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Hey Yeah
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Pulsatile Volvo
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To Linda (new Poem)
When I look into your eyes, I see more beauty than starlit skies I long to feel your hand in mine, And feel the way our love will climb You are the one I have sought so long, The one who makes my heart dance with song I long to feel your loving embrace, and shortness of breath as our hearts race I hear your voice and stress disappears, You sound like heaven gliding to my ears I'm so thankful I finally found you, So I say it again, Linda, I love you ©2009 Paul Jones It is illegal to copy this poem, in part, or in it's intirity, with out the authors' permission.
Bali Island
Tormentors Abound
Well this site seems interesting, seems like it will be a good time waster. I may be able to do some good networking and  build up an RP group. That would be cool, an RP lounge. Awesome. Cheers to Synnocent for introducing me to Fubar.
Why Do We Always Hurt The Ones We Love?????
Ω Ever wonder where its all going? I mean every day some hot but dim asain girl or blonde is on the news telling me things are getting better but I still dont have a job. Id very much like the government and corperate masters to just admit publically that they doint give a rats ass whether or not the poor starve or freeze or what have you. I mean, they clearly dont but INSIST on maintaining this pseudo-christian pantomime of caring. Id rahter be dead. Frankly Ive been advertising for an axe wielding maniac to come extinctify myself for years on here. It was my first ever craigs list ad "Seeking Psycho Killer". Its just revolting, the whole fucking country and its leadership.  Im really not too keen on most of the people either. Complacency is in its way much worse than outright evil. If this were France, or even England, wed all be up in arms defying the facistic policies of the wealthy elite. Instead we bitch about it and give em all our money just the same. Oh no, Im starting

Why Is It
I See It Now
The desert, wasn't for me. Yet I found myself there, briefly. It was a step, I had to take. In-order to learn, from my own mistake. I didn't see the mask, the danger within. Instead I saw the good, but yet I still win. Because I seen something else, much greater than him. And that was myself, thanks to a friend. He has been in the shadows, this entire time. Always sweet, supportive, amazing and kind. Constantly telling me, that I am worth more. Than even I give myself, credit for. It has taken years, for his words to sink in. But now I see that I am, beautiful within. I see what he does, and has seen all along. I am no longer waiting, for things to go wrong. I laugh, live and love, each and every day. Knowing he supports me, in every way. I've never had, any of this before. Until I chose, to walk through the door. The door that leads, to so many wonderful things. Bringing a new meaning, and reality to my dreams. It really is possible, to hav
If I Fail So Be It!
Your chest speeds up, you realize you do have a heart. All the time you spent running, has landed you worlds apart. From life, a chance to live. Looking back, what I'd give. For a chance to go back, stop, rewind. To every possibility, I left behind. One emotion has ruled, it all. My inability to cave, to fall. Being weak wasn't an option, I couldn't stop the fear. When facing it might have saved me, these continuous tears. I never seen it before, but now I see it clear. I have stopped in my tracks, no more wasted years. I will not run, nor will I hide. I will run towards it, with arms open wide. If I fail, so be it, at least I tried. Then, I can face my reflection, with a little bit of pride.
Mafia War
This aint a test, fuck the rest.Time to set the record straight.Talking shit behind my back, let's hear you say it to my face?I've heard the words roll out your lips.You little trendy fuckin' bitch!The time has come to get you some, cause I just do not give a shit.Do you take me for a fool!?How's it feel to be a tool!?See to me you're just a cancer!Motherfucker!, War is the Answer!As of now the end begins, I want to laugh but there's no joke.To eat with the beast, and run with the wolves.On the Ashes you will choke.I know it's got to chap your ass, to think I just won't go away.Forget me not, I'm writing you off.I've got nothing more to say.Do you take me for a fool!?How's it feel to be a tool!?To me you're just a cancer!Motherfucker!, War is the Answer!(Get some!)You wanna disrespect me, you little fuckin' punk?Everything I've done to be who I am? As far as I've fuckin' come?I'll slap you so fuckin' hard, It'll feel like you kissed a freight train.Fuck you! I'd give anything just to c
Thoughts And Poems
About YouYour touch is with me always,It’s burnt into my skin,As soft and warm as sun raysWhen a summer day sets in.Your soft voice never silent,It’s forever in my ears,Serenading every momentAnd calming all my fears.Your arms always enfold me,The strength of angels wings,They support and protect me whollyWith the safety a true love brings.While I can never repay you,For the wonder you bring to my life,I can forever be true,And forever be a true wife. Are There Angels?It is said there are AngelsIn Heaven aboveAnd they shine with the lightOf an inner loveOf these thingsI had not a clueBut that wasBefore I found youFor in you I’ve foundA love that is so rightIt shines all aroundWith the brightest of lightIt comes from somewhereSo deep withinThat it has no beginningAnd knows no endYour love is a lightThat brightens each dayOf all of the peopleYou see on your wayWhere ever you goOr whatever you doAll see the loveThat you have inside youThat God sent you hereTo a place whe
My Poems!
The Bleeding RoseThis rose started out as a tiny seedThis rose sprouted into a single precious budThis rose bloomed to its fullest potential beautyThis rose knows not what happened nextThis rose has no clue what went wrongYet this rose is suffering just the sameThis rose is lost with what took placeThis rose never ever meant any harmYet this rose is slowly wilting awayThis rose worked hard to get where is wasThis rose never gave up when all seemed lostYet this rose has seen its better daysThis rose withstood torrential rainsThis rose withstood the blazing sunYet this rose is nearing its fateful endThis rose has lived a very wonderful lifeThis rose has given all it had to giveBut that is the life, of The Bleeding Rose WHO IS SHEI have searched for her before, but had no idea what I was looking for, and I have known what I wanted but never tried to search for her,I have met all kinds of people all over the place,and looked at the qualities they all have, I took bits and pieces of them al
One Wild Night
My heart hurts just a little to much... my eyes flow like a river with every little touch. You say u love me... but u want to leave me. Nine years of my life gone... In just the blink of an eye. You say you love me... Yet you make me cry. I feel so distant... so very alone. Life is so cruel , so hard, and fierce... my soul is weeping my heart is pierced. These blood stained tears all for u... This shattered being no one knew... My life is an endless void... I dont know how to fix... My life is so lonely ... Without you in the mix. Please dont go im down on my knees... I love you dear... Stay in my life please. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO HAVE UR FUCKING HEART RIPPED OUT OF UR CHEST? WELL I DO... IT HURTS REALLY BAD. I CANT EAT, I CANT SLEEP, I CANT STOP VOMMITING, ALL I DO IS SIT HERE AND THINK OF U. THESE TEARS STAINING MY PILLOW ARE REAL. THIS PAIN IN MY GUT IS WORSE THAN A DAGGER PIERCING MY SKIN. IF LOVING U IS A SIN...THEN IM A SINNER.
Well its sunday and tomorrow is a holiday but I am on call all week from 6pm-6am which is good and bad. Means i dont go in to work unless called but have to have my phone available at night. Means should be online a lot more since i ahve no life outside of work... Lets see 3/4 of the football teams i wanted to win did. Only the Chargers screwed it up, so go Colts and Saints. Other then that pretty average weekend My weekend wa sactually pretty good, went to a friends house and visited it was great, watched movies drank beer and had a good ole time. Played poker last night and won ofcourse. *flips hair*. Today my 49ers won yayyy. so all in all probly the ebst weekend I've had in a month Had a nice weekend, hung out with some friends, hope ya'll had a great one aswell
This dream took me all over the place the majority of the beginning I dont remember at all, and what I do is scrambled. However the end was crystal clear. I'm with my younger cousin Amanda(age is between 5-7) and Witko(a good friends bird, seen in my pictures). I dont know where they came from but all of a sudden there are two guys chasing us. I dont know if anyone is familiar with the movie Career Opertunities, but its the two guys that tried to rob Target in that movie. Anywho they're chasing us with intent to kill the three of us. We go into this house looking for a place to hide. I tell Witko to take Amanda and go hide, thinking he will keep her safe. Im in a bedroom and one of the guys comes in. Without hesitation I broke his neck. I come walking out of the room in a sort of haze after killing this man. The other man is walking towards me shaken up badly. I asked him what happened. He heads me out to the living room of this house, where I see my cousin in pi
Love And Relationships
well i thought that me and my ex could work it out eventually and now she has told me that it would never be again. well all my hopes of getting her back have failed. but now my lifde has truly moved on i will not continue to think it would work now i just hope that the lucky guy who does truly win her heart treats her right. and i will always be there for her. well peace for now my now ex-girlfriend hurt me and i just cant stop writing about it andcks that i hurt this bad i should be pretty used to it but it still hurts. i just wonder why if people can never really love someone truly and genuinly then why get into a relationship. especially if you might have second thoughts. that shit really does hurt people no matter how strong you think that they are. there is no cure for pain but you can cover it up. now in know what a real broken hearts feels like and i will never put someont through that. its horrible i dont even want to take a chance and wouldnt even think about doing
hey everyone! sup? not much here just chatt'n on msn and check'n out my myspace! what bout you all? well anyways last nite we had stuff going on with band and my school got 1st place which is fuckin awesome...really idk what to do on these thats why i am just typing away!!! well anways i hav a b/f and he is amazing i love him!!! i get to c him n like few days so im really excited! well anyways b4 i get in to more stuff and dont wana say anything to secret im gona go so ttyl lov ya'z all *..
Just Little Oh Me
i like having fun.... an what u see is what u get i hope u all like what u see
Going Down
Ok, I know it was a joke but the other day I saw a blog on blow job etiquite. It was basically people bitching about this and that associated with BJ's and then the man's rebutal about going down on a woman. For Pete's sake, do people really whine about this silly crap? Ugh! In my book, a person ought to just be grateful they have someone to go down ON. Period. I mean if it's not your thing then fine, whatever, but this is for people that actually do and profess to enjoy it. Why bitch about something that's supposed to be fun for both the giver and reciever? I can hang with the being grateful part...I always am...but the rest, well...what a load of crap! Especially the part where the guy was complaining about the taste and smell. Huh? Last time I checked, pussy tasted great! I think we have to keep in mind that felatio and cunilingus are arts, designed to give pleasure to our partners. To me, there's nothing more enjoyable as a lover than seeing and hearing my lady get pleasur
That's Life. Get Over It.
Lately, I've seen a lot of bulletins being posted and reposted about people, mainly guys, posting rude comments or "thinking with their dicks and not their hearts". They're guys, guys are like that 9 times out of 10 in real life, why would you expect anything different on the internet?? If anything the internet makes it easier for them to be this way. It's a fairly "anonymous" way to act anyway you want and be whatever you want to be. They may know your "nickname", but really how often, if ever, will you actually come into contact with these people? The way I see it is, if you don't want those comments don't post pictures of yourself half naked and showing your ass. If you do post pictures like that expect the comments asking to see more. Now, I'm not saying that just because you post revealing pictures that you're a whore and you deserve this treatment, but face it, that's the reality of human nature, you see a little then you want more and assumptions ARE made. So, why not i
Just as a wave is lifted by the shore, Then breaks across the slowly rising sand, So as I watch you weep my feelings pour Across the wash of what I understand. I wish I could just take you in my arms And all your pain could melt into my chest, And all the violence of passing storms Could pass through me and finally come to rest. No words can set things right or presence lend A miracle to light your darkened way, But there is solace in a loving friend And comfort in what I don't have to say. Whatever circumstance you cannot bear, Just turn to me, and you will find me there. By Nicholas Gordon
Wg's Blog
You want a blog from me? Well you can't handle a blog from the WG!!! So you want me to type some thing bout my life and how it keeps going and going, what fuels my energy or whatever else you people post these for. Well the WG does not do Blogs! I will do rants if you wish, comment what you want me to rant about. If the subject is decent, you may just see a new post! The One and Only: WG
Im Sorry
This is to all of the girls in the world who can't accept the nice guys for who they are: I'm sorry That I was raised with respect; not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not an asshole I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry I would rather make love to you then just f**k you like some random guy. I'm sorry That I am always the one you need to talk to, but never good enough to date I'm sorry That I always held your hair back when you threw up,and didn't get mad at you for puking in my car, but when we went out you went home with another guy I'm sorry That I am there to pi
Witch One
what one of my pics do u like the best
This is a very good charity, so please donate if you can, or know someone who can. P.S, While you're at the site I linked you to, you could take a gander around. =D I run a free sample forum... how it works is you sign up with my forum, and I have different sections for different samples.. "Beauty and Health/Food and Drink/Babies and Children/Adult Samples/Coupons" ... There's also sections for various contest and instant wins from different sites. (I.E Shape mag, Candystand, DQ, David seeds..) I have been doing free samples for about 5 years now, and yes everything I post is FREE. I do not concider a free sample "free" after paying s+h or whatever. It's updated everyday. So please come and join me, and start signing up for your free samples! Average sample takes 2-8 weeks to be recieved, depending on the site and shipping demand. P.S. Please feel free to pass this li
The Truth Hurts I Guess
This place is such a meat market LOL What am I doing here???? hehehe I posted my comment and BOOM I can no longer post a comment on said persons blog anymore. The truth must hurt!!!! Funny how said person can post whatever she wants to about whomever she wants but doesn't give anyone the opportunity to refute the things that she says. the list goes on about what this person truly is. She will never stop. I have come to realize that. Nothing anyone can say will get her to realize just HOW FUCKING STOOPID she is. Hopefully she will grown up and mature some as she gets older but it is probably doubtful. It is people like her that make me cringe. She is one of the reasons women get a bad rap when it comes to break ups. Custody issues. Child support. Moving on after a relationship. She is a stalker. She won't leave well enough alone. She forces others to say things when they would just LOVE to let things go but she shouldn't be allowed to ju
Y Do I Love U?
Why do I love you? You ask me why I love you I just say because I do Knowing the answer your looking for has far greater meaning to it than the truth Mi sure you know I love you, you just want to know why Or maybe you want reassurance that I will always be by your side Well….maybe the truth is I love you because you love me Or maybe its because you’re everything I’ve dreamed my special someone to be Maybe because you hold my hand squeezing it just right Or maybe because even when we argue you still hold me tight through the night Maybe it’s the way you look at me when we say our goodbyes Or maybe because you tell me you love me just by looking into my eyes I could love you….just because of your hair… Or maybe because every time I need you, you always seem to be there I love because after all this time, you’ve become a part of me Or maybe because you say you love me no matter how pissed off you may be I love you because every time I get angry you can still make me smi
Hello Everyone
its starting to snow now...i thought we was gonna get lucky and not get any this year....i hate snow rate my new pics 4 me and leave me some commets and rate my blogs and leave some commets 2 also u should leave me some voice commets on my profile.....please do this 4 me and ill return the favor i just wanted to say thanks to all the people who have shown me love on here...i added some more photos and would appreciate it if every1 rated me a 10 and left some trying to get to all ur photos too....i promise i will get to them all as soon as i can...i would also appreciate it if u rated my blog a 10 and left me some commets there too...i know i dont write much here but i work alot so i do as much as i can...i just dont want any12 to think im not showing the love back....thanks love ya muah
Something Touching
This will give you, chills I was walking around in a store. I saw a cashier hand this little boy his money back saying "I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll." Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ''Granny, are you sure I don't have enough money?'' The old lady replied: ''You know that you don't have enough money to buy this doll, my dear.'' Then she asked him to stay there for 5 minutes while she went to look around. She left quickly. The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand. Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to. "It's the doll that my sister loved and wanted so much for this Christmas. She was so sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her." I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus will bring it to her after all, and not to worry. But he replied to me sadly. "No, S
The Gift Of Friends
The Gift Of Friends There are days when bubbling from us comes the innocent child within, who giggles at the little things and wears a silly grin. There are days when melancholy comes to visit for a while; the mind feels tired, the body weak; we have no strength to smile. There are days when joy abundant grabs a hold of you and me; wraps us up in all it's splendor, lifts us up and sets us free. There are days when sorrow wraps us in its cloak of grief and fear, 'till our hearts ache to the breaking, 'till our eyes can't shed a tear.
Things I Do 4 My Girl
ok i know it took me long enough but better late than never right????

im bored. and in ohio. i moved fromga. and ohio sucks. and for right now..that is all
The Thanks I Get
Ok my mom goes out of town for work and she is goin to be gone for a few days. So her being the "pack rat, dont clean anythin" person, and me being "OCD" i get to started on cleaning the min she leaves. I clean the kitchen, livin room, and dining room. I cleaned for 7-8 hours that day, and bought a mop, and some cleaning stuff, and mop the floors and etc. Well the kitchen is sooooo clean ya can eat off the counters now. The kitchen is the main part of the house where I have to have it spotless. When she is here the kitchen is a nightmare from hell, you dont even wanna cook in it, hell you dont wanna go in it. Anyways, so the kitchen stayed clean for the 1st time in years, thanks to me. I even put up a curtain in there, and if ya ask me, it makes me think of spring when im in there. Well she comes home this morning at 3:30 am, and i look at my phone and im like, huh todays Fri. She wasnt supposed to be home till Sat. Well i get up from bed at 7:30 and shes up, do you think she says "hey
She Won't Cry
You see the pain that lies in her eyes, But, alas, her eyes are dry, She won't cry. No, she won't cry. You see the anger that burns from her gaze, The madness that sets her eyes ablaze, She won't cry. No, she won't cry. You see the fear that closes her eyes, The smile she wears is but a disguise, She won't cry. No, she won't cry. You see the hope that is finally dead, She cannot trust for her heart has been bled, She won't cry. No, she won't cry. You see the love that lies within, But she shall never love again, She won't cry. No, she won't cry. You see death's hand that has glazed her eyes, No one saw her die inside, They won't cry. No, they won't cry.
New Pics
There are new pics on my page of my lil girl go check them out and rate them! I have new pics in my new pics 2013 album go llike them please
Happiness On Hold
FINE This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. FIVE MINUTES If she is getting dressed, this is half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given 5 more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. NOTHING This is the calm before the storm. This means "something," and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with 'Nothing' usually end in "Fine" GO AHEAD This is a dare, not permission. Don't do it. LOUD SIGH This is not actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A "Loud Sigh" means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you over "Nothing" THAT'S OKAY This is one of the most dangerous statements that a woman can make to a man. "That's Okay" means that she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake. THANKS A woman is than
A Womens Vocabulary
1.) FINE: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2.) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five Minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3.) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. 4.) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5) Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.) 6.) That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will p
Need To Vent
Poem - Desire
I awake in a shroud of confusion, my body unable to resist your subtle whisper, the gentle pursuasion of ur tender touch, i long to more from this numbed slumber, to allow my senses to absorb your every breath, for our bodies to levitate into a mass of hypnotic passion, to taste your soft delicate skin, to grasp this feeling of untainted contentment, the sweet odour of your perfume arousing my every pour, the shimmer of your eyes embracing my very soul, weak and paralised to act under ur imense beauty, far from reality and near emotional colapse, you are the reason. you are the wonder. you are my all!
First Of A Series
I have been encouraged by a friend, who shall remain nameless, to share with my fellow tappers some stories i have posted elsewheres on the net. for several years bnnow i have been experimenting in writing erotic fiction, so far so good, lol. here, therefore, is what should be the first in a series, please comment and let me know how you like it. if all goes well, i have several more ready to post, and even more tat are awaiting finwal editinig. Playing Dress Up It was starting to look like just another boring day at the office. At least until Shannon signed in the IM. She is easily the sexiest young thing I have met through various chat and dating sights. Over the past year or so we have developed quite the friendship, without ever actually meeting. We briefly talked about Christmas, the previous weekend, and when she mentioned that she had received a martini set and cash, I (half)jokingly suggested that I come over so we can break in the martini set and then go spend the
Sexual Feeling
Rainy days and cold nights, These are days I need you to hold me tight in your arms, Hold me close and keep me warm, Tell me I'm your good luck charm, Look me in my eyes and tell me I'm the one for you , Tell me I'm your every wish come true, Lay me down very gently, Then make love to me essentially, Caress my body from head to toe not missing a spot, Lets play around like connect the dots, Lets make each other hot till our body heat rise like a rollercoaster ride, Take my body on a journey that never ends, It always seems to just begin, Make me climax like i never done before, Do what you want to my body its all yours, Rub me, lick me, kiss me, tease me do what ever you want to my body as long as its pleasing
Go to shoty's page and give her some encouragement on her Birthday Blog she could use it. Since some wanted to see -- a pic has been added. Please make sure before viewing to: 1 make sure your a friend. 2 you have insurance on your monitor. 3 you don't scare easily. 4 veiwing is at your own risk. It's in the me subdirectory. otherwise enjoy. :) luv ya all. Wow the people I've met here a re great and beautiful and many ways. I appreciate you all oh so much. Here's to wishing you all a merry or happy: Dia De La Candelaria (Mexico) Kiwifruit Day (California) Candlemas Purification Day Imbolc Groundhog Day Thanks for everything!
Sex Mistries
What do you care if its big or small slim or fat as long as it gets the job done then its the perfect tool By far one of the most exiting places to have sex as the rush of knowing that someone could burst right in or could here the moaning from the office next door. If you have never tried it you should you'll never forget it.
