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I've recently found out that when I'm upset or having a hard time I've got to depend on myself and nobody else. Just thought I'd quote a fav phrase of mine. When you need a helping hand... ...look to the end of your arms. When you need a shoulder to cry on... ...go lay down on the side of the road. When you're looking for sympathy... can find it between shit and syphilis in the dictionary. Here lately I've found this to be so true! So this is going to be my motto from here on out and I'm going to stick to it like glue!
1. Ride mechanical horses with coins fished out of the reflecting pond. 2. Try pants on backwards at the Gap. Ask the salesperson if they make your butt look big. 3. Dial 900 numbers from demonstration phones in Radio Shack. 4. Sneeze on the sample tray at Hickory Farms and helpfully volunteer to consume its now unwanted contents. 5. At the bottom of an escalator, scream 'MY SHOELACES! AAAGH!' 7. Teach pet store parrots new vocabulary that makes them unsalable. 10. Follow patrons of Borders/BarnesNNobles around while reading aloud from 'Dianetics(or any religious text). 11. Ask mall cops for stories of War/Cop stories 12. Ask a salesman why a particular TV is labeled black and white and insist that it's a color set. When he disagrees, give him a strange look and say, 'You mean you really can't see it?' 13. Construct a new porch deck in the tool department of Sears. 14. Wear pancake makeup and new clothes and pose as a fashion dummy in clothes departments, occasionally scream
Now And Forever
My Dear You Are My Life
Back The Fuck Off!!!!
Ight, imma put this real simple so even the stupid people will understand....STOP TRYIN TO FUCK THINGS UP BETWEEN ME AND MY GIRL!!!! I LOVE HER AND SHE LOVES ME!!!!! Stop goin 2 her with facke ass bullshit!!! 4real!!! And when i find out who is doin this, i got some words 4 u, and ur not gonna like what i have to say. Mickie is my heart and soul, and dont think 4 a second that u can get her out the way so u can have aint gonna work, u jus make ur self look stupid, and exposin ur self 4 the slut u really r, whoever u r!!! i dont kno who u r, but u should hope i dont find out! and i dare u 2 leave a comment, u trout mouth bitch!!!! THIS HAS BEEN A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT
I Want A Sundae
sex is nice so is chocolate and if you add marshmallow creme you have even more fun playing with food is fun strawberries and raspberries and chocolate sauce then add the sex thats how you get sex and chocolate add some cherries and some whip cream and some sprinkles and some nuts you have a sexy sundae now
Nemo - Nightwish
My son matts favorite song
Missing You...
My Linc To My Profile Page..
sexy_ladybird@ fubar
Lost Love
When love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness; instead keep your head up high and gaze at the stars for that is where your broken heart has been sent to heal!Ē
kids Current mood: annoyed if you have kids and dont want to take care of them than why did you have them? WHy did you lay down and spread your legs? why are you sending them to someone else to take care of them instead of you? i cant stand people who pond there kids off. You made your own bed so lay in it and step up and be the grown up and raise your kids yourself
somethings that i wish i could hate the things i love.
About Me 500 Questions
500 questions What is your name?: Jason Spell your name backwards: nosaj Date of birth: july 9th 1977 Male or female?: male Astrological sign: ummmmm cancer LOL idk Nicknames: Jay, Jack sparrow Occupation: Cars Cars and more Cars Height: 6"3 Weight: 176 athletic Hair color: dark brown Eye color: dark brown Where were you born?: UK Where do you reside now?: Germany Age: 30 Screen names: ----------- E-mail address: ----------- What does your journal sn stand for?: huh Pets: 2 dogs cat Number of candles you blew out on your last b-day cake?: none Piercings?: 6 Tattoos?: 1 Shoe size: 13 Righty or left?: righty Wearing: clothes lol Hearing: dirty dancing music Feeling: loved Eating/drinking: nothing Girls/Love/Kissing/And Other Stuff Have you ever been in love?: i am How many people have you told "I love you"?: one.. my girl How many people have you been in love with?: idk i only love one person deeply.. i dont care about the others. Family Does someone in y
Chocolate Syrup
chocolate syrup a song gabby made up chocolate syrup, running down my glass again, chocolate syrup Stirring it in milk and use the spoon again, chocolate syrup, oh no I knocked over the glass oh why, chocolate syrup, Looking at it I see the milk roll by, chocolate syrup, I better clean it up before I get my ass kicked again, Chocolate syrup, That would hurt but I would enjoy that to much oooo the pain, Chocolate syrup, Why do I feel something wet on my pants, Chocolate syrup, Looks like I've wet my pants again, Chocolate syrup, I feel the sugar surging through my brain, Chocolate syrup, I like to use it as shampoo and conditioner every day, Chocolate syrup, I wonder what other uses I can do with this yay, Chocolate syrup, Oh yes my mind has wandered off far away, Chocolate Syrup, I have ran out I need to fill my glass again what a pain, Chocolate Syrup, Screw the glass this stuff is turning me on again, Chocolate syrup, When I clos
If You Were Single
Answer this for the person who posted this send it back to them in a PRIVATE message and then repost it for yourself! 1. Would you have sex with me? Answer: 2. What positions would u want to b in? Answer: 3. Would u suck/lick me ? Answer: 4. Would u sex me hard? Answer: 5. Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? Answer: 6. Would u let me pull your hair while i did you? Answer: 7. Would u do me in the shower? Answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up to the bed and then do me? Answer: 9. Would u have 3-some with me? Answer: 10. What about me makes u want to have sex with me? Answer: 11. Would u talk dirty to me while we sexed? Answer: 12. Where would you do me? Answer: 13. Would u do me in front of people? Answer: 14. Would u do me again and again? Answer: 15. Would u do me in the rain? Answer: 16. Would u mind if we did it like a porn star? Answer: 17. Would u have phone sex with me? Answer: 18. Would u c
If You Had Me Alone...
~~new Orleans~~
Moving to New Orleans This happened on a flight getting ready to depart for New Orleans. Jack was sitting on the plane when a guy took the seat beside him. The guy was an emotional wreck, pale, hands shaking, moaning in fear. "What's the matter?" Jack asked. "I've been transferred to New Orleans, there's crazy people there. They've got lots of shootings, gangs, race riots, drugs, poor public schools, and the highest crime rate." Jack replied, "I've lived in New Orleans all my life. It's not as bad as the media says. Find a nice home, go to work, mind your own business, enroll your kids in a nice private school. It's as safe a place as anywhere in the world." The guy relaxed and stopped shaking and said, "Oh, thank you. I've been worried to death. But if you live there and say it's OK, I'll take your word for it. What do you do for a living?" "Me?" said Jack. "I'm a tail gunner on a Budweiser truck."
Hahaha For The Haters
Sparano New Coach Of Dolphins
Sparano new coach of Dolphins By STEVEN WINE, AP Sports Writer 1 hour, 30 minutes ago DAVIE, Fla. - Tony Sparano is going to work for Bill Parcells again, this time as coach of the Miami Dolphins. Sparano, who had been the Dallas Cowboys' assistant head coach, accepted a job offer Wednesday from new Miami boss Parcells. They worked together with the Cowboys when Parcells was head coach from 2003-06. Sparano becomes the Dolphins' fifth head coach since 2004. Parcells was on the job for only a week before he fired Cam Cameron, who went 1-15 in his first year as an NFL head coach. The 46-year-old Sparano became available when the Cowboys lost their playoff game Sunday to the New York Giants. He has been the front-runner for the Dolphins job since the start of their search. Sparano arrived at the team complex Wednesday morning wearing a suit and accompanied by new Miami general manager Jeff Ireland. Owner Wayne Huizenga soon joined them, then left about an
Crimson Ink and Faded Parchment Pain forces us to use odd tools Once again I am forced to write Hoping to bleed off my boundless pain. So then I can survive another night And live to write again. So I dip this well used quill Deep into the blood of my own heart, Wishing to stop this harrowing pain, Before my soul is ripped apart. But ink and quill alone are nothing, I also need parchment to reach my goal. And all I have to write upon Is the remnants of my tattered soul. And so with this crimson ink Upon faded parchment, using battered quill, My pain slowly bleeds from me Forming into words with out my will. Now I sit here and decide to read That which I had thought to write, And I realize that through my writing I have condemned myself to live another night.
Just About That Time
Ok for those of you that read my lat blog im gonna try and post the first part of my book tonight if not then tommrow a few notes to remember 1.dont worry bout the spelling and pucuation i know they are messed up ill fix that later lol 2. this is a basic rough draft henece why i asked for a foucus group so to speak.3.i wrote alot ofis during my lunch break at school so it my need alot of tweaking.and mostof all please be honest you wont hurt my feelings youll just help to make the book better thank you all in advance oh yeah if you are reading this and are like wtf? read the post before this one lol
I'm in an auction please go to the link and comment!!!!
Just For Fun~ The Traits Of Those Of Us That Fall Under Aquarius
Friendly and humanitarian Honest and loyal Original and inventive Independent and intellectual On the dark side.... Intractable and contrary Perverse and unpredictable Unemotional and detached
I Love You Best
I Love You Best I do believe that god above Created you for me to love He picked you out from all the rest Because he know I would love you best If I was to go to heaven And you wasn't there I would wait for you by the golden stairs If you were not there by judgment day I will know you went the other way If that is true I will give the angels back their wings There golden harps and everything Just to prove my love is true I would go through hell just to be with you Because I love you best By Cassandra Hammons
Picture In Water Effect
if you want to see my water effect they are in my things made for friends folder
Something Interesting To Consider
My boyfriend had mentioned a letter someone wrote to Dr. Laura Schlessinger years ago questioning her stance on homosexuality and the Bible. Read the letter and judge for yourself. The person makes some interesting points: Dear Dr. Laura, Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and I try to share the knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind him that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate. I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some of the specific laws and how to best follow them. a) When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord (Lev 1:9). The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them? b) I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and
First Thought Of An Endless Night
January 17, 2008 "As we realize our need to be forgiven, we tend to be more forgiving. At least we know that we are no longer intentionally making life miserable for people." quote from: Just For Today (Narcotics Anonymous)
Love Is All We Need
a Mothers Bond Current mood: loved for all that know me knew my daughter was Very ill..well by the grace of ALL shes coming around..SHES FIGHTING JUST LIKE HER MOMMA WOULD...well "THANK You ALL" an Blessed Be.... she off the vent an on A-pap only high OX.levels still high but maintaining she PULLING THRU..."Bless Her Heart" Lizzie darling" I love you My Litl Angel_Eyes_4ever" miss ya babygirl......"STAY"STRONG"
This Is Awesome!!!
I got this from My Babe Space, Thank you!!!
Dave Chapelle On Cartoons
Please Please come and Get me. Lead me from here. Take me away, From all my fears. I am scared of Myself, I know not what I do. Take me from here From feeling blue. Iím hurt and lonely Scared and sad. I canít help Myself. And Iím not mad. Iím just a little torn About what to do. Do I keep on going Or am I through? I am very tired Of feeling this way. I donít know what to do And I donít know what to say. I think for a while That Iíll keep it together. But I donít know If I can do this forever. © 2007, Kristin E. Porter. All rights reserved. No republication of this material, in any form or medium, is permitted without express permission of the author.
I never thought I could fall so fast or deeply for someone..Then I met him, and my whole life has changed, for the better I think..I feel like I have a purpose..Knowing that someone really cares about me as a person, cares about my feelings, my opinions, and thoughts is such a new and wonderful feeling.. But to have that person seem uncertain, makes me feel a little insecure, makes me wonder if it was something that Ive done..I love this person more than any amount of words can say, and I hope he knows that, and never for one second doubts my love for him..
I Want To Be With You
I want to be with you, but your millions of miles away. i wish you would call just to ask about my day. it would make things so much better if i could hear you voice, I guess i can't complain too much, after all this was my choice. i wish i could hold you in my arms and look in to your eyes. i promise i will always be true to you and never tell you lies. its so hard to go to sleep without you by my side. my tears are the only thing ill ever try to hide. i lie awake in bed as the tears stream down my face, they keep going until the hit my pillow case. I Miss You...
Linda Kiraly: "cant Let Go" Lyrics
I want the end to begin but not without you, so easy for me to speak not complete my actions, divide me that way I can love and hate you baby, torn between stayin' or keepin' you with me, I cant let go. This love is so dysfunctional, It leaves me so emotional, can't take it anymore but I can't let, can't let, can't let, I can't let go. I try my hardest to break free, I'm so locked up and you got the key, I'm in way too deep and I can't let, can't let, can't let, I can't let go oh oh no can't let go oh oh no, can't let go oh oh no, can't let go oh oh no, can't let go. Was sold but now I regret the day that we met, didn't know that I could hate someone that I love, I fell in too far and now I'm drownin' save me, I want to leave you but my heart's sayin, I cant let go. This love is so dysfunctional, It leaves me so emotional, can't take it anymore but I can't let, can't let, can't let, I can't let go. I try my hardest to break free, I'm so locked up a
I'm Money
Cuz I'm a user, a shmoozer, a big dollar loser. That doesn't matter cuz my friends call me a brusier and I . . . get chicks, so many chicks want me (nope). Cuz I'm not funny, honey. A big oafy dummy. That doesn't matter cuz my friends say I'm money and I, get drunk, too many drinks want me (yeah). Yo, get out the get out the way of the money man. Ladies know I'm dope, so consider me contraband. Fella's are just jealous, cuz they're ponies and I'm mustang. Don't try to hang cuz I'm out with a big bang. Get get down, all the ladies wanna be with me. Get get down, all the fellas compete with me. Get get down, and I know that I'm trippin, But I really don't care cuz this is how I'm livin'. (CHORUS) All the ladies wanna know me. They ignore me-intimidated by me. All the fellas, all the fellas wanna be me. They ignore me-intimidated by me. (x2) Who needs them anyway . . . cuz I'm money. Cuz I'm a user shmoozer, a big dollar loser. That does
Bed- J Holiday
Uh huh, uh huh, bed, bed, bed, bed Put you to bed, bed, bed, bed Put you to bed, bed, bed, bed Girl change into that Victoria's Secret thing that I like Alright, Okay Tonight your having me your way Perfume, spray it there Put our love in the air Now put me right next to you Fittin' to raise the temp in the room First rub my back like you do Right there, uh-uh, right there uh You touch me like you care Now stop & Let me repay for the week that you been through Working that 9-5 and staying cute like you do oh, oh, oh [Pre-Chorus] I love it (I love it) You love it (You love it) Every time (Every time) We touchin (We touchin) I want it (I want it) You want it (You want it) I'll see you (I'll see you) In the morning (In the morning) [Chorus] Wanna put my fingers through your hair Wrap me up in your legs & love you till your eyes roll back I'm tryin to put you to bed, bed, bed I'mma put you to bed, bed, bed Then I'ma rock your body Turn you over Love
Roaring Cat In A Boot
Roaring Cat In A BootAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Moon hangs, almost full pieces of cloud scatter, glide in soft, summer breeze. We lay in our meadow listening to the sound of night her head nestled on my arm. Night air made for kissing dances upon our skin chilling wherever is damp. She stirs, quietly calls, my name hangs on summer eve floats about our meadow. She sighs, moves closer snuggling in, once again her breath stirs, awakens. Hands join in gentle caress exploration shared and renewed oh, so smooth and lovely. We turn, lips meeting slow, softly, delicate building quickly to demand. Crying out, beginning and end collapsing, breathing ragged moon hangs, slightly fuller.
Bodies heated Passion intense Sexual desire Attraction immense Kissing deeply Trembling lips Saliva sharing Perspiration drips Arms entwined Love embraced Licking softly Succulent taste Pressure building Tongue flirting Juices flowing Wetness squirting Satisfying waves Deep inside Muscles contract Pleasure ride Reaching euphoria Climactic peak Panting increased Cannot speak Body limp Draining splendor Catching breath Sweet surrender Lying beside you Holding you close Craved and starved For another dose
Im New And Want Friends
Hi, i got ill just after new year, and now feeling Top of teh world now im not Think i missed out on meeting up after new year when the fun started.. anyhow time to cathc up and make new friends xx
aborations Current mood: aggravated i cant stand abortions. Why do they do it? what is the point? I say if you are going to lay down and spread your legs than you should take care of the child. That child did not ask to be thogh of or to be brough in to this world. It is your resposiblity not anyone elses.The only time that u should get one if it is a life or death situtation for you or the baby. No matter if you were raped or not. It is not something that should be a option for any age weather it is going to endanger your life to give birth or carry that baby or it will endanger the baby. I cant stand people who get it dont with out a legit reason and age is not one. I dont have the same respect for them as i did before. It is just WRONG
Im Excited..
guess what..people? i'm getting my lip pierced tommorrow.. !!! yeh holy shit i know. im going to take a video of it getting done to . so i cant look like a pussy and i just have to sit there and take it like a woman.. soo excited.. i was going to get a tattoo but ive been asking alot of people what they think and the response is the same.. a big thumbs up for a pierced lip on the bottom lip on the left side.. so ..yeh tommorrow my virgin pierced skin will be no more.. ahhahaa im soo excited.. I will take pictures and whatnot just so you all can see my pretty little face with a chunk of metal hangging off of it.. I was thinking about getting a stud .. but now im leaning more towards a hoop. i hope my son dosent rip it out of my face that would totally blow.. send me some love and encouragement..tell me what you think. Thanks for caring enough to read this. Peace. Later, Sirya
Nothing Special
I am nothing spacial; just a common woman with common thoughts, and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten. But in one respect I have succeeded as gloriously as anyone's ever lived: I've loved another with all my heart and soul; and to me, this has always been enough.
So Bord
iam bord and need leve up if you all can help ples do
So As You Can See
ive had this site for what almost two years now? so im gonna start my account over again wanna start over donno why i just wanna start fresh again lol so im giving warning to everyone so keep an eye open when your welcoming people hehe **MUAH!**
Today's Funnies...
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Callin In
A woman calls her boss one morning and tells him that she is staying home because she is not feeling well. 'What's the matter?' he asks. 'I have a case of anal glaucoma,' she says in a weak voice. 'What the hell is anal glaucoma?' 'I can't see my ass coming into work today.'
Yeah This Pisses Me Off When...
1)People fucking say they wanna do shit with you and then all of a sudden they don't want to. I met this guy Noah in mississippi (when i was on vacation) from my best friend Keely. We hit ti off great. Him and i have been talking since October when i broke up with my ex patrick. well i finally meet him. after months of telling me he wants to do shit with me i give him a chance. so we did oral and when i asked him if he had a condom he stopped and was telling me "no this is too soon too soon. I don't want you anymore" that's excatly what he said to me. well then is was akward being around him with my friends. And he's bragging about this girl that he picked up at a bar and fucked that night. which hurt me badly. so i try to confront him about it and he tells me that he doesn't want to be friends with me anymore that i was just a girl to give him head and that was it. Well i told him that it was all good that i'll act like it never even happened and that we never met. but it still hurts.
Rubin "hurricane" Carter
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For the football player of the same name see Rubin Carter (football player). Rubin "Hurricane" Carter (born May 6, 1937) was an American middleweight boxer between 1961 and 1966, although he is better known for his controversial convictions (1967, 1976) for three June 1966 murders in Paterson, New Jersey, and his subsequent release from prison in 1985. The question of Carterís actual guilt or innocence remains a strongly polarizing one. However, this much is certain: either the criminal justice system released a triple murderer from the punishment that two separate juries had recommended, or it imprisoned an innocent man for almost 20 years Pre-boxing life Carter grew up in Paterson, New Jersey, a middle son among seven children. His parents had a stable, long-lasting marriage, provided well for the family, and raised their other six children without significant problems. Only Rubin seems to have acquire
My First Lounge
I am so open to suggestions on helping me with my new lounge and if i can get enough people than it becomes our lounge. That being said any tips for that HTML crap......kinda lost any help advice suggestions comments complaints are fully welcome.....thanks everyone
Our Military Heros's
Hearts are heavy now, dear Lord For WAR is looming there. Our prayers are calling out to you, Our thoughts too much to bear. Be with our loved ones--THEY NEED YOU. Guide them, lead them, see them through. Bless our leader, for we know, He asks Your blessings, and needs them so. Protect the innocent, shield their lives, As bombs and missiles streak the skies. Open our hearts and fill us with grace, Guard our loved ones in that place. This I say, in earnest prayer, THANK YOU LORD I know YOU'RE there.
Guess I Won't Be Drinking Starbucks Anymore! ! !
Guess I won't be drinking Starbucks Anymore! ! ! Recently Marines in Iraq wrote to Starbucks because they wanted to let them know how much they liked their coffees and to request that they send some of it to the troops there. Starbucks replied, telling the Marines thank you for their support of their business, but that Starbucks does not support the war, nor anyone in it, and that they would not send the troops their brand of coffee. So as not to offend Starbucks, maybe we should not support them by buying any of their products! I feel we should get this out in the open. I know this war might not be very popular with some folks, but that doesn't mean we don't support the boys on the ground fighting street street -to-street and house-to-house. If you feel the same as I do then pass this along, or you can discard it and no one will never know. Thanks very much for your support. I know you'll all be there again when I deploy once more. Semper Fideli
Is This Love
I got this Sexy Comment from!
Maybe I Should Work For Hallmark Lol
True feelings; be they of hope, love, friendship, or heart's desire. Neither time nor distance may cause to fade. That which the heart holds true merely is...
Profile Divas And Studs Aka Venom
you arent as hot as you think... even on myspace. the reason people want to see you naked is because you are naked. not because they think that you have something worth pursuing. nudity doesnt make you pretty... doesnt even make you stupid... just that it makes you more interesting to look at. and sometimes people will laugh, cheer, or hurl. your cellphone pix suck.. every 1000 of them and all 360 angles... so that adds up to about 2.5 pictures of your face with the same angle. if you photoshop your pix.. it's the same thing as getting any other elective surgery... i wouldn't date you because you have low self-esteem and you're still not happy with yourself...but i'll look and smile and know how fake you are after i google or metasearch your real/before pictures. enjoy it while you can. if you dont want your pictures to be rated or commented... dont put them up. yes, you have the right to put up pix, but people have the same right to say 'you're ugly' or 'your dick is smal
Roflmao: Why Guys Can't Win!!
