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I don't really have time for it though. I have school stuff to do. I also have to figure out what I'm going to do about my truck. They say they will fix it for just over 2000. But not quite all of it or something. My water heater actually works again, so that's cool. I love my girlfriend, but wish I didn't. Its complicated. I just wish there wasn't anything we couldn't, or wouldn't talk to eachother about.
I'm kinda stressed out, and fucking pissed off tonight. It kinda started when listening to the Cobera report, or whatever that show it, just before walking out to take my social psyche test. The show is meant to be a joke, and make people laugh and stuff. But he asked a question that bothered me. It doesn't make sense, to me. It was something like -Why would people do good things if they didn't have the threats of hell, and the rewards of heave? --- WHY THE FUCK WOULD PEOPLE DO "GOOD" THINGS WITH THOSE THREATS? that's the real question? Is it really good to follow what someone says who makes those threats? It seems like it would encourage them to get their way by use of force, and threats!!!!! To me, I feel forced not to encourage that type of thing. My morral obligation to what's right, tells me not to. Then later I read a blog about a church shooting, and read comments on it. I stumbled upon a profile, that seemed to encourage encouraging one who makes these threats, and uses the force of torture, and rewards. They also seem to be against anything that is for killing the fucking narcissistic dictator. The whole thing just pisses me off. What the fuck is wrong with people?
Lets make dress codes for everyone. NOt just males and females!!! by May 05, 2006 Ok, so it's ok to make different genders dress differently, so what would happen if someone made different dress "standards" for different races? or maybey people with different color eyes? Because different colors look better on different people. Maybe make a whole chart of hair color, skintones, eye color, and what looks the best for each. Then use that to decied your dress code. Or maybe heights? Or weights? That's even something slightly controllable. Even though it natureally harder for some than others. How about we make different dress codes for different religions? I wonder what would happen then. I know many of you say I'm crazy, and it's not the same thing. Apples and Oranges? Not to me. A lot of people don't really give a shit until it happens to them. Then some of you say it's fair because it's about money. Well that makes sense. Why make it wrong not to hire a guy with long hair in say a sales position, in Utah, or someplace like it where people won't like seeing it, so won't go there, and won't buy stuff. So you lose money. That makes some sense. In the same fashion, why make it illeagle to not be able to hire someone that's black for the same reason? It's still about the money. If Mostly racest spend money at your store, and they won't spend as much if they know you employ black people at your store, then seems like it would make sense not to hire black people. Same with different religions. Or even genders. Or maybe your customer base hates blonds. So you don't hire them, or make sure they always have their hair thoughouly dyed when they come to work. Why make it so people have to lose money anyway? The laws were created for a reason. And should be followed as written, not how the majority decieds to say what they must have meant. hair society predjudice closed minded dresscodes that is why my life sux they ... they are all agai... Edit | PermaLink | 2 comments summery for now. Needs to be revised. Just had to get the basic idea down. Reverse Discrimination by May 05, 2006 http://www.hrcompliance.ceridian.com/www/content/10/12455/12487/13629/13674/041906_requirement_that_female_-_hrc.htm There was a case in idho where they found it was okay to make women wear make up when they came to work, because they also made it so males couldn't have long hair so they saw it as an equal burden on bothsides. so they saw it as an equal burden on bothsides. It's fucked up because it's discrimination, and sexual stereotyping on both sides. And the burden is even worse for males, because females can atleast wash the make up off when they aren't at work, but males, cant's just grow 5 or 6 inches of hair, when they get off work. So I'm going up there and starting my own buisness. And make the females cut their hair short. make the guys have long hair, or get hair extensions, and wear make up. and wait for someone to sue me. because hey, it's ok as long as I have equal burdens on both sides. I'm not going to impose my fun rules until I've been up atleast 3 months or so. Bu really the longer the better. And if it works like that for males and females, why not for different races too? So If I really have the balls, I can make rules all of a sudden that make different races have to wear different hats or something. and it will still be okay because an equal burden will be set upon everyone. This is all according to the EEOC. As I recently discovered, The courts don't see it that way. So it doesn't hold up in court. They say the law wasn't intended to have things equal like that. Maybey it's just me, but it seems like the same sort of people that made the law, are the sort of people like the EEOC. Since how they seemed to care about equality so much. It really just goes back to the majority of people being closed minded, and wouldn't want to do anything that might make them