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"That's a sweet ass ride!" "Go blow it out your ass" "That's one ugly ass..." "Butthead" "Butt munch" 'Cavity searches' The term 'butt pirate' ect. The world is full of quotes/things that seem to have an 'ass' connection. There are times I can't even believe how  many terms relate to it! Don't get me wrong, I don't care but I can't help but observe how popular it tends to be a topic, I mean women think all guys think/care about are boobs, but, nope, the ass is the view point :P 'Anal probes' You can tell the world is ass focused here. They talk of aliens, advanced life forms and yet, these 'advanced life forms' got a thing for the ass too LOL. I mean I always have found this amusing but seriously, don't think any aliens have come to visit and don't think there's any reason to think they want to go out of their way to shove objects up our ass. This HAS to be in relation to the human race's obsession with ass lol... The planet 'Uranus' Am I the only one who DOESN'T think this
About Me
I'm a 23 yr old mother of a almost 2 year old. I also have a fiance name David which we are coming up on our 3 yr anniversary, and many more to come. I have changed so much, and my daughter and david have helped me. I live in Portland, and hope one day to move away again closer to family. I plan on finishing up my schooling persuing the life that i have always dreamed about. Owning a home, having a stable paying job, and our lil pug dog. An possibly my last wish is too give alisha a little brother. :). But for right now im content with just one as the terrible 2's come along. So what else? Oh i have moved into a bigger place, have a nice car an 05', and just loving life as tho im misserable where i live but oh well i can change that n a year. My daughter talks but isnt saying much sentances yet but she does when she doesnt relized it. Eatting for her is very annoying i try to feed her anything heathy and it just gets spit out. So i dunno what to do candy is the many reason that she doe
  They are to meet each other for the first time and she's nervous. She wonders if she will be able to please him as he wishes. She dreams about how to serve him, how to please him.They are face to face for the first time...she stands before him dressed in a short skirt, thigh highs, heels and a skimpy shirt that partially reveals the creamy fullness of her breast. He commands her to remove her clothes slowly as he watches and examines his new sub. She reaches around and unzips her skirt feeling the heat in her body start to rise as she thinks of what this is going to lead up to. Her body starting to tremble as the zipper moves it's way down and she slides it off and steps out of it.She places her hands on the bottom of the shirt and raises it up over her breast, he watches as he sees them starting to come into view...her nipples already getting hard from the combination of the air against her breast and the passions and desires that are welling up inside her. He reaches out and t
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Wrost Horror Scaryer Movies Ever! Warning Spoiler Alert!
Gran Torino!!! Current mood:  peaceful Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities So far the best movie ever for 2009!  Gran torino kicked ass and was so fucking funny i almost pissed myself !  clint did great job directing it, and good job playing old bitter moody old fart!   Heres some of the Quotes he said: Thug: What you lookin' at old man? Walt Kowalski: Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn't have messed with? That's me. Walt Kowalski: Oh, I've got one. A Mexican, a Jew, and a colored guy go into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, "Get the fuck out of here." Walt Kowalski: Jesus, Joseph and Mary. These Hmong broads are like badgers. Walt Kowalski: [sneering and aiming his gun] Get off my lawn! Thao Vang Lor: Excuse me Sir, I need a haircut, If you ain't too busy, you old Italian s.o.b. prick barber! Thao Vang Lor: Boy, does my *** hurt from all of the guys at my construction job! Walt Kowals
Before my head started spinning. I knowI had a begining. I see sanity melting down the walls of the brain inside my head. Yes I am sick thats what the doctors have said. What happen to the pretty colors in the light prisim that once danced in my dream. Oh wait I think the Gnomes tossed them into a ocean or stream.. You may think I have just lost my mind. Hell I told you fucks it was only a matter of time. What the hell did you think I was superwoman or something. Penguins are stealing my chicken soup as we speak. them assholes they like to sneek. Sometimes the voices tell me Its ok to repeat the things they say to me, but a dumb dead bitch is what I would be. counting everything must be even or my brain has a problem computing. A fear of odd numbers is where that comes from     Ok I'm not really like this I am just bored out of my mind thanks for reading though
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If your gonna add me, please at least talk, or you will get deleted immediately. No ifs, ands, or buts. Thank you.
Even that which is beautiful, Can sometimes bring pain, So to love from the heart, Is to invite the rain. But to reach for the rose, You must fear not the thorn, So to love from the soul, Is to embrace the storm.
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So I woke up this morning very tired, and realized that I didnt get a whole lot of sleep lastnight....mainly due to my son was up and down all night last night not feeling well... He has a fever and I am hoping that it breaks soon...I cant stand seeing him so miserable...
Sometimes I Cry
Sometimes at night when I lay my head down i wipe my tears on my pillow, and sometimes at night before i sleep I pray for you, and sometimes at night i cry myself to sleep, and sometimetimes i find myself alone in my dreams. And sometimes i find myself upon mu knees and sometimes at night when i cry i finf my tears rolling off my cheeks, and sometimes i wonder why i must be here alone and I wonder why it is your there alone when you said you loved me and you call somewhere else home. Sometimes at night I cry myself to sleep, sometimes at night I wonder why it is you choose to be with out me when it is when it how much I love you so. Sometimes at nightI cry and I pull your pillow close to me and it's those night remembering the wonderful times when i look up to the sky and those nights i cry and I wonder why, yes it's its those nights I remember and i look up to the sky, oh oh yes it's those night I remember and I look up to the sky and I cry. Sometimes at night I cry waiting for you
Right From Wrong
I just love it when im right... Ive been screwed over once before and it will never happen again as long as i pay attention...     xoxoxo   Batman 31 Forever
What The Hell
what the hell,does everyone really get online to cyber?shit ,thats not what im here for.i have waaaaaay to much self respect for gets on my nerves,it disgust me,and if being a guy saying this makes me sound gay.....go fuck yourself!!!
anyone up for adult fun in san the morning...all bi ,gay men or women?...seving "pink tacos"...and sausages... i love to eat "pink tacos"...if you know what i man...give me a shout out.....i like sausage too....sam eshout out..
The Nerve Of Some People
i think some people should stay out of mine and my husbands marriage and move on she needs to grow the fuck up and let go. im tired of all the kiddy games and the drama. my husband is very happy with his life he dont need you trying to put him in jail just bc your jealous it not my fault you look like a pig and cant be faithfull to one guy thats why you dont know who your baby daddy is. my husband should have left your ass a long time ago. i just wish this shit would stop
20012 President
2012 Candidate For President Bill Cosby has a great way of distilling things. Looks like he's done it again! I HAVE DECIDED TO BECOME A WRITE-IN CANDIDATE. HERE IS MY PLATFORM:(1) 'Press 1 for English' is immediately banned. English is the official language. Speak it or wait at the border until you can.(2) We will immediately go into a two year isolationist posture to straighten out the country's attitude. NO imports, no exports. We will use the Wal-Mart  policy, 'If we ain't got it, you don't need it.'(3) When imports are allowed, there will be a 100% import tax on it.(4) All retired military personnel will be required to man one of our many observation towers on the southern border (six month tour). They will be under strict orders not to fire on   
May 22nd 2009
you're my world The shelter from the rain You're the pills That take away my pain You’re the light That helps me find my way home You’re the words When I have nothing to say And in this world Where nothing else seems so lost You're the hand I want to hold As I grow old You're the shore When I am lost in my self You're the only thing That I like about myself How long has it been Since this storyline has ben told And I hope it never ends And goes like this forever you were always ben there for me and always cared i don't know how but you did you showed me something more that no one could ever show You showed me your love and that you would never leave I fell in love when you first frist time we talY Like magic in a fairytale are love was unbreakable Nothing could take it away Somehow i just felt pure and myself when I'm around you I get goose bumps when i see your smile Laughing is all i do when I'm with you cause you make me feel so happy i cant really express the feeling i
Lookin For A Girl Friend
i am looking for true gril friend i am 18 am lonley ! i am hoping to fine the right some one if u are the rigth person right me at
Fuck yall I'm actually shit-faced, who is with me? THIS IS A HORSE SHIT SITE, FOR REAL, KICK ME OFF, WHATEVER
No Expectations No Regrets
Someone told me Have no expectations and I'll have no regrets and shes so right. I have expected people I've met online to be true at heart as I am, Im easy to open my heart whether it be online or off and always treat them the way I would want to be treated, but Im relizing I can't put my guard down with everyone, because some are just out for self, As they say beware of the wolf in sheeps clothing.
Going Wild Hoggin!!!!!
Leaving in about 4 hours for a nine day excursion into the mountains in Arkansas. Good friends, good times....ha.............bliss. One of these days we will be riding full time and I will be the happiest bikergirl ever! Tata fubar pals....see you when I get back. Please don't hate me cause I'm two-wheelin it...LOL
ok this is a warning to all woman and men look out for the name Archlight he is a fake and likes to use woman he is a freeloader that moved here 4 months ago and likes to drink ALOT he has nothing in Michigan or NY so dont let him fool you. As far as sex goes well ladies I think he likes MEN
Summer 09
It has been raining every weekend for almost the entire year here. This weekend has started out beautifully. I went to Tugaloo state park today. I had never been to this park even though I have lived here for 10+ years. I hiked on the park trails and really enjoyed it. The trails loop through the woods for about 4 miles. Like many state parks in this area of Georgia, Tugaloo is nestled on Lake Hartwell. I believe this to be a better park than Hart state park which is in the town I live in.
An Erotic Poem
Assume the position Don't make me wait.Don't dare hesitate.Assume the position.Its your destined fate.To please your Master.Assume the position.On bended knees.You may rest upon your haunches.Cuffed wrists behind.Breasts bound, pinched nipples,My fingers squeeze.Enough to please.And make you wet between.My cock fills your mouth.That head you love to suck on.Dripping precum on your tongue.My hands grip hair so lovingly.My balls slap your chin.As you begin to choke. I pull from your throat.And watch you catch your breath.But still wanting more.Always wanting more.Assume the position.No! on your hands and knees.I will not bind you.Nor blind you.Nor silence your gentle voice.But, you will stay silentYou will not move.You will only see,What I want you too.My strong hand,Lays pain upon your ass.So deep it stings your clit.So deep you hit.....the sky.In sweet burning ecstasy.My cock a rod of muscle.Is all your eyes can see.Wanting him more and more.Your loins a churning sea.Assume the positio
Erotic Poem2
no foreplayno warningno sexual energy exchangedwhen I unzip your jeanspush them downtoss panties asidelay you on the side of the bedspread your pink lipsexposing your clitslowly circling with my tonguesmelling your excitementlicking just the clitup and downtwo strokes a secondsteady rhythmfeeling it growthrobbing hardsliding down to entertasting you fullysucking your engorged lipsback to clitstrong relentless tongueflicking against youthree male fingers enterso tight and wetlicking, licking, lickinga finger probes your anusslowly till halfwayfeeling your contractionswanting to cumneeding to cumpleading to cumbegging to cumhips like a carnival ridewanting, needing, pleading, beggingfighting back and losingsurrendering to the wicked tonguemoaning, groaning, screamingwaves of pleasuretingling of toes and fingertipsnipples ice hardpussy pushing my fingers outwetting the bed with cumturning your overfor a well deserved spankinga butt warming spankingintermixed with fingerssliding inside pin
Erotic Poem3
Awakened by a kissshe feels warmthslide down to sleepynipples stirred by moutha line due south of kissesfeathery licks seekingsoft folds of her sexher body opens to touchmelts with each caressof seeking tongue nowlapping wide against sexshe shuts her eyesseductively rolls with the heated rhythm a curtain castupon all but pleasurewinding tighter about her sacred chakratill she pleadsfor Master's voiceto allow release ~W.H.  2009~
Erotic Poem4
Circles of kissessurrounds passioninescapable moansbleed hot against skinPressed downsmothered by lustfingers lockpalm to palm"Now," you begto be filledmade wholetaken hardLike a primal druma metered beatbetween silky thighsa musk wet wonderA knock againstflooded gatepink lips encirclea sweet burn slidesInside to hiltof soulful beinga withering wenchlocks her legsPulls deepera smear of kissas lips rockin a tossed seaOf unbridled lusta squeeze withinimpaled, then spitto trembling slitNails etch each strokehips heave to meetbone deeply buriedabove puddled sheetCome with meride this tide togethera duet of gaspssweet unwindingLeaving two breathlesssharing one lovetill the last star winkspast the end of time ~W.H.  2009~
whats up people my name is jon im from nashville tn im 24 yrs old i like to hang out with friends and chill no drama though i dont hang out with those kinds ppl they are buzz kills lol im 6 3 medium bulid and im in the military currently headed for iraq so keep me and my family in your prayers well if you want to know more hit me up i love talking to ppl cutting up talking about anything
Home Brew
First things first.I had to find some killer hopps.  Well I did and they came from New Zealand!  Man those hopps smelled soooo good.  I knew then that I was about to make some killer beer. Second things second,I had to become a Maltser!  Well I did this by using Barley and Oatmeal.  I had to soak the Barley and Oats in water over night.  Next I laid the Barley and Oats out in the form of a couch.  At this point I waited untill I could smell a sweet aroma filling the room.  Man did that sweet aroma come!  Then I spread out the Barley and oats a little flatter, this is calle "Flooring".   I then Kilned the wet malt. for one hour and thirty minuets, at 160 degrees farenhiet.  That prosess had made me a Maltser! I might tell you more later if anyone is interested in making the best beer I have ever had!
Nataliya77's Blog
In ancient time in Russia there weren’t matchmaking agencies, but there were matchmakers – women, who could find a husband or wife. Matchmakers could to entry in each home and palaces. They specialized not only in affairs of the heart, but in diplomacy and in the merging of capitals too. Matchmakers were very well-to-do, they got good honorariums and even couldn’t spend money on food. The consumers considered it an honour to invite matchmakers in own houses and entertain them to breakfast, lunch or supper, because these women were  well informed about all events, gossips and rumours. Nobody dared quarrel with matchmakers, because they were able to damage reputation to everybody. At that time matchmakers acted as yellow press. But who is performing role of matchmaker now? And who are their consumers?   Every year the tempo of life accelerates. Historically, the circumstances were such that women in Russia and other countries of CIS, used to work to secure their lif
Erotic Poem5
I want to see your silhouetteform a shaped 'S' with sensual jestI want your lips caressing my fleshtonguing my membrane, coming unrestI want your wrists before meand your mouth forming these words,"bind me, my master, send meinto a heavenly bliss of unknown strokes"dress in that leather, black wet                               the shinier bindings fit you the bestcome before me, then slowly begin to stripmake me believe i should take you can you be a naughty little slavefull of tantalizing delights and sensuous?be the temptress just once in these eyesand you will bring forth the hidden surpriseopen your wings, let the flower unfurlI want to take and sedate you like a harmless girlI want you to moan, then fight back the screamsas the strands make ribbons in flesh of creamcum for me, not witholding a single sighbring me the single tear of contentment from those green emeralded eyes... ~W.H.  2009~
If someone does not find you attractive and they rate you like a 1 or a 2, don't be a douch bag and rate them the same just because you happen to be old (like 80) or a fat slob (like 300lbs) with pimples all over your face and body! Rate them what you acctualy think they deserve. So...for all you that have done that to me, I just consider it a poor attempt of flattery because you know you could never get a dude like me anyways.
