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   Sometime this year; more than likely in September or October, I'll be relocating out West.

It is my intention, to relocate out to New Mexico. As for the reasons? The main one being,
that I've spent more than enough time here in Pennsylvania-18 Years-and it's time for me
to go to the place I intend to spend the remainder of My Life...and Ultimately Die there!
   As I'm originally from Iowa; I do not intend to go back there...alive. I do however, intend
to have My Ashes sent back there, to be buried in The Family Plot in the town of Burlington,
Iowa in the Cemetary Our Family Plot is in...and yes, I said 'Ashes'! Cremations aren't as 
expensive as Burials. My Daughter and other Family Members-or The Spouse I hope to have
long before then-do not need the added expense!
   I anticipate that life for me will be better out there in Albuquerque; or Santa Fe, or Roswell,
or wherever I end up. To be honest; I'd like to end up in Roswell, because it's The UFO City
where Tourism is a pretty big thing. I mean all things considered, I'd like to know for myself
once and for all, if Extraterrestrials indeed have visited Our Planet or if in fact, one or more
   With everything that's happened over the last few weeks; it would be absolutely no surprise 
to me at all, if any ET's took a special interest in the latest events in Our Nation...never mind 
the rest of The Planet. Maybe I'll find out for myself, and maybe I won't. We'll see.
   The overall Climate out there will be good for me and my Muscles, Bones and Joints to be sure.
It's safe for me to say, I'm spending my final Winter in a Cold Weather State. You might ask; 
'Well why not go down to Florida?' Here's The Answer: It's Donald Trump Country now, there's
Big-Ass Escaped Exotic Snakes, Gators, High Humidity, and Hurricanes can hit down there along
with the rest of the Gulf Coast States. Not to mention that the Racism Factor is much greater in
Florida, than New Mexico I believe. Now you might say something along the lines of: 'Well, you've
got to deal with dangerous Animals in NM too. You've got Scorpions, Snakes, Pumas, and Bigger-
Assed Spiders like Tarantulas and Wolf Spiders and Coyotes and you're that much closer to the 
Border to Mexico!
   So what?
   New Mexico is called 'The Land of Enchantment'. I intend to see firsthand, just how Enchanting
it can be. When Congress gets back to work after their Break-whenever that is-I'm hoping one of
the things they do first or second, is get another Stimulus going. I'm earnestly Praying for them 
to send out $2,000.00 Checks, because quite frankly, the $600.00 one-while welcome mind you-
simply was not enough!
   I don't want to hear it. Please keep your Negative 'You don't need nothing', statements to Your-
selves. You don't know me, nor do I know you. Let's just leave it at that shall we?
   So with that said; my final reason for wanting to go out there, I pray will finally result in my
meeting and Marrying The Last Love Of My Life...Lord Willing that is!
   Thus, I wish you all well. Prayers Continue for Our Nation and Planet. 'Nuff Said. Peace.

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