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Slee's blog: "Uhhh"

created on 11/16/2008  |  http://fubar.com/uhhh/b259895

      The week's gone by quickly. I've basically been walking, sleeping and fucking around online. I also did a rough draft of a job resume. I'm being a guine pig for a parroll oficer that wants to be a counselor. He gets hrs practiced, and I hopefully get a good reference for when I go into that sort of area of work. It's fridays at 11 am. It's kinda weird and awkward, I'm not so comfortable talking to males. I'll get through it though.

     I don't really like staying where I am, but it's not too bad. I do want out of here, and to get my life together and shit. I'm going to do it in a right way, or not at all though. If people didn't put up with the bullshit that they do, then people wouldn't be able to get away with it. By putting up with it, you are helping to perpetuate it. Stand up for what's right, don't put up with the bullshit. Answering the door encourages knocking on the door. There are far more things in life more important than money, by giving in, people fuck the world up even more for everyone in the future. It's times like this when I wish I could just use violence to solve problems.
     Then it goes back to- Is being hatefull toward's predjudice pieces of shit just as bad as being one? Taking away someone's freedom to take away someone else's freedom is still taking away someone's freedom, so are they equal? Is it wrong to take the freedom of enslaving other's away from them? Is the freedom to limit other people's freedom something that should exist in society? 
                Life often seems futile. One person can't make something better with violence any better than one person can make things better with non-violent methods. Violence can be used to an extent to take control away from the evil people who have it, but it still taints the users. " The end justifies the means. " is usually a bad statement. 
       It doesn't seem like it should be that hard to get people to stop putting up with bullshit. It is though since most have pro-social personality dissorder and are spineless fucking bastards. Everyone has their own prioraties and values and such in life. It seems no one shares mine though. Things of uptmost importance to me, are miniscule or non existant to others. The path is as important as the destination. " I'll play the game now, then later I can make things better. " Isn't much different to me than " The end justifies the means. " As you play the game, you are making things worse. If everyone stopped playing the game, it would have to cease to exist, it would crumble. A new " game " would be created, with better rules to be followed. I just get so angry when I see people doing things that perpetuate the bullshit. Everyone that does that is feeding it, as others feed into it. 
           People influence those around them, whether they realize it or not. If someone smiles at you, what's your natural reaction? Go spend lots of time in the south, and see if you talk exactly the same when you get back. Even the people who purpously plann out to play the game, unwittingly do more harm than good while only " playing the game " playcating" humoring" , etc. " Mass Participating " so they don't get fucked over. ( and yes, mass participating is a term that came about while I was in Iraq for sucking dick ) Look at the big fucking picture here though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not just your tiny world. Think about the stuff you do, and think about if it really does make the world a better or worse place over all, and over time.
      It's at this point where I feel if people aren't with me, they are against me. Even though I know that's not entirely true.
            Sometimes people say they have to do stuff because they have kids to take care of. But at the same time they are fucking the future up for their kids. I really can almost forgive these people though. Key word being almost. 
     I think I'm about done for now. This is likely to be expanded later though.
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