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   We are going to die.

   The Grand Jury Decision in Louisville, KY has left me with facing no other reality. I have never

ever, in life thought that mine would come to this kind of existence and termination. Even more so, I am afraid for my Daughter and Grandchildren. Being Targeted and killed by Police, for just BEING BLACK,-let alone any other reason-is the reality of seeing a crushed Civil Rights Mission by the Wealthy Powerful Hatemongers a truly frightening existence.

   The Evil of Hate, has become an accepted 'Normal'. It is embraced by Politicians; Attorneys, Celebrities, Media Moguls, Judges, Senators, Congressional Representatives, Governors, County Executives, Mayors, and EVERY LEVEL of Law Enforcement...from The So-Called 'Department Of Injustice', down to the Prison Correctional Officers that ALWAYS have a Hate Agenda, because of a Self-Righteous Entitlement a Uniform, and Badge Brings!

   We all know how it got to be this way too. Yet, many people embrace and LOVE IT!

   All because THEY, ARE NOT, BLACK...

   ..like Me!



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