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DarkNymph LFH's blog: "Cherry Inferno Info"

created on 06/02/2012  |  http://fubar.com/cherry-inferno-info/b348409  |  7 followers

Lots of people struggle trying to get the Cherry Inferno.  It can be done, but it is tough!! Used to be you had to bomb 119 folders.  Now it's only 116 so it's easier!  It's all about patience and timing!  

After you read through this, if you have questions please ask!  I'm always happy to help!!  

What you need: a Cherry Bomb, a timer or stop watch with second counter, Chrome Browser, reliable internet, 


To sum up the essentials, this is what I do to prepare!

  • I reboot my computer and clear my cashe in my browser and only opened the browser (I think Chrome is best, it's all I ever use) with Fubar in it to make sure my computer doesn't begin to drag

  • Turn off your SB, Skins, HTML content - all of which can drag fu down or distract you!  Some people turn off profile comments and PMs as well, but I find those are easily over looked when I do my bomb.

  • Bomb from the the activated bling list of people running auto 11s (for double points) http://fubar.com/search.php?active_bling=10001 and top members list http://fubar.com/top_members.php, not just friends friends and family!!  You want to make sure everyone you bomb has been bombed in the past 24 hours! From the top members page, you can bomb the lifetime on the left or the recent on the right but pick the right or the left so you don't end up with duplicates!!  I usually use the recent on the right because they are sometimes more active than the lifetime members!!


  • BEFORE I bomb, I open one of the lists above, then open in new tabs (right click on the pic and you can open their page in a new tab) the first 5 people each into a new tab.  I go through to like and rate them all and have them ready when I activate the bomb. After I open the tabs, I always move the tab with the list I'm bombing from to the far right.  That way I know the tab far left is a folder ready to bomb, the tab on the right is my list I'm opening pages from.Try not to open more than 10 - 15 total tabs to keep fu from dragging.  You of course know your computer best and know what it can handle. 


  • You need a Stop Watch or kitchen timer with seconds display - My kitchen timer counts up from 0.  If yours counts down set it for 60 Minutes!!  I prefer a timer to a stop watch.  The miliseconds on a stop watch are distracting to me.  

  • Quick as soon as you activate your bomb, click on the default pic of one of your open tabs, and then bomb that first person!  As soon as you bomb, start your timer and DO NOT STOP the timer until the bomb is over!


  • Now go to the other 4 tabs you have open and click on each of their profile pics to open up their default folder which has hopefully recently been bombed to have them ready!!


  • Your goal is to bomb at :30 and :00 of every minute for the next hour.  You want to be waiting on the page ready to click the bomb with 3-5 seconds to go so you are counting down. 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 - Click & Bomb!  

  • If you click on the default pic and it doesn't say Cherry Bomb now because it has a countdown or say they have it set friends only or have you blocked, just close it and have another tab ready!  You can't afford to delay trying to hit specific people!  That's why I open up 5 tabs at a time.  This is what I prefer to do and it will make the bombing go smoother and faster.  


  • I have had people ask me about the new countdown timer they have implemented.  It will allow you to bomb people that have not been recently bombed but you need to go open their folder then leave it and come back to that tab after you bomb someone else first!  If you wait for that one to countdown and give you the bomb now link it will cost you 1-2 seconds delay each time.  Again that's why I open several tabs so I always have one ready!


  • Between bombing I go back to my list and open up 5 more tabs so I can get them ready to bomb. Pay attention to your timer though.  You may want to open 5 tabs after one bomb, bomb again, then click the default pics on each of those tabs and then bomb again!  Some people say NOT to like and rate.  You do what you want.  I always open the profile, and like and rate. 


  • If something happens and you click too soon by one sec, quickly go to the next tab, bomb and notate the time on your timer.  Say you had a 3 second delay, you are now bombing on the :03 and the :33 of each minute, just pay attention and don't panic! You can then go back to the tab you bombed early and refresh so it is ready to bomb.

  • With near perfection you can actually hit 120 folders in one hour.  I've done it even with a few delays along the way - you have like 20 seconds of leeway.  So you have room for a few seconds delay and you can still get there!!  Just keep it going!  And yes it might take more than one bomb to get the hang of how to do it.  You may have to practice and perfect your technique with the first one, but by the second you will probably have a good feel for how it works!



Advanced bombing tips:

  • You can bomb your friends and family, but sometimes they haven't been bombed in the last 24 hours.    If you want to check your top family or a particular friend, you can go to their default folder and look at their pic folders.  If they have been bombed in the past 24 hours one of the folders will be flaming.  If you have someone you want to bomb, say they need to be bombed to level, but they haven't been bombed in the past 24 hours, BOMB THEM FIRST, and it won't matter!!  Also the countdown feature helps with this.  


  • When bombing I always open up 5 more tabs, go back for a bomb, then come back and work through each profile to like and rate them and then click their default pic and be ready to bomb.  Some people say NOT to like and rate.  You do what you want.  I always open the profile, and like and rate.  You can actually tool tip each person (hover your mouse over their pic and the tool tip will pop up) and under their pic it will say photos and how many pics they have.  If you right click on the # of photos and open in a new tab it will open their default folder rather than their page and be ready to bomb in one step.


  • If you think a bomb was slow to go through or you get one early and have to do a quick one on the next tab or something, and you aren't sure what you are bombing on as far as the timer, here's a way to find out! Say you tried to bomb on the 30 and it dragged or  you were too quick and you had to jump to the next and bomb, here's how to figure out when you need to bomb again.  Pick an even number, but do it soon before you get close to when you need to bomb - you want to give yourself time to be ready for the next bomb.  So you think it's the 00 or a little after, wait for it to hit 50 then bomb.  It will tell you how long before you can bomb again.  If it says wait 10 secs, you know you bomb on the :00, if it says 11 secs, you know you have to bomb on the :01 rather than the :00.  This is better than bombing too early by a second and having to change tabs!  Remember after you test bomb for time, go back and refresh the tab so you bomb link is back!
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