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Why do so many " outgoing " people have profiles on dating websites such as match, or true and stuff like that. I mean, since how they are so outgoing, why don't they just go out and talk to a bunch of different people and date them and find someone that way? Do you really need to take out a personal ad if you really are that outgoing? Maybey they are just bored and want to see who responds or something. I'm not outgoing. I need to find someone else who isn't outgoing. I don't really like to go out too much. It's fun for me to just sit around and play video games, or go to a park and play basketball, or hackey. I like doing things. I just don't like being around alot of people. And I don't usually enjoy talking to people. That's what I think of when I see the word outgoing. Someone who will go out and go up and talk to people. I don't do that much. I just don't usually feel like talking to people. I don't like the sound of my own voice. Most people don't understand what I am saying anyway, or don't hear me cuz I usually talk quiet and I have to repeat myself, wich I hate doing. That and people think I'm psycho for somereason. Even before they see the pictures I draw.


1- if it's hot where you live, take your clothes off. If you walk around fully clothed, you look like an idiot. If you are fat, or ugly, still take your clothes off. Fuck what other people say. You probobly don't like them anyway, so why would you discomfort yourself, just to make them more happy? 2 - Do what you feel like, good or bad, just be yourself. 3- WEll, I think the first two allready covered about everything.
http://www.nytimes.com/2006/07/23/weekinreview/23rutenberg.html I don't like bush. ( incase you missed that part in past blogs ) But nothing is all good or all bad. One of the things I do like about him, and applaude him for is his plain language. I firlmly believe in telling things just exactly how you see them. Whether you are smart, dumb, evil or good. Be honest, straightforward, and tell people just exactly what you think, and feel. Talk how you talk, don't be plastic, and put on a show for people. I don't care who you are talking to. Honesty. It should always be applauded whenever it rears it's ugly head. It takes a lot of balls to be honest sometimes. Especially if you are stupid, and/or have unpopular opinions of things. I am all for letting people know just exactly how you feel. Tact, and politicall correctness is a bunch of bullshit. It leads to misscommunication. " It is too hard for people to understand what the fuck you are trying to say if you are talking while you are sucking their dick" - ME. It just comes out as lots of mumbling. And they don't seem to care what you were saying, but they seem to get off as the result. For some odd reason, I just don't see that as a productive, efficient way of communication. ( Yes often I saw the army as a really bad porn. Everywhere I went, people were either sucking eachother off, or getting fucked in the ass for not doing so. ) That's just fort bragg, in a nutshell, especially in my brigade.
so, I sent invites out to most of the people in my yahoo addressbook. Some of them were allready on here. and I just didn't look through it well. So if you get one of those things, sorry. I guesse the new points thing is how many people you invited to sign up. From my understanding of the context clues. Now, I'm still not sure if when you get 15 people to join, you get a free webcam? or you just are entered in a drawing to get a free webcam. If you were really desperate for that webcam, you could make a bunch of email addresses and then go in and join under each of them. If I did it, I would make some type of different little pages for each of the fake people. It could be fun actually. I could make up 15 different personallities, and go into them when I got bored, and portrayed the one I felt like doing. I could have a paranoid guy, a really conservative guy, an extreme left guy, a dog person, a cat person, a young person, an old person, a religious person, a slutty girl, an innocent girl, a stuck up predjudice person, Let's see. How many is that so far. I could just use it to designe characters. So then I could use them if I wrote a book, or movie, or videogame or something. It would be a whole made up thing. Other people have done it, so why not me I guesse. I think they are called fiction writers or something. And then there's people who do it to themselves. Just create a persona, wich ever one they think people will like best, and just try to act accordingly. I don't know, I guesse whatever works for people. Most people do that sometimes when they need to. It's just varies on the degree of it. I can be friendly when it suits me, even though I am not normally like that. Meaning if iI have to be to get something