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He couldn't understand why he was so hunted & hated.
After all; the last piece of Legislation he introduced to The Senate, was supposed to be the thing that would forever end, all the Lawsuits brought against any and every State over the last thirteen years.
His Not-So-Secret-Or-Hidden Mansion, was finally discovered. The security he'd employed in Extremist Groups such as; The Proud Liberators, The J.A.M.F.'s-I can't tell you what that Acronym stands for-The 'Superior Ones', and of course The Fox Front, were not able to stand against a Unified
American Color Coalition.
Old-Style Projectile Weapons of all types, were now defunct and useless against the New Technology of Energized Human Minds brought about by an Unknown Benefactor. The Lead Researcher of a still-as-yet undiscovered Nano-Technology Institute, released DNA Specific Nanites into the Atmosphere, which sought and was absorbed only by People of Color...most specifically those of economically/politically oppressed communities.
The Justice System finally had become an actual System of Justice for all. Law Enforcement Agencies everywhere, adopted new policies that ensured No Officer ever again, would hunt and kill Black People without justifiable cause-as defined by The Constitution. Prisons everywhere; eradicated Staff and Correctional Officers unable to pass The Social Psycho-Physicals. As a result, within the following year, the New Congressional Election Cycle introduced New Legislators that had erased The Lawsuit Shield formerly in place, and now any Entity found guilty of Social Malpratice Hatred, in any form, was held financially liable and financially ruined for good!
Racism in all it's forms at last; was finally classified as a Schedule-1 Social Felony punishable by Death, and finally eradicated from The Planet!
True Peace, at last was enjoyed worldwide.


The Blob waited patiently for It's next four Human Victims, to run to the Freezer and get in, so It couldn't go after them. Instead, they ran to the Shed, and grabbed Shotguns and a Flame Thrower. It then heard The Narrator speak:

"When You're a Blob, you eat stupid people trying to kill you when they can't. It's what you do. GEICO, helps you save 15% or more..." The creature couldn't take it anymore as it shook a formed fascimile of a head and face. It then rolled up to The Director as he noticed and suddenly yelled 'CUT'!

It began cussing out The Director, holding The Script in his face:


"Well...I did. It's for dramatic effect. If you chase them into The Shed..."

The Blob covered The Director and ate him instead, then looked to everyone else and said:

"All Right. GEICO Commercial Number 118. THIS TIME, RUN TO THE DAMN FREEZER. ALL RIGHT?"

The four Actors readily agreed, seeing the Late Director dissolving inside of The Creature. The Blob then declared:

"Places...annnnnd, ACTION!"



   Tog And Zrill cruised into Our Solar System again, hoping to catch a glimpse of the upcoming NFL Season.
The Game of Football, was something they'd never seen any other Species participate in, besides us Homo-
Sapiens. As they parked their Drive Disc Ship just off the far sider of the Moon, they again began scanning
the Planet Earth:
"Zrill, take a look at this. You won't believe it." Tog withdrew from The ScannerScope. Zrill replaced his ship-
mate and took the controls. Deftly readjusting it with his delicate, yet super-strong tentacles, he withdrew
one of his three bulging orbs, and shook his massive head in disbelief:
"You're right." Tog confirmed. "I don't believe what I've just witnessed, but it's apparently true nonetheless."
"The Humans are not going about their usual Life-Cycles Activities, and Football Practices are limited this
year. None of their Little Ones have games anymore, and only their Schools, Colleges, and Professionals 
have limited practices. Why is this?" Zrill wondered aloud. Tog began additional scans of the Planet. and 
came upon a startling discovery:
"A Plague of some type, has struck their world. They identify it as COVID-19. It apparently is some type of
Disease that is extremely deadly to the Species. Contact between members of their kind is limited, and many
wear a type of protective face covering. Some, even wear two at a time."
   There was silence between the two Cephalopoids for what seemed like an indeterminate amount of 
time. Zrill, removed It's Pittsburgh Steelers Shirt, as that particular Team was It's Favorite: Tog, took
off It's Chicago Bears Shirt in like fashion, as they scanned for the origin of this disease.
   They found it's origin too.
"Tog..." Zrill announced: "I've found where this disease came from. One of the Earth Countries on the
Eastern Hemisphere of the Planet created it. A Country known as China." Tog shook it's huge head yet
"Why would such a nation do this?" Zrill answered quickly.
"Theirs is a rapidly overpoplated nation. It was created to reduce their numbers and also attack any 
other Country,  they see as hostile to them...in particular, The United States of America." Tog shook
with violent malevolence as It came to a decision:
"The United States President sought to begin this madnress, when he initiated Financial Sanctions
against The China Nation. Their Government reacted, by having their Scientists create this disease!"
  The two sat brooding, until Tog began flipping switches. The ship moved out of Lunar Orbit, to head
to earth. Zrill asked him:
"What are your instructions? His Ship-Mate Tog had a grim expression on It's face:
"We will destroy the Leaders of both nations, and force them to play football...AFTER we eradicate this
disease for them. They do not have the Medical Means or Technology to do so of their own. Remember
Zrill, The Humans are still a primitive species."
   They had not eaten in several Light Years either.
   So they looked forward to a tasty meal of Ignorant Humans.

