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Part of the theme of the week. by May 25, 2006 In reference to people talking about seperating discriminating against race and discriminating against sexuall orientation. Uhh, behavior and appearance. People try to call it a behavior thing due to mosty an appearance. It's really a case of gender-discrimination. They are saying I can't marry a guy, due to the fact that I am a guy. But it's ok for a girl to marry a guy. And same the other way around. It's not fair because their isn't much People can do about the fact that they are whatever gender they are. So It is still ALL about apearances in the end. Religion is about behaviors too. I dare someone to make a law against non-christians makeing money on christmas. Or even non-christians not being able to get married. Because in some religions say it's wrong not to be christian, or to not accept christ as your savior. " God " says it's wrong. Maybe other people's " GOD " says it's right. It's really about haveing respect for other people's beliefs, and not trying to rule over other people making your beliefs law of the land. It goes back to seperation between church and state. If you want to live in a place run by religion, go to IRAN!!! Or someplace like that. People came to america to get away from religious suppression, a place where they could believe what they wanted and not be condemmned, or be discriminated against by the government. religion discrimination gender respect race behavior seperation from church a ... seperation from c... Edit | PermaLink | 1 comment Topic of today, and probably other days too. by May 24, 2006 So, first it's all nice and interesting all the responses I got from yesterday. I really didn't expect what happened. But thanks to all of you who replied. My house stinks right now. Cuz I'm lazy. And a few days ago my roomate made sausage and rice in the crockpot. And I didn't clean it out for a couple of days. So it got maggots in it. I cleaned it out today. So now everything stinks. I'm sure ya'll wanted to know about that. So I put it at the top. ;-) Oh, now what I was going to talk about. What does June 5 2006 mean to you? For most of you nothing probably. Which is exactly my point. It will barely, or not effect most of you at all. So you shouldn't have any say in the matter. And niether should the people voting on it that day. It's like me voting against you having pork for dinner tonight. I won't be at your house, I won't be eating your food, I proabably won't know the pigs you are eating, I probably won't even feel grief about their death. The day will just go on like any other for me. But you will be happy about eating your porkchops, or sausage, or bacon, or whatever it is your eating. Because you like it, it tastes good to you. It might make eating pork slightly more acceptable, even though they do kill the pigs by boiling them in water, ( I think, that's what I heard anyway ) why should they suffer like that just so you can enjoy your dinner? And it says in many religious books that eating pork is wrong. There's all sorts of eating guidlines in the bible alone. Some of wich I think include pork. And I think that affects far more living things on the planet than other things that people worry so much about. But for somereason that's never been pushed to be part of the constitution to make eating pork illeagle. How about we just let the people things actually affect vote on them? Doesn't that make sense? But I guess that's exactly why it doesn't happen. It's like asshole sgtmajors making rules about the barracks. They have no rights to make stupidass rules, cuz they don't live there. They aren't the one's who have to deal with the rules. Who are they to decied I can't have a futon, or bizzarr things, or whatever ? They don't fucking live there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I'm not talking about weopons, unsanitary conditions, maybe illeagle drugs, stuff like that . I'm talking decorations and roomarrangements, colors, stuff like that. ) And don't give me the good order and discapline shit. People aren't regulated like that in their houses. politics food life sex god today discrimination churches the bible pigs conse ... conservatives Jun 5 2006 senate animal cruelty Edit | PermaLink | 1 comment Here's a weird thought by May 15, 2006 Some people say it's better to live like there is a god, just incase their is, cuz it's better to do that than not to and find out when you die. Well think about this. If you have no real beliefe in anything, and you don't know if there is a god at all? You don't really know what he/she/they/ are really like either. The world is filled with idiots and assholes. What if those are really the kind of people that god likes? And those are the people he is giving the rewards to. And he/she/it/they rrealy don't like the nice people. The one's that help the sick and poor and stuff. What if they are like, hey, lets send those pussies to hell for while and see if that makes them toughen up? Wouldn't it really suck if you lived your life out of the sole what if something bad might happen to me if I didn't do good things for people? Then you died, and found out there was a god, but they just wern't how you thought they'd be? You were nice all that time even when you hated to be, because of some reward or punishment you might get. And then it just didn't turn out how you planned. Man, sux to be you. - This isn't meant to refer to those who "know" or have a firm belief in what is going to happen when they die. This is reffering to those who are living the way they do with a belief that yours might be true. And it's made to make people laugh. If you can't take a joke, I suggest you get the fuck off my page. NOt because you aren't welcome here, but I don't see you finding much enjoyment out of it. funny, religion, god, jokes ... Edit | PermaLink | 0 comments Religiousnesssness. by May 15, 2006 HI everyone! If you write to me, please understand that there is a chance I will make fun of you. And maybe even on my page. %99 of the time it's not meant to be mean spirited. It's just part of the culture being from FT. Bragg. I guess it has to do with the Machismo badass thing. We all give our friends a hard time all day long, and at the end of the day, we are still friends, and still hangout with each other. I might just write back doing it, or I might do it on my page. I won't mention your name or anything unless you really are a totall idiot though. That being said... I think this is really funny- Someone wrote me saying they resented that I said that all christians were the same. ( I didn't really mean to say that, but I can see how it looked that way ) Later on, they told me I should read the bible, and I'm going to hell for living in sin. Here is the part of it that I am talking about- "I love helping other people and I resent the fact that you say that we are all alike. I hope that one day you will read the Bible. I hope you do it before it is to late. If you think that the after life is going to be great by living in sin then you better read and find out what it is going to be like. It is going to be painful for sinners. I don't wish that on anyone. Check out the Bible. You might be surprised. God loves you even if you don't love him"- You aren't all the same. True, true, yata yatah. But doesn't this kinda fit the stereotype? I'm not the same, but you are living in sin and are going to burn in hell. God loves you though. And this person got this from.... How ever much of my page she read. My whole life is being judged by? My pictures? How ever much of my writing is on this page at most? A few excerts of my life and thoughts over the last 5 months? Oh, no, christians aren't judgemental, and do it before even knowing the person. I guesse it comes down to that age old question. What would jesus do? I am very happy that people care so much about my soul, and don't want me burning in hell though. I really do apreciate your time and genuine concern. I'm not mocking you in this last paragragh. But please take the time to consider that I am a really nice person who helps people far more than hurts them. Before you start talking about how I am going to hell. And Keep in mind, that I don't think you are a totall idiot, because your name and/picture isn't in this blog at all. funny, religion, god, jokes, ft. bragg, making fun of people ... Edit | PermaLink | 0 comments thoughts on god, and religion and stuff by May 10, 2006 Okay, I am kinda harsh on religion to say the least. I'm pretty sure I have religion in many of my rants, but I couldn't find it many of the places. Maybe I just thought that because It's something I write about alot, but it might mostly be to people directly and not posted anywhere. So here is my take on that subject: I do what I think is right regaurdless of the eternall consequences. The why would people do good things if they weren't threatened of hell, could make sense. But it's really stupid to me. Most of the athiests I know are far nicer, better natured all around people than the "christians" I know. Compassion for your fellow human being is not only there because it's taught by religion. People who only do nice things to go to heaven, don't really belong their in my opinion. It's all self serving that way anyway. Same with doing mean things. If the only reason a person isn't mean is so they don't go to hell, They probobly still belong their in my book. I don't believe anyone or anything should create another life for the pourpose of makeing themselves happy. That whole idea is really fucked up to me. I didn't sign up to exist, I'm not really happy about existing, and I certainly don't feel obligated to follow the person, or enittie's rules who created me. It's not really about going to heaven or hell, or even staying out of jail most of the time. I just do what I think is right, because that's what I feel is right. I don't care if "god" says otherwise, or my parents say otherwise, or the laws say otherwise. Fuck all of them. Just because "god" says so, or just because it's legall doesn't really make it right in my mind. And the same with things being wrong. I am not in anyone's debt for them forcing me to exist. People think the world is a better place because of religion.... Look at the middle east. And places like that where they are killing each other over it. Then there's Ireland with the protastants and cathollics. Wich is not so bad now, but it went on for a very long time. All sorts of predjucie people use relligion to back up their beliefs and actions and stuff. Whether it be racist or otherwise. Religion causes as much fucked up things as it helps. I never went to church until I was 14. That didn't mean I didn't have moralls. I just had real life ones instead of arbritrary ones. I don't care too much about what god said, or says. I care about what helps people, and what hurts people. And about fairness and equality. The only thing I