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     Juneteenth. THAT, WAS MY... Independence Day Celebration!

   June 19th 1865. Union Major General Gordon Granger and Troops rode into Galveston, Texas and informed all of it's
inhabitants that The Civil War was over and that ALL Enslaved African Americans were now OFFICIALLY FREE! Now
to be sure The Emancipation Proclamation that supposedly freed My Ancestors on January 1st, 1863, was never 
accepted by The Confederate States...only The Union States. So in Texas alone on the 19th of June, it became a State
Recognized Holiday. 45 other States also recognize it now as only a State Holiday.
   Yeah, the Confederate States were indeed,  Sore Losers!!
   There are efforts, to make it a National Holiday. The Reverend Ronald Myers Sr. The Founder and Chairman of The 
National Juneteenth Observance Foundation put it best like this when he said the following:
"For Some, The Fourth of July tells only Half The Story of Freedom in America. The 19th of June completes The Cycle
of Independence Day Celebrations. The Fourth of July freed the land from Britain; the 19th of June freed ALL THE 
PEOPLE. So you really can't talk about freedom in America, unless you talk about The Fourth of July, AND, The 19th 
of June!"
   This...was NEVER taught to me in School. So I'm discovering MY History of MY People in America...all over again!
I'm not angry about The Education System anymore. It's Flawed for certain and will remain that way, until the 
   And I used to wonder as a Kid, why My Dad used to say to Us Kids: 'This really ISN'T YOUR HOLIDAY!'
   Now, I know why.

	Just a few seconds ago, I read a rather irritating blast from a guy who said the following in his
Blast: 'Black Lives Matter Is A Joke. Fight Me Bitches!' Now I must admit, for a moment, I wanted very
much to respond to such nonsense by making a statement of equal nonsense and juvenile delinquincy.
Yet, I didn't. The reasons are in and of themselves, obvious:
	When I was coming up back in the 60's of the recent 20th Century, I saw first hand on National
Television, Black People being Beaten, High-Pressure-Hosed, Stomped On, Kicked, Mutillated, Spat
On, Jeered, Punched, Beaten with Batons and Baseball Bats, Burned Alive, Lynched, Spat On, and
My Father, in Burlington, Iowa told me then: 'Son, you may never see the end of such Hate. So be
prepared to live a Wary Life, in response to such. Defend Yourself when you must, but run when you
are outnumbered...and YOU WILL BE AT TIMES!
	He was right. I did too. My Mother always told me: 'Don't act like they do. Pray For Them!'
	I didn't quite understand then, why she said such a thing to me...until now:
	You see. Responding in the same manner that he made his statement, would have placed me in
the exact same mindset as his. I didn't want to be like him in that regard, and will not be. He will find-
unfortunately for himself-just how it feels to be severely hurt if not close to death, by making such on-
going statements in the wrong place...at the wrong time. He feels that he is safe, because of His Ethnic
Paint-Job. He feels Justified in starting shit, because it is his Cultural Right to do so. He feels he can get 
away with saying such things, because no one will challenge him otherwise...and last of course if not 
least, he's frightened. So yes, he does indeed need My Prayers!!
	Yes. The Young Boy IS FRIGHTENED!
	He won't admit it, much less accept that he is frightened, but the fact remains that he is indeed.
So he uses his 'Paint-Job-Culturally-Ingrained-Not-so-Secret-Hatred', to Puff Himself Up. While at
the very same time, the rest of Us know-as he does too-that he will NEVER, dare venture into any 
Inner City Ghetto, or any Predominantly Black Neighborhood, because he surely WILL encounter the
very Hatred against him, that he portrays so openly in his little safe niche in some-more than likely-
Gated Community.
	Still; he surely must wonder: 'What's going to happen now?' 
	The very foundations of Culturally Ingrained Racism in the United States today, is undergoing
the greatest attack/pushback ever seen. It is happening not only here, but Worldwide. Why is this
just now gaining so much attention than ever before?
	Maybe...just MAYBE, Others his Age, don't see things as he does. Maybe, others of Like-Skinned
Origin, have decided for themselves, that THEY, don't want to live in a Nation so Torn Apart, that it
is consistently on The Brink of yet A Second Civil War. Maybe, just maybe, they want to have families
of their own someday, and want THEIR CHILDREN, to NOT Participate in Marches, Protests, Demon-
strations and the like, because of the BLATANT EXCESSIVE USE OF FORCE BY EQUALLY BLATANTLY 
RACIST LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS! Such exist, because they too, have a sense of what I see as:
'Sanctioned Jim-Crow Authoritarianism'! Now to be fair; inasmuch as it may seem I'm not saying that,
there REALLY ARE, many Police and other Law Enforcement Officials, that DON'T, share such ideals
and outlandish Draconian Attitudes. I've met and talked to a few...without being shot, had a knee
put on my neck, or outright killed...Thank God!
	Those, are the ones that still know what Their Oath Really Means:
	'To Serve, AND Protect'!
	This Young Boy, had better hope that One Day, One or More such Officers are around, when he
surely WILL need them...to Serve Him with Protection from the very thing he's seeking to engage
	Because, a Bullet isn't Racist. It doesn't care who it Kills!