If you work too hard, there is never any time for her. If you don't work enough, you're a good-for-nothing bum. If she has a boring repetitive job with low pay, it's exploitation. If you have a boring repetitive job with low pay, you should get off your butt and find something better. If you get a promotion ahead of her, it's favoritism. If she gets a job ahead of you, it's equal opportunity. If you mention how nice she looks, it's sexual harassment. If you keep quiet, it's male indifference. If you cry, you're a wimp. If you don't, you're insensitive. If you make a decision without consulting her, you're a control freak. If she makes a decision without consulting you, she's a liberated woman. If you ask her to do something she doesn't enjoy, that's manipulation. If she asks you, it's a favor. If you try to keep yourself in shape, you're self-centered. If you don't, you're a slob. If you buy her flowers, you're after something. If you don't, yo
Well, here I amÖ blogging again. Normally I only blog about something when Iím upset or something is seriously bothering me and there is something REALLY bothering me now. As usual the burden of all my pains is my father. A man who no matter what thinks he is right by putting you down, the word asshole is practically branded into his forehead. I understand he wants me to be responsible, and save money, and do all that jazz that I already know I have to do. Wonderful, but does he have to yell at me? Call me irresponsible? Make me feel like Iím nothing but a failure because Iíve gone through some hard crap in the last few years? Not to mention the constant reminder from him and my grandpa about how incredibly fat I am. Ok, I get it. Iím overweight. Whoopee, I love myself like thisÖ why canít you? I have so many reasons to be happy. I have my family (excluding evil dad). OkÖ not evil, evil. He has his good moments- like when he made me soup when I was sick, or ran up to McDonal
Not Sure Lol
Evil,much evil passes hereon earth.Perhaps I will never stop crying.Without family,alone,very alone I walk,crying day and night only cries consume my eyes and soul.Under evil so hard. Ay ay my lord! Take pity on me,put an end to this suffering.Give me death my Beautiful lord,or give my soul transcendence! I found it in a book and i just cant get it outta my head so i thought i would spread the infection lol
How To Get Free Xxx Movies/webcams On The Internet
how to get xxx movies for free on the internet This is no joke. If you are willing to send me $5.00 on Paypal, I am willing to use a backdoor to sign your email address up for free XXX streaming movies on the internet. Upon recieving $5.00 via paypal (for age verification) I will add your email address to the approved members list, and they will send you a login/password and a link to the site. The site has 20 or more (changes from time to time) live webcam links and full length streaming movie sites that their encoding makes free for you use. send payment and the email address you wish to be registered for you to :
My Search
I get a lot of messages on here, calling me "sweet baby" and "sexy girl" -- well.. I thought I'd put here what I -am- searching for in a partner. ================================== At this time along the path of my life I find myself lost, unowned and wandering around searching for something. What that something is that can fill the void in my heart.. I do not yet know. I can only put it out to the Universe that I'm looking for someone who will accept and cherish me for who I am, what I am and what I can offer in a relationship. I do come with a long story and am a writer, so get comfortable, dear reader, and welcome to the spark of light and passion that is my life. Folks in the lifestyle call me Willo -- I'm 27 years old with dark hair and fair skin. I have a submissive personality and feel most comfortable being the servant, little girl and pet of the relationship. One of my favourite quotes was written by someone on a LiveJournal D/s Discussion community: Being a pet al
Men Doing Luandry
What ever happen to women doing the laundry. I can remember the day when you would walk into a laundry mat and you would see 96% women in there doing the laundry. The last few times I have actually went to the laundry mat I have seen mostly men doing it. I guess times are changing more then I realised. Here I thought I was the only guy or at least one of the very few that would be doing the family laundry. Course maybe it is mostly the guys out here are single and they are doing their own laundry. I had this one guy telling me how he hates doing the laundry. He said though he doesnt really mind he did it in the Military for many years and now is retired and his wife works so he does the laundry. I am use to doing it myself but usually have only done my own laundry. Now I am doing my g/f's and our 2 girls laundry and man I tell it sometimes it sucks. Three woman can go through so much laundry it is crazy. LOL just kidding hun. Love You. Anyways I just thought I would say something cause
You Have Been Loved
Monday afternoon already and I have been procrastinating what I am supposed to do for work. Not really good since I need to get some important things done like....1099's! There is a deadline. My boys actually did chores today without me having to ask over and over again. This positive reinforcement that we are doing might be working after all? They are off from school because of MLK day. I wonder if 9/11 will ever become an official holiday? I really need to stop playing on fubar and get busy! I was hoping to talk to Martin but missed him this morning. Our schedules can be a little crazy being that we are 11 hours apart! Well, I am going to make a list of stuff I need to get done. That is a good idea. Then check them off when I do them. Enjoy your day everyone. Kisses and hugs Martin. Miss you. Ciao~
Stop By Its The Best Lounge On Fubar
come check out shane and rachaels wolf den its the best!! click the pic above
I Am Gone Soon As My Vip Is Over!!!!!!!!!
I know most of you do not even check my blogs. I really no longer care. Right now the man who cared and dared to love someone.....IS GONE!!!!!!!! I am sorry to those who been truely good friends to me..........but right now all I want to do is hate and not let myself hurt for loving only feel it not respected and treasured as it supposedly was.....but to have it be hidden....and not even have that persons crush on me.....when she had mine????? I know some of you may think it not important....but then again.....would you not want your boyfriend or girlfriends crush on you and not someone else????? I am hurting....but right now I am masking it as well as I can.....though.....though...I can;t do it anymore......I.......
New Boots Slide
A Real Man!!
A Real Man holds high ethical ideals without compromise. A Real Man is emotionally balanced. He should be able to laugh and cry as he damn well please, and not give a shit what other people think of him. A Real Man can be laughed -AT- as well as laughed -WITH- and not feel insulted, demeaned, or belittled. Words don't breat bones! A Real Man shares his feelings with those he cares for. A Real Man has grace under pressure and does not panic in a crisis. A Real Man is responsible for his actions and inactions. A Real Man takes on the burden of responsibility for those who -cannot- shoulder a responsibility themselves *providing* he is asked to and agrees. A Real Man marries for life. A Real Man surrenders his marriage gracefully if it does not work. A Real Man loves and honors his spouse above all else. A Real Man honors and respects *ALL* women, be she Queen or harlot. A Real Man is sexually and emotionally responsive to his spouse or girlfriend. A Real Man is at
Climbing Hearts
Hmmmm never did come up with a good title for this one. As the shadow of the sun crosses the moonís face, Our hearts begin to climb to their secret place. Drifting up through the heavenís they make their way, To go amongst the stars and begin to play. Hand in hand they wander the night, Never straying far from each otherís sight. When the moon begins its downward descent. The heartís know a darkness comes they can not prevent. As they melt in one last long loving embrace, The shine of the new day they can not face. As the first light of the new day gleams, The hearts return back to our dreams.
Ok This Is A Nuff Honestily
wtf men cant u read my profile in abot me first of all alot of men on here our perves yeah well dont bring it to my pro ty..stop asking me for sex stop wanting to talk dirty with me becaouse i block people who do that first sex comment i block theme.u only get one chance in my world be wise not foolish..respect me..and why go on a girls page n right of the bat say talk dirty to me thaz not evin romantic lol..why dont ya talk to her get to know her n if shes like that a slut a whore a fuckem n leaive kindda a gal our a gal who got a man at home n usses online men to get off well then take it to the next levil dont fucking come on a girls pro n say shit like that i dont wanna hear that our of ur mouther..u talk like u got a garbe mouth.
Friendship Poem
Standing by, All the way. Here to help you through your day. Holding you up, When you are weak, Helping you find what it is you seek. Catching your tears, When you cry. Pulling you through when the tide is high. Just being there, Through thick and thin, All just to say, you are my friend.
Woohoo I Got Friends
i like to say that in the 2 days i been here i have already made a few friends, it great being able to just say hello without any strings attached. I know some places ya go they forever trying to pick ya up but here it different, ya feel so at ease an therefore want to come back. TY furbar an the ppl who make this possable ya great:D
Memories Angelica January 22, 1995
Remembering by Elizabeth Dent Go ahead and mention my chilid, The one that died, you know. Don't worry about hurting my feelings. The depth of my pain doesnt show. Don't worry about making me cry. I'm already crying inside Helps me to heal by releasing The tears that I try to hide. I'm hurt when you just keep silent, Pretending she didnt exist. I'd rather you mention my child, Knowing that she has been missed. You asked me how I am doing I say "pretty good" or "fine" But healing is something ongoing, I feel it will take a lifetime.
Did You Know This?
When the Titanic hit an iceberg in the north Atlantic, the silent version of the film The Poseidon Adventure was being screened aboard ship. WOW!
My Sister
Sometimes I just sit and stare Wondering what to say As you keep me whole I love you in every way I know sometimes we get upset And fight our whole day through But throughout everything we've been through I owe my life to you Our ups and downs together The laughs and cries we've shared And though sometimes I doubt it I know you've always cared For many times I kept you up at night While I was dozing off in bed I know you could have punished me But you took me to the mall instead You never ever made me lose hope And your encouragement was always there Telling me that I can do it And that you truly care Even though it may not seem as though I want to make this clear For a sister who has stood by me For all through out my years For acting like you believe me When I said my little lies For always staying by me And hearing all my cries For always dealing with my problems And always putting me first For always loving me When things couldn'
About The Berry Tree Business
all businesses are a like but the differance is the people. With this company and The Unity Team you will never be left alone and with The Berry Tree, you cant fail because its a team effort and we work as a team. With berry tree there is a free trial and the sign ups are growing weekly, free trial members upgraded to full membership within the first week because they were offered an incentive of one Berry Member Credit upon joining the program. The free trial is a great way to promote this business and everyone benefits from this awesome opportunity. The products are very easy to promote and sell, also we are all over the world and are berry greens will be coming soon it has the same nutrients as 8 servings of vegetables.And it give you a way to make great money also. There are monthly bonus pools Once you have a combination of 10 personally sponsored members plus BMC's you will earn from everyone in the program. If that is not an incentive to become a member, than I honestly don't kn
Take my hand and lead the way Tell me all you want to say Whisper softly in my ear All those things I want to hear In the darkness of the night Be my beacon shine your light I have been a prisoner cant you see Break my chains and set me free Bring out passions held deep within Im ready now let the love begin
This Moment
something crawled inside of me and diiiied shrouded feeling goes wanton how niiiice! when i walk into the shower i wish u were there kissing u while the head rushes water through yer haaaiir!
Bekii Jean
Happy Mutha Fuckin' 21st Birthday Bitch!! This hoe is tha best!! She's 1 of a kind.. I
I want to keep my money And give away absolutely nothing To the government who moderates my spending and obliterates depending on what time of the year brutality is here in the form of income tax I'd rather take a fucking axe to my face, blow up this place with you all in it, I'd do it in a minute if I could write off your murder I'd save all of my receipts because I'd rather you be dead than lose a tiny shred of what I made this fiscal year I'd rather you be dead than ponder parting with my second home I'd rather you be dead than consider not opening restaurant. I'd rather you be dead Prepare the laser beam We're gonna use it tonight Engage the laser beam It's gonna end your life
Ladies Be Careful What You Ask For
A man walks into a drug store to get tampns for his wife. He asks the clerk were they are, she tells him wich ile they are on. He looks around the store for a few minutes. When he gets to the rgister he has cotton balls and string. The clerk is curious and ask's " Weren't you looking for tampons". He said " I sent my wife to the store for smokes she came back with tabbaco and rolling papers. And said it is cheaper this way. So I figure if I have to roll my own to save money so does she".
Another head hangs lowly, Child is slowly taken. And the violence caused such silence, Who are we mistaken? But you see, it's not me, it's not my family. In your head, in your head they are fighting, With their tanks and their bombs, And their bombs and their guns. In your head, in your head, they are crying... In your head, in your head, Zombie, zombie, zombie, Hey, hey, hey. What's in your head, In your head, Zombie, zombie, zombie? Hey, hey, hey, hey, oh, dou, dou, dou, dou, dou... Another mother's breakin', Heart is taking over. When the vi'lence causes silence, We must be mistaken. It's the same old theme since nineteen-sixteen. In your head, in your head they're still fighting, With their tanks and their bombs, And their bombs and their guns. In your head, in your head, they are dying... In your head, in your head, Zombie, zombie, zombie, Hey, hey, hey. What's in your head, In your head, Zombie, zombie, zombie? Hey, hey, hey, hey, oh, oh, oh
All day staring at the ceiling Making friends with shadows on my wall All night hearing voices telling me That I should get some sleep Because tomorrow might be good for something Hold on Feeling like Im headed for a breakdown And I don't know why [chorus] But Im not crazy, Im just a little unwell I know right now you can't tell But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see A different side of me Im not crazy, Im just a little impaired I know right now you don't care But soon enough you're gonna think of me And how I used to Im talking to myself in public Dodging glances on the train And I know, I know they've all been talking about me I can hear them whisper And it makes me think there must be something wrong with me Out of all the hours thinking Somehow Ive lost my mind [chorus] But Im not crazy, Im just a little unwell I know right now you can't tell But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see A different side of me Im not crazy, Im just a
The Kill
What if I wanted to break Laugh it all off in your face What would you do? (Oh, oh) What if I fell to the floor Couldn't take all this anymore What would you do, do, do? Come break me down Bury me, bury me I am finished with you What if I wanted to fight Beg for the rest of my life What would you do? You say you wanted more What are you waiting for? I'm not running from you (from you) Come break me down Bury me, bury me I am finished with you Look in my eyes You're killing me, killing me All I wanted was you I tried to be someone else But nothing seemed to change I know now, this is who I really am inside. Finally found myself Fighting for a chance. I know now, this is who I really am. Ah, ah Oh, oh Ah, ah Come break me down Bury me, bury me I am finished with you, you, you. Look in my eyes You're killing me, killing me All I wanted was you Come break me down (bury me, bury me) Break me down (bury me, bury me) Break me down (bury me,
:( it hurts to yawn :(
If I leave today,don't shed a tear. Just remember the times we had when I was here. Just smile and thank god for your life. Never walk while your down,keep your stride. But to think of me,think of me as a good friend. But just remember when the sun rises you day begins. SO if i leave today,don't shed a tear. We'll hang out again,I'll bring the beer,I'll bring the beer.
Needing A Beer..
ok so i've been in a really crappy mood the last few days,and seem to be freaking out basically on everyne. I always tend to read WAY into things,and over react. I've been through alot over the yrs,and it's deeply effected me(apparently). I always care (I guess too much) about people,and think the worst about a situation. Sometimes i can be comeopletely laid back,and 9 out of 10 times, I'm the one who needs space,and doenst call people back for days at a time.I honestly normally don't care.. but then there are the times when you really feel bad,and want to help,and fell helpless when you can't. I end up lookking like soem crazy,clingy,little girl,when i truly am quite the opposite.I'ts hard to act a certian way,or portry your true self i guess.. when you dont know people too well(or they havemt know you long). Evryoen that knows me,leans on me - and i love being able to do that,and be there. That;s who i am.. i'm just sorry that it can have negative effects..esp for people who have m
Rub one out now, or rub one out later? Sorry, just thinking out loud again!
Original Writing #7
Thursday, September 06, 2007 Im So Sorry Current mood: sad Category: Romance and Relationships as the tears stream down my cheeks my mind races to find all the good times the happy moments the smiles and laughter the births of our children first days of school holidays our first home businesses accomplishments it searches for the kisses and the hugs, the passion and the unconditional love nothing i could do to make you go away you have made it your choice to stay through thick and thin nothing i could do to push you away forgivness has been your M.O. and why why do you continue to forgive me the things i have put you through would make any person run in the damned opposite direction but not you i almost wonder if you like the hurt the pain and the tears i cause as i try and force love to my heart so that i wont hear the sadness in your voice or see the tears run down your face it strugles to be found it is there but has diminished to a
I will be who I want to be, when I want to be it! Dont like it!!! Tough Shit!!! Just thought id share
Tonight It's Going To Be Hot
For Everyone
My name is Jory Bruce.Im 6'2 185Ilbs and im in the national guard.I live in Lexington,TN and in my free time i like to hang out with my friends and party.If you hav any more u want to know anything else about me let me know and ill and more will be added to this blog
So basically I don't understand guys Whatever happened to forgive and forget I can do it Why cant they? The shit that comes outta my mouth isn't right 100% of the time Just to put it out there And Whats up with the bitch ass comments when I post mumms Who the fuck says I'm a slut One guy girl right here... Fuck this site fucks with my mind lol Now that it's out I can get back to studying
How Sexy Are You?
Take the Sexy Quiz at!Make Your Own Quiz
I am so glad it is Friday and this week is over with. I had a lot to do this week with work and got it all accomplished and then on top of it had the court date with anthony yesterday. It turned out to be that it wasn't court Thank God! It was the probation department and we went and discussed his punishment for his "big" crime he did with the officer. She actually kind of laughed that he got arrested for stealing a soda. I am sure the kids that she is assigned to have done a lot worse! She called him a "big time criminal". I laughed. It was evident that we did not belong there. You should have seen the people that were in there for probation! Scary!!!! They were looking at us and probably wondering why we were there! We didn't look like meth heads or criminals. LOL She said that actually what they assigned him before was worse than what she was going to make him do. She said that was a bit extreme. He has to do 30 hours of community service. Attend a clas
Sin & Virtue
Here's to sin and here's to virtue, A little bit of both won't hurt you, A little virtue is enhancing, A little sin can be entrancing, Be good, my dear, but don't be haughty, There's too much fun in being naughty. [1948ca. Bedroom Party Literature]
Here's To The Girl I Love The Best
Here's to the girl I love the best. I've loved her naked, and I've loved her dressed. I've loved her standing and I've loved her lying. And if she had wings, I'd love her flying. And when she's dead and long forgotten, I'll dig her up and love her rotten. [1971 Hart]
Here's To Mag!
Here's to Mag, that filthy hag, That sleazy, slimy slut. Green fungus lies between her thighs, And worms crawl out her butt. Before I'd scale those scabby legs, Or suck those pus-filled tits, I'd drink a gallon of buzzard puke, And die of the drizzly shits. [Hash House Harrier Hymnal]
May Your Liquor Be Cold
May your liquor be cold, May your women be hot. And may your troubles slide off of you slicker than snot.
Name Change
Original Writing #11
Marriage??? Current mood: creative Category: Romance and Relationships You want to be my who? And make me your what? And we can do it where? And this has to happen by when? But how? I want you to be my husband. And that would make me your wife. And we can do it on the beautiful island of Jamaica or Hawaii or Fiji. And I would like it to happen by my next birthday. But baby, the only way this can happen is with change. By change I mean, You want me to stop seeing who? You want me to do what? You want me to stop going where? And you expect this to happen by when? Well baby, I cant stop seeing my girls, they always have my back. I cant stop working and give up who I am, and we need the money. I cant stop going to the library to go on the computer for it is endless knowledge. I cant guarantee you my heart at anytime, bound with conditions. I want you to accept my friends, embrace them and make them yours as w
On Number 3
Well, I just found out today at 2pm that I am gonna be a daddy again of my 3rd child and I am excited actually. Me and my fiance went thru a bad turn and split up for a lil bit. Well she told a couple of days ago that she was late,(all you women know what I mean)!!!Well, I myself, didnt think nuthin of it, then today comes around and she stops by cryin, and she tells me that she is prego,lol. First instenct, I gave her a hug. So, yup there is my good news for the day. Sry Kayla for hurtin you girl I never ment to do so.
Rating Runs....
WOW.... just had 10 new rates, fans and friends to add me in about 3 minutes..... wow.... what did I do today LOL.
Reason And Passion
Your soul is oftentimes a battlefield, upon which your reason and your judgment wage war against passion and your appetite. Would that I could be the peacemaker in your soul, that I might turn the discord and the rivalry of your elements into oneness and melody. But how shall I, unless you yourselves be also the peacemakers, nay, the lovers of all your elements? Your reason and your passion are the rudder and the sails of your seafaring soul. If either your sails or our rudder be broken, you can but toss and drift, or else be held at a standstill in mid-seas. For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining; and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction. Therefore let your soul exalt your reason to the height of passion; that it may sing; And let it direct your passion with reason, that your passion may live through its own daily resurrection, and like the phoenix rise above its own ashes. I would have you consider your judgment and
Ęĺbe My Valentine ApplicationĘĺ
ĘĺBe My Valentine ApplicationĘĺ This is the "Be My Valentine Application" Everyone knows there's at least one person on adultspace that you want to be your Valentine. Heres the application for that special someone. Let's see who replys back with the following filled out. Have Fun. Area 1: Name: Age: Height: Do you Drive: State You Live In: School: Grade: May I Call You: Single or Taken: Would You Date Me: Kiss On First Date: Will You Send This Back To Me?: Area 2: What would you do if I... I made a move on u: I kissed you: I lived next door to you: I asked you on a date: I was hospitalized: I ran away from home: I got into a fight and you weren't there? Area 3: What do you think about my... Personality: Eyes: Hair: Body: Area 4: Have you ever.... Lied to make me feel better? Wanted to kiss me? Wanted to kill me? Wanted to hold me? Wanted to date me? Broke my heart? Kept something important from me? Area 5: "X" marks the spot Wou
Alabamee Dayte
A young Alabama man goes to a drug store and says to the pharmacist: "I got a hot date tonight, an' I need me some pertection. How much is a pack a' them rubbers gonna cost me?" The pharmacist responds: "A three-pack of condoms is $4.99 with tax." "TACKS!" the shocked redneck says. "Gawd a' mighty, don't they stay on by themselves?
Djing And Music
Just to let everyone know... I have an ass ton of music, And will be playing all kinds of music on my profile. It's on the stickam thing on my profile. And yes, I do song, and/or album requests. From Enya, to DevilDriver, To Erykah Badu, To Brotha Lynch hung. You name it, I have it. So request it and listen to it. And remember, Love one another, Be happy, And mosh to death metal. Oh, another thing, There IS a limit to song requests. I REFUSE to play deicide, or anything I deem as "Ill-compiled crap". But just ask me, and I got it. Thanks for reading this, and taking it to heart. =D (It's ok, I love you, too.) ----------Juggalo-James---------- (A.K.A: "DJ-BLOODSPILLA")
Rezerection Bass Generator 31-12-93 Pt1
Silly me, standing upon this soap box, whoopee! Teaching my ministry God is me, this mind to small for its own catastrophes The many me's dead and gone As I look too the sky to see Fluffy white devils staring endlessly Good as any answer I suppose Because nothing, no blame can be placed on me Fulfilling my life's philosophy That greed should be envied, I plead Its purpose clear, desire not need My purpose can't be so easily defined Much like fluffy white devils I want as mine Infinite, ever-changing in their possibility Why can't this be, be for thee You're asking the wrong person you see, no not me Just look to the sky to see Fluffy white devils staring endlessly A poem about change. By: iJ
Got A Question...please Help!!!
The Dreaded Report Card!
