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Week 24
- Along to Earth-15 comes the man in black. Fresh from an Oan prison and recent “Sinestro Corps War” issues of Green Lantern, the litigiously legitimate Superman Prime is on a warpath throughout the multiverse. See, the overzealous teenager’s mind in the body of the greatest hero ever is looking for his own perfect Earth—one where he’s Superman and everything fits in continuity. Of course, when General Zod is taking up the big red cape, the only logical solution is to kill everybody, which Prime most often does by flying people into orbit and then letting them burn up on re-entry. Keen! - Back in Blüdhaven, the Desaad-controlled Firestorm seems to have a major beef with the ailing Karate Kid, which gives the watching Darkseid the perfect segue into asking Mary Marvel to be his sorceress. She not only says no, she grows some kind of a backbone and zaps ol’ stoneface. - In someplace called “Elsewhere,” Kyle and Donna have tense, terse words about Jason’s status and why Kyle’s actin
Week 23
- Somewhere within the rapidly crumbling Source Wall (barrier between realities and graveyard of the New Gods), Superman-Prime has Mr. Mxyzptlk trussed up on a makeshift torture rack. See, the kid who would be Superman thinks that the tricky imp can help him find his ideal Earth, but so far all Prime’s accomplished is scary the living bejesus out of Annataz Arataz—the fish-netted sorceress of Earth-3 who he’s also captured. After describing his own sordid history, Prime again demands that he get his way only to learn that he hasn’t really grown up, just bigger with all the solar energy he’s absorbed. When Mxy laughs (and vomits!) in the face of more torture, Prime commands Annataz to cut out his heart. Say it ain’t so! - In deep space, Mary Marvel pouts while Eclipso tries to tell her it’s a good thing to go along with Darkseid for their own ends. When Mary starts to warm to her position, the asteroid they’re standing on EXPLODES thanks to… - A fleet of Dominators flying by on th
Week 22
- Adrift in space, Mary Marvel awakens to find she’s not dead yet! It appears that Eclipso zapped the pair out of the way just in time to save them from the fate of the dozens of dead Dominators strewn about the asteroid field. How to repay such kindness, Mary? How about by denying Eclipso’s plan to insidiously take over Apokolips from within before stealing her black diamond? Sure! - Back in the dramatically named Fire Pits of Apokolips, Jimmy is taking quite a lashing now that his overlords have figured out they can torture him all day so long as they don’t try to kill him. Suddenly, along comes Mr. Miracle—Apokolips’ most famous escape artist. Still mourning the death of his wife Big Barda, Miracle is losing hope until a pep talk from Jimmy inspires him to toss our favorite redhead into the air and towards a particularly flamey-looking fire pit. What luck! - In the Fifth Dimension (which so nicely noted by means of caption is NOT part of the multiverse), Mr. Mxyzptlk returns
Week 21
- It’s a week of long-lost plotlines in Countdown-land, but before we check in with the 70 percent of our cast who have nothing to do with Superman-Prime, it’s time to check in with last week’s shocking cliffhanger! The result of Deadshot’s shooting of Trickster? Well, he’s dead. Like dead dead. And despite Piper’s attempts at reviving him with everything from electroshock to anti-gay humor, the green-hooded guy is now rolling solo. Oh yeah, and now their electric manacle is going to self-destruct in 24 hours. Happy birthday! - Back on Apokolips, Desaad giggles over Trickster’s fate and then gets into a semantic debate with Granny Goodness over who loves getting pushed around by Darkseid more. The pair agree to disagree as Desaad thinks causing the Great Disaster is best, while Granny’s content to dress up like Athena all day. Us? We think Apokoliptic sous chef would be a pretty dope gig. - On Paradise Island, Holly and Harley play hooky from the Amazon’s obstacle course in order
Week 20
- Despite being a satellite who transformed into a mountain and then a spaceship, Brother Eye has somehow avoided detection from the government, superheroes and magicians. And now he’s headed to Blüdhaven. - Speaking of which, Karate Kid can’t seem to punch his way out of the basement of the Command-D bunker, despite a nice attempt by fellow Legionnaire Una to do so using their Legion flight rings. Of course, in the course of trying the pair get a little closer, prompting Buddy Blank’s grandson to wonder aloud if they’re more than friends. Before the question can be definitely answered, Brother Eye lands and the place starts a’ shakin’! - In the wilds of the Bleed, Bob explains to his crew that Ray Palmer must be hidden on the parallel Earth protected by the Monitor they just faced, as that Monitor spoke of knowing what Palmer was up to. - On Apokolips, Jimmy crawls from a fire pit thanks to his powers giving him a protective turtle shell just in time to save his hide. After s
Week 19
- Dragging Trickster’s bloody carcass through the desert (hey kids, comics!), Piper continues to talk to his dead friend in a cathartic manner until he starts to hear Trickster talk back to him. Then he starts to worry he’s got heatstroke. We’d be worried too. - On Earth-51 (apparently the Earth where everything is cool and nothing goes wrong), Bob and his crew use holograms to hide from being spotted by the public, but are eerily not attacked by the other Monitors who are supposed to have a bead on them by now. Oh, and they don’t find Ray Palmer yet. - On Paradise Island, it is revealed to Granny Goodness that Holly and Harley took off, and she’s pretty ticked about the whole thing. In the cave where the girls are hidden, they come across the true Amazonian Queen Hippolyta. After she helps the pair kill a big hunting dog sent after the girls, the Queen convinces the pair to return to Granny/Athena with the head of the beast, claiming they went on a hunt for a morale booster. How
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Aaaaaand it's a rainy weekend here in the New York area, but that doesn't mean it's not bright, shiny, sunny, and hap-hap-happy where you are, right? Oh, who gives a shit. There was a great batch of Opie and Anthony Worst-Of Shows this week, but if you missed 'em, you can always download 'em all online via AUDIBLIE: Download the Worst Of Opie and Anthony - 12/28/2007 Download the Worst Of Opie and Anthony - 12/27/2007 Download the Worst Of Opie and Anthony - 12/26/2007 Download the Worst Of Opie and Anthony - 12/25/2007 Download the Worst Of Opie and Anthony - 12/24/2007 Got Holiday CA$H burning a hole in your pocket??? Get yo ass some XM! JIM NORTON: UNMASKED - PODCAST AVAILABLE! If you missed the JIM NORTON: UNMASKED special hosted by the one and only Ron Bennington from the RON & FEZ SHOW, don't cry, and please don't shit your pants. Not only is it messy, but it's totally unnecessary. If you have iTunes, you can DOWNLOAD JIM NORTON: UNMASKED right to your desktop and
Weekly Update
I thought that having the holidays over and done with Id have some down time... No Such luck ...althou Most Everything ive been dealing with is VERY good .. First and foremost .. Mike is officially registered in for his first 2 classes in College .. He's going for a History Major .. Secondary Education ..He is Elated and Im So Damn proud of him .. Not saying i thought he was going to be a lump on a log for the rest of his life .. But He's got such a wonderful goal .. I couldnt be more happy ...* PROUD MOM ALERT* ..WHOOP WHOOP !!! .. he goes next friday to get his student ID .. Parking pass and Books . then on the 14th he starts his Introduction to Lit . and then on Tuesday he starts World History II ... The campus is Beautiful .. very secure and seeing that he's an instate student we got a slight break on the tuition * Thank goodness*... I also got wonderful news yesterday .. as of Yesterday .. From Dec.6th to Jan 4th .. Im down 29 Pounds .I dont see much of a difference in mys
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Aaaaand it's the weekend once again, kids. While many of you are enjoying a few days of unhinged alcoholism, we're hard at work bringing you the latest in high brow (oh, who the hell are we kidding here?) .. low-brow oddity from the Opie and Anthony Show and all over the world-wide interwebs It was a short week of shows for the O&A Show, but you can still download what you missed online at AUDIBLE: Download The Opie and Anthony Show - 01/02/2008 Download The Opie and Anthony Show - 01/03/2008 Download the Worst Of Opie and Anthony - 01/04/2008 O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch Anthony the Italian Stormchaser!) NEW O&A AUDIO ONLINE: As a special treat for some of you just getting to know the O&A Show, we're posting some clips of the show you might want to nuzzle up to: The Inventor and Epschtine - Featuring Sam and Steve C. Dick Clark Says 'Happy Doo Year' Dick Clark Gets a New Years Tazing Got Did You Enjoy Those Clips? You DID??? Get yo ass some XM! JIM N
Weekend Party Time
Have you ever heard the hilarious saying by Eddie Murphy...."have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up" ???? I love it....and at times you just want to say might think it ...but tend to be too polite to say it...anyway.............. I am working on the yahoo group activities for the weekend...we have a great group signed up for Kikos...I think we may have 15-20 people coming out..I am trying to keep up with my yahoo friends list and my group with the exact guest list... Saturday will be a house party at Captain Dans.....I am sure a few of you will remember the drunken bunch running around naked/half naked when the power went was a great time by all... My bday is coming up in a few weeks and I have not decided on a party will be hard to top last years extravaganza at whiskey river and then the after party at
Weekend Warrior
And another wacky day-night in teaganville... Technically its night to everyone else... to me its another day... Its 4.30 in the morning on sunday here.. I only woke up at 4 pm yesterday afternoon after sleeping for twelve hours because of a lack of sleep on thursday night and work on friday afternoon... I was wrecked... but no matter how much I tried I couldn't sleep... and its happened again tonight... Im sort of sleepy.. but not tired enough to go to sleep with the background music of mike playing the xbox because he couldnt sleep because he's not used to sleeping so late, and he refuses to get up before me on a weekend because its the only time he doesnt have to... men *sigh* But anyway, I'm taking a break at the moment from finally getting around to finishing the house... not that I have much choice in the matter... mum's due down here next saturday (originally it was going to be a week from monday) so this is our last weekend before she gets here, and I thought it might be
Weekend One
imikimi - Customize Your World
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Happy Sundee, everybuddy! It's time for your weekly dose of weekend goodness, courtesy of a bunch of losers who have nothing better to do. Nice, eh? As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 1/11/2008 (Patrice Oneal, Bob Kelly, Louis CK, Howie Mandell) Download the O&A Show 1/10/2008 (Bob Kelly, and the Donald Trump blow-off) Download the O&A Show 1/09/2008 (WOW, Ralphie May, Angry Video Game Nerd) Download the O&A Show 1/08/2008 (Harvey Levin from TMZ, Rich Vos) Download the O&A Show 1/07/2008 (Biggest Gainer Begins!) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (New cartoons added every week!) NEW O&A VIDEOS ONLINE: Thanks to the speedy work of our own Sam, we have some brand new Opie and Anthony Show video online: AJ POOPIESCHITZ - Live Entertainment Report Louis CK watches '2 Girls 1 Cup' The sexy, tight-abbed Angelina from FOUNDRY CAMS sent us this a
Week From Hell
I am sitting here here reflecting. This week was sent to me as torture. First off I am sleeping too much and feel as if i am not sleeping enough still. I talked to my dr and it turns out i have lost weight and i was advised to go on mega strong vitamins. The excessive sleeping has caused problems in a perfect relationship. This morning I find out that the stepson of one of my best friends was murdered. It was in front of a restaurant in daylight. The murderer was caught but my friend and his wife are going through hell. The stepson had 2 children with another one on the way. His oldest son has already been asking for his daddy and crying because he is not there. So, I cry.
The Weekend
Adult Porn GIFs and Layouts.
Week 1- Officially
Woot! Lost 4 lbs so far. Have been doing really good. Trying not to eat out. It really helps that Amy is also going through this. We are keeping each other accountable. I have not been eating after 6 and trying to walk on the tredmill for at least 30 min a day and working in weight training at least every other day. Seems to be working so far.
64 Weeks
i made it to 64 weeks
Week 5 Northern Pike
Sunday Departure: 4:30 am Destination Quabog Pond East Brookfied Ma.Species Northern Pike First Trip out for the Notherns Won't be Available,Sunday till After Patriots Game.Hope everyone has a Great Sunday.Hugs an Peace.
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Well, gosh... another weekend is upon us and rather than going out and enjoying some sunshine, we're keeping you all entertained with some of the interwebs best and brightest. As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 1/18/2008 (CLOVERFIELD cast) Download the O&A Show 1/17/2008 (Bob Grant, Sylvester Stallone, Andrew Morton) Download the O&A Show 1/16/2008 (WOW, Ben Mezrich, Larry The Cable Guy) Download the O&A Show 1/15/2008 (O&A Talk to the Fake Australian Corey) Download the O&A Show 1/14/2008 (Patrice Oneal) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Check out Opie and Jay enjoying a quiet evening!) On Friday, the O&A Show said "Adios" to WJFK-FM in Washington, DC. GO GET YOUR XM NOW AND HEAR THE SHOW UNCENSORED! COUPLES CHERRY DARTS - WIN CA$H!! The Opie and Anthony Show is looking for COUPLES (guys and gals... or gals and gals) for its latest contes
Weekends Done Almost
Well, 6 hasnt called me in.. So Im gonna take the risk..and start drinking to take away some of my troubles. Party on friends
Weekend 1-20
Having a very good and relaxing visit with my family. Tomorrow I'm going to see a cousin and his family, then return to Ithaca late in the day.
Week's Pink Out!
This Weeks Pink Out Is dedicated to those sisters who are on their way to becoming GodMother's. Lets see how much closer we can take them there! RedKandy412,524 Points to go! HELLCAT589,049 Points to go! PEE-JAY697,119 Points to go! SiMpLy AmAzInG1,002,872 Points to go! Tulsa's Angel1,201,490 Points to go! SweetAngel1,309,292 Points to go!
3 Week Of Winter Quarter
I can't believe it, it is the 3rd week already and I have a test in each of my classes. Tomorrow I will know how I did in Sociology, I think not good. This is going to be a fun week. I will update more later. Please do not wish me good luck it is a cruse, every time someone does I fail my test.
1 Week And 1 Day
Today marks 1 week and 1 day since I lost someone I truly loved. We never could quite see eye to eye, compromise was never something that the two of us were willing to try. I feel I lost my best friend. It was a short relationship yes, but in the short time we knew each other, I spent my every waking second out side of work talking to her. Theres a song called a letter to me, and in that song a verse stands out to me so powerful. He talks about himself being hurt after breaking up, and he says "A pain like that is fast and its rare. She wasn't right for you yet you still feel theres a knife sticking out your back". That is so true. I question myself all the time. Many times a day I ask, could you have tried to understand Bradley, could you not just accept what you were being told? It's hard to accept what I'm told, actions speak so much louder than words. Why should I have to accept what I'm told? Why couldn't I have been satisfied, with that special someone seeing things were b
Weekly Auction Rules!!!
1. You may bid on anyone you like even on yourself. 2. Your bid has to be HIGHER then the previous one. 3. IF you have SERIOUS ISSUES with anyone that bids (IF THEY ARE STALKING YOU) please inform me and i will romove them from the auction. 4. NO rude comments. 5. You may bid with Fubucks, Tickers, Blasts, ViC's or Happy Hours. 6. Tickers, Blasts, ViC's and Happy Hours are above ANY fubuck bids. 7. All the proceeds go to the person being auctioned. 8. I am NOT responsible if some one renegs! 9. I am Only in this for the points! 10. At the end of the auction the HIGHEST bidder will WIN/TAKE OWNERSHIP of the person for 1 month. What Do You Get From The Person You Own??? -Owned by (your name).... in their nickname -All Pics Rated -All Stash Rated -A Salute Pic From Them With Your Name On it -A Mumm Done About You -A Bully About How Great You Are and The Link To Your Page in it -Comments Daily From Them -Their UNDIVIDED ATTENTION GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY BIDDING!!!
5 Weeks Left And A Ton To Do!
Well folks, I'm coming to the end of my pregnancy. It's a bit bittersweet. I'm ready for it to be over but at the same time sad, knowing that this is the last one. I've got a lot going on right now. I put in my resignation at work yesterday because I have accepted a new job offer that will allow me to work from home full time. It's a little scary to be doing all of this in my last few weeks of pregnancy but at the same time very exciting! I'm one of those people that pretty much just closes my eyes and jumps in hopes that I land on my feet. lol Anyways, I've tried to be on a little more lately and hopefully I will be back a lot more after I start the new job and have this baby!!!! Hugs and Kisses to all of you that don't forget about me.~ Sam~ BeerQueen forever! lol
A Week At The Gym
If you can read this through without laughing out loud.... well perhaps you should go yourself. This is dedicated to everyone who ever attempted to get into a regular workout routine. Dear Diary, For my 60th birthday this year, my daughter Rachel (the dear) purchased a week of personal training at the local health club for me. Although I am still in great shape since being a high school football cheerleader 43 years ago, I decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and give it a try. I called the club and made my reservations with a personal trainer named Brenda, who identified herself as a 26-year-old aerobics instructor and model for athletic clothing and swim wear. My daughter seemed pleased with my enthusiasm to get started! The club encouraged me to keep a diary to chart my progress. MONDAY : Started my day at 6:00 a.m. Tough to get out of bed, but found it was well worth it when I arrived at the health club to find Brenda waiting for me. She is someth
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Aaaaand once again it's the weekend, so we're here to give you the obligatory weekend goodness and updates that we've been slaving over so that you guys don't have to go more than five minutes without being entertained... As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 1/25/2008 (Bob Kelly, Jeff Ross, WWE wrestler MVP) Download the O&A Show 1/24/2008 (JJ Abrams, TJ Miller, Bob Kelly) Download the O&A Show 1/23/2008 Download the O&A Show 1/22/2008 (Finger Eleven, Bret Michaels, Otto & George) Download the O&A Show 1/21/2008 (MLK worst-of) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Check out Opie and Jay enjoying a quiet evening!) O&A INTERVIEW WITH JJ ABRAMS - Audio Online: Our revealing interview with JJ ABRAMS (Cloverfield, Star Trek, LOST) is now online for your listening pleasure: JJ ABRAMS CALLS THE OPIE AND ANTHONY SHOW (MP3 audio) Last week, the O&A
Weekend B4 Mardi Gras Parades
Sat. Feb. 2 Bush Bush 9 a.m. NOMTOC West Bank 10:45 a.m. Iris Uptown 11 a.m. Tucks Uptown Noon Endymion Mid-City 4 p.m. Isis Metairie 6 p.m. Napoleon Metairie 6:30 p.m. Mardi Gras Houma 6:30 p.m. Sun. Feb. 3 Okeanos Uptown 11 a.m. Thoth Uptown 11:30 a.m. Mid-City Uptown 12:15 p.m. Terreanians Houma 12:30 p.m. Tchefuncte Madisonville 2 p.m. Montegut Montegut 2 p.m. Bacchus Uptown 5:15 p.m.
2 Week Auction
"I'm being AUCTIONED OFF...come bid on me and win what I am offering !!!" "please click pic to go bid on the hot sexxy me" "Here is what I'm offering the highest know you want it !! 1. I will rate profile, all pics and all stash. 2. I will add you to my friends and family. 3. I will add "owned by" your name on my name for a month. 4. I will open my nsfw pics for you. 5. You can rip any picture of mine, just let me know which one. 6. I will take and send you a picture of your choosing. 7. I will send you a gift daily for a month. 8. I will send you a comment every day for a month." "So come bid on me, and I will reward you every day !!!! "
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YAY WEEKEND! We figured before everyone gets all crazy with their Superbowl madness, we'd post some updates for you all to enjoy. As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 2/01/2008 (Louis CK) Download the O&A Show 1/31/2008 (CHERRY DARTS, Adam Ferrara, Russell Peters, Wrestler JBL) Download the O&A Show 1/30/2008 (Bob Kelly, Rich Vos) Download the O&A Show 1/29/2008 (Patrice Oneal) Download the O&A Show 1/28/2008 (Chuck Liddell, Bob Kelly, Nick DiPaolo) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch Anthony Shooting his computer!!) Need the O&A Show, but can't find it on your local radio dial?? No problem at all.. GO GET YOUR XM NOW AND HEAR THE SHOW UNCENSORED! Our own Jim Norton is doing a li'l Comedy tour...CLICK HERE FOR JIM NORTON TICKETS! NEW BOOBS ON RATEMYWOW: We have a bevy of new bosoms on RateMyWoW, from all kinds of ladies, in all
Weekly Update
Thought I would give an update on Papa since so many of you were kind enough to offer so many kind words. First of all, know that everyone of you that left comments on my blog, sent emails and instant messages really touched me. It's nice to know that I can call on my friends when I need them. Papa isn't showing much improvement. His oxygen level is fluctuating anywhere from 80-95 and he still has a terrible rattling in his chest from all of the congestion. Of course my papa is a stubborn asshole (everyone that knows me and him both calls me Wesley Jr.,....imagine that). With his age, being in a different place and the lack of oxygen, he is at times very disoriented and not being a very nice patient. The doctors are trying to say that he is in the early stages of alzheimers, but I don't believe that. He was fine until this all started. Of course I could be wrong, but for now, I refuse to believe it. They had to restrain him to the bed last night because he wouldn't keep his o
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Holy moley... it's the weekend once again, and it's muggy, dreary, and wet in the New York area, so as long as we're inside watching the rain, we're going to do some updating for youze guys... As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 2/08/2008 (Louis CK, Bob Kelly, Faith the two-legged dog...not Tiger) Download the O&A Show 2/07/2008 (Intern Adam Needs A Gal) Download the O&A Show 2/06/2008 (George Romero, Vinny Brand) Download the O&A Show 2/05/2008 (Patrice Oneal, Car Crash Comedy LIVE) Download the O&A Show 2/04/2008 (Donna D'Errico) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch Opie, Anthony, Jim, and Patrice tool on Eric Logan's Awful shirt!) Need the O&A Show, but can't find it on your local radio dial?? No problem at all.. GO GET YOUR XM NOW AND HEAR THE SHOW UNCENSORED! Our own Jim Norton is doing a li'l Comedy tour...CLICK HERE FOR J
Weekly Race Pool
1 Week Almost Level 10
Lot Everybody, well I been here a week now and almost level ten and I cant wait to be able to start my own lounge! I know it is gonna be alot of work. Hey if there are any classic Rock fans out there that wanna start a lounge together I wanna try to get it built and up and running before may or so and the more time goes by the more I will be working more. Hey I am not bragging I was shocked I musta gone from level 5 to level 9 over night had alot of people looking at my profile and I had been on here 18 hours a day and just alot of plain hard work or hard play if you will. I actually have only been going to about ten lounges but hey what can I say people remember me, I make them laugh so you got to gregarious, if you sit in the corner quiet and pop off aword two here and there you are not going to generate much. Lots of photos and lots and lots of nice people help too. yoshi out
imikimi - Customize Your World
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Holy Happy Weekend, everybuddy! As usual, we're doing little or nothing to better ourselves, so we figured we'd do some know, because that's what we do... As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 2/15/2008 (Bob Kelly, Michael Emerson from LOST, Michael Madsen) Download the O&A Show 2/14/2008 (Victoria Zdrok, Ryan Star, Sandy Kane) Download the O&A Show 2/13/2008 (Chazz Palminteri, Rich Vos, Patrice Oneal, Bob Saget, ripping on Jim's old material) Download the O&A Show 2/12/2008 (Nick DiPaolo, Amy Ryan) Download the O&A Show 2/11/2008 (Bill Burr) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch E Rock's Fridge Door Fall Off!) Need the O&A Show, but can't find it on your local radio dial?? No problem at all.. GO GET YOUR XM NOW AND HEAR THE SHOW UNCENSORED! Our own Jim Norton is doing a li'l Comedy tour...He's in San Francisco tonight
Week Of Sunday, February 17th, 2008
UPDATES! First of all I want to thank all of you who have joined our lounge! We doubled our numbers from last week. From 98 to 202! And the members that are usually online in lounge are from 5-20 each nite! I have heard it is by word of mouth and I have heard its because we have BBW in our name. Whatever the reason is thank you! Your feedback about the lounge is *EXTREMELY* important! This is *YOUR* lounge! Not just mine! *REMEMBER THAT*! Yea I may say I have "the power" this is also your lounge too! I want this lounge to be kick ass place for everyone. And all I ask of you is just to follow the rules of the lounge. I also want to thank those who have really made me laugh my ass off badly here lately! I havent had a good laugh in years. If you missed Sunday, you missed one hell of a nite. I was on webcam live and nude...and then what followed was...lets say *COOTERIFIC*! LOL You have me to the point of changing the name of the bar to "COOTER'S BAR". In
2 Weeks Only
68 Weeks
68 weeks since the last time....
So far the weeks goin by fairly fast. I tested for promotion eysterday, so that took up most of my day. Today went by fast, cause i was busy all day. If all goes well tomorrow will be my last day of work til monday, but I'm not holding my breath on gettin Friday off yet.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend..and some of this snow and sleet we are getting. Yes, I want to share the snow with you all!
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It's once again the weekend, and if you're anywhere near New York, then you're probably shoveling your car...or your ass... out of a snow bank. What better way to occupy your time than with some weekend updatin', right? Ehh, right? As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 2/22/2008 (Steve's Birthday, Animation Contest, Dave Rabbit Replay) Download the O&A Show 2/21/2008 (Dave Rabbit, Mike Birbiglia) Download the O&A Show 2/20/2008 (Lewis Black, Terry O'Quinn from LOST, Mythbusters) Download the O&A Show 2/19/2008 (Larry The Cable Guy) Download the O&A Show 2/18/2008 (President's Day Worst-Of) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch the boys tool on Steve C's old band!) Need the O&A Show, but can't find it on your local radio dial?? No problem at all.. GO GET YOUR XM NOW AND HEAR THE SHOW UNCENSORED! Our own Jim Norton is doing a li'l Co
Weekly Visits
My aunt lost her three daughters to the state, due to not keeping a clean house. I can't really argue with that fact, anyone who is willing to put the internet before the safety of their children shouldn't have them in the first place but my son was very attached to those girls. They were over every day to play and her youngest daughter suffered from Autism, and her and Jakob were always on the same level so they got along wonderfully. Naturally, we go to see them for their weekly visits and it just lights up Jakob's day. This past visit, we had arranged to meet them at McDonald's for 2 hours. They really wanted to go in the tubes and play in their activity center so the closest one to us that has one, is an hour away. No problem, we went and everyone enjoyed themselves but when it was time to play in the tubes, I noticed that the age limit was 3-12. Jakob just turned two in December but he was persistent that he wanted to go with them. I was a little nervous with him wanting t
Weekend 2-23 & 2-24 08
well it was a fun weekend for me i guess, i spent friday night with lori and went to see kartune and C3 at evans roadhouse, then slide, lol on over to the roads end on broad street, lol but not after makeing a pit stop on 5th and broad (yeah, thats right, i did it again in the street,lol) and can't forget going to amore's for food that night, lol. omg 2 hours of sleep then helping at the toy show at the sugarloaf firehouse. man how did i get stuck parking cars in the cold????? saturday night was fun too, went with mu cousin and her boyfriend to the woodlands ( my first time there) omg dollar drink night and the drinks were strong WOW! well after watching some hotties shake it we went up to spurs in pittston and finished the night off watching more hotties country line dance... wow, good band up there too (homegrown) and a nice bar.... all in all i enjoyed myself and got a little crazy and drunk too. oh well, lets see what next weekend brings!
