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Weather Info
* Tropical Disturbance A discrete tropical weather system of apparently organized convection - generally 200 to 600 km (100 to 300 nmi) in diameter - originating in the tropics or subtropics, having a nonfrontal migratory character, and maintaining its identity for 24 hours or more. It may or may not be associated with a detectable perturbation of the wind field. Disturbances associated with perturbations in the wind field and progressing through the tropics from east to west are also known as easterly waves . * Tropical Depression A tropical cyclone in which the maximum sustained wind speed (using the U.S. 1 minute average standard) is 33 kt (38 mph, 17 m/s). Depressions have a closed circulation. * Tropical Storm A tropical cyclone in which the maximum sustained surface wind speed (using the U.S. 1 minute average standard) ranges from 34 kt (39 mph,17.5 m/s) to 63 kt (73 mph, 32.5 m/s). The convection in tropical storms is usually more concentrated
Weather/tracking Tropical Storm Fay
Fay Still Eyes Florida and the Southeast Lead Meteorologist, The Weather Channel 5:35 p.m. ET 8/17/2008 Tropical Storm Fay (50 mph) is spinning WNW along the south coast of Cuba and is forecast to turn northward into the eastern Gulf of Mexico and slowly move northward offshore from the west coast of Florida during the first half of the week, possibly strengthening into a hurricane. The forecast track and forecast intensity still involve a large amount of uncertainty, so stay tuned. For now, the primary threat from the storm is heavy rain. Western and central Cuba still faces flash flooding. Isolated rainfall totals in excess of 10 inches are possible. The forecast track of Fay brings the storm over western Cuba tonight and into the Florida Keys late Monday. Tropical storm warnings remain in effect for much of the Florida Keys, Cayman Brac, Little Cayman, and the western two-thirds of Cuba. Tropical storm watches are still posted for the southeast coast of Florida,
Hurricane Ike evacuations are going to have me busy for the next week or so at least. The facility I work at will be getting 31 patients from a sister facility on the coast of Texas around noon tomorrow, so my hours put in at work are going to sky rocket. I'll be here to spend 11s only, and that's if I'm lucky. I'll blog again when I'm back. Happy Fubaring!
Weather Conditions
Yippie!!! A heat wave - made it to the 30's today! OMG still a lot of snow on the ground and lets not forget my roof. The deicing cable doesn't appear to working that well still inches of ice. But then my youngest one day while it was in the 30's and no snow yet or ice on his roof went out to unplug it. (LOL, I can't remember telling him too as there was snow forecasted for the following day anyhow. But they say to unplug it if it's above freezing and there is no snow or ice on it so it doesn't wear out too fast. I'm thankful I have good neighbors, either my South side neighbor's Son-in-Law will hit with his blade when he comes over which isn't very often now that they have built their own house and have moved out a couple years ago now. But my neighbor across the street has been coming over and using his snow blower (he has one attached to his riding lawn mower) I thought it was him the first time it was done. But then I had heard something and was able to catch him in the
Weathering The Coming Financial Storm
Find more videos like this on New School SpaceClick to Register for the'09 KICKOFF WEBINAR WITH AARON GARRITY Visit Free Live Seminar: Weathering The Coming Financial Storm Join us for a Webinar on December 9 Title: Weathering The Coming Financial Storm Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2008 Time: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM PST After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar. Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: How do I navigate through the coming financial crunch? Is there a way to secure my financial future amidst all this global economic turmoil? This Web Meeting will expose you to an idea that will allow you to not just "survive" the financial tsunami that is already taking it's toll on SO MANY around us, but actually USES the financial turmoil to help you (and those you love) rise above thes
We have storms moving through with wind gusts potentially getting up to 70 mph and HEAVY rains this evening and tonight. My power is already dimming and flickering sporadically, so it's possible I will soon be without power. Just letting you know. ♥
When I woke up this morning, it was on the cold side. It had been raining, off and on for two days and this morning the sun peaked out for a few minutes, just after dawn. Then it went back to a slow drizzling, cold rain. My girlfriend had kissed me goodbye as she left for a three day business trip, just before the rain started and was due home today. To say I was in a good mood was an understatement. Not seeing Ann for three days was bad enough, but to have it rain on top of that made it even worse. Ann, now there's a lady to study on. Five foot, seven inches of beautiful curves and long, long legs. When I had been introduced to her at a Christmas party four years ago, she had seemed very standoffish and cold. I found out later that attitude was caused by a very jealous and childish boyfriend. I was lucky enough to have run into her shortly after she dumped him and we've been together ever since. She had called around eight AM to say she would be home around two, if everything went ok
Finally Warm weather in MN, too bad we still have Snow GROSSSSSS never in my life have i seen so much snow in april. gives cabin fever a whole new meaning. so looking forward to walks and bonfires with Smores!!!!! 
Weather Forecast For Me Today..
DOPPLER 10 WEATHER ALERT---- Prepare now for two rounds of severe storms today with tornadoes possible this afternoon after 3PM north of Columbus and a significant damaging wind event tonight after 2AM.I will closely monitor areas north of I-70 for thunderstorm development this afternoon. High temperatures approaching 90 combined with strong winds aloft may produce tornadoes. Be prepared to move to shelter if a tornado warning is issued in your area.More importantly.... a significant wind event (possibly a derecho) may occur overnight. Wind gusts of 70 mph will be possible. I would prepare now that you may loose power. Also... while a tornado warning may not be issued tonight, I strongly recommend you be in the basement if storms of this intensity form.We will have to see how this develops today...but no harm is done by preparing. Our Doppler 10 Weather Team will be working 24/7 to keep you safe!Please post this to you Facebook wall and share with your friends so everyone is ready for
The Web
The Web Creatively You work your art You spin a web Around my heart How beautifully Your deed has spread Each intricately Woven thread With strands of care You would dry my tears Your gentleness Dispell my fears Your wisdom Helps me understand And patiently You could hold my hand To give me courage To brave the storm With kindness You could kept me warm Your passion Lits a glowing fire That fills my soul With sweet desire You're all That I was dreaming of For the web you spun Was made of love
Web we walk in the planet of the apes... please share your thoughts and opinions here, after reading this needless tragedy. thank you Well this was sent to me on one of the websites i log onto from a friend, I found it to be funny and sad at the same time, what do YOU think ? 40-ish..............................49 Adventurous.....................Slept with all your friends Athletic............................No boobs Average looking.................Ugly Beautiful...........................Pathological liar Contagious Smile................Does a lot of pills Emotionally secure..............On medication Feminist............................Fat Free spirit..........................Junkie Friendship first...................Former slut Fun..................................Annoying Gentle..............................Dull New Age...........................Body hair in the wrong places Open-minded...............
Web Analytics Tools
Each trip to a website by a guest makes details. On coming to a website a guest recognizes material of a website, flows them, browses WebPages, mouse clicks the links, downloading details, locations purchases, or simply locations some concerns and leaves the website. All these relationships with them by the guests are simultaneously registered by web analytic resources. This is done in order to keep close tab over the performance of the website and to redress the faults for improving performance of the website. Before we understand the importance of these resources, let's know some facts about them. There are two types of analytic resources. They are off-site resources and on-site resources. As for off-site resources, they record the details of the views of the users and share the outcomes of the studies across the web. On the contrary, on-site resources aid the internet marketers to evaluate the performance of his or her website and compare theirs with others. The analysis is performe
Web Analytics Reports
Web analysis play a big part in the marketing of your online presence; however, if you're like most organization business owners, you probably have only an unusual knowing of analysis. You might be familiar with of website analysis, maybe even completed up with a category or a meeting about analysis. But the options probably seemed annoying and particular and a bit too complex. Even though you had a feeling that web analysis could help your organization, the procedure of choosing a system and creating up the system and keeping the system just seemed too complex to execute. Of course, you can always figure out your website analysis technique as well as, but if you're at low costs, or if you just want to try it out yourself, you'll need an knowing of web analysis in typical as well as an knowing of your particular analysis system or service. To successfully plan your web analysis performance, first you must know what analysis is. You must identify your overall organization goals; you'l
Web Analytics
Any good analytics device provides a lot of details on census, keyword and key phrase relevant queries, squeeze webpages and even more important quit webpages. All of these hints can be used to your benefits. For example, an research of quit webpages can be used to style new control buttons which immediate a customer to activity and areas him on a, say, check out web page or on a web page with a lot of choices to team items and generate unique discounts or to a free movie guide to understand about a item or even a review page! In the same way, census can be used to focus ad strategies to particular areas (too obvious). Visitors Resources can be examined to better comprehend how customers are discovering your website and then maybe using provided ads at some of these sources. Then again, the Cellular Guest popular can help you recognize whether or not you should invest cash to develop a unique mobile edition for your type of web page. Or you could basically go to your Statistics dash pa
Web Analytics Website
After investing a significant period of your energy and energy and effort and sources in creating your web page, it may be an even better decision to spend a while in understanding how it is doing. Although you may be at the top of the sequence, when it comes to the web, and your sites may be using the popular top identify in the search-engines, it is remember that there are an incredible number of opponents who may be competing for the top identify, and surprise criteria changes can cause to web page to almost vanish at the just click of a rabbit. If you consider the function of your web page to be comparable to the function of vehicle, it needs servicing and regular tune-ups. You can run diagnostics assessments on your vehicle to decide which places need interest. Web statistics will help you to decide which places of your web page need interest. There is tremendous value to be obtained by using the power of tracking and statistic ability in Web statistics. In order to assess the pe
Web Cam
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Webcam Strip Poker
then add me on YIM, plfp2006, and join me and some friends at different times and we will git one goin on. Dont be shy, dont be skeared, just have tons of fun. Who cares if ya have big titties or lil ones or a big dick or small one, just enjoy safe sex with friends.
Broadcast Yourself LIVE
anyone with a webcam msg me.
Okay so Im on my webcam and i got it set up on my LC page under my about me section! So if Im on cam you can peep me out on my LC page my friends! I usually post a bull. when im on it so keep ya eyes out! Love Boo-Boo
any one wanna let me see if u dare robert_morrison35 yahoo CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME LOVE PLZ PLZ PLZ robert_morrison27 yahoo with voice PLZ PLZ PLZ
Web Cam
ok to all my friends i finaly got a web cam if you wanna see me live on it just hit me up
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Webcam Wannabee Wonderfulness
hey everyone i just got a new webcam and wanna try it out so let me kno if ur up for talking on it
As you all can tell i love to get on cam and mess around. So if you enjoy the same please let me know, or hit me up on yahoo at HOTHUNGTN69 or MSN at HOTHUNGTN@HOTMAIL.COM
Web Cam
Doesnt anyone wanna view me on web cam in yahoo? im me at lizababe86! muahh
i have a webcam on my page now so if anyone wants to see me live and chat with me whenever im online it will be there just hit me up
Web Cam
Yay can actually have a webcam playing on my profile ... woooooo hooooo LOL (simple things)
This piece of shit thinks it's cool and funny to crack racist jokes about a serious MUMM that I posted!! Check out the MUMM and look at his comment. By the way his name is Metroseksual. Here's a link to the MUMM. Repost this and let people see what kind of people we have to put up with cause apparently he can say stuff like that and nothing happen to him!
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ok peeps if you like your partys then look no further friday 23rd may is WEBCITY RADIOS all new launch part 8 pm est dont miss it hope to see you all in there:) ok folks im live on air at come along check us out if ya like rock classic rock country or oldies then maybe webcity is right up your street hope to see yall in here:) Ok peeps webcityradio is looking for new djs so if any one is djing in a lounge and wishes to up the anty and dj for a real radio station feel free to pop along into and take a look at the schedual if there are any slots you think you could fill please dont hesitate to fill out an application and the management will get back to you asap thanks......
Webcam Help?
Ok Here The Deal I Can't View Anyones Cam On Yahoo Or MSN. I Was Able To 2 Days Ago On Both But Now I Can't Veiw Anyones. Can Any Please Help?
cam has been on dont want to see it ..ok..thats cool The webcam will be up tonight. It dont mean alot I usually have it showing txwolf63 and playing pool depends how cold it is.It may be showing tv or a beer can..... peace
I will be on pinuphells webcam tonight...probably playing pool if its not to cold. well we were on for about 2 hours
Webcam Partners
Hello Ladies, I am Soldier far, far away in Iraq. I am seeking female friends to chat and webcam. I would like for her to understand I am man that has needs and she can meet them for me. It gets very lonely over here and it would be nice to see a lovely lady and have fun too. No comittments just two people talking and having fun... You can send me a shout or message and I will give you my yahoo screename... Thanks for you support!!!!!
I've had a lot of people ask me if I do web cam shows,and until now I didn't......But for the time being I will only be doing them for new members I get on my web page.If you're wanting to see me wear something special,and strip it all off,or perform special sexual acts by myself,or with the hubby,then here's your chance to...All it takes is a 1 month membership to my web page,and an e-mail from you once you join..... hit me up and I'll give you the link.....XOXOXOXO's CADIE
Webcam Bullshit
I'm so tired of guys asking: "do you have a webcam?" You know what, NO, I DON'T HAVE ONE, but if I did, you still wouldn't get to see anything, because I don't do that. Not only that, if I want to see a pecker, then I'll ask my boyfriend to whip it out. Also, when I'm on fubar-I'm at work, so I'm not even showing cleavage to my co-workers let alone some dude on a freakin' camera! You can fan me, rate me, add me, or whatever, but DON'T ask if I have a cam, because I don't. I'm a nice person and even a little crazy at times, BUT I DON'T CAM WITH ANYONE! Sorry for yelling, but it pisses me off! Guys can't get the baby batter off the brain for 10 minutes just to say "what up" to someone.
Web Cam
I am getting a new web camera today and at midnight tonight my time I will have it on.I am thinking about leaving this place but wanted to have a chance to say bye properly,not in words.I don't know if I will delete my account or not but I do know I need a break.To much going on in my life at this particular moment and my time is required else where. Reasoning for midnight is I hope that my roomie will be in bed and will be able to be more free.I would do this in front of him but he is my ex and is very sick and I don't wish to hurt his feelings.So come see me and say hello.
Web Cam Model
Web Cam
i have a web cam and im on msn messanger
Web Cam
hi im new to fubar and I just created an account with Stickcam now where do I get the code to use here. Thanks Petra
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Webcam & Chat W/me
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Webcam Models Neededs
Web Designers
Hey everyone I was wondering if there are any web designers out there that can give me some advice and help. I want to get my site back up in the future but, right now I don't know if that is going to happen without some help. Any thoughts? ~Nadya~
Web Design
The sites just about finished. I've been packing in some hours on it and I thought I'd show you peeps a sample.
The Webdude's Leaky Brain
This is a reprint from one of my other blogs...Thought My Cherries might enjoy this: New York - check. Los Angeles - check. Chicago - check. Atlanta - check. Seattle - check. Portland - check. Austin - check. San Francisco - check. Philadelphia - check. Boston - OH SHIT....... What the hell is wrong with these people?? Does this look like a terrorist device??   Do these look like Islamic Terrorists (The nations current paranoia....replacing "Rooskies" and "Commies" we seem to like fears we can milk for decades....) or the stars of "Bill and Ted's Fucked-Up Boston Adventure"?   Boston, Give me a fucking break. Get your cowering heads out of your asses and please, PLEASE try to exercise a little common sense...... Here. Be on the lookout for THIS dangerous motherfucker:   Be careful though! His agents are EVERYWHERE! You've probably seen them walking around in daylight!!! And here's a little message for you:   Have a nice day.  