like about the bible is the gospell, and some of the other parrables and wise sayings. I'm agnostic, with basic christian philosophy. It's a good way to live, but I don't care about heaven or hell. I don't believe that a "higher power" can exist that is so insecure he feels the need to be praised so much. I also don't understand why people think they can get favor from it by praising it so much. If you have to verbally suck someone's dick for them to do something for you, or it helps their descision at all, I really don't hold them very high. Then comes the free will thing and satan and all that. He is too aragant to take someone else's suggestion on how to keep people from doing fucked up things, so instead he sends his son down to be tortured and killed. If he's all that great, why did it really take that for him to beable to forgive us? How about he just respects our beliefts and culture? If that's too much to ask from god, I guess that's too much to ask from anyone. Especially religious fanatics. Why couldn't he just give us limitied free will? I mean we can't float, we can't shoot fire out of our eyes, so why not just make it so we couldn't hurt others, and be assholes somehow too? But aknowlageing that someone else's idea is better than his, and giving him recognition for it, was just too much for him. Oh, no, something I created is smarter than I am, I better send him away to a totally different place so he can't make me look like I'm not the smartest guy in the world. People say satan was trying to take over heaven, well maybe we should let the best man for the job do it instead of holding onto the power cuz you are too pridefull or arragant, or whatever not willing to accept that someone else came up with a better idea than you. There's just too many loopholes to believe in the christian theology. I am too idealistic for it. And believe if it is true, I don't care cuz it's still fucked up. I'll go to hell and just take it over and change it, before I go to heaven and be with the arragant, insecure person who forced me to exist. He won't like me anyway, cuz I have better ideas than him. Greek mythology actually sounds much more believable. I am also not a fan of the current pope. I think he is royally fucked up, him being pope, is enough for me either to not believe in god, not believe he actually guides the church, or believe that if he does god is so fucked up himself, He is a peice of shit too. Which I will deal with eventually if I ever meet him. There is a girl on tagworld, that has an audio piece on her page talking about you can either be a slave to god, or a slave to satan. Slavery is wrong all the way around in my book. Just because people don't believe in you, or don't follow the rules you wish they would, isn't any reason to send them to do anything mean to them. The whole heaven and hell thing is entirely too contrived to me. It doesn't make any sense how people put it, or explain it. It wouldnt' be like that if there really was a "higher power" If there is a god, he is just another life form that happens to have all sorts of cool powers. And from what people would have you believe, totally abuses them. My parents don't get my respect simply for being my parents, they have it and don't have it for other reasons. Just like anyone else. And I know %110 without a doubt that they created me, and brought me into this world, and gave me the things they did. religion, god, creators ... Edit | PermaLink | 4 comments past religious rant not sure if it's on here somewhere else but i wanted to find it an make sure it was on the religion page. by May 10, 2006 Governing peoples lives Current mood: bored I slept alot to day cuz i didn't yesterday. Time passes a lot quicker when I sleep, but sometimes it seems like I am sleeping my life away. Not that I have much of one overhere anyway. Just seems like i should find something productive to do. I need to write a book or something. I don't know. I only ate once today cuz I didn't eat breakfast and slept thrue lunch. that's one thing about nightshift, It's hard to sleep for long periods of time during the day, cuz then you don't get to eat. so you have to chose between food and sleep. I have mosqueto bites on my hand. It sux. maybe I should start wearing gloves or something. Bush is trying to fuck america up even more by putting extemeist conservitive judges in the supreme court. That sux too. I was talking to one of my friends the other day and decided that life really is about sex, drugs, and rockinroll. Everyone wants liquer, metal, and tits, whether they reallize it or not. It's the real key to happiness in life. They need to send SlipKnot over here with some strippers. But bush won't let that happen I'm sure. I hate conservitive ass holes that feel the need to control everyone elses lives. That's okay i guesse if they want to be that way, but they shouldn't get positions of power and try to enforce their beliefs on everyone else. That's my rant for the day. I seen the judges thing on the news today. America is about freedom to be yourself, without haveing other people give you shit about it. Just as long as your not going around chopping peoples heads off or anything like that. Mormons run Utah and do the samething. People shouldn't be using their religion to govern everyones lives. Onley their own. They should be objective and put their religion aside when makeing decisions for everyone. That is one of the evils of religion. It corrupts people too easily. All of a sudden people are like " hey I know everyone should have to be just like me " The funny thing is people usually seem to find god the last place they look for it. Mostly cuz after they found it they quit looking. It's cool that some people find jesus. That means I don't have to feel bad about him being lost somewhere. Mabey alone in the woods or something hiding from mutant killer bunnies. It seems like the people who read the bible should reallize that He never tryed to force his beliefs on anyone. And he wouldn't want anyone else to either. To be christian means to be like christ. That's where the whole what would jesus do thing comes from. If god wanted everyone to be forced to live how he wanted them to then he would have. That was lucifer's Idea. So really those people who try to force their religion and stupid religious type rules and laws on everyone else are far more satanic than christian. God wants people to choose to live how he wants them to, not be forced to. Otherwise he doesn't get the glory. And he seems to be all about the glory. He killed a lot of people in exodes (forgot how to spell it) because they were worshipping idols and other gods and it was taking away from his glory. I just contradicted myself a little bit. But he brought those peopIe out of slavery then they were complaining and then started worshipping idols. After all he did for them. They were ungratefull bastards anyway. Christians aren't about being like god in the old testamate anyway. They are about being like Christ. It's the key part of the word in the name of their religion. wish he'd still do stuff like that. Why else do you think the plauge of locusts came to Utah? Then the seagulls came. God probly just thought it would be funny to have them make their state bird one that eats garbage and most people don't like. religion, god, christian satainic ... Edit | PermaLink | 0 comments Rants and explanations of "normal" people and "weirdos" you have probly heard it before. But this might be better. by May 04, 2006 Okay, Trying to explain from someone esles point of view, It's kinda difficult. So this is very long. And it still might not create a clear picture. But I did my best with only spending about half the night trying to write it. I'm doing other stuff with the rest of the night, so if you're still lost, then you're just out of luck for now. As with other long things I wrote, I'm posting it on my page for everyone to see. Stuff about the army that vaugly relates to it is also going to be added there for further reading if you aren't sick of it before finishing this. Here's a back story of sorts first- I have always had long hair. It was just me, what I liked, something I natureally did or what ever. Especially in Utah, you don't see many guys like that. It's agianst the LDS ( mormon ) religion basicly. About 49% of the state is LDS. So I was evil or at least not as "good" as other people who looked the right way. It's also against it to have your ears peirced if you are a male. And it's against having tattoos if your are anyone. It's a really superficial religion. And it influences so many people, even the people who aren't apart of it. It's a weird phenominon. It's sad how most of the people in my school thought they were better than everyone else, and those who didn't, compared themselves to the mormons, and acted like the mormons really were better than them. People often just start comparing themselves to the majority by their fucked up "standards" as they call them, like they are some kind of mesures of quality. And beyond looking a certain way, if you don't smoke drink or swear, then you a good person, later to become a god. The religion didn't even allow anyone who wasn't white to join at first. Then as it became less socially acceptable, they changed that. How people can follow stuff like that and not see it as an extremeist group, I really have no idea. But to think you are somehow a worse person for not believing in it and following it, is fucked up all together. So there aren't many places you can get a job in Utah, if you have long hair. Basicly you can't get a job where someone might see you. Because then the customers would know the store hires these evil people with long hair. ( that's exagerated a little, but not much ) It's just one of many socially acceptable prejudices. Basicly, if you don't dress conservatively, have a color of hair that looks like you might have been born with, don't have many extra holes in you, or pictures on you, It's not only acceptable but encouraged to look down upon you there. And probobly somewhat other places too, although I don't think/hope nearly as much. How I have been treated differently- People uste to give me shit all the time. About everything. The way I talked, the way I didn't talk much, The clothes I wear, how I walk, how I eat, My hair, My artwork, and probobly other things too that I can't think of right now. People still give me shit about it now, but it's mostly just playfull and not really mean-spirted. The reason being is I only hang around my friends, and many of them are only my friends because they were forced to be around me and work with me and get to know me. If they hadn't they probly wouldn't talk to me. I got a job at an amusement park selling games. ( one of those guys hussing peoples money away while they hope they can win a prize by getting a ball in a can, or making a basket, or tossing rings around bottles, stuff like that ) They hired me when I