	 Sometimes, I need to remember to: Read Between The Lines!
	The reason I say this; is because, I tend to get in a damn hurry, and miss out on important items within the
context of whatever it may be, that I'm reading at the time...or whoever I'm reading about. Such mistakes are
the stuff of countless misunderstandings, time and again, I've made. Left Unchecked, such mistakes can get to
a point of being so overwhelming, that there is absolutely NO CHANCE of Recovery. None!
	We as Human Beings often engage in such mistaken activity, often without realizing it. Hence, the reason it
seems that Lawyers we deal with-especially when we retain them for any Litigation of any kind at all-want to be
absolutely certain that we are as Knowledgeable, of what we're about to engage in with them as possible. This
way, there is NO CHANCE, of misunderstanding and surprise that could come up in Court...on the critical day OF
COURT! The same applies to Business, and pretty much everything else in Life.
	I have something coming up as of this Wednesday, that will help determine The Financial Course of My Life
for the remainder of it. So it is Imperative, that I get as Familiarized as possible, with the very Stock I am sure to
consider purchasing. I won't go into detail of what it is. That's My Business. Yet, the approach and manner of the
process remains the same. Ensuring I know WHAT I'm getting into, BEFORE I commit any Money to it, such that
I'll know I'm going to have something of a sound Return with regard to Quarterly Dividends.
	To be sure; it's a gamble as much as anything else, I could lose money. However; on the other hand, I could 
stand to gain more than I lose. So there is indeed an Upside to all of this. I just have to be sure that I do My 
Diligence, and Research, BEFORE, I commit Funds to it.
	Not only is MY Future at Stake, My Daughter's and Grandchildren's Futures are as well. I'm doing this for
them as much as for myself, because I want them to have something MORE than I have now, AFTER I Die and
leave This Plane of Existence, to head to The Next Phase! I also, want to have a Significant Other, to also share
in My Gains, so that She Too, will Benefit. 
	So...onward I go.


   I have a great deal of worry for our Nation. The reason isn't what you'd normally think either. You see, I was on the Bus earlier today running my usual Saturday Errands; Laundry, Shopping for a Back Brace, and all that Jazz, and I was riding back, when the Bus stopped at an Elderly Apartment Building.

  One of the Ladies was in a Powered Chair, and as I was sitting in the closest seat behind the area that is normally reserved for them, I got up to pull one of the front seats up, so she could roll herself next to the wall just behind the Driver. As I'd finished putting the seat up, some Young Punk decided at that very moment, to put the seat back down, so he could sit in it as he'd come up before the Lady did. I asked him: "Do you know there's a woman in a Powered Chair behind you that needs this space?" He decided to tell me to go fuck myself and he'd do whatever he wanted to do, and didn't give a shit about any Old Lady in a Powered Chair. Before I could react, in Anger, The Bus Driver got up, and told the Boy to get off the Bus. Now, The Driver-in my estimation-is about 6' 5", and around 280 lbs of nothing but Solid Muscle.

   The Punk, was a good three inches shorter than I, and I'm shorter than The Driver. The Punk, also weighed at least 130 lbs soaking wet. I'm 185. So The Driver waited for this Punk to move and he wouldn't...until The Driver grabbed his little ass and moved him to the front door of the Bus which was still open and the Lady was still waiting outside to board. So The Driver literally tosses the punk off to the side and says: "YOU...WILL NEVER RIDE MY BUS EVER AGAIN PUNK, BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR YOUR ELDERS. GO AHEAD AND CALL MY SUPERVISOR AND YOUR DAD AND WHOEVER ELSE THE HELL YOU THINK CAN WHOOP MY ASS, BECAUSE NOBODY IS ANY FUCKING WAY. GO ON AND WALK YA LITTLE BITCH!"