Web Designer
Looking for a web designer not a graphic artist anyone know of an awesome web builder if so hit me up I possibly have work for you if interested!!!! Looking for someone that has experience and can show proof of their work...If so contact Charisse at and we can get more into detail on the site and it's contents. Someone that is familiar with html,php, asp and ect...that can write the codes....I will be waiting to hear from you and guaranteed it will be a success!!!! Thanks, Chris
Web Design
if you know anyone who is looking for a website to be designed send them my way. I'm looking for new clients. Trying to get the business rolling again after being on hiatis due to my health. Thanks for lookin out
Web Development Company - Blueapple Technologies
Reasons to Invest in a Web Site A website is an extremely valuable tool that bolsters your existing marketing, sales, recruitment and communications effort. So here are a few compelling reasons to put your business on the Internet. The Internet functions 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has the most inexpensive and widespread marketing capabilities. The Internet is an excellent way to market your business and sell your products and services as it has a broad audience base. More and more customers are logging on, making purchases, buying services and researching choices and information through the Internet. A good website will help you reach and retain customers; you can use it to interact with your customers send information to customers, reply to emails day and night. You can reply to your customers or potential customers automatically without you having to get involved at all with "autoresponders". It can be used simply to let potential customers know you are there ins
Web Design
Web design, graphic design, internet marketing Cleveland, Ohio Graphic design, web design, internet marketing Printing, direct marketing in Cleveland, OH Premium Printing Online
Web Designing Company
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Web Design Brighton
web design Brighton
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Site on Display Search the Web Poddys Directory Massive Links Directory
Web Design Company
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Web Design
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Web Designers In India
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We Believe
We Believe We believe in going our own way. No matter which way the rest of the world is going. We believe in bucking the system that is built to smash individuals like bugs on a windshield. Some of us believe in the man upstairs, All of us believe in sticking to the man down here. We believe in the sky, but we don’t believe in the sunrise. We believe in freedom. We believe in dust, tumbleweed, buffalo, mountain ranges and riding off into the sunset. We believe in saddlebags. We believe that cowboys had it right. We refuse to bow down to anyone. We believe in wearing black because it doesn’t show dirt or weakness. We believe the world is going soft and we are not going along with it. We believe in motorcycle rallies that last a week, roadside attractions, gas station hotdogs and finding out what’s over the next hill. We believe in engines the size of garbage cans, and gas tanks designed in 1936. We believe in train sized headlights, chrome a
Web Filter
Ok so my boss is a total dick and got some kind of fucking Web Filter called Barracuda, my question how do i get past this shit? any way around it? or is it so good its impossible?
The Web Has Now Been Broken
Web Hosting
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Web Hosting
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Web Hosting Bangladesh
To keep up pace with the fast moving tech world, this very website wishes to play a crucial role in Bangladeshi Web Hosting. Promoting and sponsoring Bangladeshi Web Hosting is the main target of this website.
Web Hosting
Webhostinglamp's Review
Dedicated Web Hosting Services refers to a form of Internet hosting where the client rents one entire server for his business needs. The provider has absolute control over his server, operating system, hardware, etc, since it is not to be shared with any other individual or business. This dedicated server is usually situated in data centers.Server administration is usually given by the web hosting reviews company as an extra service.Features: Its basic features include: •    Easy to manage: Through dedicated hosting, users get a lot of support to the extent that they do not have to manage the server or execute management activities such as security monitoring, regular backups, software updates, firewall configuration and server setup. It is also easy to install the server in order to handle SSL encryption and anonymous FTP. •    Reliability:New clients switching over from their hosting plans to dedicated server hosting endure high downtime because of technical sna
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Web Log
Web Modeling Return???
I know that are some who think web modeling is a disgusting and wrong thing to do. For those to have a problem with it then this blog message is not for you to read. I am trying to determine if I will be returning to web modeling. I wish I was lucky enough to do regular modeling but unless you are miss tiny it isn't going to happen. Most plus size models are even smaller then the average BBW. So I want to know what the public thinks. Should I return to web modeling? Would you like to see me back up my web site? If so I want to hear some suggestions as to what kind of photos my fans would like to see? I can't guarantee I will use every section but, if it interests me I will do my best to provide. So everyone I want to hear from you! Big Hugs & Euro Kisses, ~Nadya~
A Webmasters Life
Well where to begin. i wake up to the sound of my son crying after i get him settled down from waking up (hes 9 months old)he got his bottle and hes happy. so i go to my desk and check the server to see how many people TRIED to hack it. wow none imagine that (three hardware fire walls and tons of other goodies to keep my clients safe). Then i get dressed and get my son ready to take to daycare then i dropp him off and go talk to clients and prospects to make sure they are happy and that they are getting what they want. then i go home and make the changes they requested. and then i work on tons of redtape paper work and all kinds of stuff and thats about it
Web Of Lies
Web a lies. This is a web a lies. This is a web a lies and many does it catch. Many a victim fall prey to the web of lies. One lie told. One lie hurts. One lie grows. One lie turns to two. Before you know, your nothing but a lie. Your nothing. A lie. Zero.
Web Of Power
~THE WEB OF POWER~ There are many different "muscles" in the body of higher consciousness, and we learn to exercise all of them. If you learn to exercise only the left arm, the right arm becomes weak; it is important to exercise both arms. You understand the physical plane. You are now learning how to dance with with the higher energies. You are learning about the subtler bodies. You are learning about the luminous fibers of your being, the web of power. And the web of power can be used in many ways. You can use it to hold you as you cross a great abyss. You spirit shield grabs onto some of your luminous fibers as it moves out into the universe. That luminous fiber is never let go of-it is attached to the physical body like a silver thread. You can follow it back simply by using your intent.
A Web Page Addy
heres the addy for my baby's website page we keep for her since her death. it helps us to keep her memories alive as well as a place to vent our feelings sometimes too. lol... visit if you dare! lol.... http;// visit it sometime when you think you feel up to you might have to copy and paste to browser to go there.
A Webpage Share Of Mine "Something" My newest page on my website.. Check it out if you like and sign my guestbook.
Webpage Testing
to align sumthin to the right side of the site your writing or pic here all ur normal wrting and whatever else link = w/o inteaction alink = when browser is over the picture vlink = when the link is activated color number site
Website Updates
Check out my new photoset on It's in the Glamour/Strip Tease section of my gallery and it is called Vicious the Cat. Let me know what you think! I just added a few new pics to the Amateur section of my gallery at Click the link for details. There is a new photoset of me up on called "ViciousVamp in shiny fetish fashion bondage; PVC gauntlets, mini-dress, handcuffs, spreader bar and six-inch patent leather stillettos with locking ankle strap - Set 3 of 3". Check it out and let me know what you think! Vicious Vamp
Web Shyt
What black man u know that can keep beating a white woman's ass & not go 2 jail? . . . Barack Obama!! [Verse 1:] I'm A Superman Thanks To Lois Lane Kissed Away My Problems When I Went Insane Fished Me From The Bottom When I Lost My Name Gave Me Something I Could Live For (Something I Could Live For) And Everybody Wonders What's The Change They Don't Recognize Me Cause I Got So Much To Say And I Never Thought That Anyone Could Love Someone So Much That They Give Up On Everything [Chorus:] I Will Be There To Take Care Of You I Will Be There When You Cry Babe I Will Be There When You Need Someone To Tell You That You're Beautiful Baby I Will Be There When You Need Someone To Run With I Will Be There When You Need Someone To Dance With I'm Your Lover When The Skies Turn Grey Everyday Til Its Beautiful Baby Oh Til Its Beautiful Til Its Beau-Ooh Ooh Baby Til Its Beautiful Baby [Verse 2:] I'm A Butterfly When I'm In Your Hands You Can T
Web Site
Websites I have always been kind of afraid of clowns.............well I guess that probably would have to do with the fact that when i was 7 a clown killed my father at the circus. ALSO I'm like anyone else on this planet -- I'm very moved by world hunger. I see the same commercials, with those little kids, starving, and very depressed. I watch those kids and I go, 'Fuck, I know the FILM crew could give this kid a sandwich!' There's a director five feet away going, 'DON'T FEED HIM YET! GET THAT SANDWICH OUTTA HERE! IT DOESN'T WORK UNLESS HE LOOKS HUNGRY!!!' But I'm not trying to make fun of world hunger. Matter of fact, I think I have the answer. You want to stop world hunger? Stop sending these people food. Don't send these people another bite, folks. You want to send them something, you want to help? Send them U-Hauls. Send them U-Haul
Websites Sux,
You all that use Sparkle Tags,The place sucks,It try's to Add adaware shit to my Comp.Thank God for my 2 Virus scans that run perfect together. Avast + the Questionaires u must fill out are to time consumeing,its a waste of my Valuable time.The CherryTap Tool Bar is another piece of shit add on.What good is the Mo-Fo.Since I added that,my sessions here exspire every Hr.You can't do to much with,I have 4 tool bars now why the hell do I need another.If you all have Pictures Saved that Need Codes upload them at awesome place.Very User Friendly. + Pyzam, very user friendly. U-all that have spyware or adaware installed on your comp.These 2 amongth many others add the crap to your comp,all your doing is allowing the Communist Republican party to see where u go.This is the new Name for Bush's party.Well when the Gestapo knock on your door to sieze your comp.Then maybe u'll think maybe u should have listen'd to that HotHead Miserable Fish. T
Today ill found this great site out the net and i found it time to introduce the websfinest girls to you all! Its the site to find for you to find the girl for your special needs! Just check out the "live girls" and their pics and enter our chat to have some fun! The girls are waiting for you! NaughtyLullu for Websfinest!
Ok - here are some of the results you get if you search for 'sexy' in photobucket
I invite you to visit my website! This month: Sunshine and Friends with the theme of the month "Ready for Love". New Featured Model Layla Butler has a great series of photos, including b&w with a male model. Featured Model Mandy adds two hot corset outfits to her gallery and is our hot new wallpaper for the month. Check it all out at
I have websites on these sites and also blogs and some pictures
Website Changes
Hi all, For any who have tried to check out my website at and have found a fragmented train wreck of a site, please bear with us as we are making changes. Among them is a totally new "industrial" darker look to the entire site. Other changes include the removal of old pages with old and/or dated history on myself and in their place a new focus on just the current direction and happenings of my career. So, all of the old archival material from my early career will be toast, (although you will still be able to see much of it here in my pic folders). Also slated to disappear is the "Dark Crew" page which features people I work with, the "Dark Room" which housed pictures of my torture and restraints collection, and other pages and bits we deem non essential. In place of all of this will be a new and streamlined site that will return me 100% to my dark and demented format that is my unique and twisted brand of extreme entertainment. Keep an eye on
click the link to join That is a website im working on dedicated to the sexiest ladies of Cherrytap. What i want to do is have to send the sexiest pic you have to me, I will put you on the site, so that more people can check you out, they will be able to click on your pic and it will send them directly to your Cherry tap page. I think this will be fun so email me with the pic you want to use and i will put you on.
Is anyone else having problems when they get on my website? I have had a few people say that it freezes. Please let me know as I would like to fix it. I am not sure though what to do. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks Christine
Hey if there are any guys out there that has kids and is looking for a place to get advice and chat with other dads then check out this web site its a great place to hang out. Have you ever been stuck in a situation that you can't get out of. That's how I have felt now for 3 years. I just don't know what I am gonna do. I have no real friends to turn to. My family has their own problems. So I am stuck in my situation and it will continue to bring me down until I finally flip out. Argggggggggg !!!!!!!!!!
Here is my website, let me know what you think
hi guys you can join me on yahoo360 thanks and have a great day
Webster Tarpley: The 9/11 Issue: Key To Stopping World War Iii
This isn't a list of all of them, of course. But ones that I'm on often. And the MySpace is new. I have two accounts there. But I made one special for my FUBAR friends and family :) MySpace Board LiveJournal
Web Sites
I am getting ready to build a website. So far the ideas that i've come up with to add to it, are Forums, Blogs, downloads for free software, and a cpl other things. What would be some other things that ppl would what come to a webpage for? what would be somethin you would go to a website to see?? something that would be good to add to it?? any ideas would be helpful!!!!
Website For R.i.t ( Rochester Institute Of Technology)
Many people deaf and some of hearing attend to R.I.T. (Rochester Institute of Technology) Website link is http://
Check me out in this months american curves magazine Sold at Barnes and Nobles. My website is up and running,come visit me when you get a chance. -Valerie
SO as some of you may already know. I run my own website. We are almost ready to launch it. There are still a few things I want to add and we ran into a few kinks to work out. But hopefully with in the next 2 weeks we will be up and running.
Web Site
Come check out my link to a really cool site. angeleyes_tinkerbellWhere the Ride Never Ends! POST THiS iF YOU AREN'T SCARED TO SEE HOW PEOPLE THINK OF YOU 0 = ewwwwwwwwwwww!? 1 = Definetly not attractive. 2 = Decent 3 = Cute 4 = Fine as hell! 5 = I'd do you. 6 = Pretty damn sexy! 7 = Lovable,I LOVE YOU!!! 8 = I wanna make you mine
Website Girls Needed
Come join us in creating a new kind of web site! A web site run by models for the models. A site where you're in control of how much you do and how much you make. You could model for a site that'll make you want to commit suicide... or you could model with us where it's fun and fair! We want all kinds of beautiful girls from Alt/Punk to Girl Next Door! We are looking for girls who have personality and looks, all races, all styles. We want happy girls who enjoy modeling! You model to your own comfort level, no pressure from us. This site will have all types of photos from pinup and tease to nudes and more... you can do whatever you are comfortable with. No exclusive contracts: you can be exclusive if you want, but you're not required to. Exclusive girls will get special treats. ;o) We use a standard model release for all photos and everything is shot by me or my photography partner in MY home where I have a studio backdrop with lighting and such. And of course in nice we
Website Done
Ok......I finally finished my website I have been working on for what feels like forever.  Please take a look and let me know what everyone things. Thanks
Website Help
Website Design For Doctors
 website design for doctors medical website design rave clothing store
my website
Web Solutions
Web Solutions provides information that enables internet users to find answers to diffcult questions. Our writers perform in-depth research to ensure that Web Solutions wesbites provide the highest quality information available online. Our websites provide information about credit card offers, personal finance blog, work at home opportunities, gadgets and last minute deals.
Web Solutions
NEVGI offers affordable Web Solutions for your small business.  A website is a very important business tool that serves a purpose for you and your clients.NEVGI works with each client to create a website geared for you and attract clients.  Our goal is to see your business grow!
