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   So, in this dream I had earlier this afternoon, it went something like this:
   Congress finally re-writes Legislation that Re-Structures every Police Department, Sheriffs, Department, Con-
stables, Correctional Officers and all Associated Staff in Corrections, State Police, Troopers, Federal Agents, etc, 
etc, and etc. Now:
   Every Law-Enforcement Agency's Man-and Womanpower-is drastically cut in half, and Drones are heavily in-
fused into service. These however; aren't your usual kind though, and they do more than you would think. They
not only Video-Feed all Arrest Events directly to The Cloud, they also stop Officers from using Excessive Force 
when it's not ever needed or warranted.
   You might wonder: 'Exactly, how could they do this?' Well, they use Force Field Energy, that restricts them
from Violence beyond that amount of Stun Usage against any Suspect. Moreover, The Drone Itself, utilizes an
Updated Facial Recognition Software called 'Quantum Algorythms'. They use a Planet-Wide Database of all 
Human Faces of people all over Earth currently living, and simultaenously runs DNA alongside the Facial
 Recognition Sequence, to prevent Mistaken Identity Arrests and more importantly...Murders!
   Finally; The Drones eliminate Racist Officers from any kind of duty, once they detect Telepathic Psi-Thoughts
directed at ANY Non-Caucasoid Group, or Sexual Orientation Group, or Any Other Type. They depower their
weapons, and hit such Cops with a Stun-Hypo, before they even go out on The streets...IF they somehow had
managed to get past the Rigorous New Screening Procedures before entering The Academy, and during the
Academy Training....which fewer than 2% do anymore.
   Oh, The Unions all over the country and around the Planet got in THE BIGGEST UPROAR, over all these
new controls put in place. However; at least it saved them all from Wrongful Death Lawsuits and Real 'Truth-
In-Sentencing' Convictions for those Cops that used to get away with Murder of ANYONE: Black, Asian, Latino, 
Native American, and etc. Now, ANY Cop or Law-Enforcement Official in ANY Capacity that is found guilty of
Capital Murder-regardless of WHO The Suspect was-Gets either Life, or The Death Penalty!
   So when I was awakened by my phone ringing, from yet another nuisance caller about Insurance I still can't
afford just yet, I happened to look out my window:
   A Drone was hovering directly in front of it with what looked like a Face in It's Display Screen...
..and It was Grinnin', and Winked.


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