   Needless to say, the Punk kept talking shit about not getting his money back, and I threw him a couple of dollars...in Quarters, out to him while readjusting the seat for the Lady again and laughing my ass off. the Driver Thanked Me for speaking up on The Lady's behalf, and a couple more of the Elderly People standing outside also waiting to board, applauded. The Punk, picked up all the Quarters, and walked away with his tail between his legs, so to speak. Now I'm sure he called the Port Authority and complained, but he forgot about the Minicamera, that's placed just above the central walkway at the front of the bus, to document everyone's movements while riding. I moved from my place to stand so another Elderly Gentleman, could sit where I was. The Bus WAS after all, getting full and several more people at the front, moved to the back also.

   I was raised to give place to My Elders, because that is what Respect is all about. At least that's part of it. When I was a Teenager, I gave that respect to all My Elders, whether or not they were Family. "Yes Ma'am", "Yes Sir", "No Ma'am" "No Sir", and all that. I open doors for Ladies at any public place of business and let them go first...especially The Elderly. I'll hold open doors for them as well whether or not they're entering or leaving when possible...Elder Gentlemen too.

   These Young Un's of today had better wake The Hell Up, because all they have to do is survive another 60-70 years on this Planet. THEN IT'S THEIR TURN, to see how 'Getting Old', really is all about! My Daughter was taught better as I was, and My Grandchildren also, are taught likewise. So I know they're acting as they should.

   It's just common courtesy, and downright Respectable too!




	In Life, there are some things I've had to, come to realize: Consider the following:
'You Can't Always Get What You Want.' 'If you Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em.' 'You Can't Win Them All.' 
'You've gotta take The Good with The Bad.' 'Trouble Don't Last Always.' 'Suck It Up!' 'Don't just Talk
About it, BE About It!' 'Not Everyone, Will Be Your Friend.', and of course there's one that I consider
My-All-Time-NOT-So-Favorite: 'You Ain't All That'!
	All of these are realizations I've had to come to terms with, and finally accept. Because We as 
Human Beings are indeed Mortal, there are always going to be some kind of Limitations put on Us,
whether or not we like or want them. Clint Eastwood said it best in one of his 'Dirty Harry' Movies:
'Man's Got to know His Limitations!' Well, I have finally come to realize Mine...and to be honest, I STILL
don't like the idea of having to accept them, yet, I have all the same.
	You see; I know I will never get everything I Want. Perhaps, it's a good thing I don't. If I did, then
I would never know what it's like to become Limited insofar as Getting Anything or Anyone, I wanted.
I can't always 'Beat 'Em'. Much Less 'Join 'Em' either. That One, I can live with. I've never ever 'Won 
Them All' either. So that's another one I can live with. Every Day, I do take 'The Good,' with 'The Bad',
because I'm someone that seems to have to need that kind of Balance in My Life, just to keep me
Grounded to Reality. All the rest of these kind of sayings, merely reminds me that as a Human Being,
there ARE going to be certain realities that bind me to The Here And Now, and always will.
	And let's be honest with each other shall we? If ALL of Us managed to obtain EVERYTHING 
we've ever wanted ALL of the time, then one of two things would have to happen: Either the Earth
would have to become Jupiter sized in Mass, or We would all Perish...simultaneously!
	To be sure; either one of those Outcomes, would NOT be very comfortable. Jupiter's Mass alone, 
would ensure we'd all get crushed because of the Graviton Force The Gas Giant Planet Exerts. I mean, 
come on now. It would take a GREAT DEAL of Gravitational Force, just to keep twelve moons in
orbit around it all the time. Meanwhile, we've got only one. I'm Cool with that.
	To be equally sure; if we all got what we all wanted, then it would almost be certain, that Life 
would become extinguished within minutes. Every Nation's Leaders would try taking out ALL The
Others by Nuclear Warhead Action, just to try and dominate a leftover radioactive Planet that would
never again be fit for any useful Habitation...no matter who wins!!
	Speaking of which, in just such a Scenario. NOBODY, would win!
	So in the end, I have decided just to be content with what, and who in My Life, I currently have
as Friends. My Family is Fixed, and is growing. For Me however, there is room for One More Person
to become a potential Significant Other. Only One Mind You.
	I guess I'll just leave it all at that. God Bless You, and be at Peace.