look like they aren't superior or something. I don't know, they just don't like things that are different from them. They don't care, because they ain't theones with long hair. And when the majority votes to skrew over the minority, not much the minoraty can do about it. And people see it as right,because its the law? Now reverse discrimination for equality seems to fit the theme of fucking for virginity, and going to war for peace. But What's your better idea? hair war predjudice discrimination closed minds courts EEOC equality judges m ... minoraty Edit | PermaLink | 1 comment Rants and explanations of "normal" people and "weirdos" you have probly heard it before. But this might be better. by May 04, 2006 Okay, Trying to explain from someone esles point of view, It's kinda difficult. So this is very long. And it still might not create a clear picture. But I did my best with only spending about half the night trying to write it. I'm doing other stuff with the rest of the night, so if you're still lost, then you're just out of luck for now. As with other long things I wrote, I'm posting it on my page for everyone to see. Stuff about the army that vaugly relates to it is also going to be added there for further reading if you aren't sick of it before finishing this. Here's a back story of sorts first- I have always had long hair. It was just me, what I liked, something I natureally did or what ever. Especially in Utah, you don't see many guys like that. It's agianst the LDS ( mormon ) religion basicly. About 49% of the state is LDS. So I was evil or at least not as "good" as other people who looked the right way. It's also against it to have your ears peirced if you are a male. And it's against having tattoos if your are anyone. It's a really superficial religion. And it influences so many people, even the people who aren't apart of it. It's a weird phenominon. It's sad how most of the people in my school thought they were better than everyone else, and those who didn't, compared themselves to the mormons, and acted like the mormons really were better than them. People often just start comparing themselves to the majority by their fucked up "standards" as they call them, like they are some kind of mesures of quality. And beyond looking a certain way, if you don't smoke drink or swear, then you a good person, later to become a god. The religion didn't even allow anyone who wasn't white to join at first. Then as it became less socially acceptable, they changed that. How people can follow stuff like that and not see it as an extremeist group, I really have no idea. But to think you are somehow a worse person for not believing in it and following it, is fucked up all together. So there aren't many places you can get a job in Utah, if you have long hair. Basicly you can't get a job where someone might see you. Because then the customers would know the store hires these evil people with long hair. ( that's exagerated a little, but not much ) It's just one of many socially acceptable prejudices. Basicly, if you don't dress conservatively, have a color of hair that looks like you might have been born with, don't have many extra holes in you, or pictures on you, It's not only acceptable but encouraged to look down upon you there. And probobly somewhat other places too, although I don't think/hope nearly as much. How I have been treated differently- People uste to give me shit all the time. About everything. The way I talked, the way I didn't talk much, The clothes I wear, how I walk, how I eat, My hair, My artwork, and probobly other things too that I can't think of right now. People still give me shit about it now, but it's mostly just playfull and not really mean-spirted. The reason being is I only hang around my friends, and many of them are only my friends because they were forced to be around me and work with me and get to know me. If they hadn't they probly wouldn't talk to me. I got a job at an amusement park selling games. ( one of those guys hussing peoples money away while they hope they can win a prize by getting a ball in a can, or making a basket, or tossing rings around bottles, stuff like that ) They hired me when I went into the interview wearing a black teeshirt that had a picture of a golden skeleton sarcofagus, with a hole in the side, and cutoff shorts with strings hanging down. So the guy who hired me wasn't bad. But the rules said I had to have my hair under a hat. Because they cater to the predjudice pieces of shit basicly, cuz that's wear the most money comes from. And that's how the owner of the place is. That's one of the first reality shocks that didn't make sense, it seems like it would be illeagle. And to a certain extent it is, but no one really cares. Some of the people who worked there asked me why I had I wore the hat, and the answere was because the people who ran the place were predjudice pieces of shit. And some of them told me it was because I needed a haircut. It seems like if I can have the selfcontrol it takes not to just start beating the "holy"shit out of these people, they could manage atleast not to bother me. But no. Alot of them didn't even know I had long hair for a long time. That's when you really notice it. I take my hat off in the breakroom sometimes and people get all shocked. like it's a big deal. And a lot of them treated me differently after that. People might think I'm a good guy, until they see i have long hair, but then they see they were mistaken somehow, because I'm obviously evil, how could they have missed that while