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Slee's blog: "Uhhh"

created on 11/16/2008  |  http://fubar.com/uhhh/b259895
I know, thinking is bad, but I seem to be addicted to it. The same goes for food, whenever I try to quit it completely I get sick from withdrawl symptoms. I have different ideas that I couldn't really do, so I'd have to put them into books or movies, or something. Like this: Ambien and booze... It could be a tv series. Each episode would begin with someone finding a bottle of booze that had ambien in it. The show would follow the character through the rest of the day. Sometimes it would be a horror show, other times a comedie. Often times probably a mixture of both. It's something that could really happen, but would probably be illeagle, and/or unethical to make the actual reality show. Maybe some of the epsodes would be place in the future where it's made into a gameshow, or a reality series. There could be group episodes too. Find five or six or more people, and drug them serperatly. Wait about ten minutes for the memeory blackout to begin, then place them in a room with eachother. Different days could be different themes. The decorations and props for each room would change. There could be holiday themes, color themes, country themes, ect.. There would be a webpage where people could suggest ideas for both props and themes, and there could be contests for the best ideas. People could vote for various decore, and prop themes. The caste theme could change too. It could have an evolving sort of plotline, or each episode could be completely random having nothing or little to do with the others. We could have a random show, and an evolving plot show. Spinoffs galore. If I could make enough money to live until I died, I would volunteer to be in a reality series like that. I'm crazy though, and it would probably be illeagal. The most interesting part would be when everyone wakes up the next day in a room full of people they don't remember ever meeting. They could watch the video of what happened and give their reactions to it. Mixing druggs and alchahol, or different drugs has been a morbid, and potentially dangerous curiosity of mine for a while now. I highly don't recomend it. There's just something about playing with a brain that interests me. It's a scary thing, but scary is probably what I do best. I think I'm strange enough that people should pay to study me. I think I was made to fight, to lead, to change things. My brain and body are too hyperactive for this world. My first reaction to any roadblocks is to try to reason through them. " All ya gotta do is talk to the right people the right way. " If reasoning becomes exhausted, intimidation seems the step in the problem solving process through a slow transissioning of reasoning. Begin with talking about the positives to your solution then gradually bring the negatives of their, or the current " solution ", precedure, or process. Eventually hint at likely negatives that will likely be brought about ( possibly by you, but not necsarrlily ) if your solution is not adhered to. Also offer compramises that would make the likely negatives less likely. If all this fails, it means war. What else can ya do? I don't recomend the last two steps in the process, and would appreciate recomended substitues for them. Today's world isn't set up in a way where intimidation and war is very productive. My motivation to stay in shape these days is largly weakend nowadays due to the fact that no one really fights me physically anyway. My ability to kick someone's ass doesn't seem to get me anywhere, and hasn't for a long time. What's the point in being strong and such if we have such laws and norms against fighting. It's no longer a world where the phrase " survival of the fittest " makes any sense. Physically strong doesn't help me, and the smarter I get, the more seperated from the rest of society I get. Isolation and lonelyness is not conducive to survival, especially if drugs and booze are in the equation. How do I unlearn things? Where is the machine that can erase the memeories I no longer want anymore? I just need to find, or create a group of smart people who like fighting and playing video games. I figure we could fight, and fight, then when too exhausted to do it anymore, we play video games until we are rested to start fighting again. I do want smart, good natured people though. It's probably not that hard to find mean dumbasses who want to be in a group like that. I want smart people though. Maybe gags would be part of the group. That way I wouldn't have to listen to any stupid people and I could pretend that they were smart, or as the leader, I could take peoples' speacking privleges away if they said too many dumbasss things. I could have an application with various questions on it to try to weed stupid people out. Maybe have some situation questions asking people how they would react and reasons for doing so. Ok, this is probably long enough already that most people won't finish reading it. So I'll stop here. Just remember, I'm not conding drugs, booze, or violence in this note. Don't do something, then tell people I said you should do it.
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