   We found a way to Beat Them!
   The Krauult didn't take into account, that our Micro-Flora would do for us what our mightiest weapons
could not. Scientists around the world had found a naturally occuring Microspore, that could penetrate and 
obliterate their very cells' nuclei. Thus it could render them Violently I'll and subsequently die within a few
minutes of exposure.
   Oh, they fought back valiantly of course. They tried coming up with varying Anti-Spore Vaccines against
our newest Bio-Weapon. What they didn't count on however, was that once The Microspore-dubbed XW-17-
invaded their Nuclei of each cell, it would literally consume their mRNA Sequences. Thus, even their so-
called Immune Systems would be helpless against them. Moreover and even more important, it made them
much more susceptible to extremes of Heat and Cold. Once infected, they could not tolerate our environ-
ment so easily as they had at the beginning!
   As for the delivery of The Microspores against them? Well, it was also found that We had a Natural type
of defense against them. So they did nothing to Us. We could produce Antibodies that would literally wipe
them out in Our Bloodstreams...but not Theirs.
   A Military Scientist down in Central Congo in Africa, discovered the perfect way to hit them with our
newest Bio-Weapon: Mosquitoes. So, we took a couple of the more than 3,000 Species-only three that 
infect Us-and imfected them with The Microspores. We'd then release them to seek out The Reps. Sure
enough, within the space of nearly another year and a half, the numbers began to turn in Our favor!
   In addition; we now found a way to penetrate their Armor and Shielding as well. Quantum Neutrino
Beams disrupted their Shielding Frequencies, and destabilized them. Once done, Our Missiles could then
crash through them, to hit and severely damage their ships. We'd then adapted Rocket Launchers to fire
the Beams as well. 
   It didn't take long for them to realize that, we'd finally found the means to successfully counter them 
and as such, they hastily decided to withdraw from the Planet. We however; were NOT, going to allow 
them to escape. No. They HAD to be Eradicated before they got away! A Quantum Neutrino Weapon,
was fixed onto a Killer Satellite that we launched nearly four days ago. The Satellite tracked down the 
massive Mothership, and attacked it. When It's Sheilds were finally obliterated, we then launched salvo
after salvo of Patriot-4 Missiles at the thing. All in all, it took about 20 of them, to finally destroy the huge
spacecraft...and the remaining Invaders.
   They will never return again!.
End: Part II.