Well I don't think this is as much about my weekend as much as it is how much I care. My best friend came over for the weekend. I had to work but we got to spend plenty of time together. We have known one another for it must be six years now. We have dated and been friends for the whole time. We have had more than our fair share of problems. And over the past year I have changed more about myself than anytime in my life. And I know how much wrong I did and did to her. But I love to spend time with her. And my worst feeling and what makes cry at night and feel so bad. Is that in my heart I feel as though I still have feelings for her. Kind of feelings that make me want her in my life for the rest of my life. And I know she has said she no longer has romantic feels for me. But when we are together we have so much fun, and enjoy each other so much. And right now I am crying because I know the things I did. And it hurts so much, I just don't know what to do. We have talked
The Weekend Not There
Hey whats up? I haven't written a blog in a while but i thought i needed to write some bad stuff out so i could get it off my chest. Well the comparison of my girl being my eye of the hurricane is more apparent than ever now. Her and I had the most relaxing time together.. I saw Jumper with her which was pretty good. She likes the butter on the popcorn.. uu lala Couple of other things were amazing but thats hush hush :) So thank god "goddess" for her. But Shanes dad was having a rough time with his family..Kinda felt his pain about the whole thing as much as its kinda strange staying with your girlfriends ex. It makes me appreciate Pamela a lot more cause of how she eases my pain when i need to ventilate. As for my own family, Shannon is moving back home. You may be asking yourself isn't she married? Well she found some other email address her "husband" had. She printed out the chain of emails from girls about how great the weekends were. So im glad she figured that
A Weekend Getaway
A weekend escape from the real world is what they both needed. He had invited her to his family's cabin for the weekend. He had gotten to the cabin first; so that he could set it up and make it look perfect for her when she got there. He made a fire and he remembered she wanted to make love in front of a fire place with soft romantic music playing. He heard a car door slam shut, he went and turned the lights off. As soon as he did that, he heard a soft knock on the door. He opened the door to let her in. She stepped into the cabin and as he shut the door, he was glad she got there when she did as the snow was starting to fall harder. She stepped into the cabin and looked around in amazement. He remembered every detail of how she wanted to make love to him. She saw the fireplace going and a wine bottle on ice, it was ready to be opened. Next to the wine on ice was a small bowl of strawberries. She couldn't believe it and she heard soft romantic music playing. He came up behind her
Weekend Opie And Anthony Links: Download The O&a Show, New O&a Podcast, 'best Of Jim Norton' Avaiilable, Animation Contest Continues
Hey everybuddy... it's the weekend! You know, that time of the week when we all catch up on sleep, clean up the house, do laundry, and sit blindly in front of the computer looking at tits... well, some of us do. As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 2/22/2008 (Patrice Oneal, Victoria Zdrok, TJ Miller) Download the O&A Show 2/21/2008 (Bob Kelly In Studio) Download the O&A Show 2/20/2008 (Whip 'em Out Wednesday) Download the O&A Show 2/19/2008 (Andre Benjamin) Download the O&A Show 2/18/2008 (Dan Naturman) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch The Hot Dog Guy Now!) Jim Norton's Got TEN CD's Worth Of Material online - order 'The Best Of Jim Norton' on iTunes NOW! ...speaking of li'l Jimmy... Our own Jim Norton is doing a li'l Comedy tour...He's in Cleveland right now, but you see him while he's on the road!
Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer Great Spirit, give us hearts to understand; Never to take from creation's beauty more than we give; Never to destroy wantonly for the furtherance of greed; Never to deny to give our hands for the building of earth's beauty; Never to take from her what we cannot use. Give us hearts to understand That to destroy earth's music is to create confusion; That to wreck her appearance is to blind us to beauty; That to callously pollute her fragrance is to make a house of stench; That as we care for her she will care for us. We have forgotten who we are. We have sought only our own security. We have exploited simply for our own ends. We have distorted our knowledge. We have abused our power. Great Spirit, whose dry lands thirst, help us to find the way to refresh your lands. Great Spirit, whose waters are choked with debris and pollution, help us to find the way to cleanse your waters. Great Spirit, whose beautiful earth grows ugly with mis-use,
Week Only Contest. Please Help!!
Weekend Opie And Anthony Links: Baby Diaper Moustache Video!! Download The O&a Show,new Boobs On Ratemywow, Animation Contest, New Videos Online
Once again, it's the weekend...did you remember to set your clocks ahead, kids? (Spring ahead one hour for daylight savings time... blech.). Anyway, this update would have been up yesterday, but we had shit to do, and more importantly, we were waiting on a very important, VERY digusting video to get finished... and with that said... BABY DIAPER MOUSTACHE VIDEO - ONLINE NOW: Yes, kids...this is what happens when Opie decides to put a promo on the air daring people to bring in their shitty babies... Someone (in this case, Rich Vos) is bound to bring one in... or at the very least, a diaper full of stinky baby crap: Watch BABY DIAPER MOUSTACHE now! (thanks to Sam for the video editing) As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 3/07/2008 (Baby Diaper Moustache, Bob Kelly, Rich Vos, Lazlow) Download the O&A Show 3/06/2008 (Geraldo Rivera, Gbenga Akinnagbe and
8:35am PST Ok so most of you don't know this. Lately, I've become a workaholic. Whatever that means... So nothing else has been new in my life. I've been busy working. Unfortunately, I decided to drop out of school this semester. It was getting too costly. Normally, I make enough to pay for my books, since I qualified for a couple of waivers, but this semester was not enough. I wish my situation could be better, but it is what it is. So this week has been hectic! On Monday I worked 12 hrs. On Tuesday, I was lucky enough to work 7 hours, but again on Wednesday I ended up working 12 hrs. On Thursday, however, I worked 8.5 hrs, worked straight through lunch but that wasn't even the beginning of it! So about Thursday... I get a call or two or three at 3 something in the morning (it's not like I'm going to take a look at my caller ID)! I received a call from my friend's fiance and he left a voicemail saying he'd been locked up. Since we both know she doesn't have a ho
Week Pt Deux
8:58am PST So yesterday, I went to Disney's California Adventure. So I didn't go at 10:00am like I wanted to, but I still arrived there nonetheless. I went with a good friend. He's probably going to read this anyway. Yes, I had fun. We went on most of the big rides, and I guess I was the tour guide. He hadn't mentioned before that it was only his 2nd time there? He said he'd only been on 3 rides. We started at random places and walked around almost throughout the whole park. We went on a couple of rides, including this one rocket ride, which he said looked like a giant vibrator. It looked like a rocket to me! But he would know what they look like, I still wouldn't. I still have virgin eyes as I have not seen one in person. Eww David! We went on a few repeated rides haha. I think it was cool. We saw It's a Bug's Life show. We rode on the carousel, and went on other rides. Including the raft ride near the bear mountain. It was cool. All 5 times, I got drenched.
Weekend Past......
That's how I felt this weekend. Totally snapped off like a twig from society's tree and floating in space. I kept waiting for the Navy to shoot me down as an unidentified object. Things were brought to my attention and I was totally unaware of them. I felt like I had been living in a box, totally devoid of newspapers, television and the internet. I was so blissfully unaware. That's when the weirdness started. I had to be at work on Saturday morning for the final parent-student meeting regarding the class trip to DC that is rapidly approaching. This was interesting and provided a bit more insight to what a 13 year old really thinks. I may regret this. There are 40 kids going and the other teachers and myself. Three adults versus 40 students. I don't like those odds. But yet, those are the numbers. The kids were handed out a list that explicitly told them what to bring and what NOT to bring. No handheld games, no sharp objects, no medications and no gang hats, jackets or s
Weekend Ramblings
On saturday night we had a big irish dinner at home. I'm talking corned beef and potatoes and cabbage and soda bread... it was so good that it was erotic. Anyway, during dinner we were talking about the camping trip last summer with the whole family and I compared my Uncle Chris' snoring to "him raping a manatee." Then my brother in law does a western accent and says, "I wish I could quit you manatee." And that is how my new photoshopping project, my Uncle Chris in the place of Jake Gyllenhal (however its spelled) and the manatee in the place of Heath Ledger... both of course wearing cowboy hats... was born. Nothing prevents people from getting real work done like photoshop. The weekend was pretty good. The shooting was fun and the fishing sucked. Nothing was biting because of how cold it was and I an just happy that I didn't get sick from it. The best part was getting out of the city and seeing some stars, you have to do that from time to time. Hopefully I won't be looking for a
Week 1 Contest
Voting has closed while I total all the points that everyone has earned. In the case of a tie, Im going to award tie breaker points. A rate (any) is worth 1 point. A comment is worth 2 points Someone ripping it will be worth 3. The winner will have the option of not doing next weeks contest. The winner will be announced during the next task assignment Since we had one dropout, no one is going to be up to be voted out tonight. I will be posting the next task after work tomorrow night between when I get off at 7 and 9ish EST depending on when I can get on. Again, tomorrows task wont need to be done until Wed night.
Week 1 Contest We are upon week 1 of this 1st time contest I have entered & I was wondering if I could please get some help from everyone...I have provided the link & will post it again at the bottom. Its a black & white photo that I picked out from a random photographer that I would like to have taken myself! I would greatly appreciate any & all help that I received from my FuBies!!! & show Havok sum FuLuv while you are there!!! ;) MaD LuV FuBies!!!! ~ReD~
4 Weeks 2 Days
Well I finally quit pretty much cold turkey after smoking since I was 14 . Still is hard and 4 weeks into it . Now I have a Shitty ass cold on top of everything so I really don't want any smokes right now . Gained a few pounds past few weeks but goal is still in view . I figure after quitting and making it 5 weeks and getting over this cold i will hit working out again really hard . Doctors said go easy on the shoulder but can continue excersise . Hell I went from 135 to 270 in 21 months having my two kids so close with blood sugar problems and polyhydramnous . Took 18 months to lose 90 lbs gained back about 15 ((Crying))((Lol)) so do the math I still have a ways to go but haven't given up . Don't even think I am doing this to "fit in " cause if you think that obviously you don't know me just wanting to be healthy can care less how people look at me with judgemental eyes . Well Lots of Love hope everyone is well will update shit soon ~~~Lill
Week 1
THIS WEEK I NEED YOUR HELP ON 1 OF MY PICTURES. IT DOES NOT NEED BOMBED JUST A RATE AND A COMMENT. FEEL FREE TO RIP ALSO POINTS ARE AWARDED FOR EVERYTHING. (1 COMMENT ONLY PLEASE) THESE ARE THE RULES.......................... Points will be awarded on each of the following criteria. 2 points for highest average score 1 point for the most ripped 2 points for the most commented (Only one comment per person will count towards the total. If anyone starts to bomb me, Im going to block them and fly to their house and kick them in the head.) The owner of the picture with the most points at the end of this week will have the option to not do next weeks task I JUST REPOSTED THIS IN THE CORRECT FOLDER. I AM IN FIRST PLACE SO FAR THANKS TO ALL OF MY WONDERFUL FRIENDS. PLEASE KEEP LOOKIN BACK HERE FOR THE RESULTS. I MIGHT NEED YOUR HELP WITH THIS AWESOME CONTEST AGAIN. ONCE AGAIN THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!! THIS CONTEST MEANS ALOT TO ME.
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Hey all... it's the weekend, and the Opie and Anthony Show is taking a li'l vacation. We'll be updating periodically through the break (adding video clips, adding audio for the Animation Contest, and other assorted goodness. As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 3/14/2008 (Bob Kelly, Doug Stanhope, Lenny Clarke) Download the O&A Show 3/13/2008 (Doug Stanhope, Ashley Madison founder talks about Spitzer ad in Post) Download the O&A Show 3/12/2008 (Whip 'em Out Wednesday) Download the O&A Show 3/11/2008 (Otto & George) Download the O&A Show 3/10/2008 (Brian Regan) OLD SCHOOL OPIE AND ANTHONY: We added a new batch of video you probably have NEVER seen to the Old School Opie and Anthony Section:: Kat's Victory Photo Shoot Kat Confesses Raylene and Cassidey Play with one another in studio Rat Eating Extravaganza Part 19 - Hot Blond Girls Kissing
Week 2 Contest
This week turned out kinda interesting. There has been someone that was clearly in the lead with the most points that will get the bye week next week. However, we do have to vote someone off. So, there are two pictures left in my album. They are of the two lowest seeded pictures of the week. I need each of you to go in and leave a comment on one of them. Leave the word STAY on the one you want to come back. The one with the least support by tomorrow night will be let go when I announce the winner.
Week 2
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Just wanted to pimp out my awesome owners! First is Teresa. Show her page some love and tell her that Carebear sent ya! TERESA~PITBULL MAFIA ~OWNED BY HUNTER~@ fubar She is in a giveaway. Please go leave some comments for her on it. She would greatly appreciate it. She needs 50,000. As of right now she is around 28k. My 2nd owner is Mikey!!! Go show him some major love. He does alot for us here on Fubar especially keeping up with the Godfather list! Mikey The Pіŧßull ­­­­МãҒiã Hitman & Club F.A.R. A Tempting Tiger@ fubar Now for the 2 that I own!! Tracy! She is a wonderful lady! SHe is one of the best friends on here you can get. If you guys havent checked her out, you better go do it. You wont regret it! Go spank her page hard with lots of love! ☠ Trâçý/Mngr of Pîtbúll Mãfïå ☠ /«LØN€L¥ $ØUL®» 's Mistress@ fubar And then there is James aka BigSexy! He is an awesome guy! If you ladies havent checked him out yet you really need
Week 3
WELL I HAVE TO THANK ALL OF YOU AGAIN!!!! I WON WEEK 2. I HAVE PASTED THE CONTEST BLOG HERE FOR ALL OF YA TO READ. IT GETS KINDOF TRICKY THIS WEEK. PLEASE STAY POSTED FOR MORE DETAILS. THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!!!! Congradulations to the winner for the second straight week Chevy! I know that there was already talk about this maybe being a popularity contest, but the reason that he won this week was based on the fact that he hit the 15 point bonus. It leap frogged him into first place over 2 of you that had been tied for the lead. The bonus kicker this week was for longest comment. I see many people leaving comments like 'vote', 'nice' and 'pretty' and I wanted to award the person that had a picture left with a real honest and true comment and this was Chevy and he won because of it. I want to also say thank you to Ape for joining and Im sorry he had to exit so quickly. Have fun man. Now, onto the week 3 contest. This week is going to be a little different again. Im going to ass
The Week
The best week of my life...I think. I pick my Love up from the airport, she's tired cranky and hungry..I don't even mind the fact that I have to work to get that first kiss. It's explosive. A year of held-back emotions, words that have been unsaid are spoken from heart to heart. I hold her, feel her heart beat next to me..and I know, this is forever, this is perfect, this is what God intended for me..this is the epitome of every love song, every poem..this is real, this is forever, and this is mine. I feed her and take her home, take her to bed where we hold each other. She is mine, she is in my arms..I'm finally complete. The part of me that has been missing since before birth, the part that I never knew was missing...was in my arms. I never knew happiness before this, I only thought I did. I cannot explain, but my heart was filled to bursting. I couldn't stop grinning, I thought I was going to bite my ears if I wasn't careful. For the very first time in my life that I can recal
Week #2 Dream Girlz Pimpout --team Cwgrlupxox & Hotpinkfizzle™
Girls are a dime a dozen, The ☆Dream Girlz☆ are Pricless!© Don't forget to show these fab ladies sum ♥ Rate, Fan, Add, & Comment them all!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Dream Girlz Officers HotPinkFizzle¢â Brigadier General cwgrlupxox Lt. Colonel
Week 2 Dream Girlz Cwgrl & Hpf Teams Bulletin (updated)
Girls are a dime a dozen, The ☆Dream Girlz☆ are Priceless!© Don't forget to show these fab ladies sum ♥ Rate, Fan, Add, & Comment them all!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Dream Girlz Officers HotPinkFizzle¢â Brigadier General cwgrlupxox Lt. Colonel
Week 15
- Those Amazons weren’t tough gals! They were Holly and Harley, who have turned away from the training of Granny Goodness (who’s been disguised as Athena) and joined Golden Age Wonder Woman Hippolyta. See, Hippolyta is ready to reclaim her throne as queen of Amazons, and she wants Mary Marvel to join the fray. - Ray and Kyle hand out an ass kicking to the members of the Crime Syndicate that have hounded them at Monarch’s request. Kyle ain’t no fool and calls for a plan of escape with Ray pitching in. - Monarch has pretty much conquered Earth-51. All hail and whatnot. - Superman Prime is all hot and bothered to find his perfect Earth, and he won’t stop until Solomon finds it! What won’t he stop? Well, he won’t stop not killing Solomon because apparently that dude has a death wish. Is this making sense? Then Forerunner shows up for revenge on the Monitors, but freaks out a bit to see Prime in attendance. - In the “Bat Bunker”, Earth-51’s Batman reveals that on this planet, Ja
Week 13
- While the Monitor of Earth-51 looks over the sad state of affairs his once-perfect world has been dragged into, Superman Prime and Monarch throw down but good. After kicking it back and forth with some common superhero bragging, Monarch finally proves who has the biggest superego by unleashing the full atomic power of his body outside of his containment suit (remember that under that big blue hunk of metal, he’s really Captain Atom!). - In the wake of the nuclear explosion, Donna and Ray Palmer are saved by Kyle and the new team of Batman and Red Robin (aka Jason Todd). Those kids tear off in order to fight the last of Monarch’s army, but before they can…Donna gets a message from the floating hand of the Source Wall (remember, kiddies—that floating hand was what sent Bob the Monitor after Ray to begin with in issue #51!). This time around, the words the hand spells out are “To Apokolips.” - Speaking of Apokolips in the multiversal nexus, Solomon the Monitor has defeated the “th
Week 12
- Apokolips! The crazy Kirby planet where death & desolation stoke the fires of eternal torment and other such melodramatic ideas. The Challengers and Ray Palmer have landed on the face of this miserable planet, but even they’re not sure why. - Meanwhile in Metropolis, Jimmy Olsen steps from that shower he’s apparently been taking for two months to make some witty banter with his new bug chick Forager. Unfortunately, someone left him a mysterious message on his bathroom mirror telling him to go…to Apokolips! (Didn’t they just escape there?) - Over on Paradise Island, Mary Marvel has gone undercover as a slave girl into the Amazon training program run by the fake Athena that is Granny Goodness. While reporting her latest findings to Harley, it is learned that Granny is about to induct a new wave of Female Furies. On the other side of the island, Granny and Desaad snipe at each other like all good Darkseid cronies do. - Speaking of whom, Darkseid himself has been busying himself
Week 11
- In the ongoing “chess game” played between Darkseid and the rogue Monitor Solomon, Solomon is taking the upper hand as Brother Eye (apparently his doing) lands on Apokolips and sees its OMAC drones start to tear sh-- up left and right. - Karate Kid and Una escape Brother Eye, but are trying not to get recognized on this strange new world. That doesn’t seem to last long as the Kid ends up totally wailing on some Apokoliptan guards and such. - With the Challengers falling apart with a clear lack of a mission, Jason “Red Robin” Todd takes matters into his own hands by breaking from the group and looking for something to punch…or something! He’s also a little freaked out by the fact that Brother Eye (created by his one-time mentor Batman, remember) has landed on the planet. - As depressed as supervillains get, Piper decides to kill himself, but is stopped by someone with a purple sleeve. - Granny Goodness sics her Female Furies on the Holly, Harley and Mary, and while the gir
Week 10
- Our trio of lovely ladies have decided to storm the gates that Mary has led them to, and even though Harley’s Big F-ing Gun was a help in getting past the initial roadblocks, the giant Kirby-esque lock that lies behind can only be defeated by one thing…Mary’s magic word “Shazam!” That’s right kids, she’s finally being granted her real powers back after crazily losing them in the early installments of the series. - Across the way, Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner and Ray Palmer see the lightening strike and rush towards the disturbance where… - Mary’s totally back and not in that inappropriate cheerleader getup thing she got from Black Adam. See, it was the old gods of Olympus who were being held behind that door. They’d been captured by Granny way back at the end of the last Wonder Woman series and toyed with through the end of Amazons Attack! but now it appears their imprisonment has ended. Still, Zeus and the crew have asked that Mary and company finish the job of vengeance by taking
Week 9
- There’s a whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on Apokolips as Brother Eye’s final assimilation of the planet has things toppling this way and that! While Piper tries to crawl from the wreckage, he sees that a knocked out Desaad has some kind of button on his hand. Don’t push it, Piper! You don’t know what will…Oh! Too late! The glowing torture hand on everyone’s favorite sadist attracts a nearby OMAC drone who wishes to take Piper away. But Desaad with have none of it. See, it’s apparently been him who’s been making Piper’s life a living hell these past few months, from complicating his escape from the Suicide Squad all the way to his arrival on Apokolips. And now that Desaad’s got the flutist, he ain’t giving him up easy-like. Oh wait…OMACs have lasers. So we guess Desaad is giving it all up. - Meanwhile in a chamber of dank cold dankness, Darkseid revels in the death of his very planet around him, saying that Brother Eye can have it when the Fourth World collapses. Yikes! - Red Robin
Week 8
- Ray Palmer shrinks to sub-atomic size to slip on over to where Darkseid and Solomon are wrapping up their chess game with the hearts and minds of the heroes of the DCU, and when he poses on the board as a piece himself, Ray learns that Solomon is planning on spreading the Morticoccus virus, and Darkseid is cool with them and all of the New Gods dying too as he’s prepping up for the Fifth World. So Ray makes a run for it to warn the others, when he realizes that Jimmy Olsen and the Harriers have landed to save the day…somehow or another. —Once he’s hit the spot, arguments break out on what to do next. The camps include: Ray and Jason Todd who want to kill Karate Kid to save everyone else. Una and Donna Troy, who say there must be a way to save the Kid and the heroes. Jimmy Olsen, who wants to fight Darkseid hand-to-hand. Yeah, that’s a good idea there, Jimbo. Suddenly, Solomon the Monitor pops up on the heroes turf, declaring that Jimmy confronting Darkseid is just what
Week 6
- The Great Disaster is upon us!! It’s a race against the clock to save the world from Karate Kid’s particular brand of Morticoccus, and our guide for the tour is Cadmus Labs technician Buddy Blank! As Blank explains in his journal, Cadmus is keeping the body of the Kid under tight quarantine while Morticoccus expert Ray Palmer races to find a cure. - However, odd things are afoot as across the nation, abusive husbands are growing rabid and the dogs that attack them are growing hands (seriously). - In the meantime, no one can do anything to stop the virus as it mutates with every new attempt to create a vaccine. When they try to cut open Karate Kid’s body for more materials to work with, the virus comes alive as a giant bloody slug monster. The team subdues it, but before Kyle Rayner can effectively contain it, the virus becomes a red mist. Cadmus swears everything is cool, but Buddy ain’t so sure. - And all this time, across the country the virus is horribly mutating people –
Week 5
- It’s a hard row to plow in the DCU as Buddy and Una are assaulted by Beast Men everywhere they go. But despite the apparent dearth of superheroes coming along to save the day, the pair make it to his daughter's apartment where they find Buddy's grandson who's been hiding from his feral mother. - Then a dog monster attacks! And then a pack of rat-thingys! It’s crazy beans left and right as Una uses the training of Karate Kid to fend of the furry furies while Buddy and the kid head for the roof. Unfortunately, mommy's there, and she ain't looking too happy! - Thank God Una is there to save the day again, but as she's torn to pieces by rats and moms and whatever else, the futuristic teen slings her flight ring to Buddy allowing he and the kid to escape. They head off to a little known military installation that Buddy worked on the Brother Eye satellite at called the "Command D" bunker where they can watch the world go to crap for countless years thanks to said satelite’s Bg Brothe
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It's a brisk Spring weekend (what the hell is up with the weather?) in the New York area, so rather than brave the wind and the nipple-freezing air, we're sitting at home, in our boxers, serving up the updated info for you all... As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 3/28/2008 (Rich Vos, Nick DiPaolo, Mike Birbiglia, Leslie Neilsen calls in) Download the O&A Show 3/27/2008 (Nick DiPaolo, Floyd Mayweather Jr) Download the O&A Show 3/26/2008 (Whip 'em Out Wednesday, Ben Mezrich, Rampage Jackson, Triple H) Download the O&A Show 3/25/2008 (Worst of Louis CK) Download the O&A Show 3/24/2008 (Worst Of Adam Ferrara) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch Opie carry his enormous TV into his apartment - online Now!!) The Opie and Anthony Show NEEDS INTERNS - Sign Up To be an O&A Intern TODAY! (must get college credit) Jim Norton's Got TEN CD's Worth
3/27 - 3/30 Weekend
went out both friday and saturday nights and had no alcohol....boy whats wrong with me.??? but i had a good time thats all that matters
Week 4
Congradulations to Insane Patient! Winner of week 3 and now has the option to take week 4 off. Sorry to Red Dirt siren for not being able to pull up with a last second win. Week 4 is not going to be due until a week from tonight! One whole week to find your favorite LOLcat picture! If you are not familiar with them, you can go to or just google LOLcat and you will see what I mean. Scoring will be announced once all submissions are in!
Week 4
- Landing back on their own earth, our intrepid band of heroes begin to finally part ways as Firestorm, Harley and Holly head for their homes for some rest, and Jason Todd calls it quits on the heroing life once and for all (no, seriously! He’ll never don a costume again!). But while things seem pretty hunky dory (well, except for the planet they just ruined with that deadly virus), Jimmy worries about the fact that Darkseid is looking to track him down and steal the souls of the New Gods that power Jimmy’s er…powers. So, Kyle, Donna and Ray decide to take Jimmy to the JLA, but not before Mary Marvel drops out to check in on things on Paradise Island. - But what’s this? Mary was LYING! She really just wanted to give up on the whole “save the universe” bit and have a Dr. Pepper at home. Well, it appears as though Darkseid could see her true colors as the lord of Apokolips was waiting in her apartment with the evil part of her former powers from Eclipso in hand. Of course, he insists
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It's another lovely weekend here on the east coast...sorta...and as we mourn the passing of Charleton Heston, we bring to you another batch of updating goodness from your friendly bunch of FoundryMusic Shut-ins. As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 4/04/2008 (Jim Jeffries, Jeffrey Ross, Big A Tongue Scraping) Download the O&A Show 4/03/2008 (Patrice Oneal, Jim Jeffries, East Side Dave and The Samurai Poo Hand) Download the O&A Show 4/02/2008 (Whip 'em Out Wednesday, Jim Jeffries, Jeffrey Ross) Download the O&A Show 4/01/2008 (Jose Canseco, Marc Maron) Download the O&A Show 3/31/2008 Opie and Anthony Animation Festival: Tickets for the Opie and Anthony Animation Festival are on sale now! The O&A Animation Festival is going to be on June 5th at The Roseland Ballroom in New York City!! GET ALL THE ANIMATION FESTIVAL DETAILS AND TICKET LINKS HER
34 Weeks And 1 Day
so, 5 weeks and 6 days left. Prenatal class went smoother. Still kinda annoying. I'm tired but I wanna talk to the boy. But I don't wanna look stupid. There's no hope in me NOT looking stupid though because I'm just silly with that kind of stuff. Oh well...
Week 5
OPEN TO EVERYONE now!! Ok, ready for week 5? Pics are in and ready to be voted. Same drill. Ill come back and add up everything again. Going to be another bonus score this week. Hope everyone is still having fun. If you wonder/care where Ive been. I found another website thats more my speed. I like the groups on it. Plus its hockey playoffs tonight. Anyways, rate away and enjoy. :) Also 5 votes each this week. Up to 3 on yourself. At least 2 for someone else!
Weekend To The Beach Part One
(The person I sent this to edited as her view point of my story.) You load up the rented convertible and drive it over to pick me up at 8am for our three-day weekend at the beach. As we start off on our trip you reach over and slowly run your hand up my leg checking to see if I'm wearing panties! I see you smiling at me and I smile too! Because just as you requested I'm not wearing anything at all under my thin sun dress! Once we're out of the city and on the highway you put the top down so we can enjoy the wind in our hair during the drive. To pass the time I ask you to tell me some jokes and I promise to undo a button on my dress each time you make me laugh. I didn't know you knew so many funny jokes! Some of them are really dirty! My dress is completely open now and flapping around in the wind annoyingly so I ask you if I can just take it off. You reply by slipping your fingers between my open legs and starting to play with my already-wet *****, leaving the dec
Weekend To The Beach Part Two
As we get closer to the beach we star to smell the salt air. You turn on the radio and her the D.J. talking about us. It seems a lot more people saw than I note. I take a glans at the rare-view merer and I can see a cop coming up on us from a distances. So I slow down to the posted limit. I reach in the back set and grab my backpack and open it and pull out the bikini that I first showed you and tell to put it cause there is a cop come up behind us. you get the bikini on just in time as the cop pulls up behind us and turns there lights on to pull us over. The cop takes his time to walk ever to us. thank god for that to cause you point out that my cock is sell out and quickly put back in the pants and zip my fly.The cop walks up and ask for I.D. exc... Then he ask me if I know why I was pulled over and you. readjust your seat. as you do this. the his eyes focus on you and says out load with out knowing it. That he wanted to suck on your breasts. I replied if I lit you do that can we
The Weeks Ahead
Hey all just poppin in to let you know know im not being a snob or anything .. ive got just about 10 weeks till my vacation and im tryin to get every bit of work i can .. so ill have a bit of extra spending money when i do go .. so .. if i dont get to leaving comments n showin Luv . im not bein a snob im just in another place .. Im tryin to break down my list of "things to do " so i dont have to do it all in the last week prior to my going .. Oh and for a Certain few people I really wish you would consider making plans for Next summer ! we wanna kick it big .. get a whole round of sites and just have a great time . so those that know of this Lemmie know .. cuz we're making our reservations in Sept for next summer !!! WOHOOOO Ok so im a lil excited about getting away .. Yayyy So im out cuz i took a 7-3 shift tomorrow and i have to be awake while im there .. cuz the Boss will be there .. dont wanna have him fire my ass LMAO Toodles ! Hugs n Smoochies Wen :)
Week 3
• Donna, Kyle and Forager catch Red Arrow up on the hiz-aps with Jimmy, Mary and Darkseid. While Arrow is a bit thrown by all the news, he’s not nearly as thrown as... • Jimmy Olsen, who’s about to get his whole body blown to bitties when Superman swoops in to save the day (he’s good at that). Apparently, the rest of the JLA in en route, but for now it’s the Man of Steel versus the Lord of Apokolips for the fate of on freckled photog. And as they tussle, Mary does her best job of holding Jimmy around so Darkseid can suck out his soul stuff later. Even after Donna, Kyle and the JLA show up, the tide seems to be turning for Darkseid after he deactivates the kid’s powers and activates a special piece of technology he implanted which turns Jimmy into pure Kryptonite! • But worry not! Because somewhere up in Jimmy’s brain is Ray Palmer. Although he’s a bit dazed by the many shocks to Jimmy’s system, the shrinking scientist wiggles his way through Olsen’s cerebral cortex trying to reve
Week 2
Look out world! Darkseid has mysteriously grown to giant-size proportions and is fighting the Turtle Boyed Jimmy Olsen across Metropolis causing all sorts of property (and possibly collateral) damage. In the midst of it all, Ray Palmer finds the magic disc of New God soul energy hidden in Jimmy's brain and pulls it out for all (or maybe just Darkseid) to see. When Ray smashed the disc, Jimmy shrinks to normal man size and Darkseid flips out. The resulting energy opens a big Boom Tube in the sky, and who pops out but… ORION! Last seen getting blown up in Death of The New Gods, the big baddy's son is ready for some quality father-son time…and you know what that means. SPLASH PAGE FIGHT!!!! After pummeling each other for pages, Orion finally gets his final revenge on daddy by tearing out the old man's heart. Then, in an earth-shattering Kaboom, Darkseid disappears, leaving Orion alone to be sad and the Justice League to clean up the mess.
