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I just returned from visiting my father at the hospital. He went through his second surgery on Tuesday, where they once again removed his replacement knee, sterilized, irrigated and put it back in. He DID have a bit of a heart issue near the end of the surgery, but the Drs. assured us that they were able to stabilize everything before sending him to recovery. Seeing him today made me feel better because he actually ate something and they used a lift to get him out of bed and had him sitting in a chair for quite a while. The major concern still remains the blood poison, which sent him there in the first place. There are still issues with his kidneys and sugar levels, but at 80, the Drs. told us this was to be expected. I videoed portions of my son's baseball game from last night, put it on DVD and played it for him today. It seemed to lift his spirits tremendously. As you probably don't know, out of 5 grandchildren, my son is the only boy and carries his name. To not turn this into an epistle, I will finish by saying that he will be moved to a Geriatric IV and Physical Therapy facility. He needs the antibiotic treatment for 6 more weeks to be sure to try to rid his system of the blood poison. Once the doctors are satisfied with his status, they will once again remove the knee replacement that is in now and replace it with a new, permanent one. Thank you so much to all my friends and family who have kept him in their thoughts and prayers. They HAVE helped tremendously. I will do another update sometime next week!
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