between Racing heart beats Penetrating eyes Memorizing every line Reaching to catch hold Not wanting to let go This moment must last Pain in losing sight Longing for return It comes, always In fleeting seconds No need to cry, sigh One moment ending Another in place.
The Original "pit Bull Problem" Video
Both Sides
Bury all your secrets in my skin As I have kept so many of yorus and never questioned Come away with innocence, and leave me with my sins For truest love forgives all The air around me still feels like a cage I never meant to trap you And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again... Forgive me and let go of your anger go So if you love me, let me go. And run away before I know. I do and while I hide in the shadows I cannot run from you My heart is just too dark to care. I can't destroy what isn't there. It is there I wouldnt be hearing it if it wasnt unless Im mad Deliver me into my Fate - If I'm alone I cannot hate Then hate me if that is what it takes to walk you to yoru fate I don't deserve to have you... It is I thats undeserving My smile was taken long ago / If I can change I hope I never know We both changed the day we said hello I still press your letters to my lips And cherish them in parts of me that savor e
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Valentines Auction
Do I Know U Anymore?
You think that I don't feel your pain? Trust me mine is the same. You think that I don't know how u feel? Trust me I know its real. You think that your life is different? I know for a fact they're alike. You think that I don't understand you? I understand you just right. You think that I can't see? My eyes are open wide. You think that it can't be? I know the truth inside. You think that I don't know you? How can I not, your just like me? You think that I can't hear you? I hear every word you say to me. You think that I don't care? I care more then you'll ever know. You think the truth I can't bear? How can I if you don't show? You think I don't know of love? Well of course I do. You think that I don't know this feeling? Yes I do cause I love you.
Art Of Making Love
Art of making love The beauty of the art of making love is that everyone is talented ~ It just depends on what brush you use to paint the picture. By Michael Dougherty
Tag Your It
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? Hip 2. Your significant other? None 3. Your hair? Brown 4. Your mother? Deceased 5. Your father? Deceased 6. Your favorite thing? laughter 7. Your dream last night? Romance 8. Your favorite drink? Dr Pepper 9. Your dream/goal? Love 10. The room you're in? Bedroom 11. Music? all 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Love 14. Where were you last night? Bedroom 15. What you're not? painfree 16. Muffins? Blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? Love 18. Where you grew up? Odessa 19. The last thing you did? fubar 20. What are you wearing? jeans 21. TV? on 22. Your pets? Dog 23. Your computer? Explorer 24. Your life? Boreing 25. Your mood? Gre
Tag-you're It-2009
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? here 2. Your significant other? work 3. Your hair? greying 4. Your mother? alive 5. Your father? alive 6. Your favorite thing? peace 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? coffee 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? den 11. Music? lots 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? alive 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? young 16. Muffins? yes 17. One of your wish list items? health 18. Where you grew up? Illinois 19. The last thing you did? fubar 20. What are you wearing? jeans 21. TV? on 22. Your pets? dogs 23. Your computer? COMPAQ 24. Your life? stressful 25. Your mood? blah 26. Missing s
Woooooo Hoooooooooo
Yes today is the super bowl and I am hoping arizona gets their butt kicked for beating my panthers. Here is the thing that gets on my nerves about football. Most girls pretend to like it only because of the guy they are with. I played football in high school on a team. What is unnerving is when women talk about it like they know what is going on. They use terms they hear like interception and fumble so to help these gals out I have come up with just a few little terms so they understand it. Fumble- normally it is when a player drops the ball in midplay and the opposite team grabs it or a player from the same team that dropped it and is tackled. The ball is now the team that got the ball last. Ladies broken down term: When you fuck up with your man and you lose him but right away another girl steps in and takes him or you find a way to get him back right of way. Now interception is when the ball is thrown after a snap and the opposite team has a player that caught it and ran with it.
The Ex
You conniving SOB I can't believe you did that you scared me have to death making me think my cousin was in trouble. You used his phone to call me cause you know that was the only way that I would ever talk to you. When I heard your voice I so knew it was you. I hung up but you still didn't get a clue you called and called and text me. All you did was make me start thinking should I take you back. I'll admit I don't have guys in this shitty town knocking down my door to go out with me, but I must admit it's kinda hard when alot of them are exactly the same as the one I dumped. We started out great in the begining it was funny we were supposed to be just a fling a drunken one night stand. Yet you kept calling checking on me asking questions being real nice. Then we started to hang out more get more serious you did cute things for my just like I did for you. Then the age difference started to bother me and your family not to mention another one of my ex's picking a fight with you. Yet yo
Were Is My Juliet
Were are you my juliet . come to me wisk me away in your arms . take my hand and lets dream a dream togather . my heart longs for your touch the smell for your purfume that permates my mind like a razor that cuts into me bleeding the life from my body.
have you ever hated someone so much all u wanna do is punch them in the face? cuz thats how i feel right now and i don't know what to do bout it. i consider myself a decent person and even christian. but having these feelings toward this person isn't very christian of me. i have no clue why its so hard to forgive this person. i guess its cuz they put my family through hell and then some and every fuckin time i give them the benifit of the doubt they go fuck up once again. well NO MORE!!!! im fuckin done. there is only so much i can take and thats it. if i have to spend time with this person i guarentee i'll punch them in the face. it sux cuz they're close to some people i love deeply and i can't stand to even hear their voice. omg i dunno what to do no more. i give up. i can't do this no more. the latest will definitly tear this family apart. its sad cuz ppl don't care. they just wanna be selfish and do what ever the hell they want to do. so i really hope ur gonna be happy.
What Kind Of Intelligence Do You Have?
Your Dominant Intelligence is Intrapersonal Intelligence Reflective and thoughtful, you enjoy spending time alone. You are good at analyzing yourself - and knowing your true feelings. Totally self aware, you are in tune with your dreams and desires. A spiritual and philosophical person, your inner calmness inspires and helps others. You would make a great philosopher, researcher, or theorist. What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?
New To The Site
Hi everybody, just new to the site and hope to share with all of you what I am doing for living !! traveling the world using kiteboarding and meeting people from everywhere is what I like to do. Then I share all of this with my photos and videos : so have a look at it and enjoy the pictures and stuff I will be posting here !!
Sbg Your Cure To The Monday Blues February 2nd Edition
Do You Have Monday Blues? Are your wondering what to do on a Monday? Do you want to rate but don't want to go through the BORED board? Are you tired of only rating only ezrate pics? Well, here is something different, fun, and exciting! SARGE'S BAD GIRLS The BEST bad girls you will ever meet! A listing at your fingertips of beautiful women with great pics. And of course the man that made it all possible. (He has folders of some of our best pics!) Give these bad girls a good old fashioned fu-spanking and don't forget to thank the man that made it all possible. Fan - Rate - Friend - Bling - Comment! You won't regret it! ***SBGs*** You Should Be Rating The SBG picture folders of Sarge and the Top Five SBGs (Up To 25 Mandatory) in this Bulletin/Blog. Next Monday These Top Five Will Be On The Bottom Of The List. All SBGs .. please comply! Sarge's Bad Girls
Sbg February Birthday Beauties!
Some Of Sarges Bad Girls Are Having A Birthday! ~BBW KRZKT~SWEET & SEXY@ fubar !!!! ♥BRT.!~~~@ fubar show them lots of birthday love! Rate Fan Add Bling Crush them. While your here check out the sarge's bad girls we're the best and baddest on fubar!! Sarge's Bad Girls@ fubar wanna become one of sarges bad girls? click here to join Being Pimped Out By: Blue Eyed Brat PLEASE REPOST OFTEN (repost of original by 'Blue Eyed Brat ~ SargesBadGirls ~ greeter @ club xplicit' on '2009-02-01 12:08:48')
Tuesday is the day for my surgery, I know that in a lot of ways I am not worried about it. But I already to a point already hoping things go wrong , and some who hope that everything goes well . But to the sceptics out there I am going to live. I should be scared but I am not at all , in my opinion whatever happens, it happens . I am not afraid to die , cause in my opinion if this is my time so be it .
People To Avoid In Life...
I'm kinda pissed off right now because there's someone here on Fubar who used to be a friend of mine until I basically found out that they were just taking advantage of my kindness. If anyone knows a user here (heck, you may be able to look up his profile) named Jeff71767, that would be him. First of all, let me just say that he lies about EVERYTHING on his profile. His real name isn't even Jeff. And most of the time he was on Fubar was spent staring at pictures of other women and flirting with them when he had a fiance. When they had a fight and she kicked him out, my boyfriend and I basically let him stay at our house for about a month and just let him crash on our couch, watch our TV and everything else. Our first mistake was probably the fact that we didn't really make him pay for anything. We probably should have. Our second mistake was letting him use our computer because one day, we found out he was looking up porn on it. That may not seem like a big deal to some people, but thi
Request For Prayers/good Vibes/good Energy On Monday
Hi All! After we've all had the opportunity to enjoy the game/commercials tonight, I've got a prayer request for y'all. My father is going in for (hopefully) minor surgery on Monday. He'll be coming home Tuesday at the latest. I'd really appreciate having all the good prayers and positive energy we can get (it certainly can't hurt!). Thank you all so much- and don't forget to enjoy the game! LOL!
I Hate When This Happens :(
"This email is to let you know that your Broadband service has been slowed to 64kbps because you have reached your monthly usage allowance." *cries*
Bling Pack
OK heres the deal giving away bling pack!!! the best bid wins 12creidts. so lets see what happens good luck fubucks and rates good as bids good luck!!!!!!!!!! contest ins friday nite
In Need Of A Terrible Towell
Let Me Be Ur Valentines Boo
click the pic and bid on me
Have You Ever Wanted?
have you ever wanted more....just neeed more than what you have from the person you love...tried hard to accept things the way they were but still come up a lil short in areas you always told yourself you wouldnt bend on......have always wanted a man who would stand up for me be there for me..protect me but give me the room i need to grow...let me fight my own battles but ready to be at my side to help me if my shoulder i need even if im to stubborn to take ranting and raving i know.....we all do sometimes right.....venting is good for the soul...keeping it all bottled up will eventually come back to bite you in the ass......but these two songs i heard today just reminded me of everything i want a guy to want and be for me......we can all wish right lol "She's Everything" She's a yellow pair of running shoes A holey pair of jeans She looks great in cheap sunglasses She looks great in anything She's I want a piece of chocolate Take me to a movie
New Positions Within The Family
New Position was Just Offered to Buttrflymom,I would also like to add bigbugger Luckiee7 to this Position as well. The Welcome to the Family Position.I Desire a Glorified name for this New Role Please. When a New Recruit comes in.I will send there link as I do to my Co's.To the Welcome committee.Now these 3 Individuals will be required to Rate all Pictures of the New Recruit.Good way to Level up the Fubar Chain a Bit more.Plus your showing Love like a pack would do. 1sst. Assignment Below: Wolf Women: here is a Comment Bomber for the Texas Wolves.Prior to the Formation of the Texas wolves.Rilla her sister Tami an a few other founders of this Family were Comment bombers for me when I Operated the Kingdom of Wolves.Wolf Women will be very Loyal an Dedicated to our Family.Please show her Pictures some Love Ty Live Link Click an GO wolf woman''texas wolves'~Kingdom of Rogue's@ No VIP this Morph link goes to Silverado in wolf women's collection 500 pic's only
Deadline For Joining Auction Has Pass. Taken No More Entries !
You Mean??
You mean to tell me I gotta pay money to add a song to my page, or am I a weetad? If I have to pay money to be " cool " here I will just assume this whole place is a big gay playpen, and say to hell with it. Thanks for your cooperation.
Kod And Qod
Double Dragon Bombers and Levelers The following members are King and Queen for the Day... Please make sure that you have stopped by and left lots of love on their pages... for Monday, February 2 for Sunday, February 1 for Saturday, January 31
why the heel dose all the people you would love to meet always live sooooo damn far away? I really wish that some people would be closer. I always love to meet new people to hang out with and have fun. if you live in the las vegas area and are tired of just sitting at home doin' nothing, YOU should hit me up. LET'S PARTY.
My Sex Sign
Your Sex Sign is... ARIES: You're fiery, independent, and the best anyone's ever had. You're so hot that you drive everyone wild with sexual frustration. You're a total star when you're on top, but you also need to be impressed in bed. Aries, you are headstrong, spolied, fiery in temperment, and fiercely independent. You always want to be the best anyone's ever had, and you'll spend all night convincing your lover that you are. Don't worry - you usually are the best anyone has ever had. When you get down, you don't leave out anything. Sexually, you're a leader and very sure of yourself. One of your favorite positions is being on top, where you can move freely - while letting your lover observe you orgasm. Sex with you is always exciting. You start with teasing, playful seduction - that always drives your lovers wild with frustration. You always deliver though! You love being over powered, and you respond to a strong sexual appetite with equal fervor. The confident lover
F*ck This Secret Admire Shit
GGRRRRRR...this secret admirer shit is driving me insane.. as of right now I have 4 I am kindly asking each of you to come forward
Timothy Leary's Dead... But, Not Forgotten
I was asked about my status (my eight circuits of consciousness are shorted): Tunnel-Realities and Imprints Let's try Dr. Leary's perspective on these mysteries. To understand neurological space, Dr. Leary assumes that the nervous system consists of eight potential circuits, or "gears," or mini-brains. Four of these brains are in the usually active left lobe and are concerned with our terrestrial survival; four are extraterrestrial, reside in the "silent" or inactive right lobe, and are for use in our future evolution. This explains why the right lobe is usually inactive at this stage of our development, and why it becomes active when the person ingests psychedelics. We will explain each of the eight "brains" briefly. I. THE BIO-SURVIVAL CIRCUIT This invertebrate brain was the first to evolve (2 to 3 billion years ago) and is the first activated when a human infant is born. It programs perception onto an either-or grid divided into
Prayer For Bikers
Biker angel be my guide, As I climb upon my scoot to ride, Let your halo light the way, And keep me safe from harm today. Let your wings provide me wind and air, and send it coursing through my hair. Find me a peaceful sunny place, And let it shine upon my face. Keep the clouds and rain at bay, And keep me dry throughout the day, Watch over my brothers and sisters who ride also, Keep them safe and close to thee, Keep my wheels upon the ground, So I'll return here safe and sound. But should disaster be my fate, Guide me through to Heaven's gate, If I must join my fallen brethren, Please show me the way to Biker heaven.....
So Glad The New Improved Fema Is Hard At Work....
HOPE AND CHANGE MY ASS!!! SO WILL ALL THE ASSHOLES BITCH AND MOAN ABOUT HOW SHITTY A JOB THE NEW ADMINISTRATION DID IN HANDLING KENTUCKY'S EMERGENCY??? GREAT JOB THERE FEMA......AND ISN'T FEMA NOW IN LINE WITH HOMELAND SECURITY AND UNDER THE DIRECTION OF NAPOLITANO? HEY MS. NAPOLITANO, GET OFF YOUR FAT ASS AND GET THESE PEOPLE THE MUCH NEEDED HELP THEY NEED!!!!!!! WHERE THE F*CK IS FEMA AT, BITCH?!!! Obama And FEMA Leave Americans To Die In Kentucky Kentucky's Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear declared a state of emergency on January 27th. Obama, on his website, scolded the Bush administration for poor response to Hurricane Katrina. Where is he now? Where is the MSM? I suppose hopey/changey administration is too busy pushing the stimulus pkg to worry about Americans freezing to death in Kentucky. Local officials were growing angry with what they said was a lack of help from the state and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In Grayson County, about 80 miles sou
Memphis Soul Song
Uncle Kracker - New Music - More Music Videos Lookin' back on everything And all the things that stay I can count on memories Cuz they don't go away Good times were hard to hold Until she came along She moves me like a Memphis soul song I'm not always there I know But she don't mind at all As pretty as a picture that hangs on my own wall She's like Mississippi When the sun comes up at dawn She moves me like a Memphis soul song With an angel on my left side and the devil on my right She's the one who saves me from them dark unholy nights Of all the ones who've left me it's a wonder she's not gone She moves me like a Memphis soul song She moves me like a Memphis soul song She don't care what the game is She's always down to play My world without her seems a million miles away She don't have to worry I know where I belong She moves me like a Memphis soul song I've been dealt some aces And I've played them all the same But she's the only one that keeps
I Miss You Cudagirl33
What's The Matter
I went down to see my baby wanting to get some love she looked at me, she said what's the matter with you boy it's not you I'm thinking of I went down to see my mother, wanting to see a smile she looked at me, she said what's the matter with you boy you haven't been here in quite awhile what's the matter with you what's the matter with you your not doing what you oughtta do
Go Steelers!!
Hurray! I got my homework done in plenty of time to enjoy the super bowl. Wanna know how sad and pathetic I am? I will be sitting in my apartment watching the game by myself. Yeah, I have no life. I'm trying to decide if I should bust out the one person snacks or not. I was going to make some popcorn or have some chips and salsa. I had another reason to writing this blog, but I already forgot. Oh, I was thinking of busting out the liquor and getting blasted! haha just kidding. I think I might make a margarita or two. Ohhh and I can have my burritos and chips and salsa. This plan is coming together well! Can someone please entertain me. I'm terribly bored since I got my work done so quickly. And GO STEELERS!
how can you tell if your love one is cheating on you
Delusional Idiot's That Take Things To The Extreme
You know, time after time it just simply amazes me how some idiot's on here take things so seriously. What's annoying is the fact that they try to put their two senses in where it doesnt belong, not to mention which is none of their business anyway. And whats even more disturbing and annoying is when a person has to post blogs and a mumm about it. Simply put people like these are obviously paranoid and delusional...then of course they have their own sheep that will believe everything they say. This is why I love this site, because their reality on here is simply for my entertainment..I truly live for this kind of
From What I Understand
This is a happenening place, more diverse than myspace even?? So I jumped aboard, simply because a DEAR FRIEND,, mentioned it. So I will give it,, uhm 2 weeks, if you people are cool enough , maybe I will stick around. But by the looks of things,, kinda stretching it.
