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Now I'm the kind of guy who don't believe that Chivalry is dead.

'Cause I believe a Woman should be treated with The Utmost Respect.

Don't be afraid, don't turn and walk away. I want to get to know you.

Don't be ashamed, don't say that Love's to Blame. Just come and look me over.

You'll find a Heart, that you've always been looking for. 

How could any Lady ask for much more?

Now I like opening doors, picking your Hanky off The Floor.

Treat You Like A Lady.

Light Your Bowl, Blunt, or Smoke, even help you with Your Coat.

Trerat You Like A Lady.

In this world of Liberation;

it's so easy to forget,

that it's nice to have a Man around to lend a helping hand

you can bet.

When I was young. My Mama used to say:

"Boy, a Woman's like a flower.

With Love on Her, You Shower."

Ever since that day,

her words never went away.

I always will remember,

to Treat My Lady Tender.

Here; you'll find The Heart,

that you've always been looking for.

Need you ask for much more?



   Sometime this year; more than likely in September or October, I'll be relocating out West.

It is my intention, to relocate out to New Mexico. As for the reasons? The main one being,
that I've spent more than enough time here in Pennsylvania-18 Years-and it's time for me
to go to the place I intend to spend the remainder of My Life...and Ultimately Die there!
   As I'm originally from Iowa; I do not intend to go back there...alive. I do however, intend
to have My Ashes sent back there, to be buried in The Family Plot in the town of Burlington,
Iowa in the Cemetary Our Family Plot is in...and yes, I said 'Ashes'! Cremations aren't as 
expensive as Burials. My Daughter and other Family Members-or The Spouse I hope to have
long before then-do not need the added expense!
   I anticipate that life for me will be better out there in Albuquerque; or Santa Fe, or Roswell,
or wherever I end up. To be honest; I'd like to end up in Roswell, because it's The UFO City
where Tourism is a pretty big thing. I mean all things considered, I'd like to know for myself
once and for all, if Extraterrestrials indeed have visited Our Planet or if in fact, one or more
   With everything that's happened over the last few weeks; it would be absolutely no surprise 
to me at all, if any ET's took a special interest in the latest events in Our Nation...never mind 
the rest of The Planet. Maybe I'll find out for myself, and maybe I won't. We'll see.
   The overall Climate out there will be good for me and my Muscles, Bones and Joints to be sure.
It's safe for me to say, I'm spending my final Winter in a Cold Weather State. You might ask; 
'Well why not go down to Florida?' Here's The Answer: It's Donald Trump Country now, there's
Big-Ass Escaped Exotic Snakes, Gators, High Humidity, and Hurricanes can hit down there along
with the rest of the Gulf Coast States. Not to mention that the Racism Factor is much greater in
Florida, than New Mexico I believe. Now you might say something along the lines of: 'Well, you've
got to deal with dangerous Animals in NM too. You've got Scorpions, Snakes, Pumas, and Bigger-
Assed Spiders like Tarantulas and Wolf Spiders and Coyotes and you're that much closer to the 
Border to Mexico!
   So what?
   New Mexico is called 'The Land of Enchantment'. I intend to see firsthand, just how Enchanting
it can be. When Congress gets back to work after their Break-whenever that is-I'm hoping one of
the things they do first or second, is get another Stimulus going. I'm earnestly Praying for them 
to send out $2,000.00 Checks, because quite frankly, the $600.00 one-while welcome mind you-
simply was not enough!
   I don't want to hear it. Please keep your Negative 'You don't need nothing', statements to Your-
selves. You don't know me, nor do I know you. Let's just leave it at that shall we?
   So with that said; my final reason for wanting to go out there, I pray will finally result in my
meeting and Marrying The Last Love Of My Life...Lord Willing that is!
   Thus, I wish you all well. Prayers Continue for Our Nation and Planet. 'Nuff Said. Peace.


   Charlie Brown expresses this statement when something goes wrong.  "Good Grief." To be sure, there's absolutely NOTHING good about it, in and of itself. Yet; it is a process we all endure, when something not just goes wrong...but terribly wrong.

