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It is futile. I cannot resist.
The Warmth of Her Smile. I dream of Her Kiss.
Her every curve, placed Oh-So-Right.
She'd surely Possess me. Every Day, and Night.
Just the look of her Eyes; alone at best,
communicate to me, the Uselessness,
of trying to escape once in Her Trap.
She smiles Winningly, for She IS All That.

When Sliding Silky Peds Upon My Lap.
When She smiles Devilishly, I'm knowin' The Hap.
When Her Sexy Toes curl, all up against me.
My Member Reacts with nothing but Pure Glee.
And Her Smile grows wider with every Pulsation.
And She has Trapped My Throbbing Gyration.
Then She Says: 'Cooperate. Give Up. Give-In.'
My Stiffness Relents. For now, She Wins!

The Aura about Her, a Consistent Glow.
I Feel The Flow. Oh Yes. She Knows.
The Goddess Effect. Most Evident.
Time in Her Presence? Time Well Spent.
Her Visage Alone. Enraptures Me.
You'd know my meaning. For You Would See.
You're Powerless against the Soul-Searching Eyes.
Yet, you don't care. You're Content Inside.

When Sliding Silky Peds Upon My Lap.
When She Smiles Devilishly. I'm Knowin' The Hap.
When Her Sexy Toes curl, all up against me.
I Must Submit. To The Softness of She.
The Smile grows wider, with every Pulsation.
The Density. Smoothness. No Cessation.
Delighted, She Declares: 'I Have You. Give-In'!
I know I'll Relent. And Yes. She Wins!

Slow and Deliberate, with Every Stroke.
Oh Yes. She Gloats. She Knows I'm Roped.
Her Tender Toes. The Silken Caress.
Manipulating. Undulating. Their Ultimate Best.
Her Arches. Heels. Every Fold of Sole.
A Silken Rapture, that I Yearn To Know.
Her Rhythmic Flexin'. There's No Rejectin'.
A-Goddess-Can-Be-Naughty. With My Erectin'!

When Silky Peds Slide Onto My Lap.
When My Unit Feels The Pleasure Of: 'She's-All-That'!
When Sexy Toes curl, all up around Me.
The Cost of Capture? It's Worth The Fee.
A Smile has Matured. Gripping My Pulsations.
She Could Take Over All Of The Nations.
If This Is Bad, I'll Love This Sin.
I'll Declare It Again. Oh Yes. She Wins!

The Leaking Begins. Buildup of Pleasure.
Way Beyond Measure. How. What. Whenever.
The Stringing of Fluid Along The Sexy Toes.
The Lubrication of Fluid, all over The Soles.
Surely By Now. You Should Surely Know.
Where I've Gone With This. The Rhymin' Flows.
And, Oh-Yes. I'm, Still The Freak.
You Know I'm All About Zee Feet!

With Silky Peds Flooded. All On My Lap.
With Jets Of Goo Sprung From The Cap.
With Sexy Toes Flexing. Covered With Delight.
When Her Eyes Widen. Satisfied At The Sight.
And I Rub All Of It, into Her Soles.
And They Drink Every Drop. She Surely Knows.
She Will Always Have Me. The Yang; To Her Yin.
She Will Always Possess Me. She Always Wins!


Yeah, The Night Before Christmas, and all through The Hood.

Wasn't a damn thing happening, as it usually would.

What I mean by that is; nobody got shot. Not by  another Brothah, Sistah, or Cop.

Instead; things were lively. Decorations everywhere.

My neighbors were warm, friendly, they actually cared.

For once; no one wanted to see, what I might have had,

or didn't. All they wanted, was for me to be Glad.

Families gathered, in almost every home. Except for Me, for I was alone.

And yet; I was visited, by quite a few. I was surprised when they said: "We've something for You."

One handed me an envelope, and it was fat. In it, was a Grand. I counted all of that.

Another handed me a box, filled with food. And yet another gave me Wine, to add to The Mood.

