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DarkNymph LFH's blog: "Polishing Bling"

created on 04/16/2012  |  http://fubar.com/polishing-bling/b347636  |  8 followers

Polishing bling is really easy. Just takes some practice to learn which bling are worth the most. It's easier now than it used to be because if you put your mouse over a bling it will tell you how many credits it was worth.  The more expensive the bling was originally, the more points you get when you polish it! So a FuPony or FuBik's Cube is the highest bling you can polish and can give you HUGE points if you get lucky enough to polish one.

Bling can be polished about every 24 hours.  So if you get some good bling on a persons page, in about 24 hours, you can stop by and polish them again!!  Sometimes there is fluctuation, so it is approximate.

To view someones bling, you can bring up the bling page by clicking "see all" in the bottom left corner of their bling window. 

The bling is divided into sections. Top section is always favorites. A lot of times, some of the better bling is located up there. See where it says expand on the top right corner. If you click that it makes the window bigger so you can see more at a time!

When you put your mouse over a bling it will say "currently polished" or it will give you the word "polish" underlined like a link and then a number. You can polish  up to 1000 bling per person per day depending on your level. If it says Polish, you click that, and it will tell you how many points it gave you for polishing that bling.  

Now when you see dirty bling, it will look dirty in the bling folder, the longer it's been since it was polished hte dirtier it will look, you can just click on the dirty bling and polish them if you want to do it fast!!  Click Click Click, polish polish polish!  See how those points can add up fast? Even if you are only polishing 1-2 credit bling, 100 fast polishes add up points quickly! 

Once you go through the favorites window, you can scroll down to the bottom window which is limited edition. If all the Favorites are polished, the second option for finding the better bling is usually in the limited edition folder.

Once you get done with those two sections, you can go to the Normal. That removes all the ability bling they may have. Don't be afraid to scroll down deep to older bling if people have a lot. You might be able to find better stuff. Look for jewelry, or girls, or cars to give you more points!! Another tip - anyone running a GodMode or a polisher - if you can polish any of their bling, you will get triple points for each one you polish!! So when you see those, always be sure to check!! And happy polishing!!

Once you are an expert polisher and know what the better bling is, you can run a Polisher.  For 20 credits, this ability bling can give you HUGE points depending on the bonus.  The Polisher lasts 6 hours, and gives you triple points on every bling poished. Also, you can polish up to 5000 bling of a particular person.  If you find some good polishing folders and there's an excellent bonus, 50 Million points with a polisher is not out of 

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