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Why I Love U
I wonder y i love u so dearly everything went by so fast I can do nothing or move on widout u my love because my heart is still livng in the past I wish u was here to c the pain n suffering i'm going thru but my dear I can get on my knees to your beauty and pray for u to be mine I feel like u're that special woman of my dreams I ben waiting 4
Why Is It
that sometimes i know that i am not perfect and i have screwed up a time or two that when i screw up that is all anyone can focus on? Even when at the time that it was done it was done because it was told to me to do it. why do people that you love have to hurt you all the time. sometimes i think that loving people only leads to being hurt and ridiculed for things that you do. that when you have a good friend or they say they are your good friend and you reall care about them that they are the ones that make you cry the most. I have a good friend in Illinois i love him as much as i do my own brothers but yet everytime we talk i end up in tears. yes i know he's dying and i know there is nothing i can do about it even though i wish i could he tells me he wishes things could be different between us and i know what he means but i can seem to feel that he wants me to be there when his end comes but that is something i don't think that i can cope with i am having a hard time coping with
Why Is It That Only Whites Are Racist?
WHY IS IT THAT ONLY WHITES CAN BE RACISTS? If we had an organization for only whites to "advance" our lives, we'd be racists. If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships, you know we'd be racists. There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US, yet if there were "One White college" that would be a racist college. In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights. If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists. You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you're not afraid to announce it. But when we announce our white pride, you call us racists.I am proud. But, you call me a racist. Why is it that only whites can be racists?
Why Izzit
Why I Write
I write because its whats on my mind I write for those left behind I write because my mind is full I write because of you I am who I am and I wont change I am who I am and I want to stay the same I am who I am and I'll live life to the fullest I am who I am and I'm not known as the cruelest
Why I Chose The Friends I Have
People ask me why I chose the friends that I have. you know the Goths,hippies and the outcasts(if you labeled them). Well the answer to that is because the people I befriend don't care about the way you look or dress. They don't care about any thing like that. All they care about is the friendship that you have with them. I come to learn everyone else has to have a label. And you have to fit in their group. Well fuck that I love the friends I got. I would never want to change my friends. They are who they are And that's all that matters. We hang out and have fun just like everyone else. We are no different from anyone. no we are different in one way we wont turn you away if your different, we will except you for you. Thats why i have the friends i have!!!!!
Why I Am Here
Why Is Love So Confusing...
why is it that when the one we love is near, we can't bring ourselves to say the words? Why is it that when someone loves you, that is when the rest of the world decides they like you? And Why do we not think of the one we love until its too late?
Why I Love Guiness
So people keep asking me why i love Guiness, so let me just say this... 1st of all it has to be on tap not out of a can it's just not the same! 2nd i love the foam it leaves tickling my upper lip. 3rd i love the fact that i have to drink it so fast it drips down my chin! -Juicynes
Why I Am Not On Much
Why I Love Music So Much....
The Reasons Why I Love Music So Much: 1) When ur happi u listen to it and it makes u happier. 2) When ur sad u can either listen to sumthin that can cheer u up or listen to sumthin so much more depressing and u think, "hey maybe my situation isn't so bad." 3) If ur angry u can listen to sum that u can scream along wit and get it out of ur system. 4) U can find love songs for u and ur special sumone. 5) Or if u guys breakup u can find a song to help u get ovr them. 6) If u want to just chill and relax u can just turn the radio on and sit there and think about wutevr comes to mind. 7) Its fun to sing along with. 8) So basically music never lets u down. Its better than havin a bf/gf. **I LOVE MUSIC**
Why I'm Here
i'm in a long-term relationship that i do not want to leave. nor am i looking to come between anyone elses relationship. but the passion has ebbed from the sex life that i have with the woman i share my life with. i want that passion, that primal sex back in my life. i need the passion. i'm searching for a woman, married or not, or a couple that might be in the same boat as me for mutual gratification. NSA casual relationship. we would only have stolen hours when the opportunity is right for the both of us. no commitments, no obligations. i'm safe, clean, drug and std free, sterile, relatively attractive, discreet, intelligent, good listener and well versed in the art of pleasing a woman. oh, yea, i'm honest and upfront, too. i have joined just about every adult dating site on the web without positive results. i do not believe there are no women in this area that do not have the same interests as me. is there something wrong with how i am stating it? i would appreciate
Why Is It So Strange?
I want to be the girl that rides bikes, all on my own...not ride in the back of one that a boy is driving. Where's the fun in that? I like to play extreme sports, even though I'm not good at them. Being a tomboy is one of the greatest joys in my life. I think I'm sexyful. There's more of me to love, right? Age is such a silly concept...I'm 18, isnt' that old enough?
Why I Took Pagan Off Of My Name I'm Far Too Complex For A Label And If You Want To Know Me Better Plz. Read
MY PROFILE STARTS OUT:PLEASE DON'T LEAVE NEGATIVITY HERE NOR DRAMA! THAT INCLUDES ASKING ME WHY I DECIDED TO "RIDE ALONE" AND TAKE ~PAGAN FAMILY~ OFF OF MY NAME.HERE IS WHY! I told everyone I was going through some changes when I was in the process of moving back to the Coastal Area. It is more LAID BACK than Inland North County. It is possible to follow Pagan, Wiccan beliefs without "LABELS" That is not meant to offend anyone, but if it does, that is ON YOU. MY NAME IS STILL IN THE PAGAN FAMILY BULLETIN. THAT IS COOL, I SIMPLY TOOK IT OFF MY NAME. I JUST PREFER TO BE (NAME-WISE) JUST ME. I AM NOT A MEMBER OF ANY FAMILY, NOT THAT I WILL NEVER BE, IF ASKED TO BE, I NEVER SAY NEVER. There are good and bad (YIN,YANG) in all walks of life, all paths, and everyone, period. You can read below, but basically I'm into a wide ranges of Belief Systems that all basically fall under Metaphysics I have been on that path for 40 years, when I first went to Unity in Houston, which is shaped like
Why I Hate The Holidays
Why Is It So Hard
I aint sure what it is but we have been lookin for a Bi female to have fun with it will be my gruls frist experience and she is egar to find a woman to love us both hell she can even be bi courious her self so that we all willbe new at this lol do you live in the Oklahoma city or sourrounding ares if so contace us at babydol112352@yahoo or
Why Is It??
Why is it that when you find someone you really care about n wanna be with it never seems to work?? Why is it that everyone else finds true love n when i think it comes to me it really isnt?? I dont know what else to do anymore...i wanna love someone i want someone to love me! I just want to take care of someone n be with that one special girl for the rest of my life...Ever sence i met my ex i thought it was true love but then shit happened n i didnt know anymore...I had a good thing for me n i fucked it up! I dont wanna be alone anymore i wanna feel loved i wanna love someone...i just dont know what to do or think anymore! Im depressed n always cry myself to sleep at night bcuz im alone n have no one to talk too. i just want to give up on everything, on life, on love...i just dont know!
Why I Hate Xmas
Why??? Is There A Good Answer
Why Is It?
I recently went into a local chatroom for people all over my state. Some i became aquainted with and actually thought might have a friendship with. Im not against people having relationships online and actually meeting. honestly i did it be4 many times. now days i quit just giving the sex away. i am trying to wait till i meet the right person. i recently realized almost everyone who ims me in chatrooms all they want is sex. my question is does it matter to someone that they have family at home? Rainbow Bridge Just this side of Heaven is a placed called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, thatpet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water, and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong aga
Why I Fight!
Today I found a young lady on here that did not like my main profile picture of a M14. She calls it disgusting and when I asked her why she said they are (guns) fucked up and said feel free to delete her comment. Well I thought about doing that, but I realized that I am a Marine so everyone can have there opinion. I meet a lady once and she started saying something about me being a Marine and killing people and some other liberal properganda. I let her finish and told her "Your Welcome". You should see the face she made when I said "I fight for that bill of rights so you can say anything you wish, and you speeking your mind is a way of saying thanks to me, so your welcome". I walked away with a smile. I have been a Marine for 9 years now, and I would do it all over again if I had to!
Why I'm So Stressed...check Frequently For What Deprives Me Of A Peaceful Mind...:(
Its done, its over with. Now his focus shall be on his wife and his house. And, you know what? He'll be blessed for it. No more pain, no more sorrow. It's done. Also I plan on removing my CT profile because IDC to have it any more. So, yeah. Hey, its been a minute since I last blogged, hasn't it? Well, let's update the CT population, shall we? I am at my sister's house and it's not a regular "Hey, what's up?" visit. I've been here since Sunday and she's taking care of me. Remember the left ovary pain I've mentioned in previous blog entries? It has grown to the point of my older sister having to care for me and tend to my children for me. That's why I'm at her house. I have to consume painkillers throughout the day to put me to sleep because they DON'T curb the pain. At all. The Vicodin I have doesn't work much. Fortunately, I have an appointment this Thursday. I went to the ER last Monday and was told I either have: -Ovarian Cysts -Ectopic Pregnancy -Ovarian Cancer -Cervical Can
Why Im Scared Of Ronald Mcdonald
So heres my entry: Probly get some mad people so Im ready for it kind of depressed Well I notice some Fort Worth Women are so fake on friendship well I guess mostly that why some fake things are good like porn ,So Just watch out for me on thing when talking to me because lose my friendship is a cost,That why I bleave the saying " what comes around goes around" like one blog or post I readied maybe sometimes karma will bite your ass at the end Well the friend I keep and have I will always enjoy and cherish in life that comes allen Why I agree a 100% I had nightmares when I worked there in McDonalds
Why Is It That Girls Do Stupid Things And Run Off Men That They Love??
I was just curious if anyone has the answer as to why women tend to push men to their limits. Then when the man gets angry the woman says to leave and the man does, the woman realizes she has made a mistake. Maybe it is not the woman who actually starts the problem, maybe it's because most men don't like to communicate. I don't know but I wonder if men run scared afraid of commitment or women push afraid of being left in the dust. After bein married and divorced and having security then having to start all over I believe you tend to be a bit more scared. I not only have myself to worry about but also these 3 beautiful kids and I don't want them hurting. Maybe when you tell someone something thinking that you are doing what is best, it is whats best. I guess you just have to let a dead dog lie. I'll talk to yall later maybe when I'm not rambling on and on about nonsense, lol!!!
Why I Haven't Been Around The Past Week Or So~;)>
I've been bed ridden for the past week because of this staph infection that turned out to be the worst kind, MRSA. Which is resistant to most antibiotics, so they had to cut and drain it then pack it which is the most painful thing I have ever expirenced. Now I have a nice size hole in my leg. I'll post the pic. when I dress it tonight, I'm sure everyone want's to see it~;)> Besides that I have finally got my driver license back, 'bout damn time. I've also bought the new Zelda but waiting to get the Wii because they don't have any in stock yet, sux ass~;(> I've been watchin' a shit load of movies, The Illusionist being one of my favorites and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Begining being the bloodiest, Superman Returns was less than I expected and and I can't wait to see SawIII this tuesday~;)> I also don't think I'll be here as much as I used to. I'll be doing more stuff now that I have my drivers license back, well that it for this blag~;P>
Why Is It
Why is it that you fall in love with the most impossilbe people. I mean I was with this guy for 5 years and now its over but I still have some feelings for him. And most of them are hateful but I cant help thinking that sence he told me recently the he wants to marry me to do it. Am I realy dumb for that???
Why Is It That
why is it that most pages you look at on here people ask for a fan before friend wot is the world comin to when people feelthe need to ask for fans surely if u like wot u see u would become a fan anyway well thats how i do it if i like the pages i will fan sometimes i just friend . i guarantee if u shout to most of your fans or people who your a fan of they wont respond .oh well think i talked enough shyte on this one . actually im gonna shout to each of my friends in my list and those who respond i will become a fan of and those who dont i will be friend of . i see the fan part as a way to keep intouch with the people who will type back to you
Why I Haven't Been Here Lately
Hello all my cherry friends. I know I have not been in in quiet awhile. But I have been dealing with sick kids again. My oldest son has been real sick and is now scheduled for surgery on Feb. 21. He had an infection in his sinus cavity in Dec. and now he is having to have his tonsils and adnoids taken out. They are twice the size they should be right now and there is a chance if they get much bigger his surgery will be sooner than what it is scheduled to be. From all of this he is staying dizzy, keeping headaches and has alot of trouble seeing. He is taking up alot of my time so that is why I have not been here much. Everyone just keep remembering him. Much love to all my cherry friends
Why I Am Not On Ct Very Much For Now
WHY I AM NOT ON VERY MUCH As you can see by the long "user name" I am having neck problems. A few of you know this, but even my meds are not helping all the time. I just got an MRI, so will find out the NEXT step. I can only be on the pc for limited times, that is why I haven't been saying hi to all of you. The time I spend is emails, and running my yahoo wrestling group. Those of you that have my yahoo ID on IM, that is also my email addy. Those who don't, I'll check in periodically, and will give it to you. I HAVE NO INTENTION OF LEAVING CHERRY TAP!!!! I have met some neat people here, and maybe in real life, you never know. To add to that as of the middle of March I won't, hopefully for a short time, have Internet access at home. The people who have it in their name are moving, my credit sucks, and my other roomate is THINKING about FINALLY getting a PC! Also other people will be moving in. The reason I say this is I will have to go to the library, or a college occaisially to ch
Why Is It That Good People Cannot Meet And Get To Know Each Other?
Valentines Day's coming up would you makeout with me me? [] Hell Yea [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Would you sleep with me? [] In an instant! [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Am I attractive? [] Heck no [] hot as Hell [] Fine [] Cute [] Okay [] Ugly! Do you think I'm a virgin? [] Yes [] No [] Don't know Name one thing you would like to do to me... I look like.. [] A player [] a wife/husband [] One time thing [] Next bf/gf [] A friend [] A friend with benefits [] A possibility [] A loser If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [] Yes [] No [] maybe Would you rather.. ?? [] Hook up with me [] Cuddle with me [] Date me [] Friends [] Friends with benefits [] marry me [] have sex On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [] 1 [] 2 [] 3 [] 4 [] 5 [] 6 [] 7 [] 8 [] 9 [] 10 What would you want me to be to you? [] Friend [] Girlfriend/Boyfriend [] Friend with benefits [] Husband/Wife Would you give me a lapdance? [] Hell Yea []
Why Is My Hand On Fire?
Another one of these things: 1. What is your occupation? This year, mail-sorting machine operator. With an IQ of 148. God Bless Ohio, Land Of Opportunity. I still usually list "musician" as my religion & ethno-background, though. 2. What color are your socks right now? white 3. What are you listening to right now? my S.O. coughing 4. What was the last thing that you ate? a pretzel 5. Can you drive a stick shift? No 6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? "Burnt Umber" (or maybe not, but I always thought that was a cool name for the "dark orange" crayon) 7. Last person you spoke to on the phone? Some survey-taker, who I told to stop calling. 8. How old are you today? 45. Just like yesterday. 9. Favorite drink? "Diet Pepsi Jazz Wild Cherry & Vanilla." Or Murphy's Irish Stout. 10. What is your favorite sport to watch? Politics 11. Have you ever dyed your hair? Yes, I'm embarassed to say. 12. Favorite curse word? I seem to say "dammit" a
Why I Came Here...
I'd like to thank the four people who made it possible, but mostly banditgirly (yeah, I don't think I mention her enough). On the most part I just logged in and did other things while I racked up free point bonuses for being online. So yeah, I guess the greatest contributor to my success is some time based site coding. WOOHOO for Random Geek Stuff! Now if only I can find some way to get Bada Bing off my list of lounges...makes sense that a lounge is permanently on your list if you get banned for giving the DJ a hard time. Stupid god-trippers, enjoy your power til the site's servers crash (again). Now let's see how many hours of doing nothing it takes to reach the next level :D What the hell is going on here? I thought this wasn't Myspace. We already have a Family list. Now we have to pick our five favorite friends? Can you say "drama in the making"? Anyone who spends too much time here is going to have all sorts of new enemies when "Little Billy/Sally Attention Whore"
Why I Chose A Relationship Over Religion
To all my friends...this is entirely in refference to CHristianity and the twists and turns it has taken over the years. My views and beliefs are hybrid forms of Christ-like viewings of the world (in the compassionate forms of the "red text") as well as the ritual and focus of witchcraft (eclectic-white magick) and Alchemy (in principle). Now that this is out of the way, please do read further... Why is it that when people refer to their church life or belief they automaticly say, "Yes. I am religious" or "My religion is_____"? I know that people understand religion as going to church and praying and all, but....there is something much deeper below the exterior here! We must be careful to use the word "religion" so much in our daily speak. You see, when Jesus first started his ministry, he never once reffered to any one denomination. Jesus was never quoted as saying, "We must all enter the church of the Nazerine, Assemblies of God, First Baptist, Catholocism, Mormon, or any o
Why Is It
why is it,most guys,(not all),see u on a site right away they think u wanna cam to cam??,,not all females want to.
Why Is This Happening?
Hello everyone...I need to ask a huge favor! I have a paper due in a month and I have to interview someone in the criminal justice system: I can choose from: a Judge, Criminal defense attorney, Procecutor, Probation officer, parole officer, fraud investigator, correction officer, correction counselor, juvenile justic counselor, federal law enforcement officer, police officer, correction officer. please please let me know! I want to hand this thing in early and get a good grade!!!!! I will love you forever! lol. so I lost my right front tooth last wednesday and spent the majority of that night in the hospital because they thought I had multiple head injuries...but no, just my tooth shot straight out of my mouth..didn't hurt... so anyways I went to the denist for an emergency appt the next day (last thurs) and when they told me they coulnd't put my tooth back in I cried for about 10 and then they told me to give them a mold of my mouth and to come back in 4 hrs s
Why Is It Hard
why in the hell do we go and go and go but we never take the time to get to know who we are with then when every thing goes to hell we then start to care...... but then when every thing is cool again or we think it is cool we are back to 1..... we never get past 2.... so why is love sooooooooo damn hard i mean we all have some one we care about but we don't know what they are thinking and we don't ask. well that is all for now just had to get that off my chest
Why Is Love So Confusing?
Why I Wont Add You....
i have had personal problems here on ct before, im not exactly new to this sight lol but if u ask me to be my friend and i dont accept its only becasue of other assholes i have come in contact on here in the past. its nothing personal i just dont know you. i am only here now for my real friends i know i can trust.
Why I Hate Dat Bitch
Why Im Here
Hello people Im here . I just now the people in alaska room will know what I look like .Hope ye guys still chat to me .I will findout how this all works this week.Enjoy all
Why Is Life So Hard
I wish that my first blog that I write would be something good and uplifting but it isn't. What is on my mind is anything but happy. In the past month my place of employment (as we will call it however it is HELL to me) has gotten to the point that it is almost impossible to go to work and not come home in tears. Every week there are call offs nearly everyday and my shift Night shift ends up working either 12 hour shifts or 16 hour shifts and we are the only shift that has to do that everyone else gets to go home on all the other shifts and is never made to stay over. Then when we do stay over we are harrassed by the dayshift Nurses and Aids that are working and we have been up for over 24 hours straight an they get mad at us because we aren't working fast enough. Well you be up and work from 11p.m and then not get off work until 3 p.m. the next afternoon and still be happy happy! Bull@#$% And it has gotten so bad that my D.O.N. (director of Nursing) has quit she wa
Why I Love Being Greek!!
Why I am proud to be Greek: > >Because we are European Champions in Football (Soccer). > >Because we are European Champions in Basketball. > >Because Paparizou (singer) made us Champions in the European song >contest (Eurovision). > >Because we Buy whole watermelons and not in slices. > >Because we Buy whole lambs and not in pieces. > >Because when we Buy feta, we Buy at least a kilo and not 150gr. > >Because nights in Greece finish in the morning. > >Because we take our coffee slowly and not in "shots". > >Because flirting is our national hobby. > >Because we always moan about the public sector and everyone seeks to get >a job in it. > >Because we go out almost every night, even if we are penniless. > >Because we respect our Grandmothers sometimes more than our wives. > >Because we know how to spend Better than we know how to save. > >Because although we look like we
Why Is It So Hard?
Why Is It..........
Why I Will Not Light A Candle For Peace.
Recently, I have viewed many candle lighting ceremonies being performed. I did not participate in these ceremonious affairs largely due to the fact that I refuse to light a candle for peace. This is why. Lighting a candle for peace is showing your support for an Anti-War Movement. I do not support the anti-war movement, I support war. I support going to other countries to kill the enemy, and I support our nation doing what they need to do to keep us safe here within our home front. Does this entail murdering and maiming people? Yes it does, does this entail innocent people getting caught in the crossfire? Yes it does. I know my stance is harsh, but it’s called reality. We can not live as a peaceful nation without war, hence why any Anti-War Movement is just ridiculous in my eyes. Do I not admire the fantasy of world peace? I do, but guess what? It's never going to happen. I still to this day support the war, the troops and I still agree with going into Iraq. The popular thing to do
Why I Don't Beleave In God
Why Is It???
MMM this been in my mind for the longest.... Why in hell guys love woman that love to controling them??? I think it's sad that happens. Only time i think it should be allow is in the bedroom at times lol. But if the girl wouldn't let the guy go out with his fucking friends or anything fun. THAT is a lesh on the guy to the fifth power.. And I am a female saying that... What do you think???? VIRGO: The Whore Dominant in relationships. Sexy. someone loves them right now. Freak in bed. Always wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Intellectual. Attractive. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Hard to forget. Love at first sight. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. The one and only. Ultimate sexiness.Great kisser.
Why In The Hell??!!
can you come help in my contest way behind an it just started today !!! thanks to everyone that has been helping !!! TAB you rock buddie !!! heres whats funny!! three of seven i have blocked are now deleted accounts! hehe why in the fuck does ct let these people on here? i just got a 2 from some 18 year old little shit from casper wyoming his profile name is kirk012000 this is bullshit and needs to stop! i realize that i am not the best looking guy out therer but im for damn sure not a 2!!
Why Im A Felon Bad Phyto
this is only my second blog so bear with me if you give a past,drug use,cultivation,breeding seeds and misc. other shit fuck ups like that waste their days doing, and if you think youre one of those people and im casting stones then think again because you have no idea and should probably not even read this.i was and still am a true "no fear" kind of person , it doesnt register in my mind that what im about to do or consider doing can be dangerous or even life threatening, not because i dont value my life ...well it is that...honestly i dont, but what i do value-whats keeping me on this fucked up ball of dirt is my kids. the only reason youre reading this is ode to haven and hunter, the two strongest forces of love in my existence.ive disappointed them for the last time. that time was almost 3 years and 8 months ago - the day i got locked up. so b4 you try to piss on my black kettle about how i dont love my kids stop yourself because its wiser to keep your mouth closed and be t
Why I Hate You
I hate the way you look at me I hate the way care I hate the way you talk about her I hate the way smile in your eyes, when you speak her name I hate the way you you love her, even when she doesn't feel the same. I hate the way I feel about you I hate to feel at all I hate that you say you love her I hate that you don't love me at all I hate that she lives so far away I hate I live so close I hate the way you look right through me as if I were a ghost I hate that I messed up I hate that I let you go I hate that I still have feelings for you I hate that you want to go. I hate when she doesn't talk to you I hate you cry to me I hate myself for loving you I hate that it isn't me I hate the way you make me cry when you go an leave I hate when you say goodbye my friend I hate it becuase I don't want you to leave I hate that you aren't in my arms I hate you're not in my life I hate when you say you would still marry her I hate that she could be your wife I hate
Why Is Love So Hard
Yea there is...LOL. i found the one soul That Means more to me then anything, yet i have hurt that one So many times it's become useless to Try to Make it up to her. THIS SOUL is my Soul Mate. Although we are 3800 miles apart i think of her 24/7 and wonder, will destiny bring her back or is my life to Move Forward with the new slave that has entered my life and given herself to me for whatever my Furture holds.It sounds like a Mess but my heart belongs to a simple scarletts_song that i can't ever let go. it's not about an attraction of the Body but of the Spiritual inner beauty that has me so Caught up in her. She is like no other woman i have ever known....yet she has a secret she wishes not to allow all to see...even me. She is a Goddess to me and when i look in those emerald's Like i'm hypnotized!! Now, i Must move on to a Future without that one. although my heart will remember her for eternity, i must be fair to those that cherish me and Want to travel with me
Why Is It?
i watched maury today and there was a young white girl on there talking like she was raised by snoop dogg. she was on there to find out who her baby's daddy was. won't tell u the color of the men, you should already know. can anyone tell me why this is happening? black women are talking very suffisticated and classy ...and the white girls are talking like they were raised in the hood. why do some female profiles contain the word pat where gender is supposed to be? i know who pat is. It's the person from snl who nobody can figure if it was man or a woman. what does it mean on cherrytap? the woman is a lesbian? the woman is a transvestite? the woman is a bisexual? what????????????????