went into the interview wearing a black teeshirt that had a picture of a golden skeleton sarcofagus, with a hole in the side, and cutoff shorts with strings hanging down. So the guy who hired me wasn't bad. But the rules said I had to have my hair under a hat. Because they cater to the predjudice pieces of shit basicly, cuz that's wear the most money comes from. And that's how the owner of the place is. That's one of the first reality shocks that didn't make sense, it seems like it would be illeagle. And to a certain extent it is, but no one really cares. Some of the people who worked there asked me why I had I wore the hat, and the answere was because the people who ran the place were predjudice pieces of shit. And some of them told me it was because I needed a haircut. It seems like if I can have the selfcontrol it takes not to just start beating the "holy"shit out of these people, they could manage atleast not to bother me. But no. Alot of them didn't even know I had long hair for a long time. That's when you really notice it. I take my hat off in the breakroom sometimes and people get all shocked. like it's a big deal. And a lot of them treated me differently after that. People might think I'm a good guy, until they see i have long hair, but then they see they were mistaken somehow, because I'm obviously evil, how could they have missed that while talking to me before? And I seemed like such a good guy. It becomes a totall paradox to these people. Being a good person and dressing in black or just odd clothes, and having long hair, and drawing weird pictures doesn't fit the deffinition of a good guy at all that they have been taught for so many years. It really is impossible. So there must be something wrong me to them. I like blue hair, I like purple hair, I like colorfull sorts of things. I don't understand why people keep their hair brown when they can have it about any color they want. It doesn't make much sense to me, but hey somepeople like it and that's fine. I don't bother them about it. I don't look down on them because they don't look as good as me when I have blue hair or whatever color. I don't make fun of them, or give them any shit about it. But for somereason they feel compelled to do that to me. I want to dye my hair blue and purple, I think that would look awesome. better than any other colors people have. Better than brown especially. I just don't happen to like the color brown much. I wish I had any other color hair but brown, and if i am going to dye it, I really should get the color/colors I want. But realisticly, it would be harder to get a job with blue hair. It's hard to explain the differences in the way people treat me. But I have looked "nomal" and "weird" before, and deffinantly notice the difference. Other people's thinking is, " If you know that you will get treated worse for looking like that ( long, or spiked, or blue, purple, etc hair, clothes from hot topic, and stuff like that ) then why would you ever do that? I don't own any blue, white, grey, etc button up shirts. Or any polo shirts. I only own a couple "dress" sort of pants. I guess somepeople call them slacks or something. And it's because someone else bought them for me. I absolutly detest those kind of clothes. Growing up, and even now, it's the people who wear those kinds of clothes that look down on me, are outright condescending, and give me shit. People that know me, have compared it to asking a black guy to wear a white robe with a pointy white hat when ever he comes to work. And if he doesn't want to get treated bad, or if he wants to find a job. I am just as kind to people who wear conservative clothing as anyone else. And I'm a really nice guy. But I don't own any of those clothes, can't stand wearing any of those clothes, feel as though I look like a predjudice piece of shit wearing those clothes, and they make me look ugly. I don't look good in them. I have a fuzzy long sleeved button up purple shirt, and a green one. That is as close as I get. Because I like purple, and it's cool because it's soft, it's like suade kindof, and green makes my eyes look pretty. If they give me a uniform to wear to work, that's tollerable, but other than that, I don't wear shit like that. So people see it as my own fault because I do things knowing people will treat me different. Some people try to explain it like- police man wear a uniform, and you treat them like policeman, and nurses wear a different uniform, you treat them like nurses, contruction workers wear a different uniform so you treat them... yah, yah,yah a lot of buisnessman wear stupid shit, so you identify them as such and treat them like such. And when you wear what you wear, you identify yourself as something people don't like or something people don't respect, so they are going to treat you as such. Well, It's not something I comprehend. Because I treat everyone the same. It really doesn't matter what clothes you wear or how your hair is, or the picture on your collar. To me, you're just another person. But to other people dressing or looking how I have looked before, and how I sometimes look is like walking around with a big kick me sign, and then complaining about being kicked. Wich goes back to, that's fine, but when somebody "kicks me" they can't complain about me kicking them in the head, because they should know it's going to happen. The only problem with that logic, is they would. They only like it when it works out for them. People want to make fun of me for being weird, but if I make fun of people for haveing to dress a certain way because that's what they have to do in order to feel good about themselves, all of a sudden I did something wrong. They spent all that time to look just right so no one would make fun of them, then I come along and do it. It's not right to make fun of the normal people. Only the weirdos. hair, predjudice, discrimination, morons, fairness, how people justify it, Mormons ... Edit | PermaLink | 3 comments thought for the day- by May 03, 2006 Banks really should be open on sundays. That way people could come to whorship what they value most in life. funny, money, religion, people, thoughts, Banks, satire, religous ... Edit | PermaLink | 2 comments still nothing Just rants about the same old stuff. Discrimination, religous stuff, and normal borring shallow superficial closed minded idiots by Apr 21, 2006 Not much going on. I haven't eaten much latly because I haven't felt like cooking the food we have. I droppped of an app at the gasstation by wherer I live. I don't expect anything to come of it though. I don't have an experience doing anything but being in the army. That's what I am good at. But I got sick of it and don't want to be there anymore. So hopefully someone helps me out, and gives me a job so I have some income while going to school. For what? it's hard making up my mind. It seems like i want to do something different everyday. If ou have any suggestions on things that will be good to get a job easily, and something I can do when I decided to leave the country to make a little bit of money. I am sick of filling out applications. It's wierd how I can write stuff out of my head all day, and would rather just do manuel labor or something rather than fill out applications and talk to people. I'm not really lazy, I don't mind working, it gives me something to do and gets my mind off silly thing s i can't do much about sometimes. I just don't like the proscess of getting a job. The guy at the gasstation seemed almost nervous while he was talking to me. Maybe I intimidate people somehow. I try not to most of the time. I usually come off as either extremly quiet and timid, or on the other end of the spectrum. It's hard for me to find the middle ground. I'm either timid, or I act like I'm going to kick your ass if you don't do what I want you to do. People find my stare unnerving. I should probly smile more or something. But it always makes me feel weird when guys smile at me. So I don't usually smile around them. I don't usually do it at all, I guesse I should put the happy friendly show thing on. Some people seem to like that kind of stuff. I'm not one of those people. But I guesse most people like the things I don't. It just sux acting and looking like things I don't like. I mean how would they feel if they had to act like me, and have to dye their hair purple, and wear only dark colors for the most part just to get a job. Maybe most people don't have a problem with it because it's not that far from who they are. They don't have the problem with "conforming" becuase it doesn't take much for them. It's not against everything they believe in. It wasn't the people who looked like that who gave them a hard time most of their lives. They don't have a problem with looking like the shallow, superficial, condascending Assholes that I have had to deal with. Chances are, they are one of them. So they ain't really conforming at all. So they don't know what it's like. Have you ever done the poor clothes rich clothes thing? or the weird clothes normal clothes thing? Walk around looking one way, and then walk around looking the other way, and see how people treat you, and look at you. It's a lot of fun. It's kinda like that show where people change their skin color. But it's easier to do. People will treat you differently, talk to you differently, and look at you differently even though you are the same person. The point is, anyone can look about anyway they want to. It's not just one type of person that can dress up in a suit, ( wich i consider dressing down really ) anyone can have peircings, or take them out, It doesn't take much to look like something. That is why it is so fucking stupid to sit and judge people by their appearances. They say to look conservative, but to me, that makes me look bad. Like a closed minded idiot. I'm not saying all conservative people are totally closed minded or idiots, or all the people who dress that way and enjoy it are, . For the most part that has been my experience though. Maybe I'm just jaded from living in utah for so long. Is it really that odd that I despise looking like the people who have been predjudice against me? I know it sounds kinda reverse discriminatory here, like I have a problem with everyone and anyone who dresses conservatively. But I don't. I just have a problem with those who expect, or demand people to look like them. And those who will only hire people who look like them. And think they look and are better than other people who don't like wearing their types of clothes, or having their sort of haircut or style. Those who try to make everyone look like them, are the people who I have a problem with. I don't give people shit for wearing suits and conservative clothes. If that's what they like to wear, or if that's what they have to wear to make them have a false sense of selfesteem that's what they should do. NOtice I said OR. Cuz some people just happen to like looking normal and borring and