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Eliminating Sexism in the Army through Policies and Training People everywhere deserve to be treated fairly. Treating people equal, promotes the feeling that we are equal, where as treating people differently promotes the idea we aren’t equal. Why treat someone different, if they are equal to you? Sometimes differences in intelligence, strength, and skill level have to be taken into consideration. If you limit someone with the proper skills from doing a job, or stop someone low in intelligence from being in charge of people, or making important decisions, then that makes sense. However important intelligence, and skill level are, the U.S. Army does NOT take those attributes into consideration when promoting people, and when it comes to how people are treated, intelligence seems to be looked down upon. One of the main attributes they do take into consideration when deciding how to treat someone is what kind of genitals they have. The longer your urethra is, the shorter your hair has to be. The Army feels the need to control people’s appearance, based on their anatomy. They feel it’s important for everyone to know at all times what types of reproductive organs everyone has. The easiest way for them to do this is by looking at their hair cut. It seems like since the knowledge of a soldier’s genitals is so important that they ought to just have it showing at all times. In the summer they could have crotch-less uniforms, and have see-through ones for the winter time. This would allow people to have their hair cut however they want it cut, without people mistaking them for having different body-parts than they do. They chest could also be cut out, and/or made out of clear plastic for further identification purposes. These enhancements to the uniforms would give all soldiers the freedom to look the way they feel dignified concerning their hair, nails, piercing, and dress uniforms. This would also allow men to carry umbrellas, while in their dress uniforms, instead of just females. When people can feel dignified, it leads to better self-esteme, and better self efficacy. These two things account for a huge amount of the effort soldiers put into their training, and doing their jobs. By having the same uniform for everyone, and allowing equal rights for everyone, not separating them by the way they dress, or do their hair, or the piercing they have, it will promote equality. The rest of the country can look to the Army to set the standard, and follow their example of promoting equality. The U.S. should be the leader, when it comes to setting the example of freedom and equality. Following the Army’s example, the rest of the country can promote dignity, higher self-esteem, and self efficacy in their workers. This will make the workers more motivated to perform at the highest level possible. The rest of the world can follow the America’s example of equality and freedom, making the world, a more equal, more productive, and better place over all.
HOw to thank a troop, soldier, or whatever= — Tuesday, November 07, 2006 I get sick of people telling me thankyou. Chances are, I'm not doing what I'm doing for them anyway. It's a good probability that I don't even like the people who are thanking me. Half the time I regret doing what I'm doing because it's also helping so many of the poeple I don't like out. But ohwell. If you want to thank troops, remember, actions speak louder than words. Yah, I'm an ungreatfull bastard, I'm ungreatfull of other people's greatfullness. If you are really greatfull, DO something for me, don't come up and bother me, and tell me thankyou. Do what, I don't know depends on the day. If you come up and ask me what you can do, I'm sure I'll be able to think of something, and I'll even forgive you for bothering me by doing that. But otherwise, if you see me in uniform, and all you talk to me just to say thankyou, fuck off. 1- buy them a drink 2- buy them some food 3- show them your tits ( unless your tits are ugly ) 4- sleep with them ( and/or have sex with them ) 5- give them a job ( Employment. Pay them money for work. Maybe even pay them to have sex with you? ) 6- vote for the guy who is for giving them their freedom 7- write your congressman and remind them that our troops deserve newer equipment 8- expose military corruption, and do something to punish those people who take part in it 9- Don't vote for the people who take away the freedoms they have fought for 10- give them discounts on stuff 11- help them out when they need it ( whatever trouble they may be in ) 12- discourage making fun of them for their mental problems 13- give them a break, they sometimes have issues you can't possibly understand 14- send them jerky, and good stuff that they ask for when they are deployed 15- When it comes to drug rehab places, don't be the one's who say " not around my house " 16- write to your congressman and remind them that not all troops are conservitive, and not only conservitive people's taxes go towards the military. Remind them that it would suck to have to look like something you are not all the time. Remind them that it would suck to be required to look like the people who give you shit, have been openly predjudice and bias towards you, and still continue to give you shit. 17- Remember that checks and balances are needed, and should be imposed everywhere possible. Without them corruption thrives. Powertrips that can't be controlled and punished are a bad thing. 