Ieatprettykitty's Rules Of Engagement
motivesgirl@ fubar Search your heart, search your feelings, please. My friend Pamela is thinking of leaving Fubar. Lets help convince her to stay. Remember the times when you felt all alone online, remember all your heartaches, your pain. Friends dont let friends feel alone. Lets comfort her. Thank you for your time. motivesgirl@ fubar
Long Time!!!
I havent been here in so long. I probley made this account back when I was super young like 15 maybe 16. I'm 20 now about to turn 21 so to all my "friends" that i've added and we really talked. Hello and it's been a looooooooooong time. So I'm gunna do this text me at 1815-403-5613 I wanna see how many text I can get.
Watching Tv B4 Bed
MONDAY, June 8 (HealthDay News) -- Many generations ago, a dark night sky and fatigue probably signaled it was time to go to sleep.   Today, Conan O'Brien, Jon Stewart and the Desperate Housewives are more influential in determining bedtimes -- and it may be contributing to many Americans' chronic sleep deprivation, a new study says.   In the study, researchers looked at data about the sleep habits and bedtime rituals of 21,475 participants aged 15 or older who completed the American Time Use Survey between 2003 and 2006.   In the two hours around bedtime, TV viewing was the most common activity, accounting for almost 50 percent of the activities undertaken in the time before bed, according to the study to be presented Monday at the Associated Professional Sleep Societies annual meeting, in Seattle.   The finding means that TV -- rather than hours past sunset or biological signs -- has become the most important signal for sleep.   And staying up to catch the end of a favorite
Poetic Soul
Blonde Jokes
Did you hear about the two blondes who froze to death in a drive-in movie? They went to see "Closed for the Winter." *************** Why did the blonde resolve to have only 3 children? She heard that 1 out of every 4 children born in the world was Chinese. *************** A blonde hurries into the emergency room late one night with the tip of her index finger shot off. "How did this happen?" the emergency room doctor asked her. "Well, I was trying to commit suicide," the blonde replied. "What?" sputtered the doctor. "You tried to commit suicide by shooting your finger off?" "No, Silly!" the blonde said. "First I put the gun to my chest, and I thought: I just paid $6,000.00 for these breast implants, I'm not shooting myself in the chest." "So then?" asked the doctor. "Then I put the gun in my mouth, and I thought: I just paid $3000.00 to get my teeth straightened, I'm not shooting myself in the mouth." "So then?" "Then I put the gun to my ear, and I thought: This is go! ing to make a lo
My blog is short.  I stay home with my kids and I am married.  I am very new at this.  It just seems really interresting to talk to so many people all over the place.  That's pretty fucken cool.  I'll finish my blog after I experience fubar for a while.
Why Purple??
The Purple Ribbon Campaign to end Domestic Violence:     Why Purple? Bruises women have sustained at the hands of their abusers. It is time to remind our country of the hidden secrets many women and children face daily,  in they're nice warm pretty homes! Hidden behind closed doors. In a place they thought at one time would serve as comfort and love. YOUThere are many faces in domestic violence. There is no stereo type situation Strong Powerful Women, Stay at Home Wives and Mothers, The President of the PTA, The clerk in the grocery store. A CEO in charge of a corporation. The Woman Being Beat Can Be ANYONE! The only tra
Missin Him!!
When your married and your spouse does you wrong constantly, What do you do? Now i know i should forget about this person but when your married you have to work things out. Ive tried to be an adult, I dont get that in return. Do i divorce her? I want to take her back, i dont want a divorce, am i stupid? Does love really get a hold of people to where they are blind?
Suff On My Mind
i dont understand why i cant handle some truth ...when it comes to me and someone tells me somthing about my self i get defencive i hate it we all should able to learn  from  what people think about you it gives you a out look in  how you are seen in the world. i am not saying to  be all like oh my god  i must be like this. i am saying how can you be real if you dont even know what you reflect
This song really puts what I am feeling out there..     Nobody Knows by Kevin Sharp I pretend that I'm glad you went away But these four walls close in more every day And I'm dying inside and nobody knows it But me Like a clown I put on a show The pain is real even if nobody knows And I'm crying inside and nobody knows it But me Why didn't I say the things I needed to say How could I let my angel get away Now my world is just a tumblin' down I can see it so clearly but you're nowhere around The nights are lonely, the days are so sad And I just keep thinkin' about the love that we had And I'm missing you and nobody knows it but me How blue can I get, you could ask my heart Just like a jugsaw puzzle it's been torn all apart A million words couldn't say just how I feel A million years from now, you know, I'll be loving you still The nights are lonely, the days are so sad And I just keep thinkin' about the love that we had And I'm missing you and nobody knows it but me The nights a
what school where you at
Diamond Girl=my Heart
Yeah, your my diamond girl, blessed with the most beautiful smile in the world. Dont worry baby, I wont pay him any attention, talk to him all you want but its me that your missing. Did I mention? Your eyes got me blinded, lil mama I done lost my mind I cant find it.Many will attempt, try to duplicate, my Game, but Im James, all they can really do is h8.Its cool ma, they dont understand me Im trying to really make you mine, Im talking bout family. Thats right boo, shit we can do the math, you wanna find they way, Imma show you the path. Lil mama heres a toast to you, you dont even have to post this note, but it was wrote for you.I am Dot Bomb, and they are nonsense, I dont need a website to provide you sweet comments
Hosting Twilight Auction(come Join Me!)
Alone in a roomIts just me and youI feel so lostcause I dont know what to doNow what if choose the wrong thing to doIm so afraid, afraid of disappointing you
How I Feel
I'm not a tolerant personIn fact I get more intolerant by the dayI just find it more and more difficult to tolerate assholesAs my tolerance decreases, their numbers seem to increaseEvery day there's more and more of themAnd every day I have less and less patienceI'm not a mere bigotBut I certainly don't cut any slack to anyone on the merit of their status as an oppressed minorityYour people were enslaved? Tough luckThe white man stole your land? Too fuckin' badYour fair sex is plagued by date rape? Grin and bear itThese days everyone has a sob story, and frankly, I don't careIt's no excuse for being an assholeWe live in the age of the excuseWe live in the age of the assholeThey're everywhereThey come in all shapes, all sizes, all colorsThere are black assholes, white assholes, women assholes, men assholes, queer assholes, straight assholes, smart assholes, stupid assholes, suburban assholes, inner-city assholes, homeless assholes, upwardly-mobile assholes, lazy assholes, incompetent as
Mite Be
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The Black Cat In The Road.
A black cat, lifeless in the road. A bright orange cat dodging the rest of the cars, to stand guard for it's fallen  friend. Risking it's life and limb, to see that it's friend wasn't hurt again. A friend is someone who would do that, no matter what it mean't. For the driver that hit her, and the one's who were too busy to stop. I ask you. If you were hurt or worse, do you have a orange cat to help you in the end ?
Show Goob Some Love!
hey everyone do me a huge favor and show some love to my awesome friend Goob, he's got a new lounge and he needs membs so please join and tell him Damien Darkchild sent ya. Hey all out there in fu-land come show my friend Goob ur love and support and join his lounge and tell him Damien Darkchild sent ya.
Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, is not pompous, it is not inflated, it is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury, it does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails. Three passions have governed my life: The longings for love, the search for knowledge, And unbearable pity for the suffering of [humankind]. Love brings ecstasy and relieves loneliness. In the union of love I have seen In a mystic miniature the prefiguring vision Of the heavens that saints and poets have imagined. With equal passion I have sought knowledge. I have wished to understand the hearts of [people]. I have wished to know why the stars shine. Love and knowledge led upwards to the heavens, But always pity brought me back to earth; Cries of pain reverberated in my heart Of children in famine, of victims tort
  The friendship between a man and a woman which does not lead to marriage or desire for marriage may be a life long experience of the greatest value to themselves and to all their circle of acquaintance and of activity; but for this type of friendship both a rare man and a rare woman are needed. Perhaps it should be added that either the man or the woman thus deeply bound in lifelong friendship who seeks marriage must find a still rarer man or woman to wed, to make such a three cornered comradeship a permanent success. When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving much advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a gentle and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality o
The Locker, Unlocked...
Wow... I signed up to fubar quite some time ago, but never really started using it.  There is a lot going on here... Hopefully I haven't stepped on too many feet, in the crowded bar, or gawked at things (women) to obviously. A little about me... well like most people, I am not that great about writing an "about me".  I mean, I can say things like I am a single father of four kids, aged 23-13. I am single because my ex-wife divorced me in 2000, and now all these years later, I realize I should have divorced her years before she divorced me.  We did not have a loving relationship, but my beliefs of marriage were that you married for life, and there was no such thing as divorce.  I felt like a failure when I wasn't able to keep the marriage together.  Since then I met a woman that I truly love.  A woman that taught me what love is, and what was missing in my marriage. We were together over 5 years, and now it's been a year since she decided to "move on".  I have dated other women. Dev
The Perfect Love
All we had of laughs and tears,We both kept it a secret so no one hears,I thought we could stay together,But I knew these days wouldn't last forever,She first treated me like a friend,But I knew this couldn't be the end,I saw the sun rising upon the shores,Who would stay in while she could be outdoors,We used to have fun under the rain,Such moments were magical that words cannot explain,Till that day when we had our first kiss,That day is in my mind and I'll always miss,The love we shared grew strongly and fast, She was everything to me, my present, future and past,Words cannot describe the beauty of her eyes,She is perfect that she can never tell lies, The happiness of the world is felt in her smile,Describing it would take years and years, not just a while,All the love we felt was real,It was innocent, perfect and pure that no one can feel,Keeping us from each other would be tough,Even the strongest power on earth won't be enough,She was the closest one to my heart,Nothing in the wor
"In my life I learned how 2 love, 2 smile, 2 B happy, 2 B strong, 2 work hard, 2 B honest, 2 B faithful, 2 forgive. But I couldn't learn how 2 forget U... Miss U" 7:11 PM 6/4 past is waste paper, present is news paper , future is question paper n life is answer paper. so do good in your answer paper , enjoy life how hard it may seems,though u have thousand reason to cry, show to the world that u have million reason to smile.
Pinks All Out
watch pinks allout on the speed channel need a drink,im dry,please help
yay my birthday is soon. july fourth ill be twenty im so excited Rawr
Just To Blog
We blog to bitch and we bitch to blog What shall we blog about tonight
Sherrys Thoughts
My Fellow Atheist
Atheist Nexus celebrates its 1st birthday on July 10, and it has a goal of reaching 10,000 members by this day. Please consider joining.Nexus provides a 'theist-free' zone for nontheists to chat, debate, blog and give others support. The site includes numerous forums, blogs, and a chat room.Also, there are 485 groups on Nexus. Some are national and regional groups which can put you in touch with local nontheists. Others are interest related: science, photography, writing, parenting, Shakespeare, GLBT, evolution, etc.Primarily, Nexus provides social support for nontheists. However, it is not in competition with other organizations. In fact, one of its aims is to support them. Many already have their own groups on Nexus: American Atheists, Atheist Alliance International, American Humanist Association, Secular Student Alliance, and many more.Prominent nontheist members include PZ Myers, Margaret Downey, Roy Speckhardt (AHA), Dale McGowan, Hemant Mehta (The Friendly Atheist), and James Mor
wHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THE WOMAN YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH, IS HAVING YOUR KID, AND YOU WOULD DIE FOR IS LOOKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE???????????????????????????????????????????????? Going to end the pain
Blah Blah
Have you ever wanted to b a submissive/slave but were scared because you didn't know how? I can help teach you if you have any questions feel fre to send me a Private Messege.
Rating Photos And The Not So Appealing
Rating people's photos does make the time go by sometimes but lets be real people. Now I don't understand why people, you know who you are, who are not very interesting to look at tend to get bitter when I don't give you a ten or eleven. C'mon now I am trying not to be UGLY but this is starting to bother me just a tad. I just don't understand why certain individuals, once again you know who you are, feel or get offended when the rating which was given to ya'll was way higher than should have been expected. Ya'll should take this as a compliment instead of acting like all the food in the fridge was all out. You know as well as I do that your rating is not going to be as glamourous as you want it to be. I try to be nice and give you a good rating and what do you do? Act like i am the one who closed the cafeteria door's on you. You turn around and give me a very low rating. It is not like getting on a scale you know....when you get on of course the numbers are high and when i get
Gift Implanted
Hey world i know positively that there are ppl out there who are aware of tha,nautral gift that is given from above.It has to do with our instincs,a tipical example is like when ur so hyped to go some where ,and all of a sudden,ur feelings for that trip,or that party just cease to give u that spirit to go.There and then u call ppl telling them u changed ur mind,they may be upset with ya but,u do not really care.And all of a sudden in tha morinin u hear this bad news of what happen amongst ur friends,which was not     a regert,because the event was aborted due to a severe incident in which one of ur friend was hurt,which turned out to be fatal.and solooking back to that gift given to u as in tha form of instincs payed off very well,cause probably it could have bin u.In closing,I for sure anticipate that questions are being asked ?Where is this instinc came from?Aight it came from tha Mighty One above,he is responsible for all our ins and out,know every thing,pass present and future.Just
This Gave Me Chills
Falls On Me
Musings And Other Random Shit
Need To Know
Path Of Atonement Part 1
The Hunter: Path of Atonement The growling is heard from the alley way, as two boys run through it, looking behind them as they run, their faces filled with the fear of death. One of them holding their arm as drops of blood fall to the dirty street. Under normal nights, the figure watching them would enjoy the fear, even revel in it. The figure sighs and watches the figures …this isn't any night though, he has a mission and a person to draw out. "Damnable sire....wish she would use me for more than this simple task…could be feeding right now" the figure grumbles, following the two boys as they run, making sure to stay visible enough for them to know where he is...and to make sure his target knows as well. Picking up speed as he jumps from the top of one building to the next, keeping his hunger in check, knowing if all goes well he will feed plenty tonight after this little adventure. He jumps from another building to the next, grinning as he senses the presence of anot
I really freaking hate when a waiter/waitress takes the the bill after you paid and you haven't left yet. I don't know why but it just gets on my nerves. It makes me want to take my tip back. Don't get me wrong though I'm a great tipper but I just think it is plain rude.   What do you think? Let Me Know!!!
Leaving It Behind.
I'm Leaving All This Behind Me.This Is The Last Time I Leave.I Have College Soon Anyway So I Wont Have Time For Any Of This.Theres No Fighting With Me On This,Theres No Telling Me " Well Your Leaving Over THAT",I Leave Over Whatever The Hell I Want To Leave For. Im Just Done.Take It For What You Want.
New Daughtry Song
You never said, you never said, you never said That it would be so hard Love is meant to be forever, now or never seems to discard There's gotta be a better way for me to say What's on my heart without leaving scars Can you hear me When I call your name And when you fall apart Am I the reason for you endless sorrow There's so much to be said And with a broken heart Your walls can only go down but so low Can you hear me when I call your name Complicated situations are the makings of all that's wrong And I've been standing in the river of deliverance way too long There's gotta be a better way for me to say What's on my heart without leaving scars Can you hear me when I call your name So, can you hear me when I call your name And when you fall apart Am I the reason for your endless sorrow There's so much to be said And with a broken heart Your walls can only go down but so low Can you hear me when I call your name
Taken From The World Health Org.