stuff. That's their thing. It doesn't have anything to do with being insecure, or stuckup, or stupid or closed minded sometimes. the problem with these rants is, usally I think the only people who read them are the people who allready agree with them. Kinda like most of the people who read the religious people's stuff are allready "saved" so it doesn't do alot of good. So that's why they should play marlyn manson in churches and religious bookstores. It will attract more people who don't allready believe in it. Where as the religous music keeps them away most of the time. So if they were really concerned about saving people's souls, and spreading the word to those who haven't heard it or don't believe in it, that's what they would do. But instead they just cater to those who allready believe or whatever. music hair life religion god jobs work piercings discrimination professional ... suits. job Edit | PermaLink | 1 comment Merry christmas!!! The world has flipped upside down..... by Apr 11, 2006 Thank you to all you who have posted rants about people saying happy hollidays now instead of merry christmas. It's something I was going to write about before and forgot. It still comes kinda hard for me to believe. How bizarre the world gets. But it's a very good thing. Things are finally starting to come around full circle... Yes, today in the here and now Christians, Yes you heard me right, Christians and their advocacy groups, are upset that people are complaining about the things they say. How dare they try to censor you guys. Not you who don't want walmart to sell cd's with cussing, or mature video games. Not you people who give me dirty looks and tell me to watch my language, not you people who feel the need to controll what other people see, hear, sell, and do all the time. How could anyone ever have a problem with the stuff you say? So say it loud, say it proud, Merry fucking christmas!!!! How does it fell now, BITCHES!!! funny, christian, christmas, god, church, christians, merry ... Edit | PermaLink | 0 comments uncharacteristic of me, but hey Things to follow if you use it says in the bible as an arguement for anything. Why follow some and and not all of Leviticus - The following comes from the NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. tHE VERY SAME VERSION THAT THEY HAND OUT IN THE ARMY!!!! by Apr 10, 2006 Yo people, just pointing out somethings. I'm all about consistancy. People say well the bible says this or that, so it must be true Right? I ain't argueing, it's all a matter of opinion anyway. Just cuz it's god's doesn't make it any better or worse to me. But how about we incororate some of the other things he says into society as well. When you talk about a passage, why not follow the whole thing? These are just some things that I see forgotten about sometimes. Some more than others. While in the mililtary, I asked why to alot of stuff. And got the answer: it wasn't meant to be. Well my lovley military friends, there's lots of things that " weren't meant to be" why don't we apply all these to the military rules too? As well as the rest of our country's policies? 9 " 'When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest. 10 Do not go over your vineyard a second time or pick up the grapes that have fallen. Leave them for the poor and the alien. I am the LORD your God. 19 " 'Keep my decrees. " 'Do not mate different kinds of animals. " 'Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed. " 'Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material. 27 " 'Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard. 33 " 'When an alien lives with you in your land, do not mistreat him. 34 The alien living with you must be treated as one of your native-born. Love him as yourself, for you were aliens in Egypt. I am the LORD your God. funny, hair, army, god, church, rules, meant to be, the bible ... Edit | PermaLink | 1 comment Same sort of thing, a different way People should be able to live how they want to. Just as long as they aren't tryin to hurt other people. by Nov 14, 2005 Bush is trying to fuck america up even more by putting extemeist conservitive judges in the supreme court. That sux too. I was talking to one of my friends the other day and decided that life really is about sex, drugs, and rockinroll. Everyone wants liquer, metal, and tits, whether they reallize it or not. It's the real key to happiness in life. They need to send SlipKnot over here with some strippers. But bush won't let that happen I'm sure. I hate conservitive ass holes that feel the need to control everyone elses lives. That's okay i guesse if they want to be that way, but they shouldn't get positions of power and try to enforce their beliefs on everyone else. That's my rant for the day. I seen the judges thing on the news today. America is about freedom to be yourself, without haveing other people give you shit about it. Just as long as your not going around chopping peoples heads off or anything like that. Mormons run Utah and do the samething. People shouldn't be using their religion to govern everyones lives. Onley their own. They should be objective and put their religion aside when makeing decisions for everyone. That is one of the evils of religion. It corrupts people too easily. All of a sudden people are like " hey I know everyone should have to be just like me " The funny thing is people usually seem to find god the last place they look for it. Mostly cuz after they found it they quit looking. It's cool that some people find jesus. That means I don't have to feel bad about him being lost somewhere. Mabey alone in the woods or something hiding from mutant killer bunnies. It seems like the people who read the bible should reallize that He never tryed to force his beliefs on anyone. And he wouldn't want anyone else to either. To be christian means to be like christ. That's where the whole what would jesus do thing comes from. If god wanted everyone to be forced to live how he wanted them to then he would have. That was lucifer's Idea. So really those people who try to force their religion and stupid religious type rules and laws on everyone else are far more satanic than christian. God wants people to choose to live how he wants them to, not be forced to. Otherwise he doesn't get the glory. And he seems to be all about the glory. He killed a lot of people in exodes (forgot how to spell it) because they were worshipping idols and other gods and it was taking away from his glory. I just contradicted myself a little bit. But he brought those peopIe out of slavery then they were complaining and then started worshipping idols. After all he did for them. They were ungratefull bastards anyway. Christians aren't about being like god in the old testamate anyway. They are about being like Christ. It's the key part of the word in the name of their religion. wish he'd still do stuff like that. Why else do you think the plauge of locusts came to Utah? Then the seagulls came. God probly just thought it would be funny to have them make their state bird one that eats garbage and most people don't like. funny cool religion purple forcing people to live like you whatever discrimin ... new post Feel free to comment on religion in general, or comment on my blogs as a whole. Otherwise, leave the comment on the specific blog you are talking about. And I will do my best to get back to you.
School- thoughts and rants, and shit. by Aug 21, 2006 Monday, August 21, 2006 ONE MORE Current mood: annoyed School begins shortly, or allready has for many people. Once again people will be learning stuff, and growing their brains. No more partying during the week, ( Let's see how far that one goes ) and not having to worry about having anything done by tomarrow. Now it's reading and studying, and doing odd things with numbers. The kiddies get to deal with all the drama once more. Being picked on, and picking on others. Telling everyone what they did on their summer vacations, and bragging about how their dad can beat up the other kids dad. They can show off how good they are at basketball since they were practicing all summer all that happy horse shit. The parents that stay home with their kids get a break from them during the day. It's a joy at first, but then later it's often lonley. And the houswives turn to the internet, showerheads, and romance novels to pass their time. They don't have to deal with the kids as much, just ask them if their homework is done and go to parent teacher confrences, and school events if their child is into those things. Fuck extracurricular activities anyway, they take time away from sitting in your room alone playing videogames. People on the internet will notice all the silly kids gone from the sites they were on and did silly stuff in when they were bored. The yahoo answers won't be filled with as many of their questions during the day, and online preditors will have to go back to mostly operating at night. Their will be the job vs school discussions when people want to keep their summer jobs. People once again have to choose wether to support their school system or take the right but hard road through life and protest it. Some Idiots will once again put on their costumes just to get into school. They should all come with masks too, that way there's no ugly people distracting others in school taking away from the learning envirment. Part of me says it's fucked up, and part of me says, fuck them anyway. If they don't have the brain and the back bone to stand up and say fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WON'T DO IT!!!! then ohwell. give them some corporat punishmant too. Might as well if you are willing to dress them up in stupid ass costumes. How about we have some guy slapping them all in the face with his cock as the walk in the school too. We can just keep adding things year after year until someone says, hey there's something seriously wrong with this. Oh yes, school and mindless drones, what a marvelous thing...... Breeding children without consious thought, and back bones. They must make them in the same factories as the bonless chickens. Then they grow up and join the army.... We need a law that says you need to have all seemingly necesary parts of your anatamy to breed. I'm not sure how these people without balls can breed anyway, but amazingly enough it happens. Maybe that is proof enough that there is a god. A really stupid one. Or maybe one that is just doing their best to get on my nerves. There's been men who don't have balls having kids without balls all over the place, how's that for immaculant conception? I want to kick these people where their nuts should be just to see if it really hurts. They would probably just kinda glance back at me as if I kicked them in the leg or something and wonder what it was for. Well, that's enough writing for tonight, I need to call my girl before it gets too late and I am up allnight talking to her again. Hope ya'll enoyed it. Have a good night. school