For a Saturday it has been kind of rough. For some reason which I do not know why, my neck was hurting really bad all night and all day today. I don't think I did anything to hurt it? It must be tension. Tension from my son and the thing from last week. It was a nice day. Well.....not raining at least. It has been very cold and rainy for a long time and today there was a break. It actually got quite warm for winter. I think it was 59 degrees! I had the moon roof open on my car today to let in fresh air while I was driving. The moon roof on my car is huge. The back seat has a moon roof too. Peter and I went to Home Depot to look at tile for the kid's bathroom. That is where the pain in my neck really started to hurt. We picked out a tile and bought it. It is a neutral color so it should be fine. We also looked at cabinets and sinks but we decided to get the floor in first and then worry about that. There are other stores I would like to check first before buying
I went to my aunt's funeral today there questions I want to ask but one there answer them.My aunt was going to work when she t-bone a trucker trailer.The witnesses said she ran the stop light I don't that all.The person can answer this question is her what really happen before she hit the trucker trailer.I read in the Lenoir newspaper even if she had a air bag in the blazer it won't saved her.I know she she in a better place from pain and suffering but why couldn't been me I would be more happy took her place.Yeah we had fights but that normal in my family lol.God what should I do,how over come this tragic death.I guess can grow stronger from it like she did.She was never able have children same as me and she had breast cancer twice and beat it.Cause she had the strength carry on with life.Then told my other aunt told me the doctors believe she may have cancer she scared to death about.I didn't know what say to her I all I can do pray she cames free of cancer cause tomorrow she having
Nice Guys Finish Last
Labeled NSFW just incase. In this I will try and explain the changes in history, and why nice guys finish last. To start I would like to give you a few statistics that you probly didn't know. In the past 50 years the sex rate has dropped from age 19 in girls and 18 in boys to a staggering 15 for both on average. In the 1950's 13% of girls admitted to being sexually active, but more recently 47% of girls admitted to being sexually active. Finally 1 million teenagers become pregnant each year, 50% of these will become pregnant within 2 years of there first birth. I felt it was important to share these facts so you will better understand my point of view. I feel that it is impossible for a "nice" guy to find a decent relationship because girls of my time have become alcoholic, drugged out, money grubbing whores. (not all in that order) It is impossible for a good looking guy to find a decent female unless he is will to offer one of those three things or lower his standerds so low that sh
Pix Deleted
you all may have noticed that some of my pix have been deleted. i was the one who deleted them because i got so sick of ppl coming up to me and saying "hey, i saw your nekkid pix on CT" so i just deleted them. the final straw was my brothers friend told him that he had seen my pix online and they were kinda naughty. i wish ppl would just leave others alone and let them do whatever their happy there will be no more naughty pix of me until nosy ppl quit bugging me...soooo sorry everyone
Truth Survey
What..'s in your wallet? Dust What..'s under your bed? taylors dolls, which i need to get out from under there What's on that way top shelf or in the very far back of your closet? junk What's in your underware drawer? bras. panites, and umm What's in your desk or locker? my desk dont have and i dont have a locker Do you have a super-secret hiding place and what's in it? yes, nothing at the moment Do you feel guilty about something right now, if yes what? No What is the most embarassing thing in your room right now? probably my Have you done something recently you hope no one finds out about? No How long have those leftovers been in the fridge? what left overs mark eats anything and everything in there.lmao If I confiscated your computer and took a look around....what would I find? pictures, psp tubes, nothing of any importance i dont keep things on there to get in trouble..or someone else in trouble....
Photo On The Nite Stand
After a long night of making love, the guy notices a photo of another man, on the woman's nightstand by the bed. He begins to worry. "Is this your husband?" he nervously asks. "No, silly," she replies, snuggling up to him. "Your boyfriend, then?" he continues. "No, not at all," she says, nibbling away at his ear. "Is it your dad or your brother?" he inquires, hoping to be reassured. "No, no, no! You are so hot when you're jealous!" she answers. "Well, who in the hell is he, then?" he demands. She whispers in his ear "That's me before the surgery."
Be An Angel
Be An Angel Reach for the stars Keep your halo polished Share your favorite things with others Plant a garden for the butterflies Say something nice to someone everyday Be patient with those who don't fly as fast as you do Talk to the plants to help them grow Always tell the truth Think good thoughts Sprinkle a little startdust wherever you go
This Guy
Is a great deal younger than me.. he's sitting waxing philosphical about time and function.. repeating things i said ten years or more ago. it's odd and sad
I Swear It Isn't Me Lol
Okay okay okay.. It's not all the alcohol's fault. BUT... It does help.
Who Knew?
Who knew!!!! 1. To remove a bandage painlessly, saturate the bandage with vodka. The solvent dissolves adhesive. 2. To clean the caulking around bathtubs and showers, fill a trigger-spray bottle with vodka, spray the caulking, let set five minutes and wash clean. The alcohol in the vodka kills mold and mildew. 3. To clean your eyeglasses, simply wipe the lenses with a soft, clean cloth dampened with vodka. The alcohol in the vodka cleans the glass and kills germs. 4. Prolong the life of razors by filling a cup with vodka and letting your safety razor blade soak in the alcohol after shaving. The vodka disinfects the blade and prevents rusting. 5. Spray vodka on vom it stains, scrub with a brush, and then blot dry. 6. Using a cotton ball, apply vodka to your face as an astringent to cleanse the skin and tighten pores. 7. Add a jigger of vodka to a 12-ounce bottle of shampoo. The alcohol cleanses the scalp, removes toxins from hair, and stimulates the growth of hea
I Feel Less (sometimes)
I want to be prettier, smarter, thinner, faster, adored, accomplished, richer.. and so much more. I want to be perfect if there is such a thing or perfect at least in the eyes of the one I love. But... am I? I get sad sometimes because I think too much, maybe there is something to be said for dingy women. I work my mind and emotions into an overhaul and somewhat drive myself crazy. Maybe it's the winter weather and the lack of sunshine therapy. Maybe it's the fact that I haven't held, hugged, kissed or cuddled neone besides my children is so long that I am starved for it. Maybe it's the years of hurtful words from scorned ex-lovers. Whatever the reason, I feel less. Oddly enough this comes at a point in my life when I should really be happy. This comes at a time, when almost all should be right with my world. But I wonder, if I have some doubts about my worth, how can others not? Maybe I am just a silly girl.. but each day I get older, and it's hard to live up to the ex
Get Your Own Bathroom!
It's not easy having 5 people in your family and only one bathroom! Taking showers and using the restroom are not that easy and it is only the second day of dealing with it and already I am about to scream. Peter got a total of 4 or 5 tiles laid down yesterday. I didn't complain because as I was working on my computer, I could hear him cussing up a storm every time he put one down. I guess they shifted? I did however ask him last night when he might be done with the tile so we can put the toilet back in and he growled at me saying it is going to be a while. Oh no! I am going to lovingly push him very hard to finish it! ;) My son had a doctor appointment this morning and I learned a lot about him in 15 minutes. He told the doctor that he sometimes puts the pill back in the bottle when I leave the room. So that is why some days he doesn't do so hot at school! He also informed us that he rarely eats his sandwich! Kids! We are going to stop making them a lunch if they
To Whom It May Concern
To Whom It May Concern: Why is life so hard. You go though it trying to prove one person that they are the one you want to share your life with no matter what people say. As you look for someone, you find that that person but that person is not what you want but you settle for it anyway. What happens when you make a mistake that will stick with you no matter how many times that forget bout it. The reason that is because that person bring it up in any fight you have because you have done it in the past just to justify what he did. Why is it that people like what they can't have and cheat on someone else because they want it that bad. Or because what they see is willing to show them anything. Why does sin always win in a relationship with tempation.
True Friends
"Many people will walk in and out of you life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart." -Author Unknown- This quote I found to be very true to my life. I've come to know of people in the life I've lived and still live today. Most of them I haven not seen them or heard from them since I first talked to them. I have no answer wo why they have not talked to me since then. I'm guessing that they decided to just stop talking to me all together. But you know that there are people that I know that I will miss and that will keep in touch with me. I know that that person is a true friend. I know that person will be there for me and will help me in the best that the person can. some people don't have this person or thing they do but they don't in a long run. I feel that most people have someone that they have as a true friend whether it is one of their parents or siblings, or a close friend they trust. I have seen people call themselves a true fri
My List
This is my list of what I want for myself & expect out of my self in 2008 ĘľTo take better care of myself ĘņTo be happy ♦To loose weight ĘīTo become comfortable in my own shell ĘĺBe a better daughter Ę”Be a better friend ĘľNot let my self get ran over & used ĘņTo realize that some things I just have to let go of no matter how it hurts ♦Stop thinking that I always screw things up ĘīStop hiding behind things and people and actually put myself out there ĘĺStop running away when I get scared Ę”Work on my writing more Ęľ Stop stressing all the little things Ęņ Stop letting people make me feel like I'm not good enough ♦Learn how to do all the things I want to do with my baking ĘīTo let go of the what ifs & fully forgive & forget those who have hurt me Ęĺ Finish the things that I start
New Outlook
As I sit here listening to the quiet sounds of the house, I have a lot of things on my mind. It seems like this year has just flew past. So much has happen this year . Lately I have been thinking about all the things that have happen this year . Iíve always been told you have to take the good with the bad, but does there always got to be so much bad ??? As all these things run through my mind I guess I have started to make a list of what Iím not going to put myself through or let go on like I have this year. This year has had itís ups & downs. The best thing of this year was when my family became whole again. The holidays have been so wonderful with my nieces being here for them. Health wise & drama wise it hasnít been such a good year. It seems like Iím fighting an uphill battle with those two things. I have come to realize that there comes a point in your life when you just have to stop trying and let things go. I have made a promise to myself for this upcoming year. I have promised
How Long Can U Last N Bed?
How Long Can You Last In Bed?Over 60 minutes really know how to work it and keep the heat up for a long time. You probably experiment and tease a lot. Your partner thinks you're a kinky bitch and loves doing it with you. You keep it coming and know how to make it fun. You really know how to pull an all-nighter and make it extra special. You get the caressing, teasing, and experimenting in all in night. It makes you even more irresistible and the sex even more intimate.Myspace Quizzes
Leaving Behind By Red Wanting Blue
Don't try to explain I've been here before The phone calls and the letters of loved ones Always prying to and implying that when The stormy sides of dreams arrive I'm feeling the consequences Hit I've tried to escape I'm drifting from shore The bough breaks from the weight of loved ones Who leave us gliding forward and flying out When the sunny sides of dreams have Died I'll feel the consequences Lift I've tried to explain But the right words feel wrong Big mistakes feel the well when the love is gone And now there is crying and good-bying No I've had enough I've had too much The feeling strains me I've had too much This feeling drains me With so much at stake I'm leaving behind the shortcuts To find The long way home
Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the one's who don't. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.Friends are like balloons; once you let them go, you can't get them back. So I'm gonna tie you to my heart so I never lose you. Send this to all your friends including me and see how many you get back. Send this balloon to everybody you like You may also return it to me.?? If four balloons are returned to you, something you have been waiting for a long time will happen with in hrs
How Dare You....
How dare you walk into my life at the eleventh hour, Causing confusion in my world and seizing the power That I possess over the feelings I choose to have for a man, You weakened my wall by holding my hand; By being the man that I miss And showing you care in just one kiss. How dare you walk into my life through the back door and unannounced; Leaving me dreaming of every moment we've spent together and thinking of every ounce Of desire I feel to have our souls connect in such passion that it's surreal; To feel your heart pounding against my chest, To be entangled in each other's arms, My lips kissing your neck as your tongue explores my breasts; Back and forth, up and down, On the floor, in the shower, 'Til my head rests on your chest at the morning glory hour. How dare you walk into my life and expose these thoughts that I have buried for so long, That I have been able to suppress So that I may go on; You've put me in a spot from which I cannot move, You've
Open Heart Surgwry Today!!
Open heart surgery today at 6:30am for my husband. Lots of prayers please.
Moon Phases And More
Moon Phases New Moon: The Moon is not illuminated by direct sunlight. Here, the Moon is Maiden. Waxing Crescent: The visible Moon is partly but less than one-half illuminated by direct sunlight while the illuminated part is increasing. The Moon is Maiden. First Quarter: One-half of the Moon appears illuminated by direct sunlight while the illuminated part is increasing. The Moon here is Maiden/Mother. Waxing Gibbous: The Moon is more than one-half but not fully illuminated by direct sunlight while the illuminated part is increasing. Three days before the Full Moon. The Moon here is Mother. Full Moon: The visible Moon is fully illuminated by direct sunlight. Here the Moon is Mother. Waning Gibbous: The Moon is less than fully but more than one-half illuminated by direct sunlight while the illuminated part is decreasing. Three days after the Full Moon. The Moon here is Mother. Waning Crescent: The Moon is partly but less than one-half illuminated by d
To Gary
you were supposed to be my brother but i am sorry when you talk about my mom and my dad like that that is not right that just shows you are childish and not the adult you should be i am sorry to do this but if you dont stop talkin bout my mom and dad like that i will no longer be apart of your life im sorry but this is the way it has to be bye gary
Ladies, this is the ultimate song to strip to for a's a sad song if u listen to the lyrics but dam the beat and if u got the right movement to go with hmmmm...blow his mind!
Last night I was able to put my hand on my belly and actually feel the kicks. That was entirely awesome. Work today was decent... I got to sit down a lot. Tomorrow we're doing the floor (today we just did the backroom) and since it's primarily a clothing store it should be cool. I'm kinda hoping they pull me off to work on corrections like I did last year. That would be awesome. A friend of my mom's bf's was supposed to come over today. She never said when or anything- which I find pretty damn rude. I don't like this cunt anyways and I'd prefer not to be here if she shows up. Whatever. I'll just be bitchy if she is here at the same time as me. Thank god for mp3 players. Turn up music and ignore when people try to talk to me. I always get into a fucking shitty ass mood whenever her bf is home. An absolute sign that I need to move the fuck out of here but- yea.. that isn't going to happen anytime soon. Whatever. Fuck it. The ignorant asshole will get his due someday. Karma is
Fuck The Mumms This Blog
Remember Lee Iacocca, the man who rescued Chrysler Corporation from it's death throes? He has a new book, and here are some excerpts. _____________________________________________________________ Lee Iacocca Says: "Am I the only guy in this country who's fed up with what's happening? Where the hell is our outrage? We should be screaming bloody murder. We've got a gang of clueless bozos steering our ship of state right over a cliff, we've got corporate gangsters stealing us blind, and we can't even clean up after a hurricane much less build a hybrid car. But instead of getting mad, everyone sits around and nods their heads when the politicians say, "Stay the course" Stay the course? You've got to be kidding. This is America, not the damned "Titanic". I'll give you a sound bite: "Throw all the bums out!" You might think I'm getting senile, that I've gone off my rocker, and maybe I have. But someone has to speak up. I hardly recognize this country anymor
My Babydoll Is Sick
My babygirl Is sick. Shes just not feeling good at all if you can go by her page and wish her well I'd be greatful. Hell drop her some chicken soup or a get well card. Thank you very much and have a great night
Father And Daughter Bond
While I was sitting on the couch last night watching TV I heard one of my rug rats coming down the stairs. I looked over at my daughter and told her she was crazy. Cause I tell her she is crazy all the time for some of the stuff she does. She walked right over to me hugged me and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. How could you ever get mad when they go and do something like that. Then I came to realize that she does that all the time and I am just now catching it. When ever she doesn't listen or when she wont clean her room(which is dirty at least 5 times a day, of course her brother helps her destroy the place) I get mad at her and explain to her why I am mad and she goes and does something so sweet that I end up helping her out anyways with whatever she was cleaning....I just realized last night how wrapped she has me and it made me laugh. I already have the hardest time telling her no I am not sure what I am going to do when she gets older and everything is that much more impo
The Ninja
I am now the proud new Fu-Owner of The Ninja. Ladies stop by and say hi to this awesome guy!! The Ninja | Taken | Owner of the 1st alarm uglies | Owned by Tulsa's Angel@ fubar
*one Kiss*
"One Kiss" [Verse 1:] She was so sincere The way she grabbed my hand And introduced herself Like no one else has done before And I canít lie I was hypnotized By the smile of the talk and the style of the walk And when she tried to kiss me I just sighed And said to myself this canít be real Lied to my mind but my heart it could feel Something was wrong (donít worry) Thatís what she said Now I Look back on the night that changed my life I remember the things That made me call at night And to think that I betrayed me for one kiss [Chorus:] One kiss for all my trust One kiss for all my love One kiss cause me to break One kiss I just hate it One kiss One kiss One kiss Thatís where I started feeling One kiss felt so good But I never shoulda had that kiss [Verse 2:] I was so far gone She could do no wrong Until I caught her in the act Down right getting it on How could I not see That eventually she would break my heart Where did it all start It st
My Sign Leo
Leo is the fifth Sign of the Zodiac. These folks are impossible to miss, since they love being center stage. Making an impression is Job One for Leos, and when you consider their personal magnetism, you see the job is quite easy. Leos are an ambitious lot, and their strength of purpose allows them to accomplish a great deal. The fact that these folks are also creative makes their endeavors fun for them and everyone else. It's quite common to see a Leo on stage or in Hollywood, since these folks never shy away from the limelight. They are also supremely talented and have a flair for the dramatic. Warmth and enthusiasm seems to seep from every Leo pore, making these folks a pleasure to be around. They do love pleasure! It's the Lion which symbolizes Leos, and the king (or queen) of the jungle is a most appropriate mascot, since these folks consider themselves the rulers of their universe (and the Zodiac at that). Like Lions, Leos tend to be dignified and strong, and it is this sense
Why the hell did I go to all the trouble of writing stuff about me only to be sent tons of requests by people who obviously didn't read a word about me? I am as close to lesbian as a bi woman can be yet prolly 90% of requests fro friendship have been from guys. I'll make a bet with anyone that most of them never say a word to me.
You Might Be A Rednec K ??
You might be a redneck... When people ask, "Is this country ready for a woman president?" I don't bristle... I just think. I'm supposed to be so clever, but I can't think of how to re-phrase that question in a way that satisfies me. "Is this country still so backward that we cannot have a woman president?" That's not so bad. Often as I walk to work I pass news crews, but NONE of them ever stop me to ask my opinion. I'm ready! Hey! If they asked me, I'd say, "Ready? It doesn't matter if we're ready. We NEED a woman president. We NEED a Black president. We need to get over it! We need to just do it, so we don't cower at the possibility any more. "We don't need to be the last nation on Earth to do it. We don't need to be backward." If you wonder whether we're ready for a woman president... ... you might just be a redneck.
ADD/FAN/RATE THIS AWESOME FRIEND! '~PebblesinAZ~Owned by Domking123' @ fubar
Me Me Me
A-2-Z About Me Survey by bamachic49{---Basics---}Name: RacquelNickname(s): KelAge: 28Birthday: 11/02/1979Birthplace: Manchester, NHCurrent Location: HooksettEye Color: HazelHair Color: BrownHeight: 5'10Weight: Lefty or Righty: RightyZodiac Sign: ScorpioWhat Do You Drive: PonticScreenname: 69foru{---Favorites---}Color: PurpleNumber: 69Band: BuckycherryMusic Genre: RockTV Show: Tru TVMovie: Sweet Home AlabamaActor: Brad PitActress: Reese WitherspoonKind of Movie: HorrorCartoon: Family GuySport: FootballFast Food Restaurant: Taco BellFood: ChickenIce Cream: Peanut Butter CupCereal: Fruity PebblesCandy: M&msDrink: Pepsi
Encouragement From Within
A friend of mine the other day reminded me of the things I used to tell him when he was down. It gave me chills down my back, and made me realize how far away I've been from myself lately. "Shit happens, wipe your ass and move on". It's so simple, and it's so true. If you don't wipe away your problems, and just move on, they end up stinking you up. Sometimes the only person that can fix things in your life, is yourself. Even when you feel like you can't do it on your own, it's still up to you. Giving up is something I'm familiar with, and rock bottom used to be my best friend. All my life I've strayed back and forth, but this is the longest time where my life is going up, and hasn't fallen once. Going up steady, is a strange feeling to me. I'm used to taking two steps forward, and running twenty steps back. I used to think I had to live with my mistakes, but now I realize that's not the truth. I have to live with my future. I have live with the present. But I have already lived t
Be My Valentine
If you could pamper Me for Valentines what will you do for Me?? There's one thing I would looooove (check out the site... turn on your speakers... it's wonderful and relaxing) I have a location pretty closed from home... if you want to please Me you know exactly what to do... Kisses & spanks Me
Work Is Wearing Me Out.
Gosh I am tired. I have been working all day and trying to put out fires with work. Ugh! Wish there were more competent people at work. My idiot step sister is supposed to give me....wait, let me rephrase that. My idiot step sister HAS to give me a bunch of stuff for work that I have to work on and have been waiting forever to get from her. She has to give me stuff from back in October, that is how behind she is. So irritating. I found out today that she is not going to work tomorrow. WHAT? So apparently she is going to drop all of this stuff off tomorrow here at the house. I will try to refrain from chocking her. Or at least not leave marks. ;) So if I do not get everything done tomorrow which is pretty impossible, I will have to work most of the weekend. Not fun. I have a meeting on Monday that I have to have all of this stuff done for. I just want to kick her in the ass. I am going to have to have a big chat with my Dad about her. It just isn't right that she p
My 4 Year Old..
Ok so you've seen the pepto bismol commercials with various people attempting to sing the "nausea heartbearn indigestion upset stomach diarrheaaa" well there's on particular commerical my kids and I find really funny where one lady is saying diarheaaa and is all crazy about it.. To make a long story short... we went to the mall today... and the video store... My 4 year old WOULD NOT... stop saying DIARHEEAAAAA lmao as loud as she could and as often... DAMN THE TV!!!!
If Her Hair Goes... Mine Goes Too!
I could hardly sleep knowing my baby was going into surgery today... Around 11am they came and got us, so many people came to see her off! I had a lot of people with me in the waiting room helping to keep my spirits high. I even got a few laughs in which was a good light to whats been going on. THe surgery ended and they came and got me around 7:45 pm The surgery came out good, they got most of the tumor but I knew they werent going to take the whole thing considering it's location and the risks and such... There not legaly supposed to say what they think it is until they complete the biopsy on the tumor but just the way there handling this I'm pretty sure it's cancer. :*( They want to start Kemo, Radiation & Physical Therapy and mental therapy as soon as possible. Why does my princess have this? I just cant believe this, it's all still such a big shock to me! God willing everything will be ok, if not I dont know what Im going to do! This is going to be
Confessions Of A Broken Heart
Pain... Tension... Fatigue... Depression... Anger, Aggression, Frustration. All these unwanted sensations - Burning, hurting, tearing. My heart alone, cold and fearing. Why won't you let me sleep, let me rest, Let me forget To eradicate, eliminate, destroy all my regrets? These memories inside, swirling, twirling, unwilling to reside in the corner of my mind. Repeating, resisting, insisting - Refusing to be denied its recognition Of its position in my Frustration, Confusion, Delusion. Ah, to close my eyes and let time fly by, Because there's so much to gain By forgetting these dreams driving me insane. Unfocused, unclear, out of control, My world spinning, spinning, spinning, My sanity flying through the door. My reason, my logic, oh, it's tragic, Like fine sands running through my hands, I'm losing my mind.