I'm A Dumbass
I did something stupid on Tuesday morning. I was walking to work and it was freezing and very windy. I decided to take a short cut. So with most of my face covered up to protect myself from the wind I walked off the sidewalk and into a neighbouring buildings parking lot. I took a few steps and fell on the icey parking lot. I landed on another large chunk of ice which bruised a few of my ribs and now I am very sore and struggling to move. I knew this wasnt safe and just because I am blind in one eye and partially blind in the other this idea should have registered as not something I should do! But I did and now am paying for it with incrediable pain. The lesson learned by me is I shoulda just stayed on the side walk in the cold for the extra ten minutes it would have taken. Now I am going to sufer for a good month if not longer until I heal. Hope you all are well!!! A bruised scotty xoxoxo
Web Work
LOL, well, as it always seems to happen, I tend to take a simple idea and it gets more complicated. I guess the old saying goes, if you are going to do something, do it right. I have spent the last few days working on an Administration side to this little project to allow an easy way to add, edit and remove content that is seen by visitors. It has a basic design like the front-end right now. Just working out the bugs and operations of the Administration panel. Right now I have created the Links and the FAQ's portion of the Admin panel and integrated it into the Front-End for the user. Now I can change the FAQ's or Links and it will be seen immediately by the user. I have not figured out what I am going to do for the other content yet though. I am looking around at other sites trying to get an idea of what options I like and are useful so that I might create a good user interface. Well, watch the progress if you want, I am back to work. Well, after creating my own special
Complete And Natural Beauty (yes I Love These Picture Because They Are Honest And True To Themselves)
Is It Possible To Know Me?
This is important information for females of ALL ages . A group of rapists and date rapists in prison were interviewed on what they look for in a potential victim and here are some interesting facts : 1) The first thing men look for in a potential victim is hairstyle They are most likely to go after a woman with a ponytail, bun, braid or other hairstyle that can easily be grabbed . They are also likely to go after a woman with long hair . Women with short hair are not common targets. 2) The second thing men look for is clothing .. They will look for women who's clothing is easy to remove quickly . Many of them carry scissors around specifically to cut clothing. 3) They also look for women on their cell phone , searching through their purse or doing other activities while walking because they are off guard and can be easily overpowered. 4) Men are most likely to attack & rape in the early morning, between 5:00a.m. and 8:30a.m. 5) The number one place women are abducted from/attack
Cherry Blast This Happened 2me
Today I recieved a message from the cherrytap shop stating someone reported one of my pics as NSW!!!The ironic thing is I dont think it is and I am shocked someone would take the time to report me for it!!So I would like my friends and family to please take a moment to look at my "puff puff give" (funny ass) picture and tell me what you think.The pic is located in my default album and is really funny n I thought cute!If you hae the time please comment on it and let me know what you think.Is t NSW to you, or is someone just being a bit of a prude!!!I wish there was a way I could tell who reported it but I dont think there is.I also would not be so upset if the person who viewed it would have taken the time to write me a message and tell me they were offended.I think I have done a good job of putting my NSW pics in my "naughty" file so no one would be offended.So please friends and family take a look at my pic and leave a comment on it and give me your feedback, thank you. What it do
Too Long Gone
♥ September = Lover♥
♥ JANUARY = SHYNESS Fun to be with. Loves to try new things. Boy/girls LOVE you. You are very hott. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people's feelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt. Witty and sparkly. spazzy at times.Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets. dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying. Always broods about the past and the old friends. Waits for friends. Never looks for friends. Not aggressive unless provoked. Loves to be loved. Easily hurt but takes long to recover. Repost this in the next 5 mins and you
All Soul's Night ~ 11/02 (lyrics)
Loreena McKennitt - All souls night -- photo Bonfires dot the rolling hillsides Figures dance around and around To drums that pulse out echoes of darkness Moving to the pagan sound Somewhere in a hidden memory Images float before my eyes Of fragrant nights of straw and of bonfires And dancing till the next sunrise Chorus I can see the lights in the distance Trembling in the dark cloak of night Candles and lanterns are dancing, dancing A waltz on All Souls Night Figures of cornstalks bend in the shadows Held up tall as the flames leap high The green knight holds the holly bush To mark where the old year passes by Chorus Bonfires dot the rolling hillsides Figures dance around and around To drums that pulse out echoes of darkness Moving to the pagan sound Standing on the bridge that crosses The river that goes out to the sea The wind is full of a thousand voices They pass by the bridge and me. Chorus - 2x
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Infamous People
Elizabeth Bathory was born in Hungary in 1560, approximately a hundred years after Vlad the Impaler died. One of her ancestors Prince Steven Bathory, was even a commanding officer who helped Vlad Dracula In 1546, when he claim the throne in Wallachia back again. At the time Elizabeth was born, her parents George and Anna Bathory belonged to one of the oldest and wealthiest families in the country. Her cousin was the prime minister in Hungary, another relative was cardinal, and her uncle Stephan later became King of Poland. But the Bathory-family, beside the very rich and famous, also contained some very strange relatives. One uncle was known to be a devil-worshipper, and other members of the family were mental insane and perverted. In the spring 1575, at the age of 15, Elizabeth was married to Count Ferencz Nadasdy, who was 25. The Count added her surname to his, so Elizabeth could keep her family name Bathory. After the marriage they moved to Castle Csejthe a mountaintop fortres
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Hey I am new to Cherrytap soo come by my page and tap it hard ladies, and dont forget to sign my guest book.. thankx....
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The Water Carrier January 21 to February 19 Traditional Aquarian Traits Friendly and humanitarian Honest and loyal Original and inventive Independent and intellectual On the dark side.... Intractable and contrary Perverse and unpredictable Unemotional and detached Aquarius About Your Sign... Aquarians basically possess strong and attractive personalities. They fall into two principle types: one shy, sensitive, gentle and patient; the other exuberant, lively and exhibitionist, sometimes hiding the considerable depths of their character under a cloak of frivolity. Both types are strong willed and forceful in their different ways and have strong convictions, though as they seek truth above all things, they are usually honest enough to change their opinions, however firmly held, if evidence comes to light which persuades them that they have been mistaken. They have a breadth of vision that brings diverse factors into a whole, and can see both sides of an argument w
Army Shout Outs
Poetry And Short Stories !!
A blonde walks into a home improvement store and buys a bath. Two days later she returns to the store and asks to speak to the manager, as the manager approaches she tells him her bath is faulty and that all the water keeps leaking out of the plughole. But madam he says did you buy a plug with it , enquires the blushing manager..... You bastard replies the blonde you never told me it was electric. Why do women blink their eyes in the morning...? Because they havent got nuts to scratch !!!
Songs Written By Me
Dominate Me Tied down,sweaty,breathing heavy Locked down at your mercy Staring up at you smiling,with a twinkle in my eye My whole body aches but the pain feels so orgasmic Chorus Tied up Handcuffed completely immobile Your standing over me sweaty and half-naked Whip in hand,whipping me Yelling,"Naughty Boy,Naughty Naughty Naughty Boy must be punished" I whimper back in pleasure dominate me,punish your naughty boy I love it rough,I love it kinky Your bite marks all up and down my body Your nails dragging up and down my back,leaving deeply bloody scratch marks all up and down my back I been a naughty boy tie me up Tie me up,and beat me,bite me,scratch,me abuse me,please me Make me pay for being such a naughty,naughty boy Chorus So come on baby don't play nice I don't want it soft and gentle I want it rough and kinky I want you to dominate me Show me how bad i have been Turn off the lights,and let the sin and the punishment begin as you shed o
I have been on this site since my wife, dolphinmistress, invited me to join and i couldnt figure it out so she got on here and showed me what to do and now im not freshmeat anymore, i am a new cherry. I hope other people get on here and rate everyone that they look at no matter what the picture is. Everyone have fun and make some new friends on here because this is a cool site to be on.
Morph Comp
New At This,will Get It
meatloafLuvR@ CherryTAP tazman@ CherryTAP freinds make the world go round Free as the wind Real and true freinds are always here Each time u need them In good times and bad Never to let u down and always near ,in heart Don't ever regret anybody who u think is here 4 u. And never turn ur back on freinds Love them with all ur heart Love them allways Often the ones u love are hidden from view Very much here 4 u Eeach and every day Resting til u need them or they need u
Hello Friends, Just wanted to let everyone know Im back!!! You've been warned lol Im feeling great! Who missed me the most? hahaha
Blah This Is My Life
Ok, so it's Monday, I figured I would actually start a blog on here, not sure exactly how long it's going to last, since I tend to blog for a day or two then I just find something better. HAHA. God I got the worst sunburn ever and I am in so much pain. I need to plaster huge signs everywhere that say's 'Put on Sunscreen'!! I got my new tattoo last week. If you haven't checked it out yet please do! It looks way better in person, but well that proboly won't happen for most of you so pictures will have to do. It's beautiful work, and I love it. I cannot wait to get another one done. It was well worth the pain. I am such a baby when it comes to pain. Anyways that's about all I got to say for today, perhaps I will write more, and all of you can actually get to know me. I tend to write alot at times, as I can sit here and babble on about nothing. Oh wait isn't that what I am doing right now. Peace Out! God dammit I tell you, another 6 Canadian Soldiers just died this mornin
To Those That Think They Can Judge Anyone
Those that know me know that I have been extremely down lately.. for the last three or so weeks.. even suicidal really. That is because of my new pictures here on CherryTAP. I have had some leave me because of them. Said see ya.. good bye.. whatever.. But you know what.. NOT ONE OF THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS have the right to judge me or my looks. When they have hair lines that are vanishing, they are missing teeth, they have added a few notches on their belts and more candles on their birthday cakes. WE ALL CHANGE.. Not just me!!!! I am beyond the sad and depression I was on.. now I am just freakin' pissed off.. See that picture above? Well, to all those that have judged and left me.. or have judged the other people on this site or whereever else.. can wipe your fucking asses with it and get glad.. Because you are ABSOLUTELY NO BETTER THAN I OR ANYONE ELSE. You know something.. Because you are passing up people like us.. you are passing up great people with amazing personalities and beautifu
CANTON, Ohio — Supporters of a police officer accused of killing a woman and her unborn child huddled Sunday at a closed prayer service scheduled before police found what they believe is her body and arrested him. A massive search for the nearly nine months pregnant woman ended Saturday when authorities announced they found a body they believed to be that of 26-year-old Jesse Davis. Bobby Cutts Jr., a police officer they suspect is the father of the unborn child, was arrested on two counts of murder. A church service to show support for Cutts that was scheduled before the body was found was closed to the media. Cutts' pastor, the Rev. C.A. Richmond, declined to comment on his way into the service. Davis was due to deliver a baby girl on July 3 but was reported missing after her mother found Davis' 2-year-old son home alone, bedroom furniture toppled and bleach spilled on the floor. The boy gave investigators their first clues. "Mommy was crying. Mommy broke the table. Momm
Can I Be Your Flower In Your Life?
My Angel
My Angel By: Ashley In my whole life, There is no one else like you Someone who changed my life, Just by being you. You are an angel to me The music of your laughter still lightens my inner ear You showed me you believed, That there really is good here You are an angel for me. You showed me you believed, that there really is good here. You are an angel for me. You showed me that you care, When I am really down, you never turn away, Nor, show a saddened frown. You are an angel beside me Even when you're sad and blue, And life is hard on you. You always spare me one more smile Just like God's loving child that you are You are God's angel to me. You have done so much for me And giving me your time I have a gift for you, With this imperfect rhyme Thank you my angel friend!
Wife Beaters
This is a letter to all women who have been beaten by their husband / lover / boyfriend , who ever he may be.......I think I know know why I let it happen, I will never let it happen again. Do you know there are many woman in prison because of there beaters? They could not take anymore so they killed them So now they are the ones once again doing time, just like the beaters who led them to believe they were already in prison. What I plan to do is this, and to say the least I'm not the smartest person in the world BUT I will finally get something done about this problem. I'm going to do a study on women who have been or are currently in an abusive relationship. What I would like from You the WOMAN is to e-mail me back about the abuse and how it started and if it is still going on. I will keep your name anonymous if you would like me to. I want and need your story. I will then send as many as possible to the President if I have to, to finally get something done about this fast growing
Nascar Lounge
Hey Gaters If your a nascar fan check out the new nascar lounge and join up and gimmie the feedback on the world of motorsports Later Gaters NEW PICTURES RATE AND COMMENTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Later Dexter
Ching Chong Charlies
so i am in the process of writing up a buisness plan for a new comedy club i plan to open here in georgia....its comedy for two or three hours and then from like 11 to 2 its open musical my advisor who is also my uncle is very leary about me allowing rap performances...he hates rap but he is still under the perception that rap isnt music and that where there is rap there is crime...i do agree that yes sometimes it happens but here i am just trying to have an outlet for musicians and he is being predjudiced against one type of response i will havethem play anyways....anyone have any ideas on what they would like to have in a club or comedy club let me know
Does Any One Really Knows What Love Is?
Jonathan Dwyane Cotton.... why r u so far? i miss you i love you only words could ever explain how much i truely feel for you..... RIP.. May 27, 1982 - July 4, 2002 Wishing upon that star, Wondering why it is so far So high you can't touch, So far you can only see The single speck that can only be, That sparkle thats inside me Its like a diamond in the sky, Winks as the days go bye Millions and millions, Wish apon it a day Can't quite say if its right, or ifs it okay But theres one thing that i do know, A star is a diamond in one's eye So love can seep out, and cherish as days go bye Love? Does anyone really truely knows what love is? I'm not sure what love is I don't know how to act I know what I know love is and that's all that matters I know I love and I know that someone loves for me but I've never been in love I've never really wanted to be I just want everyone to see That my heart belongs not to me but to my love I love him and I
I Needed To Vent
The things that drive me fucking crazy 1. Driving under the speed limit people speed up or get off the road and let the rest of us by apparently your not in any hurry anyway 2. Not turning right on red when there no reason to sit there move it less its posted no turn on red 3. People quit turning left out of the center lane when there’s a left turn lane what is wrong with you 4. When there an object in your lane stop and wait for on coming traffic to clear before you go around it I drive a big truck next time ill hit you 5. Construction PERIOD .!!!!!! Fucking orange barrels or cones every where shit I’m starting to see them in my sleep and what’s up with the jolly old fat men with there ass cracks hanging out DAMN pull up your fucking pants crack kills lol 6. Detours turn here turn here 30 minuets out of my way I’m finally where I should’ve been in five minuets 7. LOUD MUSIC look I love my music loud but the shit some of you listen to should be outlawed when your at a s
To Our Troops
To Know, You Have To Ask
I can be forward. Distinguished yet unpolished, a diamond in the rough you see. I will surprise you and I will care infinitely, not because you ask me to, but because my heart is too big. I am a mysterious want but I promise, to hurt the love-filled is the only mistake you will make. Mark me, I am fine.
Angels Welcome Our Newest Club Members 8/1/07
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I just came across something that really pisses me off. Why is it that some, not all, people who join the military do it just because it is something to do, or for the money, or their friends are doing that also, or just to get a college education?! My father served during WWII and instilled in me patriotism. He was proud to serve his country and he did it because he wanted to. He knew that he was putting his life on the line, he knew he could die at any moment, but he proudly served his country! What pisses me off is the ones who join the military and then decides that it is not for them. Did you not think! Did you not put a lot of thought into what you were getting ready to do for the next several years?! Did you not realize that this was a commitment?! I feel that there are some people in the world who don't stop to consider the consequences of their actions. They don't realize that what they do today will affect them tomorrow, the next day, next week, next month, next
Me :d
I was asked today, by a MARINE, "Why are you checking out other military men if you are already married?" which really bothered me. I want to make something perfectly clear to you people! YES I am an Army WIFE! I put up with enough shit as it is just from having the title! I am happily married! I LOVE my soldier! There is not another man in this world who could even remotely come close to comparing to him. I support him for what he does and for who he is. However... I am a human being! I'm not just a wife and a mother! Just because I'm an Army Wife does not mean that I have to worship him. I do EVERYTHING he asks of me! If he asked me to delete this account I would with no questions asked. He knows I'm here. He knows every single picture I have up! He is okay with it because he knows I'm his! I stood by him for 15 months while he was deployed and never once betrayed him. What makes some people think that just because I add them or rate them or tell them they're handsome that I am inter
Todays Out Look
God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but HE did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears & light for the way. God determines who walks into your life.... it's up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go.
Shit List
Need To Level Up
Over And Gone
MEN! They are so damn confusing they say one thing and do another. I have 3 important men in my life, no i am not dating 2 of them or anything like that, but they do mean alot to me. the funny thing is only one of them knows how i feel, the other 2 are completely clueless and i kinda wanna keep it that way. Butt damn if they say something the need to mean it and it is driving me insain being bounced around like that. my marrige is over my husband left me. i feel like my whole world is falling apart so fast i can't stop it. i keep thinking that if i would of stopped trying to change him so much to actually change myself a little things would be ok, like if i wasn't such a bitch he woulded of been such of an ass. i don't know wat to do anymore.

I Can't Believe I...
I can't believe I am about to say this... But I miss the days of the "Rate me", "fan me" and even the good ole "VOTE FOR ME" Shoutbox Days.. Now they have been replaced with the "Do you have messenger?", "Do you do phone?" and the one that I hate is ,"DO you have a cam?" In the shoutboxes. Don't you fucking think it would be a good idea.. Ohhhhhhhhh let me think.. GET TO KNOW SOMEONE FIRST? Damn nasty perverts.. Contrary to popular belief.. there are some girls here that are just on this site to have fun and chat.. with an occasional flirt. Not all of us are Fubar whores.. there are enough of those. If you want a piece of ass.. I am sure they would give it to you without question. Perverts, I tell ya.. Go stroke it and leave me alone!!! Now, thank you.. and have a happy fucking day.
My Pledge Of Friendship
1. When you are sad -- I will help you get drunk and plot revenge against the sorry bastard who made you that way. 2. When you are blue -- I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you. 3. When you smile -- I will know you finally got laid. 4. When you are scared -- I will rag on you about it every chance I get. 5. When you are worried -- I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be until you quit whining. 6. When you are confused -- I will use little words. 7. When you are sick -- Stay the hell away from me until you are well again. I don't want to catch whatever you have. 8. When you fall -- I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass. This is my oath..... I pledge it to the end. "Why?" you may ask, "Because you are my friend"... and friendship is like peeing your pants: everyone can see it, but only you can feel the true warmth
Native American Poetry
A Sioux Prayer Translated by Chief Yellow Lark - 1887 Oh, Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds Whose breath gives life to the world, hear me I come to you as one of your many children I am small and weak I need your strength and wisdom May I walk in beauty Make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset. Make my hands respect the things you have made And my ears sharp to your voice. Make me wise so that I may know the things you have taught your children. The lessons you have written in every leaf and rock Make me strong--------! Not to be superior to my brothers, but to fight my greatest enemy....myself Make me ever ready to come to you with straight eyes, So that when life fades as the fading sunset, May my spirit come to you without shame.
Remenber 9.11
I am not American but the WORLD will never forget
Random Stuff I've Learned About In English
admit it we all feel this way sometimes!!!! Blue lights flashing, they had traffic stopped And Highway 11's done turned into a permanent road block I wasn't driving, my wife was my D.D. And she hadn't drank a drop, still got hassled by the J.P.D. And I said hey dude can't you just leave her alone She ain't done nothin' wrong man and we just want to go home Woah-woah And I was mad as hell, thinking fuck the po-po and they wonder why folks don't trust 'em no more Woah-hoah And I'm not gonna let this go, so I'm singing fuck the po-po So I got arrested, just for speaking up And that cop said boy the only right you have is to shut the fuck up Now I'm a jail-bird, I've done time in the pin And I've got a real messed up story to tell all my friends And my name was in the newspaper in my home town They ruined my reputation because I didn't bow down No-no And now I'm mad as hell singing fuck the po-po And they wonder why folks don't trust 'em no mo
Ainsley's New Album 'road To Infinity' Now Available Online.
Happy Birthday Sis!!
Guess who's birthday it is!!! Stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday!! Don't be shy and come say hi!! A friend is someone who reaches out for your hand...and touches your heart. Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in our heart. Side by side or miles apart, good friends are always close to the heart. Lots of love ... now and forever ... xox DJ Butterfly Warrior ~ K.O.P.E.~ Hell Hound @ Guardians of Hell Come and see who the next live interview will be!! All you have to do is click below and follow the road!!
My Sayings
They say nature will find a way, I say women have already found it What other beauty in this world can comfort provide and give birth but that of a woman Of everything I could want or need all I ask for is a beauty to call my own, someone to hold someone to love, one to share my good times and my bad, one who will laugh when I laugh cry when I cry but most of all love, I ask for that of a woman
A Marines Christmas
A Marine's Christmas 'Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone, In a one bedroom house made of plaster and stone. I had come down the chimney with presents to give, And had to see just who in this home did live. I looked all about, a strange sight I did see, No tinsel, No Presents, Not even a tree. No stocking by the mantle, just boots full of sand. On the wall hung pictures, of a distant land. With Medals and Badges, Awards of all kinds, A sober thought, came to mind. For this house was different, it was dark and dreary, I found the home of a Marine, Once I could see clearly. The Marine lay sleeping, silent, alone, Curled up on the floor, In his one bedroom home. The face was so gentle, The room in such disorder, Not how I pictured, A Marine. Was this the hero of whom I'd just read? Curled up on a poncho, The floor for a bed? I realized the families that I saw this night, Owed their lives to these Marines, Who where willing to fight.
