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D4rkn355 B4ByG1rL's blog: "Wed"

created on 06/18/2008  |  http://fubar.com/wed/b224364
hmm.. Happy humpday everyone. How are you spending it...are you working..or humping? LMAO. I spent a good hour at the blood mobile today. First time in like 12 yrs. Been along time..they had to change my address and all. I took my boys along with me. Was quite comical in a way. Brent, my oldest..seen one woman ..where they poked her..then her blood.. draining into the bag. He got upset.. told me to get up and go. LMAO. I asked why.. he said.. Just go mom. LOL. Anyways.. towards the end..he started getting white looking..and said he was getting hot. I think he was close to passing out. Told him to go play in the hall or something. While I was getting blood, had a cute guy doing the blood. I was flirting with him alittle bit. (smiles) Have you ever given blood? Theres a shortage on it. Lately I have been feeling negative about fubar.. but I have decided to just forget all the reasons why I feel this way..and just enjoy being with my good friends. I got one good friend who always makes me feel special. Well I got others also..but this one is always there for me. Thank you Jimbo..for being you! You always know how to cheer me up. (Jimbo is the one with the horses butt as a main default) .
OnlineTaco for you..taco for me..
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