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DarkNymph LFH's blog: "Getting liked without bling"

created on 04/29/2014  |  http://fubar.com/getting-liked-without-bling/b358409  |  4 followers

To get 1k likes on level 49 (or 500 on level 48) you actually have a 24 hour window rather than having to do it during a FuDay between reset and reset. 


1st - Pick a good day with a huge bonus, either a huge Bomb bonus, huge rate bonus, Big Like bonus, Huge Rockstar bonus, or unlimited 11s it will help but the most important thing is how much will you be on Fubar that day and the next morning.  Don't try to do it on a day you won't be on.


2nd. Once you see the good bonus for the day submit your 24 hour FuBucks blast right away.  Sometimes they take time to be approved that's why you do it early in the day.


3rd - like everyone you see on fu - the fSB home page works well for liking people in the feed.  Start leaving profile comments letting people know you're going for your 1k likes.  This is especially important for people running Rockstars cause if they like you that is 2 likes rather than 1!!


4th - start doing global mumms every 2 hours starting around 4 PM  FuTime at the latest.  A global mumm will get you a lot of likes because of the way it scrolls down the fSB home page.  4, 6, 8, 10, and 11:58 PM - the one at 11:58 is right before reset - so maybe 5 mins to 12, then people can like you before and after likes reset!


5th - when you wake up in the morning, start doing your global mumms again but this time like 60-90 mins apart.  Do this until you reach your 1k likes for leveling purposes.


Bonus - if you can run bling, even if it's a polisher or a boomy, it will make it easier to get your likes.  You do all of the tricks listed above, but run your ability bling around 6 PM FuTime if it's a Boomy.  Make sure you get pimped every 60 Mins while bling rns and those 1k likes will happen much easier!! 


Good Luck My friend!!

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