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	Well, it finally happpened.
	Just as we were on the brink of National and potential World Collapse over our own little petty bull-
shit arguments, hatreds, and differences, The Reptiles invaded. They came in four Semi-Continental sized
gargantuan starships. They sent out smaller-albeit Paris Sized Disc Ships-and effectively invaded Planet
Earth. They hit nearly all our Infrastructure and Military Bases first. Then, they attacked The Water Supply,
and then, they came after US!
	The Black Lives Matter Movement, and any and all other Movements, suddenly were forgotten. Now
ALL LIVES MATTERED. The reason in and of itself was made evident and manifest very quickly. I guess
I should explain:
	You see; they have an affinity for meat...HUMAN MEAT. They stood at around 8-10'tall. They wear the
most inpenetrable body armor I'd ever seen. Even .50 Caliber Shells just bounce off of them. You can't get
a head shot at them because of the armor they wear, so they can be hurt. You can understand their lang-
uage, because they've studied and learned all of ours. Their Broadcast to every Nation on Earth was some-
thing out of Star Trek:
'We are The Kraault. We will take over and conquer Your Planet to make it Ours. We will take Your Species as
Food for Us. Your Weapons and Scientific Knowledge cannot deter or stop Us. Resistance is Useless against Us.
Do not attempt to fight Us. You cannot and will not prevail. WE WILL HAVE YOU. SUBMIT AND YOUR DEATHS
Well, it was obvious that we had to do something to save ourselves. At last count, there were only about
5 million of them, and over 8 Billion of Us. So it came down to a Numbers Game...which Ours were seem-
ingly rapidly declining as they Victimized more and more of Us. Whole Families were taken and eaten.
Neighborhoods, Villages, Small Towns, Cities, Counties...and etc. There were secret meetings between
former enemies, now Allies: We hooked up with The Russians, The Chinese, The Terrorists, and even Iran,
to devise some kind of Defensive and Counter-Offensive against these Motherfuckers!
	With their scaly, snot-colored skin, they were truly repulsive enough just to look at. Their tails were
long. On average, they'd measured anywhere between 12-18' long. They were powerful too. One whip of
that tail, and your neck was easily broken. With the Knife Edge Weapon they had at the end of it, you 
were more than likely to get split in half.
	And yes. They were also Tech-Savvy too. They hacked and shut down nearly 80% of The Cloud in a
matter of minutes just before their First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Waves.  So now, we were back
in the 1980's again...Isolated technically!
	Current estimates put it like this:
	At the rate we were being consumed by them, they would completely wipe Us out within the next
three years, and then The Planet would become THEIRS!
	We...were literally FUCKED!
	End: Part I.


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