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Slee's blog: "Dreams"

created on 08/14/2011  |  http://fubar.com/dreams/b342923

          killer- I had a dream someone was killing people right outside my house/parent's house. It uste to be my grandma's house, and there was and old water pump there. Someone would bash the person's head on the water pump. Lots of blood and stuff, but I don't rmember seeing any in the dream actually. I just saw the police inverstigating and talking about it. They were looking at footprints and such figuring out all what happend, and maybe blood too. It's hard to remember. Eventually they came to the conclusion my little brother did it. He said he didn't. I wasn't going to let them take him to jail or anything. I kept the police away from him, and he ran off. I transformed him into a dog after he was out of sight. It seemed the natural thing to do, that way the police wouldn't ever find him. Every christmas he got to turn back into a human, so he could spend it inside with the family and such. I've been having lots of dreams with Brosha in them. She made a brief appearance when christmas came around. I also could turn into a sheep dog, and chased kids away who were teasing matt, I just jumped over the fence. 

          Later on, I guess the real killer was getting out of prison. We lived in the house on 9th street, or something like that house, this time. We were all concerned he would come and kill us or something. My mom got a paycheck for $500 and said it was the biggest she ever had. Maybe she was being sarcastic, and I didn't catch it. So I was talking about how I have gotten bigger check than that.


 Super hero- I was a super hero. There were other superheros around. Superman, and batman, etc. There was one called Supernova. I guess she was created when a sun exploded. We were on some type of mission and she died. This was the very beginning of the dream, I don't remember what happened. She died saving other people, maybe us too. So we are all sitting around at my parent's house depressed basically, thinking of her. Everyone wanted her back. There was funny depressed banter and such. Super heroes being mopey. Eventually someone came up with the idea to draw her again. We all put in suggestions on how we wanted her redrawn, since we might as well do it how we wanted. We could have a new and improved Supernova. The new creation came out really strange. She seemed to have the torso of an ant or spider and had atleast 4 legs. She had a super strange personality and such. Really bizzare, everyone else was not happy with the result. She started out normal size I think, then ended up really small. She crawled around from person to person. Then she got to me, and didn't want to leave. Everyone else was slightly freaked out by her, and she was confused why I didn't have that much of a reaction. Everyone wanted to see her and get to know her and such though. She fell asleep on my shoulder. People were pissy, and started rumors that we were fucking.

       Meanwhile, everyone wanted the real Supernova back. We were flying around in our spaceship. Someone saw a sun. They set the spacship to crash into the sun, and we went down to a near by planet. The hope was the spaceship would explode the sun, and we would have another Supernova. It didn't work. On the planet, there were a bunch of missles and stuff, presumably set up as a back up plan. We fired all the missles as soon as we could. We were also using some kind of solar weopon to blow up the sun. People had mirrors undernieth it so the pannels could get sun from both sides at once, making it more powerfull. I think eventually it worked, but I"m not sure. This faded into an armyish dream.

                    I'm trying to get the solar pannels to work, when people start talking about who I'm fucking. Even my best friend is talking about shit that happened. Some of it did, some didn't. Not really sure all what happened in that reality. So anyway, the natural course of action was to fight everyone who was talking shit, and bothering me. I didn't feel like fighting, but that's what needed to be done. I think I was in the middle of that when I woke up. The people I was going to fight weren't superheroes, they were people from my past. My best friend, someone from elementry school, I think Will Feffal was there too. He wasn't doing the solar pannel thing right, it was fucking annoying. I think he was the elf character. 

              So, weird. 

   I had a dream my step-sister told me about how she had anal sex. The guy licked her asshole first, then stuck it in. It was a casual conversation where she was talking about different movies and such. 

           I also had a dream I was in school or something. But at the beach. The bathrooms were totally gross and full of shit. I had to poop, but couldn't because of the condition of the bathrooms. Eventually they sent the janitor to clean them or something. I went  back to class. It was my fith grade class. The room was different but it was mostly the same people. Some of them were playing with some kind of origami thing. The teacher ened up taking it away. He said they were communicating with it. So they were basically talking while he was talking and that is rude. Later we went to the park. The class had volonteered to play with younger kids there or something.

                      There was a dream me and twoother people were on a computer or something. Someone wanted to give me a gold star or something, but they didn't have enough money on the app at the time. She called and wanted me to have the number that would reach her during the night. 