Website 101
Website Design & Development is a website & Software development company that specializes in providing outstanding value for money services for web design & development, flash design, Flash based website, web-site re-design and maintenance, e-commerce solutions, corporate style graphics creations and software development We develop   Simple Web sites (HTML only)   Web sites with Flash and sound   Web sites with Shopping Cart and payment gateways   Web sites for product display   Web Applications for Sales management and Order placement   Content Management Web Applications   Customer Relations Management Web Applications   Desktop Applications for Office, Factory Management   Desktop Applications for Hospital & Clinic management   Inventory Management   For more information please visit - Web design & development company OR   Contact:   Sahil Phone: ÷11-22468385 Mobile: ÷9899352002 Website: Email: Gtalk: ridhisolutio
Web Services India
When we talk about web world, web designing becomes one of the most challenging task where one have to choose a design which could make a difference. It defines your site fate, whether it would be attractive enough to lure the user or would be avoided by them. So in my views web designer has to go miles away to get the rare design and sometimes it becomes quite a hectic task when designer has to face the rejection. In this situations patience pays and ultimately gets the winning edge. In the real world scenario developing a website is like designing a retail outlet. A Web Programmer together with web designer develops the structure in order to make the look and feel of the site awesome, the first dealing with the coding parts as well as the logic, while the second of the ' functional and graphical parts. There are many Website Designing Company in Delhi providing the web designing services through out the world but it may be chances that among them some would be good or bad but it&rs
Website Statistics
As it is within all sectors, the Online world, full of web websites, is peppered with its own terms. Get to know the language well and know what it indicates, that way nobody will be able to take the made of wool over your sight. Here are a few important factors conditions to comprehend and observe on a very regular, if not everyday, foundation. Strikes. This is the most misused and incorrectly used determine talking about Web action. You've observed individuals say, "I get 100,000 hits monthly." Be involved as this is a useless number; a hit represents each computer file sent by the hosting server to a Web browser-therefore, if you have a web page that contains many pictures, possibilities are that those pictures plus the HTML computer file assisting them will sign-up as many hits. Due to showing the webpages of your web page, the figures easily get out of hand and you will have no real concept how many guests your web page is getting. Page Opinions. Page views are a more pr
Web Site Design And Website Marketing
Web site design and Internet Website MarketingWeb page design with an online business is essentially what architecture and style is always to a physical store. The method that you build and present your company website with product displays, payment mechanisms, galleries, web design , etc will probably dictate the way the visitors (and probable customers) would accept something that your website proposes to the visitors. The thing about working on the internet is that this publication rack too huge and determining and getting in touch with your target audience is hard. What web site designers must remember is not just how to make those sites they generate look really good to their audience but making it no problem finding for their audience. This is where engines like google enter into the image. SEO, Web page design and MarketingMarketing a website takes more than simply literally being visible on the internet. Yes, standing on every listing
web traffic 
Web Traffic
web traffic
We Buy Houses
We Buy Houses We Buy Houses We Buy Houses  
Web Vision Bpo - Virtual Assistant Service
With the advancement of the internet technology, virtual assistants have come up with some basic as well as professional services at nominal rates like: marketing assistance, executive assistance, administrative assistance, etc.   A virtual office assistant is like a normal employee who can do all the office errands with complete accuracy. You can hire them as full-time employees or part-time assistants depending on your business desideratum. Whether it's a remote assistance, or a technical help, virtual employees have everything to offer.   Here Web Vision Bpo is some services businesses can easily outsource to an experienced Web marketing VA: • Article marketing  • Pay per click advertising (PPC)  • Search engine optimization (SEO)  • Email campaigns  • Direct mailing campaign  • Keyword analysis  • Social networking  • Link building   Virtual Assistant Services, Data Entry, Image Editing, Hire Virtual Assistant, Website Maintenance Serv
Web Work
LOL, well, as it always seems to happen, I tend to take a simple idea and it gets more complicated. I guess the old saying goes, if you are going to do something, do it right. I have spent the last few days working on an Administration side to this little project to allow an easy way to add, edit and remove content that is seen by visitors. It has a basic design like the front-end right now. Just working out the bugs and operations of the Administration panel. Right now I have created the Links and the FAQ's portion of the Admin panel and integrated it into the Front-End for the user. Now I can change the FAQ's or Links and it will be seen immediately by the user. I have not figured out what I am going to do for the other content yet though. I am looking around at other sites trying to get an idea of what options I like and are useful so that I might create a good user interface. Well, watch the progress if you want, I am back to work. Well, after creating my own special
We Can't Never Choice People
We can't really choice poeple who come to our lives but we can always choose those we want to stay...coz we know they're worth keeping... have a GOOD DAY!!! TAKE CARE always!!!
We Cancelled The Move
Due to the cost of moving and the loss of my job, we decided to cancel everything. One other thing.....I think my hard drive is going south. Cheers!
We Cant Make This Shit Up!
The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.... Yes, the organization is real. They even have a website, Their philosophy: Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow Earth's biosphere to return to good health. Crowded conditions and resource shortages will improve as we become less dense. Alright, I have ranted and vented about the human population and the planetary ecosphere enough times concerning this type of stuff. Humans dont have to volunteer for anything dealing with the reduction of the human race. Consider: Natural Disaster: There are six known super volcanoes on the planet, four of them with in the borders of the US, Yellowstone, Long Valley California, and two in New Mexico. Now, if any one of these were to erupt, the ash, dust, and sulfur compounds in the upper atmosphere would solve the global warming period. Of course, the volcanic winter would bring on another Ice Age resulting in the death of abo
We Cant Forget
We Can't Forget Some would say we should forget the events of years gone by, Forgive and forget, they would say, Just let sleeping dogs lie. Then there are some, of which I'm one, who say we can't let go, We can't forget the horrible wrongs that hurt our people so. We can't forget Wounded Knee, Sand Creek or the Trail of Tears, Because the things that happened there still happen after all these years. People are still forced from their homes, still driven from their land. The government still dominates our people with a hard and merciless hand. Promise are still not kept, Treaties are still broken, the government has reneged on every word it's spoken. We must keep fresh the memory of the ones who've gone before, and not forget the awful pain they bore. To honor them we must remember the high price they paid, The suffering that they endured and the sacrifices they made. We must keep and teach the traditions they held dear. A
We Can Always Hope
We Can Do It..........luv On Boo
***We Can Do It Theres Nothing To It*** ~*~Chuckiiboo is the Most Deserving Fu~*~ It's time to turn the tables and start doing for Chuckii as he always does for us!!He is the sponsor of most of your happy hours!!Happy hours this week have been few N far between!Lets get to it and surprise Chuckii With getting him just a little closer to being RED!!!!!After all Fubar sure would Not be the same without Chuckiiboo!Lets show him the Love and respect that this man deserves!!!Please to all friends on my list that do not have chuckiiboo as a friend yet just take a simple MIN to Click On his pic and Fan!RATE!and Add Him as a Friend!!How hard could that possibly Be!And if your the type of person that dont like a lot of ppl on your friends list ...thats ok to!Just take one second to click on his pic and RATE his page!! To everyone that has had the pleasure of knowing chuckii and knows how much this man deserves to be RED plz take a second to see if his page has reset for you to re rate him
We Can Do It!
Hey Fufriends, My real life sister Mink only needs only 73,833 until she is an Insider...let's get her there. Just click on the link and let's get her leveled. ~Mink~ Fuowned by Sixtyninemunch and DustMePink@ fubar Thanks, Silverpixi
We Can All Move Forward
We Can't Stop Here! This Is Bat Country!!
♥[[Ravers Manifesto]]♥ Our emotional state of choice is Ecstasy. Our nourishment of choice is Love. Our addiction of choice is technology. Our religion of choice is music. Our currency of choice is knowledge. Our politics of choice is none. Our society of choice is Utopian though we know it will never be. You may hate us. You may dismiss us. You may misunderstand us. You may be unaware of our existence. We can only hope you do not care to judge us, because we would never judge you. We are not criminals. We are not disillusioned. We are not drug addicts. We are not naive children. We are one massive, global, tribal village that transcends man-made law, physical geography, and time itself. We are The Massive. One Massive. We were first drawn by the sound. From far away, the thunderous, muffled, echoing beat was comparable to a mother's heart soothing a child in her womb of concrete, steel, and electrical wiring. We were drawn back into this womb, and there, in the heat, d
Weclome To My Nightmare!
I am sorry if my status seem like I am complaining. honestly I am not, Just venting, becuase i have no one else to vent to. I don't want to burden anyone with my problems. So its been a while. Let just recap on some things. I been going back to school for cosmetology. I love it so much, that i am finally doing something that i love. I am still living on my own in my own place, which by the way hasn't changed all that much. My female rabbit has her second little of buns. Notr keeping them, they are going at the end of this month. I am making straight a in school, not to meion i just made honor roll the second time. I am on med and i am happy with the meds this time. Finally something that is working. I cut my hair short, it really cute. Got to get more pic up soon. Does anyone on here play WOW??? Or Little Big Planet on PS3
Weclome To Cherry Tap All
We Could Hve Built 400,000 Windmills With The Money Bush Wasted In Iraq
We seriously need to discuss this critical problem of OVER POPULATION now. The best way to keep money away from Arab terroists is for America to get off of imported OIL.
Wecome To The Rejected Nightmare
Hello....hello... How do you do? I am the other part of my sanity.... Brought here by you... See I'm crazy... See I'm crazy about you... Hello hello... I can explain this about me... But I'm crazy... I love rainy days... I love bloody movies... I love the sweet taste of revenge... well my name Is Dewayne and I'm here for all your toles... So i heard you were sad... say, lets say we grab this chainsaw and make them all pay? make our own graphic movie... let the world know who we are... hello hello... I'm the alter ego myspace profile: My Blog URL
We Control
We want the sun to rise into a blue sky, but who can know? We want the air warm and a light breeze to cool us, but we can't say for sure - The only thing we control is who we sit beside as first light breaks. © All rights reserved
We Could Talk
we could talk about how mutch i love you but i don't know you we could talk about the weather but that sux we could talk about religion but i don't believe we could talk about politics but they're a bunch of aholes we could talk about me but i'd have to kill you lol we could talk about kids but i aint got none we could talk about others but i aint like that we could talk about how stupid this is but i'd rather not so lets just talk about you!!!!!
We Could Do Better
Grace to what i ask myself, for all i have seen and done, yet not satisfied and not ready to quit. Still wanna fuck more, still wanna do more, still wanna make me; i feel someone still owes me that last call "booty"-won't it be nice if i stage my own fiction of what i have become, see for myself what i want and get it done right, leaving behind all this fake scrappers who comes around pretending they do; whilst amongst a mist. I want to know better, i want to give better, do i say "she" yes i heard that, wish you are here, we could really do better. I can really become me. send me a love song.  
Wed. 10/3/07
hmm.. Happy humpday everyone. How are you spending it...are you working..or humping? LMAO. I spent a good hour at the blood mobile today. First time in like 12 yrs. Been along time..they had to change my address and all. I took my boys along with me. Was quite comical in a way. Brent, my oldest..seen one woman ..where they poked her..then her blood.. draining into the bag. He got upset.. told me to get up and go. LMAO. I asked why.. he said.. Just go mom. LOL. Anyways.. towards the end..he started getting white looking..and said he was getting hot. I think he was close to passing out. Told him to go play in the hall or something. While I was getting blood, had a cute guy doing the blood. I was flirting with him alittle bit. (smiles) Have you ever given blood? Theres a shortage on it. Lately I have been feeling negative about fubar.. but I have decided to just forget all the reasons why I feel this way..and just enjoy being with my good friends. I got one good friend who a
Wedding Of Her Dreams
As most of you already know, I proposed to my girlfriend a few nights ago and she said yes. But, there is something that you don't know.You see, about a month ago, I bought a 36' Motorhome and by my Mom's invitation, Traci (my gf) and I decided to hook up the Motorhome on their property on the side of the house. In some ways, it was a good idea. We would only have to pay for our electricity and we could save up some money to get married someday and buy a house. Traci was strongly reluctant about living on their property seeing as my mom had not been too nice to her in the past. I calmed her worries by calling my mom and making sure that she understood that the Motorhome would be like an apartment and that she would have to respect our privacy. Of course my mom agreed and said 'No Problem.'Well, I have to admit that Traci was right the entire time. Last week, my mom, for some - still unexplained - reason, attacked Traci inside the Motorhome and landed her in the hospital. Luckily, Traci
WE SET THE DATE OF OUR WEDDING TODAY. IT WILL BE APRIL 1, 2007 AT 2:00 PM. IF ANYONE OF MY FRIENDS WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND, JUST SEND ME A MESSAGE WITH YOUR ADDRESS. ALSO, PLEASE DONT FORGET TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE @ LOVE YA ALL, TRACI A lot of people we know keep asking when we're finally going to get married. Derrick has proposed to me something like 7 different times now... lol. Well, here's the scoop: We were originally gonna get married on my birthday (April 1), but then we decided that wasn't such a great date after all. Someone I cared about died on that day (my 21st b-day), it's my birthday and it's April Fool's Day! So, we moved it up a week to April 7th. Well, that happens to be an unlucky and lucky day for us, seeing as it was our anniversary, but, it was also the day we got into our car accident. Plus, by March 1st, I still didn't have a dress, the place we reserved flaked on us, nothing had even begun to be organized and we really coul
Wedding Fun
One more final wedding of the family for awhile. Grandma and Grandpa's last grandchild got married yesterday. He said now he can retire his wedding suit for his Heck out of 17 grandkids and 23 great grandkids he deserves it. [IMG][/IMG]
Wedding Anniversary.....
Ed was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary. His wife was really angry. She told him "Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in less than 6 seconds AND IT BETTER BE THERE". The next morning Ed got up early and left for work. When his wife woke up, she looked out the window, and sure enough, there was a small box gift-wrapped in the middle of the driveway. Very confused, the wife put on her robe and ran out to the driveway, brought the box back in the house. She opened it and found a brand new bathroom scale. Funeral services for Ed have been scheduled for Friday.
I am getting married in 17 days. This is getting excited and im nervous as hell too, but things will be alright im sure. I'll put some wedding pics on here after the fact:P All we need is the marriage license which we're going to get this week or next. Going to go love, me Well, Im getting married 8 weeks from last Saturday. We got the flowers, ribbon, cake decorations on Saturday. I bought my headdress from eBay, so that will be here sometime next week, hopefully! We've been having problems with the postal service here! :( heres a list of what we have; - Date. time. location - Minister - Bride Gown - Flowers - his birth certificate (without it we couldnt have gotten married!) - candles ...candle holders (not like the kind I broke and sliced my foot open with) - Bubbles - wedding cake supplies - decorations - cake plates - napkins - the invitation stock, ink cartridge, envelopes, and mailing labels - I bought my headdress
Wedding Stories And Jokes
View this on LiveDigital A store that sells new husbands has just opened in New York City , where a woman may go to choose a husband Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates: You may visit this store ONLY ONCE! There are six floors and the value of the products increase as the shopper ascends the flights. The shopper may choose any item from a particular floor, or may choose to go up to the next floor, but you cannot go back down except to exit the building! So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband. On the first floor the sign on the door reads: Floor 1 - These men Have Jobs. She thinks she can do better, so she heads up to the second floor... The second floor sign reads: Floor 2 - These men Have Jobs and Love Kids. She thinks that although this is good, it must get better, so she heads to the third floor.. The third floor sign reads: Floor 3 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, and are Extremely Good Looking. "
Wedding Day Is Coming
First Tuesday November 21, at 400 pacific, 500 mountain, 600 central and 830 eastern times There will be a Wiccan Marriage Ceremony for HELLSGATE_666 aka...Wes and hellsgates1love...aka Rhonda the ceremony will be held at the above times depending on where you live in the witches and pagans lounge Second Wednesday November 22, at 6 pacific, 7 mountain, 8 central, 9 eastern a Pagan Commitment Ceremony will be held between Ravyn Wolff....aka Ronda and Dr......aka Jeff in the cherrylicious all request radio lounge. Please go to both lounges and join so you will have a reserved seat for both events
Wedding S?