talking to me before? And I seemed like such a good guy. It becomes a totall paradox to these people. Being a good person and dressing in black or just odd clothes, and having long hair, and drawing weird pictures doesn't fit the deffinition of a good guy at all that they have been taught for so many years. It really is impossible. So there must be something wrong me to them. I like blue hair, I like purple hair, I like colorfull sorts of things. I don't understand why people keep their hair brown when they can have it about any color they want. It doesn't make much sense to me, but hey somepeople like it and that's fine. I don't bother them about it. I don't look down on them because they don't look as good as me when I have blue hair or whatever color. I don't make fun of them, or give them any shit about it. But for somereason they feel compelled to do that to me. I want to dye my hair blue and purple, I think that would look awesome. better than any other colors people have. Better than brown especially. I just don't happen to like the color brown much. I wish I had any other color hair but brown, and if i am going to dye it, I really should get the color/colors I want. But realisticly, it would be harder to get a job with blue hair. It's hard to explain the differences in the way people treat me. But I have looked "nomal" and "weird" before, and deffinantly notice the difference. Other people's thinking is, " If you know that you will get treated worse for looking like that ( long, or spiked, or blue, purple, etc hair, clothes from hot topic, and stuff like that ) then why would you ever do that? I don't own any blue, white, grey, etc button up shirts. Or any polo shirts. I only own a couple "dress" sort of pants. I guess somepeople call them slacks or something. And it's because someone else bought them for me. I absolutly detest those kind of clothes. Growing up, and even now, it's the people who wear those kinds of clothes that look down on me, are outright condescending, and give me shit. People that know me, have compared it to asking a black guy to wear a white robe with a pointy white hat when ever he comes to work. And if he doesn't want to get treated bad, or if he wants to find a job. I am just as kind to people who wear conservative clothing as anyone else. And I'm a really nice guy. But I don't own any of those clothes, can't stand wearing any of those clothes, feel as though I look like a predjudice piece of shit wearing those clothes, and they make me look ugly. I don't look good in them. I have a fuzzy long sleeved button up purple shirt, and a green one. That is as close as I get. Because I like purple, and it's cool because it's soft, it's like suade kindof, and green makes my eyes look pretty. If they give me a uniform to wear to work, that's tollerable, but other than that, I don't wear shit like that. So people see it as my own fault because I do things knowing people will treat me different. Some people try to explain it like- police man wear a uniform, and you treat them like policeman, and nurses wear a different uniform, you treat them like nurses, contruction workers wear a different uniform so you treat them... yah, yah,yah a lot of buisnessman wear stupid shit, so you identify them as such and treat them like such. And when you wear what you wear, you identify yourself as something people don't like or something people don't respect, so they are going to treat you as such. Well, It's not something I comprehend. Because I treat everyone the same. It really doesn't matter what clothes you wear or how your hair is, or the picture on your collar. To me, you're just another person. But to other people dressing or looking how I have looked before, and how I sometimes look is like walking around with a big kick me sign, and then complaining about being kicked. Wich goes back to, that's fine, but when somebody "kicks me" they can't complain about me kicking them in the head, because they should know it's going to happen. The only problem with that logic, is they would. They only like it when it works out for them. People want to make fun of me for being weird, but if I make fun of people for haveing to dress a certain way because that's what they have to do in order to feel good about themselves, all of a sudden I did something wrong. They spent all that time to look just right so no one would make fun of them, then I come along and do it. It's not right to make fun of the normal people. Only the weirdos. hair, predjudice, discrimination, morons, fairness, how people justify it, Mormons ... Edit | PermaLink | 3 comments Getting rid of EO laws part 2 by May 04, 2006 Intagration is a good thing. My idea wouldn't really work. It would just divide people further into seperate sides. And maybe even cause riots. Sometimes people can learn from forced integration. Such as things like in American History X. Or even in the army. When you are forced to work with people you wouldn't normally associate with for what ever reason, you can learn to like them and realize that your attitude before was stupid. And it is the fair thing, especially in govt. When people have their own buisness, it seems kind of like when they have their own peice of land. They should be able to do what they want with it, because it is theirs, and it's there money. If they want to pay someone less quallified, but they like the way they look, or they just like the person better, It's their house their rules, no matter how messed up they are. Where as the government should be fair to