Why Is It Hard To Find An Good Girlfriend?
why cant i find an good ol girl that will be faithful and understanding? she dont have to be anything near being perfect. i dont want an perfect chick.i just want an decent relationship that has the possiblity of turning into an long-term relationship. is there an chick out there that is looking for the type of guy i am?im donw to earth and very understanding, plus romantic.i have amn few downfalls that hurt my relationships, but who dont.if any single females want to know more bout me add me toy your yahoo or talk to me on here. my yahoo addy is i seek that girl that can be my friend and my lover at the same time. the one that you can take home to met the parents and hang out with the boys. but she has top have an lady like way to her also. i want someone that is honest,caring,funny,smart and down to earth is that to much to ask for? looks dont really matter to me. looks fade but true beauty last forever. why does love hurt so bad?i think love hurts so bad
Why I Want To Be A Level 5
I think it's because I want to post a MUM..... I want to see other views on that mum and gauge their thought s on my MUM and it will give me a better understandinf of what I am asking. I hope to be a level 5 soon. I hope I'm right on the level 5. Sometimes I stay up way too late being that I haveto be at work really early. Maybe my Muse will read this and give me some pointers?.
Why Iam Leaving Cherry Tap
This site does crazy thing it shuts my pc down and it loads slow i cant message my friends it not worth it iam sorry to all my friends kiss and hugs Jennifer
Why Is Dating So Hard?
Okay. I seem to be really attractive to married men. Or is it that they just think my self esteem sucks so I'll be an easy target? Or, is it just that there are so many married men who want to cheat on their wives these days that it's inevitable that I encounter a few? Now, if I was just wanting to have fun and no commitment, a married man is the way to go. But, would that in some way stand in the way of me meeting "the man for me?" Would HE look badly upon me for having been with a married man? I'd like to hear some thoughts from guys on this subject. Does it tend to not sway you one way or the other to know that a woman has been with a married guy? Or do you end up thinking of her as someone who is untrustworthy, lacking something, or just a ho? I'm curious..... So here I am...a year later. I don't think I've written in quite awhile. Why? Because I've been busy. Not busy GOOD but busy necessary. Unfortunately with busy comes "lack of fun". The good news is that my d
Why I Was Going To Leave
I was going to leave CT not because of any of my friends or family on here. You all are the best and I am glad to have great people like you on my friends list. I just had some home life problems and it was all blamed on the computer and stuff that he didn't feel was wrong for him to be doing so i just said screw it and was going to delete myself so there was no more fighting about the computer but things happened and well here i am back on CT. I just wanted to clear up that none of you did was nothing to do with online i just got mad and stressed over and and said screw it....hope you all understand. hugs TashaBear
Why I Want To Marry Tigger
Well i dont talk to alot of people anymore. My life is going to hell on me and i am also thinking about leaving fubar. I am tired of the drama bs that goes on. Sometimes I feel like I am in high school all over again. I mean come on. I am becoming sick and I dont know what I have. My body is not liking what I have. I just dont know what to do anymore. I am just getting this out of my system. I guess that's what blogs are for?? lol. yep. im gunna go smoke now.
Why I Sparkle
Why I Cry
Why I Cry- written 01/03/1998 I cry for a purpose of expressing my feelings, dreary tears that hold my head down and gracious tears that hold my head to the ceilings. Pain and love so deeply expressed, you will know when I am happy or so regretfully depressed. Joyless tears on the verge of joy many years of wise words I should have never annoyed Watery eyes til the end of our lives, even on sunny days cause even GOD cries, why do you think tear drops fall from the skies? Whether you are large or small, short or tall, tears come from all. SO Why I Cry? You can know its all in your eyes, Just think about it when you breakdown and cry!
Why Is Everyone Always A Bitch To Me??
Why In The Hell
Ima Me... if ur gonna blocked an email after yu wrote,,,,,,,,,typical sayin the woman has to have the last word,,,,,,,I was gonnna send backkkkkkkkkk,,,,,but u chose the the immture way,,,,,,,,,,,get a life way 6 hr ago Ok this comment was left on my profile from someone I considered a friend. I have a lot of friends on here but the people I have connected with are in my family list. I am not going to deny a friend request as it may lead to such a connection. How else did I meet these other people? He basicly got all pissed about how many friends I had and me having a happy hour last night. I don't understand. Anyway I took him off my family list after he removed me from his friend list and sent him a email asking why was he so bitter? That I was trying to understand why he was upset. This is the response I got. So I guess my point is if I blocked the dude how the hell did he leave this on my comment box? Hmmm, because I didn't and btw he blocked me. All drama. Caused by I
Why It Says Justkillme On My Back
The Many Thoughts of HarleyGirl Saturday, April 11, 2009 Just Kill Me - A Tribute Tattoo About a month ago I got a friend request on Myspace from “Just Kill Me”. I was thinking it would end up being another rock band that was out spreading their music around Myspace. Well to my surprise it was a fellow biker named Harley Mike from Colorado. After adding Mike to my friends list I checked out his page and found one of the most amazing tattoos that I’d ever seen. I immediately hit send message and asked Harley Mike if he’d like to share the story about his incredible tattoo. Mike agreed and now I’m sharing it with all of you.Harley Mike Hight has been around motorcycles most of this life. Raised around a 1%er Club, he would help them work on their bikes. As he grew older he was asked to work in a small 1%er Club shop in the Ventura/Sherman Oaks area of California.Mike’s first bike was a ’57 straight leg frame with a
Why I'm Here
Since the "Bachelor" folks have not returned my calls, I think I'm going to give this site a shot at finding me a soulmate. Well, there's my reason to be here. So the next few words will be used to describe myself to you. I'm not a shinny brand new model but have been taken care of. Been around the block a time or two. A dent here and there,no major damage, a bruised heart, but very mendable. Comes with a great on-board system that fixes itself, works hard during the week and plays even harder on weekends. Very dependable, requires a small amount of maintance, runs forever, and can be outfitted to multi-task. Enjoys outdoors, really digs the beach, and doesn't mind being parked at home. With just the right TLC who knows, it might even be a model that never needs to be traded. Ever. So come kick the tires, check out the accessories, even take it out for a spin. The seat might seem a bit worn, but its as comfortable as your favorite jeans. I hope you were as amused with this anecdote as
Why I'm Here
Ok, I just thought I should like do this cuz like some of the stuff I've been getting has been pissing me rite off and it isn't rite. Look I'm not here to be some type of personal stripper for some of you guys. I'm not that kinda chik. I'm here to make 'friends' and chat. That's it. I'm not here for a popularity contest just for fun and sorry if some of you dont like it delete urselves from my friends list and fans list, I dont care. Just informing you all that I'm just not like that and don't appreciate ppl asking me to go on cam to see my boobs or whatever else they think they're gonna be able to see....
Why Is My Life So Fucked Up...
Even with a list full of people and my family its hard to believe that with all of those people...i still feel all alone...its like standing in the middle of a crowd full of people screaming out for someone to notice you and yet no one notices and you feel all alone...for once in my life i wish someone standing in that crowd would notice me whe no one else would...or when i say im fine turn and look me in the eyes and tell me to tell them the truth...or when i walk away they jerk me back and tell me that they dont want me to go because it would hurt them...or when i feel like im sitting in a black room with no doors or windows and im screaming for someone and no one hears me i want them to hear me...when im falling i wish someone would catch me...or when im trying to hurt myself i wish someone would save me...i wish someone would treat me like they were the last thing they had in there life...or when im lost and at a dead end i wish someone would come find me...but none of this will ha
Why I Am Here
I thought I had better write a litte bit more about me and why I have a CherryTap page. I really am not here to pick up women, I really love all of you that comment on me or my page, and I thank all of you that think's I am good looking,hot, so on and so forth. It's I nice ego boost!. But I really am just here to try to increase trafic to the site's I sell my item's at. Yes I only have women as friend's! That's because I get along better with women, and I really don't like many men, 75% of them are nothing but assholes, plus we all know women have better heads for you would like to chat thats fine I am always up to meet and make new girl FRIEND's. Yes I am straight!. I have a coulpe of girls locally that keep my need's met so I don't need to come to the internet for that, and let's get real when your talking to someone on here the odds of you hooking up, meeting in real life for say. Is very slim. So I don't even see why a person should bother, unless you are ju
Why I Wouldnt Want To Be A Penis
5 reasons not to be a penis... 1. You're bald your whole life. 2. You have a hole in your head. 3. Your neighbors are nuts. 4. The guy behind you is an ass hole and... 5. Every time you get excited, you throw up and then faint.
Why Is It So Hard To Level Up?
asking my friends on here to help me by rating my pic ,leavein comments anything to help me level up .... So please if u read help a friend out I have been online with Cherry Tap for about one yr... I have been trying to get up to a level 14 since I started ,But it just seems like there is no one online other then maybe a couple people to help u get there..But yet everyone else wants u to rate and comment on their shit ....I just don't see any reason to stay in Cherrytap... So I guess really this is a goodbye letter from me to anyone that reads.....It has been fun for the yr .....
Why Is It?
Okay, So it's friday and I am sitting her rating people and woman after woman and even a lot of men on here are half naked in their pics. WHY is THAT??? Are we all so desperate to be noticed that we throw our morals and our dignity out the window? What happened to leaving it to others imaginations? Or better yet saving yourself for view only of those who are truly deserving privately instead of flaunting your desperation over the internet where ANYONE can see it? On the plus side hey many of you are hot. But I wouldn't bring ya to meet my mama! Hands out blankets for those who need them and towels for those who look and were ummm naughty! xoxo
Why Is It Bad To Pst Amum
where are they when you need them the most?are they just around when they want something,or are they there when you need them the most.please help me to understand.
Why Is It
Why is it that I have so many problems finding a really man. I am married but to a man that treats me as a slave and an object not as his wife or as a person. The only men i seem to meet or that want anything to do with me just want sex. I have thought about it alot lately am I never to be happy or find the one that treats me with respect and wants me for me. I have been working hard on bettering my life and my kids' lives. And yes i know i don't need a man to make me happy but it would be nice to know that there is someone that truely loves me and that is not feeding full of bullshit just to get what they want. There is alot more to me then that.
Why Is This?
Why I Love My Brittany
7/1/2007 3:57:37 PM Brittany- Becca Hey hunny 7/1/2007 3:57:37 PM Brittany- Becca what are you doing? 7/1/2007 3:58:10 PM Becca Brittany- layin here 7/1/2007 3:58:14 PM Brittany- Becca bored? 7/1/2007 3:58:16 PM Brittany- Becca :) 7/1/2007 3:58:27 PM Brittany- Becca cuz i have a few fingers i could help you lie there with 7/1/2007 3:58:31 PM Brittany- Becca :) 7/1/2007 3:59:05 PM Becca Brittany- haha wow 7/1/2007 3:59:07 PM Becca Brittany- ur dirty 7/1/2007 3:59:08 PM Becca Brittany- lol 7/1/2007 3:59:21 PM Becca Brittany- you goin to the fireworks tonight? 7/1/2007 3:59:25 PM Brittany- Becca maybe 7/1/2007 3:59:32 PM Becca Brittany- why maybe? 7/1/2007 3:59:35 PM Brittany- Becca casey wants me to go with him 7/1/2007 3:59:43 PM Becca Brittany- screw casey 7/1/2007 3:59:47 PM Brittany- Becca but i dunno. he said he would call back latter 7/1/2007 3:59:56 PM Brittany- Becca what are you d
Why I Fly For The Empire
I found this again when going through old PC Gamers. This is from May 1997. Back during the Tie Fighter vs X-Wing big days hehe. Why we fly for the Empire As we eagerly await our copies of X-wing vs. TIE Fighter, we've had a heated debate as to which side our team will fly when we take on all comers and reduce them to salvage. The consensus is we'll be suiting up for the Galactic Empire - and here's our reasons why. (I've got a bad feeling about this...) ° Vader is your Co-Pilot: We think a guy who can strangle people over a videophone is someone who ought to be watching out six. ° Ship names that don't just rattle off the alphabet (A-wing, B-wing, X-wing, Y-wing...) ° When confronted with bad news, Imperial Navy Officers don't whine "Nooo!" and then jump down bottomless shafts. ° Our Bespin Cloud miners don't pitch Colt 45 on the side. ° Darth Vader's Imperial announcements have the same soothing, reassuring tone as that guy from CNN. ° White armor show
Why I Desire To Luv A Unknowen Lady
little time to put full time in a real relationship ,lead me to look at my feelings and personal desires, first i needed to decide if i was a norm man or a pervert for my own thoughts of the unknowen lady ive day dreamed about often,,butthe more i thought deeply of my own wants the truth is im not being a perv for wantng to love on ,hold,kiss..cuddle,,,,the unknowen woman...but more of over load work load,,lack of social life,,,an being in a new city ,,with out friends or family nearby... so as i dream of the unknowen lady that looks at me with desire and luv n her eyes..i will hope she may be real ,an one day are eyes will meet,and i will know i am not the only person that desires the unkowen lover
Why Is It...
why is it some people get in trouble the first time they break the law or neglect their kids, while others just get told repeatedly to not do it again or they are gonna get in trouble? That would be like my kid burning our house down over and over and me telling him now I told you not to do that, next time your gonna be in big trouble mister. The system sucks and has let my son and us all down too many times!
Why Is It?!
why is it there are so many fakers on here? so many people that are afraid to show their own faces and use other peoples pix as their own. its sad, it really is. if ur that ugly, do urself and others a favor and dont put any pix up. rather than just misleading people from the start. like using one of those pix as ur main default pic. come on now! thats just to get people to look then when they get there its like OMG. no wonder why they used that other pic!! if ur an unattractive person, dont lie to urself or others. its not gonna make u feel any better about urself down the road. "to thy own self be true"
Why I Want To Marry Dj Tigger.
I guess I should start this out with the reasons I want to CT marry DJ Tigger. He's HOT! He's SEXY! He's SWEET and he makes me smile! He also does a great job as DJ for Cherry Tap's Excalibur Radio!(woot, woot!) Almost every day he is in there busting his furry little tail to make our Cherry Tap experience more enjoyable. He tries to please everyone with his music mix and plays requests and dedications throughout his entire show. He shouts out to everyone not leaving anyone behind. You can almost feel the excitement when he pops into the lounges to say hello! Now you're probably asking yourself why would he want to CT marry Jen. Well, I will tell you why! I'm lovable, huggable, squeezable, smart, funny and sexy in my own way! I am Head Bartender for the BBW World Lounge and have the hard job of trying to keep it livened up and fun at all times. I LOVE making people smile and try to surrond myself with people who aren't afraid to laugh..even at themselves! In short, I feel tha
Why I Don't Wear A Weddding Ring.
The last ring I wore went through the intake of a T53L13 Lycoming Turbine engine, completely destroying it. Just slightly embarrasing. After that, I vowed never to wear another ring and have not broken that promise. That was 39 years ago.
Why Is It???
why is it everytime you think youre life is going the right way, life has a funny way of making it go for the worst. my life seems to be going in the right direction, but now i got this guy that wont leave me alone now. ive tried everything to get rid of him and hes not happy that there is a great guy (and you know who you are if youre reading this)in my life now. and i would never do anything to lose him either. ive got a lot of friends that wanna go down there to set him straight but i know thats not the way to go around it. i need some suggestions to help me with this. i just dont know what to do anymore. please help me if you can!!!
Why I Wear The Mask
Why Is It?//
Why is it I post a blog pouring my heart and soul into it and no one rates it??? I post a retarded mummm and it gets bombed like hell with votes and comments!!!!! Arte my friends so shallow they don't see the heart that goes into my blogs???? I am sharing with you my tragedies and feelings the least you could do is show me the 5 seconds of respect and rate them so I know wether or not to waste my time thanks good luck and if the respect and love isn't returned dont bother calling upon me for help!!!
Why Is It So Complicated!
i am lost in life, but found in love.. they say good things come to those who wait...i never believed it. however the past week, i witnessed it. the guy that i have loved is with me! i am falling in love with him majorly! AND I AM NOT LETTING HIM GO!! i love you baby!
Why Is?
So why is Life so hard....It seems the harder you work the harder life gets with little to show for it.....Does everyone have these problem?
Why I Only Date Milfs
I get asked multiple times a day "Why do you only date MILFs? So I am writing this blog to let you all know the answer. I got this name from a t-shirt I bought a little over 2 years ago, I thought the name was funny so I used it on MySpace and people seemed to like it right away. So I have had this name since then. But there is another reason "I Only Date MILFs" and that is I have 3 children myself that live with me fulltime. A women with children herself seems to understand if I tell her "Sorry I can't make it out tonight, my son is sick" or something like that. While the women I have talked to or seen that had no kids didn't seem to understand that and would get mad at me. So it is less stressful for me this way, but if a woman with no kids seems nice and understanding about my situation I might give them a chance.
Why Is That?
Why Is That? Why is it that people can come in your life get to know you grow to have strong feelings for you but then run away when things get deep? This is something I been vacillating for weeks. Now I think I know what it is it is the facts that they may not be able to have what they want when they want it but when the opportunity presents it self they are no longer thought of or considered. Now is this faith or just how things are? Tell me I want to know because if this is how love grows I don’t want to know. Why it is that people want you but don’t fight to keep you but do all the things in the world to push you away? All I can say there is times you wish you stayed or just walked away. This is one of those times I just feel so confused full of emotions for so many reasons and have no way of letting them out or expressing them to let people know what they are all about. Why is it I feel pain and just want to hide my tears in the rain and let them
Why I'm A Bitch Lol
For all of you that may think I'm a bitch cause I ignore you or I tell you I don't want to talk. This is why I do it. I have a bf...which is why this asshole got pissed off. Sorry why would I want someone in Mississippi that I've never met when I have someone real here? Kyle Ford: FUCK YOU! sweetnessinevil: you'll never get that chance Kyle Ford: BITCH! sweetnessinevil: thanks I love that compliment Kyle Ford: WHORE! sweetnessinevil: nope not a whore or I'd be dating you too Kyle Ford: WELL TO ME U R sweetnessinevil: that's only cause you're pissed you can't have me sweetnessinevil: lol just like the rest of em Kyle Ford: UR GODAMN RITE IM PISSED OFF! sweetnessinevil: NOT MY FAULT Kyle Ford: I DIDNT SAY IT WAS sweetnessinevil: then stop disrespecting me sweetnessinevil: I have nothing to do with what goes on in your head Kyle Ford: I CANT DEAL WIT THIS N U RITE NOW I'm sorry I let you control my world I'm sorry I try to give you the world I'm sorry I get u
Why I Have Become Comfortably~numb
i wonder why sometimes i just feel like i am wasting my time with people that i shouldnt be thinking it is all a waste of time with. i wonder why sometimes i wish i lived the fairy tale life. i wonder why this world has to be the way it is. all i ever wonder is the stupid things in life then i wonder why i waste my time to think of it all. but in all reality i think we all do that which to some xtent is kinda dumb but hey thats life. i wonder why i never really grew up when i needed to, or why this life had to be mine. all i know is my son is my life and without him i would be wondering what the hell to do next. i wonder what would happen if it all just changed and what i wanted out of life happened, how would i react. its all a big wonder to me why those we love most bad things happen to them and those we cant stand seem to live forever. its all a wonder why people kill others and then themselves, like they feel they accomplished something. i live to wonder all the stupid crap in this
Why Im Not On
Why I Love Being A Firefighter
In Phoenix, Arizona, a 26-year-old mother stared down at her 6 year old son, who was dying of terminal leukemia. Although her heart was filled with sadness, she also had a strong feeling of determination. Like any parent, she wanted her son to grow up and fulfill all his dreams. Now that was no longer possible.. The leukemia would see to that. But she still wanted her son's dreams to come true. She took her son's hand and asked, "Billy, did you ever think about what you wanted to be once you grew up? Did you ever dream and wish what you would do with your life?" Mommy, "I always wanted to be a fireman when I grew up." Mom smiled back and said, "Let's see if we can make your wish come true." Later that day she went to her local fire department in Phoenix, Arizona, where she met Fireman Bob, who had a heart as big as Phoenix. She explained her son's final wish and asked if it might be possible to give her six-year-old son a r
Why I Am Here
I am here to meet people laugh at people. Have fun connect with other like minded folks. With that said I am not here to fuck people cyber or any other crazy shit.
Why I Haven't Been Around
I got a couple of message wanting to know why I haven't been on. Don't want to go into alot of details. I have had a lot going on of late in my real life, but what has been keeping me off of here is the fact that I have been very sick. I have a rash on 50% of my body and that which isn't covered by a rash won't stop itching. I'm not suppose to be out in the sun, now I know why? Some of my meds react bad in sun lite. I have always told people the sun is evil now I have proof. Plus I have been gaming more, when I'm not scrathing!! I will be back on when I get things worked out.
Why I Love Oregon
got this from a friend off myspace. I had to share it with you all. I love Oregon. OREGON PEOPLE (also referred to as Oregonians) We are in Oregon, the best state in the US, which means we have skiing in the east, farm country in the valley, wine country in the south, skiing (again) right smack in the middle, the ocean out to the west, and not too many suburbs since we have urban growth boundaries, take your pick. The Rose Festival includes the largest all floral parades in the country. Portland has more strip clubs per capita than any other city in the country. We can drink any city/state under the table. We have more microbreweries per capita than Germany! (i.e. we have a better night life than you!) We don't have to pump our own gas. We don't have sales tax, either. We have more ghost towns than any other state - yeah, we're pretty spooky. Average Precipitation - 37" (less than Atlanta, Baltimore, Houston or Seattle - and without that nasty humidi
Why Is Life So Unfair?
Why I Am Why I Am
from my perspective, i believe submission is an act of personal strength from which i grow spiritually and mentally. i take total responsibility for submerging my ego by the offering of myself to the will and direction of another. i search for someone to use me to quench their darkest desires, while creating an atmosphere of safety around me. someone who relishes pushing my sensual and sexual boundaries, taking me to new levels and greater heights of sensation and experience. she constantly looks for new and creative ways to bring out the inner beast in me.