Buy You A Drink
Puddle Of Mud - She Fucking Hates Me
Killier Kleevage Contest
My friend Dallas Angel is in the Killer Kleevage Contest, which runs till Feb 5th. Dallas Angel is currantly in 3rd place at the momment and could do with a little help to move her up in to 2nd place and 1st place as well of course. So if any of my Fubar friends & family have any spare time then please click on the picture link below to come and help out my friend Dallas Angel. Thanks Willie & Dallas Angel
hey ppl ... i have just created a lounge ... called Klub Swing .... i am currently after all levels of staff to promote .... just pop in and say hi if you intersted
Words To Live By
Learn from the past,live in the present,and plan for the future.Speak your mind for those that matter don't mind and those that mind DO NOT matter.
Small Town
Those who grew up in small towns will laugh when they read this. Those who didn't will be in disbelief and won't understand how true it is. 1) You can name everyone you graduated with. 2) You know what 4-H means. 3) You went to parties at a pasture, barn, gravel pit, or in the middle of a dirt road. On Monday you could always tell who was at the party because of the scratches on their legs from running through the woods when the party was busted. (See #6.) 4) You used to'drag'Main . 5) You whispered the 'F' word and your parents knew within the hour. 6) You scheduled parties around the schedules of different police officers, because you new which ones would bust you and which ones wouldn't. 7) You could never buy cigarettes because all the store clerks knew how old you were (and if you were old enough, they'd tell your parents anyhow.) Besides, where would you get the money? 8) When you did find somebody old enough and brave enough to buy cigarettes, you sti
Fuck, I Am Going Cross Eyed!
Holy Fuck! I have been working all day fixing the mistakes that someone else made. Not my idea of fun. My eyes are going crossed from staring at numbers all day. I think I need to do one or 2 more accounts and then be done for the day and pick it back up tomorrow fresh. Fresh eyes does wonders. I really want to strangle the person that made these mistakes. How incompetent can one person be? Yes by the way...I am perfect! LAMO HAHAHAHA It is Friday and usually I don't work a whole lot on Friday. I think I need a stiff drink. Or a stiff something! Hmmm....Martin, why do you have to be so far away? Peter has been sick so I haven't been getting anything from him. :( Damn damn damn. I certainly am not going to kiss him and take the chance of getting sick. I think I just might meet my meeting Monday if I get all of this shit for work done. I am crossing my fingers. Well,back to work. Enjoy your weekend everyone. Kiss and love Martin! Ciao baby!
Words Can Not Describe
Words can not describe Why do i love you? words can not describe, the way that you look at me, with love in your eyes. why do i love you? maybe it's cause your sweet, saying "your the only one for me", makes my heart skip a beat. Do you know, What have you've done to me? you've stolen my heart, you give me a reason to breathe. Do you know your the reason, that i wake up each day, just seeing your smile, makes my day worth while. Why can't i stop thinking of you, i ask myself each night, you make me feel so loved, you just make everything seem right. you take away my pain, wipe away my tears, hold me in your arms, i have nothing to fear. Do you know how much i love you? words can not describe, i think you will never know, what i feel for you inside... i love you so much, it's so hard to say, i love you so much, each and everyday.
Perfect In My Eyes
Perfect in my eyes Never will it matter how you hurt me, Never will it matter how you lied, You always were and ever will be perfect in my eyes. I'll never think of you badly and I'll never wish you were gone No matter how my heart has been broken Ill never do you wrong. Love never takes a time out and it never stops for a day when you love, you love forever in any kind of way! So it will never matter you hurt me, or how many times ive cried, i love you and thats all that i know, Your perfect in my eyes!!!
Beautiful Explanation Of Death
A sick man turned to his doctor as he was preparing to Leave the examination room and said, "Doctor, I am afraid to die. Tell me what lies on the other side." Very quietly, the doctor said, "I don't know." "You don't know? You, a Christian man, Do not know what is on the other side?" The doctor was holding the handle of the door; On the other side came a sound of scratching and whining, And as he opened the door, a dog sprang into the room And leaped on him with an eager show of gladness. Turning to the patient, the doctor said, "Did you notice my dog? He's never been in this room before. He didn't know what was inside. He knew nothing except that his master was here, And when the door opened, he sprang in without fear. I know little of what is on the other side of death, But I do know one thing... I know my Master is there and that is enough."
wow i was on my way home from seeing a friend of mine and out of know were a fucking cop pulled up behind me and what ya know the sorry fuck pulled me over.and yes i had some pot on me and the fucker found it.oh wow 2 joints so any way he gives me a fucking speech about drugs[mind you this cop is like 90 years old]will i whent to jail for a sec untill a was baild out.then i get home and shit hit the fan there.fuck if any thing eles happens i'm going to off some one....................................................................fuck it
Portrait Of The Artist's Distaste...
Hey to all my friends out there I uploaded some tunes to fubar if ya wanna check it out.Catch yall later
Why Am I Dying? (new Poem Of Mine)
ďWhy am I dying?Ē I am slipping into darkness. Can you not even tell? I know that you have not been feeling too well. The thing is, there is this cut that you have left within my heart. Itís bleeding me dry and tearing me apart. My body wants to shut down. The more I try to fight, just seems to be the more that I drown. I trusted you with it since you said you would always be mine. At the rate the bleeding is going, you may as well toss it in with my body in this box made of pine. I think you have no real clue what you mean to me. The sad thing is, by the time you do, that man will be dead and gone. If I really knew I meant so much to you I would keep fighting to hold onÖ. I need more than just your words to me. I need to be sure it is you I am talking to and not people just pretending to be you in some way. That little fact right there is just not okay. I need to know that others do know about us and that we are together. I am not just your buddy. That I am not jus
...Gonna free fall out into nothin Gonna leave this world for a while And I'm free, free fallin Yeah I'm free, free fallin...
Asleep Asleep inside this dream, I lay Praying the night Would take the day Awaken in my dream I stand To see you off To a distant land Now manifested fears Nighttimes filled with tears I scream to you and cry to find NO SOUL shall ever hear Empty canyons in my head No sunlight shall I see Running out of time I stand And stare at the floor To watch my heart beat.
A Lesson In Lmr (last Minute Resistance)
a Lesson in LMR LMR (Last Minute Resistance) My duty in this particular area is to change your frame of mind. My job is to embed in your brain the strength to pull the counter-rip cord when the need arises. Now, not every woman is a ball buster like me. I understand this. I have come into my own honestly and have paid my dues in FULL! Last minute resistance is what PUA's call it when they are trying to "notch" a woman and she gets that hesitation and says "NO". They persist and continue invading and removing clothing as they try to ease themselves (and his VICTIM) into a position for penetration (Which is their ultimate goal). Really ladies....if you aren't aware of LMR, they are going to play on your empathy and guilt, the panties drop, the legs spread, the boy gets off....GAME OVER!!! So my ideals are very simple. Follow these steps: 1. Don't get yourself in a position to need to counter (sounds simple...but I wouldn't be writing this if it were in fact THAT simpl
Because Of Recent Abductions
Because of recent abductions in daylight hours, refresh yourself of these things to do in an emergency situation... This is for you, and for you to share with your wife, your children, everyone you know. After reading these 9 crucial tips, forward them to someone you care about. It never hurts to be careful in this crazy world we live in. 1. Tip from Tae Kwon Do : The elbow is the strongest point on your body. If you are close enough to use it, do! 2. Learned this from a tourist guide in New Orleans If a robber asks for your wallet and/or purse, DO NOT HAND IT TO HIM. Toss it away from you.... chances are that he is more interested in your wallet and/or purse than you, and he will go for the wallet/purse. RUN LIKE MAD IN THE OTHER DIRECTION! 3. If you are ever thrown into the trunk of a car, kick out the back tail lights and stick your arm out the hole and start waving like crazy. The driver won't see you, but everybody else will. This has saved
To All The Pat Fans!!
Never beleive that The Pats actually had i chance to win that game Tom Brady is a Punk. And Greenville's Matt Light couldnt stay put on the line. Ha Ha Ha Perfect Pats. Ha Ha Love It The Giants are the Cahmps and the Pats are the chumps!!
Apologize By Onerepublic
I'm holdin' on your rope, Got me ten feet off the ground. And I'm hearin' what you say, But I just can't make a sound. You tell me that you need me, Then you go and cut me down... But wait... You tell me that you're sorry, Didn't think I'd turn around... And say... That it's too late to apologize. It's too late... I said it's too late to apologize. It's too late. Yeah! I'd take another chance, Take a fall, take a shot for you. I need you like a heart needs a beat, But it's nothin' new. I loved you with a fire red, Now it's turnin' blue... And you say... Sorry, like an angel Heaven let me think was you... But I'm afraid... It's too late to apologize. It's too late. I said it's too late to apologize. It's too late. Whoa! It's too late to apologize. It's too late. I said it's too late to apologize. It's too late. It's too late to apologize. YEAH! I said it's too late to apologize. YEAH! I'm holdin' on your rope, got me ten feet off the ground
So Lonely...
Yet again I have nobody on this holiday to entire life and not once have I had someone special to buy chocolate for...or hell even flowers for that matter...everyone I come across loves to fuck with my feelings. Why should this year be any different? Just another lonely day...a reminder that nobody wants me, that all my efforts and love put forth towards a special someone are always taken advantage of...maybe one day someone will actually love me and not lie about it...maybe one valentines day I will actually have someone...
Ordinary Miracle
Its not that unusual when everything is beautiful its just another ordinary miracle today the sky knows when its time to snow donít need to teach a seed to grow its just another ordinary miracle today Life is like a gift they say wrapped up in your everyday open up and find a way to give some of your own Is in it remarkable like every time a rain drop falls its just another ordinary miracle today birds in winter have there play they always make all to spring its just another ordinary miracle today When you wake up everyday please donít throw your dreams away hold them close to your heart cause we are all apart of the ordinary miracle ordinary miracle do you wanna see a miracle It seems so exceptional that things just work out after all its just another ordinary miracle today the sun comes up and shines so bright and disappears again at night its just another ordinary miracle today oh oh oh oh oh oh its just another ordinary miracle today
invitations are free . thank you deano
Kryptonite By 3 Doors Down
I took a walk around the world To ease my troubled mind I left my body laying somewhere In the sands of time But I watched the world float To the dark side of the moon I feel there is nothing I can do, yeah I watched the world float To the dark side of the moon After all I knew it had to be Something to do with you I really donít mind what happens now and then As long as youíll be my friend at the end If I go crazy then will you still Call me Superman If Iím alive and well, will you be There a-holding my hand Iíll keep you by my side With my superhuman might Kryptonite You called me strong, you called me weak, But still your secrets I will keep You took for granted all the times I never let you down You stumbled in and bumped your head, If not for me then you'd be dead I picked you up and put you back On solid ground If I go crazy then will you still Call me Superman If Iím alive and well, Will you be there a-holding my hand Iíll keep you by my
The Mist The beauty of water, envious of your passion turns to vapor in your presents, only to long for your touch dose it form rain to once again touch your body and reclaim its true form. EROS Earth and Beauty The wind slows the moon dims, and the sun fears to rise beyond the horizon. Waters still, the fish lay deep below the water, and the trees could not stand to drop a leaf. Your presents bewilder them and the earth takes a gasp, and takes in your beauty. EROS Tears You must walk into the day, for the sun forgets to rise without you whisper. You must venture out into the night, for the moon must reflect upon its insecurities. In your perfume weighs the essence of your passion. In your breath lays the touch of the gentile wind. Your Tears breads life to an ocean and in your love brings comfort to my heart. EROS Death Ye as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am the darkness that fear itself loths,
Great Truths About Growing Old
GREAT TRUTHS ABOUT GROWING OLD 1) Growing up is mandatory; growing old is optional. 2) Forget the health food. I need all the preservatives I can get. 3) When you fall down, you wonder what else you can do while you're down there.. 4) You're getting old when you get the same sensation from a rocking chair that you once got from a roller coaster. 5) It's frustrating when you know all the answers but nobody bothers to ask you the questions. 6) Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician. 7) Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Who We Use To Be
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How To Eat Pussy
HOW TO EAT PUSSY! 95% 0f females can't cum from sex UNLESS, they're on top..and they're on top why? so they can stimulate their doin' their lil snake charm grindin' grab on our pelvic bones..which..really does nothin' for the key pussy first..make her cum a few times...numb her up..then hammer away or soft and slow with alot of vaginal teasing with your magic stick to build it all up in the end, however u like...... now once ur inbetween her legs..don't just fuckin' dive in there like a bum at a thanksgiving charity dinner...take your fuckin'time I know pussy is nearly irresistable...but don't act like it is.. lick her inner thighs, kiss them..kiss around her pussy lips..kiss the lips etc. etc..finally once u've got your tongue on her clit..this is what u do..(u can use ur hands to spread her lips here if u want..that's all's easier to make em cum w/their lips u have easier access to their clit) now...roll the tip and somewhat flat par
Dead Love
how can someone's love die and no one knows it till it's to late and the person starts to hurt themselves and not tell the ones that love him/ her untill they cannot feel their heart and they eventually die with hope that the one they loved dies just as slow as they or even slower.
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Wonderful By Everclear
Hey, ain't life wonderful? wonderful, wonderful, wonderful... isn't it wonderful Now? I close my eyes when I get too sad I think thoughts that I know are bad Close my eyes and I count to ten Hope its over when I open them I want the things that I had before Like a star wars poster on my bedroom door I wish I could count to ten Make everything be wonderful again Hope my mom and I hope my dad Will figure out why they get so mad Hear them scream, I hear them fight They say bad words that make me wanna cry Close my eyes when I go to bed And I dream of angels who make me smile I feel better when I hear them say Everything will be wonderful someday Promises mean everything when you're little And the world's so big I just don't understand how You can smile with all those tears in your eyes Tell me everything is wonderful now Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now I go to school and I run and play I tell the kids that its all okay I laugh aloud
Fu Valentines Date Needed...
Please read my bulletin,click the pic...and leave me a comment on why you should be my valentine.... i will pick feb 13, and i am yours.....leave some good comments!Visit www.hostdrjack.comCLICK HERE!
My Sisters Contest Pic if ur bored and have a salute and wanna help out my sister heres the link to her pic she is sweetassuga thanks
More Random Poems I've Written
As the storm grows The wind blows her hair Every which way Lightning flashes in her eyes Showing a girl Seemingly void inside There in the park She stands with three others They try to reason But she only laughs She raises the knife Held steadily by her side The rain comes down One of them drops A scream echos off She takes another knife out Thunder crashing hiding a scream 'Two down one to go mother.' The voice seems to come from everywhere Originating from the young girl A third knife thrown A third body down 'Should have just backed off.' The wind blows harder She turns to meander She smiles up at the moon And the freedom she now has
The Toons
A Day Without Sick Kids...yippeeee!
Finally a day without sick kids at home. Yipppeeee! I need a quiet day for once. Time to run a couple of errands and time to maybe exercise. I said maybe! I thought I was coming down with a cold yesterday but today I feel great so it must have just been stress from work and my son. Stress can run you down mike a MOFO! I think the bathroom being done is in the near future. Peter grouted the tile last night so all we need to do now is paint the bathroom and put the toilet back in and the new cabinet and sink that we bought. Oh wait...we still need to buy a mirror and light fixture. I am wanting it to be done Saturday. We are going to a wedding on Saturday which lucky for us, it is in the afternoon. It is a family member so all of Peter's family will be there....including my step sister and brother in law. Why would they be there? Because unfortunately Peter's nephew (groom) is a fireman with my step sisters husband! And I am quite ticked off at her at the moment.
Sts-122 Atlantis 1:00 P.m Launch Update
STS-122 Atlantis 1:00 p.m. Update Image Above: Space shuttle Atlantis stands on Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Photo credit: NASA/George Shelton Feb. 7, 1:00 p.m. EST 12:01 p.m. - Rex Walheim is the last to board Atlantis today. Like Melvin, he will serve as a flight engineer and help the commander and pilot during ascent into space. Walheim will be the lead spacewalker for all three spacewalks planned for STS-122. 12:06 p.m. - The Final Inspection Team reports that the external tank looks good. There are no ice buildups or other issues with the insulation on the tank. "The tank looks very good for a launch," NASA Launch Commentator George Diller reports. There are no other technical issues reported, either. 12:17 p.m. Ė With all the astronauts in their places inside Atlantis, they will go through checklists and other procedures leading up to launch. 12:44 p.m. Ė The launch forecast has improved slightly, with wea
Sts-122 Atlantis 2:00 P.m. Update
STS-122 Atlantis 1:00 p.m. Update Image Above: Space shuttle Atlantis stands on Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Photo credit: NASA/George Shelton Feb. 7, 2:00 p.m. EST 1:25 p.m. Ė The countdown is nearing a built-in hold at the T-20 minute point. The hold will expire in 10 minutes. There are no technical problems reported and the current weather at NASAís Kennedy Space Center remains go for launch. 1:30 p.m. Ė T-20 minutes and holding. No technical issues and weather remains go. 1:40 p.m. Ė The countdown to the launch of STS-122 has resumed after a planned hold. The clock will run down to the T-9 minute point and hold for another planned pause. Launch remains on schedule for 2:45 p.m. on a mission to carry the European-built Columbus laboratory to the International Space Station. 1:51 p.m. - The countdown has entered its final planned hold at the T-9 minute mark. During this final hold, the Mission Management Team will
Another One Of My Writings
Her dark hair flowing gently over her shoulders, Her beautiful browns eyes sparkle in the light, Her lips glistening as she smiles at me, Her teeth so beautifully white, She gently caresses my cheek with her soft hands, As she leans in to kiss my awaiting lips, I gently lean in to accept her tasty kiss, As I caringly put my hands on her hips, She whispers to me quietly I love you, As she starts to shiver to my touch, I move closer to her ear and reply, I love you too, so very much, As we lie there in a tight embrace, I feel her body getting warm against my skin, She turns to me and says ďI want youí And I ask where should I begin, She takes my hand and slides into her jeans, Feeling her dampness I try to breathe, She starts to kiss my chest ever so softly, And my alarm rings out damn it was just a dream.
Principles Of Belief
Council of American Witches PRINCIPLES OF BELIEF The Council of American Witches finds it necessary to define modern Witchcraft in terms of the American experience & needs. We are not bound by traditions from other times & other cultures, & owe no allegiance to any person or power greater than the Divinity manifest through our own being. As American Witches, we welcome & respect all life-affirming teachings & traditions, & seek to learn from all & to share our learning within our Council. It is in this spirit of welcome & cooperation that we adopt these few principles of Wiccan belief. In seeking to be inclusive, we do not wish to open ourselves to the destruction of our group by those on self-serving power trips, or to philosophies & practices contradictory to these principles. In seeking to exclude those whose ways are contradictory to ours, we do not want to deny participation with us to any who are sincerely interested in our knowledge & beliefs, regardless of race,
I am loosing my paitence with school. It is taking to long to get my degree and I am getting very discouraged. This sucks.
Swamp Song
My warning meant nothing. You're dancing in quicksand. Why don't you watch where you're wandering? Why don't you watch where you're stumbling? (You're wading knee deep and going in. 2x) This bog is thick and easy to get lost in cause you're a stupid, belligerent fucker. This bog is thick and easy to get lost in cause you're a dumb ass, belligerent fucker. I hope it sucks you down. My warning meant nothing. You're dancing in quicksand. Why don't you watch where you're wandering? Why don't you watch where you're stumbling? You're wading knee deep and going in, and you may never come back again. This bog is thick and easy to get lost in cause you're a stupid, belligerent fucker. This bog is thick and easy to get lost in cause you're a dumb ass, belligerent fucker. I hope it sucks you down! My warning meant nothing, You're dancing in quicksand. Why don't you watch where you're wandering? Why don't you watch where you're stumbling? You're wading knee deep and go
All In All
i know i crossed the line the one between friends and lovers but i thought it was already crossed im sorry i didnt mean to fall didnt want to but you stole my heart and just held it tight i tried pullin away you wouldnt let me i cant help it even though i know i shouldnt shes the one you want but i want you i need you all in all i love you
Hey dad look at me Think back and talk to me Did I grow up according to plan? And do you think I'm wasting my time doing things I wanna do? But it hurts when you disapprove all along And now I try hard to make it I just want to make you proud I'm never gonna be good enough for you I can't pretend that I'm alright And you can't change me 'Cuz we lost it all Nothing lasts forever I'm sorry I can't be perfect Now it's just too late and We can't go back I'm sorry I can't be perfect I try not to think About the pain I feel inside Did you know you used to be my hero? All the days you spent with me Now seem so far away And it feels like you don't care anymore And now I try hard to make it I just want to make you proud I'm never gonna be good enough for you I can't stand another fight And nothing's alright 'Cuz we lost it all Nothing lasts forever I'm sorry I can't be perfect Now it's just too late and We can't go back I'm sorry I can't
More Funny Shit~~~~
Special Friend
we have both had our troubles understand each other very well both love a military man we may be miles apart yet we have become very close if it wasnt for you i know id be lost you have helped me through making me see the light reminding me about the good you wont let me give up and i wont let you loving these men has brought us closer nobody really knows just how close we are but you have become a very special friend almost like a sister (girl you know who you are and know that no matter what im always going to be here for you. And the guys will come home safely!)