everyone because it's everyone's money, so everyone should have the same oppurtunity for everything. Most of the time, it's hard to enforce the EO laws anyway. Because usually the same sort of people that won't hire someone due to their race, religion, gender, or whatever, has no problem lieing, and telling anyone when questioned that is was some other reason they were being treated that way, or fired, or not hired. The thing that bothers me about it the most is the dishonesty. And the chickenshittedness. ( ya don't see that word very often ) If you have that kind of an opinion, you should have the balls to share it with the world. If you really believe what you are doing is right, you shouldn't have a problem doing that. And then on my side, it doesn't take much to be predjudice against people who are weird, or don't dress conservativly, or have blue hair, or have long hair. Because it's mostly socially acceptable. You can do it, there's no laws against it, you can talk about it all you want to, and not much is going to happen about it. So it's kinda chickenshit. But it's really the same sort of mentality. It just hasn't been made illeagle yet. Why can't they just make a law saying you have to base things on people skills and actions, and not anything to do with their age, religion, or what they look like? It's always bothered me when I read stories or saw movies where say, Indians, ( native americans ) had to dress up like the white people to get a job after their tribe was slaughtered and were moved to a reservation. It all comes down to the conservative white guy haveing no respect for other people's cultures, beleifs, etc.. When the majoraty of people are like that, then it's really hard to do anything about it. Because all the assholes just vote for what they like. If there's 5 white guys and one black guy, and they are decieding about the black guys rights or what ever. they take a vote on removing his rights and making things better for the white guy. atleast 4 out of the 5 white guys like that idea, the black guy and one other person vote against it, cuz it's fucked up. Well, it's passed now, majoraty vote. It's the law, don't complain about it. It's leagall, so it must be ok. Because it's not wrong if it's not illeagle or against the rules in someway. The golden rule, he who has the gold makes the rules. That's why I'm going to move to an island or on the beach of a country where my money is worth alot more, and have my own little world, with my own rules. And when I'm at that point, people I like can come and visit. jobs, government, job, predjudice, discrimination ... Edit | PermaLink | 0 comments A long response to something I recieved. I am full of my self, and liked it so much that I am posting it. but i guess you can see that. Sluts.... by May 03, 2006 Thankyou for explaining that too me. I had a vauge idea before, but not in so much detail. I guess it's like when other weird quite people go on a killing spree or something and then people treat me like I'm a bad guy because I'm weird and quiet. A couple questions though? How do you know that most pretty girls on the internet are sluts? How many sluts have you known? It must be an awefully lot since you seem to know so much about them. It seems to me, that saying all sluts are the same, a little like saying all pretty girls on the internet are sluts? The pretty girls in skimpy clothes being reffered to as slutts, isn't just an internet thing. It's just another common stereotype. Now to me, the whole pretty girls being sluts thing is mind boggling. Because it seems like they could have just about anyone they wanted, so having such a wide selection to choose from, why wouldn't they be very selective? It seems like ugly girls would b more slutty to me, because they don't have as much of a selection, and have a lower selfesteem, so they would take what ever they can get. As to what else is a slut good for? - What else is anyone good for? Sluts are people too. I've known some that were fun to talk to, hangout with, play video games with and stuff like that. I think I'd be happier to find another girl that liked to play videogames with me than if I found one that wanted to have sex with me and out to the club and stuff. If they have a car, and they like you, they are good for transportation. It's easy to talk to them about stuff, because you're pretty sure, they ain't going to start judging you because of whatever you did or want to do. Sluts are often nice friendly people. Friends and neibors will likly lower their opinion of you and come to fale assumptions if you hang out with them, But I don't really give a shit about what other people think anyway. Especially when their thoughts about someone is based entirely on what they have heard without ver talking to the person. Any time I hang out with a girl, people think I'm fucking her. It doesn't matter if she's known as a slut or not. So it doesn't really change much for me. I guess people think I'm the slut in that situation. There are some sluts that fit the description of not having respect for themselves, and spread dieseases, and have abortions. But some just like sex and don't let societies views of what they do stopp them from enjoying what they like. Some are smart enough to make sure to use protection to avoid pregnancy and diesese. And I'm sure there are many that have the children anyway, even if they don't want them. And sometimes it's what makes them "grow up" and be more responsible. As with pretty girls on the internet giving the others a "bad" name