Today....I lost my brother. Fourty seven years old.....two years and 6 months after his own 21 year old son and my beloved nephew was killed in an accident. My pain is immeasurable. I've lost the ability to think and function. I've spent the last 3 days at his bedside...praying for a miracle that was never to come....and watching the last breaths of his life. Now I'm lost in a sea of anger, confusion, grief, sadness and denial. Words usually come easy....but now, I can't find them.
♥ People Who Levelled ♥
Holiday Weekend
HAVE U EVER SAT THERE AND WONDERED AFTER A FRIEND HAS BEEN MEAN. HATED TOWARDS YOU. SUDDENLY THEY PASS ON. EVEVER WONDER IF U AND THAT PERSON WOULD GET ALONG UP ABOVE IN HEAVEN WITH THAT SAME PERSON, WHEN YOUR TIME COMES TO GO TO HEAVEN/ Hi all just taking few minutes to write. I running out of time to wish all good weekend and safe hollo ween . Wish all to have a safe one. Get this at Hi everyone, Wishing everyone a good christmas and Happy new year. Be safe, After the 31st I may or may not be around on fubar for little while, due to some hardships,For those who i gotten to know close and become good aquaintences, I greatly appreciated the times we spent, talking and getting to know one another, But the Grinch stole my Christmas this year, If you Have not added me to your messenger, mine is jtsproducts on yahoo. DONT FORGET TO STOP BY YUMMY KITTY AND SHOW THEM SOME LUV WHILE I GONE< MADE SURE THAT MY POSITION AS BARTENDER BE COVERED, THEY ROCK AND WELL SERVE YOU WELL W
When Is It My Turn
I have been through two marriages and several relationships. Each one a failure or something went wrong on my part. The last relationships I have had both guys had me so confused I didn't know which way I was going. I am to blame for my last one ending the way it did my I got rid of the problem, I told the one from before my last one to leave me alone. He ignores me for several weeks and then calls me. Then he uses me and leaves with out saying a word which pissed me off cause I seriously didn't want to have sex with him. But the word no got stuck in my throat. For some reason I got scared and couldn't say it. I think I was more relieved when he left then when showed up. Well the guy I was last invovled with is a friends with benefits so there should be no loyality. But yet he got upset and jealous and next thing I know we are a couple and he makes me feel like shit. Needless to say I was very upset by this. Well Saturday night I was at the bar and he walked in, then he walked to the o
My Life
My life as a child was swell. As i grew up it wasn't all that swell. My life turned into a living HELL. Then I met you, and my life to being swell again. Without you MY DEAR/FRIENDS my life might as well be HELL. My life right now is turned upside down because its not so swell. This is my life when it was well and gone to HELL. My life will some day again be swell, but for now its HELL. This is my life as well as it is with it being HELL. written Aug. 29 2005
Tis The Season
Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates. "In honour of this holy season," Saint Peter said, "you must each possess something that symbolizes Christmas to get into heaven." The first man fumbled through his pockets and pulled out a lighter. He flicked it on. It represents a candle, he said. You may pass through the pearly gates Saint Peter said. The second man reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of keys. He shook them and said, "They're bells." Saint Peter said you may pass through the pearly gates. The third man started searching desperately through his pockets and finally pulled out a pair of women's panties. St. Peter looked at the man with a raised eyebrow and asked, "And just what do those symbolize?" The man replied, "These are Carols."
well now its black friday and thanksgiving is officially over...thank god...there is just too much hassle making a thanksgiving dinner...spending hours cooking and less than an hour eating...makes ya wonder if its worth all the time and i understand why after ten years my father wanted a break from preparing thanksgiving dinner for 20 of us...just doing it for myself, wife, and son was enough to tire me to give dad props though for doing it year after year
Dunno What Do You Think?
Read your sign, then forward it on, with your zodiac sign and label on the subject line. This is the real deal, try ignoring or changing it, and the first thing you'll notice is having a horrible day starting tomorrow morning - and it only gets worse from there. VIRGO - The Perfectionist Dominant in relationships. Conservative. Always wants the last word Argumentative. Worries. Very smart. Dislikes noise and chaos. Eager. Hardworking. Loyal. Beautiful. Easy to talk to. Hard to please. Harsh. Practical and very fussy. Often shy. Pessimistic. 7 years of bad luck if you do not forward. SCORPIO - The Intense One Very energetic. Intelligent. Can be jealous and/or possessive. Hardworking. Great kisser. Can become obsessive & or secretive. Holds grudges. Attractive. Determined. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Romantic. Can be self-centered at times. Passionate and Emotional. 4 years of bad luck if you do not forw
A Different Kind Of Christmas Poem
FIRST OFF I WANT TO GIVE MY FRIEND RAGNARD CREDIT FOR THIS I COULDNT NOT REPOST THIS IN A BLOG OF MY OWN, ITS JUST SO TOUCHING..... A Different Christmas Poem The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to se
" Drama Will Not Be Allowed "
Jacob The Angel
Ok everyone this is my first contest. Please help me win something lol. Go to this link and rate. Also comment, you can comment as many times as you want. Please come back daily to rate and comment some more. huggggs sky My Jacob got his angel wings at 11:05 pm on the 21 of Dec 2007. I was a long and hard time for us all. All we can think his Jacob is in peace. all the pain he has had is washed away. I want to think all my friends that wished me well and sent their love. The ones that were touch by Jacob and left wonder words on caring bridge or on other sites. I know now Jacob is whole, he can run and play for the first time. Jacob has found his peace. Now I search for my peace and understanding of it all. The night he passes, my body must have went into shock and the more upset I was the lower my pulse rate went. I was very upsetting to all and for some reason I felt like my body was trying to go with him, but Jacob made sure that it wasn't Mommy's turn. I need
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For You.....
To the one I had loved I am sorry for my wrong For the way I had hurt you For the broken heart I had given you For ever thinking that we could be Together as one spirit and soul As we had always discussed in the night Of our fondness to be together as One I was a broken soul when we first meet Yet even as friend you had mended it Always being there for me when I needed Till that faithless day when we had parted. It was then on that single day That my love and whole world Came crashing down all around As I felt each piece of my Broken Heart and Broken Soul Come shattering down around my now empty being For this I promise you now I shall never seek you out Or try to tell you I am sorry For saying I am sorry is never enough To undo the Harm and Hurt I have caused you But I shall leave you all now For a broken soul an heart Does not belong in this world of light So I wish you all fair well And pray you live long and happy As I sit here and fade away
Just saying hi... I'm new so buy me gifts or send me fubucks... MUAH Love you all Ms. Monie
Awesome Video Sent To Me From Need To Watch It!
Photo and video editing at
gave so fast so willing shared and felt what i felt distance didn't bother time no matter but i was missled i feel pain hurt and lay awake at night thinking nothing feeling nothing numb distant broken no tears come just numb just so you all know i am dislexic so sorry in advance for the spelling when every word you sing is from your heart... you sing it to a lover , a child, a parent.. the truth should alway be sung.... the few time you sing the false truth to some one who sings the truth with passion and heart... you will kill them willingly for your own vanity... cut their wings... stiffle their voice... all for vanity... lies when you ask for nothing more than the truth.. i am the used... the walked on.. i will never be loved... i will never love.. death becomes me... numb.. and i will sing no more.
Sending Belated Holiday Wishes
hey all im finaly home hope you all had a great holiday and wishing all a blessed new year
Im so excited..and I just can't hide it. Im about to lose control and I think I like it! Well if you didn't read lastnights blog.. I won a 2005 Pontiac Vibe on ebay. It has 35, 000 miles..and is grey. I feel like a new momma.. wanting to show it off. So go look.. its in my default pics. I have moved up from minivan momma! So this morning, I was outside cleaning out my van.. ready to get rid of it. lol. Boy, all the junk in it. Anyways.. my new year resolution is to take pride in my vehicle..and to keep it spotless.
National Poetry Slam
I recently started watching poetry slams on the net, and what I find so great about them is that they are bringing poetry back to its roots of being an oral tradition. Most poetry other than slam has been relegated to dusty shelves and the only people who could get an audience were those who either knew someone or who were born into privilege. Not so with slams! Anyone can compete and though I have not yet, I would like to some day.
~shit Happens~
href="">Myspace Layouts FOR MY SISTER LOOKING DOWN I MISS YOU FOR GIVE ME To the ends of time I will love you my friend knowing that your gone leaves me bend An angle to me you were so kind Raising my sprits with ways i can not find Over and over the days with you replayed Loving you so much wishing you would have stayed i crossed a line which i know not fit Now each day i die a little bit An empty void replaces what i feel Growing sadder and sadder,will i ever heal From the feeling of love i felt for a friend who is gone. yea just got fucked agin and this shit is getting old and sucks!!!!!!!!!.But its ok it was not ment t be god has a plan for me no more players and lieing asshols one of these days!!!!!!!!
Ok this is my first blog so bare with me. I have been single for as long as i can remember and it is time for a change so im asking that if you are a female and live somewheres in the area of Southwest part of newyork state and wouldn't mind going out on a date that you shoot me a message and i will get back to asap im really looking forward to getting to know someone soon so hopefully you can be that person Oh and im not a dime piece either im just your average type of guy just full of love i still live at home and im ready to do something with my life i still may be young but need a kick in the rear to get me going so once again if your a single female in or around southwest part of the state hit me up i would love to chat with you
Asking Again
Mental Illness
My morning mumm, it reminded me of when I was 15 and taking the RTD (bus in La) to see my boyfriend. I always sat in the rear, and listened to my Walkman (lol). Well this day, the bus was a bit crowded, however the rear was empty, except for one woman. I decided to sit a few seats away from her, she was arguing with herself, and started hitting herself. I started to get up to move and she grabbed the back of my hair and pulled me back, i instinctually just hauled off and cracked her in her head and face a few times. And she was screaming at me, calling me every name in the F'n book. A couple of men came and restrained her until the driver could stop, and then they removed her from the bus.. Just thought I would share..
~i've Learned Ii~
~I've learned ... that just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. ~I've learned ... that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had and what you've learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated. ~I've learned ... that you should never tell a child their dreams are unlikely or outlandish. Few things are more humiliating, and what a tragedy it would be if they believed it. ~I've learned ... that your family won't always be there for you. It may seem funny, but people you aren't related to can take care of you and love you and teach you to trust people again. Families aren't biological. ~I've learned ... that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. ~I've learned ... that it isn't always enough to be forgiven by others. So
Are There Angels Among Us ?
Are there angels among us ? Some say there are angels among us. What do you see? Do they talk with thee? Do they walk side by side along with you? If only we knew. Do you take it all for granted ? Going through life with your feet still planted. Taking it safe, Smelling one rose at a time. As though living life was some kind of crime. I do believe ! That if there were angels among us; They would want you to act like it just was. Just to live ! Just to be! Just to give ! Just to see! To act , Like you only had the rest of the day. To Live as you if were free . Then I am sure they will stay. As a gift for you and me. Amen Sapphire Jewel aka Valarie A Laboy © November 10, 2007
Why in hell does someone keep falling someone over and over and keep getting hurt? Why love hurt? Why does she not love me anymore? Does anyone love me or will love me? is there anyone who care about me and love me? is there anyone who can be faithful and be with me? Is there anyone who want me for me? IS there anyone help my broken heart
I Just Need Some input here. See I heard this Would you rather Question on Regular radio so I wanted to see How it Would Go Over on Fubar with Friends and Others. Well needless to say it was deleted be cause it Had NSFW Content the thing is I heard it on the FM radio Between the Hours of 8am-10am Working hours. I have seen some raunchy pictures here on Fubar that Should be NSFW. I saw this one the girl has her hand in her well you know where I can say or I will be deleted for NSFW content in my blog. This is supposed to be a online bar not a church. If you don't like what you see be mature enough to move on. I don't think a Question that I heard on radio Was as bad as some of the pictues that you can look at.
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Club Kryptonite The Best !!
Stop by and subscribe to Fubars newest lounge "Club Kryptonite" Great friends
A Little About Me
I just thought I'd explain the reason I use a wheelchair and crutches to some of you who might be wondering about that. I was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida. It's a neural tube defect where the extreme lower part of my spine didn't fuse correctly. This means that the vertibrates didn't close up all the way and in x rays you can see part of my spine. This caused nerve damage in my lower body. My legs and feet are particularly effected. Evenththough I have a birth defect that causes some damage in my body, I am very independant and can do pretty much everything anyone else can do, with the exception of things like full contact sports, mountain climbing, and a few ohter things. That's it for now, please feel free to message me with any other questions.
About Me
I am soon to be 25 which dont seem to bad. I am married to a fireman whom I love dearly but I also have fun with my friends. He lets me do whatever I want. We have been together for 5 years married for 4 months. He is everything to me and it is very awsome. We both work 2nd shift which is cool. I have a niece that I get almost every weekend and she is my little girl. She is the cutest thing to me. I dont have any kids yet but some day hope to. We are looking to get a house next week. We both cant wait. Other than that I try to spend alot of time with my friends and when we get the chance we try to go to the bar and have fun. That is all that I can think of at the moment.
Tucson Az.
I just found out that Chili's on Broadway needs some help so I have accepted to work there on the night of the 18th. I will be there all night so all my friends please stop by and say hi. I would love to see you all.
Membership Drive Could Win You 125,000 Fubucks
Challenges of Friendship And Membership Drive This is a Challenge For all members of Pumas Lair, Country Line Saloon, Moon Light Lounge, and Club Solitude. Contest Begins 2-29-08 til 3-15-08 This is a Membership Drive for all Four lounges. The Prizes will Be $125,000.00 Fu Bucks For First Place Winner. and $75,000.00 Fu Bucks For Second Place Winner. In order to keep track of the people Joining the Lounges, The New members needs to send an E-mail To 'FUBAR PUMA/OWNER OF PUMA'S LAIR & OWNER OF COUNTY LINE SALOON/MANAGER @ MOONLIGHT &CLUB SOLITUDE' Telling us who Invited them into the Lounge. The new members need to subscribe to all four lounges In order for the recruiter to get credited for the recruitment The Best Reward for this Membership Drive, will be the Members coming into the Lounge Good Luck to all participants This Competition is open to all Members and Staff alike not to mention the new members recruited. Thanks From All The Staff.
Fubar Stuff
The answer is (since I am being asked this non-stop), I have no idea. I was talking it up with Emily (Forn) and having an online status war with Bliss (Liquorbox) and I got deleted. No one will tell me why. As you all know, I don't script or have fake referrals.. Hell, I had zero referrals.. I don't do drama and if you are hearing from me in anything other than a positive or joking tone, then you've messed up and need to be called on your mess. I've gone through all the proper avenues. I started at the lounge, who referred me to Ryan (Scrapper) who told me to write Support. When I wrote Support, they told me to take my question to the Lounge. Uhmm great.. Well I wrote whoever was working support at that time to tell them that Ryan told me to write them, and that the lounge had referred me to Ryan.. and they told me basically only BabyJ can delete and to read the TOS. That's the funny thing. I know the TOS. I've read it many times. I often quote it to those people who need help wh
Good Bye
as you can see this account hasnt been up for to long. i am removing it in about 3 to 4 days. you can go to my origanal acount BIG POPPA J at this link.
Contest Please Help :d
ERROR: you've reached the daily photo comments limit for your user level. Running out sucks. Come help me out in the happy hour contest I'm in. Would love all that can help to please help. If not me maybe someone that is cool like BIGDOG. I've been sick and would love to level some time soon. Anyone who helps me will get some 11's and if i got enough fubucks I'll give some of them out too. Here it is fokes my link pic. Click and help how ever much you can and thank you in advance and try to have fun with it. Come help all you can. I'm hoping to win. To all those that come thank you. I'm wanting to getter done ya know. Here's the link and all you got to do is click on the pic and it will take you directly there. Thanks to all those that do help out and have a fantastic weekend.
Random Thoughts
I'm not the most sentimental, politically correct guy I know.  If I feel it, I let you know.  That doesn't mean that I'm out to hurt anyone's feelings on purpose, but if you're all fuckered up, then you need to know it.  At the same time, I prefer when someone let's me know if I'm jackballed up, too. I like a home with order in it.  I don't like things out of place when they're not being used, and I hate it when shit is half-finished and left alone.  That means that I expect my stay-at-home-mom wife to clean the house.  I also expect her to tell me an approximate time of how long she'll be out if I'm just coming home from work and having to watch the kids.  I do the same for her.  I really don't care if it limits her freedom, since I expect my freedom to be limited, too.  It's fucking marriage, not hanging out! If people think that I'm being chauvinistic, they're probably right.  A home has to have a master, and I'm the master of my home.  My wife and I are equals in our marriage, bu
Wonderin What The Heh?
i dont get some men when they tell you they wanna be with you and call themselves morons cause they should have realized long ago but then what the hell..they dont ask you out or say hey lets hook up its just like time froze things dont get worse they get better but nothing ever changes.....why is that? I dont get some people who try to add you as a friend when you have declined them already they try they really think the answer will change..ummmm its still gonna be maybe they will eventually get the hint and take a flying leap if i dont want you as my friend stop trying to get me to add you as one.
Have been looking for the right lady one for life one who knows how to love with your heart and eyes but one who feels in her heart the facts behind a long lasying relationship one who will meet me half way as I;ll wil be to you happy smiling and love is what I offer you are you the one
Thinking About Monday Morning
Hi All! If you have read my blog in "Freaking Grrrr!!!" you will know what I'm rambling on about now. If you haven't read it yet, this might make more sense to you if you read that one first. ~Tomorrow~ I'm thinking about the hearing tomorrow, and trying to decide how I will handle the situation. In my past experiences dealing with school officials, I have found that they have made up their minds long before I walk through the door, and talking to them is like talking to a brick wall. Andrew has never been in trouble before, so I don't know what to expect with this meeting. BTW, the kid who attacked Andrew got 7 days out of school/tech. I'm not sure when his hearing is. He might get more. Anyway, I want to defend Andrew in what happened. He has been putting up with crap from this kid for the past 2 months. I want to know what the school is going to do to stop this kid from not only harrassing Andrew, but other people in the school too. Obviously Andrew's instruc
Fubar Games--auctions--and Contests!!!!!!!!!
Commets Approval
The only people i have came across on this site that whine and whine about comment approval is the ones that want to leave nasty comment. I get people going on and on about how the mummers don't like the comment approval feature, well get over it. If some people knew how to behave themselves there wouldn't be a need for comment approval. They want to use your mums to get attention for themselves and start childish conflicts and leave all kind of smut on your page. Well, it will never get posted on my page and if it bother you so much take your little busy bodies to the next page. I will never miss you Sassy
Just Curious
I'M CURIOUS.... IF YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine...You're on my list, so I want to know you better! BE HONEST!! COPY FROM HERE THEN SEND DIRECTLY TO ME IN A MESSAGE THEN, REPOST THE EMPTY QUESTIONS AS A BULLETIN. 1.)Q. Are you currently in a serious relationship? 2.)Q. What was your dream growing up? 3.)Q. What talent do you wish you had? 4.)Q. If I bought you a drink what would it be? 5.)Q. Favorite vegetable? 6.)Q. What was the last book you read? 7.)Q. What zodiac sign are you? 8.)Q. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where. 9.)Q. Worst Habit? 10.)Q. If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride? 11.)Q. What is your favorite sport? 12.)Q. Do you have a Negative or Optimistic attitude? 13. )Q. What would you do if you were stuck in
I'm In An Auction
WHO WANTS TO OWN ME FOR A MONTH? I AM IN AN AUCTION. . . CHECK IT OUT AND SHOW ME SOME LOVE!!!!! JUST CLICK THE LINK BELOW: HERE IS WHAT I'M OFFERING: 1. Owned by "You" in my name for a month. 2. Add to Family for 1 Month. 3. Rate all stash items. 4. 300 11s per week for 1 month - rest of pics rated 10s. 5. Pimp out Bulletin and Blog. 6. Pimp out in "About Me" Section on my page. 7. 2 SFW Salutes DON'T FORGET TO RATE/FAN/ AND ADD THE HOST OF THIS AUCTION: ΤhΣ ßîg ΜîκΣ ™@ fubar
Happy Hour Contest
Bnc- The Newest Hater On Da Block!
DAMN I SWEAR NIGGA JUS CANT GET IT RIGHT CAN THEY? U TRY TO BE NICE BUT THEY JUS DONT GET IT!! LEMME SHARE WIT U A CONVO I HAD WIT THIS FOOL WHO DECIDES TO RATE MY PROFILE AND PICS "1" WHEN IT WAS ALL GOOD A WEEK AGO LOL! STANK BASTARD MAD CUZ I WONT CYBER WIT HIM SMSH!!! BnC is his name should stand for Bastard Needs Cybersex cuz he cant get no real pussy!! this is the fags profile pic this is the convo in my shout that made me block this fool!! chk it out peeps! u kno he dumb as hell talkin to me like that! READ FROM THE BOTTOM UP IN EACH BOX I HAD TO BULLETIN THIS SO EVERYONE CAN SEE WHO THE FAKES ARE! SHOW THI
Deleting Non-real Friends
Ok as my "real" friends know I try to help all the time with either offering tags for them to get people to bomb their contests they are in, helping level and get my "real" friends to join in, or just by leaving a comment or something to cheer them up. So I am going thru my friends list and if you cant be a "real" friend your gone. I dont care about how many friends I have. I care about how many friends I have that are "real" So If your "Real" and want to stay let me know otherwise your gone! Hate to be like this but I aint into being popular by no means I am just myself:) Have a great day!
