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monkey's blog: "WebCam Bullshit"

created on 04/10/2008  |  http://fubar.com/webcam-bullshit/b206204
I'm so tired of guys asking: "do you have a webcam?" You know what, NO, I DON'T HAVE ONE, but if I did, you still wouldn't get to see anything, because I don't do that. Not only that, if I want to see a pecker, then I'll ask my boyfriend to whip it out. Also, when I'm on fubar-I'm at work, so I'm not even showing cleavage to my co-workers let alone some dude on a freakin' camera! You can fan me, rate me, add me, or whatever, but DON'T ask if I have a cam, because I don't. I'm a nice person and even a little crazy at times, BUT I DON'T CAM WITH ANYONE! Sorry for yelling, but it pisses me off! Guys can't get the baby batter off the brain for 10 minutes just to say "what up" to someone.
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13 years ago
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