I want, or I feel it's necesarry for somereason I'll do it. But it's really not something I enjoy doing, and it's kinda putting on a show for me. It's something I'll do when I need a break from fighting with people. I guesse being friendly is like a bad habbit for me that slipps out every once in a while. So I'll just take this time to apologize to all the people I've ever been friendly to. I'm sorry, and hopefully you aren't too mad at me. lol. I talk to people when I'm really bored sometimes. And it's friendly like, when I don't feel like fighting with someone. All those poor souls who fell victims to friendlynesss............. I have a weird perception. I don't like it most of the time when people I don't know start talking to me. Even when they are just being friendly, or when the store greeter asks me how I am. I just think, do you really care? probably not, so fuck offf. So I feel like I'm bothering people by talking to them most of the time. It's not a low selfesteme thing. It's being over considerate to other's thing. I realize that talking to me, makes other people feel really small and insignificant a lot, so I don't like causing them that emotional trauma. lol. When I am being friendly I usually have a genuine concern for the people I am talking to. I don't like talking to people enough to do it purely to bullshit with them just to pass the time. Oh, so that brings me to the next topic. Being flirty. A long time ago, I was told I was not flirty enough. So I have been working on it ever since. That way I can do it when I feel like it. It's basicly talking a lot of shit, only it's more directed at girls. It's the macho side of things on the other side. With guys it's violence, and who's the bigger badass. And then with girls it's about other things. It's not a serious sort of thing, just as it's not that serious when most guys are talking shit to each other, just being macho. What's said duing that time is all in fun. ( most of the time ) Other wise guys would constantly be like, ok prove it, getting into fights and killing people by ripping their eyeballs out and eating them, or gouging each other's heart's out with spoons, or whatever hardcore shit people were talking to out do eachother, going prove it. And girls would be going ok, prove it. People would be having sex on and undertables, eat stuff off of and out of others, and all sorts of things, at the drop of a hat. Now combine the two. That would be a fun world to live in!!!! People would be like," Really, I'll rip you eyeballs out through ways of your mouth, shove them in her ass, squish them, and then lick it all out!!! "

Vanity — Monday, 14 November 2005 If beuty was lost. My rant for the day is makeover shows. People should be able to look how ever they want to without anyone giveing them shit about it. It's all a matter of opinion, people should look however they want, not let other people tell them what to look like. They are slowly superficializing america. From the house ones to the people ones. People shouldnt' have to look how other people want them to to feel good about themselves. A lot of people are critisized for getting their daughters breast implants. It's baught self-esteem. But what's the difference between that and buying them nice clothes, or a nice car, or having someone do their makeup and hair? People should be able to have self-esteem without those things. If not, what the hell are poor people supposed to do? If people's self worth is attached to all the pretty clothes and things they have, when a hurricane hits or something they really are worthless. And they will probobly feel worthless if their worth is attatched to their matrerial posessions. Clothes don't make people smarter, or nicer, or in better shape or anything else that really matters. They don't really change anyone's behavior. I've looked a lot of different ways, but always been about the same person. Maybe that's just me though. Niether do cars or the decorations in their houses. Same thing. The only thing I've noticed about changeing the way I've looked it noticing more how other people look. Like when they make me cut my hair, or say something about my boots or uniform, I notice more how other peoples look. Wich isn't a positive change at all. Changing the way someone looks, just makes them more judjmental about how other people look, it's a cycle of abuse, a diesese that spreads like cancer. Destroying minds and souls. So changing the way people look, changes them for the worse, not better. They should have shows that dresses people down, or make them look fat, or poor or wierd or something so they can see how other people feel. A reverse makeover show. Something that humbles people, that would really make people feel better about their life. They would be able to be happy without haveing to have nice clothes and stuff.