	So God and The Devil were sitting at a Central Park bench, having another round of monthly meetings in New
York. It was a nice Summer afternoon, and the Devil chose it instead of the usual meeting time up in Heaven. The
Devil asks God a question:
"How do you like this wonderful day I put together?" God shakes his head and reminds him:
"You mean, this wonderful day THAT I put together? You know you can't create anything anyway Dude."
"Ok, yeah, yeah. You did it. Anyway, I have another wager for you." The Devil says while straightening out one
lapel on his new Gucci Double breasted Zoot-Style Suit...which clearly WASN'T in style anymore. 
"I'm listening as I always do Luci." God replies while telling the fly that was about to land on him to land somewhere
else instead, and the fly changed direction.
"Look..." The Devil says Irritatedly. "It's LUCIFER. Remember?"
"Whatever you say...Luci." God smiled agging him on. The Devil ignored the Dig and kept going:
"So anyhoo; I'll Bet You, that I can get All My Hate-Filled People on Earth, to Wipe-Out All Your Saved, Loving
Ones. After all, You told them all to 'Love Your Enemies', right?" The Devil grinned in his usual sinister manner.
"Well, that one was My Son's Idea, but I backed it up. So Technically, Yeah. Why?" God asked knowing the
whole time what Satan was up to as usual.
"Your 'Saved People', will Curse You to your face, before they die because You also told them: 'The Trying of
Your Faith, works Patience.' Remember that one too?" God laughed in response.
"Yeah yeah. Look Sate. I know what you're up to, and I also know that you SHOULD have known I'd figure it
all out from BEFORE the beginning of this conversation and meeting. So I'll tell you what: Go ahead and attack
My People, but you can't kill them." The Devil got upset again:
"Ok. You're going to be difficult as usual, so I'll tell you what: I'LL MAKE ALL MANKIND HATE AND CURSE
YOU INSTEAD. If they do, and Turn from You, You'll have no choice but to Destroy them anyway, because You
won't tolerate Blasphemy against you...Right?" The Devil just knew he had The LORD then:
	God sighed again.
"You know what Sate, I knew that too, but Go Ahead. You'll fail anyway and lose this one too, just like Job."
	So The Meeting was over and the two went their separate ways:
	Barely a Month later; Rioting, Looting and Massive turning of nearly all People on Planet Earth against God
had been occuring. Churches were being burned. The Government Declared Martial Law Nationwide. Bibles and
all other Religious Items were finally outlawed, because Prayers were no longer being answered by God...or so it
	Yet; several small bands of Families and Friends all around The Country and Globe, still held on to their
Faith. They stubbornly refused to allow circumstances to cause them to lose heart and abandon worship of The
Almighty. Finally, The End came.
	Another beautiful day in Central Park. God and The Devil sat again on the same park bench. This time, The
Devil had two beautiful She-Demoneses on both sides of him, and he was smiling from pointed ear, to pointed ear.
"Well..." He'd begun. "Admit it. I FINALLY BEAT YOU. I WON!" The Devil maniacally laughed aloud. God just
shook his head again and grinned in return:
"You forgot something as usual Sate." He said. The Devil stopped laughing along with the two Demoneses.
"No. First of all, I didn't destroy them. Those you got destroyed themselves because they lost Faith. Yet, I
had over Two Billion Souls left on earth that still Held Out even through The End. That's why They're with Me
now in The Kingdom of Heaven. So, You Still Lost The Bet...A-Gain!"
	The Devil Blew Up as he stood defiantly. God still sat and remained calm.
"You...YOU CHEATED! I NEVER thought in all My Years of Eternity, that YOU OF ALL HEAVENLY BEINGS,
"Didn't you forget something else I said?" The Devil scratched one of his horns and asked:
"Wide, is The Path that leads to Destruction. Narrow, is The Path that leads to Life. Many are called but Few
are chosen." God smirked again as He rose up to rejoin His Newly collected Church in Glory!!
"You...YOU didn't say that. YOUR SON SAID IT. SO IT DOESN'T COUNT!" Satan declared.
	God turned once last time to The Devil before rising up into the sky:
"I know. You forgot that everything He said and did, I TOLD HIM TO DO AND SAY!!" Then as He rose up, He said:
"I win A-gain....Luci!" MUAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!
	It wasn't long after, that God destroyed everything, including the Universe. Then Created All Things New.
	Satan burned in Hell...Forever!