12 Weeks
Went to the doctor, and although we weren't able to get an ultrasound, I did hear its heartbeat through the machine thingie. Doctor says it sounds healthy =) Can't wait till we can find out the sex.
2 Weeks Left Til Exams
I will be occupied a lot here with the last two weeks of just bear with me and understand when I can and can not get on care to all and hopefully back on a regular basis...hehe!!
5 Weeks And I'm Back!!
Well - it's OFFICIAL!! This probably explains why I haven't been around here often.. or more or less off and on.. I've been recommended for re-enlistment by U.S. Coast Guard legal out of Washington D.C. - So, I will have my paperwork back in about 4 weeks, then off to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) once again out of San Diego, CA. to play a game I like to call "hurry up and wait".. If everything works out - it's off to Cape May, NJ. for PITSTOP (re-indoctrination into the Coast Guard & training) for 4 weeks, and then hopefully off to some sort of "A" school.. I will be eating healthy, laying off the alcohol and working out for the next 4 weeks while at my dad's house.. time to lay low and get healthy.. Wish me luck.. - Dan
Week - End
Good morning everyone! How is your Friday going? Well I hope. At least its the end of the week, thank goodness! Its been a long week for me. And to top it off, last night I woke up with a severe cramp in my left calf. I'm going to be limping around on it all day today. Every time I sit for even a short period of time it starts tightening up on me. I'm glad I only have a 4-day week next week, then off to NJ with Persia and Stina! Should be a good time, although I just know its going to be way too short!!! Anyone have anything good planned for the weekend? I'm just going to be doing yard work this weekend. Still plenty of that to do. Have a good day all and feel free to give me a shout if you want to chat!
Week One
Tis over, the first week - and man, can this be all there is? I'm not one to be prejudiced as you well know, but the class started with about 20 whites and 12 blacks - all the whites are still here, and all of the blacks but two are gone, and those two are fighting for their lives. Really, it's childs play. In order to get a CDL ( Commercial Drivers License) One must first pass the fout permit requirements - I and most of us passed those the secodn day. ( I now temporarily hold an Idiana drivers license - best damned license photo EVER!) Once we pass out road tests, we'll be good to go. In order to get that far, one must do a word for word inspection of the entire vehicle - rote memorization unless you know the parts - I do. Apparently, the brothers in the class are NOT what you'd call the cream - come in late, no home work, yadda yadda yadda - at any rate, it's beginning to look REALLY white in there. For what they pay, I would suggest this career to anyone who is at l
Weekend Opie And Anthony Links: Download The O&a Show, Old School O&a Video, Get Your Gta 4, Prison Bitch Movies
Nothing like a little weekend updatin' for a rainy weekend in late April (well, in New York, at least...those of you in more pleasing climates can go outside, ride a bike, go for a jog, or do any other number of strenuous things that you might enjoy. As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 4/25/2008 (Anthony's Birthday, Patrice Oneal, Louis CK, Erik Loves Bacon!) Download the O&A Show 4/24/2008 (Randy Couture, Pat Cooper, Prison Bitch Movies) Download the O&A Show 4/23/2008 (Whip 'em Out Wednesday,Colin Quinn, Prison Bitch Movies) Download the O&A Show 4/22/2008 (Edward Norton, Chelsea Handler, Belly dancing) Download the O&A Show 4/21/2008 OLD SCHOOL OPIE AND ANTHONY VIDEOS: We dug up a whole bunch of wonderful video from the archives for you to drool over: Porno Chick Humor On The O&A Show Vivid Girls Cassidey and Raylene play with one another
Weekend... What a nice Sunday morning. We have at last gotten to spend a weekend together and have slowly and softly woken up to the day….You go into the living room and relax on the couch with the paper. You leaf through it to digest the news of the day. You hear me in kitchen cleaning up after breakfast. You hear the water go off and see me go into the laundry room. WOW – I must really be in a cleaning mood, you think. You return your attention to the newspaper and hear the water go back on just moments later. You get engrossed in the newspaper when you suddenly hear the water shut off once again. This time you don’t take your attention away from the paper. You hear me come into the room and assume I am cleaning up around you. You feel my presence in the room but otherwise, don’t pay attention to me. That is until you hear the sound of something on the hard wood floors. Your curiosity gets to you and you peek over the side of the paper to see what I am moving. You see that I
The Week To Come
We are getting ready here for the snowbird migration back to Colorado Springs. Between sorting and packing and playing the jams one last time and saying goodbyes to all the good people I met down here in Phoenix, I won't have a lot of time to participate online (Fu or other places.) See you all at a more energetic level when I get home (to my desktop box with GRAPHICS SOFTWARE, too. Keep watching!)
Weekend So Far
I did not expect to have David this weekend, but I do and it is wonderful. After the week that has passed, we needed this time. I have to take him back early in the morning tommorrow though for a church trip. So far he has not stopped talking, except for when he slept lol. He is bouncing off the walls because he is excited to be here. I think this coming week has a chance to be a really good one. :)
The Week That Was.
Well, let's see. Think it's time for an update. Life is still hectic. Next week is going to be another really hectic week. Got some VIPs coming in, and guess who gets to play chauffeur. Yeah, you are right, me. This week was kind of interesting weather wise. Monday and Tuesday, it was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but with sandstorms. Wednesday, we had personnel who were supposed to fly out, but couldn’t leave post due to a sandstorm. Thursday, the high was only about 85, but had a MAJOR sandstorm. At one point, I was getting ready to walk to a meeting, walked out of my section, and out the hallway, turned around and walked back in. My supervisor, the one who just took over being my supervisor, asked me why I was back. I told her, because I couldn’t see but about 15 feet. Well, someone in my section was brilliant, and opened the backdoor to look out, and the entire room filled with sand in about 2 seconds. The storm was the worst one I have seen yet. Then Friday m
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It's a bit soggy in the New York area this weekend, so we're doing some of that updating thing to keep you all entertained...and hopefully amused... First thing's first... the O&A Traveling Virus is back! The first date has been announced, and it's in New Jersey at the PNC BANK ARTS CENTER. GET TICKETS AT TICKETMASTER As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 5/02/2008 (Bob Kelly, Otto & George, Kill Steve in GTA4!) Download the O&A Show 5/01/2008 (Bear Grylls from Man vs Wild ) Download the O&A Show 4/30/2008 (Whip 'em Out Wednesday) Download the O&A Show 4/29/2008 (Adam Yauch from BEASTIE BOYS, Lazlow and GTA 4) Download the O&A Show 4/28/2008 (Emilie De Ravin from LOST, Shawnee Smith cal
7 Weeks
I want to thank everyone for their "friendship" here at Foolbar. In 7 weeks, my life will be changing and I won't be on here as much. I have some words of widsom tho: #1: Don't ever tell anyone that you love them if you don't or have no intentions of ever proving it to them. #2: Don't assume that all women are stupid and retarded. #3: Don't take Fubar so seriously...but then again, refer back to #1! LOL It's a shame that I have made alot of friends on here and 99% of them are no longer my friend lol. It's also a shame that I foolishly gave my heart to someone on here to only have it thrown back in my face...hence why my very sturdy metal wall is back up and in effect. Let's just say when someone who says they love you and you feel the same, yet they don't want no one in the world to know that and your only communication is when they are at work...there's usually something behind that. Take heed to all who read this...people are fake and it's sad that the game is played a
Sorry, I haven't written. Have you noticed that around the weekend, I don't blog mmmmm wonder why. Maybe because my little head is full of drugs, and my little pussy, mouth, and ass are full of cock. Lets not forget its hard to type when your hands are cuffed to the headboard or a pole. Also if I don't sleep the dream stalker can't invade my dreams. With any luck that baster will really fuck me up tonight. My head needs a good mind fuck. luv u Tara
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The sun is shining... the birds are singing... dogs are barking. It's a lovely day outside... and we're INSIDE... updating this website. As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 5/09/2008 (Jamie Kennedy, Don Imus, Jonny Fairplay, Sandy Kane's awful singing) Download the O&A Show 5/08/2008 (Sam and Tony Vs. Pat Duffy) Download the O&A Show 5/07/2008 (Whip 'em Out Wednesday, Rich Vos, Robert Kelly) Download the O&A Show 5/06/2008 (Penn Jillette, Michael Madsen) Download the O&A Show 5/05/2008 (Dov Davidoff, Cinco De Mayo) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Jim Norton teach you how to play poker - online now!!) Opie and Anthony Animation Festival: The first annual Opie and Anthony Animation Festival is happening on June 5th, 2008 at Roseland Ballroom in New York City. The event is SOLD OUT pretty much, but if you missed the boat YOU CAN STILL
Weekend Car Trip
Weekend Car Trip by BlueWolf© Friday’s freedom Country roads Places never seen Endless cornfields Village squares Nothing in between Hotdogs, French fries Busy streets Small town on the shore Picnic tables Cherry wine Quaint, eclectic stores Chilly water Whipping wind Footprints in the sand Matching bracelets Tide soaked jeans Walking hand in hand Sunday sunset Headed home Zeal and money spent Pictures, love and Memories made Happy, tired, content................
A Week Left
I have just a week left on my current VIP. My wonderful owner Gary is letting me give him 10k comments for a months worth and I'm about 1/4 of the way there. Come give me a hand please!
The Weekend
WWWooohhhoooo its memorial day weeked!! You know what that means its the start of summer!! I can't wait. Town was busy busy busy yesterday. We have the classic car show going on this weekend along with the car cruise. And what really nice is Daddy-O comes home today! And can't wait to see him he hasn't been home in some time and we get to celebrate his birthday and hopefully get that pool open so we can get it warm and start up with the pool parties! I hope everyoen enjoys the weekend!
Week One Is Done!!!
Well now!!! Week one is over - and how did it fare? I don't know, I'm still recovering. This is boot camp, and something they don't let on until you get here. The truck left at 5pm on Sunday, and returned at 2am on Saturday, with dedicated Toyota parts going from Portland Maine, other [arts from Penn, Vt.',ec. My trainer and I put on well over 6000 miles this week - I tallied it and I drove close to 4000 of them. We had exactly 2 hours of down time, the schedules are that close. I am still grinding the gears a bit, but not bad. There is definitely a science to it, and once you put it all together, it works well...but you don't learn it overnight. There is a lot these folks need to know, and the old breed of mother trucker is dying out for a reason. The first night I drove until 3 am ( I was beginning to have actual hallucinations ) aand spent a rough night in the back, not used to the bouncing around. After that, my trainer says that my snores never missed a beat. It's
3 Weeks And 3 Days
That's how long I've been a Momma. :) Anyways... life is good for the most part. I'm definately going a bit stir crazy.. since its been over a month since I've been able to come and go as I please. I still am not suppose to drive myself anywhere, and I'm still not supposed to lift anything heavier than my daughter. I don't follow those rules to the letter. But I do take it easy. I still have pain sometimes from my incinsion. I've been upstairs once since I was put on bed rest. Which kind of sucks since I'm beginning to miss sleeping in my own bed. My dad and brother are planning on coming out next month. Just got off the phone with dad and HOPEFULLY they'll give me some more exact dates soon. I'll be back to work by then so I kinda need to know so I'm not working the entire time they're here. And now I'm starting to get a headache and I'm hungry. Time to rummage for food.
Weekend Memories
The sound of the waves caressing the shore filled my ears, but even that couldn't compete with the beating of my heart, my heart that keeps the rhythm of love's sweet pace. The early summer's tide did it's best to freeze my toes, but even that couldn't cool the burning within my very soul, the burning HE causes me to feel. The sunlight dancing across the ocean was blinding, but even it couldn't dull the glow of love i see every time i gaze upon my MAITRE's beautiful face. The time escaped U/us...whizzing by, bringing O/our glorious weekend to an end, but even that couldn't crush O/our spirits, for W/we know... no matter here or there, together or apart, the LOVE W/we share knows no time limitations for IT is never ending, IT is real.
The Weekend In Review
Well... I'm home from the beach. We had a wonderful time and beautiful weather. I got a bit sunburned which was a downer but all in all it was good. I got to spend some quality time with the boyfriend Gavin & my best friend DJ Ginger so that is a big bonus. Pics are posted for your viewing pleasure. Just click on the photo below to go to the folder.
Week Of 5/29
how you feel about yourself now (The World) You are about to reach, or are already enjoying, a period of total fulfilment, wholeness and satisfaction - the arrival of your hearts desires. You feel satisfied with what you have achieved and are enjoying the rewards of past efforts. A time of happy outcomes, material wealth and greater spiritual awareness. what you most want at this moment (The Fool) The cards suggest that what you most want at this time is just to be happy, and you are searching for the one thing that will bring happiness. You want a new start but feel unsure of what you want or where you want to go. Romantically you have mixed feelings regarding another - part of you wants to enter the relationship wholeheartedly, part of you wants to hold back. So if you are in a relationship that empowers you, stay, if not it is time to move on. your fears (The Hermit) You are frightened of being on your own and loneliness, and you simply don’t know quite what to
A Weekend Of Training
I spent 8 hours Saturday, and 8 hours Sunday, being trained how to locate a utility that I already know how to locate. I admit, I did need a refresher on how to read the prints. But the rest of it, I've been there, and done that. But in the day and age of people getting laid off, and companies cutting back...16 hours over a weekend is a small price to pay lol. I knew both trainers, one was from our country, and he's a really good guy. When our old company was bought by the current one, he trained us on how to do things the current company way. He immediately remembered me, and I wa stunned by that, because he trains a few hundred people a year, and that was 5 years ago. The second trainer was from the company we recently merged with. When that company first came in the state, we all signed a non competitor contract, and if we did, we got a big bonus. This guy signed it, took the bonus, then went to a lawyer, found out it couldn't stick, and jumped to the competitor. In
2 Weeks
My last 2 weeks in New York.
Weekend Birthday
well i must say i had the best birthday ever!!!! I went to a friends and hung out, then saturday went to the pool with some friends and we got drunk and had a cool time. tried to watch the movie rambo didnt sucseed theirst time then feel sleep the second finally sunday watched it and it was pretty gutsy. well thats pretty much it dont want to go into detail but i also got a new camera from my mother.. peace out
3 Weeks
Just a heads up that in 3 weeks I probably won't have as much internet time as I do now. Life has taken a turn and I knew it was coming and it's really not for the best but I will try to get on and check in from time to time til I find where I'm going and when and then get settled.
Weekend Survey
Weekend SurveyTAKE THIS SURVEY! Take this survey 1. How many people have you kissed in the past 12 months? 2 2. Have you ever done anything illegal? yeap 3. Would you rather spend a whole day with your mom or your dad? Dad 4. Where will you be 12 hours from now? With Franklin lol 5. Is it easy for others to make you feel awkward? Naw 6. Do you know what you are going to wear tomorrow? Naw sure dont 7. Who do you wish you were with right now? Franklin and my boys :] 8. Is it easy for people to make you smile? Yeap 9. Does anyone hate you for no reason? Idk and Hates a big word 10. Can you make yourself cry? Naw 11. How many hours of sleep did you get last night? Not many lol 12. Is your life simple or complicated? Right now Complicated 13. Would you go back in time if you were given the chance? Naw im happy just as i am right now 14. Have you ever been too drunk to remember anything? Naw 15. How many times have you kissed the last person you kissed? TO many to count 16.
Week Three
Hey folks; I know I didn’t get back to you last week, but it was a bunch of the same old same old, and besides, I needed some serious sleep. We had some adventures – I’m going East on I-90 in the early AM and I see this shadow shaped like a deer appear for just an instant in my left peripheral. And then I heard a thump thump and saw it bounce off the trailer, I thought, back by the trailer duals. The spring brakes didn’t activate, so I knew he didn’t get an air hose. I suppose it was wishful thinking, but the way he/she bounced off it looked to me like it ran off, so I didn't stop to investigate. When we fueled I told Dan about it, went and checked the dual area, and saw no damage. Well when Dan took over he found that the deer had hit us, only farther up than I had thought. The mid mounted indicator light mount was ripped almost out, breaking two bolt sized rivets, and just dangling – still functioning though, so we were safe with DOT. I am sure, from the hair, etc.,
1 Week Later.
Its all over, and I am recovering. Everything went well. I was home within 2 days..and the only thing that bothers me is this damn binder I have to wear around my belly. Doesnt feel good when its 90 outside!!!!! But I dont regret it at all. The dr took 7 pounds of excess skin off my belly. So those of you who thought I was only doing this cosmetically...think again! My health is more important to me than just how I look! Anyway, Just wanted to touch base, and I will be writing more about the surgery this week. Seeong the dr for my post op visit tomorrow. Nite All...and thanks to all my well helped alot!!!!!!!
Week From Hell
It's only Wednesday, and this week already sucks. Work has just been a bitch. Nothing works right, including half of the fucking staff. Point #1: we have what's called verification scales. When we are filling a prescription, we first scan the label of the script we're filling, then scan the barcode on the bottle to verify we have the right drug. There are 2 of these handy little devices for speedy filling...but only one of them works. Point #2: No incoming faxes, which makes for really pissy customers and even pissier doctors. Point #3: No air conditioning. It's 90 fucking degrees outside, and the a/c in the pharmacy dies. So we have a box fan to circulate hot air around. Oooh...aaaah. Point #4: My doctors' office has moved, but not to where they claim to be. Now I try to keep my visits to a minimum, mainly just to review my lab work I have to have done 3 to 4 times a year. I wake up yesterday with a sore throat, no biggie. Today it's a MAJOR sore throat with a
3 Weeks Of Uncertainty & Being Scared To Death
The Beginning of a Nightmare: For the past 3 weeks I have been very sick. I went to the doctor and was told that I had a serious cold which I had no idea I had. I didn't have a cough, fever, sore throat etc. I was just tired all the time, wore out, naueas and my body started to swell etc. So I went back to the doctor and was told that due to the gall stones the came about when I was pregnant with my son almost 5 years ago, I would need to have surgery to remove the gall stones and that should take care of most of my problems. Yeah, you heard me right the doctor said "most of my problems." One week later I noticed that almost none of my clothes fit, I had trouble getting my shoes on and my eyes kept swelling shut. I went to the doctor again and was told that I gained 15lbs in 7 days!!! The Roller Coaster Ride Begins: At this point I am on full swing panic mode and so was the doctor. They ordered numorous blood tests and urine tests etc. A day and a half later I w
Weekend Stuff
Well, I got a DJ job in St. Charles On Saturday, and I won't be back until sometime Sunday. I don't know if I'll have use of the internet Saturday Night after my job so I figured I'd write this up so if some of you are looking for me you'll know where to find me. I'm going to The Museum Of Science and Industry In Chicago for the day on Sunday. It'll be a small break for me as I'm going with some friends also. I will be back later on Sunday Night. If you need me for anything, give me a buzz on my cell, for those of you that have the number. Talk to ya later. ;) :)
Weekend Opie And Anthony Links: Download The Opie And Anthony Show, New Boobs On Ratemywow, New T-shirts, New Videos Online
Ah, yes... the weekend. Time for relaxion, rest, catching up on some much-needed errands, and of course, it's time for us to lock ourselves in our room and think up goofy shit to keep the rest of you shut-ins entertained. DOWNLOAD THE OPIE & ANTHONY SHOW: This was one hell of a week of radio, kids...and it would be a crying shame if you missed any of it. Have no fear, because if you DID happen to miss a show here and tere, you can donwload them all online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 6/20/2008 (Mike Myers, Penthouse Pet Bree Olsen, Dr Steve examines Tippy Tom) Download the O&A Show 6/19/2008 (Otto & George, Adult Starlet Lisa Sparxxx, Louis CK) Download the O&A Show 6/18/2008 (WOW, Mike Birbjiglia) Download the O&A Show 6/17/2008 (Sharon Osbourne) Download the O&A Show 6/16/2008 (Robert Kelly) NEW BOOBS ON RATE MY WOW: Let's all oogle some boobies courtesy of a few more adult starlets, namely
Weekend'ing & Saving Lives-double Duty
Well my Saturday started off enjoyable, ya know DJ'ing at a picnic in the park, being outside enjoying the weather. So my husband and I were in St. Charles and the park we were at was next to The Fox River. Now since all of the rain recently and flooding everywhere the river was still higher than it should have been, we saw a kid was wading along the river and I happened to look over and I go OMG, my husband looked up and we saw this 7 year old boy wading into the water, I knew something was gonna happen. This lady started walking over we thought to holler at the kid to tell him to get out, but he walked a little further, and so she stepped into the water and it wasn't until she stepped into the water we noticed she had a 4 month old baby on her shoulder and I started yelling, my husband was already running towards the water and the lady took two steps into the water, the kid went under the water she went under the water and the baby went under the water. My husband reached int
Week Of 6/7 Dc Blog!!!
Good Morning Everyone! Muziclady is in a contest and could use some family support. Ashley is in a giveaway for a 1 Month VIP and needs 10K in comments. We now have a homepage for the family also. Make sure you Fan/Add/Rate it!! Demon Crew {Best Bombers on Fu} If you have any questions feel free to ask myself, Lori, or Scooter for help! Interested in joining the Demon Crew? Contact Scooter and he will be able to answer any of your questions!
Weekend Ballin
O.k., for those of you that have talked to me atleast once- this is my new hobby. I have rescently slowed down my drinking very heavily- almost to an abrupt halt. I have found a new hobby. It is paintballing. I get to put my ex-wifes head on all of my targets (which are all guys) and shoot the crap out of them. It does sting but its alot cheaper than going to the bar and wasting my paychecks there. It is such an adrenalin rush to go out there and shoot the hell out of someone and shake hands with them at the end of the match. Ya'll should check it out. Most Ranges do provide some chest protection if requested.
Weekend Is Almost Over..ugh!
Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Mine has been other than today, when I woke up.. my yellow bird is dying. She won't eat or anything. Just sat there this morning holding her..and crying. Not sure what is wrong with her. I think its old age. The lady I got her from told me that she was just a couple of years old..but I always thought she acted older than that. It still hurts. She is the one I call sassy. She kinda gets pissy if you whistle..or anything. She never likes to sit on your shoulder..but shes still a good bird. Today, shes lost all of that..and just sat there on my shoulder. Breaks my heart. Anyways, my good news is.. I lost 5 to 6lbs. Guess the diet and exercise is really working...yee haw! Been on diets before..and have lost weight just by doing them. Was never much into exercising..but this time I am. Well, thats enough about me and how my weekend has gone.
I'm going to be fairly busy, this weekend so the Friday post to "Her Dark Secret" will be extended and VERY enlightening (Bring your coffee and cigarettes LOL!)
Weekly Update
I just returned from visiting my father at the hospital. He went through his second surgery on Tuesday, where they once again removed his replacement knee, sterilized, irrigated and put it back in. He DID have a bit of a heart issue near the end of the surgery, but the Drs. assured us that they were able to stabilize everything before sending him to recovery. Seeing him today made me feel better because he actually ate something and they used a lift to get him out of bed and had him sitting in a chair for quite a while. The major concern still remains the blood poison, which sent him there in the first place. There are still issues with his kidneys and sugar levels, but at 80, the Drs. told us this was to be expected. I videoed portions of my son's baseball game from last night, put it on DVD and played it for him today. It seemed to lift his spirits tremendously. As you probably don't know, out of 5 grandchildren, my son is the only boy and carries his name. To not tu
5 Week Checkup
Hi All, Just an update to let all my TRUE fu-friends know how I'm progressing. I went to see my dr. on Tuesday. She told me I am healing faster than expected, and I look very happy. (Which I am). I can wear some of my clothes, and that makes me even happier! She told me I will have swelling for a little while yet, and that I shouldn't get discouraged. Also, I havent had any back pain since the day I had the surgery, which is abig relief for me. I had chronic back pain, daily, for 8 years. So the past 5 weeks have been AWESOME for me. Thanks gain to everyone who has been asking how I am feeling, and wishing me well. Check out my 2 new pics in my default folder. Have a great 4th of July, and stay safe. Stop in and say hello anytime.
Week Just Get's Better Huh....o_o
being sarcastic cuase umm it's not. not only did i have problems with my neck.. but i just found out a few mins ago.. that my uncle had died last night of a heart attack. didn't know him that well to cry about it. but it's still sad when someone dies. especially when there part of the family. he's my dad's brother.. well one of 13. so you can imagine the reason why i didn't get to know him to well. i don't even remember how he looks.. guess i'll find out this weekend at his funeral. it's been forever since i've seen him.. probably since i was a lil girl. as for my neck.. it's getting better. just a lil more kinks in it and sore.. but it should be gone by this weekend. wish all of ya'll a great 4h of july. stay safe and dont drink & drive. ~dina
6 Weeks 4 Days
It's been two weeks so I thought I would update. I had to go to the Lab to have blood work done, since it's so early in my pregnancy the doctors want to make sure everything is going okay. I got the results today and they say so far so good. I will have my second sonogram this Thursday. I should be able to see the baby this time! So far the only thing I can complain about is feeling tired all the time. I sleep whenever I want so that isn't too bad. Sickness is very minimal, and the tenderness comes and goes. I did however watch some live birth videos on YouTube. And I am freaked out. I started crying and saying there is no way I can do that. I know millions of women do it, but DAMN! I'm scared! I was thinking a 7lb baby isn't too big, but when you see it coming out it looks gigantic. I pray for quick Labor & Delivery...or even that I could just fall asleep and when I wake up the baby would be there. LoL Why did Eve have to eat that apple?
Weekend Auctions In Touch Of Class
Come checkout the Touch of Class on Saturdays for men and Sundays at 6 for females. To be auctioned you must be a member but not to bid on someone ... but why not join anyways? :)
8 Weeks And 2 Days
So I went to the Dr. on Thursday and had my second sonogram. Everything is going well, and I got to hear my little baby's heartbeat. I can't wait till I can feel something going on in there.
plans for the weekend yes maybe a race or two and a few beers mmm and play in the sun
Well my weekend went by like that, most likely cause i had to go into work a good part of it. Didn't talk to my Rikku which makes me sad, but i'll survive. Was thinkin bout callin in sick, gawd i need to go on vacations again and pray it's better then my last one.
have a great 1 friends xoxo :)
Weekending With Lauren And Freecycling.
I ♥ her. Lauren + alcohol = hilarity. I have to admit to feeling a tad like a piece of meat, but I don't know when that's ever a bad thing. Let's just say when Lauren lets loose, Lauren lets loose!!! P.S. Jared rocks the grill. Thank you guys again for having me over. ----- Freecycle is a grassroots movement of people who are giving and getting stuff for free in their area. And by stuff, boy do I mean some good stuff. That old addage "One man's junk is another man's treasure" is true. So check out this link and sign up. Do it for your favorite tree-hugger, Me! Support your favorite misanthrop!
3 Weeks!
all i can say is 3 weeks more of this shit and then it is over forever! i'm sick and tired of being treated like a little child by my mom and dad! 3 weeks and then i only have to answer to myself and when my mom tells me to do something i can tell her to fuck off and she can't do a thing about it! and i can't wait to get away from my little brother who can't seem to keep his hands off of my money! freedom at last!