   Consider for example, the loss of a Loved One.

   A Friend of mine here on The Site, has just endured the loss of a most Beloved Significant Other. I will not disclose her Identity out of Respect during her time of Grieving and Loss. Instead, I will only write about how Grief, impacts us all. You see; we Human Beings seem to share a need to communicate about, events that happen in our lives whether good or bad. We don't always do so for every single event yet, more often than not, we do. It's like how the GEICO Commercial Narrator Guy might say: "When you're Grieving, you feel great sadness...it's what you do."

   He would be surely correct as well. Grieving is I believe, a natural progression of Emotional Stages we must experience, upon learning of something that we see as life-shattering, or even tragic. It is defined as: 'Deep Sorrow, especially that caused by someone's death.' It can, and many times does, lead to Depression and even varying stages of the same. We've all either had such instances long ago or not-too-long ago. One constant always remains: Even when such loss was as far back as 15-30 years, the memory, is still just as unpleasant than at the first.

   Still; to actually Grieve, is something we as Humans MUST do. It is a way of slowly reacting to the loss of a Loved Family Member-Friend, Favorite Pet, even a Prized Possession or two-and is seen from a Psychological Standpoint as being a natural and healthy reaction.

   Furthermore, I agree with The Shrinks. I have had Firsthand Reasons to do so myself. I have lost several Beloved Elder Aunts, Uncles, My Parents, and most recently, my Second Spouse just over 14 years ago. That last, was and still is at times, painful for me to recall. She underwent a Medical Procedure that went horribly wrong the following day, and as a result, she died...practically in my arms!

   Talk about Traumatic! There was a period of time, that in order to deal with it, I had to go to Counseling Therapy, just to effectively deal with the Grief I'd been experiencing over the loss of Her. She was only 45 at the time. I was 48 then. Even to this day, there are still periods, when I feel extreme sadness over the very manner in how she died...which was so unnecessary! I took The Doctors to Court, as I'd believed that they caused her death based on the procedure itself. Yet, a Jury found in favor of them and against me...and I lost the Litigation Suit!

   There are still times, that I want to strike out in anger against the very Judge, Jury, and Attorney for the Doctors as well as they themselves. However, doing so would cause me more trouble than it is actually worth. In addition, doing so will never return My Late Spouse to me anyway!

   Drinking it away does no good. Using other kinds of Mind-Altering Drugs also does no good either. Oh for awhile, they make us seemingly forget the pain or lessens it...so we want to believe. Still, when the substances are out of our system, the pain still is not. Nor is the memory of hearing that not-too-welcomed phrase beginning with the words: "I'm sorry..."

   You know the rest I'm sure.

   So in the end, Grief is something we all must endure whenever we must. It will never ever be comforting to do so, but to NOT do so, is much more harmful to our Emotional Recovery. I know personally of four people I've known in life, that did not Grieve when they lost a Loved One. One committed Suicide after a year of heavy drinking. Two more went completely Insane and ended up being Committed to a Psychological Ward. To my knowledge, they are still in that particular Institution. The last, just seemed to vanish from the face of The Planet five months after discovering he'd lost his Loved One.

   We are Mortal Beings. Death does come to Us All, at some point in life and affects Us All as well. If you've not yet experienced the loss of a Loved One...you will. It is inevitable. So, expect to endure the process of Grief, however great the level of it becomes for, and to you.

   For those of you that recently lost someone. My Condolences, and I'll certainly Pray for You!




  Well, it had to happen sooner or later. I was just told by Fubar my entry 'Raging Bitterness' was NSFW, and I felt I had to remove it. So I deleted it altogether. Of course, Anyone else-Guess Who-can say what they want, however they want, using any kind of Language they want, AND STILL, not have thiers marked the same.

  Oh well, one thing the can't erase is The Truth!




   We are going to die.