	I recognize that I'm not 'All That', and I don't mind a bit actually. It's a lot of pressure to have to main-
tain such a Status, depending on your own Interpretation of the meaning behind The Phrase. For some, I
tend to think it means having some sort of 'Alpha' Status among others and maintaining it.  Well, I for one,
don't want to subscribe to such thinking and quite frankly, can't hold up under such scrutiny. You see, the
status of being 'All That', doesn't take into account the feelings or thoughts of others as I've seen in my 62
Years on The Planet. The characteristics of such behavior doesn't seem to allow for what others think and,
or feel. I doubt that such ever will.
	Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, Counts in this country we call The United States of America. We
are given a Mantra to repeat over and again in Grade School, and part of that Mantra goes something like
this: "...with Liberty and Justice, for All!" Now, I don't know if they say such a thing anymore or not. What I
DO KNOW, is this: 
	There are those People; who ARE NOT, subject to the same Standards of Law and Order that I am.
I don't have to go into detail, and won't. You and I know who they are. Some are in Uniforms. Others are
in Suits. Others Still, wear Robes. A Few Select Others, we Elect into varying Government Offices to be
Functionary Representatives for WHAT USED TO BE ALL OF US, and nowdays, are only in it for 'The
Select Few'! Sometimes, I tend to wonder why bother with Voting at all anymore? I mean. Really? What
Real Purpose will My Vote serve, if it may never even be counted in the first Damn Place, because 
someone or a few of them already in Office, don't want My Voice heard at all because I'm not one they
consider 'Worthy'?
	Well, until there's so Radical A Change in the way We as a Nation Operate in the current system
of the Government we claim we believe in, I'm going to Vote anyway. Otherwise, I have no real reason
to Bitch, Complain, or Mope about how things are. We CLAIM, we're The Greatest Nation on Planet
Earth. Yet, we don't act like it. We CLAIM, we're the most giving of all other Peoples on Planet Earth,
but Homelessness is steadily on the rise and more and more People are getting Poorer and Poorer.
We CLAIM, that there's Opportunity for Everyone, but Shut Out many People because of Economic
Background, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, and especially Past Misdeeds that can never seem to be
forgiven, much less forgotten. We CLAIM a lot of things, but such claims are the single biggest bunch
of BULLSHIT that's ever existed on this Planet!
	So. The Question that logically follows is this: 'What Are You Going To Do About It?'
	The only thing 'I' can do, is exactly what I'm going to do, Lord Willing.
	Go Vote, and hope My Voice will Count and be Heard anyway. Beyond that, I can continue to press
onward and try to keep from being Stopped, Frisked, and Fatally Shot or wounded, just because I happen
to have an Ethnic Paint-Job that's been a Historic Target on My Back ever since I've been Born. I mean
after all, I'd REALLY LIKE, to see My Great-Grandchildren before this Old Body Ceases to function.
	Prayerfully, by that time, maybe My Voice WILL have helped make some kind of difference for the
betterment of ALL OF US, and perhaps we one day will be once again BE a Truly United States of America!

	It's not often I admit such things; however, this time around, is something I must. So, here it is: 
	Not long ago, I'd allowed myself-and what little Testosterone I have left-to become enamored
with a Woman who was for all intents and purposes, The Best of The Players. Yes, I got burned, and
needless to say, it stung. The not-so-funny thing about it all however; was that I had a gut feeling and,
I ignored it completely. I wanted badly, for this so-called 'Fool-Engagement', to work out into some-
thing long lasting. I'd had two marriages already. The First ended in Divorce. The second ended with
the death of My Second Spouse over a Medical Procedure gone wrong. Suing the Pain Doctors didn't
help anything either as, the Jury found in favor for them and not me.
	That's another Story for another time.
	 Somehow; a few things just didn't add up during the whole Episode. For One. She made herself
a bit too flashy with her body for all to see. One would think such NSFW Pics like hers would only be
for my eyes. Right? Wrong in her case. Yet; who am I to Judge? There's only One Righteous One, and
I'm NOT Him! So along comes some news from a most reliable and trusted source-two of them in
actuality-that tell me nearly the same exact things about 'My Significant Other', that was indeed very
disturbing. So when I openly asked her about the other guy, she of course denied it. After making
myself completely vulnerable to her about myself, I got Downright Played!
	Now, I'm not going to name her, and just put her Identity out there like that. No. Enough is done
already. She's Blocked. She's kickin' It with the other guy, and I actually genuinely hope they make 
a good go of their Relationship. I'm not one to carry Jealousy anymore. It is a waste of Time, Energy,
and Self-Respect. I'm simply too old for this shit. One cannot always 'Beat 'Em & Join 'Em' either.
Instead, I merely went my own way...like Fleetwood Mac used to say!
	To Sum it all up, it comes down to this:
	The Next Time I declare a committment to Someone-?-I'd better be sure that I can actually have
her ALL TO MYSELF. A Group from Back In The Day called The Chi-Lites, recorded a song called:
'Have You Seen Her?' It was about a Man who couldn't fathom why The Love he thought he had, 
decided to leave him. He thinks about her all the time and says as much all through the song. Such
Lyrics as; 'Well, I see Her Face everywhere I go. On the Street, and even at The Picture Show. Have
You Seen Her? Tell Me Have You Seen Her?'
	I'm certain nearly everyone has by now. Oh well. I'm very used to Not, having Someone to Lean
On, and I'm not by any means 'Lost' either anymore. So, I'll chalk it all up to having been Played.
It's Over and Done. I'm not Angry about it. I Move On. Hard Lesson to have learned, but learned!!