by doing things like sending their underwear, or cybering, or giving out there phone #'s, responding positevly to comments like "you so hot". You should realize, that not all sluts are the same, some give the other ones a bad name. Because people talk about the bad stuff more than the good stuff. It's just more fun I guess. No one wants to see them or any other outcasts of society as actuall human beings. They just see them as some other lower life forms and talk about them as such and treat them as such. Thankyou for your response, as it has given me something to write about. I'm not trying to make fun of you here either. I'm just trying to show you a different side of the story. You are right in many cases. It sux to have people treat you badly, or have people be disrespectfull to you because what other people have done. But it's really the fault of the idiots that group large quanities of people together, not the other people who you are grouped with. They probobly had no intention of giving you a bad name. people, discrimination, talking, sluts, pretty girls, reputations, rumors ... Edit | PermaLink | 0 comments still nothing Just rants about the same old stuff. Discrimination, religous stuff, and normal borring shallow superficial closed minded idiots by Apr 21, 2006 Not much going on. I haven't eaten much latly because I haven't felt like cooking the food we have. I droppped of an app at the gasstation by wherer I live. I don't expect anything to come of it though. I don't have an experience doing anything but being in the army. That's what I am good at. But I got sick of it and don't want to be there anymore. So hopefully someone helps me out, and gives me a job so I have some income while going to school. For what? it's hard making up my mind. It seems like i want to do something different everyday. If ou have any suggestions on things that will be good to get a job easily, and something I can do when I decided to leave the country to make a little bit of money. I am sick of filling out applications. It's wierd how I can write stuff out of my head all day, and would rather just do manuel labor or something rather than fill out applications and talk to people. I'm not really lazy, I don't mind working, it gives me something to do and gets my mind off silly thing s i can't do much about sometimes. I just don't like the proscess of getting a job. The guy at the gasstation seemed almost nervous while he was talking to me. Maybe I intimidate people somehow. I try not to most of the time. I usually come off as either extremly quiet and timid, or on the other end of the spectrum. It's hard for me to find the middle ground. I'm either timid, or I act like I'm going to kick your ass if you don't do what I want you to do. People find my stare unnerving. I should probly smile more or something. But it always makes me feel weird when guys smile at me. So I don't usually smile around them. I don't usually do it at all, I guesse I should put the happy friendly show thing on. Some people seem to like that kind of stuff. I'm not one of those people. But I guesse most people like the things I don't. It just sux acting and looking like things I don't like. I mean how would they feel if they had to act like me, and have to dye their hair purple, and wear only dark colors for the most part just to get a job. Maybe most people don't have a problem with it because it's not that far from who they are. They don't have the problem with "conforming" becuase it doesn't take much for them. It's not against everything they believe in. It wasn't the people who looked like that who gave them a hard time most of their lives. They don't have a problem with looking like the shallow, superficial, condascending Assholes that I have had to deal with. Chances are, they are one of them. So they ain't really conforming at all. So they don't know what it's like. Have you ever done the poor clothes rich clothes thing? or the weird clothes normal clothes thing? Walk around looking one way, and then walk around looking the other way, and see how people treat you, and look at you. It's a lot of fun. It's kinda like that show where people change their skin color. But it's easier to do. People will treat you differently, talk to you differently, and look at you differently even though you are the same person. The point is, anyone can look about anyway they want to. It's not just one type of person that can dress up in a suit, ( wich i consider dressing down really ) anyone can have peircings, or take them out, It doesn't take much to look like something. That is why it is so fucking stupid to sit and judge people by their appearances. They say to look conservative, but to me, that makes me look bad. Like a closed minded idiot. I'm not saying all conservative people are totally closed minded or idiots, or all the people who dress that way and enjoy it are, . For the most part that has been my experience though. Maybe I'm just jaded from living in utah for so long. Is it really that odd that I despise looking like the people who have been predjudice against me? I know it sounds kinda reverse discriminatory here, like I have a problem with everyone and anyone who dresses conservatively. But I don't. I just have a problem with those who expect, or demand people to look like them. And those who will only hire people who look like them. And think they look and are better than other people who don't like wearing their types of clothes, or having their sort of haircut or style. Those who try to make everyone look