Same sort of thing, a different way — Monday, 14 November 2005 People should be able to live how they want to. Just as long as they aren't tryin to hurt other people. Bush is trying to fuck america up even more by putting extemeist conservitive judges in the supreme court. That sux too. I was talking to one of my friends the other day and decided that life really is about sex, drugs, and rockinroll. Everyone wants liquer, metal, and tits, whether they reallize it or not. It's the real key to happiness in life. They need to send SlipKnot over here with some strippers. But bush won't let that happen I'm sure. I hate conservitive ass holes that feel the need to control everyone elses lives. That's okay i guesse if they want to be that way, but they shouldn't get positions of power and try to enforce their beliefs on everyone else. That's my rant for the day. I seen the judges thing on the news today. America is about freedom to be yourself, without haveing other people give you shit about it. Just as long as your not going around chopping peoples heads off or anything like that. Mormons run Utah and do the samething. People shouldn't be using their religion to govern everyones lives. Onley their own. They should be objective and put their religion aside when makeing decisions for everyone. That is one of the evils of religion. It corrupts people too easily. All of a sudden people are like " hey I know everyone should have to be just like me " The funny thing is people usually seem to find god the last place they look for it. Mostly cuz after they found it they quit looking. It's cool that some people find jesus. That means I don't have to feel bad about him being lost somewhere. Mabey alone in the woods or something hiding from mutant killer bunnies. It seems like the people who read the bible should reallize that He never tryed to force his beliefs on anyone. And he wouldn't want anyone else to either. To be christian means to be like christ. That's where the whole what would jesus do thing comes from. If god wanted everyone to be forced to live how he wanted them to then he would have. That was lucifer's Idea. So really those people who try to force their religion and stupid religious type rules and laws on everyone else are far more satanic than christian. God wants people to choose to live how he wants them to, not be forced to. Otherwise he doesn't get the glory. And he seems to be all about the glory. He killed a lot of people in exodes (forgot how to spell it) because they were worshipping idols and other gods and it was taking away from his glory. I just contradicted myself a little bit. But he brought those peopIe out of slavery then they were complaining and then started worshipping idols. After all he did for them. They were ungratefull bastards anyway. Christians aren't about being like god in the old testamate anyway. They are about being like Christ. It's the key part of the word in the name of their religion. wish he'd still do stuff like that. Why else do you think the plauge of locusts came to Utah? Then the seagulls came. God probly just thought it would be funny to have them make their state bird one that eats garbage and most people don't like.

Why is it okay to discriminate? — Monday, 14 November 2005 If you woke up and you were the weiro, would it still be okay? Do you know how to solve racism? Make everyone white. That seems to be the mentallity today. Instead of preaching tolerance, we are trying to make everyon look the same. Such as dresscodes in public shcools even and stuff. By trying to make everyone look the same we even further alienate the people that are different. Why can't we just let the people who are different be? Just as long as they aren't hurting anyone. How often do you see Liberal people trying to take rights away from conservitive people? Predjuce is usually a taught response to things that are unfamilliar or different from them. Some people automatic reaction to things they haven't seen before or don't understand is to not like it. It's okay to not like things. It's okay to not like people. Everyone has stuff they don't like. It's not okay to treat people differently, especially worse than others simply because you don't like them. Instead of saying "sticks and stones will break your bones but words won't hurt you" We are teaching people to get offended by stuff. Uniformity creates unity, but it also creates predjudice against those who are different. We can't force everyone to be the same. Everyone isnt' the same. We can't make everyone the same by trying to force them to look alike either. They still act different. Then they just feel humiliated for having to look that certain way. In the military there are rules about haveing a haircut that presents an extreme apearance. And "extreme" colors aren't allowed in your hair or on your nails. ( guys can't even hav their nails painted, wich is gender-discrimination, but that's a whole other issue ) One of the extreme colors listed is white, what make a color extreme anyway? If they want everyone to look the same, everyone should have to shave their heads, cuz everyones hair is different. And then they would have to do something about the whole skin color thing too. Then make everyone go through classed so they all talked the same too. Everyone in the military talks differently since how they are from all parts of the country. So they would need to get rid of all the accents and teach everyon to talk the same. Have to do something about their voices too. It's all