New Contest...who Wants A Hh?
I am holding a rate contest, anyone interested in participating please send me the link to the pic that you would like to use. The rules are fairly simple : First prize goes to the person with the most pic rates with a minimum of 600 and second prize will go to the person with the second most rates with a minimum of 300.First prize will be your choice of an hh or a 135 credit bling pack and second prize will be your choice of a 30 day blast or a 65 credit bling pack. Any other questions please feel free to ask ~cruel but cute~owner of and owned by AARON@ fubar
Thanks To All
Details 4 Hh Returns
If you send me a Happy hour I will add you to family for 3 months plus you will recieve something more then you can get on fubar from me or anyone else. PM me for more details Nibbles N Lixsss April
Zack & Miri Make A Porno
Funniest Movie I've seen in YEARS!
58,544 To Insider
grahairs@ fubar
1st Gets To Be Family
The first one to send me 1,000 extra 11's gets to be in my family for a week.. So what are you waiting for? Show Mistress your loving. P.S. If your not the first you can get 1 day family access or else check my other blogs for further orders.. Nibbles N Lixssss April
Bored Out Of My Mind
I'm so bored. I just got home and I have to make up my bed. I also have to at some point go shopping for my oldest a birthday present or presents. I have no clue what to get him. He doesn't really ask for anything. Oh, and I need to get him a backpack..I kind of broke the one he has. Ugh. I'm guessing I should go do the bed thing now and worry about the other stuff a little later.
Pimping Out New Owner Gbeaver Check It Out!
Trivia #6- Episode 85
Alright, with 4 new people adding to the mix this week, you have to just love the competition. So here are the standings for the night: SweetAngel----------46 Xanrose-------------31 Strega--------------23 StacyDawn-----------21 MammaHelle----------20 Miss Ashley---------19 Mchgn---------------15 Hellermoon-----------9 Nightshade-----------9 Insane Melody--------8 Lost-----------------7 Redlar---------------7 So congrats to SweetAngel on her first weekly win...Now here it is, the all important updated running total.... Mchgn---------------118 SweetAngel----------108 Sheena--------------107 MammaHelle-----------97 Strega---------------73 StacyDawn------------71 Punkette-------------64 Redlar---------------60 Lost-----------------52 Nightshade-----------49 Xanrose--------------48 Sassy_Jen------------44 JPletch--------------31 Spliff---------------27 AnitaDick------------26 MissAshley-----------19 Sunnastein-----------19 Hellermoon-----------19 TWil
For Those About To Rock...
How much would you give to be a part of this:
Things That Make Me Go Hmmmmmm?..
Ok people, I'm just curious about a few things that I'm constantly seeing on here. For instance status msgs. Ok funny status messages are cool. Hell they'll make me laugh and I'll comment on them. Status msgs letting peeps know you're not there. They're informative...That's cool too. but why put up status messages that constantly say you're God's gift to mankind, that you're leaving FU (and you never leave or ya leave and comeback? personal favorite), I can take your man or woman (I mean come on honestly who cares??), msgs that people use to prove themselves to other people with (if you're confident in yourself on the real, you don't feel the need to profess it to the world because honestly that sounds like something someone who lacks confidence would do), or just msgs outright beggin for this and that....You're on the internet....lawd live a little, have fun and enjoy yourself...This aint your job, ya aint making anything but fu money and getting fu bling here peeps...l
I just want to thank everyone who rated my stuff and helped me level. :D Special thanks to Violets for giving me the auto 11s in the first place. :D All you guys that helped out made me sticky down below :P
Relocated For Work
been out here in new mexico since sept 08 now,hated leavin west virgina after 22 yrs,but i always wanted to work on ranch out west & when the chance came up- i took it ! i live right on the ranch in the bunkhouse,which makes it great not havin to drive anywhere to work & bad as the winter has been,im glad i dont hav to drive ! really nice out here,mts twice as high as wv.havent met many people here,no wheels & i stay busy here.i had been ofline untill last week-jus got new laptop & reconected with all my cyber friends. hav a nice day !
About My Days In California
Backpacking at Cottonwood Lakes, CA Copyright 2009 Ms. Cleavage After hiking for five miles we set up our camp site at the third of the five Cottonwood Lakes just south of Mt. Whitney in California. The day was spectacular with warm air during our five mile hike. This was my first trip and now I see why my husband was so in love backpacking in this area of the Sierra Nevada. The trail left me a bit winded since the last half was steep climbing over moraines left behind from ancient glaciers. In front of me while I walked around the campsite is the back bone for the Sierras each peak being snow capped and rugged against the bright blue sky. There I sat for a moment to watch the sun set over the jagged peaks, the snow patches, Feel the breeze flow through my hair. My legs were long and lean that was sticking out my shorts that I wore with my heavy hiking boots. I sat on a boulder to watch the scene before me and just feel at one with nature. As I sat there I co
Trivia #5- Episode 84
OK, we had a huge crowd today, and now we have the 5 bonus points for the weekly winner, and now 3bonus points for being the one with the 1st correct answer. So, here is how it turned out for Friday: Punkette-----------34 Lost---------------26 Mchgn--------------21 Nightshade---------19 Sassy_Jen----------17 Xanrose------------17 TWillis------------17 Redlar-------------14 MammaHelle---------14 Hellermoon---------14 SweetAngel----------7 Sheena--------------5 Now, for the all important running totals for the year after 5 events... Sheena-------------107 Mchgn--------------103 MammaHelle----------77 Punkette------------64 SweetAngel----------62 Redlar--------------53 Strega--------------50 StacyDawn-----------50 Lost----------------45 Nightshade----------41 JPletch-------------31 Sassy_Jen-----------27 Spliff--------------27 AnitaDick-----------26 Sunnastein----------19 TWillis-------------18 Xanrose-------------17 Grave---------------16 Forgetful61
I was originally going to write a blog involving angst and repulsion. Negativity Instead, I want to write one about inspiration. Positivity. There is too much that is negative in our lives. Some of it we bring upon ourselves. Some of it just seems to happen. But we cant escape it. Some days it is all you can see and you have to fight for those little glimpses of light that peek through the cracks of this abominable wall that stands before us. Some people can become that light. They can break through that wall and for one moment no matter how long or how brief there is a ray of hope and joy that shines through. There is an essence of humanity. Im not talking about myself. I am speaking on the behalf of many people that I have never met, never talked to, and I only know of their existence through words of others, assorted news stories and my own assumptions. Their world has come crashing down on them. Their souls have somehow lost their way. Their lives I cannot
Hi ....everybody!
welcome to be my friend1
Shelby Lynn 7/19/98 - 1/31/09
We lost our Shelby yesterday. She was a beautiful Shelty that we had from the time she was a pup. She was a rambunctious yet the most loyal dog you could ever want and I feel like I let her down. I had to make the toughest decision nobody should have to make. In the end Shelby was always loyal and loving. She was a member of the family, not just a pet and she shouldn't have to live in misery - yet I can't stop wondering if we gave up too soon even though the vet said it was the right choice. Everything just happened so fast that my head is still spinning. Shelby started getting sick last Monday. She vomited several times during the day. Things spiraled out of control very quickly. It went from vomiting to doing nothing but laying around. She wouldn't even get up to get her ice cube when she heard me at the freezer. Then she quit eating completely. I couldn't even bribe her with her favorite treats, not even bologna. Then we'd let her outside to potty, she almost fainted once & we ha
Pimping My Friends Cause They Are Awesome!
My bish Monica! The ultimate point whore! Love her hard she likes it! Teh Awesome Mental (Ian). My favorite pamplemousse! The beautiful Idaho! She has great potatoes! And Supe! He loves the love from the ladies but men are welcome to rate! I know its alot and with the superbowl going on you can't get to everything but show them a little love! They are all awesome!
Have A Great Super Bowl Day
Everyone have a great Super Bowl day. Goooooo Steelers, I hope they win.
I Have Finished A New Story
I have finished a new erotic story and will be posting it at half time of super bowl. Watch for it then.
Your daily kiss fortune: Speak this day in the universal language of love. --- Be brave - speak from your heart and the answer you receive may surprise you.
Ms~mandylicious Is Just 260k From Disciple With Auto 11s On .. Help Her Level Up
ATTENTION ONE AND ALL !! See this sexy fu right here.. This is Mandy and she is totally awesome... For those of you that know her you know it's true.. Those of you that don't know her yet ya need to.. She is only 260K from Disciple with auto 11s on and could use some help.. She is an amazing girl in need of some amazing people to help her out.. Sooooo.. Go show her some serious fu-luvinz.... Fan her.. Rate her.. Add her.. Bling her.. Blast her and let's get her leveled up !!! ~ Ms~MandyLiCiouS&trade~Manager@The Drunk Penguin~I BITE !
Crazy Love
I can't find a decent version dammit. This is as close as I could get. Dylan kinda taints it for me, but I prefer Van Morrison aged....the gravely voice. Enjoy. Or not. I still fuckin love this song. I can hear her heart beat for a thousand miles And the heavens open every time she smiles And when I come to her that's where I belong I'm running to her like a river's song Chorus: She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love She's got a fine sense of humor when I'm feeling low down And when I come to her when the sun goes down She take away my trouble, take away my grief Take away my heartache, in the night like a thief Chorus Yes I need her in the daytime Yes I need her in the night Yes I want to throw my arms around her Kiss n hug her, kiss n hug her tight And when I'm returning from so far away She gives me some sweet lovin' brighten up my day Yes it makes me righteous, yes it makes me feel whole
I LOVE this song. Django Reinhardt, one of my all time fav. guitarists with Stphane Grappelli on violin: Blame Saint Sinner for this. Her blues guitarist blog inspired me to post it.
Bully Made 4 Me By Rawk Sweetie...thank You!
Cat Anf A Roomba _ Funnny!!!
Kiss Collectables
I have many kiss (the band) collectables from comic books to matchbox cars that I am getting rid of my collection...anyone interested?
Little Help Please
LOST SOUL COZMIK IS ALMOST THERE I NEED REFERALS IF YOU HAVE A FRIEND THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE HERE AND WANT TO HELP OUT A FRIEND HERE ONE THAT IS ALWAYS THERE WITH A BLING OR TWO JUST TO SAY THANK YOU THEN PLEASE HELP COZMIK OUT ~*~Cozmik Debris~*~@ fubar Pink FloydShine On You Crazy Diamond Music Video Codes By Music (repost of original by 'Lacey N Mario Houdend van Echtgenoot en Echtgenote' on '2009-01-31 09:05:01')
Episode 84- Friday Night Delight
Well, this was the first ever Friday show and it really turned out to be ok. It was a light show becuz we had no beer, but we survived. It was still fun as we did all the bits as usual, but realized we cannot read Slackney's wisdom sober, its just not right, lol. With 13 ppl staying the whole show, I was very happy as usual. Hopefully next Friday will be another smash...
Common Sense
Today we mourn the passing of Common Sense. Common Sense was preceded in death by his parents- Truth and Trust, his wife-Discretion, his daughter- Responsibility, and his son-Reason. He is survived by 3 step-children, I Know My Rights, Someone Else Is To Blame, and I Am A Victim. Please join me in a moment of silence to pay tribute.
My Grandpa Is Gone
For those that it may concern, my Grandpa died on Feb. 1st, so I'm not really myself right now. I might make some people mad asking questions I already know the answer to and some i don't or the one I might not be to happy to hear..."Are you okay?" Of course I'm not but at the same time I appreciate those who truly care about my well being. I guess I'm not ready to deal with the fact that he and my grandmother both are gone or that it's a reality I'm having a REAL hard time accepting. We were real close and I feel that there's a big piece of me that i won't get back.
Adventure Of A Virgin..
The Adventures of a Virgin. My mother and sister are in town. I'm loving having some San Antonians around, but they're seriously cramping my blogger-dater lifestyle. It'd be hard to go out on a date and bring the fam along. So, to keep things interesting around here, I decided to post an entry I wrote in another blog-land, a long, long time ago and far far away. Here you go: I decided I'd write about my original adventure. My first adventure as a virgin. I'd also like to say that although this one girl in particular will be the subject of this posting, she's not important or significant at all. she's basically as insignificant as adventures can be which is the reason I'm writing about her. It's also just a funny story. I was a late bloomer in the self-confidence department. I didn't think I was good looking until I was about thirteen years old. I didn't think I was smart until I was fifteen years old, which is also the age that I thought maybe it was possible that a girl
How Blue Can You Get?
This one isn't here for the song(the lyrics). The music gets me. And I've adored Jeff Healeys strumming for as long as I can recall.
Still Haven't Spent Any Money
In case anyone comes around wondering how I gave out bling without spending money to advance myself, here's an SS of the bling credit transaction.
So Much 4 You !!!
You know the pain that lives inside my heart. My teardrops have fallen before your very eyes, You have tasted there salty bite late at night when all was wrong & everything was falling apart in my world. - Change-candlebox Candlebox Ch... candlebox songs | music videos | lyrics
FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats all I can say...confused and broken right now!!!! Not sure what to do or who to those special few I trust but they are not many!!! How do you know you can trust what someone is saying? (And I'm not talking about you...Mr. Brady!!!!) I have friends or so called friends that like to run their mouths and don't care who they hurt in the process...Who does that? I mean yeah we all talk shit but not like some.When you have to make up a lie about someone to make yourself look good I mean really. I don't know I was just a little irritated is all!!! I guess I am just really dissapointed in people these days!!!! I have however met someone who I believe to be very sweet and honest...(Now I'm talking about you Mr. Brady!!!!) Its rare to meet someone who you have things in common with and who you get along with easily...He kinda helped me see things for the way they are...but you know whatever. Not saying I'm in love cuz well yeah it's WAY too e
Where I Can Be Found this is the best place to find me now days if you been looking for me. sorry i been away for so long.
Cold(but Im Still Here) By Evans Blue
Farewell My Fufriends...
Due to the busy lifestyle I have with work and school, I've fallen out of touch with many of you, and I'm sorry. But things in the real world are busy, and that will only continue. Therefore, I have decided to bid farewell to Fubar. You've all be great friends and I really appreciate each and every one of you. I've been cleaning out my profile and will be closing it indefinitely by February 7th. Feel free to PM me if you'd like until then. It was great while it lasted. Thank you all! ~ Kitty
Winners - 1/30-31/09
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED !!! HERE ARE THE RESULTS and WINNERS of Over 7 MILLION in PRIZES!!! BLING Drawing WINNERS: DJ SHORTY ~CherryBlowPopzz~ ☠Řэđחәķ♠ĩŧһ☠ мz ŁiℓyηfℓОηЄ The Grand Prize Drawings for Over 5 MIL Fubux. 3 Winners out of the 42 entered are .. 2 MIL MzjjMae 1 MIL honey-64 500k ♥Combatmidget♥ The 6 Wi
Me Playing Poker.. Yup, I Won!
Love Note2
Love Note1
Yeah I know, Vikes are out of it, but I don't care :D Still gonna support my boys
Poker Lover!
Old N Plain Carri
Rock On!
My Bitchin'... Aint Pretty!
Being Who I Am, Carri!
Drunk Rosebud.. Lol!
Tryin To Look Good In The Hat!
Black/white Of Me
My Tattoo In Work
Me In The Wi Snow! (2008)
Foggy Day In Wi (2008)
Blowing Snowstorm In Wi (2008)
Ice Storm In Wi (2008)
Player Baby Come Back
Spending all my nights, all my money going out on the town Doing anything just to get you off of my mind But when the morning comes, Im right back where I started again Trying to forget you is just a waste of time Baby come back, any kind of fool could see There was something in everything about you Baby come back, you can blame it all on me I was wrong, and I just cant live without you All day long, wearing a mask of false bravado Trying to keep up the smile that hides a tear But as the sun goes down, I get that empty feeling again How I wish to God that you were here Baby come back, any kind of fool could see There was something in everything about you Baby come back, you can blame it all on me I was wrong, and I just cant live without you Now that I put it all together Give me the chance to make you see Have you used up all the love in your heart Nothing left for me, aint there nothing left for me Baby come back, any kind of fool could see There wa
John C Maxwell
"Your life today is a result of your thinking yesterday. Your life tomorrow will be determined by what you think today."
Just Some Lyrics I Liked
I hear you calling me Haunting me There's nothing I can do without you (without you) I stand here paralyzed I've realised There's nothing without you (without you) If I could talk to you Embrace you Whisper in your ear I would tell you That, you are The only, The only thing i need I hear you calling me... Haunting me... I am hypnotised Mesmerized As I walk toward the fire The fear comes over me And then I see The meaning of desire If you could see my face Hold my hands Look into my eyes I would show you That, you are the only, The only thing I need
And The Sun Still Rose
today though I prayed for me it wouldnt, prayed to trade palces with you, that my very life essence would I trade to you to help you overcome this adversity you face, I would trade every day from now until my natural time is over and give it to you, for without you there is no sun, there is only a mind numbing exsistance, there is no joy, but I would exsist this way for eternity to know that you are happy and healthy and full of joy. may the fates hear my cry and take my pethetic excuse for a life for you are far more deserving than I of all that life has to offer. Do not pluck yet another rose too early from this garden the earth already suffers a deficit of true beauty and even if I may never behold it again, let it remain in the garden a while longer for the whole worlds sake.
Time To Get In Shape For 2009!