2 Weeks
till i move out...thank god. everyone was gone this week yet the still gave me hell. called my phone almost none stop. i went thursday to hot springs to find hells half acre and visited a body musem. which was sweet. Anyways i stayed at my friends place there, thanks if your reading this, they called friday and gave me hell, then called back saying they were fuck...anyways i got home and they started jumping down my throat..and were like why are you so angry? Fortuanely my older sister was there and cut them off saying they needed to stop raming down my im glad she was there... so all in all things arent that great but i only got to make it 2 more weeks. so how are yall
well i am going to go get my son from my mom's in ohio so i will be gone this coming weekend august 15 to august 18 may pop on here and there if i get the chance will be thinking of my friends and family hope you all have a great weekend and talk to you when i get back..miss you all
Weekly Reader
It's been a busy week folks, and even though it seems like I have alot to talk about, I'll probably get bored and cut it short...damn ADD. A group of Georgia hunters claim to have found a body of Bigfoot. They have pictures, and have the body in a freezer. Next they will supposedly bring out DNA evidence. Okay, I'll say it...why is it always in the south? And my next question, in the thousands of years man has been on earth, why is it the Yeti, Bigfoot, and Tooth Fairy are the only creatures in existance who can die, but right before doing so, hide their body and skeleton's so well, nobody has ever found them? The creepiest dad on TV, Hulk Hogan, one a lawsuit against his ex wife, being released from paying for half of a condo they had discussed buying when married. His alimony has also been reduced. His lawyer had the nerve to say that the condo issue proved that Linda was more worried about self gratification than the important issues, like Nick Hogan being in jai
Weekends On The Fu
Well, after today, until the first weekend of November, I won't be on fubar, during the weekend during the day. I'll only be on in the early morning and late evenings. The Maryland renaissance festival starts next Saturday and runs until the 3rd weekend of October and the following weekend I'll be going to TX for the Texas renaissance festival. I absolutely love faire. I love dressing up (as can be seen in my faire pics) i love the people, the music, the atmosphere. It's my social life. So just wanted to let you know incase you dont see my online during the day for the next 10 weekends.
Week Of 8-18 Leveling Pimpout
Let's Help These Bad Girls Level Up..Show Them ♥ & They Will Return It 2,151,348 To Godmother Ecuadorian Goddess 10,859,563 To Prophet Tulsa's Angel 5,198,879 To Disciple ♥ Summer ♥ 5,359,346 To Disciple *Redneck Angel* 7,776,084 To Prophet ♥ MishNumber1 ♥ 474 ,874 To Fu-King Hot&Fluffy 282,447 To Insider Miss Honeypie 180,959 To Fu-King PïërcëÐ &TÅTTØØëÐ (In PlÅcë§ YØüÐ ♥ TØ Lïck) ~** 1,334,696 To Disciple Devil's Advocate 1,883,780 To Godmother ღƒåκ僮ü¡Τ©åκεღ And Of Course Sarge's Bad Girls Homepage 1,505,233 To Godfather
Week 1
Story Of Me - Haystak & CWB HERE IS SOMETHING THAT NOBODY DOES, SO I'M GONNA TRY SOMETHING NEW, GONNA TRY THE "SONG OF THE WEEK" to play? LOL... just post a song on auto play, or even click to play that people can enjoy, try to make it a song you think the masses have not heard, therefore spouting a new kind of music appreciation for those underground artists. TO START IT OFF, here is an underground artist, a white hip hop artist nick-named Haystak, real name Jason, born and raised in Nashville Tennessee. He started a revolution, getting the white artists recognition even though more than half of "black hip hop" will never recognze him soley on the color of his skin. He has created the CWB (Crazy White Boys) Movement. That has taken over the nation in underground hip-hop. The man speaks from the heart, about true life expirences. Everyone can learn something from his music. If you are on the bottom, came from the bottom, had a hard time, his music will emb
Weekend Getaway
so you want to hear about my vacation: friday night we went back and forth as to where to go, she kept saying, she trusted my judgement but I was getting annoyed by the minute. I mean think about, she's been nagging me that she wanted to get out of town , now that we were both on vacation from work...she couldnt put her finger on a specific place to go??? I mean come on! So, friday night passed and I went to sleep, saturday came and i was eager and ready to hit the road, somewhere. So, I suggested Minneapolis, then cabins in minnesota, chicago, a concert (bbd, troop, and mint condition) but there was so much i wanted to do in chicago that $$$$$ became an issue and i didnt want to drive there, just for a concern if i couldnt do several different things. I figured, the total trip would cost about 1000.00 if I decided to go do chicago and do a bunch of things to make weekend a fun getaway. So that went out the window....then... the thought of going to omaha zo
Week 1 Schedule
FUBAR FOOTBALL POOL Thurs. (1)Redskins AT Giants(2) Sun. (3)Lions AT Falcons(4) (5)Bengals AT Ravens (6) (7)Seahawks AT Bills (8) (9)Jets AT Dolphins(10) (11)Chiefs AT Patriots (12) (13)Bucs AT Saints (14) (15)Rams AT Eagles (16) (17)Texans AT Steelers (18) (19)Jaguars AT Titans (20) (21)Cowboys AT Browns (22) (23)Panthers AT Chargers (24) (25)Cardinals AT 49ers (26) (27)Bears AT Colts (28) Mon. (29)Vikings AT Packers (30) (31)Broncos AT Raiders (32) Total Points_
Week 1 Schedule
Here is the schedule for next week's games. FUBAR FOOTBALL POOL Thurs. Sept 4th Redskins AT Giants Sun. Sept 7th Lions AT Falcons Bengals AT Ravens Seahawks AT Bills Jets AT Dolphins Chiefs AT Patriots Bucs AT Saints Rams AT Eagles Texans AT Steelers Jaguars AT Titans Cowboys AT Browns Panthers AT Chargers Cardinals AT 49ers Bears AT Colts Mon. Sept 8th Vikings AT Packers Broncos AT Raiders In the case of a tie, for the last game ie. Oakland and Denver .. place your bet for total score for that last game. Send your picks and fubucks to me in a private message.. not in the blog. GOOD LUCK ALL!
Week Of 9-2-08
This weeks card....The Magician The Magician is all about harnessing your own magic,finding the charm and artful communication that can persuade people and events round to your way of thinking. You will need to think on your feet but with insight and wisdom you can find a way to succeed. For example, you may wish to charm a new suitor romantically or convince a bank manager that your business is worth backing, or even persuade your partner or lover that marriage really is a good idea! The cheeky and irresistible charm of The Magician can work wonders, and sometimes having the ability to play the odd bluff or to create an illusion to get a result isn’t always a bad thing if it works out for everyone in the end. If faced with tough challenges or obstacles, The Magician is a good omen that your quick thinking and artful communication skills will enable you to work around them and stay ahead of any adversaries. I always feel that The Magician has all the joyful and youthful
4 Weeks
Ive got 4 weeks til baby is due, and let me tell you I get more and more miserable every day... I hope this kid's worth it lol
Week 2 Schedule
Hey all :) Here is the schedule for week 2. There is no game on Thursday so you can get your picks to me by Friday. Good luck guys! Sunday, Sept 14th CHICAGO @ CAROLINA TENNESSEE @ CINCINNATTI GREEN BAY @ DETROIT BUFFALO @ JACKSONVILLE OAKLAND @ KANSAS CITY INDIANAPOLIS @ MINNESOTA NEW YORK GIANTS @ ST. LOUIS NEW ORLEANS @ WASHINGTON SAN FRANCISCO @ SEATTLE ATLANTA @ TAMPA BAY MIAMI @ ARIZONA SAN DIEGO @ DENVER BALTIMORE @ HOUSTON NEW ENGLAND @ NEW YORK JETS PITTSBURGH @ CLEVELAND Monday, Sept 15th PHILADELPHIA @ DALLAS Same rules apply for the Monday night game. Total score in case of a tie between players.
Week 1
Week 1 of 2008 almost never came. I've been in the same league the last few years, and this year an invite wasn't extended, and the other league we were all pised at the end, because somehow the points got changed mid year, then changed back once it was found out. I know, geek wars! So at the last second, our league got it together, and we picked out guys, auto drafted, and away we go to week one. I was glad we drafted late. I got Tom Brady as my quarterback, so I'd have worried all preseason because he wasn't playing otherwise. So no worries, like I said, we drafted late. So imagine how sick I felt, when 5 minutes into my Sunday viewing, the image of a Chief's defender falling into Tom Brady's knee filled my screen. I immediately flashed back to last season, where I decimated my team with trades just trying to field a decent running back. I was killed with injuries. Later in the day, I also had a running back go out, but he'll be okay for week 2. And I'll be hones
Weekly Love Sept 10 To Sept 17
Please show each of these members love this week……†Fяuмا Ά£ε®ĩã ĐØΜĩиãиt†@ fubarXX The Genetic Freak XX~FTW~The Virus You Can't Cure~LDC Family~@ fubarSweething~Patience West~Minerva of The Gibbet Crossroad of Lestat's Dark Convenant Family~Member@ fubarMoose Jockey@ fubar
Weekend In New England - Barry Manilow
Weekend in New Englandby Barry Manilow Last night, I waved goodbye Now it seems years I'm back in the city Where nothing is clear But thoughts of me holding you Bringing us near And tell me When will our eyes meet When can I touch you When will this strong yearning end And when will I hold you again? Time in New England Took me away To long rocky beaches and you, by the bay We started a story Whose end must now wait And, tell me When will our eyes meet When can I touch you When will this strong yearning end And when will I hold you again? I feel the change comin' I feel the wind blow I feel brave and daring! I feel my blood flow With you I could bring out All the love that I have With you there's a heaven So Earth ain't so bad And tell me When will our eyes meet When can I touch you When will this strong yearning end And when will I hold you again?
Weekend Hit By Tunnel Disruption
Weekend hit by tunnel disruption Thousands of passengers hoping to travel through the Channel Tunnel face further disruption after a fire. Both Eurotunnel and Eurostar have said passengers with travel plans for Friday night and the weekend should find alternative routes. The tunnel was closed after fire broke out on a freight train about seven miles from Calais on Thursday. Thirty-two people on board were led to safety. Fourteen had suffered minor injuries, including smoke inhalation. Firefighters say the 16-hour blaze has now been put out. See graphic of Channel Tunnel Groom among stranded passengers Guide to Channel Tunnel In pictures: Channel Tunnel fire The French Interior Ministry said the UK-bound lorry that caught fire was understood to have overturned on the shuttle train. It was carrying the chemical phenol, a toxic product used by the pharmaceutical industry. Chief Fire Officer Bill Feeley of Kent Fire and Rescue Service said on Th
Week 2
I went into Monday night down by 9 points, and by the time I tuned into Dallas vs Philly, the score was 21-20. I figured that Marion Barber had to have scored one of the TD's. I was wrong. In fact, most of the scoring was by passing, and he didn't have hardly any rushing yards. But by halftime, he had caught a few passes, one for a TD, so I knew it was sewn up, and my record for the season is 1-1. I have battled with yahoo for stat tracker, so I can't track during the day how scoring is going, so I mostly have to calculate in my head. So I knew Philip Rivers was doing okay. I picked him up to replace Tom Brady, so yay for me. Larry Fitzgerald had a good yardage day, but no TD's. The Rams got a few fieldgoals, so my kicker covered. And so on, and so on. I'm excited for the season, I have a pretty well balanced team, spread amongst the divisions, so when bye weeks occur, I should be in good shape. In my Nascar league, I lost again. Jimmy Johnson finished second,
Week 3 Schedule
1 Week Later...unfu Believable!!!!!!!!
so i wake up this morning with my dad telling me we have to put 1 of our dogs to sleep 2day...apperently....rex had cancer in his spine. so....this is 1 fuctup week. its like god himself/herself has said "kiss my ass" to my father and sister. this crap....has got to stop! rp
Weekend Pimp Out For 2 Special Friends - (please Repost My Bully All Weekend Too) Thanks!
This weekend is my pimpout for two special friends on here, they have both been stuck at Fu-King far too long and are both very near to Godfather! They are both great friends and are always there to rate others, so lets repay their kindness and level them! ✞CHAINS 301™✞@ fubar Mini~Mike™@ fubar This pimpout was brought to you by ~*MȆäL §äÑÐý *~[real life] partner of~*K¡ŋЮέÐ_§p¡®¡†™*~@ fubar
Weekend From Hell...
Let me set the stage for you. 0630 friday morning, I wake up in agonizing pain. I figure it's my back I deal with back pain on a daily basis. It doesn't go away, I go to the doctors office. They send me to radiology to do an ultrasound of my upper GI. Turns out I have a huge gall stone in my gallbladder and have to go in for emergency surgery. (Yay) Anyway, they remove my gallbladder in a 2 hr surgery, and I'm doing much better. Not as much pain, feeling better. Stitches out next tues, jpdrain out tomorrow. I'm sorry if I worried anyone, cause I know some of you, my friends, I told what was going on. Just so you know tho...I am doing fine. Thanks for the calls and texts wishing me well. Dan
Week 3
Week 3 was a good week for Team Priapism. I started out hot, with just two players playing the early game, and they hit for a combined 33 points. Luckily for me, because the rest of my recievers didn't do much of anything. Marion Barber had his usual good week, my kicker and defense were average. Looking back, I played the wrong defense, but it didnt cost me too much. Jacksonville outscored Green Bays by 4 points, and I had played Green Bays. I'd be singing a different tune if I had lost by 3 lol. By Monday, I still had two players playing, they had one, and I was leading by 25. Philip Rivers throwing an interception for a TD on his first pass didn't help, but then they settled down, and pasted the Jets, so I won, by 32. I actually won in my Nascar League. Brian Vickers finished towards the back of the pack, but the two drivers against me lumped together in the lower teens, so I won handily. I'm still in last place I think if I win out, I could finish third, but that
Week 4 Schedule
Here ya go guys.. good luck! Sunday Sept 28th ATL @ CAR CLE @ CIN HOU @ JAC DEN @ KC SF @ NO ARI @ NYJ GB @ TB MIN @ TEN SD @ OAK BUF @ STL WAS @ DAL PHI @ CHI Monday Sept 29th BAL @ PIT BYES: DET, IND, NE, MIA, NYG, SEA
20 Weeks! Its A..........
at first she didnt want to show us. she had her legs crossed thru the whole ultrasound but thank god we had a persistant ultrasound tech and she kept trying and finally she uncrossed them and we could see that she is clearly a girl lol. she is 10oz and totally healthy.Everything looked great. It was so clear and you could see her little hands and feet and her opening and closing her mouth. it was so neat. I couldnt be happier. Im still -4 lbs from my prepregnancy weight so i must be losing it elsewhere cuz my belly is huge. ULTRASOUND PICS IN MY BABY #2 ALBUM!
Week 4
I got killed this week, lost by 50 points. It was rather ugly. My best player was my kicker, and everyone else seemed to take the week off. In my defense, it was my bye week for half my team, and I cobbled together a lineup, but it should have been closer. An add factoid, in four years, six leagues, I've never beaten the person I played against. I'm hoping I break this ugly pattern sometime this year, but who knows. In Nascar, Jimmy Johnson got first, and Joey Logano got close to last, and I lost by 30 again. Johnson has finished high each week, and I'm 2-3 the last 5 weeks, because whoever I match him with runs like shit. I still have high hopes for football, I can't wait for the Nascar to end, just a few more weeks, thank God!
21 Weeks And Preterm Labor
So I hit the 21 week Mark, Hopefully i still have alot of weeks to go. This past week i was in the hospital because i started having contractions around 10 min apart then 7 min then around 5 min so i rushed to the hospital and sure enough i was in preterm labor. The same thing that happened with my daughter and in the exact same week. I was scared this was going to happen and it did. They hooked me up to the monitors and watched my contractions and they made me drink like 32 ounces of water thinking that i was dehydrated and that was what was causing it, but they still didnt stop so They took a urine sample to check for any infections to see if that was causing it, but nope no infections either. They gave me brethine shots and iv meds and My contractions were finally stopped and the next morning i was released to go home. I was once again told i am on strict bedrest and was told if they come back to call and ill be given brethine pills to take 24 hours a day. They speed up your heartra
Week 5 Schedule
Hey all! Here is the schedule for week 5. These games are going to be tough, so choose wisely! Sunday Oct 5th TEN @ BAL KC @ CAR CHI @ DET ATL @ GB IND @ HOU SD @ MIA SEA @ NYG WAS @ PHI TB @ DEN BUF @ ARI CIN @ DAL NE @ SF PIT @ JAC Monday Oct 6th MIN @ NO *hehehe* Byes: CLE, NYJ, OAK, STL GOOD LUCK ALL!
Week 5
I lost again, my quarterbacks failed me, and my main running back didn't score a touchdown. Matt Forte scored two touchdowns, but didn't get any yards. My All World tight end is doing nothing, my wide receivers are flat, and this great team i though I had isn't. Nascar sucks, can't wait for the season to end
Week 5 Standings
Wow this week really made a difference for you guys :D Good job on all your picks. The leaders as follows: 1st Place Kelly with 49-74 2nd Place It's Just Me with 47-74 3rd Place Drill, Vix, and Papi with 44-74 4th Place Red Alert, Superman, Texi, and JP with 43-74 5th Place Spanky with 41-74 6th Place Tom and I with 40-74 7th and 8th Place Manny and Buff with 38-74 Will with 36-74 Scores of 35 or lower.. gotta study up guys and make sure you get your picks in! ;) Alchy with 35 Carrie with 34 Texi and McLovin with 33 Porch with 31 DFresh with 27 Patches and RadioX with 25 TZR with 23 Rich and Bonz with 22 Crow with 9 (first week) Good luck next week guys.. going to be more tough games. Pick wisely :)
Week 6 Schedule
Weekends Here
Good God Almighty, lets get drunk and be somebody!! I LOVE THE WEEKENDS!!!!!!!!! LOVE them, absolutely love them. It doesn't matter what I am doing usually, whether or not I am doing homework, going out to party, hanging out with my ADORABLE son, I LOVE the weekend. Something about it is so indulgent, even something as simple as a big hot breakfast instead of fruit or something equally portable and not needing to be prepared. And I Love if I get to do something like going to the beach, cider mill, skiing, whatever. One of my favorites when the weather is yucky is to eat snacks all day on the couch with movies. Or if the weather is nice finding something to do with it. What do you like to do on your weekends???
Week Starting On Oct 15
Please show each of these members love this week……†FÕяѕáķĕŋ βίτсђ†Team Cpt 4 CLUB FAR~@ fubarღ GothiqueTemptationღ Owner-DSG&D ღGio's RL Princess ღ Owner of LDC@ fubar~♥Metal Baby♥~CLUB F.A.R. Team Greatness Capt~Sarge's Bad Girls~ DARK PRINCE IS OK!~@ fubar*** Tiff*** L.D.C.*** head greeter for VR. Yay@ fubar
Week 6 Statistics
Okay everyone, sorry it took so long to post. I will post week 7 schedule here in a bit too. The leaders of this weeks pool are as follows: 1st place: Kelly and It's Just Me with 55-88 2nd place: Drill with 53-88 3rd place: Red Alert with 51-88 4th place: JP, Me, and Superman with 50-88 5th place: Will and Tom with 46-88 6th place: Manny with 44-88 7th place: Texi, McLovin, and Alchy with 42-88 8th place: Spanky with 41-88 Players with 40 or less.. gotta get your picks in guys. Carrie and Porch 39 Buff 38 TZR 32 Radio X and Porch 31 Rich, DFresh 27 Patches 25 Bonz 22 Crow 14 Mikey 9 (first week)
Week 7 Schedule
12 Week Check Up
Today is my 12 week check up, this is the 3rd time to see, the baby, I'm so excited. My mom and i are making a girls day of it. ryan has to work so mom is going with me and then were shopping and more then likely getting our nails done. Depends on how tired i get i might swing in to the beauty shop and get my hair cut. But I'll give everyone updates when i get back, take care. Lil evelyn
Weekend Chuckle
A middle aged woman had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital.While on the operating table,she had a near death experience.Seeing God,she asked,"Is My Time Up?" God said,"No,you have another 43 years,2 months,and 8 days to live." Upon recovery,the woman decided to stay in the hospital and have a facelift,liposuction,and a tummy tuck. Since she had so much more time to live,she figured she might as well look even nicer. After her last operation,she was released from the hospital.While crossing the street on her way home,she was hit and killed by an ambulance.Arriving in front of God,she demanded," I thought you said I had another 40 years?" "WHY didn't you pull me out of the path of the ambulance???" God replied," Girrrrlllll,I didn't even recognize you.!!!!" HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GREAT WEEKEND....HUGS TO ALL.
Week 7
I somehow missed a week, so it must have been bad. But this week, when by all rights and means I should have lost, I actually won. And let me tell you, it was butt pckeringly tight. I had a decent lead going into monday night, and his one player did good, and my player, the kicker for Denver, got no opportunities because Denver decided to keep giving the ball to the Patriots. But a win is a win, and the Rams won for real, and my Nascar team won for the second week in a a great week. Roy Williams was traded to Dallas, so his numbers should go up, ans soon as Dallas figures it out. Kyle Orton is on fire, never thought I'd say that. But I have a few solid players, and picked up a few solid players, so hopefully good things in the future. In Nascar, I just don't want to finish last. I have a game and a half lead over the last place guy, and with a little luck, I think I could finish 8th. I'm not holding my breath though. Go Rams!
Week 7 Stats And Week 8 Schedule
Hey all. Instead of having two separate blogs, I am just going to do the stats and the next weeks schedule in one blog. First the Stats for Week 7.. lots of ties it looks like, are you guys copying one another? :p Here we go... 1st place: Kelly and It's Just Me with 64-108 2nd Place: Drill with 61-108 3rd Place: JP with 59-102 4th Place: Superman and Porch with 58-102 5th Place: Me with 57-102 6th Place: Tom with 54-102 7th and 8th and 9th Place: Will with 53-102 Texi with 52-102 Red Alert with 51-102 The players with 50 points or less is as follows... McLovin with 50 Carrie with 49 Spanky and Manny with 44 Alchy with 42 Buff with 38 Rich with 36 TZR with 32 Radio X with 31 DFresh with 27 Crow and Bonz with 22 Mikey with 13 On a side note before I post week 8.. there are many of you that have not gotten your picks in on time, you know when they are due and I shouldn't have to remind you every week. If you no longer want to partc
2 Weeks
18 days without a cigarette YAY!
Week 8 Stats And Week 9 Schedule.
The leaders so far... 1st Place: It's just me with 73-116 2nd Place: Kelly with 72-116 3rd Place: JP with 70-116 4th Place: Drill with 67-116 5th Place: Superman and Porch with 66-116 6th Place: Me with 64-116 7th Place: Texi with 61-116 Players with scores of 60 or lower.. Will 60 Carrie, Red Alert and McLovin 57 Porch 54 Rich 44 Alchy 42 Crow 30 Mikey 22 Good luck next week guys.. here is WEEK 9 Sunday, Nov 2nd NYJ @ BUF DET @ CHI JAC @ CIN BAL @ CLE TB @ KC HOU @ MIN ARI @ STL GB @ TEN MIA @ DEN DAL @ NYG ATL @ OAK PHI @ SEA NE @ IND Monday, Nov 3rd PIT @ WAS BYES: CAR, NO ,SD, AND SF On a side note.. KC has been considering Daunte Culpepper as QB *cries* So that should change some things a bit.
Week 10
Hey all. Here is the schedule for Week 10. Picks aren't due until Saturday, but don't forget there is a Thursday game.. so if you want to just get your Thursday Night game pick in now or tomorrow, and the rest to me Saturday that will be fine. Thurs, Nov 6th DEN @ CLE Sun, Nov 9th NO @ ATL TEN @ CHI JAC @ DET BAL @ HOU SEA @ MIA GB @ MIN BUF @ NE STL @ NYJ CAR @ OAK IND @ PIT KC @ SD NYG @ PHI Mon, Nov 10th SF @ ARI BYES: CLEVELAND, DALLAS, TAMPA BAY, AND WASHINGTON. GOOD LUCK ALL. I WILL BE AWAY FROM FU FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK, WILL CHECK IN FOR THE PICKS WHEN I HAVE TIME.. ALSO WILL BE POSTING STATS FOR WEEK 9 WHEN I HAVE TIME. LATER.
Week 10 Stats And Week 11 Schedule
Hey all.. sorry took so long. Here goes: 1st Place: Its' Just Me with 94-144 2nd Place: Kelly with 93-144 3rd Place: JP with 91-144 4th Place: Drill and Porch with 85-144 5th Place: Superman with 83-144 6th Place: Me with 80-144 *ish* 7th, 8th and 9th Place: Texi 78-144 Will 77-144 Carrie 72-144 50 pts or lower McLovin 58 Red Alert 57 Crow 48 Alchy 42 Mikey 31 WEEK 11 SCHEDULE Thurs, Nov 13th NYJ @ NE Sun Nov 16th DEN @ ATL MIN @ TB BAL @ NYG DET @ CAR PHI @ CIN CHI @ GB OAK @ MIA NO @ KC HOU @ IND STL @ SF ARI @ SEA TEN @ JAC SD @ PIT DAL @ WAS Mon, Nov 17th CLE @ BUF Remember, I need your picks for Thursday's game no later than 5pm Thursday night. The rest of the picks by Friday 5pm. Good luck guys!
Week 12 Nfl Schedule
Week 12 Schedule
Hey all!! Heres this weeks schedule.. good luck, some tough games coming up.. choose wisely :) Thurs. Nov 20th CIN @ PIT Sun. Nov 23rd PHI @ BAL CHI @ STL NYJ @ TEN NE @ MIA HOU @ CLE TB @ DET MIN @ JAC BUF @ KC SF @ DAL OAK @ DEN CAR @ ATL NYG @ ARI WAS @ SEA IND @ SD Mon. Nov 24th (MY BIRFDAY! :D) GB @ NO Will post stats tomorrow.
Week 11 Statistics
Hey guys..sorry took so long to post, been a crazy week. 1st Place: Kelly with 105-160 2nd Place: It's Just Me with 104-160 3rd Place: JP with 103-160 4th Place: Me with 98-160 5th Place: Drill with 94-160 6th Place: Porch with 93-160 Just got caught LOL will post the rest later.
Week 1
This week I began by admitting my mistake to those I love and expressing my desire to get help. With one mistake I realized that I am STILL powerless over my disease of addiction, and I realized how easy it would be to get wrapped up in it again. I am very grateful that I didn't lose the love of my life, and since making my mistake I have rededicated myself to seeking help again. I have looked into getting help from my church, and I will know more Sunday after I attend church. But hopefully I will be able to get back into counseling so I can get myself balanced out again. A lot of my problem is not being able to deal with the stress and pressure of life. I am going to start attending my recovery meetings again also, because the one place I went wrong was in thinking that I had my addiction beat. I forgot my purpose in staying clean and that's what led to my slip. I choose not to let it become a relapse though. So now I'm in the process of re-working my steps and actively see
Week 12 Stats And Week 13 Schedule
Hey all!! Happy early Turkey day! The winner for this week was It's Just Me with 13-16.. WOOO! Great picks though guys, lots of high scores this week. Here are the stats as follows. 1st Place: It's Just Me with 117-176 2nd Place: Kelly and JP with 115-176 3rd Place: Me with 111-176 4th Place: Drill with 105-176 5th Place: Porch with 103-176 6th Place: Superman with 101-176 7th 8th and 9th Place: Will with 99-176 Texi with 97-176 Carrie with 77-176 70 and lower Spanky 67 Crow 66 Mclovin 59 Alchy 42 Mikey 31 Here is week 13 Schedule. Good luck guys. Thurs. Nov 27th TEN @ DET SEA @ DAL ARI @ PHI Sun. Nov 30th SF @ BUF BAL @ CIN NYG @ WAS NO @ TB MIA @ STL IND @ CLE CAR @ GB ATL @ SD DEN @ NYJ PIT @ NE KC @ OAK CHI @ MIN Mon. Dec 1st JAC @ HOU Don't forget. I need tomorrow's picks by the end of the day today, and this weekend's picks by 5pm on Saturday :)
25 Week Appointment...
My baby girl is doing great. Her heart sounded wonderful and she is kicking a lot. I am 25 weeks but measuring 26.
Weekend !!
