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Manly will be running his autos from 3pm Futime Friday, Nov.13, 2009  INTO Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009 ...He has offered this:
If you rate 500 pics you will get bombed when he activates his bomb. Rate 1000 you  will get bombed and 1 credit bling, Rate all his pics you will be bombed and a 3 credit bling of your  choice...
You will need to comment on every pic that you rate...Because rater/ratee gets mixed up. Fumail him by 1:30pm Futime on Sat. telling him you have rated the 500 needed to be bombed as he will be bombing during his Happy Hour @2pm Futime on Sat. and he needs time to compile the bombing list...If you rate enough to be blinged, Fumail him before his autos expire (3pm Futime on Sat.)...
He's trying  to reach level 38 so let's help him and ourselves at the same time!!!
His link is below

Manly - "82nd Demon Slayer" - fuowned by Insane Melody!

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