   The Grand Jury Decision in Louisville, KY has left me with facing no other reality. I have never

ever, in life thought that mine would come to this kind of existence and termination. Even more so, I am afraid for my Daughter and Grandchildren. Being Targeted and killed by Police, for just BEING BLACK,-let alone any other reason-is the reality of seeing a crushed Civil Rights Mission by the Wealthy Powerful Hatemongers a truly frightening existence.

   The Evil of Hate, has become an accepted 'Normal'. It is embraced by Politicians; Attorneys, Celebrities, Media Moguls, Judges, Senators, Congressional Representatives, Governors, County Executives, Mayors, and EVERY LEVEL of Law Enforcement...from The So-Called 'Department Of Injustice', down to the Prison Correctional Officers that ALWAYS have a Hate Agenda, because of a Self-Righteous Entitlement a Uniform, and Badge Brings!

   We all know how it got to be this way too. Yet, many people embrace and LOVE IT!

   All because THEY, ARE NOT, BLACK...

   ..like Me!



Sooner or later, we're all going to have to face it.

We no longer lead The World in any damn thing but Legislated Hate Violence against People of Color. Now to be sure, there's going to be some of you who will automatically call me all kinds of names, just because I'm telling the Damn Truth. It's expected that you will, because NONE OF YOU are in what I'm certain Corrupt Police and other Law-Enforcement Personel and Agencies designate as 'The Target Group'! Add to that also; the fact that this current Dude in The Oval Office,  who might as well be Adolf Hitler II, in the hopes that all this Violence against Black People help get him Re-Elected, and there it is. Then, a Senate that also supports the Mass Killing of Us Black People-Oh Come On Now You KNOW It's True Anyway-as well as a Supreme Ku Klux Klan Court, along with a Nazi Department of Injustice gets added into the Mix. What can you help but get?

An Outright Government-Backed Plan of Black Ethnicide!

That's right. I said it and I'll say it again: GOVERNMENT BACKED BLACK ETHNICIDE DAMN IT!!

The overwhelming Evidence speaks Volumes for itself: Kenosha, Wisconsin is the latest city to throw their Corrupted Police Department into the mix. Might as well add The County Sheriff Department, and the State Department of So-Called Public Safety. Why don't they all just come on out and say it plainly: The rest of the nation knows it. Just declare it. What do they have to lose? They've got Corrupted State Legislators on their side, so that ensures they aren't going to be held accountable. Corrupted Judges ensure that NO Sentences are handed out, and even if they were to try and make a show of it, it would be a Farce at best: 'Probation, Probation, Probation'! 

You and I know good and well, that Truly Evil Hate-Driven Agendas are rising to the fore, and this Country-which never ever had a Social Justice Conscience anyway-is going the way of Old WWII Nazi Germany. Yeah I can hear you Bigoted Knuckleheads now: 'If you don't like it, Leave!' No, I don't think so. I've got a better idea instead: MAKE ME LEAVE!! Now naturally, the only way you'll do it is to shoot and kill me in cold blood. I'll be Unarmed anyway and can't defend myself. You won't be Arrested, put in Jail, and go to Court to be Sentenced to Life for Murder...BECAUSE IT'S ALREADY SANCTIONED BY THE FREAKIN' GOVERNMENT!!

Let's recall some History okay? THE GOVERNMENT, took away This Native Land from The Rightful Native Peoples way back in the way back. Now the remaining Survivors of all those Slaughtered Peoples are on 'Reservations'. You say: 'Well, They're Happy.' Uhh NO THE HELL THEY AREN'T!

This upcoming Presidential Election, is going to do one of two things. It will either: 1. Take this Country to Outright Prime Position for a Second Civil War OR 2. Begin the More-Than-One-Term-New President, to begin the Healing and Efforts for Change WE ALL DEPERATELY NEED TO SURVIVE!! As for the Agenda of So-Called 'Criminal Justice Reform'? Well, First, how about we start by having GOVERNMENT REFORM AND QUIT ELECTING HATE-DRIVEN OFFICIALS FROM EVER HOLDING OFFICE IN ANY CAPACITY??