Woohoo its weekend !!! I wish all my friends and everyone a wonderfull weekend, have all fun pls xxxx
Week 13 Stats And Week 14 Schedule
Hey all! Wow.. was a crazy weekend for the games! There was a 4 way tie for winner with 12 out of 16, but the person closest to the final score was Drill.. so congrats! You're this week's winner! Only 3 weeks to go.. It's almost over :( Remember guys, need your picks by Thursday at 5 for Thursday night's game, and the rest by Friday night :) Good luck! 1st Place: Just Me with 128-190 2nd Place: Kelly with 127-190 3rd Place: JP with 125-190 4th Place: Me with 123-190 5th Place: Drill with 117-190 6th Place: Porch with 112-190 7th Place: Will with 111-190 8th and 9th Place: Superman with 109-190 Texi with 106-190 90 and Below: Carrie 86 Spanky 75 Crow 66 McLovin 59 Alchy 42 WEEK 14 SCHEDULE Thurs. Dec 4th OAK @ SD Sunday. Dec 7th JAC @ CHI CLE @ TEN PHI @ NYG MIN @ DET HOU @ GB ATL @ NO CIN @ IND MIA @ BUF NE @ SEA KC @ DEN NYJ @ SF STL @ ARI DAL @ PIT WAS @ BAL Mon. Dec 8th TB @ CAR
Weekend Fun
Well this was a very interesting weekend. Between being at the farm so my brother could fix my tire, seeing my nices and nephews, spending time with them and my sisters and brothers , crashing at siss after a nite of parting which i needed really bad. I am ready to get some sleep and head to class in the morning. This week so far is class and dealing with Docs on Hubbie. He has his good and bad days but more bad then good. Just hope the VA stop dicken around and let him get his medication filled, ya he not had any since being in the hospital cause VA don't think the other doc's are good enough... that the government for u... think they are better then anyone else. but any ways hope to get him going on meds to help heal his body, he not doing much will what he can get away with when i not look or ain't home to bust him Well think I am going to go crash this old body is wore out from the weekend have a good monday. chow for now.. me
Weekend Update
There must have been Angels on my shoulders this weekend Let me give ya'll a brief summary of my was a good one... FRIDAY NIGHT: We met two of our siblings over at the Gold Cup for a night at the TittieBar. The manager over there knows me from when I was a stripper and is becoming a good friend. He always treats us totally rockstar when we come up. Our brother and sister from The Serpentarium arrived. My Sister P was dressed almost exactly like me! The only real difference was the color of our shirts. Since it was friggin cold as hell that night we both showed up in black leather pants, a black leather jacket and black leather boots. I had on a white button up shirt and she wore a purple shirt with a scarf. Will cracked up and said, "Michelle tried to wear a scarf too but couldn't get it to work." [Great minds think alike!] They want to use the venue for his retirement party. I had been hearing the plans through Will because he is working with the hubby on some
Week 14 Stats And Week 15 Schedule
Hey all :) Missed alot of your picks this last week, it's getting down to the wire, don't want to fall behind now :p The winners for this week are me and Will with 13-16 YAY even though I don't get Here are the stats for week 14. 1st Place: Just Me with 139-206 2nd Place: Kelly with 137-206 3rd Place: Me with 136-206 4th Place: JP with 135-206 5th Place: Will with 124-206 6th Place: Superman with 120-206 7th, 8th and 9th Place: Drill with 117-206 Porch with 112-206 Texi with 106-206 90 and below: Carrie 86 Spanky 82 Crow 66 McLovin 59 Alchy 42 (are you even still playing? lol) WEEK 15 Thurs. Dec 11th NO @ CHI Sun. Dec 14th TEN @ HOU WAS @ CIN DET @ IND SEA @ STL GB @ JAC BUF @ NYJ SF @ MIA TB @ ATL SD @ KC MIN @ ARI PIT @ BAL DEN @ CAR NE @ OAK NYG @ DAL Mon. Dec 15th CLE @ PHI Be sure to get your picks in to me no later than Saturday night. Only 3 games left to go guys!! GOOD LUCK!!
The Weekend Is Here !!!!!!!!!!
Week 15 Stats And Week 16 Schedule
Hey all! There were some great games this weekend, definitely some unexpected wins! The winners this week are me and Just me with 12-16.. Kelly in a close 2nd with 11. There are games on Thursday and Saturday so be sure to get me your Thursday picks no later than 5pm that day. The rest of the picks by Friday 5pm. Will post schedule for week 16 and stats in a few.. back to class. Later all. Standings for Week 15: 1st Place: Just Me with 151-222 2nd Place Kelly and I with 148-222 3rd Place: JP with 145-222 4th Place: Will with 134-222 5th Place: Superman with 120-222 6th, 7th and 8th Place: Drill with 117-222 Porch with 112-222 Texi with 106-222 90 and lower (I'm assuming you guys are no longer playing) Spanky 82 Carrie 86 Crow 66 McLovin 59 Alchy 42 Here is the Schedule for week 16 Thurs. Dec 18th IND @ JAC Sat. Dec 20th BAL @ DAL Sun. Dec 21st SF @ STL CIN @ CLE SD @ TB MIA @ KC NO @ DET PIT @ TEN ARI @ NE NYJ
Week In Review 20 Dec
Fourteen days and counting. Fourteen days from the last time me and the wifey had sex. And yes I am complaining ranting and yet even raving. I mean the last time we did it...well both times really (it was the weekend!) we left the sheets soaking wet both times! It was an awesome out of this mind blowing screwing between lovers. But then it ends. No more sex. And we are now two weeks and counting. I really don't see any sex happenings coming my way for the next week and even till the end of the year. And I don't expect any sex for a long ass time. Anyways...I will keep you posted on my FU sex life or lack of. Unless some of you ladies out here also have a FU Sex life...maybe we can get together and share notes... HA HA HA!!!
Weekend Update!! And My 1st Blog
Week 17
Hey all... it's the last week, football season is almost over :( Whatever will I do, I don't like basketball and not a big hockey fan cause they are all big whiney crybabies.. Guess its wait til spring training. Sorry I didn't have the schedule posted earlier, thanks for getting your picks in anyway. Gotta tell ya, some sore ass losers out there. OUt of 32 ppl that joined, 4 are left..LOL The winner of this last week was me and JP with 13-16. Winner of all games all season is JUST ME with 171-254.. GOOD JOB!!!! 2nd Place is me with 168-254 3rd Place is JP with 167-254 4th Place is Kelly with 163-254 5th Place is Will with 153-254 I wasn't sure what I was going to do as a prize, but I wanted to be fair since you all stuck it out and played a hell of a good game.. I will reward everyone. :) Thanks for playing with me, and hope to see you next year!! Anyway..hope you all had a great holiday and have an even better new year. Have fun, be safe. Catch you all
I hope everyone has a great weekend
Week 1-8-09
PO'BOYZ KREATIONZ WEEKLY PIMP OUT PLEASE CLICK A BANNER TO CHECK OUT THE LOUNGE AND CLICK A PIC TO F/A/R THE OWNER Saints And Sinners Coming Undone Owner Saints and Sinners Betrayed Souls Dj_Diablo Owner Betrayed Souls Please Help Daiblo In His Contest To 12,500 comments
Week 2 - Newfie Gurl
Presenting Hottie of the week 2 - 2009 NewfieGurl Hottie of the Week @ fubar Not only is she SEXY and BEAUTIFUL. But she also has a big heart and an awesome personality. And, best of all, she is always there for her friends. So stop by and love her up!! NewfieGurl Hottie of the Week @ fubar If you think you have what it takes to be a Hottie Please contact Annipoo the Norwegian Goddess*Chief of Operations 2nd alarm hotties*@ fubar Or ღCllgegrlღChief_Deputy_of_Adminღ2nd Ala
8 Week's To Go ...1/8/09
today was my last ultra-sound appt and i'm just 8 week's away from my due date...He is 4.3lbs and 18.5 inches he'll gain about half a pound a week which will be a full pound every 2 week's so my guess is he'll be around 8 to 8.5lbs when he's born :D
Weekend Survey
Do you plan on falling in love in 2009? i dont plan anything Without stating the name, say something to someone you hate? i try not to hate nowadayz Britney Spears, Yes or No? fake...phony Do you like your life? its ok...could b better Do you trust people easily? not anymore Would you ever get a tattoo? workin on it heh Does your boyfriend/ girlfriend have any tattoos? i dont have bf...dont have time for that bullsh*t Would you rather it be sunny or rainy? i like rain Does it bother you when your friends bring up your past mistakes? nobody has Do you sing obnoxiously in the car? its been awhile When was the last time you talked to your number 1? um today? Is there a person who knows everything or almost everything about you? mayb 1 but im not tellin u Do you plan on moving out within the next year or two? workin on that now Where is your number two person on your friends list? idk...playin i think When is the last time someone of
Weekly Pimp Out #1 1-11-09
MsCharlotte2U's Random Weekly Pimpout!! I've decided to create a weekly random pimp out, randomly pimping out 5 friends once a week. This is completely random. Most likely, I won't even know we are friends until I put you in this bully. Hopefully I will remember who I have and have not placed in the bully, but I will not be keeping track of who has and has not been pimped. So, you could end up being pimped more than once. You may wonder what do I want out of this..I don't want or expect anything! If you just say thanks and or re-post, that will be thanks enough!Oh OK, you can tell them I sent ya, most likely, they/you, may not even know that, they/you are in here! So.. F/A/R each other, because we all do not have the same friends so there's always room for more.. and let the fun begin! Here are the first 5!!! LADY HELLFIRE FU-ENGAGED TO DJ CJ@ fubar Renagade@ fubar ~*~LadyVievie ~*~ R/L Wife to Army-Beast ~*~Bi~BBW *~@ fubar Bludgeon@ fubar AngelRocker@ fu
Weekend Poems
There was a young girl Trixi Whose skirt was more mini than maxi. She was fucked at the show In the twenty-third row, And once more going home in the taxi.
Weekend Poems Ii
There was a young lady at sea Who complained that it hurt her to pee. Said the brawny old mate, 'That accounts for the state Of the cook and the captain and me.'
Weekly Pimp Out #1 1-18-09(early)
MsCharlotte2U's Random Weekly Pimpout!! I've decided to create a weekly random pimp out, randomly pimping out 5 friends once a week. This is completely random. Most likely, I won't even know we are friends until I put you in this bully. Hopefully I will remember who I have and have not placed in the bully, but I will not be keeping track of who has and has not been pimped. So, you could end up being pimped more than once. You may wonder what do I want out of this..I don't want or expect anything! If you just say thanks and or re-post, that will be thanks enough!Oh OK, you can tell them I sent ya, most likely, they/you, may not even know that, they/you are in here! So.. F/A/R each other, because we all do not have the same friends so there's always room for more.. and let the fun begin! NO BLOVIATING™@ fubar The Enchanting Goddess~FuOwned by SupplyDaddy~@ fubar mikerice27@ fubar *Sunnydays* is Proudly Owned By SinfulBrat :-)@ fubar Being all I can be@ fu
The Weekend Is Here
Got up this morning at 0730, and did a nice short 3.4 mile run, about 1 mile into the run I felt my hamstring hurting, so I decided to ease up on my speed. I found a race in febuary that I'm intrested in (San dieguito half marathon/5k), I haven't made up my mind yet on wich race I plan on running, but either one I plan on making it a blast. I'm really in need of a good race, I'm not to fond of being stuck in a classroom, and studying all the time. I went to the gym after my run, and decided to do a ab workout, I noticed alot of cute caucasian females in the gym this morning, that made me extend my workout even more longer in the gym, and they were in really good shape, thats always a good thing in my book. Called my mom (hehe mommy) today, and told her about my rough schedule at the school, and that I have dropped to 136 pounds because of my lack of eating, etc. On weekdays I seem to average only 1 meal a day, and that's during lunch time, my evening meal always ends up being so
Week 1
It's been a momentous past couple of days—even if you don’t know it yet. At some point roughly 1.5 – 3.5 million sperm took aim at your fallopian tubes and one superior little seed hit the target spot on. The now fertilized egg is still inside your fallopian tube and is already merging with the sperm to become a zygote. Cell multiplication is occuring at an astonishingly rapid rate. Your little zygote will spend the next 7-10 days dividing and multiplying as they slowly descend into the uterus, where it will nestle into the already cozy blood-rich uterine wall. The implantation process may result in a little spotting for some, caused by the sloughing off of uterine wall at the implantation site. This is perfectly natural and not a cause for concern. When your little zygote is finally implanted, it is a blastocyst measuring about 0.1 – 0.2 mm. This will be your baby’s spatially-challenged home for the next 38-40 weeks.
Week 2
Your little blastocyst is now separating into two distinct parts: the amniotic cavity (or yolk sac) and the embryo (your baby-to-be). The yolk sac’s main job is to protect and nourish your baby until the placenta is fully formed. Right now, the placenta is just beginning to take shape, but won’t be complete for another 8 weeks or so. The beginnings of the umbilical cord are visible and partly functional, although it is still not fully formed.
Week 3
Although your belly is still the same size and shape as it was pre-pregnancy, a plethora of amazing and dynamic changes are taking place despite this fact. Right now your little zygote is already 1.5 – 2.5mm in size. This is quite a change from the microscopic pack of cells you had just two weeks ago. Your microscopic little one is already composed of three complex “germ” layers: the ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm. Although you could hardly see them at this point, these layers are the beginnings of your baby's nervous system and brain, stomach and inner organs, and skeleton and connective tissue. Your baby is also starting to take on recognizable physical dimensions somewhat comparable to a very tiny pear. The round part of the pear will eventually become the head and the pointy part will be the spine. Perhaps the best part of this week is that somewhere around the 21st day, your miraculous little pear will have a beating heart, although the heart chambers and valves will not be compl
Week 4
By the end of this week the round and pointy ends of your little pear-shaped baby will be slightly more exaggerated and their body will look more like that of a miniature manatee. Despite your baby not looking particularly human without any eyes, ears or mouth, the earliest developments of what will become the larynx, internal ear, and eye lens are already forming, although you’d have to be a trained expert to recognize them for what they’re going to be in the future. Likewise, tiny bumps are forming on your little embryo which will eventually be their cute little arms, elbows, fingers, legs, knees and toes. What’s more your little swimmer will have a teeny tiny tail by the end of this week-- but don’t worry, it’s just the end of their developing spinal cord! A microscopic photo would reveal what seems to be their vertebrae filling out the spine and tail. Although they aren’t bones yet, but rather, the “bone seeds” that will give rise to your baby's tiny vertebrae, ribs and sternum.
Week 5
The changes to your growing embryo are not quite as drastic this week as they've been in the last few weeks. Growth is now largely focused on their little head, which is starting to develop much more rapidly than the rest of their tiny body. This is because their amazing brain is undergoing some very crucial and rapid development in order to effectively regulate their heart rate, blood circulation, and other vital functions. As for the rest of their miniature body, what were simple limb buds last week are limb flippers this week and the tail is more expressed. Amazingly, within a mere five weeks your little miracle is already developing the rudimentary forms of their liver, pancreas, lungs, stomach and nasal pits while their little heart is already increasing its circulation. Your baby is now a whopping 4-6mm in length.
Week 6
This is going to be a busy week for your amazing little embryo. Their brain is still growing remarkably fast; miniature hand plates are starting to develop and the early formations of what will be their fingers are already visible. Also, the lower limbs do not develop quite as fast, so they’re pretty much still flippers. Up until this point, your baby has been very curled up with the head and tail in close proximity, but this week their trunk and neck are beginning to grow and straighten as their tail recedes into its resting position in the back. Even though your little miracle is only 6 weeks old, they’re already capable of demonstrating reflex responses to touch!
Week 7
Your baby is really beginning to develop more physical definition this week – their oversized head isn’t just large and oblong anymore, it’s actually a little bit pointy. The tiny receding tail bud is now starting to be overshadowed by the growth of their legs, which are now complete with knees and the beginnings of toes. Their eyes and ears are the most visible features on their head and their miniature bones are starting to harden throughout their body. You also have some variation on a boy or a girl at this point, although their genitals won’t be visible enough to determine which color cigars you’re going to buy until around the 16th week.
Week 8
Woohoo! You've got one whole inch of baby inside of you! Your little embryo has finally reached the one-inch mark (30mm). And if it were possible to take a peek, you could actually see your tiny baby without a telescope! What’s more, your baby is finally starting to take on some very distinct human features. For starters, their little tail (really just the spinal cord) has disappeared completely. It’s nice to know your baby can no longer be mistaken for a sea creature! Additionally, both their toes and fingers are prominent with very little, if any, webbing. Upper and lower limbs all show recognizable joints (elbows and knees) and the lower limb bones are starting to ossify. But don’t expect your baby to resemble either parent quite yet. Right now, your baby’s head is disproportionately larger than the rest of their body--making up almost half of your little one’s height and weight!
Week 9
Congratulations! Your amazing growing baby has been accepted into to the fetus-club, a very exclusive and exiting new stage in their prenatal development. Basically, this means the little sweet pea has graduated from swimming embryo creature to a recognizable human being! This week in particular, the irises of their little eyes can function, but (frustratingly for them?) their eyelids remain fused shut for a while yet. Their external ears are formed and their inner ears are now filled with fluid—so your little one is already developing their sense of balance. Your baby's little swimmer legs are still relatively, although other bodily developments are going forward at a nice pace: their kidney is actually functioning now, which means they’ve started urinating (this might seem charming now but wait till you have to start buying diapers!).
Week 10
Your astonishingly tiny baby has been hard at work growing as fast as possible—almost doubling in size in the past three weeks! Amazingly, you’re in for a repeat size doubling performance within the next three weeks! Your tiny champion still weighs less than a quarter of an ounce but has already completed the most critical stage of their development. Using Doppler technology, your doctor or gynecologist can let you hear their tiny rapid fetal heartbeats this week (145-165 beats per minute!). Chances for miscarriage are greatly reduced when the heartbeat can be detected, so take a sigh of relief if you’ve been needing one—it hasn’t been an easy ten weeks! What’s more, they’re getting ready to make their first baby poop! Your little one’s major organ systems are developing, including a functioning digestive tract capable of moving food all the way through their bowels. The final shiny gold star on their fetal behavior chart for the week: your little scrapper has already developed defense
Week 11
Maybe you’ve noticed… your baby is a super-duper grower! Your lil' fetus will be gaining a substantial amount of weight this week and has already achieved fruit-size-status comparable to a plum. What's more, your little scientist is already starting to explore their body, focusing most intently on touching their head, and especially their face and mouth. Their mouth in particular will provide them with hours of entertainment. This happens not only because your baby is gaining coordination, and is therefore able to move a hand on command, but also because their palms have gained sensation and can actually “feel” what it touches.They're also developing their swallow reflex this week. And lastly, your baby's smelling and other olfactory senses will begin developing this week, which when combined with the maturing taste buds, will provide your baby with their first experiences of taste and smell.
Week 12
Even though your little Einstein’s body is still growing quite rapidly 2 inches long right now, the overall super-speedy growth of their amazing brain continues to leave the head proportionately larger than the body— and is actually slightly more than one third of their total body mass! The head and neck are still straightening at this point as can be seen by their little chin lifting off of the chest. Your baby is also actively rehearsing “breathing” by using amniotic fluid to prepare the lungs for future air respiration. The big news: your little pooper is now officially going to need diapers! Although a majority of the waste produced is transferred to the mother’s system for discharge (to avoid having it linger in the amniotic sac), some urine is released to the amniotic fluid and your baby will actually breathe it in before it passing it on to your for discharge. Not to worry, urine--in this particular form, is completely harmless to your baby.
Week 13
This is your final week in the first trimester and your little weed continues to grow and grow and grow. Of the three trimesters, this one has been the most important for your little one’s development. Assuming you’ve carefully adopted a healthy diet, continue to exercise and get ample rest, your little one is set up perfectly for even more growth and development in tri-two! Way to go! He or she now weighs about 2.5 ounces and is roughly 3.5 inches in length. Little hairs, known as lanugo, will start to cover their body this week, as their sense of taste and smell are further refined. Their cozy little amniotic sac is also increasing in size and mass as it continues to fill with more fluid.
Week 14
Isn’t it glorious? You and your little buckaroo have roped your way right into trimester numero dos! Are you ready to rock!? Okay, okay… maybe just a little rolling and poking. Needless to say, your baby will definitely be making themselves known in the upcoming weeks. At about 3.5 inches long, their little body and limber limbs are coordinated enough for loads of complicated motions. In fact, their whole body is moving right now! You're not feeling it because their current size is still a bit too small to make an impact you'd recognize. Still, their movements are recognizable on an ultrasound. Speaking of which, you shoud be scheduling one with your health care provider! Week 16 is the classic date as you can usually determine whether your little one is going to pee standing up or sitting down. Your baby is also starting to develop the ability to move their eyes this week, although the eyelids still remain fused shut. What's more, they can make all sorts of fun facial expressions as t
Week 15
Your nearly four-inch long gymnast is happily mobile inside your womb and if you're really lucky, you’ll notice a point when your sneezing, coughing or laughing results in a little kick here or a poke there. Still, many women don't feel anything until the 17th week or later. Although the poking and kicking isn't very charming during sleeping hours, it’s a good sign as it means your baby is actually reacting to outside events. Yay! You’ve got yourself one active healthy baby! Their little elbows and knees are bending more freely this week and their little legs are finally growing longer than their arms and getting pumped up for prenatal Richard Simmons. Many of their major organ systems are increasing in capacity—particularly that amazing tiny heart and complex circulation system, which is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood per day, and will increase to a very impressive 200 quarts per day by the end of the pregnancy. As far as hair goes, we’ve got some new scalp patterns beginning to
Week 16
Over the past three weeks your astounding growing baby has managed to stretch yet another 2 full inches (totaling about 4.5 inches) and weighs around 3.5 ounces. Yessireee, that’s some pretty serious growth... and with it comes several physical developments! For starters, their head to body ratio is finally starting to even out a bit as the rest of the body is actually growing faster than the head at this point. Yes, your little light bulb is not so top-heavy. Their adorable little limbs have lengthened, almost reaching their normal proportions which they will have at birth. Their eyes are still closed but moving and if you had an ultrasound, which many doctors recommend you have at about this time, you may even see your little one sucking on a thumb, not to mention the necessary signifiers to let you know whether you’ve got a wee lad or lassie.
Week 17
Don't be too shocked but... your baby is EVEN bigger than it was last week, not to mention getting cuter, and smarter every day! As you’ve come to expect, there’s no shortage of growth and development this week: your fantastic little bean stalk has added yet another half inch to their overall height-- making them nearly half a foot long! Their little limbs have reached (or are within one week of) their relative proportions, and will continue to grow evenly with the rest of the body after this week. Reactive listening has begun for your baby, even though their ears are not yet structurally complete or fully functional. Meanwhile, different parts of their astonishingly complex brain are developing to process your little one’s hearing and other senses, (you know, sight, smell, taste and touch). Mind boggling factoid of the week: if you’re having going to have a little girl, her ovaries have already produced millions of primordial egg cells, which, within a few weeks, will develop into act
2 Weeks
due to request from a great friend im gonna stay for 2 weeks to see if we can pull this family out of the slump we have fallen in i reall hope great things to happen if we stick to fam like in real life it can work! thankz all i really think we can do this! Silver
34 Weeks And 4 Days
Wow it has been sooooooooooooooo long since I have been on here! I do miss all my friends! I am soooo sorry I have been away. For those that still remember me, I am so close to popping now it isn't funny! I never knew it was such hard work growing a baby. I am thankful it's almost over and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. I have very little to do in these last days, I hope I can get on here more and get back in touch with my loverly's!!!!! This place has changed alot in a short amount of time. Anyways I miss you guys!!!!!
2 Weeks
going on my 2 week vacation i will try and check in every now and than
A Week Of 1sts...
Some may say I'm silly for doing this, but I wanted to thank all that helped me with my first ever ranking, my first auto 11's and for sticking by my side and being my friends. I Love you all and Thanks so much for your support! Mike
A Week At The Gym
HOWDY FOLKS, Now I'm sure a few of ya's can relate to this story. It's kinda long so kick off your shoes, grab a fresh cup, and ENJOY! For my 49th birthday, My dear Ole Mom gave me a gym membership(complete with personal trainer) for a month.........Now ain't that sweet? Wonder just what she was trying to tell me? Ain't she just the sweetest mother in the whole world...........Now I'm in pretty good shape,(I thought), but I decided to give this a try anyway....(Because it was FREE) So I called the gym to set up a time with the personal trainer... She said her name was Belinda and she was 26 years old and not only an aerobics instructor but also a model for an athletic clothing and swim suit store.....(THANKS MOM!!!! HUBBA HUBBA) Dear old Mom seemed pleased that I had decided to give this a try...(MODEL! SWIM SUITS! LIKE THERE WAS A SNOW BALLS CHANCE I WOULDN'T GO!) After I had got there and crossed all the T's and dotted all the I's. I was told that they ask every new
10 1/2 Weeks Left And Counting
I so forget that I even have this account. Seems like everyone that I truely know doesn't even hang out on here anymore. The new love of my life ( and hopefully the one that will stick around forever) , is currently "playing" in the sand. Sigh. Oh ! The 10 1/2 weeks left and counting thing? I've got just about that long left of this pregnancy. Possibly less than that. I know that it's a girl. But, her name isnt going to be Annastacia Elizabeth as I had originally planned. Her name is going to be Rose Elizabeth Schroeder. I'm going to be an aunt very soon as well ( finally ). Things are really begining to look up around here. Just wishing i weren't sick right now. That's the only thing bad about working in an office. You tend to share much more than a few laughs and jokes. GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!
35 Weeks...
We are getting closer and I am so excited. My appointment went great. My BP was 113/67...I didnt gain any weight the past 2 weeks. They said the baby was head down and I am 1/2cm dilated...which I know aint much but it tells me that I am getting close. I am starting to think that the baby isnt gonna stay until her due date which as long as she is healthy I am ok with that. Richard says she better stay in there cause he isnt ready yet but no one is ever ready. I now go in for weekly appointments.
Week 18
We have two more ounces! Your "getting bigger-n-better by the minute baby" is already up to 7 ounces and 6 inches! This is a big week for their baby skin. There are now two distinct layers—the epidermis (or the surface skin) and dermis. Currently, their skin is covered with a greasy, waxy, cheese-like substance, known as vernix caseosa. Sure, it sounds pretty nasty, but this mixture of fatty secretions covering your little swimmer from head to toe is the best way to protect their oh-so-thin skin from bruising and abrasions as well as chapping caused by amniotic fluid exposure (and your little one is swimming in that stuff!). Still don’t like the fact your little darling is currently slathered in fatty cream like a greased pig? Well, you know the birthing process? Where you have to push something the size of a watermelon out a hole the size of a grape? That adorable little greased piglet would have a lot harder time getting through the birth canal without the vernix caseosa. Fun fact fo
Week 19
Your amazing little baby is now around 10 inches in length! If this seems a bit shocking, you’ll be relieved to know they’ve not actually grown over 3 inches, but that their little legs are now straight enough to be measured. This is when doctors begin measuring fetal growth from head to toe, (no longer “crown to rump” or CR). Lanugo (little hairs) covers their whole body now, trapping that charming cheese-like vernix caseosa (see week 18) to the surface to the skin. This week your lil’ fetus will start on an appetizing diet of amniotic fluid which they are now capable of swallowing, digesting, and passing the fluid as far as their tiny “large” intestines. Fortunately for you, this nice little lump of baby-poop won’t be coming out while they’re still in your womb. Some time shortly after they’re born, this fun lump will become the first in a long line of baby poops. (What finally comes out— commonly known as “meconium” to the science world, will be black and sticky, and you’ll be very
2 Weeks To Go
It's hard to believe that in 2 weeks (almost exactly 2 weeks cause right now it's almost the exact time it will happen too) that I'll be jumping into Lake Erie. Which is going to be interesting. Right now most of the lake is frozen. So there's a real good chance that come the 21st the lake will still be frozen and they'll have to bust up the ice for us to do the Polar Bear Plunge. Don't worry there will be pictures from it being done. I figure might as well since it's not often people are crazy enough to jump into freezing water in the middle of winter. If you want to read more about it click the link... Polar Bear Plunge Information Just remember that's not the page for donations to support me taking part in this. If you want to donate towards supporting me doing this the next link is the one you want. I'm trying to raise at least $100 and any little bit helps even if it's just $5. The money raised goes towards Ohio Special Olympics. Click here to donate
Have a nice weekend all
Week 20
Fetal development in pregnancy week 20:fetus in fifth month This week you're carrying about 10.5 inches and 10.5 ounces of solid baby-miracle-goodness! Their little delicates bones continue to ossify and toughen while their itsy bitsy finger and toe pads are finishing up. Your little monkey now has teeth buds, although they’re hidden beneath the gum line. And finally! Their limbs have reached their relative proportions—no more alien baby! Their cute pink lips are more defined, and might be helping out in a bit of prenatal thumb-sucking. If you have a little boy, then their tiny testes are descending, though they have not yet passed the abdominal wall. What’s more, eyelashes and eyebrows are also visible. At this point, your little one really looks like a miniature baby—and we do mean miniature as your little swimmer currently weighs a mere eighth of their final birth weight. With half the pregnancy behind you, the most significant gains are yet to come!