Wedding Thoughts
The Wedding
The Wedding!!!
Wedding Planning
Ok, I think things are finally coming together, granted last minute and hectic...but all good right...Only one problem we still need a one in liberal seems to know how to make a cake anymore...Oh well things will be ok... Ok, anywho...we're almost done and that's all that's important right...
Wedding Day
The Wedding
Click to play | Make your own Smilebox
The Wedding Chapel Banner/link
Show this very talented, awesome lady some love, she's great! ~X~Just Meee™~X~S.B.A.B.~ Œlģte Bõmber§~Œnfōrēer~X~@ CherryTAP
Well it that time of yr finally I am on my way to marital bliss this sat. I will be a wife I was naver gonna be a wife but I guess thats what love does make you do things you never really wanted to do . Soooooooo here I go wish me luck
Wedding Count Down
Well.. Im not sure if every one knows... but we finally set a date for our wedding some time ago... I just havent gotten around to telling everyone about it.. but .. the days keep passing by and its getting closer so I thought I would run a Count down to the BIG DAY!!! .... August 30th, 2007.... 49 days to go and counting.... Wish us luck!!!!
A Wedding Poem
you are always on my mind, what a wonderful woman to find, i will thank god for my life, when he allows me to have you as my wife, to watch you walk the isle, would make my emotions pile, what a site, to see you in that white, to know we both feel right, to stand at your side, with nothing ever to hide, to hear you say i do, would really make me love you, to say i do to you, will be so true, to exchange the ring, will make the angels in heaven sing, now for our kiss, i would make a simple wish, have our hearts combine, like a fine wine, then our night of bliss, something we would not miss, having you with me, will set my heart free, the love we will share, is how much we truely care, to hear the first time you say our name, will be the day you will tame, tame the passion in my heart, cause i know we will never part, a new life we will begin, with out any sin, our love will truely win, this is what i see, is a lifetime of happiness with me.......
The Wedding Test
I was a very happy man. My wonderful girlfriend and I had been dating for over a year, and so we decided to get married. There was only one little thing bothering me...It was her beautiful younger sister. My prospective sister-in-law was twenty-two, wore very tight miniskirts, and generally was bra-less. She would regularly bend down when she was near me, and I always got more than a nice view. It had to be deliberate. Because she never did it when she was near anyone else. One day her "little" sister called and asked me to come over to check the wedding invitations . She was alone when I arrived, and she whispered to me that she had feelings and desires for me that she couldn't overcome. She told me that she wanted me just once before I got married and committed my life to her sister. Well, I was in total shock, and couldn't say a word. She said, "I'm going upstairs to my bedroom, and if you want one last wild fling, just come up and get me." I was stunned and frozen in
The Wedding!
so my "step" Uncle Steve and his grilfriend are getting married in june of 08. well his grilfriend Aunt Sue asked me to be in the wedding!! i`m soo happy! she said that she wanted it to be a family thing and i`m not even really family. you see my dad is dateing steves sister. so im just the sister boyfriends kid but yet she loves me as if i`m truly family! i`ve never felt so spechel!!but yeah i`ll keep you up dated on the whole thing!
Site: To be determined. Outside. The wedding prayer: Cherokee Prayer "God in heaven above please protect the ones we love. We honor all you created as we pledge our hearts and lives together. We honor Mother Earth and ask for our marriage to be abundant and grow stronger through the seasons. We honor fire - and ask that our union be warm and glowing with love in our hearts. We honor wind - and ask we sail through life safe and calm as in our father's arms. We honor water - to clean and soothe our marriage– that it may never thirst for love. All the forces of the universe you created, we pray for harmony and true happiness, as we forever grow young together. Amen." Possible Wedding Vows (Will change a little): GROOM STEP 1: O’ my beloved, our love has become firm by your walking one with me. Together we will share the responsibilities of the lodge, food and children. May the
Wedding Bells!
We went to PA over the weekend to visit my sister. we got some time away from everyone and I popped THE qeustion.... she said yes! The date is set for Feb. 23 and plans are coming along... After 3 yrs together, we are finally going to make it legal,lol Laterz All ~work~
Wedding Bells Are In The Air
Everyone is invited. Come join us. :D Hello my friends, fans, and family. Sunday at 7 PM EST me and Just Shizzle will be getting a true fubar wedding. Everyone is invited and bring some friends if you want to. Hope to see all there.:D This is the link to the lounge and please repost: Come join us in the wedding lounge for me and just shizzle's fu-wedding. :D
Wedding Ring
Why should the wedding ring be worn on the fourth finger? There is a beautiful and convincing explanation given by the Chinese..... Thumb represents your Parents Second (Index) finger represents your Siblings Middle finger represents your-Self Fourth (Ring) finger represents your Life Partner & the Last (Little) finger represents your children Firstly, open your palms (face to face), bend the middle fingers and hold them together - back to back Secondly, open and hold the remaining three fingers and the thumb - tip to tip (As shown in the figure below): Now, try to separate your thumbs (representing the parents)..., they will open, because your parents are not destined to live with you lifelong, and have to leave you sooner or later. Please join your thumbs as before and separate your Index fingers (representing siblings)... they will also open, because your brothers and sisters will have their own families and will have to lead their own separate
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Join Us In Celebrating the Wedding Of Dirty South Crew's and Extreme X's Own DJ Ivory Tigress and Earthwalker at Extreme X lounge on Sunday, Oct 7 at 10 PM EST. " /> " /> Free Graphics at hostdrjack.comVisit www.hostdrjack.comHost Your Images & Videos FREE CLICK HERE! Free Graphics at Plan to be there with us as we share and celebrate this beautiful time with two of our closest friends!!!
The Wedding
Please join Kim and Geoff in celebration of their FU Wedding in the Wedding Lounge, Sunday October 14 2007, 10 p.m. EST ~Two heart will join to become one~ ♥EYECANDY♥@ fubar Subh3rbanSmok3r@ fubar
A Wedding!!!....please Join Us........
Wedding Singer
i am getting married to my bestfriend and lover we will be tieing the not on may 24 2008
My long time boyfriend, fiancée, and father of my daughter and I have decided to tie the knot. On January 8th, 2001 he asked me to be his girlfriend as we were still High School students. Almost 7 years after and one child down, we are happy to say we want to get married. We have had our ups and downs, and our LOVE has conquered it all. So now we celebrate our Love and ask for God’s blessing. I’m starting the wedding plans, and due to financial status, we will have a small wedding and reception. Here is the path for our wedding page, please come by and leave us some of your thoughts and suggestions. Hello and good day to all. If you are reading my blog, you know I was planning on getting married on January 8th, 2008. Well, yesterday it occured to me that there was a conflict that I would have to change the date. The groom's mother will be out of the country during that week. So now I'm pondering about another date. I
> >   > > Red Dragon's Realm Welcomes You to Join us in the FuMarriage of Big Rock & DarkAngel Just click the Photo below!!!   Come Join Us As We Unite TogetherIn The Bonds Of Fu MatrimonyEasy & Aries Saturday May 23rd, 20099:00 pm E.S.T. click pic to enter The Red Dragon's RealmStop By The Lounge And Have A Drink With UsJoin And Have Some Fun!! Come Join Us As We Unite TogetherIn The Bonds Of Fu Matrimony DJ Irish Dad & DJ Mommy Saturday January 17th, 20097:00 p.m. E.S.T. click pic to enter The Real Red Dragon Stop By The Lounge And Have A Drink With UsJoin And Have Some Fun!!
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hey every one that wants to come to mine and s3xxylays wedding u all are welcome to come it will be next sunday at 10 pm and it will be held at the charmed angels lounge so bring ur friends and invite them to sub scribe to it and me and tammy will welcome each and every one of u when u all click sub scribe for the wedding we both would love to have u all come to it and we wanna get the charmed angels lounge rocking so please stop by and click the sub scribe to the lounge i will post the link when i get it from pheebs so please bare with me u all and i want the best wedding i have ever wanted and i wanna get the charmed angels lounge rocking so bad so please bear with me about the link ok heres the link if u all wanna come so please lets all get this room rockin and have it maxed out ty
Wedding Invire
Wedding Invite
I got married this past friday 12/21. I met my wife online, we went on our first date in October and we haven't hardly been apart since. I asked her to marry me 6 days after our first date and have been living in bliss since she said yes.
I am having so much fun helping my best friend set up her wedding..I am so proud to be able to be her Matron of Honor...She is marrying a wonderful man and she so deserves all the happiness she feels at this time.. Love ya Babe
Wedding Date Is Set!!!
The Wedding Plans
It seems that Febuary 23rd is coming up fast and there is so much left to do for our wedding... Moxy helped with getting the invites addressed and the actual invitations aren't even complete yet,lol. We have the hall reserved but we don't have hardly any of the decorations. We are going to get the license this week, but we still don't have anyone to do the ceremony. Can anyone loan us an extra week this month? ok, gotta fly. Laterz Dave
Mr. Mischief and ^Sin^ just got fu-married!!! MR.MISCHIEF*FU-ENGAGED TO ^SIN^@ fubar ^sin^-enforcer @ the playpen@ fubar This awesome fu-preacher fu-married them at a moment's notice because they were stood up by the other fu-preacher. lol Anyway, go give Anglevil lots of fu love. Anglevil *¢¾ Stryke's real life GF & FuWife ¢¾* ~Owned by Stryke¢¾~@ fubar Mr. Mischief and ^Sin^ send their thanks to all in attendance, especially Anglevil. They are celebrating their fu-marriage! Be sure to congratulate them! This wedding announcement brought to you by: Tulsa's Angel~ Club FAR Promoter ~ SgtRaider's Bad Girl/Sisters 4 Life/FuOwned by ^Sin^@ fubar
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Wedding Proposal
My girlfriend of two years said yes to my proposal of marriage - which took place on the Carnival Victory. Let the wedding planning begin! Feel free to offer Shinygal your congratulations on her profile: Shinygal - Go Big Blue!@ fubar
i am getting married on 10 31 08 to my best friend joe nanny we are already married as of 2-5-8 but will be having a real cermony in new orleans at check point charlies @ 9 pm be there or be square xoxoxoxoxo Annee Nanny
In honor of my dear friend Andrea's fu-wedding to her fiance Sean I present this blog :) You are cordially invited to witness the joining of two hearts, lives and souls as one. On this blessed day this man Sean....Andrea's Love a.k.a. IrishPunk Club F.A.R...Fu-Fiance 2 Andrea@ fubar And This Woman Sean's girl & Fu-Fiance to Sean aka Irishpunk~Co-Owned by Irishpunk & LSD's Shell@ fubar Will be joined in fu-matrimony on Thursday the 14th of February in the year 2008 at 3 O'Clock in the afternoon Pacific Standard Time. Please click the picture to join in this joyous event at the appointed time. This event will be presided over by the honorable Rev.۞Sexy Succulence۞ Ŧ.©.M
Wedding Night
1. But everybody looks funny naked! 2. You woke me up for that? 3. Did I mention the video camera? 4. Do you smell something burning? 5. (in a janitor's closet) And they say romance is dead... 6. Try breathing through your nose. 7. A little rug burn ever hurt anyone! 8. Is that a Medic-Alert Pendant? 9. Sweetheart, did you lock the back door? 10. But whipped cream makes me break out. 11. Person 1: This is your first time..right? Person 2: Yeah.. today 12. Hurry up! This room rents by the hour! 13. Can you please pass me the remote control? 14. Do you accept Visa? 15. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 16. On second thought, let's turn off the lights. 17. And to think- I was really trying to pick up your friend! 18. So much for mouth-to-mouth. 19. (using body paint) Try not to leave any stains, okay? 20. Hope you're as good looking when I'm sober... 21. (holding a banana) It's just a little trick I learned at the zoo! 22. Do you get any premium movie channels? 23. T
Wedding Invitation
Meet The Phuckers The Happy Couple Come Celebrate with Us. Click on any pic to join us in Bada Bing lounge as we unite our love (9:00 pm est). DJ Bounty will be hosting the Reception, immediately following the ceremony.
Wedding Bullys
Come Visit DJ BlackDragons Bar&Dance Club For the Joining of two wonderful peopleDJ WOLFIE AND Country Girl Time 8:00PM central time 9:00PM eastern time 7:00PM western time DATE MARCH 7, 2008. Come show your support and have a great time after words.
Club TooSexy's DJ SEXY BADBOY & DJ TOOSEXY Are Getting fu-Married Tonight! Only In Club TooSexy This Will Be The Sexiest Wedding Ever on fubar! Don't Miss It! It All Happens Tonight Thursday, March 20, 2008 11pm Eastern Only In Club TooSexy Just Click The Pics To Get There Wedding Will Be Performed By: GARY - Owner Dirty South Crew & Dirty Addiction@ fubar (repost of original by 'M’ZtEr„ ☆ Owned by Ŧķm~§ųu†hč®ńÖu†£äŵßķkč®~Š-§-Ē~ ☆ I.B.I.C. ☆' on '2008-03-20 12:03:44') (repost of original by 'DJ SEXY BADBOY~DSC~FUENGAGED TO DJ TOOSEXY~OWNER OF SEXII CHIQUITA~' on '2008-03-20 12:06:41') (repost of original by 'SEXY NIKKI~"CO-OWNER OF CLUB TOO SEXY~FU ENGAGED TO MARK "ASST ENFORCER MGR @ CLUB TOO SEXY' on '2008-03-20 12:10:32')
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Wedding Celebation!
Wedding Bully
Wedding Planning
Well My mom is getting Married. Memorial Day Weekend. Of course when she told me I was happy for her. Then seconds later she asked me to be her Maid of Honor. Of course I said yes. So she told me to look for Wedding Dresses and Wedding Sites and everything else you'd need done for a wedding. So needless to say I have become her wedding coordinator. The best part of that is because I Love to plan weddings and I Love being able to help people get and have what they want for their wedding. Someday I hope to own my own bridal shop. But for now I'll plan weddings and help with weddings when needed. Lol!! My mom decided she wanted a Western Themed Wedding. So imagine my suprise when I found out that I had to go out and get Cowgirl boots and a Cowgirl hat. The funniest thing is I have never worn a cowgirl hat or boots. So the trip today to find boots and a hat was very interesting to say the least. We went to the Opryland Mall and the people at the boot store there thought I was crazy because
‘wedding Ring Finger’
WEDDING RING FINGER ‘WEDDING RING FINGER’ EVER WONDERED WHY WEDDING RINGS SHOULD BE ON YOUR FOURTH FINGER AND NOWHERE ELSE? READ AND TRY THIS, YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT Why should the wedding ring be worn on the fourth finger? There is a beautiful and convincing explanation given by the Chinese The thumb represents your Parents.. The second (index) finger represents your Siblings.. The middle finger represents you.. The fourth (ring) finger represents your Life Partner.. The last (little) finger represents your children.. First, open your palms (face to face), bend the middle fingers and hold them together,back to back.. Second, open and hold the remaining three fingers and the thumb - tip to tip.. (As shown in the figure below): Now, try to separate your thumbs (representing the parents).. They will open, because your parents are not destined to live with you lifelong, and have to leave you soone
I am getting married july 6th. it will be anounced at the sox game july 4th. it will also b on the score board our wedding date we will also b on t.v. its something speacial his dad is doin 4 us 4 a wedding gift. we will b sittin in the out field in the reserved seats!!!!!!!!!! we have been together 4 over 5 years so its about time we tie the knot. this will b the first time im gettin married and it will b the last.