Why I Haven't Been On
I just wanted to fill everyone in on what has been going on with me since I posted the me Blog. I had a total hysterectomy on November 20th - Not to much to say but right now I am in a lot of pain and hopefully soon all the pain will be over and done with. I haven't got much to say except OUCH! HAHA just have to look at the positives of a surgery like this and not let the negatives get you down. God has blessed me with 4 beautiful children and I now know that was all I was supposed to have. So I should be on a little more now but only in small time frames - sitting up kills me! Thank you for reading this blog it shows you actually want to know about ME!!! I think this is where I am supposed to put this kind of stuff but I'm not too sure. I haven't been on here in about three weeks because I am having some major female problems. The can't figure out why I am in so much abdominal (female) pain. I can't get up and walk without taking pain pills - which make me tired so I am constantly sle
Why Is That?
Why Is Being Bad So Fun?
Why I Love My X Girlfriend
OK so today my girl friend of 3 years dumps me because she sayd she doesnt love me anymore. I have been saving for a house or a bigger house that she wanted. So today she broke up with me and I went and bought me a new bike. I know I cant replace her with my ride but shit i can get a new girl cause my new ride is alot bette then my old one lol.
Why I Hate My Ex!
Well i guess i'll begin by saying that i have never written a blog and don't really know what to put in one. I do know that it's a good place to vent your aggression. Well that's a damn good thing cause if i didn't vent here i'd probably do something really drastic!!! I HATE MY EX/BABY MOMMA!!!!! She is by far the most fucked up individual in this world. October 5th (yesterday) was my beautiful daughters first birthday. Well i was not able to see my daughter due to the fact that my ex now lives with my mom and has decided to lie and use my daughter to manipulate my mom into thinking that i am a horrible father. Maybe i should back up about 10 months ago and explain how this all came to be. My daughter was born October 5th,2006. Let me tell you, all that shit your parents tell you about how your life will change when that happens? Well they are right! When i saw my baby come into this world i fell in love. Now this love isn't the type of romantic soft and cuddl
Why It Sucks To Be Gg Sometimes !
Reasons I'm here doing this & NOT gettin some ! #1) I was breast fed by my father, Mom only liked me as a friend. #2) If it wasn't for "pick-pockets " , I wouldnt have any sex life at all ! #3 ) I allways get " boooed " by peeping Toms' . #4) Even hookers tell me " Not on the 1st date " ! #5) I went to a discount massage parlour & it was " self-serve " ,.. #6) My dog even hates me, his favorite bone is in my arm ! #7) I knew my ex was cheating on me when my parrot started saying, " Go out the window, he's home " !! #8) Even when I was a kid , I was so FUGLY, I had to " trick or Treat" over the phone ! #9) I worked in a pet shop when I was a kid, people kept asking , How big I'd get " #10 ) I had really bad acne as a kid, 1 time I fell asleep in a Library & a blind man was reading my face ! #11) Now I only smoke after sex,...which explains why I've had the same pack since 1983,.... #12) Found a hooker 1 night, I dropped my pants & she dropped her pric
Why I Got Dumped
Why I Left Vegas
Why did I leave Las Vegas? 3 reasons... 1. Lonely-Yes I did have a few friends there, but with my work schedule, lost touch with some of them and ended up doing things alone quite a bit. And my family had pretty much moved east from me except for my little brother. 2. Bad job-I worked security on the LV Strip for 2 1/2 years, you can see a couple old pics here from then. I was passed up several times for promotion despite working my ass off and never got a raise. After getting punched a few times trying to protect my partners during New Year's Eve and being left for dead by half the other staff, I figured it was time to move on. 3. Robbed-Between my mother stealing money from me on New Year's Day '02 to buy crystal meth instead of paying the rent, a former friend stealing from me and a roommate, and then being robbed at gunpoint one morning after having breakfast and playing at a casino, that was scary as shit!
Why I Won't Be Here For A Month
So if you're reading this, you're one of those oddities that likes me and, God forbid, spends your time chatting with me. Well I regret to inform you I'll more than likely be unable to be online from November 3 through November 29. I've got this joyous little hiccup coming called National Training Conference. What's that you may ask? Well it's basically where the herd us all to the desert in California and put us through the wringer with training as close to actually being in Iraq as humanly possible. It's going to be long, with very little sleep, working showers maybe only half the time..yeah I'm excited. So if you send me a comment or a message and I don't respond, you'll know why now. Alot of the close people here, Aradia, Amanda, DJ Minou, my little Busdrivertohell...I talk with you guys more than I do my own friends I grew up with these days. I'm going to miss you all very much. Take care of yourselves, and I'll see you just as soon as I can. All my best, Spc An
Why I'm Proud To Be British...
Being British is about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer, then travelling home, grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish Kebab on the way, to sit on Swedish furniture and watch American shows on a Japanese TV. And the most British thing of all? Suspicion of anything Foreign. Oh and...... Only in Britain ... Can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance! Only in Britain ... Do supermarkets make sick people walk all the way to the back of the shop to get their prescriptions, while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. Only in Britain .. Do people order double cheeseburgers, large fries and a DIET coke. Only in Britain ... Do banks leave both doors open and chain the pens to the counters. Only in Britain .. Do we leave cars worth thousands of pounds on the drive and lock our junk and cheap lawn mower in the garage. Only in Britain ... Do we use answering machines to screen calls and then have 'call waiting' so we won't miss a ca
Why I'm On The Edge
Hubby had an affair that lasted a year and a half (which includes the four + months after I found out that she was still working at my husband's office. ) I found out Dec.1, 2005 and Christmas & the holidays were a joke!! I FELT LIKE I WAS UNDER WATER…ALMOST CATATONIC … I had started Weight Watchers…April 2005 (great diet by the way if you know of anyone...)... so I had already lost 20 lbs...but after I found out…I stopped eating and just kept a full glass of alcohol next to me at all times...... I got a tummy tuck on Dec. 20, 2005....and kept drinking and not eating...and not sleeping…boils down to a total weight loss of 55 lbs., ………… so skinnier....look alot better....but still eaten up with all the insecurities of the the time we had already been married 22 years... and on our anniversary (DEC 30th, 2005) he tells me he still doesn't know what he wants...that he can't decide.... March 3rd.. tells me the same thing..."I wish I had nev
Why Is It????
1)What am I going to do now? 2)Will i ever find the love of my life again? 3)Why do i still love him? 4)Am i that stupid or am i just still in love with him? 5)Are we still going to be friends? 6)Will we still do stuff together with our kids? 7)How can i let go? 8)Will i ever be able to let go of the love i feel for him? 9)Will i ever get into a relationship? 10)Why does it seem that i can't get a relationship,but can get FWB's? I know this might sound depressing,but that is the way i feel right now!!! Why is it that men think, women are stupid and don't think they know anything? This that cares about you alot.He tells you he loves you,cares for you,and has you basicly living with him.Now have in mind you and him are not dating, but that he sleeps in the same bed as you.But OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH how he loves you. Then he go's out and messes around with another woman.Do guys think we are stupid that,we don't know what is going on??They always say Action
Why Is It This Way Why Are People So Unbelievabley Uncaring.
There is so much cheating out there, and you want to know something We are not talking the little flirting here Heck we all do that . Those are smiles. What i am talking about is The other stuff the stuff that you do that you know isnt right that you know will cause tears for someone. Online...You know the girls who hit a guys page knowing that he is involved ( its all there for everyone to see) Or more so Taking it farther. There are millions of people online if they are with someone just go away. In real life why go after a taken person is it a thrill..oh wait the married person is the one who does the hitting. Then be a bigger person and walk away...It all will END IN PAIN SO you know what guys and gals. Take a step back and see how someone always gets hurt. THIS ISNT FOR ANYONE I JUST SAW THIS VIDEO TODAY AND IT MADE ME REALIZE HOW MUCH OF IT THERE IS OUT THERE AND HOW MANY TEARS THERE ARE BEING SHED OVER IT (the song is
Why I Hate The Internet. Lol
GRR!!!! THIS GIRL I KNOW HAS IT OUT FOR ME I SWEAR. I TOOK HER TO NC WITH ME AND SHE GOT NO ATENTION. SHE MET GUYS OFF HERE AND MYSPACE AND TOTALLY JUST GAVE SHOULDER UP PICTURES. WELL COME TO FIND OUT WHEN THEY MET HER APPARENTLY SHE LIED ABOUT HER WEIGHT AND THEY WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH HER. SO NOW THAT SHE DIDNT GET AN Y ACTION OR EVEN ATTENTION SHE IS TAKING IT OUT ON ME AND MSGING EVERYONE TALKING SHIT ABOUT ME. GOD DAMN SHE IS FUCKING DUMB!!!! IM ABOUT TO FUCKIN KILL A BITCH!!!! wayne hayle (11/27/2007 12:34:36 AM): hey ur back chunkymonkey (11/27/2007 12:34:39 AM): uhhu wayne hayle (11/27/2007 12:34:50 AM): whats up wayne hayle (11/27/2007 12:35:34 AM): kool if we talk chunkymonkey (11/27/2007 12:35:42 AM): yeah what up wayne hayle (11/27/2007 12:35:54 AM): bored as fuck wayne hayle (11/27/2007 12:36:00 AM): u wayne hayle (11/27/2007 12:36:56 AM): if ur busy ill go chunkymonkey (11/27/2007 12:39:29 AM): me 2 chunkymonkey (11/27/2007 12:39:32 AM): nah im here chun
Why Is It
Why I Want To Be Santa Claus
everyone loves him he only works one night a year he is fat, but still eats all the milk and cookies he wants he has an original fashion sense and no one makes fun of it his job is to make others happy He has been around hundreds of years His beard is even cooler than mine in order to deliver all those gifts, his sled has got to me the hottest ride on the planet He is a stalker, and yet folks dont get upset at him, folks sing about it (you beter watch out.....he sees you when youre sleeping, he knows when youre awake- sounds like a stalker to me) He loves to do his "ho ho ho"s
Why Is It?
Why is it when the only time My wife want's to be on top,, is when it comes to my pics on my fubar??? Lol.. Feel free to comment.
Why Is It Men Get Move Up So Slow
I think the women don't search and add men like the men try to do I challange the women on my friends like to search their friends friends and family list and invite the men on their list then have them search yours !!
Why I Fired My Secretary
> Last week was my birthday and I didn't feel very well waking up on that > morning. > > I went downstairs for breakfast hoping my wife would be pleasant and > say, 'Happy Birthday!', and possibly have a small present for me. As it > turned out, she barely said good morning, let alone 'Happy Birthday.' > > I thought... Well, that's marriage for you, but the kids.... They will > remember. > > My kids came bounding down stairs to breakfast and didn't say a word. So > when I left for the office, I felt pretty low and somewhat despondent. > > As I walked into my office, my secretary Jane said, 'Good Morning Boss, > and by the way Happy Birthday! ' It felt a little better that at least > someone had remembered. > > I worked until one o'clock, when Jane knocked on my door and said, 'You > know, It's such a beautiful day outside, and it is your Birthday, what > do you say we go out to lunch, just you and me.' I said, 'Thanks, Jane, > that's the greatest thin
Why I Love Her
1. They will always smell good even if it's just shampoo. 2. The way their heads always find the right spot on our shoulder. 3. How cute they look when they sleep. 4. The ease in which they fit into our arms. 5. The way they kiss you and all of a sudden everything is right in the world. 6. How cute they are when they eat. 7. The way they take hours to get dressed but in the end it makes it all worth while. 8. Because they are always warm even when its minus 30 outside. 9. The way they look good no matter what they wear. 10. The way they fish for compliments even though you both know that you think she's the most beautiful girl on this earth. 11. How cute they are when they argue. 12. The way her hand always finds yours. 13. The way they smile. 14. The way you feel when you see their name on the your cell after you just had a big fight. 15. The way she says "lets not fight anymore" - even though you know that an hour
Why I Hate Nj
I'm a security guard all I have to stop some one is my phone WTF. When I heard what happoned im like in this area WTF. Some one stole a car at a nother building behind my work last night at gun point. WTF is this world coming too. Their was a robery from a local hotel witch is manded 24/7. Is nothing safe any more? The stuf was stashed on my works lot.
Why Im Here !
Why Is It "my Rant"
OK here it is all m beefs rolled up into one. Why is it #1) I keep getting these darn infernal plug is error pop up messages :( #2) Am I so grossly horribly repulsively ugly that a person cant leave a picture comment or two. #3) I never get pointz when I fill out one of those stupid surveys that take forever and thats when they feel I am "qualified" to take one #4) Im not able to give 11's What the heck do you have to do to be able to get to give 11's #5) they have private pic's If you dont want someone to see them dont post them DUHHHH #6)I cant upload my own music on here, I can on myspace ? #7) Noone hardly shouts at me isnt that the purpose of it or again I guess Im so grossly pungent and ignorant noone wants to talk to me #8) Im always dry, I need more drinks damnit #9)that bouncer dude gets in your way when your trying to rate someone AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST WTF is a fuberlord
Why I Do What I Do
Ok its Ass day :) I want to see your Ass!!! So let me know if you have an ass photo posted so I may see it :P thanks for participating and making my world a most maximus day!!!! ♥ I blog I blog I blog! When I have something to say..I blog. BLAH!   who reads this shit anyways? Maji, Bill, John, Robert, Jude, Claire, Denise, Jeremy, Hughie, Ian, Pete, or Jim? Maybe Jay, Dean, Bob, or Fred? well that should sum up my list of blog entusiasts. I love you all for taking the few minutes to read what I type. I have sat here and read the blogs I have posted over the last few years. The poems I have shared and thoughts forever frozen in time in text. I know I have deleted some of the most erotic or personal ones I didnt really want to read again. Sorry if you noticed or missed them.   I can't blog what is in my mind today. Bill might strangle me if  I do. And I will prove him wrong and stick to my guns this time. I will be strong, and use some will power. I wish to cave and
Why Is It So Hard To Forgive !!!
Why I Hate The Winter
its too fukin cold!!!!i gotta bundle up to stay warm but im still fukin cold!!!all the boobies get covered up!!!!i cant show off my tattoo!!!!i gotta wear boots...when i wear them all fukin day at work!!!!my toes get cold!!!!my hands get cold!!! snot freezes on my nose!!!! need a hat to cover my beautiful bald head!!!!cold hands when i pee!!!! (it is cool to write ur name in the snow) big bird turns to tweety bird when he gets cold!!!!! campin sux in the winter!!!!no phillies games to go to!!!!! all the asshole eagles fans come out!!!!!u gotta rake leaves!!!!(when u have no trees in ur yard but ur fukin neighbor does) "think i need my saw" cant sit outside n smoke a joint!!!! (i can but it sux passin it!!) MAN ....THINK I GOTTA GO DOWN .....WHERE ITS WARM!!!!
Why I Do This
AS MY FRIENDS KNOW IM IN DEPLOYED HELPING WITH BORDER DUTY. YESTERDAY, AFTER WORK, I WENT TO A FAST FOOD ESTABLISHMENT. WHILE IN LINE, I OVERHEARD TWO PEOPLE,SPEAKIN IN SPANISH,WHICH I UNDERSTAND, TALKIN ABOUT HOW THEY DIDNT WANT AMERICAN SOLIDERS HERE AND WHY DO WE HAVE TO BE HERE ETC ETC. I GOT MY FOOD AND SMILED AT THEM AS I LEFT. I NEXT WENT TO WALLY WORLD(ITS ALL WE HAVE HERE). WHILE IN LINE , A LITTLE BOY,,MAYB 8 OR 9 CAME UP TO ME AND SAID," TY FOR HELPING TO KEEP OUR COUNTRY SAFE" AND " I WANNA BE A SOLDIER WITH IM OLD ENOUGH" THATS WHY I DO WHAT I DO AND IM GLAD EVERY MORNING TO WAKE UP AND PUT ON THE UNIFORM. -- Burger King Corporation today announced the launch of the new Left-Handed WHOPPER®, which will become available nationwide tomorrow. America's most preferred premium hamburger will feature the trademark build of lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup and 4-ounce flame broiled hamburger patty, but the newly designed sandwich has been re-engineered to
Why I Believe In An 8 Yr Old
HIS ONE IS FABULOUS!!! > >It was written by an 8-year-old named Danny Dutton, who lives in Chula >Vista , CA . He wrote it for his third grade homework assignment, to >"explain God." I wonder if any of us could have done as well. ( and he >had such an assignment, in California , and someone published it. I >guess miracles do happen ! ) > >EXPLANATION OF GOD: >"One of God's main jobs is making people. He makes them t o replace the >ones that die, so there will be enough people to take care of things on >earth. He doesn't make grownups, just babies. I think because they are >smaller and easier to make. That way he doesn't have to take up his >valuable time teaching them to talk and walk. He can just leave that to >mothers and fathers." > >"God's second most important job is listening to prayers. An awful lot >of this goes on, since some people, like preachers and things, pray at >times besides bedtime. God doesn't have time to listen to the radio or >TV because of this
Why Is It Worth It
I see! Oh my how do I see! The straining under my hands Struggling to not breathe Small elliptical bubbles rise As the air becomes stale in your lungs. Oh my! *smirking* How long before you will panic? How long before you tempt to take that breath? How long before your eyes bleed? Oh wait, Oh yes, there you are . I see! I see your eyes, you are telling me to stop. Stop being so petty all I want is for you to take that last breath Let me feel you , let me feel you panic, let me feel you give up! I want to see you smile one last time. Please do. where one stand with one self make the difference in how one see the world that they live in. in my perfect world i could make the rules the way i would make up to make my life perfect. but there in my perfect world would the perfect way make life worth living? if i could make the things the way i would like, would i be fullfilled. or do we need the hard times in our life to make life worth living? it mak
Why I Became A Bartender
"Who has ever written a great work about the immense effort required in order not to create?" - from Richard Linklater’s Slacker Recently an old friend asked why -- and how on earth -- I had come to be a bartender. Why and how indeed. . . I remember the day I realized my life was going nowhere. I was in high school, roaming the halls between classes, when George Viola came running up to me, waving his college acceptance letter. This was during our senior year, when everybody in school was waving their college acceptance letters. Everybody, that is, except me -- I hadn’t even applied. I don’t remember which university accepted him, though it must have been an impressive one. Viola was one smart, clarinet-carrying nerd. I, on the other hand, was a nerd of a different sort: a slacker-nerd. How’s that for God’s cruel humor? He denied me the only thing we nerds can count on in this harsh, cold world: superior scholastic aptitude. I never did home
Why I Ache!
This blog was written by my friend Terri, who said that I could post it in my blogs as well. As some of you know, I have back problems, what you don't know is that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis(RA), and Fibromyalgia as well..... Most know what RA is, and can understand back problems, but not everyone knows anything about Fibro. Hopefully this helps you to understand... ***************************************************** MY NAME IS FIBROMYALGIA by Terri Been Hi. . .My Name is Fibromyalgia, and I'm an Invisible Chronic Illness. I am now velcroed to you for life. Others around you can't see me or hear me, but YOUR body feels me. I can attack you anywhere and anyhow I please. I can cause severe pain or, if I'm in a good mood, I can just cause you to ache all over. Remember when you and Energy ran around together and had fun? I took Energy from you, and gave you Exhaustion. Try to have fun now! I also took Good Sleep from you and, in its place, gave you Brain Fog. I can make y
Why I’m Leaving...
Well, to make simple. I'm leaving because I'm bored with my life and this town. My being bored with my life has nothing to do with my friends/family. I have a lot great, and not so great, memories with the whole of them. It's just that my life is stagnent here and I seem to be going nowhere and getting nothing accomplished. And there really isn't much that this town has to offer me in what I want and there is nothing here for me to stay and be just "content" with the way things are now. I really haven't made up up my mind as to what I want to do or where to do it but I do know that it is no longer here. At first when I begun thinking about it I didn't want to come back because if I could find what makes me happy here I think I would have found it by now but I do have family and friends here that care for very much and will miss them so I will come back from time-to-time for visits, although knowing my track record with that phrase won't be often as I'd like. Yes, there will b
Why Is It A Bad Thing
I was listening to a friend of mine today and he say a psting get shreded and the person whom posted a bad scolding, He just a simple little questionn about a Herb and it was for seen as a bad thing, So I want to know when is it ILLEGAL to mention its name like his name that shall not be mentioned ( The Dark Lord), So if it is offensive to people turn the page or the station why should as a human be told what to say and where ??? What gives I thought that we have people fighting and dieing for freedom of speech... Sorry Had to let it out .. Didn't mean to offend any one..
Why I;ve Been Weird Lately
No one is for real about anything anymore, and words like Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty and Committment are useless words that will be lost on the majority of you. I'm not really here 'looking' for anything or anyone. IF YOU CAN'T BE HONEST WITH ME, GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!! For anyone that is actually interested and is taking the time to read this...... I'm sure you think I'm an asshole already and I'm sorry for that. I am just too burned out on stupid people out to amuse themselves at my expense. I just don't have any patience anymore and have come to expect stupid shit from stupid people. There are things lately that have been bothering me but I do not feel I should express them at this time. I may put down more later, for those who are genuinely interested. By the way, I don't understand Ebonics. So, you can keep your wanna-be 'Gangster/Ghetto-speak' and illiterate bullshit to yourselves. I actually know how to speak correctly and expect others to do the same.
Why I Don't Care (and You Shouldn't Either)
So other day I said something at work, was pretty insensitive, and I realized as of late it seems like I will without fail say something w/o thinking. Males ignore it when I do this, it's almost like they say to themselves "well, he's a good guy, prob doesn't realize I care etc, no problem" But women? wow, they get pissed. They immediately get defensive, justify and then look for a crack in my armor. Usually I hear something like "Wow, like your perfect" and usually answer is "well, no but I have it pretty close don't I babe?" Anyway not picking on women, just pointing out that as a group they seem most pissed off at me usually. Probably my fault, remember guys, fastest way to losing is arguing with a woman. If you learn to just say "your right" and get it over with, you'll be happier and less agitated later when you have to do what she says anyway then if your spent an hour arguing your point, hour making it up to her and two days trying to get back in her pants. Sensitiv
Why I Am Me
Why Is It Ok For Men And Not Women??????
Why I Love You
Your smile always brightens my day, While your words just blow me away. You make me feel like I can fly like a dove, There's no one else I adore, no one above. You love me when no one else is, When it feels like my life is over, you say I LOVE YOU and it all turns to bliss. You give me the confidence to go on...making no more sadness, Loving me...throwing away all of the badness. You're always there by my side, When I fall, your arms are open wide. Your love sets me free, So finally you can see the real me. Your heart lets me wish on stars, That someday I can be wherever you are. Late at night when I look up at the moon, The only thing I seem to think about is you. There's only one thing that I will never forget, And that's the day we finally met. When I gaze into your eyes, I know your the one that will never tell me any lies. I hate those nights when I'm trapped in a cell when all I can do is think about you, But then I feel free when I know y
Why I Don't Care Anymore....
I am done trying to meet anyone it just doesn't work for me anymore.. I think I just keep fuckin up or caring or something... It's a waste of time.. I mean even if I am with someone I worry that they are gonna go cheat on me ... yeah I get kinda "psycho".. I try not to.. I try to be non chalant about everything.. but I notice that when I don't get a call back from a guy I am interested in or I think he is interested in me I get all trippy or hurt.. DAMN I am too old to be acting like a sorry ass like this.. it's lame so the fact that most the guys that have been "interested' in me are like 10 years younger... I guess I will just need to be more confident.. fuck it I say fuck it fuck it.