All My Special Friends
The last few days have been hard on me but thanks to a few very special people I have made it through without falling into depression. And you guys know who you are. I dont know where I would be where I would if you guys hadnt been there for me. All of you are amazing and I am very greatful for it. I hope taht one day I have a chance to make it up to you guys one day. you all mean the world to me. and always know if you ever need anuything I am here for you. thank you guys for everything
A Marines Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone, In a one-bedroom house made of plaster and stone. I had come down the chimney, with presents to give and to see just who in this home did live. As I looked all about, a strange sight I did see, no tinsel, no presents, not even a tree. No stocking by the fire, just boots filled with sand. On the wall hung pictures of a far distant land. With medals and badges, awards of all kind, a sobering thought soon came to my mind. For this house was different, unlike any Iíd seen. This was the home of a U.S. Marine. Iíd heard stories about them, I had to see more, so I walked down the hall and pushed open the door. And there he lay sleeping, silent, alone, Curled up on the floor in his one-bedroom home. He seemed so gentle, his face so serene, Not how I pictured a U.S. Marine. Was this the hero, of whom Iíd just read? Curled up in his poncho, a floor for his bed? His head was clean-shaven, his weathered face t
40th Anniversary Of The Orangeburg Massacre
The Orangeburg Massacre From Jessica McElrath, Your Guide to African-American History. FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now! The Orangeburg Massacre, as it later would be called, occurred on February 8, 1968 on the campus of South Carolina State University. While the events of that day certainly played a part in what led to the massacre, it was also the culmination of the preceding daysí events that also contributed. It had been four years since the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and most public places in Orangeburg, South Carolina were integrated. However, the cityís All Star bowling alley remained segregated. On the evening of February 6, black students from South Carolina State University and Clafin College gathered in protest in front of the bowling alley. The next night they returned. On that evening, fifteen were arrested. After two days of protest, tension was already high by the evening of February 8. Students again organized in protest. But this time they gathe
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Gabriel Michael's Myspace Graphics
right now i feel more used then i ever have before. a close friend of mine i think is using me to get to another close friend. now its not like it should hurt but it does cuz he knows how i feel. he has promised he would never hurt me but then he turns around and lies to me about something little knowing how much im doubting where i stand with him anyways. then he doesnt respond to my messages...i really dont know how to feel but i know right now im feeling really used. hes been there for me through so much yet now all i can think is that i fucked up by opening my heart up to him and now hes gonna do what all the others have...walk away without a second thought. he has told me a few times today that isnt going to happen but the more he does this shit to me the more i feel like that. i should have just kept my mouth shut. maybe then nothing would have changed
i got one you got four i want one more dont know how you feel bout it never really asked cuz i guess well its too soon but the more i think bout it the more i wonder not that i wouldnt love your kids as if they were mine its just that i do want one more of my on at least i dont know what to think kids are a lot to handle.... there are so many questions but fear holds me back...
RIP sheldon craig micheal bartley jr. a.k.a(booner)..we love and miss you this should of never happend to you..but justice will be served..well we know your in a better place now away from this fucked up world... LOVE YOUR, FAMILY WE WILL MISS YOU BORN NOVEMBER 2006-DIED FEBRURARY 6,2008 1:10 AM
Awash In False Serenity...
hehe! i am thinking about going to a HORRORPOPS SHOW!!! next month i hope it works out...
The Demon
I'm finally at the end of it all what do I see The Demon standing before me the end of the story How horrifying does he look I don't know he wears a cloak With wings out his back and his breath is black smoke I can't see his face and he stays so still No movement you'd lose it if you knew how it feels To stare at evil and know that evils' starin' back Next thing I know he gripped my soul and before I could react I saw everything he did from eating up little kids To burning churchs and despersing hurt to all the earth And the worst of it all he raped the virgins as they bleed He planted his seed he brought innocence to his knees Blood ran through the seas and the rivers of the world Plague everyday when he placed you get world Into a vortex of death when he crawls on your chest Distress and fess everything until nothing is left Were finally at the end of it all what do I see The Demon standing before me and melting gotta grip my A-X-E How to describ
Hale To Dale
Thank God for Nascar and Dale Jr. Dale wins the Bud shootout.
can't any woman be FUCKIN honest????!!!!!!!!that's why i don't love or fuck anybody. is this a modern woman thing to be dishonest with everybody??!you ask guys to be honest and etc.,etc. but you cant even do anything of the above.this is not one person i am referring to, but maybe if those persons are reading this will either feel a little guilt or even have some last relationship ended in a nightmare because i saw her as the most beautiful person on earth, but because of society she had to conform quickly to gain fakeass admirers.or maybe it's to keep up with the latest trend... hell if i know.i wanted to do our thing together. both of us to look good and be healthy.wait... i'm going off the subject and whining.back on the topic...every single woman i've met since then have had some sorta angle.. they are unhappy in their relationship... oops! i have another man...let's go out--oh i have something to do..BULLSHIT!STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP FUCKING LYING
Happy Sunday 2 Everyone On My Friends List
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Just in case anybody asks ... It seems that there has been a breakthrough in "Fusion" technology. Unlike the current "Fusion" that requires a hydrogen reaction, to create "clean" energy, which creates damaging "neutrinos" that, because of the heat that is produced, can damage or destroy reactor walls. (A fusion reaction takes extremely high heat) There is a new technology that uses a substance called "Helium 3" which can be harvested from decommissioned nuclear weapons. This substance can be used instead of Hydrogen and results in a cooler and more stable reaction which can be better controlled and maintained. Of course there is a limited source so there is a plan, (are you ready?) to go to the moon, establish a base, and strip mine the moon's surface which, because of its lack of atmosphere, is rich with Helium 3 from the natural radiation of the sun. There will be Laboratories to extract the Helium 3 from the moon's soil and then send it back to earth in quantities sufficient to po
I'm going to be working a lot not much time on here so leave me a message Ilove you all :)
They Say That It Is Better To Have Loved And Lost, Then To Have Ever Loved At All....
.....Just like asking is the glass half empty or half full. It all depends on how you look at it. When you love someone you experience feelings and emotions you never thought possable. But then you get hurt and thats the point of which you wished you has never fallin in love in the first place. If nothing else, love is the only truth out there, it never tells you any lies, there is no "i think im in love" your in love, your just to scared to admit it in fear of getting hurt. But its just something that has to happen, yes its painful, and yes it takes a while to get over. But we do get over it. But there is that one special person that when you look into their eyes, you see more then love. Its a feeling that is highly unexplainable and unavoidable, and those are the ones who kinda sneek up on ya! You dont really look for them, but you find them either way! And they also happen to be the ones who change your world. They show you things that you never thought possable. Then, you drop the
1967 Vs 2007
1967 vs. 2007 Scenario: Jack goes quail hunting before school, pulls into school parking lot with shotgun in gun rack. 1967 - Vice principal comes over to look at Jack's shotgun. He goes to his own car and gets his shotgun to show Jack. 2007 - School goes into lock-down, and FBI is called. Jack is hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again. Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Scenario: Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight after school. 1967 - Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up best friends. 2007 - Police called. SWAT team arrives. Johnny and Mark are arrested and charged with assault. Both are expelled even though Johnny started it. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Scenario: Jeffrey won't be still in class, disrupts other students. 1967 - Je
Reach out your hand And place it gently in mine Let us become one As ours souls intertwine The night surrounds us Filled with the stars As we danced under the moon And make love in the dark Your kisses like velvet Your touch like silk As we envelop each other And create a love stilt Let our bond be unbroken And lasts many nights From the beginning to the end Never losing its sight So if by chance we let go And drift slowly apart Let the love we endeavored Continue silently in our hearts
Flyte 02-11-08
Cutest Baby Contest
Well this is my first blog and i could use some help from all my friends and Fubar family... My son Karson is entered in a cutest baby contest at a local Radio station. The voting is set up on a 1-10 scale just like Fubar is.... Please help us out with a vote of 10... Here is the link: just copy and past in your browser and up it will pop, only one vote just like fubar. Oh and one other thing just prior to the picture being takin at 3:30 AM he was helping his Dad give out 10's to all his friends..... He is always givin 10's out
My Aura Color
What Color Is Your Aura? We don't need a psychic to tell us that you're giving off a Emerald vibe. Your bright, refreshing, grass-green aura tells us that you're a relaxed person with a laid-back attitude. Into living a healthy lifestyle ó from eating right to trying yoga and aromatherapy ó you're down-to-earth and always easy-going. You bring calm and peace with you wherever you go. A bit of a flower child, you're as unpretentious and open-minded as they come. Everyone is invited to your party. Chances are you have quite the green thumb, too, as well as a knack for healing people ó both emotionally and physically. Sensitive and compassionate, you're as reliable as the earth and as natural as herbal tea and organic vegetables.
Realizing Things I Need To Fix... About Myself
***(I know no one will probably read this, because it's just stupid mindless chatter. But it's not written for any other reason than to get it out of my head. Feel free to read if you'd like to, even give input if you'd like. Thanks!) After being broken up with, then being laid off... All in the same week... I thought the new year was going to be a pretty crappy year. One of those where no matter what you do, things just keep getting worse and worse and everything goes wrong... Not gonna happen. Things start out crappy, but they get better if you have faith and keep smiling. I've realized that there are alot of things I can sit and worry about all day long, and it's not going to do any good. All I can do is smile and hope for the best (Sadly, it took me being on Zoloft for a month to realize that I can't control things). I can't make things go a certain way, I can't make anyone do anything or think anything or say anything. Nor do I want to. I want people to be around me
11pm - Snow Continuing - Heaviest Still To Come!
At 11pm we have snow moving into Cincinnati from the west. Numerous school delays still coming in. Newport, KY schools are CLOSED...which never happens! Schools here in Boone County for now still open but I expect they will close before long. Heaviest snows are still to come later tonight, after midnight for metro Cincinnati and around 2am north and east.
Midnight - Snow Increasing...boone Co., Ky Level One Snow Emergency
As of 11:55pm: -Boone County is under a LEVEL ONE Snow Emergency. This means roads are hazardous and caution is advised. -Boone County Schools are CLOSED tomorrow. -Snow has basically overspread the OH/KY/IN Tri-State region. At this point the heaviest snows should be here around 3am. This is a dangerous situation! You should NOT be on any roads late tonight, especially after 2-3am! Things will turn dangerous fast. I just checked out road conditions...main roads, Interstates are ok...secondary roads are snow covered already. STAY HOME IF YOU'RE IN OHIO, KENTUCKY OR INDIANA!
Hover Spot
Opportunity To Improve
Tuesday, February 12, 2008 Opportunity to improve Do you ever attempt to hide from your mistakes or pretend they didn't happen? If so, you'll keep making the same ones over and over again. Instead, quickly recognize and admit your mistakes. And learn to see the value in moving beyond them. When you've found an error, you've uncovered an opportunity to improve. Take those opportunities and make those improvements. When you discover a weakness, you've found a way to grow stronger. Overcoming a weakness in one area can make you more effective in all aspects of your life, after that weakness ceases to hold you back. Accept that there are things you've been mistaken about, things you don't know, and things you have not been able to do. That puts you in a position to make powerful positive improvements. Instead of letting your mistakes and shortcomings grow more costly by denying that they exist, choose to see the real value in them. Decide to confidently deal with them
You're It
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am a graphic designer 2. I love playing hockey 3. I am THE HUGEST Michigan State Spartan fan 4. I played club hockey for MSU while in college 5. I live outside of Cleveland, Ohio and it sucks 6. I love to fish, hunt and go camping 7. I miss my family eveyday 8. I had my heart broken last year and I'm still bummed out about it 9. I like to cook 10. I'm a morning person There I did and now it's your turn... who knew it would be so hard for me to list 10 things about myself... The five people I am tagging are...1)Che 2)Brownie 3)Luckydog 4. whoever? 5. whoever else?
Quitting Marijuana Just As Hard As Quitting Cigarettes
Quitting Marijuana Just as Hard as Quitting Cigarettes Send to a Friend Published: 02/08/08 FRIDAY, Feb. 8 (HealthDay News) -- The effects of withdrawal from marijuana use can be as bad as what people experience when they stop smoking cigarettes, including irritability, anger and trouble sleeping, a new study says. "These results indicate that some marijuana users experience withdrawal effects when they try to quit, and that these effects should be considered by clinicians treating people with problems related to heavy marijuana use," lead investigator Ryan Vandrey, of the department of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said in a prepared statement. This study included six men and six women (median age 28.2) who used marijuana at least 25 days a month and smoked at least 10 tobacco cigarettes a day. For the first week, they continued their normal use of both substances. For the remaining five weeks of the study, they were randomly chosen to ref
Three Days Grace Pain
Prince Purple Rain
More Abuse........
OXNARD, Calif. - A 15-year-old boy was shot and wounded in a junior high school computer lab Tuesday and another eighth-grader was taken into custody, authorities said. ADVERTISEMENT Worried parents gathered outside the 1,150-student E.O. Green Junior High School, which was locked down. Students were released classroom by classroom. The wounded boy had improved since arriving at St. John's Regional Medical Center in extremely serious condition, police spokesman David Keith said. "We are guardedly optimistic he will make a recovery," he said. The 14-year-old suspect was being booked for investigation of attempted murder, Oxnard Police Chief John Crombach said. The shooting occurred near the end of the first period, during an English class that had moved from a classroom to the computer lab, said Jerry Dannenberg, superintendent of the Hueneme School District. Dannenberg said 22 other students were in the lab at the time. The one-story campus, which includes grades six
You Know You're A Witch When...
You Know You're a Witch When... 1. Your BOS has spots on the pages from spilled brews. 2. When cleaning house you have to specify. "Where is the broom? No, not the broom, where is the one to clean the floor with?" 3. Candle wax has dripped on your keyboard. 4. There are more jars of strange smelling plants in your cupboards than there are cereal boxes. 5. Friends know they can always give you candles and incense as a gift. 6. When watching old re-runs of Bewitched, you find you side with Samantha's mother Endora. 7. When travelling, stranger and stranger strangers tell you their problems. 8. You find yourself making corn dollies in the checkout line at the grocery store (well, I thought about it). 9. You ask for Halloween off, because it's a religious holiday. 10. You start answering the phone with "Merry Meet".
Come Show Ur Valentine Love Here!!
Come show ur Love n Support to our Military, Veterans & Families!! They deserve it ALL from us supporters!! CLick the pic above and come have you some fun!
Saudi Religious Police Ban Valentines Roses
No red roses for Saudi sweethearts on Valentines Day Mon Feb 11, Saudi Arabia's religious police have banned red roses ahead of Valentine's Day, forcing couples in the conservative Muslim nation to think of new ways to show their love. The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has ordered florists and gift shop owners in the capital Riyadh to remove any items coloured scarlet, which is widely seen as symbolising love, newspapers said. "They visited us last night," the Saudi Gazette quoted an unidentified florist as saying. It is not unusual for the Saudi vice squad to clamp down ahead of Valentine's Day, which it sees as encouraging relations between men and women outside of wedlock, the newspaper said. Saudi Arabia imposes an austere form of Sunni Islam which prevents unrelated men and women from mixing, bans women from driving and demands that women wear a headscarf and a cloak. Relations outside marriage are strictly banned and punishable
Stuck In A Moment
I'm not afraid Of anything in this world There's nothing you can throw at me That I haven't already heard I'm just trying to find A decent melody A song that I can sing In my own company I never thought you were a fool But darling, look at you. Ooh. You gotta stand up straight, carry your own weight 'Cause tears are going nowhere baby You've got to get yourself together You've got stuck in a moment And now you can't get out of it Don't say that later will be better Now you're stuck in a moment And you can't get out of it I will not forsake The colors that you bring The nights you filled with fireworks They left you with nothing I am still enchanted By the light you brought to me I listen through your ears Through your eyes I can see You are such a fool To worry like you do.. Oh I know it's tough And you can never get enough Of what you don't really need now My, oh my You've got to get yourself together You've got stuck in a moment And you c
LUST Lust (or lechery) is usually thought of as involving obsessive or excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature. Unfulfilled lusts sometimes lead to sexual or sociological compulsions and/or transgressions including (but obviously not limited to) sexual addiction, adultery, bestiality, and rape. Dante's criterion was "excessive love of others," which therefore rendered love and devotion to God as secondary. In Purgatorio, the penitent walks within flames to purge himself of lustful/sexual thoughts and feelings. ManlyMans Sex Slave(member of the Southern Sex Symbols)(Lust of The Se7en Sins)@ fubar
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I was sitting in a booth at a Country Western Bar that I was visiting for the first time. I was there about two hours watching the place fill up and waiting for the band to come back from break. I was downing my third beer and waiting to get up the nerve to ask one of the girls to dance. I had no one in particular in mind, but the place was full and there were plenty of women to choose from. Just as I finished my beer, the waitress came over and placed another one on the table. She said it was complements of the customer sitting at the bar. I could hardly see the bar area because my view was blocked by all the customers. I just waved in that general direction, a freindly salute and started to drink the beer. Many images were going through my mind, wondering who bought me the beer. As I was looking down at my glass, I sensed that someone was standing next to my booth and I quikly looked up. She was amazing. She stood at least 6'2" and had gorgeous long blonde hair. Her sta
Friends Til The End
We have no clue How this will end up If our feelings are true Or if they will change Either way Im cherishing them now The want and desire I have for you Maybe it will work Or maybe it wont But we promised To be friends No matter what Friends today Friends tomorrow Friends til the end
Im trying hard To hold back Hide my heart Even though I dont want to You seem so right So perfect in every way I just want to be with you Yet am afraid to think of it We both have agreed to wait Let time work its course And see where it leads But I honestly believe its too late I think Im falling *Hunni you know who you are and dont freak out over this. Im just saying that I think I am...but dont worry, I know what we have agreed and its in my mind*
Im starting to be confused Dont know what I really feel I think I know Yet Im afraid to know Not knowing for sure Your feelings inside I know your scared And I totally understand Know you want to wait Before you speak your feelings Im tryin to keep mine limited Yet it gets harder daily I realize how much you mean How much I care And I cant help but wonder How alike our feelings are
Thanks To Everyone Who Can To Our Moroiel For Our Friend
I want to take the time to tell everyone that paid the respect to my friend John aka know as Rough and Ready.I really asppsied it very much.I know he is tarabbly missed by all. I just want to show my gradtuied to the one who put it together and all that came. I am sure he aprstied it to. SO As we all go on just remember to keep his family in our thought and prayers. Thank you all very much.
The Zen of Sarcasm 1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either, just pretty much leave me the hell alone. 2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire. 3. It's always darkest before dawn... so if you're going to steal your neighbour's newspaper, that's the time to do it. 4. Don't be irreplaceable: If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted. 5. Always remember that you're unique... just like everyone else. 6. Never test the depth of the water with both feet. 7. If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments. 8. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. 9. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is probably not for you. 10.
Today On World Rock Radio
Click on banner to enter lounge 12:00PM EST (Noon) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at jrmoose75
i am finally single and im moving back to NY hoping to start fresh and hoping to meet new ppl that i can hangout with and get to know if u want to know more send me a message.... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ya'll!!! hope u have a great day
My Love
My Love My love is like an ocean It goes down so deep My love is like a rose Whose beauty you want to keep. My love is like a river That will never end My love is like a dove With a beautiful message to send. My love is like a song That goes on and on forever My love is like a prisoner It's to you that I surrender.
A Good Friend Sent This To Me. Thank You.. It's So Pretty!
"LoVe" Love is like a lump of gold, Hard to get, and hard to hold. Of all the girls I've ever met, You're the one I can't forget. I do believe that God above, Created you for me to love. He chose you from all the rest, Because he knew I would love you best.
During Vacation On A Beautiful Day
During vacation on a beautiful day Listening to birds sing with kids splashing water down the creek Hearing the sounds of whispers from the breeze, Not a cloud in the sky I felt the power through the rocks, See the water glistening from the trees, The feeling of oneness of nature, was all around you. Love, happiness, and joy all combined as one That's the way I felt, my first time in Sedona. Mom with her boyfriend, laughing and sun tanning, Tina, Liz, Melissa, and I, playing in a pool of deep water, As the water submerges completely, Playing jaws, trying to scare each other, Not a fear of the water, not even the feel of fish, Tina afraid of the feel of a fish on her leg As we start to race one another Swimming back and forth, We realize Tina's the ultimate swimmer. With a cramp in her leg and fish swimming around Tina starts to come undone Terrified where she's at Red Rock slipping from her re
Love Hate...hate Love
There was a time that i wanted to love but it was taken from me, that felt like i had a heart and it was ripped out from my chest... leaving not but pain and blood and lies leaking trough my skinn... the hurt remains, not only will i ever love again but i will hate and be angered by the site of Love......
Pussy Eating Frog
A guy walks into a bar with a frog. He sits next to this real attractive lady, places the frog up on the counter, and orders a drink.The lady says "that's a disgusting looking frog you got there." The guys says, "Yeah well lemmie tell ya something... this here frog is THE BESTdamn pussy eater you ever seen." The lady is outrages and says so then promptly gets up and moves across the bar. A few hours pass.... The lady has had more then her share, and starts thinking about the frog... So she staggers back up to the guy and says, "OK prove it!". They run get a hotel room.. the lady gets nude and is lying on the bed with legs spread open wide. The guy takes the frog and puts it in position,then commands, "go homer!".... the frog lays there.... he commands again... "GO HOMER" the frog still does nothing.... he picks up the frog and tosses into the corner and says, "If I've shown ya once ... I've shown ya 1000 times .. now watch how its done!"
Kiss Kiss
CHRIS BROWN LYRICS "Kiss Kiss" (feat. T-Pain) [Chorus:] She want that lovey dovey That kiss-kiss, kiss-kiss In her mind she fantasize bout getting wit me They hating on me They wanna diss this, kiss-kiss Cause she mine and so fine And thick as can be [x2] [Verse 1:] I'm a country boy from Tappahannock Va is where I reside so shawty understand it And I know I just turned 18 And I get a little mannish And you see this bandanna hanging That means I'm like a bandit (like a bandit, bandit) [Vamp:] I got paper girl The Lamborghini with the spider seats you never seen it so get it shawty we parking lot pimping in my donk And I know what you want [Chorus x2] [Verse 2:] I'm the epitome of this demonstration I got the remedy you feeling me So why is you hating on my anatomy is bird like yeah you heard right girl I'm the king so that means I'm fly [Vamp:] If you wit it girl get it poppin roll wit me ain't no stopping so get it shawty we parking
Hey Sister(answer Machine)
Hey sis I was looking To hang out with you Are you avaliable This weekend If so call me back Love you big sister I got 2nd place on allpoetry for this one I got silver basically it was made for my friend and AllPoetry sister Shelia Jarrett which hosted the contest.
