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Of Angels and Wolves whom do you fear most; The Wolf or the Man, whom do you fear; Fear the Angels, they know no remorse; Fear the man, they are without remorse.
Battle Of Leyte Gulf
Battle Of Leyte Gulf The largest and greatest naval battle ever fought! A milestone in naval and military history! The story of the Battle of Leyte Gulf is not just a tale of hundreds of ships and hundreds of thousands of men. It is a story of a group of extraordinary individuals who held important American command positions. Here is the brief story of some of these people. The Beginning Important historic events involved some of these men during and after the ravaging defeat by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. One of these men was Commander Clifton A. F. Sprague. He rose to the rank of Rear Admiral and became the hero of the Battle of Leyte Gulf when he lead his outgunned and outnumbered force to fight back against the best surface ships the Imperial Japanese Navy had. The heroism of Sprague and the other men of his command stopped the Japanese in their tracks and saved the American invasion of the Philippines. The second person who played a decisive role
The Lost Boy
Battle Of Sicily
Battle Of Sicily The landings took place in extremely strong wind, which made the landings difficult but also ensured the element of surprise. Landings were made on the southern and eastern coasts of the island, with the British forces in the east and the Americans towards the west. Four airborne drops were carried out just after midnight on the night of the 9 July-10 July, as part of the invasion, two British, two American. The American paratroopers consisted largely of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne, making their first combat drop. The strong winds caused aircraft to go off course and scattered them widely; the result was around half the U.S. paratroopers failed to reach their rallying points. British glider-landed troops fared little better; only 1 out of 12 gliders landing on target, many crashing at sea. Nevertheless, the scattered airborne troops maximized their opportunities, attacking patrols and creating confusion wherever possible. The sea
Tranquility-radio Hiring!
currently looking to hire some more dj's , so if your interested, please contact us in our fubar lounge! ** requirments are needed to apply for our station!
Happy Friday Everyone
happy Friday everyone
Why Me
Contest....please Help!
Jenna Will Be Back Soon!
Jenna will be back Wednesday,she is doing alot better.Just to let a few who knows what's going on.
Unattainable Love
First meeting, within an instant You have me, I'm yours. Our eyes catch and my stomach flutters, But you wear your mask so well. Time passes with more glances. Leaving me to fall helplessly, Hoping you will catch me with your arms. But still a statue you remain, unmoved and grounded. My heart is finally consumed by you, Given freely by my choice. Anxiously I await to hear your voice, But your silence echoes within my soul. Broken now as the moments linger, Confused, my mind aches from flooded thought. Why must I always fall for the statuesque? For that unattainable love.
If i look in my heart If I look in my soul if i look in my mind theres only one goal every thought that goes through my mind all the blood pumping through my heart all the tears cried by my eyes tell me we should never be apart every second of everyday and all the time in between I feel within my heart that on m, you can always lean you are the one person that makes me feels this way you are the only one who i think of night and day no one else can make me hurt no one else can make me smile the way you can yet I love you all the while I love to see your face or the sparkle of your eyes or wipe the tears you cry just know that forever I'm willing to be apart of every remaining second of your life In hope you'll hold me within your heart Ive never felt such power this is within this urge this urge to tell youll love you and to see what will emerge on day can we try to make it together again? one day can we cuddle and you get rid of all the pain? only the
Close your eyes and come to me, Drift into the dark, Search for something meaningful, Ignite that fatal spark. Steal my breath away from me, Crawl into my veins, Take me from this waking world, Free me from these chains. Lay within the dreaming world, Whisper in my ear, Tell me what you crave from me, Wipe away all fear. Sleep my love and come to me, Kiss the world good-bye, Fall into my waiting arms, We'll spread our wings to fly. One day when you just let go, A dream won't be required, To find me waiting by your side, Like always you've desired.
This Life
This life is a rollercoaster- makes you scream and laugh out loud at the same time. Everything is moving too fast, and I'm losing control... ... closing my eyes, catching pieces of dreams colored like butterflies. This life's not as it seems- there's a snake in every field a secret behind every smile. This life's a cocktail of mixed emotions- bitter- sweet with sugar and salt. Skeletons in the closets dance to the symphony on replay, written with lies. This life is a merry-go-round - makes you sick right from the beginning. I shiver, left out in the rain; broken inside, for just being myself.
I truly believe in soulmates. Here are a few steps to take in order to open yourself up to the possibility of one day finding your soulmate: 1. Realize your worth: Everyone is worth something great. Everyone was put here for a reason. If you can't love yourself, how do you expect someone else to love you? Your worth is weighed heavily to your soulmate and your love for yourself will show and he/she will love you even more. 2. Redirect your desires: Sex is the easiest thing to get on the planet. By redirecting your desires to a mental kind of lovemaking instead of a physical kind of lovemaking, you will open yourself up to more possibilities when it comes to your soulmate. 3. Release your fear of being alone: It's much better to WANT a person than to NEED a person. Don't settle for the Okay person. Sanctify yourself so you can recieve the Perfect person for you. (And yes, I know no one is perfect) Once you realize that you were created to be a blessing to someone, you begin t
How can you ache and crave for someone's touch When you have never felt it? I do this for yours, though, And the yearning grows more each day I have never wanted anything in my life As much as I want you When you whisper such sweet love In my ear when we talk You make me melt into a puddle Of complete helplessness You have become my every waking thought And my every dream at night I breathe in so hard Trying to catch my breath when we can't talk I close my eyes so tight Hoping when I open them you will be there But I know I have to wait Until the time is right It seems so far away That I think I am losing my mind I want to breathe in your scent And keep it with me all day long I want to taste your love for me By kissing your sweet lips I want to feel your body next to me So when you leave for awhile I can hold on I just want you to know That I really do love you When the day comes and we are together You will alway
Round 1
Deep lustful thoughts, Running through my veins. Yearning for your touch, Hungering for the pain! Surrendering my body to you, Seek and you shall find. Explicit images of you, Invading my mind. Throw me down and take me, Don't listen if I say no. This is all just a game to me. I think you ought to know. All my days and nights, Are filled with dreams of my desire. Remembering your simple touch, Only adding fuel to my fire. Take advantage of me, Make my body scream. Feeling you straddled between my thighs, All your motions sending chills down my spine. Electricity runs through me, A current I am unable to control. You're penetrating me so deeply, I feel you raping my soul! My nails etch into your back, With each thrust you enter deeper. My body has never been so vulnerable, My senses have always been weaker. You push me down to taste you, Enticing my lips and my tongue. Energy surges through you, I think you're about to cum. Explosions
Love Me For Me
Can you ever love me for me? For the me that I am true and true Can you love me with my imperfections? Can you see me as I am and not as what you want me to be? Can you ever love me for me? For the me that makes mistakes and speaks without thinking Can you love me even when I am unreasonable? Can you see me as I am and not for the Angel you seek? Can you ever love me for me? For the me that cries when a stranger child is hurt Can you love me when I am sad without me having a reason to be? Can you see me as I am not as what I once was? Can you ever love me for me?
I guess everyone needs trust, Relationships work on this. Be strong and tell the truth, I guess it's all based on proof. In my heart I give too much, Just to be hurt in return. My faith in you is gone to low, Guess you don't care, It just goes to show. I try to give you the respect you need, But break this trust you still do, Guess some people don't have a clue. Only certain people should have trust. So from now on I'll look forward, And hope to see the light, And everything should be alright. So All my trust as gone, And now I'm here on my own.
I Am Here
"Tears Go Away!" When will my heart quit breaking? Why must it go on aching? I try not to let you hurt me anymore, But somehow you still manage to make my heart ache. Somedays I feel like everything is gonna be okay. Then other days I can't help but to let the tears fall down my face. I wonder how many tears will fall, Before no more will come. Everytime I think there is no more, My cheek is wet again, And I realize the tears are falling down my face again. Some days I just want to scream, "TEARS GO AWAY!" Tuesday, October 09, 2007 by: Tonya Roberts
In Memory Of Cousin Sonny
Two years ago God came and called you home. It has left a hole in our hearts that can never be filled. We have such good memories of when you were still here on earth with us. But now you no longer have to suffer, Or face the pain you had to face in the end. It broke our hearts to see your body broken, And to know that you were suffering more than any man should have too. You suffered plenty when you went to war, Not just once but a couple of times. Some may of looked at you and judged you, But no one knew you like so many of us did. We started out as family and we all became more than that. We became friends. Everytime I see someone on a motorcyle, I think of you. I think man I wish that was Sonny! You touched my life more than you will ever know. God sure picked a good one when he decided to take you home. I hope somewhere up there on the streets of gold, You have found a place to ride a motorcyle. I know you ar
So I am on my computer and hit the history because I needed to get back to a site -- I find this site - and to my surprise I notice that my fiance is a member. Eric 'Sober_Irishman' Wonner - I was rather surprised to see that he was trolling for women here. Well lets just say that I am less than pleased but two can play at the same game. With the only difference that unlike him I don't have "the gift that keeps on giving" so ladies if you want to know about it - let me know I will gladly share my story. Gentleman I am a professional, fun loving, carefree female with no strings. I live in Grand Island NY and anywhere in the Buffalo area works for me. Looking forward to getting to know you.
I slappeed this guy , he wanted a free piercing so he had to earn it ......... so I slapped him and caught it all on Video come to my page and check this maddness out !
I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    These are my cousins. Please pray for them. TY!!!! (h)   An act of benevolence on behalf of Haitian orphans has turned into confusion and concern for an Amarillo man, a former Amarillo youth pastor and his son, and concerned family members back home after the three were arrested Friday night in Haiti. Jim Allen of Amarillo, his cousin, Paul Thompson, formerly of Amarillo, and Thompson's son, Silas, were among a 10-person orphanage rescue team that was jailed as they tried to take 33 children from Haiti to a makeshift orphanage in the neighboring Dominican Republic. "I'm still at peace with it," said Allen's wife, Lisa Allen. "God will take care of them. He knows the plan. It hasn't gone the way anyone thought, but it's in God's hands and we'll just see what happens next." Haitian officials said the Haitian Orphan Rescue Mission lacked proper documentation when the team members were arrested Friday night in a bus with children from ages 2 months to
My Kama Sutra Postion
How Good R U In Bed
How Good In Bed Are You?Congratulations, according to our experts, you scored : 100% which makes you ExcellentYou are an expert in the bedroom. You know how to please your partner and keep them coming back and begging for moreHow Good In Bed Are You, find out at
Stupid Bush
I can't wait 4 the day when he's finally out of office. I think he is the dumbest president & has made the worst decisions & is only there by chance, not by our choice. So stepdad got this calendar 4 his b-day about quotes & other stupid ish Bush's done. I scanned some of em n if u get a chance take a look @ em! lol I love that the calendar's countin down tha days till he's outta office! The world will be a betta place! Peace!
Precious Princess 132
Rate Me, Fan Me, Buy Me a Drink will do the same for u!!!Get More at
With the day of mourning over for the Indigenous People of Turtle Island.( the invading system named it: Thanksgiving day) I look forward to the one holiday that does make sense to me: Christmas. The one time of year where the secret words is spread through the system....Peace,Love. It is a power time to restore and prepare what else the Creator has for us the coming year. Perfect Peace,Perfect Love. Walk a living prayer, is it a unreachable goal? I don't think so! Brave Hearts and Stong Hearts to the Front! It is a Good day to Die!
Kelly Osborne Must Die!
O M F G....... Radio 1 Sunday Evenings (UK time.....10pm - 12midnight) STOP THIS FEMALE FROM SPEAKING! The chances are that you will have to log into the radio 1 website in order to listen to this Harpy waffle on about the general publics personal problems. If this is the case then please log onto the following site on Sunday evenings 10pm - midnight UK time..... thats probably 5pm - 7pm US time Take this retarded woman off my radio station - PLEASE Kelly Osbourne has absolutley NO idea what she's talking about. Members of the public call in regarding their own personal and private problems and this retarded harpy gives her "own personal advice". YES, fine, she has a father who is famous. YES, fine, she has a father who has dived into the drugs and drink side of life. YES, fine, SHE has had her own share of drugs and drink based experiences. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING SENTANCE CAREFULLY..... TW
Who Likes Cheese Pizza?
who like cheese pizza?
Hot Dog
who likes hot dog ?
Hershey Chocolate
SAY GOODBYE HERSHEY A sad story for those of us who remember growing up with Hershey bars, and just as sad for the generations of today. What will be outsourced next? Pennsylvania is a big state, but it amazes me in this day, how some news doesn't make it over the mountain to the front page of our papers or the top Of our news hours in Western Pennsylvania . Milton Hershey, this year, will be joining H. J Heinz in rolling over in his grave. Hershey Chocolate is moving to MEXICO ...whoopee! They're even closing down Hershey Canada . Don't buy any more Hershey Bars. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are my favorite and they are made by Hershey. But, I will not purchase Another one! M.S. Hershey had a dream... I will buy my OWN Sugar, Milk, Cocoa beans, (all natural mind you!) and make candy... (no tariffs etc..) EVEN during the depression...HE and the Company made money...NOW some Corporate big wigs
French Fries
do you like French fries ?
My Friends
I love fubar . Wont you please join me at another really fun place too? An awesome site where yes you do get paid while you check out peoples profiles,comment on them,have them comment on your profile and it is so much fun. Come join me, it is a wonderful is absolutley free but the benefits are huge!If you like Myspace you are going to LOVE this!
My Opinionz
Many people seem to think the beauty of a woman is her ass, vagina, and breasts. But what many do not see is the truth of every thing out there. Women are temples of goddesses yes and if used wrong like the sluts are then they will fall and crumble. Women are art and are the pride of the human and vampire races. But what is rue beauty beyond the art? The eyes, The eyes are the most important part to a woman's beauty for all truth and feeling is in the eye. Those who look into the eyes can see the beauty in every thing. Those who just see beauty in a woman's assets is very dead by mind and has no taste for heart or mortality for that matter. Eyes are a window to the spirit and mind as well as her inner self which is beautiful enough. With out a inner beauty you might as well be dead or out sucking ever low life dumb ass's dick. The true beauty of a woman is not measured by looks, the size of her breasts, how tight she is, what her ass is like, but what the eyes behold.
Fucking Help.
So honestly, am I the only one who thinks this website fucking blows??? Out of nowhere I get this message saying "Fubar bouncer, type the characters below", and after doing this at least ten times, I gave up. Even as I type this I don't know if I'll be able to post it. Also, why the hell do some people just get points for fucking being online, and I don't even get points if I get rated?? Aside from the fact that this site itself blows, so do all the people in it. I can't find any women on here and most of the men are over 50. And I'm sooo sick of the ratings. No one is honest about it! Come on, we ain't all fucking 10s. I think I'm attractive, but I'm not a 10! Besides that, I don't care about the ratings. I don't even care much about points, since I seem to have to sell my soul just to get them. I would just like to meet some hot chicks, preferably in my area, to chat with. Oh and I'm sick of all the married whores on here trying to get some ass on the side, especially the ones
So Far Not Impressed
ok, so far this site isnt doing ne thing for me. Probably because I dont have all day to sit on here and figure out how things work and where to find things. oh well
what is your favorite sandwich?
Daily Horoscope
Daily Horoscope: Capricorn For November 27,2007 You're a bit skeptical at the hysteria you see around you, but what can you do? It's hard to be the sole voice of reason, but you may as well speak up now -- things could get a lot weirder otherwise.
My Old Friend
Time after time you were always there Even when i felt like life wasnt fair So these words i say here is to let you lmow i care I'll be here when life gets to hard to bare No words can explain what you mean to me Your heart, mind & you compassion These things are what set you apart And dear to my heart I'm blessed ro have a friend like you i hope you feel th same way too So take these last words, before i part And believe me when i say they come straight form the heart When life gets to hard and you need time to mend Dont worry i'll always be here, proud to cal you my old friend
What Should Have Been
Recalling the past things the would have been my emotions stepped out like my silent twin silence enduring i cant hold it no more shredding my heart in a whispering war whispering tears drown out questions glance exchange from eye to eye I was once you you were once me we were once one united yet free
My Empty Life
Why does my soul hold on to this pointless life no good ever comes only pain and hurt are all that i ever feel all these scars i bare overlay day after day year after year love is just a mirage always seeing it, but never able to attain no matter what i do nothing ever changes just a new wound and more pain my heart, soul, and mind left staind beyond repair....
no words can ever define the feeling of when we kiss warmth of our embrace & your sweet hand on my face that smile, and those eyes melts my very soul never a love, this perfect has yet or will ever be as true or as strong as ours....
