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created on 06/28/2007  |  http://fubar.com/school-stuff/b96492
Fast Food persuasion speech outline Attention getter: America is becoming a place where people flee personal responsibility. “ The video games and music MADE me kill those people. “ “ It’s not my fault, my friends MADE me do it. “ “ Fast food MADE me overweight, and is making my children overweight. “ The one I’ve been hearing recently is that my clothes, or my hair MAKES people not only think, but act a certain way. That’s right folks, my hair has mind controlling powers. When you get pulled over for speeding, just tell the cop that there was this kid in class that had pink hair that MADE you speed. I’m sure he will say “ ok ‘, and hunt down the culprit that’s really responsible. Even the people who wrote the book for this class think your clothes MAKE you act differently depending on what you wear. Explain that one to the cop. “ I’m sorry officer, I wore the wrong shirt today, I didn’t realize that it would MAKE me speed. “ Or how about this one? “ I just got a new hair cut today, and they must have messed up. Because of my haircut, I’m speeding. “ I’m sure he will be understanding, and simply warn you to be careful of any other crazy behavior your appearance, or my appearance causes in you. Introduction- Americans are becoming more and more overweight each year. As always, people want to blame outside sources for this problem, instead of taking personal responsibility. Fast food places are being blamed for individuals’ irresponsibility in making food choices, and being overweight. “Other factors are also to blame, including an increased time watching TV and playing video games, decreased time in physical activity and unhealthy food choices.” ( KeepKidsHealthy.com ) II. Need- People need to keep utilizing fast food as a resource to feed their children Advantages of feeding your children fast food. A. Time 1. The less time you spend buying food, and cooking it, the more time you have to spend time with your children doing other things. - playing out side with them - Helping them with their homework - Talking to them B. Less carcinogens “ heterocyclic amines (HCAs) are the carcinogenic chemicals formed from the cooking of muscle meats such as beef, pork, fowl, and fish. “ “ One study has evaluated the content of HCAs in fast food restaurants. After evaluating five kinds of meat products from various fast food restaurant chains, the study concluded that there were low levels of HCAs found in fast food meat products due to factors such as cooking temperature and time. The study suggested that greater exposure to HCAs stems from home cooking and cooking in non-fast-food restaurants where food may be cooked to order and where a larger amount of meat is consumed.” ( http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/heterocyclic-amines ) So basically it’s a game of “ pick your poison “. C. Changing the way you both think about life, and the people around you. 1. Overweight people are often discriminated against. They are made fun of at school, and often even walking down the street. There are also many employers who admit they wouldn’t hire people who are overweight. Overweight people are often paid less, when they are hired. 2. If you are overweight yourself, you are less likely to be discriminatory towards other overweight people. If your children are overweight, not only are they more likely to be more respectful to overweight people, but you are as well. 3. Being overweight builds character in children. -People grow from their problems. Many overweight people excel in school, and work harder in the workplace to over compensate for other’s lack of respect for them. They end up working twice as hard, just to maintain level with their peers. - Being overweight generates compassion in children. One of the ways people learn their morality is by experiencing negative stimuli. Children who are treated bad, and are made fun of simply because of what they look like learn very early that it is wrong to do that to others. They feel that pain, and know it’s wrong to inflict it on others. Their parents also feel this pain, and can learn from the things that happen to their children. Utilize fast food restaurants to feed your children. III. Visualization- Children will learn how to make responsible choices amongst irresponsible ones. Parents will spend more quality time with their children. Children and parents will have more empathy for others who don’t fit the “ accepted social norm. “ Action A. Below are some important things to remember about fast food/restaurant dining for kids. Soda is highly caloric and not nutritious – kids should have water or milk instead. Avoid chicken nuggets – fried nuggets are sorry imposters of real chicken. Skip the fries - consider taking along a bag of mini carrots, grapes or other fruits and vegetables to have instead. This will add vitamins and fiber to the meal. Order the kids meal with some substitutions. Children often love the kid's meal more for the fun box and toys than for the food. Let them order the kid's meal, but ask to make substitutions for the soda and the fries if possible. (http://www.helpguide.org/life/fast_food_nutrition.htm ) “ The new Kid's Meal menu includes Market Fresh Mini Ham & Cheese and Turkey & Cheese Sandwiches served on honey wheat bread with the crusts cut off, a first for the fast food industry. And, while Arby's still has its famous Curly Fries, moms can now choose to substitute a fruit cup with red seedless grapes and diced apples as their child's side item. Beverage choices include 100% fruit juice, 1% Chocolate Milk and 2% White Milk. “ http://www.arbys.com/about/news.php?yr=2006&sid=1026 Conclusion- Feeding your children fast food saves you time. It allows you to spend that time and energy you would have spent on cooking, doing better, more fun things with your children. Playing outside, walking to the park, going hiking, helping with homework, etc. Bringing your children to fast-food restaurants helps teach them how to make responsible choices among the irresponsible one’s available to them. Even if your children do become overweight, it betters them and you by teaching that it’s not ok to harass people or discriminate against them because of how they look. References “ http://www.keepkidshealthy.com/nutrition/healthy_fast_food.html “ accessed 07/22/27 “ http://www.helpguide.org/life/fast_food_nutrition.htm “accessed 07/22/27 “ http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/heterocyclic-amines “ accessed 07/22/27 “http://www.arbys.com/about/news.php?yr=2006&sid=1026 “accessed 07/22/27
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