18- Don't sneak up on them 19- Vote for the people who don't want to take away veteran's benifits. 20- Don't support tortureing people, especially if it's not proven they have done anything wrong. 21- Give them shelter if it looks like they need it. 22- buy them a movie ticket 23- buy them a gun 24- give them a flower ( maybe, I don't know, females will probably appreciate them and some males too) 25- buy them a videogame they like 26- Buy them tickets to concerts and stuff 27- Support the rights of single soldiers. ( They are often treated like animals. or lesser beings) 28- Support freedom from religion, NOT all soldiers are religious, or judeo christian. 29- Get them a poster to decorate their room. Pretty lights, and other cool decorations. 30- If you are rich, join the army and fight for your fellow soldiers and do the right thing. It will be easier for you because it won't affect you that much if they don't pay you. 32- go to the recruiter stations and tell them you will join if you can have your hair the way you want it. Tell them you don't want any other bonouses, and you are willing to be paid half of what people are normally paid. 33- Tell the recruiter you will join if the eliminate sex-discrimination in the army. 34- go to the recruiter, act like you are going to join, do really well on the asvab test, and take a pt test if you can, and do really well on that. Then tell them that you will join only if they allow gay people to join. 35- There's lots you can do, just use your heart, mind, and imagination. Just don't bother them, unless you actually do something for them. 36- I'll just reitterate, Buy them a drink, and show them your titts!!! lol Oh, and it would be awesome to repost this, just let people know I wrote it. ;)
Sunday, November 04, 2007 Assholes... I went to a bar with my roomates. There was a lezbian rockband sort of group playing. I was thinking it was going to be a lezbian/gay night sort of thing. Those are usually nice to go to cuz people don't give me any shit. I just went there to chill with my roomates and listen to music. Some asshole starts talking about how he thought halloween was over, or something. He said the same thing like 5 times. What an unoriginal bastard. He made some kind of emo comment too. I really really wanted to hurt the guy. My friends/roomates would not have been happy though if I got in a fight. I also didn't really want to go to jail/prison/psycho ward... The people around him told him he was rude, or mean or something. They didn't stay much longer after we got there. People take adantage of the laws that prohibit me from beating the shit out of them for being assholes. So uh, I'm in the army for about 5 years so people can be like that? Straight people just suck or something. lol. I really wanted to fight. But whatever, maybe I can get someone to sparr with me or something. Not likely though, people just don't want to do that for some reason. I go out into the world every once in a while, then it reminds me why I don't have a job, or spend much time outside my own world much. I don't go out and bother people, I mind my own fucking buisness. I'm not mean to the ugly stupid borring people. I'm not sure what their fucking problem is. I went to a friend's birthday party after we were at a the bar for a while. That was allright. He's a good guy. I don't like being around people for very long though. I did get to hold a scorpian, that was cool. I played mario party 8 a little bit. It was fun alltogether, I was just there too long. They were all nice people, it was just an unfamiliar place and stuff. I don't like being places I haven't been before and not able to leave right when i want to. I'm glad I went though. I need to get over that somehow anyway. It probably wouldn't have been as bad if I wasn't hyped up from being at the bar. Image Hosted by UploadHouse.com


Not much seems to be going on here. I'm not really on here much. If you leave me a message or something, I'll probably get back to you eventually. I'm busy talking to people, and doing school stuff, and trying to find things that make me happy. That's the short version.
Ok, so lately my blogs have been all serious and stuff. I came across something I wrote as a response to a dead relative scam thing. I am very distressed to hear this. Alot of people with the last name of hampton have been dyeing recently. And all of them have been very rich. It seems so unfair that all these other ppl with my last name are rich but not me. It's also kinda scary that all these ppl with my last name keep dyeing. I hope i'm not next. It's almost like someone is going around killing them and their entire famlies so they can get their money and give some of it to me. If its you then your one sick son of bitch. That's what i like to see in people. It makes me feel better about life knowing that I'm not the only one that does things like that. So send me back your name, address, account information and ssn so I can help you out.