Time to get in shape for 2009! I tried it, I liked it, you will too! The older we get the more important it is to incorporate exercise into our daily routine. This is necessary to maintain cardiovascular health and maintain muscle mass. If you're over 40, you might want to take it easy at first, then do more repetitions as you become more proficient and build stamina. Warning: It may be too strenuous for some. Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise program! SCROLL DOWN.............. NOW SCROLL UP That's enough for the first day. Great job . Now,have a glass of wine/beer & relax.
Because Of You
I awake each day with a smile And greet it with a laugh; The world is a treasure to me Because of you. Every time I think of something sad, I replace the thought- with you! My mind is instantly changed And my heart is filled with gladness. Every breath I take is meant for you, I live this life surrounded in joy And I bathe in the promise of your love, My soul belongs to you. Each time I see something beautiful I want to take it and bring it to you; My life has so much meaning now All because of you.
Rooms (track)
Comment | Copy This
Omg Cam Cam Cam Oh Crap My Autos Are Almost Up To Plz Rate Rate Rate
SO DEAR I LOVE HIM THAT: With him I could endure all deaths without him live no life.. I'm looking for my Romeo LOVE ME HARD GUYS I HAVE MY AUTO 11'S RUNNING.. PLZ HELP ME GET CLOSER TO LEVELING...THANK YOU For everyone who joins this lounge today only will get $5,000 fubucks payable by me. Mizz Shady.. You need to shout me and let me know you joined ok.. You need to say Mizz Shady sent me.. when you enter then join.. Then let me know you did.. Just click here for the lounge thank you Best Kept Secrets Looks like they need a Best kept secret. Join today..
Miracles Can Happen
*writen by Mommy just moments after finding out you were twins*
Bling And Bucks For Rates (closed ... Thank You!)
Bling and fubucks Giveaway! I ascended to Angel ... Thank you everyone! I am giving away 10K for every 100 rates while Auto 11s are on! Rate all ez-rates and get 110,000 fubucks plus a 1 credit bling. Rate everything and get 200,000 fubucks plus a 3 credit bling. Just send me a message when done. Messages only so I dont miss anyone through comments or shouts. Click now and get started! Be sure to rate my lovely future bride. Let's keep Mona #1! Ms. Mona Doll ღ Dangerous Curves Member ღ
My About Me.
Im a small town mid-western girl. A single mom of 4 adorable awesome girls who ARE the world. Im a work in progress,far from perfect, but overall good person. I enjoy meeting people and making new friends. Im not new to fubar but the previous profile felt like a freakish distortion of who I really am. I was deceiving myself and had to find the truth within. I have to be true to me, Im the one who lives in my skin. Im still me but with a regained sense of who this girl is today and what I really want in life. I have goals I intend to acheive in life and Im not afraid to walk away from those who stand in my way or drag me down. Fubar is my escape not my life. I have met some wonderful friends here who are more then faces on a screen but real life long friends and Im very thankful that they are apart of who I am.
No More Drama
Venting hubby has gotten me in such a pickle w/my daughter and me it isnt even funny we did finally work things out but....hopefully no more drama...she actually shut my phone off and we got into it bad and said sorry to one is back on...ugh no more drama....
I Haz Em
get ya pointz bitches!!!!! have a great day that is all
"will I Ever?"
Will I Ever Will I ever make my peace with you? One I should know so well Often trapped by chains you just cant break, in the deepest pits of Hell Struggling hard, you sometimes seem, to crawl out of that place But still I do not recognize a once familiar face Will I ever get to share a laugh, or a pleasant hour with you? A moment when the clouds are gone and the skies are deepest blue? When the forecast never says aloud that theres any threat of rain A normal day when just for once youre not fighting back the pain Will I ever get to hear your hopes, your visions, or your dreams? Because lately all the sounds you make are hollow empty screams The sad refrain of a driven man, one often torn apart How many times I wonder, can one survive a broken heart? Will I ever get to see you love the simple things in life? Instead of things that fill your soul with pain and hurt and strife Those sad and cruel reminders that always make you ill That keep you pushing your ma
Zerospace is the place you find balance. About the search for balance in life, and how you really can't ever find it unless you acknowledge the presence of and understand the extremes. Once there is an awareness of sustaining balance, it's time to move forward. The struggle is over.
Llama Leveler Of The Day
Dee75 Member of llama levelers !! Fu Owned by Texas Twister@ fubar all Llama Levelers will leave 100 pic. rates each when done kindly leave a comment below that you have done so...Thanks.
Doubt Theres places people never go, yet not all of them are real Things the soul wont touch or hold, or ever grasp or feel And feelings never shared aloud in a whisper or a shout Because lurking in the shadows is a killer known as doubt Theres lands our eyes will never see, and food well never taste Times when we decide to crawl, when we should move with haste Moments we should jump back in when we are climbing out Blame it all on simple fear and a little thing called doubt Often love and hope is standing there, just outside the door But many never heed its knock so it passes by once more And once again we miss the meaning, what its really all about To the victor goes the spoils, and this victors name is doubt But its not that hard to beat this foe, if one does it right Because the one thing that it fears the most is illuminating light That shows its face and tears away the darkness of its lair And then we see that doubt is just a small child hudd
Horoscope Test!
Your personality is most like that of a Cancer, the zodiac sign for those born between June 22 - July 22. You love people and your nurturing nature makes you sensitive and sympathetic to others. Your imagination helps and hurts you as it may get away from you at times. Reel it in and you can create great things. Be careful of your mood swings as well, and don't let your protective nature turn into possessiveness. Horoscope Test by fun quizzes! Internet Sweepstakes - IQ Tests - The Dumb Test Quizzes | Hollywood Movie Trivia Quizzes | Dumb MySpace Quizzes
How Can I Help Someone Grow Today?
It's not enough to talk to plants, you also have to listen. --David Bergman Plants grow best when we pay attention to them. That means watering, touching them, putting them in places where they will receive good light. They need people around them to notice if they are drooping at the edges or looking particularly happy in the sunlight. The more attention a plant receives, the better it will grow. We need to be noticed in the same way. If we notice a family member or friend is drooping, perhaps we can pay some special attention to him or her. All of us need someone to care about how we are and to truly listen to us. We can share and double someone's happiness by noticing and talking about it also. We help the people around us to grow by listening to their droopy edges as well as their bright days. People need this as much as plants need light and water. How can I help someone grow today?
Leveling Blog 374
♥Delicious RedHead ♥FU-Fiance2 Tony♥Fubars "MOST" Finest♥@ fubar 598k to level to prophet Autos on
Hmm, Can We Say, Stressed
currently real life has hit a brick wall, hope it gets better soon, I miss my Runningbear, and I Love Him 4-ever 2 people +2 gether ---------- 4 ever
Llama Leveler Of The Month
If It's Not One Thing It's Another!
My son which is 15 hasn't been able to use the restroom in 8 days, you know number 2 I took him to the doctors an he gave him this shit called colace? Said for me to also get some mineral oil to take by mouth also up the ya know and that hasn't really helped him at all, doctor said he may think that there is a blockage but we're going to try everytning before going through a surgery... I have been trying to get a hold of a doc today however the shit won't answer the phone & I need to know what to do in this case because my son is do to go back tommorrow, school that is... Anyways please give some prayers for him an lets just hope he'll be able to go sometime soon...
Been A Bad Girl
I know Ive been a bad girl didnt mean to attack you last night hadnt seen you in days and days wanted you right then and there sick of waiting for you getting impatient every night Just wanted you naked in our bed Running my hands all over your body Place my mouth over every inch of your skin Make you forget all your worries feel your stress melt away I know Ive been a very bad girl
Gunpowder And Lead--miranda Lambert
Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert -
Stimulus package explained... "Sometime this year, taxpayers will receive an Economic Stimulus Payment. This is a very exciting new program that I will explain using t he Q and A format: "Q. What is an Economic Stimulus Payment? "A. It is money that the federal government will send to taxpayers. "Q. Where will the government get this money? "A. From taxpayers. "Q. So the government is giving me back my own money? "A" No, they are borrowing it from China. Your children and grandchildren are expected to repay the Chinese. "Q. What is the purpose of this payment? "A. The plan is that you will use the money to purchase a high-definition TV set, thus stimulating the economy. "Q. But isn't that stimulating the economy of China? "A. Shut up." __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bel
Im Leaveing Fubar
To my family and Friends.. Im,leaveing fubar..It`s not that I havent had fun meeting people from all over this big blue marble..It`s time to say goodbye and move on..To,everyone on my lists Have a great life,enjoy the loves around you the sights and sounds that put a smile in your lives..Be,truthful to yourselves and those you come in contact with..Love long and hard.. You can find me (if you want) here; click on the link and have fun...Its like "old" bunco but not as much DRAMA.. TAKE care my Family and Friends..I,will Miss you all..Loves ya.. shake
Magic--robin Thicke
What Is The Point
Why must our inboxes get filled with messages of an admirer from some random person that we don't know. Then we need to try to pick who it is??? This is FUTARDED!!!! Why must my inbox get full of SPAM here too??? Turn it off
alright, something has been brought to my attention recently. i am not putting up with peoples shit from now on. i'm in iraq and i've had to put up with seeing the same people, assholes or not, for the past 15 months. i dont care if you think i'm a great man or not, just take your complaints to someone who is going to give a fuck at the moment. oh, and for those that may wonder, F.I.A stands for Fuck It All
Contest Winner
The first time I even won anything here on Fubar....Help me make it a memorable occassion....All my family, friends and shit...EVERYONE!!!! stop by and rate my pics...
Lounge Moved
hey everyone i just want to let people that THE FALLEN DRAGON didnt close i just moved it to the fallen dragons profile i will be posting the link here so that you all can come back and rejoin and have some free drinks on the house. we are looking for all staff esp djs and promoters if interested please stop by and see me,D,or badgirl thanks guys.:)
Auction Open Jan 31-feb 13th!!!
Naughty Girl Loves To Be Perved...
Auto Virgin ! ! Pop Her Hard!!!! Stop by and show some love to one of Fubar's MOST Finest!! ♣ Delica†o Fiore ♣ CoCeo Fubars MOST Finest ♣@ fubar
Try To Think Ahead.
Your Daily Motivation – Try To Think Ahead. Sunday February 1, 2009 TRY TO THINK AHEAD. When you think ahead of any approaching action you'll always have the advantage. You'll be the winner. Try to do things before they need to be done. Keeping a little ahead of conditions is one of the secrets of business. The time to repair your roof is when the sun is shining. Let your advance worrying become advance thinking and planning. Position yourself ahead of time in the best place for you. When you do what is necessary, all the odds are in your favor. Do the next thing. Copyright 2008 Watch This Video => Discover The System Watch This Video => Meet The Team Your skin is your largest body organ and it acts as a barrier and absorption mechanism for the rest of your organs. You should do what you can to protect and nurture your skin because your skin protects the rest of your body. Healthy skin means a he
Sunil Is Shocked................
wat to say bla bla bla.............ha ha ha......
Imhopeless Lately Lol But Got Boobs Not Brains
Imtrying toreturn all the love Ive been getting and I lost track some of my groups and lounges Im truly sorry justpleaseremid me maybe a couple of times just fyi mostof my close net and all my realfriends I fell thru a secod story railig in 89 I do have brain damage and memory probs I have a realhonest excuse lolnot just these 36 Hs lmao
I step in and out of possibilities Like rooms Just to be near you I can hear you, in a thought I can feel you, in a thought Brought you to the fore front Of you my experience I choose to attach you To these emotions As a collective, they give me chills This is real to me As real as real can be So I continue to move through these rooms Following you Even if only for a moment Its a nuff for me And so I pack up and move to the next room Just as you do Trying to stay in the same proximity Moments change We could be walking in the park Or standing in the rain As the droplets fall from the sky And find a spot on my face I hold you close me I feel a tear But cant tell Is it my pride Or the rain I cant tell But I can feel you all over me In my back, my arms, my knees As if youre becoming a part of me You spread from my heart To every part of me Into the next room we go All me no chaser,
Going On Cam If You All Give Me Love I Have Autos
Ill go on cam if you guys hook me up too plz. I need to make this auto count and time is almost up.. plz rate the hell out of me and I'll go on cam.. If anyone wants to get me another auto that would be great to.. I have fubucks I can trade for it.. When I'm on can you just shout me like normal..
Message Me-gone To Church &zzzzzz
Hi Fubar PPLs, Going to to church today then off to bed after eating candy[M7Ms[Don't like the Super Bowel and no GF to boot! See ya!
Life's Fun And Then ....
Yep just as you think things are going well. it gives you a nudge in the nuts. Firstly i have gone through 2 clutch levers, first was because I presumed the bike fell but now I think it was pushed. Second one was when the bike was on its centre stand and still looked like it went over. Theory is that either someone bumped it from behind and picked it up or someone tried to steal it. And thats the weird thing, that someone decided to pick it up and place it on its side stand! Well its a 5 min job to fit but just didn't need to buy 2 in total. Then the downpipes started to develop holes, yep its an expensive job to replace but I knew that when I bought the bike. So its going in Tuesday and then get the yearly vehicle test done. Hopefully there is not much else wrong with the bike but I will ask about getting the brake pads done because I feel they are on their way out too.
New Secret Admirer Game
Ok I'm curious as to what is the point and how do you all feel about this new feature on FuBar? I'm having fun with it but I'd really like to hear from all my family, friends and fans.... "Secret Admirer" feat Lloyd
Steamed Chinese Cake
INGREDIENTS 6 eggs 1 1/4 cups white sugar 2 1/2 tablespoons water 1 1/2 cups cake flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1 1/2 teaspoons almond extract 1/4 cup confectioners' sugar for dusting DIRECTIONS Arrange a large bamboo steamer or a large vegetable steamer over simmering water. Make sure it is large enough to hold the baking pan. Line a 9 inch square pan with waxed paper. Separate the eggs. Place the yolks in a large bowl along with the sugar and water. Beat with an electric mixer on medium speed until the mixture has increased about three times in volume. Whisk together the flour and the baking powder; sift this over the egg mixture, and fold in gently. Blend in the extract. Whip the egg whites in a clean bowl to stiff, not dry, peaks. Fold into yolk base. Pour the batter into the prepared pan, and smooth out to edges. Rap the pan on the counter to get rid of large air bubbles. Place the pan into the steamer. Cover the top of the steamer with a ki
I'm RioMark, studying at
Help Level
Profile got hacked and needs help leveling! cac517@ fubar
Designing T-mobile Sidekick Skins [real Cash Only]
Tired of digging through crappy mall bins and racks to get a sidekick skin/case that MIGHT match your style. I say to hell with that. With T-Mobile's personal design service, I am able to use photoshops I have created as skins. I will charge $10 ontop of the average skin cost of $14.99 that t-mobile charges. Guaranteed fully designed within 48 hours. The only rules that apply to this one are the terms T-Mobile sets for it's skins. (no vulgarity nudity etc.)
How I Feel
Lyrics to This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage Yeah ( screaming) Yeah All I ever wanted was destined to be fulfilled It is in my hands I must not fail and I must not fail Even through the darkest days This fire burns always This fire burns always This is the broken ground Misery begins to rise Turn away from yesterday Tomorrow is in my hands Oh! Nevermore to be held down By the wings against me Nevermore to be cast aside This day is mine Even through the darkest days This fire burns always This fire burns always I will not be denied in this final hour I will not be denied this day is mine This passion inside me Is burning Is burning This passion inside me Is burning Is burning Even through the darkest days This fire burns always This fire burns always This fire burns always This fire burns always always
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? desk 2. Your significant other? Divorced 3. Your hair? middle 4. Your mother? BESSIE 5. Your father? DAVID 6. Your favorite thing? life 7. Your dream last night? nothing 8. Your favorite drink? SPRITE 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? LIVING ROOM 11. Music? 70's 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? not sure 14. Where were you last night? here 15. What you're not? healthy 16. Muffins? Blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? money 18. Where you grew up? South Carolina 19. The last thing you did? Fubar 20. What are you wearing? jeans 21. TV? 242 22. Your pets? cats 23. Your computer? DSL 24. Your life? hectic 25. Your
why is it some people think that they can just over step a boundary when ever they feel like it, it really irritates me how people can act like your best friend when your around but they can turn around and totally disrespect you the next. if you know someone is happy with who they are with, why would you want to fuck with it? flirting is one thing, but Im sorry when you constantly let someone know you have a thing for them and flirt with them only when their partner isnt around there is something fishy with that. this is exactly why I have such a hard time trusting people and believing what they say, cause everytime I finally trust someone, they shove it back in my face. Im really sick of people saying one thing and doing the complete opposite.... yes I am territorial and I will do anything to keep what I love, and that includes the love of my life. so everyone just better back the fuck off and leave it alone.
Lost Control
It seems that every once and a while in a persons life they feel that they have lost control. But for me, its more often that I do. Since I have built myself up from homelessness, I have lost control of my own home more than once. I get run over. Everyones happiness comes before mine. I can't talk in my own house, nor can I enjoy the simple things that make me happy. When I decide that I want to get on my computer, I never can. Someone else is always on and I have to wait my turn??? Since when should I need permission to get on my computer. When others are watching tv, I cant even talk because they cant hear the tv. So what can I do in my own house. Ive been going to bed earlier and earlier every day and when I wake up, I still cant use the computer. Some one else is still on it. Yes I am not taking my meds, but because I dont have any. Perhaps things will get better after tuesday when I have my shrink appointment and get meds. I dont know. But it seems as if all control
A Lonely Waltz....