Avian influenza (“bird flu”) is an infectious disease of birds caused by type A strains of the influenza virus. The infection can cause a wide spectrum of symptoms in birds, ranging from mild illness, which may pass unnoticed, to a rapidly fatal disease that can cause severe epidemics. Avian influenza viruses do not normally infect humans. However, there have been instances of certain highly pathogenic strains causing severe respiratory disease in humans. In most cases, the people infected had been in close contact with infected poultry or with objects contaminated by their faeces. Nevertheless, there is concern that the virus could mutate to become more easily transmissible between humans, raising the possibility of an influenza pandemic. look sweetie not a threat to most people! last time i checked i wasnt in a 3rd world country handling diseased chickens! you goof!
Re: Christmas
My Name Is Sebastian As we all know Christmas will be here soon and if anyone would like to make some extra money? I have a way for you to do so. I own a product distribution company with over 3000+ High Quality Products  and I am giving people a chance to make some extra money and maybe even turn it into a part time job if they wish to. I also have a way for your local churchs or organizations to throw fundraisers to be able to generate a lot of money. If you are interested Contact me at AmericanEagleGC@aol for more details. Be sure to put (Extra Money) in the caption.  Thanks! THIS IS NOT A SCAM
Candy Shop Naughty Nightie Contest"
 Help my Friend SweetCherry bomb in a Naughty Nightie contest @ the Candy Shop , please read the blog on that site for the rules and help her out (click on pic to link to the contest ,you may have to join the Candy Shop to vote/comment)
Oh my dear love, I wish you well.As she reflects, in pasts she dwells.I'll be your guide, I'll be your friend.Under my wing, where have you been?The pain is real and so are you.I wish you well..... I really do.....You're my heart, I'll never forget that you're so beautiful.....She stares in the mirror and tends to fear that she's not beautiful.....Oh my dear love, how can this be?It holds you back, what makes you free.Just let it go and love yourself.Because I do, there's no one else.They make their jokes, they point and laugh.I'm here for you, don't turn your back.You're my heart, I'll never forget that you're so beautiful.....She stares in the mirror and tends to fear that she's not beautiful.....She makes her choice, she's all alone.A crying child, she's on her own.Remorsing for the choice she made.Will she go back? Is she still afraid?It feels so real when she's with me.It's not just me, she's here to be.You're my heart, I'll never forget that you're so beautiful.....She stares in
Lay beside me, tell me what they've doneSpeak the words I wanna hear, to make my demons runThe door is locked now, but it's open if you're trueIf you can understand the me, than I can understand the youLay beside me, under wicked skyThe black of day, dark of night, we share this paralyzeThe door cracks open, but there's no sun shining throughBlack heart scarring darker still, but there's no sun shining throughNo, there's no sun shining throughNo, there's no sun shining...What I've felt, what I've knownTurn the pages, turn the stoneBehind the door, should I open it for you....What I've felt, what I've knownSick and tired, I stand aloneCould you be there, 'cause I'm the one who waits for youOr are you unforgiven too?Lay beside me, this won't hurt I swearShe loves me not, she loves me still, but she'll never love againShe lay beside me, But she'll be there when I'm goneBlack heart scarring darker still, yes she'll be there when I'm goneYes, she'll be there when I'm goneDead sure she'll be
"The question is not, can they reason, nor can they talk, but can they suffer?" - Philosopher Jeremy Bentham about animals. Out 4 Who You Date!!!
Are you dating someone you are not too sure about? Is your best friend a COMPLETE loser who shouldnt be in the dating pool, and you want to warn girls to STAY away? Join or at least browse. Maybe that guy from 3 years ago who left a bad taste in your mouth is on there already, maybe you think he SHOULD be on there.   Guys: If you see yourself on that website, feel free to rebuttle. You have the right to stand up for yourself if the posting is falsified.
Tree Of Life And Knowledge
There were two special trees planted by God in the Garden of Eden, Tree of Knowledge and Tree of Life, Gen.2:9                                      Since "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" symbolized all moral knowledge, knowledge that only God could have, its fruits was forbidden to Adam and Eve, Gen. 2:17. But the tempter suggested to them that, by adding to their knowledge, the trees fruit would make them like God, Gen. 3:5. So they chose to disobey God. This act of rebellion marked the entrance of sin into the world. The result was quite different than Adam and Eve expected. Instead of gaining superior knowledge that made them equal with God, they gained awareness or knowledge of their guilt, shame, and condemnation.  
Buy Revitol
These are the websites that I have. Somthing about revitol click on those site buy revitol revitol cellulite cream revitol stretch mark cream revitol hair removal cream
Speedy- My Owner! :)
I'm not quite sure what I'm suppose to blog about so here it goes.   Speedy is an awesome guy that doesn't seem to be on a lot, unless it's during the time that I'm not, which wouldn't be surprising.  Speedy is one who likes to try different things, which I think is great!  He loves to listen to music, and play cards... Not much else I can really say at this time, really tired anyways :)  Have a good night!
Sleep Disorders
  Sleep Disorders   Insomnia Causes.   About Sleep   What causes narcolepsy   Sleep deprivation effects   Sleep apnea cause   Sleep in children   Stop snoring solutions   Over the counter sleep aids   Help for restless legs  
Makeup Sex Stories
Walking up to his women he smiled with his pearly whites,He looked her in the eyes and sighed with pure delight, Taking her in his arms he held her close and tight,He bent her head back and stared at that beautiful sight, He kissed her deep and grabbed her ass,They fell to the floor knocking over a glass, Rolling on the floor they ripped and pulled, Their clothes flew off as if they were in high school, She got on top and gave a roar,The cock was hers now that she'd won the war, She slipped it in her sweet pussy lips,They shook and shuddered as she lowered her hips, He lifted her up and slapped her ass,As she rode his rod like it would be her last, They tossed and turned as he struggled for power,He pinned her down and she prepared for a shower, The cock was pulled out and was getting stroked hard,She licked her lips as he dropped his guard, The cum flew out pouring each and everywhere,He even shot some up and into her hair, They fell to sleep soon after that,Dreaming of what
Poker Tables
Creative Designs
True Friends
True friends invite you over, fake friends screw you over. True friends always got your back, fake friends are haterz who want to walk in your tracks. True friends will do what it takes to see you happy, fake friends always want to see you sad. True friends has two shoulders for you to cry on, fake friends will see you crying and have the nerve to ask you for a loan. True friends will be there for you in life as you succeed, fake friends only come around when their broke ass is in need. To all my true friends i will love you for all eternity, To all my fake friends, get the f**k out of my life, your broke ass face I dont want to see!
My Thoughts An Dreams
why do i have to be a nice person to some people...most people i just tell to fuck off an go away but i cant do it to like the baby sitter for all my husbands friends an i get paid shit money to watch kids who wont listen to a damn word i say and beat on my kids an take there toys an trsh my house... there parents are not paying for food or damages... im going fucking nuts with kids 24/7 an no one gives a shit as long as they get there time away...well where the fuck is my break...i have my boys every day all day... an i have the other guys kids from 5 am till 7 pm... i have no time for ME!! i just want to run away
It was a cold september morning, Waiting to be ruined by mankind. 8:46 AM it happened, To us death was to remind. Flight 11 holding 92, That were now to be dead. It crashed into the North Tower, Then filled America with dread. Flight 175, A flight holding 65 human beings. The South Tower was hit, Not close to a sightseeing. 2,823 lives, That were to be no more. Hundreds jumped thousands of feet to end their lives, What a moment of gore. Flight 93, Ended the lives of 44. This moment will go down in history, Not a moment to ignore. 10:45 AM, All federal office buildings in Washington, D.C. are evacuated. But it was too late, This will not be sedated. The firefighters flee. The medics tried to cure. Then the towers fell, America won't endure. The blood on the streets, The smell of the decayed. Now look how god has helped you, After all the times you prayed. A man in the street, Was killed by the debris. 4 tons of solid steel, Now life he'll lack to see. Though his body won't be found, Jus
Thing That Piss Me Off
Has anyone out there found a genuine work form home program? I have been searching for months. To cut any assholes off i got a bum knee and am unable to find a "normal" job believe me nothing would make me happier that being able to play foot ball with my kids of run or work a 9-5 in a factory setting sadly i cant. Back to point I have been searching for months for a legit work form home program that dont cost hundreds of dollars. Now i understand that u have to spend money to make money but seriously most of these programs only work by selling shit on e~bay... no matter how cheap i sell it for there is always someone with a larger buying ability who can sell it cheaper not please tell me how i gonna make money doing that? The others are all add based for that i have to have a website already... problems with that are i have no content to put on a website and even if i did have have no money to buy the key words needed to drive traffic to my website using the search engines "its called
Great band playing Vets Club Eugene/Willamette Street Sat. Sept 12th 9:30 be there! Even better the next weekend we have the Bike Bash at Spirits Biker Bar Main Street Springfield OR  09-19-09 Bike show 4pm, 7pm wet t-shirt contest (hmmm will I do it???) and then live music at 9pm. Come and take a walk on the wild side! Also, every Tuesday night about six my hot room mate and I go to Spirits for Taco Tuesdays $1.oo super yummy stuff come down and we'll sip some Jack and eat tacos!
Fu-bar Just Another Way To See People Naked!!!!
Not that i'm complaining but all i've seen since I got here are big penis' and ridiculously huge penis'. Anyone disagree?
Make Money Selling Photos
Sell Digital PhotosCamera Dollars ReviewEasy Photo Biz ReviewHow To Sell PhotosSell Stock Photos
Minor Confessions
Expression Of The Fact!
You have given me a second chance in life Sometime before you I couldn't cop with the strife You've given me that love I dreamed of forever Happiness I been united with now that we're together You've touched my heart so deeply with your gentle touch To world I will never deny that I love you so much Words can't explain how thankful I am of you You have brought my smiles to overcome my blue The moments that we have shared the memories we make I promise your heart won't shatter or even break My world has changed forever now that you are here I miss you so much when you are not near I've opened up my everything to you because I trust you The more comfortable I am with anything we go through The love you and I share has made us one whole You have made my life complete from once an empty soul You will always be the girl who will stand out from the rest I'll never forget each memory that you made the best Forever in my heart baby with this love I'll always keep I'll always have you in my hea
Annabel Lee
 Annabel Lee.   by Edgar A. Poe  It was many and many a year ago, In a kingdom by the sea, That a maiden there lived whom you may know By the name of Annabel Lee; — And this maiden she lived with no other thought Than to love and be loved by me.   I was a child and she was a child, In this kingdom by the sea; But we loved with a love that was more than love — I and my Annabel Lee — With a love that the wingéd seraphs in Heaven Coveted her and me. And this was the reason that, long ago,   In this kingdom by the sea, A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling My beautiful Annabel Lee; So that her high-born kinsmen came And bore her away from me, To shut her up in a sepulchre, In this kingdom by the sea.   The angels, not half so happy in Heaven, Went envying her and me — Yes! — that was the reason (as all men know, In this kingdom by the sea) That the wind came out of the cloud by night, Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee.   But our
Beats & Breaks
Hey Yall.
today is my birthday, and its great day and abeauitful day too.
Part 2
I've talked to a couple of men who have this belief that there are two types of women: 1) The girl friend that you have fun with, who indulges your wild fantasies and provides stimulation and fulfillment for that very real and very important side of men: that undeniable side they've chased and yearned for since puberty. 2) The wife who is safe, reliable, and domestic, the mother of your children, the one you allow yourself to love, yet she is almost asexual to you and leaves you wanting more (i.e. cheating husbands). However, there is this negative connation regarding "the girlfriend" (remember, the movie "Analyze This" where Robert De Niro's character has both a girlfriend and wife and makes a statement about how his wife shouldn't or doesn't give head because she "kisses the children with those lips.")  (Now mind you, I've been both the wife and the gilfriend along the course of my life, so this more an observation that brings up questions more than anything else.) I think it's
Southern Men
The South - You Gotta Love It     Alabama A group of  Alabama  friends went deer hunting and paired off in twos for the day.  That night, one of the hunters returned alone, staggering under the weight of an eight-point buck. "Where's Henry?" the others asked."Henry had a stroke of some kind.  He's a couple of miles back up the trail," the successful hunter replied."You left Henry laying out there and carried the deer back?" they inquired."A tough call," nodded the hunter.  "But I figured no one is going to steal Henry!"    Georgia The owner of a golf course in  Georgia  was confused about paying an invoice, so he decided to ask his secretary for some mathematical help. He called her into his office and said, "You graduated from the  University  of Georgia  and I need some help.  If I were to give you $20,000, minus 14%, how much would you take off?"The secretary thought a moment, and then replied, "Everything but my earrings." Louisiana A senior at  Louisiana  was overheard saying ..
For Domnick Axleander Dunn (rip)
take this heart and rip it out of my chest. let me bleed all over the floor of my sad lonely life. my dreams are gone never to be seen . sew my mouth shut not to speak of ur name are the words i want to say to u. sew my eyes shut not to see ur  face are the world any more. here lies a a broke and dead girl how no longer lives in this body. she;s gone to the land of the broken hearts and bodys. can u save her for here? if u think u can try she is so far gone all she see's is death of love .     i never got to hold u in my arms at all. you  were take form mommy before u were born. no you sleep with the angels in haven . God holds u in his arms at night as i sleep in my bed on earth. Mommy will get to hold you some day my lil one. know mommy loves u for ever . even thow u are in haven and im on earth i love u . i will see u soon my angel baby       to my son domnick alexander dunn.    oct 4, 2009 - oct 4,2009        
Longing For The Day Longing For Her Time
I am longing for the day, longing for the time, that I can finally get with my beautiful, talented, most gorgeous wife for all of my life Tamara Taggart. When we finally do live together, full time and all of the time, I will finally have my live get real instead of how it sucks with all the bullshit that I have wrought upon myself by pushing her away for so long a time now. What I wouldn't do to make this so true that we live together once and for all without anyone in the way throughout the night and the day.
One Of My Favorite Songs..
You still love me? Take this. You ready? 1.. 2.. 3! The more you, put me through, The more it makes me wanna come back to you, You say you hate me, I just love you more, You don't want me, I just want you more, I buy you flowers, you throw 'em at me, I know it's sad but it's making me happy, The more that you slap me, the more that it turns me on, Cause you love me, and I love you more. It's sick, but who could ever predict, We'd be doin' the same shit, We say we do it for our baby but we don't, We do it for us, it's lust, Cause neither one of us trusts each other, So we fuck 'til we bust, Then we cuss each other, out, We know what it's about, Shout 'til I throw you out the house, You throw me out the house, I throw you on the couch, Punch you in the mouth, Fist fight 'til we turn this mother OUT, And apologize after, Laughter, pain, it's insane, We're back in the same chapter again, And it's sad but it's true, When I'm layin' here with you, There ain't nothin' anyone could ever say
Walking In The Air
"Walking In The Air" [Intro:] Walking in the air, floating the sky... Floating in the air... We're walking in the air We're floating in the moonlit sky The people far below are sleeping as we fly We're holding very tight I'm riding in the midnight blue I'm finding I can fly so high above with you Far across the world The villages go by like dreams The rivers and the hills The forest and the streams Children gaze open mouthed Taken by surprise Nobody down below believes their eyes We're surfing in the air We're swimming in the frozen sky We're drifting over icy mountains floating by Suddenly swooping low on an ocean deep Arousing of a mighty monster from its sleep We're walking in the air We're dancing in the midnight sky And everyone who sees us greets us as we fly "The Voice" I hear your voice on the wind And I hear you call out my name "Listen, my child," you say to me "I am the voice of your history Be not afraid, come follow me Answer my call, and I'll set you free" I am
..:: Shout Box Chat ::..