stupid kids god anatomy Balls spineless PROOF cocks nuts body parts im ... immaculant concep... Edit | PermaLink | 0 comments things to talk about sex vs Emotions by Aug 20, 2006 Lots of things need to be talked about. First, we'll go to my little brother. If you know any way of motivating former drug users who have been beaten down in life so many times that they have lost their motivation to get up at all in the morning, let me know. I'm not sure what to do for him at this point. Something needs to be done, but I'm not sure what it is. On to other things. Well, lets put religion on the top of this list. It's important isn't it? Especially when it's mixed with sex. Both things just seem like part of life. Ya got to deal with both of them eventually. So I've noticed that people have these weird irrational feelings. Kinda like fears. There's some silly people who are afraid of grassoppers and stuff. Even though they are harmless. What the fuck? I mean really.... Anyway, there's these people that have premarital sex, sex during their period, some people have anal sex with their girlfriends, and some of these same people still have such problems with homosexuals. I really don't get that. They probably cut the hair on the sides of their head, and eat pork too, but that's going in a different direction. It just seems like a totally irrationional illogical feeling. Kinda like being afraind of ckrickits, or grasshoppers. I'll also take the time to go into some of the dangers of the above too. I'll start out with premarital sex. The bad thing about this one is, many people form strong emotional attatchment to others after having sex with them. And that makes it even more of a bummer when you break up with them. So it's best to form that emotion attachment only after being married to someone. Because ( ideally ) marriage lasts forever, death to you part, and you don't have to deal with breaking up with that person after you have formed that emiotional attachment to that person. When you are dating, you are either just having fun, or looking for that person you are looking to spend the rest of your life with. ( It depends on whether you are a guy, or girl. LOL. ) Remember, in most cases, it's easier to get a guy to give you his dick, than give you his heart.. Where as I think in most cases, it's easier for girls to give up their hearts, and other things follow later. Except for the girls who use sex to try to capture the man's heart. Which doesn't work very well. I'm just talking in general, but everyone is different, so there are always annomalies. And then there are also the dangers of dieses and unwanted pregancy, and things like that. But it's easier to protect agains those things, and people talk about them a lot more. There isn't some pill people can take to prevent them from feeling more attachted to the people who they have sex with, or to prevent them from, feeling used if the person breaks up with them shortly after having sex with them. You can tell someone the dangers of it all, and then they still get upset when it happens.... Saying well I told you so, doesn't seem to help much either. So to help avoid breaking someone's heart, don't have sex with them unless you know you will be with them for a long time. Ignore the logic and rationallity in your head. They might not be as happy at the moment, but their feelings will be spared later on. And don't get too drunk around them either. Premarital drinking is bad too... lol. If you are married, you should be able to drink. Cuz if you are considered mature enough to make a life long decision like that, then you probably need a really stiff drink. And should be able to have it legally. Kinda like the military thing. Yup, getting married is like joining the army. You'll always have somone yelling, or nagging at you telling you what to do, and there will be consequences if you don't. It's not all fun and jumping out of planes killing people, and fighting and stuff. Theres lots of bullshiit you have to go through to get to that point. And sometimes the funstuff doesn't even happen, or happens rarely the whole time you are married, or in the army. So Make sure you choose the right job, or the right woman. On the other side to it though, if your life is foucoused around sex, then you don't want to marry someone who you haven't ever had sex with. Because what if they aren't any good? or don't know what they are doing? Or maybe their parts are deformed or something. Maybe they don't even have the right parts? Yah, that one would be dissapointing. Most of the time, surgury can fix all though. My family consenes I think is you should deffinanatly have sex with someone before you marry them for the reasons above. So what is really more important in a relatlionship? The sex? or the emotions behind the relationship? I think a lot of the people who have such issues with homosexuality foucus more on the first one. Some people even have the idea of the only reason to get married is so you can have sex with the person. I guesse the answere is different for everyone. It partially goes back to the attitude of I'm the best, and why can't everyone like what I like, and be just exactly like me? I'm just exactly like me, so it can't really be that hard. What's the big deal? I suggest do your research, learn the facts, use logic and not just some really old book to make you decisions on things. Combine a lot of resources to get the best information, and then make logical sense about it all. I'm not saying don't even look in the really old books, I am saying don't go by that soley though. Ther are lots of idiot assholes that talk about things they don't know anything about. My mom was telling me about someone that said people with nose rings shouldn't get food handling permits, because they could fall out and get in the food. I guess nose rings are a pain in the ass to get out, and have no more of a chance of falling out in the food as earings. ( My mom has her nose peiced ) People are idiots basicly. Boland was talking about shelters one day too, and said that there were a different kind than they were. He said my friend was wrong, then my friiend showed him where they were labled right on the shelter. You probalby don't know what the fuck I'm talking about. But anyway, Boland is one of the idiots, and there are many like him in the world. Know your shit, or shut the fuck up basicly. Especially if you are trying to talk authorativly. So all kinds of strange events happend this weekend.... I learned new things about various members of my family and friends. Some were kind of unexpected, others were less so, but still changing how I knew the people around me. I saw my older brother kiss one of my friends. It was weird and a little creepy because It was totally unexpected. It wasn't just kissing, it was making out. I just don't like to see people making out. It's gross to me whenever anyone kisses a guy. Whether it's a girl or a guy. I don't even see why gjirls like guys. The only thing I don't think is gross is when girls kiss girls. There's a lot of things that are kinda gross I don't really like seeing. Like people having sex. I don't like porn either, unless it's only girls. I don't mind seeing people kissing, just putting your toungs or whatever inside the other person seems gross to me, and I don't like seeing it. I guesse I'm just weird. But I don't have the attitude of - "oh it's gross, so it's wrong". There's stuff I like that other people think is gross too. Like horror movies, and blood and gore in action scences, and stuff like that. Some people thingk snakes and lizardsa are gross too. People are just silly little creatures, and sometimes think that if they have any negative feeling towards anything, that there must be something wrong with it. Yah, again, emotions are fucking stupid. So don't have sex if it creates more of them. That's the end for now, and the moral of the story. family sex god gross kissing blood snakes gore relgion weekend events why one ... why one and not t... Edit | PermaLink | 1 comment Girlie by Jul 27, 2006 I had a dream the other day about a girl named Amy. I went to highschool with her, and haven't talked to her since. Stuff like that sux. Cuz it makes me miss people. I just had to get that out of the way, it was noteable enough to put down. Dreams have a huge impact on my mood and how I feel the following days. When I have really weird dreams, I'll be weirded out for the next few days sometimes. I went over to my brother's house tonight i the pretty yellow car, and I didnt get pulled over. So that is cool. There is'nt many people on the road at around 2 am, or 5 am either though. I did see atleast one cop, but they were busy with someone else anyway. I just drive around slow most of the time, all paranoid. Some people get annoyed, but ohwell. If I see people behind me, I usually speed up to a normal speed though. Things went donw hill quick for my little brother, he didn't show up to worlk, and didn't call, so he got fired. That really sux, but he doesn't have anyone to blame but himself. I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse. My step-dad is being stupid about it. I don't think he's ever liked my little brother, and he's a major cause of some of the problems that has happened in the last 5 years. Or atleast a huge contributing factor. It's too complicated to explain right now, and I don't feel like it. But it has a lot to do with how people are shaped by their envirements more than others, and you help shape people by shaping their envirement. I'm for personal responsability, and people can over come the "damage" their envirement has caused them. But, it's graduall, and not always easy. And I think my stepdad caused the problems he has had with my little brother, but some people don't have the respect for other human beings when they are children, or just plain don't think about stuff all the way around. My brother got the passive agressive genes from my dad, and just doesn't create the confrontations face to face and upfront with people duing the right times, and in the right ways. I guess I should have taught him better or something. I don't know, I didn't see it as my problem then, it's a it's between you and them, and leave me out of it. I have my concernes and I always voice them when they come up. I and just leave other people do to the same for the most part. I can help people out when they have problems, but they need to initiate the problem properly. I have learned that if you start trying to assume other people's problems and try solving them, then you can look stupid, because that may not even be their real problem. I can back people up all the way. But it doesn't work well to stand in front of them on their problem, even though in some circumstances I should have had enough and said, " hey this is some bullshit, and we need to fix it." But I had bullshit of my own to deal with, and I had done shit for him in the past, and the lesson