Then...AND ONLY THEN, can we finally get back to being a United States of America...Again!



   In Life, there are many things, that are simply 'Given'! I'm currently encountering one of those right now.
As to what it is exactly, I'm not going to go into detail. What I will say however, is this: You can make all 
the plans you want. Yet, there are times when those plans just don't fall together for you as you want them
to. In Short, Shit Happens!
  Despite My Best Efforts, my latest attempt to get with Someone from The Fu, failed yet again. Now, on the
One Hand, I am indeed Disappointed. On The Other Hand however, I anticipated the very likelihood of the 
potential of failure. I can speculate as to why, yet again, even that is a moot point. So instead of trying to
analyze the entire scenario, I'm just going to Move Onward. I Must, if I'm to not only Survive, but continue
my efforts, to Thrive and 'Pull Myself Up by My Own Bootstraps' as it were.
  Man, those got to be some Long Ass Bootstraps...lol.
  Things in Today's World, have gone from The 'Norm', to 'The New Ab-Norm'. I never thought in My Lifetime,
that I would personally witness the onset of a new Global Pandemic that is literally Frazzing Up the entire
Planet and Planetary Economic System as a whole. As a result of just that alone, the term 'Business As 
Usual', is no more. We have now entered Unofficially, The Fullness of The Digitized Age! We cannot see
each other Person-To-Person anymore in places of Public Business...at least many of them for now. I can
only further Speculate, that if things don't change with this Next Presidential Election, Our Species will
become increasingly marginalized until we are literally thrown back into The 1800's!!
  Remember, I said 'Speculate', so I don't really know what The Future Holds for Us All.
  I do know however; what it must, hold for Me.


It has no beginning really,

Nor, no end.

It extends to Us All.

To The Foe...and The Friend.

When Freedom and Love,

had come together.

Justice, was born,

regardless of the Weather.

Long...before 1776.

The concept of Justice,

was no Mysterious Trick.

Men once thought One,

should 'Own' Another.

Break Up Whole Families; Father,

Sons, Daughters...and Mother.

If We're All Created Equal, then,

From where, comes The Strife?

The Source, must be Spritual,

for even a Spirit, has life.

You claim belief in God?

Then Yes, You do well.

So also, do The Demons,

Evil Spirits of Hell.

It MUST be from There,

that Hatred has come.

Only One Thing can Destroy It,

then, Our Victory, is Won.

For The Soul of Justice,

to Truly Operate.

It CANNOT Contain Deceit,

Cruelty, Misery, or Hate.

The Soul of Justice,

MUST Permeate Us All.

For United, We Claim We Stand,

but Divided, We'll SURELY FALL!

And now I'll end by,

telling you this.

Please Heed My Words.


The Soul of Justice has,

come from Above.

With The Weapon to Kill Hate,

and That Weapon IS LOVE!




     Juneteenth. THAT, WAS MY... Independence Day Celebration!

   June 19th 1865. Union Major General Gordon Granger and Troops rode into Galveston, Texas and informed all of it's
inhabitants that The Civil War was over and that ALL Enslaved African Americans were now OFFICIALLY FREE! Now
to be sure The Emancipation Proclamation that supposedly freed My Ancestors on January 1st, 1863, was never 
accepted by The Confederate States...only The Union States. So in Texas alone on the 19th of June, it became a State
Recognized Holiday. 45 other States also recognize it now as only a State Holiday.
   Yeah, the Confederate States were indeed,  Sore Losers!!
   There are efforts, to make it a National Holiday. The Reverend Ronald Myers Sr. The Founder and Chairman of The 
National Juneteenth Observance Foundation put it best like this when he said the following:
"For Some, The Fourth of July tells only Half The Story of Freedom in America. The 19th of June completes The Cycle
of Independence Day Celebrations. The Fourth of July freed the land from Britain; the 19th of June freed ALL THE 
PEOPLE. So you really can't talk about freedom in America, unless you talk about The Fourth of July, AND, The 19th 
of June!"
   This...was NEVER taught to me in School. So I'm discovering MY History of MY People in America...all over again!
I'm not angry about The Education System anymore. It's Flawed for certain and will remain that way, until the 
   And I used to wonder as a Kid, why My Dad used to say to Us Kids: 'This really ISN'T YOUR HOLIDAY!'
   Now, I know why.