   Though they'd met on Fubar, Preston and Sonja were for all intents and purposes, strangers to one another. They
were from opposite ends of the continent, yet they had something in common, discovered from many chats on The
Site. They both, loved Pure, Unadulterated, Freak-Style Sex! Preston's Profile made it known from the beginning,
that he was, above all else, a True Foot Fetishist. Sonja, was mysterious in her revelations about herself, and kept
much of her profile a mystery to all, except those whom she felt she could trust wholeheartedly. She Befriended 
Preston, almost from the start, after he extended a Request for Friendship.
   It was only after nearly seven months on the site, that the two had come to a mutual understanding: Both loved
Sex; and each other's Online Company, such that they became a bit more than Chat Acquaintances. they'd become
True Friends at last. Sonja enjoyed giving Preston practical Life Lessons in how to talk to Women Online, because 
he'd often thought of himself as less than worthy of such attention from Women. Naturally, it was because of his
insistent desire, to engage then in Foot Fetish chat from the Start...which would drive most of his Female Friends
he'd made online, from him.
   Sonja however; didn't see him quite that way, and saw him only as a man who was too eager to 'Get Freaky', too
soon. So she obliged him, as she too, was a Woman with a rather 'Healthy' Sexual Appetite. this; is one of their 
Exploits by way of imagination:
   He was at her place; and she was dressed in a semi-nude, Rose Revealing nightgown. He, was in his Basketball-
Style Gym Shorts, with no underwear on underneath, and a T-Shirt. His socks and B-Ball Shoes were already off.
She, had her toenails Painted Crimson, and flexed her Soft, Sexy Feet in front of him.
"Come Do My Sexy Feet Daddy". She breathed, as she slid onto the bed, and placed her Soft, Silky Feet onto 
Preston's Bulge. Surrounding it. Trapping it. Containing it. The Shorts, had come off quickly.
   Slowly, methodically, her Soft Feet surrounded his 8 1/4" by 1 1/2" Dense, Stiffness of Smooth, Black Manhood.
She commanded her Siri to play Bongo Drum Beats in a chaotic style. As it began, her silky feet continued to stroke
the Fullness of Preston's Throbbing Unit. She moaned:
"Yesssss...Daddy....It feels soooooo gooooood!"
"The Fullness of It Baby. You know You're My Baby. Don't You? He asked in response.
"Ohhh Yes Daddy...My Sexy Feet...they NEED Your Hardness...Ohhhh."
   To be sure, this would go on for a few moments, with his Near-Liquidating her Soles and Toes. He kept himself 
from a full ejaculation, for he had to give her His Deepness inside her now.
"Time to give you THE DEEPNESS BABY!" He announced. Slowwwwwwllly, he inserted his continually Bulging,
Throbbing, Pulsating Man-Unit DEEP, into her Vaginal Canal, and going so far as to penetrate her Cervix.
   She Screamed with Pure Delight.
continued on, and on, and on, and on, until after nearly an hour later, she'd finally exploded in Climax:
"DAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDYYYYY..........I'M......OHHHHHHHH....." She erupted all over him. flooding him with 
her slippery pleasure fluids, and he loved every bit of it. He still had not released himself...just yet. Then:
"Now Baby. The Sexy Feet again." He commanded.
"Ohh Yes Daddy!" Sonja readily agreed. Switching positions again, she placed her feet around his Still-Hardened 
Unit, and began again to stroke it. Good thing, he'd taken his Levitra, two hours before. At age 62, he knew he 
could not have lasted this long, and he was extra careful, to take only a half pill at that. He needed his Heart, to 
be able to endure the exertion of Sexing her, as she wanted, and for him to enjoy it also.
   Men have died before while Lovemaking. It was a natural part of Humanity. Preston however; didn't want that
to be his last official act of life, on Planet Earth though. Slowwwwwwwwlllllly, he continued to Foot Freak her,
and his Man-Fluids begun flowing more and more. Waves of unrelenting pleasure rippled through the two of them
over and again. The realization of everything the two had said to each other online of their abilities, was now a 
manifested reality!
   Finally, he erupted himself. He could no longer contain The Pressure Build-Up.
"AAHHHHHHHHHGGG!.......YESSSSSSSS..........YES BABY......AAAAAAAGGGGG......" He explained loudly, as jets of
his creamy globules splattered against her Silken, Sexy Sole Wrinkles. Quickly, he rubbed it into her skin like real
Protein Lotion...which in actuality, would be exactly that for her skin. It would nourish it like no other, and make
her soles that much softer.
   Nearly three hours later, both had showered, flipped the mattress over and put on new sheets.
   Preston wasn't going home that night.
   Sonja, wouldn't let him either.