I Love You
I live through my dark existence only to bask in your beauty your eyes that shine like sapphires your smile that brightens even my sad existence I envy the wind that runs through your hair that touches your lips I long to touch you to hold you in my arms but I cannot for your heart belongs to another so, I can only love you from afar your friendship means more to me than anything this world provides but like an angel you touched my heart in a way that I've never felt before cause I've never known what love is until this day I know that we are only friends but my heart wishes it to be more so I will still hope and dream that one day I can feel your lips pressed to mine to hold you in my arms and say, "I love you"
Ham & Cheese
do you like ham & cheese sandwich?
Pepsi Or Coke
Pepsi or coke
Nacho Cheese
do you like nacho cheese
what do you have for breakfast?
President:..............Rebel Vice President:.........Slugger (Rebel's wife) Secretary:..............Slugger (Rebel's wife) Treasurey:..............Slugger (Rebel's wife) Road Master:............Ritz Asst. Road Master:......Country Sgt Of Arms:............Pain Web tec:................Country Member:.................Panic (Pain's wife) Member:.................Little Rebel (Rebel & Sluggers son) Member:.................Little Man (Pain & Panics son) Member:.................Little D (country's son) Member:.................Nikkie (Country's Daughter)
Howdy People
howdy people
Party Thursday Night Come One Come All
party Thursday come one come all ps: tell all the hot ones to come two (: oh yea
Paris Hilton Giving Head
do you like cookies ?
hey every one im new here still trying to figure this out so dont think im wierd lol but any way just posted new pics and if you read my profile closely you might be able to see more have a great day
Hot Fudge Sundae
do you like hot fudge sundae ?
Cheese Pizza
do you like cheese pizza?
Best Christmas Cookie Recipe!
Best Christmas Cookie Recipe: Christmas Cookie Ingredients: 1 cup of water 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 cup of sugar 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup of brown sugar lemon juice 4 large eggs 1 cup nuts 2 cups of dried fruit 1 bottle 1.75 liter Crown Royal Reserve Sample the Crown to check quality. Take a large bowl, check the Crown again, to be sure it is of highest quality, pour one level cup and drink. Turn on the electric mixer...Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl. Add one teaspoon of sugar...Beat again. At this point it's best to make sure the Crown is still OK, try another cup...just in case. Turn off the mixer thingy. Break 2 leggs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit. Pick the frigging fruit off floor...Mix on the turner. If the fried druit gets stuck in the eaterers just pry it loose with a drewcriver. Sample the Crown to check for tonsisticity. Next, sift two cups of salt, or something. Who giveshz a sheet. Check the Crown Royal. Now s
Red Fridays
Will You Give This To My Daddy? Last week I was in Atlanta , Georgia attending a conference. While I was in the airport, returning home, I heard several people behind me beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around and witnessed one of the greatest act's of patriotism I have ever seen. Moving thru the terminal was a group of soldiers in their c amo's, as they began heading to their gate everyone (well almost everyone) was abruptly to their feet with their hands waving and cheering. When I saw the soldiers, probably 30-40 of them, being applauded and cheered for it hit me. I'm not alone. I'm not the only red blooded American who still loves this country and supports our troops and their families. Of course I immediately stopped and began clapping for these young unsung heroes who are putting their lives on the line everyday for us so we can go to school, work and home without fear or reprisal! Just when I thought I could not be more proud of my
Pammi's Blog
Well i'm new here to fubar not use to how it work's i was told it is simular to myspace but better.Well i do not have pic's up on my page but i will soon i promise but hope to make alot of new friend's here on fubar.So far from what i have seen of this site it is cool so have a good one everybody.
I Do Some Dumb Drunk!
Went out tonight with one of my and her having a good time...well we both get up on the bar so I can do video of her being a drunk ass bitch...just like me on my cell...well apparently I had quite a few drinks & probably more than enough shots than what I really needed...well I got smacked in the head with the ceiling fan (the bar isn't all that high anyhow & ceiling fans are pretty low). I felt it hit my head but didn't think anything of it until I heard people say I was bleeding next thing I know yep...I'm seeing blood all over the place & my head was starting to throb so my friend Angie drives my drunk ass to the hospital & yep I had to get stitches under & on top of where I cut my head open head hurts & now it looks like I'm in the process of getting a black eye. They gave me a shot in my face so my head & face are numb but now it must be wearing off because I'm in fucking pain. It sucks to be at the hospital intoxicated with your face throbbing! So the hospita
Great Things To Know
Male or Female? You might not have known this, but a lot of non-living objects are actually either male or female. Here are some examples: FREEZER BAGS: They are male, because they hold everything in, but you can see right through them. PHOTOCOPIERS: These are female, because once turned off; it takes a while to warm them up again. They are an effective reproductive device if the right buttons are pushed, but can also wreak havoc if you push the wrong Buttons. TIRES: Tires are male, because they go bald easily and are often over inflated HOT AIR BALLOONS: Also a male object, because to get them to go anywhere, you have to light a fire under their butt. SPONGES: These are female, because they are soft, squeezable and retain water. WEB PAGES: Female, because they're constantly being looked at and frequently getting hit on. TRAINS: Definitely male, because they always use the same old lines for picking up people.
what's for lunch ?
have a gr8 weekend everyone
Ice Cream
ice cream do you like ice cream?
I want to write a note, but don't know what to say. I wonder how you would act if I approached you in such a way. I try my best not to stare or stutter when you come around. I'm afraid that if I talk to you, you're gonna put me down. I admire everything about you, from your eyes to your smile. I guess that I'll sit back and just wait for a while. Your caramel skin, your luscious lips, your muscle filled arms. If you were magic I'd buy a locket and make you my lucky charm. I guess that this is silly because it's just a crush. Now every time I see you, my body turns to mush. I can't believe I'm acting this way I'm not twenty-two. Oh well, too bad, I just don't care because I'm feeling you.
how was your day ?
-it Is What It Is
"Almost" [Verse 1] Can you tell me How can one miss what she's never had How could I reminisce when there is no past How could I have memories of being happy with you boy Could someone tell me how can this be How could my mind pull up incidents Recall dates and times that never happened How could we celebrate a love that's to late And how could I really mean the words I'm bout to say [Chorus] I missed the times that we almost shared I miss the love that was almost there I miss the times that we use to kiss At least in my dreams Just let me take my time and reminisce I miss the times that we never had What happened to us we were almost there Whoever said it's impossible to miss when you never had Never almost had you [Verse 2] I cannot believe I let you go Or what I should say I should've grabbed you up and never let you go I should've went out with you I should've made you my boo boy Yes that's one time I should've broke the rules I should've went on a
About Me
Well, I've been on here for about a week now and it's a fun site so far! I've received a really warm welcome from a lot of folks. I can't figure out how to do the "about me" that some folks have on their profiles so I'm doing mine in a blog entry until I figure it out! lol I'm 38 and live in Denver, Colorado. I officially moved there at the end of last year from Washington State but was there quite a bit before that. What took me from WA to CO? hehe My boyfriend! Yes, I'm involved with an amazing man and am not looking for anything else other than friendship here. I'm at work now, so I can't write too much but I'll add more as I'm able. Have a great Monday! Daily Horoscope: Leo For December 9,2007 You have little patience for small minds today and anyone who is consumed with pettiness will feel at least a little disdain coming from your direction. Try to spread it around, though!
If We Had Sex.....
If We Had Sex..... don't be scared. you never know who really wants to do you! (Reply so only I see it and Repost so others can fill it out). 1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you let me pull your hair? 3. Would you whisper in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you say my name? 7. Would you go down on me? 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? 9. How many rounds would we go? 10. What would you wanna do afterwards? 11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 12. Would you lick and bite me all over? 13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 14. Would you want me to take my time? 15. How freaky are you from 1 - 10? 16. Would you want me to go fast or slow? 17. Where would you want it? 18. Would you be loud or quiet? 19. Would you mind if i licked you? 20. Would you Fuck me today? 21. Would you Fuck me tomorrow?
I truly believe in soulmates. Here are a few steps to take in order to open yourself up to the possibility of one day finding your soulmate: 1. Realize your worth: Everyone is worth something great. Everyone was put here for a reason. If you can't love yourself, how do you expect someone else to love you? Your worth is weighed heavily to your soulmate and your love for yourself will show and he/she will love you even more. 2. Redirect your desires: Sex is the easiest thing to get on the planet. By redirecting your desires to a mental kind of lovemaking instead of a physical kind of lovemaking, you will open yourself up to more possibilities when it comes to your soulmate. 3. Release your fear of being alone: It's much better to WANT a person than to NEED a person. Don't settle for the Okay person. Sanctify yourself so you can recieve the Perfect person for you. (And yes, I know no one is perfect) Once you realize that you were created to be a blessing to someone, you begin t
Missing You
As I sit by my window And look outside The wind starts to blow And I begin to cry I want you here I need you near Close by my side Oh,,the tears I have cried You wanted to stay But you had to go On that sad,,sad day I miss you so I wanted to say goodbye And say I love you But there was no time I feel you around me Watching,,protecting If only I could see Your angel wings I keep your memory Deep in my heart We will never part
I Wish
I wish I could see you, Your eyes stir up my passion. I wish I could hold you, And feel your arms tight around me, Keeping me safe. I wish I could kiss you, Moist lips pressed together, Tongues entwined in the ritual dance That nobody teaches, but everyone knows. I wish for the pressure Of your body on top of mine, Or of mine on yours, Close as possible, So wonderful. I wish I could lay my head on your chest To cuddle while watching a movie, And really watch it Just knowing you're there. I wish for this reassurance That you'll always be there for me. That you love me. I wish to show you How much I love you.
age sex location
Hi All
Wow, this seems like quite a friendly community, Compaired to other's i've been on recently! 2 days in and i have meet some real groovy people. A big thanx to all you lovely people that have rated my pix, given me some most excellnt comments and offered me help when needed! Take care and speak to you all soon =)
humiliate, and dominate. any takers? come on ladies ,you know u want to
79 Monte Carlo
If you have a Monte Carlo and want to show it off send me some pics. I do custom paint work and would love to see some cools shit and send info on it as well so i know this isnt just some pic of someone elses car. Stop in my pics and take a look at my 79 Monte. Rock ON
What Ya Doing Tonight
what ya doing tonight?
Howdy Ya
howdy ya
Loving Difficult People [by Global Illumination on Myspace] Very often in life we come across difficult people. I regard difficult people as being; ''those amongst us whom we find it hard to get along with.'' Difficult people come in all ages, races, and sexes. When I use the term ''difficult people'', I do not believe that being difficult is a permanent personality trait. Although, some people do seem to be difficult the whole of their lives, I believe that being a difficult person is usually a temporary state, and so people often go through phases when they become difficult at various stages in their lives. Every difficult person has the potential to think, act, and behave otherwise. Most of us live or work closely with someone whom we regard to be a difficult person. What makes the difficult person most difficult to deal with, is that they seem to be against us, and this can make us feel that the difficult person is causing us misery. Difficult people tend to come ac
Kharma Has Her 1st Crush Awww
Kharma has her first crush on the blues clues guy it is so freaking cute she stares at the tv with a big smile on her face and wont take her eyes off him
and a slut
The Fire Pit
Gay Bar
So a friend was going to the local gay bar with her bi sexual friend lastngiht and wasnt really comfortable about going and kept asking me to go I really didnt feel like it and was actually ready for bed. Well she called and told me I HAD to come down and its only 5 minutes from my house so I did. It was the funnest thing I ever fucking saw! There was a Xmas show and it was drag queens It was soo damn funny. I had fun got pulled to the dance floor but a cute girl and forced to dance with her lol.( shut up melanie i know your laughing if your reading this ) anyways it was really funny watching these big menly men in dresses lip singing and dancing around.My first time seeing a real live drag queen up close lol.
Poetry 4
Have you ever watched a red sherbet sky With a collage of clouds cascading by It reflects upon the ocean It looks like the sun is falling in Its like a lullaby in motion to watch the night as it begins have you ever waited along stardust beaches descending from silver sands of time longing for you to come inhale my first kiss upon your lips and to feel your rhythmic motion as our bodies intertwine it is in your arms that love cannot disdain me nor shackle the passions that fuels the fires the prisms that glistens from the sweat of your chest arouses my prodigious and never ending desires remember the red sherbet sky as it blends with the emotions we unfold love is a miracle that finds us and can never be bought nor sold
When Dreams Go Bad
drifting to deep sleep, blackness all around not a sound to be made. wondering in my white shimmering night gown, long dark hair ever still, green eyes wide open seeking my way through the dark. fog curling swirling creeping up to my bare feet just ahead i see figures creeping along the fog, branches of twigs starts to entangle my feet to keep me still, spread my fingers apart to claw away the branches. zombies comming to my way i start to run. i run into the blackness forever running no where to run to. nothing for miles i run in eternity. my bare feet swifting faster and faster and the zombies some how get closer and closer thier finger tips just about reaching my flowing hair, i dont seem to be moving at all even my legs run faster and faster and they somehow are still behind me. zombies grasp my arms, tackled being ripped apart. i awake in cold sweat dripping to my bosoms, beads tickling my forhead. head pounding hard as my heart trys to slow down. i see my breath in the cold air a
I Still Will!
It's Cold
it's cold
Un Loveable
Finding A Sexual Friend
well it is so hard to fulfill your fanatises when nobody is real anymore and honest sex is grest for us but we like adventure and wanting some more excitment in are bedroom but we like to know people, and keep it safe and clean no drugs i just wish we could find that right kind of people or couple to be friends with and more
I may not be on here much here soon. With 2 kids, Christmas, Working, and goin back to school. I probly will be pretty busy. I will answer messages as soon as I can. Please don't delete me. I enjoy talking to you all.. Hugs.. Have a great day..
My Son Is Home!!!
After 4 long weeks in the hospital, he has finally came home. Today he weighs 5lbs 1 oz and is growing like a weed. I am so happy to have him home.
My Erotic Blogs
Show Them To Me
I think Rodney's on to something.
The longing in my soul can’t be easily quenched. The aching in my body can’t be quickly relieved. The suffering in my heart can’t be readily controlled. The questioning in my mind can’t be automatically silenced. Wanting to reach out and gather you to me. Needing to touch your body as well as your soul. Desiring to have you fill me completely with your essence. Demanding that you never let me go. Come to me in blissful anticipation of what can be. Accept me as I am with all of my intricacies. Nourish my mind as well as my soul. Love me because of who I am. I wonder if you notice me, see the true me. Do you know of my intense longings for you? Do you even care that I have these unyielding feelings? Do you know how much I have to offer and give to you? I think my quick glances in your direction are futile. I believe if you did care, I would surely know it. I hope in my heart that if this is to be, it will happen.

Vodka Christmas Cake Ingredients: 1 cup of water, 1 tsp baking soda, 1 cup of sugar, 1 tsp salt, 1 cup of brown sugar, lemon juice, 4 large eggs, lots of nuts, 1 bottle Vodka, 2 cups of dried fruit, Sample the vodka to check quality. Take a large bowl, check the vodka again. To be sure it is the highest quality, pour one level cup and drink. Repeat. Turn on the electric mixer. Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl. Add one teaspoon of sugar. Beat again. At this point it's best to make sure the vodka is shtill OK. Try another cup .... just in case. Turn off the mixerer. Break 2 leggs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit. Pick fruit off floor. Mix on the turner. If the fried druit gets stuck in the beaterers pry it loose with a sdrewscriver. Sample the vodka to check for tonsisticity. Next, sift two cups of salt. Or something. Who giveshz a shit. Check the vodka. Now shift the lemon juice and strain your nuts. Add one table. Add a spoon of sugar, orn
Merry Christmas
I Am A Lier
Missing In Action!!