like them, are the people who I have a problem with. I don't give people shit for wearing suits and conservative clothes. If that's what they like to wear, or if that's what they have to wear to make them have a false sense of selfesteem that's what they should do. NOtice I said OR. Cuz some people just happen to like looking normal and borring and stuff. That's their thing. It doesn't have anything to do with being insecure, or stuckup, or stupid or closed minded sometimes. the problem with these rants is, usally I think the only people who read them are the people who allready agree with them. Kinda like most of the people who read the religious people's stuff are allready "saved" so it doesn't do alot of good. So that's why they should play marlyn manson in churches and religious bookstores. It will attract more people who don't allready believe in it. Where as the religous music keeps them away most of the time. So if they were really concerned about saving people's souls, and spreading the word to those who haven't heard it or don't believe in it, that's what they would do. But instead they just cater to those who allready believe or whatever. music hair life religion god jobs work piercings discrimination professional ... suits. job Edit | PermaLink | 1 comment Same sort of thing, a different way People should be able to live how they want to. Just as long as they aren't tryin to hurt other people. by Nov 14, 2005 Bush is trying to fuck america up even more by putting extemeist conservitive judges in the supreme court. That sux too. I was talking to one of my friends the other day and decided that life really is about sex, drugs, and rockinroll. Everyone wants liquer, metal, and tits, whether they reallize it or not. It's the real key to happiness in life. They need to send SlipKnot over here with some strippers. But bush won't let that happen I'm sure. I hate conservitive ass holes that feel the need to control everyone elses lives. That's okay i guesse if they want to be that way, but they shouldn't get positions of power and try to enforce their beliefs on everyone else. That's my rant for the day. I seen the judges thing on the news today. America is about freedom to be yourself, without haveing other people give you shit about it. Just as long as your not going around chopping peoples heads off or anything like that. Mormons run Utah and do the samething. People shouldn't be using their religion to govern everyones lives. Onley their own. They should be objective and put their religion aside when makeing decisions for everyone. That is one of the evils of religion. It corrupts people too easily. All of a sudden people are like " hey I know everyone should have to be just like me " The funny thing is people usually seem to find god the last place they look for it. Mostly cuz after they found it they quit looking. It's cool that some people find jesus. That means I don't have to feel bad about him being lost somewhere. Mabey alone in the woods or something hiding from mutant killer bunnies. It seems like the people who read the bible should reallize that He never tryed to force his beliefs on anyone. And he wouldn't want anyone else to either. To be christian means to be like christ. That's where the whole what would jesus do thing comes from. If god wanted everyone to be forced to live how he wanted them to then he would have. That was lucifer's Idea. So really those people who try to force their religion and stupid religious type rules and laws on everyone else are far more satanic than christian. God wants people to choose to live how he wants them to, not be forced to. Otherwise he doesn't get the glory. And he seems to be all about the glory. He killed a lot of people in exodes (forgot how to spell it) because they were worshipping idols and other gods and it was taking away from his glory. I just contradicted myself a little bit. But he brought those peopIe out of slavery then they were complaining and then started worshipping idols. After all he did for them. They were ungratefull bastards anyway. Christians aren't about being like god in the old testamate anyway. They are about being like Christ. It's the key part of the word in the name of their religion. wish he'd still do stuff like that. Why else do you think the plauge of locusts came to Utah? Then the seagulls came. God probly just thought it would be funny to have them make their state bird one that eats garbage and most people don't like. funny cool religion purple forcing people to live like you whatever discrimin ... discrimination predujuci Edit | PermaLink | 0 comments Why is it okay to discriminate? If you woke up and you were the weiro, would it still be okay? by Nov 14, 2005 Do you know how to solve racism? Make everyone white. That seems to be the mentallity today. Instead of preaching tolerance, we are trying to make everyon look the same. Such as dresscodes in public shcools even and stuff. By trying to make everyone look the same we even further alienate the people that are different. Why can't we just let the people who are different be? Just as long as they aren't hurting anyone. How often do you see Liberal people trying to take rights away from conservitive people? Predjuce is usually a taught response to things that are unfamilliar or different from them. Some people automatic reaction to things they haven't seen before or don't understand is to not like it. It's okay to not like things. It's okay to not like people. Everyone has stuff they don't like. It's not okay to treat