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DarkNymph LF's blog: "Like Achievements"

created on 10/01/2012  |  http://fubar.com/like-achievements/b350594  |  24 followers

The Night Rider Achievement is to get liked 2500 times running NightStars between Reset (12 AM PST) and 5 AM FuTime (5 AM PST).


I will say right off BONUS BONUS BONUS!!  If there's a like bonus, even 500% for likes, that's a GREAT day to go for the Night Rider.  If there is unlimited 11s that can help considerably as well.  A LIKE bonus should not be confused with the Rockstar Bonus!!  It doesn't matter how high the Rockstar bonus is, it will not entice more people to be online!


What you need and what helps for 2500 likes between Midnight and 5 AM:


You need at least 2 NightStars,  though it is better to plan to have on hand at least 3 NightStars minimum.  Better to plan more than enough than not enough. If you use all the tricks here. the bonus is just right, and make use of everything like an AM HH, then you may be able to get it with just 2 Night Stars. I have seen people on a day with 7500% bomb bonus have to run 6 Night Stars within 5 hours to get the achievement!  So DO NOT underestimate how difficult this achivement is.  I would honestly recommend most people have 5 NightStars or 3 NightStars and 2 Likenados unless there's a HUGE Like Bonus! 


The newest bling to Fu at this time.  This will bring people to your page to like you since it will like them back, and running it can give you huge points if there's a like bonus, an activated bling bonus or a likenado bonus.  It runs for 2 hours and will reset your likes.  Remember for the Night Rider, you must be running Night Stars but you can use this with them to help you get those likes (and maybe earn more points as well)! If you plan to use two Likenados and 3 NightStars I would plan to reset likes every hour.  At Midnight activate a NightStar, 1 AM activate a Likenado, 2 AM activate a NightStar, 3 AM Activate a Likenado, and 4 AM activate a NightStar



You will want your FuBucks blast that you can use each week.  Be sure to submit it between 5-7 PM FuTime (PST) so that it will be active by reset when you decide to go for the achievement.  



Some people choose to wait for a good bonus rather than plan what day to go for the Night Rider in advance.  A good bonus is NOT a Rockstar or Likenado bonus.  You want a Like bonus, or a rate bonus with unlimited 11s.  The unlimited 11s can not be underestimated!!  That will bring more people online than a Rockstar Bonus.  The more people online the more people there are to like you!! If you are waiting for an awesome bonus, make sure you are prepared to stay up burning the midnight oil with very little notice! 


Happy Hour

You can host a HH to help  you get the Night Rider achvievement.  It will help you a lot though it isn't required. A HH can help make it easier. Since the AM HHs can be purchased with FuBucks, they fill up fast, and you have to book the HH a week in advance so you have the global exposure to help but you never know what you will have for a bonus.  If you get an AM HH,  I would recommend getting one at 2 AM or 3 AM FuTime.  You can try to get one right at reset, but there are other tricks you can use between midnight and 1:30 AM FuTime, so honestly I would do the 2 AM or the 3 AM.


Other Bling

Please be aware - you CAN NOT overlap a Rockstar and a Night Star!!!  So DO NOT activate a RockStar less than 4 hours before Midnight PST.  If you can run a boomy and famp or Auto 11s or bombs as well as a your NightStars that can help you make your 2500 likes even easier, and there is the achivement for a Night Star with Boomy and famp.  I'm not sure how much this will help at this time of night get more likes though.  If a huge rate bonus, the boomy might bring some people to your page.  If a huge Bomb bonus running Autos or a bomb may bring people to your page, but honestly not sure it adds enough.  You'd be better off investing in an extra NightStar in my opinion now that you can overlap activating your stars. 

Big Bang

You can use a Big Bang to promote yourself.  It will give you similar exposure as a HH to half of the people on Fubar (you pick famous with Men or Women) putting you up beside the beer mug.  I have seen many use this to help them get their likes!  



