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   We found a way to Beat Them!
   The Krauult didn't take into account, that our Micro-Flora would do for us what our mightiest weapons
could not. Scientists around the world had found a naturally occuring Microspore, that could penetrate and 
obliterate their very cells' nuclei. Thus it could render them Violently I'll and subsequently die within a few
minutes of exposure.
   Oh, they fought back valiantly of course. They tried coming up with varying Anti-Spore Vaccines against
our newest Bio-Weapon. What they didn't count on however, was that once The Microspore-dubbed XW-17-
invaded their Nuclei of each cell, it would literally consume their mRNA Sequences. Thus, even their so-
called Immune Systems would be helpless against them. Moreover and even more important, it made them
much more susceptible to extremes of Heat and Cold. Once infected, they could not tolerate our environ-
ment so easily as they had at the beginning!
   As for the delivery of The Microspores against them? Well, it was also found that We had a Natural type
of defense against them. So they did nothing to Us. We could produce Antibodies that would literally wipe
them out in Our Bloodstreams...but not Theirs.
   A Military Scientist down in Central Congo in Africa, discovered the perfect way to hit them with our
newest Bio-Weapon: Mosquitoes. So, we took a couple of the more than 3,000 Species-only three that 
infect Us-and imfected them with The Microspores. We'd then release them to seek out The Reps. Sure
enough, within the space of nearly another year and a half, the numbers began to turn in Our favor!
   In addition; we now found a way to penetrate their Armor and Shielding as well. Quantum Neutrino
Beams disrupted their Shielding Frequencies, and destabilized them. Once done, Our Missiles could then
crash through them, to hit and severely damage their ships. We'd then adapted Rocket Launchers to fire
the Beams as well. 
   It didn't take long for them to realize that, we'd finally found the means to successfully counter them 
and as such, they hastily decided to withdraw from the Planet. We however; were NOT, going to allow 
them to escape. No. They HAD to be Eradicated before they got away! A Quantum Neutrino Weapon,
was fixed onto a Killer Satellite that we launched nearly four days ago. The Satellite tracked down the 
massive Mothership, and attacked it. When It's Sheilds were finally obliterated, we then launched salvo
after salvo of Patriot-4 Missiles at the thing. All in all, it took about 20 of them, to finally destroy the huge
spacecraft...and the remaining Invaders.
   They will never return again!.
End: Part II.


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