The bus.... — Monday, 25 September 2006 Well, I locked my keys in my truck lastnight. It took me a long time to figure that out thismorning. I looked all over my room for my keys. My room looks slightly better now though. lol. I took the bus to school eventually. I missed my 1st class, and was late for my second one. But they were happy I showed up. I didn't talk to that girl yet. Wich is stupid, cuz I did have a good opurtunity, but I still didn't. But ohwell. School is good. I've been in a good mood most of the day. There is a paralegal reservist job available right here in ogden.. So that sounds rather appealing. I'm way paranoid that I'm going to get skrewed over though. There's also a 20g bounous if I keep my same job and sign up for 6 years. Now, 6 years from today might not be too bad, if they let me finish school and become an officer. But I don't know how that works. I don't know if I have to stay enlisted for a certain amount of time, or how long I have to sign up for the officer thing, Just a lot of unknown varibles up in the air. I think the good mood is the result of the bad mood over the weekend and the previous weeks. This happens for some reason. After I'm depressed for so long, one day I'll be happy for no reason. So whatever. It's wearing off now anyway. People ask me if I'm pregnant or something with the moodswings I get. Maybe it's just alien experiments. Trust No One..... lol My roomate left out macaroni and cheese with hotdogs in it lastnight. It was still on the stove when I got back from school. Awhile later, I ate it. Cuz i was hungery since I hadn't eaten all day. I don't normally eat stuff like that. So hopefully I don't die or anything. It was either throw it away, or put it away, cuz I didn't like it sitting out like that. ( Clean kitchens are a good thing ) So I just ate it. That's about it. I've had a few different people tell me I don't look like the sort of person that would be in the army. What's that supposed to mean anyway? I don't look tough enough? smart enough? I don't look like I value my freedoms enough to fight for them? Stereotypes, what wonderfully stupid things. The message for the day is- Enforcing gender stereo types isn't allowed. " But we aren't gender stereotyping, it's reasonable for us to expect ( force ) people to adhear to the appearance norms of society..." Look buddy ( buddy- meaning stupid fucker that ought to be shot ) A social norm is just another fucking stereo-type!!!!!!!


hi I am just bored and hungry. I have penutbutter and jelly, and bread. But I can't get the lid off my jelly. I must have been bored or drunk or something and skrewed it on reallly tight. Guess that makes me a tight skrewer. I don't want to eat just penutbutter and bread. So I'm sitting here hungry. The store by my room is doing ronovation. So right now, they aren't selling frozen foods. Otherwise I could walk over and get a hotpocket. So all I have in my room is pb and jelly and various alchahol. And I can't get the fucking lid of the jelly!! So how is your day going?
She kinda reminds me of one of my friends who gets embarrased to be around me sometimes cuz of the clothes i wear or the colors i put in my hair. He's like "I don't know you" tuesday we went to the mall so I could get some smoothies cuz i'd just gotten my teethout. So I had a bag of ice I was carrying around on my face. He didn't want me to take the ice in the mall. cuz people would stare or something. My eyes have huge black circles around them from lack of sleep, plus they are dried out from the cold. and I'm taking decongestants cuz my sinuses are messed up, with also doesn't help with my eyes. So between that and the one side of my face being swollen up huge, I get stared at anyway. But I still didn't bring my ice in to make him feel better. He did give me a ride ther in his pretty yellow mustang. I bought him a reeses flurry for bringing me. So the point of this drawn out story is.... It's hard to think while on percacet. ok. really I don't think she acts any different when she's not where everyone knows who she is. She just uses that as an excuse. I can understand how people feel I guesse. I still feel that too sometimes.Well all the time in the back of my head. I just do my best not to let judgmentall assholes keep me from doing the things I like to do. And wear what I like to wear. Draw what I like to draw, so on and so forth. I've done been embarrassed and laughed at enough that I'm mostly uste to it. As long as people laugh at me to my face it doesn't bother me. It just gets depressing when they are 2faced chickinshit assholes and do it behind my back when I can't say anything about it. Or do... I believe in honesty now for the most part. If i act "normal" and look "normal" it's like walking around lieing to everyone. It's deceptive and decietfull. They can hate me for who i am if they want. But if they love me for whatever show I decide to put on for that day to get them to like me or not hate me, then they still don't know if they really like me anyway. They just love the show I put on. I've gotten good at playing whatever role necesary to have people like me. I can follow other ppl's mentality fairly well just by observing them and being around them. So I can just act like them, and most of the time they think that's just awesome cuz they love themselves. (probly too much) So I'm good at getting along with people if i have to. Or if it benifits me. Like say getting a job or staying out of trouble, making that good first impression to people who could really help me out if I ( most likly when, it just happens ) I get in trouble somehow. Manipulation is key to a pleasant survival in the army. Leadership skills is the army term for it. I'm not really good at being evil and manipulative, I just have great leadership skills. It's all about getting people to do what you want them to do. K this previous paragraph makes me sound really fucked up. But Keep in mind a couple of things. 