   So, in this dream I had earlier this afternoon, it went something like this:
   Congress finally re-writes Legislation that Re-Structures every Police Department, Sheriffs, Department, Con-
stables, Correctional Officers and all Associated Staff in Corrections, State Police, Troopers, Federal Agents, etc, 
etc, and etc. Now:
   Every Law-Enforcement Agency's Man-and Womanpower-is drastically cut in half, and Drones are heavily in-
fused into service. These however; aren't your usual kind though, and they do more than you would think. They
not only Video-Feed all Arrest Events directly to The Cloud, they also stop Officers from using Excessive Force 
when it's not ever needed or warranted.
   You might wonder: 'Exactly, how could they do this?' Well, they use Force Field Energy, that restricts them
from Violence beyond that amount of Stun Usage against any Suspect. Moreover, The Drone Itself, utilizes an
Updated Facial Recognition Software called 'Quantum Algorythms'. They use a Planet-Wide Database of all 
Human Faces of people all over Earth currently living, and simultaenously runs DNA alongside the Facial
 Recognition Sequence, to prevent Mistaken Identity Arrests and more importantly...Murders!
   Finally; The Drones eliminate Racist Officers from any kind of duty, once they detect Telepathic Psi-Thoughts
directed at ANY Non-Caucasoid Group, or Sexual Orientation Group, or Any Other Type. They depower their
weapons, and hit such Cops with a Stun-Hypo, before they even go out on The streets...IF they somehow had
managed to get past the Rigorous New Screening Procedures before entering The Academy, and during the
Academy Training....which fewer than 2% do anymore.
   Oh, The Unions all over the country and around the Planet got in THE BIGGEST UPROAR, over all these
new controls put in place. However; at least it saved them all from Wrongful Death Lawsuits and Real 'Truth-
In-Sentencing' Convictions for those Cops that used to get away with Murder of ANYONE: Black, Asian, Latino, 
Native American, and etc. Now, ANY Cop or Law-Enforcement Official in ANY Capacity that is found guilty of
Capital Murder-regardless of WHO The Suspect was-Gets either Life, or The Death Penalty!
   So when I was awakened by my phone ringing, from yet another nuisance caller about Insurance I still can't
afford just yet, I happened to look out my window:
   A Drone was hovering directly in front of it with what looked like a Face in It's Display Screen...
..and It was Grinnin', and Winked.


	Well, it finally happpened.
	Just as we were on the brink of National and potential World Collapse over our own little petty bull-
shit arguments, hatreds, and differences, The Reptiles invaded. They came in four Semi-Continental sized
gargantuan starships. They sent out smaller-albeit Paris Sized Disc Ships-and effectively invaded Planet
Earth. They hit nearly all our Infrastructure and Military Bases first. Then, they attacked The Water Supply,
and then, they came after US!
	The Black Lives Matter Movement, and any and all other Movements, suddenly were forgotten. Now
ALL LIVES MATTERED. The reason in and of itself was made evident and manifest very quickly. I guess
I should explain:
	You see; they have an affinity for meat...HUMAN MEAT. They stood at around 8-10'tall. They wear the
most inpenetrable body armor I'd ever seen. Even .50 Caliber Shells just bounce off of them. You can't get
a head shot at them because of the armor they wear, so they can be hurt. You can understand their lang-
uage, because they've studied and learned all of ours. Their Broadcast to every Nation on Earth was some-
thing out of Star Trek:
'We are The Kraault. We will take over and conquer Your Planet to make it Ours. We will take Your Species as
Food for Us. Your Weapons and Scientific Knowledge cannot deter or stop Us. Resistance is Useless against Us.
Do not attempt to fight Us. You cannot and will not prevail. WE WILL HAVE YOU. SUBMIT AND YOUR DEATHS
Well, it was obvious that we had to do something to save ourselves. At last count, there were only about
5 million of them, and over 8 Billion of Us. So it came down to a Numbers Game...which Ours were seem-
ingly rapidly declining as they Victimized more and more of Us. Whole Families were taken and eaten.
Neighborhoods, Villages, Small Towns, Cities, Counties...and etc. There were secret meetings between
former enemies, now Allies: We hooked up with The Russians, The Chinese, The Terrorists, and even Iran,
to devise some kind of Defensive and Counter-Offensive against these Motherfuckers!
	With their scaly, snot-colored skin, they were truly repulsive enough just to look at. Their tails were
long. On average, they'd measured anywhere between 12-18' long. They were powerful too. One whip of
that tail, and your neck was easily broken. With the Knife Edge Weapon they had at the end of it, you 
were more than likely to get split in half.
	And yes. They were also Tech-Savvy too. They hacked and shut down nearly 80% of The Cloud in a
matter of minutes just before their First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Waves.  So now, we were back
in the 1980's again...Isolated technically!
	Current estimates put it like this:
	At the rate we were being consumed by them, they would completely wipe Us out within the next
three years, and then The Planet would become THEIRS!
	We...were literally FUCKED!
	End: Part I.