->alaskan_girl: so next time you tell people you accept them for who they are , dont lie cause in the end it make you look bad ->alaskan_girl: You tell people you dont judge people , and you have people to believe you but you sure do lie ->alaskan_girl: lease my main pic is draw by me and i am not shame to draw pics not like YOU alaskan_girl: you rate me what anyone would rate your shitty piece of art that you so proudly display alaskan_girl: why is this your business ->alaskan_girl: You block friend of mind MasterDaddySIR where he was goin to rate you 10 on your profile and 11 on your pics alaskan_girl: i dont know you or even what your talking bout
Ok , So I Got A Got Girlfriend` Read More.....
I have been with here for now 2 1/2 yrs. and I just cant handle it anymore with her. She is just so jealous of me ,and etc.... Long story but will tell ya if ya wanna know? yes I do love her and she loves me , but I did experience with other men and she experienced with other men alsowhile we were together and still are till day ,but she is so jealous of me on the computer, I think she needs to grow up and grow a back bone , What do you say? I am coming so close to leaving this woman , What ya say? Please tell me your thoughts. Thanks , Sincerely, David Michalski aka Coldwaters Finest
Heart For One
I am: contentedly child free, self-made, self-aware, unpretentious, intellectual, analytical as well as intuitive, a pragmatic romantic learning to live more mindfully. Attempted balance of right-brain and left-brain thinking. A serious soul with a sometimes playful disposition. Contemplative night owl, valuing thoughtful conversation and nonfiction, perceiving in the mundane the spark of the divine. INTJ personality type in the Myers-Briggs/Jungian personality typology; the thinker type on the enneagram. Tolerant, progressive, a little artsy, with a strong sense of justice. Best known for my M*A*S*H-like (dry and contextual) sense of humor. Often turn to nature for inspiration, rejuvenation, and peace; canceled my television service years ago. Have the usual range of urban interests but also like to investigate the hidden out-of-the-way places. Earn my admiration and be prepared for more affection, respect, loyalty, and passion than mere mortal deserves. :-) Love is the shortest dista
Funniest Videos Reporter Gone Ghetto
My Fu Wedding
Y Is Societys Norm This Way
u know in the yrs i have been alive i have come to notice that no matter how i look at it poeple use poeple to get ahead in life and get waht they want and wehre they almost want to b and then get rid of that helping hand  in some of the most horrible ways even at the cost of friendships and or releationships.........but y has society created a norm for itself this way .........I SWEAR NO ONE CAN ANSWER THAT ? , CUZ THERE IS NO CORRECT ANSWER, only perception of ones own feelings and thoughts .........some of the nicest people can b trapped by this norm ,,,, but it is societys norm as well to pull down the advancing person as well but at the same point in time is it not the advancing  persons fault of choices they made in the past before the said advance to have others forms of society after them(cops, legal, ) ,,,, but how can we blame others for the misgivings of the sowing of choices that we may reap yrs later ..... we as society always seems to blame others for the bad thing
You & Me
Thinking of you raises my tempature, the way your hands slowly glided over my body held up by the door fame you pressed aginst me.the warmth of your mouth as you kissed my neck ready for more you made that night amazeing leaveing me with a feeling of needing & wanting more.
Old Stories I Wrote As A Kid.
Emo Clock   By the Hero of Shadows   The clock's gone ticking, And time's running by; I couldn't help but kick it in the shins, And now it began to cry. :(   Bah, it's an Emo Clock- EMO CLOCK!!1   With a cold white face, And wearing nothing else but black, Each second comes a beatin', Where it can't take the fact:   Damn thing can't cut itself,  So it sits there and refuses to find a solution-   It's a damn emo clock, EMO CLOCK!   "Why do people keep staring at me? I don't want the attention, can't you see?" Oh STFU, you feed off their eyes, Always changing your look, as your battery dies.   Every single moment, you have to make a noise, Needing to swing your arms around, like sugar driven boys. So go ahead and whine, on what time of day it is, There's millions of others like you, just a part of the Rolex biz.   ... Damn Emo Clock. Vampire Want Nuts A survival horror comedy By Tyler Vittitow (M)Vanilla: (M) Light Vanilla: (M)Jack(Blue): (F)Nikki
ignore this
okay so, you wanna discuss your feelings with a male. wait stop right there. because one males don't understand feelings like we do,and two, if they are assholes. they really don't give a fuck about how you feel. now sometimes you'll get lucky and find a male who is truely understanding and will listen to you, and try to help if they can.but this is really rare. so, how do you deal with this? this is really quite simple really 1. find something that you find funny to get your mind off of these feelings that you are having 2. always remember that you are never alone, because somewhere there is another woman who is feeling the same way you do. 3. and most importantly always know that the pain does go away, but it is up to you, to rid yourself the pain of the male causing it. 4.spend time with friends and family members, because they truely care and want you to be happy. 5. avoid anything that would cause you to think about those feelings, because it will only make matters worse.
Back To The Weightroom.
      Back into the weightroom. Don't feel strong, gotta get strong, so it's back to the weightroom. Nothing fancy mostly the 3 major compound movements, lat pulldowns or pullups, some type of rows, crunchs and a little cardio I'll post my max every 3 months for the 3 major compound movements; bench, ATG squats and deadlifts First entry: Bench - I pushed my covers off of me this morning. Felt good afterwards and my form was good. Deadlift - Lifted my dead ass out of bed. Kinda shaky until coffee intake was acheived. ATG squat - I was only able to squat to toilet level this morning. Lots of power though and very smooth movements. See ya in 3 months!  
Fresh Starts
This is totally ironic considering my night last night and what I figured out very early this morning...If you see my status for the day I am sure you are smaking your forehead thinking I am nuts...But let me tell you what...I never felt what I am feeling right now with Todd...not even when we were first talking online or even after he came here...I doubt I was ever in love with him...This is not a rebound...this is not someone I just met...I have known him for years but lost touch because I am not the type to keep things going on the side when I am with someone...So...after all that here is what my inspirational had for me's time to STOP going through the motions of living, and START living.    Are you willing to do that now? Or are you going to wait until all life energy drains out of you and your loved ones who are trying to support you at this very moment? You were not born to follow rules and regulations. Living starts with dreaming. So dream, dream friend, and let drea
A special world for you and meA special bond one cannot seeIt wraps us up in its cocoonAnd holds us fiercely in its womb.Its fingers spread like fine spun goldGently nestling us to the foldLike silken thread it holds us fastBonds like this are meant to last.And though at times a thread may breakA new one forms in its wakeTo bind us closer and keep us strongIn a special world, where we belong.My love, I have tried with all my beingto grasp a form comparable to thine own,but nothing seems worthy;I know now why Shakespeare could notcompare his love to a summer’s day.It would be a crime to denounce the beautyof such a creature as thee,to simply cast away the precisionGod had placed in forging you.Each facet of your beingwhether it physical or spiritualis an ensnarementfrom which there is no release.But I do not wish release.I wish to stay entrapped forever.With you for all eternity.Our hearts, always as one.
Coming Attraction!!!
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'crime Pays'
willing to die for an outcome, when the end justifies the means to some, the kids grow up much too young, they pledge allegiance to whatever drug, playing cops and robbers with a loaded gun,   CRIME PAYS, IN MANY WAYS AND YEARS, CRIME PAYS, DIVIES OUT ITS FAIR SHARE OF PAIN AND TEARS, CRIME PAYS, CRIME PAYS, CRIME PAYS, IN EVIL WAYS,
Special Request
                                                                                                                                               Special request: Noah, 5yrs old is in the last stages of a 2.5yr battle with Neuroblastoma Cancer. The family is celebrating Christmas next week-and Noah's request is to get lots of Christmas cards.  
Fakes Round 2
Truse Love Dreams Away
 i love you as the beautiful soul who encaptures my being, alone is this world i search for hapinesss, maybe one day i will find this enlightenment, you on at the altar hand in hand, gracefully bestowing yourcvheart to me......till dead comes for us for our final sleep.
New To Fubar
To let everyone know that has been messaging me and asking for friend requests. Thank you, to all that send me drinks thank you as well. I am new to this site and trying to figure it all out. So, please be patient with me as I learn how to make everything work here.   Peace, ***KELLY***
How Does One Make Amends, And Is It Always Possible?
alright not sure where to start so ill start from the begining. I used to play pool alot in league and was rather good at it, i mean now not so much i pretty much lost the desire and im not sure why but what ever right. well in my hay day i really thought i needed a custom poll cue so i bought a dennis deickman for about 1200 bux, mabye 900 both numbers are stuck in my head so but its close enuff. and i really liked it and it had wood threads someting you dont see so much of anymore with wood threads and a wood threaded tenon etc. but be being the curiouse person i am tried to learn how to build one, couldnt find anything on the internet nor in the library but i did come acros 2 rare books one written by an eccentric cue builder by the name of never mind i forgot and another by mike hitower or highttower eeither one will get you there, but you can only learn so much from a book and me lacking any equipment was still sad and didnt know how. well i asked a librarian to track
This Women Came Home From The Store Crying. Her Husband Said " Whats Wrong?" She Said "Honey OH MY GOSH SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAPPENED TODAY!I Decided To Not Wear Panties Because I Thought It Would Be Okay Since I Was Wearing A Long Skirt.Well Next Thing I New There Was A Man Leaning At The Bottom Of The Aisle With A Mirror In His Hand Using It To Look Up My Skirt And Said "I Wish I Could Fill That With Beer And Drink It Out!!!" I Wish You Would Have Been There To Kick His Ass!!" The Husband Looked At His Wife Hugged Her And Said "No, I Wouldn't Not Have Kicked His Ass"And The Wife Said "WHY?!" And He Said "Honey, Any Man That Can Drink That Much Beer...I Really Don't Wanna Fuck With Him!"
Love Quotes...
"Maybe if I had just looked away that first night you came towards me, everything would be different and my heart wouldn't be breaking right now."   "Oftentimes we say goodbye to the person we love without wanting to. Though that doesn’t mean that we've stopped loving them or we've stopped to care. Sometimes goodbye is a painful way to say I love you."    "The saddest love is to love someone, to know that they still want you, but the circumstances don't let you have them."    "It's like my mind knows what's right but my heart is being retarded and still cares."   "May you know the peace and comfort this heartfelt thought imparts; the ones we love are never gone, for they live within our hearts."   "How can I love again when I can't stop loving the one that hurt me so much?"   I don't know what to do now that we're apart; I don't know how to live without the other half of my heart."   "From an angel's wings, to a falling star, God made everything, but an unbreakable
Some Of My Favorite Quotes By Carrie Bradshaw - "sex In The City"
Bag Full Of Tricks
“One thing kids like is to be tricked. For instance, I was going to take my little nephew to Disneyland, but instead I drove him to an old burned-out warehouse. "Oh, no," I said. "Disneyland burned down." He cried and cried, but I think that deep down, he thought it was a pretty good joke. I started to drive over to the real Disneyland, but it was getting pretty late.”
Quotes I Like
"Love is like grass. If you fall on it, it may leave a stain and some temporary pain. But you’ll get over the pain, it will eventually stop hurting. Now maybe the stain ruined your favorite pair of jeans, or maybe it was nothing special that was ruined, but either way the stain remains there. And with time, it will begin to fade, but it will always be there, a permanent reminder that you, too, once fell.” Author unknown   Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes. Being vexed, a sea nourished with lovers' tears. What is it else?A madness most discreet, a choking gall and a preserving sweet. What I have with him is worth it. It is worth every lonely night,every tear I cry from missing him,and the pain I feel from not having him close.It is worth it because he is my one and only.When I picture myself years from now,I see only him. No matter how painful distance can be, not having him in my life would be worse.    
Lm Blogs
"Speak to us of Beauty." Where shall you seek beauty, and how shall you find her unless she herself be your way and your guide? And how shall you speak of her except she be the weaver of your speech? The aggrieved and the injured say, "Beauty is kind and gentle. Like a young mother half-shy of her own glory she walks among us." And the passionate say, "Nay, beauty is a thing of might and dread. Like the tempest she shakes the earth beneath us and the sky above us." The tired and the weary say, "beauty is of soft whisperings. She speaks in our spirit. Her voice yields to our silences like a faint light that quivers in fear of the shadow." But the restless say, "We have heard her shouting among the mountains, And with her cries came the sound of hoofs, and the beating of wings and the roaring of lions." At night the watchmen of the city say, "Beauty shall rise with the dawn from the east." And at noontide the toilers and the wayfarers say, "we have seen her leaning over the e
Ingredients 1 pound of powdered sugar  1/2 cup cocoa  1/4 teaspoon salt  1/4 cup milk  1 Tablespoon vanilla extract  1/4 pound butter/margarine  1 cup chopped nuts  Directions Mix all dry ingredients together in a 8x8 inch microwave safe pan (important to use this size pan). Add milk and vanilla extract. Place chunk of butter/margarine in center ( leave butter as whole do not chop up). Microwave on high for 2 minutes until bottom of dish feels warm. Stir vigorously and blend in chopped nuts. Put in mold or whatever and chill for 1 hour. * Use real butter for best results.
Poems For The Soul
Too many ways to say… I love you in so many ways, I need you tonight… To save from this   Cupid shot me with her arrow, And I’m left here walking with so much sorrow, For tonight I almost lost you… Can you believe?   (Verse)   I had to fall to stand, I had to crawl to walk, I had to mumble before I could speak, I had to…   Say something stupid and then, Lie to you and burry my head in shame, And some where cupids’ heart is breaking, As her tear’s fall from her face…   (Verse II)   I fall to my knees and scream towards the heavens, God what do I have to do to fix this… There’s no walking into the sunset with the girl of my dreams, There’s no happy ending to my sadden tale…    I remember throwing a coin into a wishing well, Wishing for the girl of my dreams, How could I’ve let you go?
One ring to show our loveOne ring to bind usOne ring to seal our loveAnd forever to entwine us
            MERRY CHRISTMAS 2 all my Fubar friend's an family !                                                                    Luv, Sassy Gurl !