Wedding Ring
Wedding Rings
I will be getting on the train tomorrow from Kelso Wa to go to glorious Seattle Washington for a few days. My sisters wedding is on Saturday (thank GOD) so I doubt I will be getting on here much. I am sure I will poke my nose in from time to time. I am a little bummed that I will be going so long without seeing my hubby. I miss him when he just goes to work lol but I will be okay. Wish me luck people. My sister is friggan crazy in the best of times. Add Bridezillaness on top of that.... I need some happy pills lol. Have a great day my friends!
The Wedding Ring 3 Months Lost&found!!!
Well 3 months ago my wedding ring came up missing...needless to say I looked Everywhere...Except the dryer at my hubby's apt...hmmm...why did this escape my mind??? His dryer eats everything and not to mention he dont ask where the filter is...or...why the dryer quit? He just started hanging our clothes up to dry... well the dryer unfortunately, had my wedding ring, my I.D., my wristband, and a shitload of change...LOL thanks to my hubby never cleaning it...I was lucky to have got it back...and really discusted with the filth in there. Ewww. my god; so now the office is charging him for never cleaning it or asking where the filter is... anyways, just trying to see why that never occured to me to look in there or anything else. I'm Pleading the Fifth! Until proven guilty on this one...!!!!
Come To The HOTTEST Wedding On Fubar ~Milf~ And ~Fornicates~ And Its Taking Place In CenterFolds RIGHT NOW So Hurry And Come Witness This Amazing Ceremony Jusr Click On The Grren Chick to Be A Part Of The Wedding Natasha BedingfieldPocket Full Of SunshineMusic Video Codes By Music (repost of original by 'JĢń× žÖĢń† WHÖRČ~~ BFF Of Confidence~Bad Girls Designer~Fu-son of Alluring Redhead~Owned By:~*~Confi' on '2008-06-27 18:49:05') (repost of original by 'The Baddest MILF®~ Wifey to Fornicates™' on '2008-06-27 18:52:10')
During this wedding,may all who attend find time to reflect on the glory of human relationships reflections, as they are, of the goodness of God.
The Wedding
Wedding Bells In The Future
So Ive asked Steph before to marry me but never the right way. 2nite I did it right I got her a ring got down on one knee and her mom just happened to have a camera at the right time. AND SHE SAID YES!
You are coridally invited to the nuptials of SULTRY™ and ^sin^ tonight at 9:00 p.m. CST in Forbidden Inc. Together they will share their eternal love for one another in front of friends and would appreciate your attendance. Dont forget to Rate, Fan, Add and Bling these two beautiful brides. The deserve that and then some. Bulletin coded by... The Baddest MILF®~ Wifey to Fornicates™@ fubar
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Please No NSFW comments, and if you can attend, please let me know by saying so in a comment...if you are unable to attend, please leave you condolences here..also in the from of a comment.' Wedding is Friday the 26th in CK2 9pm EST all are welcome... Thank you and we both hope to see you at the Wedding. You Are Cordially Invited to Attend the Eternal Uniting of: ____PIMP™©____Fu-Fiance to Chelle Belle and ChelleBelle** KandyKiss Girl for ck2 & PIMPS fu-fiancee Ceremony to take place in CK2 Lounge on Friday September 26th at 9:00 PM EST. You're attendance would mean so much to Fubars newest bride and groom to be. There will also be lots of drinks at the wedding so please make sure to appear. Any donations would be greatly and appreciatively accepted. And in addition I PIMP am going to be Flying out to be with my Wife the day after (if not soon after) to celebrate our Honeymoon. We look forward to seeing you there and Pleas
Wedding Planning
So for those that care or friends that wanted to know.. the wedding is still on for october and the stress for that hasnt completely set in,,, but however my best friend of 23 is getting married in 3 weeks and im her maid of honor and that im stressing about.. soo much to finish planning from the bridal shower, to bachlelorette galore.. who knew hers would stress me out more.. though im sure mine will when time gets closer... but for those that dont care oh well you shouldnt be reading this.. but those that do.. i have of course the place reserved and paid for.. we are getting married outdoors and we have this huge clubhouse rented out as well,,, i have booked my dj, planned the food and such.,,, i have my dress and the bridesmaids are on order.... the biggest part now is the massive amounts of beer and liqour and alcohol license i but hey its not worth losing my mind over.. i might just need a shot before i walk down the aisle...!!
Wedding Bell's
Our wedding date has been set...Lord Wolf and I shall be married on Haloween night MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM my loving Lord....
OMFG!!!! This is an awesome non traditional wedding. I loved it. This is my bestfriend, Vikki's son, getting married. Jimi is a local rock musician who has played for a group called Zero King. Zero King started out here in Huntington, WV and has recently spread out through Kentucky and Ohio. Jimi is an awesome person to know. I enjoyed the times that him and I hung out together and I got to listen to him work on his music. I even got to critek his work. Although, it was always awesome to begin with. Jenny is a sweet person. You know how some people have that face that you know you know them from somewhere? Well, I got that feeling when I first met her. Come to find out we went to college together. Go figure. I want to send out my best wishes to Jimi and Jenny and whats to come. You guys ROCK ON!!!!! Congratz to you both. Now here's the must see video of their Heavy Metal Wedding.
A Wedding
A Wedding
Wedding Blessings, Good Wishes
The Wedding
COME JOIN US FOR OUR WEDDING ON AUGUST 14TH, 2008 AT 1 PM EST IN SPANK ME DADDY LOUNGE!!! CLICK EITHER PIC TO ENTER THE LOUNGE!!! foever in darkness Written by Lord Rahl for me surrounded by the woods at night, blocking all but the firelight, i crawl towards you, surrounding you in total black. forced to your knees, you obey my every whim, caressed by the whip, harnessed to the board, crashing against you, as you shiver in delight. wicked tongue exploring deep inside forced among the folds, caressing you from the inside, far from the cries of men, far from the lights of the city, this demon of the dark will take you, in every shape and form. His vows to me I Lord Rahl Master of Darkness take you Irish Mist The Goddess of Night as my Loyal Queen of Darkness, surrounded by the night and subjects here by known as our friends. Taken by the one ring that will forever bind you to live under my rule forever. To be forever bound to my whim,desires,and urges.
I was a very happy man. My wonderful girlfriend and I had been dating for over a year, and so we decided to get married. There was only one little thing bothering me...It was her beautiful younger sister. My prospective sister-in-law was twenty-two, wore very tight miniskirts, and generally was bra-less. She would regularly bend down when she was near me, and I always got more than a nice view. It had to be deliberate. Because she never did it when she was near anyone else. One day her 'little' sister called and asked me to come over to check the wedding invitations. She was alone when I arrived, and she whispered to me that she had feelings and desires for me that she couldn't overcome. She told me that she wanted me just once before I got married and committed my life to her sister. Well, I was in total shock, and couldn't say a word. She said, 'I'm going upstairs to my bedroom, and if you want one last wild fling, just come up and get me.' I was stunned and
Make an on-line slide show at You are cordially invited to the Fu-Wedding Of DJ Chaos & BBW Goddess Date: Saturday, August 30th Time: 11 pm (EST) Wedding With Reception to Follow Will Be In Bulletin Created By: BBW Goddess & DJ Chaos
Wedding & Book / Please Sign It proud to announce our ..... THE FU WEDDING OF Kenn & Enchantress September 21st @ 9:00pm cst/ 10:00pm est SO PLZ DONT MISS THE BEAUTIFUL BINDING OF THESE 2 SPIRITS!!!! So What Are You Waiting For? (click here to enter) Please TAKE A Min or two and Sign our Book under my Pictures. thanks
(repost of original by '*§Į§§„ĮŃGŹ£* FU ENGAGED TO MAXIMUS & GREETER @ TWIZTED MINDZ RADIO' on '2008-09-24 15:00:59') (repost of origin
Wedding Invite
Wedding Bells
So we finally set the date for the wedding. We are looking at two dates and it mainly depends on what the family agrees is a good day because it is also going to be a family get together as well. I love the fact that I'm finally getting my life on track and that my parents seem to be happy for me. I love Eddie with all of my heart even though we are both a like and stubborn. Baileigh will be a year old and is going to be one of the flower girls. I have to make up the list soon as to who all will be where. Lots of stuff to do but it will all be worth it in the end when I can officially call myself Mrs. John Nolte. My mom and me went out looking for ideas and we do have a bunch of them. I just don't see how this will all work out with not having any money to buy anything. I don't even know how I'm going to get my dress let alone everyone elses things that I will need to buy. I have to plan this whole wedding around camoflauge which isn't that hard to do but it is still a pain because I c
Wedding Brooms
Two brooms were hanging in the closet and after a while they got to know each other so well, they decided to get married. One broom was, of course, the bride broom, the other the groom broom. The bride broom looked very beautiful in her white dress. The groom broom was handsome and suave in his tuxedo. The wedding was lovely. After the wedding, at the wedding dinner, the bride-broom leaned over and said to the groom-broom, 'I think I am going to have a little whisk broom!!!' 'IMPOSSIBLE !!' said the groom broom. Are you ready for this? 'WE HAVEN'T EVEN SWEPT TOGETHER!' Oh for goodness sake... laugh, or at least groan. Life's too short not to enjoy... even these silly little cute jokes Sounds to me like she's been 'sweeping' around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Wedding Of A Lifetime
i married the very beautiful illusion. at long last we went through with it and i am now officially the happiest man alive.
Wedding...plz Help!!
Wedding Date
The wedding date has been set! De and I have agreed on the date, for more than one reason, but thats between us. The Date: July 4th, 2009! Thats right I said it, Independence Day 2009. We are still plaining on the other stuff, you know, my dress, the color setting, seating, who's inivited....normal stuff for a wedding!
You're invited to the Fu-Wedding of Come witness the joining of these two heart and share in the love Shane Mahaffey{{{{ head enforcer@wicked candy kisses}}}}}}@ fubar Terri@ fubar Starting at 7pmcst in the Wicked Candy Kisses lounge Performing the ceremony ™JĮŠŹ™~*ŲWŃŹR & DJ @§WŹŹTWĮTŹR§ LOUNGE & JADE'S DIRTY DIAMOND CREW*~@ fubar Witnessed by ~DJ~Sexy~Rebel~ Head Promoter @Hellfire radio(Fu-enged to Kratos)@ fubar Cotton Candy DJ & OWNER OF Wicked Candy Kisses~1 of Sarge's Bad Girls~@ fubar *~ ŃŻ_ÅŃGĖ£69 ~* CO - HE
Wedding Planning And Clergy Service
I am a certified Wedding/Event Planner with 5 years of experiance in the field and my A.A. Degree in Wedding/Event Planning With a minor in Business Managment. Certified Clergy Services Available, Documentation available for proof of Certification. Services available in all of Jacksonville and surrounding cities. Will travel out of florida, up to 150 miles. My fee is 150.00 for Jacksonville and surrounding areas in a 25 mile radius around jacksonville, and price is increased 25 dollars for each 25 miles traveled to your location. I will reply to all questions, considering there are no such things as stupid questions. I also have contact with vendors and suppliers if there is something you are having touble finding for your event. Please contact me ASAP to get an appointment for your exact date! Can send email of documentation of certification I have done over 1,000 Weddings, Renewal of Vows, Baby naming, Hand Fasting,and other Important Events. I am Non-Denominatio
Wedding In Regiment Dragon Lounge
Wedding Blogs
Wedding Everyone Thought Would Never Happen... Happenin Tonight!!
I Recently got engaged to the man of my dreams after loving him secretly for years. We finally told each other how we felt and fell even deeper in love with one another. I never thought I could be so happy with someone as I am with him. We will be married July 13, 2009 and I am so excited about it. I cant wait to start my new journey with my new husband.
Wedding Invitatons
The Palace would like to take a moment to invite each and all to it's first Virtual Marriage. In the past I've been told there have been many marriages held in many of the 1000's of Palaces, but this will be The Cantina's first. I think you will find it about as real as it can be, with out being real. The staff has worked hard to make this a wonderful experience for the couple being married. Wildfire the goddess at The Cantian and Ghostrider will be saying their vows to each on Saturday May 23, 2009. With love and affection for all family, friends and visitors to The Cantian we wish to invite you to join us in wishing them a happy and fulfilling lifetime of love. Event : Wedding Date : May 23. 2009 Time : 2pm PST 3pm CST 4pm MST 5pm EST Location: The Cantina  ( If you have never downloaded palace and need help please contact one of the members of the forum and any will be glad to help you get here. For those of you that will be seeing this on a site like
Wedding The Souls
The room is dark and quiet, even with so many people occupying such as small space. The clock begins it’s low, resonating toll of the hour. Suddenly a single candle is lit at the front. Then hundreds more throughout the gathering of friends and well wishers. By the time the bell tolls the midnight hour, the room is softly lit by the glow.The aisle between the two sides is marked in a manner symbolic of the occasion. By those who have gone there before. Every three feet is a woman and a single red candle. And beside each woman is a man.At the front, under a massive array of candlelight, stand two men and one woman. The two men face the crowd and the woman knells with her head bowed as if in prayer, which she may very well be.One of the men at the front stands higher than the  other, the Master of the Ceremony. With a cane, he begins to strike the floor. Half of the gathered crowd mimics the action with feet striking the floor, the other half remain motionless.Then begins the prece
Wedding-summer&seth The O.c My Fave!!!
The Wedding
  Come Join Us As We Unite TogetherIn The Bonds Of Fu MatrimonyDJ Reddawg & Neesi Sunday July 12th, 20099:00 pm E.S.T. click pic to enter The Red Dragon's Realm Stop By The Lounge And Have A Drink With UsJoin And Have Some Fun!!
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  Dream wedding location is very hard to find our and also get it is such an unbelievable cause. All we have one dream about our wedding location and 90% of us would not find such dream wedding destination. But tips for getting your imagined villas or palace for your wedding or reception may help those 90% people.   All of we search for romantic, beautiful wedding villas or destination in Italy to get married. Italy is known as home of Europe. Charme of Italy can not be described in words. Italy is full of natural beauties, gorgeous villas, palaces and beautiful landscapes where any occasions can become mind blowing. Natural beauties and scenes add some perfume into wedding or reception atmosphere and make occasions more romantic.    Arrange your wedding in Italy will be exactly as you have always wished it, more than all your expectations, and – moreover – with the professional touch of expert wedding planner, who will guide you in the organization and choice
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With the economy suffering brides are looking more and more to cheaper wedding table centerpiece alternatives.  However, even cutting cost, couples still want centerpieces that will get the attention and talk of all their guest.  Well, when you start deciding on your centerpiece remember this, at the end of the night you get to take home 15+ centerpieces from your wedding that you won't have any use for, except the good memories.  But at the end of night you will often find many guests wanting and asking if they could take them home, so why not create centerpieces that your guest can take home.  If you do this then you can choose or make centerpieces with pieces and then offer them as your favors at the end of the night.  Can we say "killing two birds with one stone," or at least two large expenses of your wedding.If this sounds like something you will want to do to cut cost on your wedding table centerpiece and favors, then lets go over some options that you have for these centerpiece
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My name is Antonio Nery from Toronto Canada. I am into photography and I have my own photography business. Sometime this year I will put up a wedding photography toronto website. If you have the same interest, lets have a chat.
