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   Tog And Zrill cruised into Our Solar System again, hoping to catch a glimpse of the upcoming NFL Season.
The Game of Football, was something they'd never seen any other Species participate in, besides us Homo-
Sapiens. As they parked their Drive Disc Ship just off the far sider of the Moon, they again began scanning
the Planet Earth:
"Zrill, take a look at this. You won't believe it." Tog withdrew from The ScannerScope. Zrill replaced his ship-
mate and took the controls. Deftly readjusting it with his delicate, yet super-strong tentacles, he withdrew
one of his three bulging orbs, and shook his massive head in disbelief:
"You're right." Tog confirmed. "I don't believe what I've just witnessed, but it's apparently true nonetheless."
"The Humans are not going about their usual Life-Cycles Activities, and Football Practices are limited this
year. None of their Little Ones have games anymore, and only their Schools, Colleges, and Professionals 
have limited practices. Why is this?" Zrill wondered aloud. Tog began additional scans of the Planet. and 
came upon a startling discovery:
"A Plague of some type, has struck their world. They identify it as COVID-19. It apparently is some type of
Disease that is extremely deadly to the Species. Contact between members of their kind is limited, and many
wear a type of protective face covering. Some, even wear two at a time."
   There was silence between the two Cephalopoids for what seemed like an indeterminate amount of 
time. Zrill, removed It's Pittsburgh Steelers Shirt, as that particular Team was It's Favorite: Tog, took
off It's Chicago Bears Shirt in like fashion, as they scanned for the origin of this disease.
   They found it's origin too.
"Tog..." Zrill announced: "I've found where this disease came from. One of the Earth Countries on the
Eastern Hemisphere of the Planet created it. A Country known as China." Tog shook it's huge head yet
"Why would such a nation do this?" Zrill answered quickly.
"Theirs is a rapidly overpoplated nation. It was created to reduce their numbers and also attack any 
other Country,  they see as hostile to them...in particular, The United States of America." Tog shook
with violent malevolence as It came to a decision:
"The United States President sought to begin this madnress, when he initiated Financial Sanctions
against The China Nation. Their Government reacted, by having their Scientists create this disease!"
  The two sat brooding, until Tog began flipping switches. The ship moved out of Lunar Orbit, to head
to earth. Zrill asked him:
"What are your instructions? His Ship-Mate Tog had a grim expression on It's face:
"We will destroy the Leaders of both nations, and force them to play football...AFTER we eradicate this
disease for them. They do not have the Medical Means or Technology to do so of their own. Remember
Zrill, The Humans are still a primitive species."
   They had not eaten in several Light Years either.
   So they looked forward to a tasty meal of Ignorant Humans.

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