               In one dream I was chilling with Thad and Brandon, friends I mad while in karatee class. In real life I was in that class from 5th to eigth grade. We were just hanging out watching music videos.

     I seem to be stuck in it for a while.  Maybe it's cuz of bad things I did in my dreams?

        Have you ever played the Dungeon Keeper games? Horny rules there. He gives you assignments while you are there. He gets angry if you don't complete them. Maybe I'm a dream demon of some sort now? When incducted in, you " wake up " in this place, it's hard to describe. I should try to draw it. You're in a cacoon of somesort. Then you walk over to the main place and are raped violently with a huge cock, or dildo or something. Basically Horny has his way with you while listening to a song that fits you or something. The latest one was from friends who were singers. One tricked the other one or something so they could sell their music. Not sure if it was to sell it in dream hell, or real life. 

      I was supposed to steal some kind of handcuffs. It's not a clear description though, of what you need to do. I tried shackle types, then bracelets. Those didn't work. So then I think I figured it out, it was supposed to be novelty type handcuffs for S&M. I failed my mission though. I was in a mall, flying around, and left to go to find a spencers. But people were chasing me, because I guess I had stolen merchandise on me, and was wearing some. So that slowed things down a bit to take all that off. I ran out of time, andh he was pissed. See, there's clients who order these things, he provides, and that's just how it works. If he doesn't provide, he looks bad, and is pissed. Then he punishes as he sees fit. So he was contorting my face. My lips, my teeth, my beard, my hair, in all sorts of ugly ways trying to figure out how he was going to leave it for a while. He also took away my strength and power and such. Those are important when stuck in the dream world. They are what enable me to fly, shoot fire, or whatever else I need/want to do. Eventually he forced me into an army exersize. I obviously don't want to be in the army again, so he thought it was funny. Oh, and the handcuff thing was my second fuck  up. I was supposed to help a girl do something at a a sporting event I think in the first one and failed.

            This whole thing is totally vivvid. I know there is no reallity to the whole thing, but it feels so real even after I'm now awake. I've had nightmares the last few nights. I think it's mostly due to a new medication I've been taking. When awake, things are good, when sleeping, things are hell. I do sometimes wonder if there is some kind of dreamworld though. Somewhere that randomly out of the millions of people in the world, people go and share dreams. If that is true, I'm sorry for all the things I've done to people who didn't do anything to me there. I thought it was " just a dream ". lol. Most of my dreams where I'm killing or fighting or whatever, I'm trying to defend myself though. So that sorry wouldn't go out to many people. If Dream Hell were real, then I'm sure there would be lots of other people that I know that would have experienced the same thing and let me know about it. ;) It's all so crazy. I'm trying to figure out things to avoid the nightmares. I don't like going to sleep, but people have to do it sometime. And I have to be rested and ready to work whenever called in, wich is hopefully soon. My sleep isn't really restfull, but I'm sure it makes a difference. If I didn't sleep, then I would just passout at random times, wich isn't good with jobs or whatever.

  Two nights ago I had lots of nightmares and shit. Same with the night before that. Tonight wasn't good either, but I think it's getting better. There was one two nights ago where my step sister wanted me as a bf. That was strange, but better than all the nightmares. I can't really remember the nightmares right now, I don't like to dwell on them. Lastnight I had dreams about this house I live in now, but it was different. I had dreams I woke up, and there were different rooms and such. There was a freezer room, and it was being cleaned out. The old food and such had to go. Someone bought one bag of stuff at the grocerie store, and it cost them 1,400 $. Random strangeness. I had a dream I was alladin, or something I think. My parents needed 400$. So I flew around and people loved me, so I asked them to help me out. Way more than 400$ was donated, so I asked the genie to distribute the rest to the poor. Jafar was going to arrest me. I'm not sure what the charge was, maybe some type of scam? I don't know. I don't think I've ever woke up to a night terror with light before today. There was just the little blue light coming from the laptop my brother lets me use. It's from the power cord. So that's interesting. I haven't drank in days, and I feel good about not doing it in a very long time, maybe ever. Not sure, we'll see how that goes. I did something stupid the last time I was drunk. Not the first time that happened. But for some reason, this time made me not want to ever drink again. It's not even the stupidest thing I've ever done, might be close, but not the worst. Not sure exactly what it was about the whole thing that had the effect on me, I'm not really glad it happened, but I'm happy about the effect it had on me.

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