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He couldn't understand why he was so hunted & hated.
After all; the last piece of Legislation he introduced to The Senate, was supposed to be the thing that would forever end, all the Lawsuits brought against any and every State over the last thirteen years.
His Not-So-Secret-Or-Hidden Mansion, was finally discovered. The security he'd employed in Extremist Groups such as; The Proud Liberators, The J.A.M.F.'s-I can't tell you what that Acronym stands for-The 'Superior Ones', and of course The Fox Front, were not able to stand against a Unified
American Color Coalition.
Old-Style Projectile Weapons of all types, were now defunct and useless against the New Technology of Energized Human Minds brought about by an Unknown Benefactor. The Lead Researcher of a still-as-yet undiscovered Nano-Technology Institute, released DNA Specific Nanites into the Atmosphere, which sought and was absorbed only by People of Color...most specifically those of economically/politically oppressed communities.
The Justice System finally had become an actual System of Justice for all. Law Enforcement Agencies everywhere, adopted new policies that ensured No Officer ever again, would hunt and kill Black People without justifiable cause-as defined by The Constitution. Prisons everywhere; eradicated Staff and Correctional Officers unable to pass The Social Psycho-Physicals. As a result, within the following year, the New Congressional Election Cycle introduced New Legislators that had erased The Lawsuit Shield formerly in place, and now any Entity found guilty of Social Malpratice Hatred, in any form, was held financially liable and financially ruined for good!
Racism in all it's forms at last; was finally classified as a Schedule-1 Social Felony punishable by Death, and finally eradicated from The Planet!
True Peace, at last was enjoyed worldwide.


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