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DarkNymph LF's blog: "Like Achievements"

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When they first came out with the achievement for 25K likes, I had a friend ask me - what do you think it would take to get 25K likes?  My response was "Two Days!"


I plan to share the details of what I did to get 25K likes and more recently 15k likes.  In all honesty, you can use all this same information while going for 10k likes as well, but 10k while difficult is not nearly as hard as 15k and 25k! lol  I hope that in sharing this info it will help you plan out IF/WHEN/HOW to get these like achievments for yourself!!  It is EXPENSIVE just FYI so if you are on a budget, you may want to reconsider until you can stock up on a credit sale!! 


What Day?

You need to decide what day of the week you want to go for your likes. If you could know what day there would be a fabulous like bonus then you'd be set cause any day with a 500% bonus for likes would be a great day.  However, you can't know that in advance unless you have BabyJ's ear, so you have to play the odds.  In general, Wed and Fri seem to be the busiest on Fu.  Wed because it's ranking day, and Fri because it's Fri! lol Now if you are only off work on the weekends, then Saturday or Sunday may be your day, because it's MUCH harder to get the likes you need when you can't be ON Fubar for the day. 

I decided to go for it on Wednesday.  The Friday HHs seem to fill up faster than the Wed HHs, so my hope was I'd have a better chance of getting the HHs I wanted on a Wed rather than a Fri.  

Which week? Well there was a Wed that was a pretty lame bonus in my opinion, so I decided I would try it the following week in the hope that a lame bonus this Wed would result in a great Bonus the following Wed.  I got lucky, the Wed I went for it the bonus was 300% for likes so it helped me get the likes I needed.  

Please NOTE - 15k likes is a 24 hour achievement, not a FuDay - so you will do better to start at like 10PM one night and work through the next 24 hours because it will give you an extra like reset!  Or if they start a big like bonus, you could start say at 10 AM and work through the next morning.  A lot has changed now over the way it used to be.  You can run more stars to reset likes and you can run the Likenado to reset likes as well or bring people to your page.  So it might be easier to do, but more expensive.

Happy Hours!!

First order of Business is how many Happy Hours can you afford?  For 25k, I would recommend at least 7 HH so you can have at least one HH for each Rockstar.  Remember when I went for 25k in September of 2012, that was before the Big Bang and before FuBucks HHs!  I personally did 12 HHs at the following times:

Midnight, 1:00 AM, 3:00 AM, 5:00 AM, 7:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 7:00 PM, 9:00 PM, 11:00 PM

Trade the HHs or send a friend you trust credits to send you gift HHs.  It is SO much faster and easier to buy a HH with a gift HH than it is to exchange credits or use your credit card.  This will be important because you will need to be fast to get the prime time slots you want.  

New information as well - you can buy an AM HH between Midnight and 7 AM for FuBucks.  The FuBucks HHs go Quick!!  You will be lucky to get one at all much less more than one during this time frame.  The regular HHs are often easier to get now because they don't come with a cherry bomb anymore - less people are willing to pay 60 credits for a regular HH so it is less stressfull to buy HHs than it used to be for credits.  

If  you are to the point of trying for this I'm sure you know the deets on scheduling HHs.  But just in case you don't, I will include that info here.  You want to purchase your HHs right at reset a week before your 25K (or 15k or 10k) day.  For example, if you are going for HHs on Wed, you want to stay up until reset Wed Night, and schedule the following weeks HHs as quickly as possible right at reset when the new day opens.  


You need to decide what bling you want to run.  


New to Fubar is the Night Star.  It can only be activated between Midnight and 5 AM FuTime.  I would get at least 2 to use for your 10k, 15k, or 25k likes because it will give you an additional like reset in your 24 hour period in case you need it!  If you are doing 10k, do one at Reset and another at 3 AM, then follow with Rockstars.  If you are doing 15k likes, I would do a Rockstar at 9:55 PM the night before, Night Star at 1:55 AM and 4:55 AM, then follow with Rockstars.  An extra chance to be liked is a very good thing!!  And of course with the new rules on activating multiple Stars to reset, you can get a huge # of resets if you are willing to pay to run the bling. Be advised, you cannot activate a Rockstar with a Nightstar activated Nor activate a NightStar until your Rockstar ends at the time of this writing.  


If you get two Night Stars you then need at least 5 Rockstars.  Otherwise get 7 Rockstars, though that's moreexpensive. Yes you can cover 24 hours with 6 Rockstars, but if I were you I'd shift your start time, and give yourself an extra opportunity to have your likes reset.  With everything you are investing, you don't want to miss out on success because you wanted to save 35 credits.  If you're lucky - you can buy your Rockstars on special for 30 credits - watch for them to go on sale!

