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Slee's blog: "Uhhh"

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Thoughts for the day...

by Adam Grreen on Sunday, August 21, 2011 at 2:34pm

I'm going to send this to tons of people and see if I get any good responses. It might seem ingenuin, but I'm not talking to anyone in specific here. Mostly I'm talking to everyone. So why not just post it as a note, or blog you  might ask? Because it's far less likely for people to read it that way.  I'm playing the numbers game here. Out of hundereds people, there seems to be only a few that will like me that I actually like. It takes a lot of time to write to hundreds of people. Also, however disgenuous this seems, it's more than most have done for me. Yes, believe it or not, I don't get messages very often. And when i do, they are awefully short. I would love to get a long message like this, if it was actually written by the person who sent it. There are people who post generic shit to everyone, that they didn't actually come up with themselves. Most of it is crap, there's some good ones though. This is written by me. I'm probably just stuck up and condascending because I can write and others can't. I do my best not to be like that though.

                    I can write while the mouse charges, now that's multitasking. I wonder who is going to be lucky enough to hire me? I go back and forth on whether, and how cognitive dissonance actuall works. Right now, it seems to me that it deffiantly works, it just takes several years in most cases. See, now I wonder if people actually believe some of the things they say. One of the things I hate hearing, that i've heard way too much in life is " I don't agree with it, I'm just saying that's how it is. " Really? you DON'T agree? Then how the fuck can you do what you do? How the fuck do you perpetuate the way it is? How the fuck have you done it for so fucking long? Prolonged cognitive dissonence needs to become a fatal illness. Actually, I guess it is sometimes. It shows it's self in the form of depression, exhaustion, and suicide. 

        Sorry, this wasn't supposed to be a sad day, or a sad note. lol. That's just how the stream of conciousness flows sometimes. Hmmmm, I wonder how often people catch fish in their stream? What kind of fish live in your stream? 

         See? now it's happy and punny. :) 

    Lately I've been realizing things again that I have already realized. So that's rerrelizing, right? Watching someone else play a one player game for a few hrs does not fullfill my need of human interaction. It maybe 1/10 fills it. People aren't just two faced, they're several faced. That's one of the many reasons I must be an alien. I have about one face, maybe one and a half. Several other people dissaprove of that quality in me. Others like it, and others are just jealous. It must be hard to manage all their different faces. Think of all the zittsss!!!!!! And all that shaving. I hate shaving. I'm going to get a bunch of stuff waxed on tuesday. 

                   Have you ever been trying to get to know someone by asking them open questions, and then only get maybe a one word, or one sentence answere?  It's funny, just cuz I have to laugh at stuff like that to get through my day. It's also slightly frusterating. It's like uh, do they really not want me to get to know them? If so, why talk to me at all? Why add me on a website? I have tons of writing on my pages, and pictures. I guess they don't need to actually talk to me much to get a " good feel " of how I am. So maybe they want to know me, but don't want me to know them? That's just what comes from being psychotic yet seductive I suppose.  Ok, I think my food might be cooked by now. I'm sure there will be more words in the future for you to enjoy.

             Ok, I have to get a few more thoughts out before I eat. 

      Stupid people. A bunch of people complain so much about stupid people and how they hate them. Think about it from their shoes though. You only have to deal with them in passing, or a few hrs at a time usually. They have to deal with being stupid all the time. They have to walk around unable to figure things out, all day long, oblivious to so much. They probably walk around feeling like they are in a foriegn country, not being able to understand so many of the big words people use. There is just so many things they will never understand. When I think about it, I sometimes feel sorry for stupid people. It's not like they chose to come into the world, they were forced to exist. Sometimes they just lost in the genetic lottery. Some people try to be smart, and just can't do it. My heart goes out to those people.

          The people who rotted their brains with day time television, drugs, and other stuff, well fuck those people. You could have atleast tried to be smart. Read some books, do some puzzles, fucking exersize your brain a bit. lol. Whateva, as long as you are nice and stuff, that matters more. If you aren't smart, atleast be nice. People have more control over their actions and in actions that how smart they are.

            So there ya go, inspireing thought to get you through the week. lol.

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