The sound of a morbid tune, flutters about as it haunts her head... waltzing about with her arms extended and curled, her eyes closed, taking perfect swift steps.... Swaying slowly, back and forth, with a fanciful smile drawn on her face, Circular motion cast shadows, within the rooms dark embrace.... Humming the inner tune so softly, her head tilted just so, wishing her loves shoulders there under her palms leading the dance while the tunes within flow.... as written: Twist'a Fate
Honor Amongst Gz
4 My Real Ass Women
My Owner Dj Blast Project
Stop Snitching
She was my best friend. The one I could talk to about anything and everything. She always understood me even when I made no sense at all. She always know how to make me laugh when I was having a bad day. She always knew how to make me feel better when I didn't feel good. She was always there when you needed a shoulder to cry on or a rock to stand on to be strong. She always told you how it was, she never sugar-coated anything. She would out-right tell you if a decision was right or wrong or smart or stupid, whether you liked her answer or not she didn't care, she was just honest. She was always there when you needed a friend, and she was always there when it was time to be the mom. She always knew the right things to say and the right ways and times to say it. She was always phone call, short drive, or short walk away. She was always there when you needed her the most. I could go on for days about all the things that Mama was. But now mama is gone, but will always be in my heart,
Night Casts A Long Shadow...
having been left to fend for himself, the young boy stood at the crossroad, barely illuminated by the old and yellowed streetlight. it was dark alright....starless and still, serving only to accentuate his sense of dread, as he waited for the last bus to appear. how was it possible that he could have allowed for this to happen, to be out so late, in a town he barely knew, and especially on this of all nights? just moments before, the fluttering sound above and behind him had caught him by surprise, and as he jumped he turned to see a bat disappear into the dark. he shivered and stood even closer yet to the lamp post, all too aware of his vulnerability. the light, meant to be a source of comfort, now seemed more a beacon for everything beyond its tired glow, announcing his presence to all obscured. and waiting. where was the bus? where indeed. unbeknownst to the boy, the bus was no longer, having been turned into a fireball from which no one survived. the fire had blazed bright
My Last Poem
theres a girl for me i know, theres a man for you i know, there time we must take a chance, no looking back at what we did, theres times i like to cry, there are times i miss you alot, theres a time when i just want to hug you and tell you it will be all better, there is times i know that there is nothing i can say, theres only one girl for me, and that is you.. love you for the rest of my life, no matter how long there is left, ill always see you smilling, in the face of pain, wish i was there, since i cant, i open my heart up to you, hope you will take it. love bedrock
Why do I feel stupid when you look at me? Knowing deep down in my heart how it'll never be. Things changed so fast I was caught off guard thinking about how life without you will be so hard. Knowing standing on my own is the only way to go. Not having enough balls to ever let you know. Not knowing how things might have turned out if I had and how the thought of someone else loving you makes me so sad. Watching you walk right out of my life yet again but not knowing why or when. Hoping with all my heart I have been wrong about things from the very start. I corrupt our lives every time I make these observations to myself knowing if you knew the truth it'd put you through hell. So since I cannot afford the guilt I would inflict on you I just tell myself none of this is true!
A Late Night "would You Rather"
I'm thinking me and my cousin have been up too long. We decided to take out bring out the "would you rather" book and ask each other questions, lol. I didn't realize that the book was this funny. I thought you should know: I have soft boobs with my new bra on, I would rather have fiber optic pubic hairs, I want my boobs to be an automatic dimmer switch, and I want my guy to have a glow in the dark dick I'm sure it's not funny to those reading this, but I laughed so hard I snorted =/
The X
So my brother and I drove to Yakima today to pick up the last of my stuff that was shipped to my soon to be EX HUSBANDS/girlfriends house. I kept my bed, the bed that was from a previous relationship of mine. I got all my stuff from before our marriage minus big stuff because that was either broken, lost or given away do to military bs and what we bought together they kept big ticket items that is. Thats couches, and stuff but hey they get each other and I have my son and the car and Im free of a loveless relationship full of fake fake fake and insecurity/jealousy. I almost cried as we drove away because I didnt know how to feel, I was so happy it was over. Almost in a state of disbelieve and shock you could say but at the same time the slightest bit sad knowing what I was never going to give Mason that perfect family. Oh well the best part is life goes on, and from now on it will go on with my maiden name back and me Divorced and SINGLE.
Good Ol Days
I miss the hell out of my friend Theresa, it's so hard not to look at her myspace page whenever I log onto the site. I don't consider it being in love or anything like that, but I just miss the good ol days. I remember the first time i met her like it was yesterday, we actually met her off of myspace, with the Marine Corps being a small military branch, and her workin right next to my base, I figured i'd meet her at some point, and I did. One weekend I ended up sending her a message online asking her if she wanted to go see a movie. Theresa is kind of like a nerd by day, party girl by night type of girl, so it was kind of hard to recognize her without her glasses on. One of my favorite memories is Shamrockfest 2007, we got really drunk and decided to go rockclimbing lol, by the end of the night I ended up puking everywhere and also losing the bet of who can drink the most, that has to be one of my favorite memories.
that was one of the best UFC's ever !!! Lyoto Machida was awesome !! fuck yeah.. ya'll better watch out for him !! and GSP fuckin took the fight!!! all rounds dominated !!!
Yeah I'm A Dork For Him
How can I put into words emotions I can't express even to myself? I try so hard but always end up putting them back on their shelf. Fearing the words will never make it out of my mind and you'll never really know. Know I only smile when you do and how no one else is able to make my heart flutter just so. How I think it all sounds so stupid but I'm digging the way I'm feeling. Like a kid spinning round and round it leaves me reeling. On the other hand I can feel your pain so keenly as well. When you travel through I too go through the same hell. Walking only a few steps behind I too lose my grip and my mind. Suffering next to you is painful as hell, but still much better than the place I usually dwell. You are oblivious to all of this. The immense pain and scars you left in only one kiss. The heart that was once mine but now belongs to you. Thoughts I constantly run from but always find to be true.
Mental Intercourse
Please allow me to slip into something a little more comfortable something like your mind. Thought processes excite me. I'm stimulated by your kind. Deep and wet with the waters of critical thinking flowing like the rivers of time. Can I gently caress your intellect with concepts that I have created with mine? As I undress your thoughts with my eyes I know what you want because imagination never lies. The truth is all in your head I know, because so am I. Its better that way, wetter that way because creative juices never stop flowing Also knowing what I wanted you gave me a piece of your information. You seem nervous, must be your first time, sharing your mind. Don't worry, it won't hurt but you might get addicted. Because once you get the feeling it's hard to stop no longer being restricted by physical limitations. Having inclinations to, do it every time I see you. Not in public though, someone might see but they still wouldn't know. How I softly licked your gray matter as we rolled
In Less Than 1 Second
I believe my day has come, But still I wish it wasn't so. I had so much things to live, But now I need to go. The moment the trigger pulled back, The moment that was filled with fear. The bullet blasted threw the air, I knew that death was near. In between that moment of truth, I've realized what I've done. This guy was really serious, There was a bullet in the gun. I thought of my wife and kids, I thought of my smile and frown, Then in less than a second, I fall dead to the ground.
Just Look At Me
Untitled Weeping softly to myself Sheltered only by a failing hope Time will tell shall my heart be broke Shall my dreams be realized Whether it's looking into my future Or merely looking into yours eyes I never see the things I want And I can never reach the things I need I'd given you anything you wanted But I can't imagine what that'd be
I'm Sorry
Think of the lives that only can sway, I held their lives in my hand and threw them away. I'm sorry I did it, their blood in my hand, But I couldn't help it, I just couldn't stand. If only I awoke to stop myself think, Their lives would be theirs and just me to thank. Now they are dead, it couldn't be changed, Now just for them their funeral arranged. Why me, why me, why did I have to kill? I went to sleep and woke up just to find I was ill. I'm sorry I did it, I'll repay them all back, This knife in my hand and life I will slack. The next time I sleep, I will not awake, The time I will die is the next breath I take.
I Wish
Sometimes I think it would be better to just lay down and die, I think I could be more happy, and I'll never cry. I think finally I don't need to hurt and hold in all my fears, I could just end my life now, I won't feel tears. But what if I were wrong? And there's no such place, What if we just die and our souls erase. I think about this all the time, maybe it is true, Imagine if it is, and end what I've gone threw. I can't suffer any more, this is not the real me, This is a risk I'll have to take, I have to go and see. I can't just say I'm happy, and say that it is real, I can't just hide in the shadows, and don't even try to heal. I will not comet suicide, but I wish I will, That is way to easy, and don't want to kill. I'm waiting for that day, when I say good-bye, The day of joy and laughter, the day when I die.
I Believe You
The media is pounding my face into the floor. It won't stop and we can't ignore. Over and over it says things not true. It won't stop until we plea, "I Believe You!"
For All My Friends
Hi to all my friends It has been awhile...Alot has been going on in my life. I got married and now I am no longer married. I am happy with it and doing good. And My grandpa has past away. It has been two weeks and we miss him but we know that he is in a better place and when this life is over we will see him again. Thank you all for being my friends.
I hunt the hunter. I kill the killer. I am impenetrable, I break the pillar. You people cry to your god, Like the world was built in one day. I go outside, And look the other way. I am the only, I am the reaper. I use my scythe to your life, And I push deeper. I hate love, And I love hate. You will die, And you can't debate. I'll be there, To take your soul. It's just something, You can't control. When you die, I'll be there. You better get ready, You better prepare. I am the hate, That kills your hope. I'm the illness, That makes you mope. I am the real, In your fake. I am the one, Your death will take. At the end, You will see me. And at the end, I'll watch you plea. You'll never realize, You have it great. Until your life, Becomes your fate. Bleeding tumors, Filled with pain. A sign that god, Wants you to retain. All you do is, Recriminate. This is why, I'm filled with hate. I walk the floor, That is cursed. To kill the lives, That
Good Bye And Farewell
I don't have a reason, But now I need to go. I can't tell you why, I wish that wasn't so. I have a great adventure, That I need to find. But it's even more important than my hate, And both my sorrow combined. I'm sorry I don't have the chance, To tell you goodbye. I must find out the reason, Why every night I cry. I will miss you every minute, I will miss you every day. But you don't need to worry, For I will be ok. I'll tell you of my adventure, I'll tell you what I've seen. But goodbye and farewell, I'll see you in my dreams.
Good Bye
I've hated my life, Since the day I was born. My emotions are ruined, My love has been torn. So I stand here today, Thinking about all I've done. About the good things in my life, Oh wait, that's none. I hold this blade in my hand, And blood on my wrist. I can't take this any more, I couldn't resist. It's to late to feel love, It's to late to turn back. Why did I do this? Has my life turned black? I then start to cry, Then drop the knife. I can be successful, And live a happy life. I don't want to die, I no longer feel pain. But blood keeps on falling, It pours like the rain. I rush to the freezer, To grab something cold. But it's to late, My life I no longer hold. Why did I do this? Why can't I cry? "Please help me some one!" Then I fall down and die.
As If Rap Wasn't Bad Enough Already...
A Must Read!
Luke AFB is west of Phoenix and is rapidly being surrounded by civilization that complains about the noise from the base and its planes, forgetting that it was there long before they were. A certain lieutenant colonel at Luke AFB deserves a big pat on the back. Apparently, an individual who lives somewhere near Luke AFB wrote the local paper complaining about a group of F-16s that disturbed his/her day at the mall. When that individual read the response from a Luke AFB officer, it must have stung quite a bit. Question of the day for Luke Air Force Base: "Whom do we thank for the morning air show? Last Wednesday, at precisely 9:11 A.M, a tight formation of four F-16 jets made a low pass over Arrowhead Mall, continuing west over Bell Road at approximately 500 feet. Imagine our good fortune! Do the Tom Cruise-wannabes feel we need this wake-up call, or were they trying to impress the cashiers at Mervyns early bird special? Any response would be appreciated." The response:
Ponder This!
Question 1: If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion? Read the next question before looking at the response for this one. Question 2: It is time to elect a new world leader, and only your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three candidates. Who would you vote for? Candidate A. Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologist. He's had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day. Candidate B. He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon , used opium in college and drinks a quart of whiskey every evening. Candidate C He is a decorated war hero. He's a vegetarian, doesn't smoke, drinks an occasional beer and never cheated on his wife. Which of these candidates would be our choice? Decide first... no peeking, then scroll down for
A.d.i.d.a.s. - Korn
I was bored... so sue me. RULES: 1. Put your MP3 player, iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle 2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 3. YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS 4. Tag at least 10 friends (make me #11 so I can see your results) 5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing 6. Have Fun! IF SOMEONE SAYS 'ARE YOU OKAY' YOU SAY? Knocked up - Kings of Leon HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF? One Thing - Finger Eleven WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? Right Here in My Arms - HIM aka His Infernal Majesty HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? Don't Mess With My Man - Nivea featuring Jagged Edge (that's fucked up!!!) WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE? Take Me to the River - Talking Heads WHAT'S YOUR MOTTO? 4AM - Kaskade WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? Angels Fall First - Nightwish WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU? No Surprise - Theory of a Deadman WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN? Bloodletting - C
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A man may learn wisdom even from a foe. - Aristophanes
The Heart.
the heart.... epitomises that which we hold as love... for it is comprised of two...individuals or chambers....that offer the essence of this one organ... two become begets life.... and much the reason one lives....that i live....without the one inside my heart...without being one in our heart....where is life then....? my life...without love...without one...
Hi All
new pics
so i have been in a year relationship with someone great... but i am now 15 wks pregnant. i am due in july. july 22. so i am now a mom to be with a husband to be. crazy never thought that at 22 i would be having a child with the love of my life who actually has been great to me... we had our ups and downs but got through it all... i am hoping for a boy... i find out in 3 wks what i am having...
canine \KEY-nahyn\, adjective: 1. of or like a dog or member of the dog family noun: 1. any animal belonging to a group of meat-eaters including dogs, foxes, and wolves adjective: 1. pertaining to a canine tooth noun: 1. one of the four teeth next to the incisors; cuspid
A life of ant bites punctuated by magnetic catastrophe. A beacon of misfortune. A broadcast of misery. An anthem of dry smiles and desert humor. A life of knuckle shaped bruises Immitated, duplicated, admired and despised- Never quite right. Never quite there. Friends named enemy. Love named hate. Hate named self. Beg to forget. Pledge to endure.
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Eternal Pain
I lay me down, Upon the floor. No matter what, They will always ignore. These thoughts of mine, Rushing through my head Some of them living, Some of them dead. Oh please goddess, Help me find the light. Help me understand, What bothers me through the night. Hold me now, In your eyes. All my words, To your surprize. Why do I take, All of this pain? Why can't I give up And stop all this rain? Why am I so strong And wish to be weak? Oh please goddess, Hear what I speak. Why am I ok To suffer through life? Oh goddess of emotion I'm tired of strife. Can you help me Leave this place? So I could relax And my problems erase. I prey cries To empty walls. Why am I Ashamed to fall? I've delt with too much For me to embrace. My dry tears, Leave without a trace.
A Mother Enraged...........
A Mother Enraged Approximately 48 hours ago, my son was assaulted and pistol whipped, two blocks from his High School. Where you may ask? Castro Valley, California. Shocked are you? Imagine my reactionLet me tell you why I am enraged.. My son, a sixteen year old Hispanic young man, got out of school early, as was customary for his league soccer game. It is customary for the kids to get an early release to get their gear and hop on the bus. Well my son met up with his friend and he decided to walk with my son to his car to get his soccer gear. His car was parked two blocks from the school grounds. As they were walking to his car, a car came up, parked, and two older young men got out, and walked towards my son and his friend. They passed my son up, and approached his friend. One assailant told my sons friend to give him his stuff; his friend pushed the assailant off. The assailant pulled out a semi-automatic gun, and proceeded to hit his friend in the ja
End Of The Road
This trail across the floor Are the marks of pain you ignore I saw the road curve into the sea I felt the black sky as it consumed me I cried out death like a wounded dog I followed the road into the fog I know not what's in front, just behind Farther heading into the fog until I'm blind This path I take is hard to follow My heart beats loud like it's hollow The fog stayed on my like a bird in the sky Slowly I've taken my last breath as I die The fall I took shattered my pain As I look down at my blood as it fell like the rain The moon fell through the horizon and I cried a tear Alone I lay on the path as I started to fear The fog then cleared away from my death The road came to an end as I took my last breath
Amphetamine derivatives, They're hallucinogens. They make you see things, You loose oxygen. You can take them in your mouth, You can take them through your arm. MDMA is the best type, Yes that is the charm. Take them with out a hassle, Take them with out resistance. It alters with you brain, It alters perception of time and distance. Methamphetamine, A type of stimulant drug. temporarily quickens some vital process, But my brain acts like a slug. Increased alertness, Your blood pressure & pulse rate increases, You can get insomnia and excitation, And your appetite decreases. Cocaine can fuck your life up, Don't give it any attendance. It can be sniffed, smoked, or injected, and gives you a high psychological dependence. Codeine is a nasty drug, It is a narcotic. If you decide to take that shit, Things would get chaotic. You get constricted pupils, But that's least of it's aggression. The thing you need to worry about is, You getting respiratory depression
Drink And Drive
I feel upon me, The shadow of death. It fills the air with fear, It takes away my breath. The screeching of tires, The feeling of fear. Gave me a hint, Death was near. Exploding glass, The screaming of shock. I felt nothing but pain, As I fell like a rock. Both cars stop, A feeling of hell. I went to check, If they were well. I looked at the driver, Blood on his face. He did not survive, This terrible place. Back seat was a child, No older than three. Her life is no more, All because of me. I fell to my knee's. I fell to the ground. I saw the ambulance, As it came around. A three year old girl, Died because I drank. She has no more life, And just me to thank. With tears in her eyes, The mother arrived. Horror on her face, Because I drink and drive. She ran towards the car, She ran through me instead. Then I finally realized, That I am dead. I can't tell her what happened, I can't go home and see my wife. All because I drink and drive, I just e
I cannot stay here, I cannot leave. Forever imprisoned, I am deceived. Bleeding souls of hatred, Are kept from their graves. I would do more, Just to be saved. And I sit here today, Although I'm alone. I dream of the blue sky, And joy carved in a stone. But these are just dreams, I wish could be real. Because in reality, I cannot feel. These drugs do not work, Nor do your lies. Don't tell me I'm fine, When everyday I cry. I used to believe in, I used to amuse. But these are the moments, That get abused. I sure would smile, But I don't care. Why won't you help me? Why must you stare? Can't you see that I'm blinded, Beneath all these dreams. I'm drifted away, As like it seems. Dreams can be happy, Dreams can be sad. They could be good, They could be bad. An epiphany shames me, I cannot stand. I am consumed, In my own wasted land.
