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DarkNymph LF's blog: "Like Achievements"

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Global MUMMs

These are crucial in my opinion to maximizing your Rockstars but they are also a wonderful tool if you are trying to increase your daily likes each day to get the lazy likes for leveling. The reason they help is that the Global MUMMs scroll down the fSB homepage style with your like button next to it.  So anyone using that page style has easy access to your like button.  They don't have to read your MUMM, they don't have to vote on it, they just need to see your like button!! This is especially useful for newer members because sometimes all they see in their feed is the mumms and your like button.

MUMM stands for "Make up my mind"!  Yes, you need to actually create a real MUMM where people help you decide something.  Don't just say - hey I want you to like me - you will get reported and can lose your MUMM priviledges.  Personally, I prefer to keep them simple.  Some people love to make the MUMM trolls crazy.  That's up to you.  No matter what the Global MUMM, it will help you get likes!! Examples of simple MUMMS - Should I go to Walmart or Target? Should I go pick up dinner or have it delivered? Which month is best to take my vacation? Should I get my new tattoo on my bicep or shoulder blade? Use things in your life to make it believable!!  Something you might actually be trying to decide is always easiest. 

You can create a MUMM by Going up to the top and clicking on

MY -> MUMMS then click on "Create a new mumm" at the top of the page.

In case you don't know how, a Global MUMM is created by unchecking the box that says "For My Friends".  You MUST uncheck the box next to "for my friends" or it won't help  you get likes! If you are concerned your MUMM is NSFW, mark it NSFW, it will still get you likes.  Some people mark every MUMM NSFW so it can't be reported by the haters.  That is up to you.  You are allowed to do 5 Mumms a day. So when you are doing 1 Rockstar, you can do a mumm like every 40 mins.  I would do your last mumm like 30 mins before your Rockstar ends.  If you are doing more than one Rockstar, you should spread your MUMMS out further to cover all your Rockstars.  If you are just trying to increase your daily likes you can do them every couple of hours or however often you check in on Fubar!!

Drawbacks - MUMMs are not for the thin skinned.  The MUMM Trolls love to bash the people that do MUMMs, especially if you are running bling.  If you don't want to enjoy the insults, don't read the MUMM Comments!!!  Sometimes you will get pimp handed to prevent you from doing MUMMs. Luckily you don't see a lot of pimp handers anymore so it's not as big of an issue as it used to be. If you get too many haters, you might need to consider a pimp shield.  One day I was pimp handed 3 times in 2 hours all by one person.  Get 4 people with a vendetta, and you could be blocked from using this tool to help you get these great points!!

One thing I do that helps - I always do a mumm 5 - 10 mins before activating a star or starting a new likenado or new star.  That way you get some likes right off, then people can relike you on the same mumm - it works great!


Other tricks to get more likes include doing your weekly Fubucks Blast, updating your status often, and leaving comments on people's pages that are running Rockstars because if they like you you get 2 likes instead of one!  Don't forget to watch for people running Likenados to like them for the automatic like back!  Good luck!!

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