Little Girl Poem...9/11
Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mommy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, she tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees; a dad who never calls. There were daddies along the wall in back, for everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently, anxious in their seats One by one the teacher called a student from the class. To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed. At last the teacher called her name, every child turned to stare. Each of them was searching, for a man who wasn't there. "Where's her daddy at?" she heard a boy
Show My Redneck Baby Love
show my redneck baby some love with ya'll

"Yesterday's Now" Yesterday is gone, like history, a flower wilted, shrewn A leaf blows away, a tree dies, a horse gallops. New life beginning, cocoon inside, Left for a warm spring sun... Seeds fall on a desolate path, hearts broken unfold. Pen in hand, despair to write, Jeans faded, worn and ripped Old hat hung on a door Who lives in such a soul? Loves to deep, laughing, crying, awaking, breathing, sighing... Mountain tops set a stage for sunsets blood. Live alone, tattered couch Sword in hand with arrows flying, Words so cold and fist clenched. Who could tell, when her teeth were so bare? She moves with flowing gown, White as the deep winter's snow. When do words fill a man to such hate? Rejected, admired then set assail He wears armor of iron to guard one's heart. Only to be pierced by cupid's deception. Forked teeth behind those lips of cherry. Bottles of wine so sweet to my tongue. Curse, swear, but not by heaven! For such clouds will billow full of love. You...alone...mi
Dont Get Mad But....
 men are like dogs ... they get distracted too easily, always sniffing someone elses ass...they'll leave their master as soon as someone shows them something better, they're always touching themselves (the would probably lick themselves if they could!) they beg for everything when they dont get what they want they'll attack you...and they seem to runaway once they see a door open and no one around to hold them back! just thought this was a bit funny.... don't mean to offend anyone
I am not writing this for attention but just so others understand. I have pain through out my whole body 24/7 so at times I get grumpy other times I cannot even get online. So if I seem grumpy or you don't see me around for a while please understand its do to my pain. I often wonder if being a Dominant makes me a freak? I don't hide it because personally if people cannot accept who I am they don't need to be my friend. Many misunderstand the lifestyle but its more than just sex its a deeper love and trust that attracted me to it. If it means I am a freak than so be it but at least I am a happy freak hehe......
First Blog...
Well, here's my first blog. Guess this is like a journal only everyone can read it. Hope not to bore you. :) Probably just be using this to post writings of mine, random thoughts(pretty much one in the same), the like. Now where to start... I remember when I was about 13, a McDonald's opened up in the local strip mall. Nothing fancy, just a McDonalds. 'Till then, our town had never had one, as it was rather small and had just been digging itself out of a bad recession. But, we had gotten a small amount of attention for having a Media Play(remember those? lol) open up in the same strip mall, so I guess the city council decided to let them tack on a McDonald's next to it for convenience sake. Anywho, they treated it as a pretty big deal, grand opening and all. Had coupons for free shakes, balloons for the kids, and they even had people dressed up as characters from McDonald Land. They had Grimice, Birdie, i think the Hamburgerler, and Ronald McDonald, of course.... Mayor McCheese was s
I need someone to hold me when I am cold I need someone to slow me down when life is passing me by I need someone who needs guidance as much as I I need someone in a time of need that will force my potential out when I can't I need someone who will forgive me for yesterday, accept me for today, and love me till tomorrow is late I need someone that wants me and only me, not my friends I need someone who is not looking for an image, but a personality and an idea I fear that my needs may be too simple for you and that you will take advantage. Though, my head does not support a fohawk, it holds up a complex and understanding mind... I need someone who will love and share it.
Waiting For Love
Wait until you find a guy that calls you beautiful instead of hot or sexy. Who calls you back when you hang up on him. Who will stay awake just to watch you sleep. Wait for the person who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world, who holds your hand in front of their friends. Wait for the one who is constantly reminding you of how much they love you and how lucky they are to have you in their life. Wait for the one you never have to worry about cheating on you. Wait for the one who turns to their friends and says " Theres my baby." Wait for true love because there is someone out there for everyone.
Another Veiw
i apeal to all who live in darkness some are missled.thinking darkness means all about ,i hate my self,i'm evil. now look at your self tryin to do wrong,tryin to do right just like the others you stile don't get it. it's not about right not obout wrong it's about power who's got the power to look inside themself and see there true face.  take your fear's and turn them ino your strenth,and use itfor what you belive in. kno your stenths,know your weekness,make it yur power
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The Little Princess
You Messed Up!
My Opinion On Racism
This was once posted here before, but after seeing something that made me think about it, i decided to re post it.  Enjoy   I have never understood how a person could wake up in the morning, and hate a specific race of people. Its very bizarre to me that anyone would think that any one race of people are any better than any other race. Seriously.....think about that for a second. Members of the KKK believe that white people are the "superior" race. Um.....WHY? What makes white people so much better than the rest of the world? Is it because a million years ago, a bunch of ignorant white guys that thought they were superior owned a bunch of slaves? Cause if you ask me.....i think that makes us assholes!!!!! I just cant for the life of me figure out what makes white people so fucking great! The most classic thing ever - White supremist's that use the term "nigger" when referring to black people. The reason this is classic, is because a "nigger" isnt a black term. B
Depression **dedicated To My Dad**
Sitting here I think of youAlmost ready to cryThere are so many things we didn't doNot even exchange goodbyes. It happened all so suddenlyA failure of the heartBringing everyone miseryBecause of your depart All the news brought tearsAlong with lots of sorrowIt's one of the greatest fearsNot being able to see tomorrow Why did you have to leave so soonWhy can't my heart be mended?I would give the stars and the moonFor your life not to have ended. ((I LOVE YOU DAD SO MUCH AND MISS YOU DEARLY... RIP TIL THE DAY WE MEET AGAIN!))
Fkn Awesome
THIS WAS ON A WHIM...ME AND A BUDDY JUST STARTED WRITING BACK AND FORTH RESPONDING TO EACH OTHER AND THIS IS WHAT CAME OUT OF IT...I LOVE IT BECAUSE IT JUST FLOWED.  LOVE TO DO THIS AGAIN WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS THE SAME WRITING STYLE AS MYSELF.  HIT ME UP!!!   Eric: am a man who lives in solitude, never knowing what pain I bring you. I raise my fists just to break on thru. All the voices in my head try to make it true. I am a man filled with attitude, I can feel your hate all the way thru. It would be so easy for me to kill you, mark my words, I will crush you. You'll always see me, you'll always need me. You'll never last one minute without me.   Java:   My madness is inverted, I am a woman who lives sweet smile fools you, you dont recognize my evil grin. The thoughts of pain and torture run rampid behind these eyes...but the look of virgin sweetness is my mask,my disguise. Attempt what you must, my soul holds no fear...take your fists and break on thru, for you I she
    The Mandalorian culture began with a warrior race known as the Taungs, from the Roon system, that conquered the planetary system of Mandalore sometime before the 7,000 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin). Mandalore the First led them to drive the native mythsaurs to extinction and use the remains to build their cities. The Taungs then used the main planet of Mandalore as their base of operations as they began the conquest of as much of the galaxy as they could.    The militant Taungs fought in the Great Sith War under the leadership of Mandalore the Indomitable between 4,000 and 3,996 BBY and swore their allegiance to the Sith when the Indomitable was defeated in combat by Uliq Qel Droma, a fallen Jedi and chief Lieutenant of the Dark Lord Exar Kun. This led to further Mandalorian expansion and the beginnings of False War tactics under the leadership of Mandalore the Ultimate and his chief Lieutenant, Cassus Fett around 3,960 BBY. The Ultimate was defeated and killed by the Jedi Revan
A Bottle Of Merlot
A man asked a waiter to take a bottle of Merlot to an unusually attractive woman sitting alone at a table in a cozy little restaurant..  So the waiter took the Merlot to the woman and said, 'This is from the gentleman who is seated over there,' and indicated the sender with a nod of his head.She stared at the wine coolly for a few seconds, not looking at the man, then decided to send a reply to him by a note. The waiter, who was lingering nearby for a response, took the note from her and conveyed it to the gentlemanThe note read: 'For me to accept this bottle, you need to have a Mercedes in your garage, a million dollars in the bank and '7' inches in your pants'.After reading the note, the man decided to compose one of his own in return. He folded the note, handed it to the waiter and instructed him to deliver it to the lady.   It read: Just to let you know things aren't always what they appear to be: I have a Ferrari Maranello, BMW Z8, Mercedes CL600, and a Porsche Turbo in my severa
I wonder how this is going to go. So much stuff going on.
What People Say!!
People say this is only the net and not to let ur feelings get involved. People say that its only a site so what does it matter. I say the internet is what connects people. I say the site is a helper for people to get to know someone else that you other wise could not do. If people thought that the land that we are on is all really common ground then you would see that the internet and site are a tool on it. I wish people would treat other people with dignity and respect. We are all on here for a reason to meet new people. Greed has gotten out of control and how many people can truely say they are a real friend on here?
In A Heart Beat
My Broken Heart
**~~The Sound Of**~~ The sound of ocean and wind makes me to think what's on my mind,The sound of the wind make me feel touch...The sound of ocean makes me feels like I'm touching dolophins.The sound of god makes me that i'm talking to lord.The sound of rain i'm soaking wet...  
The Perfect Man!
The Perfect Man The perfect man is gentlenever cruel or meanhe has a beautiful smileand he keeps his face so clean The perfect man loves childrenand will raise them by your sidehe will be a good fatherand good husband to his bride The perfect man loves cookingcleaning and vaccuuming toohe'lldo anything to conveyhis feelings of love to you The perfect man is sweetwriting poetry from your namehe's a best friend to your motherand kisses away your pain He has never made you cryor hurt you in any way......OH SCREW THIS STUPID POEM............THE PERFECT MAN IS GAY!!!!!!  
Paddling & Spanking
I wake up this morning and get to work, I begin my day with a redbull, I check my draftnik sites and start to think about the draft coming up and a friend comes up to me and tells me that Peter Steele, Lead Singer of one of my favorite bands Type O Negative has died of heart failure.....WHAT?!?!?!?! "I call bullshit", I said "He faked his death back in 05, he's just fucking with us again"...but no, Peter really is dead.....Ever since i was 12 I've been a fan of Type O, and when I'm really lucky I catch them live....I just can't believe that he's gone. R.I.P.....Everything Dies....
The Man
man who goes to bed with ichy hinie he wakes up with stink finger
1.standing out thereim not the girl i wasi dont knowim lying.embarrassed.betrayedby myself.young.eager.willing.persistant.ripe.but not sweet.jaded.unsatisfied.the taste of youon my lips.wet and cynical.lost.   2.salt on my lipsi just can't lick cleanoil on my fingersglitter in my eyesair in my lungsfingers on my thighsfeet off the groundhead somewhere elsestomach in knotstied to right hereright now heart beating fastwhisper in my earshow long will this lastskin covered in sweatbones covered in bonestalent wasted soaked bedsheetstorn wallpapersalt on my lipstongue on my lipsand you.   3.why are you always therejust when im walking out the dooron someones lipsin my dreamsin black and whitei am singing your songs nowi am looking for the way outi am ready to forgive youand dying to hold a were just what i neededat exactly the right timenow i think about iti cringeyet the longing doesnt fadei still taste yougod you were sweetand i became so sourtainted and wrong.why are you n
Fumafia!! Add My 3 Players!!!
Help Find
if anyone has seen this girl please let me know she is missing... I need some help.she went missing in lakeland.fl
Bday Wish List
Happy hour bomb an/or auto 11's bling packs salutes biggest one of all to hit lvl 28 by my bday
Dunno Yet
As the title says, am venting, so if you don't want to read this rant, then best to leave now. My fu-hubby and I are on our 4th turf, the last 3 deleted because some asshats had to keep hitlisting and coming into turf and trash talking, basically making sure that we couldn't do anything on mafia. I am sick and fucking tired of so-called adults acting like little kids that think it is fun to beat someone down just because they can. The turf we are in now is getting the same treatment, hitlisted for the hell of it and then keep doing because someone gets rightfully pissed off because was listed for no good reason, just for shits and giggles. Apparently people are thinking because small turf, we don't deserve to be left alone to play the game. Have had people outright tell us to delete because they wouldn't stop fucking with us, they were having fun. All I can say is must be nice to be able to act like an asshole 24/7, because would bet money that these people are just as much of ass
Contest Blog
Gcf Banners
Copy and paste this code to potential recruits comments or messages....the banner is a link to GCF Homepage.
..:: Comcast ( Chicago People ) ::..
If anyone usein comcast in chicago area , please let me know or leave comment here ... I am lookin for feed back on comcast users  
Blog 1
Note To Self
Stop making notes..
Fubar Help Me
How do I block non Fubar friends recent activities from showing up on my Bar Tab ? Explain it to me like I am a 2 year old. I swear the Help Lounge aint no help at all. So I am at your mercy.
Hottest Female On Fubar Contest
Prologue As the shadow of night crept across the globe, a figured adorned in a robe as black as the night itself crept along the rocky walls of an ancient canyon, his heavy footfalls echoing across the vast plains with each step. The canyon was said to have been the site of a great battle in the wars centuries before, where thousands of seasoned troops were taken out by a group of guerillas. After the battle it came to be known as the Canyon of the Wailing Dead, as it was said when the wind blew through it’s walls, the cries of the fallen soldiers could still be heard. The man was a very tall individual, most of his face save for the lower portions covered up by his hood, his pale eyes glistening in the moonlight as he arrived at his destination at the canyon’s central chamber. Despite the darkness of the night, the chamber was well lit by torches mounted along the walls of the canyon, giving the entire area an eerie ambiance. It was here where the man found six other figur
When you feel sad and betrayed Who can you count on every single day? When you feel lost and alone Who will be there for you in every way? When you've made mistakes and bad decisions Who can you count on to tell you you're wrong? When you feel you can't go on Who will be there with a feel-better song? Look into your heart and you will find That person you can trust is not far away. Look deep into yourself, don't give up, For if you do, it's yourself you'll betray. When you're looking for answers To all your questions and dreams, There is one person you can count on, It's impossible, I know, it seems. But take a few moments to look deeper inside. Look into your heart and there you will see. You'll be surprised when you find out That you've been looking at ME. Why do i dream of being a slut Of being used by others But not having my own needs satisfied Why does the thought of Being unworthy Fill me with such pride Longing to feel pain Given for another's pleasure Received with grace Why d
When you feel sad and betrayed Who can you count on every single day? When you feel lost and alone Who will be there for you in every way? When you've made mistakes and bad decisions Who can you count on to tell you you're wrong? When you feel you can't go on Who will be there with a feel-better song? Look into your heart and you will find That person you can trust is not far away. Look deep into yourself, don't give up, For if you do, it's yourself you'll betray. When you're looking for answers To all your questions and dreams, There is one person you can count on, It's impossible, I know, it seems. But take a few moments to look deeper inside. Look into your heart and there you will see. You'll be surprised when you find out That you've been looking at ME.
Mizz's Afraid
Why do we revel on what is to come, when the past has taught us to expect conundrum. Twists and turns and times of stress, the downfalls have become relentless. My heart says hold on, please keep hope, but my mind is tired and cannot cope. Please do not pity me or give me sorrow, for in time it is my strength you shall need to borrow. Some gripe, some sob, on pain they moil battling the horrors of inner turmoil. Silently, gracefully, I stand alone, Ontop of my paradox I am enthrone. Knowing peace only comes from within, I will uplift my life from this chagrin. I will change the path of my future conundrums, by steadily living my life as it comes.
I have no idea what im doing on here, anyone care to help me out and tell me what im supposed to do :P
My Interests
hey my name is megan im 19 years old and im a lesbian i like the butches and fems
Rate Me
Hot or Not: iPhone Dating - Meet singles, rate singles
Rants, Raves, And Other Obscenities
So, to keep from having to say the same thing over and over, let me explain. Somehow my old account got deleted last night. I do not know why it happened. I remade my profile and all that jazz. Maybe it wont happen again.