A Goodbye Kiss To Remember
A goodbye kiss to remember. As I take him in, my heart skips a beat and my stomach aches. My vision blurs slightly as he steps closer to me. His beautiful blue eyes and well matched frame-less glasses, warm my heart as I stare at them and pull him close. My arms round his neck, his hands on my hips, I lick my soft young lips as he presses his lips to mine, pa
who cares about the past what should it matter if you have done it you should take responcibility not push it all on someone else sure you should get help but you shouldnt get off free its not fair to the others when they are doing it all so what if you want to party you ruined that leave the child in you in the past step up and be a father
Lil Angel
how do you not see she is so beautiful so precious yet you turn away act as if you dont care she loves you is glad to see you wants to spend time with you yet you push her away rather go spend time with everyone else never here for her shes such a lil angel id be lost without her i dont knowhow you do it
Good Father
i sit back and listen to how much you talk of them how much you worry enjoy the time you get with them cherish every last minute and all i can think is how good of a father you are how lucky they are to have such a wonderful man looking over them not many are like you not many care but you would do anything makin sure your kids are safe you are such a good father wish there were more out there
Letter To Ann Coulter
Dear Ann: You used to be fun; at least funny. At least gently and amusingly insane, but girlfriend, youíve changed! The thousand-yard stare youíve acquired in the last couple of years says lonely nights, too much wine and insecurity about the future of your career. Where to now, my sweet fascist? Another one of your silly books? More hilarious appearances on Hannity & Colmes? Bill Maher has to be tired of you by now. Youíre anything but stupid and by now , you must see the writing on the wall. Youíll never have a real place with the Beltway in crowd, as they see you as a northeastern, hickoid, pro wrestler, Nascar type with a degree from Cornell. I mean, really, Ann; where can it go from here? Ann, I think I have the answer, in fact, I know I do. I want to hire you, Ann. I want you to come and work for me. I want you to be my ďAnn Friday,Ē my housekeeper, beekeeper, floor, chimney and minesweeper, my window-washing, grocery-buying, dinner-cooking, obsequious, submissive conc
Uncode Me-my Greek Past!
uncode me-ITíS like the bad ass game ASSAINS CREED read on----unlock my dna past government scientist come on please!!!!!!!!I need to know which Greek God I lOVED and which Goddess I was too-- DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. Nearly every cell in a personís body has the same DNA. Most DNA is located in the cell nucleus (where it is called nuclear DNA), but a small amount of DNA can also be found in the mitochondria (where it is called mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA). The information in DNA is stored as a code made up of four chemical bases: adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T). Human DNA consists of about 3 billion bases, and more than 99 percent of those bases are the same in all people. The order, or sequence, of these bases determines the information available for building and maintaining an organism, similar to the way in which letters of the alphabet appear in a certain order to form words and
Feelin Carazzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy
Listenin to Sublime and feelin CARAZZZYYYYY. Thought i'd share that with all ya'all. EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT DAY AND NIGHT XOXXOXOX
When we were kids we loved eachother, when we were teens we partied FUCKIN hard. Brother realize that me not talkin to you and wondering what you feel makes me sick. Your my only brother and brothers stick togeather. i love you! do you love me? you stopped me from getting my ass kicked. Brother i'm sorry for hurting you in the past, but thats the past. don't live for yesterday, tommorow, but TODAY! Brother you have a beautiful daughter. we have the same bestfriend, Joey. I need you brother. My life is good, but LOVE is taking a toll on me. No not Sarah. I know can you believe I love someone other than Sarah Jane? I have alot of things i need to get movin, but i don't want you in my life when i get money. I want you in my life now. Mom and Dad.....they love and miss you. Come on Brother. Lets be a family again
The Ocean
It laps so gently onto the powder white sand, it crashes with rage and batters the land. It gives and it takes, its power pure might, and yet within the waves you can take flight. Distances so vast, it separates the land, but all it takes is one caring hand. One you can trust to guide and to show, that the ocean is there and can make us grow. We mirror the rhythm of its ebb, its flow, we make love so hard, fast or slow. Waves rolling taking us closer, building into that one place we both simply know. Let my fingers wrap tight as you take hold of my hand, step over the pebbles through the sand. We can leave those footprints so soft in the beach, others can follow if they take one hand they can reach. Swim with me and dive into the deep, through those waves, let them lap and leap. We will find those places so dark with no light, ones we must all see before we can take flight. It can cleanse a soul filled with so much pain, it will fill your heart with the
Cold And Alone
Bleak midwinter And snow lies all around My heart is cold and empty And I long to walk on the hot sand With the sun burning my body And my love close at hand Will you ever return? Or will I always live in bleak midwinter Send me word of where you are Have you found a new love? Have you moved on to someone new? I am still in a frozen state Stuck rigid where you left me Unable to move on One kiss would thaw my bones One moment of bliss would unfreeze my toes I would follow you to the ends of the earth But my feet are frozen to the ground And all around there is no sound In this frozen wilderness I will live forever Suspended in time A monument to discarded love
Fubar Sketches For Sale
Just to let you guys know. Among the varios other peices of art ehich I have for sale on ebay currently, there are three of the 'PinUp' style sketches from my Fubar pic folders on offer. Click the pic to check them out on ebay.
Pantie Sniffer!!!
You Don't Need A Library Card To Check Me Out
I tried 2 fix my other laptop w/e pix i have in it i cant get back w/e i owe a salute to for the pitbull contest just message me here and in the next day or two i'll post em for u sorry i been slackin been workin 2much.I also set my shout box for nobody cuzz ii cannot keep up with shouts i dont want anyone to feel like they been ignored so just comment or message me and i'll get back to ya as soon as i can umm i tried 2 stay off of here cuzz all the stupid crap on here but i've been on facebook and myspace more is my link and um on facebook idk how u find a person but look me up by my name its jackie osorio and i hope everyone had a good valentines day and enjoy their weekend xoxo i forgot 2 say if anyone else wants a salute let me kno ill be bored later lol
Home Depot
Jack was fixing a door and found that he needed a new hinge, so he sent his wife Mary to Home Depot. At Home Depot, Mary saw a beautiful Bathroom faucet while she was waiting for Walt, the manager, to finish waiting on a customer. When Walt was finished, Mary asked 'How much for that faucet?' Walt replied, 'That's pewter and it costs $300.' 'My goodness that sure is a lot of money!' Mary exclaimed. Then she proceeded to describe the hinge that Charlie had sent her to buy, and Walt went to the back room to find it. From the back room Walt yelled, 'Mary, you wanna screw for that hinge?' " No, but I will for the faucet." ... and this is why you can't send a woman to Home Depot.
Shark Attack
Shark Attack I've spent the last year paying a stranger to listen To childhood thoughts about the love I am missing I'd fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the book The hooks were baited out with fear Because I wasn't thinking clear Just save yourself Cause it's too late for me. Lying on the couch and spilling all of my guts out Walking out with nothing but a head full of self doubt I take back every good thing that I ever said Cause it was all so meaningless It didn't help clean up my mess Just save yourself Cause I lost everything I spent the last full year of my life, Asking the questions just to find out it was all a lie
Happiness Is....
Happiness is when you're bustin' drifts in the mountains in your fairly stock '03 Chevy 2500HD (only 3 inches of lift and sittin' on 35s) and while coming down the mountain, you encounter a Ford F350 climbing the hill and make HIM back all the way down and don't take your foot off the throttle! Then further down the moutain, you come across a group on "wheelers" who are trailering a mid-80s Chevy on 2 1/2 ton Rockwells and trying to figure out how to get it through the snow. Easy boys! DRIVE IT! Then you make them look twice, or more, as you drive around them and go off the trail as they're blocking the whole damn road! Never taking your foot off the throttle again. Don't worry boys. Someday the other one will drop and your Fords and Dodges will be able to keep up with my Chevy.
Run Deep
Deep in the heart of this Cherokee, burn the legends of time. Written in the history books I bring forth the stories in rhyme. A peaceful nation upon the land content to roam and be free... no threat to the power of any race, just free to be. I did not write the legends. I did not see them fall. I did read the history books... the stories of horror recalled. A quiet nation of peoples herded across the vast land... herded across like cattle, their possessions taken from their hand. The Cherokee was not the only nation so treated. All American Indians were badly mistreated. I fight for recovery for all of them. I stand tall that they may take heed... Until we stand united......... we all suffer from the greed. Whatever your tribe your heritage wear with pride. Join with me fellow brothers. We will not go and hide. We are proud. We stand tall. We will stand united...... and claim for us all. American Native
Your Possessions
You canít take it With you When you go No matter how hard You try You canít take Your possessions With you when you Die You spend Your whole life Working Wanting and buying Material things That you forget To reach out your hand To those who are In need So many have nothing Not even their basic needs While some have so much Much more Then they really need Some live in big ole mansions And drive expensive cars While some have nothing No food, no job No car Some work their fingers, To the bones But never get ahead While some are, Rolling in the dough And have maids To wait on them The poor are hard workers They give their job their all But they just canít get ahead Like they are shoved Against A wall The poor work And pay their taxes Just like the rich folk do But when the poor Are done paying taxes Thereís no money left For clothes and food Some don
My Precious Mi Amour...
Naked Male Html From Other Guys?
OK guys check it out. Putting a half naked buff dude on a girl's page will not make her panties magically disappear for you. Now if you are gay, I am obviously not talking to you. Now if you are a straight guy, why in the fuck are you putting half naked men on people's pages? You might want to double check your sexual preference there, tiger! In a nutshell, half naked men HTML on a girl's page will not make her want you. If you are interested, quit commenting on her T&A and compliment her eyes or just strike up a normal conversation. STOP PUTTING UP NAKED DUDES ON HERE...IT DOES NOT WORK!
Even all night long Even all night long while the night train pulls me on in my dream like a needle Even then, down in my bed my hand across the sheet anyone's hand my face anyone's face are held in the mercy and kissed the water the child the friend unlost.
True Colors
its amazing how all of sudden the true colors of people can all of sudden come out, when u least expect it.. friends who u thought were friend were really out for themselves the whole time.. leaving u alone when u need them but calling u when they are in need of help. there arent too many people anymore that i see are actually genuinely nice, that do it to help you not for other intentions. life gets so much harder when you get older.. now i can pretend they are my freinds but really, if anything, they're just people i knew, maybe an aquaintance. thats many fake people out there. seeking to please their own needs and they'll use u for it. well it sucks to know but good to understand.. people's true always will shine eventually and when it does.. i will respect them less.. trust them less.. and learn to not care have them around..i dont like extremely selfish people.. little brats who's parents lied to them that they r special.. people who think everything must go their way and
--Through The Fire and Flames-- On a cold winter morning, in the time before the light, In flames of death's eternal reign, we ride towards the fight. When the darkness has fallen down, and the times are tough all right. The sound of evil laughter falls around the world tonight. Fighting hard, fighting on for the steel, through the wastelands evermore, The scattered souls will feel the hell, bodies wasted on the shore. On the blackest plains in Hell's domain, we watch them as they go, Through fire and pain, and once again we know... So now we're flying we're free, we're free before the thunderstorm, On towards the wilderness, our quest carries on. Far beyond the sundown, far beyond the moonlight, Deep inside our hearts and all our souls... So far away we wait for the day, For the lives all so wasted and gone; We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days- Through the fire and the flames we carry on! [Small interlude] As the red day is daw
Xbox Cake
I made a xbox 360 fruit cake. What do u think?
Enjoy And Yes Im So Bored Lol!!
Nova In bonds of love you bind me fast from times and place of distant pasts in moments epiphany I see your smile Such grace and beauty to beguile My heart it skipped and realigned A world alone suddenly entwined Visions now contemporized my smile is mirrored undisguised passion rises so uncontrolled I hearken back to days of old In times and places dreams revived Heart ache and sorrow all survived My being searched the empty void To capture times that we enjoyed To dance together hand in hand moments myriad as grains of sand Id trade them all for one last chance That once again with me youíll dance
Urban Redneck Or Not?lol
I gues you could classify different types of rednecks. You have your all out southern born and bread true rednecks, that come literally from the backwoods. Then you have what I like to call the urban redneck, one that likes the simple pleasures of life but also has a long background of likin the funner things in life also including modern electronics and such. Then you also have the city boys that think they are cowboys, they are what I like to call the confused rednecks LOL anway, what I am getting at is do ya'll agree with my tnking on this or do ya think otherwise?
Missing You!
I sit here and wait, For you to come home, Nothing's the same When you're gone. I hope while you're gone, You're thinking of me While I sit here And think of you. You'll be home soon enough I tell myself often. Still, it's hard to wait When I miss you.
The List
HERE ARE OUR MEMBERS!! (the member marked will be the first offered fu-bux we earn) that way every member gets a million Hopeless Romantic (co-founder) Lauria (co-founder) . . . .
Master Of Puppets
End of passion play, crumbling away Im your source of self-destruction Veins that pump with fear, sucking darkest clear Leading on your deaths construction [chorus:] Taste me you will see More is all you need Youre dedicated to How Im killing you Come crawling faster Obey your master Your life burns faster Obey your master Master Master of puppets Im pulling your strings Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams Blinded by me, you cant see a thing Just call my name, `cause Ill hear you scream Master Master Just call my name, `cause Ill hear you scream Master Master Needlework the way, never you betray Life of death becoming clearer Pain monopoly, ritual misery Chop your breakfast on a mirror Master, master, wheres the dreams that Ive been after? Master, master, you promised only lies Laughter, laughter, all I hear and see is laughter Laughter, laughter, laughing at my cries Hell is worth all that, natural habitat Just a rhyme without a r
Sorry I haven't been here all that much lately, but I am planning a big move out to Wyoming, I hope to be back soon in full functionality. Love to all RSTY
THREE DAYS GRACE LYRICS "Pain" Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all You're sick of feeling numb You're not the only one I'll take you by the hand And I'll show you a world that you can understand This life is filled with hurt When happiness doesn't work Trust me and take my hand When the lights go out you will understand Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Anger and agony Are better than misery Trust me I've got a plan When the lights go off you will understand Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing
Fun With My Food
I am up early, and I was thinking, Hmmm the taste of pure light, and empowerment. I am sanguine for thoughs of you that do not know me. I love the taste of flesh, and the dribble of blood. I live on it. Yes I know I will get some heads turned, but that is how I am. Interesting, and never boring. Ha, at least I try. Anyhoo, I was just thinking about something that would make me smile, and well my nature caught my mind. To find a donor, is quite hard. So one day I will make that bond. I find in blood letting that one can fully explore the other. I am true to my nature, and if that bothers you then I understand. Go hang out were it is safer, if not I would love to say hello. I am a very loving creature, yet I find that I can also be dangerous. (Smiles)....well I had better get ready for bed. I look forward to hearing from everyone. Sleep well.
leveled up.....ty and much kisses - ~M.P.~
Too Strong
I have not been on fubar too long, but I have noticed that some of the guys on here are well lets just say are interesting lol. I have meet some very nice people that I enjoy talking to greatly and would actually some day like to meet. Now on the other hand there have been some, (recently been removed from my list) that have come on way to strong. My lord take a chill pill if something was to happen it will. Just remember stalking is not viewed as cute, sexy, or ok in any way. Cheers to my new found friends on fubar, stalkers go check out Lindsey Lohan I here she needs a little something in her life.
ok, so me and my best friend Tiffany(she is under family on my page) are like sisters. We have the same relationship problems, and regardless of whatever we try to do to make a relationship work, it never prevails. WTF? Is it us or the guys we're choosing? Should we just lie low until someone comes to us and shows interest or should we still attempt to play the world famous love hunting game?? Let me know ur thoughts please =)
I Miss...
I miss the calls in the middle of the night, I miss your voice telling you can't sleep, I miss your eyes giving me the sight That drove me mad and made me weep... I miss your perfume next to mine, I miss the day we met and touched my arm, I miss everything about you that shines And makes me want your love, your charm... Do you miss me the way I do? Would you give the world for one kiss? Will I hear from your mouth "I love you"? Or it's just another dreaming bliss? Tell me you do miss, Give me the promised kiss, Hold me in your arms for a life time Say you love me, don't drop the line! I miss your smile I miss your laugh I miss everything about you. When I really want you back I care so much for you. I don't understand what did I do? I thought we would be together for so long You were so sweet and charming with you words you said. But something happened I don't know what went wrong I cried so hard just lying in my bed. All alone I sit in the night. No one t
You Haunt Me
All my dreams of you always come to an end. I wake up in a hot sweat, with the thoughts of you all day not able to forget. Why do you haunt me in the middle of the night? Why can't I move on and try do things right? I see your face and I know it's not real. But I still cant help the feelings I Feel. I wake each morning trying to forget, but your haunting memory is my outstanding Debt. I've tried to pray and ask god for some peace, even after the praying the hauntings didn't cease. Now at night I already know what to expect, you haunting my dreams, my never- ending debt. Nothing to gain I pay for it with my pain, knowing inside my soul, I may never be the same. I may meet someone new and try to let him in my heart. I am still so scared, I don't want to make That new start. I truly believe we are still meant to be. Nothing I can do but leave it to destiny. Sometimes I believe you were never here at all, I make myself believe only to stumble and fall. How could I have
Walking down an empty street. None of the lights are on at night. All the doors are locked closed. No one is at their windows to look out. No one sees me standing there. Standing in the rain. Looking up, you can see them falling down on you like bomb shells. There is no cover. You can not hide from them. You hear them give applause as they crash on the roof tops. They clean away your smile. They put the weight of the world on your shoulders. If you have hair, does it clear things up, or cover the things that matter most in life? Rain. You either love me or hate me. I can not choose.
A Different Kinda Feeling
im feeling kinnda blue, why cause im missing you. i think of you all the time, cant get no peace of mind. youre always in my head, i always lie awake in my bed. at night is when i need you the most, just wanna hold you so close. missing you ohhhh so much, just wanting to feel your touch. i hope you think of me too, hoping you miss me as much as i miss you. we,ll be together someday, somehow we'll run away.
trying not to forget it all, butmy memory just seems to recall. that aww so rainy night, the night you set my heart at flight. trying not to forget your face trying not to forget the place. remembering all the things you said, trying not to forget the thing we had. that night just seem to past, i was praying for it to last. trying not to forget your eyes, hoping the things you said werent a lie. trying not to forget the way it felt, trying not ot forget the smell. oh the way you made me feel. but trying not to remember this pain, that deep inside you dont feel the same. trying to forget we can never be, together as one you and me. trying not to forget i belong to someone else. trying not toforget are love will never be true , but trying to forget about you.
why cant you see i love you, why cant you see my love is true. why cant i breath when your near me why cant i speak. why am i crying , why do i keep trying. why cant i win your love. why is it so hard to do, why cant i prove, that i am in love with you. why cant we ever be, why cant you ever love me.
The Unwanted Baby
My mom decided to have me and beautiful baby girl, Daddy wanted to not even bring me into this world. He said he wasn't ready that the time wasnt right, but just so she could have me my mom put up a terrible fight. Later mommy told her husband about the affair and how the babby wasnt his, he told her to get rid of it it wouldnt be missed. momy hid from everyone never telling a soul, that she loved that baby she couldnt let me go. mommy was tierd of the fighting and tierd of the tears, she went and did exactly what i had feared. with just 2 weeks left before she had me she made a decison to go , she said she couldnt deal with the stress that she bistowed. she wrapped me in a bundle and took me far away, she said please care for my baby she has nobody. then she kissed me and said as the tears rolled from her eyes. promise me youll find me when it is just the right time. for i could not care for you now but one day you will see. that you was the baby that wasnty meant to be
Prescott Bush Interview : Hear A Traitor Speak! - 2 Of 2
Prescott Bush Interview : Hear a traitor speak! - 2 of 2
open your ears and listen to the uncomfortable silence that's drowning out the sound of happiness... don't you hear it? listen. things aren't always the way you think they should be make a move on the chess board and realize we have lost listen to the nonsense we fight about now-a-days... how can this be love? listen. there is a fading light upon the path we travel aren't there whispers in your heart... telling you that something isn't quite right? i hear them. listen. my love, what we've been sharing has been beautiful. but I'm beginning to see that it may not be everlasting. i guess nothing ever is... staying here will only make me wish i hadn't. don't deny that what i say is true... don't dismiss my words. please... listen.
A Good Marine.--a Must Read
This "Letter of Apology" was written by Lieutenant General Chuck Pitman, US Marine Corps, Retired: For good and ill, the Iraqi prisoner abuse mess will remain an issue. On the one hand, right thinking Americans will abhor the stupidity of the actions while on the other hand, political glee will take control and fashion this minor event into some modern day massacre. I humbly offer my opinion here: I am sorry that the last seven times we Americans took up arms and sacrificed the blood of our youth; it was in the defense of Muslims ( Bosnia , Kosovo, Gulf War 1, Kuwait , etc.) I am sorry that no such call for an apology upon the extremists came after 9/11. I am sorry that all of the murderers on 9/11 were Islamic Arabs. I am sorry that most Arabs and Muslims have to live in squalor under savage dictatorships. I am sorry that their leaders squander their wealth. I am sorry that their governments breed hate for the US in their religious schools, mosques, and governm
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My Theme Song
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Be Without You
I wanna be with you, gotta be with you, need to be with you (Oh, oh, oh, oh) I wanna be with you, gotta be with you, need to be with you (Oh, oh, oh, oh) Oooo (oh, oh, oh, oh) oooo Chemistry was crazy from the get-go Neither one of us knew why We didn't build nothing overnight Cuz a love like this takes some time People swore it off as a phase Said we can't see that Now from top to bottom They see that we did that (yes) It's so true that (yes) We've been through it (yes) We got real sh** (yes) See baby we been... Too strong for too long (and I can't be without you baby) And I'll be waiting up until you get home (cuz I can't sleep without you baby) Anybody who's ever loved, ya know just what I feel Too hard to fake it, nothing can replace it Call the radio if you just can't be without your baby I got a question for ya See I already know the answer But still I wanna ask you Would you lie? (no) Make me cry? (no) Do somethin' behind my back and then try to
Illegal Aliens
This is what We the People have been trying to get across to WHOM IT MAY CONCERN! This is worth reading: Tina Griego, journalist for the Denver Rocky Mountain News wrote a column titled, 'Mexican visitor's lament' -- 10/25/07. She interviewed Mexican journalist Evangelina Hernandez while visiting Denver last week. Hernandez said, "They (illegal aliens) pay rent, buy groceries, buy clothes...what happens to your country's economy if 20 million people go away ?" That's a good question - it deserves an answer. Over 80 percent of Americans demand secured borders and illegal migration stopped. But what would happen if all 20 million or more vacated America? The answers may surprise you! *In California, if 3.5 million illegal aliens moved back to Mexico, it would leave an extra $10.2 billion to spend on overloaded school systems, bankrupted hospitals and overrun prisons. It would leave highways cleaner, safer and less congested. Everyone could understand one another, as E
Y Do They Lie
why do some ppl have to lie to others... why cant they just come out and say stuff why do they try to lie to get out of things that they know they are caught with
The Legend Of The Easter Bunny
The legend of the Easter Bunny is far from a modern invention. Long ago, the rabbit was the earthly symbol of the pagan goddess Eastre, and was worshipped in the pagan festival of Eastre. Germans brought the legend of the Easter rabbit to America, though Easter itself wasn't widely celebrated in America until after the Civil War. The hare has long been a symbol of fertility and renewal of life -- which fit in with the Christian tradition of Easter and the tradition of Easter eggs. In the United States, the Easter Bunny is fabled to lay the eggs in the nests prepared for it or hide them for children to find
History Of The Easter Bunny
The Easter Bunny is a jaunty symbol of the annual Christian holiday of Easter. (Easter marks the day that Jesus of Nazareth is supposed to have risen from the grave after his crucifixion.) According to tradition the Easter Bunny makes his visit every year, scattering brightly-colored eggs as he goes. The origins of the Easter Bunny aren't clear; the first recorded references to him (as "Oschter Haws") are generally agreed to have come from Germany in the 1500s. In ancient times the rabbit was a symbol of fertility, equated with springtime and renewal of life, and the hare was also associated with the moon, whose cycles determine the precise date of Easter each year. Over time these traditions presumably merged with the annual celebration of Easter itself, and now the Bunny is associated with Easter in much the same way that Santa Claus is the secular symbol of Christmas.