Were It Possible...
i wish i wasn't where i am. not intellectually, or even emotionally, although, given some of my behaviours of late that one is open to discussion. i wish i wasn't where i am geographically, since it makes life such a hell...of being incapable of being one.
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Part 5
Mean while back at the baseball diamond Dean arrived hoping that Khatra had waited for him since he was running late. When he spotted her car a smile crept across his face. Good she did wait. I know she is going to be pissed that I am running so late. He said aloud as he parked beside her car. Dean put his car in park and stepped out; he didnt see Khatra in her car so he looked around for the woman he loved. When he didnt see her any where he started to get worried, so he walked around to her car and saw that her phone, purse and keys were all inside. Seeing this Dean s started to panic. Khatra!!!! Where are you? He yelled at the top of his lungs. When he didnt get a reply Dean immediately picked up his cell phone and called the police. 911 please state your emergency. The operator said My fianc is missing. Please send a sheriffs officer to 3205 s Cederdale. I have an officer in route to your location please stay on the phone until they arrive. Can you give
25 Things About....... Me, Now Its Your Turn To Share!
Here are the top 25 things about me. Here is your chance to get to know me a little bit better. I'll ask you to do the same and to forward it to all those who you know or knew. 1. I have always been one to struggle against conformity. "Joe is Joe" "there is nobody else like him" is a phrase I've heard half my life. 2. I have a strong sense of look forward and not back, although these days I feel like a hypocrite for saying that 3. I often tell my clients and friends that I have the life experiences of a 60 year old. I have been a soldier, a teacher, a medic, a world traveler a friend to those in need and now Im on a new road providing private benefits to members of unions, federations and associations. 4. I am not driven by money. I used to say that my needs and my wants were one in the same, because if I wanted something then I needed it. Now, I have a different attitude. My needs are simpler my wants are still exciting, but my reality of what I want vs. need has matured
Gun Control
why are decisions hard to make
D.t. #58 Inducted To The Hall Of Fame
Derrick Thomas in Hall of Fame Doug Tucker, Associated Press KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) When Air Force jets roared over Arrowhead Stadium in patriotic pregame ceremonies, it used to mean big trouble for visiting quarterbacks. Derrick Thomas, the son of a pilot lost in Vietnam during Operation Linebacker II, always seemed quicker, bolder and even more punishing on those days. That's when Kansas City's great pass-rushing linebacker would summon every ounce of his talent. Those skills carried Thomas, who died in 2000, into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. "I always think of my dad when I see the military planes," the 6-foot-3, 245-pounder once said. "It makes me feel sad that I had to grow up without him. But I guess it also gets my adrenaline going. I dedicate the game to him, and I want to do my best for him." The first time Chiefs fans witnessed this phenomenon was on Veterans Day 1990. An unstoppable Thomas got his hands on Seattle's Dave Krieg nine times that a
I love the emotion this guy has put into this performance.......and the final shot is thought provoking for me.
Backward Masking
The other night my son and I were listening to "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin and we got into the discussion of backward masking. My take on it is you would have to be a genius to write a song where the lyrics, both forward and backwards, makes sense. I told him you could pick any song, play it backwards, and make "something" out of the sounds... most anything. To prove my point I picked a song about life and aging... "100 Years" by Five for Fighting. I picked a small clip of it and then played that backwards. It was a twist of fate that I just happen to choose this clip. I laughed so hard I almost past out. My son almost fell out of his chair, literally. I've included the two clips. Listen to them and post what you think it says. Just wondering how many different answers I'll get. Regular Free file hosting by Backwards Free file hosting by
Mimie Me
Lovers Or Friends
at one point we lovers, and so totally into each other. and then something happened that changed all that. now we are talking again, trying to make a friendship work but its hard seeing as our feelings are still there. it makes me wonder if we are better as lovers or friends. when we were together everything was so totally amazing. the way things felt were great. and now that we are talking again and feelings have been shown there is a lil of that amazing feeling back. but at the same time theres a lil voice in the back of my mind tellin me to be careful and to not let myself fully fall for you again. as the hurt i handled last time is a hurt im not sure as i can handle again. i never really let you see the way it hurt when you turned away, even became friends with her but it still hurt. to this day thinking about it hurts but i dont regret it cuz what we had was great. and the feelings we had together is something that nobody could ever regret. now that we are trying to be frie
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Single Again
So my wife of 2 years left me, alot of reasons, and I am single once more. I am looking for people to talk with, and perhaps get to know. I am not sure where to begin now in life, but I am sure that I will embrace to journey ahead
when we first got together almost a year ago i believed everything you told me and trusted you without questioning you in the smallest way. i thought that maybe things would finally work and be what i had always dreamed of having. sure there were things that i didnt care too much for but i let them go cuz all i wanted was to be with you. every minute we were together seemed like the rest of the world had stopped and we were all that mattered. than just out of the blue with no warning you disappeared, leaving me to wonder what i had done wrong for you to just walk away like that. i blamed myself for months. than i realized i didnt do anything wrong and you just had issues that you hadnt resolved even though you had told me you did. now here we are both with feelings but the one thing thats missing is that trust. i know i should let the past be the past and try again but im scared to death of getting hurt again. of letting myself fall and have you just disappear like you did befor
I Stand And Look At Them Long And Long.
I think I could turn and live with animals, they are so placid and self-contain'd, I stand and look at them long and long. They do not sweat and whine about their condition, They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins, They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God, Not one is dissatisfied, not one is demented with the mania of owning things, Not one kneels to another, nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago, Not one is respectable or unhappy over the whole earth. - Walt Whitman
Time And Feelings
so much time has passed since we gave up on what we had. when you turned away i really thought that would be the end of us, the end of any feelings that may have existed. but then out of nowhere you get ahold of me again...and we start talking. feelings are resurfaced but there are issues and many obstacles we would have to get past if we were ever to be together again. i know how you feel and i hope after all the talks we have had you know the way i feel. i dont want to see what we had at one point just vanish as i thought it had. and i would like to see if theres anything good that could come of it but i know there are a lot of other issues there as well. you are totally amazing and definitely have a charm like no other which works everytime. i never really thought i would see the day that i asked myself if i really did still love you or if i thought we could fix things that we once had. but thats where im at. each night when we talk and i hear that joy in your voice it remin
Just A Word
Love has never been a word, that meant alot to me, just another word to say, not a way to be. Its always just been a way, to get the things I want, just another word, another part of the hunt. But then something happened, the day you came along, I realized its not just a word, I realized I was wrong. Now everytime I say the word, I mean it real and true, so know you can believe me, when I tell you I love you!!
Do U Care
you say you care yet get pissed cuz im trying to confide in the one person i trust. each time i feel as if its safe to really talk to him again i get hell for it. hes the one who has kept me from depression, the one who has kept me from just sayin the hell with it and givin up again. it has nothing to do with you or against you but it seems like you always think it does. you never believe a word i say when i say that i just need my friendship with him. yeah so we said we wouldnt talk as much and yeah lately we have been but thats cuz he knows i need someone who can make me smile, and i know that he will do all he can to help make me feel better. i have tried all i can to keep from getting depressed again as it never ends good and the one way i have found that works is confiding in him, talking to him when it seems as if every thing is just going to fall apart on me. im sorry if that seems like we are talking too much , sorry if you cant let your paranioa go but thats the way it is.
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Why Do I Even Try
I have done my best to let things be and just stay friends. But it still seems as if thats not enough because every time i turn to him for a friend to talk to i get the third degree. He understands me and can make things seem better even though they really arent but for a few minutes he makes it feel like they are. You say you dont care we are friends but each time we talk you get jealous even though its simply bout things that are going on in my life. I have told you multiple times its just easier for me to talk to guys and he really understands me thats why i can talk to him bout everything and not you. its nothing against you. just the way i am. im dealin with so much right now that i need a friend who understands me, who i can randomly blow up at and know they wont take it personally, or just simply someone to listen who wont judge me. im sorry but that doesnt describe a single female i know. but it does describe him. thats why i always talk to him when im down. but it seem
Caa #78 - Update #3
Visited her father today, he is doing better, was kinda tired, as were we from the long drive. We both want to thank you all for your continued prayers. Love you all, Doc & Mare
One Photo/ Mass Rates
My friend here needs some major love. Its just one picture. You dont have to bid but she needs the rates
surrender its all i feel when i saw him for the first time looking into my eyes seeing the fear gentle touch of fingertips on my cheek pulling me close for a sweet kiss my body sighs into his embrace the smile tells me all i had feared is for not he loves the way i look feeling at ease with him is like breathing warmth filling my body taking my hand we enter a park for a quiet place to be alone my hand cradled in his i feel safe no fear in sight slowly walking the trails stealing caresses , hugs and kisses looking at you deep into your eyes not hiding my desire husky with passion my voice comes out please take me with a rush of hands soaked panties move aside as you free yourself over a rail from behind is how i find myself legs braced wide apart all of your hardness enters me slow at first spreading me gently making room for all of you slow and easy de
Tangled Sheets
tangled sheets entwining my heated limbs peering up through a mass of curls looking at the clock way too early for waking up finding no release for my frustration hopin to ease i reach for my vibe closing my eyes sliding my hands over my rounded breasts feeling their weight smelling my warm butterscotch skin licking my lips teasing my nipples till they are taut grasping them between my fingertips gently at first like your lips would be kissing them a lil harder as if you are sucking them a sigh escapes my lips arching my back harder yet when you nibble them has my legs open pussy wet and humming for more reaching next to me i slip clamps on my nipples as if your hands were still there trailing my hand down my stomach i picture your mouth kissing down slipping a finger over my swollen lips thinking of your warm tongue mmmmm i part my lips slightly w
I Am A Woman
sometimes i set and wonder why things happen to me born out of something horrible cast aside by shame given a one shot deal at someone caring as a baby growing up not knowing there are bad people close to you warm summer day hoping to see birds ends in shattering of youth instead tears flow freely images haunt the night fear becomes my constant companion first love should be sunrises and kisses face never rising to meet gazes head held down fearing what others see broken and battered i must go on happiness within my reach fingertips touch marriage should be forever not ending sooo soon late night ride ended all my dreams now he is gone and i am alone yet again why must i face all this alone why must i be the one to go on strong in spirit i am told is it not strong in heart as well each day is new to me each day i say a silent prayer giving thanks to my guardian i know you are near i feel you each and every day your the one who says pick y
Rumblings From Cindragon
Greeting to everyone! Once again, I want to thank those of you who are staying on track, bombing and rating to help you to get closer to leveling. Great job on leveling Merlyn, and thanks to Merlyn for stepping up to assist me as a team captain. A few other things that I would like to address... 1) Some of you do not have Club Mystic in your name...please add it now, or be removed from the member list. 2) It is your responsibily to check for new blogs whenever you are online. I usually put it in my status, but not always. 3) Please check to see who we are helping to level, or which members have auto-11's on...I noticed only one other person besides myself rating Lynne's auto's today....she will have them running all day tomorrow and into Sunday evening, at least, if she does not activate another one. She needs the help to get back the points she lost when she was reset. 4) Most of you know that I gave Danger an auto-11 bling when we finished the big bling giveaway
I Laugh
I exist as I am, that is enough, If no other in the world be aware I sit content, And if each and all be aware I sit content. One world is aware and by far the largest to me, and that is myself, And whether I come to my own to-day or in ten thousand or ten million years, I can cheerfully take it now, or with equal cheerfulness I can wait. My foothold is tenon'd and mortis'd in granite, I laugh at what you call dissolution, And I know the amplitude of time. -Walt Whitman
Super Bowl Monday??
Today is Super Bowl Sunday and I am a little irritated because this is the only national holiday where we don't get Monday off work. We spend more money than Christmas wagering on our favorite team and the Super Bowl has more hype than Christmas. When have you seen any TV network go on the air 12 hours before the start of Christmas and interview everyone including Joseph and Mary's long lost great great ( to the 15th power) cousin???. You have never seen it. So logically Super Bowl Sunday can be considered more important than Christmas...but we still don't get Monday off. Unless we call in sick. Disgraceful. For those who have been visiting Antarctica on research the last few months, the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing against Cinderella, I mean the St. Louis Cardinals, I mean the Arizona Cardinals. No one is giving the Cardinals a chance. That is why they are called a Cinderella team. Think about it, we have some beautiful red birds going up against guys with huge hammers an
Sticks And Stones..
Last night I made a blog all in fun for my entertainment and yours, after all that is why we come here...isnt it? Apparently the success of the blog caused a couple different types of fu drama and its this i want to address, say my peace and then move the hell on, stopping the bullshit in its tracks. I dont take kindly to judgement of any sort to myself or to those i consider to be close too me. Ive found in life that its those first to judge that are the biggest hypocrites and when called out on it also the frist to crumble in their glass houses. Many of us decided to show off some goodies, most of it pg but a few were a little naughty and i definitely encouraged the participation and i plan on doing it again tonight, even in this blog. A few people decided to make comments and remarks to their friends about the said decision and let me be the first to say its none of your fucking business what i, my friends or anyone else does or does not do. I also know for a fact that these small c
Current Giveaways!
20k comments for 3-month VIP Currently at 9,103 comments (+1,263) AUTO-11 BLING; LAST ONE TO BE AWARDED AT 50K COMMENTS! Currently at 44,430 comments (+1,889) I am suggesting that the 2 ga's above be finished first.....bombing is such a pain, and such slow going right now that I really think it is too much trouble to bother with the 2 bling ga's unless you just want to bomb them...if we ever finish these two, we will finish the two small bling giveaways.
In His Gallery
God broke the mold, When he made this one I know She's breathtaking but so much more She walks in the room, your lungs close Making you never want to breathe again Her boyfriend has got so much dough So much ice his neck and wrist froze Is he faithful to her? Hell no But she chose to be with him, shorty Tell me is the money worth your soul? Tell me what's the reason that you hold on When you know that dude has a whole wall of 'em just like you? And girl you're just way too fine Gotta be treated as one of a kind Girl use your mind Don't be just another dime Because I can't take Seeing you with him 'Cause I know exactly what you'll be, In his gallery Just not fair And it's tearing me apart You're just another priceless work of art In his gallery She's so confused She knows she deserves more Someone who will love and adore But his money's hard to ignore She really doesn't know what to do Girl it's just a matter of time Before he finds another more fi
Dead Beat Dads
Why is it people bring kids into this world and then use them against their mother so they can tear her apart and then try and take the kid when you go after child sapport even though they don't really even love the child, I don't understand why men do that shit and i know some wemon do that to and it is all a crock of shit don't have kids if your not will to take care of them properly.
The Members Of Club Mystic
imikimi - Customize Your World! AS USUAL, ANY BEEFS, GRIPES, QUESTIONS, OR SUGGESTIONS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO ME IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE! THANKS! Home Page Club Mystic!@ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 5,614,880 Points to go! (+84,214) Founder CinDragon@ fubar Prophet -----> Oracle 18,899,730 Points to go! (+1,872,725) Team Captains ~SouthernBaby~@ fubar Disciple -----> Prophet! 1,781,682 Points to go! (+878,680) G-@ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 4,159,912 Points to go! (+211,329) MERLYN@ fubar Insider -----> Fu-King (+144,610) 731,070 Points to go! Family Members **EoTwP **@ fubar Fu-King -----> Godfather 538,747 Points to go! (+419,043) Preciousmoments@ fub
look at my huge raccoon balls.
She Never Cried In Front Of Me
Seven Thirty-five She's someone elses wife. I can get on with my life, And that thrills me. She married him today, Her daddy gave the bride away. I heard a tear roll down her face, And that kills me. Cause now I Can see why, She's finally cryin. [Chorus] How was I supposed to know? She was slowly letting go? If I was puttin her through her hell, Hell I couldn't tell. She could've given me a sign, Could've opened up my eyes. How was I supposed to see? She never cried in front of me. Yea maybe I mightve changed, It's hard for me to say. But the story's still the same, It's a sad one. And I'll always believe, If she ever did cry for me, They were tears that you can't see, You know the bad ones. And now I Can see why She's finally cryin. [Chorus] How was I supposed to know? She was slowly letting go? If I was puttin her through her hell, Hell I couldn't tell. She could've given me a sign, Could've opened up my eyes. How was I suppos
I Am Giving Up
I am giving up on love I am giving up on happiness I am giving up on life I am giving up because I am tired of searching I am giving up because I am tired of trying I am giving up because I am tired of being alone I am giving up since I will never receive it I am giving up since I will never know it I am giving up since I will never have it I am giving up nothing I have known I am giving up nothing I have lost I am giving up nothing I have ever had I am giving up today I am giving up tomorrow I am giving up forever I give up because I will never Be the one some one will love Make happy Or start a new life with Thomas Fowler
My Color Quiz
Vanessa took the free personality test!"Hopes that ties of affection and good-fellowship w..." Click here to read the rest of the results.