totally ridiculous. Anyway, they say no extreme haircut's or styles. But they don't really mean that. It just makes it sound good on paper. It's a good concept, people on one side of the spectrum often don't get along with the other side, so having everyone look moderate should help eliminate that bias causing the giveing the naturally predjudice people nothing to go by when they look at people. It's a great idea, on paper, and in theory. Too bad they don't actually follow it. They allow people to have extremly conservative apperances all the time. Rings are allowed as long as they are wedding rings or of conservative apperance. Extremely conservative haircuts aren't only toollerated but encouraged. I think it's degrading to look like that. Just as they would think it's degrading if they had to look like I would look if they got rid of gender-discrimination and quit forcing everyon too look conservative. By setting those type of regulations it makes it seem okay to be prejudice against the people who don't look how they make everyone else look. People in the military, as well as most other places can talk bad about people who look differently or dress differently than the whole conservative appearance thing and nothing happens to them. They can talk bad about other people's lifesyles and cultures and things like, in front of formations, and nothing happens to them. cuz it's okay to be biased against somepeople. But they get awefully mad if you talk bad about them, and their cultures and lifestyles. Cuz it's not right to make fun of them, so it's a good chance you will get in serioius trouble. We should just celebrate the fact that everyone's different. People just need to accept the fact that you can't make everyone look the same, and it won't have a negative influine on good order and discapline if they don't. Right now, there are lots of different ways people can look, and still good order and discapline is kept. They break their own rules anyway, so the ones they do make people follow are only cuz they are prejudice against the people who don't look like they do. The whole thing breeds prujudice. It spreads into other people cuz they act like it's better to look oneway than another. And the people who look like them are better than everyon else, and it's bad to look different. If you look at someone and think you know how they simply because what they look like then you are stupid. How people look, only says something about their fashion sense. It doesn't show how nice, mean, smart, stupid, or anyghing how a person is. That's like saying as soon as you cut your hair a certain way, you become smarter or stupider. Have you ever walked out of the barbershop and just felt either really smart all of a sudden? Or maybe walked out and all of suddenly you had serious homicidal urges. Maybe you tried on the wrong pair of pants oneday and for about ten seconds while you had them on, you felt the need to smoke some pot. Or sniff some coke. I hate it when that happens. If I ever you ever get pulled over for speeding, try saying "I'm sorry, I put the wrong shirt on today, so all of a sudden, I don't care about the speed limit." Do you think he will understand? Because if people look "right" they will act right too? But then if people look "wrong" they will act wrong too? If you really think that, test your theory out. Go get some clothes that people wear that you think are like "bad people" or what ever, dye your hair purple, or blue or something, spike it up, get some fake clipon peircings put them in your eyes or nose or something. Do this for a week or day or however long you can stand to do it. And see if how differntly you act. If you turn really stupid all of a sudden, or become really violent, ( other than the result of people harrassing you) or feel the need to do drugs ( other than from wanting to feel better and relax as a result of people harrassing you all day ) Or you personality changes in some negative way, maybe there's something to it. If there is let me know. feel free to write me. I appreciate your feed back.

tuesday, the day of the ets physical. — Tuesday, 20 December 2005 Some one touched my balls today Okay, just curious on who reads all my posts or any of them. So if you do, say something about it. my day started out with waking up and having to pee in front of someone. That's always fun. (not really) Drugtests are always around this time of year. Then i went to burgerking to have some breakfast. I didn't have any cash in my wallet cuz i just dontated $60 to the fund for getting something for the soldiers that are leaveing the unit soon. Then i accidently orderd two meals, instead of a meal and an extra sandwitch. I had change, but not enough to pay for both meals. So i had to use my debit card even though i had over a hundred$ cash in my room. I just didn't put it in my wallet. Sometimes i have so much it gets hard to close and stuff. Yah, how inconvienint. I'm sure your glad if you don't have that problem. it worked out thoiugh. I gave the extra meal to my friend who has riding me around for the last couple weeks so i could get everything taken care of. He's awesome. I went to the hospital for my physical. I had to wait forever cuz the doctor was running behind or whatever. But i finally got it.. i'm not going to die soon or anyting from what they could tell. So that was two different people in one day that saw the lower half of my bodey. Well actually only one, cuz i don't think the guy was actually looking at me while i peed for the