	I took a good look out on the landing up on my fourth floor apartment, and saw the streets below. They were 
quiet...too quiet. An errie deafness assailed my ears, with only the faintest whisper of wind enough to tell me I'm not
going Mad. I've got to get to the Regional District, to get the last of my Rations, and then I'll be able to join my Wife
and two Boys out in Free New Mexico.
	I guess I should explain:
	You see; back in '20', there was this uprising over Racist Brutality from Police and other Law Enforcement Officials,
and that was also a Presidential Election Year. I don't know who won as, I didn't get to Vote and don't really care. I became
Ineligible, because I'm Poor. That was the basis for the Second Civil War. Wall Street, had finally taken control of Politics 
overall, and of course, the Middle Class-what was left of it-was completely wiped out of existence. Three of the Bloodiest
Years in Post United States History, resulted in over a million dead, and a division of one nation into two. The Truce that 
finally ended it all came down to this: Every State West of The Missouri River is: 'The Poor United States' of America.
Every State East of it of course; is 'The Wealthy United States of America'. 
	The funniest thing about it all is this however:
	China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran all keep trying to invade The Wealthy States, and leave the Poor Side alone. They
don't ever bother the West Side. Then again; they don't have a formal Constitution set up just yet. They just elected their
first Prime Regent. and are supposedly working on introducing a Consortium of Representatives: One from each West-
ern State. The East Side is pissed, because they got stuck with the Islands, and The West got Alaska and Hawaii!
	Anyway, I managed to make it to the Regional District in time, and presented my I.D. Imprint. It's a Nano-Device
implanted into my left wrist that identifies me by my DNA. I go through the motions and get what I can...which is in all
actuality, next to nothing. Still, it's better than Absolutely Nothing at all: Five Gallons of Milk, Two Pounds of Beef, A
Pound of Bacon, a Dozen Goose Eggs-they outlawed Chickens back in '24'-, a Bag of Golden Delicious Apples-some
rotten-a Bag of Strawberries-same thing-a Loaf of Stale Bread, a Five Gallon Tank of Gasoline-to add to the thirty-five
gallons I've got stored back at my place, and a five gallon jug of water.
	So I head back with all these things in my truck. A 2017 Chevy S-10....and I wait.
	I pack all my belongings and stored food, water and gas into the truck, and leave my Apartment for the last time. My
Landlord thinks I'm going camping for a week. He doesn't care one way or the other. He believes The Directorate, will find
me and Kill Me like they're supposed to at the beginning of the newest 'Flushing Cycle'.
	Oh I guess I should explain that too:
	The 'Flushing Cycle', is where The Directorate Sends out The Triple K-Assassins to kill off as many Poor People as
possible. It no longer matters whether someone is Black, White, Asian, Native American, or of Latino, or Mexican Culture.
If you're Poor, they systemically kill you off, just for being that. It's their way of 'Justifying The Remedial Measures' of
The New Eastern United States.
	Over the next two days, I've taken all the back roads I've had mapped out on GPS, and altered my signal such that 
they look for me in the wrong places. Just as I see the Eastern/Western Border at the Missouri-Kansas Line, I see and hear
the whine of Cobra-D227 Fighter Choppers flying overhead of me.
	Shit! They found My Ass!! I gun the accelerator, and barrel through all four gates, as .50 Caliber shells rack the back 
of my truck. I almost don't make it, except for the dragons that rise up and spit superheated fire at the choppers. They
all explode instantly. As I limp onward, I'm going to run out of gas soon. So I stop and get out to gather as much of my
stuff that's left. One of the dragon riders sees me and shouts down at me:
"Need a Lift?"
"Sure". He motions for the dragon to pick me up and place me on It's back behind the Rider Master.
	He takes me home, to My Wife and Boys in Free New Mexico. I made it at last!
	Oh I forgot to mention that, The East completely forgot about Area 54.
	That's where The Newly Mutated Dragons come from!