Saying Goodbye To Mother
We were dressed and ready to go out for the New Years Eve Party. We turned on a night light, turned the answering machine on, covered our pet parakeet and put the cat in the backyard. We phoned the local cab company and requested a taxi. The taxi arrived and we opened the front door to leave the house. The cat we put out in the yard, scoots back into the house. We didn't want the cat shut in the house because she always tries to eat the bird. I go out to the taxi, while my husband went inside to get the cat. The cat runs upstairs, with my husband in hot pursuit. Waiting in the cab, I don't want the driver to know that the house will be empty for the night. So, I explain to the taxi driver that he will be out soon, 'He's just going upstairs to say goodbye to my mother.' A few minutes later, he gets into the cab. 'Sorry I took so long,' he said, as we drove away. 'That stupid bitch was hiding under the bed. I had to poke her with a coat hanger to get her to come out! She
Attorney's Advice
- ATTORNEY'S ADVICE - NO CHARGE Not A Joke!! If you dislike attorneys..... You will love them for these tips. Read this and make a copy for your files in case you need to refer to it someday. Maybe we should all take some of his advice! A corporate attorney sent the following out to the employees in his company. 1. Do not sign the back of your credit cards. Instead, put 'PHOTO ID REQUIRED.' 2. When you are writing checks to pay on your credit card accounts, DO NOT put the complete account number on the 'For' line. Instead, just put the last four numbers. The credit card company knows the rest of the number, and anyone who might be handling your check as it passes through all the check processing channels won't have access to it. 3. Put your work phone # on your checks instead of your home phone. If you have a PO Box use that instead of your home address. If you do not have a PO Box, use your work address. Never have your SS# printed on your checks
Toby Keith He Aint Worth Missing
He's flying high tonight He's got a brand new lover Here you come a-runnin' You're looking for some cover I know you're sad and lonely I know you're feeling blue You miss him so much Won't let me get to close to you Oh he ain't worth missin' Oh we should be kissin' Stop all this foolish wishin' He ain't worth missin' I know your head is turnin' I know your heart is burnin' Girl you gotta listen Don't you know he ain't worth missin' You know I'm here to save you But you ain't through cryin' yet Look at your pretty face All red and soakin' wet I'm gonna try and make him Just a memory Come on baby let's get started First thing you got to see Oh he ain't worth missin' Oh we should be kissin' Stop all this foolish wishin' He ain't worth missin' I know your head is turnin' I know your heart is burnin' Girl you gotta listen Don't you know he ain't worth missin' If you need someone to hold you Someone to ease your pain Well I'll be holding steady Girl
$1.99 Special
The $1.99 Special We went to breakfast at a restaurant where the 'seniors' special' was two eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast for $1.99. 'Sounds good,' my wife said. 'But I don't want the eggs.' 'Then, I'll have to charge you two dollars and forty-nine cents because you're ordering a la carte,' the waitress warned her. 'You mean I'd have to pay for not taking the eggs?' my wife asked incredulously. 'YES!!' stated the waitress. 'I'll take the special then,' my wife said. 'How do you want your eggs?' the waitress asked. 'Raw and in the shell,' my wife replied. She took the two eggs home and baked a cake. DON'T MESS WITH SENIORS!!! WE'VE been around the block more than once! Send this to the Seniors in your life. I'm sure they'll appreciate it!! Even non-seniors will appreciate it!!!!!
Growing Old
Growing Old Growing old with you is a dream I long for to wake each morning to see you there the rise and fal of your bosom as you take each breath watching over you as you sleep more peaceful then ever before and as you wake to be the first thing you see to see you smile to kiss you and say "I love you" all this I long for for that is my dream to be with you. Christopher Wayne Rhea Copyright 2009 Christopher Wayne Rhea
My Auto 11s Sunday ?
As this will be the frist time i ll have auto 11s im not sure when the best time to use them. Should i wait till tomorrow when i wake up or should i say screw it and use them now. Any advice on this ?
Kurtis The Stock Boy
KURTIS THE STOCK BOY AND BRENDA THE CHECKOUT GIRL In a supermarket, Kurtis the stock boy, was busily working when a new voice came over the loud speaker asking for a carry out at register 4. Kurtis was almost finished, and wanted to get some fresh air, and decided to answer the call. As he approached the check-out stand a distant smile caught his eye, the new check-out girl was beautiful. She was an older woman (maybe 26, and he was only 22) and he fell in love. Later that day, after his shift was over, he waited by the punch clock to find out her name. She came into the break room, smiled softly at him, took her card and punched out, then left. He looked at her card, BRENDA. He walked out only to see her start walking up the road. Next day, he waited outside as she left the supermarket, and offered her a ride home. He looked harmless enough, and she accepted. When he dropped her off, he asked if maybe he could see her again, outside of work. She simply said it wasn't po
Field Of Dreams
Field of Dreams As the stars shine bright way up in the sky and the moon hangs upon the horizon I lay here dreaming of how things will be when we are together again. The great stars in the sky tell wondrous tales from the warrior Orion to the dragon Draco to the stars of the big bear. I wait in the field of dreams as the wind blows across my face I rise to walk to my home away from home and I look up to see you there I look into your eyes and see your love and walk away with you for all eternity. Christopher Wayne Rhea Copyright 2009 Christopher Wayne Rhea
Peace & Thoughts!
One drink, Just another stumble, One thinks clarity, Peace & thoughtfull dreams, Forgets about lifes problems, Hopes & wishes drown, Down the sink, One takes meds, Off various kinds, Let it be, Trip on rainbows, Trip on stars & the moon, Its always there, Shining bright, So very lumincent, Under the lovely glow, Off the light fantastic, Your still alive, Heed these words, Take some advice, From those in the know, uffering hands hold blades of glass overtaken by the mass Pete says: off human incececy left to wander & crawl, scratch at the surface, Of thick ice or clay! Blessed Be!
Yo Ho's!!
GET YOUR ♥ ON AUCTION!!! Everyone must do what is on list. Click this link Does everyone still wanna do this?? Hollar at me if you do!!! AUCTION TO RUN FEBRUARY 2-FEB 6 MONDAY-FRDAY Cash or Fu-bucks may be bid, CASH PRIZES TRUMP FU-BUCKS EVERY TIME! Since Christmas is over, screw the Be a Ho'Ho'Ho' Theme, we gonna have the GET YOUR ♥ ON HERE!!! Auction!!! Players in Ho' Auction Goergia Peach Not Tellin' Captain Underpants AS YOU CONTACT ME I WILL MOVE YOUR NAME FROM ABOVE TO BELOW. IF YOU HAVE NO WISH TO BE IN THE NEW ONE, THEN I WILL HAPPILY REFUND YOUR ENTRY FEE. Players in ♥ Auction WooGirl Diana Husky Redneck Sweet Turtle Lucky 644 Bounty Hunter Mailbroad Clowns Black Widow WetCat Cannibal Star Whore Radio X Show Justa Natural Witch Witchie...or w/e she is calling h/self 2day MooMoo Crystal Simply Serenity DaisyBlue TonyZee Sherry Fishinrod Tawny Sugar Tush
Friends Friends they come and friends they go yet one thing remains the same I shall always survive though I be cast down and beaten I will survive when I am turned against by all and left all alone I will survive It is amazing how people judge you without knowing the facts or the truth how they say one thing to you, yet when your gone their true self emerges the evil nature of humanity speaks issuing its cruel venom with a twisted forked tongue. I trod down this road facing each challenge before me and even when it hurts inside I continue my journey for in the end we all shall stand on the cloud of judgement and only then will one's soul be truly free. Christopher Wayne Rhea Copyright 2009 Christopher Wayne Rhea
Auto 11's On!!!...come And Get You Some (repost)
callin all friends and friends of friends auto 11's on!!! im sendin out a request to all my real friends to help me out a lil bit like i alwayz say love given is love returned...i've shown lots of love and now its time to give some back if you want points too then click da pic below LETS GO!!!!
Who Viewed Me
the last few days when i log on, my entire "who viewed me" section is empty. i usually like to check and see who stopped by my page and check them out or if its a friend, drill them about why they are perving my kok pics but im wondering if anyone else notices that that section is empty after they log in too, as well as the section that shows who you checked out.... maybe i have a "ghost" in my machine.... jello wrestling anyone?
Orgasm Time
The Two Wolves
An old cherokee man is teaching his young grandson about life. "A fight is going on inside of me" he said to the boy. "It is a terrible battle between two wolves. One wolf is evil-he is anger, sorrow, envy, regret, greed, arrogance, self pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego". "What about the other wolf?" asks the boy. The old man responds "The other wolf is good-he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. The same battle is within you. And all others as well". The young boy takes this in and asks one more question...."Grandfather, which wolf will win?" The old cherokee simply replied "The one you choose to feed".
Quite A Year
While I've been blogging today I realized it has been a horendously crappy year. In just this one month it's been my worst year ever. I had a seizure as a result of an allergy to a new medicine. Grand Mal seizure in the middle of Wal-Mart in front of my kids. My four year old now goes around singing "I hope my mommy doesn't die" and asking me if I got all my hurt out. My husband got laid off from a job that was funding a lifestyle we can't afford without it. My best friend passed away from a freak and incredibly sad accident. My town suffered a total power loss after a storm that has caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage. A tree fell through our fence during the ice. Then another limb fell through our fence and roof while the ice was melting. Cant wait to see what happens next!!
Are Ya Bord Come To My Site Were Nakid!!!!!
Orgasm Time
Who Can Forgive You If You Cant Forgive Yourself?
For the first time you find someone to live for, someone to breathe for, someone to be yourself for and you fuck it up. For the first time you can't breathe until you hear them say hello, until they are back into your arms, until they are forever in your heart and you keep fucking it up. For the first time you catch yourself smiling because your mind is on them, because no matter how bad the day is you know you get to see them, because they make you feel like you belong and you fucked it up. For the first time you realize that this is it, you want this feeling forever, you beg God to let you feel this way until the day you die and you realize.... YOU'RE A FUCK UP if you cant ever forgive yourself because you've done the worst, then who CAN forgive you? If I was on the outside looking in, I wouldn't forgive you. And if it was me, I'd never forgive myself. So I guess my next question is, whats the next step if there is no forgiveness? No trust
Tom Wait Lyrics To "long Way Home"
Well I stumbled in the darkness I'm lost and alone Though I said I'd go before us And show the way back home There a light up ahead I can't hold onto her arm Forgive me pretty baby but I always take the long way home Money's just something you throw Off the back of a train Got a head full of lightning A hat full of rain And I know that I said I'd never do it again And I love you pretty baby but I always take the long way home I put food on the table And roof overhead But I'd trade it all tomorrow For the highway instead Watch your back, keep your eyes shut tight Love's the only thing I've ever known One thing for sure pretty baby I always take the long way home You know I love you baby More than the whole wide world You are my woman I know you are my pearl Let's go out past the party lights Where we can finally be alone Come with me and we can take the long way home Come with me, together we can take the long way home Come with me, together we can tak
So everyone be happy! Why I'm not exactly sure! I'm just bored and hyper so I thought I would tell everyone smile!! RAWR lol any ways you all have a good night and smile god damnit!
Waiting Here I sit, Waiting. For what you ask? Not what, I reply. WHO Who you ask. I look up peer into your eyes see into your soul I rise and reach for you you step into my embrace as I hold you in my arms I whisper in your ear YOU. Christopher Wayne Rhea Copyright 2009 Christopher Wayne Rhea
Orgasm Time
Orgasm Time
Orgasm Time
Orgasm Time
Yes Nice
Terrible Loss
My best friend Nikki... I met her a few years ago at work. We had a laugh when she transferred a call to me and it came from a Karen. I questioned her since it's my name too and I didn't know there was another Karen. Turns out it's her first name, she went by Nikki her middle name. We became friendly acquaintences. A hi when we crossed paths and an occasional chat in the break room. Fast forward a few years and we both end up in the same department. We become fast friends. Find out we have tons of things in common. She's even right there beside me when I meet and fall in love with my now husband. Things started getting out of control for her. She eventually got suspended from work and ended up in rehab. It turned out to be a great thing for her. She started attending AA, NA, and SLA meetings. Then my job did layoffs and they cut her. She got really depressed, and then last week she called crying. I calmed her down, we made plans. I get a call a few hours later
Leveling Blog 373
~LadyHawke~Fu-Married to scottyhawke@ fubar 245k to level
Always Alone
I've been in a long distance relationship on and off with this one woman for the past 2-3 years. This last time, she said this was it, she wanted me forever. Nope. She can't force herself to love me where she only sees friendship yet shes been telling me she loves me and wants me every day. I've felt the coldness in her words and I knew I was going to be kicked from her life before she told me. I always am: I'm always left alone with nobody's shoulder to lean on. I just have to pick myself up and drag myself to work each day doing the best I can cause it's the only thing I feel i'm fullfilling anything anymore. I never have that one person I dream of to have and to hold, to honor and protect, to grow old with and pass on our knowledge to a new generation with. It's just my worthless ass left alone to grow old and wither by myself. and to think, I sobered up for this shit. I stopped drinking so I could remember the good times and be more focused on the events going on around m
Never Try To "talk" With A Terrorist
Iran says Obama's offer to talk shows US failure. US President Barack Obama's offer to talk to Iran shows that America's policy of "domination" has failed, the government spokesman said on Saturday. "This request means Western ideology has become passive, that capitalist thought and the system of domination have failed," Gholam Hossein Elham was quoted as saying by the Mehr news agency. "Negotiation is secondary, the main issue is that there is no way but for (the United States) to change," he added. To all the bleeding hearts and Liberals: This is why you can't negotiate with these Towelheads. They still live in the days of Thermopylae. Prophet Mo was born June 8, 632. That is where they have stayed. Very few advancements have been accepted in their primitive little corner of the world. And no advancements in technology, medicine or science have been contributed to the world by the great Middle East. The only thing they have contributed is beheading, stoning women for bein
Tom Waits Lyrics To "fumblin' With The Blues" (one Of My Favorites)
Friday left me fumblin' with the blues And it's hard to win when you always lose Because the nightspots spend your spirit Beat your head against the wall Two dead ends and you've still got to choose You know the bartenders They all know my name And they catch me when I'm pulling up lame And I'm a pool-shooting-shimmy-shyster shaking my head When I should be living clean instead You know the ladies I've been seeing off and on Well they spend your love and then they're gone You can't be lovin' someone who is savage and cruel Take your love and then they leave on out of town No they do! Well now fallin' in love is such a breeze But its standin' up that's so hard for me I wanna squeeze you but I'm scared to death I'd break your back You know your perfume Well it won't let me be You know the bartenders all know my name And they catch me when I'm pulling up lame And I'm a pool-shooting-shimmy-shyster shaking my head When I should be living clean instead Come
Secret Admirer
Call Upon Your God
Tom Wait Lyrics To "bottom Of The World"
My daddy told me, lookin back, The best friend you'll have is a railroad track So when I was 13 i said, I'm rollin' my own And I'm leavin' Missouri and I'm never comin' home And I'm lost And I'm lost And I'm lost at the bottom of the world I'm handcuffed to the bishop and the barbershop liar I'm lost at the bottom of the world. Satchel Puddin' and Lord God Mose Sitting by the fire with a busted nose That fresh egg yeller is too damn rare But the white part is perfect for slickin' down your hair And I'm lost And I'm lost And I'm lost at the bottom of the world I'm handcuffed to the bishop and the barbershop liar I'm lost at the bottom of the world. Blackjack Ruby and Nimrod Cain The moon's the color of a coffee stain Jessie Frank and Birdy Joe Hoaks But who is the king of all these folks? And I'm lost And I'm lost And I'm lost at the bottom of the world I'm handcuffed to the bishop and the barbershop liar I'm lost at the bottom of the world. Well I
A True Countryboy
Countryboys are romantics, extreme romantics, and ninety- nine out of a hundred of them are sentimental to the core. They are oriented toward the past and face the present only under duress, and then with extreme reluctance, BUT ! an are known to have BIG hearts that love 4 ever, but they are also know to be very protective as well, an will always be there when needed the most !
Cowboy From The West
It wasn't his genetics or some fabled cowboy deed. His rock-hard ranch existence had spawned a different breed. He was indeed a different breed- this cowboy of the west. It wasn't how he walked or talked or how the cowboy dressed. And it was more than how he roped, or how the man could ride. His rock-hard ranch existence had branded him inside. So deep inside the brand was burnt, it set the man apart more inner strength; more stamina; more steely grit and heart. Just like Montana cattle, a breed that has survived when other stock have languished, or dropped somewhere and died. It wasn't his genetics or some fabled cowboy deed. His rock-hard ranch existence had spawned a different breed.
Living without you is the hardest thing I will ever do in the name of love, so know it in my silence, know it in the wind and in the rain, know it in the inexplicable feeling that still echoes within our souls, that I always have loved you, that I always will. Even if you have closed every door to allow me to say it, within the windows of my soul burns a candle for you that no matter how dark the world may seem you can always find your way in the night find your way home.
