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DarkNymph LFH's blog: "Top 10 Member"

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Top 10 Member


Level 58 to get to level 59 has the leveling requirement of

Today Top Member : Reach top 10 in Today's Hottest Members

This is not to be confused with the achievement for Top 10 Daily Ranked. This blog is designed to help people understand the difference, and how to attempt Top 10 Member.

Here is the leveling requirements for level 58, working toward level 59:

To be top 10 member and earn this checkmark, you have to be ranked top 10 for your "Today's Fubar Rank" which is located here:

Here is the leveling requirement for level 60, working toward level 61:

To be top 10 daily ranked and earn this checkmark, you have to be ranked top 10 for "My fubar Daily Rank" which is located here:

This will explain how get the rates needed to earn Top 10 Member!

Top 10 member is a challenging one. I would usually recommend picking a day to go all out and make it happen. Usually Thursday or Saturday it seems less people famp so it's easier to get into a larger percentage of famps but that can vary depending on what the bonus is for that day. You want to Trade, Beg, or Buy into as many famps as you can, that means especially contacting everyone having a HH that plans to famp that day or anyone going for a big achievement because they will have a larger # of rates than the average Joe or Jane running a famp. You also need to be online to watch for people activating famps so you can trade or buy in as soon as they activate.

You'll want to run 4-6 boomies for the day so people can rate you all through the day - with all the famps you'll be in you'll end up with lots of famp rates and no personal rates unless you are running at least a boomy. I also recommend running 2 - 3 famps through the day. That gives you lots of opportunities to swap fam spots with people so you can get added to as many famps as you can without having to pay credits to buy into them. You can run more famps but that will also mean that you’re giving away a larger percent of your personal rates to people you swap with and will have less rates just for yourself.

Part of the reason this is so challenging is because you are competing against everyone else on fubar for your ranking. So you need to make sure you get a lot of personal rates in addition to the rates you share with your famps. And then you have to be online as much as you can through the day to beg, swap or buy your way into every famp you can find through the day.

A word of caution on Buying in to famps, you can only Fupal I believe 6 times a day (I haven’t tested this recently but that’s what it used to be) so start early planning ahead and buy into the HHs for the day if you can. The other option is to see if the person will accept a small bling instead of credits.

The Final kicker is that I’d say 98% of people that reach level 58 get the checkmark for top 10 member without ever having to try for it or earn it. So you could wake up tomorrow or whatever day you plan to go for it and have the checkmark and be out all the effort and expense you put in to go for it! So unless you don’t mind spending the money, and you like a challenge, I would consider patience on this requirement! You may get the checkmark after 2 days or 2 weeks, but that’s a lot to spend on something you will get soon enough probably anyhow!

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