It's Alright, Ma (i'm Only Bleeding) By Bob Dylan
Darkness at the break of noon Shadows even the silver spoon The handmade blade, the child's balloon Eclipses both the sun and moon To understand you know too soon There is no sense in trying. Pointed threats, they bluff with scorn Suicide remarks are torn From the fool's gold mouthpiece The hollow horn plays wasted words Proves to warn That he not busy being born Is busy dying. Temptation's page flies out the door You follow, find yourself at war Watch waterfalls of pity roar You feel to moan but unlike before You discover That you'd just be One more person crying. So don't fear if you hear A foreign sound to your ear It's alright, Ma, I'm only sighing. As some warn victory, some downfall Private reasons great or small Can be seen in the eyes of those that call To make all that should be killed to crawl While others say don't hate nothing at all Except hatred. Disillusioned words like bullets bark As human gods aim for their mark Made everything
Good Bye
ok all !! have fun on this site .. not my style
No Puter
sry i havent been online much in like the last 3 months first all yalls that know me know that me and my bf broke up and sec he took my manes and i made this one lol third lost cable but got that back and if yalls had my number its been changed so get me when i am online to get that forth lost power hopefully should have that on on friday enough for now more later star dust is outie
December 28th, 2007 I'm throwing a kick a@# party, bring your own alcohol, and whatever else, send me a message to get directions, please forward this to all of your friends. Party starts at 7-8pm. There is a fire pit in the back yard, and a loud stereo system with plenty of music, hip hop, techno, and lots of rock. My property is gated so there is not really any worry about cops, they can't come through unless they have a search warrant. :D Come on and have fun!!!
If U Must Know
It's just one of those days, I'm never going home, I walk among the ghost's, this is the final straw, I'll take U by th' throat, and shake U like a doll, just feed my starving heart.....
Victory Or Defeat
Far Better is it to dare mighty things,to win glorious triumphs ,even though checkered by failure...than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much,because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.
My Unhappy Christmas
Christmas Vacation
Finally have a stretch of time off from work...feels great....anyone else off for the holidays? if so, let me know, we'll hang out! D
Happy Holidays
Well, it's that time of year again folks, so here we go MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS to all my friends, i love you all
Can I Have Your Number?
Isabella Syrek
The day after christmas was a very depressing day . I had to wake up with a phone call of the passing of my grandmother. Not very easy to do after christmas was so good. So dont take life for granted.
Someone has eresased my profile. How can someone do that Any Clues!!!! Well i have theses so called friends, that when i really needed them, are never there go figure!!! But when they want to talk or want something they expect you to be right there and pay attention...And they expect you to forgive them over and over, damn people need to grow the f--- up..I could of been dead by now, they never would have cared.. Hum friends or not...... Well after being in a 2 year relationship, i am free,,,,, I thank god i got out with my sanity.... He took alot of things but my friends and family he did not.... Lost my truck he has, But i gained my life back... There are angels in this world.... NOW ITS ABOUT ME FOR ONCE!!!
"top Friends Listing"
Just so you Top Friends ranking is in no particular order. :) This goes for my family listing too....see yall. ----Paul
Girlie Goodies And Waxing
All hair removal methods have tricked women with their promises of easy, painless removal - The Epilady, scissors, razors, Nair and now...the wax. My night began as any other normal weeknight. Come home, fix dinner, play with the kids. I then had the thought that would ring painfully in my mind for the next few hours: "Maybe I should pull the waxing kit out of the medicine cabinet." So I headed to the site of my demise: the bathroom. It was one of those "cold wax" kits. No melting a clump of hot wax, you just rub the strips together in your hand, they get warm and you peel them apart and press them to your leg (or wherever else) and you pull the hair right off. No muss, no fuss. How hard can it be? I mean, I'm not a genius, but I am mechanically inclined enough to figure this out. (YA THINK!?!) So I pull one of the thin strips out. Its two strips facing each other stuck together. Instead of rubbing them together, my genius kicks in so I get out the hair dryer and heat i
Party Tonight!!!!
Hell of a Party at 5555 McCracKen Rd. HELL OF A PARTY GOING ON IN HERNANDO, MS - JUST SOUTH OF MEMPHIS HEY, all of you out there that didn't see my last blog about this today's your last chance. There's a party at my house at starting at 7-8pm. come if you want to have the time of your life, plenty of parking space, and standing room, some alcohol may be provided but for the most part b.y.o.b. bring tents if you don't want to drive home. Lots of loud music, over 7hrs of mixed Cd's made especially for this party, plus an MP3 player will be hooked up just in case someone has a request. Bonfire, and campfire will be going. A bathroom will be provided for those who need it. It's outside the city limits and pretty far from most neighbors so not much worry about cops. Anybody in the north Mississippi area or Memphis area YOU ARE INVITED! There will be atleast 2 bouncers on site. Also a new development is that there maybe a local Memphis rock band showing up at the party. They wrot
A*f*e*w Group
Witch She sees faeries And talks to her herb garden. And everyone laughs. She feels colors, And says there is magic in the moon. And everyone laughs. She never hurts anyone And loves her oak tree like a child. And everyone laughs. She always helps a stranger And the neighborhood strays adore her And everyone laughs. She sits and cries And mumbles to the shadows, And no one cares. Once her hair was long and bright, Now it is a matted mess And no one cares. She used to dance among the trees, Now she can't find them And no one cares. Dreams of magic fill her days; Magic she can almost touch. And no one cares. The day she died her herbs did, too. And her oak tree bowed its limbs. A single candle burned in her window With naught there but the cats. And no one understands... copyright by Eveningstar aka Karin
This Infuriates Me!!!!!!!! If You Are Offended Then Deal With It
Can anyone explain this to me, WE as americans go out and defend this nation against all enemies Foreign and Domestic!!!!! We go on the line to protect this country and everything it represents. The chance to do what you want when you want, the opportunity to sit in your home with literally no fears as to what will happen. But yet these FUCKERS have to gull to protest us. They talk about god loves all. Well then back him up and Love us to for what we do. Support us as we lay our lives on the line to protect you and your family. Without us Evil will triumph, And he last time I checked GOD had cast out those who did wrong from the heavens, He decides whether they will enter the gates, SO if this be the case then all should be allowed in, Not outcasted, So by following his rule we as Men and women go out and assist in the process of eliminating the bad. protecting those Who make the choices to love on another. WE are warriors! I dont need your respect, But I do need your support! We all d
Gosh my days are all so mixed up with Peter being off of work and the kids being out of school. I just realized today is Saturday! I didn't get online at all yesterday. I was quite busy with who knows what? I guess it was important?? LOL We did buy a new television stand and a bookcase for the family room yesterday. Our old one is getting sent to the cabin since it needs one and we have been looking to replace it for a while now. Peter has spent hours just putting the bookcase together shouting some rather nice profanities as well! Now he is starting on the television stand. I wonder how long this will take him?? It has been so cold here the last few days. It is snowing in low levels here in California. I thought that it might snow here yesterday but it didn't get quite cold enough. :( I want it to snow! My son got xbox 360 for Christmas and he has been playing it all day. Funny thing is, Peter is really getting into it too and he has always said the games were
Sir Suspension Shows No Mercy
When I first saw his message in my inbox, I thought his handle, Sir Suspension, was rather pretentious. I had been actively searching the BDSM dating websites and chatlines for months, looking for a compatible Dom, but I wasn’t getting the right results. I corresponded with some interesting people along the way but few of them were looking for a monogamous relationship. That was my bottom line, and I wasn’t going to compromise. I had had a few boyfriends before marrying my husband James, who loved to spank me. It was a playful element before we wed, but as the years passed he took us deeper and deeper into kinky sex. Often he would come home with sexy garments he wanted me to wear – a harness that surrounded my breasts, open crotch pvc panties, a strange cuff that bound my arms together behind my back from wrist to elbow. At first I went along with his requests for his sake, but I soon found myself hungry for more. From spanking my ass with his hand, he moved to a flogger across
Dayglo Abortions!
"Blah blah blah blah blah blah,argh fuck kill"One of my favorite lines from the song:Argh Fuck Kill from the Dayglo Abortions off their LP Feed us a Fetus....Maybe you should go an check it out,the album is actually quite good! have fun with that!....Peace out all!
We Gonna Try This One Last Time
Freedom Fighters Motorcycle Club is now looking For A Fewe Good People. We are Re-opening For One Last Hoo-rah Come See US AT
Area 51
Now available at Area 51 in Harker Heights. Set up your appointment with one or all of our house doms. BDSM Head training CBT sensory play spankings medical play Due to legalities there is no water sports, fecal play, or penatration. Sorry... no enemas! Prices based on number of doms, time length and experience requested. Parties, one on one, ect... Waivers required. whips and kisses~ Mistress Laura
Relentless Pursuit Of.........
Are Vampires Real?
Do you think vampires live amoung us?
and a skank
I was so out of it yesterday! We got home around 1:45am yesterday from the party that I said I was going to only have 1 or 2 drinks at. was more like 4-5. I never felt drunk though and that was over a period of 7 hours so that wasn't bad. We didn't wake up yesterday until 11:30 am! Almost noon. I never do that. EVER. I spent the entire day doing much of nothing because I was so tired. I did manage to vacuum the floors....with my Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. LOL I think it is my favorite toy. I can't wait for my Scooba. My step mother was supposed to give that to us too but she said they were sold out and she would buy it as soon as they restocked them. The Scooba cleans the floors where the Roomba vacuums them. Today, Peter went back to work. He has been off for the last 2 weeks! He was very proud of himself because he got his garage cleaned and organized over the weekend. Now if he can only keep the boys out of it, it might stay clean! They love to b
The Pain I Am In
The Pain I am in I know I am a pain, But why does he run. Is it because he has something to hide Or because he is just a good friend I wish I knew because I feel like A piece of paper that keep being trashed But I seem to always blow away I'm sure he’s not running, Or at least I hope not Because I’m not sure, But I don’t want him to run from me. But to me as fast as he can, So we can be happy together. As we live in happiness forever, Please stop the pain.
Brown Eyes
Black Eyes People with black eyes spend the shortest time in relationships except for the one with their current addiction. They always fall in love with anything that has two legs, a pulse.They are great kissers----until they vomit all over you.. If you dont repost this and you have black eyes you will either O.D., spend the night in jail, or wake up next to some weird guy you've never seen before within the next 2 days. ___________________________________________________________ Blue Eyes People with blue eyes last the longest in relationships. They are kind, pretty or handsome, very good kissers and are really hot. They always fall in love with their closest friends and never understand why. They are very funny, outgoing and don't care what people think or say. They love to party.They are very satisfying and love to please. Are straight up WARRIORS((aka wolves)) when they need to be.They are bad to the bone. If you repost this and you have blue eyes you will have the best kiss s
~the Dimebag Statue~
Military Pay.....
Military paid too much? You be the judge! This is an Airman's response to Cindy Williams' editorial piece in the Washington Times about MILITARY PAY, it should be printed in all newspapers across America. On Nov. 12, Ms Cindy Williams (from Laverne and Shirley TV show) wrote a piece for the Washington Times, denouncing the pay raise coming service members' way this year -- citing that the stated 13% wage was more than they deserve. A young airman from Hill AFB responds to her article below. He ought to get a bonus for this. "Ms Williams: I just had the pleasure of reading your column, "Our GIs earn enough" and I am a bit confused. Frankly, I'm wondering where this vaunted overpayment is going, because as far as I can tell, it disappears every month between DFAS (The Defense Finance and Accounting Service) and my bank account. Checking my latest earnings statement I see that I make $1,117.80 before taxes. After taxes, I take home $874.20. When I run that through the calc
Ty Geas
i know ty real well and hes not into that shit for info on ty check him out on google or ma live
Life And Love
here it is a new year already. with all that happened last year, i still have a couple of things to be thankful for. first and foremost, my son alex and rose's daughter erica. and then, of course, my sweet rose. without her, i probabley would have given up already. when i broke my hand back in august, then lost my full time job working for my uncle after nine years, i thought it couldn't get any worse. at that point, i had lost almost 50% of my income. well, just in time for christmas, my new full time job, which i had been working part time for over a year until i broke my hand, decided to cut my hours in half. merry christmas, huh? so, now i have lost 3/4 of my income. through it all, rose has been here for me. as frustrating as it has been for her, she has still kept believing in me and continues to encourage me to never give up on my dreams. lately, i guess that i have been withdrawing. it's tough to keep a possitive attitude with all that has gone wrong, but somehow, rose
Contact Witoka:Shattered Heart Witoka* Royal Eliet BomberTotal Master Morpher Seeking New Bomber's@ fubar Are Hippie:`InSaNe HiPpIe`co owner of the kingdom of wolves@ fubar Morning Star:Morning Star*Co Owner Of The Kingdom Of Wolves Till Witoka Can Return Spirit Of The Wolf Platoon*Seeking New Bomber's@ fubar Hippie:~`HiPpIe`~co owner of the kingdom of wolves'@ fubar First let me start off by saying thank you for choosing to bomb with The Kingdom Of The Wolve's . We are happy to have all new comer's and hope you All have fun bombing with the Kingdom Of Wolve's ...I might add here you might find a few of my rules a little strange or unfair but I assure you there are very good reason's behind each and every one of them and may have more added as time goes on. Please make sure you read them carefully and if you have any question's no matter how big or small you can talk to your leader. List Of Rule's 1.) NO bad mouthing any other bomber..If you have a problem with any other
Shayla Pressley
For My Beautiful Wife Shayla~! Courtesy of ♥Wï¢kêÐ Äñgêl §hå¥lå♥@ fubar I Just Want YouBy Ozzy OsbourneBest Video Codes Just letting MY WIFE Know How much I love her AND let everyone know that i am very taking and very happy with who I got/have! ~I love you mad Shayla Pressley~ PROFILEFANTASY.COM PROFILEFANTASY.COMPROFILEFANTASY.COM Shayla Baby You Have No Worries EVER Because i will be urs Till the Day I Die Hunny, There's NOBODY on the net are in Preson Will EVER take ur man.I Love You With ALL my mind body AND sould Princess~! PROFILEFANTASY.COMPROFILEFANTASY.COM
Great News
Doomsday: 2012. Ugh
Hey, have you heard the world is going to end on December 21, 2012. That is of course if you listen to the new doomsayers. Well some of those doomsayers aren't exactly new, they just set a new date. If you are like me you have certian members of your family who are caught up in looking at doom and gloom news and listening to TV preachers, or TV talk shows give prophecies about the end of the world. While you listen to them you can't help but bite your tounge and roll your eyes while you are presented with new compelling 'evidence' that its all going to end. Thats because they were so accurate when they predicted that it would all end before. Just like it did in 2000, or in 1998, 1988, 1962, 1844, 1792, 1000, 72, and many other dates I might have missed. These people point that the world is messed up, in crisis. They say that there are increasing weather anomlities and more earth quakes then before. But the truth of the matter is the world has always been in conflict, there
I Luv Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls
so the thing is..i wanna meet some girls who like girls and who want to link up and mess Holla at me if ur with that!!!!
Doc Appt
Girls - I Need Your Help!!!!
I have some goals for my business that I need to hit & what better way than YOUR help!!! PLEASE! Here's 10 GREAT Reasons why you need to Host a Pure Romance by Lisa Party 1. Where else can you taste, smell and touch before purchasing? 2. It's Ladies Only! You don't have to drag your man shopping with you! 3. Your girlfriends will pay for your shopping spree! 4. You and your friends haven't giggled this much since "the talk" in middle school. 5. How else can you win amazing prizes just for hanging with your pals? 6. You haven't seen your girls since Britney Spears was a sex symbol. 7. You can get in touch with your inner bad girl with a very "good girl image" company! 8. A couple of hours kids & hubby free? We know what you're thinking...Sign me up! 9. You and your friends' partners will be singing your praises. 10. You'll finally get some romantic tips that don't involve steamy paperback novels. Come on Ladies, I
"a Soldiers Prayer"
Make an on-line slide show at
I had a dream last night that I was sipping the worlds largest margarita... then I woke up on the bathroom floor and there was salt on the rim of the toilet seat!!!!What the fuck!!!!! ( :P ) Just wanted to say hi,and put a smile on ur face thanx for the add etc and hope you have a good day today! Much Luv, Get At Me Sometime looking forward to getting to know u and chat! ------------------------------------------------- i had a dream last night that me and you were sipping the worlds largest margarita... then i woke up on the bathroom floor and there was salt on the rim of the toilet seat!!!! ------------------------------------------------- mmm i love sex on the beach...oh yeah and the drinks not to bad either!( :P ) Saw you on & Just wanted to say hi, thanx for the add etc and hope you have a good day today! Much Luv, Get At Me Sometime looking forward to getting to know u and chat! ------------------------------------------------- Welcome 2 my world!! Hope you have a great ti
Bfast In Bed
Moments before the stars fall out to another tempting rise, I awaken with you. Long golden locks, In inches of 23+, and me- all in the entirety, spun softly like a quilt covering your abs and chest, with my face to rest in the contour of your torso. Sleepish lids flutter, and I, in utter bliss to kiss, you- Full pouting lips, in search of where I fell asleep, you deep- and pacifying my dreams. I hear your whimpers, and soft morning moans, as you awake the sunrise, swollen and full- and I, ever so thirsty. Good Morning.