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so im getting married in april and am in love with this dress.    i willl have the gold beading removed and will have a small red veil.  id love some feedback :)
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If you have an ideas for additional songs for our wedding, comment on here Jimmy Buffet - Brown Eyed Girl Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone Avenged Sevenfold - Seize The Day - Dear God - A Little Piece of Heaven Bruce Springsteen - I Wanna Marry You John Berry - Marry Me Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight - Tears in Heaven Proclaimers - 500 Miles The Beatles - All You Need is Love - She Loves You - And I Love Her - I Wanna Hold Your Hand - When I'm 64 Sonny & Cher - I Got You Babe Cher - Shoop Shoop David Bowie - As The World Falls Down Rammstein - Ohne Dich The Supremes - Someday Me First and the Gimmes - All My Lovin Pennywise - Stand By Me Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl Ronstadt/Neville - All My Life Michael Buble - Haven't
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Mina Shafiei is the Beverly Hills Tailor and Los Angeles Tailor To The Stars! Her clients include Barbra Streisand, Sharon Osbourne, Paula Abdul, Cher, and more! Call for an appointment.   Wedding Alterations
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Filed Under: Sponsored Posts • The Blog Tags: Preowned Wedding Dresses • Sponsored Post So you’re engaged. Yipee! You’ve got the ring, check. The dreamy fiance, check. The perfect venue, check, check, and more checks. Now comes the fun part…dress shopping! Oh the dresses, the gorgeous, gorgeous dresses. This is by far, one of our favorite parts of wedding planning but sometimes a little thing called the dreaded budget can get in the way of your dream gown. Well, we’re going to fill you in on a fabulous secret… robe de mariée robe de mariée 
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Also know your built. An empire cut gown will work wonder on a petite woman because of its longer hem. An A-line wedding dress is perfect for a pear shaped body. Accents on the waist, like sash or ribbons, will look good on a slender body. A V-neck gown can give an extra shape to a heavyset woman.   The best part of preparing for a wedding is the opportunity of trying on as many wedding dresses as you can. As a child, we always have fun playing dress up. So the chance to do this again with the intention of looking your perfect self on a special day is always a dream come true.
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As you most likely have begun to realize, Cheap Maternity Wedding Dresses preparing a wedding ceremony is each fascinating and typically additional than just a little nerve-wracking. Preparing for any ceremony as unique being a wedding ceremony is a lot of induce for excitement and anticipation. However,A-Line Wedding Dresses there is so a great deal to hold out and, A-Line Wedding Dressesmost likely, given that you'll want it to all go completely that's a lot of induce for nervousness and stressed nerves. And once you contemplate that it isn't the form of issue we do on the standard basis, nor a thing that people usually have any instruction for, you have to ease up just a little within the quest for perfection and attempt to concentrate within the excitement. Your wedding ceremony gown is probable to get one of the most substantial element from the wedding ceremony ceremony. Everyone's eye balls can be within the bride. what ever design of wedding ceremony you settle on, you'll come
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Strapless gowns are one of the most favorite style, and that craze doesn't display any indications of ending whenever soon. Cheap Plus Size Wedding DressesDespite the simple fact that the vast majority of brides put on them, numerous brides do not discover how a strapless gown need to actually fit. To make certain that you simply do not have any mishaps in your wedding party day, right here is what just about every bride need to know about fitting a strapless gown. Pink Wedding Dresses The primary issue to understand is the simple fact that not all strapless gowns are established equal. Cheap Wedding Party Dresses As well as when you have used other strapless dresses, along the lines of a prom gown or perhaps a sundress, you may perhaps not know what to appearance for in a very strapless wedding party dress. Wholesale wedding dress That is for the reason that the fat and sophisticated style and design of the wedding party gown calls for a entire lot far more framework to assistance it
Wedding dresses are worn by brides worldwide so there is a huge profit in the dresses market. Obviously, producers and sellers understand this long before and the competition in this market is very fierce. There are many well-known brands in the field, for example ImpressionAEnzoaniAGionanna SbiroliAGalatea and so on. They are high praised for the exquisite designs and excellent quality. They lead the newest fashion of wedding dress and their products are welcomed by brides all over the world though many of them are not able to afford the high price. Besides the brand wedding dress, the custom dresses, such as the Custom wedding dresses, Custom wedding gowns, Custom bridesmaid dresses, Custom flower girl dresses are in great demand, too. The most important reason is that they are made according to the buyers dream pattern and measurements. They are more fitted and satisfying. And what’s more, they are usually offered at a very low price. Custom wedding dresses makers are in mo
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As you going to have begun to realize, preparing a wedding is thrilling and usually much more than just a little nerve-wracking. Preparing for a ceremony as specific being a wedding is lots of bring about for excitement and anticipation. However, there is so significantly to accomplish and, most likely, considering that you'll want it to all go completely that's lots of bring about for nervousness and stressed nerves. And once you think about that it isn't the sort of issue we do on the typical basis, nor one thing that people regularly have any instruction for, you have to ease up just a little for the quest for perfection and attempt to concentrate for the excitement. Your wedding dress is almost certainly being probably the most considerable element in the wedding ceremony. Everyone's eye could be for the bride. what ever design of wedding you settle on, you'll locate that there's many traditions that relate to the wedding ceremony - even with some of the much more unusual themed w
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Affordable clothes online features a superb range of women's clothing for sale, suitable for all occasions.Preparing a wedding might just about be the most strenuous activity that you would ever get involved in your entire life. It is hectic for real and this is a fact that you just have to admit. The bride would normally have the highest levels of stress, as the wedding day always seems to bear more meaning to the bride than the groom. The bride has thought about this day for many years, possibly since childhood and she would want to have a lovely time on this day. Nothing would make this day perfect, than having a perfect appearance for nearly everything on this day. What to know before choosing the perfect wedding dress for your entourageThe groom has perhaps only got to think of a suit that he and his entourage would wear and this is not anywhere near the kind of hustles that the bride would have to go through in order for the entire wedding to be a success. Very important to note
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Wedding pictures keep alive the memories of those special moments and commemorate the time and money spent to plan the most important days of your life. Other than the spouse, the most important wedding-related decision is to choose a photographer who can record your big day. If you are living or getting married in the scenic Swan Valley in Australia, here are some tips to help find a suitable wedding photographer in Swan Valley. Talk to your partner and decide what type of photography you both prefer. Do you want the wedding photographers swan valley to follow the traditional approach in that the photographer clicks posed images? Or would you prefer more candid shots in which you and your guests are not even aware that they are being clicked? Do you like the glamour approach or prefer the wedding photographer combines all these styles? Decide on what level of service you require from a wedding photographer in Swan Valley. Do you want to hire the photographer for a few hours of the
Wedesday 6 June 2007
Wedensday June 27th, 2007
Letting Go There's nothing but the good country surrounding me. The moon is shining brightly over the tree tops and its reflection on the water is such a beautiful sight. This is a perfect place for two people who are in love ... As I sit here thinking about all the time I have wasted, just sorting out my life -- I never really realized what loneliness was until you were gone. It seemed as though things were going so good until one day you left without a single trace. All of our plans for the future were shattered. There was to be no more of you and I together. You were gone, gone forever. I still remember the times we shared, but slowly these memories are going too. One day they'll be gone just like you ... I'm trying desperately to find you and bring you back to me. I dream about you every day and pray that you'll come back, but it's hopeless. There's no use in pretending, cause deep down in my heart I know you've found another. Someone to take my place, som
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The Wedgie
Me ask a friend what wedgie be...  he do very good description so me share with all you :) Credit to Thickles for good imagination and resources xoxo To answer this question you have to be able to stand with your back to a tree, one foot comfortably perched beside the other's knee, a blade of grass between your lips and cock an eyebrow to look sophisticated...When your body begins to perspire, it tends to become tacky to such materials as cotton. With sliding motion creating a frictional force; compounded with the tacky material the force repositions the material and once the force's friction ceases due to a change of movement, the material remains in the new location which therefore becomes it's new starting point to repeat this cycle of events...Once this cycle has repeated many times you see, the material becomes well wedged between the crack of your ass and will remain there now only with the perspiration which increases the tackfulness of the cotton material. The final result
We Did It!
Well, we did it! 1683 guitar players at the T-Bone baseball stadium in KCK today playing Smoke On The Water. It was a blast! They had some film footage on KMBC channel 9 at 5PM and of course I took a few pics myself..Besides receiving a commemorative t-shirt for the occasion, I am now in the record books for something besides a speeding ticket. :-) Pretty cool, huh?
We Die Alone But In The End We Rott Together
Every other thought is engulfed with the memory of "her". Nomore then a few hours i spent with "her". but yet i would die for "her". I let my self become invatuated by "her". Of course i had my reservations about "her". They way she never spoke my name, the way she would forgot about whtever plans we made together/or jus simply ignored them. But "her", i cant resist the wondering. Will i every see "her" again? Will i get the chance to maybe better both are lives. Why am I plagued by "her"? But know this when the time is right i will go back for her, regardless of wht might become love, hate, or friendship. She Haunts Me.
We Did It!
We Didn't Start The Fire
We Didn't Start The Fire(Watch Video Below) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let's take a look back through 40 years of history. We will take a trip from the 1940s through the 1980s. Rules: 1. Please rate my "We Didn't Start The Fire" Album. Leave a comment on the last one. 2. Please F/R/A and Comment each member below. 3. Please F/R/A and Comment each new member that joins. 4. Message MscFrk when you are finished to be added and receive your tag. 5. Have Fun!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hostess: MscFrk~Club FAR, Tabu & United~Life Saver~25 to Life~T & L Leveler~ Riders: GnbRebel Head Thumper At Sweetwater's &Owned by Princess Beakers&Member Of The Zodiac Bombers aGEM4life {Shadow Leveler} Owner Of TheLifeSaversFamily FUEngaged2 POOKIE|FUOwned by jade&jaksonsmom ~¢¾Temptress¢¾OFFICE MGR @RASTA INC**CLUB FAR* Slave2Fantasy/Aka/Erotica/AKA/Keeper of Trains see blog~Tat _man73~R/L G/F BrattyBytch Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Suga Love Manage
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Here we are then midweek again sat here chillin my poor cousiomns ill and going to a open mike nite and then only 10 days till i see the love of my life cant wait bet yet am apprehensive but thats just me i am guessing
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Wednesday 28 March 2007
well im bored someone talk to me rate me add me fan me just do somethiong to me lol im in need for something lol its freezing outside and this sucks major ass it was 74 yesterday and now its 31 today wtf i hate ohio!!!!!!!!!
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a rip in my heart so deep it bleeds pain and fear you refuse to see why say you love only me if you dont why promise forever and always if you wont she's taken my place by your side i am left alone with a heart that dies. written 7-10-07 copyrite raven queen aka alecys drake (my pen name)please do not use without my permission. well for the last several years my birthday has sucked i usually end up in tears. this year however was much better. thanks to my best friend and room mate, my toxic twin and love of my heart and of course my little fellow. who was in an unusually loving mood. and of course all the lovely gifts and comments and emails i got. thanks everyone. and why was it so great? my friends gave me the best gift they could themselves. well not to mention there was this one moment when my sweetie took me into his arms and held me as close as he could and very passionately told me he loved me and only me. that i was his heart and soul. the key to
Wednesday Night Storms
Okay, For all thoughs I was trying to chat with last night, Sorry The storm that blew through here kicked me off line and only this morning was I able to get back on... SORRY SORRY SORRY. Chat at ya'll soon
Wednesday, 8/15/07
Good morning bombers....We are bombing JeremyP today. Also, if you ever wonder what or who we are bombing, go to the family page blog folder, at the bottom of the box click on SEE ALL and find the folder that says "Family call out" or also "Members contest pics & links"...I usually post them in the daily blog also but they will always be in the other 2 folders. I have been getting alot of requests for membership where thankfully they are beng honest on thier friend request pretty much saying they need help in a contest. I am not approving those for the very reason- once they join they expect instant help- they are not reading the READ BEFORE YOU JOIN BLOG which let's them know they need to be a member for 10 days and bomb other members b4 asking for help for themselves...and when they don't get the help they seek, they get mad and quit anyway. So I send them a message letting them know to re-request to join once thier contest is over. For one, if they are in thier own contest during
Wednesday !!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday 9-26-07
HH Contest~Ends 10/01 @ 12PM(CST) Rates=3 Comments!! 1st wins Choice of HH/30 Day Blast or 2 Month VIP 2nd wins 7 Day Blast!! 3rd wins 3 Day Blast!!
So, where did I leave off? I do not have as much time to spend on line, so please forgive me.   The young lady has not yet listened to reason and refuse to come see so I ontinue to push her. Our time in rope in the cemetery was a bit much, more because of the drive over spent blindfolded and naked except for a sarong than the actual activites there. Most recently I received the loviest of massages and thanked her with restraints, blindfold, needles and rubber bands. She does not like pain. She is not a masochist. It makes it a different kind of fun for me that she submits to such toture just to please me. I enjoyed placing those three needles close together over the sternum. There is less flesh to pierce so it is a stingier sensation. I removed them almost immediately, well not quite I wiggled and thumped them first. I was rewarded with little drops of blood. Although that made me happy there was not quite enough of it so I opened a new needle and poked tender breast meat eigth t
well, here it is wednesday the 24th and i'm here stuck in the house again. you see, my car broke down 2 weeks ago and its still messed up. won't get it out til the first of november. lost my job because of it. so, now i'm unemployed and carless. go figure! lol. o well, everything will turn out ok. might be moving in a week or so to tyler anyway. more jobs available there. well, guess that's it. never wrote a blog b4. hope i did it ok. lol see ya!
Wednesday Nite 01-30-08
Wednesday 13
i think the president should be shot i hate the government i believe in fate not religion if i were to walk into a 7/11 id be shot rock music has gone down hill thanks to bands like My Chemical Romance 9 times out of 10 I've Got More Of A Fucked Up Life Than You what if school never existed what if we had control of our lives without the government why does anyone give a fuck what i think someone should kill Britney spears and chop her head off what the fuck is are world amounting to? if the world ended who would care? Obvously I'm not Wednesday 13 I'm just a big fan on him and the Murderdolls you can call me 13 for now i might let you know my name later i have no clue about this site a few things about me; i play the drums,i write music for my band,i work with band promotion well if you really want to know me just ask and i will tell
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Please help donate for my walk in the 3 day 60 mile walk in November. I have already started training I have quit smoking all kinds of smoking as well. I am trying to raise money for the cause and the cure. So if you are generous please help me in this fight love Allison Head
Wednesday & Thursdays Leveler Of The Day
Thanks for all the love you show too each LOTD. Just a reminder all levelers that show love get a chance too get the leveler of the day. Also so that everyone knows some levelers have huge picture counts and stash it is not required too rae every piece of item that they have. I pay attention as too whom is on my page daily and in my blogs so im well aware of whom is participating in this. I say this tonight because i drew a leveler out that helps on level ups but hasnt touched my page in weeks. Lets all have a great day and show lotsa love..Tommorow may be your day. §žÄZZZZ §h劚w Lźvźlźr ღ & ღhµßß„ †š ŠÖŚßLČŠ²ღღ proudly owned by 'farsca@ fubar
Awoke this morning on a kitchen floor. It wasn't mine, and my back was sore. Then used a dog for a blanket, not because i'm poor, But because it was warm, and it didn't snore. I'd watched the Steelers with some Penn State whore. I drank too much and although I swore I would quit smoking-I smoked some more. Then driving home I heard a drunken roar. My friend throwing up out the passenger door. so driving quickly, through the streets I tore. His vomit wildly splashing on the clothes he wore. To those who read this, I am quite sure that this poem of mine has become a bore. But it's my recollection A drunken reflection On the eve of election On November four. Asked my roommate if he wanted a black and tan. He said yes and we went to R.G. Books. Bartender wanted to talk and he gave us a free beer and two shots. Got bored and left. Went to Irish Democrat. Talked to hot waitress who said that her Uggz were in style whenever she wore her short miniskirt. Played pool and
Wednesday 12-3
So, I will be spending five boring hours in a hospital waiting room in Seattle this Wednesday. Anyone in the area who'd be interesting in entertaining me, let me know by tomorrow. Thanks!