Rainy Days And Mondays Get Me Down
Talking to myself and feeling old Sometimes I'd like to quit Nothing ever seems to fit Hangin' around, nothing to do but frown Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.. What I've got they used to call the blues Nothing is really wrong Feeling like I don't belong Walking around some kind of lonely clown.. Rainy days and Mondays always get me down Funny but it seems I always wind up here with you It's nice to know somebody loves me Funny but it seems that it's the only thing to do.. To run and find the one who loves me What I feel is come and gone before . . No need to talk it out We know what it's all about Hanging around, nothing to do but frown Rainy days and Mondays always get me down Funny but it seems that it's the only thing to do Run and find the one who loves me Hangin around, nothing do to but frown Rainy days and Mondays always get me down
Tom Waits Lyrics To "lord I've Been Changed"
Woah I, know I've been changed Know I've been changed Know I've been changed Angels in heaven done sign my name Angels in heaven done sign my name Well, I know I got religion, Lord knows I'm not ashamed With a holy ghost is my witness And the angels done sign my name Oh, I said: I know I've been changed Know I've been changed, yeah Know I've been changed Angels in heaven done sign my name Angels in heaven done sign my name Lord knows I've been converted Lord knows I've been redeemed Well, you can wake me up in the midnight hour I'm gonna tell ya just a what I mean I said: I know I've been changed Know I've been changed, yeah Know I've been changed Angels in heaven done sign my name Angels in heaven done sign my name Angels in heaven done sign my name Angels in heaven done sign my name -Tom Waits: Lord I've Been Changed A little bit of my testament from the good words of Tom Waits!
Penguins To Prophets Train
Penguins to Prophets Train The Rules: 1. Stop by Johnny's page, rate the Penguins 1 folder of pics... He will have an Auto 11s running as well... Start with this one... While you are there... Rate all the tags in the Penguins to Prophets Train tag folder. Please leave him a comment that you have gotten your tag... Then stop by Carrie's page and rate her Penguins 1 folder... Start with this one... 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Party List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "Penguins to Prophets" or something like that... If your profile is marked private, then you need to visit each person's profile on this train and add each rider yourself, whether or not they are above or below you on the train... 3. Private message Carrie when you have completed rating each party guest. She will get a thank you tag made for you if one is not already made for you.
Fubucks For 1 Rate
ok time is almost up on this !! I have a few hours to get some rates on this pic :-) I will send you 1000 bucks just for one rate....thanks in advance ! Pm me to get your bucks !!! Angel
Free Marijuana!!!
A public Service Announcement Free Marijuana Just When they thought they could lock us up and put us in jail Yes Thats right. Free Marijuana by the end of the year. If you are one of the millions of Americans who enjoys consuming Marijuana but cant stand the rising costs and the lack of Freedom you can make a change! Simply save all your seeds and plant them Everywhere! Thats right anywhere and everywhere! If all of us take a small amount of time and effort to plant our seeds in every open field and neighborhood park throughout the entire U.S.A. we will succeed in protesting the nasty omnibus drug legislation as well as helping to supply We the people with Free Marijuana that Americans want and deserve. So please help stop the violent prohibition and oppression by saving and planting every single seed you can! This is no joke you are going to reap what you sow. If we all plant we will prove that Marijuana and its consumers shouldnt, cant and wont be eradicated! Re
Fubar Help!
Haven't had time to read the Fu-Bible? Check this out! New Emotes For The Site2009-01-22 Simple HTML For Your Bulletins/Blogs etc.2009-01-19 Options For Site Linking2009-01-18 Clearing Your Cookies/Cache etc.2009-01-12 FU Marriage2009-01-04 How To Use Your Shout..The EZ Way2008-10-01 Update on MuMMs, Stashes, Salutes, Points etc.2008-09-11 How To Properly Verify Your Email2008-07-08 Midgets!2008-06-26 REFERRING FRIENDS...correctly2008-06-20 Primary Photo Crackdown2008-06-08 NSFW: repost of Scrappers Blogs2008-06-08 Clickable Pics2008-05-25 Salute Submission and Verification..Step by Step2008-05-19 How To Make Basic Skins2008-05-15 18:53:10 Site Navigation and Mumming for the New Members2008-05-12 HELP!!!2008-03-27 Meet Us!2008-03-13 Skin/Morph/Graphics Makers On Site2008-02-22 Downloading Fonts To Your Computer2008-02-08 UpDated MuMM Policy2008-01-12 New And Improved Bible2008-01-03 New Bar Tab Feature2007-12-10 SKINS-Ripping/Pasting Code/Generating2007-10-
I Hate You
Hate is such a strong word but I hate you! I hate the way you make me feel, hate the way you look at me like I am just a posession. I hate the way you touch me then ignore me all in the same. I hate that you make me feel like a maid rather than your partner. I hate that you take pleasure in material things and ignore what is important. I hate that you made a baby with me and won't share the responsibility. I hate how you make me feel I am worthless and weak. Fuck you asshole I am done. I no longer will be angry, no longer will cry for you, no longer will hurt because of your words and actions. I deserve a hell of a lot better and know it now. Screw you I don't need you in my life. I hate you
Tom Waits Lyrics To "clap Hands"
Sane, sane they're all insane The five of us blind, the conductors lane A Cincinnati jacket and a sad luck dame Hanging out the window with a bottle full of rain Clap hands, Clap hands Clap hands, Clap hands Said roar, roar the thunder and the roar Son of a bitch is never comin' back here no more Moon in the window; a bird on the pole Can always find a millionaire to shovel all the coal Clap hands, Clap hands Clap hands, Clap hands Said steam, steam a hundred bad dreams Goin' up to Harlem with a pistol in his jeans A fifty dollar bill inside in Palladin's hat And nobody's sure where Mr. Knickerbocker's at Said roar, roar the thunder and the roar Son of a bitch is never comin' back here no more Moon in the window; a bird on the pole Can always find a millionaire to shovel all the coal Clap hands, Clap hands Clap hands, Clap hands I Said steam, steam a hundred bad dreams Goin' up to Harlem with a pistol in his jeans A fifty dollar bill inside in Palladin's
Gabrielle - Out Of Reach
Dj Tink
~♥~ J TIK~♥~ Live On Air For Th WolfPack Come See This Little Hottie Work That Fairy Dust!!!!
Sundays Auto 11's Here
Not Sure What To Think... Or Do... Blarg
I have been friends with someone online for 2.5 years.. I am now putting a few things together and am wondering.. is it a lie? ALL OF IT? I was recently told by her that her son was killed... in a major car wreck... I looked in the papers in her city (and surrounding areas) and nothing came up...I had someone ELSE look.. again... nothing came up... is it true? Something would have been found about a car wreck... expecially since he died... She never once had a salute... but... i have seen her on cam... she was pretty... but was she a model like she has been saying? I don't know... She disappeared when she went to meet a guy... literally disappeared... said she was in a hospital in philly... but.. no one knew where (including her kids apparently) There are so many things that I am not sure about with her now... I love the girl I swear.. but i am having MAJOR doubts about who she is...
Who's Your Favorite
Ok quick one everybody, who are you rooting for in the UFC fights? BJ Penn or St. Pierre let'em
Who Wants To Marry Addictive?!?!?!?!
Addictive~Owner @ The Playground~Owned by Blu Eyes~Club Far~Shadow Levelers~@ fubar EXTRA!!!! EXTRA!!!! FUBARS MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELLORETTE IS UP FOR GRABS. You heard me correctly fella's, she is willing to Fu-Marry YOU. But, there are a few hoops you gotta jump thru. FIRST: Send your picture to Southern Stunna or JadedOne. (Pictures below) Southern Stunna ? Co-Owner & DJ @ The Playground ? FU-ANGEL ?
Dear Prudence(atu)
Dana Fuchs: Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play? Dear Prudence, greet the brand new day.. The sun is up, the sky is blue It's beautiful, and so are you Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play? Jim Sturgess: Dear Prudence, open up your eyes Evan Rachel Wood: Dear Prudence, see the sunny skies... Jim, Joe, and Evan: The wind is low The birds all sing That you are part of everything Joe Anderson: Dear Prudence, won't you open up your eyes Jim, Joe, and Evan: Look around, round, round, round, round (x4) Look around.... Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play Dear Prudence, greet the brand new day... The sun is up, the sky is blue Its beautiful, and so are you Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play Look around, round, round, round, round (x16) Look around......
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DMB@ fubar 13k to level
Don't Let Me Down (atu Version)
Don't let me down Hey, don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down Nobody ever loved me like she does Oo she does, yes she does And if somebody loved me like she do me Oo she do me, you she does Don't let me down Hey, don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down I'm in love for the first time Don't you know it's gonna last It's a love that lasts forever It's a love that had no past Don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down
There Is Always Time For Lubricant !
because no one should do anything so rappid as to forget lubricant !
Something in the way she moves, Attracts me like no other lover. Something in the way she woos me. I don't want to leave her now, You know I believe, and how. Somewhere in her smile she knows, That I don't need no other lover. Something in her style that shows me. I don't want to leave her now, You know I believe and how. You're asking me will my love grow, I don't know, I don't know. You stick around now, it may show, I don't know, I don't know. Something in the way she knows, And all I have to do is think of her. Something in the things she shows me. I don't want to leave her now. You know I believe and how.
Brain Itch The facts: 1. Now there is psychological proof that these songs are designed to make you sing them even if they suck. Similar to brainwashing. Explains why I like singing MacArthur Park by Richard Harris(Prof. Dumbledore) randomly with full knowledge he couldn't sing either. We could've won Vietnam if we taught them Yummy Yummy Yummy and told them they can't hear it anymore unless they surrender(I know some of you are singing it now---stupid sheeple!). 2. Beyonce is pretty, but her music actually does suck. My children have resisted the urge by listening to plenty of Iron Maiden and jazz. 3. Hide your children and back away from MTV.
Bsdm Bitch (and Other Sex Stuff)
I need to clear some things up about my sexual practices & the references to BDSM in my pics, etc. #1 I don't need sex to be kinky every time, all the time... Though no matter how slow & sweet it starts out, I like it rough by the end. I can't help that, I'm a passionate person. #2 I'm VERY picky about who I get close to as a friend, so imagine how picky I am about sexual partners... In fact, I haven't been intimate with anyone in years. Seriously. #3 I DO enjoy use of cuffs, ropes, scarves, what have you as restraints. I like bondage! It's fun to give up control, or have your partner at your mercy. ;) #4 I like pain: biting, spanking, flogging, pulling of hair, scratching, and some harder stuff. That doesn't mean I want to beaten & abused. #5 I don't get into humiliation. Frankly, my ego is fragile & I don't take well to being called names & mistreated emotionally. I got enough of that when I was a kid. I also don't enjoy the humiliation of others. If I love you (and
What A Long Strange Trip Its Been
I ve met some good people up in dis here biatch.....Some are still here....Most are gone...but i want to say that for every person you meet there are 2 more waiting to get to know you........I want to express my gratitude and thanks to those who have been my friend and have never seen me face to face..........I love you all and we are(hopefully) in the future will have more good times than not going anywhere and i hope you dont either........ Love..Peace...and Soul....... Wesley AKA Superman231 P.S> boobs and butt are enouraged..ladies........
O Cecilia!
Making love in the afternoon with Cecilia Up in my bedroom, I got up to wash my face When I come back to bed, Someones taken my place. My grandmother is named Cecilia, so as a kid, I kinda thought that song was about my grandparents. I was all like, "Why's grandpa got to wash his face?" Silly man. Anyway, Cecilia's going to turn 91 in less than a month. And in a chat with a friend, we got to talking about baking and cookies and whatnot. Girl stuff. I promised her that I'd send her my grandmother's cookie recipe, but then decided I'd just share it with everyone. The recipe is pretty basic, but delicious. And since chocolate chip cookies ought to be the foundation for any sensible food pyramid, you'll now have a very balanced diet. Cecilia's Chocolate Chip Cookies 2 sticks butter, softened (on the counter, asshat, not in the microwave) And yes, my grandmother uses margarine, but you shouldn't. 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup white sugar 2 eggs 1 teaspoon baking powd
Another Week Gone By
Finally, another week gone by, and I have almost 3 more to go. I can't wait to get to my new duty station, they're giving me 30 days of leave after I graduate. On friday I gave a speech to the class about Leadership, I felt really good, and my words came out really strong, I felt like I was preaching to them about Leadership. I took a cab back to base after my race earlier, jumped in the cab, and I tell the guy that I'm going to MCRD (Marine Corps Recruit Depot) the guy looks at me and asks is it home depot, I then got that feeling that maybe this guy doesn't know where he's going, and i'm about to go for a ride, so I told the guy that MCRD is right next to the airport, and he says yeahh I gotcha. So we get near the airport, and this guy ends up taking me to some other type of base that I never even heard of, I think it was some Navy base. The meter is allready at $20, and i'm nowhere near base, I noticed that the guy had a GPS in the windshield, so now i'm thinkin to myself this
Same Thing Take 2 I Have Autos On Plz Rate Blog A Ten
AUTOS ARE ON MIZZ SHADY TRUE CHIXOR WANTS AUTO'S :) OWN BY highride & 2nd alarm hottie SO DEAR I LOVE HIM THAT: With him I could endure all deaths without him live no life.. I'm looking for my Romeo I have auto on today and some new pics guys.. Come show Mizz Shady some love now Love me up good guys.. ..... Click any pic and you will be home free baby.... For everyone who joins this lounge today only will get $5,000 fubucks payable by me. Mizz Shady.. You need to shout me and let me know you joined ok.. You need to say Mizz Shady sent me.. when you enter then join.. Then let me know you did.. Just click her for the lounge thank you Best Kept Secrets
Twas The Night Before The Super Bowl
‘Twas the night before the Super Bowl, when along the gulf shore Steelers fans were praying for “just one more" The players were nestled all snug in the sack With visions of the first NFL Six-Pack Coach Tomlin was young, but wise for his years So I drifted off to sleep without any fears When at the stadium there arose some strange chatter The Cardinals feared, what was the matter We heard, “Okel Dokel,” we heard “Double Yoi!” We jumped from our beds, our hearts jumped for joy He stood at the fifty with a grin ear to ear Steelers fans everywhere started to cheer Then in an instant to our surprise This little old man had tears in his eyes He went to the booth and there took his chair While Terrible Towels waved in the air Then over the airwaves came his shrill voice The Steelers Nation began to rejoice He said, “I am back, but you know I can’t stay. I just had to see my Steelers play" From my home up above, I have a great view Bu
Why Do I Feel Like This
why do i feel like this i cant breath i am never happy any more i don't what to do any thing i don't want to get out of bed i cry my self to sleep every night i miss the one that i love but dosen't love me anymore some days i just feel like dieing going to sleep one night and never awake but i can't i have a son that needs me and dosen't have any one to care of him why can't i keep the guy i love so much that i had a son with him and all he did is leave me with nothing i lost my job my home my life and the only one i realy loved with all my heart and he didn't care as long as he got away and find some one new to be with i hate feeling this way i just want to know why was i not good for him i gave him every thing and only asked for him to be true to me and he couldn't do that i was true to him and in a way i am still in love with him but i know he will never love me and he never did he just wanted something that i had but if i know that he dosent love me then why do i feel this way i wa
I'm Invincible, Even When I Have A Bad Day
Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. (Forgive Everyone Whos Trying to Ruin Your Life) For every morning this week (except for Sunday, since I read the first chapter of this book Sunday morning waiting for Martha to finish with choir while watching Sarah and Jeffrey with Mary) Ive been reading a chapter out of Jack Hayfords book How to Live Through A Bad Day (ISBN 0785266178) that takes inspiration from the pastors own experiences dealing with trial as well as others in his personal acquaintance and applies Jesus last words before He died on the cross. Not all the stories here have happy endings, but triumphing over personal suffering is not impossible by keeping in mind Jesus attitude toward His own impending death. Those who are Christians know that Jesus story does not end with His death, but up to that moment He is just as human as you or I He has to be, otherwise Christians are just talking through their hat when they speak of Jesus as Lord and Sav
Long Distance Relationships
THIS IS MY OPINION ,the man thinks he is so dominant over love to a woman the bad thing is he is sadly mistaken ,because see a women only see you ,getting to know you is a different thing esp if your far away (miles) and to think that works ,again your sadly mistaken,a relationship with a man and a women is to be togetherness if your not together do u think her needs are met,just be gone for a yr from her life and you again will be sadly mistaken,her needs are not met and she will decide it time to experiment,so she will start to look for someone else,guys im not picking on the man ,just telling you,u think long distance relationship work,your sadly mistaken
Smoke And Cash
Life is not what you make of it, but what ends up not getting done. People will never judge you for what you do, but what you cant do. Maybe thats whay most people fell like failures due to their inability to meet others expectations eventhough the level established for them was way out of thier reach. I just don't undestand why everybody has to please or feel the acknowledgement of thier peers before they can feel that they have lived an above-average life than what was expected of them. Lets pay more attention on self-evaluation rather than critiqueing everthing around us. Before there was science, religion stood for all the unexplained mysteries. Up to this date we still cant explain everything that happens with a substantial scientific explantion. Why have we fallen so far astray from his path. Is that how faithless we have become that we need a resurrection to convince us that there are higher forces that control this worlds evolution, survival, and existance of other entities. Ho
Thunder Slam Monster Trucks
AMP Thunder Slam Monster Trucks 09 The Slideshow is from the Monster Trucks I went to see last night. I almost got tickets for tonight but I think Friday was a better day to go, I had a great time.
I Have Auto 11's On Today Plz Rate Blog A Ten
SO DEAR I LOVE HIM THAT: With him I could endure all deaths without him live no life.. I'm looking for my Romeo I have auto on today and some new pics guys.. Come show Mizz Shady some love now Love me up good guys.. ..... Click any pic and you will be home free baby.... For everyone who joins this lounge today only will get $5,000 fubucks payable by me. Mizz Shady.. You need to shout me and let me know you joined ok.. You need to say Mizz Shady sent me.. when you enter then join.. Then let me know you did.. Just click here for the lounge thank you Best Kept Secrets Looks like they need a Best kept secret. Join today..
