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Slee's blog: "school stuff"

created on 06/28/2007  |  http://fubar.com/school-stuff/b96492
I should be asleep right now. I've written too many blogs today. I have my early 8am class tomarrow. fun fun. It's been a weird weekend. I have lots of stuff, as well as homework to do tomarrow. I can't find my hair stuff. It's distressing. I don't think I've seen my parents in two weeks. That's kinda strange for me. Not really sure how to describe how I feel. Everything seems strange. Some days It seems like I all of a sudden exist, or realize my existance. Today is one of those days. I almost feel like I'm on drugs or something, except I'm not. except for the one's I should be on. So maybe I just feel like I'm not on the ones I should be on? I don;t know, it's not making much sense to me either. It's almost like a surreal sort of state. LIke this is a dream, or I'm in another world. Something just doesn't feel quite "right". I forgot to eat dinner again too, and it's past one am now. How do I forget to eat dinner? The weirdness might just come from all the new things recently. I'd quit "hanging out" with my ex, and talking to her, and then I started again. I guess school and the house is new. This house is a new envirement with the new people here, and that come around. I guess I've been around a lot of new people lately, and not around the most familiar ones as much. It was nice to see my brother and becky today. When I was a kid, I always uste to be facinated about people's reactions and interactions when they met new people. Meeting new people sometimes is a significant event in people's lives and triggers changes. And other times it's trivial. Maybe it's just interesting to me how people react to new stimulie. So how do I react to it? I don't know, depends on what it is I guess. It's kinda scary and weird atfirst I guess. The weird thing is it sometimes seems less so if it's some kind of problem or confronation. I'm good at it, that's what I'm uste to. I can fight, and argue, and take care of stuff. But am I supposed to do when things are good? I guess it's something I've had less contact with in life. Strife and struggle is easier to react to. I guess because reacting is easier than proacting. I react to problems, but when there isn't a problem, what do I do? Usually create one I guess. lol.
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