You will want to activate your first Night Star at 12 AM FuTime. From there the timing depends on whether you have a HH and how many NightStars you plan to run.  If you are planning to run 3 or 4 or 5 NightStars without an AM HH, I would honestly start one about every hour.  If you have an AM HH at say 2 AM or 3 AM, You may want to start the 1st at reset, the 2nd at 1 AM FuTime, and the 3rd with your HH.  If you are going to try to make it with just 2 Night Stars, I would activate the 1st at Reset and the 2nd around 2 or 2:30 AM FuTime. 


You can save your pimps and mumms and use them between Midnight PST and 1:30 AM PST.  Because of this, it's always a good idea to save your pimps unless you can spare an extra 10 credits to reset!  If it was me, I wouldn't run anything the night before you go for night rider.  But for sure save your MUMMs and make sure you have pimps!!


Yes you will want to use your MUMMs.  You can actually use the 5 from the day before between 12:00 AM FuTime and 1:29 AM FuTime because the mumms and pimps don't reset until 1:30 AM FuTime.  That means BE SURE you don't use your Mumms the day before you are going for your achievement so you will have everything available to you that's possible.  This can really get you great likes from your 1st NightStar or two and then you have your Mumms for the new day you can use as well.



You want to get pimped at least every 30 mins after 1:30 AM FuTime.  You will want to save at least 4 of your pimps from the day before as well because remember you can use those up to 1:29 AM.  If you have been pimped too often during the day, you may want to reset your abilities (costs 10 Credits) for an extra 6 pimps to start out your run and depending how often you are pimped after 1:30 AM you may have to reset again before you get the achievement.  Be careful, if too many people are being helpful they can pimp  you as often as every 10 mins.  Being pimped more often than every 20-30 mins is a waste in my opinion!  That means you may want to put DontPimp in your name or keep it in your status.  But I would plan to have at least 10 credits available so you can reset your abilities if needed and really make the most of your NightStars - better to have them than not need them than need them and not have them!



This blog gives you all the other tricks you need to know to maximize  your likes like updating your status often, ripping videos, voting on songs: http://fubar.com/rockstar-magic/b351136



Here is a very general schedule you can use to get your 2500 NightStar likes.  Talk to me and I can help create one specifically for you with what you have planned as far as HHs or whatever!!  I would only use this schedule if you are NOT also going for 10k or 15k likes.  If you condense everything in the late night hours to get the NightRider it will hurt you if you are going for 10k, 15k, or even 25k likes!


Important things to do as you go for your likes –

Update your status often! Rip Videos. Vote on songs. Like everyone.

Leave Profile comments everywhere – especially on people’s pages that are running bling!! 


12:00 AM Activate (Boomy/Famp first if going for achivement then) NightStar 

12:00 AM Previous day Mumm 1 & Pimp 1

12:20 AM Previous day Pimp 2

12:25 AM Previous day Mumm 2 

12:40 AM Previous day Pimp 3 

12:50 AM Previous day Mumm 3 

12:55 AM Previous day Pimp 4

1:00 AM Activate 2nd NightStar OR a Likenado

 1:05 AM Previous day Pimp 5 

1:10 AM Previous day Mumm 4 

1:25 AM Previous day Mumm 5 

1:28 AM Previous day Pimp 6

1:50 AM Current Day Mumm 1

2:00 AM Activate 3rd NightStar 

2:00 AM Great Time for a HH?

2:00 AM Current Day Pimp 1

2:30 AM Current Day Pimp 2

2:50 AM Current Day Mumm 2

3:00 AM Activate a NightStar or a Likenado

3:00 AM Current Day Pimp 3 

3:20 AM Current Day Mumm 3 

3:30 AM Curent Day Pimp 4 

3:50 AM Current Day Mumm 4 

4:00 AM Activate last NightStar? How close are you?  Do you need another reset?

4:00 AM Current Day Pimp 5  

4:20 AM Current Day Mumm 5

4:40 AM Current Day Pimp 6

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