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	I took a good look out on the landing up on my fourth floor apartment, and saw the streets below. They were 
quiet...too quiet. An errie deafness assailed my ears, with only the faintest whisper of wind enough to tell me I'm not
going Mad. I've got to get to the Regional District, to get the last of my Rations, and then I'll be able to join my Wife
and two Boys out in Free New Mexico.
	I guess I should explain:
	You see; back in '20', there was this uprising over Racist Brutality from Police and other Law Enforcement Officials,
and that was also a Presidential Election Year. I don't know who won as, I didn't get to Vote and don't really care. I became
Ineligible, because I'm Poor. That was the basis for the Second Civil War. Wall Street, had finally taken control of Politics 
overall, and of course, the Middle Class-what was left of it-was completely wiped out of existence. Three of the Bloodiest
Years in Post United States History, resulted in over a million dead, and a division of one nation into two. The Truce that 
finally ended it all came down to this: Every State West of The Missouri River is: 'The Poor United States' of America.
Every State East of it of course; is 'The Wealthy United States of America'. 
	The funniest thing about it all is this however:
	China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran all keep trying to invade The Wealthy States, and leave the Poor Side alone. They
don't ever bother the West Side. Then again; they don't have a formal Constitution set up just yet. They just elected their
first Prime Regent. and are supposedly working on introducing a Consortium of Representatives: One from each West-
ern State. The East Side is pissed, because they got stuck with the Islands, and The West got Alaska and Hawaii!
	Anyway, I managed to make it to the Regional District in time, and presented my I.D. Imprint. It's a Nano-Device
implanted into my left wrist that identifies me by my DNA. I go through the motions and get what I can...which is in all
actuality, next to nothing. Still, it's better than Absolutely Nothing at all: Five Gallons of Milk, Two Pounds of Beef, A
Pound of Bacon, a Dozen Goose Eggs-they outlawed Chickens back in '24'-, a Bag of Golden Delicious Apples-some
rotten-a Bag of Strawberries-same thing-a Loaf of Stale Bread, a Five Gallon Tank of Gasoline-to add to the thirty-five
gallons I've got stored back at my place, and a five gallon jug of water.
	So I head back with all these things in my truck. A 2017 Chevy S-10....and I wait.
	I pack all my belongings and stored food, water and gas into the truck, and leave my Apartment for the last time. My
Landlord thinks I'm going camping for a week. He doesn't care one way or the other. He believes The Directorate, will find
me and Kill Me like they're supposed to at the beginning of the newest 'Flushing Cycle'.
	Oh I guess I should explain that too:
	The 'Flushing Cycle', is where The Directorate Sends out The Triple K-Assassins to kill off as many Poor People as
possible. It no longer matters whether someone is Black, White, Asian, Native American, or of Latino, or Mexican Culture.
If you're Poor, they systemically kill you off, just for being that. It's their way of 'Justifying The Remedial Measures' of
The New Eastern United States.
	Over the next two days, I've taken all the back roads I've had mapped out on GPS, and altered my signal such that 
they look for me in the wrong places. Just as I see the Eastern/Western Border at the Missouri-Kansas Line, I see and hear
the whine of Cobra-D227 Fighter Choppers flying overhead of me.
	Shit! They found My Ass!! I gun the accelerator, and barrel through all four gates, as .50 Caliber shells rack the back 
of my truck. I almost don't make it, except for the dragons that rise up and spit superheated fire at the choppers. They
all explode instantly. As I limp onward, I'm going to run out of gas soon. So I stop and get out to gather as much of my
stuff that's left. One of the dragon riders sees me and shouts down at me:
"Need a Lift?"
"Sure". He motions for the dragon to pick me up and place me on It's back behind the Rider Master.
	He takes me home, to My Wife and Boys in Free New Mexico. I made it at last!
	Oh I forgot to mention that, The East completely forgot about Area 54.
	That's where The Newly Mutated Dragons come from!

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