What the fuck is with people who rate you, fan you then add you. Then when you refuse to cyber with them or talk dirty they fucking rerate all your shit to a 2 or 3 or 4???? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!1 IF thats how you are going to be then dont rate me fan me or add me cause i will not cyber with anyone!!!!! Thank you have a great Sunday!
Fragile Friendships
something happened this week that made me realise just how tenuous and fragile the links between our friends and ourselves have become in modern times. years ago, people would more often than not be part of a social scene, either brought together through work or even from their school days, or maybe as part of a hobby group or sporting team. or they would share the same circle of friends. it was also common for people to know quite well the parents and families of their friends, having often grown up with them , or having lived nearby. in these modern times however, its very common to have friends who no one else really knows much about.... for instance. YAHOO360. we all have lots of 'YAHOO360 friends' don’t we? and I’m sure a large percentage of us have people on our lists who we think a great deal of, and regard them as TRUE FRIENDS. but how would you know if something terrible happened to someone on your FRIEND LIST? would you be aware of ACCEDENTS, ILLNESS or even WORSE? how man
Your Favorate Shot
whats your favorite shot mine a texas suicide half patron platinum and half jager
Maple Syrup !!
Okay here's something i've been waiting for years for someone to explain to me. I want to know the origins of maple syrup. I know who really cares right? Well there is some things I just need to have explained to me. I want to know who decides one day to just pop a tap in a tree just to see what the goo is gonna taste like?? I mean you've got to be pretty damn hungry to go around makin' trees leak just to get yourself a taste. Okay lets just go on that assumption that you just have nothing better to do, I'm bored i think i'll go for a walk in the woods and taste some tree sap. If this is how syrup started, I feel sorry for the poor bastard that tapped a pine tree cause damn, that shit is just gross. Even if you were lucky enought to tap a maple first shot, that is still nasty. What is your going on in your mind to think "Wow this is pretty fucking gross... hmmmm maybe if i boil it for a bit I can eat it on a waffle." WTF!!!??
Rest Easy Scott :(
he was such a good kid. sweet and kept to himself. now hes gone, way too soon. scott, i miss your face. rest easy. my thoughts are with your family Scott HasbrouckREST IN PEACE January 18th will now be a memorial show for our good friend, Scott.It will be held at The Internet Cafe in Red Bank, NJ.Be there at 6PM or come when you can, we'll be there all night.I am dropping all the bands except Throw the Heat, The Riverwinds and True Quam. There may be an edition to the set, I will announce that when I have confirmation. Belafonte will also be there but it has not yet been decided if, and in what fashion they will perform.All proceeds will go directly to Scott's family.Please tell as many people to come to this very important event, if not to enjoy a night of music, then to honor a dedicated friend and musician.Repost this as many times as possible.Please be safe out there,
Citygirlgonecountry's Blog
Turns out I made the deans list last quarter..Completely amazed seeing as how I wasn't sure that there was even a deans list at the school.. Also it has been 8 days, almost 9 since my last cigarette, and today was the first day that I did not wake up craving one
Mind Games
Who the hell do you think you are, Messing around with other peoples hearts, Is this just some sort of game to you, You win by seeing how many people you can use. You are nothing but a lying piece of shit, Never truly wanting to find that one to be with, So you lead others on with your pack of lies, But I hate to tell you, your shit don't fly. It must be sad to have an ego so small, That the only way to feel big is to make others fall, One of these days you will get your just dues, When you find no one left to care for you. Listen hear you mangy little twit, What is this to you, just some sort of power trip, Does hurting others hearts make you feel good, You know I would kick you ass if I could. You are the scum of the earth, I don't know why I waste breath telling you how little you're worth, You think it is funny to see how many strings you can pull, But sooner or later people will catch on to your bull. And when it is all over you little peon, You wil
Found Somone New
Messages: Dose No One Respond To Them
i am broke and cant buy my own drinks in here and now one but one wounderful person has so if you rate me please buy me a drink.
Used Heart Gone So Fragile
Testing, testing 1, 2, 3... "oh, I'm on?" "How the hell is everyone doing?"
life is how you make it not how people make you. some poeple try to change others but they dont look at there selfs as well. so here to the judgers ,,,look at urself before saying something that you might regret cause you my end up on the other end one day. then what do you have to say then??????????????? i hate judgers. there is only one judge in my life that is THE MAN UP STAIRS. be urself not a fake or how someone wants you to be.
Hot Poems
im missing her in ways that become detrimental will my eyes ever experience or feel her in my frontal... lobe... wanting to hear her base and charm, for the only parts that feel my flow are the parts that connected arm to arm and thigh to thigh... my obsession's running high and can i endure this force causing closed lips and secretive hips moving to fantasies that's way much bigger than this? it was that kiss, full of life, love, sweet morning then it was goodbye love... that's kept her in places my current only dreams of.. knowing it's not fair that sometimes i think about touching her hair and grabbing that ass.....piration of one day attaining that clarity needed for me to grow a pair. i can't let go of the what if's and the could be's or the every pore of me wanting to know if she's... really wanting me or letting me go so she can be free or if she's already embarked on other possibilities. i implode when i need to explode and i talk abo
Why God made Paramedics When God made paramedics, He was into His sixth day of overtime. An angel appeared and said, "You're doing a lot of fiddling around on this one." God said, "Have you read the specs on this order? A Paramedic has to be able to carry an injured person up a wet, grassy hill in the dark, dodge stray bullets to reach a dying child unarmed, enter homes the health inspector wouldn't touch, and not wrinkle his uniform." "He has to be able to lift three times his own weight. Crawl into wrecked cars with barely enough room to move, and console a grieving mother as he is doing CPR on a baby he knows will never breathe again." "He has to be in top mental condition at all times, running on no sleep, black coffee and half-eaten meals, and he has to have six pairs of hands." The angel shook her head slowly and said, "Six pairs of way." "It's not the hands that are causing me problems," God replied. "It's the three pairs of eyes a medic ha
I Need Your Help!!!!
I need her to get as MANY comments as she can enough for her to win here's the link:
Join Me On Hoverspot!
Pure Romance
My name is Sara and I am a Pure Romance Independent Consultant. Pure Romance is a company that offers "romance assistance" to enhance your relationship (or self pleasure) with a wide variety of massage and bath aids, heighteners, spa products, and of course, bedroom toys!! We do parties exclusively for women (aka: NO MEN ALLOWED) however men can order from us, and we offer the oportunity to do catalog parties if you would like to do either a co-ed party or male only party. Because of corporate policy, we cannot display our toys in front of men. Remember its FREE to have a party plus the hostess recieves a FREE gift!! For more information, please contact me by e-mail: To view our products, please visit Or if you would prefer, I would be happy to send you a catalogue and order form! I accept the following forms of payment: -Cash -Check -Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discov
Luv Or Fukc?
Would you rather get together with that someone special and enjoy love or would you just like to get fUkc'd randomly when and where you want?
Is This Love
Is This Love Lyrics
My Poetry
Falling into your eyes I suddenly realize that you’re truly who you seem to be and you really do just want me I want you to know that baggage abounds I want you to know my reasoning is sound I love your laugh, smile, and your frown I love when you’re serious or just being a clown you whisper sweet words till my brain wants to melt saying sweet nothings about all you've felt you make me laugh even while I’m depressed you bring me out of my shell just when I’ve regressed you give me an anchor when I’m feeling lost you make me happy no matter the cost you tell me you like me and like me a lot I tell you you're funny, gorgeous, and hot so much in common, so much to share so many differences, someone to care you help me to laugh, enjoy, and unwind you make me feel without feelings entwined you show me you care without asking too much you make me believe, craving your touch falling into your eyes I see anothe
Real Eyes Realize Real Lies
My Music
Just wanted to get opinions on whether or not people think I have a decent enough selection of music. No biggie
I understand I really do now. It seems that people use this site to be a jackass since apparently that is all some people know how to do on this site. BE A JACKASS. I have tried and tried to teach those that would listen what I know. I may be young but I know a far bit more than most people twice as old as I am. This site proves that. 40 year old men and women on this site acting like children and harshly judging people just becuz they violently disagree with a statement or cuz they just want to be ignorant fuckheads and just cause drama. It isn't worth it. DRAMA is for LOSERS who DONT have a life. For people who constantly only think about themselves. They live in a sorry existence and should be dealt with. How? Well, I will just let your mind wander on that one. I don't know what you believe you people think you are doing on this site. You exercise your right to freedom of speech without regard to the consequences of that speech. Well, I guess when you sit on
Smoking & Drinking
Mind Freak
Ron White
Paula Abdul
Stupid People
Call me a cunt I don't care. If I don't know you and haven't ever talked to you before I sure as hell ain't giving you my yahoo! So kiss my ass! Oh and blocking me and downrating me because of it shows what a fucktard you are.
Dial Up
as yalls know i been offline for a while well back online but on dial up so no lounge for me for bout a week hopefully lol so to yalls in charmed visoins ill be back in there in a week os so loves ans misses yalls love the evil one starr
This Life Of Mine 7
You know, I might need to stop putting foreign countries as my place of residence. I change it all the time. I do state in my profile that I live all over the my mind but my home is California. I am guessing that 90% of Fubar members don't read profiles. I am one that DOES read profiles. It doesn't mean I won't forget what I read 20 minutes later but at least I read them! So I pick a Country that sounds like a place I would want to visit or be at in that moment. I have not had any trouble but a few misconceptions of people thinking I am actually in Sweden or Christmas Island, lol. Now that I have chosen Greece as my next destination, I get Turk sending me a private message telling me to go on msn. How does he even know I have msn? Turkish men are kind of.....scary. I don't mean to offend any of you but they have always been pushy and saying disgusting things to me. I have added them on my profile in the past and then had to block them. Needless to say,
My Brother
Those of you who know me know that I have an older brother. The problem is that he is never around. He lives around the corner from me, but my daughter and I only see him once a month. My parents only see him once every 2 months at the most and he never really calls them. On his days off from work he always goes to his ex-roomate's house to "hang out" and after work, if you go to the bar around the corner, you will see him, without fail he is always there. I see my parents four days a week, weather I am at their house or they are at mine. I go to school and have a husband and a child, but I still find this time for my family. Reciently our father has been in the hospital and now Roger wants to stand up and be a contributing factor to our father's recovery, but not before he tells all of his buddies what is going on. Other family members have been there to see my father and my brother acts as though he has been there all along and has seen my dad daily. He is trying to tell my you
hi guys as u know im new on this site and u might be thinkin that askin for fubucks already is a lil crazy but i am not asking for much,i just want some so i can send people gifts as thank yous for everything....whatever u send me is no big deal,anything is a help....i will be posting more pics that r NSFW and u will definetly like them
Grow Up Already
Well I am am very pissed off. Last POST was deleted cause the cunt whines like a baby.. Sure wished she would just leave me the fuck alone... I don't want your FUBAR FREEK... I Don't need to get on here to find me any one to SCREW**SHACK UP WITH OR ANYTHING ELSE.. I have a life outside of FUBAR.. Even though I Enjoy it VERY MUCH.. I do not sit my ass here all day and STALK People.. You need to STALK YOUR Fat Ass To a GYM and leave me alone...
Jingle Bombs
Holy Shit.
Is it just me or are the morph pictures just fucking stupid? I mean.. at least... freaking pick something that looks like you.... And that flashing like shit on your pics? I don't understand this crap.. It just looks stupid to me. AND it reminds me of something that my 8 year old sister would do. HOLY SHIT.
General Questions Bout Me
1. Where were you at 11:45 last night? GETTING READY TO LAY MY HEAD DOWN ON MY PILLOW 2. Is the person you like older or younger than you? OLDER THAN ME.. SUPPOSE TO BE MORE MATURE 3. When was the last time you saw the last person you kissed? TONIGHT WHEN I GAVE MY SON A KISS FOR BED 4. Ever talked to someone that was high? HELL YEAH AND I WAS TOO.. IT WAS FUN. 5. How tall is the person you like? 6' 1" 6. Did you have a dream last night? YEAH I WAS TALKN TO MY BROTHER AND TRYN TO FIGURE OUT WHAT HAPPEN.(N CASE YOU DONT' KNOW MY BROTHER PASSED AWAY JAN.12,2008 IN A ROLLOVER TRUCK ACCIDENT HE WAS 22) 7. Last text message you sent? UHM I DONT' KNOW I ERASED THEM ALL 8. Last comment you left someone? MY SIS ON MYSPACE FOR HER BIRHTDAY 1-25 9. Do you have a Facebook? I MIGHT IF I KNEW WHAT THE HELL A FACE BOOK WAS! 10. What color is your underwear? WHAT UNDERWEAR IT IS BEDTIME 11. Last person you were in the car with besides your family? M
Got To Love A Soldier
Everyday we wake up ass early in the morning. Eat shit food. Go on the road with the risk of getting blown up. Eat shit food for lunch. Clean our weapons. Dream about home! 15 months straight is how long we stay. And the whole time saying two words Fuck It. But saying them with a smile on my face. And we do it all for you!
*babygirl* Lyrics
"Babygirl" I heard you got the news today heard you got the news today Seems nothin ever goes your way, oh no Yesterday was a-okay Now today you're feelin like you're lost Ohhh And he say, she say (she say) She's too young, theres no way (there's no way) Not on her own (she can never make it on her own) But who cares what they say Cause no one can judge you at all Its not about who's right or whos wrong [CHORUS:] Babygirl take it one day at a time You can't just grow up overnight Babygirl I know you're feelin butterflies But everything will be alright Everything will be alright Everybody seems to notice you Cause you're not really tryin to hide a thing Sometimes you're cool Sometimes your mood swings No baggy shirts to hide the change, no shame Nobody to lie to, to pry with what's inside of you And he say, she say She's too grown Poor thing, all on her own But who cares what they say Caus eno one can judge you at all It's not who's right or who's wro
My Girl
there is a girl that i am with now who makes me smile inside and out all she has to do is look at me and i get all warm but i know that the day we break up that i will be torn i love this girl with all my heart it tears me up when we are apart when she raps her arms around me and holds me through the night i wake up in the morning knowing everythings alright when i look into her eyes i get lost like in space and i dont forget to tell her that she has a beutifull face the things that happen to me when u are around my palms start to sweat and my heart starts to pound but for what its worth i made this poem for you to excpress my love that i have for u thank u baby for treating me so good and i would give u the hole world if i could
So my friend Nate introduced me to this website..Much thanks!!.Im addicted already!!!!
Its really goes to show how immature ppl are here on fubar, Ive seen alot of h8 more than love. Im glad I dont go to bars with alot of you stale ppl. Cause if this is the way yall h8rs act in real life you can go play hide and go screw yerselves. I mean seriously. Do ya act this way when and if you go to bars just get yerselves a little excitement by getting someone riled up about little stuff. YOU definitly are the ones that go to the bathroom and piss on someones shoes just to get in a fight. Same rules apply if ya cant behave yerself in real life dont go anywhere as for here the same if ya cant seem to keep your composure and be happy then do us all a favor and sell your computer for booze money and go to a real bar where you can act out and really get your ass handed to you. PPL stay home and come here for fun...actual fun not to meet someone that likes drama, ya like drama go watch soaps it has no place here. To some this is a sanctuary from all tha h8rs in real life.
Wont Be Online Til 21st
im switching internet providers so i wont be online until the 21st. leave me A LOT of love to come back to. thanks everyone.. much love to all
Leaving Here
Im leaving this sight,it causes way 2 much extra drama. Its hard 2 be in a relationship and both parties are on here.
Never Look Back
Well I knew it would come, but what differance does it make? Where did it go and why? Why is it still here but gone? Why does it feel good but hurt so much as well? Does it really matter anyway? Probably not, this is the way my life goes and honeslty, who cares but me, and I really don;t give a shit either. No one else gives a shit so why should I. F.T.W.
Newbie Here Haha... At Leaste Im Honest
I created this a while ago but i didnt understand it cuz im a lil ditsy... but im starting to figure it all out...