Auto 11s

Do you want to run Auto 11s? Is it required? Certainly not, but it may help get people to your page if you run them, so I ran them to make sure that I used everything I could to my advantage.  These now last 12 hours - you'll need two if you want to use them.


You don't have to have boomerangs, but I used them, activating a new one every 8 hours (Now they only last 4 hours).  People that are going for rates will come to your page to rate you for the rate back and hit that like button while they are there for the points.  Besides, everyone likes the points for getting rated back an 11.  You will need at least 6 Boomerangs if you decide to run them all day long, maybe even 7 depending on when you start activating everything.


You don't have to have famps, but I would consider this.  One - your family will be promoting the heck out of you (or they should if they are true family) so can use this to give some back to them.  Two - you may have open fam spots that you can sell to help cover the cost of your big likes.  I ran 3 Famps (6 hours each back then) on the day I went for it.  The reason I didn't run 4 is because I wanted to make sure that every time I activated something, a Rockstar was activated last. So with the 6 hour famp - I had a 2 hour delay before I could activate a new famp and new Rockstar.  Famps now last 3 hours rather than 6.  So you can decide how much you want to famp.  Maybe you want to famp a few particular HHs.  Maybe you want to famp the whole time.  That's up to you to decide!!


You used to get bombs with your HHs - unfortunately that is not the case anymore.  You can use bombs to get attention to your page, this may be especially helpful if there's a huge ability bling or bomb bonus.  You just have to decide if you want to run one or more during your "Like" day.  You may want to run some betweeh HHs to get people to your page though of course, you can run a Big Bang now which will get people there as well without the had work of running a cherry bomb.  You may want to run a lot because Fu seems deadly quiet on that day.  You don't have to decide this in advance, just consider your options here so you can remember this is an option.

Big Bangs

Newer to Fubar other than the NightStar is the big bang.  This can give you similar exposure as a HH.  The only difference is when you activate your Big Bang you have to choose whether to be famous with Men or with Women. and both see the HH equally.  Activating a Big Bang will put you right up there by the Beer mumm opposite of the Happy Hour.  Another benefit of the Big Bang - they have to leave you a profile comment.  That forces them to scroll down your page past your status to comment and they can double check your like button.


The newest bling to Fu at this time.  This will bring people to your page to like you since it will like them back, and running it can give you huge points if there's an activated bling bonus or a likenado bonus.  It runs for 2 hours and will reset your likes.  This can be a big point earner, but it will not generate the big #s for likes like a Rockstar or Night Star because you only get 1 like per click whereas a Night Star and Rockstar give you two likes per click.  But this will definitely help boost your likes if you decide to run it with your Rockstar or NightStar. I would use the Likenado to reset your likes for a HH.  When running multiple bling and going for huge likes you might want to do several of these.  Say you activate a Rockstar, then an hour later a Likenado to reset your likes.  You can actually activate another star an hour after that, then a likenado an hour after that and reset your likes every hour if you choose to do so.  Or Activate a Rockstar, then an hour later a Likenado, wait two hours and do another likenado.  Decide what you are willing to spend to get those likes!



I would STAY AWAY from running GodModes while you are going for your 25K likes!  Your Rockstar points will drain that 40 mill points of a GM quick (especially if there is a great like bonus)!  and even if it didn't, the HH bonus will kill the GodMode every time.  So when you run a GM you will end up getting 2 hours out of it, and it will be gone!!  Don't waste 250 credits on a GM while you are going for your 25K likes

Make it Rain

Again, not needed.  This is up to you if you want to increase the amount of FuBucks you get through your day.  I probably wouldn't use a Make it Rain unless you have two HH's back to back because you will have enough on your plate trying to make sure you do everything you want to do when!! 

2x Bling

This will give you more points but it will not help you get more likes or rates.  So this is up to you! Could be activated to help you get an achievement!

Unlimited 11s Bling

This will allow you to rate people 11s if there are not unlimited 11s but if you have a VIP your 11s can always be reset.  I would definitely make sure you are a VIP when going for these huge likes!


Your Profile

You DO NOT want your profile set to friends only when you are going for this!  Also, if you are running Big Bangs you may not want to comment moderate or have comments set to friends only.  It's not fair to the people that come to your page to take advantage of the point boost and then can't get it because of your settings!!