drugtest. but they are supposed to. Don't be thinking i'm dissapointed or anything though. I'm really not a fan of guys or anyone really watching me pee. makes me nervous, like i did something wrong. It also just doesn't feel right having people watch me like that. So anyway, I left the hospital and realized i didn't have my phone on me. So i thought for most of the day i lost my phone in the hospital. But really i left it in my friends car before i went in. It was sitting right next to me while i was worrying about where it was. I went to see syriana at 125. It didn't end util 405. And i'm still not sure exactly what happened in those 3 hours. it's really hard to follow. my friend fell asleep. I realized where my phone must be after we walked out of the movie. Soj we came back to the barracks and i got my phone and fell asleep for about 3 hours. I woke up and checked my email and stuff. Started talking to one of my friends on msn. If only everyone could see things my way. Or atleast respect my view, or atleast have the patience and the intelligenc to listin to it and understand it even if they don't agree. But ohwell, if everyone was as understanding, and patient and intelligent as me, then i wouldn't look so damn good. I was trying to eat. Should be a rather simple task. the food was hot and i didn't chew it up good enough so i started choking on it. I was trying to talk on the phone with someone i like talking to but don't really get the chance much. So that kinda sucked, probly even worse than the hacking up thick mucous for about half an hour, and then eventually the food. So that's pretty much the end of my fun day. Unless i decide to get drunk and goto the stripclub cuz i haven't done that for a while. And i need to do something to have fun and calm down and just be artifically happy about for a minute. But i don't know, its tired and i'm late and don't feel good. I figure i'll just leave that typo in there, so people can see how i tired and stuff I really am. Have a good night ya'all. p.s I post something new atleast every couple of days. Just to let ya know if you find it entertaining to read.
0 votes quick post about spelling — Tuesday, 04 April 2006 I just want to clarify the difference between not knowing how to spell and not carring about how to spell. And make fun of the people who do care so much. It goes right along with the whole language thing. As long as the person understand what the message is you are trying to get across, It doesn't really matter. If someone said " I fucked your mom lastnight! " Is it going to mean anything differernt than " I skrewed your mom" , or "I had sex with your mom!" or for that matter, " I fuked yo momma n da ass "? Come on now people. Some like to be condescending to those who don't spell right .Because people just want to find any little thing to make themselves feel better than others. Spelling, as well as grahmer, is just a list of arbritrary rules some guy or a group of people made up one day. In certain instances a miss spelled word could be confusing or change the meaning of something greatly. However, most of the time I don't think it's makes that much difference. All you people that are just little sheep that poke fun of the people who aren't obssessive compulsive enough to run spell check on people before leaving their comments make me sick!!! You are the idiots my friends. You are the ones letting people who are probobly dead right now, control you. You are the one's so scared someone might think something bad about you that you have to do everything someone else's way. Mindless fuckin puppets. Or MIndless puppets, or mindless spineless condesending peices of shit. Any way it's said, I'm sure you get the point. I can spell, I don't care about spelling most of the time. It's just a bad habbit that's been drilled into my brain by people who like order, and think it's better when everything looks the same. Well fuck them anyway, I live in chaos, because I like it. I hate it when people come in my room and obsessive compulsitize my room. Because it looks awefulll like that. It makes it more difficult to function that way. And it's my room!!! I don't go into their room just throwing shit around, or criticize them for having shit all "neat" and orderly. And I Hate it when people want to do the same to my spelling. Who gave those people the power to arbritrailly say things are spelled wrong or said wrong anyway? All the idiot sheep I guess.
Merry christmas!!! — Tuesday, 11 April 2006 The world has flipped upside down..... Thank you to all you who have posted rants about people saying happy hollidays now instead of merry christmas. It's something I was going to write about before and forgot. It still comes kinda hard for me to believe. How bizarre the world gets. But it's a very good thing. Things are finally starting to come around full circle... Yes, today in the here and now Christians, Yes you heard me right, Christians and their advocacy groups, are upset that people are complaining about the things they say. How dare they try to censor you guys. Not you who don't want walmart to sell cd's with cussing, or mature video games. Not you people who give me dirty looks and tell me to watch my language, not you people who feel the need to controll what other people see, hear, sell, and do all the time. How could anyone ever have a problem with the stuff you say? So say it loud, say it proud, Merry fucking christmas!!!! How does it fell now, BITCHES!!!
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