Why Men Should Pay On The 1st Date..
So I am chatting with a friend on MSN and I see at the bottom of the chat box. "why men should pay for the 1st date." So my curiosity gets me and I click on it. I get this security warning pop up box that says " Although this page is encrypted, the information you sent is to be sent over an unencrypted and could easily be read by a third party. Are you sure you want to continue sending this information? " So now I am even more curious. So I click continue. The head line is "Want a second date? Pay for the first." Interesting so I read on this is under the headline. "Men, pay attention. Women place a high value on how a potential partner treats them right at the start. Generosity will go a long way." So I am thinking ok what does paying for the 1st date show us? Umm well that he can pay for it. But then there are some women that think ohh hell no I will pay my own way I dont want to owe anyone anything. There are some guys out there that do think well I will p
When It Rains, It Pours!
First off, thank you again for all of the outpouring of support and genuine concern for my father! First it was my son, who is improving each day, and now this. He is a "cantankerous" 80 year old. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday morning with a temperture of 105, couldn't stand because of cellulites in the leg in which he had a knee replacement 4 years ago and would NOT allow the ambulance to be called. So, my two younger brothers got him there. To make a long story short, he also had elevated BP, sugar levels and they found blood poisoning, among a few other things. So, today, they will remove the artificial knee, clean out the joint and replace it with a temporary joint. The utmost concern are the infections he has and to try to remedy those. This will be quite a drawn out affair, but at least he is in very capable hands. Thank you again for all the love and concern you have shown!
4th Of July
Warning Ladies
Some of you know about Azriel but, this is for the ladies who don't. Azriel is a sick sob who when doesn't get his way makes threats to kill people. I've had a phone conversation with this man before I knew who he was. He admitted to me that he did make these threats to a woman. He said it was because she broke his heart but, I highly doubt that. He started asking me to send him nude photos of myself. Or to make him NSFW salutes. He also tried to bribe me by saying if I did he would buy me a year VIP. Sorry I can't be bought. But, that wasn't the point. When I flat out refused he couldn't believe what he was hearing. He started getting angry. Now being a pervert is one thing. But, this is way past that. He needs to be stopped. So if you run across him delete and block him. I did as soon as I ended the conversation with him. Here is another blog on him. All I have to say is ladies beware of him!!!
Darkness Falls
hey all.... Are you interested in being a greeter or a DJ? Wanna have fun in a drama free lounge and make some great friends...? Well then we totally want to have you as apart of The Darkness Falls family.....!!! If you have never been a DJ before.. thats ok... we have expierenced DJ's to help you along the way... If you have never been a greeter before... its way simple... We have flexible schedules to fit your lifestyle...whether your online 2 hours a day or 24 hours a day we have something for you.. So if you are interested then please hit me up in my shout box for more details!!!
The Things I Am Going To Do To You
…..I turn you around and push you to the closest wall, I raise both your hands high over your head and together so I can hold you with one hand and have one free hand. Spreading your legs with my foot my free hand gracefully caresses the inside of your arm then flipping your long dark hair over your left shoulder placing my hand back on your shoulder blade kissing sucking your neck and slowly dropping my right arm as to caress your side down lower toward your perfectly shaped ass. I planted the palm of my right hand firmly flat against the inside of your left thigh and slide it tightly into your warm and very wet pussy lifting you slightly onto your toes! You now feel both my hands on your waist and I start to bite you softly high on your back and slowly working my way down your back speeding up and getting harder the closer I get to your ass. I now squat down with my thumbs pointing inward grabbing the back of your legs sliding them higher till they nestle well into the crevice of whe
F/a/r, Bring A Friend Train
Hop on board the F/A/R a friend train! This one will work a little differently than most. This time, to be added to the train, you have to F/A/R all the riders of the train and the friend they choose to bring along. (The friends will not be required to F/A/R everyone in return but we hope they will anyway). So, F/A/R everyone on the list... if they're already on your list, leave a friendly comment. When you're finished, send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE along with the profile link of the friend you'd like to bring along. And if you'd like me to make you a friendship tag for you and your friend, please rate the following album and leave a comment on the last pic. (If the person you bring along is a boyfriend/girlfriend and you would like a more couple oriented tag, please let me know). Now... here are the friendly neighborhood Fubarians! 1. ♥Bebe♥ *My heart is lost in a Dreadful Nightmare*@ fubar and Dreadful nightmare!Homesick Volunteer aka BEBE's baby!@ fuba
Nsfw Storytime.....
OK, I feel like an idiot for doing this. One of my friends here suggested I post a kinky story I wrote as a "kinky-turn-on laugh" online (you know who you are). Here goes....rate it if it's any good. She thought I could make money from writing them...LOL, not sure about that!!! (Names have been changed to protect the innocent, content very NSFW so don't read if you are easily offended) --------- You are busy working in your office, and sense someone behind you. Quickly you try to hide your window, but too late. Still on the screen is a picture of a naked guy and girl having sex. "Jane" he says..."what are you doing"? "Come and see me in my office right away". You swallow hard...Steve, is your boss and you know full-well that people in this company have been fired for smaller things than this. Slowly, nervously, you come into Steve's office. "Sit down Jane" Steve says. Slowly you sit down, the feeling of the leather on your thigh sends a pleasant shiver up your spine. S
Hh Birthday Party
Couldn't Think Of A Better Way To Celebrate A Birthday Then By Having A Happy Hour! His Celebration Will Begin At 2:00pm Fu-Time! Save Your 11's And Strap In For A Great Time! 2.1 Million To Disciple. Let's See If We Can Get Him There! Go To Tappinit's Page Fan/Add/Rate/Bling Him As Hard As You Can! He has a Heart of Gold .. or Silver ! He LOVES the drunken poultry! Put him in a Tiara and he'll probably DELETE!!! But the Doggie? That's what he does .... oops .. Loves the BEST! ~Tappinit~@ fubar To Keep The Party Going Tappinit's Owner, Linda Will Be Having Her Happy Hour At 3:00pm Fu-Time! So Save Some Birthday Cake For Her! ~Linda~@ fubar This Bulletin Made By...
Johnny Lee: Creating Tech Marvels Out Of A $40 Wii Remote
Live life to its fullest as you never know whats around the corner. I do and take things as they come. I own my own business selling Slumber Parties, and never knew just how fullfilling that could be to be able to help women and couples keep that romance alive. Never take relationships for granted, as everything in life takes work and if its worth it give it your all. If you would like info on what I do just let me know. Debi Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly....... Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.
A Lil About Me.
My First Contest (ty Kasey For Making The Bully For Me)
COME CHECK THIS HOTTIE OUT! SHE'S IN HER 1ST CONTEST EVER AND IS LOOKING FOR HER FRIENDS TO HELP. SHE NEEDS (min 15,000 points) & (over 200 rates) Comments = 5 point each. Rates = 10 points each. CLICK ON THE PIC LINK BELOW AND SHOW HER SOME LOVE. THIS BULLY WAS MADE BY: †KASEY†SARGE'S BAD GIRLS†FU ANGEL†FU BOMBER†NICCI'S LOVER†OWNED BY MISS LEXI RAYNE†@ fubar need help... got my first auto 11... from my DT family... I love ya'll... please help me level then check them out believe me they are awesome!
i am 36 male i am gay i love being with someone that want to spend time with each other and watch movies together i love to find the right one i hope there is someone out there that want the same thing so look me up if your out there
Is It In Ohio Water??
Ok some people may not like what I'm going to write but it's early in the morning I'm bored and this is really starting to annoy me... FAT GIRLS I DON'T HATE YOU YOUR JUST NOT MY TYPE.... AND PLEASE LADIES DON'T START BLOWING UP MY PAGE BITCHING BECAUSE YOU THINK I'M DOWNING YOU PERSONALLY OR IF YOU HAVE A FEW EXTRA POUNDS AND THINK I'M ATTACKING YOU! I ACTUALLY DON'T PREFER REALLY SKINNY WOMEN EITHER. ANYWHERE FROM 125-150 DEPENDING ON HEIGHT....I DON'T THINK I'M THE BEST LOOKING OR PHYSICALLY FIT GUY IN THE WORLD..NOR DO I THINK I'M PERFECT. JUST STATING A FACT!!!If you do a search in zip code 43147 on Fubar even with in 100 mile of that code in women with photo's 98% are FAT or UGLY or BOTH! IS IT IN THE OHIO WATER? Most of the women are HUGE! I think it is in something we put in our meats that come from local farms..Only in Ohio you can see a bunch of FAT inbred UGLY brother fucking women...YUCK.. I mean every time I see a hot woman on Fubar she is either from another part of Ohio
Why the fuck are all you guys so damn far??? DAMN IT!!!!!!!
New Lounge
come check out southern by the grace of god for good country music and fun
Without You"> HinderWithout You Music Video Codes By Music
What Is Wrong With People
Ok so, i have known this gal for a while now, but she has since deleted me blocked me, and all. I am wondering WTF? Come to find out she was bitching at another gal for buying me. Now can you say childish, wtf is she thinkinig about. This is a site to make friends, and have a good time. A place to get away from the BS in the real world, i just dont get it, don't get me wrong, i thought ths 1st gal and i were pretty good friends, but i guess that was not the case. I like Fubar, and it so cool meeting new friends and all, we need to face it, this is a place to relax and have fun. A place to get away from the everyday hassles of Normal Life! Wish she would talk to me, but I guess that aint gonna happen. All i can say is sorry, but ya know i am not a bad person, and i did nothing wrong. Well there i vented, for now, have an awesome weekend my friends. Alan
From A Girl Point Of View
Nowadays there are so many crimes happening around us. Killing there, robbing here! Some people are afraid to spent their extra time outside their house. Like, after work, their going home instead of having a stroll or spend a good night in a bar. And sometime even in your house you can't tell if your safe. Is your jewelries, documents or the important goodies in your home are safe? Some home owners have a wall safes in their house. The wall safes are the ones that are designed to be situated into a wall. More people prefer wall safes than the standard safe. Since wall safes are well-hidden, would-be thieves will have to locate the safe first making them worry about two things--where the safe is placed and how to open the safe. But always keep in mind that even you're so damn clever about the safety of your properties, there the some people that are clever that you do. Source:
The Path To Destruction
death it starts with your life being taken away from you and put in someones elses hands and just goes on from there. love is alot like death, while love dont kill you it makes you act in ways that only people under a trance would do and with my life i am in love with a very special someone and dont know how to tell her and i have even thrown away a marriage to make it so that i only have her and my friends in my life who are there for me but to learn how to tell this to that special someone, that is what i seek and hope to get the help in the way to tell her cause it is eating me up inside tht she dont know....... death will overcome me and darkness shall rise. more from the grim reaper as time goes on... grim reaper 01/26/2009 at 1 in the afternoon   Death does funny things as explained above. at the time of the post above i was able to feel a presence in my life. i was unaware at the time what it was but not long before it i was looking for a reason to die. since then now almost
The Man Song
Lets see if I can get this right... I just thought I would share
Cool Stuff Made By Friends
imikimi - Customize Your World!
A New Start
Me :)
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Wife Craves Black - Swinger Sex Wife Craves Black click here. Wife Craves Black is where hot wives come to share their fantasy of getting fucked by a well ... Get the United Black Swinger widget on! sex, sexuality, swingers. The black swingers Swingers Home Page. ... We are convinced our black swingers page may spark your imagination with more fun content . ... Black Swingers Alliance is comitted to bringing together Swingers of Color and those who love us, in a classy, informative and fun environment that embraces ... Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Christian singles groups, activities and events, cruises, conferences, retreats, vacations, coffeehouses, concerts, conference and retreat facilities. Tips About Caribbean Cruises: Island Hopping Has Never Been Easier ... Singles Cruise Vacations: Finding Love and Romance Join the World's Larg
F/a/r Me!!! Need Fu-buks Read?
rate 100 pics to earn 10k fu-buks... fan me add me ill do the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!message me when completing the rates to get paid !!!!
shitty mothafucking day today on a fri. in monks corner. dam!
Assassin Nation
Hey whats up? Not much here just decided to start my own blog about my paintball team Assassin Nation. We are a 3 to 7 man woodsball / senario team thats brand new and currently lookin for sponsors or donations to off set the cost of the team. We are currently paying for everything out of pocket. Let me tell you a little about my self. Im going to be 33 next week. Im getting old lol. I was a scout in the army served 1 yr Ramadi Iraq. Now Im out of the military I spend much of my time playing paintball. My team Assassin Nation are in serius need of sponsors to keep the team a float. In we return we would put your company name on our sleve of our jersey and put a link from our website to your.
A ..angel Is Need Of A Prayer
Adecco New Zealand
Hey peeps! I am hoping you can help me! I want to know who everyones favorite stand up comedians are! Such as Rodney Carrington, Chris Rock, Margaret Cho... So who is YOUR favorite comedian?
Pieces Of Thought
fighting normalcynonconformedbut a humanhas transformedonce an outcast now accepteda girl now grownhas changed perspectivenot the people who have changedbut the limts that which chainedher views on lifeonce were bleaknow she's strong enoughto speakideas flowing just the samebut now she know's to the play the gameyou must followto later leadcannot live withoutsome greedan honest lifeshe craved the mostbut can't survivewithout a hostso on she goeswithout a carepure intentionsbecome rarethe girl a ghostinnocence fadednow she's feelingworn and jadedis she happyshe still asksor is she hidingbehind a maskmade of moneylust and liesthe light has long sinceleft her eyesshe tries so hardto maintainbut later seesshe's drenched in shameso adulthoodseems to bea lonely voyageon an endless sea
Darkness And Light
It is said that darkness is a source of evil and that light is a source of goodness, well most people often c it as this and i cant blame them. But to my opionion darkness could also b a good thing it often isent bad unless made bad and light could be used in bad ways as well. WEll the thing about them is that most times both are present at rhe same time creating equilibrium and that is good. But in my opionion both are good in a way u just got to c it as good. 
Uk Ppi
UK PPI Missold payment protection
Bounce Houses
inflatable bounce houses Inflatable water slides Inflatable water trampolines inflatable jumpers Tents for sale Inflatable manufacturer I guess every parent will say yes when asked the following questions. Are you looking for the perfect gift to give your five-year old child? Do you want his birthday to be a memorable one? Would you be willing to give something unique? Then inflatable bounce houses are one ofyour best choices. Bounce house can give your children a lot of things - fun, exercise, and good memories to grow up with. That’s the reason why the bounce house rentals business is much popular among the whole world. With best quality, even a used bounce house can last for many years. Aside from being a soft, bouncy playground, it could act as the centerpiece of your kid's party. Since you're going to give a bounce house as a gift, it is best that you start using it right during the party. Bounce houses are great attractions on any get-togethers, whether it is a kid's part
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The Rules On How To Talk To A Dj!!! (a Must Read, You Know Who You Are!!!)
The Rules On How To Talk To A DJ!!! (A Must Read, You Know Who You Are!!!) Category: Music HOW TO TALK TO A D.J. If you're going to talk to the club D.J., DON'T SAY... 1. "Play something good... something we can dance to!" The D.J. has to play for more than one person, so what you may hate may be another's favorite song and everything played here can be danced to one way or another. 2. "Would you play something with a beat?" Don't be an idiot. We know of no songs played in a club that don't have some sort of a beat. 3. "I don't know who sings it and I don't know the name of the song, but it goes like this... la dee-dah-dee!" Please, don't sing for the D.J. They have to put up with smoke-filled rooms and dangerous decebal levels all night. Do them a favor and don't give them a rendition of your favorite song. 4. "Everybody wants to hear it!" Oh sure, you polled everyone in the club and, as their spokesperson, you are requesting the song. Also, do not make a request, then send all
Torqued Out Trivia Tuesdy
Come join us at 8 - 9 pm    General every day questions - anyone can guess and win - prizes to first correct answer.    LIVE DJ taking requests !!!   All around great night !!!
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Minor Drivel
Are you a Monster? Are you a Freak? Will you be my Friend! Or have you lost your way. With trouble to pay, When you come to your journey's end? Empyrium Lullaby
I just wanted to say that I have the most amazing friends here.   I was gone forever, and decided to come back.  I was re-welcomed with open arms.   It feels good to be remembered.   Granted, I kept up with many via FB, but not all.   I just wanted to share my warm fuzzies. So, yesterday, Crazy Lips proposed an experiment. Be her for 24 hours. I uploaded some of her pics, put mine in a private folder (except for the salutes, of course), ripped her custom skin and changed my name. Well, I didn't get the VIP and bling that I wanted, but I did get a ton of friend requests, dudes in my SB asking for their e-kok to be stroked, and I had to turn off the secret admirer notifications because they got so annoying. It may have been more effective if I'd been more responsive to guys wanting to get in my pants.  Not that Crazy Lips is, but not knowing me from her, it may have gotten me further.  I just couldn't do it.  The annoyance factor set in much too soon to keep anything like th
For Someone Special
This Card was Originally intended for someone else, but it was never delivered.  The meaning behind it goes to someone special in my life.   You can't imagine how many times, I've thought about you and how thankful I am that you're such a good friend to me. You and I have a once-in-a-lifetime friendship, the kind that isn't based just on fun, but acceptance and caring instead. It's so reassuring to know that all one of us has to do is call, and the other will respond immediately-without question, without reservation. I never feel quite as "okay" or understood with anyone else as I do with you. Your a true friend - a constant friend - and no matter how much time passes or where we are in our lives, nothing will change that. :) James  
This Site Is Not Legit
The Way I See It
That degree you have hanging, on your wall. Can be broken, shattered, won't stand the fall. It's words stating your area, of expertise. My scars are my proof, an incurable disease. The images imprinted, in my mind. Are my experience, my time. My time served, released for good behavior. Finding faith, hope, my savior. Through the blood, sweat and tears. Recognizing the demons, facing the fear. Seeing the real world, for what it's truly about. Erasing the misconception, weeding through the doubt. Step out in to the world, without any protection at all. Fight, bleed and cry, then place that degree back on your wall. Only then will that degree, be worth a shit. If this offends you I apologize, but that's just the way I see it.
My Tomb
Tears fall, from my face. As I struggle to find, my happy place. My daughter asks, Mom are you okay? I reply, yes sweetie, always. Then I walk, into my room. Locking myself, inside my tomb. My dungeon, where I suffer alone. Dying for the chance, to pick up the phone. And call someone, anyone would be nice. Instead it's just me, it gets old sometimes. Because I want more, but too afraid to try. It's easier turning to my pillow, to cry.
Actual Thoughts? No Way!
TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name:  Victoria Birthplace: Tennessee Current Location: Tennessee Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color:  Black Height: 5'5" Right Handed or Left Handed: Right Your Heritage: American? I'm part Scottish, Irish, English, Cherokee, and Welsh, though. The Shoes You Wore Today: dorky work shoes Your Weakness: The inability to fly Your Fears:  Crickets! And abandonment. Your Perfect Pizza: doesn't exist. The best pizza I've had though was from a local pizza place and had roasted peppers, tomatoes, and... I'm not sure what else, actually. Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Submit an article for publication Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: lol Thoughts First Waking Up: Where's my phone? What time is it? Your Best Physical Feature: Uh... I think my eyes. But this is obviously the most subjective question on this list. Your Bedtime: When I'm exhausted or midnight if I'm in school Your Most Missed Memory: High school band Peps
Coffins used to be built with holes in them, attached to six feet of copper tubing and a bell. The tubing would allow air for victims buried under the mistaken impression they were dead. Harold, the Oakdale gravedigger, upon hearing a bell, went to go see if it was children pretending to be spirits. Sometimes it was also the wind. This time it wasn’t either. A voice from below begged, pleaded to be unburied. “You Sarah O’Bannon?” Yes! the voice assured. “You were born on September 17, 1827?” “Yes!” “The gravestone here says you died on February 19?” “No I’m alive, it was a mistake! Dig me up, set me free!” “Sorry about this, ma’am,” Harold said, stepping on the bell to silence it and plugging up the copper tube with dirt. “But this is August. Whatever you is down there, you ain’t alive no more, and you ain’t comin’ up.” The $50
Why Women Are Still The Dominant Sex
I have been a member of fubar for almost 3 years now and I have said in previousr blogs that fubar is a reflection of the real World. And like here Women are still the dominant sex and men are still the more aggressive of the two. I say this because I have noticed that men in general buy more bling for women then women buy for men. You don'r see any women buying a man an fu-pony but you do on occasion see a admiring man buying an fu-pony for a woman here. Women in general have higher ranks and levels then men on fubar.... Women get more likes and rates then men do.   Women have a  much more busier SB then a guy's SB and they get many more profile comments then the average guy, I know many women on this site who shut down their SB and pokes because they could not keep up with the onslaught of admiring men.  Most men don't have this problem with admiring women. And women are much more valuable then men are on fubar. The average price to own a female on fubar is much higher than
Hope Your Nights Good
Morganna's Wicked Little Thoughts
My house is going up for sale soon. We are moving out most likely within the next month or so. I am very upset about this but I have no choice. It is my parents house and they are getting divorced and going their seperate ways. I am not sure exactly where I am going yet. My dad is trying to get a place in Belmawr. I will keep you all updated. Well the people who care anyway.