Big B
Big B: Whatever your the "ORAL GODDESS" not me respect yourself ->Big B: DUDE learn some respect Big B: Ok have a good one, hit me up later I'd like to know if you've worked your talent on any big black cocks? ;-) ITS A SCREEN NAME!!!!!! get over it!!!!! he then blocked me like a little pussy
Own Me In Fu-auction
Won't Be Around Much For A Long Time
hey guys i moved ... don't have money for internet right now .. so i will not be on that much. ~to the lounges i work for ... if u wanna pull my mods i will not be offended because obviously i can't get on the comp... love my fu family ... ya'll know how to readh me if u need me!
"I've always thought that eating a mango was a lot like having oral sex." I laid the the knife on the counter, wiped mango juice from my hand. "What the fuck kind of oral sex were you having, m'dear?" He explained. He was recollecting his mango-munching experiences in India. "I didn't have a knife, so I just did what the locals did - bit off a bit of the skin and devoured it that way." I pictured this whilst sucking on a peeled square of mango, and I have to admit, it did seem oral-sex-like. Minus the skin-removal part, of course. (c)2009
I Am Up For Auction....can You Handle My Spankings?
"Nobody Important" is up for Auction It is time for me to find a Owner and to spank them hard! As those on my friends list know I love to spoil those I spank! My offers are as follows for starting bids! SFW Salute #1 Friend and Family for a month "Owned by" in my name for a month Rate all pics and Stash during HH "every week" Then will ra
Hope Lives On
It is never too late for Happily Ever After!!!! This time, I wonder what it feels like To find the one in this life, the one we all dream of But dreams just aren't enough So I'll be waiting for the real thing, I'll know it by the feeling The moment when we're meeting, will play out like a scene Straight off the silver screen So I'll be holding my own breath, right up 'til the end Until that moment when, I find the one that I'll spend forever with 'Cause nobody wants to be the last one there 'Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares Someone to love with my life in their hands There's gotta be somebody for me like that 'Cause nobody wants to do it on their own And everyone wants to know they're not alone There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere There's gotta be somebody for me out there Tonight, out on the street, out in the moonlight And dammit this feels too right, it's just like dj vu Me standing here with you So I'll be holding my own bre
Your Fit Unless Ur Crossfit!!!!!!
Crossfit is where I work out, Its a gym where u have a personal u for endurance, speed and also strenght training, Crossfit is all over the US and some overseas...Since I retired fromthe Army, Ive lost 35 LBS......Dead lift Max 320 LBS 3 times, Back squated 250 LBS. Everyone can do this.....
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Extra Extra
Addictive~Owner @ The Playground~Owned by Blu Eyes~Club Far~Shadow Levelers~@ fubar EXTRA!!!! EXTRA!!!! FUBARS MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELLORETTE IS UP FOR GRABS. You heard me correctly fella's, she is willing to Fu-Marry YOU. But, there are a few hoops you gotta jump thru. FIRST: Send your picture to Southern Stunna or JadedOne. (Pictures below) Southern Stunna ? Co-Owner & DJ @ The Playground ? FU-ANGEL ?
I'm so addicted to All the things you do When you're going down on me In between the sheets Or the sound you make With every breath you take It's not like anything When you're loving me Oh girl lets take it slow So as for you well you know where to go I want to take my love and hate you till the end It's not like you to turn away From all the bullshit I can't take It's not like me to walk away I'm so addicted too all the things You do when you're going down on me In between the sheets Or the sound you make With every breathe you take It's not like anything When you're loving me Yeah I know when it's getting rough All the times we spend When we try to make This love something better than Just making love again It's not like you to turn away All the bullshit I can't take Just when I think I can walk away, I'm so addicted to all the things You do when you're going on me In between the sheets Or the sound you make With every breathe It's not
Till We Aint Strangers Anymore
Artist: Leann Rimes Album: Family Title: Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore (feat. Bon Jovi) It might be hard to be lovers But its harder to be friends Baby pull down the covers Its time you let me in Maybe light a couple candles Ill just go ahead and lock the door If you just talk to me baby Til we aint strangers anymore Lay your head on my pillow I sit beside you on the bed Dont you think its time we say Some things we havent said It aint too late to get back to that place Back to where, we thought it was before Why dont you look at me Til we aint strangers anymore Sometimes its hard to love me Sometimes its hard to love you too I know its hard believing That love can pull us through It would be so easy To live your life With one foot out the door Just hold me baby Til we aint strangers anymore [Solo] Its hard to find forgivness When we just run out of lies Its hard to say youre sorry When you cant tell wrong from right It would be so e
Come Own Me!!
What Is Love
What is love? To Love Is Nothing To Be Loved Is Something To Love And To Be Loved Is Everything. True love is knowing a person's faults, and loving them even more for them.and helping them over come them To truly love is to have the courage to walk away and let the one who wishes to be free go. No matter how much it hurts. True love comes once in a lifetime. It is revealed subtly and appears without warning. So when you see it grab and hold it and never let go. So open your heart and feel it, for once you do, nothing will ever be the same. To truly love you must put all of your heart and soul into it because if it doesn't hurt than it can't be love, but if you give until it hurts you will be rewarded in the end. This is the measure of love; When we believe that we alone can love, that no one could ever have loved us before, and that no one will ever love us in the same way after us. True love is not something that comes everyday, Follow your heart, it alwa
Light On
Never really said too much Afraid it wouldnt be enough Just try to keep my spirits up When theres no point in grieving Doesnt matter anyway Words could never make me stay Words will never take my place When you know Im leaving [Chorus] Try to leave a light on when Im gone Something I rely on to get home One I can feel at night A naked light, a fire to keep me warm Try to leave a light on when Im gone Even in the daylight, shine on And when its late at night you can look inside You wont feel so alone You know weve been down that road What seems a thousand times before My back to a closing door and my eyes to the seasons That roll out underneath my heels And you dont know how bad it feels To leave the only one that I have ever believed in [Chorus] Try to leave a light on when Im gone Something I rely on to get home One I can feel at night A naked light, a fire to keep me warm Try to leave a light on when Im gone Even in the daylight, shine o
Mike Nesss Says It Best
Girl With No Eyes-it's A Beautiful Day
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Honor Our Fallen Soldiers, Please
sheri is the 215,841st person to join the cause Honor our Fallen Soldiers. Join her: 60233?m=2c16bad3.
My Sluts Surprise.....................
She sits and waits again for Him... His last words come back to her now as she sits waiting and wondering what will be His pleasure tonight. She smiles as she thinks of the pleasure He gives her. Her heart and mind reel with the promise of what is to come tonight. Tonight He has told her she will get a big surprise. He said she has been good and He will reward her obedience and service with a special treat. She wonders now what that will be. She sits now her mind wandering and her hands too, stroking over her own skin as she thinks of Him. The feel of her own hands excite her as she thinks of Him, almost as if His own hands touch her now. She sits back, her eyes closed now and her hands run through her hair and down her neck. Her fingertips lightly trace over her soft skin and trail down between her breasts. They linger there, nestled between them caressing the warm skin there. She drifts off in her mind as she sits now, her hands caressing gently as she sits. She wanders inside o
Fuck My Ass
Now here is a lounge that rocks the casbah.. only one thing a co owner since day 1 of me being in there has pulled the hate game.. so you know what you will be a lounge that looses true blue people because of this type of thing.. its like that old lady at the job you just started that is so afraid of loosing it she will go above and beyond to make you wanna leave because it is her whole life. now i did not do a thing to make her dislike me she targeted me i guess because i talk to people.. people like this should not have authority.... so i guess i am not in with the basement part of the clique.. i have only one thing to say I bid a farewell to it because i have not the time to be hassled when i am just trying to get my grove on.. oh yeah and fuck you with a chainsaw zombie cunt.
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zodiac@ fubar 3,673 to level:)
Dissociative Identity Disorder
I'm scared of the man, Who lives inside of me. I don't know why he's violent, But I love to view what he sees. I see him in the mirror, I feel him when I'm hurt. When ever he comes out, You should be alert. He'll kill you if he finds you, He loves to see the pain. He loves to scrutinize the blood, When it falls like the rain. Hi, my name is Malik, Today I'm feeling malice. Won't you come and join me, Into my death palace. Don't feel afraid, You won't feel a thing. I hold a knife in my hand, Only for me to cling. I live in the shadows, I chant the name of death. My rage is imperceptible, I'd love to steal your breath. Hey, who's there? Is someone watching me? I'm not paranoied, Just to a tolerable degree. huh, did you say something? Ah! What was that noise? Watch out for the "followers," To them your brain's a toy. Damn, I blacked out again, Did you see the evil man? He's a very violent guy, He has some evil plans. Please don't stick aroun
Into my eager lips Relapse comes to heart Deep in my innocence My whole life falls apart Crying I'm swept away Beneath my shattered feet Needless I call for help Burning in the heat The wistful soul suffering Beneath my pointy bones My memory is passing by Perplexed in the unknown When will I learn to fly And collect my painful screams Lost in reality Crying in my dreams My childhood is haunting me I just can't forget the pain The beating still hurting me Drowning in the rain Death seemed to follow me Crawling in the dark Chasing my shadow Through out an imagined park Everything is turning black I guess I'll be left behind Soaked in my loneliness Avoided by mankind Alone I stand like soldiers do Watching their lives go by No ones here to hold me up Fighting until I die Demonic thoughts creeping down Lost in my vile tears Spurning my power to scream aloud Covering my fears Trembling I watch the death Of things that don't exist Humans running from th
Vulnerable - Roxette
Deny Addiction
I don't have a problem, It's not like I'm under attack. I don't have an addiction, It's not like I'm smoking crack. It's just marijuana, It's really OK. I don't have an addiction, I don't do it every day. Now I do it every day, But not in the morning. I don't have an addiction, So you shouldn't be in warning. Now I smoke it all day, But I'm not sniffing cocaine. I don't have an addiction OK, maybe trying it won't give me pain. Hey, it's not that bad, I'll just do it on weekends, OK? See I'm not addicted, Well that's what I say. Deny addiction, It's hard to admit. Rely on addiction, It's hard to realize it. No hard drugs, I'm going to be a responsible teen. OK just a little bit of heroin, It won't be too mean. I don't have an addiction, Get the fuck off my back. Stop saying I have a problem, I'm not smoking crack. It's not that bad, A drug here and there. An addiction? not me, Why would you even care? Deny addiction, It's a bad time. Rely on a
Sexy Davey
When Will I Die?
When Will I Die by fun quizzes! Internet Sweepstakes - IQ Tests - The Dumb Test Quizzes | Hollywood Movie Trivia Quizzes | Dumb MySpace Quizzes
The Basement Pt Poo
OH and another thing 5 people have told me personally she is like this she is just jealous she is a bitch... but then i go in there and these same 5 just let the shit slide... i know this is internet bs and it really does not matter in the whole scheme of things but honestly there are tooo many chiefs not enough indians.. and everyone is a typing contradiction .... two faced as fuck ... is it so damn hard to be real.. is it to much to ask to be treated with respect even tho my name is not a color?
Lucky 7 1 Day Only Bling Auction
I am auctioning off a Lucky 7 bling to the highest bidder. This is a 1 day auction and will end on Sunday, February 1st, at 8:00 AM fubar time (10:00 AM Central time). To place your bid go to my photo gallery and leave a photo comment: Good luck, and don't forget my Auto 11 Bling auction which is still active!
The Basement
Now here is a lounge that rocks the casbah.. only one thing a co owner since day 1 of me being in there has pulled the hate game.. so you know what you will be a lounge that looses true blue people because of this type of thing.. its like that old lady at the job you just started that is so afraid of loosing it she will go above and beyond to make you wanna leave because it is her whole life. now i did not do a thing to make her dislike me she targeted me i guess because i talk to people.. people like this should not have authority.... so i guess i am not in with the basement part of the clique.. i have only one thing to say I bid a farewell to it because i have not the time to be hassled when i am just trying to get my grove on.. oh yeah and fuck you with a chainsaw zombie cunt.
Give A Juggalo Another Look, You May Be Surprised!
LUKE 21 verse 10-19 "Then he said to them, "Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; there will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven. But before all this they will lay hands on you and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and governors for my name's sake. This will be the time for you to bear testimony. Settle it therefore in your minds not to meditate beforehand how to answer; fore I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which none of your adversaries will be able to withstand or contradict. You will be delivered up even by parents and brothers and kinsmen and friends, and some of you they will put to death; you will be hated by all for my name's sake. But not a hair of your head will perish. By your endurance you will gain your lives." Juggalos, let me ask you a question. How many of you have ever met a mai
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Pot O' Gold Contest
WYKD Radio Presents Pot O' Gold!! ~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~ There is Currently 11,100 fubux in the pot ! ~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~ Entries : ~ 1 ~ manly - Thirsty Thursday!!!!@ fubar ~2~ mamaduck/Proud Member of The Friendship Circle@ fubar ~1~ Valik WYKD Greeter@ fubar ~3~ ***Dragonfairy****Fu-Hunnie2bigdan877~~~Greeter@WYKD@ fubar ~3~ Little Angel AKA Michelle,OWNED BY KAT1114 SHADOW LEVALER@ fubar ~7~ imcrazybitch ~friendshipcircle~
Omg Guess What Im Stuck Up!!!
**my status was in the shower** BnC: an u didn't invite ME?!? ->BnC: lol im sorry im a terrible person BnC: yes, yes u r!!!! ->BnC: haha BnC: how RE u!! BnC: DARE* ->BnC: good you BnC: lol I ment to say how DARE you!! ->BnC: oh lol ok BnC: well bend over, an let me admire that ass ->BnC: whoaa whoaa what? BnC: Give me that ass girl ->BnC: um no? BnC: um fine BnC: stuck up ->BnC: im stuck up? BnC: yip sure ->BnC: and why is that? BnC: hmm idk ->BnC: because i wont let you admire my ass? BnC: lmao um sure ->BnC: wow you are pathetic BnC: k bye BnC rated you a '1'! ->BnC: then why did you rate me a 1 for nothing? BnC: stuck up ->BnC: i never did anything to you.. i said no to you admiring my ass. thats it.. wow are you seriously that psycho? BnC: um sure! lmao ->BnC: no wonder you cant level. buh byeee BnC: oh noes ->BnC: wtf is oh noes? you are crazy here is his wonderful URL **show him some love** oh he
It Must Have Been Love--roxette
It Must Have Been Love - Roxette
I Don't Know
I know I've wrote about this guy in here before. I'm friends with his cousin and that's kind of how I got to know him on another site. We talked a lot, flirted a lot and really were hitting it off. So it got to the point where a few times a bunch of us were going out. Which is normal from those of us who know each other on this other site. Every now and then we'd go to a bar and party and hang out. A few of those times he was supposed to show up. The first time he supposedly did show up, got so drunk because he was nervous to meet me and hadn't eaten all day and stuff that his friend who came with him had to take him home. Another time he ended up getting into some trouble. Then another time I had left because it was about 1 in the morning and I guess he must have showed up probably not even 20 minutes after I left. Then yet another time him and his buddies got caught up with playing beer pong and stuff and ended up being too drunk to drive to the bar everyone was at. An
Back To Back Hh's Today
Saturday ...January 31, 2009 at 4:00 PM FU Time, Tulsa's Angel is Hosting A Happy Hour! ღTulsa's Angelღ At The Time of Happy Hour, Auto 11s WILL Be On! ღTulsa's Angelღ Hit Up Tulsa's Angel During Her Happy Hour And Make 60 Points Per Rate! ღTulsa's Angelღ FYI...Cherrybomb is hosting the very next happy hour at 5:00 PM Fu Time! She also has auto 11s running!
Meet Fudge - 7 week old teacup Yorkie
My Amusement
Funny things I've seen while experiencing and escaping Ice Storm '09: 1. Leaving town a liquor store marquee reads: THIS SUCKS 2. Driving through Memphis a tax place named: MAS DENIRO TAXES- a few blocks down the road another tax place: MO MONEY TAXES 3. Cruising through Memphis trying to purchase bathing suits mid-winter a TARGET that's been tranformed into a: PAWN SHOP - complete with huge blinking neon sign. More to come I assure you....
Biz Ad Splash Group
Point Whores
Who created Fu Hoes Have you ever wondered? Would you suppose? Where do they come from? Who creates the fu hoes? Well I used to wonder where they came from. I found the answer and it made me feel dumb. Hoes are not born , In fact they are raised. That fact alone should leave you quite dazed. Call it a calling that the word does need, As long as we are horny and there is lusty greed. We will need a world where there are greedy hoes. We will need them as sure as a face needs a nose. I found the some could through their mind find success. Others achieve their dreams through a great lack of dress. Yet we are drawn to watch and drool with desire. We pass on the points and in turn feed the fire. Give us the tease that makes our lusty loins burn. We give you fu bucks and fu points in return. And on ward it goes each topping the other. We look at cleavage deep enough for us to smother. Never do we tire of seeing more and more. Lets face the facts we all love the fu who
Kind Of'd Just Have To Listen
Heartless (Remastered - Kanye West[Chorus] In the night, I hear 'em talk, the coldest story ever told Somewhere far along this road, he lost his soul to a woman so heartless... How could you be so heartless? Oh... How could you be so heartless? [Verse 1] How could you be so, cold as the winter wind when it breeze, yo Just remember that you talkin' to me though You need to watch the way you talkin' to me, yo I mean after all the things that we've been through I mean after all the things we got into Hey yo, I know of some things that you ain't told me Hey yo, I did some things but that's the old me And now you wanna get me back and you gon' show me So you walk around like you don't know me You got a new friend, well I got homies But in the end it's still so lonely [Chorus] In the night, I hear 'em talk, the coldest story ever told Somewhere far along this road, he lost his soul to a woman so heartless... How could you be so heartless? Oh... How could you be so

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