37 Week's And 3 Days Preggers
yep i'm still pregger's lmao but hopefully soon i'll get to see and meet my son and my Daughter will finely have her brother to look after and protect...I think she's more excited then i am if that's at all possable soon me my daughter and my son will be a compleat family and everything will be perfact in my life i can't wait.........WISH ME LUCK!!!
1 Week
I fucking want a cigarette. shit. ass. piss.
Yeah, I had one. Cops, stolen cars, near fatal bike accidents, tacos y cerveza, sex, drugs, rock and roll. Or something like that. Partying on Sunday night, when one has to work Monday isn't advisable. I also REALLY need to stay away from drugs. They only get me into trouble. Hope everyone's Monday is good
3 Weeks Of Sad News
Just me again wow it has been a difficult 3 weeks around here. Ive had so much personal stuff to deal with. I always count myself as fortunate that I have been able to be with and know my family for as long as I have...but its still hard. My Uncle passed away around 3 weeks ago. He went in for routine knee surgery and there were complications and he passed. Im very thankful I got to spend Thanksgiving this year with him and he had 81 wonderful years with us all. He will be very sorely missed. A true gentleman. Three weeks Grandma (Gran) passed away. Its been said that going to her brothers funeral really took its toll on her. She passed peacefully on friday. She was a hard working person who always had a smile for everyone she ever met. She also lived 83 years as well. And the next I was driving home for her funeral. I also found out that friends I stay with at Thanksgiving. Her Mom passed away from cancer. She had a very long road...but I saw her a
1 Week W/out Caffeine
It's been a week since I had coffee or for that matter, ANYTHING with caffeine in it and I haven't killed anyone yet. I sure miss the exercise I was giving my wrist, elbow and lips by drawing that cup back and forth from the table. I haven't yet implemented the new routine of masturbating and reading the newspaper every morning..some things just can't replace the satisfying cup of joe in the morning!
Weekend Girl
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Weekend Glory By Maya Angelou
this poem speaks so much truth about the way people live their lives today Weekend Glory Some clichty folks don't know the facts, posin' and preenin' and puttin' on acts, stretchin' their backs. They move into condos up over the ranks, pawn their souls to the local banks. Buying big cars they can't afford, ridin' around town actin' bored. If they want to learn how to live life right they ought to study me on Saturday night. My job at the plant ain't the biggest bet, but I pay my bills and stay out of debt. I get my hair done for my own self's sake, so I don't have to pick and I don't have to rake. Take the church money out and head cross town to my friend girl's house where we plan our round. We meet our men and go to a joint where the music is blue and to the point. Folks write about me. They just can't see how I work all week at the factory. Then get spruced up and laugh and dance And turn away from worry with sassy glance.
finally the weekend. the day of party boozze and one night stands, especialy for the previous week of trainning in the corp. making it best i can and last with a couple of buddies bar hopping flirting with girls having fun till we pass out next day with bad hangovers,trying to remember what the weekends no matter how bad the workweek gets you can always look forward towards the weekend.
1 Week Left
ok this is my last week be4 the baby is here and i will not be online during this time cuz there is still things that i need to do but i will get on line when i can and i hope everyone is still doing really good and i will let everyone know how things are doing if not i know my hubby will let everyone know how i am doing so i hope i will be back on line after i get out of the hospital to give everyone a up 2date love you all my family and friends
Weekend Trip To The Raptor Center
Late, but here it is. Adam and I went to the Raptor Center this weekend, and got out in nature for the first time together. It was great! I always prefer to be around trees instead of concrete, and it was great to experience it together. Another thing that we have in common is the fact that we both love being outside. I love climbing around on the rocks, hiking and breathing in more fresh air than you can find here in town. We went around and saw the birds first, and then made our way down to the lake and climbed the rocks around the lake. We found some great fossils, but unfortunately I forgot the few that I was going to bring home. (Oh well, I can find even more the next time I go!) Then, I started to take pictures. So, we made our way back around the cages and down to the bird watching station. Not only did we see some pretty birds, but saw a momma deer and two babies. Deer are such pretty creatures. The pictures that I took are in my albums, have a look!
[weekday Update]
Do I reek of desperation? The good news is, I got 400$ I wasn't expecting today. The bad news is I'm pretty sure my dog broke her tail somehow. So mystery money won't be spent on a new PSP it'll be spent on her broke ass bone. What tipped me off? She went to chew on her tail- like she had a bug bite and immediately started screaming as she did it- she didn't STOP but she did scream about it. Ever since then she's not letting it be handled and whimpering and yelping at the slightest touch. There's no lieson's or cuts or bumps, makes me think there's a break- dunno how that happened. Stayed at my parents' old house god that was traumatizing, but I did get to see my goddaughter- got called uncle, that was different. I do miss that town, but christ know's I can't make a living, and I'd go insane with no late night life there. I mean, sure I don't hit the bars much here but having the option is nice. That place is TEENY. I've been dutifully adheering to my workout routine and pseudo diet
Week Of 04/22/09
THIS WEEKS MAJOR ARCANA CARD...The DEATH CARDWhen the ‘Death’ card appears in a reading, the most common thought is that it is predicting a physical death, that someone is going to die. This, in most, if not all, cases is highly unlikely.I cannot speak for all Tarot readers, but I personally do not use this card to represent a physical death. For me, the Death card represents an event or series of events or circumstances that may cause great disruption and possible upset, but which make transformation in its many forms inevitable.I am not a medium or clairvoyant, but I do use the Tarot cards to help give men and women around the world some insights into their own situations and to look at their lives from a different perspective. Let me give you some examples: one of the greatest blows any of us can receive, man or woman, is when we fall utterly in love with someone only to be rejected and left alone. Many of you may have had such an experience and it can feel like your wor
Weekend In The Smokies..
I'm leaving out today for Cherokee NC for there annual bike rally...It's something i do twice a year spring and fall...It's a chance to see old friends and make new ones...I always look forward to this event every year..Have been going for the past 15yrs..Saturday nite 38special will be in concert so i'm very excited to see them..It's a chance to see some of the most beautiful Harleys and some really trick out bikes...I will post pics when i get back...I hope that all of you all will have a great weekend as well..See you sunday nite or monday morning.......                                  Peace & Love                               Tracy                                    
Weekend Events!!!!
MontanaBikerMagazine will be out for the month of May and it IS kickass!! Also the Horde is throwing their annual spring thaw event on sat for the 8th year!! and it is a great time..but before that the Roaddogs will be having their Show and Shine contest starting at 9:30..if anyone needs info on how to get there it is posted in the rag which is online at you can just ask me. Ridinginmt
The Weekend. V2
I'm sure some people are wondering about my weekend. did things go with her dad the second time? Well things were okay. We didn't get much of a visit, but that's fine. I'd had other things planned anyway. Did those happen? Not so much. I just kind of feel like instead of spending all the money that I did spend, I could have went shopping here and got him something and then mailed it to him. If I really wanted to get out of the house, I could have left like I did Friday morning and seen him Friday evening and then just came home Saturday morning. It was really a waste of my money. I'm really let down. Not that I seen my Dad, just that the other things I had planned didn't really happen. I was really looking forward to it too. Guess girls shouldn't get their hopes up.....
2 Weekend Eats
Well its riding time again A friend of mine an i decided to make it Hamburger rides The last 2 rides we have had 2 burgers The 1st one was in Ada Ohio It was part or a drivethourgh but a 1 lbs double cheese burger it was worth the ride to try this The 2nd one was in Republic Ohio at Fatheads it was a1/2 lbs cheese burger with the works An the price was very reasonable in both places At this time my friend an I would have to say Fatheads has the best burger but we plan on doing more of this So if you have any place we would like to eat in Northeast or west Ohio please drop me a line 
Week Of 6-14 To 21st Member Of The Week
Member of the Week Dj Warped "Sissy" Please show her some Zodiak family love! She need's rates, gifts, tags, drinks, blings anything thing will be great! So go rate her already if you got time this week this is your girl! Thanks so much management!   Her link:
today is fathers day, and my dad is actually happy for once in his life on this wretched day. it never fails, he is always upset on fathers day and his birthday, which are only a couple weeks apart. james and i did good this year so that makes me happy!! what  a weekend. got drunk last night. realized i miss someone thats been gone a couple days a whole lot. god killer daggers from eyes thrown at my by bridget yesterday. managed to be on the back of a motorcycle that got pulled over on our way to sturgis. lol. that was great!! seen rob. seen his cousin jim, whom informed me in NOT the only one that knows rob made a mistake but marrying bridget. that was nice to hear. tried to tell him, and then he is going to divorce her and well we will see where things go from there. i dont think a day in the last couple weeks have gone by where i havent heard from him. its werid. but nice. kris called, yup paid on the debt THANK GOD! nowi just needa STOP blowin my money and save so i can get the fu
The Week Of Intensity – Scorpio
You have a demanding personality with an attention to detail and great powers of concentration for any given task. You can be discriminating and judgmental. Getting the job done is important to you. You have a two sided personality one sunny and one dark, the sunny side has a seductive charm that melts the hardest hearts and the dark side is destructive and can inflict serious damage. You often project your emotions onto others and never back down from confrontation. It is difficult for you to forgive, but is impossible for you to forget. You do not tolerate criticism well. You value quality over quantity. You have a wonderful sense of humor and can keep those around you laughing. Strengths: Truthful – Discerning – Single Minded Weaknesses: Hurtful – Stern – Self Destructive
The Weekend
normally i wouldnt air out the laundry in public, but some of you are "friends"..but dont really know me..therefore your replies are essentially non biased....accordingly,here we go. i was excited to get to see my children this weekend..after all, the state divorce decree says the first, third, and fifth weekends of every month are mine. simple right? right my ass. for the week prior i had made repeated attempts to arrange things via the phone..both at "her" work and my boys no avail...the military has an acronym for it,bless their hearts....snafu..and another..fubar but we wont discuss that one this time.    SNAFU...SITUATION NORMAL...ALL FUCKED UP!   but i digress....after 11 yrs of putting up with this crap..i prettymuch reached the end of the "NICE GUY" side of my personality and retrieved from deep..deeeeeep storage the OH SHIT, ITS HIM...part of me. you know how you sometimes feel in the dark of nite....the little short hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you beg
hey all i wanna tell u all about my 4th of july weekend well fisrt i had to put up with 2 12 year old obnoxious little girls and secondly i caught the biggest fish,the littlest fish & the most fish on saturday the 4th then saturday night went into pigeon forge to watch some of the best fireworks i've ever seen in my whole life at Patriot Park, then sunday after the 2 12 year old girls lefy going home sunday me, mom, dad, and my aunt sheila went out on the boat fishing and had some peace and quiet lol...i dunno when i'm going back down but i hope next time it will b awesome cause i wanna catch some more fish and i want my nephew and my dads mom to be down there and having fun! and that's all i gotta say   Love u all Awesome Aaron
Weekend Excitement
This weekend started off a little rough I had a sinus cold with the body chills.. I was forced to cancel my plans to leave the city to go meet Jeff's newest niece and only nice.. that was Friday i laid in a hot tub 3 times and broke my fever... I went to sleep at 7:30 and woke up at 6 in the morning.... Its Saturday morning its 6 am nobody is up what to do... Oh i know take on organizing the Rubbermaid's that have been sitting in the shed and basement since i moved into this house 4 years ago... my theory why take crap to Jeff's house ive never used.. So im searching my Rubbermaid's and the first one i open is my wedding crap... lovely! This is a hard decision what i should do with it.. in the end i keep the picture albums and the rests gets tossed at the dump.. Next Rubbermaid I find my old CD holder for the car in which stalkers have made me cds... I find one that says Sappy songs. I remember this stalker, he handed me this cd and thought it was appropriate to draw sperms on it an
I'm beginning to hate this area.  I can't get a bag without seeds and stems.....where's all the good bud gone.  I need to move back to PA.
Week 1
Away                                    Home Titans/Steelers game doesn't need to be picked, as it is a Thursday game. Titan                              Steelers Dolphins                                       Falcons Vikings                                         Browns Lions                                            Saints Eagles                                          Panthers Jets                                              Texans Broncos                                        Bengals Jaguars            &n
Week 2
Away                                       Home Panthers                                        Falcons Bengals                                          Packers Raiders                                          Chiefs Saints                                            Eagles Cardinals                                       Jaguars Vikings                                          Lions Texans                                          Titans Patriots                       &nbs
Week 3
Away                                          Home Redskins                                              Lions 49ers                                                   Vikings Titans                                                  Jets Giants                                                 Buccaneers Jaguars                                               Texans Packers                                               Rams Falcons                              &n
Week 4
Away                                         Home Lions                                                   Bears Seahawks                                            Colts Buccaneers                                          Redskins Raiders                                                Texans Bengals                                                Browns Giants                                                  Chiefs Titans                                                  Jaguars Ravens                      &nbs
Week 5
Away                                         Home Browns                                               Bills Cowboys                                            Chiefs Raiders                                              Giants Redskins                                            Panthers Steelers                                             Lions Vikings                                              Rams Buccaneers                                        Eagles Bengals                                           &n
Week 6
Away                                         Home Texans                                            Bengals Ravens                                            Vikings Browns                                            Steelers Chiefs                                              Redskins Lions                                               Packers Giants                                             Saints Panthers                                         Buccaneers
Week 7
Away                                         Home 49ers                                                 Texans Packers                                              Browns Colts                                                  Rams Patriots                                              Buccaneers Bears                                                 Bengals Chargers                                           Chiefs Vikings                                              Steelers Bills                           
Week 8
Away                                         Home Texans                                                Bills Seahawks                                          Cowboys Vikings                                               Packers Dolphins                                            Jets Browns                                              Bears Rams                                                Lions 49ers                                                Colts Broncos                                  &
Week 9
Away                                         Home Redskins                                            Falcons Ravens                                               Bengals Dolphins                                             Patriots Chiefs                                                Jaguars Cardinals                                            Bears Texans                                               Colts Packers                                             Buccaneers Lions                                  &nbs
Week 1
Hey people. Here is the schedule for week 1 for the football pool. For each game pick one winner of that game.. for instance if MIN is playing CLE and you think MIN will win, pick MIN. Do that for all 15 games (15 this week) and send them to me in a private message. So there is no confusion for the Monday night game, choose the team you think will win, along with how many points each team scores. So if SD plays OAK and you believe SD will win, pick SD and what you think the ending score will be. SD 21 OAK 7.  Got it? :) Pretty simple. Okay enough blabbing from me.. here are your teams for WEEK 1! THURS SEPT 10TH PIT @ TEN - ALREADY PLAYED.. 0 SUNDAY SEPT 13TH MIA @ ATL MIN @ CLE JAC @ IND DET @ NO DAL @ TB PHI @ CAR NYJ @ HOU WAS @ NYG SF @ ARI STL @ SEA CHI @ GB  OOOOO THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD MONDAY SEPT 14TH BUF @ NE SD @ OAK
Week 4
My week 4 Top 25 predictions #1. Florida over Kentucky#2. Texas over UTEP#3. Alabama over Arkansas#4. Ole Miss over South Carolina#5. Penn State over Iowa #6. California over Oregon#7. LSU over Mississippi State#8. Boise State over Colorado State #9. Miami Florida over # 11 Virginia Tech#12. USC over Washington State#13. Ohio State over Illinois#14. Cincinnati over Fresno State#15. TCU over Clemson #16. Oklahoma State over Grambling StateTexas Tech over #17. Houston #18. Florida State over South Florida#19. BYU over Colorado State Southern Miss over #20. Kansas #21. Georgia over Arizona State#22. North Carolina over Georgia Tech#23. Michigan over Indiana#24. Washington over Stanford #25. Nebraska over Louisiana-lafayette
1 Week Blast
Anyone to buy me a one week blast I'll will send you two very sexy nude pics to your cell, showing all the goods ;)!!!
Week 6
With the upset of Huston and Oklahoma I got 4 games wrong on week 5. My week 6 Top 25 predictionsNo. 4 LSU over No. 1 Florida No. 2 Texas over Colorado No. 3 Alabama over No. 20 MississippiNo. 5 Virginia Tech over Boston CollegeNo. 9 Ohio State over Wisconsin No. 10 TCU over Air ForceNo. 11 Miami (FL) over Florida A&M No. 12 Iowa over Michigan atNo. 14 Penn State over Eastern Illinois No. 15 Oklahoma State over Texas A&MNo. 16 Kansas over Iowa State atNo. 17 Auburn at ArkansasNo. 18 Brigham Young at UNLVNo. 19 Oklahoma over Baylor No. 21 Nebraska at No. 24 MissouriNo. 22 Georgia Tech at Florida StateNo. 25 South Carolina over Kentucky
Weekly Update (10/7/2009)
Ok soooo... another week down... food is getting much easier to figure out... Made some YUMMMMY turkey chili :D is super good and the portion size is HUGE...   I weighed into day... lost another 1.4 pounds :D:D:D:D:D Soo I am now at 269.4 which means.. i hit my first mini goal! go me!! HAVE LOST 8.4 POUNDS TOTAL!!   today.. I am off of my diet.. going to have alligator poboys and meat loaf! yum yum
A Weeks Passing
Mondays gone, Tuesdays passed, Wednesdays history, Thursdays last, Fridays here, Saturdays next, Sundays the future, A week what a wreck.
A Weeks Pain
Mondays slowTuesdays sameWednesday worstThursdays a painFridays the bestSaturdays moreSundays restFor Mondays galore
1 Week Without Weakness.
  It's been, one week since I looked at you....   7 days, going on 8 currently. My sleeping habits have changed, my eating habits have stayed the same, and my attitude has never been more indifferent. The only substantial difference I see since having retired from smoking, is the way people have acted toward me.   The non-smokers, and the reformed smokers(I still don't like those people), have accepted me with open arms. As in both cases, I am now one of them. But the smokers, those who i've left behind, have acted as if what I've done was a move against them and them alone. I have not treated ANY of them any differently, but have had numerous comments made toward me, and for what? For choosing to not do something with MY body? Why does this offend them? Do they hate me because they can't do it, but want to? Or because the can, but don't want to?   Either way, envy is the bastard brother of hate, and he's bringing him along for the trip. As the looks of anger I've gotten from pe
Week 10
AWAY                                                        HOME BEARS                                                   49ERS BILLS                                                    TITANS BUCCANEERS                                         DOLPHINS JAGUARS                                               JETS BRONCOS                                             REDSKINS SAINTS                                                  RAMS LIONS                                                   VIKINGS FALCONS          &nb
[weekend Update With Mordechai Vonawesomestein]
I like when people light heartedly and offhandedly mention that there is going to be a criminal background check and then I break into a cold sweat. Excluded from dozens of jobsoutright hauled off and fired at others. Being notified that certain felony charges are an automatic no contest dismissal was even better news. I asked to get the direct line and contact information for someone from HR. Not again...Jesus god ghandi and Ferris Beuller not again. So I check the public docket and information system. 4/7/09Order of dismissal filed. How about that drink kid?Oh that's right... work tomorrow...smoke?Fuck, 86 that, not with those chapped lips and that cold wind. Guess there's no realy way to celebrate right now, but on the plus side, I'm slightly less fucked than I was 10 minutes ago... Still hate you.... well, no not really. I lost that. But I certainly wouldn't do anything to help you. Ever. Wouldn't piss on you to put out a fire- even if I had a full bladder.        
2 Weeks To Win This Contest!!!
Help i'm in a contest to try to win a cherry bomb. I only have 2 weeks. I need the most comments and rates.
Week 11
Away                                                  Home   Excluding Thursdays Game... Redskins                                              Cowboys 49ERS                                                 Packers Falcons                                                Giants Bills                                                     Jaguars Seahawks                                             Vikings Browns                                                 Lions Steelers                                  
32 Weeks And Counting
If you would of asked me 2 years ago where I would be and how I would feel today , my answer would of not been pleasant . Since my divorce and Meeting Brett my life is so different . I smile alot and laugh too . A year and a half has gone by since we started dating and I can't picture anyone but him making me feel this good . Getting kicked right now by our little surprise I am sitting here smiling . I am counting the days till we get to hold him . I love my children very much and this little guy growing inside me is no exception . I can't wait to see his eyes and hear his giggle . I haven't felt this "high" on life in such a long time . I don't want it to ever end . Amazing how someone enters your life from out of no where and can so dramatically change it and help you find you and happiness along the way . Few more weeks to go and I am counting each moment,  every kick ,  and every hope not only for Brett and I but for all my children . So happy and content at this moment .....
1 Week
It's been a week since Dixie passed away. I miss her. I keep expecting to see her around the corner. It's seem very unreal. She should still be here. My family doesn't speak about it too much, but you notice it. Desktop backgrounds, phone wallpapers... her pictures are everywhere. This past week has been very emotionally and mentally draining. Dixie dying, my brother got married, final exams, and picking up work hours for the holiday season are really taking a toll on me. My body is sore.. it's just my emotions coming out physically. I feel more meloncholy than ever before. Lucky for Eric we're not Stick Boy and Match Girl. (Yay for those of you who understood that.)
 I deal with this same crap every Monday and I am getting sick of it. So for those of you who continue to do so, I will just direct you to this blog.   I don't come to fubar to have you harass me I work EVERY Saturday and Sunday 17-18 hour shifts. Before and after work, I try to rate as many people as I can, especially while I have a VIP. So basically, anyone who I see in my bar tab or friend requests. I get as many of you as I possibly can. At work, I can PM a little bit but that's all, and that's not always a guarantee. If you sent me a gift, I will mostly wait until Monday to respond to you so I can return the favor. So for you to get mad at me, saying I "ignored" you all weekend, how I'm a bitch for not responding to your PM, how I must be ungrateful for your attention because I haven't visited your page.... THIS IS FOR YOU. My work comes first, not fubar. How can you possibly not understand that unless you have truly made fubar your life? When I come back to let's just
Week 16 Playoff And Superbowl Predictions!
Ok, Week 17 could change all this, but I'm making my two wild card picks the Jets and the Ravens. Here's how I view it:   Round 1, AFC: NYJ @ CIN, BAL @ NE. CIN and NE win. Round 2, AFC: CIN @ IND, NE @ SD. NE and IND win. Round 3, AFC: NE @ IND. NE wins.   Round 1, NFC: DAL @ MIN, GB @ ARI. MIN and ARI win. Round 2, NFC: MIN @ PHI, AR @ NO. MIN and NO win. Round 3, NFC: MIN @ NO, NO wins.   Superbowl: NE @ NO, NO wins.   I honestly was very sketchy on some of these, but I figured that's how I'd call it. I almost flipped a coin for the superbowl. Comments welcome. I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, so please be nice.
Week 2 Is Over
I've survived. Barely. Apparently we'll be sticking each other with IV, Intramuscular, and Subcutaneous injections every day. What fun. Some of the new guys aren't that great... hurt like a bitch. Oh well, whatever. I went through that phase too lol. Time for bed. Nite!
2/2 Week 3
Soo.. I lost 2.5 pounds. am at 11.75 pounds lost in 3 weeks. Go me! GEAUX SAINTS! if you love me.. buy me saints bling... oh wait.. thats right...
Weekend Update
Im sick my son gave me his cold and I could strangle him.. he also informed me that i will be the basketball moms taxi tonight... FUCK ME! It was valentines day.. i hate valentines day Im pregnant still went to the doctor this morning found out im anemic... no wonder i was craving red meat.. Oh and of course my baby was moving so much they couldn't get a heart beat... SHOCKER I want to crawl into bed and die. Our drainage pipe stopped draining and decided to do a reverse in direction and come out the basement instead... I cant do laundry or dishes which poses a not enough maternity clothes problem.. And to top it all off i saw the skinniest pregnant lady who's baby belly looked like a tiny sour dough loaf.. I wanted to feed her chocolate and butter... I have to admit watching the olympics doesn't thrill me, never really has. That is all.. Oh and answering witchies question who's crazier, thank you all for tryign to be polite but i know im the nuttier of the two that is all.
Week 5 Weigh In :d
I lost 6.25 pounds somehow... GO ME! soo.. in 5 weeks... I am down 19.25 pounds... I have 7 weeks to lose 10.75 pounds to reach my goal of 30 pounds in 3 months :D I guess i better start thinking about what I want my next tattoo to be!
Why do week-ends have to be so darn short!!
Week 2- Day 1
What's up people?  Hope you had a good weekend. So it would seem that not a whole lot of people are interested in this, but I don't care so I'm gonna keep posting.  Lets get to Monday of week two.  I started with a good breakfast, some veggies, a slice of toast, and a couple of poached eggs.  1 glass of grapefruit juice, a glass of water, and a multi-vitamin.    Started with my normal warm up routine.  15 minutes doing that.  I don't recommend any specific routine, just anything that stretches your muscles and joints, as well as get's your heart pumping. After my warm up I moved on to the workout obviously, with a half liter thing of water.  Always be prepared.  I stuck with friday's routine to get me back into the swing of things for the week, so those of you who have read last weeks already know what i did.  For those of you who didn't here it is. 5 sets of 15 pushups 5 sets of 12 situps 5 sets of 16 squats 5 sets of 8 Pullups 5 sest of 8 Chinups 10 minutes of stretches 10
Weekend From Hell
Just keeping you in the loop.  So far I have received 700 total.  Like we knew that wasn't gonna happen lol. Also on Meghan's birthday (may 7th), Lee called to talk to big deal.  Kelly called at 4 to talk to her and Meghan said she didn't want to talk to Kelly.  So kelly called me 5 more times, gave my number to her family, and then proceeded to call my mom. Is there anything we can do about this when she ignores everything we have told her?  Not to call or text after 8pm.  Not to call Sam if you can't get in touch with me.  Not to give out my number.  And most definitely not to call my mom.  She called and texted all night Saturday after telling her and lee (again) not to call or text after 8 on school days and 9 on weekends.  On another note, Sam and the girls talked to lee for over an hour and a half yesterday without my knowledge of what was being said or asked. ( Sam thought that would be best in case someone asked if I fed the girls the info they were saying).  The girls
The Weekend Of The Performers
There are mornings I leave the house to go to work I feel extraordinarily rejected, almost as though it wouldn’t matter whether I came back or not.  But this morning was an exception; on my way out the door and backing the family van out of the driveway, there were Sarah and Jeffrey rushing up to the passenger side and shouting out, “I love you, Daddy!”  They moved around front almost as though they were trying to embrace the van or push it back if I’d stalled and then ran along the sidewalk until I had to turn.  And even though Martha has to talk me out of being so … enthusiastic with her when the kids are in the next room sometimes, I can sense she still wants to grow old with me, and I her.    Sunday morning was the last day of Sunday school at Bethany Lutheran until this fall (when Jeffrey will be starting class and probably know most of the songs by heart, wow) and Sarah was the only one in her class to have perfect attendance!  I didn’t see
Week By The Numbers
3. total number of hair clients on Friday. 3. Total number of nail clients on Saturday. 3. number of french manicures done on other student's clients (really? is it that hard?) 1. number of hair clients missing an ear. (not my fault, he came in that way.) 357. number of freak outs had while cutting the thickest, curliest hair I have ever seen. I couldn't even hide the freak outs. It went: cut hair, OH SHIT! oh we are good nevermind, repeat for an hour. 6. number of times I asked the educator to check that haircut. 2. number of times the educator freaked out on me for freaking out. I kinda deserved it. 1. Number of Swedish films seen over the weekend. did you know "what the fuck" is pronounced "what the fuck" in Swedeish. 4. number of referrals given to me already by that curly haired girl (she works in the call center at school! Fuck yea!) 102. percentage of people that tipped me for my services. (one of the people I painted for another student tipped me) 38. number of dolla
Weekend Getaway
WEEKEND GETAWAYBy Steven PardoeFriday 5:00pm finally came. Kristi worked more overtime this past week than she had all of last year, helping the law firm she worked for prepare for a huge case. With a sigh that flipped the lock of blonde hair dangling in her face upward, she pushed back her chair and grabbed her briefcase from under the desk. Opening the case to put what was left of a fruit salad in Tupperware, she saw an envelope lying on top with her name scribbled across the front. The envelope itself caught her attention; vanilla in color with twin palm trees in the top left corner. She reached down to see what is as her eyebrows lifted up in curiosity. Sliding her French manicured fingernail along the sealed edge, she pulled out a plane ticket and a note. The note simply said, “Thanks for a job well done; everything is taken care of…… enjoy!” The plane ticket was to a five star resort in Jamaica, and it left in an hour!As the jet descended out of the bill
Weekly Blog
Just to keep you all updated on the crazy life that is mine: 1. today ham is 32 weeks old, for those of you who don't know (KLOVERLYNN) ham is a girl. Yes you can all laugh now at the thought of a mini Wicked running around or you can turn and run. Needless to say Ham has finally turned and has her head in the exit position....and Ive only gained 21lbs.... woohooo! 2. I was running late this morning to my doctors appointment and threw on the jeans i wore last night, being that they are the most comfortable. I jump in Jeff's truck because i have a hard time dropping into my car now and off to the appointment i go... As I'm walking into the building i feel a large sag in my crotch... what the fuck did i just poo? is this a new pregnant thing.... omg. I run into the secluded hallways and feel in my pants and pull out the culprit... yesterdays panties! 3. I get home and I'm wondering will i always have something funny happen to me.. why am i the butt off all my jokes. then the door bell
Weekly Re-rate Day
To make things easier for me and my staff I am going to make Sunday's the day that All members must Re-Rate the Rollcall..This will insure that all members have each other R/F/A to each other...Mendi has been Rating everyone each day and has very few that rates her back..Just FYI she is the BOSS of this family and is the one that has the final say as to how things are done here..if you are not being active she will know and when she says remove then I WILL REMOVE you from the CTL...So you might want to make sure when she rates you that you return the gesture! As for the TOD..All members must rate the TOD folder of the person drawn that day EVERYDAY this means if you dont rate the TOD and DONT give me a reason why then you will be Removed for non-compliance to the rules! Level ups...We post all level ups in the video section of our stash..when you see the status say Leveling see stash...All members that are online at the time will be expected to participate in the level up!