Tryn To Get Straight
Why We Fall In Love
There are as many reasons for falling in love as there are people and circumstances. And it is hard to know exactly what another person means by falling in love. Are they talking about intense lust? A feeling of deep connection and understanding? Pleasant company and easy familiarity? An almost spiritual experience of rapture and wonder? Preoccupation, even obsession with another person and profound fear of losing him or her? So what am I telling you? Who wrote the book of love? Well, lots of people and things did. We should never forget that we are animals and are driven by instincts to reproduce that are part of our genetic code. These instincts are profound and powerful, and even though each individual plays them out in a slightly different way, they are always at work in us. Replicate your genes! That command is sent to us by our hormones, our emotions, our families, our society, our deepest selves.
Sexual Experiance
You have a sexual IQ of 142 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
i'm looking to make friends!!!! Hey wuz up?
Welcome Into My World
what is this shit going on in my head Ive been going up and down on this emotional rollercoaster so much that Ive forgoten everything, That all that I thought was love is dead, Just when i think ive found someone i share so much in common with, things turn for the worse, I dont know if Im just being too cautious or if maybe I should let my heart open up One things for sure though If things keep on going like this I feel like my head is jsut gonna burst I just want some sort of sign something to tell me Im on the right path If things will be ok for me to move on In this so called wonderful life So now I sit here thinkin of someone What they're doing now. If Ive crossed their mind if they see me in their dreams Only time will tell i guess and Im left here to suffer Just let me know what I can do For my heart and soul cant take much more and I just might make u my lover. My life , my everything Ive ever dreamt of having but till that day comes ill just sit h
Repost: Pam Foster Of Pamela Foster And Associates In Atlanta .
The lady who wrote this is Pam Foster of Pamela Foster and Associates in Atlanta . She's been in business since 1980 doing interior design and home planning. I know some will be put off by this, but like Pamela "I don't care", because these are my thoughts exactly, only she summed it up better than I could. "Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001? Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan, across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania ? Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they? And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet? Well, I don't. I don't care at all. I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in
New Pics
Uploaded a few older pictures and a couple new today, check them out! Hit me up if you want to request anything, thanks. Bill
Ie C'est Noir
I know you've been here, everyone has at least once... If you can't sleep tonight, then don't! Worry not because tonight is one of those timeless nights that never begin or end, you only slip in and out of them. Tarry here awhile then in between the sun scaped lands of your waking world. Listen to the secrets the night breezes whisper as they pass over ponds of water and cool your skin. Stand outside and relish the blazing star fire that heats your skin with a cold burning. Turn your eyes away from the shadows of the world and lift up your chin to gaze at the wonderfully pure reflection of the sun shining with a silver flare off the landscape of the moon. Tonight dance with faeries on shadowed lanes, and run with the deer under old oak trees. Dip your toes into waters with ripples laced with white fire. On nights like this when you can slip into the ancient lands do not fear getting lost, because when you enter the timeless realm that tonight has given you, ther

i already have a blog i use, so i won't be putting anything here... but if you want to check it out it's at enjoy!
The Fight
The Fight bloody, broken, burised, and branded. Fractured ribs, the punch has landed. Battered, wounded, twisted legs, "let me go!" the victem begs. now doubled over, spitting teeth, his mother screams, consumed with greif. show no mercy, fight to death, till a broken body's all thats left. theres no reason none at all to cause this high aimed youth to fall help me help me he gasp and cries but know they will beat him until he dies pathetic soul left all alone bloddy face, shattered bones the mother wails its not his time they will pay for this vicious crime with no regrat remorse or sorrow the gang will strike tomorrow now roses lay upon the grave cherriswhed frien we could not save
bigdaddy@ LostCherry
Meeting People
As l am glad to join cherrytap. it is a great site to meet peolpe and making friends. Also sharing stuff with people and having a lot of fun.
I have no idea what I'mgoing on this site. It's so much more completmant then myspcae. Maybe acn soneone let me hwo if there are chat rooms. That would be great So now I bit about me. I'm single, while, 28, looking for friends only. But if I di happened to seet that special person then I won't run away from Him. This is all for now I guess. I gotta figure out how to use the rest of this stuff Hails
Rantings Of A Madman
How Carrie did loathe this. To be treated only as a piece of meat. Carrie knew that I love her for her. I loved her for her pure childlike heart. For her inner beauty as well as what was on the outside. This always gave her a radiance and beauty that even the heavenly angels themselves stood in awe of. But you! You chosen few who chose to make her life and her livelihood a living hell. You I blame for her death! You were the ones who called and showed up to get her upset to the point of depression. The ones who got her so upset as to the point of being careless. The ones who made my Carrie lose all hope, no matter how hard I tried to reassure her. I’ve come to conclude that once hope is gone, we are no longer human. We become something that merely tries to survive on sheer instinct. This race never actually developed to homosapien from Neanderthal – we are still there. We strive to contradict today what was religiously upheld yesterday. Yet we still conside
My Blog
Well, it's been wonderful although short! I'm going to shutdown my account. I enjoyed talking to all of you! Thank you for being my friends. For anyone interested in staying in touch you can reach me at Enjoy! Have a lovely holiday season! Take care! Bye, Sean To all of my fellow vets, and all of those currently serving this wonderful country, Happy Veteran's Day to you! You are all heros!!! Your sacrifices are very much appreciated! Please accept my thanks for everything you've done!! Best wishes and God Bless!!! US Navy 1993-2001
Fake Ass People
Hey all my Family, Friends, and Fans....I am moving next week, so after Friday i wont be able to be online for awhile (About a month or so). But I will be back as soon as i get all set up and get my internet back. I will miss you all. I will check in as much as possible while im gone. Take Care and I love you all. Tammy Why are there so many FAKE ASS people? People who are so nice to your face but would stab ya in the back if they got the chance. I dont understand why peeps just cant be real from the start. Instead of pretending to be so close to ya, and then sneaky as fuck behind ya back. If anyone has the slightest clue why people feel the need to be so FAKE online, please share your thoughts.
Bisexual Women!
i LOVE this picture! stop bye and give this girl a 10 would ya please? im thinking of taking some new NSFW pics tonite, are there any requests out there? i need a few ideas i want to meet you, so dont be shy, come out and meet me! say hi or something, we girls need to stick together...if you are a bisexual woman and proud of it, let it be known!!
Ok I know everyone on here seen my main picture floating all over the place from the blast, peoples friends list, people comments on pix and profiles....You know the picture I was exposing my legs and all...*Hmmmmm* Well If you noticed I've changed my picture to a plan "Jane" pic and I was testing to see if my page would be hit up as much as if I kept the other picture up....Well it just proved to me just that... most folks just wanna see tits and azz...Well folks you not gonna get it from me...That pic that I had up will be the most you will see from me...*lol* but I luv you guys anyway..*hehe* HEY EVERYONE THIS IS MY FIRST CONTEST AND LAST FOR 2006...I PUT THIS IN A BULLETIN BUT I GUESS MY FRIENDS AND FANS ARE SLEEPIN' SO I'M MAKING THIS ANNOUCEMENT UNIVERSAL...*LOL* PLEASE COME VOTE FOR ME I WOULD TRULY APPRECIATE ALL THE LUV AND COMMENT BOMBING IS DEFINITELY ALLOWED... THANX CHERRY FAMILY ~SEXY AZZ BUTTAFLI~
All American Rejects
Christmas 1974
Christmas 1974 This was my 1st year with out my Mother. It was very hard to be in the Christmas Spirit. I remember how other Christmas's us to be. To see New Hope be born with a child. To be so blessed at the family your around. I have been thinking on this day December 09, 2006. I have had so many blessing since then. I have 3 beautiful & handsome children. I'm so blessed with my grandchildren. Thirty-two years of missing my Mom. Then to think she has missed seeing her great-grandchildren. God bless you Mom. Merry Christmas ~hugs~ Joyce
I Know Jack Schitt
WHO IS JACK SCHITT? For some time many of us have wondered just who is Jack Schitt? We find ourselves at a loss when someone says, 'You don't know Jack Schitt!' Well, thanks to my genealogy efforts, you can now respond in an intellectual way. Jack Schitt is the only son of Awe Schitt. Awe Schitt, the fertilizer magnate, married O. Schitt, the owner of Needeep N. Schitt, Inc. They had one son, Jack. In turn, Jack Schitt married Noe Schitt. The deeply religious couple produced six children: Holie Schitt, Giva Schitt, Fulla Schitt, Bull Schitt, and the twins Deep Schitt and Dip Schitt. Against her parents' objections, Deep Schitt married Dumb Schitt, a high school dropout. After being married 15 years, Jack and Noe Schitt divorced. Noe Schitt later married Ted Sherlock, and because her kids were living with them, she wanted to keep her previous name. She was then known as Noe Schitt Sherlock. Meanwhile, Dip Schitt married Loda Schitt, and
Not So Happy
He is moving back home tomorrow which makes me sad because it is like 3hrs away so i won't get to see him very much:( I'm going to miss him very much.
Your Kiss
Receiving sexual stimulation, Without manual masturbation; Getting such focused concentration With no communication. Doing what I want; When I say I want it now. Like when I tell you in my ass I want to feel you pound. Ropes and Gags, Whips and chains; Just lay back and enjoy the pain. Scream out mercy, While pleading for more. To spank your ass till red and sore. Lick my black leather boots All up the sides. My prey has no need With things like pride. Your orgasm only reached Long after I've had mine. Now burry your tongue In me, deep within side. Sip the nectar that both Our bodies produced. How easily men; us women seduce!! Now that is a night That will take long to forget. Be a good boy now, Swallow don't spit!! I want your kiss to carry me through the long lonely nights to keep me safe and warm I want your kiss out underneath the stars scattered across a dark sky as a thousand eyes look down I want your kiss in an
February 2002 by Dr. William Pierce A few years ago, when I first began describing the lemming phenomenon, I had the naïve idea that lemmings were mostly a pretty dull bunch: grossly overweight couch potatoes who munched snacks while they watched television and believed everything they were told. I thought that intelligence was a reasonably good guarantee that a person wasn't a lemming. Since then I've learned that isn't true. I believe there probably is some correlation between intelligence and the ability to think independently, on the average, but there certainly are many, many intelligent men and women who are just as much lemmings as the dullest couch potato or baseball fan. Talking to journalists helped me understand that. Many of the journalists with whom I've spoken in the past few years have been at least a little more intelligent, quicker witted, better educated, and generally more knowledgeable than the average member of the population. My estimate is that, on the a
Before you order a drink in public, you should read this! Seven New York City bartenders were asked if they could 'nail' a woman's personality based on what she drinks. Though interviewed separately, they concurred on almost all counts. The results: PART A: WOMEN-DRINKS, WHO THEY ARE, & YOU! Drink: Beer Personality: Causal, low-maintenance; down to earth. Your Approach: Challenge her to a game of pool. Drink: Blender Drinks Personality: Flaky, whiny, annoying; a pain in the ass. Your Approach: Avoid her, unless you want to be her cabana boy. Drink: Mixed Drinks Personality: Older, more refined, high maintenance, has very picky taste; knows EXACTLY what she wants. Your Approach: You won't have to approach her. If she's interested, she'll send YOU a drink.... .............. Drink: Wine (does not include White Zinfandel) Personality: Conservative and classy; sophisticated yet giggles. Your Approach: Tell her you love to travel and spend quiet evenings with fri
Goddamn Buick!
I want friends! lol Some comments wouldn't hurt either, I suppose I could even comment back if you're lucky! =] ...oh, and check out my "trackz" if you like The Beatles, almost every popular video is on there! I ♥ The Beatles! add me! =] comment me! =] and how the hell do people make those stupid morph images? lol WCL4L
Guys Suck
Okay, let me try this again!!I read some thing today in a bulletin and you know what it made me think that guys can really suck and can really be idiots! And yes, we can be too!! I will admit that! But rather than look at what happened really, how about the heart felt courage it took to love someone and walk away? Would you not love someone all the more if they had the strength to do that? What I wanna hear are comments that say what you think, whether she is a strong loving person that he may not deserved in the first place or what???? Come on guys, for once, show some!!!
There came a frantic knock At the doctor's office door, A knock, more urgent than he had ever heard before. ~~~~ "Come in, Come in," the impatient doctor said, "Come in, Come in, before you wake the dead." ~~ In walked a frightened little girl, a child no more than nine, It was plain for all to see, she had troubles on her mind. ~~~ "Oh doctor, I beg you, please come with me, My mother is surely dying, she's as sick as she can be." ~~~~ "I don't make house calls, bring your mother here," "But she's too sick, so you must come or she will die I fear." ~~~~ The doctor, touched by her devotion, decided he would go, She said he would be blessed, more than he could know. ~~~~ She led him to her house where her mother lay in bed, Her mother was so very sick she couldn't raise her head. ~~~~ But her eyes cried out for help and help her the doctor did, She would have died that very n
Pain By Steve Cook No cuts, no bruises, no broken bones There’s nothing like this pain of being alone No blood just pain and tears to gain Heartache that can drive you insane Emptiness fills my body, a soulless shell I feel like I’ve been put through the fires of hell Sleepless nights with no one to hold My heart is growing bitter and cold Drowning my tears and sorrows for years With this empty liquor bottle I have no fears Hangovers from hell I sit and dwell About the cards I was dealt and the way they fell When someone gets close I push them away See no one can hurt you if there not here to stay You’ll be lonely and sad, depressed for a while But one of these days you’ll learn to smile So hold your head up have patience you’ll find That every heartache heals with time
Celebrity Love
More Fun Quizzes at
110 Year Old Iron Bed
Okay I have been asked what was wrong with me today...let me just tell you what is going on..... First of all I woke up because I had fallen out of my 110 year old iron bed...on the wrong side now mind you..(seriously i think the 5 year old kicked me out on purpose)..then i haul my sore butt up out off the floor...started walking out of the room and tripped over the cord to the fan...(did i mention i was on the wrong side of the bed....i would not have tripped if it was on the side it was supposed to be on!!) Well if that is not funny enough...i go to bathroom looking through hazey sleepy eyes...and sit down without you would think with an 8 year old and 5 year old boy in the house i would know better...but nnnooooo....not yes you guessed it I FELL IN!! damn those kids....I think i heard them laughing to....ooooo when i catch them....i know they do it on purpose...sigh...well then i call somebody I wanted to talk to and as soon as I hung up i realized I ha
Damn People
Yes I know boring topic but still.. I've been working on 1099's for work for the last few MONTHS. You know wanted to get them out on time if not early. So I FINALLY go them all done and sent out today. Granted the figures were computer generated, printed, and we used out machine to fold/stuff them, but I have over 20hrs of Overtime last week to finish up corrections, calling vendors for w9's, auditing, and trying to explain to vendors that we weren't trying to steal their identity just trying to follow the law and report what needed to be reported.... So anyways. I get a call from my brother. He never calls or responds to my calls/text's for that matter unless he wants/needs something. This time his other sister, we are not related at all, needs help with 1099's. She needs to know how to fill the F*ing things out. My reactions in this order.... * Why the Fuck does she need to fill out 1099's she isn't in accounting. * Why the FUCK is it MY responsibility to help her with these
Breaking away was so hard to do Under the Influence of fear Lurking in the dark. Down goes the fear as you rise above it, I will not leave you. Never stirring, never leaving, Grounded am I to you.
Ummm Odd Place To Be
well this is odd, diffrent from vf better than myspace.. umm well off to look around, so hello to everyone.
How I Am Defined In The Sexual Dictionary
Kimmy -- [adjective]:Tasting like strawberries 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
Handball-wm 2007
Denmark embarrassed European champions France 34-27 to win the world championship bronze medal and book a ticket to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The 1995 and 2001 world champions France are denied a direct qualification to the 2008 Games awarded to the tournament's top three teams. Denmark dominated throughout, putting up 21 goals in the first half alone. Danish goalkeeper Kasper Hvidt proved as solid as a wall as French star Nikola Karabatic could only manage five goals. Michael Giugiu led France with six, while Lars Christiansen led all scorers with nine. The bronze was Denmark's second-ever medal after finishing second at the 1967 worlds. Halbfinale 01.02 17:30 Deutschland 32 : 31 Frankreich 01.02 20:00 Polen 36 : 33 Dänemark Viertelfinale 30.01 17:30 Polen 28 : 27 Russland 30.01 17:30 Deutschland 27 : 25 Spanien 30.01 20:00 Island 41 : 42 Dänemark 30.01 20:00 Kroatien 18 : 21 Frankreich Platzierungsspiele 01.02 15:00 Spanien 27 : 35 Kroati
Just A Hello
I just wanted to say hello to one and all!
Wow Howd I Get Here
Hows it going??? new to this world ,been hanging out with the 360 crowd a friend says I needed to check this out
Just Jump
One time in your life you find one who can whoo your mind, body, and soul. Open up the flood gates that bind you then tie you up to bondage. Fate has not seen the heart given to thee, broken servent destined to be. My Most Precious Ones is called out in vain for the Beloved Master is a Master of the game. Always we are one forever and a day, is this the start of a life or the beginning of the slave game? Tortured by control wanting to be cared for, is this the invitation of the time manipulation of love for? Obey, honor, and serve. Trust in the Master and receive all you deserve. Wanting, needing, loving,desire, passion, a life with ONE you would serve. What is this life this love truely made of to give up ones self for the love you burn for. Pleasure, pain, romance, to be called the One most desired slave, woman, forever and a day..
Around, all around, the dark memories gather. My dread grows as the Dark One's touch falls against my neck. It wounds me, and darkly my life's blood drips to the cold, uncaring tombstones. In my madness I call your name while the end of life takes my hand. Now alone, my blood falls upon dead eyes. This is your love ©DGTFB 2007 Flying silent on winter wings Flowing emotions from my bleeding soul Tears that flow burn my skin I'm drifting away on the cold wave of desolation I'm touching the wind as it sadly sings Carried to the distant unknown Eternity awaits me... My heart is so cold Emotions reached their freezing point ...Only pure hate Lost all that I was living for Crying without sound Thy sky has frozen to ice As the last drops of blood leave my body I hear the winter breath I'm the face of the night I'm all alone The full moon is glowing Snow falls from the sky I feel the eternal winter Holocaust winds are rising Like a dark northern breeze My crypt
* The Empress *
The Empress Creator of Life Freedom beyond pain, fear and strife In the spirit of romance Her spirit yields love beyond all happenstance If one were to take a chance To Dance This joyful prance Of light and Love As is below - So is Above One's spirit can be set free like her's as a white dove Give our spirit a shove Over the edge of reality's fit like a glove She is a masterpiece The spirit of peace For all spirits - as one'S release She is the grease Which weaves and holds together the essence of all creation In all sensation She is the body of love of all elation For all dimensional frequencies and timelessness duration In this interpretation She is the the embodiment of all illumination As our creator she is the blueprint of all soul's emancipation A form of liberation For all as one's libation Take a dose of this lesson: In all as one's ration The evolution of our genetic reactivation She is the womb that gestates and grows our seed ready to be born F
Ground and Center before all Magical Work to avoid depleting personal energy levels. Begin by being still, gathering within and releasing through the feet (and palms if need be) into the ground all static, chaotic, internal energies. Now feel the inner calmness, centered around the heart, and draw up through the feet strong Earth energy (through the floor if indoors), feeling the power and energy rising up and intertwining with your own energies up through the legs, body, arms, neck, and head, out the top, circled around, and up again until all portions of the body are in balance. Once this power is felt and is in balance, then Circle Casting, Ritual, Divination, and Spell Work may begin. Grounding after all Magical Work to avoid overload of personal energy levels: touch the Earth/floor with palms of the hands after magical work and feel the excess energy drain out, leaving a balance of personal energy, augmented only by that amount of Earth necessary for healthy functioning of
Sandy Beaches~
the sandy beaches & ocean breezes flowin thru my hair, brings memories of days long past livin life w/out a care. past dreams of one day walkin hand in hand w/ that special one, still find there way thru my mind as i walk the beach alone..~~~Denise
I finally got some real pics of myself up. I hate being limited to what I can do at work. Oh well enjoy cherry peoples :) !!!!!!!
The Morph Man Is Back!!!!
the Morph Man wanted me to pass the word around some that he is BACK......... copy and paste in the address bar at the top kk use this to add him back on your friends list if you know who he is ....... thanks katiejo.......
Well. It's all over. Poor Finland. I feel so sorry for those ladies. They worked their asses off this week. Played really good, tight hockey but in the end it wasn't enough. After losing to the US on Sunday 4-0 and then Canada yesterday 5-0, they played Sweden this afternoon for the bronze. Final Score: Sweden 1, Finland 0 - Sweden takes the Bronze. As for the Gold Medal game. Goddamn!! It was definitely a goalie's exhibition through almost the first period and a half. Not a single point scored through the first period and it was 6 minutes into the 2nd when Canada finally opened up with the first point of the night. It didn't take Canada long after to score a second (albeit, a rather controversial one) and then a 3rd. The US finally scored their first and only goal about midway through the last period but by then it was too late. End result: Canada 5, USA 1 - Canada takes the gold and the US earns a very respectable silver considering their only losses the wh
My Birfday!
Having a party if you live in tallahassee area call me 850-539-5741 or call me tonight at 850-339-7212
Loving Him!