I will be gone for the next 10 days. See you all when I get back. No sense in saying more. Noone really reads these anyway. I am spending the week at my boyfriends. See ya all when I get back. {{{hugs}}}
Melody's "things I Wanna Share With You" Blog
Hey all! I am interested in meeting like minded individuals for both friendship & networking. Maybe we can build an awesome friendship or create our own success stories, the skies the limit! You are receiving this offer simply because you took a chance & the time to read this blog. I want to share something friggn' awesome with you! I came across this on a message board & I think it rocks! What if you could earn money from the comfort of your own living room for doing just what each of us does every day, visiting a social networking site? It does not cost a penny & you will get paid in several different ways; page views, content submittal, referrals, etc. If you're interested in making extra money at no cost to you (ever!) than do yourself a favor & check this out, I did!
Blood Filled Eyes
Rivers of blood flow from my eyes So many have i claimed My soul lost to the winds Never for me to reclaim Comfort comes only from the agony of my victims Whose lifeless eyes stare into my dreams Death would be my ultimate victory But how does one who cannot die be victorious Maybe life holds the key to death But if it does it hides it eternally from me. dpw 12/99
My Life
Do I.....
Ok,Valentines Day is right around the corner so do I give up my virginity on valentines day or hold on to it and join a club for virgins ? Now the girl I'm seeing is no virgin,some might even say shes' a whore.Men can be whores too,don't get me wrong.If I give it up to her I just know I'll fall in love,either with her or with sex.She is nice,good personality but ugly as hell ! Built like a dream though,or at least the dreams I've been having.(you know the type) I've checked out several good virgins only clubs,the only problem is how do you prove your a virgin ? I am sorely perplexed over this one.Maybe they ask questions and if I can't answer or give the wrong answer I'm a virgin,I really don't know how they do it. But anyway,I'm looking for someone to test me before I apply for the club membership,if I with-hold my virginity from her.
True Story!!!
i never lied about my love for MiKayla or my wiffe i found pics on my phone and added them
Gov't Bastids
Actual letter to the Canadian Passport office Dear Mr. Minister, I'm in the process of renewing my passport, and still cannot believe this. How is it that Radio Shack has my address and telephone number and knows that I bought a t.v. cable from them back in 1997, and yet, the Federal Government is still asking me where I was born and on what date. For Christ sakes, do you guys do this by hand? My birth date you have on my social insurance card, and it is on all the income tax forms I've filed for the past 30 years. It is on my health insurance card, my driver's license, on the last eight goddamn passports I've had, on all those stupid customs declaration forms I've had to fill out before being allowed off the planes over the last 30 years, and all those insufferable census forms that are done at election times. Would somebody please take note, once and for all, that my mother's name is Maryanne, my father's name is Robert and I'd be absolutely astounded if
added some videos to my stash, check them out let me know what you think
A FIREMAN came home from work one day and told his wife, "You know, we havea wonderful system at the fire station: BELL 1 rings and we all put on our jackets, BELL 2 rings and we all slide down the pole, BELL 3 rings and we're on the fire truck ready to go. From now on when I say BELL 1 I want you to strip naked. When I say BELL 2 I want you to jump in bed. And when I say BELL 3 we are going to make love all night." The next night he came home from work and yelled "BELL 1!" The wife promptly took all her clothes off. When he yelled "BELL 2!", the wife jumped into bed. When he yelled "BELL 3!", they began making love. After a fewminutes the wife yelled "BELL 4!" "What the hell is BELL 4?" asked the husband? "ROLL OUT MORE HOSE," she replied "YOU'RE NOWHERE NEAR THE FIRE
My Military Friends...
As most of you know we threw a great party for our Brother and our friend Matt...So with that being said I wanted to post a few words about him...Matt has you know you are one of the easiest people to have as a brother and a friend and your one of the best and big hearted people that anyone could ask to know...As I speak for most of us as I can say that we love you and you will be greatly missed...I want to say that you are so brave to be out there fighting for us and our country...It is so hard for some people to understand what is like to be away from family for so long till you have a person that you love in Iraq...I told you last night that you better come home to us and there is a difference in coming home and coming home safely and comin hom in a coffin...You promised that you would be home in a year and that is not a promise that we can hold you to cause we never know what is going to happen form one day to the next...But I have all faith that you will come home safely...As you
Just Got Back
Sorry I have been gone for so long...alot has changed...but I am here to have fun and make alot of friends. DRINKS all AROUND!!!
Court Room Blunders
These have been around, but funny! Wayne > These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts and are > things people actually said in court. Taken down by court reporters who > had the torment of staying calm while the exchanges were taking place. > ________________________ > ATTORNEY: Are you sexually active? > WITNESS: No, I just lay there. > __________________________ > ATTORNEY: What gear were you in at the moment of impact? > WITNESS: Gucci sweats and Reeboks. > ________________________ > ATTORNEY: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory? > WITNESS: Yes. > ATTORNEY: In what way does it affect your memory? > WITNESS: I forget. > ATTORNEY: Can you give us an example of something you forgot? > __________________________ > ATTORNEY: What was the first thing your husband said to you that > morning? > WITNESS: 'Cathy, where am I?' > ATTORNEY: Why did that upset you? > WITNESS: My name is Susan. > __________________________ > ATTORNE
Total Eclipse
"Sorry" Oh I had a lot to say was thinking on my time away I missed you and things weren't the same Cause everything inside it never comes out right And when I see you cry it makes me want to die I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry I'm blue, I'm sorry about all things I said to you And I know I can't take it back I love how you kiss, I love all you're sounds, and baby the way you make my world go round And I just wanted to say I'm sorry: This time I think I'm to blame it's harder to get through the days You get older and blame turns to shame Every single day I think about how we came all this way The sleepless nights and the tears you cried it's never too late to make it right Oh yeah sorry!
"better Life" Tips.. From News Sources
Check out this page on MSN: Superfoods: The Next FrontierHad it up to here with broccoli? Join the club. But it's hard to take it off the menu when it's such a great source of vitamins and minerals. Still, is a little variety too much to ask?  Not anymore, thanks to research that's shifting the spotlight to a new generation of health-boosting foods--many of which do double or triple duty to help prevent illness. Here are six on the brink of superstar status.   1. Pomegranate If you're going to have a martini, at least make it a pomegranate one. This fall fruit has higher antioxidant activity than red wine and green tea, which may be why a number of studies show it may prevent skin cancer and kill breast and prostate cancer cells. It also helps: Fight Alzheimer's disease Researchers at Loma Linda University found that mice who drank pomegranate juice experienced 50% less brain degenerati
Word Smythys
Dumb Woman
Re-mastering - An Artistic Benefit, A Sales Gimmick Or A Crime Against Humanity!?
I've got a freaking bee in my bonnet!! About 99% of the older albums that I acquire, or re-acquire, that have been re-mastered sound like shit to me! A case in point. I've just bought Joni Mitchells 'Blue' and it sounds like it's been dipped in liquid oxygen. The sound has lost all the warmth of the original recording and it seems like it could shatter into a thousand pieces any minute! Am I just being a grumpy old git or does anybody else out there share this little bug-bear of mine? Or is it that in this time of mp3 and iPod that often produces (depending on the format selected) a sound that would have disgraced a Dansette, that people's ears are changing and brittle is the order of the day! In short, is digital the new analogue?
To ALL my friends and fans!!! I might have asked you to do this before, But I really need your help! I joined a site called I love this site. Its all about redheads, and for those that love redheads. ANYWAY they are giving a way two trips to NYC to a redhead gathering to the top two people that get the most people to join. I don't care if you ever do anything with the acct, I REALLY appreciate if you would join and use this code when you do THANK YOU! Brandi
Where-in Lies The Truth
Just Random Shit
I know I am heading up there during the weekends to roam around and have a beer or two and see the sights and have a beer or two and meet peoples and have a beer or two. Anybody else reading this heading there? Maybe a little Fubar meet-n-drink?
Thirteen O'clock Thoughts
Ok here i go on my usal rant about immigration. theres a town near me that is supposed to be a safe haven for illeagl immigrants.... WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE!!!!!!!!! where the fuck does this mayor and city council get off saying that they will not let any one pursue people that are breaking the fucken laws of this dam country?!?!? Honestly i think that the city council and the mayor need to be rounded up with these immigrants and then be sent back to the worst country of the lot of them. Either that or they need to be lined up with those code pink assholes(thats for another blog) and shot like the traitors that they are. Now dont get me wrong i have no problem with immigration(i do think we need to stop giving work visas and give those jobs and homes to the homeless and jobless in this country tho) as long as it is the leagl way of getting citizenship. i dont care what color u are black, white brown purple green what ever, if u are illeagl u need to be rounded up and s
Free Freeeeeee
This site is about points, so why is everyone being so negative on comments etc. Life is full of negativity, lets be positive and fun here ... we don't need the bad stuff on here too. This is supposed to be our getaway.
Wow I Got F*** Today
Young C
Opinions,thoughts,and Some Favorite Videos.
Well atleast the dude rocks
Being Played
hey guys if you wanna see then get me a HH or 10,000 fu-bucks
Bling Us !!
Farie Tales
All day long they come and go--- Pittypat and Tippytoe; Footprints up and down the hall, Playthings scattered on the floor, Finger-marks along the wall, Tell-tale smudges on the door--- By these presents you shall know Pittypat and Tippytoe. How they riot at their play! And a dozen times a day In they troop, demanding bread--- Only buttered bread will do, And the butter must be spread Inches thick with sugar too! And I never can say "No, Pittypat and Tippytoe!" Sometimes there are griefs to soothe, Sometimes ruffled brows to smooth; For (I much regret to say) Tippytoe and Pittypat Sometimes interrupt their play With an internecine spat; Fie, for shame! to quarrel so--- Pittypat and Tippytoe! Oh the thousand worrying things Every day recurrent brings! Hands to scrub and hair to brush, Search for playthings gone amiss, Many a wee complaint to hush, Many a little bump to kiss; Life
Today Is The Day..
im deleting those that never talk to me or never respond to my comments,im sick of 1 sided friendships,if your reading this then it wont be you,if your not well you wont know ive deleted till its too late...HA! sorry!!
American Idol
I have always been amazed how people judge before they even know the person. Is it looks that make you look away, or the fear that one might see though your own facade. Everyone of us has secrets that have created shame, we are creatures of a curious nature. Always wanting what we might not have or need. I have walked a path trying to experience all that I am intrigued by. I have hurt others that I love and some that I don't, I have been hurt by the one's I trust, only to know it is I who allowed the pain. Life is mine to decide the path and I hope that one day the judgement won't be and you shall see, I always will love you, with all the tears and lies, laughter and joy. Our path will cross and I will be there with a smile just for you.
Only Interested....
Im natsukawa born in tokyo, japan.... im a gravure idol singer and also a model.... i love to be com petite with other model??? it makes me challenges.... im sweet, caring, lovable, cute, charming and friendly person also thoughtful, kind, fashionable, helpful and understanding person.... im here to promote our site and to be voted... can i ask for your vote to retain as a top model if you vote me i will give you a good xchange's for your effort is it a DEAL? just inform me if ur interested... take care guys FOR WELLING ONLY NO FORCE sincerely your's, jun
Hello Friends
hi everyone i am new here i dont know how i ended in here but i like what i see. i dont know anything of what i am doing so please take it slow with me and teach me few things, mmm i am a fast can be my teacher..yeah My name is Ness and i am 28. I reside in Boston. Just looking to meet cool people..Thanks
Forget Ur Apology !!!!
A Cool Introduction
This a great way to introduce Yourself I think..rawrrrrrr. Got this in a friend request. She's a Gypsy woman > > > > she possesses many different powers > > > > she can put a spell on you that brings you much pleasure > > > > you'll wish for it to never to end > > > > when you awaken > > > > you won't forget a thing that happened > > > > you won't know were you are > > > > but you want never to leave > > > > you tell her that you like it, it's good > > > > she tells you, you like it now > > > > but you learn to love it later
Just Thoughts,opinions,and Videos.
Wanted Exclusive TrailerAdd to My Profile | More Videos Hell i wanna see this fucking movie.
Cake Or Bed
To sleep, perchance to dream. Screw dreaming, I just want sleep. Every night I toss and turn. My eyes close, but my brain keeps running. Thoughts and worries race through my mind. My body won’t cooperate either; Relaxation just doesn’t happen. I turn over for the hundredth time, Breathe deeply, try to settle down, But sleep still doesn’t come. I stay in bed and try to rest; Anything’s better than nothing. Then my alarm goes off; it’s morning Another sleepless night is done.
A Whisper
A warm breeze blows across my face. I settle in against the tree, Its rough texture digging into my back. The solidness of it reassuring. I hug myself tight, Imagining your arms around me, Aching for your heaviness on me. Wishing for your warm breath on my neck, My breasts, my thighs. Wanting your hands on me, Exploring and probing. Resting my head and closing my eyes Because not seeing you before me is too painful. From my lips, in a whisper come these words, I so miss you.
i have come to the conclusion that most people now adays are just crude and ignorant. what makes someone better than someone else? in my opinion, absolutely nothing. just because someone has more money than me, has nicer things than i do, has more friends, has a better education, or was blessed with a natural talent, does that make them better than someone else? fuck no. but yet people always seem to think of themselves as better than everyone else. its just this sort of ignorance that makes me wanna bitch slap someone. I dont know, i just felt like ranting. so heres just a useless blog that dont mean shit. P.S. if you have something negative to so dont waste your time your not going to effect me.
No Title Want To Name It 3
Love doesn't look at black or white For those are only colors Love doesn't look at 25 or 30 For age is only a number Love doesn't look at rich or poor For money is only paper Love doesn't look at faults only perfections For in the eyes of loved one everything is good When you love someone you love them for what's inside Not because they're black or white, not because they're you age not because they're rich, but because of what's inside Love is blind to everything but what you love them for
Pandemonium Of Lust
Mud-stained wings and blood-filled kisses, Heavenly sharp fingers and murderous lustful eyes, Distorted blurry images And Summer of fetishes. Chaos, Insanity, Confusion, Erotica. It was love that drove us mad, And I continue to drown In this Forever growing Pandemonium Of Lust
People Take This Site Way To Far
Our life, nothing but grains of sand moving through an invisible hourglass of time. Every moment, everlasting and ever-changing, slipping through my fingers, as I turn the pages of my journey into unwritten eternity. To the moments of love and pleasure, to nights of question and pain. To those who have changed you for good, and events that made you who you are today. To the past and our memories of time spent together and alone. Our cocktail of accomplishments mixed with how we`ve become known, awaits a final toast to our existence and our passing
Stoney's This & That
The 1st kind of sex is called: Smurf Sex This kind of sex happens when you first meet someone and you both have sex until you are blue in the face. The 2nd kind of sex is called: Kitchen Sex This is when you have been with your partner for a short time and you are so horny you will have sex anywhere, even in the kitchen. The 3rd kind of sex is called: Bedroom Sex This is when you have been with your partner for a long time. Your sex has gotten routine and you usually have sex only in your bedroom. The 4th kind of sex is called: Hallway Sex This is when you have been with your partner for too long. When you pass each other in the hallway you both say “screw you.” The 5th kind of sex is called: Religious Sex Which means you get Nun in the morning, Nun in the afternoon and Nun at night. The 6th kind is called: Courtroom Sex This is when you cannot stand your wife any more. She takes you to court and screws you in front of everyone. And last, but not least, the
Got Something Interesting To Say? Let's Talk!
I'm here to meet new people and become friends with those who share similar interests with myself. I'm not looking for compliments although they are appreciated. It's more meaningful to me to receive a compliment about something we may have in common rather than those based on physical appearances. I have a passion for music, especially metal of all types. Being from a relatively small town in Kentucky, it's been difficult finding people that i can connect with as far as my musical taste is concerned. I enjoy learning from people, anyone that is informative is very interesting to me. Don't watch t.v. that much but when i do it's usually something on A&E. Really into forensic science. Love The First 48, Intervention, and American Justice. Horror and fantasy related movies are my favorites. Thanks for stopping by!