1- I only use those leadership skillz for good. I feel terible when I use them just cuz i can to make my life easier. It also all come's back on me in the end as really bad karma. 2- I've learned those skills through bad experiences of people using them on me. So for a while, I was quite paranoid. I'm a nice guy and sometimes people have a tendancy to take advantage of that. Especially people who have those outsanding "Leadership abilities" It grew naturally inside me as a defense mechanism. I didn't seek it out with some demented reson for using it. So the moral of this one is still the same thing. I probly shouldn't be writing when on percacet. Tendencys to reveal my inner self come out. That's why this one girl like to start questioning me while I was drunk. She knew most of the time she would get honest answeres. yes now I'm rambling. hopefully it's entertaining rambling though. I wrote that paragraph last. So the other ones should make more sense cuz i was less tired and my pill hadn't set in quite yet. so it's like half way through that it turns all weird i think. for somereason it feel like my hands are on two different sides of my boddie. uh that's cuz they are, you might be thinking. but they seem tottally dethached from one another. Like the keyboard is in two different peices. I even looked down to make sure it wasn't. yes, all i'm on is percs. and i don't think i took more than one in the prescribed time limit. it's probly just a combination of being tired and thinking out loud trying to figure out the girl I like, that's so far away and i miss even though i haven't actually met her in person. The whole internet relationship thing sounds really corney. Even to me. But people will go out with someone they just met in a bar somewhere, and know less about them than if you talk to someone online for a while. Logicly it works. But for somereason, i guess commonculture or society or what ever makes it seem stupid. "they're all going to laugh at you!" - from that adam sandler clip. It's just different i guess. It's not how things worked before. It's not what other people are uste to. So it just seems like they look down on it. But if you want to meet someone who doesn't like to go out much. Someone who is happy with just sitting around playing games and stuff most of the time. And someone who doesn't like being around lots of people, then it's kinda hard to find them by going out to clubs and stuff. If you do find someone there, they probly like to go there. But the people who don't go out like that much aren't ther eand ther's not much meeting people just sitting around the house or always having parties or going to parties with your friends. It's a catch 22 thing. So the internet helps those people out who just sit around bored my themselves, but don't like going out and being around lots of people they don't know much, but are sick of being alone. Like me. I get sick of people somtimes. Don't want to be around them cuz they piss me off, or are like Timmy Carnes ( one of my best friends ) with the yellow mustang. It's really quiete a blow when people don't want to do stuff with me cuz of the way I like to look. He still does stuff with me, he's actually slowly growing out of that whole insecurity thing i think. He's only 18 or 19. So hopefully he will make more progress with it. But I don't know if he will after I leave. That's one thing the uniform thing does. People get to know me at work without judging me by the clothes I wear, or how I like my hair. Just on how shiny my boots are and how flat my uniform is. Yes, it's still not a perfect system. But it should be slightly better with the new uniforms and the desert boots. Nomore looking down on people cuz your boots are shinier than theirs. It's a natureal sort of thing. I've even done it before when I got a heat gun and spent lots of time making my boots ultra shiny. It made me feel so awefull afterwards. I never want to be like that. If i ever am I hope someone beats the shit out of me and if that doesn't work shoot me. Because I won't really be myself anymore. My soul will have been sucked out by society and I'll only be a walking spawn of satin. Not the smooth silkie stuff either. So don't be fealling me and shit. Just shoot me. So anyway, back to the uniforms thing. Sometimes people get to know me at work and then have todo a double take when they see me when I'm off. I worked at lagoon the summer after my junior year