~ Lets Pretend ~
Can we just pretend? For a brief moment or too. That we are madly in love Oh let me have this dream with you. Can I hold onto your hand? Just to feel the warmth of your touch I want feel that you belong to me, How happy that would make me. I long to kiss you upon your lips, To feel the tingle as our lips touch. I want to hold you very close, And never have to let you go. I want to look deep into your eyes, And glimpse whatís in your very soul. I know that what I see there, May not be what I hope for. I long to feel your breath, Gently blowing in my ear. I long to be so close to you, That I hear your throbbing heart. I want to hold you close to me forevermore, But we have just one moment in time. I know deep down that we can never be together, Let me for a moment pretend that youíre mine.
Fire Saftey You Should Know About
Fire Safety Key Points From candles to cooking to electrical wiring to home appliances, there are potential fire hazards at every turn within our homes. In recent years, unintentional fires have killed an average of 2,500 people, injured more than 13,000, and caused $5 billion in property damage. Learn how to protect your family and home from fire hazards. Get an Early Warning Have a working smoke alarm placed on each level in the home outside bedroom areas and inside every bedroom. Never disconnect batteries from smoke alarms, and move them away from kitchens or bathrooms. Replace the batteries once a year, for example during daylight savings time, or when they "chirp." Replace smoke alarms every 10 years. Plan Your Escape Help those who need help. Children and the elderly may not hear smoke alarms. Consider this as part of your escape plan. Plan your escape route and practice leaving your home. Decide on one place outside where family members should meet. Steps You Can
Phone Call To Daddy
> 'Hello?' > > 'Hi honey. > > This is Daddy. > Is Mommy near the phone?' > > 'No Daddy. > She's upstairs in the bedroom > with Uncle Paul.' > > After a brief pause, > > Daddy says, 'But honey, > you haven't got an Uncle Paul.' > > 'Oh yes I do, and he's upstairs in the room > with Mommy, right now.' > > Brief Pause. > > 'Uh, okay then, this is what I want you to do. > Put the phone down on the table, run upstairs > and knock on the bedroom door > and shout to Mommy that Daddy's car > just pulled into the driveway.' > 'Okay Daddy, just a minute.' > A few minutes later > the little girl comes back to the phone. > > 'I did it Daddy.' > 'And what happened honey?' > > 'Well, Mommy got all scared, jumped out of bed > with no clothes on and ran around screaming. > > Then she tripped over the rug, hit her head on the dresser > and now she isn't moving at all!' > > 'Oh my God!!! > What about yo
It's what we do for love that sets us apart from all the rest. It's who we choose to love, that puts us to the test. It's how we pursue that love, that gives us our strength to succeed. Love can do so much, it can fulfill your every need. Love is so powerful, it can change your life forever. Love forms a bond, that nobody can whether. Love gives you courage, to stand up for what you believe. Love gives you that twinkle in your eye, that everyone can see. Love can make you stand up and shout as loud as you can be. Or Love can make me pop that question, as I get down on one knee. Love is just a four letter word, but it can make us do so much. It can makes us get goosebumps with one little touch. I am so lucky I found someone to give me all that strength. I found someone to love, and I have you ______ to thank.
Leave A Message
Leave me be Let me walk free Without this anchor tied to me I walk down this road But all you do is follow me I am a master with out a home I have someone telling me where to go Time is not free Donít hold your breath for me I have a birds spirit Spreading my wing letting the wind take me Take me where ever it blows me I push away I claw my way to where I need to be Seek & you shall find Donít take that advice I am a leaf blowing in the wind I am rolling stone I am a bird flying over blue waters I am time you just canít stop me Iíll find my way Iíll make my mark Then Iíll fade away The only way youíll be able to see me Is to blow out a candle The smoke that rise & fades away is me Heart, soul, mind, body, & spirit Someone you just have to let be Just let me be By the way leave a message please beep
Photobucket Fun
1. Go to 2. type in your answer. 3. only use the first page. 4. copy the html and paste here. 1. What is your first name? 2. What month were you born in? 3. What's your favorite hobby? 4. What's your favorite TV show? 5. What's your favorite color? 6. Who's your celebrity crush? 7. What's your favorite movie? 8. Who's your favorite Disney character? 9. The name of your pet? 10. What's your favorite vacation spot? 11. What's your favorite dessert?
Free As The Spirit's
One Sexy Bitch
Nietzsche...yet Again
He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 146
Hydrogen Producing Bacteria
Scientists have genetically engineered E. coli bacteria in order to produce substantial quantities of hydrogen. We know about the harm this particular strain of bacteria can cause, but this study reveals how the bacteria can be used to provide a potential renewable energy source. For additional information see:
Pain and torture of regret Words said in anger cut to the quick. Confusion and anguish of being alive Heartache is making me sick Losing you is a nightmare From which i cannot wake Desire to end the suffering A choice that i must make Refuse to die Refuse to die Refuse to die 02/20/08
The Lunar Eclipse
I just went out and looked at the moon. I tried to take some pictures of it but it looks like a dot on my camera, lol It is a beautiful sight! There are stars out with the moon also. Very pretty. I have just finished working for the day. I worked all day long and all evening long! ugh! I got a lot done though so that is really good. Peter is in the kitchen making dinner and it smells really good. I am starving! He is making grilled chicken with vegetables and pesto sauce with noodles. It smells so good. I got a deal on an X-Box game today. I picked up Christopher after school and for all of his A's he has been getting, I told him I would buy him a new game. I went to Best Buy and he picked out Dirt which is a race game. It is a $50 game and when I went up to the cash register, they have new computers to check you out. Some how the $50 game came up a $20 game! Woo hoo. lol I like that price. Well, it's dinner time! Kisses Martin ~~ciao~~
Well people im 30 yrs old today! WOO HOO? i just dont know how to go bout this! Should i take this in stride or just as another year closer to death? What do u fubarians say?
This Be True
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Remember When?!!!
if you're under the age of 13 or shouldn't even read this, and if you do, you should not repost this. Just because you were born in '95 doesn't mean you're a 90's kid. It's not like you could remember the original Simpsons. I am sorry but five conscious years of the 90's just wont cut it. You're a 90's kid if: You remember watching: -Doug -Ren & Stimpy -Pinky and the Brain -AAAAAAAH Real Monsters! -Rockos modern Life. -Animaniacs -Gargoyles You've ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE!" You just cant resist finishing this . . . "Iiin west Philadelphia born and raised . . ." You remember: -Step by Step -Family Matters -Dinosaurs -Boy Meets World You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. You remember reading "Goosebumps" You still get the urge to say "NOT" after (almost) every sentence . . . not When everything was settled by: -rock paper scissors or -bubble gum bubble gum in a
X-rated Survey
X-Rated Survey... Body: HAVE YOU GOTTEN LAID THIS WEEK? Are u asking me for sex? EVER HAD SEX IN A PUBLIC PLACE? Yeppers..been caught too EVER LAUGH DURING SEX? Yes EVER CRY DURING SEX? Hell no...what kind of man does that DO YOU LIKE TO CUDDLE AFTER SEX? i dont mind laying there talking or whatever..but i dont call it cuddling EVER REGRET SEX WITH SOMEONE? Nope...why would I? EVER FAKED AN ORGASM? NOPE...there is always evidence all over the place DIRTY TALK, OR STFU? Dirty is good EVER HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX? Yeppers EVER MASTURBATE TO YOUR FRIENDS SIGNIFICANT OTHER? hahaha...uh EVER HAVE A THREESOME? Yes EVER WATCH PORN DURING SEX? Yes EVER THOUGHT OF SOMEONE ELSE DURING SEX? Who hasn't HAS THE CONDOM EVER BROKE? yep WHAT IS YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING SEXUAL EXPERIENCE? being caught by a bunch of my friends parents. THey walked in on me and this girl on the floor at the beach house at 10 am. Im a champ..i finished anyways HOW OLD WERE YO
Tag I'm It And You're Next!
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. I was tagged so I guess I have to do this now! 10. I have an oral ficsation(sp), hence the reason I have my tounge pierced. 9. I am afraid of needles in the scence of having something injected into my viens but I am addicted to piercings and tattoos. 8. I am naturally a blonde. What do you think looks better; black hair or blonde? 7. I am a black and white photo junkie. I have shoe boxes of old photographs of people I have never met. 6. I can walk around down town Seattle amlisly for hours with nothing but by camera, sketchbook and pencil, water and crackers and never get board. 5. I have horrible trust issues. 4. I may act tou
Rain Rain Go Away!
Just when I think Winter is gets cold again and is raining. :( I am really ready for Spring to come. It was nice having a week of almost 70 degree temps. I will stop my bitching now. Oh no, I just realized my poor dog is outside. I just let her in. Thankfully she was a bit sheltered from the rain. She was acting naughty earlier so I threw her butt outside. It wasn't raining then. Maybe she will learn to not behave bad? Nah. My son is home sick today. Says he thinks he has Mono. Hmm? He said it has been going around school. Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do about mono. It sucks. I got it 2 years ago in the summer. What did I get it from? I am pretty sure I got it from the nail salon because she cut my toe. About 6 weeks later I get really sick and the doctor tested me for Mono and sure as shit, I had it. I was shocked to say the least. 40 years old with Mono (the kissing disease!). Unfortunately the older you are, the worse it hits you
Breast Cancer Awareness, Please Feel Free To Copy
Click here for an easy and free way to help fund mammograms for those in need at The Breast Cancer Site!
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A Thought...(albeit Someone Else's)
Affection, like melancholy, magnifies trifles; but the magnifying of the one is like looking through a telescope at heavenly objects; that of the other, like enlarging monsters with a microscope. Leigh Hunt
5 Tankas On A Theme
If I kiss'd your neck Beneath where your hair conceals And whisper'd, "My love...", Would you take my hand in yours And hold it for all of time? ***** With my waking stir, I reach out and touch your face... - Prelude to a kiss - So soft does the morning light Illuminate my desire. ***** Tell me you love me, Let me see it in your eyes When we kiss at night And let me taste it, my dear, In the sweet press of your lips. ***** When I kiss'd your thighs And felt your body quiver So expectantly Beneath the palm of my hand, A breath is all that remain'd. ***** Will you remember The brush of a feather'd kiss Or the soft, sweet rush Of blood blinding your senses When morning opens your eyes?
La Petite Morte
La Petite Morte Had I known your hair to be woven of gold and your eyes so uncommonly true, far sooner would I have died that sweet little death I died last night thinking of you
I Was Meant To Die
I Was Meant To Die A Rondeau I was meant to die in a place far away, somewhere Over There, where the poppies dip and sway. For country, kith and kin or a vague philosphy on some far forgotten field somewhere across the sea. Oh, I was meant to die on some long remembered day. Kingdoms and great powers, like wolves before their prey, carved tombstones by the millions so that mothers may pray. Why I am not amongst them is a mystery to me... I was meant to die. I am just a player in this tragic-comic play but I've never had to soldier in some futile, foolish fray. And I know I should feel thankful for this world with which I see but I can not help believing this was not my destiny. Oh, I can not help believing there was not another way I was meant to die.
Thank You Everyone !
Thanks to all my family and friends.. you rawk my world ~ your caring words and gifts are getting me thru this hard time in my life ! Thank you for being there for me I love you all ! I might be SAD a lot RIGHT NOW but I am NOT BROKEN ~~~~~~ MMFWCL
Its my Birthday!
Who Has A Ps3?
does anyone have a ps3? ... i for one thought i wouldnt get one for a grip.. but pookie hooked me up with the loot to get one.. n to shorten the bill traded my 360 for it as well. i realy dont think it was a bad deal at all.. it was 200 but its worth it in the long run when the better titles come out... n if anyone who reading this n has a ps3 n would like to added as a homie online hit m e up i play shooters.. rpgs.. pretty mutch anythang besides racIng games.. cuz they suck! ANYWAY.. hit me up.. _marty
Tips On Pumping Gas
TIPS ON PUMPING GAS (Good information) I don't know what you guys are paying for gasoline.... but here in California we are also paying higher, up to $3.50 per gallon. But my line of work is in petroleum for about 31 years now, so here are some tricks to get more of your money's worth for every gallon.. Here at the Kinder Morgan Pipeline where I work in San Jose , CA we deliver about 4 million gallons in a 24-hour period thru the pipeline. One day is diesel the next day is jet fuel, and gasoline, regular and premium grades. We have 34-storage tanks here with a total capacity of 16,800,000 gallons. Only buy or fill up your car or truck in the early morning when the ground temperature is still cold. Remember that all service stations have their storage tanks buried below ground. The colder the ground the more dense the gasoline, when it gets warmer gasoline expands, so buying in the afternoon or in the evening....your gallon is not exactly a gallon. In the petroleum business,
Help Me Win This Battle :d
Hair = Energy?
well, it's Friday~! Not much has happened this week here. I have had no energy at all to do anything. But being a MOM you know we have to keep on going no matter how bad we feel. I have done little housework and now this morning I have loads of clothes to wash and dry. I have cooked supper every that is good. But that is about all I have done in the house. My hair is gone so I wonder if having hair is the root to having energy....LOL. I signed the kids up for an art class for tomorrow. I hope it is warmer tomorrow than it is today. Anyway, the art class is kinda a therapy for kids with loved ones fighting cancer. It is being held at the local cancer association office. While they are doing that I am going to look around the wig/hat room. Who knows, I may come home with a new "hair style"~! I miss not chatting with my friends as much as before. But this week should be better for me. About the time I start feeling "normal"'s time for chemo again.
Come Join The Fire Fighters Hall Lounge
Now We Shall See
I have gone ahead and deleted most of my friends, and fans, all except those who I really care about. So now let's see if anyone notices, my guess is no, they are all friend-fan whores!!!!!
Some Pagan Terms
Just a few definitions for you beginners: 1st Degree: A person who gets to do all the work. 2nd Degree: A person who gets to complain about the 1st degrees and the High Priestess. 3rd Degree: A person who never shows up at rituals. Athame: A ritual knife; the bigger the knife, the less power the bearer has. Book of Shadows: A messy, handwritten book that contains copies of everyone else's rituals. Ceremonial Magician: Someone with bad hygiene habits, who reads Crowley, takes drugs and practices looking menacing. Circle: Some assemblage of people standing or sitting in an uneven, or oval shape. Coven: A bunch of people who fight like family and get together several times a month to party. Crowley: A weird guy whom lots of people worship because he died a syphilitic drug addict. (Kinda like Curt Cobain and Elvis). Full Moon: Any Saturday that occurs sometime close to the actual calendar full moon. High Priest: Whoever the High Priestess is sleeping with t
About Me
Just wanted to say that Hammerboi6 and I are having a great time at the beach. The weather sucks big time and it's windy and cold but we are staying busy, bowling, shooting pool, eating and drinking (real drinks but fu-pretend fu-bar ones!). We needed a vacation badly! He's beating my butt at every thing we do but it's still a lot of fun. We are just enjoying being together for some alone time and getting away from the daily grind. We are about to celebrate our 5th month anniversary and are still having fun and discovering new things about each other. We are very lucky to have found each other in this whole world! So I am just taking a moment to say thanks to all my new friends who helped me level up. I will finish rating/commenting you when I get back home next week. Everyone have a great weekend!!! love from Tville!!!
Thrown Away
I don't care that she loved you I don't care that she was your everything I don't care that she is your past You get to choose your future Throw away the dried up roses Throw away the old love notes Throw away the thoughts of what could have been You're with me now You're not allowed to keep going back to her She is not an option anymore You have a choice to make Life is full of choices, choices Throw away the dried up roses Throw away the old love notes Throw away the thoughts of what could have been You're with me now Sometimes I just want to surrender Sometimes I just want to give up and let you go You'd probably be better off with her anyway Anyway, anyway Throw away the dried up roses Throw away the old love notes Throw away the thoughts of what could have been You're with me now It's time for me to move on Try to make a life for myself It's time for me to find out who I am I don't know who I am, who I am Throw away the dried up roses Throw away
The New Lounge!
the SISR lounge is now open for business! Drop by and say hi and bring in a friend or two! We rock out loud! Just go to my lounge list and enter for a drama free fun zone! Also the best tunes ever on SISR!
I Need To Work On These Principles...
*AWARENESS Investigate the patterns and see what actually goes on: are the difficult parts a new experience? Have they happened before? What was your response then? Are the good parts okay? Is it easy to maintain them? *ACCEPTANCE Accept your role in co-creating the experiences you had, without judgement. Accept your results; accept yourself, as you are. Accept that you are generally trying the best you can, and so are others. Accept others as they are, without trying to change them. *TRUTH Tell the truth about who you are and what you want, not in anger or confrontation, but in certainty and safety. *CONFIDENCE Assume the best: assume you can have what you want, and others can have what they want, too. *FORGIVENESS Forgive your sins, past, present, and future. Forgive others for their mistakes. *LOVE "Be" love (accept love) and "do" love (give love) in equal measure. Both are required for a whole, healthy experience. 11:11, JAN/FEB 2008, vol.1, no.1. pg 7
Ten Things I Hate About You..poem
I hate the way you talk to me And the way you cut your hair I hate the way you drive my car I hate it when you stare I hate your big dumb combat boots And the way you read my mind I hate you so much that it makes me sick It even makes me ryhme I hate the way you're always right I hate it when you lie I hate it when you make me laugh Even worse when you make me cry I hate the way you're not around And the fact that you didn't call But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.
Don't F%ck With Me Today
Today is not my day, I am totally off so steer clear stay out of my way I am volitile an mean and looking for a fight to release all this tension that's eating me up tonight I don't want to hurt you you are not the cause of my angst my anger my rage but get in my way and you'll be the victim because today is just not the day not to play or poke fun I'm serious duck your head and run I am one mean bitch and today I've had my fill of idiot assholes and all their ideals they think they can crush my spirit with a couple angry words they think they can run me tear me down and make me bleed I didn't get this far in life by being a punk ass bitch I can hold my own, you see and crawl out of any ditch can't beat me down so run and hide your words will get you lit I've already got my alibi Don't step on my toes and look over my shoulder I spotted your game and baby it's over.
Sex Drive
Kiss it all my order is tall fulfill my desires and take me higher Give it to me rough when you are inside me talk dirty to me you know how I like it make me cum you know I can't fight it pull my hair make me scream your name fuck me so good that i'll never be the same I'll play your game wear whatever you like be your maid we can go all night wear me out make my body writhe if you've got the passion I've got the drive
About Me....
For those who wanted to pry a bit: I am: A full time student A working class woman A home owner Loyal..... A housewife A mother of many creatures A witch A poet An artist Interesting and QUIRKY Honest...... A soccer player A dancer A lifeguard Beautiful.... Neurotic some times.... a daughter of a murderer a daughter of a crack addict BLESSED....
Careful How You Vote
OLD VERSION: The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter. The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away. Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed. The grasshopper has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the cold. MORAL OF THE STORY: Be responsible for yourself! ------------------------------------------- MODERN VERSION: The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter. The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away. Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while others are cold and starving. CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, and ABC show up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his comfortable ho
One Voice
although two souls are meeting there is but one voice capturing the moment captivating and controlling the thoughts, actions, words leading the way for conscious desire and decisive emotion stories and daily goings- on are frequently passed between the one voice and the intermixed beings creating a warm happiness a sense of belonging an aura of completeness a comfortable existence time, a distant memory fading in and fading out, its power and autonomy fall on blissfully ignorant, yet distinctly aware, ears - focused and true with the quantity of well spent hours adding up and summarizing the feelings and beliefs shared and opposed, comes an ability to confide and uphold moments, eternities abundant with understanding.
For The Haters
hehe Buried at PhotoCasket Buried at PhotoCasket
Chinese Proverbs
CHINESE PROVERBS ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Virginity like bubble, one prick, all gone. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who run in front of car, get tired. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who run behind car, get exhausted. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Foolish man give wife a grand piano, wise man give wife upright organ. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who walk through airport turnstile sideways going to Bankok. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man with one chopstick go hungry. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who scratch ass should not bite fingernails. * ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who eat many prunes get good run for money. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Baseball is wrong: man with four balls cannot walk. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Panties not best thing on earth! But next to best thing on earth. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* War does not determine who is right, war determine who is left. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Wife who put husband in doghouse soon find him in cat house. *
Doin Memes Cuz I'm Sick
how weird are youdamn u r totally weird!u are crazy nuts, go 2 theraphyMyspace Quizzes
Ice Cream
You Are Chocolate Ice Cream You have a flair for the dramatic and love to party. Your personality is super strong and unique. Many people crave you constantly - while you turn a few off. You are most compatible with coffee ice cream. What Flavor Ice Cream Are You?
I LOVE YOU, Why do we say it? Does it mean anything to the one sayn it? Does that person your sayn it to mean anything to you? If I LOVE YOU ment something els would u say it? Well love has so many different meanings and it has a different meaning to many different people. So when you say I LOVE YOU to some one reallyy stop and think is it going to come out the way u mean it..
A Fishing Lure
A couple of young boys were fishing at their special pond off the beaten track. All of a sudden, the Game Warden jumped out of the bushes. Immediately, one of the boys threw his rod down and started running through the woods. The Game Warden was hot on his heels. After about a half mile, the young man stopped and stooped over with his hands on his thighs to catch his breath, so the Game Warden finally caught up to him. "Let's see yer fishin' license, Boy!" The Warden gasped. With that, the boy pulled out his wallet and gave the Game Warden a valid fishing license. "Well, son,Ē said the Game Warden. "You must be about as dumb as a box of rocks! You don't have to run from me if you have a valid license!" "Yes, sir,Ē replied the young guy. "But my friend back there, well, he don't have one."