	Just a few seconds ago, I read a rather irritating blast from a guy who said the following in his
Blast: 'Black Lives Matter Is A Joke. Fight Me Bitches!' Now I must admit, for a moment, I wanted very
much to respond to such nonsense by making a statement of equal nonsense and juvenile delinquincy.
Yet, I didn't. The reasons are in and of themselves, obvious:
	When I was coming up back in the 60's of the recent 20th Century, I saw first hand on National
Television, Black People being Beaten, High-Pressure-Hosed, Stomped On, Kicked, Mutillated, Spat
On, Jeered, Punched, Beaten with Batons and Baseball Bats, Burned Alive, Lynched, Spat On, and
My Father, in Burlington, Iowa told me then: 'Son, you may never see the end of such Hate. So be
prepared to live a Wary Life, in response to such. Defend Yourself when you must, but run when you
are outnumbered...and YOU WILL BE AT TIMES!
	He was right. I did too. My Mother always told me: 'Don't act like they do. Pray For Them!'
	I didn't quite understand then, why she said such a thing to me...until now:
	You see. Responding in the same manner that he made his statement, would have placed me in
the exact same mindset as his. I didn't want to be like him in that regard, and will not be. He will find-
unfortunately for himself-just how it feels to be severely hurt if not close to death, by making such on-
going statements in the wrong place...at the wrong time. He feels that he is safe, because of His Ethnic
Paint-Job. He feels Justified in starting shit, because it is his Cultural Right to do so. He feels he can get 
away with saying such things, because no one will challenge him otherwise...and last of course if not 
least, he's frightened. So yes, he does indeed need My Prayers!!
	Yes. The Young Boy IS FRIGHTENED!
	He won't admit it, much less accept that he is frightened, but the fact remains that he is indeed.
So he uses his 'Paint-Job-Culturally-Ingrained-Not-so-Secret-Hatred', to Puff Himself Up. While at
the very same time, the rest of Us know-as he does too-that he will NEVER, dare venture into any 
Inner City Ghetto, or any Predominantly Black Neighborhood, because he surely WILL encounter the
very Hatred against him, that he portrays so openly in his little safe niche in some-more than likely-
Gated Community.
	Still; he surely must wonder: 'What's going to happen now?' 
	The very foundations of Culturally Ingrained Racism in the United States today, is undergoing
the greatest attack/pushback ever seen. It is happening not only here, but Worldwide. Why is this
just now gaining so much attention than ever before?
	Maybe...just MAYBE, Others his Age, don't see things as he does. Maybe, others of Like-Skinned
Origin, have decided for themselves, that THEY, don't want to live in a Nation so Torn Apart, that it
is consistently on The Brink of yet A Second Civil War. Maybe, just maybe, they want to have families
of their own someday, and want THEIR CHILDREN, to NOT Participate in Marches, Protests, Demon-
strations and the like, because of the BLATANT EXCESSIVE USE OF FORCE BY EQUALLY BLATANTLY 
RACIST LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS! Such exist, because they too, have a sense of what I see as:
'Sanctioned Jim-Crow Authoritarianism'! Now to be fair; inasmuch as it may seem I'm not saying that,
there REALLY ARE, many Police and other Law Enforcement Officials, that DON'T, share such ideals
and outlandish Draconian Attitudes. I've met and talked to a few...without being shot, had a knee
put on my neck, or outright killed...Thank God!
	Those, are the ones that still know what Their Oath Really Means:
	'To Serve, AND Protect'!
	This Young Boy, had better hope that One Day, One or More such Officers are around, when he
surely WILL need them...to Serve Him with Protection from the very thing he's seeking to engage
	Because, a Bullet isn't Racist. It doesn't care who it Kills!

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