Wednesday Hump Day Bump N' Grind ~ Sinners Paradise
Join us tonight for... Music guaranteed to get ya movin! Sinners Paradise Lounge proudly supports and plays DawnStarRadio! (repost of original by 'aGEM4life ShadowLeveler|RatingRevolution ღWife of Ike™ღ FUOwnedByJade&JaksonsMom' on '2009-01-07 16:19:32') Join us tonite as our very own Gemini aka aGEM4life rewinds time and goes back to the 80s. Nothing but 80s music for 2 hours. Hope to see you there.
Wednesday Hump Day Rock Block On The Glow Radio
Hump Day Rock Block on The Glow Radio: The Reverend DJ Furg & his "Church of Rock"  he will be spinning his mix of Punk, Grunge, Hard Rock & Metal Music starting at 3pm pt/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt next up is The Mistress of Hard Rock & Metal; "Thee Witch" starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt next is Tony the Misfit with his Freak Show featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory, you can find us on Microsoft Media Player under Internet Radio in the Classic Rock Section or you can go to our website at:
Wednesday Hump Day On The Glow Radio
Wednesday Night on The Glow Radio:  The Reverend DJ Furg & The Church of Rock featuring Rock, Punk, Grunge, Metal, & more starting at 3pm pt/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt next up is DJ Sass N Jazz & "The Jazzy Side of Glow" spinning the FEEL GOOD Jazz Music & other genres too starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt Closing Tonight is Tony the Misfit & The Freak Show featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music  at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory & on Microsoft's Media Player's Internet Radio Classic Rock Section or you can go to our website at: ___________________    
Wednesday Morning
Today is Wednesday morning and I'm feeling good. Just got finished with my online assignment in Psychology. Time to get married now. Get wife and kids. Thru playing games. I'm ready
We Dont Expect It
Sometimes we dont expect the things that happen to us...we dont ask for it but it come's need...sometimes it hurts us just want to say just here if you want me strong with you here for you...God Bless!!!
We Don't See Things As They Are,we See Things As We Are.
The world is a jigsaw puzzle. We are the pieces. Your piece has a special spot, all its own, you just have to find it. Some pieces are easy. Some pieces aren't. But every single piece fits…somewhere. I screwed up in the beginning because I couldn't find where I fit right away. So I did what everyone else does when the piece won't fit just exactly right, even though it LOOKS like it belongs in the one spot…I tried to MAKE it fit. That only fucked everything else up because then none of the pieces that came afterwards were right. By trying to make myself fit into a spot that I didn't belong in the first place, I kinda screwed it up for everyone else. Soon, I realized that I was just going to have to accept that I wasn't supposed to go there, and I picked up and tried again. Looked at the box. Studied the box. The stupid picture was TELLING me where I was supposed to be, I just couldn't see it for looking so damn hard. So I waited. Other pieces fell into p
We Do Recover
Thanks for giving me 108 days of no desires Addict name Carlton on the only day I guess you are suppose to give thanks. I say that because this is the only tradition, such as Christmas that is publicized as a must do. I used everyday damn near months ago; year’s olds and I always gave thanks. I was grateful to be alive after some of the shit I did. I was mostly glad that I was not arrested, got something that was what it said, but wasn’t to my expectation, but it was close enough. I was thankful mostly to have money for another go around if God risk the idea of letting me wake tomorrow. Back then my self-centered core of my obsession made my thanks for giving real ugly when I look at myself of yesteryear. Today I am apologizing to God for being the way I was back in the day. Today, I am thankful he allowed me to survive after committing voluntarily mental and physical suicide. Those were just some of the things my insanity was thankful of. Everyday was thanksgiving. The 4th Thursday
Hey people...I am bored so im posting up on here. My day will go just like this i promise you, it's gonna be freeze my arse off in my cold flippen house untill bout 11. Then get ready for work. Get to work about noon. Get yelled at for not putten up all the truck shipment that came in yesterday. Which wasn't my fault cause i put up 75% of that truck and the other guys were jacken around not doen nothen. So today i'm putten a boot in someones ass if they try and say i havn't done my job. Then i get off work at 830 and i'll be heading home. Come home get some sleep and get up early tomorow and do it all over again! GOD I HATE MY JOB!! But then again doesn't every1?
So im willing to give away an ipod nano to anyone who can whore out my site and sell something for me. If you make two sales, ill give you an ipod nano AND a psp If you sell 3 things for me, ill give you an ipod nano, a psp, AND a ps2 If you sell 4 things for me, ill give you an ipod nano, a psp, AND a ps2 AND whatever else you want from our store, INCLUDING the laptop or ps3 So pretty much all you have to do, is spam my link, tell your friends to check it out, and if they buy something tell them to use your name in the email to me :) Thats all. The more referals to the site you get, the more FREE stuff you get :) The only cost to you, is some of your time :) Heres the link to my store.
Wee Alan
For those of you who do not already know my son Wee Alan aged 5, He is the apple of my eye and such a funny little boy, Who can make me laugh just by the way he looks at me, He has a condition called Cystic Fibrosis , to which at the moment there is no cure, He has been picked to play the part of Joseph in this years school Nativity play next Friday.......I just had to share the news with all my freinds on Fubar, I am so very proud of him he is such a wonderful little boy...... As most of you in my Friends and Family know that my son Wee Alan has CF , He has just come out of Yorkhill Sick Kids Hospital , Where he went Through an operation to fit a Port-a-cath as well as grommet's in his ears and a Lung Flush. Well he has been asked up to Ibrox (home of Glasgow Rangers Football Team) to meet the players ,have lunch and visit the Trophy Room as well as match tickets to see the game on the 1st of March ...........AND I GET TO GO TOO..... He has also been nominated for The My Little H
Wee Can Use Blogs.
A Wee Drop Of Scots
Well Im away to the cruxshadows gig later on this month here in Oslo Norway.So a night away just to relax sound about right after all the crap thats been going on of late ,anyone fancy joining us lol Hmm well as you might have guessed Im from Scotland and yes I do wear a kilt (check piccys)and no I dont wear anything under it Im warm enough down there and free movement is a blessing.Im a Pict Pagan and not a celt as some might think there is a differance you know.Mad as a hatter and living in Oslo Norway,working for Hard Rock Cafe oslo as a trainer and supervisor.Catch you lot later. Be Well
its funny how things turn out in life. you grow up thinking things are going to be a certain way. then all of a sudden you wake up one day and its nothing how you imagined. my whole life ive been told things happen for a reason ,and ive always believed that. but when do you find out what that reason is. or do you ever find out? ive never been one to question why ive always just gone along with it ,but lately i have been asking why, when, or how come. it does'nt mean i still dont believe that things happen for a reason it's just sometimes i would like to know what that reason is. i guess things always find a way to work themselves out in the end. but when is the end ,and is it not true that at the end of every ending there is a new begining.
murdermyrottenlove@ CherryTAP ok who stole my dubbie out the ash tray dam i hate when that happens its ok i have my own sercet stash so every body knows jesus but you should know my uncle weedus the god of weed. im a pot head so if a fellow pot head join my church. there is only one comandment dont give me no bammer weed we dont smoke that shit in the sac
Weed Vs Alcohol
Please tell me if I havent spelled hypocrosy right! Theres something I've noticed that has me just laughing at the hypocrosy of it all. For starters, yes I smoke weed. I'm I guess a professional woman, I work hard , I'm a good person, I volunteer , I have friends..etc...For many years I didnt. I'd say from 19-36 I didnt touch nary a roach, but then met up with a friend of mine who did . And I decided, "why the heck not?" I have begun to notice some things,mostly at work. People think its hilarious when someone tells their little tale about going home and putting away a whole bottle of vodka. Or they think its hilarious when someone tells a little story about getting so drunk they have to crawl around on the floor,they cant even walk. Or they think its great fun to wake up somewhere, anywhere,and not even know where you are!! I listen to stupid stuff like that all the time. Yet when I say I would rather smoke pot, I get horrified looks. I'm called a pothead, a druggie...or even
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Weed Is...
Weed is...well is there anything else to say? It is a lot of things for a lot of people. Personally its my foundation for life. I don't know how i made it through the first eight years of my life without it. Anyone else agree? Marijauana, or aka Cannabis Sativa, is not a very complicated thing to grow. But I'm sure as fuck not telling you how to do it in here. Hit the stash. Dunno. Have fun guys!!!! Okay, it seems like the only kind of smoke growing around here is Bobby Brown or Reggie Miller. Weed may be a powerful alternative to cigarettes, and may actually reduce your chances of smoking a cigarette, but if you're coming to Lexington...You might as well get a pack of Newports. You heard it here first. EneME
Weed Lovers Only
Work like you don't need the money Love like you've never been hurt Dance like nobody's watching Sing like nobody's listening Live like it's Heaven on Earth
There are just a few certain people you'll come across in this journey of life whom, indirectly, can allow you growth and improvement of character. Re them tools, using them gracefully for your own personal growth and maturity. However, beware the weeds in your garden... While they intend no personal malice, they will indeed vex you, sometimes in the most bothersome of ways. Likewise, these weeds impose their own unwarranted, selfish interests upon you, and often, so carelessly impliment a saddening lack of compassion and respect upon your soul. Stop! Allow them no effect; rid yourself of these weeds as soon as possible and pursue those ardent and worthy assosiates awaiting your hand in this wonderful journey of life. Be humble; continue to edify and grace others, and watch the vehement come forth...
some ppl say its bad but i dont see the harm in it as long as u dont go over board ive been smokin for a lil ove a year now but idk tell me what yall think i sould do i wont some more imput on this subject
Weeding The Garden Of Friends
I took off a bunch of new friends I had accept add requests of today. And of course, it was for the same damn reason as always. Someone on my FRIENDS list is marking stuff in my private folders nsfw. People truly suck. The good ones are hard to find. My closest friends already know the problems I have been having with someone marking my "not bad stuff" as NSFW. It so happens, that they have started marking in folders that are set to be viewable by friends and family only. So that means I have an enemy within. I have already cleared out my friends list once, and that helped for awhile. Now, I must weed some more friends out to try and rid myself of the culprit. First of all, even if the pictures were bad pictures, (wich they usually are not) I don't want an adult friend on my list that is that easily offended anyway. Now, since I don't know exactly who is doing it, some of you are going to be caught in the crossfire. If you are not the one that did it, and you get deleted
So I went out last night .... went on a date. Had a great, fun time, get a message this morning that he doesn't know if we should hangout because I know his brother whos my classmate and he doesn't like that fact of what his brother does or the people he hangs out with. I guess that includes me.. what a faggot. I've never been told this ever.. geeze, I'd like to think MOST guys enjoy me more because I blaze and can post up and play video games. So.. wtf. Obviously I learned today that.. idk yet. I still haven't learned anything. haha.
Weed-legalize It Or Not???
There are so many pros & cons to this subject. I myself think it should be made legal. It is no worse then alcohol or prescription drugs. Ive been to amsterdam and it was awesome, The people were great, crime was like non existant and there percentage of drug addicts to ours wasnt even close. When you make a substance illegal it just adds to the excitement of getting it and using it, So I know the medical info also and weed does help many. I say legalize it and see how things go. They can always reverse it.
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Weed For The Pain
hey all is just me or dose it seem that  no one gets that weed  wwas gods gift to us  to cure  pain.  my whole life i have delt with exteem pain though out my body. and  i been though every pain pill there is and the only thing that work is weed . i just wish it was legal in my state.
in 1972 dr kirk alsher did a study on monkey's to test the effects of marijuana his experiment failed he had all the wrong study's so he said marijuana kills brain cells people are to stupid to look it up it was in fact his experiment going wrong he put the monkeys in a room for 30 days straight filled with pot smoke then when he took them out of the room there brains desolved  
Weeding My Own Path
People look at their lives..and wonder wat they would change..I look at mine..and I wouldn't change a damn thing!....even with the nightmares...the unbearable times...all the hardships...tears...blood and sweat...all of that HAD to made me who I am....all the obstacles I have overcome..have made me the crazy ass emotional train wreck I am today.....but it has also made me compassionate...caring..and has made me see the world differently than everyone else....when others don't dare waste their time...that's when I do....because I DON'T give up on the people that I feel need me....and are worth it...KNOWING I am worth it as is easy to give up....but hanging on...fighting thru the toughest times....smiling in spite of your wat true strength is about....sometimes you have to be your to realize just how strong you truly are....the world is full of good excuses...that many people are WAY too eager to hand out to you....but it is YOUR choice
Weeee Motherfucker Weeeeee!
so apparently disaronno brings out the poet in me..or maybe my muse has finally returned, im not sure which. but as i was sitting here the words just kept flowing in my head so i scribbled them down and now im going to do something totally uncharacteristic and share it with you all. it was very strange..i felt much like thad beaumont from stephen king's "the dark half". for anyone who isnt familar with it..the guy basically blacks out and writes things but its not actually him writing it..its his "evil twin" that resides in his head, but ends up not being just a figment of his imagination. i say this because i dont remember writing all this down..all i know is that when i was done i had an entire page full of stuff. and im not drunk..ive only had one drink. anyone who knows me knows it takes a lot more than that lol. so anyway here it is. please keep in mind that i havent written anything since high school so i'm a bit rusty and poetry has never been my strong suit anyway. as i reread
ok so ive been asked baout this folder, so i g=figured id specify, this folder contains inmages that some special friends have either taken for me or posed for me. if you really wanna see them we can work out a trade or something for it =o) ok so i had a slow show tonight, i mean slow, i had a total of 20 different people sing, slow, so im drunk, (for those who dont know i own a karaoke/ Dj company) a few friends and i were drinkin together i end the night with a 60 dollar bar tab, thank god 20 of that is comp weeeeeeeeeeee but heres what happened in a nut shell, the chick i like shows up with her boyfriend, so i drink... alot! but im bein a happy drunk and thus weeeeeeeeee LoL thats fun LoL and then my girl jessie shows up, this gil ive known for a long while, well she brings her roomate with her who last year seriously fucked me over, remember me telling you about being stood up 3 weeks in a row??? well this was the chick who stood me up the first week... jessie bugs me to play nice
Weeee I Pushed The Button!
I totally fucking forgot I even had this! So to those that have sent me messages I say sorry! I had A.D.D. for like um 7 months?!
Honestly have no clue what the hell I'm doing. lol.
This is the best shit. Its WoW meets the Muppets' Mahna Mahna. Fuck off, I'm a dork!