learned was, eventually other people will solve my problems for me. Which is a bad one. But I saw shit that needed to be done, so I did it. It's harder for me to ignore shit than just do it most of the time. Sometimes it's good, and sometimes's it's not. I don't like fighting other people's battlles and then not even having THEM back me up though. Wich has happened before. It's an awefull feelling. And that's where I get the attutude that if you aren't willing to fight for yourself, then you deserve to get fucked over, and treated like shit. Fuck the spineless bastards!!! I can do a lot, and have done a lot, but I"m not superheroe. If people want help, they need to help them selves first. Just take that first step, and stand by it, don't start shuffiling backwards when something or someone comes up against it, then leave the guy that's helping you out standing there all alone and act like you don't know the guy, and have no idea what they are talking about. Fuck the quarter, and people who care, find a backbone and tell the people who you actually have the problem with. Tell someone that can do something about it. If it's not worth doing something about yourself, I don't want to hear it. Yah, I write about a lot of shit. And for most of it, I am, and have serious plans about doing stuff about it. Or have done, or have put lots of effort allready into doing something about it. If someone comes up with a way to help me, and we are infront of people, especially someone important that the conflict is with, and someone is talking about it, I'm not going to dissapear, and then pretend like I don't really feel like that, or don't know they guy. Well, so that was an odd little rant. Not much to do with the first part. I think this girl is japanese. She was adopted. There's not many mormons that aren't white. I just thought it was so sad they they got her and corrupted her, and fucked her head up. She still had a good heart though. Wich is a great response for when people get pissy at you for staring at their chest. Just tell them you were staringing into their heard and admiring how good hearted they are.. amy church rants battles fighting brother hearts problems Mormons highschool ... stepdad backbone quarter Edit | PermaLink | 0 comments Evil as I see it by Jul 06, 2006 I may have posted this a long time ago. I'm not sure. I found it on my computer, so I'm posting it again. I wrote it a long time ago when I was in the army. I added to it in the last part when I was in Iraq, before givving it to my commander. It's kinda redundant at parts. But ohwell. The Evils of Society VANITY It is not only wrong but also unwise to judge people by their appearance. But people still not only do it but encourage it. There is no way to know how a person is, how well they work, how hard they try or what kind of person they are by how their hair is cut, or styled, by the jewelry they wear, the clothing they wear, or how they wear it. None of these things have anything bearing on the quality of the individual person. People act differently then most others would expect them to by the way they appear all the time. They should not be used to assess it. Telling someone they are not meeting the standard because of their appearance is telling them that they are of less quality because of the way they look. Plain and simple. All standards for dress and grooming are completely arbratrary. They are there because somebody just decided that he or she thought that’s how people should look. There is no right or wrong way to look, it’s all neutral. As soldiers we are told not to present an extreme appearance. While at the same time, soldiers are encouraged to jump out of airplanes with weapons and rucksacks. I guess maybe I’m the only one who thinks that this is kind of odd to say the least. They want people to do extreme things but not present an extreme appearance. Obviously people don’t act how they look. Three day passes have been awarded to soldiers who spend the money to look stupid (flat and shiny) recently. That’s great. The chain of command has figured out a way to motivate soldiers. When I get deployed I know I want to go with the soldiers with the flattest uniforms and the shiniest boots. Not the soldiers who know their job the best, or the ones who can use there weapon the best, or the ones who can fight or are physically fit. So let’s focus on motivating soldiers to be shiny and flat. That way they wont’ work as hard because they don’t want their boots or uniforms to get messed up. Since how it what really matters is how you look. Who cares about working hard, being good at your job or anything else really, except being ten minutes or more early to things so you can stand around and look pretty? You really don’t get anything for that stuff anyway. It is actually better to stand around looking pretty and tell someone else to do the work. This helps you in two ways. It looks like your taking initiative because you’re telling someone else what to do. Not only that, but also your boots and uniform are going to look better than all the people who are working. How is any of this evil though? Throughout history people have been treating others differently because of the way they look. This kind of thinking leads many people to think that they are better than others because of how they look which helps to justify treating others poorly due to how they look. Today there are some laws against it. But people seem to think that if it’s not illegal then it’s okay, it’s okay because it’s socially acceptable and most people won’t look down on you for it. It’s okay to not like some one or treat them differently because they have blue hair, or their nipples pierced or have long hair. There is nothing wrong with being prejudice against someone because they are weird or fat or gay. It’s for the most part socially acceptable to treat these people worse simply because of the way they look or talk or what things that cause others to treat them worse. It’s okay because they are not the majority. The majority of people don’t care about the injustices because they are the ones committing them. If everyone didn’t like you and decided to treat you with extreme lack of dignity and respect then would you think it was okay? There wouldn’t be any rules against it because the majority is the ones that are making the rules and they don’t like you. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and this paragraph doesn’t make any sense, you should walk around town looking like one of the people in the groups mentioned above. See how much you like being looked at like people look at them and being treated how people treat them. Then imagine being treated like that every day of your life. You can say that they just shouldn’t be like that or look like that, but how would you feel if someone told you to change who you are? Told you that if you wanted to be treated with dignity and respect then you should be someone your not, look like the thing you hate most? Most people don’t care about stuff like this because they are not affected by it. They don’t care about what’s really right, or the living things around them. It is this type of attitude that led to slavery, the holocaust, and several other terrible things. It’s okay not to like someone for any reason you don’t like him or her. No one likes everybody they meet or see, but it is wrong to treat someone bad because you don’t like them. I don’t like most normal people, but I don’t treat them worse than anyone else and I don’t bother them about being normal. People just are the way they are. It’s not their fault that they are that way. I don’t give other people a hard time because they are normal or even bother them about it at all. I don’t ask other people why they talk so much, why do people bother me about being so quiet. People try to justify things by using words like standards. Look up the definition of the word someday. Using that word implies looking a certain way is better than looking another way. Why is it better? Because some guy said so. That is really what it comes down to. The person who made the rule thought that people who looked that way were better than people who looked differently. People make up rules that they like and the try to think of justifications for them afterwards. They don’t see a need for a rule and then create a rule to solve the problem; they make a rule then make up need for it so it looks justified. The people in charge don’t like freaks, so they make rules so people can’t look like one or arrange their room like one. Even though it doesn’t hurt anything to look a different way or to have your room look differently. Having shiny boots and a press uniform used to be about discipline. But now it doesn’t’ take any discipline it just takes money and the minimal amount of time it take to drop them off at the cleaners and the boot man. Often the people who look the best didn’t have the discipline to shine their boots and iron their uniforms themselves. They just dropped them off and picked them up. And the people that took hours of their time to shine their boots and press their uniforms are not the ones who give off the image of discipline. Coming to work looking pretty is taking the easy way out. You are treated better when you look like how they want you to. People don’t bother you nearly as much, and you are more likely to get out of doing more work. Discipline is not taking the easy way out. It takes more discipline to go through the day having everyone bother you about the way you look and not doing something stupid because of it. But People like to use words like standard and discipline when they don’t really know what there true meaning is because they make it look like what they are saying is right and good and all that. Those are the words used to make things sound justified. Common sense should tell you that you can’t judge anyone by the way they look. However some people seem to be living in poverty when it comes to having it. So this I my donation to the poverty stricken. It doesn’t matter much what you look like when you’re getting shot at nor trying to get a link in or actually doing your job. Encouraging superficial ideology is encouraging stupidity and desensitizing people to it. It’s not right for the country, the Army, you, me, or anyone. It is counterproductive and foolish to continue the use of a mentality that focuses so greatly on how person appears. Points to ponder: How would you feel if everyone treated you bad because of how you looked? What would you do if your child failed math because their hair wasn’t style the way the teacher thought it should be? What if you woke up one day and everyone around you dressed differently, liked different stuff, enjoyed doing different things, talked different, and believed in completely different way of life? If you woke up and you were the weirdo, an outcast who people thought less of because of the way you looked and the things that are important