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created on 06/28/2007  |  http://fubar.com/school-stuff/b96492
Adam Hampton Making the world a better place. People look to America to set the example for the rest of the world. Americans see the government as an example. People often see soldiers as the ideal sort of American. One who fights, or will fight for their country. What’s more American than a soldier? The thing is, the military is setting a bad example for America, as well as the rest of the world. The regulations in the military enforce sexism, and portray an image that being ultra-conservative is the ideal way to be. If change the policies of the military, and get rid of the sex specific rules, it will set a better example for Americans, as well as the rest of the world. They talk about uniformity, and everyone looking the same, having to do with unit cohesion, and “ good order and discipline”. The rules allow for an assortment of different hairstyles though, plus everyone looks different anyway. People have different heights, and weights, and colors, and other things that will differentiate them from other people no matter what. There are different rules for males, and females. They need to get rid of most of those rules, and if they are going to have rules about appearances, create a set for both sexes. It will promote a better sense of equality. They could say everyone has to keep their head shaved. As long as it applied to everyone, and not only males, or females, it would be tolerable. It would give a sense of uniformity, and belonging. Or they could set other general rules that apply to everyone, such as hair cannot be over a certain length. Same goes with makeup, and nails. They can say stuff like soldiers can only wear these colors while in uniform. Right now, they specify females can only wear certain colors, and males aren’t allowed to wear any. Again, they need to get rid of the sex specific rules. Another thing is relationships. There are rules that restrict the types of relationships you can be open about depending on your sex. It conveys an idea to the rest of the world that it’s good, or right or whatever. Alternatives would be either to make it so that all relationships had to be kept private, or make it so people could be open about any type. I’m referring to the “Don’t ask Don’t tell” thing. So, don’t tell me your straight, and don’t ask me if I have a girlfriend. Since how they treat the single soldiers mostly like animals anyway, it’s fairly easy to identify some of the straight people since how they are married. I don’t really see a way to force everyone from hiding their sexuality. They need to make it not against the rules for males to be open about their sexual relationships with other males, and females to be open about their sexual atraction or relationships with other females. They also need to allow females to marry females and males to marry males and get bas, and bah, ( basic allowances for substance and housing ) . Small steps in treating people equally should set an example for the rest of the world. It should promote a sense of equality between men and women, and hopefully lead to a decrease in discrimination, both legal, and illegal.
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