The tears fall like rain. Unable to stop them. Knowing he loves her, not me. I love him so much. That it really does hurt. Wanting nothing more than to hold him forever. To take away the pain he doesn't share. But she wins hands down. And I will slip slowly into my darkness! I know that with love comes hurt. But how much hurt is love worth? I ask myself everyday. How much more hurt can you take? Is this love you feel really worth it? The answer is yes. The hurt that comes with a love like this is worth every moment! I thank God everyday. For bringing you into my life. Teaching me that there's more to me. Than I have ever known. That there are others out there. Who are just like me. For the blessing he has given me. Not once but twice now! I finally understand why. We were brought together. To change each other's worlds. Making me unafraid. I'm now ready for whatever is to come! I Luv you with all my heart my friend!
It Sucks Getting Old!!!!!
An 85-year-old man was requested by his doctor for a sperm count as part of his physical exam. The doctor gave the man a jar and said, "Take this jar home and bring back a semen sample tomorrow." The next day the 85-year-old man reappeared at the doctor's office and gave him the jar, which was as clean and empty as on the previous day. The doctor asked what happened and the man explained: "Well, doc, it's like this - first I tried with my right hand, but nothing. Then I tried with my left hand, but still nothing. Then I asked my wife for help. She tried with her right hand, then with her left, still nothing. She tried with her mouth, first with the teeth in, then with her teeth out, still nothing. We even called up Mable, the lady next door and she tried too, first with both hands, then an armpit, and she even tried s! queen' it between her knees, but still nothing. The doctor was shocked! "You asked your neighbor?" The old ma
To All The Kids Who Survived The 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's & 70's
TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's !! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat. We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE actually died from this. We ate cupcakes, white bread and real butter and drank koolade made with sugar
April04 Red
Asian Submissive (dedicated To Mia)
"Mrs. Tate wishes to seed you in the bathroom, immediately," Gordon Tate said to the beautiful oriental submissive, "you may finish polishing the silverware later!!!" "Yes, sir," Miki Lee replied while averting her master's gaze, "right away!!!" The completely naked young woman quickly made her way to the gigantic bathroom just off the Tate's personal bedroom, and as was usually the custom, Valerie Tate was lolling in the whirlpool bath, waiting for the Asian beauty to join her in the swirling waters!!! "Did you finish with the silver service, dear," Valerie Tate asked evenly!?! "No, ma'am," Miki asked softly, "almost!" "Well, I have a much more important duty for you to take care of," the fortyish woman offered gently, "now please, climb in and join me!!! As much as Valerie Tate loved a good hard fucking by a big cock, there was something very special about being breast to breast with a beautiful young woman who would do your bidding with no questions asked!!! Valerie pulled Miki's mo
Meaning Of Love In My Eyes....
I have a beautiful 14 year old daughter. I think everyone that has children that read this will understand completely where I am coming from when I say people and stupidity. We have the High School and Columbine where countless children get injured and killed. Then we have Virginia where 33 college children and teachers are killed and how many injured. Then we have Washington where there are shootings at a school there. Then we have children killing children. Just a few years back there were two elem. age boys playing with a gun and one shot the other and killed him. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO??!!! These are our children, our lifeline. Our babies we cuddled when they cried we kissed their booboo's. Now people are trying to hurt them. I had the scare of my life today. I was sitting at work it was alittle after 1 just waiting for 3 to get here so I could go home and relax. When I then get this call from My daughter's school. It's an automated voice saying the school has been evacuated
Why Overlook Us Because Of Our...
Why Overlook Us Because Of Our.... Why overlook us because of our wrinkles.. Why overlook us because of our droopy bottoms... Why overlook us because of our hair is greying... Why overlook us because of our breasts are uneven and one maybe smaller than the other.. Why overlook us because of our weight.. Why overlook us because of our glasses.. Why overlook us because we aren't a size two... Look At Us For Our.. Look at us for our character... Look at us for our caring.. Look at us for our nurturing.. Look at us for our pride.. Look at us for our personalities.. Look at us for our ways of kissing boo boos and making the pain go away.. Look at us for our HEARTS. Normal real women have imperfections which make us perfect in our own way! Just look into her eyes and you can see the real beauty that lies within... Just remember...a woman doesn't have to be a size two to be beautiful.. There are all kinds of shapes and sizes of beauty...!!! (I just wrote thi
*!!!attn: Help Wanted!!!*
*!!!ATTN: HELP WANTED!!!* WRITERS NEEDED Ezra and I need help from writers with a flare for writing kinky fetish/BDSM/crossdressing stories to use on our website. Understand our website is very new and we can not afford to pay you for your services, however full credit would be given to you. Any subject would be welcomed. *!!!ATTN: HELP WANTED!!!* MODELS NEEDED Ezra and I would be interested meeting people who would like to appear on film. We are especially interested women and cossdressers, but we are open to meeting all. We would especialy like to meet submisives whom would like to appear on film with one or both of us. Understand our website is very new and we can not afford to pay you for your services. However, you will be paid amply in fun. This could be a great opprotunity for a young and aspiring model to build his/her portfolio since we may be interested in filming you solo as well as with the two of us. We would like to take this opprotunity to thank e
Its A Wonderfull Morning
Its a wonderfull morning with all that can be happen...Dreaming of sweet feelings and sweet sensation everything is great i have a kind and gental man that loves me and i love him and i have 3 wonderful kids that i love more than anything in this world... Then i have other family that is always there for me and we all love each other My kids and my sweet heart of a man make up my life with the joy i have of watching my kids grow up and the love that him and i share with each other its just all around great! im closeing i just wanted to get something off my chest and i did talk to u all laters ~*Mandie*~ feel free to rate and comment
Broken Ankle
well today has been one of those days i broke my ankle in 2 different places and i done it by trippin over a laundry basket and a cat. im learning to walk on cruches and that sucks. i cant do what im use to doin now but it will get better after i see what the bone doctor says so i will go from there it is hard because i have a 3 yr old daughter and her party is commin up so i hope i get a walking cast. well im out 4 now.
Year Number 16
I love you not because of who you are but because of who i am when i am with you No man or woman is worth your tears and the one who is won't make you cry Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them too doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them and knowing you can't have them. Never frown even when you are sad because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world. Don't waste your time on a person who isn't willing to waste there time on you. Maybe god wants us to meet a few wrong people so when we finally meet the right one we will be grateful . Don't cry because its over cry because it happened. Love takes off our mask that we fear we can not live without and know we can't live within. Sometimes the hear
Word Of Beauty
For at night came a shadowy figure, The passion that came without measure, One kiss and one bite was all that was needed, for a heart was beating the song of a thousand lovers, only time would put an end to this endeavor, for the daylight would take away the kiss and bite of the nights lover.... Author.. RAULSTAR
More Quotes To Live By
Actually, it only takes one drink to get me loaded. Trouble is, I can't remember if it's the thirteenth or fourteenth. I don't drink these days. I am allergic to alcohol and narcotics. I break out in handcuffs. Time is never wasted when you're wasted all the time. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day
Friends Of Friends
So camping is great. It really is. But sometimes you just have to give up. When you can't find a spot when its late at night when the bugs are so thick you can't get through them its just too hard. But to all my friends who made me stick it out I love you guys. We need to go again soon and get more peopl out there with us. Love you all. I wonder sometimes why it is so natural for us always want what seems to be just out of reach. I am all for striving to make youself better in life. But come on sometimes you just have to stop and realize what you have isn't always so bad. For the ones I am talking too don't hurt another just cause you aint getting it from someone else! Hehe
Birthday Wishes!
So Yeah I went for a walk today and I've been listening to a lot of country lately. Just kinda got burned out on the local rock stations and the country stations are a something different so my ipod is a mixture of Country and Rock. But anyways.... I was walking listening to my Ipod and came to a realization of what I want for my birthday... Only one thing.... a COWBOY! I wanna save horses.... :) Here are some of the things I want in said cowboy.... Taller than me, at least 5'10... I like to be the shorter one... light eyes... this can be blue, hazel, or emerald green While I don't really CARE about the color hair I do prefer darker hair (goes better with light eyes!) He MUST be able to deal with my BS. YES I will worry and there's nothing I can do about that Its me! Older than me... Ok Not old enough to have babysat me when I was born or anything but you know 3-5yrs older is ok... actually it will hopefully be a breath of fresh air. Must have time for me and not comp
The Foggy Dew
American Southerners and the Irish are two strange Breeds. And I say this to you as one,,, or both actually. We are the Only peoples in this day and age that who stop and listen with hearts a weepin', about losses taken over 150 years in the Past. I guess, if anything, the Irish are worse cuz some of those songs are about defeats 500 years ago! I have always loved this woman's voice, but in this tune, it takes my breath. She sings the song as if she had been standing there, but not just watching the events, but having participated in them. BB, Eugene Sinead O'Connor & the Chieftains- The Foggy Dew The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down I present these videos as a counterpoint to the Sinead O'Conner Vid. Hunting around Youtube, I was surprised to see how many versions of this tune there were. From the classic ones by Joan Baez and The Band, to Johnny Cash and the Allman Brothers. Also, there were literally dozens of home made videos. The most interesing parts though were rea
Britney Aka Casada Mmm
Just wanted to sent a shout out to all the dad's out there!!!! This is the easy way out! HAHA....Happy Father's Day Dad's!!!!!!!!!
Father's Day
Dad's should be the American hero. They are the glue which holds a family together. In families where disfunction occurs one can consistantly see there is rarely a loving Dad at the helm. I salute the Dad's of America who have put their family's well being as a priority.
Piece Of Mind
you know its amazing how many thoughts run through your head at 4:30 in the morning when i should be sleeping. instead im online just playin around and cant get some things off my mind. so im gonna lay it out here and maybe someone will notice. first off, its amazing how in the blink of an eye your whole life can change. so many different things in this game we call life can happen. we dont ever notice the small things in life that make us happy. we dont ever even notice the small things people that are close to us do for us everyday. its the simple things in life we need to keep us happy. its just insane how we dont notice these things until their gone. once their not there anymore thats when we realize how much we take for granted everyday of our lives with each breath we take. no matter how often those things are there we just look past it like it doesnt matter. and whats also crazy is how people can just use other people and not even care. its best to be honest and let them know ho
Ink Contest
i need help please anyone that wants to come comment bog. it ends july 18th thanks heres the link...
Love To All My Teaxs Friends
All my love and prayers to all my TX friends and fans. Please send all your prayers to TX.
Signatures And Personality
he various types of Signatures you come across & the attitude of a person are listed below: # SINGLE UNDERLINE BELOW THE SIGN!! These persons are very confident and are good personalities. They are a little bit selfish but believe in "Happiness of human life" # TWO DOTS BELOW THE SIGN!! These persons are considered to be Romantic, can easily change their fiancées as if they change their clothes. They prefer beauty in other persons & they themselves try to look beautiful. They easily attract others. # SINGLE DOT BELOW THE SIGN! These persons are more inclined towards classical arts, simple & are very cool. If you loose faith with them, then these persons will never look back at you. Hence its always better to be careful with these people. # NO UNDERLINES OR DOTS BELOW THE SIGN!! These persons enjoy their life in their own way, never pay attention to others views. These are considered to be good natured but are selfish too. # RANDOM SIGN, NO SIMILARITY BETWEEN NAME & S
Midnight Washes Over
midnight washes over steady and the moon once low on the horizon hangs in the sky like the heal of deaths boot kicking at the door calling us to lsten calling us to open to his cold steel embrace which in reality is warmer than the summer. Dance a happy dream over our heads when last we fall asleep the hills up yonder fail to great us the dying daisies weep and sweet revenge has left our hearts. we must sing a slow song now in this land of whispers in this land of mysteries and tales spun thick as spiders webs a rat is in the corner chewing on the wires a fly is in the window waiting to expire i am in the mirror painting up my eyes outside the girls are dancing someones knocking at the door theyre calling me to join them my velvets on the floor but i must join them i must fly
Name Advisor
Name 1: Renda The name Renda is dominated by the numbers 6, 6 and 9. First Impression Dominant Impression Number: 6 Responsible, caring, loving, nurturing, healing and comforting, the name Renda is warm and makes one feel loved and special. Harmonious and peaceful, the name Renda feels good to anyone, but doesn't call up any particular feeling strongly. Renda is neutral, suitable for those for whom stability and harmony are high priorities. Good sense of business, but slow and not particularly adaptable. Strong sense of beauty, but not passionate. Idealistic, with a strong sense of justice. The name Renda makes one feel like a home away from home. It offers protection and love. It takes away anxiety and fears, and heals the broken-hearted. If you want others to feel like this is their home, this is their safe haven, then this is an excellent name. The name Renda attracts money slowly, predictably, the result of effort and common sense. Most positive characteristics:
My True & Real Friends
I just wanted to let everyone know that i just got back from the hospital yesterday (7/1). I was there since the 28th of June. Everything went well, but now the healing process starts. I am going to be laid up for anywhere from 6 - 12 bending, lifting, twisting or fun...i do not have the personality that likes to sit still. However, i do believe that the Universe and my spiritual guiders have put me in this place for a reason. I will discover the journey that i am supposed to learn about and i know that one of the lessons is to learn how to nurture "Tracy" soul and spirit. That is one of my goals over the next couple of months. I also want to send a special shout out to cali, yoda, sweetangel and deadre for showing true unconditional love and caring for another spirit in this world we call "home". I really wish that there could be more people in the Universe that have such wonderful morals and values. thank you...tons of hugs and blessing coming yo
Top 6 Smartass Answers For 2006
SMART ASS ANSWER #6 It was mealtime during a flight on Hooters Airline. 'Would you like dinner?' the flight attendant asked John, seated in 1st class. 'What are my choices?' John asked. 'Yes or no,' she replied. SMART ASS ANSWER #5 A flight attendant was stationed at the departure gate to check tickets. As a man approached, she extended her hand for the ticket and he opened his trench coat and flashed her. Without missing a beat. She said, 'Sir, I need to see your ticket not your stub.' SMART ASS ANSWER #4 A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store but she couldn't find one big enough for her family. She asked a butcher, 'Do these turkeys get any bigger?' The butcher replied, 'No ma'am, they're dead.' SMART ASS ANSWER #3 The cop got out of his car and the kid who was stopped for speeding rolled down his window. 'I've been waiting for you all day,' the cop said. The kid replied, 'Yeah, well I got he
want to make friends ... have fun .. you know be my sweetnsassy self .. so tell me people whats up whats new whats hot .. whats not .. why are we all here on this little planet and whats the price of tea in china .. lol xx
Sexual Zodiac
Scorpio You are very dominant in bed, and you like to control your relationship in general. You are so intense in the sack that none of your partners will ever forget you. You are an amazing lover, because you like to have an equal amount of give and take. Sex matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces Take this quiz at
Setting Back The Race
Circus Oral Sex the Magic of " Deep Throat" Sword swallowers who can swallow a non-retractable solid steel blade at least two centimetres wide and 38 centimetres long are recognised by the SSAI (Sword Swallowers' Association International). While that is impressive, I doubt that it feels very good. In a study of Sword Swallowers' Forty-six SSAI members took part in the study, 19 had experienced sore throats whilst learning, many had suffered lower chest pain following some performances, and six had suffered perforation of the pharynx and oesophagus, one other was told a sword had 'brushed' the heart. While I have received some truly AMAZING head only 1 woman has actually taken me into her throat and gone nose to stomach. It felt great but the shock of the sight of what she'd done was difficult to categorize. It was like watching some of the things Chris Angel does on "MINDFREAK" it is a sight I won't soon forget. Now to the mechanics of the act esophagus, the idea is to like
newfu - my first level that means i'm newly fucked up, right?
Love Is By Charlene In Brazil
Love is Being happy for the other person When they are happy Being sad for the other person When they are sad Being together in good times And being together in bad times Love is the source of strength Love is Being honest with yourself at all times Being honest with the other person at all times Telling, listening, respecting the truth And never pretending Love is the source of reality Love is An understanding that is so complete that You feel as if you are a part of the other person Accepting the other person just the way they are And not trying to change them to be something else Love is the source of unity Love is The freedom to pursue your own desires While sharing your experiences with the other person The growth of one individual alongside of And together with the growth of another individual Love is the source of success Love is The excitement of planning things together The excitement of doing things together Love is the source of the future Love
Love Stinks
Meet Me On Meez add me just have fun with it
One Question
One Question a quick question ONE QUESTION.. Ok, I had this sent to me and I thought it was cool. If you dont want to do this, no biggie! I thought I would post this and see what happened. Question.... 1 question. 1 chance. 1 answer. That's all you get. You get to ask me 1 question. (TO MY INBOX) Any one question, no matter how crazy it is. ANY 1 question!! Conditions: I won't tell ANYONE what you asked me and I promise to answer it truthfully. The catch is, you have to repost this and see what people ask you.
So I've been having a crappy week and the weekend isn't any better. It drives me nuts cuz it's like I can't have guy friends, without my other guy friends getting mad. Why do men have to be so jealous? I can flat out tell them I'm not interested in dating them, and they still get all pissy with me if I even so much go fishing with a group of people and there's even just ONE guy there. I'm sick and tired of men being stupid assholes around here where I live. I've finally put my foot down and said once they piss me off I'm done with them for good and that's how it's been going down. One guy called me a good for nothing whore saying I cheated on him...I mean seriosly, you can cheat on friends?? Even if he were a boyfriend, I've done NOTHING to cheat on him with. These guys just need to get over their jealous shit. I do have a boyfriend, and as much as they will hate it, they can deal with it or just screw off. I deserve much better friends than them. Anyway, to change subject, I got my 4
Skinny Chicks And Men Who Like Them
I hate skinny chicks, and the guys who like them.... First off if you don't have the right measurements, men don't wanna talk to ya. Well, i got a thing or 2 to say to them... you are sick for being what other people want u to be. Because the world says that skinny is the "IN" thing to be, you cater to the image that people want. Well, i am hefty and i love me. I don't care what people have to say about what i look like. For all i care you can all eat your own shit and drink your own piss all you want. I will sit here and eat my Mc Rib and love it... mmmmmmmmm. For the guys that like skinny toothpick chicks.. go jack off with a razor blade glove!!!!!!!!!!!!! You aint worth having anyway!!! All my BBW women Unite! Stand up and say Fuck the Skinny! Why try to be skinny? Why do we wanna be what society says we should be? Fuck em all and feed them fishheads!!!! All of them. Thank You!!!!!
what if one day u came home and everything has changed. your husband doesnt love you anymore or care?? and you just dont know what to do... he has told you he just doesnt care what happens to you and makes you cry. what is a girl to do? she lays alone thinking and thinking and thinking of how to change his mind but nothing seems to work. walkin around in lingerie, cooking, cleaning, straddling him, nothing. he just ignores her. why would he do this to me? why??? we always fight there is no more love. no one to blame but ourselves. she thinks of how things would be on her own but she doesnt want to live without him. she thinks of suicide but that wouldnt help anything and she would hurt more ppl than she could imagine. so she just lays all alone fallin more into depression and all she can think is.... "Whats a girl to do?"
For All My ~angels Destroyers Family~ Please Contact Me
Please contact me I would like to rip a pic of all the family to post in my family album...either send me a private message or send me a mail message letting me know what pic you want ripped and iffen it is ok to rip it....Thank You all.
Alix Olsen
i told her she was cute. She said "you’re cute. For a girl. look, i like you a lot, but i like to give head." i lay down on my bed, i said "try me." She said "no, it’s dick i’m after, darlin," and She headed for the door. i said "if it’s dick you’re after, darlin, try my top dresser drawer." "but I’ve got small hands," i said, "they never go limp when i fuck i got girl parts myself, so i know where’s good to suck". She paused. i moved closer. She said "i’m not sure I buy it." But her nipples perked, her pelvis jerked, She said "i guess i’ll try it." She stopped, dropped, rolled, paused, turned. and that night i learned that skin is where this revolution gonna begin, touching one woman at a time, showing there’s no crime in feeling this good God would be a dyke if She could find someone to hold her, instead of holding her up as the dark image in the church of my bedroom she stopped, dropped, rolled, paused, turned, spread, said "oh god." "Yeah, darlin", i said "a
We sit and we type, And we stare at our screens; We all have to wonder What this possibly means. With our mouse we roam, Through the rooms in a maze; Looking for something or someone, As we sit in a daze. We chat with each other; We type all our woes; Small groups we do form, And gang up on our foes. We wait for somebody To type out our name; We want recognition, But it is always the same. We give kisses and hugs, And sometimes flirt; In PMs (IMs) we chat deeply, And reveal why we hurt. We do form friendships - Yet why, we don't know; But some of these friendships Will flourish and grow. Why is it on screen, We can be so bold? Telling our secrets That have never been told. Why is it we share The thoughts in our mind With those we can't see, As though we were blind? The answer is simple; It's as clear as a bell. We all have our problems And need someone to tell. We can't tell real people, But tell someone we must; So we turn to the compute
Attention Whore
LOL ok now this is some funny stuff!!! I think we have all been there... looked at someones profile and not done anything .. ie rate comment etc... well check out this comment I got just cause I didn't do anything for her! LOL check it out!!! LOL How should I respond to this??? I mean she did give me points by leaving me a comment! LMAO
Jena 6
You don't have to comment on this but if like to it's welcome. JUST FOOD FOR THOUGHT. (It could happen to YOU! or your childern. Jena, Louisiana: Nooses and White Supremacy By Alice Woodward On a late summer day in 2006, in Jena, Louisiana, a Black high school student asked permission to sit beneath the “white tree” in front of the town’s high school. It was unspoken law that this shady area was for whites only during school breaks. But a student asked, and the vice principal said nothing was stopping them. So Black students sat underneath the tree, challenging the established authority of segregation and racism. The next day, hanging from the tree, were three ropes, in school colors, each tied to make a noose. The events set in motion by those nooses led to a schoolyard fight. And that fight led to the conviction, on June 28, 2007, of a Black student at Jena High School for charges that can bring up to 22 years in prison. Mychal Bell, a 16-year-old sophomore football star at
one of my best friends passed away on Wednesday. she was --the-- most upbeat person i have ever met. the world was her oyster, even when she was sad and down she had a hurricane beneath her wings. after more than five years, cancer finally took her from this world. the world is less shiny without her. my heart is sad and misses her. i will never forget her, nor will her influence upon me ever decrease. the world will never be the same now that she has left it.