Why Is It Hard To Believe?
I have come to the conclusion that life is definitely a mystery. I have done 29 years of nothing but trying to help people and some I have made an impact with and other's I haven't. But my question is why do men have such a hard time expressing themselves?
Why Is It?
Why is it that you work so hard and so long to build a steel wall around your heart, then one very sweet, hilarious, adorable, kind and tender hearted person comes along and is able to break that steel wall down so fast that it makes your head and heart spin? I don't have the answer to this question; all I can say is that it is very exciting and scary all at the same time. The only answer that I have for this question is that God does everything for a reason and puts everyone you meet in your path for a reason. As to why he has put this person in my path, I don't know, but I am very thankful. After a very long time, he has put someone like this in my path, and now I am confused. It's a very good confused I think, but none the less I am confused. I don't want it to end, but only God knows if and when it will all end. If it ends, then I just wish it would end sooner instead of later, so that I could avoid all the heart ache and heart break. I didn't want it to end, but it has ended; n
Why I Opened A Fubar Account
myspace is too kiddy and i need to meet drinkers smokers and night owls
Why Is It Always Me!!!
Why Is It
why is every time i fall for someone, i start flirt with them some ass hole trys take them from me! Then dumb ass turns round asked me what i do to piss you off!! Why is it - when someone knows you like that person all ways seem try take that person way from you when you tell them back off get all pissie! when they know u have been flirting with them 1st. Some times just want give up, say hell with it, maybe am not supposed fall love let all the ass holes take everything from me! but so damn tired everyone taken things way from me that i love and care about!!! So if have fight for the person i love then i will, if they like it fuckem!
Why I Love Nascar
"A Prayer For The Drivers" This is a prayer to say before every race begins To keep all the drivers safe and God bless whoever wins So bow your heads with me, and together we will ask That God protect every driver for each and every lap... "Dear God in heaven we ask you to watch over this track and keep these drivers safe and sound for every single lap watch them and protect them with your caring watchful eye and bless them each and every time a green flag lap goes by we pray there are no cautions because of a crash and let them continue to race this race until the very last so which ever driver makes his way to Victory Lane we, the fans, know you heard our prayer and blessed us all the same... Amen"
Why Is Panda Doing This?
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I get real irriated with people who can't use caps. Gah! 2. I think the original Power Rangers are still badass while the new ones are X-treme pussies. 3. i hate mustard and mayo. i hate them more than anything in this world. 4. Four is my favorite number.(ZOMG Sidnee!) 5. I am afraid of being upside down. I get very spastic and fail all over the place in a total freak out. Needless to say I also hate roller coasters that loop. 6. I think I sleep more than I stay awake. 7. I have a thick Boston accent, even though I live 2 hours away from there and visit it about only twice a year. 8. Goth girls=hawt. 9. I take cl
Why Is This So True?
As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. "Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin."
Why Is Life So Hard
::why I Love/hate Fubar::
::REASONS WHY I LOVE/HATE FUBAR:: By: Message In A Bottle ::I LOVE FUBAR BECAUSE...:: *The instant interaction with people *You meet some people in here with similar interests that can actually hold a conversation *The booze!!!! *The networking possibilities are endless *A LOT better than *Wide variety of everything *The booze!!!! *The games are a fun way to kill time *Stashes!!! *The mumms, gotta love the mumms! *I can express a lot of myself on here *It's fun *THE BOOZE!!!!!!!!! ------------------------ ::I HATE FUBAR BECAUSE...:: *Perverts, especially the older ones *Married dudes trying to run thier game on me when it says on thier page they are "happily" married...gross!! *When people ask you simple questions when they can just look on your page *Asshats and pricks *When Serbs on here try to insult me...LAME!! *Internet tough guys/gals that e-threaten me.....ooooh, I'm e-shaking!!! *Stupid drama *When people get butthurt beca
Why I Reenact Wwii
Why I Feal Hurt
You never call, write, email text unless I get pissed at you. I want to hang out you never can make time. I know you have a kid and a famly to tend too but your going to loose a good friend couse you never try. I went out of my way for you all i asked for was one day night eave morning a month. Was that to much.
Why Im Here
Why Is That?
i been talking to a lot of women here on fubar and alo outside from fubar i came to the end that we women mostly look for the same or want the same we all want a man who is down for us and down for the family somebody who dont cheat cheat somebody who dont lie somebody who u can give ur life in his hands and know he will protect it with his life somebody who u can give ur hert in his hand and know he wont break it somebody who is down for the family and who put the family in the 1st position sombody who accept u for who u r and loves u for that with his hole heart somebody who u can tell everything from u somebody who will know all of ur lil n big secrets is that so hard? is it so hard for a man to be down for just one woman and not to mess around with other women? i mean to be with one woman in a relationship isnt that stressful enough? do ya really need sidepiece? to make everything more complicated and more stressfull?
Why I Write
A poem is something, Not everyone can write, A poem can make, Long and restless nights, A poem can be, Anything you feel, A poem is also, Something you can steal, A poem is personal, From the start to the end, A poem is one time, No one can pretend. Because when you write one, It may be filled with doubt, A poems a good thing, Because its my way out.
Why I Write
A poem is something, Not everyone can write, A poem can make, Long and restless nights, A poem can be, Anything you feel, A poem is also, Something you can steal, A poem is personal, From the start to the end, A poem is one time, No one can pretend. Because when you write one, It may be filled with doubt, A poems a good thing, Because its my way out.
Why Is Life So Unfair
I was going to go see my kids this weekend, but the person was going to give me the money is no where to be found, and i got my kids all excited over nothing. Why does this happen to me all the time, i have not seen my kids in 2 months.
Why I Am Here
faberfrench@ fubar Just to let you all know a little bit about me and why I have joined this site. First a good friend asked me to and I try to do just about anything I can to help a friend. I am not here to check out nude pictures of people or to post and show them of myself. I am a 31 year old mother of 4 wonderful children. I do not have time for games and things of that nature. I am here to meet new people and gain new friends. Friends are something you can never have enough of. If you'd like to chat with me I am here, if you want anothers opinion or advice I will give you my viewpoint (not to say that mine is right just to give you maybe a different outlook on something). I will add anyone who sends me an invite tho if you only send them as a way for popularity and have no plans of getting to know me or be friends know that eventually you will get removed. I'd like friends not show things and/or thorphies so to speak.
Why I'm Not Here Much
Sorry I havent been here,,, Reason....a lot of drama...yet the main reason is...I am getting ready for surgery on Wed afternoon...Getting off my blood thinners has been scary for the surgery... Hoping that after this is all done and a new doctor...that life will be on the right track..... Also waiting to hear if I get my summer place:) So sending Luv to my friends.....Miss ya..... Luv Kelly
Why Is It So Hard To Just Be Friends
Not into porn, being rude, not a dirty old man - just would like someone to talk to once in a while and maybe make a good friend
Why In The Hell Would U Flage Some One When Their Pits Any That Bad
hey what up fubar peeps lol anyway i just wanted to knw why in the hell some one flaged my pis when they wont even that bad and they didnt even show anything i guess people here r gayer then myspace at lest people there dont care what pics u have on them... that r some kidish people on this site it suck thought this site was better then myspace guess i was wrong.... C:Documents and SettingsTimMy DocumentsMy PicturesDCFC0452.JPG C:Documents and SettingsTimMy DocumentsMy PicturesCoirnna\'s picsDCFC0413.JPG C:Documents and SettingsTimMy DocumentsMy PicturesCoirnna\'s picsDCFC0435.JPG
Why Im Not With You
not much to it than that. if you think you're an exception, youre wrong. either you're with someone and shouldnt be bothering with me or you hold interest in others and i cant deal with a man that cant make up his mind. no, choosing to be with all of them is not making up your mind especially not if youre going to lie about it showing insecurity. i'll be your friend, you can tell me tht you think im in love with you, get over it. this is the internet and i could be any one i choose to be or anything for that matter. I could be the flying dutchman or Elizabeth or Grumpy Bear. I could be a man, a woman, adult or child, living anywhere acting anyway I choose. How I see things is that I like knowledge and when I seek it, I dont want it wrapped in lies. If I obtain knowledge that is not the truth, I havent learned anything and that to me is pointless. All in all, what I want to relay is that I'll be with someone when it happens to be true.
Why I Haven't Been Around
Why I Havent Been On
my comp. is broke, im getting a new one sometime next week,Kim
Why Is That?
so when you spark up a feeling for someone and they make all the big deal saying that they don't wanna get hurt and feel like I might be the one to hurt them... then they are the one to hurt you... wierd hmmmm, i give up,....
Why I Don’t Believe In God By Everclear
I heard the truth about you And it really doesnt read at all Like the whipping stick you raised me with A scared woman in a private hell Hushed voice like electric bells Strange talk about edgar casey And the long lame walk of the dark 70s Strange talk about edgar casey And the long lame walk of the dark 70s I heard the truth about you, yeah you Mama they woke me up I was deep in an idiot sleep I was just eight years old Heard big words with a horrible sound Whyd they have to call my school Tell me my mother had a nervous breakdown I wish I believed like you do, yeah you In the myth of a merciful god In the myth of a heaven and hell I hear the voices you hear sometimes Sometimes it gets so much I feel like letting go Sometimes it gets so hard I feel like letting it go Sometimes it gets so goddamn hard I feel like letting it all go Letting it all go, letting it all go Letting it all go, letting it all go I ran away and went looking for you Back to cu
Why I Fired My Secretary
Why I Fired My Secretary I woke up early, feeling depressed because it was my birthday, and I thought, "I'm another year older," but decided to make the best of it. So I showered and shaved, knowing when I went down to breakfast my wife would greet me with a big kiss and say, "Happy birthday, dear." All smiles, I went in to breakfast, and there sat my wife, reading her newspaper, as usual. She didn't say one word. So I got myself a cup of coffee, made some toast and thought to myself, "Oh well, she forgot. The kids will be down in a few minutes, smiling and happy, and they will sing 'Happy Birthday' and have a nice gift for me." There I sat, enjoying my coffee, and I waited. Finally, the kids came running into the kitchen, yelling, "Give me a slice of toast! I'm late! Where is my coat? I'm going to miss the bus!" Feeling more depressed than ever, I left for the office. When I walked into the office, my secretary greeted me with a great big smile and a cheerful "Hap
Why Is It.....
what is it about men wanting to call a woman names when they cant get what they that a control thing?? get a dog if you want to control something... what insecurities are they trying to cover up by trying to control someone?? is that like compensating for a small penis by driving a big truck?? just asking....why is it men feel they need to tell you that they have feelings for you, or even worse pop out with the "L" word just to see naked pics...shit all you have to do is ask me and i will let you see them, there is no shame in my game, and realistically we will never meet....not like one of you will turn out to be my kids about an awkward parent teacher people, there are not alot of real people on these sites...people tell you what they want you to know, or what they think you want to hear...period, point blank...some man might tell you he loves you and at the same time have kiddie porn playing on his tv...let's be real with ea
Why Is It Over?
i found this song today and instantly cried. and can't stop listening to it. stupid fucking boys! it's not over by secondhand seronade my tears run down like razor blades and no i'm not theo ne to blame it's you or is it me and all the words we never say, come out and now we're all ashamed and there's no sense in playing games when you've done all you can do but no it's over it's over why is it over? we had the chance to make it now it's over it's over it can't be over i wish that i could take it back but it's over i loose myself in all these fights i loose my sense of wrong and right i cry i cry shaking form the pain that's in my head i just wanna crawl into my bed and throw away the life i've lead but i wont let it die and i wont let it die but it's over it's over why is it over? we had the chance to make it now it's over it's over it can't be over i wish that i could tak
Why I'm Single
I'm often asked why I'm single. Honestly I do not know the answer to this. I get all the time that I am sexy, gorgeous, attractive or whatnot, yet all the men I do get interested in, only see me as a friend. Is it cuz I'm not a "bad girl" in public? Is it cuz I'm not the average blond hair, blue eyed girl? Is it cuz I have children? I'm not necessarily sure. It hurts to know that someone I may be interested in doesn't see me as anything more, but I'm content with a friendship and being there for them, hopefully when they need me. Most people do not realize that the thing they may be looking for is right in front of them and they bypass it cuz they are afraid of change and trying something new. I'll still be here tho...
Why It's So Hard For The Rest Of You
As a woman there are certain advantages to this site. None that come to mind at this moment, but know what I mean. On the other hand, there are just stupid daily encounters that make me wish otherwise. For example, I was minding my own Fu-business when this guy stumbles into my shoutbox. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent) Idiot: are you just a great pair of legs? (Ok, let's stop here. Who asks this? Is it just me or is that just dumb and rude? It's like an assbackwards compliment.) Me: yes. Idiot: there is no face to you Me: i'm still waiting for the bandages to come off from my extreme makeover. Idiot: ok i see so you had to change your looks Me: yeah....well after my reassignment surgery i wanted to be more feminine Idiot: you are a man from the start Me: why, are you into guys or do you just wanna see my new v@g? Idiot: i am the guy not the ones i talk with on here Me: Oh. :| For the record, I was born a woman and still am. Yet,
Why I Havent Been On Lately
Why I Never Sing In
Why Is It That......
Why I'm Away
Hi all it's Ark (Arkham for them that don't know me). I'm keeping an eye on sparklys account at the mo,he has asked me to do this blog to let you know he's in hospital right now and that he is on the psych ward. he don't know how long he is going to be away right now. if you want to leave a message for him i'll be sure to let him know. love&hugs all Arkham♥ So people i got a text off sparkly again asking me to blog for him. He's going to be in hospital for another week,and they keep trying new meds on him and shit (he said that). If you have his number (cos i know some of you do) drop him a text or call i'm sure he would love to hear from you . if not drop a message hear and i'll pass it on for you. love&hugs Arkham&hearts i am still in the hospital recieving treatment for the breakdown i had. also they are reviewing the medication for my bipolar disorder. hopefully they will make me more stable and less prone to some of my angry outbursts. i would like to say a
Why I Have Been Gone
Well as most of you know I have been sick on and off since last May. I have had pnemonia twice last year and bronchitis several times. Well I went to a new Dr. yesterday to get a fresh out look on all this. I was diagnosed with COPD. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a lung disease in which the lungs are damaged, making it hard to breathe. In COPD, the airways—the tubes that carry air in and out of your lungs—are partly obstructed, making it difficult to get air in and out. COPD develops slowly, and it may be many years before you notice symptoms like feeling short of breath. Most of the time, COPD is diagnosed in middle-aged or older people. COPD is a major cause of death and illness, and it is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States and throughout the world. There is no cure for COPD. The damage to your airways and lungs cannot be reversed, but there are things you can do to feel better and slow the damage. He basically told me if
Why I Do What I Do.
I often have a hard time explaining to people why I choose to work in an extended care facility. People often think of it as just a place where people shit on themelves and die. Needless to say, I can never find the right words to describe why I do what I do. It's true that the job is far from glorious, and the rewards can seem few and farbetween. When I need inspiration I buy books about nursing, stories of encouragement.It helps me to understand that I am not the only person in the world crazy enough to put up with the shit I put up with on a daily basis. Lately I have needed quite a bit of inspiration, and in my readings I came across something that made me laugh out loud. It explains perfectly what I can't. Here it is..... Bringing the cows home. When I was a teenager, I worked at a nursing home as a nursing assistant. Althought the hours were long and the duties not always pleasant, I developed an understanding, respect and love for the residents. Elm
Why Is It
So, I am noticing a trend here FUBAR... I was deleted out of no where at level 21, almost a 22.. Someone on my new friends level 21 another victim at level 17... and yet another was on the verge and we caught it, again, at level 22.. So here's my question.. Why arent they tracking ips.. They knew there was problem.. and yet, they arent willing to help those of us hacked. I want my level, fu bucks, and points back.. but so far, no answers..and no help from support as far as i can see.. Until I am back where I was, and others also, I refuse to buy myself another vip, ticker, or anything else paid for in cash.. Why should I, so you can delete me again?? Thanks for nothing guys.. If any one out there has the answers, feel free to comment.. So, I was sitting here checking one of my other sites, and I noticed how I never go on there anymore, it bores me too much. Then I sat back and looked at the history of sites I had belonged to at one point or anot
Why I Joined The Army
Why I Apoze Our Goverment
From: Rky Mtn Highah for Ron Paul! Ted Kennedy Diagnosed with Malignant Glioma (Brain Cancer) Pot Shrinks Tumors; Government Knew in '74 By Raymond Cushing, AlterNet View this story online at: http://www. alternet. org/story/9257/ The term medical marijuana took on dramatic new meaning in February, 2000 when researchers in Madrid announced they had destroyed incurable brain tumors in rats by injecting them with THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. The Madrid study marks only the second time that THC has been administered to tumor-bearing animals; the first was a Virginia investigation 26 years ago. In both studies, the THC shrank or destroyed tumors in a majority of the test subjects. Most Americans don't know anything about the Madrid discovery. Virtually no major U.S. newspapers carried the story, which ran only once on the AP and UPI news wires, on Feb. 29, 2000. The ominous part is that this isn't the first time scientists
Why Is
Why I Don't Blog
Why Is The World Nutless
Ok so I rant alot that is part of my personality. I see and hear about issues that piss me the hell off then I go on a rant. So here is my rant. Ready If i hear one more nutless person bitch about the price of gas I am going to scream. Not a I;m being raped scream but a I am going to blow up the world scream. I hear omg Bush sucks Omg I hate these prices. Well for fucks sake I have a question. What the hell have you done about it cept bitch a whole lot. I mean we know how to stop the shit. Just stop pumping damn gas. I know u gotta go to work and support your families but fuck.. Have you wrote congress ....and don't tell me that does no good cuzz I;ll call quick bullshit on that. I held a write congress drive in my homestate of TN to get Jessica's law passed here in two weeks our governor was on it. You get enough pissed off people blowing up your email and your gonna see results. i am planning a bitch about gas to congress drive soon and I HOPE that people will grow balls and at leas
Why Is It
why do woman join one site just to invite people to go to another site. im so sick of it its not even funny and it sucks cause men think that they found someone thats intereted in them just to be lead on them asked to join another site they have to pay for when they are lead to beleave its free in reality its not free
Why I Came Here
What's up everyone this is my first blog so i don't know how good it will be. So i'm 37 years old i live in a little town in North Carolina. So naturaly it's "Go Tarheels" I like most sports i'm way into the computer but not so much that i'm a geek. I'm far from that. I joined fubar along time ago and quit but im back looking to make some new friends. I have few friends where i live so i'm on the pc a lot thought i'd try and make some here. I'm pretty much over my party years so looking for a new way to pass the time and still meet some new cool peoplpe. If your into making friends not just for points or some of that stuff drop me a line....Later
Why I Was Gone.
Hey mummers and mummettes... sorry that ive been gone for alil bit but my father is very ill In fact, dying.... it is hard for me but im just takin it day by day yanno? dont worry too much about me i'll be fine and all that good stuff but i welcome prayers for those who believe in god. thanks so much for those who did welcome me back Love you guys ♥ Ree
Why I Will Be Away
hey everyone, Andre` here just letting you know that from the time i hit post and exit out of this page until october first i will be away. i assure you that even if it says i am on i am not i stay permenantly logged in. i will be taking my state exam for the police acadamy on the 24th so i will be studying until then and therfore will not have time to be online. plz show me some love and support. i will see you all in october. and for those of you who support me and love on me while i am gone i thank you and it will be returned when i get back. until then this is your friend Andre` bidding you farewell.
Why Is It?!?
why is it?!? cars run out of gas..... relationships run out of love.... hearts get broken.... eyes have tears fall..... time will hurt.... love will pass.... hearts will mend.... lies will always be told.... promises will always get broken.... why is it everytime something good starts something bad comes with it???? why is it everyone is saying they love me when they really mean they hate me???? why is it that i'm blind to the truth????? i'm not a prep i'm not a poser it's just that i'm bulimic all my exes my friends and family told me i was fat when i lost my first love i became anarexic my parents make me eat but little do they know i fake i need help "mommy help me i can't stop" i cry out from the inside but i can't say anything cuz if people knew they would laugh i can't show it but if i do mommy might find out and tell the hospital they'll stick me and make me eat my "friends"say that i need to loss a lot of weight i look at a
Why Is It?
Why is it? People will have kids and then not want to take care of them. Why is it? People go to the movies and talk loud durring the whole movie. Why is it? People can ge the most greedy of all other creatures on the planet. Why is it? We teach our kids to share but we will not. ( Sugar, flour, milk ect ect) Why is it? People Drink and get drunk and then want to blame everyone eles for them being drunk. You know I could do this all day long, But I won't I will stop for now. Hope your not the people I have talked about and if you are. :P~`~ That is all I have for you then. Have fun be safe and be well AND PLAY NICE DAMIT!! LOL
Why I Am Still Single
i opened up my heart only to get hurt i sit here and cry not caring what i write i don't care about the fact that i am crying i don't care about the fact that i feel used i don't care about him i hate him ... i cant hate him i love him but i hate the fact that he hurt me i hate him for making me trust i hate him for making me feel like a stupid little child i hate the way he made me feel i hate him for making me feel like i could love and i could trust again then fucking me over i hate it i hate it I HATE IT!! i hate it i hate the fact that i opened up my heart i hate it i hate the fact that i cant seem to get it right i hate it i hate getting my heart torn apart i hate it i hate the fact that i told him "i love you" i hate it i hate it that i thought he loved me back i hate it i hate the fact that i am crying over him i hate it i hate the words "i love you" cause i love you means nothing love is nothing we were nothing i hate it but there is n
Why I Blocked My Owner Lostangel
> > > > > My Shoutbox > > > > > > > > > > ->Lostangel-...: I AM GOING THRU ALOT. REPSECT THAT OR I'LL DISCONTINUE THIS OWNERSHIP SHIT > > > > > Lostangel-...: so what ur deal > > > > > Lostangel-...: we just got back togher > > > > > ->Lostangel-...: IVE BEEN SICK AND MY FRIEND WAS FUCKIN DYING!!!!!! QUIT BEING SO DAMN PISHY. YOU'RE NOT GETTING A UDIE PIX CUZ YOU HAVE A G/F THAT U LIED AND SAID U BROKE UP WITH. BACK THE FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!! > > > > > Lostangel-...: u never let my know > > > > > Lostangel-...: k sry > > > > > ->Lostangel-...: JESUS!!! I HAVE BEEN THRU ALOT!!!!!!! I JUST HAD MY 1ST INFUSION TODAY AND NOT FEELING WELL. YOU ARE NOT GONNA GET VERY FAR PUSHING ME. I SAID YOU'D GET AND YOU WILL. OKAY!!! GOD. MY FRIEND ALMOST DIED AND IM SICK, TOO. SO BACK THE FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > > > > > Lostangel-...: it friday where my pic HE KEEPS ON INSISTING ON A NUDIE AND I SAID "NO"!!!!! PROVCATIVE DOESNT MEAN NAKED!!!!! AND HE'S ALWAYS HARRSING ME ABOUT WHY AI
Why It Is So Cool To Be A Woman..
