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DarkNymph LFH's blog: "Profile comments"

created on 06/27/2015  |  http://fubar.com/profile-comments/b363693  |  1 followers

Profile Comments


I've had a request to make a blog to explain how to leave a profile comment on someone's page.  Hopefully this will help explain it step by step!

When you go to someone's profile it will look like this:

To put picture comments on someone's profile you have to have the html code to do so.  There are many sites that offer popular comments and provide the html code to post them.  When you find one you like look for the html code for that graphic.  Highlight the code and hold down the Ctrl button then press C to copy the code.  To paste the code on the page go to the profile and click in the activity feed and then paste the code by holding down the Ctrl button then press the V and it will paste the picture on their profile.  Below are a few examples from some popular sites:

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