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Mackie cautiously looked outside one final time, before closing the hatch:

"It looks clear now. The Hybrids are long gone." Deretha and her husband DeMaron however; weren't quite buying into the other man's latest observation just yet.

"You know how them Hybrids act. Maybe they're hiding.They're waiting for us to come out so they can kill us." Deretha said nervously. DeMaron nodded his head, but couldn't speak anymore. His tongue was ripped out when the Hybrids nearly killed him a few months back before we rescued him. We took the two by surprise and bashed their skulls in before they could react to us. Heavy Steel Bars can crack their reinforced Aluminum Skulls!

I guess I should tell you who I am. I'm Mackie:

You see; about ten years ago, The Government decided that all Black Elderly People above the age of 60, had to die. We were supposedly: 'Using too many Depleted Resources'. All because The Human Race just survived the most devastating plague ever faced in Human History. You recall that they came up with some kind of new Nano-Antiviral Technology that killed off some invading germ from Outer Space? Well, The People-In-Power found that when the Human Life Span now exceeded 300 Years, too many people were overpopulating the entire planet. Earth's population now stood at around 12.7 Billion! So they created a New Society that now ran The Government. The Constitution was declared Non-Essential, and obliterated. The Mutagenic Society was born out of all this.

Those of us that were not White AND Wealthy, were to be erased from existence. They created Hybrid Droid Hunters. Humans with Enhanced Nano-Synthetic Appendages that could withstand extreme environments, ordinance fire directed at them, and enhanced Senses. They would find anyone deemed unfit to exist, and kill them in a variety of ways...none merciful. Thus far, they killed off just about everyone they wanted. There was no more President, Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, and etc. A Consortium was now run by a single Individual who was a Third Generation relative of the last U.S. President who had been declared an Ultimate Disaster because of the way he'd handled the most recent extra-terrestrial pandemic in terms of preparation. It took the rest of U.S. and other Scientists around the world to finally come up with what we now carry within our bodies to keep us from getting Ill anymore. The only problem now, is that they tell us how to live. What to eat. What not to consume, which includes tobacco products, drugs, alcohol and even how to live morally right...and we have no choice but to obey them!

The Mutagenics, decided therefore, that the only way to reduce the exploding population was to kill as may Non-Whites off as possible, because of an Antiquated, Hate-Driven Klan agenda from a Jim-Crow Laws Era of the late 19th, 20th and 21st Century!

We waited for nearly three more hours, before hunger forced us to leave the battered, old Bomb Shelter, which ws lined with lead. The Mutagens couldn't sense us through that.They couldn't smell us, see us, or hear us talking. So I opened up the hatch as slowly and as noiselessly as I could.

Nothing. It was almost dark. So we stepped out warily.

We traveled for about two miles, before we heard the dreaded hum of the Drone Copters. We tried breaking into a run to get away, but I'm 64 Years Old. Deratha's 67 and DeMaron's 65. All of us were former smokers too.

They caught us however. Now, I'm telling you this story from my Isolation Chamber. I'm separated from the others. I won't make it. So I'm telling you now, if you have a chance, get out of the country. Mexico's safe now for sure. 

The Cartels keep the Hybrids away.



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