   As The Ship plows through the eternal darkness of the Cosmos, I wonder just what the Planet will be like once
I arrive. I have reviewed the Target Coordinate Data concerning this New World I'm supposed to claim for the
Earth: Number of Planets in this Primary's Solar Family; 11. Number of Gas Giants within it; 5. Number of
Terrestrial Rocky Planets-a No Brainer-6. Targeted Planet; Number Four!
   The Trans-Hyperdrive; is supposed to be the fastest velocity drive system any vessel has ever utilized, but I
continue to have my doubts all the same. I'm stuck within the Warphole, until the last several hundred kilo-
meters, are reached, and then the Master Navigational Computer Program will shut down the THD. From there, 
I have to pilot the ship myself to land.
   I don't have a problem with that really. After all, there's approximately eight other ships identical to mine that
are supposed to be directly behind me. We're separated by  500,000 kilometers each, for safe operational distance
procedures. So all I have to do, once I've landed myself, is plant the flag. This world is Uninhabited, according to
all the latest Probe Data that was sent back over six years ago. So relatively speaking-Einstinian of course-we're
only just over a month of receiving it and launching accordingly.
   My only companion, is the Android which will handle the security for me. It's the latest Multi-Purpose Unit
that has all the newest 'Exotics', as I like to call them: Defensive Capabilities including Force-Shields, Plasma
Cannons, Compression Field Grenades and something I still don't quite understand. It's supposed to be some
kind of Molecular De-Stabililzation Field. From what I can gather of it, here's how it's supposed to work:
   Anything; whether Life-Form, Sentient or not, or Environmental Hazard, or Substance unknown to me that
could threaten my very existence, can be mitigated successfully by something The Android can project in the 
way of using this Field. It fires it at my command, and a wave of energy hits the Target. Instantly, the Target
is enveloped by a field of this energy that destabilizes it's molecular structure and literally phases it out of
existence. My Nickname for it though; is 'The New Death Ray'! Actually; The Official Order I'm to give the 
Android, if I need to have it use this weapon, is 'Protocol 33'. It will fire the New Death Ray immediately and
without hesitation. It matters not, that whatever It fires this energy at, has some kind of Force-Field of it's
own to protect it. The Death Ray, will even destabilize any opposing energy wavelengths it encounters and
overcome it...in Theory.
   The Beautiful thing about The Android also; is that it looks Humanoid. It has Artificial Human Features,
speaks, eats, walks, talks, plays music on command, knows evry knowledge disk of Mankind's History on
Everything-including The Religions-can dance, it knows them all, do Hip-Hop Rap, and can play every game
ever invented including Board Games! It even provides an Abdominal Port for watching TV all the way from
Earth, so I never miss anything going on back home...I just get it all a month later of course. Spatial Distance
   Then, it happens. The Drive shuts down, and the Computer tells me it's time to go to manual control: So I 
initiate Landing Protocols, and await Orbital Insertion and Planetfall. That will take another three to four
hours, and I can see the Target Planet now. It's roughly a thousand kilometers larger in diameter than Earth,
and the gravity by ratio, is nearly the same. I'll be about a third of a kilogram heavier, so I'll have to wear a
Null-Graviton Harness, for the first few weeks until I acclimate.
   Finally; I land. The Atmospheric Readings come back as Earth-Normal. All the Gases are about the same, 
just like The Probes said they were. So the Oxygen Content's a bit richer. I can still start campfires safely 
   Everything's ready. So I step out, and The Droid goes before me first. I plant The Flag and claim this world
in the name of The Earth. The Android, I call him Bert by the way, stands patiently next to me. Guarding me.
Now, all I have to do is wait for Mommy and Daddy.
   Oh, I forgot to tell you. I'm only 12 years old too.
   Sorry. I'm just a kid.


Mackie cautiously looked outside one final time, before closing the hatch:

"It looks clear now. The Hybrids are long gone." Deretha and her husband DeMaron however; weren't quite buying into the other man's latest observation just yet.