Giving .........head....... massages the jaw....while burning 32 calories. Swallowing foreign body juices is actually like taking vitamins and it whitens your teeth The American Dental Association says that semen cuts plaque better than mouth wash, so suck a dick and save a smile. Having nice sex burns 358 calories. Having rough sex [make it hurt] burns 543 calories. Take off her clothes with her consent.........................12 cal without......................187 cal Take off her Bra With two hands..........................8 cal With one hand.........................12 cal With mouth.............................85 cal Put on Protection hard .......................... 6 cal soft..........................315 cal Foreplay Looking for target...................8 cal Finding G spot ......................92 cal I don't F***ing care.....................0 cal Entry Holding her..................12 cal On the floor.................8 cal With Different
Your Ideal Sex Position is...Standing Kinky! Orgasmic! (If you can pull it off.)Only for those about the same height -The pieces may fit... they just might! 'What is your Ideal Sex Position?'at
Wee Hours
Wildin Out Radio *Blitzed Out* Click The Picture Below To Enter The Best Lounge On Fubar !! Great Tunes And Sexy People!!!!
Week #2 Picks
Weekend :)
Good morning my friends, I'm off the amusement park :) That means new pictures for my profile lol...Have a good day everybody :) D@nny Hello everybody :) It's Friday :) Wannna wish each and everyone a good and safe weekend :) Don't do something I'm not doing this weekend lol Danny Hi all, Well today is Sunday hope everybody had a good weekend :) Anybody doing anything special today?? If you do remember to have fun and to stay safe :) P.s. If you haven't seen tehm there's 2 new pics of new in my default folder that I posted for your viewing,rating and commenting pleasure :)) Danny
Weekend Life
Erica and I had just gotten home from the club and were beat. Our Friday nights usually went on and on at the clubs. Most of the time spent dancing and drinking. Erica turned to me and said she was going to take a shower before we headed off to bed. I grinned inside, made up some lame line about being hungry, and was going to make something to eat. She nodded at me and stripped bare as she walked to the bathroom, tossing her clothes onto the floor. “Damn she’s got a hot body!” I thought to myself. I waited for a few minutes, to try and make her believe that I really was getting something to eat. I frequently hopped in the shower with her and she’s hardly ever surprised. I quietly stripped down in the kitchen and snuck into the bathroom. The tiny bathroom was filled with steam and the scent of her soap. I could feel myself grow hard as I crept up to the bathtub. I slowly pulled the shower curtain aside and there she was. Her back was to me, the water and soap blending and cascading down
Well it was an interesting weekend for certain...betty, myself, and chaney went to geo's for some unadulterated kareoke!! It kicked ass, and got wild...but the pictures tell the story best...hope you like them!! ~RJ
Well its sunday and tomorrow is a holiday but I am on call all week from 6pm-6am which is good and bad. Means i dont go in to work unless called but have to have my phone available at night. Means should be online a lot more since i ahve no life outside of work... Lets see 3/4 of the football teams i wanted to win did. Only the Chargers screwed it up, so go Colts and Saints. Other then that pretty average weekend My weekend wa sactually pretty good, went to a friends house and visited it was great, watched movies drank beer and had a good ole time. Played poker last night and won ofcourse. *flips hair*. Today my 49ers won yayyy. so all in all probly the ebst weekend I've had in a month Had a nice weekend, hung out with some friends, hope ya'll had a great one aswell
Week 3 Nfl Picks :)
Indianapolis over NY JETS BALTIMORE over San Diego BUFFALO over Minnesota Dallas over TENNESSEE KANSAS CITY over San Francisco CAROLINA over New Orleans ATLANTA over Arizona Miami over HOUSTON ST LOUIS over Detroit CINCINNATI over New England Jacksonville over WASHINGTON Cleveland over OAKLAND Seattle over CHICAGO Mon Night PHILADELPHIA over Green Bay Visiting team in Lower Case Home in CAPS LOCK Carolina over TAMPA BAY Washington over HOUSTON MIAMI over Tennessee BUFFALO over NY Jets INDIANAPOLIS over Jacksonville DETROIT over Green Bay Cincinnati over PITTSBURGH Chicago over MINNESOTA Baltimore over CLEVELAND ARIZONA over St Louis Philadelphia over SAN FRANCISCO SEATTLE over NY Giants Denver over NEW ENGLAND Mon Night Atlanta over NEW ORLEANS Previous Weeks Records Week 1: 12-4 Week 2: 12-4 Good luck everyone!! Enjoy the games :)
Ok the weekend is officially here!!! everybody have a good one!!!
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Buried at PhotoCasket.comBuried at
Weekend Event
It was so much fun. Went out with my Sis, Mel, and my nieces and nephews. I know that sounds funny, but they are all over the age of 21. No guys i am only 30. LOL We all went to this sports bar. We danced and sang. Thought i was going to go to jail. had this guy that i never met before start bumping and grinding on me, and even after telling him to back off he didn't. So i took matters into my own hands. Then he tried with my Sis and i yanked her away from him. What is the deal with these people. NO MEANS NO Anyway he finally left, and we went and played pool. Hooked my Sis up with a friend and they slow danced. It was so sweet. She had so much fun. I was so happy to see that she was happy. And although Sis and i are the only ones out of the group that do not drink, i think we had the most fun. This weekend was so awesome. Me and my Sis went out to play pool, and we met two wonderful guys that we met on here on LC. They were funny. The strange thing is we were ske
Weekly Journals
yahoo address is: Hey everyone on my list...I conteplated deleting my profile, but decided not too....Im adding to my old friends list so dont be surprised if you get another request...Im still in Maryland for another half a week and then back to Calif...Hope you all had a happy halloween....PS it is fricking cold here!!!!! JT Hi all, Im leaving for Maryland for 2 weeks this Sunday...It'll be nice to get out of California, although it pertains to work (Navy/Marine Corps) class...Anyways leave me hot and steamy JT
Hello everyone. Dropped by to show you some love and to wish you all a happy and wonerful weekend. Take care everyone.
Weekend Wishes
A Weekend Together Ch. 01
We are awakened by your phone ringing. It's a text message from Lucy, saying she can't make it today, but would like to in the future. You slide back into my arms. You look and feel so sexy, my cock is already standing to attention and pressed into the small of your back. My arms are crossed over your chest, my hands cupping and gently squeezing your gorgeous firm breasts. I start kissing the back of your neck and your left hand reaches behind you to grab for my cock. You squeeze the thick shaft hard. I roll you over slightly so that I can kiss your mouth properly. My tongue penetrates your lips as we start to lick and suck each others mouths. I squeeze your tits harder as your little hand slowly starts to wank me up and down. Gently I bite your bottom lip, breaking away from our kiss. I lick down over your chin and leave a thin trail of saliva down your neck and cleavage. Much to your disappointment my dick pulls out of your hand as I change position, kneeling over you. I whispe
Weekends Over
Weekend Baby!
Sitting here, really nothing to do. Kids are in bed, wife is out, just playing around in here, still figuring things out. Checking y'all's profile. Who else is bored? Looking foward to it. Gonna we bouncing at a local bar, favorite local band will be playing called Live Sex Show and just enjoying having the Monday off. That all happens on Sunday. Saturday, got a family dinner to got to and a 40th b day party. Should be interesting going to both!
The Week!!!
I am hated for loving I am hated for loving Anonymous call, a poison pen A brick in the small of the back again I still don't belong To anyone - I am mine And I am hated for loving I am haunted for wanting Anonymous call, a poison pen A brick in the ... ah ... A brick in the small of the back again I still don't belong To anyone - I am mine I am falling With no-one to catch me I am falling And there's still No-one to catch me Ah .. Anonymous call, a poison pen A brick in the ... ah ... A brick in the small of the back again I just don't belong To anywhere I just don't belong Mmm ... A bond of trust Has been abused Something of value May be lost Give up your job Squander your cash - be rash Just hold on to your friends There are more than enough To fight and oppose Why waste good time Fighting the people you like Who will fall defending your name Oh, don't feel so ashamed To have friends But now you only call me When you're feeling de
Sorry I havent been on much been so busy. I am leaving out tomorrow for a photoshoot in Chatanooga Tennessee with my girl friend yoursouthern belle. If anyone is in that area and would love to meet us maybe for drinks e-mail me @ Have a good weekend sweeties... Your naughty Lorie Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
Week And Today
hey all whats upp? well this weekend was pretty good i was spending time with the love of my life and sum of my close boys. we blayzed n went to the movies. i love my man wit all my heart i love him,.. today i had skewl eww i hate it but w.e its all good.. well thats about it.. lol.. bye bye xoxoxo ~Desiree aka Ruby
Weekend In Dallas 10/15/06
What a weekend I had once again in Dallas this year! We had a great time and the Cowboys won big over Houston capping it off. Friday morning when we got there we went straight to the stadium and took the tour and even though I had done it last year it was just as exciting a feeling being on the field. Me and my buddies got a couple balls and were throwing passes to each other on the same field Aikman had thrown to Irvan and now Bledsoe throws to Owens on. WOW! This year was a little redemption though as my extra point try was GOOD!!! Friday night me and Mark went downtown to Coyote Ugly and met some really cool people, got drunk (yes I'm off the wagon LOL), and watched some gorgeous girls do their thing. We were definately the loud ones in the bunch and got everyone having fun and the girls wanted us to come back the next night LOL! After we left there at about 2 or 3 we got lost and didnt make it back to the hotel til around 5 LOL! Saturday we slept in and just rested around
The Weekend
Tonight is my daughter, Cait's opening night for her first play in Drama Club at her HS...she is in 9th grade...I am so proud of her..only sad thing is I won't be able to be at her first Show...:( (Crying now) Waaaahhhhh!!!!! The play is "Wind in the Willows" know that old british story with Mr. Toad...all the kids have to act with english accents..My daughter does an Awesome "Arry Potter" LMAO Sry that was a bad accent on my part...LOL Anyways, just wanted to share this all with you...Cause I'm a Proud Momma..hehehehe Have a Great Day! /"> I hope everyone is ready for the weekend!!! I sure in WA we are having lots of rain and lots of least the chill has passed on through. I hope to meet a lot of new and interesting far I have..hehehe Come on over and Show Me Some Luvin' if you get the chance!!! And to all my old friends, and new ones...God's Special Blessings to you all!!! LO
amanda@ CherryTAP Bobbi Doll@ CherryTAP
THIS IS THE WAY HOW I FEEL WHEN I HAVE PMS...LMAO >>>> PMS-makes me feel like SHIT -look like SHIT -and dont'give a SHIT LMAO...I WANT TO HAVE A SHIRT MADE SO I CAN WEAR IT EVERY MONTH...WHAT YA THINK?LMAO hello to all my friends.i just wanted to say have a great weekend and be safe.dont forget to change your clock 1 hour ahead this weekend.hugsss and kisses..:) hi all,i just want to let you know that i posted a bulletin about a child missing..pls repost it for me to get the words out..thank you!
Hey todays night there is a big fetish event and so I have bought me a new outfit. Its a suprise for my hubby - he dont know this outfit and so I am snoopy for his reaction ;-) Wish all a hot and funny weekend and dont forget to vote and comment all of me ;-))) Smoochy Heike
The Weekend
Weekend Away (adult Story)
It was October; I needed to get away from the every day stress, just a break. Joe a coworker of mine offered me a weed end in his cabin deep in the mountains. I hesitated for days but Thursday, my boss being a real ass was just enough to make me take him up on his offer. So I packed a light bag, after all I was going to be alone and in the mountains what could I need besides I like being nude anyways. I make the long drive and finally find the access road to the cabin. I guess you could hardly call it a road but it got me there. I reached the cabin about an hour before sunset, unpacked and took a shower. I really didn’t put more on then a towel, after all I was alone. I broke out the bottle of Jack Daniels that I packed and had a couple of shots while setting on the porch swing. God this is relaxing, I can’t believe I had to think so hard about coming up here. The next thing I know I here this voice, umm sir. As I opened my eyes I couldn’t believe what I saw, she was beautiful, long bl
I had one yesterday :). I posted a buncha new pics from then. Show the luv and thank you all so much for the birthday luv. MUAH-ap Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from I miss n love you all!!!!MUAH MyHotComments / HotFreeLayouts MyHotComments / HotFreeLayouts
The Weekend
Ladies and Gentleman of CherryTap, Have you ever been IM'd or e-mailed by someone either in Nigeria or going to Nigeria to do business? Well, thanks to a friend of mine, I found out there is a site to show you scammers from there. Check out Nigeria Romance scam. Just type that into your browser and take a look. You might be surprised who you see there. I sure was. I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome that I have received since joining CherryTap. Thank you for the sweet comments and the ratings. This site is the best!!!!Courtesy of
Week From Hell
Had a pretty crappy week, non stop work, a truckload of meetings and little to no sleep. Yesterday I only had the energy to shoot some pool with a buddie,have some beers and then come home and crash asleep...and sleep I did, for 12 hours straight!!!
Weekend Diary
Ok so I've decided to blog about my weekend shenanigans lol. Lastnight me and my girl HT go to The Farm which is a swinger's club in York PA. Our friends Troy and Linda came which made the small crowd bearable. I had a good time for the most part...I'm very proud of myself for being as outgoing as I was. Everyone I know gives me shit about being uptight..I'm not uptight I'm just terribly shy :((. I danced with a few people and started a few convos with folks I hadn't spoken to before....doesn't sound like much but I'm a hide in the corner type lol. The end of the night dude breaks out the Symbian( motorized um sex aid lol) and my girls both tried it out...not me nope didn't wanna. Then i had the pleasure of watching all of them get it on..I left after a couple minutes bc I have to look at these people on a regular basis lmao.
Week End
Ok... I more than likely won't be on much at all this week-end. I have my mini vacation up to Madison today and tomorrow. Dinner with some friends that I haven't seen in years tomorrow night, and Sunday... Sunday is of course when the Bears will win the Superbowl... just for my birthday... that is all I want... my Bears to win on Sun... so I hope all of you have a great week-end and I hope to check in sometime! *luv* ~Mrs. Wright~
Weekly Success Stories
The Weekend
Okay so its friday and looks like there is a really good movie out this weekend called 300 based on the comic book by frank miller, which he also did sin city which was amazing. 300 looks sick i cant wait to go see it, i dont know when though i am workin the next couple weeks in nebraska so hopefully i can get some time too see. If you see it this weekend leave a message. later
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Ireally hope everyone had a great weekend and didnt get to drunk saturday night! WRITE IT ON THE BACK OF YOUR ENVELOPES or front! WE THINK THIS A GREAT IDEA. WE'LL START WRITING IT ON THE FRONT OF OUR ENVELOPES, TOO! ! You may have heard in the news that a couple of Post Offices in Texas have been forced to take down small posters that say "IN GOD WE TRUST," The law,they say, is being violated. Anyway, we heard proposed on a radio station show, that we should all! < /FONT> write " IN GOD WE ! TRUST ! " on the back of all our mail. After all, that's our National Motto, and it's on all the money we use to buy those stamps. We think it's a wonderful idea. We must take back our nation from all the people who think that anything that offends them should be removed. ! If you like this idea, please pass it on and DO IT. The idea of writing or stamping! "IN GOD WE ! TRUST" on our envelopes sounds good to us. WE'RE HAVING A STAMP MADE TOO! It's been reported

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