Still Another handed me a box of clothes. Brand New. Fresh. I'd need all of those.

My eyes filled with tears of overwhelming Gratitude. I thought of nothing else, but 'Thank You'.

They all said: "it's nothing. We know it's hard. You've given to others. By The Way, here's a Card."

As they all turned away to return to their own. I noticed then, I was no longer alone.

A Beautiful Woman, had stayed behind. "My Name's Ophelia, and tonight, I am Thine."

I asked: "What of tomorrow and every day after?" She said: "Everyday for all of life, and that matters."

So now I end this; for you, it's in sight. Merry Christmas To All, And To All, A Good Night!"




Is it really that hard,

to need to be wanted?

I know I'm not 'All That',

Youth's Gone. Can't 'Flaunt It'.

Nearly All My Friends here,

but one, are Ladies.

Will One of them Want Me?

Less than Half, are 'Maybe'.

And Yes, I'm a Guy,

who's surely A Freak.

I'm One who is always,

about The Sexy Feet.

Yet, I Own That Fact.

I'm not the only one.

Other Men try and hide,

that part of Their Sum.

Everyone's got some Freak,

somewhere Inside.

Why act so Self-Righteous?

Let Your Freak-Flag Fly!

You want to be accepted,

and Loved. Just like me.

If you won't accept my words,

I'm not upset. You're still free.

But remember: Before Age,

makes you Too Old, and Snubbed.

You'll ALWAYS want,

and NEED, To Be Loved!!




 There You All Go:
 Arguing: Seems every day,

 It's a pattern trend. Both of you know that,

 This is Stupid. Well guess what.

 So does Cupid. Compromise,

 Not happenin'. No giving up,

 Well that, ain't a Win. Both of you,

 just see the problems. Too Full of Pride,

 to try and Solve Them.


Everyone has Ups and Downs.

You can't always stand your ground.

Day or Night. Don't matter The Time.

The Point I'm Making In This Rhyme, is This:

Violence, Aint The Answer.

It can kill ya, like a cancer.

Stop! Time-Out with No Delay.

You Both Need A Break,

Just Walk Away!


You just got caught up, all in A Lie.

It goes both ways for a Gal or a Guy.

One Stepped out to Betray The Other.

You read it right. I didn't stutter.

Ain't no use, tryin' to change The Subject.

Now, Your Business, out In Public.

And Worse? Everyone Already Knew.

The Damage is Done. Now You're The Fool.


Everyone has Ups and Downs.

You can't always stand your ground.

Day or Night, don't matter The Time.

The Point I'm making in the Rhyme, is This:

Violence ain't The Answer.

It can kill ya. like a cancer.

Stop! Time Out, with No Delay.

You Both Need A Break,

Just Walk Away!


Here's another Scene, that I know about.

I got The Taste slapped outta My Mouth.

Then I got Mad while Stupid Drunk.

But-I-won't-hit-My-Lady, I ain't a Punk.

I took The Time and, went for A Walk.

I'm Glad That I Did. That's Real Talk.

I found out later, it was all A Test.

I Broke Up with Her. It was for The Best.

Now All these examples. Make it clear.

I put The Message, in your Eyes and Ears.

You Give Respect. You Gonna Get It Back.

It's a Good way to be. For that's A Fact.

Don't try to act like a 'Know It All'.

You can still Be Humble, and keep Your Balls.

It's Real Simple. Listen Twice.

You Got Two ears, be Wise and Nice. 'Cause:


Everyone has Ups and Downs.

You can't always Stand Your Ground.

Day or Night. Don't Matter The Time.

The Point I'm making in This Rhyme, is This:

Violence ain't The Answer.

It can Kill Ya. Like A Cancer.

Stop! Time-Out, with No Delay.

Don't Go To Jail, Just Walk Away!