people differently, especially worse than others simply because you don't like them. Instead of saying "sticks and stones will break your bones but words won't hurt you" We are teaching people to get offended by stuff. Uniformity creates unity, but it also creates predjudice against those who are different. We can't force everyone to be the same. Everyone isnt' the same. We can't make everyone the same by trying to force them to look alike either. They still act different. Then they just feel humiliated for having to look that certain way. In the military there are rules about haveing a haircut that presents an extreme apearance. And "extreme" colors aren't allowed in your hair or on your nails. ( guys can't even hav their nails painted, wich is gender-discrimination, but that's a whole other issue ) One of the extreme colors listed is white, what make a color extreme anyway? If they want everyone to look the same, everyone should have to shave their heads, cuz everyones hair is different. And then they would have to do something about the whole skin color thing too. Then make everyone go through classed so they all talked the same too. Everyone in the military talks differently since how they are from all parts of the country. So they would need to get rid of all the accents and teach everyon to talk the same. Have to do something about their voices too. It's all totally ridiculous. Anyway, they say no extreme haircut's or styles. But they don't really mean that. It just makes it sound good on paper. It's a good concept, people on one side of the spectrum often don't get along with the other side, so having everyone look moderate should help eliminate that bias causing the giveing the naturally predjudice people nothing to go by when they look at people. It's a great idea, on paper, and in theory. Too bad they don't actually follow it. They allow people to have extremly conservative apperances all the time. Rings are allowed as long as they are wedding rings or of conservative apperance. Extremely conservative haircuts aren't only toollerated but encouraged. I think it's degrading to look like that. Just as they would think it's degrading if they had to look like I would look if they got rid of gender-discrimination and quit forcing everyon too look conservative. By setting those type of regulations it makes it seem okay to be prejudice against the people who don't look how they make everyone else look. People in the military, as well as most other places can talk bad about people who look differently or dress differently than the whole conservative appearance thing and nothing happens to them. They can talk bad about other people's lifesyles and cultures and things like, in front of formations, and nothing happens to them. cuz it's okay to be biased against somepeople. But they get awefully mad if you talk bad about them, and their cultures and lifestyles. Cuz it's not right to make fun of them, so it's a good chance you will get in serioius trouble. We should just celebrate the fact that everyone's different. People just need to accept the fact that you can't make everyone look the same, and it won't have a negative influine on good order and discapline if they don't. Right now, there are lots of different ways people can look, and still good order and discapline is kept. They break their own rules anyway, so the ones they do make people follow are only cuz they are prejudice against the people who don't look like they do. The whole thing breeds prujudice. It spreads into other people cuz they act like it's better to look oneway than another. And the people who look like them are better than everyon else, and it's bad to look different. If you look at someone and think you know how they simply because what they look like then you are stupid. How people look, only says something about their fashion sense. It doesn't show how nice, mean, smart, stupid, or anyghing how a person is. That's like saying as soon as you cut your hair a certain way, you become smarter or stupider. Have you ever walked out of the barbershop and just felt either really smart all of a sudden? Or maybe walked out and all of suddenly you had serious homicidal urges. Maybe you tried on the wrong pair of pants oneday and for about ten seconds while you had them on, you felt the need to smoke some pot. Or sniff some coke. I hate it when that happens. If I ever you ever get pulled over for speeding, try saying "I'm sorry, I put the wrong shirt on today, so all of a sudden, I don't care about the speed limit." Do you think he will understand? Because if people look "right" they will act right too? But then if people look "wrong" they will act wrong too? If you really think that, test your theory out. Go get some clothes that people wear that you think are like "bad people" or what ever, dye your hair purple, or blue or something, spike it up, get some fake clipon peircings put them in your eyes or nose or something. Do this for a week or day or however long you can stand to do it. And see if how differntly you act. If you turn really stupid all of a sudden, or become really violent, ( other than the result of people harrassing you) or feel the need to do drugs ( other than from wanting to feel better and relax as a result of people harrassing you all day ) Or you personality changes in some negative way, maybe there's something to it. If there is let me know. feel free to write me. I appreciate your feed back. funny, stupid people, bias, predjudice ...
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