Newest Poems
How could you do this to me?How could you leave me like this?Sad and dying inside.I feel like Im rotting away inside.Little dead pieces of me fall off as I fade away slowly,drowning in depression.My heart stopped beating when you stopped talking.My mind focused, like a starving dog staring at a piece of meat,waiting for some glimpse you might care.But you never call.Even the air freezes around me in discontent and sadness.A feeling of empty, a feeling of grief and sorrow.My stomach aches with knots of confusionand head fills with clouds of misunderstanding.Boxes of information opened and poured out without hope of solution.Fingers of blame thrown in the airand words of anger fill the ears of a negativity drowned victim.Falling into pieces that can’t be glued.Beyond hopeless, suicidal and filled with doubt of life’s meanings.You left me here like this.Not giving me the time of day filling your self up,like a glutton, with selfishness.Warped sense of mind.How can you separate
Should I buy a harley davidson or a sport bike? I cant make up my mind they both are sweet.
Why it it on here I seem to get more guys hitting on me then I do girls trying to talk to me?  I just not seeing what you guys see in me that girls are not I guess espeically since I am straight. Just curious what everyone has to say.
Just A "thank You"
Whats On My Mind
I think this one is cute and worth sharing Growing up..your best friend becomes your worst enemy. lollipops turn into cigarettes. the innocent ones turn into sluts. Homework goes in the trash. Detention becomes suspension. Soda becomes vodka. Undies turn into g-strings. kisses turn into sex. remember when getting high meant swinging on the playground? when protection meant wearing a helmet? when the worst things you could get from boys were cooties? your worst enemies were your siblings. race issues were about who ran fastest. war was only a card game. the only drug you knew was cough medicine. wearing a skirt didnt make you a slut. the only things that hurt were skinned knees. and goodbyes only meant until tomorrow? ...and to think we all couldn't wait to grow up.
Love Lives Online
My Dad
The final inspection:As the policeman stood and faced his god, which must always come to pass.He hoped his shoes were shining Just as brightly as his brass."Step forward now, policeman. how shall i deal with you?Have you always turned the other cheek? to my church have you been true?" the police man squared his shoulders and said, "no, lord i guess i aint, because those of us who carry badges cant always be a saint.i've had to work most sundays, and at times my talk was rough, and sometimes i've been violent, because the streets are awfully tough. But i never took a penny that wasnt mine to keep....Though i worked alot of overtime, when the bills got too steep.and i never passed a cry for help, though at times i shook with fear.And sometimes, God forgive me, Ive wept unmanly tears.I know i dont deserve a place among these people here, they never wanted me around, except to calm their fear.If you've a place for me here , lord, it neednt be so grand. I never expected or had too much, But
Hynm To A Good Wife
"A good woman is hard to find, and worth far more than diamonds. Her husband trusts her without reserve, and never has reason to regret it. Never spiteful, she treats him generously all her life long. She shops around for the best yarns and cottons, and enjoys knitting and sewing. She's like a trading ship that sails to faraway places and brings back exotic surprises. She's up before dawn, preparing breakfast for her family and organizing her day. She looks over a field and buys it, then, with money she's put aside, plants a garden. First thing in the morning, she dresses for work, rolls up her sleeves, eager to get started. She senses the worth of her work, is in no hurry to call it quits for the day. She's skilled in the crafts of home and hearth, diligent in homemaking. She's quick to assist anyone in need, reaches out to help the poor. She doesn't worry about her family when it snows their winter clothes are all mended and ready for wear. She makes her own clothing, a
The Coupling Of Passion And Erotic Lusts
"A touch of skin soft and slippery, with the hint of sweat. We fought our resistance beneath the cool sheets, as the wind flowed from the window above us. Eyes met briefly and begged for the chance, to abandon all of our uncertainties. You began your work on my lips, probing gently as if drawing sex, from a deep well of longing and need. Then heated tongues met in the midst, of hot and quickening breath. And greedily we drank the wine of our lusts. Then intoxicated with those spirits, our clothes found resting place on the floor. Piece by piece,Until there were no hiding places, for the two glistening and wanting bodies. Hunger revealed in this hot moment. Then skin meshed with skin, as the floor became the stage. You moved atop of me easily, and lowered yourself gently. Kissing me as I was filled with you. As a gasp broke the kiss, your hands stroked the stray strands, away from my forehead, then became entangled. Our slow rhythm gave way,to urgent and demanding thrusts
Happy Ending
Poems I Did
There's nothing wrong with believing in fairy tales, because in the end, we all live happily ever after, However you've forgot one important detail...Not everyone we fall in love with means its a happily ever after after story... Most of the time its just... Once upon a time...
The World Of Misty Lady
Well I just joined this site tonight and while I'm still learning my way around and all that fun shit- I'm thinking I found the right site for me. I know I don't have a salute photo right now. I will have one. I just don't have a way of getting on up loaded at the time. But give me time it'll come.
Things That Piss Me Off!
- liars - breaking promises - saying you are gonna do something and have no intention of doing it - being ignored - men who think that saying, "I'm hard and jacking off" is a pick up line, and worse, that it will actually work! - people who put up a profile picture that is deff not them - people who only put up pictures of themselves from 10 years ago - jealousy - most women - being treated like a possession - guys that think that you have nothing better to do than sit in front of the webcam for their own viewing pleasure - crack whore welfare moms - silence in lounges - my neighbors - the best friend's ex  
..:: Xbox 360 ::..
Ashke's Writings
They say we’re going too fast.Even so, we think we can last.We’ve got everything all figured out.We know it’s forever without a doubt. They say love is fictional.We think it’s critical. We want that happy ending.They told us stop pretending. Who knew they were right.I thought we were so bright.Who knew love could die.I thought all we had to do is try. I wish we could go back in time.When I was so lucky to call you mine.They told us there’d be fights.Who knew it’d be all we ever do at night.  I thought we were so amazing.But now we’re always hating.They never said we’d be bitter.I never thought I’d be a quitter.
The Blog Of 4d4m
Yes, it's a new profile, I got bored of the old one. That's all. :|
I wonder what my wife would think if she knew that I had secretly created this page and didn't even mention that I'm in a relationship. Oh well hope she doesnt mind that I plan on adding single girls from nearby. I almost feel a little shame when I tell her that she's the only girl I want to look at I mean she does have my two kids and is expecting my third. Do you think this makes me a full blown prick? anyways Hit Me up people on my days off the wife wont know and I'm not telling ;) lmao
My Views On Religion
What it breaks down to is this in a nutshell, either you believe or you don't. Some that do believe do so with a unswerving loyalty that can at times border on hysteria, which is about the same feeling that those who don't believe feel about how they believe. The difference is people that don't believe by and large do not feel the need to beat you over the head with their beliefs, while people on the opposite side of the coin feel it is there mission in life to "save" you. I don't have a problem with anyone believing in their own beliefs, what I do have a problem with is people pushing their views on me. That seems to be the prime objective for most organized religions out there. They feel as though it is there one and only goal in life, this need to convert me to there way of thinking. We don't do that. When is the last time an atheist knocked on your door, peddling his viewpoint, trying to convert you? You say your rights are being trampled on by atheists wanting to t
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In A Nutshell
Whitebird55plzrfb@ Fubar
My Bfg (profile Pic Gun)
Smith & Wesson M&P 15X 5.56mm Posted by Rich Grassi. Author Archive » Images by Sovanski / Smith & Wesson Proven law enforcement favorite—a no-nonsense patrol carbine! I was surprised a few years back when, on a trip to my licensee’s premises, I found Smith & Wesson had shipped a long gun to me. Opening the polymer container, I found the M&P15T. The “Tango” had a free-floating 16-inch barrel, 1-in-9-inch rate of twist and was chambered for 5.56mm NATO. The sights were flip-up, front and rear, made by Troy. I took the new rifle out to the police range and the rangemaster had some fun shooting it, as did I. I immediately took to the M&P15 line of AR carbines. Since then, I’ve been the beneficiary of several trips to Wyoming with S&W and SureFire, among others. The M&P was prominently featured, especially the Performance Center versions with big optics, fairly light and really clean triggers as well as specialty barrels. Last summer was no exception.
Ls Rock
Poems By Friends
Men’s Scarf
It may seem a bit unfair that a lot of clothes and accessories are available for women but only few can be used by the male counterparts. One of the few accessories that can hype up the wardrobe of guys is Men’s scarf. Aren’t scarves for women? No sir. Men’s scarf has long been in fashion and will still be in the years to come. It can be used from casual outfits to the more formal attire. You can wear them with t-shirt and even in suits. Scarves are not only used to keep your neck warm on chilly seasons but they can also add color to the usual drab winter wardrobe. Only few men dare to be different and stand out through fashion. Only a handful will dare to wear catchy colors of clothes, but they can still express their personality and inner fashion sense through a strip of cloth wrapped around their necks. It’s really fascinating to see men don a scarf of playful colors and stand out from the crowd. How do you use scarves? The selection for men is quite limi
Tfnowek ...~love
Everything is muffled, its hard to see, hard to hear, hard to make sense of the world..especially from this point of view, everything is so blurry, there's no direction, no voice, no calling. Only one thought constantly remains, even when all others fade..."I cant breath..I cant breath..I cant breath"That's when an unexpected hand pulls you from that puddle you've been lost in, as if pulling your own head out of your ass, you were drowning...but it was not God.At first you see an Angel...he stands you up right...but as you gain your barrings you realize, he too was drowning. All around see others...your kindred, your brothers, your sisters..all floating about ..some in lakes of water...others in lakes of fire, but they are all drowning. You get angry, and curse...."Where is God?" "Why isnt he helping us??!"The angel grabs you and points your eyes to where you could not see before....and there you see....GodIn his thrown...all mighty..all powerful...yet his eyes te
While Your At It.....
For about a week now, there has been many showing their thanks for Veterans.  As a vet, Your welcome. HOWEVER Just stop.  Stop...  It really doesn't do a damn thing except remind us that the Government who we wrote a blank check to for up to our lives didn't mean one God damn mother fucking thing. Let me give everyone who may no know a Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard. of which ever branch.  But if you encounter one. Ask if they pay for health insurance out of their pitiful pay.  The answer is going to be Yes... That's right, our military has to pay for health insurance. I don't know how or why this is so.  Other than the Insurance Lobby providing fellatio to enough congress and senators to make it happen. Now If you really want to thank our Military, Get off Facebook close out your web browser and Write a letter. Several actually. Print them off to your Congressman, Senators and hell yes the President.   Telling them that it is Unamerican to have our Military pay for th
Perché si vuole un computer portatile Tablet? Poco prima ho acquistato il mio primo che ho usato per essere il tentativo di capire quando la userei. Io sicuramente acquistato un notebook, perché sarebbe un Tablet Android più essere usare? Dovrei trovare un modo per "andare in pensione" il mio computer portatile, e basta usare un tablet e desktop? Ho ottenere il lavoro fatto da un po 'di residenza un singolo momento, per cui uso un desktop durante l'esecuzione che in quanto richiede un po' di onesta digitazione, insieme a uno schermo più grande è certamente d'uso. Quindi, mi piacerebbe usare la mia per il mio effettuare, derivante dalla mancanza di una tastiera e di ottenere un monitor più compatto. Sapevo che volevo una persona, ma che cosa dovrei usare per? Penso di essere stato il tentativo di giustificare l'acquisizione di un gadget più techno. Gli individui acquistare un tablet Android 4.1 personali per un sacco di cause diverse che molto più portatile che di un notebook, questi s
Does It Get Any Easier? By: Red27
  I was pondering the other day when i was walking out from seeing my probation officer as i was calling her a bitch. Does life ever give u a break or does it get easier? From as far back as i can remember its been as the saying goes "take one step forward, and take two steps back". Well to me it should go "take one step forward, and get thrown down the street". Of course this is all just thought's that went through my head that day! I take it one day at a time making sure i don't wind up becoming *Insane* so until i feel like typing aging...................                                                                                                           ~Red27~                           *Insane- Someone who does the exact same thing over and over expecting different result's*    
Liquid Magnesium
Simply Me
Why Did God Create Animals~?~
Having Sick Make My Day Worse
De Gam
Classic Lasting Adidas Obyo M Attitude Logo W Grey Red Big Tongue Shoes
Fed Up With Fubar!!!
It amazes me how so many supporters for gay marriages  are trying so hard for equal rights on same sex marriage. I mean seriously , marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper with legal writing and approval. Why are you homos, lesbos, and queers so obsessed with a piece of paper with your names written on it? I don't see nothing important about that. lol

Golden Star
Country Boy's Love
Hbk Cj
Thanks Everyone
Weekend Luvins
All About Me
Blah Blah Blah
Our so called prez is a flaming pile of dog poo of a joke.He is running our damn country into the pit of the earth.Now i know some of yall will disagree with me but who cares I dont.Anyways He had his own grandma killed for tellin the truth of where he was born must be nice huh obama.How much further is he goin to drive the poor people down and keep the rich in the clouds?Why are we allowin him to stay in the white house are we really that twisted as to let some foriegn nut job run this once great country in the ground really?I think no I believe we can do alot better than some non freedom believer scrotum tells us how we need to live but we need to stand up and say he works for US not we for him.As for this stupid law of needin medical insurance or get fined really know you know he hit his head cause if people dont have it they cant afford so how are they goin to pay the fine think bout that one.And honestly if your goin to be prez you should have been in the military at least you kno
Love Me Or Hate Me
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The Truth Against The World
I do this for You, you're the reason I preserve our culture, the reason I conserve our heritage and protect our People from the promotion and practise of miscegination, You're the reason I fight to assure a future and existance for our beloved, precious and rare white Race, I do it for You... The white Race must stay together, if were to assure a future and existance of Girls like You, if the white Race goes extinct, there will be no more Girls like You. There will be no more blue Eyed, green Eyed or gray Eyed beauties, save for false appearances with Contacts, there'll be no more blondes, redheads or brunettes save for what comes out of a Bottle. You and Girls like You are the reason We must stop the interracial breeding, we cant even condone it, being friends with the other Races just promotes it to others, who are ignorantly misinformed. The other Races argue these facts and incourage You mixing with them because they know its killing us off and thats what they are trying to
Patti Pizzazz

"Defamation" is a catch-all term for any statement that hurts someone's reputation. Written defamation is called "libel," and spoken defamation is called "slander." Defamation is not a crime, but it is a "tort" (a civil wrong, rather than a criminal wrong). A person who has been defamed can sue the person who did the defaming. (For in-depth information on defamation claims, check out Nolo's Defamation, Libel & Slander section.) Defamation law tries to balance competing interests: On the one hand, people should not ruin others' lives by telling lies about them; but on the other hand, people should be able to speak freely without fear of litigation over every insult, disagreement, or mistake. Political and social disagreement is important in a free society, and we obviously don't all share the same opinions or beliefs. For instance, political opponents often reach opposite conclusions from the same facts, and editorial cartoonists often exaggerate facts to make their point. What the vi
Welcoming Me
Just wanted to say, how great this site is. Thanks everyone for making me feel welcome.
Hi Everyone!
Just wanted wanted to say hi to everyone and thanks for all the cherry points! and comments...I'm brand new to this site so it will take me a while to respond back to care!