to you don’t mean anything to anyone else then I suppose all of it would be okay. If that were really how it was and how it’s always been then you would be able to accept it. Even if the things going on around you didn’t seem right to you. Like {Insert extreme examples of sickening heinous wrong things here} I’d actually name things to make my point but it would probably scare or at least offend someone in some way. It’s okay as long as that’s how the majority of the people think…. Right? Another random thing. If I were at your house banging on the door 15 to 20 minutes before you normally woke up it would probably be considered harassment. People care about money and being successful and looking good. The easiest way to look good is by your appearance. I’ve been told not to come to work looking like a “dirtbag”. The biggest dirtbags I Know usually wear the shiniest boots and the flattest uniforms. The way someone looks doesn’t make him or her any better or any worse than anyone else. But since people judge you by how you look, I would rather not look like the p.o.s. that came up with the “standards” or the dirtbags who use them to make their life easier because they have no discipline. I don’t need people thinking I’m like them because of the way I look. I have done it before but it was wrong because it was deceptive. It’s like walking around lying to everyone all day. A lot of people would rather I just lie to stay out of trouble and avoid drawing attention to myself. I don’t like drawing attention to myself, but I hate lying even more. I’m not being rebellious simply to get attention or just simply to be rebellious. I’m doing my best to do the right thing and still follow the rules and not get in trouble. I’m not a troublemaker. People try to explain how things are and why they are that way and tell me things could be worse. I understand how things are and mostly why they are. I don’t disagree because I don’t understand, I don’t agree because it’s wrong. It could be better too. But it’s a lot easier to make things worse than it is to make them better. And even easier to just let them stay the same. A lot of people mistake fear for both discipline and respect. It takes the discipline that most people don’t have to change things for the better because it makes thing a lot harder than they need to be for your self while trying to make thing better for everyone. I know how to make things easier for me. It’s not really that hard. I’ve done it in the past. But people keep saying I have discipline problem. If it’s not hard it is usually not worth doing because you don’t get much out of it. Even if you’re fighting a losing battle you still get the experience of it. So you win something no matter what. People are capable of doing a lot more than they think but they don’t realize it because they don’t even try. The more people discourage me and the harder they make things for me the more its worth doing them. What doesn’t kill you make you stronger. And if you kill me at least my family will be rich I Won’t have to deal with this stuff anymore. This isn’t in the best format and may be slightly confusing to some people but it hopefully still gets the point a crossed. It is still not quite complete because it is hard to put everything in. I feel more than I actually think in words and it’s hard to write a feeling. I tend to get in trouble because things I say come from my heart out my mouth with out having time to be processed through my head. You might not agree with it, but at least think about it. More things to think about: 1. It’s easy to tell someone not to do something if it’s not something that you like doing, or haven’t done before. 2. It’s easy to say you shouldn’t be offended by something if your not offended by it yourself. People tell me it’s stupid to be offended by the stuff I’m offended by. I think it’s stupid to be offended by most stuff. A lot of people are offended by most of the things I like and enjoy doing, and the things that make me who I am. Basically there are people who are offended by my existence. It’s not my fault I exist, I didn’t make me. I don’t exist, and I’m not the way I am just to piss people off. It’s not right to tell me to put up with the stuff that offends me but tell me I can’t do stuff that simply because someone might be offended by it. To me, I’m normal, and it’s normal to be offended by the things I’m offended by. Some people are offended that the things they like offend me. And they don’t realize how I feel that there are so many people that are offended by most of the stuff that I really like. 3. What ever happened to freedom of religion? Wasn’t that one of the reasons people come to America in the first place? Isn’t that one of the reasons the Army exists? But the army ignores that part of the constitution when it only accepts some people’s beliefs and not others. When it promotes some religions in the workplace and doesn’t allow all religions to be promoted in the work place. Keep the market out of the church and keep the marketplace. 4. You can’t justify stuff to people by saying cuz god says so and he’s superior to you so he’s right; If the person your talking to doesn’t believe in god or the one your talking about. It doesn’t mean much to them. 5. The bible…. It’s been used to justify all kinds of different discrimination. It’s a whole nuther essay in it’s self. 6. In the last paragraph of the NCO creed it says I will earn the respect of my subordinates. NCO’s that are soldiers that disrespect NCO’s should have to deal with the consequences of their actions. But also it shows that the NCO has failed to live up to what they said they were going to do. It shows they didn’t earn the respect of their subordinates, so they shouldn’t be able to be nco’s any longer. You shouldn’t have leaders people don’t respect. They can’t be effective as a leader. It breaks down unit cohesion and good order and discipline. It makes all the other leaders look bad. It is not in the best interest of anyone, Other than the person who failed to live by the creed they said to become a NCO. army, stuff, god, evil, vanity, commander, looks, nco's ... Edit | PermaLink | 3 comments something to go along with the chaplan blog by Jun 21, 2006 http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/06/15/AR2006061501958.html There are other people out there that agree with me. military, god, congress, chaplans ... Edit | PermaLink | 0 comments Flags? This makes the situation sound far more serious than it is. I realize that. I don't need to be told to calm down. by Jun 20, 2006 I do have far important things to worry about than this, just thought it was worth mentioning though. And when i right about stuff like this, mentioning ends up meaning writing a short book about it. Well, I noticed the little red flags rcently. I was like, what the hell is this? It's evil. That what it is. It's an evil trend that's going on in all these types of sites. Fucking nazis. Or maybe the RED Flag of communissm. People might say, well why do you feel threatened? Just don't do anything "wrong". Fuck you. It's all a matter of opinion. And I am not one to trust the majority of people. Things will obviously be considered when they are flagged. But ya never know. There should be a way to report sites that are way out of line. But I don't think it should be that easy. I Know, follow the rules or get off the bus. As I've been told before. But that doesn't mean I'm happy about it. It's the "I" word that bothers me mostly. As well as the hate speach thing. Someone else created the site, so they do get to make their rules about it. And I should make my own site like this just like my own busniness and make my own rules. But still, the flag makes me uneasy. I'm sure that the hate thing has mostly to do with racist things and stuff like that. But where do they really draw the line? I guesse we shall have to wait and see. You never know when people are going to start reporting people for their langauge, or maybe my picture witht he head on a stick. Or maybe someone might come by and decied I have messages that imply hate towards god, or christians or something. Where it's not likely for someone to get that impression if they read my whole page, it's also not likly for them to read my whole page. And then on the other end, what about the religious people? are they going to get reported for the things their religion is, or seems to be against? The whole idea bothers me, even though I'm sure that I don't have anything to worry about. I've had many visitors, and seldom do I see anyone that leaves a comment with distaste towards me, or my site. But then again, they would have to show their face to do it. And people don't with the flags. Especially if they have their settings on annonamus. You won't even know they visited your site, and I often find it's jelous cowerds who don't have brains that do stuff like that. They have a report this image button by every pic in myspace now too. I can see the need to somewhat monitor the decency ot things, but I don't trust people making distinctions like that. I guess the thing to do is to make back up of all the important wrting other places just incase. The oh children could see it and we must protect them thing doesn't really fly with me. There are allready lots of sites that are easily available to them if they want to find them. A better idea is to maybe have cover pages for everyone's sites. And maybe have a summery of what you may find inside. Sort of like a rating system, but just a content list. Thatway people don't accidently come accross stuff that they have a problem with. Because if they are searching for it, they will find it anyway. And the people who don't want to find it, won't. They can live their lives in ignorance and turn the other way and not learn about the people in the world around them they don't like. And will continue to hate things and people they know nothing about. To me, keeping people from beig exposed to others ideas is one of the sources of the hate that so many people are against. And it's hate through ignorance, wich is the worst kind to me of all. Most of the time the light of knowledge, truth, and common sense shines through the darkness of idiocy anytime. And kept locked away is when it grows. If you want to protect kids, talk to them, teach them, not keep them in the darkness. Yah, it's summertime, all of them are out of school now. And they ain't got shit better to do than play on the internet. One of the things I still find odd is, there are no rating systems on books. NO parental advisory at all. Anyone can buy about any book they want to. They don't have to be 18 to buy romance books, or books that contain detailed violence, blood, gore, hatred, and other stuff. Authors would be upset probably if they had to have those marks all over the cover of their books. And by no way am I suggesting that we should change that policy. And maybe most of the stupid young people