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Slee's blog: "school stuff"

created on 06/28/2007  |  http://fubar.com/school-stuff/b96492
`~~Don't ask people about stuff you don't want to hear about. If you don't want to hear the answere to a question, don't ask it. It seems like common sense. But some people just seem to like causing themselves pain. Well, whatever you are into I guess. If people ask me something, about 99% of the time I'm going to give them a straight up honest answer. I don't usually just vollunteer upsetting information. That would be mean. But if people ask me stuff, then I answer, and sometimes people don't like the answer. Sometimes people can geuss the answere to the question they just asked, but it still hurts them to hear it. If you don't want to know, just don't ask. Do I ever follow this advice of my own? Yup. I sometimes let myself live in a little ignorant bliss by not asking to confirm the things I suspect allready, or have heard elsewhere. I don't want to know. Yes, I sometimes do my best to sit and lie to myself. Knoweldge may be power, but it's often sort of a crutch. To me, it seems to bring a sense of "responsability". Cuz then I feel like I should act according to my knowledge or whatever. I'm not responsible for other people and their problems. Well, except for maybe the few cases where I get rather pisssed and cause other people their problems.... Other than that though, I'm not. I realize that, but it doesn't change that I feel I am though. I guess it's an egotistical thing that I think I can do about anything and can solve about any problem, and therefore should. I have that feeling of responsability, even though I recognize that I don't own that responsabilty. I can change my thoughts kinda; do the cognitive restructureing thing or whatever. Theoriticly that should change my feelings too? It doesn't seem to work so well. Even though it may not be my responsability, I would " save the world from everything " if I could. When I am really rich, I am going to build a huge house, with lots of rooms. It's going to be a battered women's shelter. Well, battered or abused/controlled people's shelter. Not just for women. It will be a recovery sort of place to help people get out of bad situations, and get into better ones. There will be counsilors, and places to exersise and stuff. Exersise is good for the mind too. There will be skillz training, and education and stuff like that so people can go out and get a job, and live independantly on their own. It will be a nice little community where people can talk to each other and share the stuff they know with others. It will be mostly run and managed by the people who are staying there at the time. They will do stuff like setting up classes to teach other people stuff about what they know, like their skillz, and hobbies and such. They will do the cleaning and maintnance stuff. It should help them feel more in control of their envirement, more productive, and a better sense of wellbeing all together. Atleast theoryiticly. I don't know for sure, but it's probably worth a try. Oh, on a final note about my blogs. Most of them aren't about or relating to specific events or people. Most of the time when they are, I give a clear indication of who those people are. So if I talk about something, or someone, then it's best not to assume it's all about you. There may be some small parts that are related to you, but it's not directly about you or anything. Keep in mind, I talk to lots of people. ( Mostly on the internet, due to a social anxiety thing. ) Many of them have things in common. Sorry if this makes anyone feel less special or anything. You are all really special to me in your own way. I'm just saying all my blogs aren't directed at YOU. Whoever you, may be. Think about the statistics, and realize how many people I talk to, and then realize that the chances it's directly toward you is probably like 1 in 50? It has a questionmark because it's a guess. It could be a little high, or a little low. I'm not going to take the time to think about everyone who I have come into contact with, or talked to, or read about, and count them, and figure out the exact, or even a close probability of it all.
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