Grown And Sexy
Well, I'm finally 31! I odn't feel like I'm 31, at least I don't think I do. I think I feel 27 still....lmao! Everyone says that I haven't changed.... so I guess in their eyes I'm whatever I was when they met me. (In some cases 12!) I takee it as a compliment. But it makes me think, have I changed? Yeah, I know i'm a mom and I have a career that I love. I drive a nice car and live in a new house in a nice part of town... but I wonder, is it possible not to change?? I look back on some of my choices I've made. (Not the best at times) but they were my choices that have helped me to become me... I'm a lot of things, or at least that how I seee myself. Through it all I tried to remain honest to myself and I tried to not allow others define me. I am me... that's it. Tiffany
To All My Friends
Mmmm Hi
hi im new here and thought i would put a blog up well ya life is going okay now that im back on where i need to be ill try to post pics n do more stuff on her i jut havent had the time yet well imma go i gotta keep busy well love you all amanda
A Friend Like You...
There's lots of things With which I'm blessed, Tho' my life's been both Sunny and Blue, But of all my blessings, This one's the best: To have a friend like you. In times of trouble Friends will say, "Just ask... I'll help you through it." But you don't wait for me to ask, You just get up And you do it! And I can think Of nothing in life That I could more wisely do, Than know a friend, And be a friend, And love a friend... like you.
hmm dunno what to write but i am writing/typing anyway bored hmmm bla bla bla am tired but got wrk to do so yer ..... Hit Back
So anyone who wants to send me a message for discreet or casual encounters can forget it! Ew get a life!
The Perpetual Romantic
I am going to be 46 in 24 days. I have been in-love maybe 5 times and everytime it has drop kicked me in the face. I honestly do not know what it is that I am doin wrong. I feel that I'm the type of Man that most women are lookin for. Nice, dependable, Loving, Hardworking, Good father, and Very sincere. And yet I cannot seem to catch a break and find that special someone that wants to love me for me. I have no Idea what I am doing wrong. any Idea's?
Fresh From The Mind Of Me.
Nothing is good right now. In fact everything pretty fuckin much sucks my fucking balls! On top of moving, new bills and trying to get new furniture, I have to deal with my shitty ass soon-to-be ex wife being a total manipulative, selfish, uncaring, fucktard and taking everything we shared together and keeping it for herself and her fucking pothead friends, thus leaving me with no dishes, silverware, vacuum etc etc... She gave away my mini-fridge!!! Things we got from the wedding and things we needed for our place and even going so far as to withdrawl from our agreement that we'd share Spliff (our cat). She'd have him for a while and then I'd have him. She's stated that she no longer thinks it's a good idea because she'll miss him too much and that when/if she leaves for good then i can have him and that it's unhealthy for the cat to be carted around every other weekend because it will confuse him and make him ill. I threatened her and her friends lives over this! i told her i'd figh
Yay, it was my b-day the other day and it was lots of fun! I didn´t actually do anything special, just chillin out, but i loved it. I met up with some friends and siblings and got lots and lots of presents!! And i got all the Pez i could dream of! I love pez... Mmmm.... But there is a sad side, ahh, yes... very sad. I have become a Buffy addict. It is a frightning illness indeed. Oh, well, what's a girl to do, you can't blame me. But, yes, a good birthday involving lots of pez, a smiley-faced pizza and bubbles.
Sexy Cherry
I am new to Lost cherry please show me some love.
Just My Luck
I Love Life,god,and True Friends. As Long As You Got That What Else Do You Need?
Bailey The Pimp
Bailey is sexy and if you have a down ward oppion I'll hurt you so bad cause i love this girl and i make alot jokes about her but its nothing hurtful but mostlikely sexual if you dont like kiss my italian ass
S&m Racing
Wow, i really can't wait for the 2007 season at Lorain County Speedway i will be racing one of S&M Racings Brettas' and hopefully won't flip this one like I flipped my caviler like this year the whole S&M Racing team is going to be strong this year and hopefully one of us will get the track chapionship. Until next time... LATER~~~~~
Blonde Joke
Why ?
quote and weed fact of the day
Leave Me So Love
TO ALL MY HOMMIEZ Current mood: satisfied Category: Life To my friends who are..... Body: To My Friends Who Are............ MARRIED Love is not about "it's your fault", but "I'm sorry", not "where are you" but "I'm right here", not "how could you" but "I understand", not "I wish you were", but "I'm thankful you are." To My Friends Who Are............ ENGAGED The true measure of compatibility is not the years spent together but how good you are for each other. To My Friends Who Are............ NOT SO SINGLE Love isn't about becoming somebody else's "perfect person." It's about finding someone who helps you become the best person you can be. To My Friends Who Are............ HEARTBROKEN Heartbreaks last as long as you want and cut as deep as you allow them to go. The challenge is not how to survive heartbreaks but to learn from them. To My Friends Who Are............ NAIVE How to be in love: Fall but don't stumble, be consistent but not too persistent
I finally updated my profile.
well, this is my first blog here so i dont know if anyone is going to read it. if you do cool let me know what you think and if not thats cool too. i guess i am just writing cause it seems to be the only thing that i can do right now. i am just fed up with all the bullshit that is going on in my life and i dont really know how to handle it. right now i am single and i fucking hate it. it seems like everytime i think i have met a nice guy it turns out to be a bunch of bullshit. what happen to all the nice guys? the ones with manners. the ones that you arent afraid to take them to a nice resturant cause you know that they know the proper etiquette. what happen to the guys who took you out on a real date. damn that shit must not be real. dont get me wrong women are like that too. the ones who are just in it for the money. the ones that want you to treat them like a queen yet they cant even hold an intellectual converstaion with you. what is going on with thw world today. i mean i am an in
New Tapper Here
Hello Ladies! Kisses to you. I am new here on Cherry Tap and I would really like to hear from you NY gals, see who's around and on this thing! All ladies are welcome in my life. So stop by and shout out to me!
Juggalos And Lettes 4 Lyfe
What is a Juggalo you ask? It's not an easy thing to describe, at all.. In fact, it's almost impossible to put in words, but I'm gonna do my best. The reason it's so hard is being a Juggalo means something different to everyone.. So this is my opinion on the word, if yours differs, more power to you. Many people believe that being a Juggalo is simply listening to Psychopathic Records music (For those who don't know, Psychopathic is the record label that puts out the music of Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, etc.). This is not true. To be a Juggalo is to be part of a family.. I'm not talking about your Moms and Dads, I'm talking about a huge, worldwide family. With millions of members. The basic creed of the Juggalo is to look out for other family.. Juggalos, as a general rule, are not accepted by the greater part of society, as it is.. We're different, for lack of a better word to describe it. But as long as Juggalos stick together, we're unstoppable. The fam
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Fucking Bleeding!!!!!!
My Ear..... Is FUCKING BLEEDING!... How does one's ear come to this!?!
Woul U Let Me??
1. would you undress me slowly making me tingle with every touch? 2. would you go down on me till i screamed with pleasure? 3. would you let me lick your ear and kiss your neck? 4. would you start slow and easy but then go fast and hard if i asked you to? 5. if i asked you to put me up against a wall and fuck the shit out of me would you? 6. would you let me cum all over you and then take a shower with me? 7. would you repost this and tell me what you would want to do to me?
Straight from me on WHY I left Ellison. I did not leave Ellison because I'm pregnant or bcause my friends wwent there or any of that bullshit!!! I'm at pathways because I am behind on credits I ad 10 1/2 credits at the end of last year! now I have 14 1/2 and need two and a half more to be classified as a senior (17) .. Don't sit up here and try and say why i left! dont say you know my business cause chances are you really don't know shit!! I dont care that you think I shouldve stayed at Ellison! I did what I knew I needed to do graduate! that meant going to pathways so yeah I'm happy i left bceause for the first time in a long time i have damn near staright a's. So fuck all of you who I COULDN'T and CAN'T do it in your fucking face ! This is my statement ! I am doing what I need to do FUCK ALL OF YOU WHO ARE GOING TO DIS ME AND TALK SHIT BECAUSE I WENT ABOUT GETTING MY EDUCATION A DIFFERENT WAY!! YEAH THATS WHAT I TOLD YOU NOT SOME STUPID PERSON WHO THINKS THEY KNOW ME BECAUSE THEY REA
Just Me
In a world of fantasy, forbidden acts and pleasures an over population of deprived beings are wandering around seeking.... Seeking to be someone they repress because society says so, principles they were raised with says so, and maybe even a slight pinch of guilt speaks as well. The entrance to this world elusive, and tempting and invites all those who come to it, whether they walk right up to the door, or hesitantly inch their way. Once you are in, your in....and like a coven, a gang... leaving is really not an option. You may see illusions of a exit, but it will only lead you deeper in to the abyss. Allowing you to experience everything you ever dreamed of and all the while imprinting its DNA on yours. While some are willing to oblige, others aren't willing to abdicate themselves thoroughly, so they struggle. They struggle the worst kind of struggle, with in. Some build their determination to adjourn based on what they belive they should do, but even when they accomplish their goa
Writers Block
Blocked, can't go any futher, lost for words, sentences doesn't make sense. Formatt is immature, amature, not as good as it can get or should be for public reading at all. Frustration, impatient, I'm done. Second thoughts, third thoughts, and back to the beginning. Desire for approval leading to anxiety, forgetting your thoughts and mis-spelling words. Errors, typagraphical, puncuation and more. Nothing is working for you nothing at all. Ideas, bright one dull ones and even the irrelavant ones. Free writing, journal writing, diary writing to make it work, yet your stuck right where the cursor blinks. It taunts you, laughs at you all while it waits. Come on it screams at you, frightening you, making you nervous, confusing you. I need a break, maybe some coffee to give me a jolt...but nothing. No jolt, no idea, not any new ones at least. Dam this writers block I'm never going to finish. Does this sound like you, well if so do we have a solution....all you have to do is pay 16 easy pa
i am so bored and have so much damn energy...drake's napping (finally!!!) someone drop me a line on here and leave me some comments...I NEED LOVE!!!
One Of The Worst Commutes Ever!!!
i wish i was a level one
I am so damn bored.. I got nothing to do? Why are teens so rude these day and their parent just sit there and say nothing about it or use the excuse "They are teens what do you want" I want respect damn it..especially in my own home...(Long Story and boring)..
Hi my name is Heather and I'm new here...Just here to chat and hangout...
M I L F Moms I Like To Fu@k
Here is a what the word MILF means if you dont know WHAT DOES MILF MEAN MILF or M.I.L.F. means any one of the the following phrases, each of which imply the same thing. "Moms I'd like to fuck", "Moms I'd love to fuck", "Mothers I'd love to fuck" or "Mothers I'd like to fuck". It's hard to say where this phrase started although some people attribute it to the movie "American Pie". Regardless, it usually refers to ones adolescent fantasy of fucking your best friends mom because she was so hot. As such, that would imply that a MILF would typically be a hot mature woman in their mid 30s to 40s. Www.MilfMySpace.Com
Hey fellow cherrytappers. I figured this was a good way to meet more friends so that is what this post is about. I don't have alot of pics right now but more are on the way. Stop by and show me some luv anyway and I will do the same. Have a nice day. Peace.
Address To My Blogs
i dont really do blogs, but when i do i only do them at myspace... so... is where you ll find me at
Still Have My Cherry...
So this is my first time on here-my first 10 min on here in fact! I'm just surfing around here trying to figure it all out. Anybody with any advice or hints or just wanna say hi, feel free to drop me a line!! cheers to you all!!
Just Droppin Bye
My Poems
Please help me get out of this cold dark place. The silence slowly slips me into madness. I need someone to embrace me and make me feel wanted. I am imprisoned in this cone of silence which you can fall forever it seems. It is quiet enough to hear my heart pulsate with life. As my heart beats into the space of nothingness, a tears falls for each guilt that I feel, it eats away at my soul. To be kept in the dark hurts knowing you can't do a damn thing about it. To be stuck in such a place means to me that I am alone.
First And Only
If you want to check my blog, view the one on myspace. MdKnight on Myspace
Msn Mesanger
My mSN messanger name is
Just Venting
A Day In The Life
So I am almost done with Brookdale and then it is off to Georgian Court University for me for another two years to get my bachelor's degree. I just want to be done with school. But most of my friends who have graduated are telling me to stay in for as long as I can. I'm just glad that I am almost done
My Youtube Channel
Check Out Are YouTube Channel Buddha's Revenge YouTube Channel.
Against it. If any of you out there are my friends, I ask you out of the kindness of my heart to repost this. If you're not my friend, I ask you search for the source compassion in your soul and repost this anyway. More importantly, if you're in a position to, DO something about it. This is about California legislation being passed to exterminate pit bulls. If it passes in California, it could be on it's way to anywhere. Someone has to try to make a difference...what if it were your pet? It would be great if Myspace could be used for something good other than getting dates. Please pass the word along and post as many people can see this as possible.
Ice Skating
Oh Lord. I went ice skating today and trust me do not ever believe them people who r on da tv skating and making it look easy. that shit is not easy. I fell and busted ma ass a whole lotta times. I was like wat da hell goin on. lol. but it was fun nonetheless. I went with ma friend Tanisha, ma sis Kelsey, and ma friends brotha Talik. Yo we had fun but dam son. wen u hit dat ice it really hurt gotdammit. i should sue them people. if only they didnt have up a "SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK" sign. lol. let me know wat yall think
I Should Be Workin!
I am currently at work and I am working really hard...cant ya tell, lol!! I just got back from my lunch break...I went and tanned. Im trying to darken myself up so I can look gooooooooood!! Well I got a customer comin in sooo I better get off ;)
/* This Cherrytap Background Skin Complements Of */
Hope everyone is happy and healthy in this new year "2007"!
New Year
I Need To Fuck
i need to fuck...who wants to drive to carson to fuck me?
Misery Loves Company
Misery loves Company! So watch out for those Savages! They will eat away at your world til there's nothing left to feed on! ....Feed'em the dick and say get on trick.
How the heck do you earn points to move on around here?
Help I Am New
Dont' You Hate It When
HER DIARY : Tonight, I thought my husband was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at a bar to have a drink. I was shopping with my friends all day long, so I thought he was upset at the fact that I was a bit late, but he made no comment on it. Conversation wasn't flowing, so I suggested that we go somewhere quiet so we could talk. He agreed, but he didn't say much. I asked him what was wrong; he said, Nothing." I asked him if it was my fault that he was upset. He said he wasn't upset, that it had nothing to do with me, and not to worry about it. On the way home, I told him that I loved him. He smiled slightly, and kept driving. I can't explain his behavior. I don't know why he didn't say, "I love you, too." When we got home, I felt as if I had lost him completely, as if he wanted nothing to do with me anymore. He just sat there quietly, and watched TV. He continued to seem distant and absent. Finally, with silence all around us, I decided to
Shout Box
i'm just wonder ing if my shout box thing is busted or something, i type to people but havent gotten a respoce all day.... maybe it's bust or i am disliked. so send me a message please someone, so we can see if i get it or can return a message.
No Child Should Have To Go Through This
I couldn't read this...but I reposted, My name is Chris I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long. When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks arent home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Chariles bar. I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes Im so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words, > > > >He s

i am so bored and it is 2:24 last night i went to a dance and no one really could dance good and there was no hot guys there so i just dance wit the gurls and thats about it today i woke up around 3:15 and sat around but anyway i am out holla
Jessicarean Sonnet.