don't read anyway, so we don't have to worry much about stuff like that. The smart ones are smart because they think for themselves anyway. Young impressionalbe minds, impressionalbe just seems like a negative word for open to me. Just like justice is the positive word people use for revenge............. that's my closing thought. books, art, religion, red, hate, fear, paranoia, flags, communism, nazi, the "I" word ... Edit | PermaLink | 0 comments Quick note on how I feel about chaplans by Jun 19, 2006 They are annoying but somewhat necesary. I am not against their existance. They do serve a purpose. People should be able to attend their church service, and be able to have someone to talk to like that. However, I don't think they should do prayrs in front of manditory formations. They should either do them Before people have to be there, or after the formation is released. I have always felt aleinated, and uncomfortable around those situations. I just don't like it, and have issues with the whole thing in general. I don't have any problem with it going on, but I have always hated it going on in a place that I have had to be. It might be similar to having strippers in front of formations just before we went on a convoy, or mission or something. We could have both males and females in g-strings, and I think it would make a lot of people happy. But, some people would feel uncomfortable with that. And wouldn't like it. It often seems people have less respect for me and the things that calm me, and I enjoy than I have for them and the things they enjoy. Wouldn't it be nice if maybey the strippers could show up before the formation, and then the prayr be afterwards? Or even the other way around. But hey, they won't give me strippers. And I'm still not against them having chaplans, or mass prays. I just think it would be nice if I didn't have to be subjected to it. It's been said that there could possibly be an allowance made so I could leave formation if there was going to be a prayr. But it's always been a conficting thing in my chains of command. It might seem disrespect full if everytime the chaplan got up to talk, I just left formation. And even though I don't like them most of the time, disrespect is deffinantly not intended. Plus, then all the people that chose to do that would kinda be alienated, and many just wouldn't understand, and would have something against them. And it would cause many to sit through it and not leave for fear of rejection from their peers. And I know I am not the only one who really doesn't like the whole idea of forcing people to be around religious things. But I am one of the few who might just leave formation wether they would yell at me or not, especially after I have let them know I don't appreciate being subjected to that. Most people just don't understand. They just tell me stuff like " You need jesus." or something like that. Or they are offended that I'm offended by the religion thing. That could go on and on. It's like they don't realize that I'm offended that they are offended by the stuff I like. They think they are more justiified by their feelings than I am by mine. You can't help the way you feel sometimes, but you can control the way you act. I didn't try to stop them from doing the things they do all together, I just think they should show minimal respect to those who don't want to be around it, and do it when people aren't forced to be there. They could do it only like 5 minutes before or after. It's only a small inconveinience. If at all, and I'm sure it would be greatly appreciatied by many people. Not always many people in one place, but many people all throught the military. Forced religion for the masses seems just as innapropriate as forced hedonism, or strippers for the masses. I really hate that word. From now on it's going to be reffered to as the "I" word. It's up there with the "P" word. army, religion, military, god, strippers, chaplans, formations, repsect ... Edit | PermaLink | 1 comment response to a message I recieved from someone in yahoo answeres. by Jun 15, 2006 From: Batty Subject: Freaks! Message: Hey Slee z, I like the questions that you ask on Y! Answers. You sound like a very bright and interesting person. I think it would be fun to know you. You have a lot of questions about your looks, as if you are almost bothered by the reactons that you get, or wanting to know how to make people react a bit more strongly! I wonder which? :o) I also liked that you were concerned about, and posted an explanation about the possibility of having offended some folks with the word "freak". It shows you to be a very aware and (I think) responsible person. I hope you keep posting! Just wanted you to know that some people noticed and are impressed with you! Batty Hey, thanks for writing me. It's nice to know people appreciate my questions. I was never really concerned about my appearance before. I'm idealistic,and live by my ideals. I realize there are some assholes that do judge me by my hair or shoes or whatever. But ohwell. It pisses me off now that I'm out of the army and I can't get a job wearing whatever the fuck I want to. It's because of people like me that they can have their own buisness, and do what they do. I have allready worked for them for years. And they paid me with their taxdollars. And they didn't seem to have a problem with it. Not when I was at Ft.bragg, not when I was in Afganistan, In Iraq, training in the desert in newmexico going without a shower for a week and a half because of asshole field artillery people. But they don't want me working around them................. People say deal with it. I spent years protecting their freedoms so they could do what they wanted. And I'm just supposed to accept the fact that people are idiots and cater to them. Somehow I'm not grown up because I havn't sold my soul, and stopped living by my beleifs. I'm not ascociated with any religion, but I do have my set of beliefs I live by, and stand by. And people won't hire me because of that. But don't see it as religious discrimination. Or simply don't care, even if they do. So basicly, my only choice is to start my own buisness I guess. But it would be nice to be able to get a job, and make some money for rent and stuff. I think that's all I wrote, I may have elaborated on it a little further. I went back and forth and forgot that this page was open. ohwell. I just thought it might be interesting to somepeople. life, religion, bored, stuff, jobs, work, Beliefs, ideals, yahoo answeres ... Edit | PermaLink | 1 comment This ain't a common thing for me to do, so be sure to read the other religion section too. Bet you didn't see that one coming....lol by Jun 05, 2006 I saw a sign today, saying spreading the gospel from nation to nation. I thought it said spamming when I first read it. I thought it was funny until I looked closer. But ohwell. That means I can make my own sign like that without it being the same as someone else's. However people want to do it I guess. I think that is about the only part of the bible worth listining to anyway, wether religious or not. It goes back to that age old question- What would Jesus do? I seems like the world would be a more pleasant place if people lived by that sort of philosiphy. It bothers me when I hear about all these people claiming to do stuff because they are "christian" and being judgmental about other people and their beliefs and ways. Because atleast from the many times I have read that part of the bible, ( I might have forgotten or missed the part ) it seems like he was not a judmental person. He didn't bother the people who were working on sunday, and he sat at the table with the sinners. He seemed all about being part of their lives, and influinceing people by his good example. Not threats of violence, violence, incarceration, or stuff like that. Seems like the basic message was love thy neihbor as you would yourself. Like the whole golden rule thing. Why can't we just respect other people, thier lifestyles, beliefs, etc. and do our best to improve ourselves so we stand out as shining examples that motivate people to follow us? The plank and the sawdust thing. But hey, people like to pick out the things that justify the thoughts and ways they allready live by, Instead of following the basic common sense, part of it. As I guesse I have just done in the preceding. So I guess I'm just as much of a hypocrite as anyone else...... funny, religion, gospel, discrimination, christians, hypocrites, philosiphy ... Edit | PermaLink | 2 comments Ok, I should be sleeping now. but something came to me, and if i don't write it down, i will make it harder to sleep. by May 29, 2006 I think laws, and rules should be made to protect people. Isn't that the purpose of them? Protect people from violence, and getting robbed, and stuff like that. To protect people from discrimination, to make things fair, and enforce fairness? Please correct me here if I'm wrong. Since when did we start making federall laws based on religion? I mean Utah does that shit all the time, and people do what they can to stop them, but it's quiete hard. But do we really want the whole country to be run like utah is? If you like that shit, move to Utah, or maybey iran, and just trade houses with people who are sick of it and want to get out of Utah. Cuz it's hard for some people to just get up and leave the state when they are born there. They don't always have the money, especially when they aren't mormon, and don't get along with them well enough, or are just too different too fit in, so it's hard to keep a job there. Maybe they don't like the way you talk, or look down on you for drinking coffee, cuz it's a sin you KNow? It's even harder to move out of a country that doesn't accept you and makes laws against your freedoms. So it just really doesn't seem fair to do stuff like that. Or, lets add a no drinking coffee ammendment to the constitution, because it's desacrating a temple, while we are at it, we can illeaglize fast food, pop ( soda ) , bring back the prohibition, make tobacco illeagle, make a law to wear sunscreen, make it a law you have to exersise for a certain amount of time everyday, and read a certain amount everyday, draw or do something creative a certain amount everday, help someone out everyday, a law against eating pork, cutting the hair on the sides of your head, making clothes out of more than one kind of fabric, and I'll just stop there for now. Can we just add all those things to the marriage ammendment while we are at it? I'd vote for it then. Take the good with the bad, it might balance out. All we really need to do is think of a nother word for marriage, and give it the same rights if it passes maybe. I don't know. I don't think it will. Hopefully there's enough decent people out there that can see atleast some of the reasons enough why it's stupid. coffee, marriage, protection, laws, Mormons, utah ...
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