Liquid Being
Dripping strings of emotion A melting web entangling my mind I have ceased to be Yet here I am I am nothing And everything All at once Fade to shine Raw blue fingers Painting valleys Red eyes Such anger and rage Painted with life Soaked with feeling And now Liquefied with pain Longing to be whole Though I am all I need to be Secrets locked away Trembling with anticipation One day No longer a puddle The sun will caress me My eyes will be opened Nothing can touch me For I am nothing Yet everything And I fade to shine
For Your Info--my Shared Stash
For anyone that is interested in getting paid to shop and have fun, check out my stash for the link. I have been ceritified as a mystery shopper and while there are bogus sites, satisfaction services is a legit site that not only sends you a monthly check for your work but provides a 1099. If anyone would like to know more, msg me with your email address.
Why is it so hard to move on with your life when your not sure if you made the right choice or not? Theres always going to be the "what-ifs" and the doubts but how do you know when it is time to move on and do whats best for you? What if it envolves hurting someome else, though sometimes you question why they are even in your life? Whens the right time to stop listening to your heart and start listening to your head??? Why is it that the people we choose to surround ourselves with are usually the ones with secrets, lies, and ones who take advantage of other?
Outty Like Belly Button Gone Wild
talk to you all later.. have a great evening.
The hand Sometimes the hand holding the sharpes, deepest cutting knife Is the softest Sometimes the hand that is holding the bleeding remains of your heart are the gentlest Sometimes the hand that is holding the balance of your life is the most perfect Sometimes, and just, sometimes The hand that covers your eyes Are the ones you were just caressing with your lips ************************ Things Things that bother me. I cannot say things that hurt me I cannot say things that tell me one thing I cannot say things that tell me another I cannot say things that I want to say I cannot say things that I cannot say may set me free ********************************** Just wanted to say...this started out as a poem. Then started sounding like a song. Maybe I can get some help making it to music..? I took your pictures from the wall I didn't know that we would fall When the heart ache came to me
Hey! I Can Drive The City Bus
Why are you faking like I want to do something that I don't want to do? If I don't want to do it. Then I don't want to do it!! I don't believe in bothering anybody like this. And a survey is an opinion from anybody!! Really there is nothing wrong with me to get busted up, banged up and lactated out! I am a bottom! Big Men and Little Men bust and shoot, fat loads of your man cream down in my bootyhole and gap it out big!! In any position you want. Either Missionary or doggystyle and even sideways! And I love big, huge, muscular, smooth calves on a man. I love to massage lotion on big muscular men calves! I love it!! There is nothing wrong about any of this. There is nothing wrong for me to get lactated out by big and little men!!!
Irish Blessing
Your morning thought for the day: May God give you... For every storm, a rainbow, For every tear, a smile, For every care, a promise, And a blessing in each trial. For every problem life sends, A faithful friend to share, For every sigh, a sweet song, And an answer for each prayer. -- Irish Blessing
Being a person who recently worked himself off of anti-depressant medication, part of my recovery is to make and keep up a list of my most important needs and desires, this has been very beneficial for me, and I think this is something most people could benefit from doing. Give it some thought, it's not for everyone, but it may help with keeping the stupid little things from getting you down. My most important needs and desires. · I want to make a difference in the lives of others. · I need a sense of purpose in life. · I need to give of myself. · I need to be able to be wrong without being made to feel guilty or ashamed. · I need to have my opinions considered. · I need to express myself. · I need to acknowledge fears and anger. · I need privacy and quiet time. · I need to feel hope. · I need to believe in myself, and my abilities. · I need to be more open with myself, and others. · I need to be more assertive without coming across as mean, or
I'mleaving much as I love it....there is a certain female that has others stalking my profile..just to see what some guy she likes leaves me....very sad and childhish.....i love all my friends....and take it easy..all of you
Accepting Change
It's a common trait - people don't like change. But in our fast-paced world, change is inevitable, especially in your career. Even if you're not planning on making a career change in the near future, your employer may have a different idea for you. Here are a few tips to help you cope if change comes your way. First, expect your job description to evolve. Companies are constantly growing, presenting the need for employees to change or to take on additional responsibilities. Be flexible and accept changes as opportunities for you to gain experience in new areas. Next, check your attitude at the door. Many times employees react to changes they don't like by adopting the "I'll only do as much as I have to" attitude. In the end, though, no one is hurt except for your image. Accepting change and moving on with a professional attitude will demonstrate an ability to be flexible, helping your image in the long run. Lastly, change is more easily accepted if you understand the reason
2nd Alrm Skanks
she's a camwhore and loves to play on cam so hit her up guys . she will do anything for fubucks
Dj Creed
I will satisfy the world's wanton for wonder and manifest my influence to the masses I will envelope your emotions with my enthusiasm I will force you to show your true self, regardless of your inhibitions.... with each three ticker tune!
It may take you two minutes to read this, but if you do not take the time to read this you are one of the people that we are talking about. You stay up for 16 hours. He stays up for days on end. You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. You put on your anti war/ don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. You complain about how hot it is. He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off hi
25,000 Points Togo
please help me level send me a message and i will return the favor..
My Irish Name
Your Irish Name Is... Aoife O'Keefe What's Your Irish Name?
My Leprechaun Name
Your Leprechaun Name Is: Sniffles Greentooth What's Your Leprechaun Name?
Why ?
Life As I Know It
I'm making this Fubar page and blog because I have been asked by someone else who was burned to let people know what happened to us. My daughter is a con artist and though I love her deeply it's time I faced it. She took a guy for all he had... his college grant money... sent him pictures of herself... yes, that kind... and told him that she'd marry him and he could adopt her son. She gave him all kinds of stories about who the father of her son is. She told her father and I that he was dead, blasted himself in the head with a gun a few weeks ago. His mom was going to call to tell us that it did happen when we didn't believe her. Hmm, wonder why that call never came. She told him that we were dead. In fact, I just died the other day. Apparently got hit by a board in a tornado. Inventive, isn't she? She constantly hinted that her son needed this and that and he faithfully sent clothing and toys and money to her every week. $140 here, $180 there, about twice a week. A
Blog Bliggidy
Fu Bar Is Fubar
I just read that a bar in New York called Fu Bar has been crushed by a falling crane. So, Fu Bar is now fucked up beyond all recognition. Funny to me, but not to others, I'm sure.
Much of the conversation that takes place in this book is written in the phonetically spelled Sheffield dialect of the 40's and 50's and so it might be a little daunting to anyone unfamiliar with it. However, to me - a person who grew up in Sheffield - it only adds to the charm! I think that this book resonates with me as the author was of a similar age to my dad and many of the adventures and scrapes he gets into remind me of the stories my dad has told me. There are lots of very funny moments in this book and conversely, many sad and touching moments too. Weerz me dad sheds a very interesting light on post-war Britain for the working classes and illustrates just how much things have changed on so many levels, including the sad loss of community spirit and 'real' neighbours. This book is a must-read for anyone who had parents or grandparents who grew up in the working class north of the 40's and 50's. Sadly, Fred Pass died recently; it appears he took his own life. Alt
Visual Kei
What exactly is the point of getting on cam and having a male jack off??? I find it to be quite gross. I mean if you're to lame to be able to see it without a webcam then you need to do something to fix that. From my point of view seeing a guy stroke himself on cam is like watching paint dry... boring and tasteless... Now don't get me wrong seeing my man do it while I double click my own mouse is a total different thing... But to see a complete stranger do it... I think there should be some boundries... Just my thoughts for the evening!
Angel's Life
Life is just hectic right now alot going on and ot enough time in the day....
Have you ever stop to wonder what everday life really is. It has to be different for everybody in their own views and opinions, thats what makes everyone unique in their own ways, no 2 people are alike, yet we have so much in common.
My Favorite Expression
Don't do to others what you don't want to get done to yourself and in french it is Ne fais pas aux autres de ce que tu ne veux pas qu'on te fasse
Who Wants Fubucks
Looking For An Old Friend
When I was here the first time I made friends and made haters. But there was one person that I really like and I mean I really liked. It was to the point I loved her and wanted nothing else but her. But at that time I was married and I messed it up and didnt tell her. Ive talked to her here and there trying to fix everything but it didnt work. I just messed everything up even worse. I just want to find her and tell her that I am sorry and fix everything and have her back. Thats if she wants me back.
Straight Up Nasty
What is up with women leaving their unwrapped napkins and tampons in public bathrooms on the floor or toilet seat. That is straight up nasty and unsanitary. It also has a funky ass smell. I mean not only have I've seen that but also there be blood drops on the seat, floor and walls. What the hell! Like they the only ones using the restroom. There are too many diseases out there and some women have caught them by sitting on the toliet seat. I feel sorry for the cleaning crew that have to come in and clean up that sh... They should be paid well. Sometimes women don't even flush the toliet leaving big ass turds with damn near a whole roll of toliet paper in there. And some others leave without washing their hands. Yuck!!!! So ladies if you use the public rest room make sure you cover the seat just in case you are unable to squat and when washing your hands grab the paper towel first cause their are plenty of germs on the handle. Upon leaving if there is a handle on the door to pull use a
hey all im like extemly new at this and im going to update my profile soon...
Into the night I sail away. Only to find myself so far away. As if someone lifting me into a world of unknown. Hoping to find myself not alone. Wanting more but getting less. There must but some kind of progress. Hope is not within me. Maybe one day will be seen and maybe it will be glee. By: Jenny-bear
My New Adventure!!
I am so excited about being accepted into college and it's on-line where it fits MY schedule and I can work at MY pace. Here's the acceptance letter: 3/20/2008 Ann K Milwaukee, WI 53225 USA Dear Ann K, Congratulations! I am pleased to notify you that you have been accepted to American InterContinental University (AIU) Online, contingent upon review of your credits and/or prior degree. You are enrolled in the Associate's (AABA) - Business Administration program with a concentration in AABA09-Medical Coding and Billing, beginning on 4/28/2008. Business, Criminal Justice, Information Technology, Design and Education are in-demand career fields and among the fastest growing industries. I admire and support your decision to acquire this valuable credential. There's more but it's meaningless dribble to everyone else. Even though I have a full time job as a cellular 9-1-1 dispatcher for the Sheriff, I'd still like to get a degree in something. I think of it as a person
Free Time
The Real Stacy
True Love
Rate Her
Get Twisted
Having a Omaha Roller Girls fundraiser at Route 66 (72nd and Q) Saturday March 22nd, we will be selling Jell-O shots and you can pay $5 to play twister with the roller girls! Gonna be lots of fun!
Stomach Flu
Been fighting this nasty strain of flu thats going around now for four days!!!!!!!!!!! spent the other day hugging the toilet bowl all day, now day 3 of crapping through a screen!!!!!!!!! very little solid food( and its dry and bland at that), and worst of all NO COFFEE!!!!!!!!!! can handle not having by bed time brew but need my F'N CAFFIENE!!!!!!!!! oh well cant be sick forever right?
Sam's Place
I'm beginning to think that it's all an inevitable cycle, and sometimes before the seasons change from being in love and learning to being in love and being comfortable that sometimes people just give up. We all have fears and dreams, and sometimes the fears we have keep of from believing that what we've got in front of us is really what we want or what we need. I'm just at this point now, where it just seems silly to even think that my life is going to come together. I've got myself back on track, I've got my priorities straight, and now I've been left behind again. I want to believe there is someone out there for me, but so far I just haven't been worth it to anyone. I haven't had the effect on someone else's life as they have had on mine. It's hard to describe, but my heart feels blank. It's not empty or broken, just blank. I want to feel loved,. I want to love. And up until this week I had that. I felt complete, and now i just feel blank. Now dont get me wrong. I'm happy as can be,
Help Me Level
Please help me Level....I'm under 41k...and I level at 22.I will make a salute for anybody That will rate all my pics...Thats aint nfsw! After your finish let me know.So I can get your salute made.. Thank you so much!!! xoxox Honey! :)
Frozen Angel
I am just an image, someones's ideal. Yet I am not property, not something to steal. You cannot force me or make me to stay. The day that you try, I WILL GO AWAY! - FA
findin out the monkey is better lookin then me,, lol. thats ok,
Is It Worth It?
A young, ambitious immigrant from Guatemala who dreamed of becoming an architect. A Nigerian medic. A soldier from China who boasted he would one day become an American general. An Indian native whose headstone displays the first Khanda, emblem of the Sikh faith, to appear in Arlington National Cemetery. These were among more than 100 foreign-born members of the U.S. military who earned American citizenship by dying in Iraq. Jose Gutierrez was one of the first to fall, killed by friendly fire in the dust of Umm Qasr in the opening hours of the invasion. In death, the young Marine was showered with honors his family could only have dreamed of in life. His sister was flown in from Guatemala for his memorial service, where a Roman Catholic cardinal presided and top military officials saluted his flag-draped coffin. And yet, his foster mother agonized as she accompanied his body back for burial in Guatemala City: Why did Jose have to die for America in order to truly belong?
I try to step back Every once in awhile Try to take in everything That I see going on I try to find the good in people While also taking in the bad I try to listen to peoples hearts And listen to what their soul is singing Of everyone I have ever met I don't think that I have ever found a person I didn't learn from That's when I met you Your heart was broken Your life was falling apart Tears stained your face And your soul screamed for help Your body was broken Your mind was confused Your eyes were empty And I could see you were lost And of all the people I've ever seen You were the most abused On the inside and out I'd never seen a soul take so much hurting That's why it surprised me When you smiled at me... Then I realized I was standing in front of a mirror
New Version
Looking at you with unwritten expression, But wanting to teach you, a valuable lesson, So I got out my pen, a notepad in my hand, And wrote you my version, of "Footprints in the Sand". One night I had a dream, I was walking alone with you, Across the sky I heard God telling me what I should do, Two sets of footprints in the sand, one mine, one yours, As we walked hand in hand, along the sandy beach shores. I prayed to God that he would help me through, Guide me through this time, when I didn't know what to do, I then looked behind me, and still saw two sets of prints, I better get this show on the road, I've already dropped hints. "I don't think this is going to work, you love her more than me," He looked at me, with impatient curiosity, I longed to say more, but saw his glazed eyes, Suddenly all I wanted to do was get lost in disguise. I knew he wasn't really crying, it was only a fake, I knew I had just made, the biggest mistake, I knew what he was capable o
Beautiful Thought
I've been broken I've been infected, I've been seen as I am, If you don't like it, I'm not worried, You will have your opinion, Whether I worry or not, I'm not cool, I'm not anything you want me to be, Judge like a pro, Be who you are, I'd like to thank you, For making me the focus of your conversation, You don't know me, You have no idea, What it takes to become, A beautiful thought like me.
Within the mirror lies a reflection, Deep within that, Reflects a unknown face. No matter how many times you run from the mirror, You always want to look back... Moreover, that reflection still lingers, wanting, waiting, For you to join it. As the mirror turns black, Your reflections grows stronger with it, Turning away the fright, You might try to escape. An unknow voice might call your name. You might resist, even turn away. Neverless, in the end your reflection will coax you to look back, Moreover, you will gaze at the mirror, Seeing the reflection staring back, The unknown face, Moreover, Together your reflection and you will become one..
time flew by, it seems like i just got here. i am not ready to watch him walk away next week, trying to be strong and not let him know how scared i am is making me go crazy! i havent cried yet, and i dont think i could. this all feels like a dream, or a nightmare... i cant sleep at night, cant eat at all, my chest hurts just thinking about all of this. all i know right now is i want the next 15 months to go by just as fast as the last yr. please!
What I Write Every Now An Then
Wet Pants
WET PANTS Come with me to a third grade classroom..... There is a nine-year-old kid sitting at his desk and all of a sudden, there is a puddle between his feet and the front of his pants are wet. He thinks his heart is going to stop because he cannot possibly imagine how this has happened. It's never happened before, and he knows that when the boys find out he will never hear the end of it. When the girls find out, they'll never speak to him again as long as he lives. The boy believes his heart is going to stop; he puts his head down and prays this prayer, 'Dear God, this is an emergency! I need help now! Five minutes from now I'm dead meat.' He looks up from his prayer and here comes the teacher with a look in her eyes that says he has been discovered. As the teacher is walking toward him, a classmate named Susie is carrying a goldfish bowl that is filled with water. Susie trips in front of the teacher and inexplicably dumps the bowl of water in the boy's lap. The boy pretends
Hello, help me to win a free MacBook Air, I just joined a graphic comments competition, the top price is a free MacBook Air, the top voted post win the price, ,this is my post ,plz help me to vote it or leave a any comments and keep it on the top. U may write anything u like, so, help me doing some clicks.thank u very much!!! ^_^ BTW. u can vote more than once!!!