We can get rid of leg hair without pretending that we do a lot of cycling/swimming or any other sport that would require aerodynamic legs. We absently hum tunes from musicals without anyone being suspect of our sexuality. When we buy a vibrator it is glamorous. When men buy a blow up doll it's pathetic. Should we wake up looking like something the cat dragged in, we can fix it with cosmetics. We can have partners that are years younger than us without being called dirty old perverts. We can scare male bosses with mysterious gynecological disorder excuses. Systems support men always return our calls, and are nice to us when we blow up our computers. We know that Tetris is the computer game to end all games. We got off the Titanic first. Our boyfriend's clothes make us look elfin and gorgeous. They look like complete dorks in our clothes. We have total control over our eyebrows. We can be groupies. Male groupies are stalkers. It's cool to b
Why I'm Here
WHY I'M HERE I'm here so you don't have to be I'm here cause you don't wanna be I'm here because I wanna be, I asked to I'm here to do my part, for these people, this country, for my brothers and sisters I'm here so hopefully your kids and mine won't ever have to see or be involved with war I'm here so you can see their 1st steps, hear their 1st words, be there for that ballgame and 1st day of school, that b-day, Christmas etc. I'm here to serve my country and defend its freedoms and liberties I'm here so you can protest and be disrespectful I'm here for those who have come before me, paid the ultimate sacrifice and for those who are to come I'm here for those who can't I'm here cause I feel an obligation deep inside me that if I am able to serve I should and will til I can't I'm here for the families who have lost loved ones in wars and conflicts I'm here for those 18 and 19 year old early 20's men and women you consider kids who are far from home protecting you willingl
Why I Hate People
Why I Wont Vote For Obama
Sen. Obama seems like a nice enough person, but so many things just don't add up to his making a good President of the United States. Here are a few reasons I cannot support him and maybe you will feel the same way(?). 1. It is mathematically impossible for 95% of Americans to receive the tax break that Sen. Obama keeps touting. Currently, 95% of Americans do not pay federal income taxes. Only 62% of Americans pay federal income taxes. So, if 95% of Americans are to receive some sort of “tax break,” that actually means upwards of 35% of Americans will receive a hand out, not an actual tax break. And, who will foot that “bill?” Americans that actually have to pay taxes—like you and me. 2. Sen. Obama’s tax increases are only supposed to affect the rich, which he has referred to as those making over $250,000 a year. Those of you making $250,000 annually, ask yourselves if you feel rich. Even if you don’t feel rich you may be considered rich because this number keeps coming down. Sen
Why Is It?
Why I'm Very Sad
Why I Do What I Do
why do people look at others in disgust when they see them walking around because they look a little different? why do people ignore others when no one knows what they need? acknowledging someone is better than just brushing them off. you have some people who need to feel good about themselves. then you have those who want it just because they want the attention. you can pick who wants it for what reason. please stop blowing people off. i know there some people on here like that.
Why Is It The Harder You Try The Further Your Goal Seems
Why Is Life As
As I look in the world. I find myself a dying breed. To want to love with little want of any return. My wants are of those of the world and of myself. It may sound corny but how many out there pay it forward, without wish of return. The world has become a fest pool of taking from one another with no giving back. I am not saying we should all go back and live as the Amish. There is a compromise between living like an Amish and the technological minded people we are today. Young girls feeling that they have to dress like a promiscuous woman just to be looked at by a fellow male. No wonder the rate of pedophiles have risen steadily. Now we can say it is because the internet, TV, and the media. But it is not it is because we don’t care enough for ourselves to correct what we have lost. Love, peace and understanding that there are just some things that we can not control. Tomorrow I dare all who read this to go up to that person at work, school, or somewhere on the street and carr
Why I Need Love
Why I Don't Rate You
Why I Haven't Been On
ok sorry i havent been around the past few months but i am back now and soooooo much has happened since i was last on as some know i had knee surgey  last month and i am doin great. I also had a graduation of my oldest daughter from high school about a week ago. I will have pics posted soon.  I also got my garden planted YAY me. Well that is what i have been up to since the last time i was on. I would like to say sorry to all my fubar friends for not being on. As most of you know me and my husband have been buying a house well we finally closed on it after 2 weeks from the origanally date because i was in hospital from being sick and dehydreated and as soon as i get better i promise ill be back on. I miss you all
Why I'm Not Looking For Mr Right
Why I Hate The Cold.
Why do I, a fun loving Floridian hate the cold so much? Where to start... there's so many things. First, it's f'in COLD! Second, it seems the colder it gets, the bi***yier ppl become. Here's more, your ANS decides to go haywire and says, "I don't like this feeling and I'm going to make you twitch and shiver until I feel better" then it goes into overdrive until you find a safe warm haven. Your feet hurt, eyes hurt, spine hurts, everything hurts. You can't put enough clothing on to help the pain. Then you see the fat ppl. OMG. It seems like Winter is the YES PASS for all the fatties to come out and EAT MORE. Ok, I'm not ultra skinny, but I can also bench press my body weight. I just don't get it, I should have stayed my a$$ in Florida where the weather likes me. More soon to come....
Why I Didn't R/f/a You!
I have had this on my profile, but nobody obviously reads that, so I thought I would try this as well. Ok so here it is... I don't RATE/FAN/ADD if you are smoking, showing use or promoting illegal drugs, throwing up gang signs or anything gang related, flipping off the camera, have multiple people in the photos, have children in your photos & most of all if you don't have a photo of YOURSELF. You have seen mine, please have the same consideration for me. If you are old enough to be my grandfather, I am not here for your perving pleasure, please move on.   I don't need to explain my reasons for this, nor defend myself, just accept it & please move on. No reason to get pissed & leave me ridiculous, childish shouts & messages. You will at that point only be blocked & added to a "special" folder. If I happen to miss your RATE/FAN/ADD to me, it was clearly an oversight not intended to ignore you or piss you off. There are just days that are simply too much to keep up with & others it is
Why I Am Not On Much
i just want to let all my friends and family know that the reason im not on much is that i am having trouble with my hands and arms i am going to see an surgeon on the 29 of this month so plz bare with me
Why Is Love So Cruel
I sit here with a pain in my heart wondering why is love so cruel, you spend your whole life searching for true love and find nothing but heartaches then one day out of the blue you find something true and genuine and u feel thru ur whole body but alas you realize its a love you will never have So tell me why is love sooo cruel
Why In The Hell
why in the hell do women feel that they have to play people in order to get what they want. is it not enough to be honest with people and be straight forward especially when the guy is willing to give them any and everything they have? i cant stand how i can care for someone so much i hurt myself every time in the process. no matter what i do or what i say its never enough. i cant seem to do anything right enough to please anyone. i want to give up so much and let everyone go but its so hard. no matter how much i walk away. no matter how much i try to leave i cant. i feel that i just want to leave this place as inlike get away from all the people. become a hermit. this way it will hurt for awhile but once i finally get use to be so alone and never seeing another again i may actually be able to live this way. i just cant stand what i go through anymore. something that hurts so much i just cant let go. wish i could once and for all.... im lost. im lost between life. im lost between my mi
Why I'm Single
I wrote this about a year ago - and I've been asked recently a lot while I was single - so I thought I would through it up here for reading purposes... (and yes - i wrote this haha) I keep seeing these blogs with "This is the guy I want" or "This is the guy I am" crap. So I made up my own - this is what I want, and this is why i'm single. I want a girl that has time for me because she needs to see me, not one that needs to make time for me because she feels like she ought to. I want a girl that looks forward to hearing from me and thinks about me often, not one that only thinks about me when she hears from me. I want a girl that says I want to be with him, instead a girl that asks me why I'm single. I want a girl that knows something is bothering me and asks what's wrong, instead of a girl that asks if something is bothering me. I want a girl that can't wait for me to meet her family, not one that dreads the day when I do. I want a girl that's my soul mate, not just a girlfriend
Why I Am Me
well many say i am an a$$ hole and i am fat and ugly well i am randal e matthews and i am me yes im overweight i know im not the best looking but i am me i am my fathers son and he passed on in nov and i am liveing my life as best i can sure i was married and divorced but im still looking for that right one but im still me im fun loveing hard working big hearted man so feel free to tell me who you are
Why I'm Single
Why I Write
if you do not know why i write then leave your comments aside do not bother to tell me what you think if you are going to be rude in the comments you leave do not even bother i do not want to hear it i am not a bitch i swear this is true i am just tired of people being rude i write to get my emotions out yet some people use what i write to hurt me instead so if you are going to comment on what i write try to be nice do not be rude in things that you say if you can do i promise that everything will be alright i write when i am happy sad hurt or just plain mad i write about the good times i have had or the heartbreak i have felt i write about the ones i lost or the ones that did not care to stick around i write about the funny things in life as they happen i write to express my self in ways that no one would ever know when i write a ease feels my soul and peace comes again when i write its not always happy but i write to let it all show if you know me
Why Is It
Why I Am Halo
Look at them. Look at the damned. Watch how they spin violently around my being in perfect rhythm. Though they have no eyes I can feel them staring at me. Though they don't have mouths I can hear them whispering in my ear. Like the dim lunar glow that surrounds the moon, they are always with me. They haunt my dreams and enchant my mind. They never stop. Always spinning and always there surrounding my wicked soul like.. a halo.
Why I Don't Rank Friends On Here...
Most everyone on here knows that you can rank your friends in order. Basically it's for you to keep people you talk to the most on the top of your friend lists so that they show up first. It's, at least for me, NOT to be intended to mean so and so is a better friend than the another. Long time ago, I started placing people on my 'Top Friends' list because I had so many people but only regularly talked to a few. OMFG, I would catch such f*cking grief about it. "Why's Snay-nay-nay ranked higher than me? And other stupid questions like that. Oh, and the 'Family' list too..."How come I'm not in your family?" Anyways, last November, I eliminated the Family list and took everyone off the Top Friends list. I shortsightedly thought my problem was solved. Fast forward a couple months, I'm being asked recently to rank friends on here. I'm not doing it. So instead of explaining it 15 different times, I'm just explaining once on here as to why I don't rank friends. I have dozens of fr
Why I Need You To Pound Me Like A Porn Star
Contrary to popular belief, women do not want to be romanced in bed. Romance me BEFORE bed. By the time you get me naked, all romantic shit needs to disa-fucking-ppear. The bedroom is not the place that men need to be gentle with their women. Men have been psychologically trained for years to be gentle with women: their emotions, their feelings, their pride, etc. Men are subconsciously conditioned to handle women with a tender touch. So why is it different in the bedroom? Why do women, who need to be handled with so much care outside of the bedroom want to be roughed up inside of the bedroom? Because I wants you to be a MAN. I need you to step up and show me who is in charge. My emotions and feelings and pride may be gentle, but my body are not. Women have evolved to a point that we have the same (if not more) responsibilities as men. We work a full week, we deal with shit from our bosses, we diffuse problems with clients, we stress over bills, yet on top of that we bathe the ki
Why I Want To Make Pornos
I started watching pornos about a year ago. I still to this day believe I could make a better one. Here are the reasons that I am starting to hate the pornos: 1. no woman would shove a penis so far down her throat that she gags. 2. No woman would hork on a penis or vagina. Its not attractive. 3. when having an orgasm not all woman stare directly into the camera. 4. not all woman bend like gumby 5. If your going to slap the person your having sex with do it hard. 6. pulling hair means pulling hair not caressing it 7. Havign a threesome is not the girl holding the other girls hair while shes giving the guy head 8. when they say kinky sex its doesn’t always mean disgusting. 9. you will never fuck an 18 year old at the age of 35 plus get over it, this does not make a good scene. 10. lol when fingering a girl do it for more then three finger pumps then shoving those said fingers in her mouth… that’s a buzz kill 11. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY IN THE CAMERA!!!! 12. we can all tell yo
Why I Am Not Inclined To Like Guys In The Armed Forcesl
I have a good reason. Let me see, start with John and the few months of chatting and two visits and many letters to him, I don't hear from him for a year. Then surprise he decided to start a chat again once. Then after a couple of texts back and forth and then again silence. Thn a few months later a text meant for his friend sent to me, that hurts. There is also Ben and two years of chat and my really trying to meet him he then starts to ignore me. Then Chris, he says he wants a relationship and then ignore me for month, then again texting me a while ago and then I am nice and then I am ignored from him. I forgot a marine from sevveral years ago, I forget his name but we chatted for awhile and then silence after a few months of chatting and never heard from him sense.
Why I Dont Drink Much
I have a good friend that has been pissing me off because he keeps blowing his whole paycheck on beer..... Too himself he doesnt buy anyone else beer or shots.... Went to a bar saturday and watched me blow money..... He started drama with me.... The rest is a long story ... But if he doesnt get help im not going to be his friend anymore ....
Why I Have Not Been Around
well everyone, i know i have not been around much, it started out as not having a computer at home but then i just got busy...busy doing what?  well last year was horrible for me,  i wont bore anyone with details but i became extremely depressed, started cutting myself, and everday i was wishinh i would die.  and i mostly blamed it on men, but then finally in jan of this year i figured out that i was really unhappy with myself, so i decided that i was going to do something about it. i have never loved myself because of my weight.  so i joined weight watchers and joined the gym and hired a personal trainer, and i have lost 38.6 pounds as of today. i have never had this much dedication in my life! and it feels wonderful, i have never been happier. i finally found my true happiness, and its within myself.
Why I Write
Why Is It That Most Of The Women's Pictures On Here Are Sleezy
I have noticed for a long time now that 90% of the women on here have very sleezy to down right display images. I personally feel that women on here do not need to exploit themselves to get attention. I am well aware that this is a social network designed and creadted for adults. I am perfectly ok with the ones that have their flirtatious to sexual pictures in a private album of which members of this site by the owners choosing can view the photos. I however believe that a woman's breasts and pussy should not be spead from here to kindom come just to get men to talk to her. Even if the woman is not easy she is labeling herself that way for posting images like that. So to all you breast showing pussy spreading whores, make your fucking pictures private. Also do not bash me simply because I do not have any pictures of a sexual nature for all to veiw. I am proud of the fact that I do not need to reveal my body on this site or any other site to get to know people. I am not prude and am
Why Is Love So Hard?
Hey all you guys and gals. Tell me what u think, i  met someone over a year ago. we seemed to just click... we eventually went our seperate ways. but, my love for him has grown stronger. he is on my mind all the time. I know in my heart  he fell in love with me . I have had so many things happen to me since we have seen each other.  i needed to know what i felt was real. I was in a bar and, and man walked up to me and said HI MY NAME IS and he told me his name and it was the exact same name as the man i am in love with... first and last name. and his name is not a common one i almost had a car wreck and omg the car was the very same kind of car he has.. what do u  all think? do you believe in signs?  
Why Is Everyone Around Me So Fucking Happy!?
everyone is in lovehopeful HAPPYi need a good hug and at the same time i want to be in a cold dark room, in a big bed alone. i miss talking to who i love and think about when im alone. even as little conversation as it was we were having. the more guys that hit on me, the more i realize how alone i will ALWAYS be. i need... i need a guy who likes me to open his eyes and be straight forward with me. to realize that he is in love with me, and when he realizes that, i need him to tell me and i need him to not change his mind and i need him to know that once i  say "I love you too," it means i will ALWAYS be there for him. no matter what. i dont want to feel like a third wheel. i dont want to feel like a charity case. i dont want to feel like a burden when im w/ my friends because ive been one to my family my entire life. boys r all the same and just so...strangle-worthy. slutty chicks r nice to look at. however, they will not be there for u, to take care of u when u r throwing up in
Why Im A Whore !
SAMI: 1st and foremost- please remove me by all means. The only reason I kept you on my list was because you were family. But you were never nice to me or others that didnt fit in your way of thinking. 2n) Life is full of effin drama. It happens shit happens and we need people to talk to and we need their opinions and some insite from them. They have lived a different life. Its not drama its life freezey. Try getting one and stop being a whore. As far as drama goes, you brought drama into the lounge with the whole bring jane....etc back. This is not real life Joe its fake... have been worrying so much about it that you have lost all realization of that. Last but not least, have a nice life and I hope you come to realize that though drama is hated and not wanted life is full of it. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LMMFAO So Im a Whore w00t! As of This Message I Received - Me and Mark (The SLUT) Have come to this   He is THE SLUT I am THE WHORE LMMFAO! SO f
Why I'm Bored Here
Why I'm Not Here Til Thurs
Why Is Life So Confusing And Irratating?
Why can't life just be simple and easy? I'm trying to find a place to live 'cause my family's house just went into foreclosure. Well I got a little money saved up and now everything just blew up. I need almost $2,000 to move in to an apartment and then I still need to get a car for transportation. And on top of all that the job I have is through a job service agency so I never know when they'll take me off the place I'm working at now, and if they do that it could be weeks before they send me to another job. Everything just seems to get over whelming from time to time and it just totally wears me out. I'm writing this mainly just to vent, but if you want I could use all the advice I can get. Everytime you turn the corner life will always be throwing something new at you, whether its good or bad or even unnoticable. Many times I look back on my life and look at the things that have happened in my life and I see mostly bad things. And many times I just think all this has happened and y
Why In The Hell Would A Gal Dump A Guy For A Guy With 6 Kids? And Another Woman?
I would like to know why a gal would dump a gal she has dated for about a 1 year who did everythign for her and help with stuff out of kindness and then say i found a guy who has 6 kids and has another gf with a baby??? im like that the well,she said she didnt want any kids,i dont have any but dam why go after somebody like that????????????i get freakin dump i dont know what the hell happen
Why I Carry A Gun
 My old grandpa said to me son,' there comes a time in every mans life when he stops bustin' knuckles and starts bustin' caps and usually it's When he becomes too old to take an ass whoopin', I don't carry a gun to kill people. I carry a gun to keep from being killed. I don't carry a gun to scare people. I carry a gun because sometimes this world can be a scary place. I don't carry a gun because I'm paranoid. I carry a gun because there are real threats in the world. I don't carry a gun because I'm evil. I carry a gun because I have lived long enough to see the evil in the world. I don't carry a gun because I hate the government. I carry a gun because I understand the limitations of government. I don't carry a gun because I'm angry. I carry a gun so that I don't have to spend the rest of my life hating myself for failing to be prepared. I don't carry a gun because I want to shoot someone. I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age in my bed, and not on a sidewalk somewhere t
Why Is It???
Heather K 4 hours ago Report   You stay up for 16 hours.He stays up for days on end.You take a warm shower to help you wake up.He goes weeks without running water.You complain of a 'headache' and call in sick.He gets shot at as other are hit,and keeps moving forward.You talk trash about your buddies that aren't with you.He knows he may never see any of his ever again.You complain about how hot it is.He wears his heavy gear,not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his forehead.You get mad at the waiter for getting your order wrong.He doesn't get to eat today.Your mad that your class got held 5 minutes over.He's told he will be held over an extra 2 months.You roll your eyes when your baby cries.He gets a letter with pictures of his new baby,and wonders if they'll ever meet.If you dont forward this we will just see how conceited you really are. Just fwd if your supporting the troops!!
Why I Am Me...
Why I Did It
Why I Refuse To Live In The States!
To Disarm The People Sponsored by The People's Dominion You Be The Judge and Jury is a FREE on-line book exposing the acts of rebellion, sedition, insurrection and treason being committed by the Federal Reserve Banks, IRS, U.S. Government against We the People.  The United States Government, Federal Reserve Banks, IRS, Internal Revenue Service,  the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Governors, lawyers, judges, FBI, and CIA have been committing treason, rebellion, insurrection, and waging war against its people under the War Powers Act of 1917, as amended, March 9, 1933.  It's all right here in black and white! To Disarm The People offers further proof of the Crimes being committed. God, Satan "The Illuminati" and Bible Prophesy Exposed! The defendants in the case are the Board of Governors Federal Reserve Banks, IRS and the United States Government et al.  You be the Judge and Jury! The final verdict of Guilt or Innocen
Why I Am Not On As Much Anymore!!!
Well hello my friends I miss you all so much!!!  Life has been wonderful and I have never been happier, I am not on as much anymore don't have internet and my Aunt took my PC so that is the story about that I have a wonderful man in my life and I have never been happier he treats me so good!!!! Any ways hope all is well with all of you and I will try to get on when I can love and miss you all!!!!
Why Is It?
Several years ago, Dorothy  rescued a loveable boxer after its owners moved away and left the dog behind. She named the dog Lil' Bit but she most often called her 'Big Mama'. "She was just the sweetest dog," said Dorothy. Big Mama suffered before she was brought into her home home being left tied to a pole by her previous owners. Soon after they left, Big Mama got her cord tangled around her leg and eventually chewed part of her leg off in order to get free. Dorothy's heart melted and she rescued Big Mama bringing her back to health. After many wonderful years in the her home home, Big Mama was killed on Tuesday, Nov. 29, allegedly the victim of an attack by two pit bulls that live up the hill from her home. According to the Pit Bull Rescue Central, a non-profit organization that seeks to educate about the nature of pit bulls, there is no evidence to show that pit bulls attack more than other breeds. However due to the report of the attack, the animals were picked up by the Dyersbur
Why Is My Life So Complicated
wow never in my life did i ever think my life would ever be this complicated im with a great guy yet i still have guys hitting on me and my ex that is in jail for a very long time now is still calling me and tellin me how bad he wants to get back with me when he gets out then theres another one of my exs that keeps tellin me how much he loves me like everyday and its just so confusing why does my life have to be so complicated
Why I Am Banned From Costco
  So anyway, was down at the local CostCo the other day to pick up a bag of dog chow for Nikki The Wonder Dog, when this elderly lady in line behind me asks, “Do you have a dog?” Well, what did she think I had, an elephant?  But instead of being snarky, I decided to be flippant.  “No, I’ve been putting some weight on lately, and decided to go back on the Purina diet,” I replied. “The Purina diet?  I’ve never heard of that one”. “Sure,”  I said.  “You keep your pockets stuffed with Purina Dog Chow.  Whenever you feel the urge to eat, you pull a couple of nuggets out and crunch on them.  It’s nutritionally complete, and very filling.  Last time I was on it, I lost nearly 50 pounds before I woke up one day in the ICU with tubes coming out of nearly every orifice.” She gasped.  “Did the dog food poison you?” “No ma’am,” I replied politely.  “I stepped off the curb to snif
Why Im Annoyed With People On Here
you know what pisses me of more and more lately? all these members who leave status messages like gimme this bling and i want this and i want that!. you go to their pics section and ALL not just some of their pics are all private! listen im not here to buy you things ok? and i shouldnt have to pay money to veiw a pic of you petting your dog in the nude! MY nsfw pics are free for everyone to veiw . modesty isnt one of my better traits. hehehehe so do me a favor! if you want me or other people to rate you PLEASE dont keep all your photos private or i simply wont rate, fan or buy you drinks! i pay enough money for my internet connection alone i dont need to pay anyone elses bills! thanks and have a good day!
Why Is It???
Why is it when a man wants to get laid all the time it is wrong but when a women wants it it is ok??? 
Why Is It
why is it when family looks at you different when you start to grow up and make your own choices and then they get pissed when those choises arent the ones they would make? take my wife, shes not anything like the rest of my family she grew up in the city and has her own mind. she dosent serve me. we are a team. my family cant accept this. and thats how i was taught by them. hell i dont understand. are women there to be our servants or are we susposed to be complementary of each other as husband and wife? i love my wife but my so called family cant understand our relationship. wtf. am i wrong.