Thoughts are swirling around in my head. Visions of visions are clouding my sight. Remembering all the things that were said. Slowly sinking into a pool of fright. Stay with me now I know I wasn’t wise. Does it hurt to stand close and watch me die? Is there pain to watch my fall to demise? If so why do you stand there with dry eyes? Dying wish of uncertain sanity. Deep in your eyes holds a fiery gaze. These cruel stares burn through my vanity. With the intense heat of a fires blaze. Trembling and shaking you’re all I had left, Perhaps that’s why my existence was theft. -Jessica Michelle
The Art Of Bruce Lehto
Safe Toys
Friendz I have a boyfriend. But I have a friend... a guy friend and we have been friends since forever! Well my friend moved away in 8th grade and then he came bakk this year...when he moved we were really close and so we kept in touch and everything and then all these feelings like doubled when he came bakk..and then we stopped talkin cuz he got a girlfriend and they broke up and we started talkin again...well those feelings are starting to come again..and i dont know wut to do.. i mean i love my boyfriend but is it possible to love two people at once?? i need some advice...anyone have any? thanx... Kelly
An American Me
Molestation, ridicule, humiliation rape, abuse, self mutilation poverty, single parent discrimination marijuana, food stamps, masturbation an empty plate for my depersonification the first steps in your Americanization. Holding a pinky out to toddle tea squatting above to take a clean pee bending and propping elbows and knees showing my vagina letting you see grabbing a pillow to muffle let you be this is what your America has taught me. Education, medication, terrorism spice and sugar for my pessimism crushing and molding any skeptimism whips, chains, a gag your masochism a mechanism for my fetishism a lonely spectator of the American prism. Child abuse, foster care, lacking a parent what name will you use for the suicide ferret when will change come to your confused current, pollution, unfair distribution, the water turrent my transformation awaits your confused ferment anticipation lingers below the Americana permit. Sorry for falsifying the above Ame
Just Wondering
Body Piercings
Im just about to go to work. Ive been on this site for awhile now and only have 3 friends :( Usually everytime I come to this site it goes to not responding. I dont know why but I guess my pc doesnt like Anyway just wanted to write a little something bout this site not wanting to work while it was
LIBRA The amazing lover. Very pretty. Very romantic. Nice to everyone They meet. Their Love is one of a kind. Silly, fun and sweet. Have own unique sexiness. Most caring person you will ever meet! Amazing n Bed..!!! Did I say Amazing in Bed? not the kind of person you wanna #### with... u might end up crying... the most irresistible.
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Send me a VoiceComment. It's FREE! Just call 1(641)985-7800 and enter *3391688. If you get one too, I'll reply.
Taurus (April 20 - May 20) --Don't tease them. It will only piss them off. Taureans are realists. If you say that you are horny: Prepare to be fucked. Taureans are heavy indulgers, though. All forms of indulgence: Sex-drugs-wine-food...whatever their vice may be: they simply cannot get enough. They do not believe in moderation. They will fuck until they are sore. Taurus likes to have sex just for the sake of having sex. What they lack in originality, they make up for in stamina and endurance. they may not be into bondage, okay? But they WILL lick you until you have at least three orgasms or until you pass out...whichever comes first. Taurus uses their tongue for EVERYthing...and I mean that. They love to lick people in whipped cream, alcohol, chocolate, flesh and candy???Bring it on! Caution: They are looking for a relationship so be kind to them. They also have a BIG wet thing for scent. Sometimes they don't want a lover to bathe before sex. Or you may find them shaggin
In Wub
Truth Love Peace Respect Freedom
-truth-we all know what it is.-love-we all need it-peace-we all want it-respect-we should have it-freedom-we must fight for it. lol xxx sinner x
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How Would U
tell me how u would suck me off? how would u fuck me? where would u fuck me? tell me all the dirty thing u would do or want to do?
History That Can't Change
I have a boyfriend that got me pregonant. I am right now 1 month and 2 days. He still cares about me and the baby. My Father hates his guts so bad. What should I do?
What Do You Think??
what is true love? true love is somthing that is really hard to come by. it is somthing that no matter the distance between each other, you will always be there for each other no matter what. it is somthing that can never be distoryed no matter how much others want it to be. nothing can keep you apart if your love is true. love can be like a flower it can live for a while but it will have to die at some point, but true love is like a fake flower it will never die as long as you dont want it to. not many people find true love but the ones that do live long and happy lives the others live their lives as happy as they can with being hurt by falling in and out of love. true love will never die entil the person you love so much dies but even then it will still live on in your heart. true love is somthing every sone should get the chance to have. do you think that tthat is ture love?
Looking For Female Artist
To the men and women over seas fighting a war that is none of our business I salute you. You are the only reason we as the American people have the freedoms and rights we take for granted, you are the reason that America is the country it is today, you are the men and women who place country above yourselves and for that I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Though this war is still in its infant stage, I can only hope it will never turn out as badly for our soldiers as it has in the past. I wish and hope for a safe a speedy return of our soldiers free from physical harm. D.S.M
How Do You Deal ??
When The Penis Thinks...
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Tired Of Work!!!!
I'm so sick and tired of working for asshole managers that think that just because they are in a higher position than you are that they can treat you like less of a person! I work my ass off but the bitch always has something to say that's negative. I wish for one day I can just kick the shit out of her without getting fired! I hate that fucking big headed bitch and can't wait till my assignment is over to move onto another office!!! If your tired of the same shit hit me up and tell your story!
New Skin
OK ALL I Created A New Skin Check It Out If Ya Like It Rate It And Rip It TY ALL
Any Type
I would really love to meet a guy that would be willing to love me for who I am not for who I'm not or what I have.I guy that loves to play sports and is always willing to have fun.I am very active.So I need a guy that is active .So if your that guy that is active and loves to play sports and have fun, or just straight chill to get to know me a lil better thats cool too.Also man enough to take pain. Even if you can't take the pain about what I say. You have to be man enough to take the truth. So is that you? If so message me on yahoo, msn, or aim AIM:PuertoRcnGurl
Wifey Material
I'm looking for a woman, If your cute, don't have to be model gorgeous, good sense of humor, have really big boobs, Bbw or thick, have a interest in music, arts, sports, or video games or movies, round booty, likes going out or staying in, likes gaols, has long hair as a plus. You just might be my match. Where are you???
Just A See U Later
My One True Crush
onemoreexcuse@ CherryTAP
Online With Logan
I am new to this and will take things slow. I am shy and may need a little coaxing from time to time. A little about me: I live on the east coast of Florida. I have no children...long story. I am a simple beach lover and live a simple life.
Do You Know Me?
Sometimes life ends quickly Sometimes trajic and grim All life ends with death I know for I am him
HANDWRITING ON THE WALL A weary mother returned from the store, Lugging groceries through the kitchen door. Awaiting her arrival was her 8 year old son, Anxious to relate what his younger brother had done. "While I was out playing and Dad was on a call, T.J. took his crayons and wrote on the wall! It's on the new paper you just hung in the den. I told him you'd be mad at having to do it again. She let out a moan and furrowed her brow, "Where is your little brother right now?" She emptied her arms and with a purposeful stride, She marched to his closet where he had gone to hide. She called his full name as she entered his room. He trembled with fear--he knew that meant doom! For the next ten minutes, she ranted and raved About the expensive wallpaper and how she had saved. Lamenting all the work it would take to repair, She condemned his actions and total lack of care. The more she scolded, the madder she got, Then stomped from his room, totally distr
I like make new friends .Anyone want add me go ahead ! HAPPY EASTER !!!!
Catlady's Blog On Life
First off the pictures you see of a young man ,wife and baby are my son.He is in the ARMY.He is stationed at Ft.Cambell ,KY.Well he went to Iracq November30,2005.It broke my heart.All of the dreams ,night mares ,worrieing,caused me not to eat,not to sleep.It got so bad that i had to got to the doctor.He put me on nerve pills and told me to stop watching the news.During that time his wife was living in S.C. with her grandmotherand pregnant.My mother was also very sick .Well when his wife started to having problems with the baby the doctors red crossed him for him to come home so he did get to come home long enought to see the baby born.The baby is doing good now but we almost lost her.She is doing fine now.Right after he got back to Iracq ,my mother got worse .You see she had alzemers and she did die.two weeks after he left to go back.The red cross sent for him but they would not let him come home because GRAND PARENTS DO NOT COUNT .She helped me raise him and she did not count to the
Never Ending
Though times have changed and we have moved on my love is never ending for you. Times may change and years may go by but that will never stop my heart growing love for you. Days go by and months go by and yet I still think of you. Throughout the day and throuout the nights I think of you..I will always love you..My love is never ending for you..
Where Are Alll The..
Iam new here and only been here a few days so far. i was wondering where are all the skinheads,greasers, and punk. on this site. if there are any or any body else for that matter that have the same interest as me (look at my profile). until then u find me at the bar drinking my guinness cheers!
COPY AND PASTE THIS TO A NEW EMAIL AND SEND IT TO ME :) You're on my friends list. I'd like to know 25 things about you. Just hit reply to sender. Thanks! You'll be surprised how much you didn't know about your friends after this! 1. Ever punch someone in the face? 2. How old are you? 3. Are you single or taken? 4. Eat with your hands or utensils? 5. Do you dream at night? 6. Ever seen a corpse? 7. Have you ever wished someone dead? 8. Do You Like Bush, the president? 9. Whats your philosophy on life? and death? 10. If you could do anything with me, and have no one know.. 11. Do you trust the police? 12. Do you like country music? 13. What is your fondest memory of me? 14. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? 15. Would you date me? 16. What do you wear to sleep? 17. Have you ever peed in a pool? 18. Would you hide evidence for me if I asked you to? 19. If I only had one day to live, what would we
What The What
what the what is ladie like what the what is the differince between you and me what the what is the reason you want me or that i want you what the what makes a man not a boy what the what can i do?????????????????????????????????
What I Look For In A Guy. . . .
In a guy, I would want him to respect me. I don't want a guy who likes me just because I have big breasts and a big butt. I just want him to like me just the way I'am... Also I would like a guy who is tall, thin, ans has a athletic body. I don't like a guy who is lazy and sits down and eat chips all day. I want a guy to have fun with. Someone who would always be there with me through thick and thin. I also want a guy who will also be my best friend and we can talk about anything. That is what i look for in a guy
Web Designer
Looking for a web designer not a graphic artist anyone know of an awesome web builder if so hit me up I possibly have work for you if interested!!!! Looking for someone that has experience and can show proof of their work...If so contact Charisse at and we can get more into detail on the site and it's contents. Someone that is familiar with html,php, asp and ect...that can write the codes....I will be waiting to hear from you and guaranteed it will be a success!!!! Thanks, Chris
Nobody Listens.... No Body Cares
Ok, I'm gonna use this space to vent for a moment. I've got a situation where I'm not comfortable with and that I wish to not be a part of. Here it is. My roomate (lets call her E). E got married to C. We are on a lease together until he end of june. C lives in Kipling, a whole nother town somewhere. E decides to move out early to move in with her new husband. The thing is that since we're on a lease she decides to mov in her father D, to live with me without my consent. So I'm pretty irritated about that. I feel like I'm stuck in this situation where I have to live with this stranger whom I dont know very well, and dont want to know in the first place. So I figured since she's my friend I'll give them a chance. WELL....... I had two rules in my house, 1: was to not smoke in the house, I am a non smoker, for a year this house has never been smoked in. Our friends know this and therefore smoke outside due to respect. I told him of this and E and told him of his to, so we had an agreeme
Papitim's Cherry Tap Amusement Center Is Open
Omg I Hit A Dog!
I was on my way to take my son's sheets to Head Start when out of now where, there's a dog in front of my car. I couldn't miss it so wammmmm, I hit it. It scared me, this is the first dog I have ever hit, I shed a few tears and continued to shake for about 30 mins. Thank goodness that it didn't do anything to my car, no blood or anything on it, but to bad for the dog, it shouldn't have been in the road. RIP little white doggy! RIP!
Pentacle Approved!!
Please read! For our fellow pagan troops who sacrafice their lives for this country we are now on the right track to having our symbol on our headstone approved thru the VA. Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 23:41:44 -0400 (EDT) To: circletimes@... From: Circle Times Subject: [circletimes] More Veteran Pentacle Quest Update Additional media links and other materials have been just added to the Veteran Pentacle Quest website: EDITORIAL: Inside the First Amendment: The Nature of Discrimination Charles C. Haynes, Senior Scholar of the First Amendment Center, has spoken out about the need to uphold religious freedom for Wiccans and for everyone, in this editorial published on-line and in newspapers around the nation, such as in April 3, 2007 issue of the Courier-Journal newspaper of Louisville, Kentucky. Here is the excerpt about the Quest from this editorial. A link to the entire editorial is under Media Coverage at the Veteran Pentacle Quest website: http://www.circles
Rational Thought
Lessons in life come in many ways and forms, most when we least expect them. My grandfather was one of the strongest influences on my life. He was my teacher in so many ways, and he taught you in a way you didn't know you were learning. He has been gone many years now, but his influence lives on so a part of him lives on in me. I like to think he'd be pleased about this. He was a simple country man, a carpenter turned farmer due to an injury. He never saw the inside of a school, but was one of the most intelligent and wisest men I have ever met. The lessons he taught me early on were what I consider some of the most important ones I have ever learned. Just simple common sense sort of things. 1 - It doesn't cost anything at all to be nice to someone, and the reward you get for that is without price. 2 - Stop and think about how what you are about to do will do to others. Always remember to say please and thank you. 3 - A good joke will help even the most desperate of
Things I've Learned From Living In Southern Illinois...
>>Things I Have Learned From Living in Southern Illinois ..... > >1. Possums sleep in the middle of the road with their feet in the air. > >2. There are 5,000 types of snakes on earth and 4,998 live in Southern >Illinois. > >3. There are 10,000 types of spiders. All 10,000 live in Southern >Illinois >plus a couple no one's seen before. > >4. If it grows, it sticks; if it crawls, it bites. > >5. Onced and Twiced are words. > >6. It is not a shopping cart; it is a buggy. > >7. Houses have "Winders" and "Windas", never has a window been seen South >of I-70 > > >8. People actually grow and eat okra. > >9. "Fixinto" is one word. > >10. There is no such thing as "lunch." There is only dinner and then >there >is supper. > >11. Iced tea is appropriate for all meals and you start drinking it when >you're two. > > > >12. Backards and forwards means "I know everything about you." > >13. DJeet? is actually a phrase meaning "Did you e
Gatway Battery's
Heads Up everyone with a Gatway Laptop watch out there new battery's have been blowing up....yep that is what happen to mine last night that is why I havening issue with my computer and with sam's. So I'm not sure when I can get back on a computer again. To find out if your battery is a bad one go to gatway's home page and on the page there is a link....well you all I have to get going hope to be back soon as a can. Love you all and take care :)
Dang this crap is hard to figure out trying to caht with someone is difficult. I love to chat so if you do as well send me a Private msg. so many hott girls here dang
My Backround
fantasy layout @
Breathing Room
Oh how I totally wish my song Over You by Daughtry was true but alase it's not. I'm not over you, and I doubt I ever will be. I miss the love, the laughs, the shine in your eyes, the beauty of your smile. The sound of your laugh. The fire in me feels as if it's fading, life is draining out of me slowly killing me from within. Tear me open rip out the heart that feels, the heart that's breaking again. I miss the feeling of being alive. Suicide seems so easy but I lack the strength and my stupidity drives me to keep going just to see if the feeling will ever be in my reach from your hands again. End the pain I'm in, teach me how to live again. :((

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