Good Attempt To Catch Attention
Here's another one of the out of ordinary friend's request I got today... this one was kind of cool and different so he got in!
Obama For President???
This is in response to an Bullentin out there Also to the article Usually I don't say anything about things like this; But this time I have to get on the band wagon. Everyone sprouts that he is a Muslim in hiding. Now they are saying his Mother is an Atheist? Dang the lady is dead and cannot defend herself. I get upset that the KKK freely walks in all parts of the Goverment. I get upset to know that every race has the right to vote but Black people only have an bill, that has to be renewed every 25 years. What is Hilary Clinton hiding? What is Mc Caine Hiding?? It was made known in the souther states that the KKK help funded some of the most popular Republican Presidents so don't come at Mr. Obama with him hiding to be a Muslim and he doesn't want to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. When u have Nazi's, Members of the KKK, Other white supremist that want
Today's Quote A friend hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails
Black Star
Black star, jewel of the night Black star, burning bright Magnificent sun, a beacon burning Five pointed coal, a guide eternal Black star, five pointed coal Black star, the cosmic soul Shining opaque, celestial furnace Glittering dark, a sun in mourning Black star, where light never shines Black star won't you be my guide? A dead sun for where the light never shines Shine on... Twinkle, twinkle black star Shine on... Black star, darken the skies Forever burn, never to die An ebony flame, a sun infernal Nemesis of the night, my own dark angel Black star, jewel of the night Black star, so cruel, so bright A glorious sun, with warmth so healing Glittering dark, a sun in mourning Black star, where light never shines Black star won't you be my guide? A dead sun for where the light never shines Shine on... Twinkle, twinkle black star Shine on... black star (lead) Shine on... Twinkle, twinkle black star Shine on...
Some Facts That You Didnt Know
ē There are more than 3 million poisonings every year. ē Household cleaners are the #1 cause of poisonings in children. ē Regular shampoos often contain formaldehyde as a preservative ē Since 1980 asthma has increased by 600% ē Common household products have been identified as triggers of asthma ē A 15-year study found that women who worked at home had a 54% higher death rate from cancer than women who had jobs outside the home. ē Manufacturers ARE NOT required to list the exact ingredients on a label ē Chemical names are often disguised by using "trade names", so you may not recognize the chemical for what it truly is ē A women's fertility has also been negatively affected by the increase use of chemicals. In 1934 only 21 cases of endometriosis existed in the entire world. Today over 5 million women have this condition, which causes infertility in the US alone.
People and the past, Being Human we are always trying to figure people out. we do this by asking about their past to see what kind of a person they where. we do this more with the people we are in relationships. For myself I like getting to know my boys ex girl friend so I knew what I was in for. this last relationship, I didn't do so. I the days by day. I found out that the boy I was dating was a cheater once the women came to me and told me what had happen. so Naturally I went to his Ex to see if this was a pattern in his life before me. She believe that he had but never had proof of it. so My question to myself was to tell his new girl friend or to let it be. I told with my ex and He never did say sorry for cheating but he did say sorry for not telling me about it? So after talking with him I thought it best not to tell his new Girl friend in hope that he maybe different with her.. but is it true once a cheat always a cheat.. I pray for her sake she can change
After months of MIA from work, I can say that my art project is back on track. Last year I started an artist website that is open to everyone to join(its free) Its still in developing stage, aka BETA so I'm working on it when i get a chance. I hope to get this site as big as I can to the point that I can get artists from all over the world to join. But if you guys feel like stopping by supporting my project, check out Join as a fan or an artist, develop your own gallery, profile, whatever. Since funding has been cut for the arts to the point that there is none, without support we will not have a voice anymore. thanks for looking
Damn It!
God men suck. I can't believe that I opened up my heart to someone again. i new what was going to happen, I should have listened to my head and not my heart. I am so tired of giving giving giving and getting not a god damn thing in return. It's like my heart is a stomping ground. I can't believe how heartless people can fucking be. I just wish sometimes that I wasn't such a nice fucking person and cared so damn much. God I hate this. I am stonger than this . . . why does it feel like I just want to crawl in a hole and die. I hate my past haunting me. I found a perfect song for 2 of my ex's. You both should know who in the hell you are! Anyways, it's hate me by Blue October. Perfect for them, I just wish that I could do it. Oh well I guess. Life goes on and I know I will survive, I just hate people right now.
Thank You
thank you for being there for me, listening to what i have to say, lookn into my eyes to see, helpin me through a bad day. thanks for asking me how i was, showing me that you care, asking me things nobody else does, always being fair. thanks for putting me on your side, making sure i'm okay. you being my place to hid on a rainy day. but now that day had ended, the sun has risen and now your wisdom has gone. no longer am i defendedyou didn't bring me along. i wish i would've said what i wandted to say, but i held it allin, there are things i wish i could tell you today, that i just wasn't ready to then. you looked at me and said that i could always talk to you, but you were someone i hardly knew. and now that wou've gone away. there is so much that i wish i could say. so that you my friend, that is what i've been desiring to say, for being my umbrella, on that rainy day.
30 Years Of Marriage
After 30 years of marriage, this couple was lying in bed one evening, when the misses felt her husband begin to fondle her in ways he hadn't in quite some time. It almost tickled as his fingers started at her neck, and then began moving down past the small of her back. He then caressed her shoulders and neck, slowly worked his hand down over her breasts, stopping just over her lower stomach. He then proceeded to place his hand on her left inner arm, caressed past the side of her breast again, working down her side, passed gently over her buttock and down her leg to her calf.Then, he proceeded up her inner thigh, stopping just at the uppermost portion of her leg. He continued in the same manner on her right side, then suddenly stopped, rolled over and became silent. As she had become quite aroused by this caressing, she asked in a loving voice, "Honey, that was wonderful. Why did you stop?" I found the remote," he mumbled.
Vaseline Research
Vaseline Research A man doing market research knocked on a door and was greeted by a young woman with three small children running around at her feet. He says, "I'm doing some research for Vaseline. Have you ever used the product?" She says, "Yes. My husband and I use it all the time." "And if you don't mind me asking, what do you use it for?" "We use it for sex." The researcher was a little taken back. "Usually people lie to me and say that they use it on a child's bicycle chain or to help with a gate hinge. But, in fact, I know that most people do use it for sex. I admire you for your honesty. Since you've been frank so far, can you tell me exactly how you use it for sex?" The woman says, "I don't mind telling you at all. My husband and I put it on the door knob to keep the kids out." (AND YOU THOUGHT WHAT? )
He Moved Her In
He cared for her and took her in. He wanted to help restore her life. As mine would come to an end. We made her feel warm and save. Little did I know I was giving up my place? She was his friend and confident, someone who made him feel good. She made him feel good by the look in her eyes. Then it would go beyond the belt and unzip his fly. Then there is me. Who am I am just the wife. The one who cared for him thru thick and thin. I cooked and care for him. I gave him love and my life. Also gave him a statement that will have cost us our lives. I let her in, into our home. She was free to roam. Roam thru the home, thru our sarcrite place. A place were you are suppose to be safe. A place were your children run free. A place were you can just be. Be who you are and not be harmed. A safe heaven for one and all. She was welcomed with open arms. She became one of us. She played with the dog and our kids. She shared with me, jus
Kinky Shit
Your a kinky freak. Its off to bed with you. You know why i came over. You know what to do. Get down on your knees. Till i decide im through. I pull your long hair. And make you gurgle a scream. Soon your gettin ancy. And let you up. Only to bend you over. Just to beat you up. Your head hits the headboard. And already you are done. I wont let you up. My fun has just begun. Your face says your in pain. Biting the pillow to stop a scream. Then i flip you over. Only to continue my game. The torture has only started. Now your in my chains. Your body is my canvas. Now im being rough. And your screamin has become insane. You act like your being raped. Screaming more than my name. Soon you over come and grip me with your legs. I bite you all over and the screamin begins again. Soon i begin to slow. After i finish i try to get on my way. Your nails meet with my brains. "If you wanna ever have kids. Tomorrow you will do the same."
Flyte 02/26/08 Pm
Noise And Kisses
"Noise And Kisses" Look in my eyes I'm jaded now whatever that means by sharing these things I rip my heart out it's worth my time whatever that means hard to see up my neck feels stiff until I wake up the orange I choked and back to my neck it's worth my time whatever that means share with me cause I need it right now let me see your insides or write me off cause I'd rather starve now if you won't open up give it to me give me all... whatever you want it's never been me to want this much from you
Jealous Guy
I was dreaming of the past. And my heart was beating fast, I began to lose control, I began to lose control, I didn't mean to hurt you, I'm sorry that I mad you cry, I didn't want to hurt you, I'm just a jealous guy, I was feeling insecure, You might not love me any more, I was shivering inside, I was shivering inside, I was trying to catch your eyes, Thought that you were trying to hide, I was swallowing my pain, I was swallowing my pain.
Hug Certificate Ty Tracy *muah*
This poem is very sweet. If I could catch a rainbow I would do it just for you and share with you its beauty On the days you're feeling blue. If I could build a mountain You could call your very own A place to find serenity, A place to be alone. If I could take your troubles I would toss them in the sea, But all these things I'm finding are impossible for me. I cannot build a mountain Or catch a rainbow fair, But let me be what I know best, A friend who's always there. This is a Hug Certificate!! Send One to All Your Friends Who You Think Deserve A Hug (Which Hopefully Includes the Person Who Sent It to You). You might send it to your enemies as well! It'll really tick 'em off! If you receive this back
Cracked Pot
An elderly Chinese woman had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a pole which she carried across her neck. One of the pots had a crack in it while the other pot was perfect and always delivered a full portion of water. At the end of the long walks from the stream to the house, the cracked pot arrived only half full. For a full two years this went on daily, with the woman bringing home only one and a half pots of water. Of course, the perfect pot was proud of its accomplishments. But the poor cracked pot was ashamed of its own imperfection, and miserable that it could only do half of what it had been made to do. After two years of what it perceived to be bitter failure, it spoke to the woman one day by the stream. 'I am ashamed of myself, because this crack in my side causes water to leak out all the way back to your house. The old woman smiled, 'Did you notice that there are flowers on your side of the path, but not on the other pot's side? That's because I have alw
Close My Eyes Forever
(Lita) Baby, I get so scared inside and I don't really understand Is it love that's on your mind or is it fantasy (Ozzy) Heaven, is in the palm of my hand, and it's waiting here for you What am I supposed to do with a childhood tragedy CHORUS: (Lita) If I close my eyes forever Will it all remain unchanged If I close my eyes forever Will it all remain the same (Ozzy) Sometimes it's hard to hold on So hard to hold on to my dreams It isn't always what it seems When you're face to face with me (Lita) You're like a dagger And you stick me in the heard And taste the blood from my blade And when we sleep would you shelter me In your warm and darkened grave CHORUS (Lita) Will you ever take me (Ozzy) No, I just can't take the pain (Lita) But would you ever trust me (Ozzy) No, I'll never feel the same....OOh...
Family Guy-stewie Hates Broccoli
So lately I have been going through some stuff that has had me pretty down. But it is all getting better. My life is finally going in the right direction. I've got an awesome man, great kids and wonderful friends. To the 4 of you that I hang with and talk to on a daily basis...thank you all for being here for me and showing me the finer sides about living life here in Hawaii. You 4 rock. I love you all. Derrick, Tee, Moose and Malia! Anyways....just had to update my blog and this is what I wanted to say. So until the next time...have a great day and stuff!
Savin Me
Spring Break!!
Well I just got a phone call from a girlfriend who's family owns a restuarant here on the island. Spring Break is pretty busy around here that it's hard to find good staff! I currently work for a Real estate company and it looks like I just booked my fun for Spring break. Working 9-5 for my company and then 6-11 for her resturant bartending!.. Fun Fun!... No drinking for me this Spring break... looks like I'll be making some Fast Cash! .. Works for ME!!
Well its official, i'm being charged with my felony shit, so after Monday March 3rd I will no longer have access to anything so after that if anyone wants to write me my address will be posted here monday by my friend. PeAcE
Women, Know Your Limits!
I don't know why, I just got a kick out of this. ;)
you come over, i'm in the shower. you decide to strip down and joing me in the shower. when you step into the shower and i see you for the first time, all i can say is, "mmmm." I push you so you are under the water and start to was you, soaping you up and running my hand down to your manhood and slowly stroking you. Feeling and stroking your shaft and taking my other hand and fondling your balls. You whisper in my ear, " i have to sit down or I'm going to fall down." I help you get into a sitting position and then i straddle you, squatting right over your hard cock. Slowly, I sink down filling my pussy with your hard throbbing cock. "ahhhhh mmmmmm," is all you can manage to say as your cock is enveloped in hot slippery pussy. I'm so wet, there is almost no friction. My hips slide toward your head and then reverse themselves in an almost alarming violence. you put your hands on my breats as i ride you. you squeeze them, lick them, suck on them and tease them. I lean forward and whips
Late Night Fubar
It is almost 10pm. I worked really long hours today. Spent a little time talking to Boober and Ms. Australia and other then that, work work work! My daughter made dinner for us tonight. It was so unhealthy but damn good! She is a good little cook but doesn't do well with making more than one thing at a time. So we had rolled taco's with salsa she made and some bean dip she made. I guess that is 3 things but WHERE'S THE VEGETABLES? She told me the salsa was a vegi. LOL It was good and neither Peter or I had to make it so it was good to me. Then we came in our room and watched television because our kids were in the other room watching tv so damn loud. I really think they are going def from wearing earphones and having it be loud. It was kind of nice to be watching tv in bed and being lazy and then fooling around ;). That is always fun. I think tomorrow I will tackle my taxes and get them done. I am just not looking forward to it because I know that we are going
Endless Love ~ Lionel Richie And Dianna Ross
My love There's only you in my life The only thing that's right My first love You're every breath that I take You're every step I make And I I want to share All my love with you No one else will do And your eyes They tell me how much you care Oh, yes you will always be My endless love Two hearts Two hearts that beat as one Our lives had just begun Forever I'll hold you close in my arms I can't resist your charms And love I'll be a fool for you I'm sure You know I don't mind Whoooooa, you know I don't mind 'Cos you You mean the world to me Oh, I know I know I found in you My endless love [Instrumental Interlude] Oooooooh And love I'll be that fool for you I'm sure You know I don't mind Whooooa, you know I don't mind And yes You'll be the only one 'Cos no one can't deny This love I have inside And I'll give it all to you My love My endless love
Breast Cancer...please Read And Repost To Anyone You Care For...
New kind of Breast Cancer - DO NOT DELETE Please forward to all of the women in your lives .. Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, friends, etc. In November, a rare kind of breast cancer was found. A lady developed a rash on her breast, similar to that of young mothers who are nursing. Because her mammogram had been clear, the doctor treated her with antibiotics for infections. After 2 rounds, it continued to get worse, so her doctor sent her for another mammogram. This time it showed a mass. A biopsy found a fast growing malignancy. Chemo was started in order to shrink the growth; then a mastectomy was performed; then a full round of Chemo; then radiation. After about 9 months of intense treatment, she was given a clean bill of health. She had one year of living each day to its fullest. Then the cancer returned to the liver area. She took 4 treatments and decided that she wanted quality of life, not the after effects of Chemo. She had 5 great months and she planned each detail
Built To Last
Dave Allen Funeral Sketch
Dave Allen Funeral Sketch
A Whore Is A Whore Is A....
a whore. Yeah....we get the point, huh? Can't change the nature of a whore and all that. But you know...I believe that we all have our own inner whore. It resides next door to our sarcastic bitch and across the hall from our inner child. And like the kid, or the bitch even, it must be well feed. It's the manner in which you do the feeding that determines how people view you. I mean really...if a woman never feeds her inner whore, or only occassionally throws some morsel at it....she's considered frigid, is she not? She's the ice queen, with a padlock on her panties...and probably quiet bitchy, to boot. She will be called many things...but never whore, slut, tramp, etc. On the other hand, if a woman is controlled by her inner know the kind. I'm sure we can all think of at least one by name. I know I can. Bet my friends are even thinking the same name At any rate...when the inner whore has essentially have no boundaries, no respect for any
Irish1's Drink Special -- Irish Rox
Irish Rox - a blend of kaluha, irish cream and a splash of pepermint schnops on the rox! This drink special named after Irish1 will have ya feelin smooth and special allll night long , just like he can! weeehooooooo!! ;) lol
Tag For Lils
COME CHECK OUT Click pic to enter!!!!
What Kind Of Dick Are You Getting?lmao!!
What kind of dick are you getting? MISERABLE DICK - When the guy is extremely handsome. He says the right things and does the right things. When it comes to sex, he is lacking in this department. He sucks your tits too hard, kisses your mouth too long, stays around your neck forever, fingers you like a GYN Doctor, licks your pussy like he's in a track meet and has a very small dick. You try to give him some head, only to find that you are actually sucking a pacifier. This is so miserable. You think, "how can a guy so fine, so polite be so weak" To top everything off ladies, how about just when in your mind you're going to try to get the best out of this, even if you have to make yourself cum, and he beats you to the punch. DAMN TOLERABLE DICK - This is funny dick. He eats major pussy. He eats it so good, your knees feel a little weak. It was good enough to make you shed a tear. Then he puts his dick in, just for you to realize that you cannot really feel it!! His stroke is
Mountain Of Wisdom
A young man seeking wisdom traveled far in his search, and one day he came to a Guru seated at the base of a mountain, and said, "I have been told by many and sundry that you know the path up the Mountain of Wisdom. Is this true?" "Yes, it is," said the Guru, who had a flowing white beard and long bushy white eyebrows that curled up at the tips. He was wearing nothing of any consequence save for some beads around his neck and a dhoti wrapped modestly about his loins. "Is this the mountain?" asked the Seeker. "Yes it is," said the Guru. "There is only one mountain. I am the guardian of the path." "Can you take me up the path?" The Guru's great curling eyebrows scrunched together in a furrow of doubt. He was silent for a long time, gazing at the Seeker as if he could see deeply into him. Finally he said, "I can take you up the path, but can you follow? The way is long and arduous, the difficulties many, the temptations to turn aside are legion. Many attempt the path, f
Daughter's Update
She is home now and has a big recovery ahead of her. Physical therapy, mental therapy, just alot of healing! Thank-u to all that has prayed for her and that has come to visit her with uplifting gifts! Just seeing all of ur concern and smiling faces have helped ease the pain and suffering! Hold fast to those around u and don't take anything for granted, my life is hectic but it could have been the worst i could ever imagined. She could have been gone in that instant and i now hold every waking moment with her as being precious! She doesn't know how special she really is to me and how she is MY hero! Thank u God for giving her to me! Concentrate on this sentence: To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did' > >> When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but > >> merely opening your hands to receive something better. > >> > >> Concentrate on this sentence..... 'The will of God will never take you > >> where the Grace of God will not
Sobbing Like A Baby!
I am sitting here crying out of control because I think I am kidding myself when I say that Anthony is doing better. Yes I am sure he is staying away from drugs but he still has no motivation for doing his homework, no motivation for getting a job and now no motivation to get his license. Maybe I should rephrase that. He thinks he can do what he wants and not have to do anything for it. He thinks he should be able to get his license next month and have us buy him a truck on top of it. Where did I go wrong? I am feeling like a complete failure at the moment. IUgh. I need to just get over it and come up with a plan. Peter and I tried to talk to him tonight about him not turning in some assignments and he started in about how all we do is "bitch" at him. How nice is he for saying that to us? Real respectful isn't he? His 16th birthday is next month. That is an important birthday. I would normally be throwing him a big party. I can't even think about throwing him part
The Hair Dryer
The Hair Dryer A distinguished young woman on a flight from Switzerland asked the Priest beside her, 'Father, may I ask a favor?' 'Of course. What may I do for you?' 'Well, I bought an expensive woman's electronic hair dryer for my mother's birthday that is unopened and well over the Customs limits, and I'm afraid they'll confiscate it. Is there any way you could carry it through Customs for me? Under your robes perhaps?' 'I would love to help you, dear, but I must warn you: I will not lie.' 'With your honest face, Father, no one will question you.' When they got to Customs, she let the priest go ahead of her. The official asked, 'Father, do you have anything to declare?' 'From the top of my head down to my waist, I have nothing to declare.' The official thought this answer strange, so asked, 'And what do you have to declare from your waist to the floor?' 'I have a marvelous instrument designed to be used on a woman, but which is, to date, unused.' Roarin
I feel nothing. No pleasure. No excitement. No love. All I feel is a push. A kiss. A touch. A squeeze. All I hear are lies. I want you. I need you. I love you. All I do is lie. You feel so good. I want you so bad. I love you so much. Everything means nothing. This means nothing. You mean nothing. I mean nothing. I fake pleasure. Everytime I bite my lip. Everytime I scream your name. Everytime I moan for more. I'm just numb. Can't feel love. Can't feel hate. I only feel nothing. I wish this meant something. I wish it was love. I wish it was fun. I wish it made me free. Trust means nothing. Power is everything. Love was lost, And hate was found.
World War Ii - An Alternative History
Adolf Hitler was a tee-total, non-smoking vegetarian, and was quite passionate about the virtues of healthy living. Don't know if he ever rode a scooter, though... Yes, I know they weren't quite invented then. Look - I've done this before but you weren't paying attention, obviously. Hitler owned a moped but never rode it. Goebbels owned several imported HD's, including the one with variomatic transmission. This got traded with a russian political officer for some vodka and a go at driving a train. It was last known to be used for pulling up stumps and driving a drainage pump on a collective farm somewhere on the edge of the Pripet marshes. Goering favoured British bikes and owned a Rudge Imperial which he stole from the Danish embassy in Paris in 1929. Doenitz won the Rudge off Goering in a bet - something to do with which one of them could fit in the pilots seat of a Me 109 however Goering welched on the bet and Doenitz never forgave him. The later conduct of the w
Far Away-nickelback-video
Rihanna Ft. Ne-yo - Hate That I Love You
Selena - Como La Flor Tribute
A man was being tailgated by a stressed out woman on a busy boulevard. Suddenly, the light turned yellow, just in front of him. He did the right thing, stopping at the crosswalk, even though he could have beaten the red light by accelerating through the intersection. The tailgating woman was furious and honked her horn, screaming in frustration as she missed her chance to get through the intersection, dropping her cell phone and makeup. As she was still in mid-rant, she heard a tap on her window and looked up into the face of a very serious police officer. The officer ordered her to exit her car with her hands up. He took her to the police station where she was searched, finger printed, photographed, and placed in a holding cell. After a couple of hours, a policeman approached the cell and opened the door. She was escorted back to the booking desk where the arresting officer was waiting with her personal effects. He said, "I'm very sorry for this mi

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