Now we all have a like button under our profile pic, and they have made the like button at the top reactivate each time you reset your likes now, which is great!!  Still, I would minimize what is in your about me when you go for those big like achievements.  If someone has to scroll down 10 times to leave you a comment, the chances are they will not bother.  If you're promoting someone, then add them, but find ways to make it as compact as possible.  A bonus if you have a VIP - people can like you from a tool tip.  That's another reason to be in the feed as much as possible, and invest in a VIP for huge like achievements!!

Homepage Style

I use the fSB Homepage Style.  I like this especially when I am running a Rockstar.  I can see who came to my page to like me, and easily like them back.  It also shows who is online liking other people, making new friends, rating my page, etc, all with a like button next to their name.  Not as comprehensive a feed as you might see on the hotness style, but again, convenient like button and you know they were just online.  Chances are you like them, they will see it in their feed, and come back and like you.

Is using the fSB homepage required? NO - it's what works for me.  Check it out and see what you think. Depending on your settings, you may have nothing on your page with the fSB style so be sure you check it out before the day of!!!

Reset of Likes/Rates/Mumms/Ability Points

Everyone knows at Midnight FuTime the Likes and rates Reset.  Activating a Rockstar or NightStar resets your Likes so people can like you again.  Activating a Likenado will also reset your likes.  Activating a Boomy or Famp or Big Bang will reset your rates so you can be re-rated (they have to activated in the right order and you can maximize your resets greatly). 

Mumms/Ability Reset - most people don't realize that these do not reset until 1:30 FuTime.  That means if you don't do your 5 mumms from the day before - you can do all of them between Midnight and 1:30 AM to help you get likes.  Same with pimps.  If you don't get pimped at all the day before, or you pay to reset your abilities at Midnight, you can have 6 pimps before 1:30 AM FuTime.  Use this trick to help boost those early morning numbers!!!  

If you are going for 15k likes and start at 10 PM FuTime, you have between 10 PM and 1:30 AM for those pimps and mumms.  Spread them out and make them work for you!

Global MUMMs

These are crucial in my opinion to achieving almost any like achievement and maximizing your Rockstars. The reason they help is that the Global MUMMs scroll down the fSB homepage style with your like button next to it.  So anyone using that page style has easy access to your like button.  They don't have to read it, they don't have to vote on it, they don't have to comment, just going down the feed puts your like button out there on countless peoples pages and not just your friends!  This is one way to get likes from people who normally never see your page.  I've seen people saying "vote on my mumm".  I have never seen this help.  I don't know how it might because I've never seen anything in the feed about a mumm vote. Honestly you will be better served leaving profile comments (yes profile NOT status, or do both if you prefer) on peoples pages saying please like me and leaving your like button behind, rather than taking the time to SB and ask them to vote on your mumm.

One trick I've been using that seems to help regarding mumms is to do a mumm 10 mins before you activate a new star.  When you do a mumm you are usually in the feed for about 20-40 mins - so if you do a mumm 10 mins before you activate a new star, people will see you in the feed to like you with the one star, and be able to relike you when you activate the new star because you are still in their feed!

Make up your mind!  Yes, you need to actually create a real MUMM where people help you decide something.  Don't just say - hey I want you to like me - you will get reported and can lose your MUMM priviledges.  Personally, I prefer to keep them simple.  Some people love to make the MUMM trolls crazy.  That's up to you.  No matter what the Global MUMM, it will help you get likes!!

In case you don't know how, a Global MUMM is created by creating a new mumm and UN-CHECK the box that says "For My Friends".  If you are concerned your MUMM is NSFW, mark it NSFW, it will still get you likes.  Some people mark every MUMM NSFW so it can't be reported by the haters.  That is up to you.

Drawbacks - MUMMs are not for the thin skinned.  The MUMM Trolls love to bash the people that do MUMMs, especially if you are running bling.  If you don't want to enjoy the insults, don't read the MUMM Comments!!!  Sometimes you will get pimp handed to prevent you from doing MUMMs.  When you are separating out your MUMMs to cover the entire day - this shouldn't be too much of a problem.  If you get too many haters, you might need to consider a pimp shield.  One day I was pimp handed 3 times in 2 hours all by one person.  Get 4 people with a vendetta, and you could be blocked from using this tool to help you with your achievement!!