Why Is It
well im here looking to chat so if im on hay dont be shy say hi ...thank you all for the addy i dont know how to use this yet  im trying
Why Is It
i dont do this things how come we can love with all we have and it takes one person to rip your heart out. you trust someone with your life but they almost kill you when they just leve you for no reson what so ever i trust her with every thing and she just go and say it not me its her i have not been in love with someone in ten years i have seen a woman stay with a asshole and get beat on. i cant under stand that. but i do nuthing like that why cant find love like that i just try to love with erverything i have but why is that not good why is it i love with all i have and she ask me to trust her and she fucked me up she riped my heart out like it was nothing and stomped on it how iam i suppose to love agen
Why I Cant Stand People
here are some of the reason why i hate people1. why is it so hard for someone to say hey iam not all that interested in you rather playing you like a fine turn violin2.why is it so hard to be bluntly honest and when you catch someone in a lie they try and turn it back on you rather then admitting to the crime 3.why is it so hard to openly admit that you have a bf/gf/married/open relationship4. as i said before i hate people who are hypocrite and cynical when they cant fix them self but they expect others to followi plan on deleting a lot of my profiles on a lot of different sites i was even thinking of deleting my my space page but i wont only becuse of the people who i do talk toi plan on keeping my myspace and my facebookother then that iam deleting everything iam tired of the lies the head games the dramai thought high school was long gone but people sure seem to live in it stillyou know i love it when people tell me something and then there action speaks differentlyit happens all t
Why I Am Sad
   Today I read a bulletin that brought back memories from 2002. The bulletin was posted about a fu member who had lost 4 family members in a fire. This is devistating and i can relate. In 2002 I lost 4 young family members to a drunk driver. They were on there way to see a movie. I will never forget the horror the took place that night after one of my nieces came pounding on my door screaming, "there dead aunt Sue, they are all dead." At that moment I felt as though the life had drained from myself as well. There were 2 survivors that night, my nephew who was driving his car and the drunk driver. Boyd Knouse is the name of the drunk driver, he was only 20 at the time and not only did he take my 4 family members, but he also killed 2 of his friends, 6 died in all that horrible night.      The ages of the victims were (my family) Nicole, 22... Richard 17... Jeremiah 14 and last but definitely not least Shane who was only 8. Boyds friends were 18 and 19. I spent a week in the hospital p
Why Is It Fubar Has To Mess With Things, When They're Fine?
go to http://www.stickam.comAfter making sure your webcam is connected, and no other Programs are using it, (Yahoo) go to and select 'LogIn'. Make sure to pick an empty cam (1 through 6 are left to right) and use the following log ins: Cam 1 Login:    PW: nodrama1 Cam 2 Login:    PW: nodrama2 Cam 3 Login:    PW: nodrama3 Cam 4 Login:    PW: nodrama4 Can 6 Login:     PW: nodrama6   After Logging in, Press the orange "GO LIVE" button in the top right corner. If all is well, a pop up window will appear... GIVE IT TIME to LOAD... Misuse of cams will result in banning from Lounge. Cams, as well as Lounge is SFW. Please be polite. How much sence does it make to run a blast, or even a boomerang, much less auto's, if you have your profile set to private?  
Why Is It Some Men Will Be Talkin To Ya Friend Decide They Dont Want Them And Then Try To Hook Up With U Such Stupdity Amazes Me I Am Not That Shady
Why Im Deleting Fubar In 4 Days!
Why I Came Back
Well, I am back. The reason? Missed talking with Shay. But, I am still open to reconnecting with my old friends. But, you have to prove you care that I left. Come find me. Tell me you enjoyed having me as a friend. That's why I came here originally. For friends.
Why Is It?
It's almost that time... the time I came home from a place I never want to be again.   Came home to my now ex to whom I was once engaged.   I was willing to give her my life.  I gave her my first born and on the day of 1 December of last year she stole my baby from me and broke my heart.  No... shattered it.  I never lied to her.  I never treated her badly.  I walked two hours in cold rain just to buy something that the store down the street didn't have in stock.  And she paid me back by running away with my unborn first child and put him up for adoption in another state without identifying me as the father.   Now... 20 days from the one year mark of the day she left me, I'm in emotional agony all over again.  I hurt worse now I think than I did when I realized she wasn't coming back.  And it's not because I lost her.  I'm better off without someone like her.  But it marks a year of knowing that someone else is raising my son, the one thing that brought me joy just to think about d
Why I Am Not Here Much Anymore
Why Is It That The People With The Smallest Minds Always Have The Biggest Mouths?
Dear Dumb Bitch Why is it that the people with the smallest minds always have the biggest mouths? And the fattest asses. Bend over bitch. This speech will fuck you. Not that you aren't the community bicycle already. But then againYou must have a very large brain, to hold so much ignorance. I can see your point on some of the things you are saying,but i still think you are full of shit, If you're going say something that stupid you could at least fake a stroke. Sure i could go with the You don't know who/what your dealing with approach like you do, but you should already fully know and consider this.I see that you set this time aside to humiliate yourself, and I have sat back and had to hear about it enough.I would like to insult you but with your intelligence you wouldn't get offended, and I used to think that you were a gibbering idiot. Now, I have a much lower opinion of you.I don't know what your problem is, but I bet what ever it is it's hard for you to pronounce and might
Why Is It Hard To Say "i'm Sorry"
im sitting here this morning and wondeing why is it hard to say "Im sorry" to someone. Wheather its your kids or your husband or firiends or family. Why is it hard or difficult for some peopole to say im sry after they miss up? Just my question to this world wide web and fubar.....
Why I've Been So Blaaah Lately
Ok first off...I've been feeling out of it lately,not my ususal self,some of you have noticed,other haven't most of you don't care to notice and that's cool too,I've been there when ur busy playing the fu game you don't have time for things like that.   Before I go INTO why I am feeling blaaah if I even DO go into it because its no one's business but mine and the very few I allow into my personal circle of trust I will post the lyrics to the song "Aenima" by the band Tool...if anyone knows me they know that I am...into music to put into laimans terms and my moods a lot of times are best served by songs. So here are the lyrics to the song.   Aenima   Some say the end is near.Some say we'll see armageddon soon.I certainly hope we will.I sure could use a vacation from thisBullshit three ring circus sideshow ofFreak here in this hopeless fucking hole we call LAThe only way to fix it is to flush it all away.Any fucking time. Any fucking day.Learn to swim,see you down in Arizona bay.Fr
Why Is It...
Why Is She So Special????
Ive been asked multiple times, why is my lady so special to me? Why all the love talk? Well here goes, We have a natural attraction for one another. We share mutual repsect and make decisions for the realtionship based on our own feelings rather than requests most of the time. WE have a passion for each other as well as romance.We are best friends. We hold the highest respect for each other in the way we behave online and off. In a nutshell we are jsut a great match and there is no desire for any one else.  
Why Is It
Why I'm Sick All The Time
ok for those who don't know aout me.I have chronic pancreatitis had it for 6 yrs now.I i live on pain pills n is in pain 24/7 some days are better than others.My insides feel like they are on fire n i can't eat or drink anything for a week so i'm in the hospital alot.When my pancreas acts up i'm diabetic usually don't find out until its to late n i'm in the hospital.Because of the paancreatitis it caused me to have hypercalcium which means calcium was being taken out of my bones n put in my blood,b/c of that it caused me to have osteoporosis on top of that i have arthritis in my spine,hips n pelvic i also have scoliosis.SEE I TOLD YA I HAVE MY OWN SO STORY LOLOL I'm always sighned in but not always here if i don't answer you right away i will get to you when i can xoxoxoxoxox
Why Is Everyone Not Where They Say They Areqq
Why I Love Hugs
This is my first blog so I doubt anybody will bother to read this. However, my hugs project is important to me so I am going to do this (I just hope I dont come off like a raging idiot). Some times I get try to be Ms Industructable and handle everything myself. The results are often disasterous. Recently I allowed that to happen. I have few friends that live here so for some reason I shared. Suddently things changed. I was getting hugs from here that really helped me (everybody on here is really awesome). I realized the nurturing qualities of a physical hug and a fu bar hug are identical. I want everybody to experience a hug. My project isnt going quit how I wanted but its ok. I am getting lots of hugs and a few people have actually benefitted. I hope that in some small way I can also help somebody overcome an obstacle I am a pusher of drugs and I try to spread joy with them. I haven' t always been like this. I was a "touch me not" person. Then a few weeks ago my feelings
Why I Love Vampires
I love the Vampires Saga's because it shows sensuality in love and freedom. The vamp can make his victim come under his mind control so he can tell her to serve him unconditionally and she does so with joy. Then when he partakes of the free flowing blood , it send her body into continuous orgasmic joy and so she continues to obey willingly.  Another thing is when the coven needs him , will stand beside and face what-ever battle is to be fought . They seem more family connected than any human I've ever seen. And basically I don't trust most people anymore , because they don't seem to really care. Have meet so many fake-ass idiots that truly makes me want to hide. To find a cave deep in the Earth and just go out when the moon is shining and feel the night air caress  my skin. I think if there is truly Vampires that they have been given a bad rap. Because at least they know how to keep their love close. And a love like that is truly worth waiting for ..... just saying.  Any comment is w
Why I Hate Bitches
Why Jesus Is Bette Than Santa Claus
Santa lives at the North Pole ... JESUS is everywhere. Santa rides in a sleigh ... JESUS rides on the wind and walks on the water. Santa comes but once a year ... JESUS is an ever present help. Santa fills your stockings with goodies ... JESUS supplies all your needs. Santa comes down your chimney uninvited ... JESUS stands at your door and knocks, and then enters your heart when invited. You have to wait in line to see Santa ... JESUS is as close as the mention of His name. Santa lets you sit on his lap ... JESUS lets you rest in His arms. Santa doesn't know your name, all he can say is "Hi little boy or girl, what's your name?" ... JESUS knew our name before we were born... Not only does He know our name, He knows our address too. He knows our history and future and He even knows how many hairs are on our heads. Santa has a belly like a bowl full of jelly ... JESUS has a heart full of love All Santa can offer is HO HO HO ... JESUS offers he
Why Jesus Ahd To Die For Us
when god create mankind,adam and eve,we're ment to have eternal life.but sin came into our lives brought by satan.satan likes to use a medium to do hes dirty job in this case a serphant.he gave it the ability to talk.yes  he gave speech ability so yes he can heal ,tell truth, lies , decieve,bless you,yes he can blessed you but i doubt he'll do that not wanting something from you, like for you to worship him.the battle between god and satan was all about him wanting to be worship.but god was victorious even though satan had a third more angels on his side.when jesus met satan on top of the mountain all he wanted to do was to have jesus worship him and he'll grant him everything.he has more motives to have jesus  worship him, i bet. after hes a slimmy angel.some people picture satan as an ugly and dumb but that not true he was wise and beutiful and he made sure others know that.thats when sin came into his heart, his pride.well lets go back to the serphant.there was a tree in the a garde
Why Jokes Are Sent Through Mails :)
This explains why I forward jokes :) A man and his dog were walking along a road. The man was enjoying the scenery, when it suddenly occurred to him that he was dead. He remembered dying, and that the dog walking beside him had been dead for years. He wondered where the road was leading them. After a while, they came to a high, white stone wall along one side of the road. It looked like fine marble... At the top of a long hill, it was broken by a tall arch that glowed in the sunlight. When he was standing before it he saw a magnificent gate in the arch that looked like mother-of-pearl, and the street that led to the gate looked like pure gold. He and the dog walked toward the gate, and as he got closer, he saw a man at a desk to one side.When he was close enough, he called out, 'Excuse me, where are we?''This is Heaven, sir,' the man answered.. 'Wow! Would you happen to have some water?' the man asked. Of course, sir. Come right in, and I'll have some ice water brought right up. 'T
Why Jesus Was And Is A Liberal
Evans Liberal PoliticsAugust 5, 2012 The Best in Liberal Christian Newsand US Politics Why Jesus Was and Is a Liberal Evans Liberal Politics, August 5, 2012, by Paul Evans (seawolf1957) -- This is an elaboration on a version on the same theme found in Headlines on Evans Liberal Politics. We don't want to proselytize anyone, but.... Everyone has his or her own personal relationship with the God they worship, and some people take most of their ideas out of the Old Testament, believing in an angry, judgmental God. But the God I see, who sent his only Son to die a martyr and savior for all of us, is far more, to me, to be seen in the life Jesus led here on earth. I won't go into much detail, but first, let's see what I have about this in our Headlines: Did Jesus Live a "Liberal" Sort of Life? The "Jesus is a Liberal" website teaches that: "... the historical, Biblically documented teachings of Jesus Christ clearly show that Jesus is a Liberal. His philosophy, based in compassion, e
Why Judge
hello iam writing on why ppl judge! i really dont understand why ppl judge on looks  or  way you are. everybody different in life. if we was all the same it would  be pretty boring. it shouldnt matter what a person looks like cause ppl still got a heart. you should except whats inside person not the outside. the one who judges should look in the mirror see there not perdfect either. iam me you except me for who iam not what i look like or for what i have on. i think ppl judges cause there not happy with there selves. just saying!
Why Kidd Rocks
Why Karaoke Is Better Than Sex
Why Karaoke Is Better Than Sex With karaoke, you're always sure you can find someone worse than you are. You don't feel obligated to buy someone dinner for singing karaoke with you. When you sing karaoke, it's OK to have multiple partners. It's OK to sing karaoke with your sister. With karaoke, you never have to be sorry about forgetting your lines. It's OK to drink too much and sing karaoke. With karaoke, no one will complain about the size of your microphone. It's OK to sing karaoke in front of your neighbors. You'll never feel uncomfo
Why Kid's Never Listen To There Parent's
Why Life???
I am sorry I just disappeared on everyone but we were having some computer problems but I think we got it all figured out now..... I am so glad to be back Can anyone out there explain to me why it is that life kicks you in the teeth when your already down.... and it just continues kicking kicking and kicking.... WHy won't it just let up already.... Please voice you oppinions and tell me what you think
Why Love?
Why? LOVE We all have loved and lost at one time just listen to me for a min. You love someone when all you want is that person you cant get them out of your head you give up everything and I mean everything to be with them all you want is to be loved in return. Trust me I know I would give up my world to have it all back!!! You know you love them when you see all the little things and yes I am going to get crazy for a min but you will understand little things like when she paints her nails or changes her hair the way she holds your hand lightly moves her finger over yours looks into your eyes you see things on her like a bump scrape or cut she get hurt and all you do is want to tke the pain you all know it the truth some of you are even thinking of your ex while reading this so I say WHY LOVE ITS WHAT MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND AND IF WE HAD MORE OF IT WE WOULD NOT BE AT WAR WE WOULD NOT HATE WE WOULD JUST LOVE ONE ANOTHER SO I WILL SAY IT ONE LAST TIME BEFOR I GO TO BED WHEN 2 PE
Why Lie?
I just don't understand why guys lie. If you love someone, then LOVE them! Don't lie, sneak around and cheat! That is NOT love! And if you REALLY think it is then you are pretty screwed up! As for what my life is because of what you have done.. Well, everyday it will get better and better until someone out there realizes how truely lucky they are to have me in their life.. I am NOT worthless or unworthly of love. It took me a LONG time to wake up and see that it wasn't me that was the problem. And I finally know now that I am worth loving and someday I will find a man who will treat me as well as I treat him. Until then I will just go on living my life, taking care of my children and all the while knowing that SOMEONE out there thinks that I am worth loving.. And when he does come into my life you can bet I will hold on to him and make sure he knows how much he is loved and that is will NEVER be taken for granted! Just my venting on how the man I thought loved me has tre
Why Ladies
Why Life
Fuck those who cant keep there noses out of others peoples lives. Fuck you all back stabbin asses. Thats not what friends are for you might want to realize that. i don't give a fuck if I offend you. Stay out of my life. Can some of the angel family atleast help. And the rest of the people who call themselves my friends. Please Vote fo me
Why Love?
Why do we even bother to fall in love? I spent 30 years not hurting because I never let myself open up to someone so much that it hurt when they left... Now my heart hurts because I let someone in... Now it is like my heart is dying... I can't say that I am sorry for it, but I can't say that I will be happy anytime soon... When you love someone and them lose them for whatever reason, it is never the same for you again... I guess it is the same feeling for everyone... I hope the pain will grow less over time (which is what I've been told). But for now, when you see me smile or I type lol to you, I thank you for that second of happines because I feel like I am falling apart... Love Sucks...
Why "love" Does Not Exist
a rescent survery at purdue asked 100 married females their reasons for getting hitched. 89 of them said they married for reasons other than "love". all the more fire for my arguement that "love" does not exist. if it did, why do ppl cheat on or abuse their signifigant other? why is the divorce rate over 59 percent? i hate saying it, but sadly, romantic relationships are nothing more than glorified business deals. each person has something the other you honestly know of any female in her 20's or 30's who would marry a guy in his 70's, if he did not have money? personality means not a damn thing. sadly, "romance" is an "all about me" prposition in society. ppl will get into relationships and either run right out, once they see the other can't offer them what they want, or they stay in aa bad relationship bc materialwise, that other person can give the other what he or she wants. as the old saying goes "only fools fall in love".
Why Lie
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Why Lie.
Why Like This....
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Why Latinas Do It Better
Why ????? Love????
So tonight I waited for you to call. Then decided you were waiting for me. I called and you were distant. I asked you why. You straight up accused me of looking for someone else. I wasn't. Damnit I loved you, shit I still love you. What do you want me to do?? You are the reason I had to come here, I didn't want to be away from you. So I sit here in tears bawling, feeling gut wrenching pain, wondering why you think I would do that. Wondering why you won't answer your phone,I didn't do anything wrong!!!
Why Lie
Why Lie About Nothing?
I have ran across too many beautiful people that just lie about whatever, like its a contest or something. Then to their surprise, as oon as they walk off people immediately say he or she is lieing out they (uknow!) So why keep it up? Life is not that serious that you have to make up stuff to make yourself look better. If you need that much attention,and you already look good, become a rapper. then you can lie all day and get paid for it.
Why Lie?
Why Lie?
  My 1st ever auction....please come bid on me. Heres link...copy and paste in browser.         I am little down today..really thought I met a really nice guy a week ago today. But as each day passes(one lie after another). I have came to the assumption that I was used again. I don't care to be used for sex.. shit I just hate being lied to? Why tell me your going to treat me as a queen then after the wham bam ty mam its all different? If I was just another piece of ass so be it... just don't lie. I am very open and very honest and right to the point, I do believe I deserve better treatment. I just don't know if its me or what? Since coming into this crazy world all I really wanted was to be loved. How hard is that? Needless to say my parents did not love me like they should have. I still loved them but I had to draw the line. Now I am in a marriage thats going no where...and will be splitting. And my soon to be ex hubby is 20 yrs older then talk about a failure.
Why Lie
Okay so why is it that when someone is scared of you they feel the need to lie to you. Why is it that people just cant be fucking honest with each other anymore.... is it really that fucking hard to do?? I dont think so and thats probably why I intimadate people. What do ya'll think????
Why Lie?
Lying...I know that Fubar is a fantasy game, a social network, a place where you can be anything you want to be, but guys and gals...lying right out of the gate is just flat out WRONG! Take me for instance...everyone who comes across my page, knows I'm married; knows I'm a huge FLIRT;and knows that my marriage is not exactly happy. When I talk to guys and gals on fubar, I'm honest with them. I tell them, "yes...I'm married, yes, I live with my in laws and my husband and stepson, no, I am not currently working." My cards are all out on the table, and there isn't any room for wondering if I'm being honest or not. If you want to lie about your actual whereabouts, fine, your actual age, fine, your employment status, fine...but don't lie about your relationship status.  Me, and everyone would appreciate that you are at least honest on that subject. Why lie about that anyways? Do you really want to hook up with someone badly enough that you will lie to them and tell them you are single? W
Why Me?!
Ok, I understand my life can't be perfect! But why the hell must I live such a hard life?! Seems like every time things are going well, I suddenly trip and mess up, and end up back where I was before...being a depressed girl with no reason to live! I get so many compliments, hearing how beautiful and special I am...but I don't feel it...I don't see it! All I see is a sad, lonely, ugly, fat-ass girl with no purpose in life! I mean, what's so special about me?! What the hell do others see in me that I don't?! I really don't see anything special about me. After all the abuse, bullying, and teasing in my life, I really can't see myself as someone keeps making me feel like maybe they're right, that maybe I'm not worth it! And I just can't get those thoughts outta my head! Why must I have to go through this?! Geez, I hate my life!
Why M&m's Are Wiccan
* MM = Merry Meet * Round shape for wheel of the year, cycle of seasons * Skins are different colors, but the inside is the same chocolate, because we are all related. * Associations with the colors: o Red = South o Green = West o Dark Brown = North o Yellow = East o Orange = For the Solar God o Light Brown = For the Earth Mother (Copper Woman) o Blue = Sky Father * Rotate the M & M: o M = 13th letter of alphabet, and there are 13 witches in a coven o 3 = Triple Goddess, three phases of moon o W = Witchcraft, Wiccan o E = Enlightenment, Enchantment of chocolate * "Melt in your mouth, not in your hand"--God/dess's love must be experienced directly to appreciate. Also, God/dess will take care of you. * Sweetness to remind us of how sweet the love of the God and Goddess is!
Why Men Are Like Pumpkins!
why men are like pumpkins.... 1. Every year you get a brand new crop to choose from. 2. No matter what your mood, pumpkins are always ready to greet you with a smile. 3. One usually makes a better pie. 4. They are always on the doorstep there waiting for you! 5. If you don\'t like the way he looks, you just carve up another face. 6. If he starts smelling up your place, you can just throw him out. 7. From the start, you know a pumpkin has an empty, mush filled head. 8. A pumpkin is turned on (lit-up) only when you want him to be. and what we love... 1. They\'ve got that comfortable place on their shoulder that\'s perfect for snuggling into while we fall asleep. 2. They\'re at peace with their bodies, except for maybe some minor anxiety over height, weight, and baldness. 3. They\'re enthusiastic about our bodies, even when we\'re not. 4. They\'re beyond enthusiastic about sex. 5. They fall in love so hard, once they finally fall.