A Cocky Bia Employee
A cocky BIA employee stopped at a farm and talked with an old Indian. He told the Indian, "I need to inspect your farm for a possible new road." The old Indian said, "OK, but don't go in that field." The BIA employee said, "I have the authority of the United States Government to go where I want. See this card? I am allowed to go wherever I wish on Indian land." So the old Indian went about his farm chores. Later, he heard loud screams and saw the BIA employee running for the fence and close behind was the Indian's prize bull. The bull was madder than a nest full of hornets and the bull was gaining on the employee at every step!! The old Indian called out, "Show him your card!!"
Hop Skippy Doo Dah !
thanks to all of you who have read my recent blogs and left messages and comments he is now out of hospital the lucky bastard has a broken foot, some cuts and scratches and several nice bruises we have no idea how he has gone from the point of death (well, it seemed that way at the time) to home again in 2 weeks whats more - we dont actually care ! he's home i am so relieved fuck that im so happy to have the little guy back with us all !!
One Of Those Days!
I know am not a super model but today is one of those days that I just dont like myself very much. I start to feel like there is no one out there for me. I start to feel like I am so unlovable. I know how bad it sounds but this is how I am feeling.
Whats Wrong With This Country
Incredible, unforgivable and shameful: Read Below NuttinButtSexxy Love him or loathe him, he nailed this one right on the head.......... By Rush Limbaugh: I think the vast differences in compensation between victims of the September 11 casualty and those who die serving our country in Uniform are profound. No one is really talking about it either, because you just don't criticize anything having to do with September 11. Well, I can't let the numbers pass by because it says something really disturbing about the entitlement mentality of this country. If you lost a family member in the September 11 attack, you're going to get an average of $1,185,000. The range is a minimum guarantee of $250,000, all the way up to $4.7 million. If you are a surviving family member of an American soldier killed in action, the first check you get is a $6,000 direct death benefit, half of which is taxable. Next, you get $1,750 for burial costs. If you are the surviving spouse, you get $833
If We Had Sex
Here are the rules to the game.. REPLY SO ONLY I SEE IT AND REPOST SO OTHERS CAN FILL OUT! 1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you pull my hair? 3. Would you whisper in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you say my name? 7. Would you go down on me? 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? 9. How many rounds would we go? 10. What would you wanna do afterwards? 11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 12. Would you lick and bite me all over? 13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 14. Would you want me to take my time? 15. How freaky are you, 1 - 10? 16. Would you want fast or slow? 17. Where would you wanna "do it"? 18. Would you be loud or quiet? 19. Would you want me to be loud or quiet? 20. Would you mind if i liked you? 21. Do you like me? 22. Would you call me the next day? 23. Would you scratch m
Take Alook
Funny Pics
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100 Things Or
1. PICK OUT A SCAR YOU HAVE, AND EXPLAIN HOW YOU GOT IT. barely visible "y" shaped scar on my right cheeck from a fight with another boy when I was a kid. 2. WHAT IS ON THE WALLS IN YOUR ROOM? Pictures of me and my daughter, and Bro and parents. 3. WHAT DOES YOUR MOBILE PHONE LOOK LIKE? Not big on Cellphones that do everything but wash dishes...simple slider that does wut I need it to do (function as a phone!) LoL 4. WHAT MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO? everything. I can stand any kind for a maximum of an 5. WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT DESKTOP PICTURE? The rolling green hills (default) 6. WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING RIGHT NOW? hmmmm.... to meet that which I've been searching for.... 8. WHAT TIME WERE YOU BORN? 6:23PM 10. WHAT ENDED YOUR LAST RELATIONSHIP? SHe was psycho. 11. DO YOU GET SCARED IN THE DARK? not usually. 12. THE LAST PERSON TO MAKE YOU CRY? the one who was supposed to make me smile. 13.WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE COLOGNE
Life Is Hell
Fuck Bullshiters, Fuck Assholes, Fuck Drama, Fuck Life!!!! I'm tired of this stupid living in this stupid world of nothing but lies, betrayals, broken trust, and pain. Fuck it Im done!!! This constant pain of living, the constant hurt of being fucked over, the constant broken trust, its nothing but damned bullshit. Is there any reason other then to destroy our own selves for living in this damned Hell Hole???? Isn't there at least one night I could actually sleep, and if so sleep well???? I'm damned tired of it all. There's nothing but pain, nosice, hurt, sleepiness...... nothing but destroying ourself it seems..... Yes I have problems sleeping, and yes I have depression, but still I try to live in this damn Hell Hole we cal life on Earth..... doing nothing but destroying it and ourselves...... Enough is Enough I think...... I've hade it with Life and all its stupidity....... if there isn't anything outher then damned stupidity here in our lives then what kind of life do we have???? Fu
Religion In The Schools
My kids' school will not allow the kids to dress up for Halloween or have a party because they say it is a religious holiday and they don't want to offend anyone else's religious beliefs. They also will not allow xmas parties anymore for the same reason. This pisses me off! They want to keep religion out of the school to keep from offending anyone, but they force our kids to say "one nation under god" in the pledge of allegiance?!?!?! What kind of double standard bullshit is that? I'm agnostic. It offends me for them to make my kids say that, but I'm not crying at the school to make them take it out. When I was in school, we got to dress up and have a party at Halloween. We had xmas parties too. It was fun. It makes me sad that my kids don't get to do those things anymore because of these crazy religious fanatics.
Live Tv Channel: ~mtv~ Uber
Live TV Channel: ~MTV~ Uber
Holiday Happy Hour Contest
LOOKING FOR 20 CONTESTANTS. WILL BEGIN: DECEMBER 7 @ 9:00 PM (EST) ENDING: DECEMBER 17 @ 9:00 PM (EST) PRIZES 1ST PLACE: HAPPY HOUR 2ND PLACE: 7 DAY BLAST or 1 MO VIP And BIG PIMP GIFT 3RD PLACE: 1 DAY BLAST And BIG PIMP GIFT RULES: · All Entrants must fan, rate and add Host · No NSFW pics allowed. Pic must be of you and keep within the holiday theme. · Must play well with others. This means NO downrating. · Comment Bombing is a must. · Self Bombing is encourage
Emma Louise
Hey me a huge favor....keep my granddaughter in your prayers... Emma will be three dec 29, yesterday she fell on some juice her sister spilt...and has a broken leg. The break is on her femur above the knee, shs gonna be in a body cast from her little chest, full on the broken leg and partial on the good leg. Shes gonna need a special chair and car seat. She is a VERY entergetic child so this not being able to go is gonna be hard for her....and mom who is ecpecting in May 08 and little sister who is used to playing with her....sigh. There's gonna be lots of patience tried. So I would greatly apperciate any and all prayers for my baby. Thanks!!!!
Favorite Quotes To Share
"To capture a heart thats open is an easy thing, to keep that heart captured for a lifetime is a lifetime spent working on the little things that two people share, yet sometimes forget." "I do not give the gift of my submissive nature it is who i am...i just "choose" with whom to share all of it i cannot give a gift of myself as long as i am wanting something in return." a gift is given without want .... "I am I... and You are You... and neither of us are here to live up to the others expectations... But if we meet... Its beautiful..." " "People take different roads seeking forefillment and happiness. Just because they dont travel your road doesnt mean they've gotten lost" "Time is but an illusion the past is but a memory the future is but a dream so live time for now, not for then and let me walk into your dreams" To capture a heart thats open is an easy thing, to keep that heart captured for a lifetime is a lifetime spent working on the little things tha
Okay, I'm a pretty nice person, right? I try to go to everyone's page that visits mine and leaves me any kind of love. Even if you vote on my mumm, I'll rate your profile. (Although, if you act too ignorant in there, I won't! ha!) Anyway, I don't bother anyone, I act civil, do not stir up drama...right? If you know me in any way, you know I am right! I try to be as compliant as I can be with Fubar's policies. Sometimes, someone is quicker than me for marking NSFW pics. :P But when I know they are NSFW for sure, I always try to mark them immediately. Granted, sometimes, my IE or Vista or just the daggone cable acts up and I can't there before someone else does but I get there. And if I do have something that should be marked NSFW, it's just an honest mistake. Hey, I never said I was an angel with horns is all I ever claimed! ;) Anyway, enough of all this explaining. Let me get to the dirty deed that was done to me tonight. You might say harmless but put yourself in my sho
Can I Get Some Attention?
damn i thought i was cute and shit guess not these guys are all worried bout girls that have there shirt up and shit like that but whatever its kol
You sit and point fingers at the life you have jaded when all along it was you who had raided a young soul and heart and mind. Never taking into consideration the future you were creating and the relationship you were taking--away-- with your lie and dollar consumed high. As you watched the bruises form and the young mind became cynical, it was all okay even today. Never taking any blame for watching your wallet get fat while the young soul fell flat. You are the only one to fail, left a young life to derail, spinning out of control. Now that it's twisted, take a long look at what you have created. With each crack of the leather to see the love and trust deflated. Was it worth it?
Name Change
For those of you who knew me knew me as JUST A CLICk AWAY, and I am now **OMG U KNOW ME, SWEET** Hit me up when your not busy, Thanks!! Mwah ALL!!
What Is Drink
This blog is a response to a question I received. "Dear Dustin, I have never had an alcoholic beverage in my life. . . and I don’t want to start now. I was wondering, could you define the experience of an alcoholic beverage so I can drink vicariously through you? Joan" What is Drink? This is not a simple question. Drink is yin and drink is yang. It is both demonic and divine. Drink fastens a golden halo of euphoria over your head -- but it also beckons you to rage like a hell-bird. Drink is collusion between Heaven and Hell. Let us begin with the tumbler. Tumblers are made of glass. Glass is fashioned from sand. Sand comes from the desert. The desert burns like a spine in Cerberus’ paw. And yet, the tumbler is cool to the touch and moist from condensation -- like a cloud in the Kingdom of God. Now, there is a difference, of course, between "drink" and "booze." Drink is sacred. Booze is evil incarnate. Booze is Hell-broth. This is why a drink needs ice and mi
For Now This Is Just Goodbye
I sit here and think with so many fucked up thoughts in my head You know I wonder if it was something you did or something I said At first everything was going unbelievably fucking great Little by little it started to change its like being alone is my fate When I give myself to someone I truly give all that I can I believe that I am amazing myself and deserve a deserving man I honestly think that for me it is just so hard to trust because of the past This life is so short to waste time it just flies by so fast I want to believe what is said to me by you all the time on the phone Even when you say that you love me and need me why do I feel alone I feel as though you might be playing me for dumb It was too easy to fall for you I mean I could not pretend to be numb Were you just telling me all the things that a woman wants to hear I knew from the beginning falling too hard was the one thing I did fear Please talk to me and let me know what is goin
My Music
Need some extra cash.....who's hiring? Im new to Fubar. I wonder if I will ever meet anyone in person from this site...
New Joint Page With My Honey
new page my beautiful bamagal and i check it out leave some rates! show some love we will return it! Angie@Eric@ fubar
From The Heart
I wonder how I begin to describe what the past few weeks have been like for me? It truly is not easy, especially since right now I know I am not dealing with my usual self. Not only dealing with all the after effects of surgery, but losing one of my best friends of the last 12 years and not knowing where the ones I call my "best friends" are. I guess with some I was blind when it came to some friends and with others I was ignorant. I truly don't know what has become of me. I do know that a lot of the changes has to do with the surgery. The cancer was all over my cerebral cortex, thus that is where they had to perform the procedure. Now for those of you who do not know, the cerebral cortex is the behavioral center of the brain. With me, having a cancer crawling all over it and then having it cut into during the procedure, an effect on my personality was almost inevitable - it changed my behaviors in many ways. My neurologist has noted I may act like a 12-year-old instead of a
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Fan,Rate, and Add Her Please Tell Her Devil & Fire Blade Sent You Show Her Some Fubar Love crazyangel fu bf 2 fire blade/enforcer of oblivion@ fubar Music Video:CYCLONE FT T PAIN (by Baby Bash)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone This Pimpout Is Brought To You By The Devilish One Himself DD ♠ DJ Devil - Excalibur Radio ♠ DJ Sunshine's Bodyguard ♠ Devils Train Founder@ fubar & Fire Blade ♦ Fire Blade -- FU-BF To crazyangel ♦ Manager/Enforcer for Oblivion♦K45@ fubar So Thier Is No Confusion Crazy Angel Is FireBlades Baby
Karen's Blog
What do the 17 faces above have in common... besides being unattractive, old white men? They're all conservatives, of course. All Republicans, except for one. Can you name him? That would be George Wallace (fifth from left), elected Alabama governor four times, and three-time Democratic presidential candidate. It's important to note that once upon a time greedy corporatists had the Republican Party pretty much all to themselves, while the Democratic Party actually contained within its "big tent" the "social" conservatives, mostly from the south. Wallace was one of those. Of all the figures above, he is the only one to ever regret and recant much of the conservative bile he spewed during his active political seasons. It seems even the staunchest of conservative Democrats can at last admit they were wrong. Republicans? As they will tell you themselves, they are never wrong. But aha, that's their mastery of wordsmithing, phrase-turning and disinformation at work... where the truth is
Charmed Visions Is Back Better Than Ever Come Check Us Out
DJ Wiccanlove is live and taking all your requests.Stop in and visit with her. Click on the image
sorry to all my fubar friends and family for being gone so long without any notice. Hurricane Humberto came through and that bastard blew up my computer. i'll have another 1 really soon so dont worry, everything is gonna be ok! lol hope nobody has forgotten bout me, cause i havent forgotten about any of yall. i'll be back on soon, & i hope we can get back in touch. TY for the understanding and patience! ive gone and done it now... just got my class A drivers liscense and am bout to start driving 18 wheelers cross country. ( im new at this so if u see me coming, it would be in your best interest to get out of the way) lmao any whooo, if im coming through ur neck of the woods and ud like me to stop by and hang out, just holla at me. its gonna get aweful lonely and boring out on that road. much love!!!
Turks Caicos Vacation
Hey everyone, back from my vacation at the Turks/Caicos Islands and it was a blast. Hope everyone had a good week and hope to chat with you all soon. I will get some pics up this week for everyone.
10 Weird Things About Me....
help Current mood: sad ever since she was a little girl she always loved to smile but slowly things changed now she seems to always be in denial. the girl's now lonely she dosent give a damn for family nor does she have many friends and why, she's starting to see. she hasnt ever been herself and now again she's all alone and she can't seem to find herself happiness is definitally not shown. She's hiding her true feelings behind a porcelein smile nobody knows how she cries herself to sleep more than just once in a while. her fake smile hides it all her deep regret all the horrible memories shes forever trying to forget. Theres almost no time left she must hurry wake up from this depression so she can finally see. She's a beautiful girl but her emotions arent so lovely and if she can get through this she can once again live peacefully never once you said to me that I was like your family that you and me could possibly ever be good frien
...for a one month VIP. I know it's only one month, but this is my first contest I'm hosting so I'm just seeing how it turns out. Runners up will receive gifts as well, thinking about bling packs. It's for a Sexiest Man on Fubar salute pic contest. Yep, that's right DMAN, I'm borrowing your idea. lol. Anything that shows off your sexiness and is a salute for yours truely. This will not be based on my opinion. This will be based on how many comments you happen to have. But my opinion will decide who's in the contest. So submit your pics to me and I'll announce when the contest is gonna begin and end. Get to work boys! Ok..well...after some debating I think I will be changing this contest to a co-ed thing. Just not enough guys have submitted pics even though they said "I'll do it such and such day" and any ladies, if ya wanna join in, let me know. Guys, if you know any ladies that would want to enter, tell them to see me. Now if any of the guys aren't happy with t
Lil Angel
Little angel go away, come again another day. The devil has my ear today, I'll never hear a word you say author unknown
Advice From Candy
Q: It's been forcibly brought to my attention that I suck at arguing. I'm not nice, and I just suck at it. According to an online quiz I took with a grain of salt, I am a destructive arguer. Needless to say, I have GOT to change this. I'm going to look up books, articles and such that hopefully can help me. If the stuff I find doesn't help, I will go see a therapist. Do you have anything to recommend? A: Seems like your trying to get help in this but I think seeing a therapist on an issue like this is not necessary. It's not important in life to be "good" at arguing. And online quizzes (unless made by professionals in love, life and relationships) ARE to be taken with a grain of salt. It's more important to figure out why there is arguing and how to fix the situation. The last thing we should worry about in life and in our relationships is being a good at arguing we need to learn to be good at loving, caring, and having compassion. A really great book if you are wanting to
Candle Magic
Candle Magic has been around for many, many years, being traced as far back as the Palaeolithic era. It is a very powerful form of sympathetic magic. There are many factors that play into the art of candle magic. As we know any type of magic that is performed will return to you three fold, whether it be positive or negative. Always keep the Wiccan Rede “An harm to none do what thou wilt” in mind when considering your work. Always keep in mind that magic effect’s the entire world around you. Be very careful what you ask for, for it may well come true. The wording in any type of magic must not be taken lightly, be very careful, concise , and precise, make sure you have covered all possible bases. Keep in mind that some candle magic has to be repeated over a period of days. Therefore, you will want to place them in an area that will not be disturbed. Do not choose a place where there is a tv, radio noise or disturbances of any kind. Keep in mind to not put candles near curtains and
At First Glance
Most people know that the first glance at a person always determine the out come of what might happen if and when that person tries to come over and try to talk with u. With this in mind how can an average joe (like myself) even compete with that? I know that so people have standards and try their best to stick with to them, but is their any body who has ever lowered them and found some one they feel in love with?
R.i.p. Baby
I just wanted to say few things ...i have recently lost my wife chrissy...she passsed away on march 11,2008 and laid to rest on march 14,2008..she was diagnosed with M.S. little over a year ago and unfortunately it was the reason why she is no longer here now..the doctors fought it as much as possible but it was just out of control and i know they did all they could for her...........i miss you baby and i will always love you..i will never forget about the time we got to share together.........