"You know how them Hybrids act. Maybe they're hiding.They're waiting for us to come out so they can kill us." Deretha said nervously. DeMaron nodded his head, but couldn't speak anymore. His tongue was ripped out when the Hybrids nearly killed him a few months back before we rescued him. We took the two by surprise and bashed their skulls in before they could react to us. Heavy Steel Bars can crack their reinforced Aluminum Skulls!

I guess I should tell you who I am. I'm Mackie:

You see; about ten years ago, The Government decided that all Black Elderly People above the age of 60, had to die. We were supposedly: 'Using too many Depleted Resources'. All because The Human Race just survived the most devastating plague ever faced in Human History. You recall that they came up with some kind of new Nano-Antiviral Technology that killed off some invading germ from Outer Space? Well, The People-In-Power found that when the Human Life Span now exceeded 300 Years, too many people were overpopulating the entire planet. Earth's population now stood at around 12.7 Billion! So they created a New Society that now ran The Government. The Constitution was declared Non-Essential, and obliterated. The Mutagenic Society was born out of all this.

Those of us that were not White AND Wealthy, were to be erased from existence. They created Hybrid Droid Hunters. Humans with Enhanced Nano-Synthetic Appendages that could withstand extreme environments, ordinance fire directed at them, and enhanced Senses. They would find anyone deemed unfit to exist, and kill them in a variety of ways...none merciful. Thus far, they killed off just about everyone they wanted. There was no more President, Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, and etc. A Consortium was now run by a single Individual who was a Third Generation relative of the last U.S. President who had been declared an Ultimate Disaster because of the way he'd handled the most recent extra-terrestrial pandemic in terms of preparation. It took the rest of U.S. and other Scientists around the world to finally come up with what we now carry within our bodies to keep us from getting Ill anymore. The only problem now, is that they tell us how to live. What to eat. What not to consume, which includes tobacco products, drugs, alcohol and even how to live morally right...and we have no choice but to obey them!

The Mutagenics, decided therefore, that the only way to reduce the exploding population was to kill as may Non-Whites off as possible, because of an Antiquated, Hate-Driven Klan agenda from a Jim-Crow Laws Era of the late 19th, 20th and 21st Century!

We waited for nearly three more hours, before hunger forced us to leave the battered, old Bomb Shelter, which ws lined with lead. The Mutagens couldn't sense us through that.They couldn't smell us, see us, or hear us talking. So I opened up the hatch as slowly and as noiselessly as I could.

Nothing. It was almost dark. So we stepped out warily.

We traveled for about two miles, before we heard the dreaded hum of the Drone Copters. We tried breaking into a run to get away, but I'm 64 Years Old. Deratha's 67 and DeMaron's 65. All of us were former smokers too.

They caught us however. Now, I'm telling you this story from my Isolation Chamber. I'm separated from the others. I won't make it. So I'm telling you now, if you have a chance, get out of the country. Mexico's safe now for sure. 

The Cartels keep the Hybrids away.



Terrance Joseph could not get away from them.

Regardless of how often, or how many different ways he tried avoiding them, they always came back to him...especially during the night as he was asleep. He'd recently escaped the Compound where The Mistress had him captured. He was still on the run. As far as he could tell, there was absolutely no one in pursuit of him. Yet, he could still sense her presence especially at night when he tried to rest from pure exhaustion.

When The Explorer Shuttle landed on the small Planetoid in the Ceres Star Cluster after coming out of the Wormhole, Joseph found he'd been off Target of the planned trajectory by at least eleven hundred Light Years. Despite Plasma Regeneration of the Drive Engines, he calculated he'd die before even getting halfway back to Earth. Yet, escaping this world, was a chance he was willing to take.

If, he could ever get a decent night of sleep.

Oh the Shuttle was well hidden enough, but despite activating the Force Shields, an Intruder still managed to make it's way through them to assail him at night. The tell-tale odors of The Mistress' Pheromones constantly called to him. He'd tried Nasal Blocking Screens to stop them from getting to his Olfactory Bulb, but even those didn't work. Night after night, he could literally smell The Mistress' Sensually Seductive Body near him...and he KNEW he was at least sixty to seventy kilometers from the Compound where he'd been just over five months ago. As for the rotational period of the Planetoid, the nights were longer than the days, and they always were by what he'd estimated at an average of four and a half additional hours. It's Axial Tilt, constantly kept It's Southern Hemisphere sunward by about eight degrees, and it seemed to always be in it's Summer. There was never a variation of seasons on this world!