Week 1, Day 1
So I started the Couch to 5K today.   I'm not a runner.  Never have been.  My boobs have always interfered.  (Laziness too.)   I finally said screw it.  I'm getting older and my body's feeling it.  I figured I'd better do something before I couldn't anymore.   It actually felt good.  I didn't run very fast, or very far, but I completed the program for today.  That's a lot for me.   I need some motivation though, so you fu-fucks need to make sure I get off my ass and do stuff, OK?
1 Week From Tomorrow
Okay, I have kept this to myself but now I can't...   Gona get a lil political here but if you continue to read you'll see why.   I am and forever will be a Constitutional Conservative...IE I'm a Reaganite! This means I believe that what the founding fathers wrote inside our Constitution is NOT then, not now and will never be up for debate. It is NOT a living document and cannot be changed for any reason! I also believed in Ronald Reagan when he was president and still believe that Capitolism is the very best for this country, America!  That Trickle Down Economics worked.  But that's not what this is about   America is going to the polls a week from tomorrow. This is what I want you to do... Take this next week, study the candidates in your district, find out what they are about, find out if they are right for you and for America. The Unemployment rate in this country is sky high, people are loosing thier homes, thier lively hood, they are loosing themselves in this economic
Week 1
today was my weigh in after week 1 i lost 4.6 pounds :D   goooo meeeee
Week 2
So this week was not that great, but I was still down. I lost .8...not quite a pound but with my nephews birthday and the superbowl...i am ok with it :)
3 Weeks Now...
....that I have been a juvenile mentor.... and while it's technically a volunteer position, I can honestly say this is the best "job" I've ever had :)
[weekday Update! ... Now With Twice The Ill]
[Real life update]So Sunday I went into the urgent care for some diagnostic tests.I don't really want to publically state what's wrong but here are some fun factoids.It might be a chronic condition that I've had a long time.Its not contagious. Its fairly unique to my anatomy and "something guys just get".And I've got some internal bleeding and infections as a result.WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!So I'm on a 10-20 day anti-inflamatory/anti-biotic regimen, I have to do some home-diagnostic tests, and I'm generally out of energy and in constant discomfort to slight pain along with some pretty high fatigue and lack of sleep and stress.Cancer is ... pretty much out of the equation.Unless I don't respond to medication and then I'm totally fucked.*thumbs up*But due to my test results and my age, all indications are that its an infectionnot cancer.I wonder who I'm trying to convinceme or you?[/real life update][Long ass video game rant that I've probably already written]AnywayWatchin
Week One Was Almost A Success?
Just completed week one of the "doubles", but my legs are so sore I could not do Kenpo X. I thought about doing the Stretch X. Its just very hard to move right now. I do have to pull it together, I have a couple shoots coming up in couple weeks. Have to sharpen up the abs and legs. 
Week 0: Pre Fitness Assessment
So.......   I have signed my self up to a fitness instructor to help me lose weight and gain some actual cardio.....   The guy is actually nuts,  he an ex paratrooper and currently a boxing coach. I went to the actual consultation session he swore like a sailor but basically sold him self well.   I quite like excersise but i lack motivation to puch my self hard - this guy says he will do it - i believe that he will and will possibly make me sick. This year i want to be able to play 90 minutes of football and also have a combat sports fight be it boxing or mma.   Wish me luck, im recording my shit on here so i can review what im doing and how i progress.   Anyway,   Wish me luck   Fat Kid Out!
Week Two Done Two More To Go......
Week two is now over and feel pretty good. Just more week till the recovery week. Then the fun begins. I believe the first benefit is that my day will start earlier. Working out twice aday, have not done that since I was a power lifter. Since I started doing P90x this is the first Sunday that I still walk. 
Weekly Meeting
Weekly Meetings Starting very shortly we are gonna start having weekly meetings. This will be a time for all the officers to get together and discuss everything that has gone on in the fast week. This is also a better way for us to keep up with what's going on with teams to make sure our Hottie's are following COC. I haven't decided what day the weekly meeting will be on, but once I know I will let the rest of you know. Meetings are gonna be held on YIM because there's a few people who have a problem with the lounge loading and what not. On that note, I need for every officer (that includes SWAT, team chiefs, deputy chiefs, and promoting) to send you YIM name in a pm to the homepage so it's on file and we can start sorting out the meeting. Please leave a comment stating that you read this. Also let me know what time zone you are and when is the best time for you (ie Weekday or Weekend and day or night)! Thanks for all your hard work ToniaNicole per Chief Founder
Weekend Update: Editorial Reply - S.1 : Ep.5
How odd is this? It is the exact same thing that we are going through now almost 35 years later.
Week One
Hey there, my sexy Fubarians!  Starting a new weekly thing featuring my predictions for the upcoming NFL games.  With that said, here are my Week One NFL picks.............   Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints:  Saints (Thurs. game, GB 42-NO 34)   Atlanta @ Chicago:  Chicago   Cincinnati @ Cleveland:  Cleveland   Buffalo @ Kansas City:  Buffalo   Philadelphia @ St. Louis:  St. Louis   Detroit @ Tampa Bay:  Detroit   Tennessee @ Jacksonville:  Tennessee   Pittsburgh @ Baltimore:  Pittsburgh   Indianapolis @ Houston:  Houston   NY Giants @ Washington:  NY Giants   Minnesota @ San Diego:  San Diego   Seattle @ San Francisco:  Seattle   Carolina @ Arizona:  Arizona   Dallas @ NY Jets:  Dallas   New England @ Miami:  New England   Oakland @ Denver:  Denver  
Week Two
     Hey everybody, it's King Jeremy again with my Week 2 NFL predictions!  Let's hope I do better this week than I did with Week 1 lol.  With that said, here's my Week 2 picks to win:   Oakland @ Buffalo: Buffalo   Kansas City @ Detroit:  Detroit   Baltimore @ Tennessee:  Baltimore   Cleveland @ Indianapolis:  Cleveland   Chicago @ New Orleans:  New Orleans   Jacksonville @ NY Jets:  NY Jets   Seattle @ Pittsburgh:  Pittsburgh   Arizona @ Washington:  Arizona   Green Bay @ Carolina:  Green Bay   Tampa Bay @ Minnesota:  Tampa Bay   Dallas @ San Francisco:  Dallas   Houston @ Miami:  Miami   Cincinnati @ Denver:  Cincinnati   San Diego @ New England:  New England   Philadelphia @ Atlanta:  Philadelphia   (ESPN Monday Night Football)   St. Louis @ NY Giants:  NY Giants
Week 2 Nfl 2012 Season - Al Davis Voodoo Doll Is Burned Alive
To all those peeps who said that firing Tom Cable and putting Hue Jackson in as Head Coach because he's the guy behind last season's wins?  What's your excuse now?  Ol Hue has an offensive but with this pansy ass, piece of crap defense that can't stop a running game, we got NOTHING!!!!    Hue I hope you have your backs packed in advance, because another game or 2 like yesterdays and you're gone.  Al may not even let you finish the season.  And Hue, I made an Al Davis Voodoo Doll and I threaten him with things like getting butt fucked or burned at the torch or buried alive or tied to the train tracks...yes I have to threaten your boss into making good decisions.     Week One was great but we also played the Broncos who are basically a crappy team. Don't be me wrong Hue, I'll take the win no matter who it is but yesterday proved that you don't have anything on Tom Cable and just as us loyal fans feared, Al made yet another RIDICULOUSLY STUPID decision in letting Tom go and promoting
Week 3
Hey there, sexy people!  King Jeremy again with my Week 3 NFL predictions!  I'm 11-5 in Week 2 and 18-14 overall this season.  Here now are my predictions to win this week:   New England @ Buffalo:  New England   San Francisco @ Cincinnati:  San Francisco   Miami @ Cleveland:  Cleveland   Denver @ Tennessee:  Tennessee   Detroit @ Minnesota:  Detroit   Houston @ New Orleans:  New Orleans   NY Giants @ Philadelphia:  Philadelphia   Jacksonville @ Carolina:  Carolina   Kansas City @ San Diego:  San Diego   NY Jets @ Oakland:  NY Jets   Baltimore @ St. Louis:  Baltimore   Arizona @ Seattle:  Arizona   Atlanta @ Tampa Bay:  Atlanta   Green Bay @ Chicago:  Green Bay   Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis:  Pittsburgh   (ESPN Monday Night Football)   Washington @ Dallas:  Dallas  
I feeel like i havent blogged for sooo long lol just been busy ...  Had a decent friday night , the boyfriend and i went to a lil pub / little club to play pool and to chit chat w/ his friend / my friend now who is the dj there . Hes like wow u guys are still together when you gonna have babies ? im like When were married lol haha so we stayed there for a bit went back to  my bf coreys place to watch tv lol So i get to talking to his mom shes like Aree u free dec 23rd im like its a few months away so sure .. His mom is planning a dinner at Tony romas for all the gf's and bfs ( bf has 1 bro and 1 sister ) .. since we all seem to say hi and bye all the time including the bfs bro and his gf and so on..  so she wanted to try something new this year before xmas since everybody gonna be uber busy with family and so on..Sooo that should be interesting lol i want to get to know my future in laws .. They are really nice ! :) Ive been dating their son for almost 3 years now sooo getting to know
Week 4
     Hey there cuties.....King Jeremy here with Week 4 NFL prediction s!!!  I'm 11-5 again on Week 3, making me 29-19 overall this season.  All comments and opinions are welcome, so here's my Week 4 predictions...........   Carolina @ Chicago:  Carolina   Buffalo @ Cincinnati:  Buffalo   Tennessee @ Cleveland:  Cleveland   Detroit @ Dallas:  Dallas   Washington @ St. Louis:  Washington   San Francisco @ Philadelphia:  San Francisco   Minnesota @ Kansas City:  Minnesota   New Orleans @ Jacksonville:  New Orleans   Pittsburgh @ Houston:  Pittsburgh   Atlanta @ Seattle:  Atlanta   NY Giants @ Arizona:  NY Giants   Miami @ San Diego:  San Diego   Denver @ Green Bay:  Green Bay   New England @ Oakland:  New England   NY Jets @ Baltimore:  Baltimore   (ESPN Monday Night Football)   Indianapolis @ Tampa Bay:  Tampa Bay      
Week 5
     Hey everybody!  King Jeremy here again with my weekly NFL predictions.  Week 4 was 10-6 for me, and 39-25 overall this season.  As always, all comments and opinions are welcome :)  Here's my Week 5 predictions.........        Philadelphia @ Buffalo:  Buffalo        Kansas City @ Indianapolis:  Indianapolis     Arizona @ Minnesota:  Arizona     Seattle @ NY Giants:  NY Giants     Tennessee @ Pittsburgh:  Tennessee     New Orleans @ Carolina:  New Orleans     Cincinnati @ Jacksonville:  Cincinnati     Oakland @ Houston:  Houston     Tampa Bay @ San Francisco:  Tampa Bay     NY Jets @ New England:  New England     San Diego @ Denver:  San Diego     Green Bay @ Atlanta:  Green Bay   (ESPN Monday Night Football)     Chicago @ Detroit:  Detroit
Week 6
     Hey there, sexy people!  King Jeremy with my Week 6 NFL predictions!  Week 5 was 7-6 for me, so let's hope this week gets better.  Here now are my picks............     Carolina @ Atlanta:  Atlanta     Indianapolis @ Cincinnati:  Cincinnati     San Francisco @ Detroit:  Detroit     St. Louis @ Green Bay:  Green Bay     Philadelphia @ Washington:  Philadelphia     Buffalo @ N.Y. Giants:  Buffalo     Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh:  Pittsburgh     Houston @ Baltimore:  Baltimore     Cleveland @ Oakland:  Oakland     Dallas @ New England:  Dallas     New Orleans @ Tampa Bay:  New Orleans     Minnesota @ Chicago:  Chicago                                                                                           (ESPN Monday Night Football)     Miami @ N.Y. Jets:  N.Y. Jets
Week 7
  Howdy, sexy people!  King Jeremy here with my weekly NFL picks!  Comments and opinions are welcome as always, so here's my picks for Week 7!!     Seattle @ Cleveland:  Cleveland     Atlanta @ Detroit:  Detroit     Houston @ Tennessee:  Tennessee     Denver @ Miami:  Denver     San Diego @ New York Jets:  San Diego     Chicago @ Tampa Bay:  Chicago     Washington @ Carolina:  Carolina     Pittsburgh @ Arizona:  Pittsburgh     Kansas City @ Oakland:  Oakland     St. Louis @ Dallas:  Dallas     Green Bay @ Minnesota:  Green Bay     Indianapolis @ New Orleans:  New Orleans     ESPN MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL     Baltimore @ Jacksonville:  Baltimore                                                            
Week 8
     Hey everyone!  King Jeremy here again with my Week 8 NFL predictions...............        Indianapolis @ Tennessee:  Tennessee        New Orleans @ St. Louis:  New Orleans        Miami @ N.Y. Giants:  N.Y. Giants        Minnesota @ Carolina:  Carolina        Arizona @ Baltimore:  Baltimore        Jacksonville @ Houston:  Houston        Washington @ Buffalo:  Buffalo        Detroit @ Denver:  Detroit        New England @ Pittsburgh:  New England        Cleveland @ San Francisco:  San Francisco        Cincinnati @ Seattle:  Cincinnati        Dallas @ Philadelphia:  Dallas        (ESPN Monday Night Football)        San Diego @ Kansas City:  San Diego
3 Week Godmode Contest January/february 2012
I am planning on running a GodMode contest in January or February of 2012.The contest will run for 3 Weeks, at the end of this time the winners will all be selected.This contest will be entry based, with the winner randomly selected through use of a randomizer.You can increase your number of entries through different actions, just like entering into a lottery.Certain actions will gain more entries than others.All entries are numbered, with the person's fubar name written next to them.The number that is selected through the randomizer (and it's associated fubar owner) is the winner of the GodMode.Alternate prizes will be selected by Myself according to their categories.This contest is open to anyone with a salute, who is not on My blocked list.Proposed Entry Options Include:Creative/Artistic Salute to Miss Mummy Macabre - 1 entry per salute, limit of 2 salutesBody Salute* to Miss Mummy Macabre - 1 entry per salute, limit of 2 salutesMost Rated Creative/Artistic Salute By Contest Close -
Week 1
So maybe Thanksgiving wasn't the best week to start I have been doing really well. Thye diet has been ok, no snacking has been tough. The no drinking while I eat is super hard. I have only had about 8 oz of diet soda, the rest has been water :D I am kickin ass Haven't even thought about smoking. I must realllllyyyy want this.   I learned to crochet, and I am making a scarf to surprise my sister for Christmas...I am pretty fuckin awesome.
A Week Before Masters, All-male Membership Debate Returns At Augusta
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — mulberry bags The appointment of a new chief executive at IBM has revived the debate over Augusta National’s all-male membership just one week before the Masters. IBM hired Virginia Rometty as its CEO this year, which could mean a break in recent tradition for either side. The last four CEOs of IBM have been members of Augusta, but the club has never had a female member since it was founded in 1933- mulberry sale . Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed- mulberry bags for sale .
Thank you for all the luvins...I tried to return most of it today.. but its hard when not on long. Been busy busy as usual. Yesterday got up at 7am..and headed to Cedar Point.  We didnt leave there til midnite. I was so flippin tired on way home..could barely keep eyes open.  Got in house around 230. So today I wll be busy with clean up.  Boys are home from camp...with camping gear all over..dirty clothes..etc. Anyways.. thank you all again for the luv! luv ya back! chin is fine. Just sore when I eat somewhat. I would love to buy a happy hr..or 65credit bling pack..for 100mil.  let me know..if you got one to spare!  hugs n all that fun stuff...
Week 2
So I'm been away from my house for about two weeks now. Paying a morgage in a place i won't be at for about 4/5 months sucks. but what can you do that's what's a new job is all about. The wheather has been good and people are nice. Still looking for places to go out though, went to the hotel bar at the the Hilton, right beside me and it was a good time on Firday night. Women were great lots of drinks...let's see what week three holds...
A Week At Xtreme Labs: An Engineer’s Perspective
A Week at Xtreme Labs: An Engineer’s Perspective The intensity of downtown Toronto’s rush-hour pedestrian traffic pales in comparison to the electric work environment of Xtreme Labs. After some time, most XL employees will get up to speed with our fast-paced work environment, but I clearly remember being overwhelmed on my first day as an Agile Engineer at our downtown Toronto office. Mobile isn’t the next big thing. It is the big thing right now, and it is only getting bigger. And mobile technologies are moving fast. And so, we’re constantly iterating on creating a work culture that allows our engineers to move fast while maintaining quality. A typical engineer’s week at XL is fun, intense, and goes by really fast. To lure our engineers into the office on time, breakfast is served every day at 9 AM. We start off each day with a five-minute company standup during which the entire company gathers and shares interesting, relevant, and even irr
weekend will be long, and I'll not say a word just set and take it like I did as a little girl. Help me help me I can't take it no more night takes over me I hope I get lost in the mist of the night so no one can see my pain.  bY Christine
Weeks Watching The Chase To This
PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Penguins never stopped believing they could beat the Philadelphia Flyers. Stevan Ridley Jersey . Not when the Flyers won the first three games of their Eastern Conference quarterfinals series. Not when the Flyers raced to a quick lead in Game 4. Not even in the waning moments of Game 6, when an unlikely comeback died in a surprisingly one-sided 5-1 loss. The Penguins began the playoffs eyeing a second Stanley Cup title in four years. The journey ended before it barely began. Again. A year ago, the Penguins had excuses when they fell to Tampa Bay in seven games in the opening round. Stars Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin were out. Lightning goaltender Dwayne Roloson played the series of his life. Pittsburgh was worn down after grinding for months without their two superstars in the lineup. Not this time. Pittsburgh started the playoffs at full strength only to get outplayed and -- even worse -- outclassed by the Flyers. Goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury was errati
A Week At Xtreme Labs: An Engineer’s Perspective
The intensity of downtown Toronto’s rush-hour pedestrian traffic pales in comparison to the electric work environment of Xtreme Labs. After some time, most XL employees will get up to speed with our fast-paced work environment, but I clearly remember being overwhelmed on my first day as an Agile Engineer at our downtown Toronto more-
A Week At Xtreme Labs: An Engineer’s Perspective
The intensity of downtown Toronto’s rush-hour pedestrian traffic pales in comparison to the electric work environment of Xtreme Labs. After some time, most XL employees will get up to speed with our fast-paced work environment, but I clearly remember being overwhelmed on my first day as an Agile Engineer at our downtown Toronto more-
Week 2 Day 3
As of today i have ran 6 miles since monday. The weight lifting still isnt happening....need to work on that. I am down to 201LBS. not a bad start need to work harder. Hopefully the NCOPD with BDE CSM wont interfere with my 4 mile ruck tomorrow.
Week One
As of right now,this by far has been impressive.Just want to see how far this goes with new friends and fu-associates. One friend in mind was the best pick ever,and it took her curiousity to lead the way and guidance to give me more of an underestanding on fubar.
Weenie Test
Weenie Test Three third graders from Tennessee, an Irish kid, an Italian kid and a Redneck kid are on the playground at recess. The Irish kid suggests that they play a new game. “Let's see who has the largest weenie,” he says. “Okay.” They all agree. The Italian kid pulls down his zipper and whips it out. “That's nothing,” says the Irish kid. He whips his out and proudly shows that his is at least an inch longer. Not to be outdone, the Redneck kid whips his out. It is by far not only the biggest, but the fattest. That night, eating dinner at home, the Redneck kid's mother asks him what he did at school today. “Oh, we worked on a science project, had a math test and read out loud from a new book and then, during recess, my friends and I played a new game called 'Let's see who has the largest weenie.” “What kind of game is that, honey?” asks the mother. “Well, me, Anthony and Patrick each pulled out our weenies and I had the biggest! The other kids say
Weenie In The Wind
PLEASE ........ RATE THIS! THANKS BOB! > A man came to visit his grandparents, and he noticed his grandfather > sitting on the porch, in the rocking chair, wearing only a shirt, with > nothing on from the waist down. > > 'Grandpa, what are you doing? Your weenie is out in the wind for > everyone to see!' he exclaimed. > > The old man looked off in the distance without answering. > > 'Grandpa, what are you doing sitting out here with nothing on below the > waist?' he asked again. > > The old man slowly looked down between his legs then back at him and > said, 'Well... Last week I sat out here with no shirt on, and I got a > stiff neck. > > 'This is your grandma's idea.'
Ween-tried And True (live)
At the dawn, I woke, I was alone, rising I called you on, the force, of time and space, calling And as she came, to me, I fell back down, realizing Oh that it's cool, for you, to love me now, I'm everything Everything - 'cause tried, and true, I see the light in you Oh han you dig in my soul, could you smell my whole, life? You bent the edge, eclipsed, and turned around, aligning And though the dark, sparked rays of violet light, blinding I went about, the job, of sowing thoughts, and feelings Oh some were good, some bad, I felt the cries, of healing 'Cause tried and true, I see the light in you Oh can you dig in my soul, could you smell my whole, life? Rise, my Dawn, you've been awake too long Let me rest in time, while I blow your mind At the dawn, I woke, I was alone, rising (I got ya) I called you on, the force, of time and space, calling (see them) And as she came, to me, I fell back down, realizing (creation) that it's cool, for you, to love me now, I'm
The Weenie Test
Weenie Test Three third graders from Tennessee , an Irish kid, an Italian kid and a Black child are on the playground at recess. The Irish kid suggests that they play a new game. 'Let's see who has the largest weenie.' He says, 'Okay.' They all agree. The Irish kid pulls down his zipper and whips it out. 'That's nothing,' says the Italian kid. He whips his out and proudly shows that his is at least an inch longer. No t t o be outdone, t he Black kid whips his out. It is by far not only the biggest, but the fattest. That night, eating dinner at home, the Black kid's mother asks him what he did at school today. 'Oh, we worked on a science project , had a math test and read out loud from a new book and then during recess, my friends and I played a new game called 'Let's see who has the largest weenie.' 'What kind of game is that, honey?' asks the mother. 'Well, me, Anthony and Patrick each pulled out our weenies and I had the biggest! The other
Weenie Test
Weenie Test   Three 3rd Graders: an Irish kid, an Italian kid and a Black kid, are on the playground at recess. The Irish kid suggests that they play a new game. "Let's see who has the largest weenie," he says.   "Okay." They all agree.    The Irish kid pulls down his zipper and whips it out.     "That's nothing," says the Italian kid. He whips his out, and proudly shows that his is at least an inch longer.     Not to be outdone, the Black kid whips his out. It is by far, not only the biggest, but the fattest.     That night, eating dinner at home, the Black kid's mother asks him what he did at school today.     "Oh, we worked on a science project, had a math test, and read out loud from a new book, and then during recess, my friends and I played a new game called 'Let's see who has the largest weenie."     "What kind of game is that, honey?" asks the mother.     "Well, me, Anthony and Patrick each pulled out our weenies, and I had the biggest! The other kids say it's because I'm Bl
Weeping Willow Tree
These are the words spoken to me, as I sat under the Weeping Willow Tree. Listen to the wisps of the Willow tree, Do you hear, do you percieve? Whispering life secrets, spoken only to you. Heed these words,I want you to see. Soft, sweet words spoken only to me Learn them well, they will guide you through, Make you aware, of life's little treasures. For they are everywhere. Listen intently, ever so close. For your very special, not like most. That soul of yours is very old. Taken from a special mold. Don't ever give up, so much lies ahead. Life holds so much sweetness, it's not all dread. Those gifts you possess, were not given in vain. They are here to assist you. As you walk the plain. As you get older, you will understand. Life is just a master plan. So my child, take it from me. I would never steer you wrong. So I sing to thee, this special song. Alway's listen to the wisps of the Weeping Willow tree.
Brave young warrior where have you gone Into the hills to mourn your song The breaking heart knows no ache like that of the warrior when it breaks The raging waters know not how deep the tears of the warrior when he weeps From umber hills the plaintive yell the heart of the warrior breaking all to hell Come now the spirits to calm from within the tears of the warrior for his lost friend At end of day the tears have ebbed the tear-spent warrior none left to shed On morning's light quietly he comes to bury the hatred that was done He carries the dead within his heart warriors weep when loved ones part His jaw now set in stern reprove when warriors weep the world is moved
Weeping Monday
~weep In Wonder~
They weep in wonder as he sings... crooning to them. Starlings all of them with sex in their eyes. Longing to open wide for him their nether mouths dripping for him... but they will go home longing... and alone but for what fiends they can find hanging outside the bar, buying their fixes sewing up snitches being the tattooed love boys they were born to be. The smell of their addiction Caressing their greasy flesh Bangs that hang in clumps across their pallid faces. For a drink or a lick and a promise these starlings can have a night of half hard fucks... But I will take Him home. And we will bleed the night away together... in love and death. And the starlings will still weep in wonder. ~Kory~ 05/25/07
~weep In Wonder~
They weep in wonder as he sings... crooning to them. Starlings all of them with sex in their eyes. Longing to open wide for him their nether mouths dripping for him... but they will go home longing... and alone but for what fiends they can find hanging outside the bar, buying their fixes sewing up snitches being the tattooed love boys they were born to be. The smell of their addiction Caressing their greasy flesh Bangs that hang in clumps across their pallid faces. For a drink or a lick and a promise these starlings can have a night of half hard fucks... But I will take Him home. And we will bleed the night away together... in love and death. And the starlings will still weep in wonder. ~Kory~ 05/25/07
The Weepingsong ...
Weep Not For Me, My Mother
I’m up in heaven mother Enjoying God’s glorious views I’m conversing with you now mother Through a porthole, of a poets muse I can feel your sorrow mother Your anguish and your pain I plea with you, don’t cry for me For we’ll be together once again Let the tears you cry be joyous ones I am now happy where I am I’m just so proud to be here Serving as, my Heavenly Father’s lamb I also have my halo on It gives off a divinely glow It’s ok to hold me in your heart But please let my spirit go I still love you mother You are still the world to me When God calls for you to be here We’ll be together for all eternity I am smiling at you mother As you go about your days Just cast your eyes towards heaven mom And to God sing out with praise Next time that you think of me, mother Just smile and please don’t cry You know that we will meet again In my heavenly home on high Just place your fingers to your lips Point them, into a g
Weeping Tears
Weeping Willow Adn A Life> *
A new mother takes her new baby up that lonly hill and lays her gently in the grass and she remarks LOOK how sad, and toghter they walk down the hill.. A sweet little girl skipping rope up a lonly hill and rest in the grass of a weeping willow and she asks WEEPING WILLOW why do u look so sad and in the gentle summer breze he replies, I am to feeble for my branches to swing on. I bear no fruit to satisfy your hunger. And with that the sweet little girls gets Up and walks down the lonly hill.. A few yrs later The same sweet girl walks up hte lonly hill wearing braces and twisten her hair she rests on the grass by the weeping willow and ask weeping willow why do u look so sad? Weeping willow replies in the cool crisp autumn wind. I am to feeble for my branches to swing on. I bear no fruit to satisfy your hunger. And with that the sweet girl gets Up and walks down the lonly hill. A few more yrs pass and today dozen of people walk up to the hill and a beautiful women is geting marri
The Weeping Song
Weep Not
Weep not for the devil child For he holds in him hate of the world Shed those tears for the ones he loathes And takes there food shelter and cloths He holds no love and bears only hate Weep not for the devil child But do love him in all his hate...
