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When soldiers deploy....families do too. Tonight, I am praying. Someone very special in my heart was deployed to Iraq recently for the first time with the United States Marine Corps. Now I know some of you will say, "Why are you worried? Iraq is a lot safer than it used to be." Fact is, there is still danger there. Soldiers are still dying in Iraq, and I don't want Jared to be one of them. When you have to be concerned that the very people you are trying to help still hate you, there is danger there. When you don't know if the child you are sharing your meal or candy with may try to kill you eventually....there is danger. I can truly feel for every mother out there who has a son or daughter fighting in Iraq. The turmoil is very real. You worry about them...you seldom hear from them and never can truly know for sure if they're safe. You live for those infrequent scraps of information that tells you that at least for today, they're safe. You have my empathy in that. I now know how it feels. And to you, Jared....I couldn't be prouder of you....or more frightened for your safety. I love you, and pray for your safe return.
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