The rotation of this world, was a 29 hour period as well. It's Gravity was nearly Earth Tolerable, and he was indeed lighter by nearly four kilograms. As he was about to fall asleep yet again, the sunset gave him a foreboding feeling of tortuous dread. Finally, his body forced him to sleep.

The Dreams came first.

She stood at nearly a meter and a half tall. Despite his being taller than her by nearly two, she'd emitted a most powerfully alluring aura from her body. The semi-transparent robe she always wore; revealed sumptuous, full breasts. Her golden hair flowed just past her shoulder blades, and her curvy-yet sensually proportioned body with the widened apple shaped butt that was fully rounded and packed, was indeed soft to even his sense of smell. Her legs were muscular, yet smoothened, Goddess Structures of Feminine Pillars that constantly drove his attention to them second or first. He couldn't tell.

Then, there were The Feet.

They were the most perfected peds he'd ever seen in his entire life. No Female on Earth, not even his last Ex-Girlfriend Lynnette, could boast such fantastically Sexy Feet. The Insteps of The Mistress' feet, were arched at a near perfect 80 degrees from ball joints to heels. The parabolic curve, along with the sensuous wrinkles and folds of her soles, especially when she'd flex them in front of him, would constantly keep him hardened to the point of pain. 

The Dreams. The Pheromones again.

He tossed and turned all night. The torture of the Dreams would not allow him the luxury of a simple restful night's sleep...and he needed it so badly, if he were to escape successfully. The question was; would he ever escape, if at all?

After what seemed like a lifetime of dreaming, the alarm sounded, and he awoke yet again.

It was still dark outside, and the Proximity Sensors still detected no approach of anyone or anything. The animal life of this world generally left him alone. At last, The Regeneration Signaled, that The Drive Engines were at Full Power. At last. He could Lift Off and be gone from this accursed Planet!

"I beat you. You won't ever have me again." He muttered to himself as he activated the Lift-Off Sequence. As the Shuttle rose into the sky rapidly, he attained orbit within the next few minutes. He'd make two complete circuits, before obtaining the corrected trajectory angle to finally fly back to the coordinates he'd hoped the Wormhole would still be, if even at all!

Yet, The Pheromones, even up here, assailed him still. Now they were even more powerful!

How, in the vacuum of space, could they still exist? He thought at first he was imagining it, but tested the cabin air. The computer readout analysis gave him a moment of terrified fear:

'Analysis indicates Normalized Interior Gases along with a 87 Percent Presence of an Unknown Estrogen-Based Humanoid Pheromone.'

Quickly, he attempted to re-sanitize the interior atmosphere and purge the Pheromones from it, yet it was to no avail, when he tested it again:

'Analysis indicates Estrogen-Based Pheromones increased to 92 Percent Presence.'

He tried to Avoid them. Ignore them. Vainly, he tried the Nasal Blocking Screens and yet again, he could still smell...Her!

Finally, just as he'd attained De-Orbital Ejection Coordinates, he hesitated to hit the Plasma Drive Control. Something just wouldn't let him do so...and ke knew with certain finality, exactly what it was.

He Re-Programmed Landing Coordinates yet again, and returned to the Site of The Compound.

As he stepped out of The Shuttle a couple of hours later, The Mistress stood just outside the hatch as he exited the craft for the final time. She smiled Wickedly:

"I told you Terrance, I will ALWAYS keep you no matter where you go. Come to me now!"

She stroked his small, wavy Afro yet again, as she embraced him and took in his Testosterone, as well as the smoothened Darkness of his Skin as she kissed him forcefully. Grabbing his now exposed Manhood-again-she stroked it too, while still smiling winningly.

"There is No Escape from Me Baby.  Cum, and Love Me now!" She led him back inside The Compound and her Chambers. stripping him of his Uniform for the last time, she continued stroking him and orally pleasing him...also again.

"Yesssssssss...." She breathed heavily.

He finally relented completely.



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 1 day ago
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