How lovely is she... Who stands to kiss... How tender and sweet... The softness of her lips... to comfort my pain as I weep...
Weeping At The Amber Moon
Tear trickles down a blood soaked heart Flashing lights and a crimson haze Others thinking what they did was smart Life has always been a dark twisting maze Medic running, panting, screaming "Clear" Hurry we are losing him Police asking what happened here His soul drowning, refusing to swim Spirit leaving, no longer willing to fight Friends and family in mourning This was his trouble and his blight No one stopped to see his warning An end to a rocky start A girl asked what happened Poor bloke died from a broken heart
As a women i want to know how is it a man can say one word to you and make u cry ... instantly . maybe i am just real sensitive right now and no i am not on my rag .....
The Weep Of Silent Heart
The Weep of Silent Heart No small tears can amount, to promises made with a lot of doubt. Saddened eyes like crystal glass, A broken shatter ment to last. A broken heart with a cut so deep, Now a silent heart will forever weep
Weeping In A Silent Dark
In silence he weeps,Alone in his mind,Memories haunt while he sleeps,It's like stuck on rewind,In the darkness he can see,What nobody knew,He can never be,Washed away in a happy see.Standing there,How unaware,The world passes him by,Nobody will ever see him cry,Thinking he is just so dry,Who could understand why?Behind those eyes,A soul no longer lies,As his tattered heart slowly dies.Alone he weeps,As the chilling darkness creeps,In silence he weeps...
Wee Wee...errrrr...oui, Oui
Wee Wee...errrrr...Oui, Oui Oct 2, 2006 Bonjour! Sitting at a "cyber cafe" in Paris trying to re-learn how to type on a French keyboard. Paris is amazing though. Got to see a ridiculous view from the Eiffle Tower last night, and see Jim Morrison's tomb this morning. Rest of the time I am just wide-eyed looking at all the beautiful buildings, and trying to find low carb meals in the Carb Capitol of the world!!!! All good though...plenty of cheese and eggs as well as steak. So back to recording more vocals tomorrow. Been several "Goose Bump" moments.... Wait until you kids hear "I have Been Waiting" version 2.0. It is killing me right now. As we sit in London cutting vocals D_rock keeps sending us some amazing guitar parts...Great stuff all around!!!! Got to go... Time is almost up!!! Troy posted 7:58 AM
This is a little late, but still funny. One beautiful December evening Pedro and his girlfriend, Rosita, were sitting by the side of the ocean. There was a romantic full moon and Pedro said, "Hey, mamacita, let's do Weeweechu." "Oh no, not now, let's look at the moon!" said Rosita. "Oh, c'mon baby, let's you and I do Weeweechu. I love you, and it's the perfect time," Pedro begged. "But I wanna just hold your hand and watch the moon." replied Rosita. "Please, mi corazon, just once, do Weeweechu with me." Rosita looked at Pedro and said, "OK, one time, we'll do Weeweechu." Pedro grabbed his guitar, and they both sang ..."Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year." MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
Wee Willie's Blowjob!
Wee Willie's Blowjob! Wee Willie was born with a hook in his penis, He grew up thinking this made him a genius! But his Pappy told him and his Mammie too, "That hook in your penis be the ruin of you!" Willie got older and turned to politics, But all he ever thought about was his dick! Willie worked real hard and made it to the top, But he forgot the warning from his old Pop! Monica Luwinsky was Willie's downfall, In the Oval Office Willie had it all! Then he got caught with Monica on her knees, He got a good blowjob but he wasn't pleased! Willie remembered after he was found out, What his old Pappy had been talkin' about! Willie thought Republicans were "Raisin' hob," To win the election using his blowjob! And the history has proved that this was true, George Bush took over power when all was through. Bush claims his war's about mass weapons and rights, But everyone knows it's just an oil fight. Bush wants all your votes so he can help the rich, Th
Weeweechu One beautiful December evening Pedro and his girlfriend Rosita were sitting by the side of the ocean.. It was a romantic full moon, when Pedro said, "Hey, mamacita, let's do Weeweechu." "Oh no, , not now let's look at the moon!" said Rosita. "Oh, c'mon baby, let's you and I do Weeweechu. I love you and it's the perfect time," Pedro begged. "But I wanna just hold your hand and watch the moon." replied Rosita. "Please, corazoncito, just once, do Weeweechu with me." Rosita looked at Pedro and said, "OK, one time, we'll do Weeweechu." Pedro grabbed his guitar and they both sang..... "Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year." MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! NOW GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!
One beautiful December evening Pedro and his girlfriend Rosita were sitting by the side of the ocean. It was a romantic full moon, when Pedro said, "Hey, mamacita, let's do Weeweechu." Oh no, not now, let's look at the moon!" said Rosita. Oh, c'mon baby, let's you and I do Weeweechu. I love you and it's the perfect time," Pedro begged. "But I wanna just hold your hand and watch the moon." replied Rosita Please, corazoncito, just once, do Weeweechu with me." Rosita looked at Pedro and said, "OK, one time, we'll do Weeweechu." Pedro grabbed his guitar and they both sang..... "Weeweechu a Merry CHRISTmas, Weeweechu a Merry CHRISTmas, Weeweechu a Merry CHRISTmas, and a Happy New Year."
It's a romantic full moon, when Pedro said, 'Hey, mamacita, let's do Weeweechu.' Oh no, not now, let's look at the moon!' said Rosita. Oh, c'mon baby, let's you and I do Weeweechu. I love you and it's the perfect time,' Pedro begged. 'But I wanna just hold your hand and watch the moon.' replied Rosita. Please, corazoncito, just once, do Weeweechu with me.' Rosita looked at Pedro and said, 'OK, one time, we'll do Weeweechu.' Pedro grabbed his guitar and they both sang..... 'Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.' MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
It's a romantic full moon, when Pedro said, "Hey, mamacita, let's do Weeweechu." Oh no, not now, let's look at the moon!" said Rosita. Oh, c'mon baby, let's you and I do Weeweechu. I love you and it's the perfect time," Pedro begged. "But I wanna just hold your hand and watch the moon." replied Rosita. Please, corazoncito, just once, do Weeweechu with me." Rosita looked at Pedro and said, "OK, one time, we'll do Weeweechu." Pedro grabbed his guitar and they both sang..... "Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year." MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Light & Love Always, Paulette
Weeweechu To Cute!
It's a romantic full moon, when Pedro said, 'Hey, mamacita, let's do Weeweechu.' Oh no, not now, let's look at the moon!' said Rosita. Oh, c'mon baby, let's you and I do Weeweechu. I love you and it's the perfect time,' Pedro begged. 'But I wanna just hold your hand and watch the moon.' replied Rosita. Please, corazoncito, just once, do Weeweechu with me.' Rosita looked at Pedro and said, 'OK, one time, we'll do Weeweechu.' Pedro grabbed his guitar and they both sang..... 'Weeweechu a Merry Chris tmas, Weeweechu a Merry Chris tmas, Weeweechu a Merry Chris tmas, and a Happy New Year!
We Expect
We expect each day in life To be sunny all the while We grumble when there's raindrops and Forget just how to smile-- But sometimes, there must be grey skies And clouds above you see, For that's the way that nature works And the way life has to be. Don't walk those days with downcast eyes Look up and face the rain For in a little while you'll find The sun will shine again.
Weezer - Undone (the Sweater Song)
** I know the song is simple to sing, but you know you can't help loving this track** Weezer - Undone (The sweater song) Matt*: Hey bra', how we doin', man? Karl**: Alright. Matt: It's been awhile, man. Life's so rad! This band's my favorite, man. Don'tcha love 'em? Karl: Yeah. Matt: Aw, man, do you want beer? Karl: Alright. Matt: Aw, man. Wow, bra', this is the best, man. I'm so glad we're all back together and stuff. This is great, man. Karl: Yeah. Matt: Hey, do you know about the party after the show? Karl: Yeah. Matt: Aw, man, it's gonna be the best. I'm so stoked! Take it easy, bra'. I'm me, me be Goddamn, I am I can, sing and Here me, know me. If you want to destroy my sweater Hold this thread as I walk away. Mykel***: Hey, what's up? Matt: Not much. Mykel: Um... did you hear about the party? Matt: Yeah. Mykel: I think I'm going to go, but, um... my friends don't really wanna go. Could I get a ride? Oh no, it go It gone, bye-bye...bye Who I, I
Weezer - Perfect Situation
What's the deal with my brain? Why am I so obviously insane? In a perfect situation I led love down the drain There's the pitch, slow and straight All I have to do is swing and I'm a hero But I'm a zero Hungry nights once again Now it's getting unbelievable Cause I could not have it better But I just can't get no play From the girls all around As they search the night For someone to hold on to And just pass through Get your hands off the girl Can't you see that she belongs to me? And I don't appreciate this Excess company Though I can't satisfy All the needs she has And so she starts to wander Can you blame her? Tell me there's a logic out there Leading me to better prepare For the day that something really special might come Tell me there's some hope for me I don't want to be lonely For the rest of my days on the earth
Weezer-perfect Situation
What's the deal with my brain? Why am I so obviously insane? In a perfect situation I let love down the drain. There's the pitch, slow and straight. All I have to do is swing and I'm a hero, but I'm a zero. Hungry nights, once again Now it's getting unbelievable. 'Cause I could not have it better, But I just can't get no play From the girls, all around As they search the night for someone to hold onto. And I just pass through... singing... ooooooh oh. Ooohhhhh oh. Ooohhh oohh. Singing... ooooooh oh. Ooohhhhh oh. Ooohhh oohh. Get your hands off the girl, Can't you see that she belongs to me? And I don't appreciate this excess company. Though I can't satisfy all the needs she has And so she starts to wander... Can you blame her? singing... oooooooh oh. Ooohhhhh oh. Ooohhh oohh. Singing... oooooooh oh. Ooohhhhh oh. Ooohhh oohh. Tell me there's a logic out there. Leading me to better prepare For the day that something really special might come. Tell
Weezy Baby
Music Video:HUSTLER MUSIK/MONEY ON MY MIND (by Lil' Wayne)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com
11.17.08 - Weezer - Undone (the Sweater Song)
SONG VERSION BELOW Undone -- The Sweater Song - Weezer VIDEO VERSION BELOW Undone -- The Sweater Song - Weezer LYRICS BELOW (Hey bra, how we doin' man?) (Alright) (It's been a while man life is so rad This band's my favourite man, don't you love them?) (Yeah) (Oh man you want a beer?) (Alright) (Oh man Hell bra this is the best man I'm so glad we're all back together and stuff This is great man) (Yeah) (Hey do you know about the party after the show?) (OK) (Oh man it's gonna be the best I'm so stoked Take it easy bra) I'm me Me be Goddamn I am I can Sing and Hear me Know me If you want to destroy my sweater Pull this thread as I walk away (Hey, what's up?) (Not much) (Umm, did you hear about the party?) (Yeah) (I think I'm gonna go, but umm my friends don't really want to go Could I get a ride?) Oh no It go It gone Bye-Bye (Bye!) Who I I think I sink and I die If you want to destroy my sweater Pull this thr
Weezer-perfect Situation
What's the deal with my brain? There's the pitch, slow and straight All I have to do is swing In a perfect situation Why am I so obviously insane? I let love down the drain And I'm the hero But I'm the zero Now it's getting unbelievable 'Cause I could not have it better Hungry nights, once again But I just can't get no play From the girls, all around As they search the night for someone to hold onto I just pass through Singing Oh ho, oh ho, oh ho whoa Oh ho, oh ho, oh ho whoa Singing Get your hands off the girl Can't you see that she belongs to me? And I don't appreciate this excess company Though I can't satisfy all the needs she has And so she starts to wander Can you blame her? Singing Oh ho, oh ho, oh ho whoa Singing Oh ho, oh ho, oh ho whoa Tell me there's a logic out there Leading me to better prepare For the day that something really special might come Tell me there's some hope for me I don't wanna be lonely For the rest of my days on the Earth, oh Oh ho, ho ho, oh ho whoa Singi
We Fall Down By Donnie Mcclurkin
I know this song has very few words, and I know most of them are repeated. I believe that when you repeat these words, let them sink into your heart and believe it, the song will mean something. We fall down But we get up We fall down But we get up We fall down But we get up For a saint is just a sinner who fell down, and got up (repeat) You can get back up again (get back up again[6x]) For a saint is just a sinner who fell down and got up
We Face New Challenges Everyday
We Fade To Grey.....
It's 2:23 am...and I'm sitting here. Tired. Alone. Thoughts shooting around my head like a pinball. ------------------- Listening : John Carpenter - Police State Logic System - Automatic Collect Automatic Correct Simple Minds - Fear of Gods Xenon - Xenon Galaxy (Theme Version) John Carpenter - The End (remix) Smiles - Pendulum (Space Version) Fashion - Mutant Dance Move Night Moves - Transdance Xymox - Scum (Dance Mix) Project One - Look Out (Project Mix) Front 242 - Take One Visage - Fade To Grey Ministry - Primental Intro - Lost mix (Muzak Superior) Vision - Lucifer's Friend (Extended) Re-Flex - Flex It! Wet - That's The Game (Instrumental) Stroke - Tokyo Amazon (Inst) Black Devil - One To Choose the League Unlimited Orchestra - Things That Dreams Are Made Of ---------------- Watching : ---------------- Thinking : I wish things were like the Easy button. Want to leave and go far away? Press the Button. Situation is bad...ta
We Feeling Ourselves In The Club!!!
We Finally Entered 1
We Finally Get Together
I circle my apartment finding and returning things to their rightful place. I'm doing anything to keep my mind off my plans for the night. We have fooled around. Tonight we are going to make love. Fantasies keep popping in my head. I may have to get started before he arrives. I hear the knock. I throw a par of jeans on a nearby chair. Who cares? "I love it when you smile like that." he says. He is so tall. I'm lost in his eyes, unable to say "Hello." I never want to forget his smell. Indescribable. I take a deep breath as he walks past. It is his first time in my apartment. There is not much to look at and not enough space to give a tour. I'm certain he's at least semi-hard. I understand older women wanting twenty-something men. There is complete silence. We both know what he is here for but we are both too afraid to make the first move. I move him to the couch. "Sit." I sit in front of him. I want to see just how excited he is going to get. It's my own form of passive t
We Finally Did It!!!!!!!
We Finalized The Names!
May 14th- Well we have finalized it down to the names we like! If it's a boy we will name him Anthony Amico Marchione! If it's a girl we will be naming her Bianca Patricia Marchione! Amico is Tobe's grandma's maiden name and Patricia is her first name. We love having a bit of ancestry in our children's names! Thursday (May 17th) I will have my next OB appointment and the sonogram. Hopefully we will have a cooperating baby and will know what our child will be!
We Finnish Last
Can someone please explain to me why this is. Why is it some guys are rude, ignorant, abusive and just all round dicks, yet in the game of love, the good girls go for that, and we good guys get stuck with the losers, liars and cheaters? I'm not calling any of my friends any of that above, not many of you know I just came out of an emotionally abusive relationship, where even though I was spoken for, I was still alone. I was for the most part a good guy, I would wake up early, call her in the mornings, every break, and after work, while she was going out sleeping around, starting new relationships online, and just plain deceiving me. I did learn from her not to fully trust females with my heart, can you blame me? I try to be as sweet as I can be to everyone I meet, some of my friends can testify to that, and out of it I do get the gratification of knowing they are happy and smiling. Thats always been one of the most important thing to me, is that I can make good friends, and keep them h
We Fight!!!
For all the free people that still protest, you're welcome. We protect you and you are protected by the best. Your voice is strong and loud, but who will fight for you? No one standing in your crowd. We are your fathers, wives, brothers, sisters, son and daugther, wearing the boots and carrying the guns. We are the ones that leave all we own, to make sure your future is carved in stone. We are the ones who fight and die. We might not be able to save the world, well at least we try. We walked the paths to where we are at and we want no choice other than that. So when you rally your group to complain, take a look in the back of your brain. In order for that flag you love to fly, wars must be fought and young men must die. We came here to fight for the we hold dear, if that's not respected, we would rather stay here. So please stop yelling and put down your signs, and pray for those behind enemy lines. When the conflict is over and all is well, be thankful t
We Fight
Well that's what we do... We fight... You tell me when I am being an arrogant son of a bitch and I tell you when you are a pain in the ass. Which you are, 99% of the time. I'm not afraid to hurt your feelings. You have like a 2 second rebound rate, then you're back doing the next pain-in-the-ass thing.
We Fight
We fight for what many won't Our bodies battle like many don't We save lives in the field Knowing that we may be killed Freedom is saved by what we do You don't understand that it's all for you We take the punishment to help the others Our mission is to save our brothers Mothers at home worry about us every day Just so you can have everything your way Some people at home put us down and call us names While miles away we fight for freedom so that our nation can reign We see the blood of our brothers But we keep on fighting for all the others We never give up and we always try When banded together we will never die Know this peace lovers, war haters, sad mothers, and mob creators We fight the war for you as well We take the bullets in our chests and go through all the hell We are the Marines We battle day to day No Matter how much pain we take Our freedom is what we save We take our guns, and we take our lives and put them on the line We knew the suffering we would
We Fly High/jim Jones
Music Video:WE FLY HIGH/ REPPIN' TIME (by Jim Jones)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
We Fly High
I wear a mean dark pair of shades Aint you cant see my eyes unless my head is bent , you dig We fly high, No Lie ,You know this (BALLIN!) Foreign rides, outside, its like showbiz (We in the building) (Girl) We stay fly, No Lie ,You know this (BALLIN!) Hips and Thighs, Oh my, Stay focus Ya boy gettin paper (Money), I buy big cars (Foreign) I need fly rides to drive in my garage (Choose 1) Stay sky high (Twisted), Fly wit the stars (Twinkle ,Twinkle) T 4 ? Flights , 80 grand large (BALLIN!) So we lean with it, pop with it (Bankhead) 'Vertible jones, mean with the top listen (Flossin) I'm sayin clean with the bottom ?(Do It) I Hop'd out saggy jeans and my rock glistenin(BALLIN!) But I spent bout 8 grand Mami on stage doin the rain dance (I think she like me) She let it hit the floor, made it pop (What Else !?) Got my pedal to the floor screamin fuck the cops(Do It!) We fly high, No Lie ,You know this (BALLIN!) Foreign rides, outside, its like showbiz We fly hi
We Fly High
Music Video:WE FLY HIGH (REMIX) (by Jim Jones)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
We Fly High Lyrics
[Chorus]We fly high, no lie, you know this (Ballin!)Foreign rides, outside, it's like showbiz (We in da builidin)We stay fly, no lie, you know this (Ballin)Hips and thighs, oh my, stay focus[Verse 1]Ya boy gettin paper (Money), I buy big cars (Foreign)I need fly rides to drive in my garage (Choose 1)Stay sky high (Twisted), fly wit the stars (Twinkle, Twinkle)T 4? Flights, 80 grand large (Ballin!)So we lean wit it, pop wit it (Bankhead)Vertible jones, mean wit the top listen (Flossin)Im sayin clean wit the bottom? (Do It)I hop'd out saggy, jeans and my rock glistenin (Ballin!)But I spent bout 8 grandMami on stage doin the rain dance (Ithink she like me)She let it hit the floor, made it pop (What else?!)Got my pedal to the floor screamin fuck the cops (Do It)[Chorus]We fly high, no lie, you know this (Ballin!)Foreign rides, outside, it's like showbiz We stay fly, no lie, you know this (Ballin!)Hips and thighs, oh my, stay focus[Verse 2]So I spend the life like there's no tomorrow (Speed
We Found Love!
Baby baby don't you ever let go More and more until we both overflow Got a feeling that my heart's never known I found love Tender kisses and I'm floating on air You can have me anytime, anywhere When you need me I will always be there I found love And our love goes round and round Way up high, a joy ride We can touch the stars above We found love And our love was heaven sent From the day we first met We've got something they can't touch We found love Loving you is like a taste of heaven Wanna gaze into your eyes forever Run away and spend our lives together I've found love Baby baby All it takes is one touch And immediately I feel a rush Baby boy, too much is never enough I found love And our love goes round and round Way up high, a joy ride We can touch the stars above We found love And our love was heaven sent From the day we first met We've got something they can't touch We found love I don't need anything When you're here next to me Nobody in thi
We Forget Love And Sensuality
Its amazing how we have drawn lines in the sand with love and sensuality. Its who we own, not who is in need or basically human. As a living breathing human being we need touch, love, sensual experience. If we recieve all that from our significant other then we are truely blessed. However many of us are single, or going through a rough spot  and deeply desire (no matter how hard we deny) the need to feel the passion and desires of another. In many cases it sets the temperature of how we feel about ourselves. Strength, confidence, postivie feeling. Many good things come from this exchange of affection. Yet we sit as single poeple beating around the bush of social stagnation wondering if or when the right oppertunity may come to feel special and loved again.. Just imagine what the world could be for us signles if we could lift that fear.. to really find people of true heart, those that can love without ownership. Even to take someone as a friend and love them, express this to them throug
We Fucked At A Party While People Watched.
I love public sex and went to a party wearing a sarong slit to my waist.  No bra and a transparent thong.  I met a hunk and sat so he could see my thong/clit.  I took him down the hill to a swimming hole and took off my sarong as people cheered.  I jumped in and floated while caressing my clit.  I came out and stripped and sat on a bench and pulled out his prick and sucked it as he finger fucked me and then I stripped him and sat on his prick as we fucked.  He dressed but I stayed nude as we walked through the crowd.  I stopped to suck pricks while guys stroked my clit and tits.  Yay!
You scored as Doggie-Style, The doggie style position is one of rear entry however not entry in ur rear. The man is dominant and women who enjoy having their body savagely caressed by their man and feeling like they are irresistable will enjoy this position. This is a very erotic position which will make her feel like a goddess because the man WILL deeply enjoy seeing her butt and body. This position allows for deep penetration and stimulation of the g-spot and clit with the fingers at same time.Doggie-Style100% Probably Bi-sexual95% Anal sex80% Cowgirl Position70% Missionary45% Oral sex/ 6935% Which sexual position is best for you? (women)created with
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We Gave Our Baby A Name.....
I think that part of the reason that I have been able to make peace with the loss of the baby as well as I have over the last couple weeks is that I made up a little place in the house to remember the baby that left too soon and Mike and I chose a name for the baby as well. I am not sure how I feel about sharing it but I think that I might over time. Just dont like that everything online gets stolen. thanks for stopping by and listening.
We Gather Together
We gather together on this day to remember the lives that were lost 6 years ago. We gather together to remember friends and family that were lost that day. We must always remember. We gather together as Americans. We gather together with love on this day that we will never forget. We gather together to open our hearts to those fallen heros that that died doing what they love. We gather together to shed our tears. and be thankful for the love that they showed that day 6 years ago. We gather together to say a prayer and remember the painful that destroyed us, but didnt make us quit. We gather together with hope. We gather together to give a hug to the ones left behind the ones that wonder why. to comfort a child that has lost someone that they looked upto but is no longer there. We gather today to remember not to forget, and to take the time to say a prayer. We as Americans must stick together. and as we gather together let's not forget. Hold out your hand
We Gave Notice...
Well we are finished. I have looked at every friend's pics. Not rated mind you. I was just wanting to make sure that all that we approved were who they said they were. If you used to have access to our pics and suddenly don't it is safe to assume you are no longer on our friends list. The reason you were removed is because we could find no discernible proof that you were real. Notice of this was given about a week ago.
We Get Your Souls Jammin
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We Get A Birthday In The House !!
We Get The Cancer Pure And Gentle By Neutrogena
Yes, since we are at it, let's just go on with the major name brands. I got the Neutrogena Mineral Sheers, Powder foundation, Fair to light, #20 It states on the package: No talc, oil, fragrance or irritating preservatives. Let's put this one to the test! Ingredients (as stated on the product!): Mica, Bismuth Oxychloride, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Retinyl Palmiate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ascorbic Acid, Panthothenic Acid, Soybean Flour, Silk powder, Zinc Stearate, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Methylparaben, Polyparaben Polymethyl Methacrylate - you want a laughter? This one is a different name for Plexiglas! I am not joking! Go to Go to wikipedia to read it for yourself! Tocopheryl Acetate - So called synthetic Vitamin E, but it is a mixture of Vitamin E and Acetic acid, which is corrosive, and its vapor causes irritation to the eyes, a dry and burning nose, sore throat and congestion to the lungs. It has a 4 on the cosmetic database hazardous scale.
"we Gives No Fucks"
"We Gives No Fucks" "I think it's the heart's desire for every person in America and Canada to succeed," Worldwide...yeah. "Success is one thing that's the motivating force behind many men" Amen. "And tonight I want to speak in a way that you'll realize that God ordained every one of his creations to be successful." Look at this, millionare, suave, definitely paid, lemonade, stock market played, marinate in shade, top craze, bitches blowin' up phones, I walk by, never lie, I'm the type of guy with sparkles in my eye, rollin' by, BMW, never take the truck with your kid, who what where, over there, with the diamond sinclare, looky there, everywhere I stay flossin' them things, I'm like bang, bling bling bang, chingy bling blang, what the fuck bitch, hurry up and suck, move along, c'mon, until it's gone, get the fuck out the room, I'm rollin' chrome, 700 spoke, whicky whicky what, keep your hungry mouth shut, cuz I'm livin' it up! Hey,
“we Gives No Fucks”
“We Gives No Fucks” "I think it's the heart's desire for every person in America and Canada to succeed," Worldwide...yeah. "Success is one thing that's the motivating force behind many men" Amen. "And tonight I want to speak in a way that you'll realize that God ordained every one of his creations to be successful." Look at this, millionare, suave, definitely paid, lemonade, stock market played, marinate in shade, top craze, bitches blowin' up phones, I walk by, never lie, I'm the type of guy with sparkles in my eye, rollin' by, BMW, never take the truck with your kid, who what where, over there, with the diamond sinclare, looky there, everywhere I stay flossin' them things, I'm like bang, bling bling bang, chingy bling blang, what the fuck bitch, hurry up and suck, move along, c'mon, until it's gone, get the fuck out the room, I'm rollin' chrome, 700 spoke, whicky whicky what, keep your hungry mouth shut, cuz I'm livin' it up! Hey
We Give Away
We give-away our thanks to the earth which gives us our home. We give-away our thanks to the rivers and lakes which give-away their water. We give-away our thanks to the trees which give-away fruit and nuts. We give-away our thanks to the wind which brings rain to water the plants. We give-away our thanks to the sun who gives-away warmth and light. All beings on earth: the trees, the animals, the wind and the rivers give-away to one another so all is in balance. We give-away our promise to begin to learn how to stay in balance with all the earth.
We Give Adults/teenagers The Chance For A Job And Provide Services
At, we give homeowners the chance to find workers to help with a variety of home and lawn services. Profiles of each member (workers and the members seeking help) includes detailed information with the type of work they are looking for, the payable wage, flexible hours, references of the workers, contact information, etc.
We Give On This Day Candy
We give on this day candy and flowers, But we never stop to say thank you for the many hours. You have stood by my side and gave a smile, As if to tell our hearts it's been worth every mile. No need to buy a teddy bear or even a card, It's pretty simple and not at all hard. Just put your arms around me and hold me tight, And say without words that in your heart all is right. You may say I Love You throughout the year, But on this day you need to make sure. The words so sweet and straight from your heart, That your life would be lonely without my part. So put forth the effort and take the time, Look me in the eye and say I'm glad you're mine.
We Got The House
we got the fuckin house! we found out today and i cant say how happy i am.the house means alot to me it was my grandparents house.ive spent my while lofe there. now tho the hard part starts it needs alot of work and we are pretty much on our own. my niece says she is happy that i got it and not someone we dont know liveing there but i dont think she really is. she done told me she wont help and she cant come over cuz it would be just to hard on her.our grandfather past away last year and or gramma is in a nurseing home now.she said the memories would just be to much. then tho she wanted to tell me that i couldnt change anything in the house. well im sorry but it needs to be fixed and if im going to be doing all myslef im changeing it to what ever the fuck i want.with all that needs to be done im not sure where to start. i think the ceiling will get fixed first dave is doing that its my job to get all the old led paint off the walls. 16 walls to do and im short as fuck yeah it will take

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