in highschool. I was a games person. Yes, those people who harrass you when you walk by and try to get you to believe you can just throw that ball up in the air and have it land in the big milk can or get the loop over the cokebottle, or the pingpongball in the floaty cup. I had to put my hair under my hat. Cuz the people who own lagune are predjucie peices of shit who cater to other like minded people. But hey, it's thier busness, and they started it to make money, not make the world a better place. So they should be able to make anyrules they want to. Especially if it makes them more money. I agree people should be able to do that with private buisnesses, cuz they are about making money. And that's what life is really all about to most people. ( or that's my estamit atleast ) It just shouldn't go on in government organizations and things that aren't about making money. So ya, sidetracked again. Interesting tidbit for ya - I showed up to the interview to that job in cutoff shorts that had strings hainging down from them. and a tee-shirt with a gold skull sarcoffagest?/coffin thing on it, and a huge hole in the side of it. Like almost the whole side was a hole. And I got the job. My brother didn't, who showed up slightly more "presentable" than I did.- So for a long time, people didn't know I had long hair. but sometimes when I went on break in the breakroom/cafateria I took my hat off. So then it was a really BIG deal that i had long hair. People are shocked. Cuz they liked me and thought i was nice and stuff and that's not what their stereotype of guys with long hair told them I was suposed to be like. I was a totall paradox to a lot of people. It's wierd how different people treated me and looked at me and acted around me when I had my hair under my hat. and when I didn't. Something as simple as hair made all the difference in the world. And people wonder why i think it is so important. It's a really powerfull thing in my quest in life to try to make a dent in the whole stereotyping thing. I wish i never had to go inside or take my hat off. Then I could have my hair how I wanted it and just keep it under my hat or moron beret or whatever kind of headgear I had on. I really should have tried to get away with that one winter or something. ohwell. now My hair is falling out. It's not really noticable just by looking at it i don't think. But I can feel the difference and I can see the difference especially when I spike it up. but ohwell, I'll think of something crazy to do with it when it all falls out on top. I'm not going to grow the sides out and put them in a pony tale though. That looks sad and unoriginal. I think I'll grow stripes of it long and dye them differnet colors and let it hang down in braids. Then if that hair falls out too, I'll get some wicked tattoos on my head. I might do that after the top falls out anyway. Have that and the colorfull braids. That would be cool. I could get a nice hat and walk around In a nice suit or something to get a good job. Then later after everyone knew me and liked me, take my hat off oneday. Like at the company christmas party. After everyone gets drunk. I would totally scare the shit out of some people. And it's not like they'ed fire me when they know me and loved me, especially at christmas time. The next time I was at work I'd show up like i normally did. And half of them would think they just got totally smashed that night and dreamed that part or something. Cuz i'd be sure to get as many people sloshed as I could befor doing it. Yah, I'm planning my future around my hair. It's that important. If people could only understand....... It's always funny to hear people talk about the mormons who hasn't dealt with them their whole lives. When you've always been surrounded by them your whole life or for 19 years, you start to wonder if your the messed up one. Only for a second for me though, then I come to my senses. It's sad that a lot of people don't though. They end up thinking that the mormons really are better than them. Some people end up joining just out of peer presure. "Cuz your not cool if your not mormon" lol. Sad people with low selfesteems. I've mostly only ate chicken noodle soup for the last couple days. Today I decided to put the last of my Coo ranch dorritos in it. It tasted good. Other people thought it was gross. But it doesn't matter cuz they weren't the one eating it. So why should they care anywaY? Kinda like the sgtmajor doesn't live in my room so why should i care what he thinks of it? Or the 1sgt or anyone else that doesn't even live in the barracks? Fuck all them anyway who don't live here and don't have to put up with alll the shit we do but want to criticize us. Walk a mile in someone elses shoes, then your a mile away and you have their shoes. Or something like that. I don't have to go towork tomarrow so that's good. But i have a room inspection tomarrow. So my 1sgt the person I hate most in the world right now is coming through around 1pm. I plan on being passed out so he won't bother me. And so I don't have to see him. It's late and I'm tired so I don't have much else to write about right now. I'm sure I'll have a more interesting letter after this weekend.