Baby Girl
When I Look To The Sky
Virginia Motorcycle Enthusiests
I am posting this blog to help promote one of my three lounges. Anyone interested in joining my fairly new lounge, please feel free to do so. The lounge primarily is for persons who want to discuss motorcycles. This includes those who already have motorcycles. This also includes person thinking about getting a bike, and wanting to learn about becoming a new rider. Again I need members, so please stop in, become a member, and visit anytime you like. Thanks a lot. Branwei
Just Another Pic To Burn
State the obvious, I didn’t get my perfect fantasy I realized you love yourself More that you could ever love me So go and tell your friends That I’m obsessive and crazy, That’s fine I’ll tell mine You’re gay, And by the way, I hate that stupid old pickup truck, You never let me drive You big redneck, heartbreak Who’s really bad at lyin' So watch me strike a match On all my wasted time As far as I’m concerned, You’re just another picture to burn. There’s no time for tears I’m just sitting here planning my revenge There’s nothing stopping me From going out with all of your best friends And if you come around saying’ sorry to me My daddy’s going to show you how sorry you’ll be ‘Cause I hate that stupid old pickup truck, You never let me drive You big redneck, heartbreak Who’s really bad at lyin' So watch me strike a match On all my wasted time As far as I’m concerned, You’re just another picture to burn. And if you’r
Depresson is alovely hurting black hole that infects the heart then the soul then the mind. That hurting that takes total control of our lives. To makes us feel so numb to this sin filled world that we can get punched in the back of the head and just laugh. For the only thing we feel with depression is PAIN. We constantly need to feel pain just to feel something then nothing at all. Thats why we get into horrible relationships od hurt ourselves in every way possibly. Some like me go down a much wronger path of addiction of sex. Some have other additions but sex is mine that is my ecstasy! I feel I'll never stop and I'll kill myself over it! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!! I say it evrytime I even think about it but no one gives me true help! So its either continue on this disasterous path or a short one that will end in a deep sleep for me. Depression is a hurt,sadness,and lonelyness that fills our lives when no one is around. For people who feel this know how much it hurts and how tiresome
Fuck Slade And His Punk Ass
For All Of You
Blingy This
Everybody Loves Blings and Giveaways are getting old..........SO! What I think needs to happen is have a good old fashioned "BOMBING CONTEST". You Know The one's where you bring who you can and hope you brought enough. With Just 1 Little Twist! 3 Bling Packs Are The Prize Here is how it's going to work example(with 10 contestants,the 1st 5 contestants to reach 5,000 comments must contact me and proceed no further until I have time to close the folder screen shot and reopen the contest.The remaining contestants will receive fubucks x10 for the comments the have.example(1000 comments = 10,000 fubucks) The 2nd round contestants upon reopening the folder will start BOMBING all over again to reach the goal of another 5,000 comments that will = 10,000.At that point the 1st 3out of the final 5 to reach A total of 10,000 comments will be entered into the final round and the 1st one to complete the final 5,000 comments = 15,000 total wins! A FEW SIMPLE RULES ... If Y
Watched a Lithuanian movie, called Nuodemes Uzkalbejimas, -- "Whisper of Sin" It's an interesting one and I reflected quite a lot. The story is about a nearly-suicidal, young woman visits a psychotherapist. She is in love with a priest, and the diagnosis of her husband's mental illness leaves no hope. The psychotherapist, in her attempts to resolve the amassed difficulties, seemingly begins to duplicate the life stages and behavioral patterns of her patient. By choosing a priest as the main role for a love story, the author broke an existing societal taboo. Faith, Love and Hope form the trilogy by the authors of this screenplay. Love stands as the grandest of the three. If life is about finding the feeling of being wanted, is it something wrong? In this story, it surprised me that it didn't bore me and it's the first Lithuanian movie I've ever seen. Tonight, a relationship ended, a new journey started. Moving forward from a relationship is an important stage in life. I am learning from
My perfect friend holds me tight My perfect friend kisses me goodnight My perfect friend loves me for me My perfect friend wont let me be My perfect friend wears dark clothes My perfect friend loves me loads My perfect friend knows when in sad My perfect friend isnt scared when im mad My perfect friend makes me smile My perfect friend would run a mile My perfect friend is sweet at heart My perfect friend is also smart My perfect friend is really tall My perfect friend will catch me when i fall My perfect friend doesnt just look skin deep My perfect friend is not cheap My perfect friend is one of a kind My perfect friend has one wild mind My perfect friend is in my heart to stay My perfect friend might be moving away My perfect friend made me cry My perfect friend can make me fly My perfect friend left a tear in my eye My perfect friend just said his last goodbye My perfect friend saved my life My perfect friend helped me battle the knife My perfect friend is h
Just A Poem I Wrote Today
day by day , i think am truely happy with were i am in my life . and one day when life slows down for me and i finely get a glance of were i have gotten in my life .and what i have to show for it .. i have always been told i have to roll with the punchs that life throws at me . it may not be easy and i may fall but all i can do is get back up and try again ..till i get it right the next time . i often cry at night cuz life is not easy for me i have 2 wonderful kids in my life who loves and needs me, as much as i need them .i have been married to a man four 11 years now that doesnt understand the word love , he dont show love or even give love .in any shape or form .i get so lost in sadness sometimes of feeling so alone and so hated that it hurts deep down inside . what is life with no love .what is life with no meaning , i would love to be happy ,i would love to be free to feel love. to open my heart to thing it has never felt before .
Everybody thinks i'm crazy, nasty minded, and love to have fun. They would be right. Most of the time I'm a devoted wife, mother, and grandma but I like to let my hair down get comfy in as little clothes as I can get away with and have fun. I hope everyone enjoys chatting with me at badhabits.
Tag...youre It!
I was tagged by Justfishing Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I was named after Debbie Reynolds (or so my mom said!) 2. Im half Swedish! Can you guess which half? 3. My neck goes snap, crackle, pop every time I move it. 4. I love my Kia Sedona. 5. Im a Fubar addict. Like that is any surprise!! LOL 6. I have 2 nieces and a nephew here in TX that I love like they were my own. 7. I love to read. 8. Im a country music fan but listen to most any kind of music to a point. Love 80’s music. 9. Ive been to Fiji and Western Samoa. 10. I was born and raised in central KS in a small Swedish, farming community.
Wanna Own Me?
hey all! as many have seen, mrs. bubbles is havin a short bus auction..and im in it!! come bid on me and show the other contestants some lovin! and dont forget to show the all sexy hostess some love!!! click link to head to auction page! *muahz* The Shortbus Queen™ *aka Mrs. Bubbles™*@ fubar
Ma Fav Song
On A Mission...
YOU ALL ROCK!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN... I AM ON A MISSION & I NEED YOUR HELP MEET MY FU-OWNER ƒâRŠçÅÞë Çㆠ~Shadow Leveler@ fubar As of right now she needs 0 points to make Godmother. I would love to see this happen before July 15th (that is when her ownership of me ends) but I don't think I can make this happen on my own. Please drop by and show her some love. She is an awesome lady to have as a friend. She ALWAYS returns any love shown. So it's a WIN/WIN situation for everyone. You make a great new friend and you both get points!! Pimpout By ღAMANDAღ ~Shadow Leveler~Owned by farscapecat@ fubar I AM ON A MISSION & I NEED YOUR HELP MEET MY FU-OWNER farscapecat~Shadow Leveler@ fubar As of right now she needs 1,600,013 points to make Godmother. I would love to see this happen before July 15th (that is when her ownership of me ends) but I don't think I can make this happen on my o
A Soldier's Prayer
God our Father, Help me to remain true to my ideals during my service to my country. Help me be what is in America, the land of the free. May I realize that I represent what our country stands for. My uniform is a symbol of duty and valor both in peace and in war. I take up arms to defend what all Americans hold dear: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Grant me the strength to live according to these ideals, the courage of my convictions, and the resolve to endure whatever dangers threaten. With you at our side I fear no evil and resist every enemy, secure in the knowledge that you hold me in the palm of your hand. Amen. Author Unknown The soldier stood and faced his God Which must always come to pass... He hoped his shoes were shining Just as brightly as his brass. "Step forward now, you soldier, How shall I deal with you? Have you always turned the other cheek? To My Church have you been true?" The soldier squared his should
My Kids
i figured i would write a mumm askin wat i should do be single or look for somone an i gottin some hatefull shit from everyone im not doin this for me im doin this for them they deserve a dad like everyone else an i think them not havin a father figure in there life is makin them think they are more powerful then me i mean my daughter hates that there isnt a male figure in her life for her an they both feel like there the reason they dont have a dad an its not .there dads made the choice to have there own life wit noone in it includin the kids they left them hangin wit me an they hate it i know i tried my damn hardest to make them happy with jus me but thats not good enough for them an they show that to me everyday i know that im lonely but there lonely jus as well an my friends are never there for me an its hard to go out anywere when i have noone to watch the kids i barely make any money for anythin but im tryin my hardest an people dont understand that
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Mmmmmhmmmmm Just Like That!!!
Ok For Ladies We Will Call It Spanking.... Go Spank Him Ladies!!! Only 30k To Insider!!!! Gentlemen..... Go Fuck Him Up..... Whatever You Call It Go Rate Him!! Bling Him If You Can/Want To!!! Lost Soul Founder of the Lost Leveler's Fu Owned by Jµ§'Mê♥ Kå†h¥ R.F.C. Club United@ fubar Happy Monday!!! I Need Your Help!!!! I Joined A Contest The First To 30k Comments Gets 2Million Fubucks And A Pack Of 25 Bling.... So Please Come Rate And Comment The Hell Out Of My Pic!!!
Will Be Off Line For Another Month I Hope
hope to be back on line in about a month.I am in Cali right now will be back home Tomorrow night.
My Migit
Looking For New Friends
How do u find true friends,fun and caring ,been on here for 6 mths and found just a few true friends ,if your a true friend rate my page and my pics,if ur not i will now for the friends that r real Thank you.
In Need
I just need someone to help me get my mind off of someone that I been apart from. The relationship is long over but I am still needing someone to help me fill that gap. And someone that has a insatiable taste for sex too.... I may never find it here but its just worth getting out of my system.
i watch this show today, how to help people in other country, and i donot see that they were helping them at all. for me they need house to keep warm and other thing too. its bunch rich people who donot know how they are feeling if they live like they do and go though the same pain as them. maybe i donot know what i'm talking about, i see and hear and the rich is saying is bah bah bah bah!
Calendar Contest
Just click on the pic & it will take you right to the Contest. The Contest ends Sept 30th so you can rate the pic as often as you can. Thank you.... Linda
Im Already Gone
Dont wheep for me, know i am already gone My spirit is flying high above the pain my body is in, Know I love you and will always watch over you, When you look opon me now see through the tremors and the dark vacant eyes, See that my soul is free and with all those i have loved that have gone before me. They guild me towards a brighter light, A land of gardens and trees. Know that they are waiting to celebrate my life just as i hope in my passing you celebrate my freedom. If you must cry, please let it be tears of joy, knowing that i am now feel of the pain and terrible weakness. When stupid things happen look to the sky and know I am laughing, When bad things happen and you ask why I will try to answer. Whether good or bad know I am always with you held deep within your heart.
Inspirational Video
How Every Woman Should Be Treated!!!
To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait" To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her. To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down. To every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. .... To every guy that she cried in front of... To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes..... To every guy that would give his seat up... To every guy that just wants to cuddle. To every
My View On Women And Men.
Look this is my take on it all. Women like to drag things out and string guys along. It all seems like one big game to most of them. I cant speak for all guys but I can speak for myself. I have shown interest in a few people and they string it out and say they are interested. If you are interested it shouldnt take so long for something to happen, and if your not interested have the balls to say it and not drag it all out. Now I have heard many women complain about guys being dicks and mistreating them or using them as sex objects. Once again I can only speak for myself but do you think it is possable that we have been played with to the point where we just stop caring. Could it be that women cause a big part of the problem with guys. Now for the exceptions, yes I know not all women play games and I know some guys are just dicks and thats just life. But I'll tell you what I have found nothing but women who chose to play games and that covers almost any age group, trust me I have tried m
Ghost Hunters Train

Vote for me.. cowboy owner of sexual pleasure fubar user #2229600 needs 10k in comments rates count as 1 comment to win a bling pack....
More Than A Game
This is THE week in most of Ohio. The week that every avid, loyal, die hard Buckeye fan waits for with anticiption. The highlight of the season. It doesn't matter if all other games have been won or lost, the is THE GAME. The OSU- Michigan game. This is the most talked about and well known rivalry in all of College Football. If you have not heard of the Ohio State and Michigan game then you do not know your football. These teams have been going head to head since 1897. The actual rivalry between these two teams goes back even farther than football itself, it dates back to statehood. The Northwest Territory, in 1803, was divided up into states (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois,and uhhh Michigan). In 1837, when Michigan became a state, there was a border dispute between Ohio and Michigan. Michigan wanted their southern boundary to be drawn east to west, at the southernmost point of Lake Erie (south of the Maumee River), Ohio, on the other hand, wanted the southern boundary drawn at the mos
Response From A Rockstar To Their "fan" Part 2
Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner but I just been busy You said your girlfriend's pregnant now, how far along is she? Look, I'm really flattered you would call your daughter that and here's an autograph for your brother, I wrote it on the Starter cap I'm sorry I didn't see you at the show, I musta missed you Don't think I did that shit intentionally just to diss you But what's this shit you said about you like to cut your wrists too? I say that shit just clowning dog, c'mon - how fucked up is you? You got some issues Stan, I think you need some counseling to help your ass from bouncing off the walls when you get down some And what's this shit about us meant to be together? That type of shit'll make me not want us to meet each other I really think you and your girlfriend need each other or maybe you just need to treat her better I hope you get to read this letter, I just hope it reaches you in time before you hurt yourself, I think that you'll be doin just fine if
Out Of The Wind
Beautifully written Like a poem of hope Now it’s all I have left To help me cope The wind whispers silently Whistling by my ear Symbolically mimicking The pain of what’s real And all of the silence Causing my heart to bleed Slowly infecting my head Taking all I need (all I have) And the other side I try to comprehend But it’s suicide I’ll never understand I may be older But I think like an infant It was all in front of me And gone in an instant I can’t feel anything And anything is everything And everything is nothing Without her love
There are a million facial expressions each with its own meaning the teary eyed of ashamed confessions which can cut the deepest the sadistic grin can give you the shivers it can expose what's really within the frown of a beautiful face it can bring tears to my eyes but there is one I cannot place love, there is no expression just a feeling of being complete It's the only true cure for depression but the best expression is a passionate kiss it can take away all your pain and leave you in heavenly bliss
Randomly Yours
....When you're small, you care nothing at all. Minutes can seem hours, you're climbing impossible towers. Slowly.. like the cigarette burn, now clocks say it's your turn. You have run oh so fast, yet looking ahead it's only the past. As the tree in summer you stand tall, yet inside leaves begin to fall. Your mind constantly scours, searching youth's squandered powers. All their advice you did spurn, you seek it now to avoid the urn. No turning back you begin to cry, wondering why am I... You know those times when you are surrounded by people, but in truth you're alone? Cool,no? Just like The Shadow, lurking somewhere in the dark. You can see, hear, even touch them with no change. They look at you and never see, just a physical doppelganger, the mask. A bad thing? No. Good they just look and say to themselves: "Hot" or "Not". Keeps them a safe distance, not your safety..theirs. Some creep in to discover what lie
Bad November Disclaimer: This is the first chapter in a story I wrote. None of the characters in this story are real and any relation to anyone dead or living is not intended. I apologize for any wrong use of United Kingdom English because I am not that familiar with United Kingdom slang. Any input would be welcome and any flaming will be ignored. This story is planned to be revised and maybe I can talk the writer to let me post them here if people like them. Please comment and let the writer and me know what you like or don't like. Also if 2 male characters being romantically involved sickens you please don't read. If you're still interested please keep reading. One last note, if anyone wishes to copy my story please get permission first (Not that I think that will happen but who knows). Lyrics from the song Masquerade - This is the masquerade/ What mask will you wear /You make believed you loved me/ But now you choose to go/ Dancing around the truth/ Never letting me in/
My Reasons
I just wanna tell all my friends im sorry for takin my men only photos off but im not going to have someone sit there and start takin and saving my photos on to there computer and puttin them elsewhere online. I tried to put the pictures on for the guys but it seemed to me all they want is one thing and tht is to pretty much go and save my pix to there computers well now i took them off and wanted to let everyone know im gettin married and i dont need to post anything anymore but pix that dont show nothing thanks all for listening and hope we can still be friends later all!!!
Thank You Family And Friends
I just want to say thank you to each and everyone who has shown their love and support to me during the deaths of my Sons. Your sympathy cards,Hugs,and Flowers have meant a lot to me thank you so kindly. I am so proud to have friends like you and I pray to God that no one ever has to go through what I have been through these past 8 months Believe me when I tell you that losing your child to death is not at all an easy task,Mother's and Father's should never have to burry their children It is only through the grace of God and good friends that I am hanging in there and pushing forward with my life day by day. Very special thanks to my Fu family's "Rating Revolution" and "The Click Club" I can not thank you enough Rating Revolution { Member Page Only}{No Friends Request taken unless you are a joining Member!}@ fubar The Click Club@ fubar God Bless Hugs Kris
Message From The Pimp Goddess
I am REALLY, TRUELY fed up with all the BS that I've seen and heard since I've been back. I'm proud of the fact that MOST of you can work together and help each other level and MOST of you show love on a regular basis BUT this family USED TO BE sooooo much more than that. We used to have a bond so close that not a single one of us ever hesitated to go to the other with a problem or to vent or just to say hi sometimes....whats happened?? Now I see people posting things to piss off another...rude stats directed towards other members...people come to me saying they don't feel part of a family. I don't like this at all and I know many of you have to be as fed up with it as I am. I'm at wits end here because I really don't know what to do anymore. I've tried talking to several of you and have gotten nowhere. I've posted blogs and the drama continues....I received a message from a fellow Pu$$yCat that I would like you all to read...I didn't include all of it...just the parts that reall
Lost Soul
Can't Sleep Clowns Will Eat Me is having a HAPPY HOUR @ 3 pm Fu-Time on Wednesday! Please stop by and show some Fu-Love! Rate her hard! Double your pleasure! Double your points! CSCWEM has Auto 11s running all day too! ™©ღCantSleepClownsWillEatMeღ☆☆♪@ fubar (repost of original by 'justaღ™' on '2009-01-28 00:37:16')
Far Away
why the heel dose all the people you would love to meet always live sooooo damn far away? I really wish that some people would be closer. I always love to meet new people to hang out with and have fun. if you live in the las vegas area and are tired of just sitting at home doin' nothing, YOU should hit me up. LET'S PARTY.
Bored Survey
YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I WANNA KNOW YOU...I want to know 47 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine...You're on my list, so I wanna know you better! 1. What is your full name? 2. When is your Birthday? 3. What is your e-mail address? 4. Do you smoke? 5.How many sexuall partners have you had? 6. If you can't answer, is it really that many? 7. Can you cook? 8. What was your dream growing up? 9. What talent do you wish you had? 10. Favorite place? 11. G-strings or thongs? 12. What was the last book you read? 13. What zodiac sign are u ? 14. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? 15. Worst Habit? 16. Do we know each other outside of Fubar and if not why don't we? 17. What is your favorite sport? 18. Pesimist or Optimist attitude? 19. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me
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My Auction
Hi. I'm up for my first auction. Id love your support.
Child Killer
In NH the prison system released a man that served 35 years for killing a child. A pastor took the man in for what is supposed to be for 2 months. Statistics show that if you are around good people then you are more likely to change. I don't know how many of you are God fearing people. In the bible it states an eye for an eye. Ok why is this man free? Murder is murder and murder of a child with the intent to sexually assault them to me has to be more heinous than premeditated murder. Children are a gift to us. They are our future. They are given to us to love, teach, and protect. Ok this man has been released back into society. A pastor took him in, to show him the ways of the lord. His own congregation is upset and has even threatened to burn the parsonage down. Something definitely is wrong here. Where is the love people. I am not saying you have to be best friends with this man and yes it is hard to put aside what he has done. But he is out. Teach him what he did was wr
Guys Point Of View
From a guys point of view: We don't care if you talk to other guys. We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off. It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't wait till he morning. Also, when we tell you you're pretty/beautiful/gorgeous/cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it. Don't tell us we're wrong.We'll stop trying to convince you. The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence. Yeah, you can quote me. Don't be mad when we hold the door open. Take Advantage of the mood im in. LET US PAY FOR YOU! DON'T 'FEEL BAD' We enjoy doing it. It's expected. Smile and say 'than
Profiles In Arrogance
Recently in his speech in France, Barack Obama called America "arrogant." 1 I'm sure the French loved it -- And so did the liberal press. But who is this president who calls the American people arrogant? This is the same politician whose supporters anointed him "The One" and a candidate who boasted that his election would be remembered as "the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal." 2 This is the same man who indicated his disdain for small town and working Americans when he said they "cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them," while addressing a group of San Francisco caviar and champagne liberal elitists. How arrogant is that? Arrogant enough? In truth, President Obama seems to champion the twisted "Blame-America First" mentality of the worst of the American left. More importantly, it shows an absence of wisdom to criticize the United States while on foreign soil, and then join with the Pelosi-Reid Democrats i
ok so at 9 am I have a dentist appt.. my first in 5 days. its a new dentist so that also makes me anxious. I dont like going to the dentist just makes me nervous I guess. last time they tried to pull a tooth out and it never came out b/c it hurt too much. in fact thats anothing worry.. they will still have to pull that same tooth out. but I guess if I just go and get it over with I will have no more anxiety or worries right? any advice?
Happy Mother's Day
To all the Mothers out there Happy Mother's Day. Hope you all have a wonderful day.
Fu Addict Auction
Hey everybody...Im in the fubar addict auction. Come check out what I have to offer and place your bid!!
Regretting & Forgetting Aka Souls An Hearts
At a point, you reach a line where all things are good, your friends grow close and the other people in your life bring such good joy to you; making the endless boring hours in your life seem so much more, than a borderline dead heart pulse.You sometimes reach out in search for others in pain, somtimes you look out seeking for help, you guide that trust, you deticate, you work hard to keep it pure. You make promises, you make comitments. You  even go so far to keep it, to keep yourslef feeling worthy, to make someone or yourself  feel not so pointless. For finding someone in this world that takes the time to really care an actually does when they tell you isnt easy to find. Such things that supposivly no one else would, except for you an them to share, to converse, to make better to improve an connect within the very beating souls that seek the one true love that is always torn away. For the simple meaning of caring; the heart is the 1st to step to take the blow, for its the quickest a
Test May Have Exposed Vets To Deadly Diseases
Test May Have Exposed Vets To Deadly Diseases Peter D'Oench Warning To Veterans About Risk Of Infection MiamiVA Healthcare System urges testing because of improperly sterilized tubes used In endoscopic procedures between 2004 and 2009 The Miami Veterans Affairs Healthcare System (MVAHS) has a warning for 3,260 veterans who were patients in endoscopic procedures during a 5-year period: Come in for free tests because there's a chance you were exposed to hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV. MVAHS says those affected are veterans who had endoscopic procedures between May 2004 and March 12, 2009. Doctors say some of the tubing used was not disinfected according to the manufacturer's recommendations. A special Care Call center has been set up that is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Veterans can call (305) 575-7256 or toll free, 1-877-575-7256 to speak with staff and schedule an appointment at any of the VA clinics in Miami, Broward, Homestead or Key West. Letters are als
Who Knows Their Self Worth?

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