Promoted Member - Pimps

Please be aware you can be pimped every 10 mins now, but you still are only allowed 6 pimps before you have to reset your abilities for 10 credits.  I know some people like to get pimped as often as possible.  You have to decide how much you want to spend on ability resets.  When you get pimped, you usually stay in the promoted members box for about 20 to 30 mins.  Personally I would rather not be pimped more than every 30 mins.  I usually stretch mine further than that even.  Something else I do as well - if I'm doing a mumm - I'll stretch the length between pimps a little further since the mumm has me in the feed.  When I'm running a HH, I try to avoid pimps completely.  Perfect for me would be reaching my pimp max before my HH so I reset again right after.  With a Big Bang you may want to get a pimp or two to make sure people see you and stop by your page.  The important thing, unless you have lots of credits to play with and no concern over what your spending is to play smart!

Profile Pics

I would have a few different pics if possible.  Do a different one with each like reset.  Something that people will notice and no realize they liked you before because they think you're someone different, or to let your friends know that you have your new star activated.  This is not a requirement, but it seems to help.

Changing your Name

I know lots of people change their name.  Some people like to change it to show which Rockstar they are on.  RS1 DarkNymph.  Actually, when I run bling I often end up doing something like DontPimpDarkNymph lol otherwise I get so much help froem my amazing friends I get pimped ever 10 mins.  Some people will do something like 25kLikeDarkNymph or 15kLikeDarkNymph.  You have to decide what works for you. 

Friends - the more the merrier

I know there are some people out there that limit how many friends they have.  They don't want too many friends - they want to protect their privacy - they only want people they talk to a lot - they only want people that will rate them every day - whatever.  More friends = More points!  Your feed is mainly made up of your friends!!  The people that see you in the feed are your friends!  So if you have 100 friends, they will see you update your status and can like you.  if 10% of your friends are online, that's only 10 people.  If you have 1000 friends, that would be 100 people.  If you have 10K friends then that's 1000 people!!  So make friends with everyone you can along the way because that's a potential button clicker later on whether it's your Rockstar or a boomy or whatever.  Hey - there are achievements for friends too so I'm of the opinion you can never have too many friends!!


Tips on staying in the Feed to get your button pushed!!

Update your Status

Yes updating your status will help!  While you are running your Rockstar try to update your status every 15 mins or more - each status update will garner you more likes!!


They changed this - you can no longer use this to help.


Load or rip Videos!!!  There are achievements for this as well so ripping videos will help with that in the long run as well.  But if you Rip say 5 videos, those scroll in the fSB feed with your like button next to it for all your friends to see!!  Use it!!  To get to the videos you go to MY -> videos.  You can load your own YouTube links in there or on the right hand side rip videos that others have loaded.  Ripping them is faster while you are running a Rockstar.  I would do this every 15-30 mins as well!!

Voting on Music

You can vote on the individual band songs to get yourself in the feed.  If you are a great multi-tasker, you can use this to keep your name and like button in the feed all day long.  And there's an achievement for voting on 1000 songs as well!

Like People!

Every time you like someone you show up in the feed.  And hey, running a Rockstar you get 5x points for liking people, so like away!

Profile Comments

Leave profile comments to leave your like button behind.  This can be especially good if the person is running a Happy Hour, or running ability bling of their own.  Someone may go to their page and see your button and click it. 


These are new and improved and like-needer friendly! Each blast comes equiped with your like button right there for the clicking.  You should be able to do one 24 hour one each week for $10 Million FuBucks - save it and use it.  You may have a gift one you got from Fubar.  You may want to buy a couple 1 day blasts to run.  When I went for 25k I think I had 4 blasts.  When I did 15k I think I ended up having 3 different blasts out there.  Remember when you create a blast you have to submit it for approval.  So you never know when it might be approved. I've seen it take 6 hours before.  I've also seen it happen in as little as 10 mins.  That's why you may want to stagger submitting your blasts for approval.  Submit one 6 hours before your Like Day starts, a second 2 hours before you plan to start, and another right before you start.  Nothing worse than submitting your blast, and it's 1/4 of the way through your day before it's activated and out there to help you!!


Now people are starting to have banners made to promote themselves (yes I'm one of those people that makes them) and this is great for your friends to promote you in their about me.  And it can't hurt, so definitely worth it if you plan ahead!

I'm sure there is more ideas you can use to help but honestly right now - I can't think of anything.  If you have questions, feel free to ask me.  Feel free to ask people that have gotten their 15k and 25k likes.  And remember, this is just what works for me.  Use anything and everything that you can use to help you succeed - that is all that matters!!


Other Suggestions people have made they said helped them:

FuOwn 100 people because for each person you own you are on their page and others may see you. They even owned most of them for the 10k, just so they owned lots of people.

Send out Drink rounds!! You can do this once each day, and hey might help with an extra like lol 


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