Why Me
i dont think i told you all that i have 4 kids. i guess ill start with the oldest one, catlin, well she's not really mine but i raised her from 4 mouths old, and now she is 7. i was the only one she knew as daddy, that is up until a year or two ago, when her mom told her about her real father which he is an ass hole he hasn't wanted any thing to do with her, he has been in and out of jail all her life, and has had a couple more kids which one of them is i believe her age he got another women pergant when catlins mom was pegnet with her. but any ways she is a little mad at me because all her life she thought i was dad, and it turned out that i wasnt i dont blame her any, but never the less i will always love her and be here for her. on to her sister laura my baby girl,laura is now 6, bright red hair, im not for sure where that comes from, if you havent noticed i have brown hair, as well as her mother, but it dont bother me any, i love her even more, she acts just like me (GOD HELP US
Why Me
thing arent always what they seem with you i come and i listen but always get mad what have i done why u act like this u sleep away cause you insecure i sleep and i dream i wake up and your not there what has become of us is this the way things are going to be why me why me i hope you realize you have hurt me im empty inside thanks to you why me why me
Why Most Professions R Dirty
Why Most Professions Are Dirty The Doctor because he says, "Take off your clothes." The Dentist because he says, "Open wide." The hairdresser because he says, "Do you want it teased or blown?" The Milkman because he says, "Do you want it in front or in back?" The Interior Decorator because he says, "Once you have it all in, you'll love it." The Banker because he says, "If you take it out too soon, you'll lose interest." The Police Officer because he says, "Spread 'em." The Mailman because he always delivers his package. The Pilot because he takes off fast and then slows down. The Hunter because he always goes deep in the bush, shoots twice and always eats what he shoots
Why Married People Don't Have Sex
Body: Dear Wife, During the past year I have tried to make love to you 365 times. I have succeeded 36 times, which is an average of once every ten days. The following is a list of why I did not succeed more often: 54 times the sheets were clean 17 times it was too late 49 times you were too tired 20 times it was too hot 15 times you pretended to be sleep 22 times you had a headache 17 times you were afraid of waking the baby 16 times you said you were too sore 12 times it was the wrong time of the month 19 times you had to get up early 9 times you said weren't in the mood 7 times you were sunburned 6 times you were watching the late show 5 times you didn't want to mess up your new hairdo 3 times you said the neighbors would hear us 9 times you said your mother would hear us Of the 36 times I did succeed, the activity was not satisfactory because: 6 times you just laid there 8 times you reminded me there's a crack in the ceiling 4 times you told me to hurry
Why Me
A bond so strong, I cannot, let go. A passionate desire, thats deep within my heart. Satin sheets, deep colors of, purple and red rose petals a flow everywhere. What do this lead to from the heart. My mind is telling me no, but my heart is telling me yes. Yes baby I love you. I wanna be the woman, to always, make you happy. A bond so strong, I cannot, let go. A passionate desire, thats deep within my heart. A bond so strong! A bond so strong!! A bond so strong!!! Come and play with us we wont bite unless u want us too.... Is it so hard to ask for a man who will respect me and love me, I have tried every route and im bound for failure I swear to god.. U got Mark together 8 yrs 1 child 3 miscarriages and we were engaged but yet I let his cheating slide because I
Why Me
why lord why must i be the one to live when all of my friends and family are dieing. i know it is not for me to question but i must ask why have i cheated death 3 times and all my friends and family never had the chance to cheat it once. i guess the real question is how much more must take and how many more friends and family must i bury. how many more times will i have to endure such pain please lord i must know?
Why Men Cheat
Why Men Cheat David Zinczenko Of course, we all know that while men and women are both capable of cheating, it's often the guys who have the biggest problem keeping their belts firmly buckled. And we all know that no matter who it's with, why it's done, or where the after-hours canoodling takes place, cheating is-most of the time-the ultimate relationship death sentence. But instead of dwelling on what happens after the cheating takes place, one of the ways to perhaps prevent infidelity is by knowing a little bit about why men stray. I'm not offering them as excuses, merely explanations as to what happens in that brain (and other body parts) of his-in hopes that you might be able to prevent it. Here, the top reasons why men cheat: To Fulfill His Biology: You know the old anthropological tale. A man's main job, besides killing the saber-tooth, is to spread his seed in order to ensure the survival of his genetic legacy. It's a man's biology to want to wander. Does that mean he s
Why Me?
hello everyone so there is this girl that i've been talking to for a couple of months now. We've become close but i realize that no matter what i do, i'll never be able to make her happy....but she's gotten to close to me and now i can't turn away. And now it seems she's pulling away from me and it's killing me inside.Why does this happen to me?
Why Me ??
Everything Happens For A Reason ?? Have you ever wondered why things can go so terribly wrong in your life ?? Have you ever thought, oh why always me ?? Why me ?? How about when everything is going so right , but all of a sudden it is all so wrong ?? Do you realize that everyone has problems, big or small , but we all have them..See that person driving their car, or that person who just gave you that kind smile, yes all of us have them.. Some have health, money, relationships, children, , Love , it doesnt matter what the real problems are, what matters the most is what and how you can learn from them...Sometimes in our lifes we have them come at us bundled together with 2 and 3 different problems, or troubles that hit us at a time... We are never given too much for ourselves that we cannot handle them, although sometimes you will wonder if and why they are so heavy on you.. When i joined the service i
Why Me
why is it always me with the issues why cant my dad come back home why is the blame always put on me why cant i do anything right can any one answer my questions i am so depressed and dont know where to turn anymore
Why Me
Why Men Only Want Beautiful Women
Do your looks matter? Of course they do, but not nearly as much as you think and not nearly as much as anyone else thinks. Men fundamentally judge women by their looks: face, hair, eyes, breast, legs, body, etc. and, more than anything else, it is a woman's looks that turns men on (or turns men off). For a (heterosexual) man, a woman's looks are what initially "trances" him out, whereas women tend to be seduced more by words and actions - unless the man is some kind of male supermodel or superstar in which case women will trance out on him in the same way a man will trance out on any beautiful woman. It is only natural that men think the same rules about looks apply to women as they do men. To a certain extent, yes. A woman, however, places much less importance to how a man looks compared to how he can make her feel. Looks might better help you get the "audition" but that's all. Techniques like spoken NLP patterns, eliciting and mirroring values, Mr. Smooth, kino, etc. are strategie
Why Men Prefer Pretty Faces
I've often wondered how much of the fact that my own mother being so attractive (yeah, I'm biased, but what son isn't) affects my personal choices in life. I've been called shallow once or twice in my lifetime (strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause), and it's a woman's external attractiveness that first catches my attention, however, from that brief point forward it's what's inside that I truly desire....the true essence of that soul. So you think beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Think again. According to new research from the University of Exeter in Great Britain, the preference for pretty faces over ugly ones is embedded in our brains from the moment of birth and possibly prior to birth. Newborn babies come fully equipped with built-in preferences, including a preference for an attractive face, that help them make sense of their new environment, report the BBC News Online and Newsweek magazine. The Exeter researchers showed more than 100 infants two images that were pl
Why Men Shouldn't Treat Women Like Dirt!!
"Be very careful if you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears. The woman came out of a man's rib. Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved." Pass this on to all exceptional women that you know and to men so they know the value of a woman and to all the women, who do not realize their significance (Proverbs 31:10).
Why Me
how do you stop from loving. How do you just rip out your heart to keep from hurting anymore. Why cann't i throw my emotions away. how does a 32 year old cope with her first heart ache. I never love my ex-husband this much. I though by now he would be gone out of my head. heart and soul but he still everywhere i turn. Do I need to just up and run away. hide from the world like my mome and dad keep me from. please someone stop the pain i don't want to cry no more. u came to me no need in fighting what my heart was saying for i knew i want you! Fallen for you was the easy part your hair, your eyes the crow feet around your eyes. your smile, you tone of your voice. fallen for you was the easy part not think ahead. want to give you all that i have to offer Fallen for you was the easy part not think ahead give you my love Looking in so open hearted love you for who you are. fallen for you was the easy part not thinking ahead given you my
Why Men Cant Win
Why Me
why do i let people just walk all over me. i am a fun and nice person and am looking for the right man. someone that will help me and be with me. someone that i can kiss and hold and spoil. i want to go for walks and talk and also go and help on fixing the car or watch footaball. i dont think i am that hard to get along with but i dont know because i can live with myself. just looking for friends and if something else happens then let it happen. i am verry open minded and care with my heart. some people say i ware my heart on my sleve because it keeps getting hurt.well i will close this one and open one another time
Why Men Die Early
When President Truman retired from office in 1952, his income was substantially a U.S. Army pension reported to have been $13,507.72 (that's thirteen thousand) a year. Congress, noting that he was paying for his stamps and personally licking them, granted him an "allowance" and, later, a retroactive pension of $25,000 per year. When offered corporate positions at large salaries, he declined, stating,"You don't want me. You want the office of the president, and that doesn't belong to me. It belongs to the American people and it's not for sale." Even later, on May 6, 1971, when Congress was preparing to award him the Medal of Honor on his 87th birthday, he refused to accept it, writing, "I don't consider that I have done anything which should be the reason for any award, Congressional or otherwise." We now see that the Clinton's have found a new level of success in cashing in on the presidency, resulting in untold wealth (over $100 million dollars). Today, many in Congres
Why Me
Why o why after I ran Windows 98 for 5 years did I decide to finally upgrade and I chose this big cluster f@#k they named Vista.So far Ive learned that using firefox (which is always been my web browser)is more of a pain in my @ss than before.As for possibly using IE 7,its to damn slow and I just don't like like it.I would of purchased Linnex ,but it is nowhere to be found for under $300.00.Anyone feel me,or maybe want to(pun intended).
Why My Shoutbox Is Off
don't think of it as me being a bitch, so much as it is an opportunity for you to take your time in communicating with me... clearly, some of you have not shown the ability to communicate in real time with a woman and show any amount of respect. you can now send me a PM or you can hit me up on yahoo if you have that. here are some helpful tips for you: -When i say 'no', or in any way shape or form, say that i don't want to talk about it.... that DOES NOT MEAN that you can ask me five more times. -My name is not 'shawty' 'hottie' 'babe'...nor is it bitch, slut or cunt.... Just because your preconceived notion of me is your naughty, slutty sex slave does not make that a reality.... i don't call you 'frumpy, short dicked loser who stalks women online' when i first meet you... i dont dump my preconceived notions on you, please don't do the same to me. -stalkers, haters and fucktards...i actually like the shoutbox to an extent because it usually shows me who is, and isn't, an
Why Me
How come every time i think i'm gonna be ok and things are gonna go my way, everything falls apart. Friends aren't really friends anymore and even your enemies don't wanna fight anymore?
Why Me
Ok, hope everyone had a great weekend, so now yesterday i got to order my tickets for ozzfest:) I'm so excited, can't wait to go. It's been a wonderful weekend, it was my weekend off and me an my ol'man got to spend some serious time together, it was great cause it was just me an him, the girls went to their dads, missed them, but don't get much time with my ol'man without there always being something to do and this past weekend we both got to stay home and just enjoy each others company. it's what makes it all worth while. neways I'd say today was'nt so bad either it has went by pretty quick, and none of my residents really gave me a hard time for a change, gotta love that. O.K. so it's been about a week and it aint been that bad i guess. well lets start off with me an matt went to the GodSmack concert last night and i had a blast!!!! I love the fact that when there's a good band coming to town that he wants to go see, he always chooses me to go with. It's about the only thi
Why Must Men Bitch About Women So Much?
Ok so I'm tired of listening to my guy friends bitch about women so much. So what if the one you want doesn't like you..or has a boy friend...IT'S THEIR LIFE!! Or how bout that you can't get ass on a first what we're not all down for that shit. Or maybe the fact that you can't find someone that wants you...Maybe it's you not everyone else. How bout that only the "fat ones" want you...maybe you're too pushy or you're just not good enough for the hot ones. Hey maybe the fact that you have 3 dates cancel on you in a month...obviously they found something better to do. Get over it...don't make us the issue when it's more than likely you. Re assess your life take a break then get back in the game when you really know what you want or need. Maybe I'm just dumb and venting, but I'm tired of the shit. It's not always the women that are the issue...especially when you can't get any.
Why Men Prefer Guns Over Women!!
#10. You can trade an old 44 for a new 22. #9. You can keep one gun at home and have another for when you're on the road. #8. If you admire a friend's gun and tell him so, he will probably let you try it out a few times. #7. Your primary gun doesn't mind if you keep another gun for a backup. #6. Your gun will stay with you even if you run out of ammo. #5. A gun doesn't take up a lot of closet space. #4. Guns function normally every day of the month. #3. A gun doesn't ask , "Do these new grips make me look fat?" #2. A gun doesn't mind if you go to sleep after you use it. And the number one reason a gun is favored over a woman.... #1. YOU CAN BUY A SILENCER FOR A GUN
Why Mothers Cry!
Why Me............?
Heather, You do not know me I am John's cousin Dan from minnesota I have read all of the posts and would like to tell you thanks for the deep love you had for Tim. Some people go A lifetime with out really knowing love. It is very special to see that you know what love is. Thank you for all the thoughts that you share about Tim. I did not really know him. But reading what you write makes me feel that he was very blessed to have someone like you. You are in my prayers. May you find what God has for you in this life. Feel free anytime to e-mail me. Take care. Dan In 2 monthes it will be my birthday, and while most celebrate or get excited, I don't, I can't. Because it just reminds me that in 2 monthes it will be one year since Tim passed away. And I sit and wonder when the pain ends, or if never when it may subside....just a little. How many days am I gonna cry? How many nights am I gonna go to bed and not be able to fall asleep because I can't not
Why Married Women Should Not Go Out For Girls Night
President Bush, First Lady Laura and Dick Cheney were flying on Air Force One. George looked at Laura, chuckled and said, "You know, I could throw a $1,000 bill out of the window right now and make somebody very happy." Laura shrugged her shoulders and replied, "I could throw ten $100 bills out of the window and make ten people very happy." Cheney added, "That being the case, I could throw one hundred $10 bills out of the window and make a hundred people very happy." Hearing their exchange, the pilot rolled his eyes and said to his co-pilot, "Such big-shots back there. Shit, I could throw all of your asses out the window and make 100 million people very happy." If you're one of those 100 million...Repost The other night I was invited out for a night with "the girls." I told my husband that I would be home by midnight, "I promise!" Well, the Hours passed and the margaritas went down way too easy Around 3 a.m., a bit loaded, I headed for home. Just as I got in the d
Why Me
Why Marijuana Is So Popular...
Cannabis Nug or Nuggets, Bob Hope (footnote in Infinite Jest, by author David Foster Wallace), bud, Burger King (with fork being the smoking tool of choice), Bloop, Bobby Brown, brown (resin), brown frown (low quality), brown buddha, cess, cheeba, cheg (very small amount of resin), chronic (high quality), course notes, dagga (from Afrikaans via South Africa), dak, dank, diesel (low quality resin), dodo, dope, doobage, doja, draw, dro (derived from hydroponics), eighth (standard quantity used for trading - 1/8 imperial ounce), electric puha (from puha, a plant in New Zealand), fire, frodis (from The Monkees), funk, (Australian English, Jamaican English) ganja or ganj (abbreviated) (from Hindi), grade - good quality bud, grass, green, hash (hashish, arabic for grass), hay, herb, indo or endo, instaga, IZM, jimmy, Kevin Bacon (euphemism for kind bud), kind (short for kind bud), kushempeng, lamb's bread, lef, marijuana (originally subcultural), Mary Jane, Mexican kilobrick (low-grade, hi
Why Men Are Happier People
Men Are Just Happier People-- What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can be President. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. Car mechanics tell you the truth. The world is your urinal. You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt. Same work, more pay. Wrinkles add character. Wedding dress $5000, tux rental-$100 . People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet. One mood all the time. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. You know stuff about tanks. A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase. You c
Why Me?
Why did I fall for a guy who I have known for years? This guy named Jim, I have known him since high school... He is 2 yrs older then me... He is the sweetest,most caring person on earth..... Why did I fall for him? Why couldn't he just moved like he said he was going to insteasd of staying helping his mom & sister with an antique shop? Why am I acting like a teenager? I haven't had a serious relationship in a few years...Can any1 tell my why?
Why Men Don`t Understand Us Lady`s
Why Men Die First
Why Men Die First 2
If you put a woman on a pedestal and try to protect her from the rat race, you're a male chauvinist; If you stay home and do the housework, you're a pansy. If you work too hard, there's never any time for her; If you don't work enough, you're a good-for-nothing bum. If she has a boring repetitive job with low pay, this is exploitation; If you have a boring repetitive job with low pay, you should get off your lazy behind and find something better. If you get a promotion ahead of her, that is favoritism; If she gets a job ahead of you, it's equal opportunity. If you mention how nice she looks, it's sexual harassment; If you keep quiet its male indifference. If you cry, you're a wimp; If you don't, you're an insensitive bastard. If you make a decision without consulting her,you're a chauvinist; If she makes a decision without consulting you, she's a liberated woman. If you ask her to do something she doesn't enjoy, that's domination; If she asks you, it's a favor. If you a
Why Men Are Not Secretarys
Why Me
so im pretty sure now that im gonna die an old maid. im never gonna find true love, never gonna get married and have children. i have had the most fucked up week. my own family had seen this coming. they knew since i was young that i was never the one to get married and have kids. you're just not the type they would say. all i want is to be happy. why can't i be happy? i work hard very hard, im a good person, i'm always there when people need me, in fact i go out of my way and sacifice shit for those bitches. i've missed on so much in my life jus to make someone else happy. i jus don't know anymore. i'm writing this in hopes that if i get it off my chest that i would feel better, but it's makin it worse.
Why Men Are Happy!!!
Why Me
Dose anyone else but me wounder if life will every get better for them, Today has been one of those days, well let me frist say this i know how a def person feels, saturday night i had to go to the hospital because i had really bad chest pain well i got that taken care of and then the doc told me that if i would not have came in i would have lost me hearing forever so she gave me some medition for my chest and then this new pill called z pads and i don't think they are going to work because they keep getting worse and not better, so all this weekend just sucked to me i will always wounder if life will get any better for me or for my friend i don't know but i hope so
Why Me?
I dont understand, I thought he loved me. I thought we could hold each other and never let go. I thought we could grow old together. But I was wrong. I have only been here for a week and three days and I can look in his eyes and see he doesnt love me anymore. I guess over the years his love for me slowly died away. The pain in my heart grows as the tears come more frequently at the thought of what I should do. He told me the other morning when he was drunk that he didnt want me here. Of course ten seconds later he denies saying it. I know I need to be strong and move past it but he was never like this before. We dated for two years and loved one another and got through hard times. Those were the best two years of my life. And for the three years were apart all I did was think about him. Now he is just pushing me away and the drinking doesnt help. He told me he cut down that was a lie. It has actually gotten worse. I cant talk to him because theres a wall there that just wont go away. B
Why Me?
Why Men Suck
why do men think it's ok to lie everytime they open their mouth........but are the first one to preach about being honest? Buried at
Why Men Are Happier Then Women
Why Men Are Happier Than Women! 1. We keep our last name. 2. The garage is all ours. 3. Wedding plans take care of themselves. 4. Chocolate is just another snack. 5. We can be president. 6. We can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. 7. Car mechanics tell us the truth. 8. The world is our urinal. 9. We never have to drive to another gas station because this one's just too icky. 10. Same work, more pay. 11. Wrinkles add character. 12. Wedding dress - $5000; tux rental - $100. 13. People never stare at our chest when we're talking to them. 14. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected. 15. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle our feet. 16. One mood, ALL the time. 17. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. 18. We know stuff about tanks. 19. A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase. 20. We can open all our own jars. 21. We get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness. 22. If someone forgets to invite us, he or she can s
Why Must It Be So Hard?
When did having a relationship become so complicated? It should be simple enough, you love, you care, you feel and you get that in return. We are so caught up in ourselves we fail to notice what is standing right in front of us, maybe we are too scared to accept it? If you have ever loved you understand what I mean when you start to have those feelings again for another and it pushes you away because you don’t want to experience the hurt and the heartache again. Isn’t life all about taking chances? If we never took a chance then we would all be living in this world thinking “what if” or “if only”. I think getting hurt; getting scars, taking chances is what life is all about. Don’t you think Bill Gates was scared to share his idea with the world and what if he had not? Yes someone else would have eventually invented a company but it would not have been called Microsoft and he would be living in this perpetual state of regret, what a sad way to live. I think we are all hoping for that
Why My Children?
Why my children? The sour smell of ashes in the air, fire sirens beating there little eardrums. People drawn to the sounds. Curious, concerned. They where some of those people. Ladders punched through the windows, smoke poured out. It became harder for them to breath. My children, silent with shock. Could do nothing but watch. There house burn to ashes. The fire spread, spiraling to the unscathed floor. The bright colors of the fire against the dark night, ENGULFING OUR HOME! Memories of Jan.22nd. 2005 2:30am
Why Must I Hurt More !
It really hurts when i learn how to love you, but you dont love me in return .. It really hurts when the one I love, doesnt love me.. It really hurts that he helped me to believe in him...Yet doesnt believe in me ... It really hurts when there is no more space in his heart for me ... THE LOVE YOU CANT HAVE LASTS THE LONGEST, FEELS THE STRONGEST, AN HURTS THE MOST. Inside Of Me If you could see inside my soul see inside my heart you would know how I long for you whenever we're apart If you could see inside my head if thoughts were things to see you would know how I cherish you how much you mean to me In all the ways you comfort me the way you hold me near the way you know just what to do to chase away my fear The sparkle in your beautiful eyes your smile, laugh, your touch are just a few of many reasons I love you oh so much Knowing I can talk to you about any and everything and knowing together we will get through whatever life may bring
Why Men Are Happier
Men Are Just Happier People ...................... Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. Car mechanics tell you the truth. The world is your urinal. You never have to drive to another petrol station toilet because this one is just too icky. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt. Same work, more pay. Wrinkles add character. Wedding dress £2000. Tux rental-£100. People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet. One mood all the time. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. You k
Why Marry
I recently read that love is entirely a matter of chemistry. That must be why my wife treats me like toxic waste. David Bissonette When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her. Sacha Guitry After marriage, husband and wife become two sides of a coin; they just can't face each other, but still they stay together. Hemant Joshi By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher.Socrates Woman inspires us to great things, and prevents us from achieving them. Dumas The great question... which I have not been able to answer... is, "What does a woman want? Sigmund Freud I had some words with my wife, and she had some paragraphs with me. Anonymous "Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays." Henny Youngman "I
Why Must Woman Be Like This !
why the fuck must woman be like that .....why must everything go they're way and only they're way? why do they have to have us guys leave to think shit over see if the "feelings" are still there? am i over reacting? or should i be acting like this? i have more to add but i will later !!!!
Why Me !?!?!
what the hell is it just me or is it just fucked up that every where you go you need to wait to do something , wait for money ,wait for time ,parts it doesn't matter every god dam thing is just out of reach so you must fuckin wait GOD DAM IT I HATE FUCKIN WAITING Love DJ Verax
Why Me...
Having trouble keeping up and figuring out this site...bare with me i will eventually get it and get back to everyone...haha...I have no idea but i let ppl talk me into joining then it takes me foreverrrrrrrrrr to figure shit out...and im far from a stupid chick...haha..Anywhos hugz n kisses ,,,like i said..bare with me...Jess
Why Mexicanz Cant Be Terroristz
Why Me?
Why Men Can Pee Standing Up
WHY MEN CAN PEE STANDING UP God was about done creating humans, but he had two parts left over. He couldn't decide how to split them between Adam and Eve, so he thought he might just as well ask them. He told them one of the things he had left was a thing that would allow the owner to pee while standing up. "It's a very handy thing", God told them, " and I was wondering if either of you had a preference for it." Well, Adam jumped up and down and begged, "Oh Please give that to me! I'd love to be able to do that. It seems like just the sort of thing a man should have. Please! Pleeease! Give it to me!" On and on he went like an excited little boy. Eve just smiled and told God that if Adam really wanted it so badly, he could have it. So God gave Adam the thing that allowed him to pee while standing up. Adam was so excited that he just started whizzing all over the place ... First on the side of a rock, then he wrote his name in the sand, and then he tried to see if he
Why Me!!??