Battle Of Guam
The Battle of Guam was a battle of the Pacific campaign of World War II, fought on the island of Guam in the Mariana Islands from July 21, 1944 to August 8, 1944. Background Guam is the largest of the Marianas, 30 miles (48 km) long and 9 miles (14 km) wide. It had been a United States possession since its capture from Spain in 1898 until it was captured by the Japanese on December 11, 1941, following the Attack on Pearl Harbor. It was not as heavily fortified as the other Mariana Islands such as Saipan that had been Japanese possessions since the end of World War I, but by 1944 it had a large garrison. The Allied plan for the invasion of the Marianas called for heavy preliminary bombardment, first by carrier aircraft and planes based in the Marshall Islands to the east, then once air superiority was gained, close bombardment by battleships. Guam was chosen as a target because its large size made it suitable as a base for supporting the next stage of operations towards the Phili
City Bytch Vs Counrty Bytch
CITY BITCH VS. COUNTRY BITCH A city bitch will take you where you need to go. A country bitch throws you her keys and says it needs gas in it! A city bitch will tell you not to fight, it aint worth it. A country bitch will say beat her ass and look at the crowd and say "nobody better jump in!" A city bitch will let another bitch know she can back the fuck up or get knocked the fuck out. A country bitch will just knock her out!!! A city bitch tells you, she's had enough to drink. A country bitch tells you we need another shot, we bout to get fucked up! A city bitch goes to the club with you and sits down. A country bitch goes to the club with you and says lets show these city bitches how we do it. A city bitch wonders who your new man is. A country bitch knows his first name, last name , his birthday, where he lives, who he's related to, what kinda car he drive's where he works, how many babies mama's he
The Black ♥ Widow Speaks
What lengths some people will go to just to get a little attention. They will lie, beg and steal; sell out their own friends; purposely hurt others, even people they call friends; they will even sell their soul to get their 15 minutes in fame. When that 15 minutes is all said and done what do they have to show for it. Nothing!!! Then they have to start all over again, degrading themselves, crawling around at the bottom of skid row where their kind belong. There is such a thing called KARMA and it will come back to haunt them one day and bite them. Some people lie so much they have to tell one lie to cover another lie and so on it goes until they have lost all identity of who they were, just so they can get their attention they so crave. Pathetic and sickening is what it is but the FACT will always remain the same ~ in REAILTY they are nothing but insecure, little dots that will never measure up to anyone’s expectations and they know this and it carries with them where ever they g
¤own Me¤ ♫ ♪for A Month♪♫
Own Me for a Month in one of these auctions!! Auction #1 Ends March 31st Highest bid 200k ♥Offering♥ ~Add to family ~add to top friends ~30 min cam session(sfw) ~30 min Phone call (sfw) ~Two Salutes(sfw) ~Rate all pics during hh ~Pimpout blog about you If given cash value items(blast,vip,ticker,and so on)Everything will be at owners choice! Auction #2 ends April 1st..Highest bid if 150k and one month vip > ♥Offering♥ ~Add to top friends ~Add to family ~add to yahoo ~daily comments for a month ~Pimpout blog ~All pic rate during hh ~30 min cam(sfw) ~30 min phone (sfw) ~two salutes of your choice If given cash value items(blast,vip,ticker,and so on)Everything will be at owners choice! Auction #3 No high bid ends April 5th > ~add to family ~add to top friend ~rate all pics during hh ~two salutes of their choice ~pimpout blog ~their link on my profile ~daily drink ~own by in name for a month ~one gift a week for
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Got a Mortgage? Then you need this software. Reduce the number of payments. Increase equity in your home faster.
ask you where to go as you watch silently another spring passes through a broken heart slowly. and you are sleep and the birds are asleep and you are dreaming to another spring and another memory not our spring and not our memories But sorrow you and I far from each will live and die. it is not the fear of dying but living without you. in this strange moment i will fly away from this place and I will always carry your memory your sweet memory
Why do we fall? If its not worth it all, We verbally speak, Yet words we seek, we visually see, yet love we never free. I'm inside this frame, surrounded by tears of fame. Never could reach the sky, thats why I'd cry, How hard to be me? complete will I never be. Living in a world of tyranny, In search of an enemy. I feel like I'm tall, seen by all, My only wish is to crawl. How does it feel? Longing to be real, not knowing I can feel, Living when I'm not ill, Inevitably I'm still Is my destiny fulfilled? My life fully revealed? My loyalty concealed? Why do we fall?
Put on a pedestal by everyone around Brought up to be someone he wasn't Only to feel that he'd let us down You can see the pain on his face You'll want to hug him and take it all away Just wrap your arms around his waist Tell him that you love him and never let go Do anything for him Just to see his face glow Even if a smirk maybe all you will get Tell him every second your with him You mean it when you say its worth it When he tells you that he doesn't want to hurt you Smile and tell him that he can't No matter what you two may go thru So that boy on the pedestal the one who can't smile Next time your with him kiss him sweetly Pull him to you and ask him to stay awhile
Flowers Blooming Bees Buzzing Id give anything to be taken away from here So I Close my eyes Take a deep breath and I'm gone Into a world that does not hurt me A place that has no worries, no pain or hate or loneliness Where the birds sing the sun shines, brightly and I am everything Taken away from myself and everyone else Until I wake up by a sound I find familiar But I hope this time it will last Forever
Congrats To Our Newest Godmother!!!
TY to ALL the people that helped this awesome woman become our newest Godmother!! You Guys RAWK!!!! ~Dragonphyre~ ¢¾StalkertoBob(NINfan)¢¾ ~CertifiedGILF~ *QueenTease*@ fubar HUGS!!!!
People, how to discribe the lifestyle of a normal human being? That would be the question wouldn’t it well all normal human beings suck there backstabbers and I can’t tell you how angry it makes me to deal with so many stupid people in the world. Sorry got off on a tangent I guess people that think that they are helping others and being the nice guy is the reason for all the stupid things that happen in the world and they don’t even realize it, people don’t really know how dangerous they can be I post this in hope that someone will read this and think about this it is not easy to live a life simply made to please yourself a person can’t live like that. The life of a normal human discribed like this: Get up, shower, eat, go to work/school, come home, eat, go to bed. What kind of life is that? There is not enough time for a person to go through life and expect everything to fall in place for them and they expect there life to be easy. Well something must be said I wish that everythi
Want More
I feel so flirtatious as I smile at you I feel so hot and wet as I dance with you I feel so excited when I kiss with you I want more I feel so wild as I leave with you I feel so free in that dark street with you I feel so crazy as I say to you I want more I feel so cheap as I kneel for you I feel so dirty as I crawl to you I feel my fingers tremble; I unbutton you I want more I feel so nervous as I'm stroking you I feel the thrill as I'm caressing you I feel my ecstasy as I harden you I want more I feel triumphant as I'm licking you I feel exultant as I nuzzle you I feel indulgent as I'm teasing you I want more I feel courageous as I'm tonguing you I feel my hunger raging as I'm flicking you I feel outrageous as I'm sucking you I want more I feel excited as I deep throat you I feel delighted as I choke on you I feel you push my head down; I'm devouring you I want more I feel
Trying hard to regain my composure You can barely hear my plea My plea becoming A whisper. Hands intertwining in my hair Griping hard Pulling my head back To look at you. My neck Curving. A trace of excitement Prickled down my chest. Breasts softly rising and lowering Nipples growing Harder. Seeing you stare Brings flushing To me cheeks Burning. I watch your lips As you wet them With your delicious tongue. I feel the rope lacing my wrists And up my arms from behind me. I smile knowingly. Knowing that you like What you see And that pleases me. "What did you say?" You ask Our noses touching. "Thank you." I manage to say. "For what?" Your lips Faintly brushing mine. Your hot breath On my dry lips. I want to lick them But scared I'd touch yours. My body starts to tremble My head starts to spin. "Thank you, Sir." "For calling me beautiful." I whisper As you wet my dry lips With your hot kiss.
Vanilla Vodka
If any single girls out there are hitting Etro or Numbers this weekend Fri or Sat (Apr 4 or 5th) let me know if you want a dance buddy (#'s)! have a good weekend if not... ;-)
Jesse James
You're struttin' into town like you're slingin' a gun Just a small town dude with a big city attitude Honey are ya lookin' for some trouble tonight Well all right You think you're so bad, drive the women folk wild Shoot 'em all down with the flash of your pearly smile Honey but you met your match tonight Oh, that's right You think you'll knock me off my feet 'til I'm flat on the floor 'Til my heart is cryin' Indian and I'm beggin for more So come on baby Come on baby show me what that loaded gun is for [CHORUS] If you can give it I can take it 'Cause if this heart is gonna break it's gonna take a lot to break it I know tonight Somebody's gonna win the fight So if you're so tough Come on and prove it You heart is down for the count and you know you're gonna lose it Tonight you're gonna go down in flames Just like Jesse James You're an outlaw lover and I'm after your hide Well you ain't so strong, won't be long 'til your hands are tied To
Trust Your Soul !
Welcome to Deep Cut Wednesday, April 30 2008 @ 11:01 PM MST Depth Contributed by: Greg Views: 96 Art 101 The photographer clicks the shot That's just the start If you only look at the front line you could miss the point of the shot When art is created the content is all encompassing in photography, it's sometimes, art of the moment in painting's & drawing's, it's mostly intentional in music it's not always what you hear at first in lyric, poetry, & story it's not always your first impression that makes the story That is the intention of the artist To draw you in further the closer you listen the deeper you look that is when you start to get the fullness of the creation I believe that life is art intentionally unintentional whats on the surface whats in the background It's being created day by day & we are the artists We have many critics We control the intention of the creation not to have it spoon fed It is up to each of the artis
Wow,sorry Guys
I've obviously been gone for a long while now.Sorry about that, for anyone who was curious,I moved back home to FL.And I've been working my ass off,so far I've finally gotten my own room,I'm renting from a buddy of mine.I fixed my computer so it could handle all the bullshit it's been needed for.I've turned down about 10 guys.I figured out that life has a meaning(just not sure what it is for me yet)I got a cell phone (yes I can finally call people long distance!!!)And I'm currently trying to get a better paying but enjoyable job so I can afford my own studio apartment hopefully.^^ Anyway,I'm back and I'm sorry I was gone so long,now I have to relearn the whole site.LoL Dani
Vicoden And Flexerel
So instead of playing fireman or steelhead fishing this weekend, i am sitting around the house with severe pain from a strained neck muscle. Bright side to this is Vicoden and flexerel!!!!!!! Nothing like sitting around 1/2 asleep and drooling LOL
"what Cusswords Really Mean''
you must read all the way through! NO CHEATING! mom calls the husband a 'bastard' and then the dad calls the wife a "bitch" and billy goes to his mom and says "mom what's a bitch and a bastard?" and the mom says "well, a bitch is a lady and a bastard is a gentlemen" and then later billy goes outside and listens to his neighbors, and hears "Put your penis in my vagina!" So Billy goes to his mom and says "mom whats a penis and vagina?" His moms says "Well Billy, a penis is a hat and a vagina is a coat" and then later billy sees his dad shaving and cuts himself and says "shit" and billy said "Dad, whats shit" And then his dad says "Well billy, shit is a type of Shaving cream " and then billy goes to see his mom cutting the turkey and his mom cuts her finger and says "fuck!" and then billy says to his mom "Mom whats fuck?" "Well billy fuck is a way of cutting the turkey" and Then later the guests arrive and billy goes to the
Why Do I See This All The Time?
Am I wrong for not posting up half naked pictures of myself just to get some one's attention? Why do girls think that they need to lower thier priorities just to get comments!!! Why must girls look like sluts for a man to like her? A man should love a woman for everything they are and not just the sterotypes . I belive a woman can be beautiful without showing thier half naked bodies to perverts and ass holes just looking to stick thier C*cks in a girl that is considered "SEXY". I have more respect for myself than that! I'm glad that you have the perfect body but why let the public see everything that you have? Would you go out naked in public? I wouldn't, its not my thing. Be aware that there are stalkers and pedofiles and nasty people out there!
The Fubar Experience
Divorced And Other Shit
Relationship Identity
Your Five Variable Love Profile Propensity for Monogamy: Your propensity for monogamy is high. You find it easy to be devoted and loyal to one person. And in return, you expect the same from who you love. Any sign of straying, and you'll end things. Experience Level: Your experience level is high. You've loved, lost, and loved again. You have had a wide range of love experiences. And when the real thing comes along, you know it! Dominance: Your dominance is low. This doesn't mean you're a doormat, just balanced. You know a relationship is not about getting your way. And you love to give your sweetie a lot of freedom. Cynicism: Your cynicism is low. You are an eternal optimist when it comes to love and romance. No matter how many times you've been hurt - you're never bitter. You believe in one true love, your perfect soulmate. And if you haven't found true love yet, you know you will soon. Independence: Your independence is medium. In re
Help With Profile
Can anyone help me put a background on here. I have seen others with nice backgrounds and I am not sure how to do it. Where would i go to get them at. I put one up but it dont seem to be working correctly. anyone that can help will be appreciated.
wassup? Trying to figger this out
Ya know i am sick of all the pompous arrogant assholes who come in to my job and act like the know how to do my fucking jub... Why do people do that it is so gay!
My Thoughts...don't Like 'em...then Suck It.
I'm sick of the computer, but sick of having no where to go. i'm tired of little kids and talk of relationships. my insides are melting together...I'm kind of worried. I'm tired of medication and step by step repeditive days. I'm sick of hearing that i'm not liked " like that" so i'm giving up...sticking my nose in a book and ripping the word love anything close to it from my vocabulary. it just causes me to much heart ache then its worth.
Im Samantha
I havee an awsome boy friend. We are in so much love. His name is "Jhon Paul" which is so hot his name ain just regular john its sounds differ alittle bit. He is sexy, funny, caring, loving, sweet ,and completly mine!! "I love my boyfriend"
We can envy others who have someone to love But what we have is better because our love comes from up above We may not have someone to physically hold But we have God who will never leave us alone Many times at night I wonder, when that day will be When I will have somebody to make me happy In the meantime I’ll just wait, sit and contemplate Of how this love will be, so precious and great So don’t envy those who has someone now Our day will come, someday, somehow…
Stuff Not 2 Say
30 HARSH THINGS A WOMAN CAN SAY TO A NAKED MAN 1. I've smoked fatter joints than that. 2. Ahhhh, it's cute. 3. Why don't we just cuddle? 4. You know they have surgery to fix that. 5. Make it dance. 6. Can I paint a smiley face on it? 7. Wow, and your feet are so big. 8. It's OK, we'll work around it. 9. Will it squeak if I squeeze it? 10. Oh no... a flash headache. 11. (giggle and point) 12. Can I be honest with you? 13. How sweet, you brought incense. 14. This explains your car. 15. Maybe if we water it, it'll grow. 16. Why is God punishing me? 17. At least this won't take long. 18. I never saw one like that before. 19. But it still works, right? 20. It looks so unused. 21. Maybe it looks better in natural light. 22. Why don't we skip right to the cigarettes? 23. Are you cold? 24. If you get me real drunk first..... 25. Is that an optical illusion? 26. What is that? 27. It's a good thing you have so many other talents. 28. Does it come with an air pump?
ok so i recently got a new yahoo id. i have been in and out of the chatrooms and all i see is bots. the few real people i seem to find are guys that do not want to chat with me cause i do not have a cam and the few girls i find will chat but will not cam or trade pics with me. i guys will chat with me when i show them my pics but wont let me see them on cam or their pics. is it too much to ask to be able to trade my pics so i can see a person on cam or to trade a few pics?
Kid Or No Kid
Happy Hour Marathon!
Bitch Fairy Rants
I am a woman who has no tolerance for stupidity! Humor is one thing but stupid is another. Why people think its cute I'll never know. All these girls out there who think that if they laugh at all his jokes or act like they don't know tuna from chicken irritate me. What are they gonna do when they can't keep up the act? Most guys aren't willing to stay with someone who changes that much just because the bedroom benefits are good (in most cases just okay). For the girls out there that really are stupid I apologize if I offended you but you should get off the short bus and learn something about yourselves that makes you less (even if it is marginally) stupid. Wake up and smell your brain working!