 You're just Perpetrating.
A Lie that you're Placing,
in the Minds of People,
and you try the Debating.
You really think everyone,
will swallow your Bullshit?
You think you Know It All,
but you keep Missing It.
Not everyone Subscribes,
to your message of Hate.
You get an Attitude,
when some don't Relate.
You want to punish those,
who won't agree with you.
Puppet Strings got cut.
What, You Gonna Do?
When all else fails;
you revert to using Force.
Using those with a Gun,
and a Badge of Course.
A Wanna-Be-Dictator;
that refuses to see,
the way things should work,
in a Democracy.
You might get Re-Elected
or maybe you won't.
I know for myself,
that I hope You DON'T.
You made NOTHING Great,
because of Hate Biz.
Your Administration Sucks,
for What It Really Is!

Down, Out, & Alone.

Seekin'. Hopin'.
Lookin' for a Lady.
One to say 'Yes',
not 'No', not 'Maybe'.
A Woman which I,
can truly confide in.
Have Our Own Spot,
we can truly Abide in.
I'm wanting a Companion.
A Best Friend Lover.
One who broke The Mold,
ain't like no other.
A Woman with The Beauty,
as well as The Brains.
She want to be with me,
and never feel ashamed. Because:

She's got confidence,
all in Her Favor.
She don't want a Boy or Man,
just to Enable Her.
You can truly see it,
when she's licking her lips.
She knows that she's got it,
while swinging her hips.
All I need is just One Chance.
A Fair shot of Lovin',
and The Ro-Mance.
I'm in a Quarantine.
An Isolated Zone.
In case you don't know,
I'm Down, Out, and Alone.

Here's to The One,
that I hope will hear me.
and yes, I'm including,
even those who Fear Me.
You got No Reason,
to begin to Trip.
There ain't No Side Effect,
when on the 'Basic Tip'.
I really feel down,
when I'm more than Sad.
I tend to walk away,
when I'm Ragin' and Mad.
I get Hungry and Eat.
I get Tired and Sleep.
All I want for myself,
is a Lady to Treat. Because:

She's got Confidence,
All in Her Favor.
She don't want a Boy or Man,
just to Enable her.
You can truly see it,
when she's licking her lips.
And she knows that she's got it,
while swinging her hips.
All I ask, is just One Chance.
A Fair shot of Lovin',
and all The Ro-Mance.
I'm in The Quarantine.
The Isolated Zone.
I'm tellin' The Truth,
I'm Down, Out, and Alone.

Now Some People like,
livin' by themselves.
I'm doing that,
and have Nobody Else.
Sometimes Lonely.
Other Times Stressed.
Sometimes it gets Bad,
when I feel Depressed.
Ain't a Soul On Earth,
meant to be Isolated.
You can't live long,
when you know you live Hated.
Let me get with you,
and give you Lovin'-Like-Boom.
Wherever we live,
it's plenty of room. Because:

You've got Confidence,
all in Your Favor.
These days, you don't want,
A Close Neighbor.
I can truly see it,
as you're licking your lips.
I know that you got it,
while swinging your hips.
All I Beg for,
is just One Chance.
A Fair shot of Lovin',
and The Ro-Mance.
I'm Out of Quarantine.
The Isolated Zone.
But yet, here I am,
Down, Out, and Alone.

Last Verse-I want more with You,
than just One Night.
I'm talkin', everyday,
for The Rest of Life.
We can Travel Around,
kick back at Home.
And Yeah, I'll take a Pill,
just to give you The Bone!
I think I made My Point.
I think I got It Right.
We can make an Exit.
Make Our Own Life.
I want to make you Happy,
as you would, to Me.
The Intimate Mission?
'Hit It' Real Deep. 'Cause:

You've got Confidence,
all in Your Favor.
You need no Validation,
from a Piece of Paper.
I can truly see it,
when you're licking your lips.
I know, that you got it,
while swinging Your Hips.
Here's My Plea for just One Chance.
A Fair Shot of Lovin',
and All The Ro-Mance-
No-More Quarantine,
or an Isolated Zone.
No More of This-
Down, Out, and Alone!

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