My wife left me for a crackhead!! I feel so low. Lemme explain. I am a hard working, loyal man who loved his life. I have 2 children and a stay at home wife who got everything she asked me for. One night I came home to a note that she had to help a friend and the kids are asleep and not to wait up. She went and bailed out this "friend" from jail with the money I work so hard for. She then gave him $100 to get some food and pay a bill. Needless to say, the entire $100 went right in his arm and he was in jail again in less than 3 hours! If I would've had enough spare money in the bank, she would've bailed him out again! Any way, she believed that she was the only one who could save him from hisself and continued to go places with him to keep his mind off drugs and keep him out of jail. Of course, I didn't know that the distraction he needed was sex, but my wife would do anything to get him clean! (Ain't she just muther fuckin' Mother Theresa?) Well, I continued to go broke and saw less a
Why Men Have Better Friends
Start reading from the bottom ->jenjenteas...: np, jenjenteas...: well some people work in offices ->jenjenteas...: well i work in the oilfield so it is normal talk for us. jenjenteas...: ur not its an adult site ->jenjenteas...: ok np. Sorry to bother you. I didnt know I was in a child's website. Ill honor my punishment jenjenteas...: my work not allowed to cuss ->jenjenteas...: you dont hear somebody calling somebody else at work a dumbass? jenjenteas...: it has to be safe for work jenjenteas...: that u cant say at work ->jenjenteas...: that is what I am trying to understand. How was the mumm marked nsfw when I didnt say anything in it that you cant hear on tv? ->jenjenteas...: yes i did jenjenteas...: did u read the mumm blog i linked u too ->jenjenteas...: just so you understand, im just tring to understand what is going on. im not trying to fight with you. I hope you knoww that ->jenjenteas...: that was not my mumm that I sent you. my just asked i
Why Men Have To Be Jerks
just need to vent a little bit.. im wanting to know why men have to be such jerks.. men lately seem to have all kinds of excuses.. they get you all hyped up then drop ya.. they also say they will call ya and they dont or if they do they dont say much.. they dont talk only for just a few minutes.. if you know who im talking about then no hard feelings toward ya.. like i said just needed to let it out...
Why Me
I just dont know what to do. 17 almost 18 yr old in Jan. isnt the greatest kid to live with..well with me he isnt all that bad...likes to skip school from time to time...been in serious trouble one time, But he was coverin for his friend who was a girl. couldnt be mad at him for not tellin on her.I wouldnt rat my friends out so cant expect him to loves sports...breaks curfew i did to at 17. Well this 4th of July i spent in the I.C.U because my son fell and hit his head. Left a quarter size blood spot on the inside of his left brain good smack and he can die. so him and his dad got into it this evening. His dad choked the crap out of him and slammed his head into the wall. then kicked him out. Ty called the cops on him. gettin him for neglect and domestic violence....things will be ruff. But atleast my son had the courage to do something i never could do in the years i was with his father. I AM PROUD OF YOU T I AM IN UR CORNER.
Why Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why Me
Why Me
ok here we go . i got park place if anyone has board walk let us help one another out . we can split the money and every one nose we need it so come and help please . i am unenployed lost my job do to economy laid off and it sucks so help me and i help you . this is not a joke mp2..
Why Me
there's so many things I'd love to say, things like please don't...stay, only the words don't come out right, and just when I'm about to find courage you're already gone i wish i could change everything, the stupid things I've said, the selfish things I've done, but that wouldn't help cause you're already gone i was at a bar and that song played you know the, the ending lyric hit him it was "Lost with out you", and thats how i feel in-side, i feel like apart has been amputated and you're my missing limb i have this feeling deep in my gut, I'll die alone cause you're not with me, And the only breathe they can save will be yours but you're gone and I'll be watching you from heaven maybe, I'll grow from this, maybe this is what i need, maybe one day we'll meet again, maybe just maybe you'll tell me not go I'm facing a little of a problem oh where do i start??!! ok pulling it together i have a boy friend and i've been talking to this lady friend of mine i kne
Why Me
well i got cancer its terminal people ask me how long you have to live i tell them till im dead hell im like the rest of the world i have no clue when im going to die no im not writin this for sympathy hell i got my kids my wife and as far as im concerned im going to live till im 80 that all i can do is hope so that all i have to say bout this
Why Men Frustrate Me
If you were one of the unlucky few who felt my rath this morning please accept my apologies. You may be a nice guy but I don't know that. I've been bombarded with sexist pig headed assholes who can't look beyond a pretty face to see the real person inside. I'm tired of guys coming at me hoping to get down my pants. I'm so much more than a piece of ass. I am a person, a woman with feelings. While I may seem like a tough cookie, I'm a softy at heart who just loves to love people. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for a loved one. People like to exploit this. I guess it's my weakness. I got guys who think I'm pretty, some think I'm beautiful, some say I'm sexy but almost all of them want one thing for me...SEX. Is there not a guy out there that is willing to wait for a girl? Willing to see if she is more than an animal in bed? Letting love blossom before sex comes into the picture? Why is sex everything? And why do guys see my pictures and automatically assume I'll
Why Mothers Cry...
"Why are you crying?" he asked his mom. "Because I'm a mother." she told him. "I don't understand." he said His mom just hugged him and said,"You never will!" Later the little boy asked his father why Mother seemed to cry for no reason. "All mothers cry for no reason." was all his dad could say. The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why mothers cry. So he finally put in a call to God and when God got on the phone the man said,"God, why do mothers cry so easily?" God said,"You see son, when I made mothers they had to be special. I made their shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort. I gave them an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times come from their children." "I gave them a hardiness that allows them to keep going when everyone else gives up, and to take care of their families through sickness and fatigue without complaining." "I gave them the sensitivity to love their c
Why Me And Why Now
Why Me?!?
This blog is just to get all this shit off my chest! Why do people have to take other people's kids away? My oldest son got taken away from my husband and I by my Grandmother & we still don't really know why. She is being a such a bitch to us & I just wanna take our son & move to Georgia where my Dad, Mom & Sister are but I know I can't do that cuz she has permanent gardianship of my son at this point in time & that would be considered kidnapping. I just feel like nothing is going right & that we will never get our son back even tho people tell us that we will it just takes some time. I don't want it to take time I want my son NOW! Why can't I have him NOW?!? Tomorrow is Christmas Eve & we will only be able to get to see him for 1 HOUR that's it...I don't think that is right but I can't do nothing about it. I just want to tell her what I think of her but I know that I can't. My Mom, Sister, & Dad are my support system thru this whole ordeal besides my husband & they help alot by talkin
Why Most Guys Suck In
Why Most Guys Suck In
Why Most Guys Suck In
Why Most Guys Suck In
Why Most Guys Suck In
Why Most Guys Suck In
Why Men Are So Cool
Phone Conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. You know stuff about tanks. A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase. You can open all your own jars. Dry cleaners and hair cutters don't rob you blind. You can go to the bathroom without a support group. You don't have to learn to spell a new last name. You can leave the motel bed unmade. You can kill your own food. You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness. Wedding plans take care of themselves. If someone forgets to invite you to something, he or she can still be your friend. Your underwear is $10 for a three-pack. If you are 34 and single, nobody notices. Everything on your face stays its original color. You can quietly enjoy a car ride from the passenger's seat. Three pairs of shoes are more than enough. You don't have to clean your apartment if the meter reader is coming. Car mechanics tell you the truth. You can quietly watch a game with your buddy
Why Me
Men are evil little monsters. I have had the shittiest luck with them all my life and give up. The ex left me 4 months ago, then told me a week ago he wanted me back, made a mistake...I said no. Not going through that shit again. Then I meet a wonderful man, and wow hot. Well He told me he was in love with me and then after I said it he went poof! Then my son decides he wants to live with his father. Well he is 13 so I kinda knew it was coming. Then the guy I was going to see for the last month out of town took his wife back...That fucking stung! So as you can see I am down on men at this point in my life and I think I am going to stay that way for a very long time. I think I give to much of me and my heart and that is what is getting me hurt. So well I am off for to everyone later.
Why Me!!
Why Men Die First
The Center for Disease Control has issued a medical alert about a highly contagious, potentially dangerous virus that is transmitted orally, by hand, and even electronically. This virus is called Weary Overload Recreational Killer (WORK). If you receive WORK from your boss, any of your colleagues, or anyone else via any means whatsoever - DO NOT TOUCH IT. This virus will wipe out your private life completely. If you should come into contact with WORK you should immediately leave the premises. Take two good friends to the nearest grocery store and purchase one or both of the antidotes - Work Isolating Neutralizer Extract (WINE) and Bothersome Employer Elimination Rebooter (BEER). Take the antidote repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated from your system. You should immediately forward this medical alert to five friends. If you do not have five friends, you have already been infected and WORK is controlling your life. This is a question that has gone unanswered for
Why Me
"why Me?"
Ever since I was young They said don't smoke You'll lose a lung I hear it again with every toke There keeping me lighter There everywhere I look I've quit before But always come back There here with me now Turning my lungs black They say it takes years To clean out the shit Who are they kidding They've rotted to shit Even if I quit now There is no telling Will I live longer Or die screaming and yelling The doc says it's fatal He say's six months if I'm lucky He say's live your life Find a new hobbie "HOBBIE!!" I say you dumb fuck a new hobbie will kill me sooner with my damn luck so now I wait counting the months sitting, waiting thinking "just be" asking the sky. "Why me."
Why Me ?
Why Me?
I sometimes wonder why when I have finished one ordeal, before I have time to catch a breath, I am being slammed with another challenge. I came back from getting several tests run on me and started to ask myself what it was all about? Why me? (Sarcastically:) How did I become so lucky? Just looking back on the last three years alone: a stroke in February of 2005, discovering over a year I had lymphoma and it was what caused the stroke, went for treatments for that, that goes into remission, months later I find out I have a second type of cancer, treatments weren't working, and I finally get rid of that after two surgeries. Now I am left to deal with migraines that hit worse than when I was a teenager, seizures and a heart condition from all the drugs I had been given over the past three years! I realize I may be feeling sorry for myself, but I would think I have a right to ask why me and when is it gonna end? It sucks when you don't know the answers to questions like that...
Why Me??
Things seem to be getting better. I feel that saying that will jinx things but it seems so much easier now. The bills are paid. Days seem to be going smoothly and I no longer let things bother me so much. So what if someone cuts me off in traffic, so what if I ask someone for help-they say no and I catch them in a lie. I just don't care-all that negativity was taking me out who needs it. They say misery loves company and I do not want to be company. I think the sun being out more helps a lot. Wahoo before we know it summer will be here and I will be back at work doing what I love... Wow I am soooo happy. For the first time in I can't remember. Nothing disatrous has happened to me all day(***knock on wood****) Thanks so much for letting me vent when all the crazy stuff happens but I have to mention on the rare occasion when NOTHING Crazy happens. It is nice... ( : K here goes. I know I am probably whining and crap but I need to get this out. Am I not special?? I certainl
Why Me?
why does this always happen to me? i just dont understand why i keep getting hurt. i need to stop opening up my heart up to people. but i just dont get why i am the one that keeps getting hurt. i dont do anything to deserve it! i am done! i am about done with fubar! i just dont know how much more pain i can take!
Why Must I Bare The Responsibilities Of A Social Misfit?
Why Me
Why Me
Why Me
Why Must We..
Why must we fight Why must we always be right Why must we have to be so mean Why must we always need to be seen Why must we leave each other in the wind Why must we always leave each other in a bend Why must we love each other like no other Why must we always see thru one another Why must we argue all the damn time Why must we have to play make-up thru rhyme. I just want to love you I just want to feel you I hate nothing about you I adore everything about you I hate myself for all the pain i've done I Love You.
Why Men Can Pee Standing Up
Why Men Are Happier
WHY MEN ARE NEVER DEPRESSED: Men Are Just Happier People-- What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can be President. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. Car mechanics tell you the truth. The world is your urinal. You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt. Same work, more pay. Wrinkles add character. Wedding dress $5
Why Mi
aint nobody love me as a young nicca finger on my trigger lord forgive me if i smoke niccas b/c i have ta be a G till i die ppl want ta play ppl want to spray well when iam done there will be no fear in my heart for ppl to say.When u mess wit fam ya mess wit me so when ya shot her ya also shot at mi so when ya see mi get ready ta feel the death dats about to come for u and also anybody else dat want beef
Why Men Why?
The Why's of Men 1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX? (because they are plugged into a genius) 2. WHY DON'T WOMEN BLINK DURING SEX? (they don't have enough time) 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (they don't stop to ask directions) 4. WHY DO MEN SNORE WHEN THEY LIE ON THEIR BACKS? (because their balls fall over their butt-hole and they vapor lock) (You're laughing aren't you?!?!) 5. WHY WERE MEN GIVEN LARGER BRAINS THAN DOGS? (so they won't hump women's legs at cocktails parties) 6. WHY DID GOD MAKE MEN BEFORE WOMEN? (you need a rough draft before you make a final copy) 7. HOW MANY MEN DOES IT TAKE TO PUT A TOILET SEAT DOWN? (don't never happened) ( C'mon guys, we laugh at your blonde jokes!) 8. WHY DID GOD PUT MEN ON EARTH? (because a vibrator can't mow the lawn) Remember, if you haven't got a smile on your face and laught
Why Me!?
why is it that always end up gettin hurt? am i to nice of a guy? i feel that i just may be cause i keep gettin walked on over and over again,but i guess thats what i get for being on this site!should i start being a dick and have an attitude all the time is that what you ladies like cause being the nice guy isnt working out to well for me!!im trying to be with someone now and people keep interfering with it i belive and its causeing problems.i just dont know what to do anymore i always think i found the one and always ends up being something that blows up in my face!!just like this one did i believe!i have always been a guy who has treated ladies with respect and always thought of them first before myself and always make sure she is takin care of and always make sure that im available if she needs someone to talk to.but i guess im doin something all wrong!..any advice?
Why Men This True? Lol
This was written by a man and was just wondering if it's the truth? LOL... Women always wonder what it is that cause men to cheat. Men cheat due to several different reasons and circumstances. I can only speak to you based on what I've been told and the reasons I've been given on why men cheat. Your situations may differ, but you will never really know the truth unless your ex or current was real with you on the reason they cheated. Most men say they lied to their lover on the reason they really cheated in order to avoid the conversation. Do you really expect a man to tell you the truth about why he cheated on you once they do so? If he's not being honest with the relationship why would you think he would be honest in his reasoning...? The number one reason why men cheat is because they feel that something new is always best. In other words "Aint no better pussy than NEW pussy". If you notice, in your relationship, the sex is usually abundant at the beginning. You are with a ne
Why Me?
i just don't know what to do anymore. seems like there are certain people out there who love talking bad about me and making me look bad and getting enjoyment in my pain. i don't know what to do anymore.
Why Me
why is it that i cant find me a girl? i might not be the best looking guy in the world but i do deserve to be happy sometime. im to the point i hate life ive been single to long. i want to be happy and im not. i try to be the nicest person i can be and everything. i have a huge heart and noone sees that part of me they only see the out side of me. i guess ill just be single the rest of my life its pretty shitty but thats life for u. well im out of here..
Why Men Are Always Happier
WHY MEN ARE NEVER DEPRESSED: Men Are Just Happier People-- What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can be President. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. Car mechanics tell you the truth. The world is your urinal. You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt. Same work, more pay. Wrinkles add character. Wedding dress $5000. Tux rental-$100. People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet. One mood all the time. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. You know stuff about tanks. A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase. You can open all your own jars. You get extra credit for t
Why Men Get Smarter During Sex
BEER IS NOW CHEAPER THAN GAS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! SO STAY HOME , DONT DRIVE , JUST DRINK ! ! ! ! ! ! 1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX? (because they are plugged into a genius) 2. WHY DON'T WOMEN BLINK DURING FOREPLAY? (they don't have enough time) 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (they don't stop to ask directions) 4. WHY DO MEN SNORE WHEN THEY LIE ON THEIR BACKS? (because their balls fall over their butts and they vapor lock) You're laughing, aren't you?!?!) 5. WHY WERE MEN GIVEN LARGER BRAINS THAN DOGS? (so they won't hump women's legs at cocktail parties) 6. WHY DID GOD MAKE MEN BEFORE WOMEN? (you need a rough draft before you make a final copy) 7. HOW MANY MEN DOES IT TAKE TO PUT A TOILET SEAT DOWN? (don't know...... it never happened) C'mon guys, we laugh at your blonde jokes!) And my personal favorite: 8. WHY DID GOD PUT MEN ON EARTH? (because a vibrator can't mow the lawn)
Why Men Shouldn't Take Messages:
A Co-worker seen this on one of the boards at work, Why Men Shouldn't Take Messages: Honey, you'r Gunyo College called and said that your paspt beer is free,I didn't know you liked beer. And believe it or not this is how it was spelled, at a collge even and from a teacher to his students. Makes me wonder?????
Why Men Should Pay On The 1st Date..
So I am chatting with a friend on MSN and I see at the bottom of the chat box. "why men should pay for the 1st date." So my curiosity gets me and I click on it. I get this security warning pop up box that says " Although this page is encrypted, the information you sent is to be sent over an unencrypted and could easily be read by a third party. Are you sure you want to continue sending this information? " So now I am even more curious. So I click continue. The head line is "Want a second date? Pay for the first." Interesting so I read on this is under the headline. "Men, pay attention. Women place a high value on how a potential partner treats them right at the start. Generosity will go a long way." So I am thinking ok what does paying for the 1st date show us? Umm well that he can pay for it. But then there are some women that think ohh hell no I will pay my own way I dont want to owe anyone anything. There are some guys out there that do think well I will p
Why Men Shouldnt Get Married
All the older guys I know, guys that are 30 and older are telling me the same story; don't do it. It just turns to crap no matter what you do. They'd rather be independent. At best it's a tedious bore. At worst a living hell with financial ruin thrown in for good measure. The problem is that when you're young, you just naturally fall into this mind set where your whole self image is based on how women regard you, and so you spend all your money and energy trying to make yourself acceptable to them. Then later in life the shine wears off and you finally realize that you've wasted yourself on a bunch of crap. Children - "the ultimate human experience" I couldn't even begin to list all of the older folks i know from work or through my family with kids they either don't get along with, are disappointed in, or are so distant as to not even be a factor in each other's lives. I'm really skeptical about the idea of children as "the ultimate blessing." How many friends do you have with l
Why Me?
i have noticed in my 28 almost 29 yrs men are like moths to a flame. Ass is all they see when they see a female. Not hey, u are pretty u want to go out on a date and see what happens. No, its u wanna fuck> WTF, happened to the so called gentelman? im sorry i have morals and im not a whore who sleeps around so all i have to say s FUCK YOU~ i seem to be in this spiraling path to hell, i cant seem to stop it . i cant say anything right with out someone thinking im being a bitch, or pushy, or just anything from what i mean by it.ive been told that i come on strong, but then 5 min later im told im not doing enough. i cant find a happy medium. i guess ill just shut my mouth and say nothing
Why Me
why me i give my ex my heart and get pregnet 3 times and and he leaves me i gave him money he poned my stuff off and his mom wont even talk to me and shes a preach they dont want anything to do with me or the baby i am getting ready to have i am 9 wks i try to talk to him on here and he wont his name is larry lewis he wont talk to me but he will his ex's i dont get it
Why Me
Why does it hurt so bad ? I try to understand females everyday but i get no where. I fell in love with a female that is amazing,but time shows that my pain with not go away. Pls stop the pain from hurting. I feel like life has a boundary and it will not let me cross. I want to be with her and everyway but i know i can not cause her heart is hurting too. Seeing her face,seeing her smile brightens up my day. I hold her close to my heart everyday and the pain is there too i wish the pain would go away but it will not i wish i could have her by my side but i know other wise and realize that when you love 2 people it is hard so i choose to step back and wait to see who runs where. I am a real person never fake and i feel like sometimes i wear my heart on my sleeve and i should not i feel like her bieng makes me whole. This is my life everyday broken with tears and pain from not bieng able to make her happy. when you figure out things in ya life and people in it just makes you feel like they
Why Me?
->passion_in...: well i wasn't being a doubh bag to start off with, i just didn't respond, who's the one the fuckin problem not me passion_in...: your personality is very cuntie..if u had asked for a pic...w/o being a fucking duchebag i would have shown u... ->passion_in...: now see I was all hot and fuckin sexy till i didn't fall over myself tryin to talk to ya then i'm a fat ugly cunt.. how does this work exactly?? your so fuckin scared of what you look like you can't even post a fuckin picture, damn glad i'm a fat ugly cunt in your book. passion_in...: what do u have to respond...fucking ugyly bitch...fat ass......what a C U Next Tuesday ->passion_in...: why do i have to reply to a compliment exactly but what ever have a nice day passion_in...: well what does me having a pic or not..have to do with having a little class and saying...something nice when someoen compliments u ->passion_in...: to me it does. that's all that matters passion_in...: oo....ok...that makes a lot of
Why Me
Why My Heart Is So Heavy
This is probably one of the hardest things i live with in my heart .I have a brother that was born a year before my he was like mine .i went know where without him. as he was growing up .he always made good grades very very athletic all threw school .as soon as he graduated joined the marines.he had a bad knee injury and was sent home to recover.well he being 19 he goes to a bar and the waitress thinking he was of age .let him drink all day .well he had a job the next morning and decided to drive him self home .Hes almost home and he sees red and blue lights flashing .who knows what went through his head he decides to run and try to get home before he knows it they pit him.flips his truck.ejects him through a bob wire fence .the police thought he might have ran .they didnt realize my brother had been thrown so far .finally when they found him he was in fetal position with his head turned almost around .breathing in dirt .yes his neck was broke...19 yrs old my baby brother .b
Why Me???
My daughter went to put some frozen orange juice into the freezer for me yesterday afternoon.....I never checked it after and this morning I went to get waffles for the girls for breakfast and realized that the freezer door was not closed.....Everything was completely thawed out. There was over hundred dollars of food in there :( Don't get me wrong, I know things could have been worse, it just is another set back and hard for me to keep dealing with these negative things happening...I just wish positive things would happen for me...
Why Me
there has to be a man for me somewhere.ive been here six months and nothing but loosers,just need some one that can handle fun and my needs.even part time would do.i do have plenty going on but there is something missing. tgif someone save me!
Why Men Should Listen To Women.
In a Chicago hospital, a gentleman had made several attempts to get into the men's restroom, but it had always been occupied. A nurse noticed his predicament. Sir, she said ' You may use the ladies room if you promise not to touch any of the buttons on the wall.' He did what he needed to, and as he sat there he noticed the buttons he had promised not to touch. Each button was identified by letters: WW , WA , PP, and a red one labeled ATR Who would know if h e touched them? He couldn't resist. He pushed WW. warm water was sprayed gently upon his bottom. What a nice feeling, he thought. Men's restrooms don't have nice things like this. Anticipating greater pleasure, he pushed the WA button. Warm air replaced the warm water, gently drying his underside.. When this stopped, he pushed the PP button. A large powder puff caressed his bottom adding a fragile scent of spring flower to this unbelievable pleasure. The ladies restroom was more than a restroom,
Why Me?
What a place!! Never been nowhere like this. Hope to find some NC folks here!
~why Men Can't Go Shopping~
Lmao...sent to me...had to share... THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T TAKE MEN TO THE STORE WITH YOU After I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips to Target. Unfortunately, like most men, I found shopping boring and preferred to get in and get out. Equally unfortunately, my wife is like most women - she loved to browse. Yesterday my dear wife received the following letter from the local Target. Dear Mrs. Samsel, Over the past six months, your husband has been causing quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behavior and have been forced to ban both of you from the store. Our complaints against Mr. Samsel are listed below and are documented by our video surveillance cameras. 1. June 15: Took 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people's carts when they weren't looking. 2. July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5-minute intervals. 3. July 7: Made a trail of tomato juice on the
Why Me
why do we even love someone in our life if it was never ment to be as one would put it.. why do we have to hurt why do we have tears to cry if it don't work why do you give your heart to someone to have it given back why dose life have to be so hard to live ...why do i have to cry so much and hurt too...
Why Mw

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