So, what's good? or more interesting what's evil?. What's with the whole what's good thing anyway? ( I hope I don't sound like Jerry there. ) Who started saying that in the first place? The way I see it, if it's good I don't need to worry about it. It's good, so I'm not really concerned about it at all. I am more conerned about the things that aren't good. What do I need to fix? what's evil, bad, wrong, what can I help people with? People that want to know what's good just need that extra thing to cheer them up to get themselves throught the day or something. I don't know. They would just rather skip by and ignore the bad things in life and not think about them alltogether. They don't care about the bad things, don't even want to hear about them. Or they are so fragile that they need to hear the good news first. It doesn't sound right at all to me. What's good is different than what up, or what's happening, cuz in those they might hear something negative. Fucking optimistic fakers. Things can and will get better. But not if you fouces on the things that are allready good. You have to foucus on the negative things and do something about them for things to get better. Simply being happy about your shitty day/life because the sun is shining pretty during the sunrise in the morning, DOESN'T FIX YOUR PROBLEMS!!!!! What's good? FUckOfff!!! Next thing. Don't go around telling people to smile. It doesn't make people look better when they do. It doesn't make them feel better. Chances are, alot of poeple tell them that and it is really fucking annoying. If they really wanted to smile, they would be. Trust me. If you don't know someone, don't ask them what's wrong or if they are okay. Chances are, people do that alot. It's annoying. If what was wrong was your buisness, then you would know. If you see an obvious problem, they just fell or something help them out. If they are sitting there cryying, don't ask them if they are okay, cuz they obvously not, it will just piss them off more. If you really truely care about these people, start a casuall conversation, and maybe at most, slowly work into it. Or maybe invite them to a party or gettogether or, see if they want to go to a movie or something. Eventually if they like you, and/or if they feel like it, they will tell you what's bothering them. Language, I don't tell people not to speak spanish or other languages around me cuz they might be talking about me without me knowing, So don't give me a hard time when I say Fuck!, shit, damn, fuckin, or anthing else. If you have a problem with what I am actually saying, then talk to me about it. But don't give people shit about how they fucking talk. I don't really talk much, so If you hear me at all, feel fucking privliged!!!! Well, time to get drunk. let's see what all rants come from that....
Dear webcam girls, That's nice that you are pretty and take advantage of lonly guys that are either too scared to talk to girls in person or are loozers or something. Well all the people that talk to you don't fit into that catagory. Some of them probobly can't get a girl cuz they are weird, or shy, or quiet or creepy or a combination of the above. Maybe I should get a webcam and charge people to talk to me. How about I charge $10.00 a minute and you can charge like 10 a day or something and we can talk a long time. I am probably more entertaining to talk to anyway. I just don't have nice tits or anything to show people. One of the many things I have longed for. lol. I don't have a girl right now, wich is only my fault really. I am quiet and creepy, and wierd, and have turned into kind of a recluse. I'm kinda agraphobic. or something. Just remember I'm more scared of you than you are of me. I just put up the scary badass front so I don't have to deal with too many people. But anyway. I have lots of people to talk to. I don't really need to pay people to talk to me. There isn't a lack of free porn on the internet either. So if I want to talk to someone and look at tits at the same time, it's not a problem. I also live just down the street from a couple different stripclubs. So if I really get that bored that I want to pay to see t&a, I can go down there and talk to the girls there. And even though it's only a chance in hell, it's a bigger one than actually doing anything with you. Plus real three dimensional tits are much better than webcam tits. So leave me alone. If you really want to talk to me, send me a message and I will give you an address to send a check or money order to. Then after I get my money, we can talk.
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