Hlp My Friend
=== '*AngelDawn *Shadow Queen*Onwed By Barrylicious*Owner of Kiwichi*' spewed forth the following at '2008-04-15 15:39:17'.. > > > > BID ON THIS GLITTERING DIAMOND > CLICK ON TAG > > WHAT SHE IS OFFERING > 1. owner page for a month > 2. Add to top friends and family for a month > 3. All sfw pics rated and stash rated in HH > 4. Gifts and comments though the month > 5. Added to msn or yahoo > > > > > F/A/R THE HOSTESS WHILE U ARE THERE!! > > *AngelDawn *Shadow Queen*Onwed By Barrylicious*Owner of Kiwichi*@ fubar > > PLEASE REPOST > > > >
Off To Florida
well to all my friends on here i just wanted to say bye. im leaving for Florida tomorrow for a month of much needed vacation if you see me on here you will be lucky. i will however be takeing alot of pic's, but yeah if i dont hear from you ill ttyl. take care everyone. Brian
The Best Lounges To Join....
If You are looking to join a Lounge I personaly know of two to join. Hell's Revenge which Rocks and also Cell Block 69 which also Rocks. Both Lounges treat you as if you are Family. So if you are undecided on what to do just stop in and check us out. I Promise you will not regret it....
Just For Funand Games
Ok...So most of my REAL friends know that I am always doing something funky with my hair...I never keep it the same...Well...It's time to change it again...But I'm not sure what I want to do...I was thinking just doing red highlights...Then I was told to keep my hair color and do blonde highlights...THEN I was going through some of my old pics and found pics of when I was comepletely BLONDE!! So I dunno what I want to do? I've gone all red, jet black, blue black, blonde...dark brown with blonde highlights...I know it's been well over 4 years since i've been blonde tho, so i'm leaning towards going all blonde...What do you guys think?! Any ideas?
My Evil Intentions
I want to be evil I want to be bad I want to do things that are naughty and mad If only the dreamers amoung us were real I surely would make you squirm and squeal I want to do many evil things to you I want you to do evil things to me too! In a secluded place where noone can see We could be alone just you and me I want to lick you in many places unknown I want to bite you and make you scream and moan Maybe I could even tie you up with binds Drip wax on your nipple until you are mine My evil intentions will feel so damn good Oh baby next time we're together you're foocked!
Go Look At My Mum Nasty Comments
Crazy Girl Next Door
Happy 4-20! Kisses...
Word To The Wise...
Most of my blogs will be for entertainment purposes only. But periodically I will have a blog to enter that will be deep and meaningful. I figure why be to serious. That it what work and agrivated friends are for. I wanted to creat a place where people could just have fun. My page is to show the fun side of me, and see what people think. Hope you enjoy. Any serious blogs will be marked that way. They will be in there own area.
so i have a broken down car, no job, and no money how much worse can it get, right? anyways my son is at the age he doesn't want to do anything, he just whines about everything, my daughter is at the age where she gets in to everything, and picks on her brother. she likes to play around more then he does, she falls all the time and doesn't cry, he bumps his head and starts screaming. its weird how that works huh? well anyways i'm hoping my luck is going to change pretty soon i don't know how much more of the bad luck i can take.
A Mother In Tears.
Had Enough
Think its ok to boss a girl around?slap her around a few times and teach her a lesson?She's just a dumb "bitch" a "slut".No! Shes human being, a girl that deserves to be loved and respected. Not used and thrown out like a piece of trash.A "man" should NEVER hit a woman.And should never force his girl to have sex with him,thats not something you do to the person you supposedly love.
Read N Learn
My Blog, Duh
I aint been eating much for the last couple days, cause I'm an idiot. So I'm freaking starving.
All of have FRIENDS, or peolpe we call FRIENDS. Lets see here, the meaning of FRIEND. In the dictionary a friemd means: 1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. 2. a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter: friends of the Boston Symphony. 3. a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile: Who goes there? Friend or foe? 4. a member of the same nation, party, etc. 5. (initial capital letter) a member of the Religious Society of Friends; a Quaker. –verb (used with object) 6. Rare. to befriend. —Idiom7. make friends with, to enter into friendly relations with; become a friend to. This has always been how i thought the meaning of friend was. So if that is all it takes to be a FRIEND, then what would a good friend be or do? If you had a FRIEND who had hurt themself real bad and could not walk, would you pick them up and craddle them in your arms and carry them where they wanted to be? Would
Thoughts And Other Such Rubbish
Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past *stop planning the future *stop trying to figure out precisely how we feel *stop deciding with our mind what we want our heart to feel Sometimes we just have to go with........ ""WHATEVER HAPPENS - HAPPENS!"" """""Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind""""
Help I'm New Come Rate Me
dandee424@ fubar Were new here, trying to raise our rank, help rate us and we'll rate you.
What We All Need .....
Ok so this blog prob will make no sence but i dont really care .. not really lookin for anyone to read it.. When you are young you club hang with your people .. do your thing.. then you grow up.. as a woman you look for that man whom u can be weak around just relax and.. after bein fucked over so many times and so many games ran on you.. you begin to wander if he really is true.. will he be there when u need him, will he want you at ur worst.. still say you are beautiful when u first wake up .. will he be happy with just you.. Games are gettin old and are childish to a grown ass woman.. it is hard to trust someone after you have been through so much and you want to share your everythought with him but afraid of how he might view you.. I met a man (well known him for a while) he is sweet always knows what to say very handsome has those things about him that every girl dreams of.. i have very strong feelins for him and i want to be at his side.. but i dont want drama are games or people
Life....i Love It!
And im not saying any of this to hurt anyone its just free advice. You are not cool if you have a fu man or fu woman or fu life. GO GET A LIFE! And a job that works more then 20 hours a week, that is for 16 year olds! Lounges arent going to pay to to deejay, hahahaha you are not a deejay cause you play some music on the net. Take what I say to heart and learn from it. Oh and get some pussy quit jacking off to pictures on your computer.
Throwing It All Away By Genesis
Need I say I love you Need I say I care Need I say that emotions, Something we don't share I don't want to be sitting here Trying to deceive you Cos you know I know baby That I don't wanna go. We cannot live together We cannot live apart That's the situation Ive known it from the start Every time that I look at you I can see the future Cos you know I know babe That I don't wanna go. Throwing it all away Throwing it all away Is there nothing that I can say To make you change your mind I watch the world go round and round And see mine turning upside down Youre throwing it all away. Now who will light up the darkness Who will hold your hand Who will find you the answers When you don't understand Why should I have to be the one Who has to convince you Cos you know I know baby That I don't wanna go. Someday you'll be sorry Someday when you're free Memories will remind you That our love was meant to be Late at night when you call my name The only s
Thats All By Genesis
Just as I thought it was going alright I find out I'm wrong, when I thought I was right s'always the same, it's just a shame, that's all I could say day, and you'd say night tell it's black when I know that it's white always the same, it's just a shame, that's all I could leave but I won't go though my heart might tell me so I can't feel a thing from my head down to my toes but why does it always seem to be me looking at you, you looking at me it's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all Turning me on, turning me off, making me feel like I want too much living with you's just putting me through it all of the time running around, staying out all night taking it all instead of taking one bite living with you's just putting me through it all of the time I could leave but I won't go well it'd be easier I know I can't feel a thing from my head down to my toes why does it always seem to be me looking at you, you looking at me it's always the same, it's jus
Idler's Dream By Oasis
My heart it skips a beat when I behold The light that's shining through your eyes of gold From heavenly blood you seem to spring From heavenly waters you can drink I'll meet you on a day that never ends I'll greet you in the way that heaven meant You lay me down gently on the leaves You cover me over in my sleep I never did sing I wish I could I never could pray cos it's just no good I hope you don't break my heart of stone I don't wanna scream out loud and wake up on my own mmhmm And as I close my eyes And the sky turns red I realise just what you are You're an idler's dream and you're singing shangri-la shangri-la shangri-la shangri-la
Drinks that Show Personality…Before you order a drink in public, you should read this! Seven New York City bartenders were asked if they could 'nail' a woman's personality based on what she drinks. Though interviewed separately, they concurred on almost all counts. The results: PART A: WOMEN-DRINKS, WHO THEY ARE, & YOU! Drink: Beer Personality: Causal, low-maintenance; down to earth. Your Approach: Challenge her to a game of pool. Drink: Blender Drinks Personality: Flaky, whiny, annoying; a pain in the ass. Your Approach: Avoid her, unless you want to be her cabana boy. Drink: Mixed Drinks Personality: Older, more refined, high maintenance has very picky taste; knows EXACTLY what she wants. Your Approach: You won't have to approach her. If she's interested, Drink: Wine (does not include White Zinfandel) Personality: Conservative and classy; sophisticated yet giggles. Your Approach: Tell her you love to travel and spend quiet evenings with friends..
The Wicca Laws
YOUR HIGH PRIESTESS In the Magic Circle, the words, commands and wishes of the High Priestess are Law. She is the earthly representative of our gracious Goddess. She is to be obeyed and respected in all things. She is our Lady and, above all others, a Queen in the highest sense of the word. All female coveners will curtsy and say "Blessed Be" when they come before Her, and all male coveners will bend their knee and kiss Her on the right cheek and say "Blessed Be". YOUR HIGH PRIEST In the Magic Circle, the High Priest is the earthly representative of the Great God. He commands the respect due a Magus, Lord Counselor and father. THE LAWS THE LAWS WERE MADE FOR THE WITCHES TO ADVISE THEM IN THEIR TROUBLES. DO NOT CHANGE THEM LIGHTLY. The Witches should worship the Gods as is their due, and obey their will. For the worship of the Gods is good for the Witches even as the worship of the Witches is good for the Gods: For the Gods love all their Witches.
Contests 4 B.h.b's
Trickydick joined his first HH contest and it starts at 12 pst can ne one throw him a few comments on chuckiiboo's page here is the album it's in please comment as much as u can! Lets Show These Sweet Guys Some Mad Love... Chuckiiboo is Tryin To Go 4 Oriacle.. So Come Show Him Some Love On His Happy Hours Tomarrow at 2pm , 3pm and 5pm.. Tricky Is Going 4 Godfather.. Show Him Some Love On His Happy Hour At 4pm.. These Guys Will Show You Love Back... So Dont Miss Out On This.. Chuckiiboo Tricky
Why Is It.....
what is it about men wanting to call a woman names when they cant get what they that a control thing?? get a dog if you want to control something... what insecurities are they trying to cover up by trying to control someone?? is that like compensating for a small penis by driving a big truck?? just asking....why is it men feel they need to tell you that they have feelings for you, or even worse pop out with the "L" word just to see naked pics...shit all you have to do is ask me and i will let you see them, there is no shame in my game, and realistically we will never meet....not like one of you will turn out to be my kids about an awkward parent teacher people, there are not alot of real people on these sites...people tell you what they want you to know, or what they think you want to hear...period, point blank...some man might tell you he loves you and at the same time have kiddie porn playing on his tv...let's be real with ea
Hanging from the chrysalis suspended there in change I must take time to hibernate until I am born again It's almost time to shed the bonds that tie us both as one Spread my wings, taste new life, fly up closer to the sun Sense that calm and tranquil feeling never asking why Catch the wind and float away as I dance across the sky Far away to distant lands as I touch down I know I'm free I have loved both lives that I have lived as it was meant to be
im hot and i know it but i dont like to show it..if u think im hot and want me to show it mor then help me level up! fan me, rate me, add me,, and ill show some more love thanx guyz..
Wicca / Pagan
Beltane, or May Day, is one of the Great Sabbats of the Wiccan calendar. Of the four Great Sabbats, Beltane is one of the most important, second only to Samhain (Halloween). Beltane is chronologically opposite of Samhain, splitting the year evenly. Most Wiccans celebrate the holiday on May 1st, however by Celtic reckoning, the actual celebration begins on sundown of April 30, because the Celts always figured their days from sundown to sundown. Like many covens around the country, we find that our lives are often too busy, and one or more of us will be unable to meet together on that actual first of May (we affectionately call this phenomenon 'Pagan Standard Time'). In this case, we hearken to Mike Nichols who wrote: "By the way, due to various calendrical changes down through the centuries, the traditional date of Beltane is not the same as its astrological date. This date, like all astronomically determined dates, may vary by a day or two depending on the year. However, it may b
Small Packages
They say Great things come in small packages. That is one saying I fully agree with. My mother was the greatest thing in the world. She was a fiesty, firery, stubborn 4 foot 9 inch tall woman who stood up for what she believed in no matter how big her obsticle or foe. On the other hand she was kind, careing and compassionate but most importantly she had a pure soul which not many people can claim. She was 64 years old when she left us Sunday April 27th 2008 at 9:47am and left all of us who knew and loved her heartbroken.I have done alot of things in my life my mother didnt agree with but never once was she ever disapointed in me and all I ever knew from her was love and affection. My children are better people due to having her in thier lives. I Love and Miss you MOM!!
What Am I
You Are A Maple Tree There's not anyone in this world quite like you. You are full of imagination, ambition, and originality. Shy but confident, you hunger for new experiences. You have a good memory and learn easily. You are sometimes nervous and always complex (especially in love). What's Your Celtic Horoscope?
Are You A Risk Taker?
Your Risk Taking Level: Medium-High You're not afraid of a little (or a lot) of risk. In fact, you pretty much live to take chances. Consequences be damned, you are willing to go for it. And if it doesn't work out, at least people can't say you didn't try! Are You a Risk Taker?

If the Red shirt thing is new to you, read below... Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a folded flag, but did not put two and two together. After we boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, who'd been invited to sit in First Class (across from me), and inquired if he was heading home. No, he responded. Heading out I asked? No. I'm escorting a soldier home. Going to pick him up? No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Iraq ; I'm taking him home to his family. The realization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that, although he didn't know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his passing to the soldier's family and felt as if he knew them after many conversations in so few days. I turned back to him, extended my hand, and said, Thank you. Thank you for doing what you do so my family and I can do what we do. Upon landing in Chicag
Battle With Jen
I Dont Care About Pts ,,
I have no urge to have PTS ,, i came on here to talk to PPL ,, and make some frens ,, is it that hard to keep a conversation goin after the first talk? whats up with that? WARNING - im goin to clear up my list ,, and make real frens ,,
My Baby
Goodbye Everyone!!! I Am Leaving Fubar!! It's Been Great Talking To You All!!!!
Drinking Games
1 liter(s) Vodka 2 liter(s) Sprite 1 package(s) Cherry Jello mix 1 liter(s) Orange Juice Mix all of these together. It's recommended you use something pretty big. Then put it all in the freezer until it's no longer a liquid. Then mush up and serve. I like serving it in those cool Halloween Cups that are skulls and monsters. This is great for parties or if you're a lone drinker, it could last you several nights. Category: Endurance Buzz Level: Deadly This game requires a clock, shot glasses, and lots of beer. Each person should have a shot glass in front of them. Every minute all players must take a shot of beer for 100 minutes. It seems easy at first but after about the 30th minute time seems to be going by faster and faster. Once you accomplish drinking a shot for each of the 100 minutes you are officially a member of the Century Club. Not many men can do it. You will end up drinking around ten beers. Good luck!
Its Not The First Time
Yeah I loved you, no question But I have learned my lesson You thought you broke my heart But now that we're apart I see so, so clearly that it's all the same You hurt me completely but I'm not crying today I've been through this, over and over Every time, I'm compromised I'm sick of this, over and over But guess what…it's not the first time But it's the last time I hate this delusion I've come to this conclusion I loved you, don't know why Was just a waste of my time. Regret it, forget it; cause it's all the same You hurt me completely; But I'm not crying today I've been through this, over and over Every time, I'm compromised I'm sick of this, over and over But guess what…it's not the first time But it's the last time But guess what…it's not the first time But it's the last time
Dark Places
There are dark places Deep in my soul Where I need to go To make me feel whole Through my surrender I’ve broken through fear And the pathway to truth Is now open and clear Ive seen through the anger And pain of my past With receptive acceptance Ive found peace at last I wish my secret Could see the sun And its days in hiding Were over and done For there are dark places Deep in my soul Where I need to go To make me feel whole
Darkness Of Light
Life caresses me with false hope, but Rage, Anger and Contempt are my companions. Passion tempting a wilted soul, while demons continue taunting me. The carousel of life continuing, no destination, no purpose, no end. A continuous circle of blind contentment, while reality invades from the shadows.
Your A Angel Now...
What Kinda Puppy Are You?
You Are a Chow Puppy Don't fence me in! You're an independent spirit that won't be tied down. What Breed of Puppy Are You?

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