He walked alone.
  The Ocean of human faces all around him, never noticed him at all...which was perfectly natural for him.  He was,
the last of his Family. Everyone else had died, and he was alone in the world now. His home was only a One Room
place above a seedy Bar and Grill. He was Retired, and collected his monthly Social Security, only to spend as little
of it as possible while saving most of the rest.
  Oh, he'd Invested a good portion of it. Got some Timely Returns in a couple of well-placed Stocks. He was in the
process of building a genuine and profitable Net-Worth. No One Else noticed either. No One Else knew. Even if he'd 
told the entire planetary population, No One would listen to him. See him. Hear him. Smell or even Touch him. He
was for all intents and purposes, Invisible!
  He rode the Bus almost every day. Paid his Rent on time. Paid his bills also on time. Had built up Excellent Credit
and one day even bought himself a fairly nice Truck. He'd spent most of his days sitting on the waterfront downtown
and fed the only friends he'd had left in the world: The Birds.
  He'd written a couple of books. Oh he'd gotten some Notariety for awhile, but then it too, faded away to nothing 
after several months. Then everyone forgot about him again. He was in his Middle Sixties, so for him, Bars and The 
Proverbial Nightclubs were no longer an Option for his Nighttime Entertainment. Certainly not these days. There
were too many stories of people his age getting robbed by younger people. Craftier. Sneakier. More Bloodthirsty.
He'd heard stories of Older People near or at his age getting killed by such. So he stayed away from those places.
  Yes, he'd even bought some Fun for himself: He'd hired a couple of well-known Nighttime Lady Companions to
keep him company periodically. Yet, they were expensive, and he'd ensured that they never knew just how much 
money he really had. He knew that both of them were backed by the Entertainment Firm that employed them. 
He also knew that, it had a reputation of 'Enforcing' some repeat established Customers into 'Giving Charitably'.
That of course meant, being violently robbed.
  He lived this way for another ten years, until, at the tender young age of 78, he'd finally passed away.
  He'd left the Sum of just over $156,000,000 dollars to the only relatives he'd had left on The Planet, and his 
Attorneys followed his Directives as he wished to the letter. No one came to his Funeral:
  It was just over a month later, that two men showed up at Katrisha's front door. Her firstborn daughter Raye
Ann, answered it. Her yonger Siblings, DeVonn, and Chiarra standing behind her. The men asked for their Mother,
and when Katrisha had come to the door to see who it was, they simply handed her an envelope.
  There was a note and a Credit Union Deposit Certified Check with a Signature she'd never thought to have ever
seen again in life.

   I know I was never the Father you needed and for that, I'm so sorry. I don't blame you for never wanting to see
or hear from me ever again. As you read this, I'm dead and buried now, in an Unknown Grave. This; however, will
ensure that you and My Grandchildren, have a much better life in this cruel world, than I did. Inasmuch as you 
may not believe it. Believe that it is true. The money is indeed real. I Love You All. Goodbye.

Your Non-Existent Father.

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